Why Isn’t McCain On His Way To Guantanamo?

Senators McCain and Graham speak on the Hagel and Brenner nominations in Washington

Senator John McCain consorted with al-Qaida allies — and, hence, enemies of America — during his trip to Syria over the Memorial Day weekend.

In meeting with Gen. Salem Idris, the leader of the Supreme Military Council of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), McCain met with a man who has aligned himself with Arhar al Sham, a partner of Al-Nusra Front, which the U.S. has designated as a terrorist organization. Just last month al-Qaida in Iraq declared al-Nusra was its branch in Syria. Idris claims his group doesn’t work with Al-Nusra, but the two have fought side by side and shared arms in their battle to overthrow Bashar al-Assad. Together, the groups, along with the Forouq Brigades and the Syrian Islamic Liberation Front (a coalition of the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist groups that have vowed to create an Islamic state in Syria), form the FSA. Even The New York Times has reported that the groups that make up the FSA share Islamist ideals.

Two weeks ago, the FSA produced a video and posted it to YouTube showing Abu Sakkar eating the heart of a dead Syrian soldier. Sakkar is commander of the Farouq Brigades. Human Rights Watch recently claimed that Shakkar shelled Shia Villages — populated with women and children — in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley. An FSA-produced video last year showed one of its soldiers beheading a civilian. Amnesty International has documented a number of war crimes committed by FSA soldiers and commanders.

Prior to the NATO-inspired coup attempt on the Assad regime, Christians lived in peace in Syria. But the FSA has been killing Christians and burning churches.

The passage of the National Defense Authorization Act gave the President the discretion of deciding that if Americans collaborate with terrorists, they can be indefinitely detained without the right of habeas corpus. The question is: Why isn’t McCain on his way to Guantanamo Bay wearing an orange jumpsuit, handcuffs and shackles?

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  • Jim Read

    He isn’t on his way because he is one of the “Elites” who rule this country and maybe he was absent the day the report was given telling of the connection to al-qaida

  • Dirty Daug

    McCain is some sort of a Rhino and can’t be trusted, what he says and what he does are not the same. However if McCain had won the 2008 election things would have never got bad as they are now with our country.

    • mlr

      My guess is things would be a lot worse if McCain/Palin had won

      • Timbo

        This guy has really done a complete turnaround and is going to take the repub party down, so glad I didnt vote for this sellout but also glad I didnt vote Oblamo!

        • Vigilant

          I’m not so sure he’s turned around at all. For a POW who went through what he did in NVN, you’d think he’d be aware that porous borders are our #1 security threat. Instead, he has advocated amnesty and thinks that meddling in foreign affairs is the key.

          He’s not smart.

    • BobinCA

      My guess is things would be no different other than the puppets being used.

  • TPM4

    he is brain dead and now a traitor sad but this is where our once great country is going and no one id doing anything to stop it

  • kmoomoo

    Bob Livingston’s writing has really gone down hill. Yet another article designed simply to inflame the Low Information reader into a fury. The “fact” of the article is that, and I quote: “…McCain met with a man who has aligned himself with Arhar al Sham, a
    partner of Al-Nusra Front, which the U.S. has designated as a terrorist
    organization”. That’s it? Really? No further information? No supporting facts? Nothing? What a bunch of BS! I don’t support McCaine, nor do I think he is worth spit politically. That’s not the point. The point is, this article is pure made up BS with no basis in reality whatsoever. Too bad Bob, you’ve really gone downhill.

    • http://personalliberty.com/ Bob Livingston

      Dear Kmoomoo,

      You write: “No supporting facts?” Perhaps you missed the embedded links.

      Best wishes,

    • Vigilant

      “Too bad Bob, you’ve really gone downhill.”

      It’s a certainty that you never even began to climb a hill, k-cow. You’re throwing brickbats from the basement.

  • steve

    because he is in syria cleaning up the gun running mess that obama has made. all of these politicians are in on this deal. what don’t you get, dems repubs are one in the same monster with satan as their leader.

  • BobinCA

    Senator McCain is a disgrace to both his country and his party. If he had any honor at all he would resign. His lack of respect for another sovereign nation is only out done by his lack of respect for the constitution and the people he is sworn to uphold and protect. He should be placed under investigation by the House and removed from office and face charges for his actions along with others being investigated at this time.

    • Vigilant

      “He should be placed under investigation by the House.”

      How ’bout the Senate? That’s where he lives.

      • BobinCA

        I tend to think this is part of our problems, self investigation, isn’t that what Obama told Holder to do?

        • Vigilant

          If McCain’s crime rises to the level of importance to require a special prosecutor (or “independent counsel,” as the PC term), one will be appointed. Don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen. Support for that is virtually nil.

          Does anyone believe this was done without Obama’s knowledge and support?

          • independent thinker

            Supposedly obama knew and approved of (or at least did not oppose) the trip.

          • Ron r

            Yes , I do. Next stupid question

          • Vigilant

            Ron r thinks Obama was not advised that McCain did what he did. If that’s so, then that leads to one of several logical conclusions:

            A. Obama’a advisors didn’t think it worthy of mention
            B. Obama was briefed and forgot
            C. He’s not caterwauling about it, so he either approves or doesn’t give a damn
            D. He’s afraid to condemn it

            In any case, Ron r paints the image of a president who is either clueless or a weak sister.

            FYI, smart ass, The WH did know, as independent thinker told you. Get off your bum and go to http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/05/28/us-syria-crisis-mccain-obama-idUSBRE94R0LS20130528

            QUOTE: “The Obama administration said on Tuesday it knew in advance of Republican Senator John McCain’s trip to Syria, a visit that raised anew the question of whether the United States will intervene in a civil war that has raged for over two years.”

            Ron r, YOU are the one who looks stupid now.

          • Ron r

            FYI dumb ass the article implies the president signed off on or sponsored the trip. Besides, it not being a smart move Sen. McCain has done more for this country than either you or bob togather. The problem with idiots like you and some others on the reich is that like bob , you think Hassad is ok even though he is flawed in your eyes because he is Muslim

  • dan

    I’ve got to question why John is even a Senator : http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/archive.cgi?noframes;read=119707

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maynard-Runkle/100003382332086 Maynard Runkle

    Thanks Bob for another highly important investigation. The US seems to be deciding to destabilize Arab governments for no discernible benefits. Take Libya, Egypt and now Syria for examples. Why this is happening is not clear. In Iraq’s case it was obviously for oil and war profiteering as Susan Lindauer had revealed Saddam was willing to buy a million US cars a year for a decade. She got thrown in jail for her effort – just the second imprisoned under the Patriot Act. Now, because Israel is complaining that Russia is sending defensive missiles to Syria the Zionist soon will not be able to kill with impunity. They are threatening reprisals on Russia! It’s time this terrible terrier learn to heel or be muzzled. McCain must be getting some unseen rewards if he is so willing to stick his neck out for them even becoming best buds with Al Qaeda allies. If not Guantanamo, he maybe should be forced to explain at an inquiry by Congress. I do not want the trip to my local Fusion center myself so I hope the precedent is not soon established for finding “support for terrorists” such as the Boston Bombing patsies a perpetual prison punishment,

    • Intelweenie

      It’s to cause suspicion and dissent, therefore causing instability, rising oil prices (read profits), a reason to get more Americans killed in Barry’s Great Middle East Chess Game and Ignorance Sessions…

    • Ron r

      My question is if you bob know all this then there could only be two reasons why. One is that you are a patriot who gets top line information and should be working in military intelligence , or you are just another chair borne ranger who likes to watch from the sidelines and write about anything that will make you s buck.

  • Doc Sarvis

    Why isn’t McCain on his way to Guantanamo Bay wearing an orange jumpsuit, handcuffs and shackles?
    McCain is just another Neo-Con just like Rumsfeld and Cheney.
    Also, you forgot to point out that his trip was at the tax payers expense.

    • Average_Joe56

      Something that we can agree on ;)

      • Vigilant

        AJ, Sarvis still believes, like so many others we’ve tried to educate otherwise. that Conservatism and Neoconservatism are one and the same.

        The only reason Sarvis made the comment was to get a rise out of us. He’s got to be sorely disappointed.

  • Dennis

    The question is: Why isn’t McCain on his way to Guantanamo Bay wearing an orange jumpsuit, handcuffs and shackles?

    It’s because mcCain and the rest of this corrupt government including obama are funding and arming al-Qaida aka the muslim brotherhood.
    No Caps intended

    • Ron r

      Where is the proof other than in your feeble mind and birther sphere that Obama (caps intended) has done any of the things you write? So delusional ,and so reich .

      • Dennis

        Crawl back under that rock you’ve been hiding under, Remove the plug’s your ear’s, so you may hear, Open up your mind ( if that’s possible ), Remove the blinder’s from your eye’s, so you might see.

        • Ron r

          Like the rock you live under now? I don’t think so. Just give some facts instead of your reich wing idiot conspiracy theories.

      • Don 2

        So Ron, since you brought up birthers, it is apparent to anyone with half a brain that Barack Obama and the Kapi’olani Medical Center can easily drive a stake right through the very heart of “Birther Nation” if only Obama would give Kapi’olani officials permission to allow reporters to examine Obama’s dead mother’s hospital records(Obama’s long form birth certificate). Why do you suppose Obama prefers to spend millions of dollars on legal fees preventing release of his long form birth certificate, as opposed to such an easy route to crushing those pesky birthers once and for all?

  • Canman

    McCain has long been a traitor to America. He voted for N.D.A.A. He needs to not keep getting reelected in Arizona. J.D. Hayworth would have made a much better Senator.

    • IsThisAmerica

      I did not vote for him, and a lot of other people I talked to did not vote for him yet there he is. Quite troubling our voting system is. Electoral states wipe out the rest of the country, we don’t count.

  • japoa

    This man is a piss-poor example of an American . I don’t give a rats ass how long he was in the Hanoi Hilton . His true feelings about this country are obvious now . This dirt-bag is nothing more than dog-squeeze .

    • Ron r

      As compared to your love of this nation

    • Wambli525

      Jopa: It one thing to disagree with a mans politics, quite another to degrade ones service to the country. With reference to the Hanoi Hilton you know not of what you speak.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        So now you put up another taboo of not questioning a man’s character because he is/was a war vet. So has that now become the new sacred cow?

        • Wambli525

          Guess U had 2 B there 2 understand.

  • securityman

    you are talking about the same people that obummer, mccains boss, is giving over 500,000,000 of our taxpayers dollars to. he was probably over there to see what else they needed from obummer.

  • Ron r

    John McCain is a viet nam veteran who has severed this great nation. I disagree with a lot of his politics he has served. What does your war record look like mr. Livingston ? Did you serve or did you do the dick Cheney draft thing? McCain my be off the reservation right now but he is no cowardly Ted Cruz.

  • belladonnacotton

    Send biden with him

  • Milwaukee Mike

    QUESTION: Why isn’t Obama sending McCain on
    his way to Guantanamo Bay wearing an orange jumpsuit, handcuffs and
    shackles? ANSWER: McCain isn’t planning on running for president again.