When Cash Is King


When I lived and worked in Spain under the regime of Generalissimo Francisco Franco, cash was king. When I later moved back to North America, I continued to use cash whenever possible. You will not find me downtown with less than $500 on my person; and if I’m on a flight overseas, I’ll have much more. Here are a few advantages to paying cash:

  • Temptation avoidance: You will not make impulse purchases that you cannot afford. (It is much more difficult to make an “impulse” buy if you have to take cash out of your pocket to pay for it.)
  • Savings: You will pay no monthly payments on loans, no credit card interest and no overdraft fees from your bank.
  • Lower prices: You’d be surprised at how much you can save by asking for a discount in return for paying with cash. For example, the next time a self-employed mechanic, plumber or electrician quotes you a price of, say, $1,200 plus sales tax, make a counter offer of $1,000 cash. More often than not, you’ll get that discount.
  • Protection against identity theft: Obviously, if you don’t use a credit or debit card, you won’t be asked for a driver’s license that may (horror of horrors!) display your home address.

Furthermore, here are five reasons to secretly (repeat: secretly) keep major amounts of cash on hand:

  1. When the banks in your area eventually shut down due to a power outage, terrorist attack, catastrophic computer malfunction or any other reason, you’ll be like the one-eyed man in the Kingdom of the Blind.
  2. If you spot the used car of your dreams at night or on a weekend, you’ll be able to beat out any other prospective buyers by offering cash on the spot.
  3. Should you be caught far from home when all airports shut down (as they did on 9/11), rent-a-car agencies will run out of vehicles in a flash. But with cash you can pay a taxi driver whatever it takes to get to your destination, or you can even buy a used car and get there on your own.
  4. If your former or current live-in lover turns against you (yes, Virginia, this has been known to happen), he won’t be able to go after your cash when there is no clue that it exists.
  5. Suppose you get a heads-up call from a friend at 2 a.m., telling you that someone is out to get you. Time to get outta Dodge! You grab your passport, all the cash you’ll need, laptop, cellphone and hit the road. (Don’t forget to either remove the cellphone’s battery or wrap it in aluminum foil that so it cannot be pinged.)

As long as you can maintain silence, you should keep some major cash at home for any coming emergency. There is, of course, no such thing as a burglar-proof home, nor is there a security system that cannot be bypassed. However, the average burglar is inside a house for less than 10 minutes. Your goal will be to prevent your cash from being found for more — much more — than that length of time. Burglars will almost invariably head straight for the master bedroom, so I suggest you keep a small amount of cash there, perhaps hidden beneath some underclothes in the bottom of a chest of drawers. Leave enough to pay for a drug fix or to make the intruder think that he’s already found whatever cash you keep in the house.

Burglars aside, your goal should be to hide money from anyone who might be after it — whether visiting relatives, party guests, repairmen, babysitters, a kleptomaniac parent, a teenage son or daughter on drugs, or a spouse who attempts to exercise iron control over every dollar you spend. Can safes are a great way to hide money from all such persons.

Can safes, also called diversion safes, are for sale all over the Internet. They are manufactured from actual cans of such items as Yuban coffee, Heinz Baked Beans, Bon Ami, Ajax, VP Spray Starch, Scotch Guard, Pledge, STP Oil Treatment and JB Radiator Stop-Leak. The bottom of each can unscrews.

In addition, if you have a tightly-packed three-drawer file cabinet, use one or more of the file folders for holding cash. Title them with dull names such as “old tax receipts” or “travel brochures.” Or if you have a lot of books, use a box cutter or a single-edge razor blade to cut the center out of some dull book you no longer want. (Outdated computer books or AAA travel books are ideal for this.) Mix them in with others in your bookcase, or store them in a box of books kept out in the garage.

For smaller amounts of money, bills can just be scattered among the pages of a heavy and uninteresting book. Here’s an interesting example provided by Ellen who is 88 and lives in Kalispell, Mont.

“I have a grandson who used to come and visit me in my apartment sometimes, but I couldn’t trust him because he’d once stolen some money from me. I had a very old Bible, one of those big ones that take up half a coffee table. I knew my grandson would never open a Bible, so I hid a dozen $100 bills in the pages of Psalms, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. One night, some crazy old coot in the building fell asleep while smoking and the whole building caught fire. By the time the fire was put out, everything was damaged by fire or water. My old Bible was scorched around the edges and waterlogged, but my money was still OK.”

If you have a freezer, another great way to protect your cash is to open a bag of frozen vegetables. Stuff the empty container with rolled-up bills, glue the opening shut and put it in the bottom of the freezer.

You can also hide bills inside window shades, water hoses, fuse boxes, fire-alarm bells, dog houses, abandoned plumbing fixtures, ironing board covers, plastic rolling pins, wall clocks, paper towel tubes, clothes hampers, kitchen containers, wall phones, clothespin bags, bed posts, upholstery, golf bags, toys, stuffed animals, board game boxes, false-bottom baby carriages, Christmas decorations boxes, trophies or even hollowed-out stairway posts.

All of the foregoing assumes, of course, that you have some cash to hide. If you normally live from paycheck to paycheck, something is terribly wrong. But that’s a subject for another day.

–J.J. Luna

Personal Liberty

J.J. Luna

In 1959, J. J. (Jack) Luna sold his outdoor advertising business in the Upper Midwest and moved with his wife and small children to the Canary Islands off the coast of West Africa. Outwardly, he was a professional writer and photographer. Secretly, he worked underground in an activity that was at that time illegal under the regime of Generalissimo Francisco Franco. In 1970 Franco yielded to intense pressure from the western world and moderated Spain's laws, leaving Luna free to come in from the cold. By that time, however, privacy had become an ingrained habit. In the years that followed he started up various one-person low-profile businesses, built them up and then sold them. Eventually he wrote How to be Invisible, the best-selling book on privacy for the past thirteen years.Luna has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, profiled in Playboy, and interviewed on the G. Gordon Liddy Show. In addition to writing, he meets with individual clients who are in need of help in the fields of privacy and security.He is just now completing Invisible Money, Hidden Assets, Secret Banking. If you send him an email (Jack@jjluna.com) with "Invisible Money" as the subject line, you will receive a code to obtain a discount as soon as the book becomes available. His website is JJLuna.com.

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  • Dirty Daug

    You should also make hiding cash work for you as this one guy did. He hid a few Dollars in the wood in his woodpile. So someone split up the whole pile of wood for a few bucks.

    • Randy G

      sounds like a joke I have read, unfortunately, NOT real life.

    • mnkysnkle

      The “punchline” of the joke was: “Happy birthday buddy!!!”

  • Arkansas Girl

    Well you need to do a artical about those of us that do live from paycheck to paycheck. Was doing great till 2009 and now all savings are depleted and hours are cut back and wages lowered…We NEED new president that understands that he is killng the once middle class to be poverty level. Our Income went down by 28,000 dollars in last year and previous years all the way back to 2009 our income has decreased, and the sad thing is we work harder and harder for less money. By The Way this is happening all around us, not just to my household.

    • rbrooks

      arkansas is the second poorest state in the country. state minimum wage is $6.25 an hour. instead of trying to bring new jobs or better paying jobs into the state, our state legislators spent the last session trying to ban abortion. passing a bill that will most likely be thrown out by the courts. we do have a large influx of cheap immigrant workers. some might even be here legally.

      were you expecting anything else from a gop controlled state?

      • sb36695

        I know! Those democrat controlled states are doing great! And this is the best recovery ever! lol
        Put down the Kool-Aid and check out dailyjobcuts.com & usdebtclock.org.

        • rbrooks

          those blue states are subsidizing those welfare red states. perhaps you should read how federal taxes are allocated.
          the debt and job cuts were predicated back when old bonzo started his neo socialist policy’s.

          no surprise there.
          nor is it surprising that the believers are unable to comprehend.

          • sb36695

            Ignorance is bliss. Enjoy!

          • independent thinker

            rbrooks since you dislike Arkansas so much go back to Illinois and leave us alone. You will like it so much better up there.

          • rbrooks

            you are not very independent or much of a thinker. tho i find that is rather common for the believers on this site.

            most of you must lead very bliss-ful lives. considering how ignorant so many of you are.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Wasn’t that Bill Boy Clinton and Hillary’s domain, so why didn’t they fix the state?

        • rbrooks

          the state has been sliding down hill ever since bill left office.

          • Nadzieja Batki

            If Billy Boy Clinton and Hillary set the state on a solid foundation or reinforced the breaches the state would not go downhill.

      • Debbie Myers

        HAs nothing to do with the parties. Do some research – both are as corrupt as hell! We need to “clean house” period! If we lived according to our LAW – the Constitution would be restricting the powers of the government & the truly free market would prevail. Abolish the Federal Reserve and “we the people” would be the real winners for a change!

    • KG

      The current president, Mr. Obama, has nothing to do with our current economic “chaos”. It’s due to 25 years of following a GOP mantra of lower taxes. In 1913, the IRS was created to raise revenue for America. It was passed on a wave of populism that, almost, elected a socialist president in America. You see, poor farmers were upset that rich east cost railroad robberbarons were getting exceedingly rich off the poor farmers, like yourself. It was a graduated tax according to income. The rich paid more and the poor paid almost nothing. This “transfer of wealth” is what created the middle class. There was no middle class in America before that.

      • nancinger

        Our current president is killing the middle class to make way for the political ruling class. Everyone who is not a member of the political class will eventually be poor, as they must feed the ruling class.

        • sootsme

          This site is about “Personal Liberty”. Hardly the place to whine about what the Ds and the Rs are or aren’t doing. What are *YOU* doing or not doing to enhance your scene? Several of the posts above this one would be much more at home on Huffington Post, or maybe Salon. Come on, folks… Remember- old Baron Von Rothschild said long ago that whoever controls the money cares not who controls the government. So who is controlling (or not) your money??? It’s all Lifestyle choices folks…

          • Nadzieja Batki

            You can personally make all the “right” Lifestyle choices but you are living among people and you are living amongst things and all the best laid plans of mice and men go awry.

          • sootsme

            In every circumstance, past & present, some folks thrive and prosper. My point is that we each choose, consciously or not, whether we are in the win or lose column. Period. Each of us is comfortable somewhere in the continuum. My only point is that we can realize and accept that fact, change our status by making smarter choices, or stay on the couch watching “American Idol”… Winners win. Whiners, not so much. Everyone makes this choice, consciously or by default. I am just saying “take responsibility for you and yours”. If this resonates with you, welcome aboard. If not, there’s not much anyone can do for you. Your call… Even if everything said about gov/politics/economy/yadda, yadda is true, it’s still up to each one what to do about it. Talk is cheap. Work is work. Stuck is stuck. Resilience is better. Keep working at the buggy whip factory or invent warp drive- pick one. Anyway, best to you all- I have to go back to work now…

      • Wiley2

        The dire economic situation has everything to do with the redistributive efforts of politicians in collusion with bankers. Establishing the Federal Reserve and giving it the ability create inflation by printing currency, thereby stealing wealth from the people by stealth, and establishing the income tax to steal wealth overtly, both accomplished in 1913, were the foundation of the redistributive scheme that has changed our society from a much more egalitarian one, achieved through individual productivity and the sanctity of private property, to one of masters and serfs who are increasingly dependent on handouts to survive.

        Obama has accelerated us full-throttle toward the end of this road to serfdom that both political parties have been following over the last century. The redistribution scheme appeared to have positive effects temporarily, but has brought us to the current mess which is building toward catastrophic collapse as a result of mountainous debt that can never be repaid regardless of how high taxes are raised. That outcome is no accident, but has been the master plan all along for achieving total dominance by the parasitic psychopaths who run the government and the banking system. With Marxist/socialist/communist/fascist propaganda they’ve played on the gullible, and now they’re licking their chops at the prospect of finally achieving their objective, which is all power and wealth in their hands while the rest are left to beg for scraps from their table.

      • Frank Kahn

        Due to reaction lag in an economy, you are partially correct. He was not responsible, as President, for the economic crash of 2008-2009. This does not leave out the possibility that he was involved, through his congressional term. He is, also, not responsible, as President, for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This would not preclude the possibility that he was involved in voting to approve the actions of the President.

        That brings us to what he is responsible for, as President. The typical economic lag time is around 4 years, depending on what part of the economy is driving the trend. In this respect, our current crisis is multilayer-ed. The housing market was what caused the crash, however it was policies and actions by the government and financial institutions that created this. Recovery from the crash has been hindered greatly by our lack of sufficient high paying employment. This is caused by large corporations outsourcing, and moving manufacturing jobs overseas. Once again, this is a result of government policies, and also a result of Union interference with market values. So, if you want to say it is a problem caused by our government, you are absolutely correct. To claim it is all from “GOP having a lower taxes mantra” you are totally wrong. Most of the true culprits for the labor market problem can be found in both parties, it has both conservative and liberal support. It is difficult to put your finger on a single group of people who are responsible. Currently, the administration is both in favor of free trade agreements (which lose jobs here), and supportive of Union involvement (which destroys free market values, driving up prices, causing inflation). Now, these things are a part of the Obama administrations policies and actions, so he is responsible and we will see the bad effects for the next 4 – 8 years.

        You might want to go back and do some research on your using the word almost. We did elect a socialist president, and he was so popular that we had to have a term limitation put in place to eliminate the length of time one can be the President. Although the term “middle class” is vague, and the value is arbitrary, you are correct that the socialist regime did create a vast number of middle income rich. And in reality, it also created a new generation of millionaires. But you are wrong that they were created by the transfer of wealth by a graduated income tax.

      • WTS/JAY

        The current economic-chaos could not have been possible without the valiant effort and cooperation of both, parties! And as we lay the corpse in the coffin, the majority of numb-nuts in America voted to grant Obama the “bumbler” the privilege of putting the final nail in the coffin!

    • sootsme

      Here in the land of the free, we are all free to alter our plan if it isn’t doing what we need it to. We moved from western Washington to Utah, paradise out in the woods where we could hunt off our porch, to almost the city. But you know what? our business went from no phone calls in 2 months to swamped. What’s most important? Family & friends & history are certainly important, but eating comes first. Ultimately, it is up to you and me whether we make it, and how well. Government can be counted on to care for itself, which might be almost tolerable if only they weren’t too stupid to kill the goose that’s laying the golden eggs (that would be you and me). “Get it” and deal with it, or not… Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. Look in the mirror and give this some thought. Not trying to be harsh, but this might be what you need to adapt, survive, and prevail. Live long and prosper…

      • Frank Kahn

        Sootsyou to be a liberal shill?

        When applying that stupid saying about insanity, you always fail to apply it to yourself as well. Liberalism (socialism, democracy, communism) has always failed. So by continuing to try liberalism over and over is a sign of insanity.

        Trying to be free, unrestricted by children, women, by repeatedly getting pregnant and then having an abortion is insane.

        Repeatedly trying to say that being homosexual is natural or normal to justify your unnatural behavior is insane.

        Saying that we don’t need to reduce our spending, we just need to raise the tax rates, again, to pay for it is insane.

        Do you see any liberal (democrat) positions in those last three items?

        Lets look at the insanity of the liberal idea of adapting.

        Adapting would seem to imply that we need to change how things are done to address a real problem.

        Say, your small home town is being invaded by mountain lions that are killing the children. This would be a real situation that requires adapting to solve.

        But, to a liberal, adapting is actually changing how you live and think so that others don’t get their feelings hurt.

        Changing your ideals, and morals to accommodate people who go against natural law.

        Accept the extremist views of fringe religious radicals, who believe it is okay to kill someone brutally just because they don’t believe in your false god.

        Accept the fact that a baby is not human until it is born, and then, if it is born during an abortion, it is still not a human. Abortion is an acceptable form of birth control.

        ILLEGAL aliens are not criminals, just poor people wanting a better life.

        The fact that we have destroyed the majority of the rain forests in the world is not as important as the fact that we use gasoline in our cars.

        In the start to my talking about adapting I gave an example of something that needs to be adapted to. Here is my take on the difference between how we would adapt and how liberals would adapt.

        We have a problem with mountain lions killing our children, what should we do?


        We will form a task force to eliminate the threat. The task force will consist of a group of hunters and trappers to eliminate the immediate threat by capturing or killing the mountain lions. It will also consist of a group of scientists to determine the cause of the sudden increase of these events and determine a way to avoid future occurrences.


        Okay, we have a problem, mountain lions are killing our children, but it is natural for them to hunt and kill live animals. It is not their fault that we are living in their natural hunting areas. We cannot punish them for performing the way nature intended. Lets build some livestock pens to hold feed cattle for the mountain lions and hope they attack the cows instead of our children. Maybe we can advertise the mountain lions as a tourist attraction. Then we can encourage the tourists to go out to observe the lions, and it will be their lives at risk instead of our children’s. Or, maybe, we can just not go outside our homes when the lions are in town, then they won’t be able to kill our children.

        Survival of the fittest is a natural law, it means that the animal that is best prepared for an encounter is the survivor.

        If a mountain lion attacks me, I take it down with my semi-automatic rifle, with 30 rounds of ammunition.

        Cowering in a cave, and hoping you can produce more offspring than get killed is not a survival technique, it is gambling.

        Hiding in our homes and hoping that liberals will all die, or suddenly become more intellectually aware is not adapting, or surviving, it is gambling on societies survival.

        I am both amused, and incensed that you use the Vulcan greeting, which is based on logic, to your extremely illogical assertions.

        Sure, I can hide in my home, and live long, but can I prosper?

        Who prospers from abortions?

        If 3 million humans are killed (aborted) before they are born, how many geniuses, doctors, scientists and ecologists have you deprived us of?

        Does society prosper because we eliminated their chances of helping the world?

        What does homosexuality contribute to society?

        Does it improve the breeding of humans? Does it make the family unit stronger?

        Do they, by being homosexuals, contribute anything to society? NO!

        Should they be treated as human beings? Yes.

        Should they get special treatment, because they are homosexuals? NO.

        • sootsme

          Um, my plan is working fine. I laid out steps our family took as self determined individuals, without the need to rely on or blame government or other people. I did not comment on or judge anyone else’s plan. Apparently I touched a nerve though. Just my opinion, take it or leave it. You pays yer money & you takes yer choice. It’s called Liberty. You are free to do the same, or not…

        • Native Blood

          ILLEGAL aliens are not criminals, just poor people wanting a better life.
          I am sick and tired of reading this statement with no solutions to the problem. In short you want me to

          feed, medicate, hire, give special tax exemptions, educate and basically give them a free ride at our expense through tax revenues.
          In view of a shorthanded medicare / Social security fund
          and the highest unemployment ever why would you suggest taking on another country’s impoverished population when we just flat out cannot afford it now or for a long time to come? You are forcing a poorer class of seniors to placate a bunch of foreigners while thinking, at least I won’t have to take care of them. Your suggestion is very poorly conceived.
          This country is much too poor to support half of Mexico!
          Much less Eastern Europe or the middle East.

          • Randy G

            Illegals are INVADERS & thieves. If they wanted a better life They should build it in their country not come up to the USA & steal it



      • Randy G

        Think of how many had their income cut down ‘thanks to obama so he could go on vacation

  • KG

    And hoard as much Gold as you can – as well as cans of tuna fish. Cash is so passe’. It’s almost an inconvenience. My great grand parents talked about their crazy uncle Fred who, supposedly, buried several hundreds of dollars in an iron safe out in the woods. Comes to find out, that uncle Fred buried Confederate money! It was never found, but once word got out that it was confederate money, people weren’t as excited about finding it.

    While keeping some cash around for emergencies is a good idea, just don’t take out more than you are willing to lose. When I worked in Imperial Courts housing projects in LA, i had two wallets. One for work and one for home. If someone wanted to rob me (which happened almost every day), I would have my work wallet – and it had about $40 dollars in it. If it had less than that, I would probably got shot. It’s usually NOT a good idea to carry around a lot of cash.

    • FreedomFighter

      Don’t worry KG, soon the chip in your hand or forehead will give you the ability to buy or sell with your government/banking cartel life credits all based on your value to the collective and you will be safe and secure in your person even at the Imperial Courts housing projects, at least from being robbed of money – you wont have any. Your food allocation, housing, transportation, clothes and all other goods and services will be dictated by the state, as well as your ability to travel — I’m sure you will then be happy and safe. You can always say “The devil made me do it”
      Laus DeoSemper FI

      • KG

        Well, thanks to Facial Recognition software, we ALL have the mark of the beast.

    • speedle

      But KG, are you saying that the Utopian concept of public housing creates more crime and personal violence?

    • Frank Kahn

      And you liberals are always saying how we conservatives live in fear. Of course, you are not afraid, you are just thinking rationally, don’t carry money because you will get robbed?

      It is really kind of amusing, as well as tragically sad, that you give us so much ammunition in that short post. Lets list the talking points.

      1. You are a liberal
      2. You are afraid of being robbed
      3. You live in a Liberal state
      4. You live in a Liberal city
      5. You get robbed everyday
      6. You are afraid you will be killed for not carrying enough money
      7. You are afraid to carry too much money
      8. Probably don’t carry a weapon because you are afraid they would kill you with it

      So, you are a frightened liberal, living in a Liberal city, where you get robbed daily by liberal criminals, who might kill you because you didn’t carry as much money as they feel you should carry for them.

      Did I miss anything? Do you see just how bad your post is for liberals?

      • KG

        Did I say “I was afraid?” I was a little anxious, but, after a while, I realized that the human beings that lived there were just like me. And after working there for 20 years, I was as accepted as much as anyone there.

        If we all realized that everyone we meet is a “brother”, then it’s hard to look down on anybody – except for those people who insist that selfishness is the way to happiness.

    • Native Blood

      The collector value of confederate money might surprise you KG.

  • Scuby

    Speedle, I live in Italy and unfortunately, the public housing has a crime rate much higher than other housing projects.

  • Chris

    The other day a guy in the supermarket checkout line in front of me paid
    for his groceries with cash……..I nearly passed out when I saw this as
    everyone uses a plastic card these days…….it was refreshing to see there
    were still some people out there like me who don’t want big brother to know our
    every move.

  • vladilyich

    This article is a load of crap!
    Cash is NOT accepted in most high-end places any more, period! You CANNOT check into a good hotel using cash. Most will not accept it and demand that you have a credit card.
    Go to the airport and buy a ticket using cash. You will be detained by TSA (that is a dictate of the FBI) and probably arrested by DHS for a minimum 72-hours (they have to charge you after that). I spent 72 hours in the LA lockup before they released me with no apology and they wouldn’t give me a ride back to LAX). I was just given “you can go now”. I would have fought them because I was tired of bean burritos 3 meals a day, but I needed to get back to work.
    Cash is suspicious in the current administration.

  • csaaphill

    Wasn’t gona but with thte comment below I have to. Keep raising the minimum bread goes up when will dems be satisfied? When breads $100 bucks a loaf?

    Back in the day when minimum was low bread costed less than $1.00 and that was for good bread not this generic crap you get for .99 cents.

    Lets do away with all the crap that makes things expencive. I remember when they came out with labels I thought that crap was strange then, and still do. Now I figure it was you commies doing that, and probably right. I can remeber going to the store even though very young and no labels other than brand, and things were a whole lot cheaper. you guys just get the hell out of here, and stop socializing America all I need is a good excuse, and I’m ready to rumble with you People. Damnit now you pissed me off, and turned this into a rant F you!!!

    Now back to the article yes I use cash as often as possible will not change. The day I can’t use cash is the day I bug out. Wish Christ would show up like promised and show us how it’s done. Remember the mark is coming so keep your cash!!!!


    $9,000,000,000,000 MISSING From The Federal Reserve…