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What Mitt Romney Should Have Said

November 8, 2012 by  


Hello, I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. What a stunning and miserable day. Ronald Reagan gave us “Morning in America” — as in a new sunny morning. I feel like I just woke up in “Mourning in America” — as in mourning for the loss of this great country. And it’s all because, in politics, “nice” doesn’t work. Mitt Romney is a nice guy, a gentleman. But in politics, nice guys often finish last.

To win the election, and beat a sitting President, Romney needed to do more than nicely debate Barack Obama.

He needed to indict Obama.

Here is the speech that Romney should have given. Had he given this speech, we’d all be waking up to “Morning in America” — as in a bright, sunny day filled with opportunity.

Let me start by stressing that President Obama may be a nice man. He may be a good husband and father. He may love this country. He may think he is doing what is right. But the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Nice or not, Barack Obama believes government has the answer to every problem. He believes in punishment of the successful. He believes in income redistribution. He believes in massive spending and debt. He believes in so many rules, regulations and mandates that no one can open a lemonade stand anymore without permission from government.

Those beliefs destroy economies and kill jobs everywhere they’ve ever been tried. The U.S. economy under Obama is in crisis and free fall. You don’t need to look far to prove Obama’s policies are dangerous and deadly. Europe has been following Obama’s plan for decades: big government, big unions, big spending, big taxes, big entitlements, big pensions, free healthcare, too many government employees and unlimited spending on green energy and high speed rail. The result? Economic disaster on a grand scale. Greece, Italy and Spain are enduring a tragedy few can comprehend. France is next. Someday, we will read about this in history books.

America, under Barack Obama, is following the exact same path.

This is the state of the U.S. economy under Obama. Judge for yourselves:

  • As of Election Day, unemployment is officially listed at 7.9 percent, the highest for any incumbent since FDR.
  • More importantly, the real unemployment rate (including the under-employed and those who have given up looking) is in the range of 15 percent — higher than in most years of the Great Depression.
  • Unemployment in the black community is 14.3 percent.
  • Unemployment and under-employment for college graduates is a staggering 53 percent.
  • The Labor Force Participation Rate among men is the lowest since 1948.
  • Food stamp growth is 75 percent greater than job growth under Obama. Forty-six million Americans are now on food stamps.
  • The record 11 million Americans on disability is larger than the population of a majority of U.S. States.
  • Over 100 million Americans get entitlement checks.
  • One-sixth of all personal income in the United States is now provided by government.
  • The housing collapse is now deeper than at the peak of the Great Depression.
  • The net worth of the average American is down 40 percent.
  • New business startups are at the lowest level in 30 years.
  • The U.S. credit rating has been downgraded for first time in history.

We are experiencing unimaginable economic wreckage, crisis and collapse from coast to coast.

None of this is a coincidence.

With 60,000 new rules, regulations and mandates in only three years, Obama has turned the entire U.S. economy into a “hostile work environment”:

  • With Obama demonizing the wealthy and taunting entrepreneurs and financial risk-takers with “You didn’t build that.”
  • With the Environmental Protection Agency attempting to put the coal industry completely out of business and end oil drilling.
  • With thousands of new Internal Revenue Service agents hired to harass and intimidate business owners.
  • With massive new tax increases looming.
  • With 3,000 pages of Obamacare, containing 23 new taxes.
  • With 2,000 pages of Dodd-Frank, making it much harder for banks to lend or for businessmen to raise money.
  • With $115 trillion in debt and unfunded liabilities at the Federal level.
  • With States, counties and cities even more broke and insolvent than the Federal government. The debt in Cook County, Illinois (Obama’s Chicago), is now an unimaginable $108 billion.

You have to question if this is incompetence or a purposeful plan to overwhelm the system with debt and entitlements, to collapse the U.S. economy and weaken faith in capitalism, to turn America into a European social state.

Obama tells us that he “saved” the auto industry. It’s his one and only accomplishment, so he repeats it 100 times a day. The reality is that he merely stole $25 billion from you and me (the taxpayers) to protect the pensions of auto union members who contributed tens of millions of dollars to his election. Now your children owe that $25 billion, plus interest – and you don’t even get a car! But Obama allowed private sector autoworkers to lose their pensions (because they didn’t contribute to him), while closing only auto dealerships owned by Republican contributors. This is all immoral, if not criminal.

Ladies and gentleman, we have to change direction:

  • Before we have no country left to defend.
  • Before we have no economy left to rebuild.
  • Before unions strangle the life out of the private sector.
  • Before taxpayers are sucked dry to pay for a food stamp and unemployment benefits economy.
  • Before “free” healthcare adds trillions of dollars in debt to our children’s burden.
  • Before Obama’s extreme views on energy leave us all dependent on nations that hate America and support terrorism.
  • Before Obama uses executive orders to render Congress and the Constitution meaningless.
  • Before every terrorist attack is given a politically correct name.
  • Before more victims are blamed when Islamic radicals slaughter them over a cartoon, book or film.
  • Before every Bible is permanently removed from our military bases and hospitals.
  • Before all religious celebrations, except Ramadan, are permanently removed from our White House.
  • Or before 6 million Israelis are wiped out in a second holocaust due to a foreign policy of apology, appeasement and indifference.

This is our last stand. For capitalism. For small business. For the American Dream. For our Judeo-Christian values. For our small businesses. For our children and grandchildren’s future. For the survival of the American Dream. And yes, for our guns and Bibles.

When you walk into that polling place to vote, remember that Osama bin Laden is dead. And so is a U.S. border agent who died in the Fast and Furious scandal. And so is our Ambassador and three heroes abandoned and left to die at our Libyan embassy. And so is the U.S. economy.

Remember that even at this moment, as broke as America is, Obama is giving $450 million of your taxpayer money to the radical Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt.

Remember Obama denigrates those who cling to old-fashioned ideas: God, country, faith, family, capitalism and our American exceptionalism.

Remember Obama presided over a Democratic convention that booed God three times. 

Forgive, but never forget. Now, let’s go out and reclaim our country. God Bless America.

That was the speech Romney should have given. The American people needed to hear the raw, unvarnished truth without sugar-coating.

The key to Romney’s getting elected as President wasn’t to debate Obama. It was to indict Obama. Being “nice” and refusing to offend anyone just re-elected Obama. It may lead to the end of America as we know it.

Well, I’m not Romney. I’m not waving any white flags. I’m a Tea Party conservative. I’m going to fight hard and aggressively. And I’m going to help take back our country. This battle has only just begun.

I’ll be back next week with my commentary on what went wrong and why and what the GOP must do moving forward to build a winning coalition. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for God Bless.

Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root is one of America's leading Libertarian-conservative authors. Wayne's new book is The Murder of the Middle Class Wayne is a Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee and Fox News regular. Follow Wayne on Twitter and visit Wayne's web site:

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  • Harold Olsen

    What Romney should not have said during his campaign is “I’m sorry.” Just about every time he took a stand on something someone would whine about being offended by his words and he would back peddle and apologize. A true conservative, which he is not, says what he means and means what he says and does not worry about offending people or apologize when he does. He seemed to always be apologizing for something he said. That is not leadership. That is wimping out. Just one of many reason I could not support him any more than I could support Obama.

    • Frank Miller

      what your saying is,,, you did not vote,,,, which is a vote for obama,,,,
      you are the one that wimped out on AMERICA!!!
      romney wasn;t my choice eitherm but like in 2008, McCain wasn’t my choice either, but a vote for mccain was a vote against obama.
      McCAIN lost some mental capacity while in Hanoi Hilton-GOD bless him., obama with NO!!!! credentialsm I knew McCAIN would not destroy AMERICA!!!

      old sarge, nam vet
      GOD bless AMERICA!!!!

      • Old Henry


        It is that kind of pragmatic voting that has opened the door for them to continue forcing these miserable candidates down our throats.

        Pragmatic voting always results in a downward trend in the quality of candidates.
        Politicians won’t change if they know we’ll vote for them anyway.
        Good candidates seldom receive the support they need to become viable.
        The problem of bad choices is thereby perpetuated, and the nation continues to deteriorate until the day when our choices will be an Adolf Hitler or a Joseph Stalin.

        In 40 years of voting I have mostly held my nose and voted the Republican candidate that was shoved down our throat. 1980 was the exception. 1984 to a lesser extent.

        Not this time. I voted for Gary Johnson and voted my priciples.


        “Frank Miller,”




      • http://speedle speedle

        Henry, you and Harold are precisely the reason we are where we are on this day. Your stubborn ignorance is one of the biggest reasons that Obama’s gangsters have four more years to ruin this country. [comment has been edited]

      • Aberdeem

        Thank you

      • James Buchanan

        I also did not vote for Romney OR Obama….neither was worthy of my vote.
        Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson got my vote after the dirty way the Rep. party did Ron Paul. If the Rep. EVER want my vote they’ll have to come up with someone better than Mitt.
        Thank you AND McCain for your service but HE wasn’t a worthy candidate either and Palin as a VEEP sank his boat.

      • Carlucci

        Having to choose between Obama and Romney a.k.a. “Obama Lite”, I voted for Gary Johnson, too. Glad to hear others with open minds who see the big picture did the same. Everybody needs to go back and read last week’s article on this site about starting with local and state politics to make changes, and nullification of bull**** federal “laws”. Subscribing to the free Lew Rockwell newsletter is a good start to change a mindset:

        And speaking of that, check this out:

        Remember, your mind is like a parachute. It works best when open.


      • Vicki

        Frank Miller says:
        “what your saying is,,, you did not vote,,,, which is a vote for obama,,,,”

        Would you guys please make up your mind. Some of you say that a vote for 3rd party or not voting is a vote for obama. Others say a vote for 3rd party or not voting is a vote for Romney. If we listen to your logic, a vote for 3rd party or not voting is really voting twice.

        If the republican party really wants to win they should actually find a candidate worth being that mystical ABO.

      • Sedona05

        God will not bless a big chunk of land…GOD BLESS AMERICANS!

      • Kate8

        It’s true. When the RNC chose to throw out the choice of the REAL party (the people, who were clear on their choice…Ron Paul) and force Romney down our throats, why should they be rewarded for it? As if we are just mindless sheep and will do whatever they tell us to do.

        The democrats operate that way. They will accept whomever their party shoves in front of them. But conservatives can actually think, and would rather make their own choices based on real values which reflect their own.

        I, personally, resented the way Romney bullied his way in. If they’d have allowed Ron Paul to stand as the people’s choice, there is a good chance he’d have won. That is, if the votes weren’t rigged from the outset.

        I think the thing is, the PTB run both parties, and they aren’t about to lose control of who we get to vote for. They make sure it is one of their own.

      • Tomas

        I didn’t vote either. I could not vote in good conscience for either. Voting would lend my stamp of approval to the illegitimate actions of these two cretins, not to mention the two party process and abhorrent system of political pandering to the “I want mine” populace. I refuse to participate in the sham. How can you ask a moral person to vote for immoral people? How dare you call refusing to vote for immoral people “a vote for Obama”? How about this: if you have to hold your nose in order to vote, don’t vote. Refuse to participate. If free thinking, rational people refused to participate, perhaps something would change. Perhaps a true candidate would emerge who actually represented: not killing the unborn. Not taking money from one group to give to another. Not engaging in perpetually wars. Reducing govt by 50% per year until it is at a sustainable size. A candidate who actually believes in liberty, and will not compromise. Give me that, I’ll vote. Until then, [comment has been edited]

      • Chip

        I must say I could not decide which bag of trash stunk worst this election ! I voted Gary Johnson myself just so I could look at myself when I looked in the mirror.

      • brandons


      • bobmcbob


      • Lorbee

        OK Jopa…we’ll see what you have to say in a year or so. Time to take a reality pill. These are not merely “predictions” of doom and gloom–it’s already here. You just insist on the rose colored glasses. Ridiculous.

        • Daryl Bell

          Barbara Bush said it wellL : “He won and we need to get over it. “

    • Robert Smith

      “We are experiencing unimaginable economic wreckage, crisis and collapse from coast to coast.”

      All caused by the failure of trickle down and the related right wing garbage that’s moving wealth from us to the 1%.


      • Gordon

        How much of your wealth did you yourself create? How did you make your money? Did you work for a capitalistic business or did you work for the government? How has YOUR money been taken from YOU? Robert, I don’t know your personal situation, but you sound like the millions of lower/ middle class people with a limited education who flounder through life bitching how somebody else has more money than them, and being envious of people in general, all the while reaping what YOU have sown for yourself. Maybe the new welfare system will maintain YOU in the luxury that you desire.

      • boyscout

        Gordon, you present some very valid points but I am not sure that you are not arguing apples with oranges. Of the 1% in question, how much of it is involved with corporatist and crony piracy? This is a question that I have heard no answer for and have yet to see illucidated. Although I am all for free enterprize (especially the small business men and women),
        I hold the rascals in ugly disdane and accountable for many crimes against both our economy and our people.

      • Robert Smith

        Question asked: “How much of your wealth did you yourself create?”

        Throughout my careers I’ve produced a product either with my hands or my mind.

        “How did you make your money?”


        “Did you work for a capitalistic business or did you work for the government? ”

        When I wasn’t self employed I worked for capitalistic businesses. Except for four years in the USN I have never worked for the government.

        Now, wanna talk about the looters and money changers like Romney in the top 1%?


      • Vicki

        boyscout writes:
        ” Of the 1% in question, how much of it is involved with corporatist and crony piracy?”

        Robert Smith said moving wealth rather than stealing wealth. By saying that he conveniently tried to blame all business and all capitalism for the acts of a few that work with government to actually steal (usually thru taxes and fees) wealth so that they can give it to their cronies such as the most obvious, Solyndra, and all the other failed green companies.

        Here is a nice list of where money went. It also discusses big government being a VC with our money and of course we don’t get anything back from our investment in the VC Firm of government. For us, such an investment is a guaranteed 100% loss.

      • John

        Government obstructionism is what is destroying this country, not “trickle down”. You must be on welfare to make a statement like that because anybody who is or was ever self-employed knows the number one impediment to success is government. What we need to do is stop all the “Obama-phone” programs and De-centralize the government and the economy.

        • Nick Czudy

          John. I have been self employed all of my life. Government has never been an impediment to my success. It is a pain in the ass, as I could have always found something to do with the money that was being paid in taxes. But then I got to work and live in a country with a good infrastructure and living conditions. (we did not build that. haha) Things that have caused me grief has been the stock market crashes. The last one was caused by the Greedy capitalistic wall street moguls. They even had the gall to pay them selves bonuses when they tanked the economy. No you can’t b;ame government for the business problems. Why is it that US business’s are sitting on record amounts of cash ever? The top 1% have taken an even larger piece of pie. No more business’s have failed from greedy individuals then on the big G. This is another talking point in under the RIght Wing Bubble. (RWB) haha shall we coin this acronym?

      • Texas Ride

        Gordon, you are right. The reason people buy into communism is because of ENVY!

        They don’t like it when other people are successful and omaumau tells them they should be mad about it! He grew up hating Euroopean countries, and America…the White people. It is not the fault of White people if browns are not as successful. Maybe browns need to start working for what they want instead of hating others because they bust their rearends! Name me one successful and prosperous country that is governed by blacks. Name me one that is governed by browns… For some reason, they can’t do it. But, it sure isn’t the fault of Whites!

      • robert boni

        Really? I thought that obama had been in charge and responsible for the putrid economy for the last 4 years? Did you forget that?

      • vjisom

        Hey Rob, so you say the republican party is for the 1%. Who does President Obama hang with. UH!! Could it be the 1%.

      • Ginger

        Drink some more of that left-wing Marxist kool-aid Robert. when Obama gets done with Americ a everyone will be poor. that’s the way communism works. .

        • http://libertydigest polmutant

          you are already broke!!! do you not understand debt?? national debt??? too poor to pay attention the sheople are led to slaughter

      • petercalvet

        What Robert Smith is saying is more or less accurate except he does not elaborate; Every time the 1% get a tax break or a loophole or dodge paying taxes it simply means the rest of us who don’t have powerful lobbyists working for us have to pay more in taxes. Also, the more skewed the salaries of the 1% get the less there is to pay the salaries of the people who work for them. This is not class envy, or sour grapes, it is just reality. There was a time when the 1% received less proportionately than they do today and only but the rabid left were envious of their wealth. Nowadays you don’t have to be a leftist to see what is going on. Romney represents the 1% of the people who really could care less about average folks and many people saw that. At least Gary Johnson didn’t represent the ultra wealthy who seem to have no limit to how much money they should have. If they had any decency and self-restraint there would be no need for Obama and his crowd. In a real sense, the greed at the top have created Obama. Now we all have to deal with it.

      • Joe Flo

        Romney’s mouth gave the election to Obama.
        In the midst of Bush’s tax cuts to the wealthy, we lost 10 million jobs and an economic crises not seen since the Great Depression.
        Trickle Down Economics BACKFIRED with both barrels!
        We the People did not want go there again!

    • wandamurline

      What he should have done was use the thousands of Obama videos out there and use his own words against him….i.e…”we are going to have shovel ready jobs…I’m putting people to work”….then video Obama laughing “maybe me shovel ready jobs were not as shovel ready as I thought”… “after my election I’ll have more flexibility (with Putin, the Russian president)…or the video of him saying “You want to open a coal plant, then plan on it going bankrupt because of my regulations”, or “You didn’t build that”, there was enough of these videos that could have been run…but the reason Obama got re-elected was because of freebies…he is Santa Clause….Romney was right…the 47% on the teet of the government didn’t vote for him and the rest that didn’t vote for him were the unions. Enough said. Took my flag down, turned it upside down and flew it at half mast as on Tuesday, November 6, 2012, the Republic of over 200 years went off life support and died. Get ready for the aftermath.

      • eddie47d

        Keep sabotaging the Republican Party with those inane comments Wanda and the whole party will sink. Romney blew it on that 47% remark for that includes veterans,disabled,Medicare recipiants, SS and fully employed government workers. Maybe even contractors who do government work. Keep the insults coming and the facts low for that ought to get you to 1st base but not home plate.

      • alicia

        You are one sick lady.

      • JeffH

        wandamurline, :)…notice that some folks reject truth!

      • eddie47d

        The problem with that is the Republican “truth” is seldom truthful. A good Libertarian would have known that.

      • Dale left coast

        America gets the Pres they deserve . . .
        The Intellect of the US Voter is at the lowest level since 1776 . . .
        Anyone who thinks the Community Organizer can sort out the mess he spent 4 years creating . . . is smokin crack ! ! ! Obammycare, taxes and regulations will double unemployment and bring on another recession/depression . . . and soon. Businesses are already preparing for O’care by lightening their loads . . . laying off employees.
        Romney may have been able to sort out the finances . . . but we will never know.
        When all the brain-deads are living like the storm victims in Jersey the light will maybe go on . . . but I can never understand a so-called intelligent citizen that did not vote or voted for some imagined candidate that he had to write-in . . .

      • Texas Ride

        Wanda, people really need to be afraid when omaumau tells them that, “The best is yet to come!” He loves “revenge” which is why he is doing what he is doing…it is his childhood dream.

        When he was a Senator he was in the Mideast stirring things up, and he was told to get his butt back in this country.

      • George Harris

        Yes, Eddie47D, Romney blew it with his 47% remark. However, that comment was taken out of context. The Dems were able to exploit it. Romney blew it by making a statement that could be used in that way, which is, unfortunately, too easy to do in the current climate, especially when you have a recording. He further compounded his problem by not responding and explaining his meaning. His response may not have changed anything, but at least he would have tried to defuse the situation a bit, by exposing the duplicity of the Democrats. As he said, he was not going to win over the 47%!

        However, Wanda is also correct. Romney had a lot more ammunition at his disposal which he left in the magazine. After what Obama did to Hillary in the 2008 primary, Mitt should have expected the same treatment from Obama and come out guns ablazing.

      • moonbeam

        @ Dale left coast – You ain’t nevah lied – as they say. What you wrote is the truth in a nutshell. Had the same argument with some friends on election night. They’re all in love with BO. It was me against them. We have a good time debating, but these guys don’t do their research. They don’t realize my opinions are based on my research. Their opinions are based what they are told.

        They get all their news from one source and are oblivious to truth. They tell me I need to get off the internet (so I can be ignorant like them.) I tell them they need to get ON the internet and do some research. lol! As if I would close the doors of access to a world of information and watch MSNBC to get the low down? Too Funny.

      • eddie47d

        The Internet is filled with conspiracy nuts and talking heads who grab the gullible. I come here to be amused with all the insanity and pick apart the deceitful comments. By saying the Internet is the only truth is deceiving yourself. Read newspapers,magazines,watch Fox and MSNBC and get the full picture. There is no one PURE source.

      • Florence

        too bad you were not an advisor for Romney. They just did not do it right! And, R kept verbally “applauding” BO. He just should have used your logic, over and over again. That’s what BO did…kept playing R’s words against him.

      • tncdel

        Romney lost because he was too namby-pamby towards Obama. He should have played hardball with the dog-eatin’ Kenyan by, when Obama demanded his tax returns, demanding from Obama a genuine birth certificate while also calling for an independent investigation and DEPORTATION hearing for Obama [since a non-U.S. citizen is NOT entitled to impeachment proceedings].

        And while Romney was scheduling the deportation hearing, by twisting RINO Boehner’s arm to arrange it [as the House could have done (for the Senate has exclusivity only when it comes to impeachment proceedings)], Romney should have fired one salvo after another about the many egregious acts by Obama THAT ROMNEY DIDN’T EVEN BRING UP:

        Like how Obama unconstitutionally gave out over a million work permits to illegal aliens, despite over 23 million of our own citizens out-of-work, and also has been unconstitutionally giving them amnesty for a mere $465 processing fee.

        And Romney should have countered Obama’s criticizing of Romney on abortion by exposing the fact that Obama is so extremist that he even defended killing NEWBORN babies who survived abortions!

        Also Romney should have called for answers on Benghazi, “Fast & Furious,” Solyndra, etc., etc. Romney has a veritable smorgasbord of “entrees” he could have assailed Obama upon, but all he did was nibble like a fat woman on a diet.

      • Don

        you are 100% right Wanda, and as far as eddies response the republican party has already tanked as far as i am concerned

      • bob mcbob

        like many others: you’re UNAMERICAN

      • Lorbee

        Wanda is SPOT ON in her assessment. NO candidate could have won against the free flowing milk being doled out by the socialist in chief. He should know. He’s been living the same life and knows himself how good ‘free’ feels and how it works. His little scheme worked. You go, Wanda…you SPOKE THE TRUTH here. Romney was a good man, a smart man and a man of honor. The crud of society aren’t interested in anything except free cell phones, birth control, and whatever else their messiah doles out in exchange for their vote and their loyalty. You should be OUTRAGED. You’re paying for it, stupid.

        • deerinwater

          Lorbee says;”. NO candidate could have won against the free flowing milk being doled out by the socialist in chief.”

          You can go with that message as long as you want to, ~ That it’s been shot down every time it’s flown does not seem to deter you much. ~ It’s like an echo, it continues to bounce around long after it was spoken.

          W” secured his reelection in 2004 with free stuff for the most wealthy and their shills. Willard was attempting to do much the same thing with zero Capital gains while sticking it to any American that filed a short form.

          And while The Health Care Reform Act does many things, ~ the greatest opposition the GOP speaks of to it, is that it is “NOT FREE!” and everyone much be accountable and pay for it.

          What every American should be upset with, is Congress notion that it is fair for them to draw a salary for life after serving a term in office. Now that’s a “give away” program of the highest order. .

          • Ron r

            And what Obama could have said about Romney ? Dear American people,Grover Norqiest a known lobbyist and republican insider made it clear that the only thing they needed from a republican candidate was the ability to sign the laws sent to him by other republicans in congress. He implied the candidate need not think befor signing. That fit mitt just fine, we all know he was and re
            Aims an empty shirt

      • Lorbee

        And another footnote to further assure you that Wanda is correct. Did you happen to notice that obama laid out no agenda and made no real promises or any strategies in any of his campaigning. Know why? He knew he didn’t have to. He knew he gave the people want they wanted. FREE STUFF. Romney was exactly CORRECT. That 47% would never vote to have their freebies removed. He said he couldn’t worry about getting their votes. He never said he didn’t worry about THEM, (as the miserable liberal press twisted) he said he knew they’d never vote for him because he expected some personal RESPONSIBILITY. That is a dirty word to the entitlement mongers. Good ole bammy knows all about getting free rides. And we pay for it ALL.

        • Ron r

          Mitt should have moved on. He lost because partly because he have no specifics,and not only listen to but allowed Fox/Fixed news to run his show. The people gave spoken ao get over it.instead of blaming every one except the Romney people you should be out registering new republican voters.that’s how Romney lost 47% 4%.

    • MH

      You said “A true conservative, which he is not, says what he means and means what he says and does not worry about offending people or apologize when he does.”
      This is EXACTLY why the GOP lost! With this type of arrogant, condescending, no compromise attitude…..the GOP will continue to lose! And to answer the Author, Yes, Nice does win. It won the majority and it won this election!

    • hangman

      I as a Romney follower, am saddened at the stupidity of so many so called Americans. Romney had big hurdles to jump, (1) the wetbacks that looked at Obama for amnesty, coming in legal was too hard, (2) the gays , without a bit of morality, (3)the blacks, who athough claiming they did not go for same sex marriages, practiced the ‘down low’, and 99% went with obama, (4) the sluts that want free contreceptives, and(5) the trailer park bunch, (black and white), that expect a lifetime on welfare and free Obama phones. Not to mention the millions of un-American muslims pulling for their BRO.
      With all this against him, the best srtategy, I believe, would have been to use any and all influence in trying to to get that murderous monster indicted for his many acts of treason.
      HOPEFULLY, It is not to late to have justice done.

      • Karolyn

        You left intelligent, educated adults off your list. So sorry you think of any people who don’t believe as you this way. You seem to be out of touch with reality.

      • Flashy

        Karolyn…the GOP got spanked. Big time spanked. president Obama is the only Dem president other than FDR to have won 50%plus of the popular vote in two elections. THE ONLY ONE other than FDR….one of the greats in presidential history. President Obama garnered 365 electoral votes in ’08, likely garnering 332 this time. he garnered 52.9% of the popular vote in ’08 (66,882,230) and 50.5% in ’12 (60,743,295 not counting Florida). The Dems not only held the Senate, they gained seats. The House has GOP losses, and the GOP is marginalized to the South and some Central states.

        Right now, the GOP is wholly dependent upon federal largesse. Most of the sates they have majority representation in are those states who receive more in federal funds than they pay into the federal fund. Weakness cannot adequately descrie their situation. If they were given what LBJ called the “Jewish diet” (aka no ‘pork”), those states will be screaming …

        • Tony Newbill

          ANYONE could have WON if they are allowed to BUY the Voters with Government Handouts after taking away all the Free Markets JOBS in 2008 and not restoring them after telling us we all had Shovel ready Jobs coming and then 3 years later told OH I guess there were not so many ready , but HEY I will still cut you a Chaeck and that sting comes with a VOTE … FOOL !!!!!

      • alicia

        You are also a very sick puppy, you and wanda need to move out of the country together.

      • Texas Ride

        I would like to know how many votes were “counted” by another socialist country! And, how many votes disappeared into thin air! Sorry, I don’t believe that the conservative base sat at home! Tell me another story, that one just doesn’t “cut bait!”

      • Kinetic1

        Are you blaming Obama for the job loses in 2008? You do know that the election was held in Nov. of that year, but Obama didn’t take office until Jan. ’09, right? And with regard’s to President Obama’s record, You’ve never seen a private employment history chart, have you? Here’s a link to one.

        Notice how the brown lines (Bush) plummet to new depths throughout 2008. Now look at the blue lines (Obama) and notice how they reverse direction. That’s right, in just a little over 1 year we returned from the abyss. Growth has been slow, and unemployment is still too high, but it takes time to recover from such a mess. Remember, Reagan had over 27 months of 8%+ unemployment, 10 of which were over 10%! It just takes time, especially when Congress is fighting every plan Obama has to turn things around.

      • Florence

        I believe that it is too late. Just wait until all of the hispanics put their people in. Good bye borders and Good bye America.

      • Fab55

        TexasRide: To find those missing 3 million conservative voters, you need to look in the obituaries.

    • Katrael

      I don’t blame Obama for the state of this union. He is only a symptom of what is wrong with America and the world as a whole. This country is populated by too many who are terminally ill. There are many good people out there but there are too many who have been deceived into trusting big government and now they will find out what slavery is all about. The sad thing: they don’t know what slavery is and they won’t understand what’s happening to them. They’ll find the way to continue blaming the rich when they themselves are to blame. They willingly gave their freedoms away in exchange for being told how and what to think. They refuse to take responsibility and naively believe that casting their vote is the same thing as taking responsibility.

      • Tony Newbill

        Katrael you are right and what we need to do is Reject not only both parties but the Bureaucracy that is in Washington DC as well . Replacing the parties without replacing the Technocratic society that makes up the bureaucracy of ideologues who think they are the only smart ones able to Lead the Leaders with their advise is where the Idealism thats taking down our Nations Constitution is where we need to start the WEEDING Process !!!!!
        And they ALL are Keying around the Idea that Earth is too Overpopulated as a whole and this is driving the Consolidation of Liberty First With Government Gathering everyone up with a Program to make us DEPENDENT then the Bait and SWITCH is when they run all our supplies out by putting us all out of work to say its saving the Eco system of earth then once the supplies are in short system to the point all Profitability is lost and the capital system collapses from the debt substituting the lack of True supply-side expansion growth , all hell breaks loose in the form of rationing and its to late then to sustain population at that level of growth and history has events that took place when these kinds of thinks have happened in past Nations that went this way …. THINK about it people , they say History repeats itself !!!!!

      • Kate8

        Well stated, Katrael.

      • JeffH

        Katrael, bravo! It may not be much longer before 50%+ will depend on government for their survival…when that happens, and it will, we will have lost our Republic and become a Democracy…”Rule by Omnipotent Majority”. The Individual, and any group of Individuals composing any Minority, have no protection against the unlimited power of The Majority. It is a case of Majority-over-Man.

        Whereas a Republic is a constitutionally limited government of the representative type, created by a written Constitution–adopted by the people and changeable (from its original meaning) by them only by its amendment–with its powers divided between three separate Branches: Executive, Legislative and Judicial. Here the term “the people” means, of course, the electorate.

        Madison made an observation in The Federalist (no. 55) which merits quoting here–as follows:

        “As there is a degree of depravity in mankind which requires a certain degree of circumspection and distrust: So there are other qualities in human nature, which justify a certain portion of esteem and confidence. Republican government (that of a Republic) presupposes the existence of these qualities in a higher degree than any other form. Were the pictures which have been drawn by the political jealousy of some among us, faithful likenesses of the human character, the inference would be that there is not sufficient virtue among men for self government; and that nothing less than the chains of despotism can restrain them from destroying and devouring one another.”

      • cbgard

        Katrael is 100% correct. Good to know that there are people out there who see things for how they really are. Unfortunately when you attempt to enlighten others, you get the “deer in the headlights” stare…..

    • Rosegarten

      Harold, You are absolutely correct.

      • millie

        To Rosegarten,

        Harold is not right, moron!!!

        Obama is a disaster working over time to kill this country. He is planning on cutting our military defense and leaving our country vulnerable for attacks from muslim countries that do not respect or like us. obama has given billions of taxpayer’s dollars to the muslim brotherhood. Which our children and generations to come will have to pay for it. This man is a enemy from within who will transform America into another 3rd world country. And morons like Harold voted for this.

        Why don’t you do research and find out what obama is about. Obama has blood on his hands with the Fast and Furious where a US agent died and also with the 4 Americans that died in Benghazi, requesting help on 3 different occasions from this administration to send them security and each time they were denied.

        Obama is a muslim who is in bed with the muslim brotherhood and these muslims one day they will try to replace the constitution with the sharia law. These muslims want to replace our American Flag that sits on the whitehouse with their flag.

        Check out the facts for yourself obama is not a American and that is why he paid millions of dollars to seal his records.

        I hope you like berkas, obama will put your ass in one
        Obama is bad news

      • eddie47d

        Silly Millie you lie so much you’ll have to go out and get a complete makeover because your two faces have changed so much. I don’t even think Muslim women living in America wear burkas. (Some do wear the habas). Are you the complete Republican troll or are those phony fears real to you. Which right wing pundit (aka Malkin,Robertson,etc) convinced you of all that drivel?

    • Muggs37

      And Harold – that is exactly why we get another 4 years of Obama. As for some of the Tea Party orgs. – while I certainly admired them in the beginning for their grassroots organizing, enthusiasm, etc., some have progressed to the point of making DEMANDS. Not much different than the liberals we’ve been opposing. Anyone who didn’t vote even though they could has aided and abetted the continued rise to power of the liberal agenda – and it ain’t good.

      • Elizabeth Sloot

        And how many Tea Partyers have you talked to. Do not judge the grassroots Tea Partyers along with the GOP Tea Partyers.

    • millie

      To Harold Olsen,

      That is the stupidest excuse I have heard, for supporting a muslim dictator who is out to transform this country into another 3rd world. How stupid you are Mr. why don’t you do research and find out what obama is about. You sir are a un-American, you are a traitor to your country.

      Obama has blood on his hands with the Fast and Furious where a US agent died and also with the 4 Americans that died in Benghazi, requesting help on 3 different occasions from this administration to send them securities and each time they were denied. And this black potus lied and blamed it on a stupid movie and now all the facts are coming out through the emails that were sent before they were murder by these muslims savages.

      There is a lot more to this, but I will not get into it, find out for yourself. Obama is a muslim who is in bed with the muslim brotherhood and these muslims one day they will try to replace the constitution with the sharia law. These muslims want to replace our American Flag that sits on the whitehouse with their flag. Check out the facts for yourself

      • Nick Czudy

        Millie. You are some wacked out and sick puppy. You are a shining example of the Right wing that lives under the bubble. There is no evidence of Obama being a Muslim. He is too smart and educated to buy into that pile of garbage. Anyone that believes he is a Muslim belongs to the Donald Trump school of People that live under the bubble. When you make these outrageous rants, people question the sanity of the right wing. One wonders why more and more GOP are being voted out of government.

      • Shelia

        And Pres. Bush had blood on his hands also, lying about weapons of mass destruction. look at all the soldiers that was killed because of his lie. so shut up Millie, go take your meds.

      • eddie47d

        The Millies are unbelievable and dangerous. Although Obama as a child was brought up as a Muslim in Indonesia he hasn’t practiced those religious leaning for decades.

      • Dale left coast

        Shelia . . . please supply the direct quote . . . which does not exist . . .
        Reality never trumps rumours in the lieberal brain . . .
        What about all the lieberals that said “Iraq had weapons of mass destruction”? That included Hitlery, Bill, Kerry, Fat Al, Kennedy, Albright and many others . . .

      • Texas Ride

        Nicky, there is a lot of information that supports the fact that omaumau is a moo! He applied for and received a Fulbright Scholarship for foreigners, admitting his country is Indonesia and stating he was a muslim! That is only one small fact.

        What other president speaks arabic fluently and in several different dialects! What other president cancels The Day of Prayer and celebrates Ramadan in the White House. We all know these and many more facts. And who is supporting the sunnis against the shiites. You are the sick puppy because you live in a state of denial!

        • Nick Czudy

          Hey Texas, haha Are all Texan’s .#^$*(%)#^? haha I was going to stoop to calling names, like you feel that you have to do. But I backed off. I will respect you as a deeply religious person. You do have the freedom to worship and believe what you want………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
          Obama is not a Muslim. I know nothing of his scholarship application. If you have it, give it to Donald Trump. he might pay you the 4 million that he offered to Obama.
          There are many leaders that can speak more than one language. Mitt, can speak French and went to France on a pilgrimage. Does that make him a French socialist?
          “W” could speak some Spanish. does that make him a Mexican? If Obama went to school in Indonesia for any length of time, that would not mean that he is a Muslim. When I travel to another country, I try and learn their languages and respect their customs. haven’t you heard of the saying…”When in Rome, do as the Romans’s”? That is an interesting fact. I have never in the last 4 years have ever seen him speak Arabic when meeting with mid east leaders. I will have to trust you on that. But that does not mean that he is a Muslim. Now cancelling the day of Prayer was something that I was very happy with. There was too much bible thumping and Christian mumbo jumbo going on in government which is supposed to be secular. I almost puked when during the inauguration in January of 2008, two republican congressmen, went on about asking God to bless the portico that Obama would pass to give him a good term. I asked myself about the confidence I had with these two congressmen to entrust them with making decisions in government and entrusting my safety and salvation to politicians such as these. I for one was impressed and lauded Obama for taking this Christian day out of our government as it should be. I would have thought that he was stooping low to cater to the Religious right that try and stick their noses into government. Let everyone celebrate this day as they see fit according to their religious beliefs. In the past, “W” went through the paces of humoring Billy Graham and others of the religious right because they were his base of support. I could see how uncomfortable he was during this “day OF Prayer” Obama stopping this was something that many Americans were relieved to see this ended.;
          I will have to lean on your to tell me how Obama has celebrated Ramadan in the White house. haha that is a new one. Is that one of the typical truths that passes around under the bubble. Since I do not believe anything that comes from anyone that lives under the bubble, i will remain a little skeptical on that fact. Supporting Sunnis against Shiites again I am not sure about that. I know that one side was behind Saddam and was the ruling class, that was torturing and suppressing the Iraqis people. is that what you mean?
          Which one of these classes are the main group behind the terrorists and extreme jihadists? is that maybe why? I am not living in a state of denial. But I know for a fact that you are living under the bubble. You have to believe that all of us that are outside of the bubble know when we are getting rightist bull [expletive deleted] and treat it as such. regards NickCzudy

      • roscoe

        the day after the elaction obama talked to the UN and is trying to get the small arms treaty talks started again.He has to un arm us first ,then he can do as he please.People must noy care about the lies he tells us ,this just shows his true colors

      • Texas Ride

        Nicky boy..tsk, tsk, tsk!

        The more you wrote the more you showed us how uninformed you are about the sunni.
        Get educated about what is going on in your country instead of parroting the marxists running this regime and their right-hand, MSM. Count the muslims that have been appointed to government offices. In fact, why don’t you read about Valerie Jaret, the real power behind the throne..

        • Nick Czudy

          Texas. Let me guess. You got all of the names of the many Muslims in the government from Michelle Bachman? She is the most wacked out congressperson in the congress. Let me guess, one of them is Hillary Clinton’s aid? Right? So she has Arab roots. You put way too much into it. These are all of the RWB people that pass this bull [expletive deleted] around, among them selves. The whole Obama swinging both ways is pure bull from the land of the Bubble. I am starting to laugh.

      • Sheryn

        Millie you’re nuts, He is American so get over it. This is such old news— catch up!!!!

        • http://libertydigest polmutant

          seeing that American and Amfrikan Kenyan mean the same i gues you are right. just another black family in publc housing. hahahhaa what is an American?? illegal kenyan, illegal mexicans? anything illegal as long as you get your hand out at someone elses expense

    • Sam Adams

      Its called controlled opposition. Two different parties trying to look different in the eyes of the voter

    • Stuart Shepherd

      Yes, Wayne- that’s the speech Romney SHOULD have given, but it still wouldn’t have made a bit of difference to a corrupted populace, a corrupted political system, bi-laterally corrupted parties, corrupted morals, corrupted ideologies, corrupted education, corrupted labor, even corrupted churches! What is the chance of a degraded, morally weak and uncourageous people choosing right vs wrong, God vs Satan, freedom vs socialist dictatorship. Zero. We’re doomed and there’s no way out anymore! For you to even think that Obama could be a nice guy show’s an incredible lack of judgment and naivety on your part. There is zero chance that he is a “nice guy.” He’s a Marxist. He’s a racist. He’s a totalitarian authoritarian. He’s a vicious liar and a coward. Does that sound like a “nice guy” to you? Is any of it false? Sometimes I wonder if the number 666 is not somewhere on his body. I still wonder. 20 years from now when he is then an actual dictator of the former United States and white people and Jews and Christians are in concentration camps, are you still going to think he’s a “nice guy” and “we better act soon before it’s too late”? IT’S ALREADY TOO LATE! IT’S ALREADY TOO LATE! Give it up! Just take care of your own family, that’s all you can do, in my opinion. Sure- vote, but don’t expect to get wine from squeezing doggy doo-doo, which is what our government and our people are! Face facts. Good men such as yourself are maybe one in a million in America today- at best. Sorry to be the one to break the news to you!

      • Sheryn

        Stuart—Now we know who’s really drinking the cool-aid !!!!

    • http://NA J A Howard

      Who Really Caused the Country’s Financial Mess?

      What Romney should have said?

      We often here from democrats that say President George Bush caused the financial mess the country is experiencing today. Anyone who looked into the facts on this subject knows the real truth.

      Facts to point out:

      1. The Bush debt was 1.5 trillion dollars and that debt took 8 years to accumulate during his time in office (Including the wars). The wars were approved by the democrats and the republicans.
      2. President Bill Clinton in 2000 repealed the Class-Steagall act by signing the Gramm-Leach-Bliley act. If Class-Steagall act was still in force, then the Financial institutions bad behaviors would have been illegal (Financial institutions using depositor’s money in risky market investments).
      3. President Bill Clinton in 2000 signed the Commodity Futures Modernization act. This act exempted credit-default swaps from regulation.
      4. President Bill Clinton in 1995 by rewriting the Community Reinvestment act forced the loosening of Housing rules. The new rules put pressure on the banks to lend in very risky low income neighborhoods. This increased the bad loan portfolios of lending institutions.
      5. All of the above acts allowed most financial institutions to package high risk mortgages with low risk ones – bundled them together as securities. Financial institutions were floating home titles and made them very hard to trace back to the owner.
      6. President Bill Clinton, just before he left office, pardoned over 149 people. One criminal he pardoned was Marc Rich, who gave Hillary Clinton about 2 million dollars in exchange for the pardon. Clinton’s own justice department had spent a fortune in this tax fraud case trying to extradite him from Europe. Marc Rich is an international commodities trader and entrepreneur. He was indicted in the United States on federal charges of tax evasion and illegally making oil deals with Iran during the Iran hostage crisis. He was in Switzerland at the time of the indictment and has never returned to the U.S. He received a presidential pardon from U.S. President Bill Clinton on 20 January 2001, Clinton’s last day in office.
      7. Other crimes: a) FBI File Gate, b) Travel office Gate, c) White Water Gate, d) Vince Foster Gate, and e) Ignoring all Congressional and court subpoenas on the White Water case (You and I would go to jail for ignoring subpoenas). Even Dick Nixon answered his subpoenas.
      8. After President George Bush took office he warned many times about the lacking regulation in home mortgages, but every time he brought up the subject, the democrats pounced at him for not letting everyone have the ability to own a home. Because of the democrats, now many of these poor people are out of their homes and the tax payers had to bail out the banks and financial institutions.
      The Obama presidency has spent over a trillion dollars a year for 4 years totaling over 4 trillion dollars. He claims the massive US debt was still caused by President George Bush!
      Just the GAO’s budget went from 6 billion to 12 billion dollars under Obama’s watch. Maybe a lot of that money was spent on the GAO scandalous parties in Las Vegas? Where did extra 6 billion go?
      Six billion dollars alone could help a lot of poor school students or fix up our ailing schools. I wonder how much more the Department of Education is spending before a single cent is spent on a student or on our schools.
      Much of the above information can be found in the February 16 2009 Time Magazine article. This Time issue was on “who caused the 2008 financial crises”. Of course Time Magazine waited until after the 2008 election to print the article.

      Subject: Obama’s Record to Date:

      They say “Voters have bad memories”. OK, print out and post it on your mirror….read it EVERY DAY and REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER!!!!

      Has the economy improved since Barack Obama became the president of the United States? Of course it is not. Despite what you may be hearing in the mainstream media, the truth is that when you compare the U.S. economy on the day that Barack Obama was inaugurated to the U.S. economy today, there is really no comparison. The unemployment crisis is worse than it was then, home values have fallen, the cost of health insurance is up, the cost of gas is way up, the number of Americans living in poverty has soared and the size of our national debt has absolutely exploded. Anyone that believes that things are better than they were when Barack Obama was elected is simply being delusional.

      • Tom

        Very well said and true!

      • deerinwater

        You seemed to omit the protracted 7 trillion spend in fighting his unfunded wars that were not accounted for or reflected on the General Ledge. ~ Oversight , I’m sure.

    • Mary Beardslee

      Yes he kept saying “I am sorry” had to because he made many stupid remarks like the 47%. When he backed Akin and Mourdock the rape caucus that finished it for me and many women. When Ryan said ” I am proud of the forcible rape bill I cosponsored with Todd Akin” Many women knew we could never vote for the republicans. Many of us are independent voters and in the beginning I favored Mitt. I to voted for Gary. Time for a 3rd party.

    • ron . r

      There are many reasons why Romney lost, but one of many that stood out was the fact that he ran as an extreamist from the onset and then tried to be himself(a moderate0 towards the end. To the Tea Party and reich wing extreamist. When will you learn that there are fewer of you that there are Americans.

      • ron . r

        Correction: fewer of you than there are Americans

  • Kinetic1

    So, you’ve gone from
    “The Mitt Romney landslide I predicted on May 30 and in the media virtually every day since then is materializing. The signs are everywhere that Barack Obama is enjoying his farewell tour.”
    “My prediction is a Mitt Romney landslide led by Christian and faith-based voters.”
    “Here is the speech that Romney should have given.”

    I can’t say that I ever expected you to step up and accept your blows, but going from “…Romney LANDSLIDE!” to “He should have done things MY WAY!” How childish is that?Now wipe the mud off your face, put on your big boy pants and consider what you should have said. Something like;
    “I’m sorry. I was wrong to join partisan pundits like Dick Morris, Carl Rove and Rush Limbaugh in misleading you. Not only was it never a lock, but we didn’t even believe in Romney. We encouraged him with false praise and backed him up with any excuse we could think of, even when he made a fool of himself, but we never really believed he could win. My only excuse is that I would do or say almost anything to keep Obama out of office.”
    Yep, that’s what you should have said, but instead you affirm our expectation that you would do anything but face up to your failure and admit to the folly of your false expertise. As Harold Olson pointed out, true conservatives don’t apologize. They call pregnancy by rape a “gift from God” and tell stories about the female body having the ability to end a pregnancy if caused by “legitimate rape”. They make patently false claims for which they offer easily debunked “proof”, and they may even try to explain it away by telling us “what they really meant”, but they almost never really apologize. And how is that working for you?

    • DaveH

      Isn’t hindsight grand?

      • Tony Newbill

        Judge Napolitano is right , , BUT ……. The precedence of Increasing the Entitlement nation has been set into motion now with the reelection of the easy income entitlement President Obama promising the Easy Government programs to substitute a Private sector Job driven by a private sector Business sector which is Only going to be funded by More DEBT that’s backed by Foreign Suppliers like China , and the only reason why these Foreign Suppliers will allow it is that it fits into their Overall Global Plan of these same Globalists who see the Free market causing Climate Change , so the want to slowly end up dominating the Free market driven Rate of consumption to restrict it and the Process of Getting people Hooked on Government handouts and entitlements More and More is Obama’s plan he is following along with the Globalists to restrict Consumption to regulate Carbon emissions . Obama May Levy Carbon Tax to Cut U.S. Deficit, HSBC Says
        ht tp://w w , this is all about reducing the rate of consumption with economic oppression . , The G-8 are the same people who run the nations that we are Dependent on for our parts supplies …. tell me they are not all in this globalization together because they are going to control population growth to secure their most immediate friends and families and themselves ???

        Watch this Video ,
        ht tp: //

        The conservatives need to have a Alternative way of Life that can be defined beyond just saying they will give you a Job , like Romney said over and Over without any meat on that bone describing what that Job would entail . This opened the door for Obama to raise doubt about what and if the Jobs would be a quality job or a substandard job and in the case of Romney saying it Obama and Bill Clinton made hay by saying “ Can you trust Romney telling you he would create jobs when he was a major Jobs Outsourcer with Romney had no way to counter with a record that favored he creating MORE Income Quality Jobs in the USA over what he had out sourced .
        I was convinced in the primaries and at first did not support Romney Because it was a NO Brainer this would take Romney out in the Swing states which are for the most part whats left of the manufacturing assembly societies in the USA and are a large part of the retirees in Florida and that’s why Obama was successful in guaranteeing these people something other than a guy saying I know how to create Jobs buy not saying what kind of jobs these would be …regardless if we know Obama will not be able to deliver the sustainable income of the jobs he is promising because without a Sustainable expanding Economy Obama will not have the Government guarantee to offer the Security he promised in Income equality .

      • John Lilleburnes Ghost

        Better than sightless, clueless or witless. You wouldnt trust Wayne to calculate the odds even in the bet was on a onelegged Man in an arese kicking contest

    • Deborah57

      Did you actually read this article, and if you did, which parts do you think are not true.Maybe your mama should apologize to us for your birth.

      • eddie47d

        Where do we start Deborah? There will be no oil drilling! There is more so that is a proven lie to begin with. The door will be shut on coal! Not even close. Lame attempt to praise banks! When they were front and center of the economic collaspe. That 100 million entitlement checks! What an insult for most are on earned SS and Veteran retirement and Veterans on disability. Keeping us dependant on foreign oil and “terrorism”! No,Obama is wisely giving us a diversified energy policy so we aren’t dependent as much on the Middle East. That 6 million Jews would be wiped out! Nothing but pandering to unknown fears when whoever would launch such an attack would themselves be wiped out by our nuclear arsenal. I could bring up much more on his being dishonest but you wouldn’t notice anyway.

      • Kinetic1

        Thanks for saving me some time, but I’m afraid you are right to assume that we will never be able to turn these folks towards the light of facts.

    • johno

      I agree. If the true conservatives would have come out and started condemning the liberal pied pipers such as Limbaugh, Hannity or Levin we may have gotten some sort of true American for the job. These pundits criticize the liberal media but in truth are part of the same. They just talk conservative to catch the followers who want to be conservative but need a leader. The pundits keep the conservatives from being truly conservative.

      • Kinetic1

        “the liberal pied pipers such as Limbaugh, Hannity or Levin..” Are you joking? These men are the very essence of what is wrong with capitalism. For all the good capitalism can and has done, it is those who’s focus is based on greed that make it dirty. I believe that the men you mentioned will say almost anything if they are paid enough. They will encourage you to support programs that place an unfair burden on yourself and your neighbors. They will convince you that you, as an American have the right to use all the water, coal and gas you want, as long as you can afford it, no matter the consequence to your nation.

        There seems to be an odd notion, both on this site and in the nation at large that the reason Gov. Romney failed to win is that he was not Conservative enough. Now I’ll give you that there are those in the Republican party that might feel that way, just as there are Democrats that feel President Obama is to moderate, but the numbers just aren’t there to support such an idea. According to SLATE,
        “Romney won 48.1 percent of the overall vote. White people who voted for Romney made up 42.5 percent of the overall vote. That works out to 88 percent of Romney voters being white.
        Using the same method, we find that 2 percent of Romney’s voters were black, 6 percent were Latino, 2 percent were Asian, and 2 percent had some other ethnic classification.
        Obama’s support was 56 percent white, 24 percent black, 14 percent Latino, 4 percent Asian, and 2 percent other.”

        Now we all know that the total number of voters was down this election. At this point it looks like the number will stand at about 58% of eligible voters, as compared to 61.6% in 2008 (a record year) so there’s clearly room for improvement across the board. However, those who chose not to vote come from all parties. Romney took 58% of the white vote; a record number, but even assuming a voter increase of 2% or 3% would only bring so many more more white men. Expecting it would bring a disproportionate number of angry white conservatives to move Republicans back into the White House is delusional.

    • Irene

      Well said, Kinetic1

    • JTB

      well you know what all these guys should of said instead of the landslide thing is it’s going to be a hard race to analyze because we have no idea how many illegals, dead people, cartoon characters will vote again this time.

      • MH

        Or how many Republican Gov or Sec of States will try to Obstruct/Suppress the voting process! People rebelled against those tactics and they will continue to do so. The countries social landscape has changed drastically and it’s time for the GOP to realize that!

      • Old Henry


        I think it is time for the GOP to change its name to CUB, or SOX.

        “You just wait until NEXT time”!

    • boyscout

      K, do you not understand the nature of political hype?

  • Doc Sarvis

    Conservatives knew what they were getting when they gave him top position in the primaries; a moderate guy with lots of money, lots of 1%er connections/appeal (get more money) who could – and would say anything that the Right wanted him to say to get elected. The American people (largely) saw through that. Even many on this site held their nose to vote for him just to remove President Obama.

    I do respect John Huntsman and Ron Paul from the Republican hopefulls. Though I don’t agree with everything Paul and Huntsman said, they did seem to have both intelligence and integrity and a sincere desire to make America better as opposed to just gaining the office. Neither of those two had the money or Super Pac support to rise to the top of the Republican ticket.

    The Rich Shapeshifter Romney reflects the current Republican Party; trying to appease the Tea Party Conservatives while convincing the rest of America they are moderate enough to get elected.

    Good luck with that!

    • DaveH

      I think there might be hope for you, Doc. Please read this book and learn what Politics are really all about. They aren’t about you and me in either Mainstream Party:

      • DaveH

        Probably you should read this book first to get a better understanding of Rothbard’s terminology:

      • Mr.Ben

        DaveH – I would Ike to tell you two things. One – months ago I read a comment you posted, and agreed with, and luckily had the opportunity to be directed to the Mises library. Because of that link I’m now 1000s of pages deep into multiple libertarian books that have changed my questions, answers, and ultimately my politics. So, thank you. Two, I’ve continued following ‘personal liberty digest’ and of course the many comments that follow, yours included. As such, I have to tell you to tone it down on the references to Mises library. Nearly every comment sounds a trite elitist followed by a referenced book. The knowledge you’ve alone gathered from these books should be enough to help people understand the libertarian views without asking every person you comment on to read an entire book. If you can try and summarize a book in a style of rhetoric the average person will understand, your influence will move beyond readers like me. And whenever people like GALT throws his poetic prose into political discourse, stay the course and let his academic elitist jargon leave the other readers confused. A person who cannot communicate with the majority of readers is only talking to themselves.

      • DaveH

        Thank you for your advice, Ben, but I much prefer to let the experts do the talking than to give people a few soundbites that they probably wouldn’t understand anyway.

    • DavidL

      Once again, Doc, I share your perspective. I recommend an interesting sociological study out of Harvard concerning red states and blue states. Perhaps you have read it already. Tell me what you think.


      • Doc Sarvis

        I’ve not read what you reference but some articles pointing out the same phenomina.

        • Nick Czudy

          Hey DavidL and Doc, I read the article and had to laugh. I always suspected something like that, but seeing it in print, reinforced my opinion that the people living under the bubble of conservatism were the biggest hypocrates. It is likely that if a restarant has a sign, the best ribs in town, you can’t eat there, the food will be terrible. When a Christian, talks about being such a good christian, you cannot trust them as far as you can throw them and they are the ones that are cursing the worse and denigrating others in this blog for expressing their viewpoints. I am sick of hearing of the GOP taking this country back and being patriots and to me that means, that they are the worst citizens and are the ones that are sucking on the teat of the government. I appreciate the link. Best regards. Nick Czudy

    • DavidL

      Sorry, Doc, I omitted the bottom line of the sociological study out of Harvard that I recommended to you earlier. Here it is:

      “The statistical reality is that the red-staters are, on average, less prone to pay income taxes, more prone to receive subsidies from the federal government, less physically fit, less responsible in their sexual behaviour, more prone to inflict harm on themselves and on others through smoking, drunk driving and misuse of firearms, and more prone to freeride on the healthcare system, compared to blue-staters.”

      “Most US citizens don’t know what the Affordable Care Act does. Many think that it reduces personal responsibility for healthcare, but the truth is the opposite. Under the current system, hospitals are required to treat patients who show up at the emergency entrance with a heart attack – even if their condition is partly their fault, due to habits of overeating and under-exercising. The hospitals have to pass the costs on, and the rest of the US ends up footing the bill. The individual mandate is designed to fix that, by making everyone pay for the health care they get. One benefit is that it will encourage them to see a doctor, who will typically advise them to adopt a healthy lifestyle by exercising, eating better, stop smoking, and deal with alcoholism. Establishing personal responsibility, not socialised medicine, is the reason why conservative think tanks such as the Heritage Foundation proposed the idea of the universal mandate in the first place, and why Mitt Romney enacted it in Massachusetts when he was governor.”

      • DaveH
      • Warrior

        “Affordable Housing Act”, “Department of Edumacation”, “Department of Energy”, “Medicaid”, Medicare”, “SS”, and the list of gubmint failures goes on and on. Your idyllic representation of the “Affordable CARE ACT” as it WILL turn out will just be another “progressive” folly. It’s only “affordable” for those that will NOT have to pay, which btw are democrat voters! LMAO!

      • DaveH

        Liberal Progressives’ hearts bleed with “compassion”. With other peoples’ money, that is.

      • MH

        BRAVO! Very well said.

      • ItsNotAboutMe

        Interestingly enough, those Red Staters are willing to put the country before themselves and most understand change is needed that will affect how/what they get from the Government. They also tend to understand that if the government is going to be part of the solution, it is going to be local government that can be held accountable. Top down Federal Government does not work!!! Never has and never will. Take a look around the world.

        The spirit that made this country the envey of the world for the independence, productivity and creativity of the people is being killed by those at the top of the “Federal Government is the Solution Crowd’. Unfortunately, we did not have a candidate that could communicate the impact of where we are heading and we don’t have four more years to wait for a clear measage to be articulated. Problem is we conservatives do not have steet level agitators or community organizers educating the masses on true conservative principals and how they actually provide the only safety net we can truly rely upon when push comes to shove. This is our challenge.

        We must overcome the education gap at the street level. Today they only get one measage from the infrastructure built to support what we have today. We must go where the masses are and communicate through honest daily encounters. The media won’t do it, our schools won’t do it and those who believe the status quo is good, won’t do it either because those in the inner city of the blue and red states really don’t know any better. The only measage they get day in and day out is, everything will be ok….. or its not as bad as those crazy conservative want you to think.

        Without a conservative measage that reaches the people (the masses) we will not overcome the impact of this election. We can not back down when challenged by the elites who claim we are racists, against women, latino haters, or what ever…. It’s a lie and we need to prove it through actions and historical evidence. We too must communicate clearly and loadly why they are only manipulating those demographics to retain their version a false reality. The left wins these voters through emotional messaging and social issues that pin each sector the polulation against us. Social issues such as abortion are important to many, but this is not where our focus needs to be at this time. Yes it’s important to me, but to many these social freedoms are all they have to claim as their own. Only success in a prosperous society will fix these deep rooted choices we as people make. It will not happen any time soon, so lets focus on what we can fix withou alianating those who need the most.

        It is time to take our measage to the street just as Obama has done for over 20 years. We need our own version of Acorn (legal of course) and we must have our own Community Organizers as this is the only way we the people most hurt by who we are becoming and overcome the onslaught of negativity that will come from all directions when they see that a message of self worth, self reliance, freedom, and love of country more than love of self begins to resinate.

        Without a conservative communication/education revolution we fail and we fail big!!!

      • Old Henry


        Well said.

        Everyone I talk to, or read, seems to have no clue / forgotten that the Democrap Congress – that’s the House and the Senate for you Soetoro Bots – voted specifically to EXCLUED themselves and the other two branches from ObamaCare.

        Now, just why would they do that since it is the end-all be-all?

      • eddie47d

        Then Old Henry give back your Social Security and Medicare if you feel so strong about it. While you are at it give back that public school education your received or did you even get an education?

      • DaveH

        Eddie says — “Then Old Henry give back your Social Security and Medicare”.
        As soon as you give us back the money you stole from us to pay for them, Eddie.

      • eddie47d

        I haven’t stolen a thing in my life [comment has been edited] Dave

      • DaveH

        Sure you have, Eddie. You just hire somebody else to do the dirty work.

    • momo

      Well Doc, we agree on one thing, respect for Ron Paul.

      • Old Henry

        Well momo, that’s more than we can say for Romney, the GOP, the RNC, Rove, Barbour…

      • Doc Sarvis

        Fortunately for all Americans, we had an even better choice with President Obama.

      • DaveH

        There’s nothing fortunate at all, Doc, about dooming people to a life of poverty and dependency.

    • Donald Darden

      This is about the hardest site I’ve ever tried to post to. Sent-in emails get rejected, and I keep losing the page when I try to add a comment. This time I am going to compose my post in Word, then do a copy and paste to get it in before I lose my place in the Reply.

      First off, the Republican party is dead. I’m a registered Republican, but if they can’t choose better candidates and back them adequately, then what is the point of belonging?

      There needs to be a new party, call it the Conservative Party, that does what the Republicans can’t or won’t do. Maybe there is such a party… Yes, I just did a web search and there is a Conservative Party USA. Look it up. If it checks out with you sense of values, consider signing up. If every Republican and Independent were to find a party with the right sense of values and signed up, that could make a big difference in the next election. Hurry, you only have four years (or two if you want to hit the next period of electing representatives to Congress).

      Signing with a third party, or even just following a third party’s endorsements, does not mean you have to leave your present party. You are just broadening your range of choices and options. But Conservatives have got to get organized as Conservatives if you want real choice in the future.

      Right now though, I don’t see the Republican party as the way to go. I will not only give you the cases of McCain vs Obama and Romney vs Obama, but something closer to home: Bill Nelson vs Connie Mack. Bill Nelson not only went to space, but Connie Mack’s only claim to fame was he was the great-grandson of a Hall of Fame baseball manager and his father was a retired senator. Meanwhile, Bill Nelson pointed out scars in Connie Mack’s background that were never addressed or answered from the Mack side. That tends to indicate they were true in a lot of people’s minds. But the thing that got me was that the only person that Mack got to speak up for him was his mother, and what mother won’t try to say good things about her son in a situation like that? Further, why would the Republican party endorse someone with so little to say for himself? The answer in my mind was that the Republican party was putting it all forward for the sake of an old aquaintance, Connie Mack III, his father. They were satisfying an old school tie at the expense not only to the party, but to the country. And Mack III was equally guilty for calling in such a favor at the expense of the party and the country. If that is what being a real Republican is all about, I want nothing to do with it.

      All Conservative-minded people need to get it together. All these fractional parties, like the Conservative Party USA, Tea Party Patriots, American Conservative Party, Conservative Party of America, Conservative Tea Party of America, Conservative Election Party, Conservative American Party, and many independent Conservative parties by state, are divided up and not working to the same ends, at least as to what candidates to put forward. You know what I think? I think the opposition has gotten there first, and persuaded people with a Conservative bent to go it alone and start up their own groups. That way they keep us divided and they end up unified and winning.

      I might mention that many nations have their own brands of Conservative Parties. If we truly unified at home, what would our relationship to them be like?

      Here is the thing though: The opposition promotes the idea of not voting because it is meaningless or doesn’t really count as good reasons for not wasting your time, or they promote the idea that better no vote than vote for either of the primary candidates. Now if you are a realist, you should recognize that these are blatant efforts to keep you from voting, because as being shown, the better organized side will begin to win, regardless of where they stand on issues. Too few people know or care about key issues to start with, so they just go on the premise of what they hear or read, and they don’t read that much.

      Only solution is to get involved and get organized. Feel free to get involved with several parties and start exchanging ideas from one to the next. Get their leadership to see the need to organize and pull together. You can’t do it alone, I can’t do it alone, and they can’t do it alone, but collectively? Maybe by next elections you and I will be part of the difference.

    • Robert Smith

      “Please read this book and learn what Politics are really all about.”

      As long as folks are looking at books here is a quick very easy read: The True Believer: Thoughts on the nature of Mass Movements by Eric Hoffer.


  • DaveH

    There is nothing stunning about Romney’s loss. The Republicans spurned the only True Freedom candidate, and instead put up ObamaLite thus giving the voters no Real choice.
    He couldn’t even beat John McCain for the nomination in 2008, and McCain lost to an unknown Obama. Then the Republicans expected him to beat a sitting President in 2012? Get Real.
    The Politically Connected Republican Cronies were so desperate to keep their Mercantilism that they selected the least viable candidate to represent them. And they paid the price for that. Quit whining Wayne.
    Those of us who want our Freedom back need to start backing Gary Johnson now for 2016. The only thing holding him back is his lack of recognition by the general citizenry. We can change that in spite of the bought-and-paid-for Main Stream Media. But only if we make the effort.

    • momo

      The Republican nominee should have been Ron Paul, but the establishment Republicans couldn’t stand that thought. The media hardly let him speak at the primary debates! What those idiots running the party should have looked at was the crowds Ron Paul was drawing, especially among the youth of this country, but no they turned a blind eye and now they’re paying the price.

      • DaveH

        They turned a blind eye because they have represented Crony Capitalists, not the people, since the beginning of the Republican Party. The Democrats were actually late-boarders on the Crony Capitalist train.
        Read this book, momo, to get a brief introduction to the reality of Big Government:

      • momo

        Thanks DaveH

      • boyscout

        In truth, the GOP disparaged and spurned Dr. Paul, aiding and abetting the progressives and media opinion that he is some kind of kook. As well they should have to protect themselves from exposure that might out them from office and possibly offer prosecution.

      • Old Henry


        They knew exactly what Ron Paul stood for and his tremendous crowds / support. The problem was / is Ron Paul stands for exactly the opposite of what they want – big guvment, but at a slower pace so the idiots in fly-over country don’t notice.

        McRomneycain is exactly what pramatic voting gets us.

      • JeffH

        DaveH says “They turned a blind eye because they have represented Crony Capitalists, not the people, since the beginning of the Republican Party.”

        So true, so true! I’m just appalled at the total distain both parties ,and particularly the Republicans, have for the Constitution and the rule of law. It’s totally obvious that our government is dysfunctional from the inside out up to and including our judicial system and yet to the majority of citizens it’s all about winners and losers.

        Well folks, we’re all losers today, yesterday and tomorrow and we’ll continue to be losers as long as “we the people” allow this usurption of the Constitution to continue.

        Judge Napolitano and Bill O’Reilly were both right when they agreed that this election would be most influenced by the “takers”, those that have done nothing to earn their entitlements and have no desire to give them up in lieu of personal responsibility…the credit goes to the Obama camp for knowing that and taking full advantage of that.

      • Juanita Mitchell

        Shoulda couda woulda…the elections are over. Lets move forward with getting this country back on tract economically…slowly and surely it will happen.

    • Letslipthedogs

      HI Dave,

      I agree with your mercantilism comment. Yes the Republican party sometimes behaves like it was in the 19th century. Very feudal. While it is the party that emancipated the African American with Lincoln, and have appointed the first black secretary of state (ironically Colin Powell) and the first black woman secretary of state, and having the first black governors..etc…it is perceived to accommodate and not include minorities in the party.

      Well sometimes perception is reality, and this election proved that. The Democrats were able to pin the perception that Romney/Ryan were scary dinosaurs — the debates helped debunk the cartoon character the democrats made them out to be but it was not enough.

  • Kathy

    Romney was unelectable.

  • pete

    Bravo.. the Democrats have been conducting Civil War for decades. It is time to fight back and fight back hard..

    • DaveH

      It’s time to wake up to the fact that the two-party paradigm is False. They both work hand in hand with Crony Capitalists. They both use every chance to Grow Government larger. Neither party respects our Freedom of Choice. Take the ring from out your nose and do what’s best for yourself and, by projection, what’s best for your country. Support the only political party that represents the dreams and wisdom of our Founders:

      • Chester

        Dave, might take a long, hard look at exactly WHO financed the biggest part of the Democratic wins, It wasn’t Super Pacs or Dark Money that kept them going, it was the grassroots organizations that nickled and dimed them into office. I think you will find that the average Democratic donor gave less than fifty dollars in all to support the people he favored, but there were a LOT of those donors, Not only did they donate money, they donated time, time to sit in offices answering phones and talking to potential voters, time to be available to drive people to and from their various polling places. This is what got the Tea Party into so many places in 2010, and what has helped win many, many elections in the past.

      • DaveH
      • DaveH

        Chester, it would behoove you to read this book and loosen those blinders:

  • Donna Nimmo

    I am so sad about this election. But the mourning is over for me and I’m ready to fight exposing him for what he really is. I want him impeached and charged with Treason as a start!

    • DaveH

      Not a chance. First we would need a moral majority who truly understood that stealing and killing aren’t okay just because they are performed by Government. And then we would need Politicians who also recognized that. We are a long way from that kind of morality.
      We have let our greed subvert our morality and turn us into a Society of Criminals:

      • Warrior

        Davey me boy, you are 100% correct! All John Q. Public is going to get from here on is more “theater”. Global Warming hasn’t worked so well in getting the populaces “eye’s off the ball”. They have to be juked out by “fiscal cliffs”, “wars on women”, red and blue team colors, race relations and so on and so on. “Progressives” ARE masters of deception.

      • jopa

        DavH;Why do you keep bringing up this stealing and killing?Get over it already,Bush has been gone for years.

      • Texas Ride

        Not sure how you mean that Americans are a society of criminals, but count me out on that one. No criminals live in my house!

        The criminals are the ones that are flooding across our borders, sucking at the trough of American tax dollars, benefits and services. They are stealing our country and our elections! Instead of putting a cork in it, the republicants are saying that we must kowtow to their wants and needs before we will be able to win an election!!! That infuriates this Texan!! No foreigners from any country should be voting in our elections, let alone running around free to commit crimes, and parade in our streets making demands! If we want to make our country like mexifornia we should at least, adopt mexico’s immigration laws (since we seem to have abandoned our own laws.)

        The criminals are those with the audacity to believe “makers” should support the “takers,” and then make laws to redistribute hard-earned income! This country has been redistributing other people’s money for decades and you can see what that has gotten us.

        The criminals have created an entire segment of our society that WILL NOT WORK. These are the useless cows that they pay to pop-out ten or twelve kids apiece that will sucking at the trough for their entire lives. And the cycle goes on. There is one good thing that will happen, if the country goes bankrupt, that will EMPTY THE TROUGH! So, all you hard working “makers” get prepared. You know what to do.

        The criminals are the ones in government that sends $400 BILLION Dollars to the muslim brotherhood so they can take over middle eastern countries. The criminals are the ones in government that are sending hundreds of American weapons to these terrorists to use against our troops and obviously against our CIA and Ambassador! We are living under the rule of a sunni musliim! Prove me wrong!!

        The criminals are the demonrats that denied GOD three times at their convention! I think the price of that used to be Thirty-pieces of silver. Wonder what the price is today!
        W.A.R. has a handle on exactly who the criminals really are and what they are stealing!

      • DaveH

        Texas says — “Not sure how you mean that Americans are a society of criminals”.
        Read the article, Texas.

      • DaveH

        Jopa says — “Why do you keep bringing up this stealing and killing?”.
        To reveal to you what you really are, Jopa. Does it bother your conscience? There is a remedy. You could quit hiring the Government to do your dirty work and become a decent human being instead.

      • eddie47d

        Considering all the thievery on Wall Street and Corporate corruption that has been going on for a few decades then maybe we are a nation of criminals. We stood by and watched them do it and waved them on so that makes all guilty as charged.

      • Old Henry

        One thing that will really bring them to their feet, from picking their nose and scratching their a$$, is when / if the cable / satelite TV goes down and they loose their American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Monday Night FB. The WH switchboard will light up. Well no, I guess it will not for if the satelite TV is down their ObamaPhones will also be useless.

      • DaveH

        I’m talking about the Forced theft by Government, Eddie.

      • eddie47d

        Theft is theft whether from the government or private enterprise. I know your spiel Dave H so save it!

      • DaveH

        It sure is, Eddie. But you have yet to demonstrate how those Wall Street people have stolen your money.

      • eddie47d

        Where do you think many ponzi schemes originate at? They are a den of theives who don’t have to touch your wallet to be a pick pocket.

  • Corkey

    TOLD YA So……

    “Frankly, Mitt Romney deserved to lose, not only due to his big-government, liberal track record, which is out of step with rank and file freedomists, but also due to the shameful treatment of Ron Paul and his supporters, which he either knowingly tolerated or may have even orchestrated.”

    –Pastor Chuck Baldwin
    2008 Constitution Party Presidential Candidate

  • Fed up

    A little late now to be suggesting that speech!

  • Warrior

    Just to show an example of the “idiocy” displayed during this election cycle, the chicago tribune, an historical conservative rag, endorses oblama but gives no legitimate explanation for this. The day after the election, their first editorial is titled “Now Change, Mr. President”. Somehow, they “believe” this regime is going to become “centrists”? Folks, it’s OVER! Oblamacare is going “Forward” and it’s not stopping. Everything the “public edumacation system” is today, health care WILL become tomorrow. Just another “progressive” patronage system and there will be no republican renassaince in 2016. This country has now become “crook county” on steriods. Just look at the polling results. Metropolitan areas chock full of patronage democrat workers overwhelm the vote of entire states, IL, NY, Calif, Miami, Cleveland, etc. This divide between “progressives” and conservatives is NOT going away and the “system” is going to collapse. Wonder what would happen if conservatives decided to take a break from working and paying taxes to support all those great “progressive” programs and just sit back and collect a gubmint benefit (ones you have been supporting for decades). How long do you think it would take to collapse this system? Besides “succession”, it MAY be the only way to stop this. Just think, conservatives acting like good little “progressive” followers. What would the liberals do? Ya see, they don’t believe conservatives have the gumption to quit working to support them. They depend on it. Without conservatives, their system falls apart, guaranteed. Proof, you are the producers that support the “patronage”. Without you, the whole house collapses. Better figure a way to protect your valuables because everthing you’ve earned and saved is now “fair game”.

    Far fetched? Let’s just hear what the local “progressives” have to say.

    • DaveH

      Let’s face it, Warrior, people usually need to drink the bitter medicine to get over the disease.
      It is a fact that 4 more years of Obama will result in 4 more years of a crap economy. That is unless by some miracle Obama starts embracing Free Markets and Small Government. But since that is unlikely, after 8 years of misery, it is going to be pretty difficult for the Liberal Progressives to sell their brand of politics, and maybe, just maybe, people will start reawakening to the beauty of Limited Government and Freedom.
      Start here:

      • Warrior

        Dave, we’re past that point. The system the “progressives” have now put in place is exactly the same as every “progressive” metro area. Just one example, IL has been run by “progressive” dems for over 60 years, they own total control of the courts, redistricting, edumacation “unions”, hell, chicago has 50 aldermanic districts and EVERY one of the aldercreatures are DEMS! This state is totally corrupt and bankrupt and their ONLY answer is to invoke more and more taxes. A public sector employee doesn’t care because their “handlers” provide them with lavish raises and benefits to offset their perceived increased costs. The ONLY ones that are required to GIVE MORE are the “private sector producers”. I believe the only response to if you want “less” gubmint now is to just quit paying for it!

      • jopa

        DaveH:There you go with the predictions again.This is the site where I read sbout landslide victories for Romney over and over.Hmmm!

      • DaveH

        Bookmark it, Jopa, and we will discuss it 4 years from now.
        By the way, you didn’t hear the Romney predictions from me.

      • Polski

        That’s just it, DaveH, after 8 years of Bush/Cheney CRAP it’s hard to do anything to save the country. Bush/Cheney are the prime example of CROOKS at the top. And yet, you and yours are still giving us all sorts of crap when it caught up with you.

      • DaveH

        You’re making things up, as usual. I didn’t advocate Bush’s Presidency in any way. But I’m dealing now with the present. Finger pointing does absolutely no good. Our task now is to educate ourselves and take care of the problem before us.

      • JeffH

        DaveH, RE: polski, eddie & jopa…little minds have little thought.

      • eddie47d

        At least we have minds Jeff H unlike you who apparently lost yours. Their office is open from 9-5 at Walmart if you’d like to pick yours up!

      • JeffH

        Brilliant comeback eddie…must have taken at least a couple of hours of hard thought to come up with.

    • Susan

      you are 100% correct! But how do you do that when your taxes are confiscated before you ever see your pay check?

      • jopa

        OOps sbout should be about in my post to Davey.

      • Warrior

        How about a “producers” strike! I spoke with several small business owners yesterday that immediately went into monetary preservation mode (protecting their assets). The aren’t worried, they are VERY WORRIED!

      • Jonathan

        You file exempt or get your employer to let you work as a subcontractor. There’s several way’s to not pay for this system. In my eyes it’s morally wrong to pay for and support what is going on in our government today. They murder millions of children through abortion, they support homosexuality, their dishonest, they lie cheat and steal every time they get a chance. They support murderous governments like Israel, and others. If you pay for this, (YOU DO) except the mark of the beast. I’m not trying to get religious hear but facts are facts. This government and the system it supports is the beast.

      • DaveH

        If we withheld our taxes, they would just tax us the hidden way by creating more currency and inflating our consumer prices until our money is worthless.
        Our only way out, Susan, is education of the electorate. That’s what Bob Livingston is here for, even if some of his writers fall down on the job. We can all do our part.

      • Karolyn

        Warrior – Some of the biggest problems we have – knee-jerk reaction, fear and worry. All they do is create more of the same.

      • DaveH
    • Texas Ride

      You are right, it is not far-fetched! The marxist agenda must be supported by the “good little workers” or it fails.

      People don’t like working and then have their money taken away and given to the slugs! The pilgrims didn’t like it and they quit working, so everyone was on the brink of starvation. But, you know what…that worked!
      The pilgrims decided that was a failed plan! They started demanding that everyone pull their own weight! So, why do we have to learn this lesson again!

      The conservative states should tell the Feds to get lost and the States should take back the power the Feds have usurped! The States that want socialism should be made to stand on their own. No more stealing money from the prosperous conservative States that balance their budgets and encourage their citizens/businesses to be productive.There needs to be a lesson taught to the slugs that make-up half of this country! We can’t afford to coddle them, support them and pat them on the head when they whine for more!

      The people that are the producers should take their skills and go on their own. Tell the slugs to enjoy their communist government and look to it for support, because we are no longer “playing this game.” Better sooner than later when the civilian army is up and running. You know the army that obamacare mandates and funds for omaumau.

      • DaveH

        Yeah. I’d like to see the central states get together and leave this unholy union.

        • sb36695


      • DaveH
      • Texas Ride

        DaveH it really has become an, “Unholy Union.”

    • mark

      Warrior, your analysis is way off because tens of millions of Americans who voted Democrat go to work everyday and pay the taxes that help fund social programs. It is not just conservatives who do this – not by a longshot. These working Democrats include union laborers, highly educated white collar workers and professionals, school teachers, service personnel ( some 45% vote Democrat – don’t forget nearly 40% of our current military are minorities), hispanic laborers, plus millions and millions of working women in the private sector employed in a wide variety of professions who vote overwhelmingly Democat.

      Your simplistic analysis of Democratic voters who do, without doubt, include many minorities receiving goverment benefits, fails to include these tens of millions of working Democrats in the categories I have listed above.

      • Warrior

        You just proved my point. All those occupations DEPEND on the gubmint to pay them with “PRIVATE SECTOR MONEY” Capiche?

      • roscoe

        the public secter just gives a little back of what we give them ,they don,t really pay taxes especialy when you look at there pensions that they don,t pay all that much into to begin with.

  • Wayne

    The GOP and RNC are both headed in wrong direction, Personally Romney was not my 1st choice and did vote for him per say to be the next US President but voted against Obama the momma that is the way I voted. But like so many I bought into what Mr. Root, Morris, and Rove said it is going to be Romney in landslide. Well Mr. Root you and Morris and Rove were wrong on this one. Next I had to put aside my ad version to what Gov. Romney is a Mormon/LSD as a born again Christian I do not like what they teach or are lead to believe a lie about my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. But again what choice did we voters have None. Lastly if Romney and Ryan were so successful and could not carry their own states Wis. Mas how did they ever think they could carry the rest of the country to victory? I think the RNC should be relabeled (RNCMC) Republican National Committee Mental Cripples

  • ccfonten

    As a friend of mine once stated to that very same phrase of “He/she/we should have…….”======SHOULD SHI!!!!
    Shoulda, woulda, coulda……….what Romney said and did was all the right stuff with sincerity and honesty from a sincere and honest GOOD man. Unfortunately, the problem lies with the American people who want to sit on their butts and sponge off the ones who work.
    Congratulations, those of you who voted for socialism, you just may get what you want.

  • Flashy

    Given Root guaranteed Romney would win (on two occasions!),I’d proffer his opinions have about as much weight and substance as a bottomless leaky bucket in a fire brigade line. (now we see why he never gave an official book to allow wagering … lol)

    Romney and the GOP played hard ball…and President Obama showed the Dems that standing up to the school yard bullies is admired, and the People were waiting for someone to take the fight back to the GOP and to protect the Middle Class and working people of this Nation.

    We can see yesterday the GOP leaders are getting the message. And we can see the Tea Party fringe losing not only credibility, but a chair at the table. Both easy calls earlier this year and both noted by this poster. Extremism in our history has about a two year lifespan, and the TP’s time is up. The Fat Lady hasn’t yet sung, but she’s walking onto the stage.

    The massive redistribution of wealth away from the Middle Class to the wealthy is being attacked. Jobs and economic recovery is well under way, with the second part of this economic reset about to occur. Companies have modernized, have cash reserves, health care costs under control, a growing consumer demand market, due to robotics and lowering the labor pool needs productivity is up. Now the hiring begins.

    Sequestration is dead and revenues are now on the table as the GOP has got the point…marginalize the extremists or evolve into a regional minor power political party.

    What romeny should have said both during the general campaign and post election?

    “If you want to protect the Middle Class and move this Nation forward, give President Obama the additional four years. If you want a return to the Bush/Cheney policies and establish an aristocratic oligarchy, vote GOP”

    • DaveH

      More hindsight, this time from Flashman the non-credible administration shill.

      Flashman says — “We can see yesterday the GOP leaders are getting the message. And we can see the Tea Party fringe losing not only credibility, but a chair at the table”.

      The Romney loss has nothing to do with the Tea Party’s credibility. The “Tea Party” is a bunch of disparate organizations with a wide variety of views. Here is just one example to prove Flashman’s lack of credibility:

      • Flashy

        DaveH…do you EVER read the stuff you link to? So your idea of proving the analysis the isolation of the extremists must and is occurring is to post a link where the site states Romney was announcing their support and they weren’t endorsing him?

        Ummm…millions would hear Romney claiming the support of the extremists. A few thousand would read the denial of endorsement. Which do you think the People heard?

        Jeesh …

      • DaveH

        I prove your lack of credibility, and all I get back is your equivocation?

      • eddie47d

        Unlike Root and his comical landslide prediction Flashy said there would be at least “a 30-40 point victory margin” for Obama on the Electoral college. Flashy said that back on August 17Th so who was more correct? With all the loose cannon and unbelievable comments from apparent Conservatives I think Dave H owes Flashy an apology and to knock off his continual and petty insults.

      • Flashy

        Thanx Eddie for that record. I did write a final memo on the 31st where i had lowered the Electoral total to 312 for the President and winning the popular with a plurality. even i didn’t think he woulod carry 9-10 Swing states. And relied on history to forecast a plurality.

        I underestimated that Americans would place sanity, moderation, stability and an end to the GOP extremist nonsense over the lies and fraudulent claims of the SuperPACS, Romney’s flip flopping, and the Ryan budget stripping SSI and Medicaid..

        And i did not foresee the impact showing leadership by Pres. Obama, Gov Christie, mayor bloomberg and every other governor involved in that disaster known as Sandy.

        What was easy to see was the marginalization of the extremists and the regionalization of the GOP.

      • DaveH

        Eddie says — “With all the loose cannon and unbelievable comments from apparent Conservatives I think Dave H owes Flashy an apology and to knock off his continual and petty insults”.
        Did I say anything about Flashman’s prediction, Eddie? The only apology owed here is one from you for continually putting words in my mouth, Troll.

      • eddie47d

        You’re too arrogant to understand Dave H so why bother. Go back to sleep for it went completely over your head!

      • DaveH

        In other words, Eddie you useless Troll, you can’t provide such evidence.

      • eddie47d

        Its a poke at you Dave and no “evidence” is needed but it did prove your arrogance .

    • momo

      Flashy says: “The massive redistribution of wealth away from the Middle Class to the wealthy is being attacked.”

      Wrong flashman, the middle class is getting screwed by the Fed’s massive financial fraud. Buying t-bills with newly printed money at the rate of 40 billion a month is only making the bankers rich. The inflation that’s sure to follow is only going to hurt the middle class.

      • eddie47d

        The middle class has been put in a vise for several years and are at the whims of the Feds and the corporate bankers. These economic “geniuses” are not middle class friendly.

  • Liberty Lover

    It was never going to be a rout by Romney, much as we wanted that outcome. I believe Romney was headed for victory until the simple visual of Christie hugging Obama was enough to negate your long bill of particulars and cause voters to forget how much they hated Obamacare being forced down their throats. The anti-statism passion of 2010 couldn’t be sustained even two years. The American electorate is incredibly shallow with an extremely limited attention span. Pathetic!

    • Nobody’s Fool

      I agree, Liberty Lover, Gov. Christie handed oBlamer hundreds of thousands of votes by hugging up to him and practically endorsing him. Christie needs to lose his doughnut privileges AND have his mouth sewn shut. oBlamer was in NJ strictly for the photo op and a possible chance of looking presidential for once. Christie said what a great guy he was. Then oBlamer left, glad to get the heck outta Dodge and leave the crying people behind. 42% of the voters said oBlamer’s handling of the hurricane aftermath was their reason for voting for him. Thanks, Christie, for adding to oBlamer’s myth of helpfulness. Where was he when that foreign, barely English speaking woman stood before the cameras and said, “Sobody gotta DO sothing! It not RIGHT that we are cold and hungry here!” Not “right”? Hey, get off your duff and do something for yourself, woman. Oh wait, you don’t know how because you came to America for the freebies and you never learned anything beyond putting your hand out. My sympathy wanes. I think about the great people of the Dakotas during their terrible floods a few years ago. They took care of themselves and their neighbors, and didn’t whine to Big Brother to come help. Some misguided Christians think the democRAT party is into “helping” and that the Bible says “we are to help others”. They think that means we are to pay taxes so the government can help others. But that is not what the Bible says. God’s instruction is that we are all to help each other, not hand it off to the government. Government only exists to line its own pockets with our earnings. anyone who thinks differently is just delusional.

      • Texas Ride

        It may take a while, but in the end there will be a price extracted from Christie. He gave up his reputation and gained nothing by this transgression.

      • Karolyn

        Christy did what he had to do to help the people of his state. I don’t care for his manner much, but he felt that politics be damned; his state needs help. Do YOU have friends and relatives in NJ who still have no power? I do. They need all the help they can get. There is no way that neighbor helping neighbor could assist these people i the way they need it. Donations have been phenomenal; however, it’s still not enough. Where will they live? How do you start over with nothing. The majority of the people affected are middle to lower middle class people. Had Christy not taken help from the government, he would be toast; and, worse, been a fool.

      • nc

        Nobody, Christie TALKED personally with the President about their common problem! They heard each other out and Christie was satisfied that Obama was doing the right thing about the problem and said so!
        What is your PERSONAL contact with the President??Reading a tirade by Charles Krautface?? Listening to the half facts of “Sweep” Hannity?? Falling for the “wisdom(?)” of “Landslide” Root???What Faux noise thinks about Obama is the result of their weekly paychecks! THESE PEOPLE GET PAID TO BE BIASED AND YOU HAVE BOUGHT RIGHT INTO IT.

    • Karolyn

      How awful! A democrat and republican working together. For shame! Would that we had more working together! Why do you love this disparity and hate so much?

      • Texas Ride

        Karolyn, take a hint. Some people have such small minds that they can’t find those minds in a knats behind.

    • eddie47d

      Liberty Lover, Nobody’s Fool and Texas Ride ARE the great divide. They don’t want a thing to work unless they are in charge of the process.

      • Texas Ride

        Hey, eddie, better us Americans than a sunni muslim!!! Prove me wrong!

      • eddie47d

        Who’s the Sunni Muslim?

      • Flashy

        Texas…here..chew on this cut from rachel maddow from last night in addressing the TP and GOP…

        “”Ohio really did go to President Obama last night, he really did win. He really was born in Hawaii, and he really is, legitimately, president of the United States again. And The Bureau of Labor Statistics did not make up a fake unemployment rate last month. And the Congressional Research Service really can find no evidence that cutting taxes on rich people grows the economy. And the polls were not skewed to oversample Democrats. And Nate Silver was not making up fake projections about the election to make conservatives feel bad. Nate Silver was doing math.

        And climate change is real. And rape really does cause pregnancy sometimes. And evolution is a thing! And Benghazi was an attack on us, it was not a scandal by us. And nobody is taking away anyone’s guns. And taxes have not gone up. And the deficit is dropping, actually. And Saddam Hussein did not have weapons of mass destruction. And the moon landing was real. And FEMA is not building concentration camps. And UN election observers are not taking over Texas. And moderate reforms of the regulations on the insurance industry and the financial services industry in this country are not the same thing as communism.””

        • Nick Czudy

          Flashy. Bravo. My poor memory could not come up with do many good examples of the thinking of those under the bubble. It is really funny the truths and myths that they perpetrate, while living under the bubble. The sad part is that they live, eat and breath this stuff and actually believe it as being true. Did they learn this in school? Did they learn this in Church on Sunday? Did they learn this stuff from their parents growing up? As David Lettenman said one night. Thank God for the GOP and the far right. It gives me a wealth of material to include in my comedy routines. I would be out of business if these people did not exist.

      • Texas Ride

        Flashman you should be embarrassed, quoting a woman that must believe the moon is made of green cheese! She might as well make that statment as it would be right up there with the other bs she spews. She has as much credibility as you do. Both of you are shills for the Evil Empire!
        The woman (more like the he/she factor0 is a fantasy within herself!


    “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders
    itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”–
    John Adams

    Americans have accepted the lie that our republic is a democracy, and we
    just committed suicide. The takers now outnumber the workers and voted on
    November 6, 2012 to kill the goose laying the golden eggs.

  • sesame

    Root is a professional odds maker in Nevada who predicted that the evangelicals would lead to a great victory Romney. He was totally wrong. Why should we listen to him now. What a phoney!

    • Thinking About

      Agreed, it was not going to happen and all the talk show yakkers was never going to make them right. Romney was not a good candidate, never knew where he was on any day on any issue.

    • GALT

      Odds makers set lines…….their job is to try and pick the middle point to equalize the betting………if they do it correctly the ( house ) makes it maximum profits and has no
      risk……….odds makers DO NOT pick winners…….. when “wayne root” tried to pick
      winners when working for a “sports betting service” of the eight people involved
      in this “confidence game” he was the worst by far……….needless to say he did not
      do this for long……and he was trading on his name……to corral the “suckers” for the
      guy that was paying him and the other six…….this came with a weekly tv show, where
      “the boys” would sit and revel in the “winners” they did manage, and ignore the losses
      as if they had never existed…….as you can see this is something “wayne root” is
      very good at………

    • Texas Ride

      Oh, get off it! No one is making you read anything! I like what W.A.R. has to say and so do others. That is why he is here! I don’t want to read what anyone has to say that calls himself/herself, “SESAME!”

  • SarahR

    The liberals have been at this for sixty years. We The People just started. Now it’s our turn to make this country great once again.

  • MD

    More divisive rhetoric. Yes. thats what we need. After the voters have made it clear they want both work together.
    Get over it. Grow up and learn how to work with people who don’t think exactly like you do.

    • Texas Ride

      You should be glad that some have the fortitude to stand-up for what is “right.” There is no compromise with the evil that rules this country. Obviously, you don’t have the guts to do it.

      • eddie47d

        Apparently they do. Aikns and Mourdock are gone! They will fight evil whenever it rears its ugly head.

      • JeffH

        Texas Ride, pay attention here…you now have your own personl leach(aka troll)attached to your backside. No insult meant towards you but you’ll begin to understand if you haven’t already.

      • Texas Ride

        Thanks JeffH, I got it!

      • Texas Ride

        eddie, get over it. Do you know how many of the Evil Empire shills say stupid things!

        Stop following me around the board. I like “hero worship” just as much as anyone else, but you over-doing it!

      • Texas Ride

        eddie, you wouldn’t know a sunni if you saw one! I have met more than I wanted to meet.

      • eddie47d

        A little touchy there Texas aren’t you? Jeff H Rides my arse every day so learn to live with it when it happens.

  • James R, Bird Jr.

    Sadly, Wayne’s prediction didn,t come true, and the Republican Party did not learn a thing fom the 2008 Election. They failed on the basics, of not expanding the base, by not reaching out to the Hispanics, African Americans, and young voters. Where is the intelligence on how the democrats paly the ground game? Where are these ethnic groups and yound voters in the campaign strategies? Having received the Republican surveys,
    they only ask for your positions on the issues…………

    Jim Bird

    • MD

      Well said.

    • Texas Ride

      Alright, Bird, how do you want to expand the base!

      Are you suggesting that we act like Santa Claus and gift all the illegal foreigners free “everything” and let them steal an election for us! We could compete with the demonrats and see which party gives the most expensive presents to the slugs that crank out ten to twelve kids a piece, that we already are made to support! Would that make you happy!

      To take back this country we must get the marxist away from our children, out of our universities, and out of government! How about working on that instead.

      Why don’t you stop voting for communists and start being an American.

      We need to educate AMERICANS, not communists!

      We need to return to reading, writing (some schools don’t even teach kids cursive) and arithmetic! Bring Civics back to the classroom and American History (the real history, not the communist versioin.) Teach Western Civilization, Science, Mathematics and double the amount of homework!

      Put guards in the classrooms of schools that are full of young criminals, protect the teachers and student that want to learn. Our problems started in the schools and they will end in the schools. We are talking about our electorate and they are not being educated, but indoctrinated. Why do you think omaumau keeps harping on education. It is one of his best tools to spread hatred of our country and spread his marxism…

      And, not to forget…stop replacing the American kids in our schools with illegal foreigners!

      • eddie47d

        The election is over and Texas Ride is still trying to conquer and divide. You remind me of Donald Trump and his antics! aka; Shooting your mouth off and expecting better results.

      • JeffH

        TR, see my post above in your previous comment…you’ll uderstand.

      • Texas Ride

        Eddie, you just don’t get it! The election is over but the battle has just begun! You think conservatives are going to “roll-pver” because against all odds, the sunni muslim still has a job!

        New flash! that moo wasn’t ELECTED! Americans are fed-up! Businesses are going to close, they are going to lay-off employees, the economy will slow to a crawl, people won’t spend their money, there is going to be a backlash. Squat and watch! The trough is going to dry up and the cows won’t be coming home for much longer.

        The country is in big trouble, but do you know who is in bigger trouble….the followers of omaumau. It is the people like you that refuse to see what is in front of your face….you and the slugs.

      • eddie47d

        There is no Sunni Muslim in the White House so as per usual you are full of posterior leftovers.

      • JeffH

        Ah, but there are Sunni Muslims in the Obama Administration with direct links to the Muslim Brotherhood.

        That is a fact!

      • Texas Ride

        You are right JeffH! How many sunni moos have been appointed to offices in our government….by the Evil Empire.. And, these people like eddie and others deny the obvious facts. It must be a mental problem, not to be able to accept facts. Of course, the retros can’t handle the truth, they live in an alternative universe.

  • DavidL

    Once again, Mr. Root is completely wrong.

    • DaveH


      • Thinking About

        Are you saying it is meaningless of what Root said or meaningless of the results of this election.

      • DaveH

        I’m saying that DavidL’s comment is meaningless, unless he specifically states what’s wrong with Wayne’s article and then shows us why.

      • deerinwater

        Hmm? Well? ~sometimes “short” can be a good thing? ?

  • Marilyn Gural

    Mr. Root:

    One important group that you overlooked in your arm chair quarterbacking, as did Romney, and to a large extent the Republican party, is women.

    Not once did you mention in your “should haves” the word woman and/or the ability of the Left to reduce women to their reproductive parts, using it as a successful campaign tactic.

    Why were conservative women and the men in their lives not more outraged at the Left’s slogan at the Democratic National Convention – “Sluts Vote”! In one campaign, the progress that conservative women like myself made in trying to been seen as equal, as a whole greater than their reproductive parts, as smart, relevant partners at home and in business were effectively negated. What are we teaching our daughters and granddaughters?

    It’s time that women become a whole and recognized force in the conservative agenda.

    Marilyn Gural

    • DaveH

      And that is why the Democrats have so easily subverted our Freedom. When neither side understands the concepts of Freedom, how can we possibly hope to achieve it?

      • Thinking About

        Freedoms are being subverted by all parties. If you state what you believe you are immediately attacked by others, my freedom of speach is subverted.

      • DaveH

        You’re still commenting aren’t you, TA?
        You know I’m talking about the Force of Government, don’t you?

      • JeffH

        DaveH, LMAO! Their emotions dominate any clear thought.

    • Paul Wells

      Good point, Marilyn, but sadly, that is exactly why Romney came out in the third debate and conceded so many points to Obama. You see, his handlers told him that women don’t like “confrontation”, so Mitt toned it down to appease women voters. Look, I doubt he swayed more than 1000 ~ 2000 women, by that tactic. He’d have done better just to go on the attack, because politics in this country has now been reduced to red meat baiting of the masses. Sad. Truly sad.

  • johno

    You are preaching to the choir. The examples you give that Romney should have said are the reason Obama got in. The majority of Americans live off the gov’t in some form or other. They do not want the gravy train to stop.

  • Louis Lemieux

    Mr. Root, your credibility on what you have to say about this great nation of ours couldn’t be any lower.

    The following is what appeared here on Personal Liberty Digest.
    “Wayne Allyn Root, June 7, 2012
    Why Obama Will Lose In A Landslide.
    Wayne Allyn Root is a well-known Las Vegas oddsmaker with one of the most accurate records of predicting political races. In fact, correct prognostications earned him a star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars. What does Root predict the outcome of November’s Presidential election will be? Obama will lose.“

    • DaveH

      So much hindsight, so little time to regain our Freedom.

      • Dave67

        What freedoms have you lost? Be specific… What freedoms has Obama and those dastardly Progressive relieved you of?


        Put your head out of your hind quarters and come join us in reality.

      • DaveH

        First I must remove your head from my hind quarters, ignorant Liberal Progressive.
        You name it. I can’t work the profession of my choice without your Big Government permission. I can’t keep the lion’s share of my hard-earned money because you thieving Liberal Progressives are helping yourselves to it. My savings become worth less by the day because your Progressive Thieving banks are counterfeiting money as we speak. I can’t fly unless I want to be subjected to ridiculous searches and seizures even though I have never taken advantage of anybody in my life. I can’t run a business without being subjected to a ridiculous array of hoops to jump through.
        I can’t even forgo buying medical insurance which I know to be a bad bet.
        The question is “If we haven’t lost Freedom, why do we need the Force of Big Government — a Government which now takes 40% of our GDP?”.
        You’re nothing more noble than a Forcer and a Thief, Dave67.

      • Dave67

        LOL. Pathetic DaveH. Pathetic

    • Flashy


      The GOP and the extremists made a huge mistake. They failed to realize they are spouting the extremist viewpoints and no one else believes it. Take FOX McNews..several times during the campaign Romney and his campaign would make an allegation…one that was proved false many times…yet was cited on FOX time and again. they purposely disbelieved any other news and factual input other than that which coincided with what they wanted it to be. FOX exemplified this when Ohio was called for Obama by their own numbers people, and the hosts were in sch disbelief (including Karl Rove) that they went to the numbers guys and openly questioned them about the accuracy and it had to be wrong.

      Root made his ridiculous forecasts, double down on them a few weeks before the election, and played the TP commoners like a gaffed salmon…all the while cashing his checks for playing the snake oil salesman hawking the goods.

      Read the posts yesterday and today on Conservative blogs. Let’s see…fraud, stolen, fools, socialism, revolution, etc….few recognize reality even post election. Fact…President Obama was elected with a clear MANDATE. The GOP was slapped down…hard. Extremists were told to go away and sit in the corner cast out of the main political discourse.

      In DC, in discussions of the sequestration issue, the key word will e “compromise”, and the GOP will have to compromise. The only power held will be tweaking the final agreement. In this election, the GOP has succeeded in losing most of their former accesses to significant input and power.

      to all the folks who adhere to the TP and are under the influence of it’s three pronged creed of fear, Anger, and Ignorance, i thank you. For without your mania and crazness, the conspiracy theories, the constant lies and obvious fairy tales, the deni9gration of minorities of race and religion, the insistence liberty and freedom means stifling individual thought other than what you approve….for all that and more…I sincerely thank you.

      For without you, the MANDATE the People gave President Obama and the Moderates would not have come about.

      • Warrior

        Please do tell us what this “mandate” is? Free contraception?, Increased deficits and debt?, More asphalt contracts? More public sector workers? More free phones?, More free edumacation? More Low Income Housing? Higher Food and Energy Prices? More Control Over The Internet? More taxes on Producers” More Gun Running? “More LYING”! Please o please flashy tell us the “Mandate”?

      • DaveH

        Imagine a country run by Flashmans. I mean other people like Flashman, not his multiple-personalities. The Yugo would be considered a Luxury car.

      • Louis Lemieux

        Flashy, I feel very fortunate to have been born here in the US and I’m very grateful for all the freedom it provides me.

      • eddie47d

        I may believe Warrior if he goes after the takers on the top as much as he attacks those at the bottom.

  • vietnamvet1971

    Welcome to The United States of Socialism, it has been slowly creeping to that Goal and it finally Tipped over the edge Nov. 6th. We are a ONE party Governing GImme-ment.

    Nothing will change this Fact nor will it change PERIOD, The Big Bad Behemoth Bloated Bankrupt Gimme-ment is the Solution. Look at the European countries and you will see America in a few years.

  • Paul Catapano

    what bull[expletive deleted] ! Can you say partisan?

  • Stephen

    Who is John Galt????????????? If you don’t know what this means then read “ATLAS SHRUGGED” It’s a wake up call to whom ever loves freedom and the pursuit of dreams and happiness. Ayn Rand wrote the book in the late fifties and has been criticized for being too far to the right. The story takes place now and it looks more every day that she was a prophet.

    • DaveH

      Ludwig Von Mises pointed the way to Freedom well before Ayn Rand came along:

      Note that “Liberal” as referred to by Ludwig is what we now call “Classical Liberal” — that group that included Thomas Jefferson and other great Freedom-Loving Founders.

    • John Lilleburnes Ghost

      Q: Who is John Galt?.
      A>John Galt is a charecter in a turgid book espousing a juvenille cod philosophy.

      Do I get a prize for the correct answer?

      Although Ann Rand did to her credit make it clear that relegion was not for the intelligent

  • mark

    Wayne Allen Root is just another one of these conservative blowhards who got the whole election dead wrong. Within this category of genius prognasticators you can include Dick Morris, Karl Rove, New Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, and Michael Barrone. They are all totally out of touch with political reality in this country as unfortunately are most conservatives. That is why they all found themselves shocked and flustered on the wrong side of an electoral landslide.

    • DaveH

      More misinformation from the Liberal Progressive, mark.

      • Thinking About

        What misinformation are you speaking about? The election has happened and the results are known. Predictions was made and they did not come true.

      • mark

        DaveH, Look up all the pundits that I mentioned predictions. They were all dead wrong. Nate Silver of the NYT, on the other hand, was right on the money. How can we accept as credible people, these talking heads like Wayne Allen Root who make such ludicrous assertions. You for instance would never be so foolish to predict a Gary Johnson victory on Nov. 6 because you knew going in that he had absolutely zero chance of winning, as did Ron Paul of getting the Republican nomination. At least I can respect this about you. You know that the people you vote for will never win.

      • DaveH

        I am speaking about the Misinformation that mark is spewing by comparing Wayne to the NeoConservatives in his comment, TA. Clear enough?

      • Flashy

        got any Mises link for that clueless/rejecting reality statement DaveH ?

      • eddie47d

        Most of the time I like Dave H but he is always so consistent in his denials.

      • DaveH

        No, Flashman. Mises Institute doesn’t bother commenting on your lack of credibility.

      • DaveH

        Got any Sniper stories, Flashman?

      • deerinwater

        DaveH says:
        November 8, 2012 at 8:12 am
        “More misinformation from the Liberal Progressive, mark. ” LOL! Well David, if it’s misinformation, it’s worked pretty good so far, ~~ as we look at the finial election results .

        You did the best you could , you are an “Equal Opportunity Hater and ~~~ I did too. You know? ~ They call it “Fox News”? While I know your are one of the few , that was never overwhelms with TV news. ~ but millions and millions were.

        You fought the good fight, that’s all you can do, ~ your best.

        Would you do it the same way if you could do it over?

  • Beachtennisguy

    I like the spirit and content of the W.A. Root videos and commentaries, even if I did invest too much hope in the one about the Romney landslide. I shared it with a bunch of people and expect to hear about it.

    I and my friends commiserate with anyone struggling to accept that we are outnumbered by people who chose to give Obama and his accomplices four more years to transform a constitutional republic into a banana republic. Now I wonder if Republicans in the House of Representatives will stand firm against Obama and articulate conservative principles for at least two years? If not, the Republican Party has lost its way, and maybe its purpose. Two more years of gridlock, even if it involves shutting down the government, would be better than the growing debt, regulations, deficits, fiats, printing, borrowing, spending, and overall destruction that Obama offers. We need a fearless, outspoken, articulate, strong leader ala Newt in the House, to stand up to and thwart, as best he or she can, the ongoing Obama nightmare. If that does not provide a solid basis for Republican victories in the 2014 midterm elections, then the future is even darker than it appears today.

    • eddie47d

      Take off those sunglasses Beach Guy maybe life wouldn’t be so dark for you.

  • Letitia

    Sore loser

    • Warrior

      If you don’t have a gubmint supported job, you are the loser!

  • Tony

    Military Absentee Ballots Delivered One Day Late, Would Have Swung Election For Romney

    Read more:

    • DaveH

      “Officials say the ballots were delivered late due to problems within the military mail system”.
      They’re Government. Should that surprise anybody?

    • mark

      Dufflebad is a right-wing military website full of lies, fabricated stories, and urban legends. No one takes it serous except for extreme right-wingers. The article on late military ballots preventing a Romney win is a comlete and ludicrous fabrication that a few deperate Republicans are naturally embracing in their despair and anger over Romney’s ignominious defeat.

      • Flashy

        Considering they would be counted and tallied in the final results if mailed before election day. The lies and ignoring reality continues

      • DaveH

        Nobody in their right mind takes yours or Flashman’s comments seriously, mark.

  • Fedup

    Letitia – obviously an obama kiss-ass!

  • frustrated

    Stop putting Romney down, you guys. I went to his rally in Bucks Co., PA, (HUUUUUGE crowd–the area was at a standstill), and he WAS TOTALLY electable, as well as energetic, and vehemently vocal against Obama’s horrible record. How can you forget that he won nearly half of the voters? That’s not pittance. But the CITIES in too many states pushed those states over the edge. Overall it was not the landslide Dems are trying to make it out to be. My state, PA, for instance–EVERY rural county voted Romney. Every City county voted Obama or barely Romney. This is not Romney’s fault. He is a gentleman, a humanitarian, a business and job creator, and also a humble man who didn’t like to toot his own horn but did stand up for himself. You may criticize his refusal to hit Obama hard on Benhgazi in the debate, but he knew full well that Obama was prepared with some answer that would be an outright lie but the left-wing audience would accept. So, he tried to go the more positive route. I don’t think that ANYTHING Romney could have said would have made any difference. Obama supporters are so brainwashed by Obama’s lying ads and so blinded by the “things” Obama promises to give them, that they have no brains to think for themselves anymore. This was not Romney’s fault. What I am glad of is this election was the opportunity to have the angels record in heaven that I stood for the right and voted for good against evil, and those of you who did the same must hang onto that thought. Never has an election been so clear. From the Presidential vote, to weed, to homo marriage, to not allowing people the freedom to know what they are eating (the CA bill to label GMO’s failed); these were very clearly good vs. evil. Let’s hope that God saves our country for the 48% of us who were for Him..

    • http://none Charlie

      frustrated ,,,
      You got it figured out, but, you left out, Obama should never have been on the ballot the first time … Obama has been and is a “”set up”””from the get go. When the “Biggie” brothers are ready to take him out , the O , will be a zero… BUT,,, keep in mind, that King Jesus is BIGGER than the Biggie brothers and all their cousins . So,,,Meanwhile………….
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

      Charlie Freedom

  • Den

    Hey Flashy, tell me how the “kool aid” tastes before you drive off the cliff.

    • eddie47d

      Den should have dumped the moonshine before the Republican Party took him down the yellow brick road into the Rove land of oz.

  • jopa

    All that money spent by the Koch’s,Roves gang at Crossroads, Adelsonn,the Chineses and Pakistani’s through the American Chamber of Commerce and thousands of GOP donors.And what did they get for their buck?Michelle Bachman back .Just too funny.LOLThat really makes her so precious now.Where would comedy be without the likes of her?

  • Fedup

    Flashy, you and all of the other ignorant fools that support progressivism-socialism-marxism will go to hell with the rest of us under obummercare! Thanks, [comment has been edited]!

  • Douglas

    Mitt wouldn’t say such things because it’s not how he feels and Goldman Sachs didn’t tell him to say them.

  • Right Brain Thinker

    Wayne doubles down on his MASSIVE failure to get it right and spouts more of the same stuff that sells newsletter subscriptions to those who want to have their confirmation bias reinforced (which I think is his real motivation—-I don’t think GasBag Rush believes more than 10% of what he says either—he only says it because it’s worth $50 million a year to him). As more comments appear on this thread during the day, we will hear from the junkyard dogs as they run screaming out to the end of their chains to chew on the legs of anyone who says anything remotely rational. “This battle has only just begun” says Wayne—a legion of the mindless will soon chime in and agree with him (and maybe he’ll sell some more subscriptions and further cement his position amongst the 1%).

    And that will play right into the hands of the “freakin commies” like me that want to move this country FORWARD. (And I contributed triple digit $$$ to McCain early in 2008 and likely would have voted for him until he pandered to the wing nuts and took on Palin as veep. I was hoping he’d pick :Lieberman. Can you imagine what kind of Middle East policy they would have come up with? Two crazy old guys—one a POW and the other a Jew?. No “apologizing” and bowing to anyone from that pair).

    The battle has actually been going on for 30+ years—-it began even before Reagan—and the !% were making good progress towards their goal of turning the U.S. into a plutocracy and corporate feudal state The 1% went all out this time to try to finally win it —-got their bought-and-paid-for Supremes to make the Citizens United decision, spent a billion+ bucks on the campaign, co-opted the tea party, and in general convinced a lot of conservative Americans to go against their own best interests and support them. Unfortunately for them, the 1% got overeager, overcooked it, and IT DIDN’T WORK—the freakin commies not only held on but even improved their position.

    So, the country will continue to become more female, more hispanic, with more people on the short end of the income & wealth inequality stick while at the same time having fewer misinformed angry old left-brain white people for the !% to mislead. The Repugnant Party will be tearing itself apart from within as Wayne and friends work to keep the forces of intelligence and moderation within the party, (limited as they may be), from regaining any kind of credibility with the majority of voters. If the Repugnants continue to pander to the 1% and the ignorant folks they have coopted, and DON’T address the need to do right by the majority, they will CONTINUE TO LOSE and may even become extinct. Which will serve them right.

    The 1% SHOULD be smart enough to figure this out, or at least get their hired help to do it for them. They DO employ armies of lawyers, tax consultants, lobbyists, etc to help them advance their greed-driven agenda. We can only hope that their greed keeps them from doing the smart and right thing. There will be hardship for the 99% along the way, but the victory for the REAL Americans will come sooner if Wayne and friends don’t wake up and continue the insane “battle”..

  • Alex

    Enough with the “take back OUR country” whine. It is no one’s country to take; it is for ALL of us. What you mean to say, W.A.R., is that you wish to take THE country back —back to Sister Lick, Alabama, circa 1946.

    You lost, Wayne. So did your Tea Party. Mourdock and Akin lost. So did Joe Walsh. As did Scott Brown. While I mainly paid attention, aside from the battle for the White House, to the Congressional races of greater import to me, I am sure that a couple of Teabaggers probably won their races. Bachmann, probably, not sure who else. The thing is, Wayne, that your Tea Party is irrelevant now. You had your massive run in ’010, but that only resulted in the lowest-rated House in HISTORY.

    That the GOP still controls the House is of little matter at this time, and is certainly not
    hing to take the shine off of the otherwise glorious Election Day. Consider: if the House continues its poor loser hissy fit and attempts to further hinder Progress they will be flushed from the House as quickly as they flooded in. They took their shot and they failed laughingly.

    Whatever carcass of the GOP remains must force these Teabagging kkklowns to apologize, grow up, and move into the new millennium. The GOP has lost the youth of the nation, thank God. Younger people will move further from silly patriotism and superstition, and will no longer be willing to die and kill in our never-ending War of Capital.

    January of 2017 will see either Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren sworn in as our first woman president. Girls look up to intelligent and active women. After the constant drip drip drip of GOP rape comments, females, like our youth, are now lost—probably forever to the backwards Fright Wing. Coupled with the ever-shrinking Caucasoid population, the loss of the female vote spells doom for the Republican Party. Sad, perhaps, but this is what happens when you refuse to move toward Progress and Enlightenment.

    So fight on there, Wayne. Spend the rest of your life trying to re-energize Nightmare America. It is not coming back.

    One last thing, Wayne. Since you were not only wrong with your prognostication on the election, but embarrassingly foolish, will the City Fathers now remove your name from the Las Vegas Walk of Fame? They must all be laughing at you. Except Sheldon Adelson, who between drinks may allow you credit on his slots to assuage your pain.

    • DaveH

      Read Alex’s comment carefully, Folks. He is representative of those “compassionate” Liberal Progressives who want to make your every choice. The only difference between Alex and those who actually do have Leadership positions is that Alex can be honest about his real opinions because he is anonymous and not subject to punishment by the voters.
      Do you really want these kind of people running yours, your children’s, and your grandchildren’s lives?

      • Thinking About

        Where is your misses link on this.

      • Warrior

        Dave, interesting to see the reaction of the “progressive” supporters. Mention not helping to pay for their “stuff” and they go beserk! Very telling and proves the point.

      • DaveH

        TA, in a poor imitation of Flashman says — “Where is your misses link on this”.

    • rhcrest

      Hey Alex, i intend to hurt you leftists where it hurts the most – in your pocketbook. I am asking anyone i do business with if they voted for Obama and if they did i will find another person to do business with. I will boycott any business that supports him. I consider you people my enemy and i would gladly fight you in another civil war.

      • Karolyn

        You are not onlly dangerous but a disgrace to the term American.

      • DaveH

        It’s called Free Choice, Karolyn, and it is very American.

      • John Lilleburnes Ghost

        Another civil war? Dont you mean war between the states? LOL Look at the map, Red states blue states, the blue states are the ones that contribute and the red states are the hand-out taking subsidised states which is one of the great ironies of American Politics. Without the democratic states paying for it your civil war would be over in 2 mins and then would still be stuck with having to carry the republican whining red south. If we go back in time can we revisit the Louisiana Purchase? If only the French could be persuaded to buy it back the rest of the USA will instantly better off.

      • John

        Right on!!

      • DaveH

        So you’re saying you Liberal Progressives are self-supporting Ghost? Then please explain to us why your hands are in our pockets.

      • Texas Ride

        Karo, if you think that is un-American go talk to the demonrat retros. They boycott conservatives businesses every chance they get! You retros just can’t take it when you get back exactly what you dish out!

      • bob mcbob

        if I had some chump come up to me at a business I owned and ask me how I voted my reply:

        it’s none of your gd business.

        how do you know I’d tell you the truth?

        why do you think the owner is going to be behind the counter?

        if you make a scene do you think you’d be allowed back regardless or their political beliefs.

        if someone like you thinks you’re going to control me or my business think again.

        there’s a reason you’re on that side of the counter instead of owning it: you’re a loser. you will always be a loser with your mind set.

        • deerinwater

          ” Hey Alex, i intend to hurt you leftists where it hurts the most – in your pocketbook. I am asking anyone i do business with if they voted for Obama and if they did i will find another person to do business with. ”

          Sounds like a wonderful idea! More for me while your self importance is hanging out, ~don’t trip over it.

          Send us a card and let us know how that works out for you. ~ As an AC/ Plumber, I could do the same thing in reverse while my sense of personal liberty and fairness prevents such immature, vindictive behavior. To vote is a citizens responsibility , to vote ones conscious only more so.

          There are many scumbags out there like you, ~ we have read your mail, no surprise and no threat to anyone but yourself.

          Life can be hard, even for bright well adjusted people, no doubt you struggle.

    • eddie47d

      Nothing will change Alex for they will to continue to fawn over those money changers in Las Vegas which would include dear Trump. The grip of Citizens United wasn’t enough to push them over the top. My $20 bucks probably didn’t phase the results one bit like most small donations but at least the Republicans didn’t get their wishful route. .

  • Mark

    The Republican party has convinced itself(deluded really) that the country is center-right politically. Nothing could be further from the truth. The majority of people are center-left(at the very least). They want pleasure, fun, free stuff, and they want no responsibility of the outcomes of their choices and they want someone else to pay for it as well. It is part of the well worn history of democracies. Why do we think that we are the society that can buck the trend of all the prior democratic societies that collapsed? It is coming, like it or not. All you can do is prepare and protect your family

    • momo

      You hit the nail on the head.

    • Karl


    • Flashy

      The Republican party has convinced itself(deluded really) that the country is center-right politically. Nothing could be further from the truth. The majority of people are center-left(at the very least). <— Mark

      Mark..the GOP has convinced itself the Nation is anti woman, anti non-white, anti-non christian, and anti middle Class. In other words, extreme right. When in fact the country is right about where President Obama is…conservative Moderate.

      Face it…Ronald Reagan wouldn't have made it far into the primaries this election as he would have been too "left' for the GOP….

      • DaveH

        Obama is Conservative Moderate? And you wonder why you have no credibility on this board, Flashman?

      • Flashy

        DaveH…I stated President Obama is a conservative Moderate…the capitalization is important. And yes, take his policies, match the policy goals to any political spectral analysis, and it comes up each time under the Moderate category…

        The Liberal base were angry with him, the conservative base is angry with him…the ones who aren’t angry with him are the American People..who vote moderate in most presidential elections.

      • DaveH

        The fact that Obama doesn’t have enough Power to ram through what he really wants, does not make him a moderate, any more than your comment makes you more credible, Flashman.

    • Paul Wells

      As much as I hate agreeing with you Mark, I sadly must. We have rounded the bend, and there is nothing but turmoil and misery ahead. RIP, America! You were a shining jewel but for a brief moment!

  • Jan Eric Deen

    Do we really think this is about being Under Obama?

    This is an agenda against American ideals, and the President without courage to face assassination no matter his name will be ineffective. Another election without a third party . . . GOP is personal liberty for a select group of insider wealthy players who showed their colors by ignoring Ron Paul and being pathetic in Congress. Now whine if you must or pray to your wall street gods. Guns and God, what a hoax of reductionist cliche that is.

  • Jacob Mandelblum

    Unfortunately, Mitt Romney turned out to be just an enlarged and improved version of
    John McCain and, besides his performance at the first debate, the last ones were won
    by Obama…
    He tried to play the game Reagan played with Jimmy Who, forgetting that neither Jimmy
    Who was an Obama, a product of the corrupt Chicago Al Capone politics not the
    Democrap party of Carter was anywhere what it is now…
    You can use niceties with nice people but you have to use the same weapons they use
    when dealing with bullies.
    American’s, whose preferred sport is that of the cripples factory known as “American
    Football” have no room for niceties but like somebody who acts and plays the way it
    is acted and played in football, which brings to my mind General Patton’s speech at
    the beginning of the film that bears his name…
    The writer didn’t mention it and I would be grateful for him or somebody to correct me,
    when I say that Senator John McCain proposed a legislation to curb FANNIE’s and
    most ardent opponent was no other than then Senator BARAK HUSSEIN OBAMA…
    Besides, this asinine policy of even those lacking a pot to pee in and a window to
    throw it from, invented by the Democrap party under Jimmy Who, was allowed to
    fester like an infected boil by all subsequent administrations, perhaps because of
    the political cost.
    It is this, besides the BENGAZI fiasco, that somebody like a NEWT GINGRICH would
    have taken Obama by the head and rubbed his face publicly into it, the way done to puppies when they do it in the wrong place and I guarantee not even his “STIMULUS”
    beneficiaries would have voted for him….
    I can only expect for the GOP to learn from both its mistakes: McCain and Romney
    We do not need nice guys. After all and don’t ask me why, nice guys finish last.
    In the meantime I stick to the ones I do identify with the most :
    Lets remove milk-toast BOEHMER from the House majority speaker post.
    He has been as useful as tits on a bull and lets hold Obama’s and his minions feet
    to the fire without any mercy, before they bury finally this country….

  • Polski

    Why would anyone believe anything Wayne Root says? He GUARANTEED that Romney would win in a LANDSLIDE. Root is a 1%er. He’s AGAINST you unless you are OBSCENELY WEALTHY and a genuine CROOK.

  • Old Henry


    What happened to that October 25th prediction of Romney with 331 Electoral votes? Being an book maker, this one had to cost you a pile of dollars.

    Romney is not the only one at fault. We also have that worthless elitest Rove and the worthless elitest Barbour working furiously to do the bidding of the NWO scum to bring down this nation. Romney’s loss was pre-programmed.

    With the communist party still in control of the WH and the senate and the wimpy, spineless, weak-kneed “Republican leadership” in the House there really is no peaceful way back.

    It has now, sadly, come down to an all out civil war. Given the way the communist foreign national Kenyan has trampled the nation when he knew he would have to face re-election he will do it in spades very shortly.

    Let’s hope our military remembers Nuremberg and what happens to those who use the “I was just following orders” excuse.

    • Thinking About

      His reputation speaks for itself, he was wrong along with many others.

    • mark

      Old Henry, there is not civil war. And zero chance of one. President Obama won reelection and more support in the Senate but the Republicans maintained firm control of the House. The nation is at complete peace with this. There are zero demonstrations and riots in the streets over the election results. Political, social, and economic life will go on as it always does. I believe the economy will continue its current slow, below its potential, growth for a couple of more years before it returns to more normal levels of 3-4% growth.

  • sb36695

    We’re past the tipping point. Let the carnage begin.

    • mark

      Keep dreaming. We will continue with our slow growth for another year or so and then the economy will pick up to more normal growth rate. The Congress and the president will come to an agreement of modest tax increases on the wealthy, moderate cuts in domestic and military spending, and entitlement reform that will include increasing the retirement age a few more years, adjusting the rate of COLAs downward, and cutting Social Security payments to the very wealthy. Life will go on as it always has and always does despite all the crisis-mongering in the media, the blogosphere, and talk radio.

  • cathy

    Wayne Allen I am Rooting for you. I wish everyone will read this article.

    • Old Henry


      Copy the link to the article and send it to all you know via email.

  • Karl

    Mr. Root,
    I hope that rant made you feel better. I also have done some soul searching after this loss and have made some decisions as to how I will react, not how I think others should have or could have done something, that is just a rhetorical exercise.
    First, I am done with the GOP. After 35 years of voting GOP I have seen the light. While I will never be a democrat, the GOP will have to come crawling to get my conservative vote. They have shown that they are incapable of winning national races based on conservative values. They are incapable of fielding a winning national candidate that is a true conservative..
    I have now joined the 1%. The 1% that Mitt needed. I will vote Libertarian from now on.
    I will support conservative values and not go along with holding my nose to vote for the lesser of two evils. A Mormon versus a Muslim (there is a choice?).
    Second, before engaging folks in conversation i will ask who they voted for. If they say Obama I will tell them we have no reason to waste each others time. If they voted for Mitt i will ask how they intend on getting over being on a losing team.
    The GOP has lost me from their base and I am finally not feeling guilty of being a closet conservative. There is a party for us and it is not the GOP.
    Despite their rhetoric and their platform the GOP is just democrat “lite” and that is why they will not win. The idiots that voted for BHO would rather have full strength democrat instead of a watered down version. Pandering to the mythical middle/independent voters is a farce.
    Damn I wish I would have voted for Ron Paul in the primary.

    R.I.P. G.O.P.

    • Humpty Dumpty

      Very well said, and thank you for such on-target insight. If only the entire electorate could have your sense of indignation, maybe we could reclaim our country.

    • DaveH

      Kudos, Karl.

    • eddie47d

      Are you sure the Libertarians support those 1% Karl? They are mainly the Wall Street cronies,the Banksters,Big Pharma,the Enrons,Big Insurance,Mortgage manipulators and a wide assortment of crazy eyed Corporate skunks.

      • DaveH

        Do yourself a favor. Take a reading comprehension class. He was talking about the 1% of voters that put Obama back into office.

      • eddie47d

        Maybe then you should indulge yourself in who the real 1% are.

  • CMCooper

    I have had enough of the Republican Party. They have shifted left and no longer represent what they claim to. I think they are more into power than anything else and I think it is time they were replaced as the right-wing party here in America. Check out

  • Rick

    You lazy Libtards are going to suffer right along with me when everything comes crashing down because of your Dumb A$$ decision to vote for the American Hating, Smiling Socialist Deceiver. The evil one, whom you so love, has nothing to lose now, and he will work feverishly (when he is not golfing that is) to finish the job of fundamentally changing America into a third world country. Where is your free $.hit going to come from then? I can tell you right now, that you better not try to take my beans when you, and your kids are starving because you sold their future out to the evil one for a free birth control pill, or some other piddley free thing. I know that you believe government has unlimited money to take care of you, and give you free stuff, but you are mistaken. The government is flat broke, and so deep in debt that we will never be able to pay it off. Once this country loses its Reserve Currency status because we have become such a bad credit risk; its over! No more free stuff, and crime like you would not believe. Your beloved leader is a multi millionaire so he can move his family to a better place in the world after his job is done here. Not you and me though, we will be stuck living in the hell he intentionally created for us, because that is what he believes we deserve. How could you be so blind and foolish? We had the best thing on the planet. I am sure we are the laughing stock of the entire world.

    • mark

      Actually the rest of the world is relieved that Obama has been reelected. He is, in case you haven’t noticed very popular in Europe, Latin America, Africa, and many parts of Asia.

      • Rick

        Thats fine, let them take him to be their king, and if you love Socialism why don’t you move to one of those countries that already has it. Why do you want to ruin the USA?

      • Texas Ride

        Hussein the sunni moo isn’t popular, Mark! You are having hallucinations again. What is it with you retros! The European are afraid that he is going to decimate America and that threatens their economies. Africa doesn’t have an economy to worry about. They just sit around and swat flies, when they are feeling energetic! But, I must admit that Hussein the sunni moo did get congrats from Chavez and Putin!

    • eddie47d

      That was fairly easy for Rick to put his size 6 big boy shoe into his size 12 mouth. Obama earned most of his money from writing books and Romney made his multi-million fortune by scamming the cream off of dying companies.

      • Rick

        Dearest eddie47d, Did I say anything about where Ofullofbull got his millions? Yes he made at least some of his money off of naive people (I suspect one was you) willing to buy his books. However, neither you nor I will ever know where he got the rest, but most suspect that it came from his Socialist, Communist, and Marxist backers; those who groomed him for the job of destroying America in the first place. Romney made his money in legitimate business. You may not like the type of business it was but it was legitimate. All I did was tell you that you will end up getting what you voted for, and it is not going to be pretty. Enjoy your free stuff while you can. How you can just sell out your freedom to a con man like Barack Hussein Obama, I’ll never understand. Yep, it is easy for us to speak our mind on these forums without getting a punch in the nose or worse, but you can bet that I will be defending myself and what I have worked for, so I meant what I said.

      • JeffH

        Rick says to eddie, ” How you can just sell out your freedom to a con man like Barack Hussein Obama, I’ll never understand.”

        Here’s a hint :)

      • eddie47d

        Your not gonna cry on my shoulder Rick . You did question how Obama “got his multi-million” so don’t be so bashful about admitting it. Romney has fooled many for a very long time aka; CON Man!

      • Rick

        Dear eddie47d, It is obvious that you do not work, since you have way to much time to give your silly opinion to every comment on here. The truth is, Mitt Romney is a bigger and better man than you or your savior Barack Hussein obama will ever aspire to be. You wont have to worry about me crying on your shoulder because I don’t hang out with fools. I have talked with your kind before, and your nothing but an irritant with no rationality. There is no way to get you to see. Lets face it, you are a Obot under the control of your master…Barack Hussein obama. I really do not care how your king got his money. What I do care about is my country and my freedom, and a good future for my kids and grand kids, you know, the things you are taking totally for granted, as though those things could never be taken from you. You better wake up sleeper. Your master is not who you think he is. Try to look past the big fake toothy smile that he hides behind.

      • eddie47d

        Rick is another touchy soul who can’t handle the loss and is immediately seeking revenge instead of thinking things out. I’m use the the anti-Obama insults. They are a dime a dozen and generally way off base.

      • Rick

        Dear eddie47d, I am sorry for implying that you are a fool. You may be very smart in other arias, but I think you have got this one wrong. We are never going to agree on this. I love precious freedom, and I want to make my own decisions, whether they are wrong or right. I want government out of my life. I want to take care of myself. You on the other hand, are happy with Socialism and Communism. You want the government to be big and intrusive in your life, making your decisions for you. I really don’t think you would like that kind of government in reality, but you will need to experience it to figure that out. I wish that you would move to a country that has the intrusive government to see if that is really for you, and if it is, more power to you, just stay there. America is not that kind of country. We have something unique in the world. We love freedom here. You have lost sight of what real freedom is. I would actually feel sorry for you and your kind, but I cant because your naive decisions are robbing my freedom right along with yours.

  • James Corbin

    I just cant believe The American people!!! Our country is in such a mess. Wonder who Obama will blame the last four years ?. This Obama care!and wait till the taxes hit. We don’t have enough wealthy people in the US to pay for all the debt. The tax money will be more for Obama to spend. I think Romney, would have been a better president!! I don’t ridicule him for his fortune, after all John Kennedy was wealthy—-at least Romney had experience. We have a play boy in the Whitehouse

    • mark

      No Obama, is actually a devoted family man – not a playboy. There have never been even the slightest rumors of Obama having extramarital affairs. That was JFK’s MO.

      • JeffH

        mark, mark, mark says “There have never been even the slightest rumors of Obama having extramarital affairs.”

        Do these “rumors” tell you that Obama is really be a good family man”?

        Hmmmm, never the slightest rumor? Ever hear of Larry Sinclair, Donald Young, Kal Penn…all being rumored as Obama’s boy toys.

        Or maybe this rumor…“President Obama and his chief of staff Rahm Emanuel are lifetime members of the same gay bath house in uptown Chicago, according to informed sources in Chicago’s gay community, as well as veteran political sources in the city.”

        • Nick Czudy

          JeffH, I read your link. what a pile of hooey. It is all unsubstantiated stuff to make money. There is no substance to any of it. Mind you, if you are living under the RWB. (Right Wing Bubble) then it is something that the gullible would believe.If any of this was true, it would have been confirmed and be everywhere. I guess that you believe it? Your answer will categorize yourself to all of us.

      • Texas Ride

        Mark, you hero wears frilly panties!

      • JeffH

        Nick says it’s all about money and that there is no substance to any of it and my answer will tell him all he needs to know about me. Imagine that!

        Nick ,like most liberal progressives, can’t comprehend my point in posting that response to mark.

        If it;s about the money then prove it. Saying it’s about the money doesn’t mean anything without some supportive evidence.

        Didn’t mark say that their weren’t any “rumors” about O’mans infideity? Well Nick ole boy, I just showed mark and you that there are “rumors”, and good ones too. Obama appears to be a “girly man” if these rumors are true. You obviously can’t prove that they’re not true. The burden of proof is on your shoulders not mine.

        You’ll really have a tizzy over this one…can’t wait to hear from you again.

        Mom of Murdered Obama Gay Lover Speaks Up:
        In late May, Wash. DC-based investigative journalist Wayne Madsen had a bombshell revelation about Obama’s membership in a Chicago gay club, Man’s Country. Madsen also reported on Obama’s sexual relationships with other men, including named D.C. politicians and Donald Young, the openly-gay choir-director of the church in Chicago of which Obama was a member for some 20 years — Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ black liberation theology. Obama’s relationship with Young was confirmed by Larry Sinclair, who claims to have had two sex-cocaine trysts with Obama.

        There were two other openly gay men in Wright’s church: Larry Bland and Nate Spencer. In late 2007, as Obama began his ascent to be the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, in a span of 1½ months, all three men “conveniently” died:
        ■Bland was murdered execution-style on November 17, 2007;
        ■Young was murdered execution-style on December 24, 2007;
        ■Spencer reportedly died of septicemia, pneumonia, and HIV on December 26, 2007. (Death certificates of Bland and Young are posted in the next comment box)

        Now, Young’s elderly mother is speaking out about her suspicions that her son was murdered to protect Obama’s reputation and assure his political future as President.

      • JeffH

        Nick, you’ll love these.
        Death Certificates Of
        Murdered Donald Young
        And Larry Bland – Both
        From Obama’s Church

      • JeffH

        Obama began frequenting Man’s Country in the mid-1990s, during the time he transitioned from a lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School to his election as an Illinois State Senator in 1996. Emanuel, reportedly joined Man’s Country after he left the Clinton White House and moved back to Chicago in 1998, joining the investment firm of Wasserstein Perella and maintaining his membership during his 2002 campaign for the U.S. 5th District House seat vacated by Rod Blagojevich, who was elected governor.

        Love: Obama’s personal trainer

        Reggie Love, a former Duke basketball and football player and unsuccessful National Basketball hopeful, currently serves as Obama’s personal trainer and White House “special assistant” — he has been called Obama’s “body man” — who receives a salary of $104,000 a year. Love is also reportedly one of Obama’s regular gay sex partners. Love joined Obama’s Senate staff in a senior staff position in 2006.

        Frist, “Brokeback Mountain,” and Obama

        In 2006, after Obama became the junior senator from Illinois, WMR’s sources in the Congressional Black Caucus reported that there were persistent rumors of gay trysts between Obama and then-GOP Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist of Tennessee. The allegations at the time seemed unbelievable.

        However, based on Obama’s penchant for receiving fellatio from older white men, a column written by The Washington Post’s “In the Loop” columnist Al Kamen on April 7, 2006, some four months into Obama’s Senate term, may have expanded relevance. Kamen reported he received an invitation to attend Frist’s “5th Annual VOLPAC ’06 Weekend” in Nashville from April 21st to 23rd and that the invitation card required one to “unbuckle the cowboy’s pants and look inside to see what this was all about.” Kamen opined that the invitation seemed “a bit too ‘Brokeback Mountain.’”

      • Texas Ride

        Nicky boy, it is well-known that moos are “bi.” It is their culture! Their prophet was a pedophile that liked both girls and boys. You need to do some reading.

  • William Parsons

    Stop nomminating Conservative Democrats to lead the Republican Party . That includes using Ronald Reagan as a symbol for true Republican , he was a conservative Dem. too . Republicans are suppose to protect the Republic . In order to do that they must Honor and protect the CONSTITUTION . No Constitution no Republic . Constitution = Republic under GOD . No Constitution = Democracy under man

  • James Corbin

    Wayne, They wouldn’t let Romney speak!!!!! He was cut off

  • roger

    call the takers what they are; soldiers in the”free-[expletive deleted]-army”. they out-number us, and they vote multiple times. you can’t fight that kind of fraud.

    • eddie47d

      The usual low life drivel from the Roger’s today. What’s the matter you didn’t have Republican drumbeat of Acorn and the the NBP’s to whine about. Four years later and you are still whining about something you can’t prove as a fact,(multiple voting). False assumptions says alot about your character Roger.

  • mike

    what happened to the landslide ??????

    • nickkin

      Landslide is coming Mike……only it’s against America….you will all love to ride the wave that wil eventually drown all of us……

  • Chris

    Missing the point again. The Obama supporters – want food stamps “give us more”, they don’t care about unemployment – they don’t want employment, if households make less money – they don’t care about working households making less money. They don’t care about the national debt – they’re not being robed to pay it.

    What we are is over run by an intitlement population hell bent on a free lunch at any cost. What Rom should have said was to lay out to the parasites the lie they have bought into and that everything sooner or later comes to a logical conclusion. They are dups, they are pawns, they are the stepping stones of communist, they are being lied to. They’ve been crying in the streets for 500 years and still remain no better off. Still in the hood and can’t get out. Get the picture?

    • DaveH

      Those who want to expose the Lie of the Democrat Leaders’ claim to be “helping the poor” should read Chapter 7 “The Morality of Capitalism”:

      • GALT

        a brief excerpt from the book Econned.

        “In 1776, Adam Smith published The Wealth of Nations. In it he argued that the uncoordinated actions of large numbers of individuals, each acting out of self interest, sometimes produced , as if by “an invisible hand,”results that were beneficial to broader society. Smith also pointed out that self interested actions frequently led to injustice or even ruin. He fiercely criticized both how employers colluded with each other to keep wages low, as well as the ” savage injustice ” that European mercantilist interests had “commited with impunity” in colonies in Asia and the Americas.

        Smith’s ideas were cherry picked and turned into a simplistic ideology that now dominates university economics departments. This theory proclaims that the “invisible hand” ensures that economic interest will always lead to the best outcomes imaginable. It follows that any restrictions on the profit seeking activities of individuals and corporations interfer with this invisible hand, and therefor are “inefficient” and nonsensical.

        According to this line of thinking, individuals have perfect knowledge both of what they want and everything happening in the world at large,and so they pass there lives making intelligent decisions. Prices may change in ways that appear random, but this randomness follows predictable and unchanging rules and is never violently chaotic. It is therefore possible for corporations to use clever techniques to reduce and even eliminate the risks associated with their business. The result is a stable productive economy that represents the apex of civilization.

        This heartwarming picture airbrushes out nearly all of the real business world.”

      • DaveH

        Nobody has perfect knowledge of what they want, but they know a whole lot better what they want than a Socialist meddler like Galt does.

      • Dave67

        DaveH loses an argument and he calls people names…. Just what he accuses others of doing when they confront him on his theory.

        Projection of your own failings DaveH… A hallmark of conservatives.

      • GALT

        Wow, DavidH, as a “functional illiterate” you have just admitted why economics and capitalism and socialism and communism do not work………of course, being a “functional illiterate” you probably have no idea what you have said or why…….

      • DaveH

        Funny, Dave67. Even funnier since Stooge #2 make you look like a fool.

    • eddie47d

      We still don’t need the crony capitalist meddlers who hold sway like Chris seems to want. They have majority rule over everything that we consume regardless of what government does to encourage them to sell their products fairly. We are in the cross hairs of both entities.

  • Dulceb

    As one journalist wrote, “America would have voted for a ham sandwich for president.” He should have said the 50% of Americans would have voted…
    I am sickened and appalled that 50% of Americans are special interest groups who want the candidates to tickle their ears and serve their individual need to be special.
    50% have wantonly abandoned our country and principals for a handout, a special social issue or just plain immorality.
    Romney was not a magic button. Truly, he would have had an extremely hard row to hoe. However, he was a fine family man, businessman and moral example. Paul Ryan has those attributes as well.
    I am finished with politics. I will not write my reps as I have done for the last four years. I thought they did not serve my needs or my country’s needs. I was wrong. They serve their needs and the other 50%’s needs.
    Unfortunately, when the 50 % that works and is respectable can no longer support the 50% reprobates, chaos will ensue and we will all suffer equally.
    I grieve for 50% of our children and for 50% of their children. When the drop hits, they will be the collateral damage.

    • mark

      You’re out of politics now? Great, stay out. Your views are outmoded and unneeded.

      • DaveH

        As soon as you stay off this board, mark. Your views are outdated, self-centered, and require the immoral theft of other peoples’ money.

    • eddie47d

      Like everything else there were two sides of Romney and his one side was not moral.

  • Steve Alexander, Iowa

    November 6, 2012- a black (dark) day in America where AFFIRMATIVE ACTION (rewarding the UNdeserving and UNaccomplished) shows how destructive the program is AND shows that James Carvell was RIGHT when he said that (paraphrased) ” the Democrats are too stupid to think for themselves and are EASILY led, like SHEEP “.
    Conservatives can NO LONGER play “nice” and play by the other sides rules and language. We must start with the children, the schools, teaching the REAL history of this country, ignore political correctness and hyper sensitivities to special groups, fight institutional liberalism/socialism in Colleges; battle the schoolboard/supervisor/mayoral/local, state , and national offices- no matter how small- AS IF OUR COUNTRY AND OUR FUTURE DEPENDS ON IT- because it does !!
    The thought of 8 years without a President and no leadership or “balance” is absolutely
    revolting and disgusting to me. But I can’t blame the Empty Suit in the White House- he didn’t get there by himself (affirmative action)- I blame the uninformed , immature, self centered, politically correct , Sheeple. . In 4 years of questioning Dems, NOT ONE has ever give me a good reason to support the fraud in the White house. I’m still asking !
    America- get your act together or prepare yourself for serfdom !!!

    • mark

      Fat chance. We will all do just fine after a year or two more of slow growth. Romney was virtually indistiguishable from Obama – except that he was white and a billionaire. Romney had been a liberal Republican in Massachusetts for twenty years before his sudden, recent, and inauthentic conversion to conservatism. Just look at his record as governor.

      • DaveH

        The only growth there’s been is that of the Money Supply. More dollars chasing the same amount of goods results in higher prices, especially for those Crony Capitalists who receive the new money first, their Stock Prices, and the GDP.

  • Terry Bateman

    In response to Wayne Root’s suggestions of what Romney should have said:

    Here is what Obama could have said to Romney:

    You can run, but you can’t hide from the Republican Party’s record:
    $2.4 trillion spent fighting two countries that posed no threat to the U.S.
    Over 4000 Americans KILLED in Iraq and Afghanistan that would be
    alive today if Bush had not sent them to their mideast graves.
    Huge increase in an entitlement program (Medicare) by Bush helped
    turn an inherited budget surplus into budget deficits.
    The Patriot Act revoked basic constitutional rights like due process
    to hold people in jail without charging them with crimes and protection
    from unreasonable searches and seizures by allowing warrantless spying
    on U.S. and foreign citizens.
    The economy was losing 800,000 jobs a month in the last days of
    the Republican administration and today it is actually gaining 100,000
    jobs a month in the last days of my first term.

    Had Obama said this over and over, his election victory would have been
    a blowout.

    Terry Bateman

    • DaveH

      What did he change?

      • Terry Bateman

        You ask what did Obama change?
        1. He changed the jobs trend from losing 800,000 jobs per month to gaining
        100,000 jobs a month now.
        I ask you: What did Bush change?
        1. Federal budget surplus into federal budget deficit.
        2. Large increase in an entitlement program:Medicare.
        3. Strong economy into catastrophic economic crisis.

        This is why Republicans lost the election. Americans saw through
        the smoke they blew blaming Obama for Bush’s legacy.

    • DaveH

      The reality:
      In January of 2009, Obama’s first month in office, total non-farm employment was 133,561,000.
      In August of 2012, the last employment report with non-preliminary results, total non-farm employment was 133,436,000.
      For those who are arithmetically challenged — That’s a loss of 125,000 jobs.

  • The Christian American

    The republicans and Romney gave us about what I’d expect. You could call Obama and Romney republicrats. The same thing in different packaging. America didn’t loose anything new. Regardles of which one won, America stayed the course to abyss. Only Ron Paul could have steered America back on track. The world would have welcomed him because they don’t like the drunken well armed bully running around in their backyards. What’s done is done. Can we get a congress doing what it’s suppose to? Are they a body like the signers of the Declaration of Independence? Are we going to breath down their necks and make them? Regardless what happens the buck always stops with the people. There is a ray of personal hope and that’s John 3:16. Read and believe it. You’ve got eternity to think about.

  • Nick Czudy

    Wayne Allan Root. I am glad that you identified yourself at the end as a tea party zealot.
    That explains everything that you said. It means that you are under the bubble and that most of what you have said, are either: 1) outright lies, 2) half truths that are not Obama’s doing, 3) Tea Party talking points. 4) Irrelevant points that only the tea party finds important. 5) wishful dreams of some Utopian past that tea party members long for. and 6) mistaken convictions that you are patriots and have America’s best interests at heart.
    This rant is about as factual and believable as your predictions on the election earlier.
    I must say that I do have a smile on my face and I thank you for that. You do stimulate a chuckle and a deep hearted laugh. You will be happy to know that there are other people, there in the bubble, that do eat up everything you say. They will keep you in business.

  • http://Yahoo Peter Barney

    Should have brought up the topic of Obama’s Benghazigate!?

  • c t frank

    Mr Root, perhaps you should have told Romney what to say a few weeks or months ago. But if he was too stupid to figure it out for himself, would we really want him for President? Maybe you should run next time!

  • Dave67

    Conservatives need to look in the mirror and ask themselves:

    “Is it me?”

    Yes, it is you… Mitt is a corp raiding, political opportunist phony. He has no loyalty to America or it workers. People understand what Mitt was and voted accordingly.

    The other part of the story is that the Tea Party (the conservative nuts that helped create the level of gridlock we have today) lost for the GOP 5 Senate races… Those conservatives lost the Senate.

    You religious loons, the militants, the conspiracy theorists, the ignorant to the global economy libertarians need to stop.

    Obama has helped bring this country back from the brink of depression, he has attempted to regulate those financial institutions that are most responsible for the economic meltdown in 2008, He gave the country a moral boast with the auto bailout, killed OBL, Helped get rid of the Libyan dictator with no US boots on the ground. Obama is not perfect by any stretch but to say some of the downright BS about Obama that gets thrown around on this board is a testament why conservatives are losing and will continue to lose in national contests.

    To conservatives: Get sane, get back to the middle, be inclusive not exclusive, come out from the right wing info bubble and you might get relevant again.

    Keep going as you are… You will continue to lose and lose big. In 2016, TX and AZ become swing states due to the Hispanic population increases in those states… The writing is on the wall. You can be seen as part of the solution or part of the problem. Which will it be?

    I am sure your indoctrination won’t allow you to see anything but what you have seen previously and if that is the case, Conservatism goes the way of the dinosaur. Enjoy irrelevancy.

    • DaveH

      So many words, so much conjecture.

      • Dave67

        So much…. do little reality from DaveH.

        Hope you like losing more elections DaveH on the national level. Your ecomomic ideology is a loser, the conservative social ideology is a loser and you got spanked on Tuesday because of it.

        But you won’t do any self reflection or seek alternate viewpoints to challenge what you belief today will you?

      • DaveH

        Yes, Dave67, I admit that it is kind of lonely being in the minority of people who can actually think.

      • DaveH

        Dave67 says — “But you won’t do any self reflection or seek alternate viewpoints to challenge what you belief today will you?”.
        I’ve heard ever ridiculous Progressive rationalization there is, Dave67, for killing and stealing other peoples’ money. Unlike you, Dave67, I have Principles. And unlike you I would never compromise them to gain at other unwilling peoples’ expense.

  • Texas Gal

    I think what Romney should have said was hey I can’t win. I will take one for the party and put Ron Paul up for President. He is the only one that could get this country back running again……

    • Paul Wells

      Texas Gal,

      Mitt Romney came much closer to winning than that. If he had capitulated as you suggest, the bonfire of misery would have been much, much worse. Everyone knows Ron Paul didn’t have a chance. It was bold of him to even run as an ‘R’, when he fits so much better with either the Independent or Libertarian party.

    • mark

      What is most striking is Ron Paul’s cowardice as a Libertarian leader. Why did he not run for President on the Libertarian ballot? He could have easily gotten the nomination of the party. This was his last chance, he is 77 years old, but he dropped the ball completely on this one.

      • DaveH

        Duh. Could it be that he’s wise enough to know that the Republicans and Democrats control the Media, so a third party doesn’t have a chance because the Sheeple don’t have a clue what they stand for?

      • mark

        Third parties fon’t have a chance, DaveH! Jeez, you’ve been encouraging everyone on this stie to vote for one for over a year now.

      • DaveH

        Better to vote for a Principled ideology which actually has demonstrated good results, mark, than to vote for an Unprincipled ideology which has proven to be a failure throughout history.
        Unlike you, mark, I care enough for my fellow human being to let them control their own bodies and property.

  • G Smith

    There is a very important fiscal conservative conversation that needs to take place in this country, so it would be best not to begin this conversation with your social conservative agenda babble. You are not going to close a gender gap starting that conversation with redefining rape, labeling rape as an act of God, and telling women you are going to monitor every pregnancy using your SMALL GOVERNMENT. Secondly you are not going to win the hearts and minds of an every darkening electorate with your racist dialog. This is not a strategy to win a majority of a population in which 50,000 latinos, who have a long and vibrant heritage in this country, turn 18 every month. Your GOP platform is self deporting to extinction. Your leadership predominantly resides in the solid racist south because of tenure. Angry old white guys of southern tradition have assumed the mantle because down here being elected to office is a lifetime appointment. You want to fix this? I’d suggest the Republican party become the party of Term Limits. That would be a great start towards sound fiscal responsibility. I live down here and I’m just sayin.

  • kathy c

    I blame the Conservative Pundits (Root, Morris and others) who highlighted all the reasons why the turnout would be light for Obama and why Romney would win. Do you think only Conservatives read these websites????? You woke the sleeping giant and might as well have just given them a road map. The liberals swung into action and prodded those who might have stayed home. Now we are stuck. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

  • ableton

    Uh…errrr…Hey! Wait!!! Wayne!! The er uh landslide!

  • http://roadrunner Mary goff

    Romney is not at fault, it’s the voters who put him back in the ring so he, Marie Antinette( Michelle) and the White House can walk all over the constitution.. or continue to walk all over i
    He DOESNT love America, Odma BinLaden would be VERY proud of him

  • M

    There is not one LOGICAL reason posted here (or anywhere else) why ANY American should have voted for Obama. This country stopped being the United States a long time ago. And, it is no longer America. This country is lost forever, because along the way, America turned it’s back on God, it lost it’s heart and it’s fight which, was the embodiment of it’s spirit, and it lost it’s integrity. It is now the land of the corrupt and evil; the domestic and foreign parasites. This place deserves exactly what it is getting.

    Who did all the Libertarians vote for?? Could that collective vote have helped defeat Obama?? You have two choices now – move out of the country or suffer.

    • Dave67

      This is what I am talking about….

      • M

        Let’s be clear Dave67, you and I are not like thinkers, to be sure. You will never be talking about the same thing I am, because we do not view the world the same way.

      • Dave67

        M… you say we lost “god”… Did we have god in the 1950′s with the race riots? The 1920′s when excess led to the depression? During slavery times? Did we have god then?

        I use reality, logic to base my judgments… You apparently use “faith” which as you may or may not know, has a different definition from fact.

    • ableton

      3rd party and write-ins accounted for less than 3 percent of the vote.

    • Paul Wells

      Total Amen on that one, M. Finally the truth about why we lost this one!

      • Nick Czudy

        Paul Wells and M. both of you are living in the bubble and have no sense of reality. God has nothing to do with Obama winning. But he does have something to do with Mitt losing. If you put so much faith in God, then accept the outcome of the election that it is his will and you should accept this and do what ever is necessary to get along and move forward.

  • Alex Frazier

    You know folks, one thing worthy of mention is that if the electoral votes were counted by congressional district (which is actually how it’s supposed to be) instead of this winner-take-all nonsense that allows one city to tip the scales in virtually every state, Romney would have wiped the floor with Obama. Ohio was all red except for about three urban areas. Virginia was red except for the large cities near DC. Florida was all red except for Palm Beach, Broward, Dade, and Tampa.

    Let’s not mistake the results of this election. Romney was right there, almost vote for vote with Obama in terms of popular vote. Romney whooped Obama in terms of districts and earned electoral votes. Obama only won this election because of the large voter turn out in the big cities, which are often predominantly Democrat, even in the midst of a Republican state.

    • Dave67

      Alex, I hate to burst your right wing bubble but the large “red” areas that Romney won? Nobody lives there!
      Your side lost the popular vote by 3M, The Electoral vote by over 100, you lost seats in the Senate and the House.

      Your efforts to curtail freedom by not allowing same sex marriage was defeated in 3 states.

      Freedom, inclusion and truth won… Bigotry, lies, big secret Corp and Wealthy donors lost…

      Take a personal inventory and then move to the middle and help get the country going again.

      • ableton

        Well Dave,

        You can plan your wedding now. Congratulations!

      • Dave67

        Ableton, Been married now fore 12 years… That would be bigamy… But the very minute anyone tells me I must marry a man… I will be right there with you. I like women myself. When did you choose your sexuality? Do you like women or men? If you like men better… Its cool. I just always knew I was into women myself.

      • DaveH

        Yes Dave67, we know that the Immoral members of Society outnumber the Moral members.
        But we will keep trying to educate the people before the country collapses into poverty and chaos.

      • DaveH

        Dave67 says — “Your efforts to curtail freedom by not allowing same sex marriage was defeated in 3 states”.
        What does a Liberal Progressive know about Freedom, Dave67?

      • Dave67

        DaveH is now an expert on morality, not freedom…

        See Freedom allows people to engage in contracts… to love who the love and not to have your bigotry put upon others… But thats not your style is it DaveH?

        Can you tell me what negative impact does two people of the same sex on your life? society? Institution of marriage? Or do you just let your emotions dictate your feelings on the matter just like these other religious nuts engage in. I thought you were an atheist?

        Morality means helping those on the lowest side of the economic ladder. Jesus Christ agrees with me and liberals here. Jesus Christ would definitely not approve of capitalism.

        Without your links to Mises… you basically are devoid of any thought of your own.

        Such a sad person you are.

      • Alex Frazier

        Dave67, I hate to burst your bubble, but it doesn’t matter how many people live there. Each district gets one vote, regardless of the population. There is nothing in the Constitution about any sort of winner take all by popular vote of the people. The people in each district vote, and the elector votes for that congressional district in accordance with the constituents. The population has nothing to do with it. One district, one vote. Whoever gets the most votes by district wins. That’s how the Constitution works.

      • DaveH

        If you’re through with your ad hominem attacks, Dave67, I said nothing about same-sex marriage which I believe is none of my business. I was talking about the hypocrisy of a Freedom-taker (you, Dave67) talking about Freedom.
        At any rate, Government has no business at all in deciding who contracts to be married and who doesn’t. There should be NO laws, PRO or CON, regarding those voluntary contracts.

    • Nick Czudy

      Alex. You are correct to say that there were more Congressional districts that voted red. Obama won capital in all of the big cites. does that mean that in the country, people are more conservative? In the cities they are more liberal? But does it mean that the conservatives in the country are more extreme Tea Party zealots? I think that the GOP is having an internal conflict with itself. Is it the more moderate conservative masses that I think represents all of those red Congressional districts. It is not the tea party extremists.
      But should the country, base the election on the total votes. Obama would have won anyway, It would have been a more exciting prospect for the GOP as it did not turn to an Obama lead, until the election got to the west and California’s votes starting coming into effect. The end result would have been the same and with such a close election, the GOP would still feel cheated. Maybe the RIght caused this apathy by insisting that their polls showed that Mitt was in the lead and would win. There is a benefit to be the underdog, it makes your supporters work more diligently. What Obama and his election team did was study the rules, implement a plan to maximize the results based on those rules and make sure that all of their supporters came out to vote. Also the many crude steps to impede the vote, only served to enrage the left to make an extraordinary effort to get out and vote.

      • Alex Frazier


        You should do some homework on the Tea Party. They are not “zealots” or “extremists”. The Tea Party movement is about Constitutional government with limited powers, personal freedom, personal responsibility, government fiscal responsibility, free market enterprise, and a rebalancing of the power structure. As per

        The Tea Party movement is a grassroots movement of millions of like-minded Americans from all backgrounds and political parties. Tea Party members share similar core principles supporting the United States Constitution as the Founders intended, such as:

        • Limited federal government
        • Individual freedoms
        • Personal responsibility
        • Free markets
        • Returning political power to the states and the people

        As a movement, The Tea Party is not a political party nor is looking to form a third political party any time soon. The Tea Party movement, is instead, about reforming all political parties and government so that the core principles of our Founding Fathers become, once again, the foundation upon which America stands.

        If you hear about the Tea Party being against abortion, what you are actually hearing about is a conservative who is also a Tea Party supporter. If you hear about the Tea Party being against homosexual marriage, what you are actually hearing about is a conservative who is also a Tea Party supporter. The Tea Party has its core values. Others values that step outside the bounds of the Tea Party platform belong to the individuals from whom you hear them.

        That’s the first thing.

        The second thing is that the election shouldn’t be decided by a large population. Imagine there are thirteen houses on the street of your neighborhood. In twelve of those houses only one individual resides. In the thirteenth, there are thirteen. The motion comes up for speed bumps to be installed on the street to protect children due to the number of cars that come speeding down that street every day. All twelve basic residences agree. It’s a good thing for the safety of the children. But the residents in the thirteenth house down want it, because they are the ones speeding up and down the street, and it would be an inconvenience if these speed bumps prevented them. So the regular residents vote yes. The thirteenth votes no. In any instance of a vote, that one house decides the fate of the neighborhood, no matter the intelligence or morality of the residents, because they will always have thirteen to twelve.

        That is the problem with the big cities. They are filled to bursting. Illinois is a primarily Republican state, but the Chicago vote silences them. New York is a Republican state, but the New York City vote silences them as well. A large population doesn’t entitle an area to more credit than another area. The electoral college exists in order to cast votes on behalf of the Congress, and each congressional district gets one vote, despite the population. As per the Constitution:

        Article II, § I, ¶¶ 1-3

        The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America. He shall hold his Office during the Term of four Years, and, together with the Vice President, chosen for the same Term, be elected, as follows:

        Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress: but no Senator or Representative, or Person holding an Office of Trust or Profit under the United States, shall be appointed an Elector.

        The Electors shall meet in their respective States, and vote by Ballot for two Persons, of whom one at least shall not be an Inhabitant of the same State with themselves. And they shall make a List of all the Persons voted for, and of the Number of Votes for each; which List they shall sign and certify, and transmit sealed to the Seat of the Government of the United States, directed to the President of the Senate. The President of the Senate shall, in the Presence of the Senate and House of Representatives, open all the Certificates, and the Votes shall then be counted. The Person having the greatest Number of Votes shall be the President, if such Number be a Majority of the whole Number of Electors appointed; and if there be more than one who have such Majority, and have an equal Number of Votes, then the House of Representatives shall immediately chuse by Ballot one of them for President; and if no Person have a Majority, then from the five highest on the List the said House shall in like Manner chuse the President. But in chusing the President, the Votes shall be taken by States, the Representatives from each State having one Vote; a quorum for this Purpose shall consist of a Member or Members from two thirds of the States, and a Majority of all the States shall be necessary to a Choice. In every Case, after the Choice of the President, the Person having the greatest Number of Votes of the Electors shall be the Vice President. But if there should remain two or more who have equal Votes, the Senate shall chuse from them by Ballot the Vice President.

        To answer your other question, if this election had been tallied by congressional district as is supposed to be the case, Romney would have wiped the floor with Obama.

  • deerinwater

    Mr. Root says;”. He believes in punishment of the successful. He believes in income redistribution. He believes in massive spending and debt. He believes in so many rules, regulations and mandates that no one can open a lemonade stand anymore without permission from government.”

    I ‘m not sure if Bronco Bama believes in all those things or not but if he does’ it’s nice to know that the GOP lead 111th Congress is in control of the purse strings and the Weeper of the House will do everything he can to protect the top 2% earners in our country today.

    I hate to see Willard & Ann trade their fleet of cars in for a Kia hatchback.

  • Aberdeem

    I am so tired of anyone saying what should have been. It wasn’t. Let us get on with life
    and make sure it doesn’t happen again. You are part of the problem, try being part of the solution.

    • M

      Aberdeen – there is no solution, my friend. We passed the point of no return. There is no next time. You will never get rid of these people. But, they will get rid of you if you try to stand in their way. The real owners of this country are coming to collect what is theirs. You have just been standing in the foyer of hell. We’re all heading to the next floor down now…

      • eddie47d

        The “real owners of America” are the takers at the top. Wall Street,Speculators,Hedge Fund scoundrels,Banksters and their ilk. They take and connive until there is nothing left for the small business owner. They rob and pillage but are immune to prosecution and then we give them blind loyalty. Will M help to get “rid” of those manipulators or find fault elsewhere?

      • Dale left coast

        Your talkin about Bammies friends now eddie . . . he has guaranteed their losses as well as the bankers and Fannie/Freddie . . . read the Dodd Fwank Bill . . . they are all at O’bammies Trough Now . . .

      • eddie47d

        I didn’t mention anyone in particular but I definitely could have mentioned Bush.

  • Vince Badovinatz

    you have to be the smartest man alive and I mean it Wayne Allyn root I’ve been listening and you are all the talk shows you must run for president my friend please just do it will be behind you baby and I mean it you are absolutely right thank you God bless you n god bless this America that we all know and love

  • gregory

    You are so whacked and on another plannet.. as fox stated “the educated urban centers voted Obama”. Your lies and fabrication of facts is vial and an embarrassment to educated level headed Americans like myself. You right wing nuts are good at conspiracy theorys and bull.. now get out of the way and lets have a Clinton like recovery as best as currently possible.

    • ableton

      Oh!No! Not another impeachment!

      • JG

        Clinton didn’t impeach himself. That entire and hugely expensive fiasco was a consequence of Republicans putting petty partisan politics ahead of the interests of the country.

      • eddie47d

        Amen to that JG! That was nothing more than showtime for the Republicans and an event to take the heat off of them in Congress to solve the far more serious problems. They pulled that same nonsense with Obama’s birth certificate instead of concentrating on the imploding economy.

      • Paul Wells

        Obviously, lying to the American Public is of absolutely no importance to JG & eddie. No morals, no fiber, and corrupt left wing to the bone!

      • eddie47d

        Since you concentrate on trivial issues Paul and WON”T solve the economic problems then you are the one with no morals or conscience in how the cronies have manipulated us. That includes right wing Republicans big boy!

    • M

      Wow gregory, you need to get a grip! Clearly, you know all about “lies and fabrication of facts.” After all, you guys do them best!! As a Christian, I am praying that God will open your eyes, and change your heart. Moreover, I hope he reaches you in the most profound way.

  • toledojim

    Root is pretty much spot on target with his assessment. A lot of people voted for Obama because they’re expecting more free goodies from him and the Federal Government, e.g., more unemployment benefits beyond 99 weeks, free health care, maybe even more free cell phones, etc. I’m sure Obama won’t follow through on their expectation because he does not need those people any more. He’s a lame-duck president now. He won’t care what they think of him when he doesn’t give them what they want. He used those “useful idiots” for what he needed to accomplish — to get re-elected.

  • JG

    “And it’s all because, in politics, “nice” doesn’t work. Mitt Romney is a nice guy, a gentleman. But in politics, nice guys often finish last.”

    I’ve gotta admit, I laughed out loud here.

    • Dave67

      That was funny, especially since in the debates he came across as pushy, arrogant and rude and everyone knows Mitt is a #1 Azzhole… Thats why he lost his home state by 23 points.

      • Nick Czudy

        That’s right dave67. Mitt is the typical politician. He will lie, steal, cheat and say anything to get himself elected and into power. Whoever said that he is a nice guy is smoking funny cigarettes. By the way, move to Colorado or Washington and you will be able to smoke legally now. That is why he lost, People recognized that he was the poster child for slimey and sleezy politicians.

      • DaveH

        Nick says — “Mitt is the typical politician. He will lie, steal, cheat and say anything to get himself elected and into power”.
        Psychopaths float to the top.

        • Nick Czudy

          Hey Dave H..Thanks for the link. I read it. haha. I can see how it applies to the current flock of GOP politicians and their minions. From the discription there I can see that Mitt is the snake in a suit that is being described. He fits the description………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  • Rosegarten

    It was quite apparent one side or the other would have been in mourning the morning after. No use in the “if I coulda, woulda, shoulda” rehash. It is over. Turn your mourning into dancing, take your lemons and make lemonade. All this bellyaching is not going to change the outcome of this election. Time is important. Time waits for no one. Time marches on. Yesterday is gone, we live in the present, and plan for the future. Grow up Americans!

  • KJQ

    Wayne, you’ve made some good points about what Romney could have said, but in the first place it wouldn’t have changed much because for the first time in American history, the ‘takers’ outnumber the ‘makers’. In the second place, I think you should know that it really doesn’t matter who wont the Presidency (at least economically), because American (and by extension the entire 1st world) is about to collapse (see linked article below). This isn’t a theory, just a common sense examination of the economic math facts.

  • Paula

    These things should have been said…….during the debates.

  • millie

    I read this article and I get angrier by the minute, many of us did not vote for this undocumented potus, many of us voted for Mitt in faith that he would win. The reason we lost it is because this piece of work that now sits in the white house had 90 percent of the blacks, supporting their black messiah , which I do not understand, obama has not done anything for them, accept give them foodstamps, welfare and keep those idiots down in poverty.

    And the second reason it is all those Hispanics that are here legally have relatives that are here illegally and voted for the sole purpose of having their relatives to stay in this country, and become a burden on the backs of the taxpayers. These illegals can get foodstamps, Medicaid and suck up on the system especially when they have anchor babies from other illegals and they need no documents to receive these services. In other words they come here, take jobs from Americans, such as in the construction labor dept., their not all picking fruits, and they make babies and expect this government to take care of them. That is why California is broke, too many illegals sucking up on the system.

    The next group of people are the elderly, these elderlys were ill inform and voted for obama, it’s too bad they did not realize that this man has no good intentions for our country. And of course many other people voted for this potus for what ever reasons that I do not understand, with his failed record and reckless spending, Why? Now we have 4 more years of high unemployment and more people will be welfare and much bigger government. I pray that we will still have a country not another 3rd world country like Kenya.

    Half of the nation voted for Mitt, obama won by 200 or 300 thousand more votes, and of course lets not forget voter fraud, I am sure that help the potus

    • Dave67

      Stomp your feet… Curse the heavens… Get your immaturity and your racism out.

      Mitt lost by 3M votes in popular vote
      Mitt lost by over 100 Electoral votes.

      The GOP lost the Senate because of the Tea Party

      The GOP lost seats in House.

      Why? your attitude is a good reason why. The GOP and conservatives will continue to lose national elections unless you come off your extremism and work together with Democrats to fix this country.

      Your side lost this election because of yourselves…

      Deal with it.

      • Paul Wells

        What’s extreme about speaking the truth, Dave67? Or are you so far gone that you call anyone who doesn’t conform to your philosophical idealism racist? Perhaps you need to go back and re-read what I said, especially towards the end.

      • Dave67

        Sorry Paul, that was not directed at you. Miss Angry pants above.

      • eddie47d

        He responded because Millie lied in her numbers. Typical Republican tactic. Fear and smear is all she had.

      • Paul Wells

        Oh, sorry…my mistake.

    • DaveH

      No Millie, the reason you lost is because Mitt offered no real change from the current Constitution-Trampling, Freedom-Trampling President. That goes a long way in explaining why 50% of the voters don’t bother turning out.
      The two-party system is all about Leaders feathering their own nests and those of their Crony Capitalists. Until the people shed their Propaganda Blinders and figure that out, Government will just keep on Growing, and our Freedom will keep on Shrinking.

    • Texas Ride

      Dave67, everything millie said is true! We don’t need to follow your advice and let in more illegal parasites to support! It is an unsustainable, rising debt on American taxpayers.

      WE don’t need the Federal Reserve running our country, either. Who are they to tell us they are going to take our money and buy $40 Billiion Dollars worth of bonds every month….forever! They are not part of our government, nor are they elected officials. BUT, THEY ARE TELLING US HOW THEY ARE GOING TO SPEND OUR MONEY and how much they are going to PRINT! Americans should be in the streets but they know nothing about the Fed!

      There is only one thing I don’t agree with millie and that is when she said these parasites are living in poverty. Do you realize how much a cow that has popped out ten kids will get from taxpayers! I bet they have more income thatn most people that are on this blog! Some of them get paid twice! And, some of them get paid by you, on medicaid, and their husbands work in construction or sell weed-eaters at Lowes! These people don’t pick fruit.
      You idiots don’t realize that you are endorsing the marxist play-book. Marxists topple countries by making them incur unsustainable debt! The stupidity of people about what is really happening is outrageous.. The Left is supporting its own demise. The problem is that the rest of us are going to suffer from your stupidity….The only way we can save ourselves is get away from you crazies. The conservative States must take back their sovereignity and tell the Feds to take a hike.. Then, the next problem is that when you lefties are all starving, you will try to take what we have preserved. That is the way the Left works! They want to take what other people have.

  • beelp

    WHY, WHY do all of you INSIST on inserting “…Barack Obama is a nice guy…” (or something similar? MANY of us couldn’t disagree MORE. He SUCKS…he acts like a street thug. Is that a “nice” guy? I DON’T THINK SO.

  • Paul Wells

    There are probably many divergent schools of thought, when we go to playing the shoulda, coulda, woulda game. One thought that I’ve liked a lot came from George Bernard Shaw, who stated “I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.”

    But this is a new day, and the Jerry Springer mentality that pervades this country will accept no less than gutter politics, so yes, Mitt was far too nice when he didn’t call out the usurper. I know I’ll be accused of being a sore loser, but I do accept the new reality of politics and rule of law in this new United States, and as such, we have to find a way to legislate without giving up all our principles along the way. This will be trickier than ever, and it may not work…at all! God Help Us!

    • The Christian American

      Like a knowledgeable communist, Obama knows how to use people. First, divide to conquer. There were to types of voters this time, the producers and predators. The producers are people that produce for America as best they can. Their not looking for handouts but sometimes government actions force them into it. Then there are the predators. These people wake up hungry for anything they can get. They’ll accept lies if they sound good for their bellies. I would say these are stupid people. Regardless, Obama’s win proves the predators out number the producers, Now economics 101 tells us you cannot comsume more than you produce and expect to be around forever. This is not to say this mentality hasn’t been around for some time. It’s just that the communist might of brought it the point of no return. He’s got his army of destroyers only he thinks he can break God’s laws and be a winner. Not that it be any good but a talk with Putin or Gorbachev might help. Lenin and Stalin kept it going for 75 years before the collapse. Our military strength is keepng the lie alive but the hunters are watching and waiting the predators.

      • eddie47d

        Wrong again! Those preditors on Wall Street and in the banks got away with the biggest heist this country has known and we will suffer for many years to come for their robbing the soul of America.

      • Karolyn

        So everybody who voted for obama was a “predator.” Get real! You live in a world of your own making.

      • Dave67

        You do know Jesus Christ was a Communist right? Oh… I keep forgetting… Conservatives have no clue about what Socialism, Communism and Marxism are.

      • DaveH

        Explain them to us, Dave67, and explain why your plans would be different, kinder, and more moral.

      • DaveH

        Predator: One that victimizes, plunders, or destroys, especially for one’s own gain.
        Sounds pretty much like a Liberal Progressive to me, Karolyn.

      • DaveH

        Although Parasite — an organism living in, with, or on another organism — sounds more appropriate.

      • Karolyn

        I guess I’m not a liberal progressive then Dave. Actually, on the test I took a couple of weeks ago I fit into the liberal libertarian category. However, I don’t much like categorizing. I don’t know too many people who can be neatly put into a little labeled box.

        • deerinwater

          “Like a knowledgeable communist, Obama knows how to use people. First, divide to conquer. There were to types of voters this time, the producers and predators. The producers are people that produce for America as best they can. Their not looking for handouts ”

          Talking like that will not get you anywhere, much less any hopeful candidate that might voice these same views.

          First off, our President is not a Communist

          2nd any leaders that does not understand how to use people and resources is not fit to lead.

          3rd, “divide and conquer”? , ~ clearly you are the one doing the dividing by calling the President a communist, as you attempt to conquer “something”.

          4th, yes , we can agree, producers are known for producing, that is why we refer to them as producers.

          5th, and yes, they produce the best that they can, finding that producing the worst that they can not very rewarding.

          6th, “Producers are not looking for hand-outs” Well, why do so many of them need lobbyist then? and why do some get subsidized? and why do some producers manage to avoid paying any taxes? and why do “some” producers hide their money off shore?

          I am a producer, and enjoy none of these things , and the reason why is only that I can not produce enough and can not make enough, making me a less important producer. Why? ~ I am not connected, was not born into privilege, and my aspirations were low, Coming out of a Tech High school, with a Welding certification, I wanted to go to Alaska and be a welder on the pipeline. I was encourage to be a welder for Christ Sakes.

          While today I am a plumber and I pay hard earned cash for all my business privileges and pay my 22% of my earning in the same way. ~ I now hire and employ welder, plumbers and tradesmen and they pay their taxes too. We produce too! and if we don’t we make zero earning.

  • Cameron

    Wayne, where was the landslide you predicted? You failed miserably. You abandoned your libertarian principles to support a moderate at best. That makes you a fake libertarian. Our country is continuing down the drain because people like you have no backbone to stand on what you claimed you believed in. Now you have a Paul Ryan “principle” problem.

  • Letslipthedogs

    HI Everyone. The election is over. Lets all settle down and move on from this as quickly as possible. No need to second guess anymore. People will just have to deal with the results and whatever unfolds as time goes on. 2016 is still far off. As conservatives, we should do what we do best and take personal responsibility of our lives and have to adjust or push back – if we can – as we go through this. There is still congress that can check the abuses. Let them do their jobs.

    The conservatives and the Republican party have to re think their approach now. I think the worst thing that happened is that the Republican party has lost its discipline. It became balkanized and divided into factions as you saw during the primaries. This caused people not to vote, to go against the party line and behave like a european parliamentary system.

    It lost focus and tried to please everyone. The party should restate its principles and incorporate the new realities of the 21st century not only the realities in this election. It has to be an inclusive party again with a wide umbrella anchored on its conservative principles.

    Confusion reigned and that should stop. Once clarity is achieved it will be easier to call for party discipline. Some of the conservatives who did not vote or voted independents who have no way of winning basically boycotted the elections and yes, handed it to the democrats.

    Actually, American values are conservative. I am surprised why the Latino vote went against the Republicans when they share very similar and strong christian based values. The party has to redefine these values to include how these values are seen and practiced by the Latinos and other minorities that share the same values. The Republican values are great but are seen in a narrow goggles of the white republican.

    Its mind boggling that the minority vote was lost considering this is the party of Abraham Lincoln. Why did you think liberal hollywood postponed the release of the movie about Lincoln to 2 weeks after the election? It would show the root values of the party and not the bad guy as it was demonized the past few years.

    The strength of the party and the conservative is in its values and the natural truths it holds dear. Truth endures. What I saw with the liberals is that it suffers from relativism and overflexes its flexibility and at its core is a mess. The true democrats and the older democrats will see the wisdom of our core values and can on occasion vote for us.

    Even the old angry white male had their advocate with the democrats in Joe Biden. So the democrats covered their bases well while the conservatives and Republicans bickered.

    The papers are saying there is now a civil war going on internally in the party. I don’t think there is but the party should draw back its supporter rather than continue to balkanize it. We do have a common ground, our values and we should re-build on that. The passion of each one of us for our values was so overpowering that we ended up fighting over the same thing…therefor confusing even our candidates who were called etch a sketch, shape shifters, flip flopping..things that should only occur while we were choosing our candidate but once chosen we should not have put them in a position of trying to pander to the the party cliques in full view of the opposition.

    Enough said. I hope this is read in its constructive light. I am proud to be a conservative and we only truly lose when we compromise our values.

    When Soledad O Brien suggested to Ari Fleischer on Wednesday morning that the Republicans should embrace, pro choice, gay marriage, …etc…his response was excellent. He said there as a party that already have those positions and that is the Democrat party.

  • Kim

    What should have been done from day one is something we in Las Vegas,NV heard all about – the Asians and the Colored and the Latinos must be catered to. The white majority of this country, that founded this country, that built this country to what it is today are shrinking. These other groups that increasingly refuse to learn the American English we embrace so thoroughly, must be taught, must be informed. But first and foremost, must be spoken to in their own language time and time again on their own ground.
    Our Mitt Romney and his magic machine did not do that.
    I can’t tell you the number of Latinos I came across that decried his lack of contact; I work with 4 (in a staff of 20) Colored that had a difficult time with the Romney message.
    Break this country’s increasing minority to majority population of the crippling dependence on the government for their very being; address it, and win the next election.

    • Karolyn

      “colored?” Really? You might as well just face the fact that this nation is destined to lose its white majority, and that is a fact, although hispanics are primarily white.

  • Firewagon

    Wayne, you live in Nevada. What happened with that state? NV, CO, NM?? I can understand those blue states that share a portion of their borders with ‘water.’ They have been mixing the cool aid with their supply for decades now, and logical thought is no longer possible for them! As you can see, NM has been affected by that one small opening;)

  • ranger09

    Ladies and Gents. One thing is for sure. You People that voted for Obama will get what you deserve, You People that voted for Romney will get what you deserve. And for all you People who did not vote or write in another name i guess you will be the ones who came out ahead. One pig is just like another, One wolf is just like another. Maybe one of these days we will have an Honest American run for this office, and the Congress,and the Senate, And also the Supreme Court, then the States, the Counties and the Cities. OH well its just a Dream.

  • Bill Evans

    There was no problem with Romney being a good guy while he played dirty against his Republican candidates…..The guy failed because he’s a neo-con….Anything he said in a libertarian or conservative vein wasn’t natural for him…I couldn’t honor him with my vote because he’s anti-liberty….

  • Norm

    Romney is a liar of the highest order. How could anyone support a person who is for and against every problem or subject of discussion facing this country. Talk about a “pig in a poke”!
    Mitt is by nature a moderate, then he became a teabagger extremist, and has most recently become a liberal. He did well in the debates because Obama never knew what was going to be spewed from his mouth.
    One thing for sure is that he is an “out of touch” greedy extremist who would do anything to enrich his own coffers.
    The 47% comment was probably the dumbest thing that he said. Oddly, many of those non-taxpayers are his biggest supporters.
    I laugh at Rush Limbaugh, Carl Rove, Newt Gingrich, Wayne Allyn, and all the folks who ignored the polls and predicted a huge victory for Willard.
    The RCP poll averages were dead on.
    It’s sad that all that money was wasted by Koch brothers, and Rove’s pals.

    • Dale left coast

      Norm . . . are you sayin the O always tells the truth?

      47%? Romney said “47% pay no taxes” . . . what’s the big deal? He was 100% correct.
      It was the lame-stream media that ran with a Factual Statement and made it into something else . . . and the weak minds watching sucked it up . . .

      And Norm . . . how can you tell when the Pres is lyin? His mouth is movin . . .

  • ranger09

    My Grandpa once told me to always be careful around People that did not work for a living. Always be careful around Politicians for they have trouble speaking the Truth, Politicians are like actors playing a role, Entertaining the People. iS there a Man or Woman that runs for Office that can be themselves. A politician is a person that needs someone to tell them what to say and do, they need someone to dress them,fix their hair,put on the makeup, ETC Taxpayers must pay for at lest 200 people just to prep the Pres and the first Lady. Would it not be nice if these people could be just themselves so the American People could SEE and HEAR the real Person. WE would be in for a Big surprise. But all hope has been lost for a long time, What REAL AMERICANS ARE LEFT ARE JUSTTO OLD AND DONT CARE ANY MORE. WE HAVE ALL BECOME SHEEP AND FOLLOW THE BELL.

  • Gilberto

    Wayne Allyn Root take some anti-hate, anti-bigotry pills, supplement them with a strong dose of reality pills, along the way take doses of anti greed pills, some happiness pills, take a long rest then you will see that it is not the end of the world and that no one is going to take your money away. Maybe then, you will start thinking positive and think of ways in which to help our president, legally elected by the majority of Americans as prescribed in the constitution, instead of pouring out such divisive, destructive words. Be constructive work with what you have not against it. No, I did not vote for President Obama, but I did not vote for Romney either. I left it up to the rest of the population to decide whom they wanted. It is therefore my obligation to work as best as I can and support the legally elected U.S. President to the best of my ability. Just as it is every other Americans’ duty to work productively with him, with an open mind, to find common ground and create a better America. Regardless of whom they voted for and regardless of whether they voted at all, it is their obligation to work for not against the U.S. legally elected President. America is evolving it is not going to be the same as yesterday and it will not be the same as tomorrow, it will constantly adapt to the times and its people and that is what makes it such a great country.

    • cello player


    • Dale left coast

      “No, I did not vote for President Obama, but I did not vote for Romney either.”

      Then you have no dog in this fight . . . so just go away . . . but, hang on to your ass . . . its going to be a rough ride ! ! !

    • DaveH

      Gilberto says — “Wayne Allyn Root take some anti-hate, anti-bigotry pills, supplement them with a strong dose of reality pills, along the way take doses of anti greed pills, some happiness pills, take a long rest then you will see that it is not the end of the world”.
      Sorry, Gilberto, but you must have mistaken Wayne for a Liberal Progressive.

  • Letslipthedogs

    By the way guys, it was estimated that there were 12 million less votes in this election than in 2012. You can only imagine how much of that are conservative voters that did not come out because of confusion and disagreements among the conservatives. People – its a two party system – you have to compromise some of your views and ally yourselves to is the lesser evil for you….I guess the democrats did that and they trounced Romney. It wasn’t even close – almost 3 million votes more for Obama.

    So its useless to whine about this now. Just move on but lets learn to be more tolerant of our fellow conservatives next time. We are cannibalizing our votes and end up voting over and over on commentaries like this which did not and doesn’t really count in the elections.

    Please lets all find a way to unify and get some party discipline and bite our tongue as not all of us will agree with each other on the approach. But we must agree on our core values.

    Even Ron Paul has come out (at the Washington Times) now lamenting the results when he could have endorsed Romney and have those substantial number of supporters he has, which is in the millions, change the results. Ron Paul would have had a big say in a Romney administration instead of spitting in the wind now. I like Ron Paul and agree to a lot of what he says, but he was not very pragmatic in this very crucial election. Well he made his point by dividing the votes and effectively giving an excuse to a lot of conservatives to boycott this election to the detriment of the conservatives who shares the values he holds dear.

    Ya, you can’t blame the Democrats if they are laughing at us now.

    • Dale left coast

      Moral of the story . . . you can’t fix stooopid . . . any Conservatives or Tarians that sat this one out . . . will now be able to watch their assests and retirement funds depreciate in the next 4 years as the clueless Community Organizer in the WH drives the big US Buss over the fiscal cliff. This man is no leader . . . he is a puppet . . . and the strings are pulled by foreign nationals and Soreass . . .

      • deerinwater

        Hmm? well I voted knowing full well the President would not see my states electoral vote.

        Wendy Davis narrowly beat her challenger, and he was a serious creep! much like Murdock.

    • DaveH

      Letslipthedogs says — “you have to compromise some of your views and ally yourselves to is the lesser evil for you”.
      Yes, that’s worked so well for the last 100 years.
      Einstein’s definition of insanity — “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

  • Tim L.

    Oh Hell, look at the bright side Wayne. You now have four more years to whine and complain about President Obama, and I’m quite sure your delusional followers on this site will cheer you on.

    • Dale left coast

      Things must be going really good for you eh Tim . . . did you mom repaint the basement?

      • Tim L.

        I have no idea what point you were trying to make, Dale. If you ever figure it out, or get a clue, come back and try again. Thanks for playing.

      • DaveH

        Most likely he’s a Government employee.

  • LC

    Thinking needs to change or (better yet) START ! Why do away with unplanned parenthood, abortion or contraceptive funding? Do you believe that God is going to judge you for the deeds and decisions of others? If thats the case, then we are all going to hell because of atheists, adulterers,thieves,etc. Would you rather add to the number of people on entitlement and being shown this way of life for ‘OUR FUTURE’. We need every resource to SLOW the growth of that mentality, NOT INCREASE IT ! Ending these programs would clearly increase the number of takers that we loathe now. 141 million even at a low estimate of reproduction of 1% adds 1.4 million more to the teet every year for eternity! Is that thinking ahead? Only God’s wrath and judgement has ever changed the morality of people. Stop claiming to be humane about llife and then bitch about supporting the lives you don’t agree with. That’s a CONTRADICTION!! It’s about more money being spent for ideas or actions you don’t agree with. When really you should JUST LET IT BE because by trying to end it your only adding to the number of people you dislike. That’s COUNTER PRODUCTIVE. Here’s a clue, write it down; NEVER ALIENATE any group of people when trying to get elected, especially the largest group: WOMEN !! WOW and I thought businessmen and politicians were to be the more intelligent and creative of us!!!

    • John

      Not all women support abortion. 96% of all pregnancies are unplanned. Just keep drinking your fluoridated water and get your flu shots. Everything will be alright soon enough.

  • cello player


    • John

      We are not surviving. The country is quickly changing into a socialist dictatorship much like the one you must live in. While that may be acceptable to you, I have known FREEDOM and refuse anything else.

      • Karolyn

        “We are not surviving.”? Well that’s blatantly false. If you weren’t surviving, you certainly sould not be at a keyboard voicing your opinion. What do you consider “surviving?” Ask some of the people who lost everything because of Sandy. Many of them are barely surviving. As the homeless people on the street in the winter. We generally do not know how good we have it. We need more gratitude for what we DO have and not focus on how “bad” everything is.

      • DaveH

        Then you are no longer going to vote to steal other peoples’ money, Karolyn? Or are you just not that thankful?

  • Norm

    Obama should have been an easy target.
    Things are getting better but unemployment is still at an unacceptable level, the federal budget is sad and not getting better, and social programs are growing at unsustainable rates.
    The problem is Romney offered NO viable alternatives.
    He wanted to cut taxes and spend much more on the military adventures that are bound to fail. His alliance with Grover Norquist is not what ELECTED officials should be party to. His desire to reduce deficits and produce balanced budgets was mathematically impossible and everyone with a partial brain could see this.
    Religious rituals and wishful thinking solve very few problems. Add to that the uncompromising, grid-locking, extremist House of Reps., that he would be allied with, and you get what you got.
    Thank God enough voters were not conned.

    • Dale left coast

      Obammy’s plan was much better eh Norm . . . . by the way Norm . . . what was O’bammy’s plan, like he never said . . . I suspect it is to KEEP ON SPENDING . . . good luck Norm . . . I have to go out now . . . got to pick up my 10 ounces of Gold.

      • Flashy

        10 oz of gold? Isn’t t supposed to be 40 pieces of silver?

      • DaveH

        It’s 30 pieces of silver, Flashman, and it’s the kind of thing you and your ilk would do to get ahead at somebody else’s expense.

      • Karolyn

        Dave – Where do you get the delusional idea that all liberals are out to “get” something, and that is the only reason we believe as we do? And there is also the fact that you attribute a lot of other fallacious attributes to people you really know nothing about. Is it because it fits in with your pat ideas about people who disagree with you?

      • deerinwater

        That sure gets old to hear doesn’t it Karlyon , When will David ever accept the idea that pissing on people is not a good way to make them believe you are a mindful person and worth the time to listen too? In some ways ~ it’s as bad as the worst Hillbilly Dixiecrat here , that can’t form a coherent sentence if their life depended on it.

        David , what you want, you will need help ~and you will never get it ~ calling people thieves.

        I get stolen from , short change, screwed over, abused, taken advantage of almost daily in one form or another. ~ If I squealed and pitched a fit every-time it happen, people would think I was crazed. ~

  • WSK

    We have reached the tipping point in America where the losers, the lazy, the parasites, the leeches, the moochers and the occupiers now outnumber the producers. America is gone, Amerika is here and I don’t think Amerika is a place worth saving.

    • Norm

      We have reached the tipping point in America where the losers, the lazy, the parasites, the leeches, the moochers and the occupiers ……
      Are you referring to the elite “lords and ladies” who make billions from the labor of others?

      • Dale left coast

        I think he’s referring to the folks you meet on the streets of most of America’s large cities, in the middle of the afternoon, waiting in line for their food stamps and welfare checks.
        Why weren’t they there in the morning Norm . . . cause they don’t get up that early ! ! !
        “Lords and Ladies that make billions from others” . . . that is a silly statement Norm . . . are you a Community Organizer?

      • Karolyn

        Dale – That is certainly not the majority, but that is all that you focus on.

      • Norm

        Mittens made about 25 million bucks last year on investments managed by paid employees. The only thing he did was supply the original cash. Any of your “lazy” bums could have handled Mitts part of that job.
        Also, if it weren’t for the millions of exported jobs, maybe these bums would be working and paying taxes.

      • DaveH

        If you don’t like it, Norm, don’t buy their products or services. If only we had that choice about the things that you controlling, thieving Liberal Progressives Force on us.

  • Dale left coast

    Reality is folks . . . that by 2016 . . . the Republicans will be able to run Spot the dog . . . or maybe Big Bird for the office of pres and it will win . . . that is . . . if there is an election in 2016 . . . good luck with the Comm Organizer.
    Wasn’t it Einstein who said “doing the same thing . . . and expecting a different result . . . is the definition of INSANITY” . . .
    But on the positive side . . . by 2016 everyone in America could have Million Dollar Bills . . . just like the folks in Zimbabwe.

    • Dave67

      LOL! Unemployment is over 7%, gas is still over $3 a gallon… That should have been a slam dunk. I guess Spot the Dog is a better candidate than the Tea party and Tricky Mitt Romney.

      Could it be that the GOP are a bunch of corporatist loving extemists?

      • Dale left coast

        Real unemployment is over 15% Dave . . . and going higher. Are you aware that US debt will probably top 21 TRILLION BY 2016? What happens Dave when the US is downgraded again and again? Bet you don’t know. The INTEREST that you pay to the Chinese and other holders of US Debt will increase . . . once it hits 10, 12 or 15% . . . like the folks in Greece or Spain . . . the party will be over. Only those who are completely ignorant of economics cannot see this.
        Then once O’care kicks in . . . the old farts will be dropping like flies as they get DENIED care and services because they are just too old to invest in . . . welcome to British Socialized Medicine . . .

      • Dave67

        So Dale, 15%… all the more reason Tricky Mitt should have won… What happened? Your prognostications were completely false in 2008. They are wrong today.

      • Dale left coast

        Back in 08 Daver . . . I emailed my brain-dead dimmicrap brother what the USA would look like after 2 years of O’bammy . . .

        Which one of these did I get wrong Daver?

      • Dale left coast

        How did I know that Daver? Because in my travels of the world I have seen many “Socialists” . . . they are all the same . . . as you can see by just checking out Europe today. O’bammy is a socialist . . . the rest was easy . . .
        Understand Socialists/Marxists/Fascists . . . they all belong to the same club . . . and they allways have the same outcome, and its NEVER Good ! ! !

      • Dave67

        Oh and Dale, the HC law mandates that if you can afford to get insurance that you get it, that insurance is PRIVATE insurance. The law also mandates that if 80% of the premiums that you pay do not go to actual care, the Insurance company owes you a refund.

        I know its fun for people on the right to yell “GOV TAKEOVER OF HC” but its just not true.

        Do you people on the right have anything else to offer but gloom, doom and fear?

        I am just not seeing it.

      • Dale left coast

        “I am just not seeing it.”

        Give it a little time Dave . . . the light will go on . . .

        The reality is the Constitution, Small Efficient Govt., Low Taxes, and Freedom are the hallmarks of a successful USA . . .
        Unfortunately the dimmicrap party has never subscribed to anything on this list. Probably the last Classical Liberal Democrat in the USA was John Kennedy . . . go back and listen to his speeches . . . unfortunately today . . . you would call him a radical right-winger. That is the reality of how far the dimmicrap party has moved to the left in 50 years . . . frightening ! ! !

      • Dave67

        Dale, Dale Dale… lets take them one at a time shall we?

        DOUBLE DIGIT UNEMPLOYMENT, Starting in Aug of 2008, before Obama was elected we were losing hundreds of thousands of jobs a month… that continued until the Stimulus was passed… Guess what, that saved us from going into depression

        DEVALUED US DOLLAR, I know that is a huge talking point for the right but one of the ways the United States got out of the Depression was a currency devaluation

        THE NATIONAL DEBT GOING THROUGH THE ROOF ! ! ! What happens during a severe recession Dale? Tax receipts are reduced from taxes and consumption. On the other hand, the Gov spends more on Unemployment and Job training, couple that with the two wars we were fighting and the stupid Bush tax cuts. You have most of the debt under Obama. Here is the Debt by year

        FY 2009: $1,413 billion (Bush’s last budget)
        FY 2010: $1,293 billion
        FY 2011: $1,300 billion
        FY 2012: $1,089 billion
        FY 2013*: $901 billion

        Notice a trend? After we started adding jobs again in 2010… The debt is trending down. Amazing huh?

        But your side thinks that Obama is a crazy spender without ever illustrating where this “reckless” spending is.

        Talking point and sound bites are no match for reality and truth.

      • Dale left coast

        Dave dave dave . . . .

        Bush’s last budget was 2007 . . . after the Bush tax cuts MOST INCOME TAX COLLECTED IN THE HISTORY OF THE USA . . . . Deficit 160 Billion Dollars . . .
        What happened after that Dave . . . dimmicraps took over Congress January 2007 correct!
        Dimmicraps started the BIG SPEND . . . could you fault Bush for not using the Veto . . . probably. But is was Krazy Nancy and Harry that were throwing the cash around.
        But reality is Dimmicraps controlled both houses and the WH from 2009 and 2010 . . . and the Big Spend continued . . .
        Did you know Dave that in the last 4 years there had been NO BUDGET? Why do you suppose that is Dave?
        Bush spent 4 Trillion dollars he didn’t have in 8 Years . . . O’bammy has spent almost 6 Trillion dollars he didn’t have in a little over 3 1/2 years . . . is this a problem Dave?
        The national debt is now over 16 Trillion . . . in the next 4 years Obammy will spent it up to 21 Trillion.
        That means in 8 years . . . O’bammy will have more than DOUBLED THE NATIONAL DEBT. Is that a problem? Or, will we just print our way out of it?
        Do you have any friends that spent their way to RICHES?
        By the way . . . O’bammy is a multi-millionaire . . . how did he get his funds? Did he earn them, what was his job? Much has been made of Romney’s millions . . . but we know he made his money . . . he got it the old fashioned way . . . he earned it ! ! !

      • Dale left coast

        “But your side thinks that Obama is a crazy spender without ever illustrating where this “reckless” spending is.”

        I don’t have a side Dave . . . I am a Conserative, belong to no political party.
        But . . . no one knows where the money went . . . it appears since there is no budget, there are few TRACKS . . . I do know that Kaiser in California, dimmicrap bag man, made off like a bandit in the Solyndra deal . . . 100′s of billions have gone to unions, ngo’s and foreign govts like Brazil, Egypt and maybe even Iran . . . but who knows?
        I also know that Congress has been ignored for almost two years now . . . clueless Harry Reid has refused to put dozens of bills from Congress in front of the Senate for discussion . . . that’s just the lieberal way eh Dave . . . O’bammy has written over 900 executive orders, next closest pres was about 300 . . . during WWII I believe.
        This is enough to make anyone payin attention a little concerned . . . but I know its tough . . . after all your daddy was a dimmicrap, your grand-daddy was a dimmacrap . . . no CRITICAL thinking going on any more . . .
        The dimmicraps are also the party of the KKK (Sen Birde being the last sitting member), the party of Jim Crow and the party of the seggregationists like Woodrow Wilson.
        They are also the party with the most members of “Socialists of America” sitting in the Congress . . . I could never associate with the likes of this.

      • Dale left coast

        The reality on the Unemployment Number is . . . that there are fewer people working in the USA today than January 2009, when the O took office . . .
        The odds of unemployment going down as the Healthcare Law is implemented over the next 2 years is ZERO ! ! ! Companies are already considering downsizing to accomodate the additional expenses of increased taxes and forced healthcare.
        Once corporate taxes are increased it will lead to either more job cuts or price increases . . . and in this economy price increases are not likely.

        Perhaps Dave . . . you could read Thomas Sowells book on Applied Economics . . . may broaden your perspective.
        Doubling a tax . . . does not double the revenue . . . it changes habits . . . they adjust their operation to conserve their assets . . . this is why many times these increases actually see a decline in revenue . . . Europe and California are perfect examples.
        And of course there is the ultimate solution to high taxes . . . just leave ! ! !

      • Dave67

        Well Dale,

        You got me pegged don’t you? You believe I am a Democrat. Again just like all the rest of your posts… are wrong. I am a liberal. I belong to no political party.

        You are hilarious, its not Bush that created those huge deficits, it was the Dems in Congress. Huge debt is going on now and I believe the GOP have had the house since 2010. So like you, I will blame the debt on the House GOP.

        Obama is a millionaire… He got his money from a book and will go on to make millions more as a speaker after its done. Obama could have went into a prestigious law firm and made a ton of money, instead, he helped people that had not political voice, find theirs. (Obama closed the Congressional loophole that allowed insider trading for members of Congress)

        Romney, Got money from Dad, contacts from Dad and started Bain and Romney made money if the company he invested in went bankrupt and threw workers on to the streets as well as if the Company turned a profit. He simply did not care how his vulture capitalist company made his money, as long as it did.

        The rest of your post is simple talking points with nothing that goes any further than what Fox news. You don’t account for the recession, the gamesmanship with war spending…

        Maybe if the GOP in the Senate did not engage in over 200 Filibusters since 2009 and maybe if the GOP did not state just a couple months after the election in 2009 that their main goal is to deny Obama a second term… maybe less executive orders would have been issued. The country was in serious trouble and the tools on the right and Harry Reid decide to play political games.

        Both parties have done much wrong in the past 30 years but to blame most of it on Obama as the right have done ignores history and reality.

      • Dave67


        maybe you should look at this.

        This is taxes by country… there are countries on the list with higher taxes that are doing better than we are. That is the problem in this country… you want your wars, your Gov subsidies, your services but you hate to pay for any of it.

        For example:

        Our defense budget is over 700B a year. We still have troops in Europe, Japan just in case there is a second coming of Hitler and Tojo. We need to cut defense by 400B. End corp welfare and that doesn’t happen until big money gets out of the political process. Your side (the conservatives) love all the large sums being thrown around in elections because you think you can by the WH and Congress… This past election, it failed.

        We need as a country to start acting like adults and pay for what we spend.

      • Dale left coast

        The congress writes the Budgets Dave . . . except when the pres does it by Executive Fiat as has been done most of the last 4 years . . . a little Un-Constitutional . . . but Who Cares, right ! ! !

        What do you think of O’bammy’s friends . . . the bomber, the marxists and his mentor Frank Marshal Davis? His hidden University records, why did he and his wife surrender their Law Licences? Why is his Executive Branch staffed with 60′s radicals? Who paid for his college education? Why do we know so little about this man? Why did he seal his own records after being sworn into office in 09 and spend millions to fight in courts around the country to keep his records secret?

        Feel sorry for you Dave . . . who could be a lieberal in this day and age . . . look around the country . . . all left-leaning states, Calif, Illinois, Michigan, NewYork . . . have had decades of dimmicrap/lieberal govts . . . and they have what in common Dave? They are all BROKE ! ! ! Ditto for our Cdn cousins . . . Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba and Nova Scotia . . . decades of lieberal govts . . . and all friggin broke.
        Look at Europe . . . decades of govt controlled everything . . . just like the program the dims and O’bammy have been on for 4 years . . . what’s happening in Europe today Dave? It is collapsing under its own weight . . . and once again . . . not because they are too conservative. In fact Sweden has elected 2 consecutive right of center govts, and they are doing OK today as the handouts are stoping and taxes are lower and life is getting better. Denmark on a similar path.
        Lieberals like something because it feels good and they like to “Believe” . . . Conservatives like something because it Makes Sense and stands up to Critical Examination.

        And remember Dave . . . it was the Community Reinvestment Act . . . 1993 that created the Housing Bubble and Trillions in worthless mortgages . . . and the elimination of Glass-Stegal by the Clinton Admin that created much of the banking and wall street problems . . . another lieberal idea that was not thought through. The ideal that Bush crashed the economy is a blatant lie foisted upon the country by a bias lame-stream media.
        As old reverend Wright used to say . . . “the chickens are coming home to roost” . . . this ex-moooslime marxist was certainly right about that ! ! !

        Plato: “One of the penalties of not participating in politics is that you will be governed by your inferiors”.
        Winston Churchill” “Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

      • Dale left coast

        “You are hilarious, its not Bush that created those huge deficits, it was the Dems in Congress. Huge debt is going on now and I believe the GOP have had the house since 2010. So like you, I will blame the debt on the House GOP.”

        Really Dave . . . The Congress has submitted numerous budgets since 2010 . . . all are sittin on Krazy Harry’s desk . . .
        Obammy has spent by Executive Fiat . . . go you understand now DAVE? Its just that simple.

        Romney . . . Bain Capital . . . Your understanding of business is thin at best Dave.
        Bain Capital bough FAILING Businesses . . . reorganized them and made them into functioning entities . . . like say STAPLES. Others were unsalvageable . . . like a plant with 25 yo technology that could no longer compete in the real world . . . those they shut down. The lieberal narrative about dying spouses and money to China is more nonsense. Thousands of jobs in companies that Bain reorganized are paying salaries to American workers today. Bain made money by making most of these failing companies VALUABLE . . . I would assume that they fired the Lieberal Managers in these companies that were probably driving them into bankruptcy . . . LOL

        Of course the Community Organizer . . . who has never had a job in the real world or even run a lemonade stand is more qualified . . . eh Dave.

        You can live in your world of “belief” or you can get into the real world and deal with the FACTS ! ! ! Like RR said . . . there’s only one set of facts!

        Like I said Dave . . . the coffee is on . . . its time for you to smell it ! ! !

      • DaveH

        Dale says — “Give it a little time Dave . . . the light will go on”.
        Doubtful, Dale. Dave67 is obviously one of the takers and he doesn’t care if other people lose or not, as long as he gets his.

      • Dave67



        Look at Liberal states like Norway, Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands. They are in better shape than we are. Why? they did not participate in the banking deregulation game we did and the other European countries you cite did. (you just like only showing what you want to see)

        Glass Steegal was repealed by the GOP dominated Congress and the legislation was written by the GOP…(forgot that didn’t you?)

        Your good friend Phil Gramm from TX also loosened rules on speculatory oil trading (forgot that too?)

        It was Bush’s SEC that said making 30-1 bets for investment banks was ok (another detail you left out)

        You mention CA, NY, IL… do you know how much they get back for the Fed Gov for every dollar they pay into Fed Coffers? Less than a dollar…

        Do you know how much conservative states like KY, SC, AL, MS, AK get? Well over $1… so they are leaching off states like CA, IL and NY… oops…

        Romney made money whether the company he took over went bankrupt or succeeded so there was no incentive for him to have the company do well and his record of outsourcing is very well known. It is you that has no clue.

        This economy was the product of serious mistakes (big money inspired mistakes) by Reagan and Clinton and the various Congresses… Obama is left to clean up a mess that was 30 years in the making… But you like to lie and say Obama is the problem.

    • Karolyn

      Dave67 – It would not matter what was going on, they would still be complaining about something. I would bet that if Romney had been elected, it would not have taken them long at all to start complaining about him.

      • Dale left coast

        Another “vacuous” comment from Karolyn . . .

      • DaveH

        And if we didn’t, you would find fault with that, Karolyn.
        I think the root problem is that you are feeling guilty about stealing other peoples’ money by using Government as your surrogate thieves, so now you are desperately trying to convince yourself that you are a good person, much like the queen in Snow White. Time to get another dose from your magic mirror.

      • Karolyn

        Dave – You might want to try some of your psychoanalysis on yourself.

      • deerinwater

        David says,” so now you are desperately trying to convince yourself that you are a good person,”

        That is a very presumptuous statement David, and actually calling attention to yourself as to your motives. It is said , that the guilty dog is the dog that barks first and the loudest. Karolyn works, goes to school and manages a home, not the activities of a thief. While we don’t have a clue what you do other then cast blame and pontificate in a self absorbed manner claiming to be rightmost in both your non-beliefs and beliefs.

        With you personal attacks you are soliciting personal attacks. ~ I would hope you find interest in raising the bar with your banter rather then swim in a cistern pool of contempt of your own making.

        If you entertain any notions of leadership and hope to point the way to meaningful change, you too will be required to change. True greatness comes with a healthy portion of “humility” , work to understand the true nature and power of humility and find some.

        One of the best ways for anyone to elevate themselves, is learn how to elevate and motivate others in a construct manner.

    • Dave67

      DaveH once again knows nothing… He projects his failings onto others… You have no idea about the charities I give to or the time I give to others.

      I am a liberal, as such I care as much about my community, town, state, country, world as I care abouit my own success.

      You as a liberatrian/conservative only cares about yourself and what you can grab. Your attitude during this financial crisis shows that you are only interested in hearinig yourself and presenting your BS and not helping people work together to make this country better.

      Sad little man you are.

      • Dale left coast

        “But you like to lie and say Obama is the problem.”
        You are kidding right? O’bammy has lied about everything . . . cutting the deficit in half, reducing unemployment, closing Gitmo, no terrorist attacks (workplace violence) and I could go on and on. And of course the REALLY BIG LIE . . . . BENGHAZI . . . where 4 Americans died and he went to bed. This is criminal and tops Watergate, where no one died ! ! !
        If he had done nothing when he came into office . . . the economy would likely have recovered by now . . . but like any modern progressive (marxist) . . . he tinkered, spent Billions and now there are fewer people working than the day he took office.

        What has O’bammy ever done that would make you think he could be an effective President? Was it when he bowed to the Saudi King? Or, when he appolgized to the world . . . the world thinks he’s a clown, and I concur.

      • Karolyn

        Dale – Is that why all the other countries wanted to see him re-elected? I can’t find it, but there was a chart online with polls taken around the world re who they wanted to see as our president. I believe he might be liked by more in other countries than here in his own country.

      • Dale left coast

        “Look at Liberal states like Norway, Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands. They are in better shape than we are.”
        Sweden . . . 2 consecutive Right of Centre govts. They have lowered taxes, cut red tape and regulations. Their banking system sound.
        Germany . . . 2 economic engine of Europe . . . Merkel is right of centre . . . but they are getting tired of bailing out the failing Socialist States.
        Norway . . . full blown Socialist govt . . . with childcare, cradle to grave, all the trimmings . . . and it works. Why you say? Because there are less the 8 million citizens, they have enormous oil assets in the North Sea, they are home to many Off-shore tech firms that build oil platforms, long bridges over oceans and many oil industry servicing vessels. They have money in the bank, the citizens pay a high VAT, but they have high incomes and life is good.
        You didn’t talk about Canada Daver . . . why? Is it because they have had a Conservative Govt since 2004? They have reduced income taxes, cut regulations and lowered Corporate Taxes to 15%. Canada has an unemployment rate of less than 7%, and if the US used the same methods its rate would be 15%. It is rated 3rd best in the world for sound economies, they are drilling for oil, exploring for resources and some provinces have unemployment rates below 2%. Canada has the lowest taxes in the G8.
        Do you think if the US raises business and personal taxes . . . perhaps a few companies will head for Canada?

        • Nick Czudy

          Dale Left Field. I have been reading dozens of your rants. You are definately living in the RWB. (Right Wind Bubble). You do not know about Canada. the Harper Conservative Government, is hated and despised by the majority of Canadians. Remember they have more than three parties running for their elections. The current conservative government won the election will around 34 % of the popular vote. There is a system of provincial and district elections that determines who wins.
          It was the previous Liberal government that lowered all of the taxes and had a surplus government. Harper and the Cons. came in good timing and got credit for saving Canada’s ass during the recession. It was its export resources that saved its ass during the recession. After all they export 90% of their oil to us in the USA. Harper is trying to ram through all his bad policies and removing environmental laws in massive omnibus bills with hundreds of separate bills all in one package. He is what Mitt would have dome to the USA. He took 50 million dollars out of the border security government and gave it to his minister of finance to build gazebos and washrooms for the G8 conference, that was in Toronto. Talk about Pork. That was to ensure his minister got re-elected in the next election. talk about the coverup after that one. His government is crooked and doing favors for big business. Basically they are like the GOP. I lived in Norway when I was a student and worked there for a year. I had 87% taken off of my paycheck every week. medical, dental, education, university, and many other social benefits were all free to all citizens.. I was saving for university over here. so I was not able to make much to pay my tuition, but it was a great life style and the citizens were real happy.

      • Dale left coast

        Karolyn . . . I have friends in Scotland and Sweden . . . they say he is looked upon as a bad joke . . . they are all laughing at us now . . .

      • Dale left coast

        “I am a liberal, as such I care as much about my community, town, state, country, world as I care abouit my own success.”
        Is that why lieberals give little to charities, churches and food banks Dave?
        Compare Romney’s giving to Biden and the O . . . the lefties come up short.
        Romney has given Millions . . . Biden can barely manage 2% . . . the O not much better.

        Surveys have shown that Conservatives give many times more to charities . . . lieberals are usually only good at giving away other peoples money . . . that’s why most leftist govts are dismal failures . . . Conservatives give folks a hand up . . . lieberals give them a hand out 1 ! !

      • Karolyn

        Dale – According to this the Obama’s gave 14% to charity in ’10. Romney, as a Mormon, only supports the Mormon Church. Mormons are not real big on helping those outside their church, much like Jehovah’s Witnesses.

      • deerinwater

        Dale left coast says:
        November 8, 2012 at 7:01 pm
        Karolyn . . . I have friends in Scotland and Sweden . . . they say he is looked upon as a bad joke . . . they are all laughing at us now . .

        That speaks more about the company you keep then it does about Obama. I’ve got a bunch of hillbilly relatives that you’d get along well with. I avoid them as much as possible.

    • Dave67

      Well, the great thing is that liars and propagandists like Dale and DaveH will help conservatives to more losses in the coming elections because they refuse to understand reality, facts and anything else that doesn’t reside in the right wing bubble.

  • Voice in the Wilderness

    Finding a captain to right the ship is one thing… finding a way to get enough exposure to change an election is completly another. We had a good candidate in Ron Paul and met failure. so the question becomes how to make changes to the media and election process to support a viable future candidate with increased success.

  • Sterling

    What Romeny should have said is: the truth is I told you what I wanted to do, backed by my millions of $$$$ contributors, I told you what I thought of Obama’s programs, how wrong I thought they were, how I wanted to do something different…and the majority of american voters said “no thanks, we’ll stick with the other guy”. And me and my supporters accept the voice of the majority of voters…because that’s how democracy works….even though we don’t like the outcome…that is what happened…and all the groanin and moanin and hand wringing doesnt’ change a thing…we lost because most of the people that voted…wanted the othere guy.

  • FreedomFighter

    The American Revolution looked very unlikely until that fateful British march to Concord and Lexington to enforce gun control laws. Then it exploded.

    The Lull Before the Social Storm

    IMHO it will not matter what is said by anyone when our NWO-government and puppet-pres finally crosses the line whatever that is.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • azjohnny

    france survived four years of nazi occupation . . . i trust we can endure the miscreant nincompoop in the white house for the same amount of time . . . unfortunately, like france suffering the nazis, our national treasury and economy will be in shambles.

    • Dale left coast

      Sooooo True ! ! ! Made my day . . .

    • eddie47d

      Argentina survived 8 years of right wing terrorism and many thousands died at their hands. We also survived 8 years of the Bush wars and failed economy so I think we can survive another four years of a President who is correcting the other guys mistakes.

  • Dee

    obummer is NOT a nice man. He’s trying to ruin this country.

  • michael

    Wayne, excellent points-right now I am a conservative sickened by not only this election, but the permanent damage being done to our country by this charlatan and his media-enablers. This is the least transparent, incompetent and destructive presidency in history, and Romney should have easily beaten this man in a landslide. The fact that he did not tells me that half of us are too uneducated on the real issues to sift through the fluff and attack ads to make an intelligent decision-the “R’s” really need to do some soul- searching moving forward as to how we could possibly have lost a very winnable election.

  • sheila

    I am encouraging everyone I know to apply for food stamps and every other government entitlement…I call it ‘share the wealth’…..thanks you dopey taxpayers…

    • DaveH

      The problem is that after years of dependency and lack of job skills, the Non-Producers will be the first to go when the SHTF and our economy collapses.
      Watch out what you wish for, it might come true.

  • Schlomo from Heimetown

    Michael: I too am saddened by 4 more years of Obama’s failed policies.

    The Republicans hurt themselves when they attack Social Security and pensions.
    Americans who play by the rules should not be threatened with losing the benefits that they’ve earned.

    Why is there never any talk of cutting off foreign aid (especially to the PARASITE known as Israel who have gotten over 10 million dollars a DAY of American taxpayers money since 1948). At least Obama doesn’t jump when Israel tells him to.

    • Betrayed

      It was never mentioned Schlomo, because the NEOCONS never mention Israel, Illegals,
      Foreign Aide, or the Federal reserve in the company of ZIONAZIs. You knew that though, didn’t you?

      • Dale left coast

        How about the Billions going to the Brotherhood in Egypt? Or to Pakistan? Guess you are all in favor of that. Israel is the only democracy in the ME . . . and you side with the savages . . . nutty! ! !

      • DaveH

        Savages, Dale?
        Are they over here, taking away our arms, taking away our rights against search and seizure, taking away our lives?
        And they’re the “savages”?

      • Dale left coast

        Didn’t they just kill an Ambassador and 3 other Americans? Did a savage not kill 23 or so at Ft Hood a couple of years back . . . and of course the attacks that were fortunately foiled . . . you related to Janet Napolitano?

      • Jayson

        Dale, just today alone, north-american, medical-practitioners murdered/aborted approximately 37,000 un-born, human-beings. Tomorrow, another 37,000 will be denied the right to life. And this will continue…To date; since the genocide began, 55 million human beings have been denied the right to exist. And yet, despite our savagery we commit against our own progeny, we in the west, have the unmitigated gaul to accuse other nations/peoples of being savages. Get off the self-righteous-merry-go-round, Dale. We are no better than they are. And in many ways, we are far worse!

    • Dale left coast

      What movie you been watching? Attack SS and Pensions? You got to stop watching Chrissie Mathews . . . lol
      They talked about reorganizing Medicare for those 55 and younger . . . doing nothing will ensure its demise in a decade or less.
      They mentioned making SS tied to retirement income . . . so the wealthy would get less or none . . . doing nothing will ensure its demise sooner rather than later . . .
      Does anyone out there ever do the math?

      • Rick

        The Obots think the government is rich, and has unlimited resources to take care of them. Boy, are they going to be shocked when the well runs dry.

  • paiaso

    Incredible that you still think that you have any credibility! I for one will not be waiting to read any opinion of yours, as you have proven to confuse your opinion with your a-hole by opening your mouth…

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Frank

    There is nothing in your suggestions for what Romney should have said, which was not said in thousands of TV and radio ads around the country and repeated by hundreds of commentators, including many on this site. The problem, which you seem to ignore, is that a majority of the voting public did not accept these statements as fact. Not correct to place all blame on Romney. Conservatives and Libertarians did not come up with arguments or facts that persuaded the voters. There is blame to spread all over the map.

  • bUCKEYE8

    Willard should have said I will do everything I can for the 47% and set an example for why they should vote for me. His statement cost him the election.

    • Dale left coast

      Nonsense . . .
      Romney ran against O’bammy . . . 4 networks and 2 cable networks . . . it was a tough uphill climb at best.
      But the loons came out and voted for the incompetent O’bammy . . . and the rest is history.
      Now the chit is about to hit the fan . . . many say major Recession by spring . . . thanks to Obammycare and tax increases.
      Anyone have a clue how to pay back a 21 TRILLION debt?

  • Jayson

    Could have, should have, would have, but didn’t. The fact is, Romney ran a horrible campaign…but perhaps that was the whole idea. It may be that America isn’t quite ready for a Noe-con-fascist take-over, just yet. It may be that America needs to be softened-up further, reduced to a third-world country with progressive-socialism, until it is weakened sufficiently, and prepped for the fascist-cons! Just saying…

    • DaveH

      Easy, Jayson, you’re going to make their tiny little brains explode.

    • Dale left coast

      “It may be that America isn’t quite ready for a Noe-con-fascist take-over”
      Jason . . . the Fascists have been in the WH for 4 years now. Fascism was an invention of Mussolini, he was a great admirer of Engels and Marx . . . Bennitto . . . a devout Socialist thought the Bolchiviks were much too harsh, so he invented his own form of Communism Light or Fascism. He didn’t kill the upper class or property owners, he confiscated their assets but let them run their businesses for the state. To call that “right-wing” is just a little nutty ! ! !
      A Romney administration would have been light years better than what we have now . . . he has a proven record of success . . . whereas the O has only a record of disaster.
      Anyone know how to pay back a 21 Trillion dollar debt?

      • Jayson

        We have both, Dale, fascists and socialists that make up our political, two-party-system. We should no longer be referring to the two parties as Republicans and Democrats, but by their new and proper titles; Socialists and Fascists.

        Socialism is the doctrine that man has no right to exist for his own sake, that his life and his work do not belong to him, but belong to society, that the only justification of his existence is his service to society, and that society may dispose of him in any way it pleases for the sake of whatever it deems to be its own tribal, collective good. -Ayn Rand

        Fascism is described as a system of government characterized by rigid one party dictatorship, a forcible suppression of opposition, all private economic enterprises should be under government control, aggressive nationalism, racism and militarism. Fascism is an extremist ideology. It believes in a super patriotic and dictatorial single party state.
        Fascists believe in a concept that a nation or people can only prosper if they are constantly fighting with other nations or its own people. The weak are killed and the strong live ahead. Their governments are dictatorial. There is no right for free speech and opposition against the government is a strict no no. -Author Unknown

        For decades, (conservatives) and (liberals) have lived a lie, and a life of un-reality. Having “rejected” and “abandoned” the libertarian principles of economic liberty and free markets on which our nation was founded, in favor of socialism and fascism, convincing themselves that what they had done instead was simply “save free enterprise”. They deluded themselves into thinking that their socialist and fascist economic system was “free market.” And they used the public schools, that is, their socialist education system, to re-inforce that lie and un-reality to generation of students, who grew up believing the lies.

        So who rules our country, runs our nation, dictates our domestic and foreign policies? Both parties do; the Fascists (formerly known as conservative/republicans) and the Socialists (formerly known as liberal/democrats); both working hand-in-glove to achieve their desired goals, that being; complete subjugation or control of a country and its people. Where there is friction or in-fighting between the two, it is only in who or which party should lead, drive the bus, if you will; and the decision as to which of the two will be granted that privilege, believe it or not, is decided by the un-witting-electorate-sheeple, or the stupefied-citizens, who haven’t a clue, as to who they are voting for!

  • J.W. Howard

    First and for most there should have never been a “Mitt Romney”! (Never take advice from an adversary).

    Your first clue was the media proclaiming “Mitt Romney” could beat Osama bin Biden “.

    Second clue: media coverage, Who got the least and most nasty media coverage? Dr. Paul.

    Third clue: the blue blood and country club Rebloodican’s knew they could control Romney because he had compromised core principles before when he was Governor.

    Fourth clue: Dick Morris sang his praises.


    “NEVER VOTE FOR THE LESSOR OF TWO EVILS” all you will get is EVIL.

    People who compromise values are what we have now, We need to change the direction of our country, our leaders, and ourselves.


    Learn to live a moral life, learn what morals mean to you.

    Pray to GOD, not money.First learn who GOD is, I can’t tell you for you. I know who GOD is to me.

    Acquire values in your life, and live by THEM. NO COMPROMISE.

    Speak and live by the plain TRUTH! Learn the truth, the plain truth.

    If you want to change the country, change yourself. Your country is a reflection of the person you are.

    John W. Howard

    • deerinwater

      Excellent posting Mr. Howard!

      It starts and ends with “self”

  • deerinwater

    As I speed read through 442 posting, it’s interesting to note , that some of you get it! That the GOP must change if they have any plans to win a general election. While some posters still insist that it is the world that must change and they have no plans to.

    All this social and economic upheaval is shifting demographic. ~ and to the GOP’s demise if they don’t change their message.

    Back in the 70′s Texas was a Blue state, and only went Red after years of one way Uhaul came by caravan to our fine state to were there was enough power mustered in the State House to over ride democrats with voter redistricting. It was a big heavy handed mess,much along the order of what Wisconsin has recently gone through. We had 7 to 10 democrat legislators to go AWOL, and warrants issued for their arrest, ~ but to no avail ~ redistricting passed.

    Mitt Romney was never an electable candidate,

  • moonbeam

    To those who voted 3rd party or didn’t vote at all (same thing), thanks a freaking lot. You just handed BO the presidency, again, and put our asses on a platter. That’s great voting your conscience, but it only got us 4 more years of lies and corruption, Not that this time is any different. There’s been liars and corruption in our government since forever. And you cast a vote that meant absolutely freaking nothing – probably never even was counted. It went to never never fairy land.

    Yep, you wasted precious time voting for a 3rd party that had absolutely NO CHANCE of winning. But, you already knew that…right? Yet, you just wanted to make sure your “conscience” was clear, then walked away from the voting booth with your noses in the air like you did something great. Well, you didn’t. You screwed us without even a good reach around. Your 3rd party vote went to BO. Again, thanks a lot.

    I’ll tell everyone what I told everyone when bushboy got into office. Hold on to your pennies. You’re going to need them like you never needed them before.

    BTW – I read that Romney got the popular vote, but again, the electoral college outvoted the American people. That’s why we MUST toss the electoral college to the curb in front of an oncoming bus going full speed ahead, hydroplaning on a sheet of ice. I do know there is movement working towards that end.

    Lastly, I would be ashamed to tell anyone I voted 3rd party. Voting 3rd party is just the same as saying you don’t understand the real issues here and what happens when you vote like that. That’s part of the reason why we are stuck with BO for another 4 YEARS! THANKS! In addition, don’t ever bitch and moan about more of the hell fire and BS we’re about to experience for the next 4+ years. You’re partly responsible for it.

    • deerinwater

      Moonbeam, it was a route ! and it would not have mattered, ~ and too, People should vote their convictions ~ people have that right. ~

    • DaveH

      For those of you who didn’t vote for Principles, who voted instead for the NeoCon Crony Progressive Politician, who gave people no compelling choice, thanks for saddling me and mine with 4 more years of the other side of the same Progressive coin.
      Yes, moonbeam, I’m talking to you.

      • Dale left coast

        To think that Romney and the O would give you the same outcome . . . is just ludicrous . . . Romney ran a state and worked across the isle . . . he was a successful businessman . . . the O has done none of these things.
        Did the O not talk about Carbon Taxes the other nite? Cap and Trade worked well in Europe, Billions of Euros disappeared into bankers coffers, old folks burning books and magazines in winter to keep warm. Fuel poverty has been a huge issue there. Of course you never heard about it on NBC, CBS or PBS . . . you just got Al’s silly movie.
        Carbon Taxes would be the final nail in the coffin for the USA . . .

        • Katrael

          It’s not who ran for office that determines the short term outcome for this country…it’s up to those who are really in control. There will always be slightly different outcomes between different presidents but the ultimate destination is the same. The only other issue is one of absolute control. Nobody has absolute control so there is no way to know exactly how things will turn out. In the short term though most of us will lose our remaining freedoms to those who desire ultimate control.

  • deerinwater

    None of the GOP candidates were electable.

    The majority leader in the House today, ~still does not get it either, not with the speech he delivered yesterday, defending and actually only referring to the top 2%, and it safe to say Mitch McConnell will Never get it. ~

    The GOP must have new TOP leadership at it seems so very clear todays leadership is indebted to the top 2% for their jobs.

    The top 2 % can buy only so many votes with their money.

    After seeing the end of this movie, ~ can you imagine how a Herman Cain choice might have played out? 999 ! or $ 9.99 medium pizza with two topping. i wonder if Mrs. Cain has let him out of the dog house yet?

    • Dale left coast

      “None of the GOP candidates were electable.”

      All of the GOP candidates were better than the Community Organizer . . . in fact, I would suggest that if you picked someone at random out of the Dallas Phone Book . . . you would get a better pres.
      When you have a society that is so “Dumbed Down” by a disfunctional education system and a media party that is out-to-lunch . . . everybody loses.
      The USA may never recover . . . how do you pay back a 21 Trillion debt?

      • deerinwater

        If you are an example of it , I feel inclined to agree with you.

      • deerinwater

        “21 Trillion debt?” ~ projected Dale projected. ~ Dick Chaney told us not to worry about it, so what has changed?

        I remember when Ross Perot was showing us his charts , big pie charts ~ has everyone scared to death about the Deficit ~ and then Clinton came up 8 years later with a surplus.

        It just a figure to make you feel bad and behave in a predictable manner. I wouldn’t worry yourself sick over it Dale, ` let the people with the control over it to worry about. ~

        Someday you and I will be laying on our death bed , staring up at the ceiling and it won’t seem near as important.

  • nickkin

    I have witnessed a sissified voting america that has lost it’s moral values. They care about only themselves on what can Mr. government do for me. They learned to get on the dole and not have to work for it. We have a East and West germany situation. If i remember right, the east germans were dying to get over that “wall that seperated them from the west. To be willing to die from gunshot, they chose that to starving. Maybe we can duplicate that by having the socialist-libs stay east of the mississippi and the right on the west. After the left steals everything from each other, they can hopefully try to swim across the river while we have erected the wall to keep them out. No rubber ammo. if you libs think another 4 will do it, it will mean a lifetime for those you leave behind. If robo-obo can watch Americans die in Libya, what makes you think that your saved. You will be part of his reality show that will make you look like white-colonial slaves. The blacks will be your union goons. It’s a race issue you fools who voted for the illegal president. You think you know him but you have no verification of who he is and where he is from. Be ready for catastrophic things to happen, because everytime robo-obo messes with Israel, be ready and batten down the hatches. America will be different because that’s what you fools voted for.

  • Karolyn

    For DaveH
    “Now that the election is over, may not all, having a common interest, reunite in a common effort, to save our common country?” – Abraham Lincoln 11/10/1864

    • http://LeeBellinger Jon Kube

      W A R you called for a landslide. Absolutely pathetic. If wrong was jet fuel you’d be a moon rocket. I almost stayed home because you said it was in the bag. You said “every group” would support homo socialus in lower numbers. You’re just plain ignorant.

  • Mad Max

    Ronald Reagan was joke and so it Mitt. The problem is the people in this country have become a joke. The whole world sees us for what we really are. Liars, cheats and thieves.

    OsiXs (Common Sense 3.1)

    • deerinwater
    • deerinwater

      mad max says; ” The whole world sees us for what we really are. Liars, cheats and thieves.”

      Hey! I resemble that remark! LoL !

      Don’t lose heart Max, look for people that inspire you with uplifting things ~ you have just overdosed on all the poison, ~ Fox steered you wrong, ~Karl Rove steered a lot of wealth people wrong , as they wanted to “believe” . We’ve been trying to tell you for years that Fox takes liberties every single day with the truth, if by no other way then by pure omission and not covering the less flattering facts, that you really need to know.

      There are some really wonderful people out there. ~ you are just not meeting them.

      And I agree completely, address the cause and the symptom with disappear.

      Be still sad heart and cease repining
      behind yon clouds the sun is still shinning
      thy fate is a common fate of all
      in each life some rain must fall
      some days must be cold,dark and deary.


  • deerinwater

    I had $ 350.00 dollars investment for 2012 yearly combined political giving. ~ not much but all I could see way to afford. ~ Brown is down ! I was hoping to catch “You Lie Wilson” last midterm , 5 senate seats and what 4 or 5 congressional seats and the 1st chair ~ that was $350.00 well spent.

  • AJS

    JeffH – You forgot about Christopher Stevens that BO just had murdered in Libya……

  • Peter

    …and the muslem brotherhood in Egypt are using American taxpayer’s dollars to kill, maim and harass Christians in Egypt! That’s real God-fearing of you BO!

  • black as coal

    i wonder how people cant see through this dickhead prez. high unemployment, huge gov spending, and the list goes on. i think he is there to live the american dream, and live it large.

  • deerinwater

    “What Mitt Romney should have said? ” you ask.

    I think that is a part of the problem, he’s a salesman that was over sold on himself and to the people and now the people have spoken finding his illusive plans for the nation and fussy math failing to add up.

    It will be Ann Romney that has the final word and that might be something like,

    “Are you satisfied big guy?” “Let’s go home and wipe these painted smiles off of our face” ” and if You ever do this again, I’m going to leave you and live off shore with the money”

    • jopa

      The people of America have spoken with their votes and we have to respect their choice.I am sure everyone put a lot of thought in their decisions and the best man to represent them came out on top.They have apparently found fault in Romney with his politics or perhaps his personality on stage. It doesn’t matter anymore, the election is over and it is now time for all of America to come together with our leaders and keep America prosperous and strong.Signing silly pledges to be a do nothing Congress and Senate is an anti-American act and anyone that is elected and does nothing does not deserve to be there.The only way for America to work is to work together as if we were on the battlefield and unite for the good of all.

      • nickkin

        That’s your problem, Jopa and Americans like you that just lay down your arms and pander. Accept an individual like Obo and accept all his incompetance with a puppet led agenda. He is a mu-slum and will practice their koran and institute it in our country..that is the destruction of our Christian society and foundation of America. You accept that he now has another free ride to continue his dismanteling of our democratic society with down grading our credit and monetary system. Accept the fact of high inflation, disregarding the safety of america, with open borders. To sum it all up because of all the other misfortunes obozo has done TO Americans, I can only give you the total in 3 words= FOUR DEAD AMERICANS. You are accepting a person who should be impeached , tried and convicted. Maybe true citizens have spoken but they were outvoted by Amnesty, illegals and dole-takers who made a career out of unemployment and lazy living. We can’t say “God Bless America ” anymore. The government, athiests and the like have asked him to leave and remove His hand off of America. As a sign of what’s to come to America, keep your eye on what’s happening in israel.

  • chiefcookandbottlewasher

    Perhaps it is time to quit complaining and move forward. I voted but I think the way our country has right now for voting is not working and by that I mean the electoral college. Also, if Romney was supposed to win in God’s plan for things, he would have no matter what men tried to do or maybe DID do. Congress has a great deal more power

  • Carol J

    All of who are bragging that you voted Obama back in for another term are the reason America is gone. You who voted for Gary Johnson or wrote in Ron Paul on the ballot have finished us off. I have been harrassed for the last 3 years by the illegals being hired as police officers. Most of my neighborhood is now populated by illegals from Mexico. They want to make the 4 families left who are American by birth gone. I’d like a list of all of you who did this. You will owe all of us a home.

    • http://libertydigest polmutant

      let the dead bury the dead. for decades you supported and voted for obama. sounds like you cared less about the constitution while you lived in your house now that blessed constitution is gone and you complain abit too late. action speaks louder than words. you supported the drift from the constitution with unconstitutional taxation. now you have what you paid for.

      • deerinwater

        “let the dead bury the dead.”

        That’s just another way of saying “Leave them where they lay” and usually reserved for the “VICTOR” to say. So I would only ask, “who is the victor?”

        The progressive nature of living things aspirations has never been a straight line but a line of fine balance seeking equilibrium, twisting and turning. ~ Since the days of Eisenhower, the GOP has dominated close to 2/3 rd of that time and made both significant gains and losses.

        Today the GOP’s message is bad nor does their message match the GOP’s actions and DEEDS, while in this very same heartbeat , ~failing miserably to match the peoples true NEEDS.

        Today’s GOP has became a party of victims of it’s own doing, by it’s own hand as most American have woke up to the dysfunctional nature of their leaders and those people that are most willing to support them at any cost.

  • HenryJ

    If Romney had been a Contstitutional Conservative, instead of a mostly institutional-serving moderate temporarily using conservative rhetoric, then the situation would not have been “What Mitt Romney should have said…” but “What Mitt Romney would have said…” and the election would have better likely been won. The American people need and should have been given a man of and for the people, not just another institutional representative. But all he knows to say is what is his real character

  • rae

    I too mourn America. When obama gets done with us (as a people) and our country, there will be nothing left. Only he and his redical buddies, he and his crooks, he and his co-horts will have anything. He does NOT love American but then why should he as he is NOT an American! He is only out to put us into ruin, to take away the greatness this country has always had, to get even with us for some imaginairy wrong. All you who voted for him just remember come January and your tax bill is at a minimum 3500 dollares higher, when you or one on your loved ones need lfe saving surgery or medicine and it has to go to a panel of non-medical persons to decide if you are worthy of it or not, when you child wants to go to college but there is no money, when you have to close you small business because of the taxes adn obamacare, when you or your spouse looses you job …..then tell me what a great leader he is and why you were stupid enough to believe him. When he said the job wasn’t done, he didn’t mean fixing America, he ment he needed more time to ruin it, to make it an extention of China…..

    • Nick Czudy

      Rae- You are one of the Right wing that lives under the RWB (Right Wong Bubble)
      You are spouting conservatism.
      Obama is the furthest thing from radical. He is educated, calm, thoughtful and not prone to jumping to conclusions. If you want radical, just look at Rep Joe Walsh, Michelle Bachman, Mitch McConnell, Tod Akin, Allan West of South Carolina, Mourdock of Indiana. and the list goes on and on. all of the crazies and radicals are members of the GOP……………………………………………………………………………………………
      As far as your family dieing of some fatal disease. In the current system prior to Obama-care an executive of the Insurance company makes the decision on whether to administer care or to cut losses and make more profit, by letting your or your family member die. This is what has happened to many people who are unfortunate to get extremely sick. So would you rather have profit mongering executives be making the decision if you should live or die? Or rather a panel of doctors and civil servants who have nothing to gain or lose, making a decision on your treatment? I know what I would pick. I cannot think of any reason, on why a sane person, would want their life in the hands of Health Care executives. There are many movies and stories on how sick people have been abandoned when their health costs were too high. This will not happen with Obama-Care……………………………………………………………….
      And when you are your wife should lose their job, Obama will have social assistance and retraining to tide you over until you get another job,. The GOP want to cut these benefits to give the wealthy more profits to invest off shore, maybe even China like Mitt Romney did……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Rae. You are really living under the bubble. Or maybe you are living in Colorado and smoking a little too much of that magical weed? The only doom and gloom that we would have had, is if Romney won. Americans have seen what GOP power would do to America over the last two years. You had the radical Tea Partiers, willing to screw America, in order to make Obama fail. Just so that they could get back into power. In some countries that is called Treason. Here we pay them to be Congressmen. In those countries they would be hung for treason. And they have the gaul to call themselves patriots. What a joke.

  • http://libertydigest polmutant

    the rticle is utter foolishness. EVERYONE voted for obama. if you are sily enough to believe that a few minutes to push a button with a name on it is vote, think again it is not. For DECADES you have voted with your tax dollars to support unAmerican, unconstitutional policies. you voted to communistic, baby murdering homosexuals. Now you have what you paid for, why whine? So yes Romney and Root both voted for obama as well. do you really think driveling diareeha of the mouth will change anything that you financially support. A double minded man accomplishes nothing. so it is with voting and and paying tax on unconsitutional issues. so you see there is no seperation of church and state, you either love the one and hate the other. you cannot do both.

    • deerinwater

      Man can’t serve two master’s , money and God . ~ Government was never intended to be about money. ~ Money was never intended to be loved. ~ while it is true, desire and love are cousins.

      Jesus teachings encouraged us to be good citizens.

      I. Authority of Government

      A. God is ultimate authority – Rom. 13:1
      1. God is omnipotent
      2. God is sovereign – Ps. 75:7; Dan. 4:34
      B. God has instituted human government – Rom. 13:1; Prov. 8:15,16
      1. Not merely “social compact” or “consent of governed” or “will of majority”
      2. Jesus recognized authority of government
      a. Caesar – Matt. 22:15-22
      b. Pilate – Matt. 26:59; 27:1; John 19:11
      c. Herod
      d. High priest
      e. Sanhedrin
      C. Human government answerable to God
      1. servants of God – Rom. 13:6
      2. judged of God for failure to act in God’s authority – Ps. 2:2-6,10; Rev. 17-20
      D. Authority of government not dependent on moral character of leadership
      E. Form of government
      1. No particular form of government advocated – theocracy, autocracy, democracy
      2. God is a God of order.
      3. Any form of government better than no government, anarchy, chaos Judges 17:6; 21:25

      II. Function of Government

      A. Administration of justice
      1. judge with righteousness – Ps. 72:2
      2. crush the oppressor – Ps. 72:4
      3. rescue from oppression and violence – Ps. 72:14
      4. avenger who brings wrath on those practice evil -Rom. 13:4
      5. punishment of evildoers – I Peter 2:14
      6. use the sword – Rom. 13:4
      7. law and order
      8. government has right and obligation to resist overthrow, punish treason, defend itself
      B. General welfare of citizens
      1. vindicate the afflicted, care for needy – Ps. 72:4
      2. compassion for poor and needy – Ps. 72:13; Jere 22:16
      3. bring peace – Ps. 72:3
      4. praise of those who do right – Rom. 13:3; I Peter 2:14 (moral standards?)
      5. to allow for tranquil and quiet life – I Tim. 2:2
      6. public health and education?
      7. philanthropic activities?

      III. Responsibility to Government

      A. Respect and honor toward government – Rom. 13:7
      B. Submit to government – Rom 13:1; Titus 3:1; I Pet. 2:13
      C. Pay taxes to government – Lk. 20:25; Rom. 13:6,7
      D. Pray for government – I Tim. 2:2
      E. Serve in military?
      F. Serve in public office?

      IV. Disobedience of Government

      A. Authority of government is not unlimited.
      1. Not blind patriotism, “my country, right or wrong”
      2. Absolute, unqualified subjection due only to absolute, unqualified authority of God.
      B. Human government usurps God’s authority when demands subjection to laws contrary to
      God’s character and expectations.
      C. Legitimate cause for civil disobedience – Acts 5:29
      1. Not mere personal disagreement with ideology or policies
      2. Biblical examples
      a. Daniel – prayer – Dan. 6
      b. Peter – preaching – Acts 5:27-30
      c. Paul – Acts 16:35-40; Acts 17:7
      D. Resist government, resist God – Rom. 13:2
      1. Is there ever legitimate time to resist, oppose, revolt, rebel, undermine, subvert in insurrection,
      overthrow of government?

      • Paul Wells

        Thanks for that post, deerinwater. Wise counsel indeed!

  • braindeadus

    The question should be why did the republicans elect a loser like Romney, and not winner like Ron Paul.

    • deerinwater

      Because Ron Paul would not pull their wagon.

  • Louis Pike McCasland Jr.

    Hello Wayne: Too bad you were not the advisor and speech writer for Gov. Romney. If that was the case, Romney would be president today. Hang in there, I believe as you do, and I don’t give up easy.

  • gabbe anthony

    we forgot that conservatives got this country into a mess that obama rescued and we are so bigoted and timid not to see beyond t nose, hatred is eating so deep into conservatism that we don’t reason anymore. if we really love this country we should work with him and not obstruct, we should find a way to be relevant and not hate, conservatives only oppose government when it’s not in their favor, they should know that government have some role to play in our lives, look the destruction sand caused,don’t we see that only government can help stop the racism and hatred, it is not health

  • http://none nick beck

    lesson no.1—–more people vote for a living than work for a living PERIOD—you cant change that. lesson no.2—-if you stand by and let the second amendment be removed–you LOSE all chances of ever regaining what this country WAS about, and if that happens you simply DESERVE THE RESULTS,,,,

  • Francine Epstein

    I agree 110% with Wayne’s article. Unfortunately, how do you explain stupid? Perhaps in the future we should require voter’s to take voter qualification tests just like drivers. The tipping-point of those who selfishly prioritize their own needs above others; opting for Obama-phones and entitlement’s over the future security of country. There just is no reasoning with stupid; “stupid is as stupid does!” If you combine stupid and soulless in a voting booth you will get Socialism…

  • Delores Mills



    • Paul Wells

      So, Delores…if Congress were to suggest more giveaways that would increase our debt from $16.2 T to say, oh…somewhere north of $20T, you’d be okay with that? Because, in my view….COMPROMISE brought us the $16.2T debt, and lest you think I’m picking on Obama, I mean that for all, past presidents included!

      • Nick Czudy

        Paul. If you look at each of Obama’s last 4 years, you will see that he has been reducing the deficit even with an obstructing congress. Imagine what he could do if they co-operated and did their jobs. This Right wing mantra about Obama spending is another of the Right WIng Bubbles (RWB) lies. I hope that people in the RWB learn that almost everything that they have been told as RWB fact has actually been a lie. It is the standard practice under the RWB and you need to be able to get real facts if you are to be able to cope and live in our world. Gov. Romney had so many lies that he would refuse to reverse, that the middle and independents had to question if they could trust a president that would lie without a moments hesitation. Don’t be fooled by these lies. say them enough times and people will believe them.

        • Deerinwater

          Paul is not going to let go to all the lies that easy Nick. He is a believer!.

  • http://n/a David

    Flashy says:
    November 8, 2012 at 7:32 am
    “Given Root guaranteed Romney would win (on two occasions!),I’d proffer his opinions have about as much weight and substance as a bottomless leaky bucket in a fire brigade line. (now we see why he never gave an official book to allow wagering … lol)

    Romney and the GOP played hard ball…and President Obama showed the Dems that standing up to the school yard bullies is admired, and the People were waiting for someone to take the fight back to the GOP and to protect the Middle Class and working people of this Nation.

    We can see yesterday the GOP leaders are getting the message. And we can see the Tea Party fringe losing not only credibility, but a chair at the table. Both easy calls earlier this year and both noted by this poster. Extremism in our history has about a two year lifespan, and the TP’s time is up. The Fat Lady hasn’t yet sung, but she’s walking onto the stage.

    The massive redistribution of wealth away from the Middle Class to the wealthy is being attacked. Jobs and economic recovery is well under way, with the second part of this economic reset about to occur. Companies have modernized, have cash reserves, health care costs under control, a growing consumer demand market, due to robotics and lowering the labor pool needs productivity is up. Now the hiring begins.

    Sequestration is dead and revenues are now on the table as the GOP has got the point…marginalize the extremists or evolve into a regional minor power political party.

    What romeny should have said both during the general campaign and post election?

    “If you want to protect the Middle Class and move this Nation forward, give President Obama the additional four years. If you want a return to the Bush/Cheney policies and establish an aristocratic oligarchy, vote GOP”

    Very well said, Sir Flashey !! The American people have spoken, we have re-hired Mr. Obama for another four years. Have you ever heard of good sportsmanlike behavior wherein you shake hands with the winner, congratulate him and go back home and clean up your act ? Apparently not. Mr. Root, Limbaugh, Rove, Faux News, Citizens United, et. al., it is time to quit your whining and come on board with the rest of us that are going to move America forward for ALL Americans and not just the privileged few.

    Lies proliferated via hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollar$ are very powerful and can buy elections, and, you people on the dark side nearly pulled it off. But – guess what ? You failed. Our democracy is NOT for sale.

    As long as the haters flock to this rag and other gathering sites and you can make money, I’m sure you, Limbaugh, Beck, Faux News, etc., will continue on and laugh all the way to the bank. Us true patriots will be here on the streets, armed with the sword of truth, justice, and the American way and we will fight the forces of the dark side every inch of the way.


    • http://libertydigest polmutant

      spoken like a true communist. do you eat dogs too?

  • Bill

    I agree and I would have added that he should have said “How dare the democrat party coin the term republican war on women when it is the left
    that cheers Bill Mahr calling Ann Romney a [expletive deleted]
    And the White House hosts an evening with JZ
    who has made his fortune calling women bitches
    and whores.”
    Like it or not no community of any race will thrive
    When it’s overwhelming majority of men don’t love their women and children enough to stay and provide for them. Now I ask you my friends, Who really is fighting a war on women?

    • jeff

      ps you forgot the poster boy of the party, Bill Clinton. Oh yeah, the Monica thing was just boys being boys. Its really the Republicans who disrespect women.

      • deerinwater

        It’s not disrespect that women feels, as that would imply that women finds these few souls that attract personal sovereignty, worthy leadership position and the wanting of their respect not cast aside.

        The Far Right is attempting to install and use rough and unnecessary personal violation to run up the expense of Government for the sake of calling it “Leadership” and make somebody who shall stay nameless only RICHER is the process ~ and only then might the Pro Life be made happy. ~ for a spell.

        Women feel many things! ~~ violated and abused but two.

    • deerinwater

      “”How dare the democrat party coin the term republican war on women when it is the left that cheers Bill Mahr calling Ann Romney a [expletive deleted]”

      Hmm? I would never condone anyone that would make a verbal unwarranted attack on the lovely lady Mrs, Romney or her character, but I’d say the same about any woman. However the same can not be said among the many GOP pundits that insult and debase women for being women on a daily bases as a matter business.

      Even our Supreme Court failed Lilly Ledbetter in her quest for fairness from the “good ole boys club”. ~ Finding to deny her claim for back pay for failing to solicit the courts decision in a timely fashion while the Plaintiff injury and disparity kept secret and hidden from her knowledge for many years in a consorted manner , basically screwing Mr. Ledbetter out of over a hundred thousands of dollars of the course of her career that would have changed her life and the life of her family.

  • Amundsen

    As someone who grew up in Vegas, and I am a little older than you, I think you are just as extreme with your fear-mongering whack-oh rant as you were with your predictions for the election. And wrong. Remove all holidays except Ramadan? Like American retailers are going to let that happen. A little over the top, aren’t we?

    Oh and polmutant. How clever you are. DId you think that up on your own?

    • http://libertydigest polmutant

      just telling what I see. and what have you come up with?all of us that saw the illegal commie pink kenyan accepted by the joint chiefs of staff realized that the writing is on the wall.
      are you a proud welfare receiver or a proud welfare sponser?

    • http://libertydigest polmutant

      just telling what I see. and what have you come up with?all of us that saw the illegal commie pink kenyan accepted by the joint chiefs of staff realized that the writing is on the wall.
      enjoy your cage, and do not worry, i will laugh with you not at you.

      • http://facebook tydub

        polemutant, small minded, ignorent, hate filled people like yourself are going to just have to come to the realization that you no longer have the majority vote. every single advantage is no longer for you people alone.with the changing demergraphics, equility is being ushered in and the playing feild is being leveled for everyone. i understand that all small minded, ignorent hate filled people are upset because of that but, the silver lining is that sooner or later you will eventually all die off and then this great nation can be truly great when everyone not just white people will have an even shot at the american dream

        • http://libertydigest polmutant

          ??? i live in a WHITE country, that has NO welfare program, and i buy your amafrkan pesos for whatever i need when i have to come to obamaville. i have no hate but humor. think about it, ” I am a man a proud american man! but i need a food stamp to eat” hahhahaha. you are too stupid to realize how far backward your mentality took you. look at FX charts and read them if you can. want a tip?? watch your markets, they are ready to tank. too poor to pay attention you fail to realize money is not wealth, therefor your have become a country of illiterate beggers. i know 1 thing i made alot of money the last 4 years, every time your kenyan mauslim opens his mouth SELL USD, and USD assets. keep up the good work!

    • jeff

      I think you missed the point. Its no longer Christmas, its the holiday season or some such contrivance. Its no longer Easter, its spring break. And even if I give you that one, what about all the other points? Is your logic, if you can prove one wrong that that disproves all the rest? Re: age, what has that got to do with it? I too am older than Mr Root and maybe you as well. Does that necessarily make me smarter? 40 years experience can be one years experience 40 times, ie some people never learn.

  • Chris

    Haha – the religious clowns lost and so we are back to their conspiracy theories, racism, threats of violence, pure hatred and on and on.

    Just say no to ALL religions.

    • http://libertydigest polmutant

      and worship government??? other men??? hahahhaha. how deep is your ditch?

      • deerinwater

        Why must you feel something must always require worship? And if so, what is it that you worship?

        • Francine Epstein

          Deerinwater; and your point is?

          • deerinwater

            My point being, regarding the practice of worship, it is not compulsorily, an “either/ or” situation. To not worship one, does not imply worship worthy of the other.

            The term “worship” used so loosely, loses all meaning and I don’t see any good to come of it Francine.

            Framed inside context, this statement depends on a false premise when spoken as the poster implies some need to worship that simply is just not there but in the posters mind only.

            “polmutant says:
            November 10, 2012 at 10:43 am
            and worship government??? other men??? hahahhaha. how deep is your ditch?

            We must work to make people accountable for their words, for only then might they use them more wisely ~ and we hope to understand the spoken word. Once we lose the ability to communicate, our losses have only begun.

  • ChaznGwenie Gugins

    This is off topic but I had to make a statement about Wayne Allyn Root. Notice the first Thursday after the election he merely tells us everything Romney did wrong? What a joke. This guy up until this Thursday was telling us how smart he is as an odds maker and now look at what a horrible job he did with this prediction. No one can get predictions right all the time, but this guy is very cocky and he blew this call big. He did not merely predict a Romney victory but had the gall to predict a landslide victory. Now 2 days after the election not a word about his failed prediction. Odds maker my butt, he has embarrassed himself with this prediction and now won’t say a thing hoping you will all forget what he said. What an arrogant person. I know it is not on topic but I just wanted to say this as I am disappointed in the election but more so for an individual claiming to possess so much information the rest of us don’t have.

    I think it was easy to predict a Romney defeat because Romney is considered by the majority to be part of the problem, he is a Wall street guy that is part of the 1% and people do not think he can really be trusted. Plus it is well known Romney flip flops with his statements. The Republican party needs to regroup and figure out what went wrong and it has nothing to do with immigration policy. So if that is there focus they are quickly becoming quite an irrelevant party. I have been traditionally a Republican leaning independent and it hurts me to even say this but Republicans coming across as so self righteous is going to hurt them in elections because we are approaching a majority of takers.

    • jeff

      What difference does it make if his prediction was right or not? Yeah, its easy to be a Monday morning (or in this case Wednesday morning) quarter back. I dont care about that, but rather did this article get it right or not? The former issue is trivial compared to the latter. I say emphatically yes that his article did hit the nail on the head.. Incidentally, do you really think that Obama’s 1% is a reference to the Wall Street crowd. I believe he sees all of America as the 1% in terms of the global population, that the middle class he claims to be protecting is part of the 1% of the world and that his ultimate goal is not only wealth redistribution within this country, but also spreading/redistributing the wealth of this nation (including that of the middle class) to the rest of the world. So much for protecting the middle class and even those less well off, as they/we are the 1% of this world, If that seems far fetched, I would suggest the 2016 film.

    • Nick Czudy

      Hey ChanzGwen……wow what a long moniker. Well Basically what Wayne Root is, is a Republican pundit and he lives under the Right Wing Bubble (RWB). They have their own language and their own set of truths. They say things that are pure bull, but to their followers it is gospel truth. The biggest one was that the whole GOP platform was based on the false statement of “Obama’s Failed Policies”. This is the basic reason that Romney and many GOP politicians lost in this election. In fact, Obama’s policies saved our asses and he is probably one of the best Presidents that we have ever had. The GOP congress and Senate, did everything possible to make him fail to bring their mantra to reality. But after 4 years of obstruction, they still failed to make Obama fail. So their platform did not come true and they failed. But there are lies after lies that to all GOP living under their bubble they accept as truth. In the last 6 posts that I read, there is another one that all Right Wind accept as truth is that all left wing and Democrats are takers and they only want free stuff and hand outs. The ones that say “Amen” show that they are one of the (RWB) and that is a self evident truth to them, and it is accepted as truth. There are lots of their accepted truths that they accept that the rest of the world and educated people laugh at. For example there is the Minnesota Rep, Michelle Bachman, that goes on about man and dinosaurs lived together in this world around 10,000 years ago and that Darwin and evolution should be banned from being taught in schools. She wants the bible and creation to be the standard history and science to be feed to all children and they want these lies to be taught as the truth. The GOP congress have appointed three total bible thumping idiots to Congress’s science committee to make decisions that are supposed to based on science and they are there to obstruct any sound decision about global warming and other issues that should be based on science, but instead we have the three stooges that are making decisions on our ruling government based on the RWB lies. What happened in this election, was that for the first time, there were enough Americans that see through the lies and the bull [expletive deleted] that the GOP spout and they voted for truth, real science, real economics and real governance.
      Just look at how the GOP and Carl Rove spun the polls and their great predictions on how Romney would win this election. They knew that they were doomed. This spin and lies, was for the benefit of bolstering the moral of the GOP living under the RWB. The hope was, that there would be some miracle from God and more GOP would come out and vote for Mitt and there would be a land slide victory for Mitt. So the rest of us know about the spin and the crap that flows out of the mouths and test of the RWB and know better. We just get so mad after reading so much crap that we just want to reply and bring some sanity to the rest of Americans. We know what is crap and we have a hope that all of your RWB lemmings, that buy into this crap have to learn that you are being lied to.

      • OIupj Joiho

        What a LOAD of horse apples! Wayne Allen Root is a self-aggrandizinf tub whose “assessment” WHY Romney LOST the election is a RECITATION of the Tea Party-Line and COMPLETELY overlooks the REAL REASONS! The CRASH of 2008 was CAUSED by GREED, the GREED of Wall Street who SUBVERTED the rules of trading, PALMING OFF worthless debt marketed as “derivatives” (yeah, DERIVING from Horse PUCKEY, in plain language), and WINKING when asked if these instruments were “INSURED”! Sure they were insured–they just sold 22 TIMES more of them than their ENTIRE NET WORTH!

        Thanks to Ronnie RayGun’s DEREGULATING the banks, in 1982, bankers were able to also SUBVERT the rules (and GOOD SENSE),, LOANING money to FUEL this insanity! When the government STEPPED in, to keep the country from IMPLODING, bankers POCKETED much of the money MEANT to protect the average CITIZEN! THey paid themselves HUGE bonuses, while doing NO BUSINESS! Oh, and the “bail-out”? That WAS NOT Obama’s IDEA! It was the idea of Junior Bush’s “team” lead by Henry Paulson, FORMER head of the CHIEF miscreants, Goldmah-Sachs!

        The Mittster TOLD so MANY lies, mistruths, fabrications and dissembling half-truths, the average voter said the HECK WITH him, and voted for the other guy! Your “MESSAGE” did NOT appeal to ANY but the DUMBEST, most racist, ignorant voters! Anyone with HALF a brains said to themselves, “WHY in the world would I want someone who WAS PART OF THE PROBLEM to be in the White House? Someone who PRESIDED over the DESTRUCTION of American Manufacturing, and POCKETED the MONEY that COULD have made possible the CONTINUED EMPLOYMENT of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of workers? WHY WHY WHY, would ANYONE ever vote for a VULTURE CAPITALIST, who DID NOT pay “income” taxes for FIFTEEN YEARS, until he decided he HAD to in order to RUN FOR PRESIDENT!

        If you have NOT read the MANY articles, FROM LEGITIMATE news sources, telling of Romney’s DEPREDATIONS, his DESTRUCTION of businesses whose ONLY crime was NOT making Wall Street ENOUGH MONEY to keep them from JUNKING them! The LAST 32 YEARS of the “RayGun Revolution” and the “Tea Party” MADNESS has ONLY resulted in the COST OF EVERYTHING going UP, UP, UP, and away, leaving the REST of us clinging by our fingernails! And, when you TALK of “entitlements” WHY do you NEVER include POLITICIAN’S PENSIONS?

        In FACT, GOVERNMENT pensions, to workers who almost ALWAYS got out and GET ANOTHER JOB, while collecting their “pension”, represent a $1.6 TRILLION unfunded liability on city, county, state and federal governments! While YOU have been YAPPING about someone getting a FEW PENNIES in “welfare” or Food Stamps, THOSE BUZZARDS have been BLEEDING us DRY! They simply MENTION your BUZZ Words, those topics you SALIVATE over, taxes, abortions, defense, and the rest, and YOU LOSE YOUR ABILITY TO THINK! While you’re staggering around in ECSTASY, they are LOOTING the treasury!

        The DEFICIT? It was ONLY $47 Billion, the LAST TIME Jimmy Carter signed one. Ronnie RayGun OVERSPENT MORE THAN 20 TIMES as much–in his FIRST term, then DID IT AGAIN, in his 2nd! Junior Bush OVERSPENT SIX and a half TIMES as much in his time, YET you don’t SCREAM for his head, do you? WHY? because he is white? Because he is repugnant? There aren’t any other reasons I can see, He was an IDIOT, who DESERTED in wartime, REGARDLESS how many times Dan Rather is FORCED to “apologize”! ALL Junior EVER had to do, to “disprove” Dan’s allegations, was to CALL the records section in St Louis MO, where the military KEEPS ALL former members of the military records, and THE NEXT MORNING, his file would have been SITTING on his desk, or some poor Lt in charge would have been SWEEPING FLOORS in GUAM, or wherever the WORST POSSIBLE post is, these days!

        No, you bozos THINK with your heads UP you backside. The “leaders” you choose LIE to you, like “WAR”–what do you want to BET that guy NEVER served in the military? Neither did Rush, Sean, Bill-O, or Dick Cheney! Or MOST of the BEST FLAG WAVERS YOU EVER SAW, who FURIOUSLY wave the flag and INSULT those who DID SERVE! You should be ASHAMED of yourselves, for EVER allowing ANY of these DRAFT DODGERS insult, abuse or denigrate ANY veteran, regardless of his party! EVERY veteran DESERVES more respect, than to be MISTREATED by a crowd of DRAFT DODGING a-holes who wanted to MAKE money in the GREATEST COUNTRY in the world, but NOT serve her interests.

        Romney claimed he was “TOO IMPORTANT” (his words) to go to VietNam, because “God had a plan for (him)”, AS IF God would not have protected him, and brought him home safe, AS he did ME! The FIRST 122mm ROCKET fired to START Tet, in 1968, LANDED 12 feet from MY head! It did NOT explode, or I would NOT be here, to tell you this! God put His hand out,and stayed the fuse, so I could come home safe, and raise two sons! IF the Mittster had been so by-goshed “important”, God would have done AT LEAST that much, too! Instead, Romney did what he has ALWAYS done, he FUDGED his bets! That’s what his “business” experience is, a LONG, SAD list of FUDGING! Borrowing money, to buy companies, then FORCING the company to BORROW the money he used to buy it, to REPAY him, so HE’S in for FREE! Then, he arranges an IPO to SELL STOCK, raking off a comfortable percentage for HIMSELF, and LEAVES the whole stinking mess to percolate, and 20% of the time, GO INTO BANKRUPTCY, leaving the shareholders HOLDING the bag, full of WORTHLESS stock!

        Is THAT who you REALLY wanted for President? That’s YOUR idea of a “patriot”, a “true” American? Your ideas REALLY suck! Of course, you’ve been SOLD a bill of goods, by those IDIOTS you LISTEN to, those DRAFT-DODGING pinheads who are REALLY ONLY INTERESTED in SELLING you something, so THEY can get rich on YOUR anger, YOUR resentment, YOUR hate, which THEY stirred up in the FIRST PLACE! It’s a VICIOUS CIRCLE, and YOU are the JERKS in the MIDDLE of it–and you DO know what a circle-jerk is REALLY about, don’t you?

        I suspect they WON’T let this one be posted, but SOMEONE had to SAY IT! You are your OWN worst enemies, because you BELIEVE almost ANY dumb thing you;re TOLD, IF it sounds like WHAT you want to hear! That is called a SELF-FULFILLING PROPHECY!

      • deerinwater

        Wow! another most powerful write up , ~ that was wonderful OIupj Joiho !

        No rebuttals offered yet on that posting ~ I don’t think anyone darn attempt it.

        Glad you make it home soldier. I came in country later 68, ~ based in Chu Chi with the 25th , the talk was still lively about the Tet offensive when I got there, They had hit Chu Chi with a Sapper teams with satchel charges, cutting some throats on the perimeter guard, making their way inside camp, which was then followed by rockets. They were attempting to hit 10 acres of fuel batterers and make Big Medicine inside a target rich area. A far cry from a route but a brazen attempt to, none the less.

        That was a great summation and written with the intensity I have felt and had to lived with for many years, as far back as 86. While some people would have the gall to suggest that I’ve been asleep and it is only they that hold title to the facts.

        And then these cook suckers expect us to pay for their pleasures of screwing us over!

        You have fired my up again.

        These greedy crooks still walk among us, ~ they have skirted the law and avoided prosecution and more determined then ever. The bottom dropping out of Wall Street 300 point was their protest to Willard’s defeat. ~No doubt , they had “plans”. Myself, I’d like to see them jumping out of window and make blood pies and road pizza in the streets below.

    • deerinwater

      ChaznGwenie Gugins says;

      “I ( ChaznGwenie Guginshave; been traditionally a Republican leaning independent and it hurts me to even say this but Republicans coming across as so self righteous is going to hurt them in elections because we are approaching a majority of takers.”

      WOW! somebody that gets it!

      Bless you for your offering,

  • http://none Ted

    This speech covers our economic woes very well, but I see very little in this speech or other blogs about Obama breaking the law and being a criminal. He deemed DOMA unconstitutional and refused to enforce it along with immigration laws. He even filed a lawsuit against Arizona for enforcing the federal and their state laws. If we as individuals and part of the general public would have defied laws as he has, we would be in Leavenworth. He should be the first one to follow the laws whether he likes them or not, and if he doesn’t like them he should follow the proper procedures to change them, not just ignore and defy them. He is an outlaw and a criminal, not my president or leader. Impeachment would be to good for him.

    • deerinwater

      Ted says; ” He even filed a lawsuit against Arizona for enforcing the federal and their state laws.”

      Right! defending each Americans Bill of Rights ~ and due process of law found in his favor with a few exceptions. ~ It was the right thing to do, ~ as Arizona was attempting set precedence and abridge the Bill of Rights, opening the door where each state might attempt to do the same.

  • Ben olivas

    Why only whites are talking bad about the president? I don’t hear non of this from anybody else. Whites are not the only Americans, America is doing good under Obama, is people like you that make this country bad. Accept that he won, and that he’s the president of the USA. Stop just stop with all this trash.

    • jeff

      Its not about black or white. Its about the disastrous eonomic policies put in place by the current administration and the ones yet to come. When the economy totally collapses everyone will be hurt irrespective of color. The only thing that might prevent that is an energy bonanza (think fracking/private industry/yes we did build that) which may create so much wealth that the economy of this country will survive in spite of, rather than because of the current administration. In this case the masses will likely hail the president and gladly turn over even more of what few personal liberties remain, perhaps even handing him a 3rd and even 4th term (yes I realize that is prohibited now, but we’ve long since not let a little thing like the Constitution get in the way of “progress”)

      • deerinwater

        ” Its not about black or white. Its about the disastrous economic policies put in place by the current administration and the ones yet to come. When the economy totally collapses everyone will be hurt irrespective of color. ”

        No, not at all, ~ The GOP had made it about Obama and you only elect to agree. ~ The GOP ran us in the ground and Obama is just not cleaning up their mess fast enough.

        I would not expect you or the GOP to admit it. That would not be like either of you.

        W did have a DNC controlled Congress his last two year, but by then the damage was already done, the decision to “spend” had been made! while American~ jobs continued to pour off shores, illegals continued to pour in, American were losing their jobs in record numbers, insurance companies were dropping people health care when they needed it the most.

        The Attorney Generals Office was just a rubber stamp for W’s administration used to beat up his perceived adversaries and did little to police the administrations actives, especially in regard to any “conflict of interest” as Dick the Snake Chaney lined his pockets.

        The Security and Exchange Commission staffed their ranks with employees fresh out of college and green as a gourd , obvious to the ways of unethical business practices, ~ basically asleep at the switch while draw Federal pay with moochy benefits. This lack of oversight allowed people in the likes of Bernie Madoff ~ to make off with 100′s of millions of investors dollars.

        The size of Federal and state government gained 9 million new government employees in just 8 years!

        Our Southern Border got a nice new fence, constructed contract lent out to American minorities ( American Indians), who sub’ed the works out to contracted that employed Mexican Nations and illegals as Day Labor, gathered each day by the pickup load. While this fence was never completed, so the state of Arizona got the place when the gate was suppose to be with NO”Gate” , So Arizona was over ran with Illegals. While on a up note , the state of Alabama foundries received the contract to produce and supply the “All Weathering Steel”.

        In Texas it was a different story, ~ the price for a Coyote to get someone across the river just went up $200.00 for each pair of ears.

        Two unjustified and unfunded protracted wars that have lasted longer the WWI AND II with a protracted price tag including VA benefits of 7 Trillion dollars and the very lives of 9700 Coalition forces. As we had a sitting President that response was “Bring it on”

        Now, I don’t expect any apologize from you or the GOP, ~ but you can damned well cool your Jets about what Bronco Bama has done in his efforts to clean up this nasty mess.

      • jeff

        First off, I really like your blog name. Second thanks for the reply, was beginning to think no one was going to respond, one way or the other. There was no reply link on your 723pm post “its not black or white” noticing you had many others that did, I hit the reply on one of them. I think you presume to know more about me than you do. My intent was not to defend Bush policy, in fact I would acknowledge that he got the deficit spending and bailouts ball rolling big time, ie laying the groundwork for even greater deficit spending and bailouts of Obama which was what I was referring to re:disastrous economic policies of the current administration (and thus by inference am also applying this charge to his predecessor). I have read some of your many posts, but must admit to not have taken the time to study them. Am not sure where you were going with the Biblical outline re: government, but i do regard the Bible to be the ultimate source of truth, so would be interested in more of a bottom line summary of just what your main point(s) were You also seem to be opposed to immigration policies, at least in their current form, which if I am reading you right would be an area in which we could find agreement. In my view the current immigration issues find their roots in the Hart-Celler Act of 1965 (LBJ-Great Society). What are your thoughts on that? Am not going to get into foreign policy except to say that the Libya controversy looks to have all the signs of a major cover up/scandal. Not the same as what you seem to see as 2 unnecessary wars, but still not small potatoes either.

      • jeff

        contd from above…seems to be a size limit…

        I get the idea that one of your big gripes is crony capitalism, which is one of mine too, however, you seem oblivious to the fact that it cuts both ways, ie Bronco has his own crony’s to please. I think everyone has the wrong idea re: what Obama means by the 1%. I believe Bronco sees the entire US of A as the 1% of the world’s inhabitants and his goal is redistributing/spreading the wealth of this nation to the remaining 99% of the globe. I believe that fits into his one world government viewpoint. Outlandish, perhaps, but then again the 2016 movie may be onto something. Will not argue whether Obama is a Communist or socialist or whatever. No matter the label I do not believe he has the best interests of this nation (you, me or anyone else) at heart. Admittedly, I am way out in left field now, so will conclude with one simple thought…the heck with both parties, lets get back to Constitutional government, but alas that was not a choice this go around so I opted for what I perceived as the least disastrous of the 2 choices and see no reason to apologize for that.

      • deerinwater

        Well, Jeff ~ I just don’t see the consorted anti-American behavior in Obama that you speak of. ~ The RIGHT has ran a negative campaign again Bronco Bama since day one, such a steady diet of consuming this poison does eventually blur the vision. You have many to thank for this, starting with yourself. followed by a Brigade of political hacks that created these false ideas , hacks that have enjoyed a level of success and tasted victory using such strategy in the past by spreading them on a wholesale level through media platforms such as FoX News, the “Disinformation Station”. But attempt to understand Jeff, for a functional, rational person that does not hold tight to a single bias, these carefully crafted illusions are most obvious. It’s not called “FoX” for no reason Jeff, making you the victim of your own appetite and own free will to “believe”.

        When asked , ~ most people don’t like the smell of manure regardless what pretty face is offering it up, with pretty sets and vivid colors , running caption and live sports coverage, FoX is mining for your soul. While Gold plating a turd might well enhance it’s appearance and hide the smell, ~ most of us still recognize it for what it is, even if you installed wheels.

        There has been nothing positive in the GOP’s talking points, their self defeating matter in their quest to bring Obama down. Some people enjoy and thrive on such things, this perception that to elevate ones self is to required to bring someone down rather then do the work to aspire on ones own merits. It seems as if they are lazy and refuse to the work or make the compromises, finding spreading contempt , doubt and longing by the shovel full ~much more fun! ~ and a whole lot easier to do.

        Whether or not the GOP takes this most recent resounding defeat to heart and learns from it, ~ willing to adjust and made the necessary changes to appeal to more people and win at the Polls, ~ I sort of doubt it.

        It is not in their nature to confess, concede or change. They would rather fall on their own sword then do any of those things while outright lying and misrepresenting the facts saves them from such a dismal end.

        To depend on lies to stay alive “is” the GOP today, while it was not always so. It was once a . party of grand ideas that included the majority of Americans. That day has now pasted.

      • jeff

        It seems that trying to find common ground with Mr Deerinwater by suggesting possible points of agreement is a waste of time, in that the only topic of interest appears to be the unequivocable defense of Mr Obama and attack of any who do not hold him in the highest regard (most especially Republicans of any stripe). Having wasted the better part of Saturday evening reading and responding to various posts on this site it becomes readily obvious that none of the lines in the sand are likely to be breached (my own included I suppose, although I would at least be willing to concede that for the sake of this nation and posterity I hope that I have misjudged what seems so plain to me regarding the current administration). And so I will leave you all to your own devices, time being too precious to waste tilting at windmills. The thought, get a life comes to mind, however that is too harsh in that for some, this forum seems to provide a means of entertainment….a hobby of sorts. I certainly would not want to judge you on the time spent on your hobby, just as I would not want you to judge me for time spent on mine. So without further ado, I say adieu to one and all.

        • deerinwater

          Jeff says’ “It seems that trying to find common ground with Mr Deerinwater by suggesting possible points of agreement is a waste of time, in that the only topic of interest appears to be the unequivocable defense of Mr Obama and attack of any who do not hold him in the highest regard (most especially Republicans of any stripe).”

          Well Jeff, ~ I’m a reasonable man but defend and attack, bark and bite is what I do. I’m a Conservative democrat on a conservative forum that attracts all members of a Hyjacked Party affiliation. I am in enemy territory, as many here have made it so clear.

          It’s a good thing to find common ground, it’s a good thing to understand our differences.

          You soften your attack, I will soften my defense. But this is not the Love Boat.

          Jeff, you need to understand, every facet of Obama’s life has under went attack for the last 4 years. If you banner a “Truce Flag” , you need to raise it higher. and step up with your hands over your head.


    All of you pitiful whinners on this sight, Yes President Obama WON!!!!! Yes, I voted for him!!! Yes, He Is President!!! So Shut,The H— Up!!!! You should have been this concerned when George Bush and Dick Cheney was in office. If you want to blame some one, Blame Them For This Mess and, Leave Our President out of it!!!! Justice will Be done and, I am happy for it. Do What The Majority Of The Voters Put You in office to do President Obama and forget about all the rest of these WHINNERS.” We have Your Back” !!!

    • Francine Epstein

      You poor little misguided socialist you! I can see you know very little of neither history or economics; I will give you the short lesson starting with Clinton. 1. he signed the NAFTA agreement; he really didn’t need to do that because none of the 535 elected representatives had yet read the bill. 2. Clinton really did not need to start giving our technology away to China; he did not have our permission to do that… 3. The Clinton economy was based on the bubble; when that bubble burst he repealed Glass-Steagall Act; this opened the door for the banks to start making cheater loans and a whole lot of other things which I could tell you about but would probably be way over your head. Socialist and those who would promote Socialism as an economic solution for equality have no concept of history. I suggest that you go YouTube The Economic Collapse of Greece! II would suggest a few good books for you; however, I’m pretty sure that you are in the habit of reading very little… Also why don’t you YouTube William K Black; he gave some excellent speeches at the World Economic Summits this year and BTW: I have a feeling he might be a liberal… Not that I hold that against him; but he is a pretty good economist. If you do read I would you suggest that you read William K Black’s book, “The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One.” or you might read Barry James Dyke’s book, “The Pirates of Manhattan I & II”; Great reads! And I will assure you all recommended reading will provide you with a wealth of information regarding the economy. Including the economic roots of the plight we find ourselves in today…

      • jeff

        Agree with your post. Sadly it goes back even further though to Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt (who was helped mightly politically by massive oil discoveries/wealth creation on his watch as was his cousin during his presidency), LBJ (Hart-Celler Act, the heart of current immigration problems), and on it goes to the present. Just a thought, do you think George Washington or any of the founding fathers could be elected or even get on the ballot in 2012? I think they would be seen as way too far to the right to have a prayer.

        • Francine Epstein


          Please note I said I was giving him the short lesson. I think I would have lost him if I tried to take him clear back to the roots of the Progressive Movement from Europe to the US. It is funny that you ask me about the founding fathers being elected today. No I don’t suppose they would; I was just debating with a childhood friend of mine, whom I connected with after 40 years; only to find out that she is so far left of Lenin we have little to share with each other. Today we were still disagreeing about the election and out of the clear blue she told me that Thomas Jefferson had things all wrong; where do you go from there?


      • deerinwater

        Deerinwater here;

        Well, ~~~ here is you first fallacy and I have no desires to read the rest of your posting Francine Epstein. I quote;

        “Clinton.~ he signed the NAFTA agreement; he really didn’t need to do that because none of the 535 elected representatives had yet read the bill.”

        Now explain to me exactly how, Ross Poret had read the NAFT document but 535 elected statesmen had not!

        Ouote Ross Perot Bio;
        “Based on his performance in the popular vote in 1992, Perot was entitled to receive federal election funding for 1996. Perot remained in the public eye after the election and championed opposition to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), urging voters to listen for the “giant sucking sound” of American jobs heading south to Mexico should NAFTA be ratified.”

        And NAFTA it’s self, ~ was but an instrument by which business could be conducted ,much like any tool, a device, a weapon. Do we hold the creators of tools accountable for how they have been employed?

        I would say, “No”, not normally, not when this tool in question is available to any of those that wish to employ it. The creator only needs to produce a functional device that serves the propose as claimed. Any harm or damage resulting from misuse of the device, you have the civil court system at your disposal to seek retribution.

        I would be the first to agree Francine ( I like that name) NAFTA has done the USA great harm, but it was in the way in which it was employed, ~with little to no oversight, at a point in time where the AG office of W Bush administration refused to address “conflict of Interest” among large campaign contributors.

        Now you can blame Slick Willie, if you want too, there is more then enough blame to go around. But it amazes me, ~ how people can pick and choose when and when not to hold their Congress & Senate accountable. Or that H Bush was in at ground zero in the creation of NAFTA and actually signed it into existence himself, where as much later it passed both the House and Senate and was ratified by the hand of William Jefferson Clinton, then President of these United States.

        “Negotiation and U.S. ratification

        Following diplomatic negotiations dating back to 1986 among the three nations, the leaders met in San Antonio, Texas, on December 17, 1992, to sign NAFTA. U.S. President George H. W. Bush, Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and Mexican President Carlos Salinas, each responsible for spearheading and promoting the agreement, ceremonially signed it. The agreement then needed to be ratified by each nation’s legislative or parliamentary branch.
        Before the negotiations were finalized, Bill Clinton came into office in the U.S. and Kim Campbell in Canada, and before the agreement became law, Jean Chrétien had taken office in Canada.”

        • Francine Epstein

          I was a part of the group In 1993 that were contacting our representatives to ask them two questions… 1. Have you read the NAFTA agreement? 2. Are you planning to vote for it? If they replied yes we ask them to please read the agreement first. The majority of responses that we received were no they had not read either of the two volumes of the NAFTA agreement; and yes they were still voting for the agreement… The majority of the representatives today neither read the 2700 pgs. of ObamaCare but, voted for it anyway. There lies a great problem; nobody reads what they are signing away our futures to. Perhaps the next piece of legislature that is signed has Sharia Law bundled into it; note: that I said maybe… If someone in Washington really wanted to clean up that hornets’ nest they have going on there; someone would pass a bill requiring all legislation need be read first before signing; end of story! They also need to stop bill-bundling the legislation towards the eleventh hour. That get rid of the Federal Reserve, and ban all lobbyist! Not going to happen!

    • jeff

      I agree that in some regards (eg the beginning of bailouts) that President Bush did us no favors. But come on now, its 4 years later and we’ve made precious little, if any, economic headway (in fact it could be argued that we are on the brink of economic collapse and running out of counterfeit money to further postpone the day of reckoning). Assuming we surive the trillions and trillions of debt and unfunded liabilities, will you still be blaming our problems on Bush 4 years from now? As far as being a pitiful whiner, please consider that when one points their finger at another, that 3 fingers are pointing back in their own direction. Whining ,whether about something that happened 4 years ago or a few days ago is still whining.

  • Ben olivas

    Why only whites are talking bad about the president? I don’t hear non of this from anybody else. Whites are not the only Americans, America is doing good under Obama, is people like you that make this country bad. Accept that he won, and that he’s the president of the USA. Stop just stop with all this trash. Nothing is wrong.

  • Jeff M.

    Do you conservatives make me think of dinosaurs, looking up at an asteroid streaking across the sky, not realizing that they are finished. Your 15 minutes regrettably lasted years, but you are gleefully running off the cliff of relevancy, and I for one, couldn’t be happier.

    • http://libertydigest polmutant

      declaring themselves to be wise, they have become fools. are you a proud welfare recipient, or a proud welfare sponser?

    • Francine Epstein

      Jeff, there is just no explanation for stupid; and you sound very stupid to me! We the dinosaurs whom you refer to, are trying to teach you the things that you should have learned in school but, apparently didn’t.

  • Delores Mills

    A few hours ago, I posted, “Romney lost, Obama won—GET OVER IT. If the obstructionist Congress learns that compromise is not a dirty word, it will be morning in America.”

    Since then, my email box has been flooded with nasty comments about Obama. After reading a few, I decided to delete the rest. It’s obvious that many of you are in mourning and need to vent. No problem— WRITE ON while President Obama continues to work to improve the country for all of us, including the ones who demonize him.

    • http://libertydigest polmutant

      you are definately on the welfare dole. and oblivious to reality. to even post such rubbish. are you one of the proud americans that cannot feed and house themselves?

  • jeff

    Amen to all of that written by Wayne Allyn Root. I sure wish Romney had you for a speechwriter and had actually delivered that indictment, the indictment of TRUTH. Going into 2012 I was politically pretty naive. Definitely against Obama, but that based on only a cursory knowledge of what was actually going on in this country. What finally woke me up was a graph which showed the exponential growth in deficit spending of the past few years (which in fairness I will admit started with Bush, but which more than doubled under Obama). That chart really scared me. Ever since then I have been trying to soak up as much information as I can from where ever I can re: the mess we are in and how we got there. What I discovered is that its all the reasons stated above and many more. However as many reasons as there are, there is but one simple root cause…we as a nation are in the process of abandoning the Constitution in favor of Socialism. Based on the electoral results, one might even argue that we are further along than just being in the process of abandoning the Constitution, as it appears that the majority of this country (at least the ones who bothered to vote), prefer European style socialism to the basic tenants of the U.S. Constitution (one of the chiefmost being protection of private property, without which the concept of Liberty suffocates and dies for lack of a solid foundation.). I have read many blogs on this site, so please dont waste your time with replies re: I couldnt vote for the lesser of two evils or about how bad they treated Ron Paul or that it doesnt matter who wins as they are all controled by the uber rich. Wake up…it does matter. Our country is certainly on a slippery slope to utopian totalitarianism and the decision made Nov 6th only accelerates that slide. Would Romney be my first choice…no. Having said that though he would at least buy a little bit more time for more and more people to see whats going on and to get things turned around before its too late. Yes we would still be headed the wrong direction, but at least not at an accelerating rate. As I said at the outset, not long ago I too had my head in the sand and would never have envisioned myself writing as I just have. If I can come to my senses, its my fervent hope that millions of others can as well in the weeks and months ahead. I’ve already enjoyed many more years of life than I have left to go. My concern (and my tears as I conlude this) are not for myself but rather for my kids and grand kids and your kids and grandkids. This is not a game. The consequences are deadly serious. May God bless America and help us reclaim America.

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    Well… Mr. Root: If Romney had done it your way… It wouldn’t even been as close as it was!!! Politics is about being Frends with everyone! For Self!

    • jeff

      My observation is that politics is not so much “about being Friends with everyone”, but rather creating the illusion of being friends, largely thru the giving of gifts (and if those gifts can be funded by someone else, particularly those who oppose you, so much the better). If you truly think the current government is your friend or any other citizen’s, let me put it like this, I’ve got some prime swampland you might be interested in investing in. The gifts are not free. They come with a price tag, your vote, and more importantly your willlingness to be satisfied with being less than you could be. No gift is worth the loss of liberty.

  • FWO21

    All the people that voted for anyone other than Romney, gave his vote to Obama because that was one less vote for Romney. I tried that in 2008 and we got Obama. Well, unless he can get the US Constitution changed, he will be out in 4 years. THANK GOD!!!

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    Mr. Root: It’n NOT what He Should have said… It’s what YOU Should have said!!!!
    That you believe that there so many dumb Christians, that they are shackled to a Preacher in Government Office, & Won’t let go… ( There Seames to be Many, but not enough!)

  • DAnny

    Here is what the idiotic residents of their parallel universe were saying on Monday.

    “I am not in the prediction business, but those who are in the business are predicting a Mitt Romney victory tomorrow. Right-wing pundits Dick Morris and Karl Rove both predict a Romney victory, with Morris saying it will be a landslide. They are number crunchers. They know what they’re talking about. Our own Wayne Allyn Root predicted a Romney landslide as well. I have believed for several weeks that the race was Romney’s. It was decided in June at the Bilderberg conference. Even while President Barack Obama was polling ahead of Romney, it appeared to me that Obama had been thrown under the bus by the world’s elite. His policies, though approved by the elites, had become too toxic. Obama had overreached. He had moved too quickly. So the policies he advocated on their behalf were being rejected by most Americans.”

    Despite this irrefutable evidence that Wayne Allen Root and all the other cretins who write for this blog are full of [expletive deleted], all you demented readers continue on diddlying yourself with your imaginary nonsense. Just know that the real world is laughing at you.

    • deerinwater

      DAnny says; “. It was decided in June at the Bilderberg conference. Even while President Barack Obama was polling ahead of Romney, it appeared to me that Obama had been thrown under the bus by the world’s elite. His policies, though approved by the elites, had become too toxic. Obama had overreached. He had moved too quickly. So the policies he advocated on their behalf were being rejected by most Americans.”

      I say, That was a very powerful write-up Danny; I enjoyed it.

      So are you attempting to tell us that you listened to these misguided people that you “believe” are bright on aiding people to get elected, knowing where the bones are buried and was somehow fooled?

      Well DAnny ~ They don’t call it FOX NEWS for nutt’en ~~ don’t ch’a know? FOX broadcast 24/7, New – Weather & Sports with regurgitated Commentary from the men you just mention. ~~ I did try to tell folks many times over the years but they refused to listen.

      I would only like to ask just one thing of you for my own understanding; ~ could you elaborate on your sentence ” His policies, though approved by the elites, had become too toxic. Obama had overreached.”

      That would be most helpful to me and I admire your viewpoint. ( The summary sentence excluded of course.) but I need to better understand what you are attempting to covey.

  • Cheryl Lynn

    Wayne Allyn Root for President. You got my vote. What I want to know did the electronic voting machines corrupt the election? Is this being investigated? We were able to change the direction after Carter and Clinton why couldn’t we change it this time? This many people just can’t be that stupid. It must have been corruption bigger than 2008..

  • louieC

    Great thoughts. Now we need backbone not just opinions. I am elderly. Coming up on 66 .. I pray I live to see the day we go back to our founding principles. We shall see.

  • Joe Hammond

    Yo Wayne! What a loser you are! You predicted something that was wrong. You preach crap like we should die for Israel when that country has spied on the USA and even attacked and killed USA citizens. You seem to foregt that the US car industry has paid back almost all of the money lent it. You would create a civil war to protect your strange mythology from a book that has been rewritten how many times?…8 at least including the Council of Nicea that drop whole chapters from it.

    Admit you were wrong. Show some backbone and be responsible for your errors. 3 million more people voted for Obama than Romney. What would you do with them? Put them in a FEMA camp? Force them to worship your mythology like we did the children of the Native Americans? Not one peep out of you about the bloated military spending (bigger than the next 17 countries combined) that is proping up the decaying US Empire overseas. Or the fact a group of rich white boys tried real hard to buy the election and failed (ask Karl Rove before Sheldon Adelson gets him some private desert land in Nevada). Or that by using the concept of voter fraud crooked repubs in many places tried voter supression that only motivated people to stand in lines for hours in order to vote.who would have bothered to vote Or the fact that all the white boy fools who claimed that pregnancy from rape was god’s will were defeated by people that normal conservatives would have crushed (like Sharon Angle got crushed by Harry Reid in Nevada when the polls said 2/3 of Nevadans hated Reid and Angle was someone else you supported). It is the weird, radical, un-patriotic positions of people like you that has driven all the minorities and much of the women’s vote from the conservative movement and 40% of the white male vote as well.

    We need a return to the concept of fiscial responsibility, avoiding foreign entanglements, staying out of people’s bedrooms, not forcing mythology down people’s throats, stopping the jailing of hemp users to create a greater profit for the rich white boys, re-build education on science and not on faith; and stop trying to conquer the world!!! Re-build the USA, not Israel!!! Let the Arabs determine the way they want to be governed. End the NEA and oil subsidies. End NPR and the military-industrial complex. End welfare to expanding families and corporations. Balance the budget. Cut the pay of Congress. Term limits for all. Break up the big banks because they are Trusts…And that is just the beginning

    Reagon would despise what has happened to this movement from the likes of you……

  • Merl Elton

    Sadly, the electorate has changed, permanently.The old school far-right Republicans are dying out. Women and minorities determine who is elected in this country–not whites, who by the way did not turn out; and did not believe that Hispanics, Blacks, and Women would turn out in far greater numbers, as they will in every election. Whites and conservatives got complacent and did not coalesce around Romney. However, Romney could have won despite the odds, if he had done the following: Never said he did not care about the 47%; never said he was against family planning; never told illegals to self deport; never told Ohio that he did not support the auto bailout; never selected Ryan as a running mate; hammered Aiken and other far-right idiots for their” killing” comments about women and rape–Romeny let his far-right base do him. Liberals delighted in watching Republicans eat their own. Libs are lapping up Rep tears with glee. Romney should have laid out a definite plan for creating jobs. He lost because he did not fight like hell against the Dems charge that “he (Romney) looks like the guy who fired you.” He also lost because he did not fight light a tiger against Obama in the last debate by going after him about Bengzhi, etc; and by jumping around about foreign policy and not being more knowledgeable about foreign policy. Romney lost because he could not aggressively sell America that we would be the better choice and would create jobs and grow the economy and help all Americans. He should have waited 4 more years to run,because beating a very popular, well-liked incumbent is nearly impossible no matter how great your campaign. Bad judgement on Romney’s part. So bad, that it seems that he intentionally wanted to lose.

  • Merl Elton

    Nope, people of color or other “disadvantaged” who would bring down others due to their distorted ideaology about being oppressed should invent, create something that makes lots of money or accept their situation as a result of the unfairness of life and nature–not because it is a white person’s fault or a smart, hard-working person’s fault. Stop being lazy, resentful, mean, bitter, jealous, violent. Stop the Attitude of Entitlement and you might get off of welfare and stay out of jail.

  • lowlywise

    First, let me say I can’t stand either Romney or Obama. After I saw “Obama 2016″ I seriously considered Romney That was until I found out that apparently that film was backed by the Koch Brothers. And when I considered the kind of people Romney would appoint to the Supreme Court, justices hell-bent on overthrowing Roe v. Wade and by implication, keeping all women barefoot and pregnant, and upholding the kind of asinine views put forward by Todd Akin (thank heaven he was defeated, though Claire McCaskill is no paragon of legislative excellence either). I considered the consequences of Romney’ boast that his first official act would be to approve Keystone XL. Perhaps I’ve missed it, but I see no evidence of careful environment assurances that a third of the American continent, including the Platte River basin, would not be permanently trashed by it. I was appalled that Romney evidently does not give alternative energy the time of day. The 47% thing was so asinine, and he must have known it even as he was saying it, that it hardly merits consideration. In the end, I decided that the most favorable thing to be found for Romney was that his wife owns a dressage horse–a horse that was competed in the Olympics, and very badly ridden.

    For four years I have put up with Obama’s glittering generalities, his promising the moon and then some, and delivering nothing but the Obamanation of Obama Care. I figured that Republican house would keep him honest, especially if some of the most backward Republicans were voted out, and that happened. If he gets too far out of hand, the Constitution he isn’t upholding very well can be invoked and he can be impeached. Oh, and something I have heard but can find no substantiation for: Obama wants to revive horse slaughter in the USA.

    • ron . r

      unsubstantiated information leads to birthers, and records of birth, and above all else DONALD TRUMP!!

  • Daryl Bell

    I am a Sunday School Teacher in my church and I have listened to Gov Haley B. and others say that the storm helped Obama? This Bible extra was in our Sunday School lesson this past Sunday: “Useful Storms in Scripture” Ther are several instances in Scripture where God used a storm to carry out His holy purposes. the most devastating, of course, was God’s judgment of the Flood, in which the great fountains of the sky and earth opened up and destroyed ever air-breathing thing except for those on the ark with Noah and his family (Gen. 6-8).
    Later, Jonah was cought in a storm as he tried to escape obeying the Lord and going to Nineveh.
    In the New Testament, a storm came while Jesus slept in the back of the boat as He and the disciple traveled across the Sea of Galilee. The storm grew so great that the waves threatened to sink them all, so the fearful disciples woke Jesus. After challenging them for their lack of faith, the Lord calmed the sea, which caused His disciples to marvel at His authority over the storm (Matt. 8:23-27).
    In these cases and more, God used the powerful forces of nature for His mighty purposes.

    • deerinwater

      cupcakesghost says;

      7 hours ago ( 2:09 AM)

      Karl Rove = the Baghdad Bob for the GOP.
      Ignore everything….We are winning….we are winning….I say.

      PhilipTaylor says;
      09:01 PM on 11/10/2012


      Down to less than 20% of the population and DECLINING! PEW P0LL 2011

      A small set of RA*ClST repubs mainly on the fringe combined with 413 $BILLIONAIRES and CRlMlNAL BANKSTERS IS ALL THE G0P HAS LEFT.

      The Demographics and AGE are slowly EATlNG at their small base leaving only a FRAUD and BRIBERY C0RE THAT EXlSTS ON 100% LlES AND F0X N0lSE!

      “We want our 1950‘s country back” is G0P’s FAlNT bat*tle cry used by Wall Street and their K-Street PR that propagates Hiding BANKSTERS’ FlNANClAL FRAUD behind a small REACTIONARY and REGRESSIVE ELDERLY RA*ClST R0TTEN C0RE that is DECLlNlNG FAST!

      The country is changing and G0P IS NO LONGER RELEVANT and that enrages them to more even FARTHER RlGHT – alienating MlN0RlTlES, large groups, and W0MEN! There’s just no future to their PLAN except a time machine.

      They are committing a STEADY SL0W M0Tl0N SUlClDE as they drive 0VER the cIiff into a cha*sm of lrrelevance.

      Well? ~ there is more then one storm taking place to consider Daryl Bell

    • Gimmesumadat Whatyougot

      God did not help Obama, anymore than Obama could help God. God did use forces in the earth for his purposes in prior times. One thing differs. When God was about to destroy the earth and everyone living except Noah and family, He gave a warning first. 70 years before it happened. And Noah was not only building the ark, but preaching righteousness and warning others of a coming destruction at that same time.

      Neither, is Obama God’s chosen prophet! Obama was not told by God to go to the people, to save them from destruction. God will use Obama and others, and put it into their hearts, to come to the battle of the Great Day of God.

      Armageddon is not man’s war, but God’s. All those believing that America is a Christian country, and will prevail against the worldly governments lead by Satan is sadly mistaken.

      It doesn’t matter who attains the office of president, they, and all those that put their faith in men, will be in for a rude awakening!

    • jeff

      Not sure what your point is Daryl. If it is that God can have influence over outcomes such as who gains power, I would agree with that and more…namely that no power arises but that which God allows (and before anyone goes crazy with examples such as Hitler, consider what is going to be allowed for a season per the book of Revelation, which is the last one of the New Testament of the Bible for any who may wonder what I’m referring to. Its not that God wants or condons such evil, but rather that man has been given free will and the consequences of that have played out many times over the course of history). If on the other hand you are trying to imply God is endorsing Mr Obama and his policies via Sandy, that is quite another thing as the vast majority of those policies run counter to Scripture and hence I would categorically reject that interpretation. I am assuming you meant the former rather than the latter.

      OK I slipped and replied again. Sorry about that.

      • Daryl Bell

        My point is simply that if Gov. Haley, Karl Rove and others want to say that the storm helped President Obama then you would have to rationally conclude that God was on his side or that God had a purpose in mind. God does control the weather and wind. There are numerous scriptures that allude to that. Daniel 4:17 tells us that he rules in the kingdom of men and he raises up and takes down. When you get into Revelation you are dealing with metaphors and symbols etc. and those are waters that we need to tread wisely if we want to teach others. We have to answer for it all some day. I believe that all politicians are just that politicians. THe most honest president we had in my opinion was Jimmy Carter and you saw how long he lasted.
        True religion is not liberalism or conservatism but altruism. There is much we need to improve on in this country. I liked Vice President Biden’s response when asked about his religion. I agree with him that we cannot go around trying to make everyone adhere to what we believe. This country truly was not founded on the Bible like many allude to when the argument suits their side.
        If we want to be called disciples of Jesus we all had better learn something about love. I encourage all who think their Christian beliefs fuels their politics to read the “Politics of Jesus, by Obery M. Hendricks, and “The Universe Bends Towards Justice by the same author.

  • rabidconservative

    What Romney should have said is the only thing he could have said and that is “Whatever Obama offers to give you I’ll match and add 10%. ” Sorry folks. The democrats have accomplished their mission. The tipping point has been reached. It is all downhill from here. The only way this nation is going to be transformed back into people who would rather work than get a check is bankruptcy. As long as it is easier to be unemployed, the majority will choose not to work. You don’t have to be a genius to realize this. The party in power fully intends to keep the debt spigot WIDE OPEN until the dollar is worthless. Then democrats will steadfastly refuse to accept any responsibility which confirms once again: liberalism is a mental defect.

    • deerinwater

      You and the rest of your 20% continue to believe that this is about people “getting stuff” as Bill O’Really says. ~~ While clearly such a view of current events is working well for us.

      Carry on! ~ by all means.

      • rabidconservative

        Interesting you totally ignored my point: your party is destroying the currency, hello? You’ll think it’s working well until you have to use a wheelbarrow of money to buy groceries. You and your ilk will continue to destroy the dollar by spending and borrowing and then blame everyone else, just as you have since birth likely. Socialism is GREAT until you run out of other people’s money. It is coming pal: sky high gas, heat, food. Do your best to look in the mirror before you start whining about prices. Sorry to burst your bubble.

        • Deerinwater

          “Interesting you totally ignored my point: your party is destroying the currency, hello”

          Oh! was that your point? Quantitative Easing? Granted ~ a big concern, ~ as too is the Federal Reserve it’s self. ~ This is the 900 pound Gorilla in the room that neither of the two party’s seem willing or wants to address. ~

          I will be like JFK when asked by a woman, “what had his party has done about “women’s rights” , his response was , “Not near enough Madam”.

          I would not begin to know if or how Obama or Mitt Romney would or might address this concern, as warranted as the maybe.

      • deerinwater

        And you can cool your jets with the personal crap mister, don’t claim to know me.

    • jopa

      rabid con;I am willing to bet $10,000.00 you also predicted a landslide victory for Romney Right?How’s that working out for yeh??

  • Gimmesumadat Whatyougot

    People are looking for leadership in all the wrong places. The American government is running on multiple, two party systems that has most citizens choosing sides, like picking a favorite sports team. Packers vs. Colts, or You’re Left – you’re Right, Democrat – Republican, Conservative or Tea Party. It doesn’t matter which side you pick, you already lost! Foreign governments certainly don’t work either. All forms of self-rule have been tried over the last several thousand years. Where has it gotten anyone?

    While this web-sight offers a bit more fodder to chew on than some, it is just fueling the fire. While everyone wants better jobs, better education for their kids, equal rights and so on, we will get nothing in return from the Bozo’s running for office. Because, you cannot vote in the individuals running this country or world. The multibillionaires (Industrial military complex owners) run everything and everyone (including your beloved politicians) to achieve their agenda. And it does not include you! There already is enough info on planned population control, food control, medical care control, all put in place through the police state government, on the orders of the World Elite. Crazy, you say?

    You can moan and groan all you want. Historically, no president was able to deliver peace, security, or justice. No future president will either. No form of human ruler-ship or government works. History is proof!

    Do not put your faith in any man (or woman)! And quit looking for leadership in all the wrong places!

  • rabidconservative


    You wouldn’t know how Obama would address debt? Gimme a break! How could you in good conscience vote? You have no idea what he is doing but you defend him. Here you are typing garbage based upon complete ignorance. FYI Obama will INCREASE debt. Obama will do everything in his power including executive orders to destroy America by destroying the currency. FYI Obama increased debt by 6 TRILLION in 4 years. Like the other Obama surrogates you have a complete lack of credibility. Your opinion is junk.

    • Deerinwater

      rabidconservative says: “Your opinion is junk.”

      Well Sir, ~ I’d be the last one to deny you your opinion. ~

      We have many problems to address in our nation today, ~ this is but one, ~ when I say, I don’t know, ~ you can take it to the bank. ~ while when you say you know something it’s hardly worth consideration. Willard’s fuzzy math reminded me of Jesus’s “miracle of the seven loaves and fishes” ~ Now if you wish to believe Willard my friend, ~ he is all yours, ~ I don’t know where you might find him today, ~ probably off shore somewhere counting his money.

      And why have you all of a sudden became Federal Debit conscience? Dick the Snake Chaney told you that the Federal Deficit was not important.

      I quote another that reflects my feeling toward persons like yourself.

      “. The DEFICIT? It was ONLY $47 Billion, the LAST TIME Jimmy Carter signed one. Ronnie RayGun OVERSPENT MORE THAN 20 TIMES as much–in his FIRST term, then DID IT AGAIN, in his 2nd! Junior Bush OVERSPENT SIX and a half TIMES as much in his time, YET you don’t SCREAM for his head, do you? WHY? because he is white? Because he is repugnant? There aren’t any other reasons I can see,”

      • jeff

        How about, those guys are gone now and we can’t change the past, ie cant bring those dollars back? How about the last 4 years suggest exponential growth of the deficit problem? How about the same guy is still at the helm, so why would one expect anything besides continued mushrooming deficits, necessitated by fulfilling all the impossible promises already made by those like minded progressive leaders of times past plus those promises made and yet to be made by the incumbent to a gullible populace? How about are we even in a fixable position fiscally, be it Romney, Obama, or whoever? Me thinks Sandy will ultimately encompass the entire nation.

      • deerinwater

        “How about, those guys are gone now and we can’t change the past, ie cant bring those dollars back? How about the last 4 years suggest exponential growth of the deficit problem?”

        How about attempting to pass judgement as to what is acceptable in a equal and impartial manner?

        This willingness to by blind to how we got here by those that find it impossible to defend is very convenient and I understand your desire too. BUT ~Unless you are willing to admit that you are ATTEMPTING to apply a different standard to 45′s administration, I will not allow it and will call you out on it.

  • jeff

    I said I would not be back, but here I am again, hopefully for the last time. When I raised points of possible common ground (between myself and mr deerinwater)…namely a more concise bottom line summary of the Biblical perspective on governance he presented in outline form in an earlier post and his view on immigration policy, specifically with regard to the Hart-Celler Act of 1965, I got zero response on those 2 issues. From that I can only conclude that he has no real interest in exploring the possibility of common ground.

    You say you are a reasonable man mr deerwater, but is it any more reasonable for me to unilaterally “surrender” (come with my hands up over my head) my well thought out conclusions re:Mr Obama in favor of yours, as you have asked me to do, than it is for you to capitulate to mine as a precondition to any discussion? You do not seem so much to be looking for a point of common ground, but rather for me (and everyone else) to exchange their real estate for yours, raise the white flag high and sign off on the dotted line. I believe you are more interested in the rant than the discussion, and therein lose credibility.

    I find your remark about every facet of Mr Obama’s life being under attack for the past 4 years to be incredulous, even laughable were it not for the serious nature of the debate this country is engaged in. With the exception of Fox, a few web sites like this one and conservative talk radio, the remainder of media (the so called mainstream media, from whom most people get their information) is solidly in the tank for Mr Obama. The bias seems to know no bounds. I would challenge you to present examples (even one) where a “journalist” of any of the other alphabet soup of news agencies seriously challenged Mr. Obama on anything. I suppose you would prefer that any dissenting voice be silenced so inconvenient information such as that of reporting on what actually happened in Libya (a planned terror attack vs a crowd spontaneously gone bad) and more importantly pointing out how the administration tried to “manage” that information, would never see the light of day. Why was Fox the only one to uncover this issue and once uncovered, the only only one to raise any tough questions? By the way, that is rhetorical in that I think I already know what your response will be, so don”t bother if its along the lines of your usual “cool your jets”. I mean, what else do you expect me to say? After all, am I not the enemy….make that the hopelessly brainwashed, clueless enemy? Its hard to believe that everyone who has arrived at the same conclusion that I have re:Mr Obama is, as they have been characterized, some kind of deluded zero IQ zombie living under the bubble…and in truth I see that going both ways, so my aim here is not to throw stones. The point is more, that all are throwing stones to no avail.

    Finally, why are you so concerned re: the hijacking of the Republican party (another issue where we likely could find common ground if you were so inclined)? Seems to me that you should be quite pleased with the Republicans in self destruct mode as it paves the way for the realization of the “progressive” agenda. (although truth be told I am not so sure you are actually in favor of that agenda…perhaps your issue is primarily one of the Republicans waging unjust wars and their crony capitalism—once more positions where we might very well be in agreement). Perhaps your support of Mr Obama is strictly limited to his ending of said wars and (supposedly) being the enemy of crony capitalism (which I believe he is not). I admit I have not taken the time to read, much less try to fathom, your most recent posts, but am merely responding to your last response to mine.

    I would agree that I do not know or understand you. I’m not sure what your motivation is in entering “enemy territory” beyond having the opportunity to bark and bite. I have observed this to be a highly opinionated and divided blog (much like the state of our nation, at least the ones who care enough to think beyond the concerns of daily life). Do you seriously believe you are going to change the mind of any one camping in “enemy territory”, oh yeah, that would be under the so called bubble? I don’t. Nor does my experience lead me to believe that you are interested in areas where the “enemy” might actually agree with you. Tilting at windmills works for Don Quixote, but most would consider it a waste of time. After 2 days I am already very weary of tilting, so I hope you do not come up with anything that I feel absolutely compelled to respond to. I seriously doubt if you have read this far. Surprise me if you did by noting that in your reply.

    • Deerinwater

      Well Jeff, I am not hear to preach to the choir. I’m hear to steal their sheet music! And improve on mine.

      A person should really enjoy what they do. I am not going to address all of your topics of interest in a single sitting, ~ frankly , I haven’t the time but I will address one, something that I find most worthy and important and it’s being neglected and ignored by many in their fever to believe that actually winning something was possible and the world somehow better for it.

      quote; “Finally, why are you so concerned re: the hijacking of the Republican party (another issue where we likely could find common ground if you were so inclined)? Seems to me that you should be quite pleased with the Republicans in self destruct mode as it paves the way for the realization of the “progressive” agenda. (although truth be told I am not so sure you are actually in favor of that agenda…”

      The GOP is half of the political process Jeff, good government requires balance. I believe that “worthy opposition” offers this balance. A weak, misguided and mislead GOP serves none of us nor would a runaway DNC. The current GOP has left me, long ago, it lies to me, it cheats on me, it steals from me and attempt to deffer the guilt. I hold today’s GOP in contempt.

      In playing the part of the devils advocate, I help to make the GOP a stronger party, while in the process I too get stronger.

      Understand Jeff , good ideas are wherever you find them, ~ and I just might steal some or you might steal some from me. I don’t care who gets the credit for a good idea.

      While the devil lies waiting in the details and implementation of both good and bad ideas.

      • jeff

        Deerinwater….good to hear from you again. This one is shorter and softer (as best as I can tell it contains no attacks, at least none are intended), so I hope you will hear me out and read the whole thing. I was hopeful that if we kept at this long enough we would find something to agree on and now we have…”The GOP is half of the political process Jeff, good government requires balance. I believe that “worthy opposition” offers this balance. A weak, misguided and mislead GOP serves none of us nor would a runaway DNC.” Agreed, I certainly would rather have someone other than RHINO’s running the show, Just curious as to who you would suggest to replace the current Speaker of the House (irregardless of the fact that this is unlikely to happen)? and beyond that what group of up and comers within the party or even senior members who have been pushed to the side would you like to see step up and provide the party strong guidance (if there be any in either category that would be acceptable to you)? ie do you see any “worthy opponents” within the Republican party who would provide strong leadership along a better pathway?

        Despite the fact that you seem to delight in beating me about the head and ears while at the same time repeatedly shouting at me “to cool your jets mister”, I have taken a liking to you. Maybe its the cowboy persona, the hat, the ” you need to raise that Truce Flag higher and step up with your hands over your head”, the Bronco Bama nickname (am certainly interested in knowing where “Bronco” came from). Perhaps its the name “deerinwater”; there has got to be a great story behind that which I think would be worth hearing. More likely though it is that in going back over your many posts I believe you to be a thoughtful (in the contemplative sense) man, a man of intelligence, and as honest as any of us can be given that our beliefs and/or prejudices are shaped in large part by our uniquely individual life experiences. I also find you to be a courageous man in that you put your life at risk as a combat veteran, courageous irregardless as to whether that was a voluntary choice or a resignation to the compulsion of the draft. In short, I do respect you, despite our differences in opinion. I thank you and hold you in high regard for your service in the military. I am also a veteran of the Viet Nam era, though my 6 years of active duty in the Navy (72-78) were not accompanied by the peril that you experienced.

        As far as doing what you like goes…I can understand the addiction of tilting at windmills as it seems to be luring me in as well. However, I have found that its too easy to do the things you like vs the things that need to be done. Am talking to myself here, so please don’t take offense. So I’ll probably hang out here a little longer: I still have some ideas I would like to share, but at some point I really need to pull the plug on all of this for my own good. Hope to hear back from you.

      • deerinwater

        Well Jeff, ~ thanks for your warm response. ~ We are good here and traveled enough of hard road to know a good road when I see one.

        Actually a 4 year old child came up with Bronco Bama ~ I thought it cute and use it. Let me see if I can find something on it.

        Forgive my forceful manner in writing Jeff, ~ left to deal with so many calloused and insensitive numb nuts, I over step the boundaries of civility on occasion.

        The GOP is important to me while I have so little control other then worthy opposition to bad ideas and inappropriate behavior while so many seem to claim stupid as some sort of a virtue.

        And Happy Thanksgiving soldier, I made it stateside just in time to join my family for Thanksgiving in 1970. ~ I had changed ~ and so had my country.

      • jeff

        I just happened to check back here today and saw your reply. Thanks for getting back to me. I really appreciate what you had to say. As much as I would like to continue the discussion, I’ve come to realize that just keeping up with the reading is too much for me, much less taking the time to do any writing. So anyway, the best to you and your family.

        ps…I liked the reply you made in Sociopath that had to do with being proud of the work that you do and of doing it well, lacking trust in financial institutions and condemning the unscrupulous dealings that have taken place in that sector. What I hear you saying is that you want to be free to live your life to the best of your ability and to have the assurance that whatever wealth you have been able to accumulate to support yourself and your family through the sweat of your brow will not be destroyed by the collapse of the U.S. dollar by way of the powers that be…be they the Fed, international banksters, crony capitalism, etc. Despite all the division in this country, I think that is what most people really want…to be left alone to make their life the best that it can be and be able to depend on a financial system that preserves the value of the fruit of a life’s worth (or even a year’s worth) of labor. Perhaps I was naive in my younger years (a half century ago), but seems like it used to be more like that then and not so much now. If we have indeed lost our way, is it even possible to find a way back?

        • Deerinwater

          “Profile of the Sociopath

          This website summarizes some of the common features of descriptions of the behavior of sociopaths.

          Glibness and Superficial Charm

          Manipulative and Conning
          They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behaviors as permissible. They appear to be charming, yet are covertly hostile and domineering, seeing their victim as merely an instrument to be used. They may dominate and humiliate their victims.

          Grandiose Sense of Self
          Feels entitled to certain things as “their right.”

          Pathological Lying
          Has no problem lying coolly and easily and it is almost impossible for them to be truthful on a consistent basis. Can create, and get caught up in, a complex belief about their own powers and abilities. Extremely convincing and even able to pass lie detector tests.

          Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt
          A deep seated rage, which is split off and repressed, is at their core. Does not see others around them as people, but only as targets and opportunities. Instead of friends, they have victims and accomplices who end up as victims. The end always justifies the means and they let nothing stand in their way.

          Shallow Emotions
          When they show what seems to be warmth, joy, love and compassion it is more feigned than experienced and serves an ulterior motive. Outraged by insignificant matters, yet remaining unmoved and cold by what would upset a normal person. Since they are not genuine, neither are their promises.

          Incapacity for Love

          Need for Stimulation
          Living on the edge. Verbal outbursts and physical punishments are normal. Promiscuity and gambling are common.

          Callousness/Lack of Empathy
          Unable to empathize with the pain of their victims, having only contempt for others’ feelings of distress and readily taking advantage of them.

          Poor Behavioral Controls/Impulsive Nature
          Rage and abuse, alternating with small expressions of love and approval produce an addictive cycle for abuser and abused, as well as creating hopelessness in the victim. Believe they are all-powerful, all-knowing, entitled to every wish, no sense of personal boundaries, no concern for their impact on others.

          Early Behavior Problems/Juvenile Delinquency
          Usually has a history of behavioral and academic difficulties, yet “gets by” by conning others. Problems in making and keeping friends; aberrant behaviors such as cruelty to people or animals, stealing, etc.

          Not concerned about wrecking others’ lives and dreams. Oblivious or indifferent to the devastation they cause. Does not accept blame themselves, but blames others, even for acts they obviously committed.

          Promiscuous Sexual Behavior/Infidelity
          Promiscuity, child sexual abuse, rape and sexual acting out of all sorts.

          Lack of Realistic Life Plan/Parasitic Lifestyle
          Tends to move around a lot or makes all encompassing promises for the future, poor work ethic but exploits others effectively.

          Criminal or Entrepreneurial Versatility
          Changes their image as needed to avoid prosecution. Changes life story readily.
          Other Related Qualities:

          Contemptuous of those who seek to understand them
          Does not perceive that anything is wrong with them
          Only rarely in difficulty with the law, but seeks out situations where their tyrannical behavior will be tolerated, condoned, or admired
          Conventional appearance
          Goal of enslavement of their victim(s)
          Exercises despotic control over every aspect of the victim’s life
          Has an emotional need to justify their crimes and therefore needs their victim’s affirmation (respect, gratitude and love)
          Ultimate goal is the creation of a willing victim

          Sound more like a Dixiercrat that got lost a a TEA Party Rally to me.
          Incapable of real human attachment to another

          Unable to feel remorse or guilt
          Extreme narcissism and grandiose
          May state readily that their goal is to rule the world

  • Robert Berger

    While Obama is hardly perfect , if Romney had won the election his administration’s social and economic policies would have been so catastrophic they would have made our current problems look like a picnic !
    Why ? Romney and Ryan would have made such drastic cuts in progams to help those in need unemployment and poverty would be far, far worse than the present . Contrary to what damn fool right-wingers say, there aren’t millions of lazy bums in America who don’t want to work and want th egovernment to support them in style while taking hard-earned money from honest Americans who DO work . The vast majority of people who aren’t working just CAN’T FIND JOBS, or ones that pay enough to get by , and it’s NOT THEIR FAULT !
    Wayne Allyn Root is just setting up an awful lot of straw men when he blathers about Obama’s alleged hostility to religion and wealthy people, which is a complete and utter fabrication . Who gives a rat’s patoot about his religious beliefs? Romney may be a devout Mormon, which is certainly his right, but that doesn’t mean he would have done our economy any good if he had won . So I for one, am profoundly relieved that Romney is not now our president elect . Yes, he’s a nce man,too . But who cares ?

    • Daryl Bell

      Thank you sir. Very well said and with intelligence! Thank you!

  • Diane a child of God

    A house divided can never stand. The election is over we need to start looking at the important aspects of our country. First is our religious freedom and the slaughter of over a million innocent Americans a year who are never allowed to see the light of day, never to love or to be loved, never to be allowed to vote or to go on a website and give their opinions. Then there is the elderly who are being asked to end thieir lives prematurely just so we can save a few bucks. Lets STOP fighting and band together to bring this country back to what our founding fathers meant it to be. One nation ( UNDER GOD) indivisible with liberty and justice for ALL. Pray, pray, pray, Jesus please help us!!!

    • michael

      Diane, you are quite correct. I’m furious about this election, but I will get over it. Right now everything is upside down for me-I don’t understand a country that will allow an abortion just because it’s the “wrong” gender, but regulates how much soda you can drink, what kind of light bulbs you can use, how much water your toilet can waste, and on and on. I
      may be in the minority, but I want NOTHING from this federal government, and in return I just want them to stay out of my life.

  • Steve Lohrstorfer

    Still preaching the same B.S. When is the dinner party and watch presentation for wayne allen root has been wrong on everything he’s said about The President. And since the losers hav’nt a clue they’ll take a back seat again in 2016. Because You Can’t fix Stupid

  • jopa

    All the predictions of gloom and doom that are being posted on this site today because of the great Obama victory should be taken with a grain of salt.This site is not known for making great forecasts and predictions of late in the political arena.In four years one should come back to these pages of gloom and doom and see how wrong you were and how great America is once again.

  • Nancy

    Don’t waste your time wondering what should have been – just look ahead, dismal as it will be. Obama will go down in the history books as the “ONE WHO BROUGHT AMERICA DOWN”. The country will go bankrupt and China will buy us out. Better brush up on your Chinese.

    • Deerinwater

      ““ONE WHO BROUGHT AMERICA DOWN”. Actually that will not happen ~ but history will not be kind to “W Bush” for help making it a close call.

      But tune in and get your daily allotted “FoX FiX” and you will never know the difference. A ton of bricks or a ton of feathers , what will you prepare to receive?

  • Newspooner

    What Romney should have said is, “Whether you call it Obamacare or Romneycare, communism under any other name is still communism. Gut the US out of the UN, and get the UN out of the US. Otherwise, all liberty will be lost.”


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