We Need Our Own Iron Lady (Or Man)


Margaret Thatcher, one of the most remarkable leaders of the 20th century, died in London on Monday at the age of 87. The only woman ever to serve as prime minister of her country, and the longest-serving prime minister in the past 100 years, she helped put the “great” back in Great Britain. She did it by an unwavering devotion to conservative principles and her country’s interests. Would that we had some leaders like her today.

Here’s how historian Paul Johnson began his tribute to Lady Thatcher in a column in The Wall Street Journal: “Margaret Thatcher had more impact on the world than any woman ruler since Catherine the Great of Russia. Not only did she turn around–decisively–the British economy in the 1980s, she also saw her methods copied in more than 50 countries. ‘Thatcherism’ was the most popular and successful way of running a country in the last quarter of the 20th century and into the 21st.”

Needless to say, the left hated Thatcher. And they still do. When her death was announced, the Communist Party, the Socialist Party and others of their ilk held celebrations throughout the United Kingdom. One of the more popular refrains at their demonstrations was singing “Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead.”

Britain’s current prime minister, David Cameron, expressed the opposite point of view. “She saved our country and I believe she will go down as the greatest British peacetime prime minister,” he declared.

I have no doubt that Thatcher would have been as proud of the response by her enemies today as she was nearly four decades ago, when a Soviet newspaper first referred to her as the “Iron Lady” because of her outspoken opposition to Marxism, socialism and communism.

When she was elected to the leadership of the Conservative Party in 1975, Thatcher promised a new and tougher approach to the major political issues of the day.

“I am not a consensus politician,” she warned. “I’m a conviction politician.”

For the next four years, Thatcher served as leader of the opposition to the ruling Labour Party. During that time, economic conditions in the country steadily worsened, while the unions grew more powerful and demanding. Conditions became so bad that in the United Kingdom, late 1978 became known as the Winter of Discontent.

In the national elections that followed in May 1979, the Conservative Party won a 43-seat majority in the British Parliament. The Labour Party was ousted, and Thatcher became prime minister.

She came into office at a time when Britain, like the United States, had a double-digit inflation rate, a top income tax rate of 83 percent on earned income and an unbelievable 98 percent tax rate on “unearned” income.

Slowly but steadily, Thatcher began dismantling the power of the state. She was undeterred by protests, demonstrations and even some riots that turned deadly. As she said at the time, “The lady’s not for turning.”

Her resolve was quickly tested by many of Britain’s labor unions, which for years had used crippling strikes to assert their power. They had made Britain the most strike-ridden country in Europe. Prior to Thatcher, few politicians in Britain dared challenge them.

The most militant was the miner’s union, which launched a nationwide strike in 1984. Thatcher refused to bow to their demands and increasingly brought public sentiment to her side. Although it took a year, the stranglehold that British labor unions had enjoyed for years was finally broken.

When she first became prime minister, state-owned industries represented nearly one-third of Britain’s economy and workforce. She launched a vigorous program of privatization, selling shares of the coal, steel, railways and utilities that the government owned. By the time she left office 11 years later, the state’s ownership of major industries had declined dramatically. For the first time ever, the newly privatized businesses began paying taxes, rather than merely consuming them.

Thatcher’s biggest foreign policy test came in 1982, when the military dictatorship that ruled Argentina ordered its forces to seize the Falkland Islands. Many in the West, including some in her own party, didn’t think the tiny islands in the South Atlantic were worth fighting for. Thatcher disagreed and dispatched to the area a task force that ultimately totaled 127 ships, dozens of planes and several thousand troops.

After several weeks of fighting, the Argentine forces on the islands surrendered. The Falklands were brought back under British control, much to the delight of the 1,800 English-speaking residents there. The victory made Thatcher more popular than ever back home. “We have ceased to be a nation in retreat,” she declared. The following year, the Conservative Party won re-election by a much bigger majority than it had in 1979.

Years later, she demonstrated the same fortitude when she encouraged George H.W. Bush not to permit Saddam Hussein to get away with his invasion of Kuwait. “This is no time to go wobbly,” she told the President.

Thatcher found a kindred spirit in Ronald Reagan, who was elected to this Nation’s highest office 18 months after Thatcher became prime minister in the U.K. They rekindled the “special relationship” between the two countries. Together, they were instrumental in launching the policies that led to the collapse of communism and the Soviet empire. Free people everywhere — but especially in countries behind what was once called the Iron Curtain — owe them an immense debt of gratitude.

Thatcher was finally forced from office in 1990, not because of victories by the opposition, but because she no longer had the support of a majority of Conservative politicians. She left No. 10 Downing Street in November 1990. Having been made a baroness by Queen Elizabeth, Thatcher took a seat in Britain’s upper branch, the House of Lords.

She made one of her last public appearances in 2007, when she returned to the House of Commons to unveil a bronze statue of herself. “I might have preferred iron,” she said at the time, “but bronze will do.”

Yes, in a world that desperately needs leadership that is proudly patriotic and unyielding in its commitment to principle, the Iron Lady’s example will certainly do.

Let’s hope that many of our conservative and libertarian politicians are inspired by her example and echo her resolve.

Until next time, keep some powder dry.

–Chip Wood 

Personal Liberty

Chip Wood

is the geopolitical editor of PersonalLiberty.com. He is the founder of Soundview Publications, in Atlanta, where he was also the host of an award-winning radio talk show for many years. He was the publisher of several bestselling books, including Crisis Investing by Doug Casey, None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham and The War on Gold by Anthony Sutton. Chip is well known on the investment conference circuit where he has served as Master of Ceremonies for FreedomFest, The New Orleans Investment Conference, Sovereign Society, and The Atlanta Investment Conference.

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  • http://cowboybyte.com/ Alondra

    Yes, we need OUR Iron Lady or a man like Putin.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin is a TRUE leader of the Nation. Just compare the mentally PERVERT and sexually DEPRAVED Kenyan Kriminal with the Russian President:

    1) Putin has proven where he was born. Obama has spent millions of dollars to hide his birth and college records.

    2) Putin was a serious student. Obama admits to being a lazy student who engaged in homosexual activity, used cocaine and smoked marijuana. And you People are wondering WHY we are in such mess.

    3) Putin holds a black belt in judo. O’homobama was photographed wincing while watching a judo event and recently sank just TWO of 22 shots .on the basketball court

    4) Putin keeps himself physically fit.O’homobama’s most strenuous activity is golf, campaigning against HIS policies and lying to the American people.

    5) Putin is a hunter and marksman. O’homobama wants to ban weapons from private ownership.

    6) Putin is proud of his country and sings national anthem. O’homobama doesn’t sing the national anthem nor does he put hand over heart during singing of national anthem nor will he wear an American flag lapel pin.

    7) Putin married his wife for love. O’homobama’s marriage was arranged by Jesse Jackson & Rev. Jeremiah Wright (O’homobama was a member of the Wright’s “Down
    Low Club”, in which men engage in homosexual activity and marry JUST to maintain “respectability” in public)

    8) Putin stood tall and looked China’s leader in the eyes. O’homobama BOWED to Chinese leader.

    9) Putin stood tall and looked Saudi Arabia King in the eyes. O’homobama BOWED to Saudi King.

    10) Putin stood tall and looked Japanese Emperor in the eyes. O’homobama BOWED to Japanese Emperor.

    11) Putin has been building up and strengthening the Russian military. O’homobama has been reducing the size, might and power of the US military.

    12) Putin has taken a strong stance against illegal immigrants. O’homobama welcomes illegal immigrants and gives them more benefits than many US citizens have.

    13) Putin has taken a strong stand against HOMOSEXUALITY. O’homobama not only endorses homosexuality, but practices HOMOSEXUALITY=Debauchery

    14) Putin has just banned the adoption of Russian orphans by foreign DEPRAVED couples. O’homobama supports adoption by PERVERTS, which is psychological, emotional and often sexual abuse of children.

    15) Putin has issued an arrest warrant for the financial terrorist and Hungarian bank dick, George Soros. O’homobama kisses Soros’ ASS.


    • Kinetic1


      How do you do it? How do you always manage to take your argument against President Obama to such ridiculous levels of hyperbole? We all understood your hatred for the Pres’ was strong, but Putin?!

      NEW YORK, March 31, 2013 — Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his state of the nation address, described the breakup of the Soviet Union as “the greatest catastrophe of our century.”

      “Ordinary Russians remember the past no better than their elites, but there is a collective memory that has produced popular unease over the path Putin is charting. This path includes greater authoritarianism at home, and much more assertive foreign and military policies abroad. On that path the country has violated non-proliferation treaties to provide weapons technology to nations like Syria, Iran and North Korea. These nations are all adversaries of the United States, and the Russian policy is a return to the Cold War policies the superpowers pursued when they armed proxies against each other.”

      “Foreign policy experts and eastern European researchers consider Russia’s government a direct conduit for terrorist activity throughout the eastern world.”

      “President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev have both pushed the nation into a complex authoritarian state, putting severe holds on the legal system, increasing pressure on political opposition and attempting to assert a complete dominance over the press. Journalists have suddenly died, disappeared and been beaten for criticizing the Russian state, and television has become a mouthpiece of government. The legislature is increasingly sidelined and corrupted.”

      Yes Alondra, if only we had a leader who openly suppressed his opposition, had members of the press murdered, and was promoting terrorist activity against other nations. If only we had a leader more like Hitler! Wait, haven’t you accused President Obama of all these acts? What more do you want?

      • rendarsmith

        Obama is promoting the same terrorist activity (by the American government) in the middle east that Bush was.

        • boyscout

          Which tells us that the then powers that be still be; that Libtards and Conservasnivs serve the same masters, and that the soil of American politics needs the harrow.

      • FreedomFighter

        I believe you got it wrong here Kinetic1, the referance was to character and having a backbone, standing on ones hind legs, having principles and not being a weak legged, spineless, unprincipled sot like obama obviously is… just in case you missed the point

        Laus Deo
        Semper FI

        • boyscout

          FF, Still it was a poor choice. Why not just stick with Thatcher.

          • FreedomFighter

            Excellent point, and well taken. To bad even evil leaders sometimes have excellent leadership traits.

            Lasu Deo
            Semper FI

          • KG

            I think what you said sums it up beautifully.

            “To bad even evil leaders sometimes have excellent leadership traits.”

            Like Hitler? Or Pinochet? El Duche? That’s why people like you are going to help “the Beast” get into power.

          • boyscout

            KG, you are really stretching with this one. Bonaparte, “the Butcher of Europe” left a legacy of law (Napoleonic Code) that survives mostly intact today. Pharaoh, Leonidas, Caesar, and yes, those you mentioned had “excellent leadership traits,” and left legacies that perpetuate myth if not history. There is no implication here that any of these were “good people.” Get your right step right.

      • The Christian American

        When Reagan made a deal with Gorbachev, Gorbachev believed him and shut down the USSR. Enter Bush Sr. He not only didn’t honor the deal Reagan had proposed to shut down NATO as well, he strengthened NATO and declared a “New World Order”. Putin’s comments are very understandable. We’ve just picked up where the USSR left off, on a road to empire.

    • Doc Sarvis

      1, President Obama proved where and when he was born
      2. President Obama was a good student and student leader
      3. 2 of 22 in one game is not unlike some NBA players. You probably want a more complete set of stats to characterize the President or even Labron.
      4. President Obama plays basketball (which you point to in your #3) which is far more strenuous than golf.
      5. President Obama supports lawful citizens owning guns. Where do you get this stuff?

      • FreedomFighter

        Doc you need to cut back on the KOOLAIDE, everybody knows Obama spends hideous amounts of money to hide his past, ever seen the monument in Kenya with the sign “OBAMA BORN HERE”, and the proven fake certificate and SS number didnt help either, and its all been proven fake—go Joe.

        “13. Alice in Wonderland Logic. Avoid discussion of the issues by reasoning backwards or with an apparent deductive logic which forbears any actual material fact.”

        The Gentleperson’s Guide To Forum Spies (spooks, feds, etc.)

        Laus Deo
        Semper FI

      • Eugene Sevene

        Doc you must be from some other planet. We earth people have been in touch with reality and do our own searching to find the truth. A true American listens to both sides of an issue, then does the research and comes to his own conclusions. I am an independent American and couldn’t care less about party. I look at what is best for the whole country for what is best for the country turn out to be best for everyone. Close minded people can’t think this way.

      • tncdel

        Obama should be PROSECUTED and removed from office. A non-U.S. citizen is not constitutionally-entitled to impeachment proceedings.

        Obama’s social security number failed E-Verify, and anyone with enough intelligence to follow the simple instructions of this video can prove to themselves beyond any doubt that the document Obama claims is his birth certificate was amateurishly created using Adobe layering techniques. Please see:

        • Nadzieja Batki

          O will not be impeached, and possibly this situation in the U S is designed to be a test case for World Court as to who can legally hold office in any given nation.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Scott/100002103340101 Ed Scott

        doc sarvis,
        prove that obama was a good student. Post his grades.

        obama has posted a birth certificate that has proven to be a fake.

        obama has a connecticut social security number that belongs to a dead man.

        Obama is a lousy basketball player.

        obama plays golf (all the time)

        obama wants to consfiscate everyone’s guns.

        Where do you get this stuff? Or you really that blind?

        and why, why, why do you keep repeating these lies?

        • http://cowboybyte.com/ Alondra

          Ed, you are asking: “Where do you get this stuff? Or you really that blind? and why, why, why do you keep repeating these lies?”

          Ed, Doc is JUST one of the 3575 cyber ‘warriors’ a.k.a. paid shills to
          use an Internet as a MISINFORMATION tool to ATTACK opposition. They are going after PRO-Constitution, PRO-Guns, PRO-Lifers, PRO-God’s marriage, Christian “bigots”, “islamophobes” and “homophobes”, etc. Their RESPONSIBILITIES are to DENY, NULLIFY, VILIFY & RIDICULE “false” information. Their GOAL is
          to destroy all American & Conservative VALUES.

          According to the source, the Korrupt Kenyan Kriminal did put this project into the play 2 days after inauguration.

          The team “obama organizing for America” created Cyber Army thru DHS and developed the massive DISINFORMATION campaign
          to ATTACK Anti-obama sites and opponents/enemies who oppose the Kenyan FRAUD’s agenda/policies.

          Each person of those 3575 people involved in this project, are creating multiple online identities. So 3575 are turning into 35 thousands and more, who would launch FULL TIME attacks on each and every one who is opposing the Charlatan’s agenda.

          Ed, PASS IT ON, spread the TRUTH, because “Great is TRUTH,
          and mighty above all things.” (2Ezdra 4:41)

          The Leftists/Libtards/Progressives/communists hate the TRUTH.

          P.S. “For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known.” – Jesus Christ (Mathew 10:26; Luke 8:17)

          “Fiat justitia ruat caelum” – “Let justice be done though the heavens fall”

          Ed, stay tuned for the further information.

          • FreedomFighter

            17. Flood the Internet with agents. This is the answer to the question, “What could possibly motivate a person to spend hour upon hour on Internet news groups defending the government and/or the press and harassing genuine critics?” Don t the authorities have defenders enough in all the newspapers, magazines, radio, and television? One would think refusing to print critical letters and screening out serious callers or dumping them from radio talk shows would be control enough, but, obviously, it is not.


            Laus Deo
            Semper FI

          • http://cowboybyte.com/ Alondra

            Freedom Fighter, the problem for the regime is that liberal radio talk shows and ALL alphabetic TV news disastrously and devastatingly losing their audiences. I am one of them. Almost 2 years ago we canceled cable TV. We even do not watch the local news. We listening Rush, Mark Levin and watching some FoxNews on internet.

            Why do you think the Kenyan Kriminal attacking Rush, Hannity & FoxNews?

            Because their audience grows up and liberals’ audience catastrophically shrinking.

            People are sick and tired that the “media” feeds them with the regime’s Bravo Sierra.

            “Magna est veritas et praevalet” – “The TRUTH IS GREAT and SHALL PREVAIL”

            BTW, your link is priceless. Thank you.

            P.S. Freedom Fighter, I think you will like this speech of the Lieutenant General William G. Boykin:

          • Bob666

            Yo Pork Chop.

            “We listening Rush, Mark Levin and watching some Fox News on internet”. Well this explains a lot!!


            Fox News, Fox News, Farleigh Dickinson, Fox News Fairleigh Dickinson, Fox News Less Informed, Fox News Study, Media News

            Another study has concluded that people who only watch Fox News are less informed than all other news consumers.

            Researchers at Fairleigh Dickinson University updated a study they had conducted in late 2011. That study only sampled respondents from New Jersey, where the university is located. This time, the researchers conducted a nationwide poll.

            The poll asked questions about international news (Iran, Egypt, Syria and Greece were included) and domestic affairs (Republican primaries, Congress, unemployment and the Keystone XL pipeline.)

            The pollsters found that people were usually able to answer 1.8 out of 4 questions on foreign news, and 1.6 of 5 questions on domestic news, and that people who don’t watch any news were able to get 1.22 of the questions on domestic policy right.

            As the study explained, though, people who watched only Fox News fared worse:

            The largest effect is that of Fox News: all else being equal, someone who watched only Fox News would be expected to answer just 1.04 domestic questions correctly — a figure which is significantly worse than if they had reported watching no media at all. On the other hand, if they listened only to NPR, they would be expected to answer 1.51 questions correctly; viewers of Sunday morning talk shows fare similarly well. And people watching only “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” could answer about 1.42 questions correctly.

            Other networks also did badly in some sections; MSNBC viewers and Fox News viewers both fared worse in answering international questions than people who watched no news.

            People who only listened to NPR or watched Sunday morning talk shows or “The Daily Show” did the best in the study.

            (h/t Poynter)

            Rush Limbaugh’s pants are on fire

            At least once a week, I get a call from a reader asking why we
            haven’t published a “news story” they’ve heard on Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck or
            Bill O’Reilly.

            In every case, I check into the request and give the reader a call back. In
            every case, at least so far, my response has been the same: “We didn’t publish
            that story because it never happened — it wasn’t true, so the wire services
            never even wrote a story about it.”

            Now the St. Petersburg Times, one of our country’s most respected newspapers,
            is not only answering readers’ questions about political pundits’ “news
            stories,” but they’re independently evaluating those statements and rating them
            on a “Truth-O-Meter.”

            They do so on a Pulitzer Prize-winning website called PolitiFact, which
            tracks and evaluates the statements of political commentators, politicians,
            lobbyists and government officials. Each claim is researched for its accuracy by
            a professional journalist and then rated on a scale from “true” to “false” to
            “pants on fire.”

            And now Jeff Bercovici, a writer for aol.com’s Daily Finance blog has taken
            all the separate evaluations and rated the nine individual commentators who
            appear most often on PolitiFact for their overall truthfulness.

            Of those, conservative columnist George Will received the highest accuracy
            rating, at 72.7 percent.

            The lowest score went to Rush Limbaugh, who was accurate 31.7 percent of the
            time, followed by Glenn Beck at 38.8 percent. Six of the 12 claims by Limbaugh
            analyzed by PolitiFact were rated as either “false” or “pants on fire” – the
            lowest rating given by PolitiFact, a rating reserved for absolute fiction.

            You can see Bercovici’s full report, including a spreadsheet of his findings,

          • http://www.facebook.com/jeff.samuels.127 Jeff

            Limbaugh accurate 31.7% of the time? Now, THERE’s a headline. That must include all the times he correctly identifies the day of the week and the date. If ever there were a “man” Alondra could love almost as much as Putin, it would be Fatbaugh. He referred to the parents of the murdered children in Connecticut as “human shields.” I don’t think it’s possible to be more vile without resort to actual vile language a la Savage. Calling Limbaugh a pig is clearly an insult to pigs.

      • Jeff

        [comment has been removed]

        • http://cowboybyte.com/ Alondra

          Hi Jeffry. Nice to here from you again.

          But, Jeffry, WHY are you sound so franticly desperate?

          Jeffry, I know WHY.You can’t beat the TRUTH. Accept it.

          Oh, here is the bad news for your Kriminal puppet:

          April 8, 2013: General Boykin and 700 special op officers demand
          to speak with Benghazi survivors and special committee. If Congress does not comply, will they seek charges against the WH and Congress for treason?

          April 9, 2013: General Vallely received the evidence before Judge England and correspondence with the General Counsel representing Issa and Goodlatte. It is being forwarded to Admiral Lyons, General Boykin, 700 special ops officers and others

          Jeffry, watch this Video, if you did not see yet:
          “Dishonorable Disclosures” http://www.youtube.com/watch?f

          The Kenyan Fraud is licking the American National Security
          information to the American enemies purposely, intentionally and deliberately.

          @ 17:45Major General Paul Vallely says to the FRAUD: “you
          need to CLOSE YOUR LIPS AND SHUT UP when it comes to the operational security regarding our Army Forces…”

          By releasing National Security secrets the Kenyan Fraud is
          putting our service men and women in harms way. But the jerks like you do NOT care. You are an accomplice of the Korrupt Kenyan Kriminal’s crimes against American People.

          Jeffry, stay tuned for the further information.

          Jeffry, did you hear “what goes around comes around”

        • http://cowboybyte.com/ Alondra

          Jeffry, JUST copy this “[comment has been removed]” and paste in the “Reply” to my comment and be sure, I will comprehend that you hatefully bashing me. Be at least creative, Jeffry, or your mommy taught you JUST blindly follow to ANY “leader”?

          Anyway Jeffry, stay tuned. I am glad you are reading my posts. Thatk you for being so enthusiastic my “Fan”.

    • Karolyn

      Here we go again, Didn’t I see this before? I also saw on a report pictures of Putin playing with his dogs in a move to try and win the love of his people. Apparently, the majority DO NOT want him to run again. Do you work for im Alondra?

      • GALT

        She never lets facts or the logical outcome of following them to
        their obvious conclusion, deter her from her ‘appointed rounds’!

      • The Christian American

        The majority of the Engllshmen didn’t want Thatcher either. They both, along with Ron Paul, had the right enemies.

      • Jeff

        Does Alondra know there’s color video on the internet of Hitler with a dog? Does that mean Putin is really Hitler? You know wingnut logic!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Scott/100002103340101 Ed Scott

      you cannot be serious. Putin is another wanna be Dictator.

      • http://cowboybyte.com/ Alondra

        Part 3
        1) “When Putin was elected president of Russia in 2000, Russia was
        BANKRUPT. Russia owed $16.6 billion to the Rothschild-run International
        Monetary Fund while her foreign debt to the Rothschild-controlled Paris &
        London Club of Creditors was over 36 billion dollars.” By 2006 Putin had PAID OFF Russia’s DEBT to the Rothschilds. Russia’s financial dependence on the foreign financiers was now OVER.

        2) Putin issued international ARREST WARRANT for Rothschild &
        Financial TERRORIST George Soros.

        Watch the video and you’ll understand why Greece in mess & financial chaos.

        Now the terrorist Soros and also the Rothschilds & the Rockefellers can’t continue the evil speculations that has devastated the entire GLOBAL FINANCIAL SYSTEM.

        3) Putin wins the battle for Russian oil over the Rothschilds and removes him and all his minions from Russia and sends the Rothschild’s agent
        (Mikhail Khodorkovsky) behind the bars for 14 years.

      • http://cowboybyte.com/ Alondra

        Part 2
        Putin exposes the NWO:

        “Putin’s Remarks at 43rd Munich Conference on Security Policy”

        Putin: “This conference’s structure allows me to avoid excessive
        politeness and the need to speak in roundabout, pleasant but empty diplomatic terms. This conference’s format will allow me to say what I really think about international security problems … international security comprises much more than issues relating to military and political stability. It involves the stability of the global economy, overcoming poverty, economic security and developing a dialogue between civilizations.”

        “This universal, indivisible character of security is expressed as the BASIC PRINCIPLE that ‘SECURITY FOR ONE IS SECURITY FOR ALL’.”

        “It is world in which there is ONE MASTER, one sovereign [self-determining]. And at the end of the day this is pernicious not only for all those within this system, but also for the sovereign itself because it DESTROYS ITSELF FROM WITHIN.


        “I consider that the unipolar model is not only unacceptable but also impossible in today’s world … What is even more important is that the
        model itself is flawed because at its basis there is and can be NO MORAL
        FOUNDATIONS for modern civilization.”

      • http://cowboybyte.com/ Alondra

        Part 1
        Ed: “you cannot be serious. Putin is another wanna be Dictator.”

        It’s a lie. This is how hillary & mccain and the West portrait him.

        Here is some information for you. I hope it will change your opinion of Putin.

        Ed, I spent more than ONE WEEK reading statements, positions, standings, opinions, views of the THREE sides: Putin’s HATERS, Putin’s SUPPORTERS and UNBIASED journalists-investigators, who just wanted to find the TRUTH. I watched ALL his speeches and press conferences in original (Russian). And I discovered many unknown facts to me not only about Mr. Putin, but about the Rothschilds, the Bushes, the Clintons,
        Soros and how “the Rothschilds Run British Intelligence Operation into Russia through JNR”

        Mr. Putin exposed the NOW at the Munich Conference on Security Policy

        And BTW, when you see protests against Vladimir Putin, do not doubt that that is orchestrated by the Rothschilds & Company thru the sold out media in effort to dictate and control Russia.

        But Putin is NOT afraid of them and this FACT is very much irritates them.

        LaRouche wrote a lot about Big Banks’ financial speculations and fraud and long ago predicted the 2000s WORLD’S FINANCIAL CRISIS.

        Google “Bush, Khodorkovsky & Associates” at voltairenet org

        • Karolyn

          Sounds like you’d be much happier in Mother Russia Alondra.

    • hungry4food

      With the Chinese and Western allies all shifting forces and resources to the Korean Peninsula this leaves the Middle east WIDE OPEN for a Russian induced Double Cross takeover of that region with the help of the radicals who are on the Russians side !!!!!!!

      This Might be how the Dollar is disconnected from the OPEC Oil Reserves .

      • Meli

        Let the Russians have the Middle East! I’m sick of messing with them. And I’m tired of using our tax dollars to prop up their dictators.

    • The Christian American

      I certainly agree with what you said about Putin. On top of that, he is a Christian. He was baptized in a church in Israel. His Christian principles sure have the godless socialist here riled up. On the shrub Bush’s trip to Russia Putin tried to explain the evils of communism to him but to no avail. He prefered to lay out the red carpet to Obama.

    • http://cowboybyte.com/ Alondra

      Jeffry, you got your carrot from your master KKK (Korrupt Kenyan Kriminal).

      Jeffry, what happened? Today you decided posting under “jeff” and NOT under “bob666”?

      Stay tuned, Jeffry

      P.S. Jeffry, did not you know that “For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known.” – Jesus Christ (Mathew 10:26; Luke 8:17)

      P.P.S. Jeffry, this is a “woman” of your preference:
      Why would not you console her, she feels veeeery “single mom”.

      • Jeff

        Bob 666 is a different person. I’ve never met him though we share some opinions. Much as you have likely never met John Hinckley though you are both insane.

        • http://cowboybyte.com/ Alondra

          Jeffry, WHY you do NOT seek help?
          Each time you sound more and more dolefully despaired.
          Jeffry, stay tuned for the further information, for the TRUTH.
          Isn’t TRUTH Great and mighty above all things, Jeffry?

          • Jeff

            Isn’t it about time for you to go and “service” Putin again?

    • Bob666

      Yo Putin Party Girl,

      This is Bob-Not Jeff. The two things that Jeff and I have in common that you don’t is we both deal with facts and both Jeff and I have opposable thumbs-not hooves.

      Here is something about your boy friends leadership:


      I’ve noticed that you love you-tube, It would appear that you sent another man over to the other team?

  • Kinetic1


    Oh, for those halcyon days of Margaret Thatcher. Oh, that first term with record high unemployment, roller-coaster inflation, major drops in manufacturing jobs and public spending, record interest rates and huge spikes in poverty an inequality. Yes, some of those issue were in place or rising as she entered office, but as you all like to say, by year two she owned those issues! And how she owned them!!

    By the time she left office she had reduced unemployment from a high of almost 12% to a low of about 7%, but it jumped right back up to over 10% under her fellow conservative John Major. And while inflation dropped to less than 3% by the middle of her second term, it was back over 10% by the time she left. Public spending continued to decline by 10%, interest rates had bounced back to almost 15% (they were 17% in 1979) and poverty grew over 65% (from 13.4% to 22.2%).

    Will you look back on President Obama’s legacy with as much nostalgia should his second term end as well?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Scott/100002103340101 Ed Scott

      All of those things were in place when Thatcher took office.

      and of course the left will villify her. She took all their freebies away, and left them crying about how unfair it was.,

    • Jeff

      There is no comparison between a President and a Prime Minister. While the U.S. President has much power in foreign affairs, in domestic affairs, he has nowhere near the power of a British PM because, by definition, the PM controls the Parliament. They may have a coalition government, but they don’t have divided government as we often do.

  • KG

    Thatcher was a bloody fascist. She didn’t do anything other than sell subscriptions to the American magazine ‘national review’.

    It seems to me that this article is really pointing out what the Republicans feel about leaders. In the ‘liberal’ world, it’s not the person, but what that person stands for. That’s why someone like Barney Frank can be elected. Or, for that matter, Kennedy, who BTW almost DIDN’T get elected just because he was a Catholic. Or Bill Clinton. I didn’t care if he was being amorous with little boys or girls as long as I was able to work and make a living.

    I’ll tell you of a great leader. He was a decorated war hero, loved Animals so much that he was a vegetarian. And he even discouraged sexual relations for the good of his country. However, there was this other leader who was a womanizer, ate what he wanted, and was crippled. I think you guys know who I’m talking about.

    • Warrior

      Let me take a “stab” at this one……….Tim Tebow? No. Jerry Sandusky? Nope. Richard Trumpka? Close. Give me some more time then.

      • WTS/JAY

        No, i think he’s referring to Barney Frank the pedophile. As he stated; In the Libel(ral) world its not the person, but what that person stands for(depravity/degeneracy) that determines where and at whom oblations will be offered…Berney Frank and others of his ilk, irrespective of party-affiliation, are who the progs-libel(rals) hold in high esteem, and regard them as an expression of who they are!

    • Ole SC

      That sounds about right for a liberal nut case! Don’t give a damn what is going on in the country or to the country as long as It’s all about YOU!! Yep!

      • KG

        And conservatives are NOT selfish??? Think Ayn Rand.

        • SavaDude

          And you can regulate and legistlate against selfishness? Wow, you must have found a way to re-engineer human beings!

        • Jeff

          Conservatives consider selfishness the highest virtue.

          • WTS/JAY

            Unqualified statement.

    • rhcrest

      Oh look it’s the KGB

    • Bill Henry

      Have no worry, when and if it happens you’ll just be a part of the oppressed herd like all the rest of us working for nothing.

    • tncdel

      Wasn’t aware that Bill Clinton was crippled… unless you meant ethically “crippled.”

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Scott/100002103340101 Ed Scott


      The repubicans did not elect barney franks.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Scott/100002103340101 Ed Scott

      “there was this other leader who was a womanizer, ate what he wanted, and
      was crippled. I think you guys know who I’m talking about.”

      FDR, the progressive democrat. Even he was against unions.

    • Bill Henry

      How many conservatives danced on the graves of these leaders? I dare say none. Those dole seekers doing so in the UK are just an indicator of how liberals seethe with hate for anyone who would try to make them go to work and earn their own livings, but they too will suffer with all their civil liberties removed, and no way to defend them. I would ask you what the goal is of taking all the world’s wealth and dividing it evenly with the population? Do the math and you will find yourself sitting right beside the rest of the impoverished, If you have a family to support. Just like eating a pie, the more pieces you share, the lesser the size of each piece, and the question then becomes who will bake another pie, and how will they be paid? If the baker is forced to do it for the same share that everyone else gets what will the incentive be for making more and better pies? If you take all the wealth of the world and divide it equally among the world population you will find yourself making even less than you make now, and you too will walk among the impoverished. That will be the result of your NWO, and you will still find the rich elite in charge. They will never disappear, and you will find yourself down in the hole with every one else without the liberty to dig yourselves out. If that is the utopia you seek, I am sure Mr. Putin will have a job for you, as long as you have no dream of improving your self, and I will guarantee that if you strike against him your reward will be a busted head or a six foot hole. So move there if you don’t enjoy personal liberty and its protection against the scum now in office, or move aside and let those who do enjoy and are willing to protect even your liberties to get on with it at the risk of their lives. I know that you will given your union thug and selfish attitudes apparent from your posts.

    • Jeff

      On this blog, I wouldn’t be so sure which would be more popular!

  • mark

    “Let’s hope that many of our conservative and libertarian politicians are inspired by her example and echo her resolve.” Mr. Wood, as everyone with even a basic knowledge of history knows, Margaret Thatcher supported a single-payer, totally government-run, universal health care system in the United Kingdom. She never made a single move in her over 11 years in office to terminate or reform it and in fact boasted frequently that her government spent more on national health care in Britain than previous Labor governments had. By U.S. conservative standards, Margaret Thatcher was a socialist in this regard. By the superheated standards of this blog, she was a communist and a Marxist. The National Health Service in Great Britain was and is tremendously more government-instrusive than Obamacare ever even thought of being, with the central government running everthing and all doctors in its system being paid directly by the government – unlike Obamacare in which private doctors, private hospitals, and private insurance companies will continue to dominate the American health system. I would be careful praising a socialist like Thatcher on this site. The historical record shows that she supported things in the UK that many on this site would equate with Marx, Stalin, and Mao. The latter 2 individuals had a single-payer, thoroughly government-run health care system in the Soviet Union and in Red China just like Great Britain had under Thatcher.

    • boyscout

      Yes, and I am sure many Irish still have a dim view of Thatcher.

      • Bill Henry

        I have lived and worked in both places, and I can assure you that in Ireland the majority of the people don’t care for anything to do with the British, nor did I find much support for them Scotland. I for one would never support a government which imposed its will on every aspect of life. Those who do live under the illusion of liberty misconstruing its true meaning.

  • Blank Reg

    A much better take on Thatcher than we got today from Chip…


    Personally, I don’t need “leaders” anymore, iron or otherwise. I’m sick of the whole “leader” meme. I can “lead” myself, thanks very much, and don’t need any help or advice from others, particularly when they impose it at gunpoint…

  • Peter Barney

    We need Sara Palin 2016!

    • tncdel

      I like Palin, but not as material for the White House, unless as a VP. She failed as a governor, leaving office before completing a single term. Though she is charming, I question her skills and ability to lead our nation, even though I have no doubts it couldn’t be nearly as bad as the dog-eatin’ Kenyan.

      Ted Cruz is the best possible choice I see on the political horizon for president in 2016. He even OPPOSES amnesty, despite being Hispanic, because he puts America’s best interests first [unlike Rand Paul, who now supports amnesty].

      • Jeff

        I hate to be the one to break it to you, but your latest crush, Senator Ted “Joe McCarthy” Cruz, is ineligible to be president. He was born in a foreign land.

    • Karolyn


    • Bob666

      Oh Peter,
      got into the magical mushrooms again?

    • WTS/JAY


    • boyscout

      Cute enough in the face and nice enough butt, but how about we go with someone that has a brain instead.

      • http://cowboybyte.com/ Alondra

        Yea, like the Kenyan Kriminal, who is stuck to teleprompter.

  • art

    and how are we supposed to elect an iron lady or man when they are bought by a few with all the cash in their pockets to buy them so all for us to do is watch the parade of fools go by

  • gailfilerino0304

    We need our congress & senate the listen to her speeches & every word along with Reagon’s speeches & every word to convict & motivate them. We need Rand, Cruz, & Lee need to filibuster gun control. They would get publicity but while filibustering they should espouse the words if Thatcher & Reagon. They need to talk about communism/socislism & poverty. How the liberal communist democrat party is GODLESS. They want infancide & distort the definition of marriage. How black youth mobs are attacking white people. How obama has inspires racism & we need to protect ourselves. How every word of this regime is lies and they want to change thus country to communist country. They need to lay it out shockingly. Just let it all get out there. Bring up Benhgazi, Fast & Furious and these mass shootings. GO FOR IT!


    Margaret Thatcher was the most beloved prime minister in English history. Among her great accomplishments; were the final subjugation of Scotland and Ireland, the re-establishment of the “English-Empire”, and the complete destruction of the “Argentine” nation!

    • Jeff

      And she agreed with Dick Cheney about Nelson Mandela.

      • Deerinwater

        Now there’s a guy ~ to “agree” with! ~ Was he the same guy that said Federal deficit spending don’t really matter?

        • http://www.facebook.com/jeff.samuels.127 Jeff

          Dick Cheney said a lot of things. I can’t think of a single one that was true. His statement about deficits was pure Repug. orthodoxy. Deficits don’t matter . . . until a Democrat is president.

    • Deerinwater

      And Ireland and Scotland enjoyed their “subjugation” ~ I suppose? ~ That’s nice , that we can all just “Get along”.

  • tncdel

    The only one I know of in the Republican party who I think remotely comes close: Ted Cruz. NOT Rand Paul [who flip-flopped on giving amnesty to the illegals].

  • Nadzieja Batki

    Why do we keep looking to human messiahs to save a nation?

    • nc

      Nad, what do you see as a sign that Jesus is interested in saving this nation or any nation? Do you hear voices?

      • WTS/JAY

        Ridicule…what a surprise. Consider how John Loftus of Debunking Christianity reasons to the conclusion that one ought to use ridicule as a method of persuasion:

        “The use of ridicule can be justified pragmatically. It works well under the right circumstances, depending on the issue and the potential effectiveness of using it. It is best used when the arguments are there to back it up, and when more people agree against the ideas that are being ridiculed…. That is, because we know Christianity is a delusion, and since deluded people cannot usually be argued out of their faith because they were never argued into it in the first place, the use of persuasion techniques like ridicule are rationally justifiable. So satire, ridicule and mockery are weapons that should be in our arsenal in this important cultural war of ideas”.

        He explains how ridicule works:

        “These people cannot be convinced by satire, so satire is not written to change their minds. It’s written to marginalize them by laughing at them. It persuades people who don’t yet have a settled opinion on the issue, in part by using social pressure. No one wants to be a laughingstock. No one wants to be the butt of a joke. If people are laughing at a particular view it pressures the undecided to distance themselves from it. It draws a line in the sand, so to speak. It can also silence people who think otherwise, for they won’t want to speak up in a class on behalf of something most others will laugh at….When something cannot be taken seriously it deserves our laughter…. It’s a way to “come out of the closet,” so to speak, to let others know they will be laughed at if they espouse certain ideas with a straight face. There is power in social pressure. There is power in numbers”.

        Ridicule is an effective tool, so why not use it? Why not use power to move people over to your side, if it “works”?


    • Jana

      We aren’t really looking for another Messiah, we already have one, Jesus Christ is our Messiah. We are looking for someone who has true wisdom and common sense and can lead this country back into the greatness it once was. What most people don’t realize or refuse to realize is, this type of leadership and wisdom comes from God. Whether the person is a Christian or not is not the issue. God will and can use any willing vessel.

      • WTS/JAY

        Jana: We are looking for someone who has true wisdom and common sense and can lead this country back into the greatness it once was.

        There is no such “someone-human” on this planet that can lead this or any other country, except into ruin.

        • Jana


          Sadly, I think you are right. Not because there aren’t those out there that would be wise enough and have enough common sense to do the job, but because we don’t have enough people out there that are wise enough or have enough common sense to let them lead them in this direction to even vote them into office.

    • Deerinwater

      I don’t know that “We” do. ~~ Maybe you do? ~ I tend to believe that maybe you are just “OD’ing” on the “hype”. ~~ Maggie ~ was just Maggie ~ another ugly horse face ingrate Brit from generations of living on a small island ~ with a “stiff upper lip” ~ that refused to bent or bow, ~ we respect her character and this thread attempts to pay homage for what she was at a time in history where she made her lasting mark. ~

      She and Ronnie doubled termed the Great Northern Bear and bought it to it’s knees by out spending it on military interest. ~ The USSR just could not keep up with the pace and folded under the strain of an “Arms Race”

      I cannot say ~ they didn’t know what they were doing ~ but I can say ~ It was a high stakes gamble that they played and the cost was HIGH. ~ The US went in the hole ~ one Trillion dollars for the first time ever and Englishmen ~ got more exercise with the “Stiff Upper Lip” thing.

      Unfortunately ~ there were few Peace time dividends to be gained ~ as the Threat of the Great Northern Bear was quickly replaced with the exportation of Muslim Extremist and Terrorism.

      Same song ~ different verse. ~ The dynamic’s of power shifted some ~ while the mood and fear of the uncertain stayed much the same for both America’s and Brits.

      Fiddle de’de ~ I’ll worry about that ~ tomorrow.

      SSDD ~ (same sh1t , different day)

      Yippee! ~ i’m overwhelmed with joy, elation and national pride.

      When is enough ever enough?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ed-Scott/100002103340101 Ed Scott

    R.I.P. Margaret Thatcher. Your work is done.

  • The Christian American

    It was very understandable. Margaret Thatcher was for the producers in England, not the sluggards and predators, as are running America today. People who pull their own weight were commended. People who tried to leave this life as one better person. People who recognized you can’t consume more than you produce.
    But what about us? There is a remnant who think like that and would like to see a God fearing Constitutional Republic returned to America instead the godless socialist communist and his ilk feeding on it. Are they Patrick Henry’s who say GIVE LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH, and mean it? Or; oh though they think a little like that are still to apathetic or afraid to just say NO and demand it? I live in CT and if there was a governmental crowd that could make the communist and his people look good, they’d be it.
    Back in 64 I ran for the NY Assembly on the Conservative Party. Even got Bill Buckley’s endorsement. The seeds of involuntary socialism had already been planted then. I gave a speech and called it the “Silent American’s”. There were a lot of people that said Rah Rah, and they might of done something if someone else would make first move but that didn’t work either. They might go to game but God forbid they should compete but they’d there for the beer and hotdogs. We have to hold or ground NOW because later today it may be to late. Sure money’s one of the issues it’s not the ONLY one. The bible says: “for the love of money is the root of all bible”…KJV. People lie and tell us about the pot of gold they’ve got for us and we vote for them. What about all the other issues? Anyone of them will destroy us.
    NO, Margaret Thacher was hated, by the right people as Ron Paul is hated, by the right people.

    • Jana

      Very good post Christian American.

      I noticed you had a minor misprint and will correct it(This happens when we are thinking faster than our fingers are typing) :)

      You stated:”The bible says: “for the love of money is the root of all bible”…KJV You meant to say, for the love of money is the root of all evil.

      Margaret Thatcher was against the Unions that had taken over and was ruining the economy. She definitely made enemies when she came out against them. Unions are like parasites that become vultures. The union members become so dependent that they feel like they can’t survive without them.

    • Deerinwater

      Hmm? ~ I’m not convinced you know the Brits that well Sir. ~ For the “colonies” were considered her “Sunshine” .

    • http://www.facebook.com/jeff.samuels.127 Jeff

      “Back in 64 I ran for the NY Assembly on the Conservative Party. Even got Bill Buckley’s endorsement. The seeds of involuntary socialism had already been planted then. I gave a speech and called it the “Silent American’s”.”

      Let me guess. You didn’t win. Quelle surprise! You ran as Little Barry Goldwater, calling Medicare welfare. How about the GI Bill? Anything that helps the little guy is socialism, right? Somehow, in “socialist” America, the top 1% own something like half the country’s wealth. If they have to pay an extra couple % in taxes to defend their own property, forgive me for not seeing that as the equivalent of either Robespierre or Lenin.

  • Dave

    Interesting to hear an author here saying we should elect a socialist. Before you people fall all over yourselfs telling each other how great and asesome Thatcher was, her policies were left of Obama and people call Obama a “communist”, “socialist” and a “Marxist”.
    The revision of history is amazing with conservatives.

    • SavaDude

      Honestly, I know little of Thatcher, but what I do know is that it is quite far fetched to believe she is anywhere near left of Obama. So can you please give me some information that supports that idea?

      • Jeff

        In all the years she was in power, she did nothing to “repeal” the British Healthcare System. Repugs would have apoplexy if we had a system like that here.

        • SavaDude

          It is my understanding that while she did not like it, she had battles to fight that she could win, not the repeal of a system that had been in place since post WWII and the second largest employer in the world.
          Its too bad too, it is the number one drain on the British economy.

      • Jana

        Christian Wentz,

        She was NOT a Socialist! She was against Unions. Dave is on here to confuse the truth. That is his job, the same goes for Jeff below.

      • Dave


        Jana is the one who is confused… The American definition of what is liberal vs what is conservative is very different. If Thatcher came the the United States and told you that your HC system would have doctors being paid by the state, what would you call that person?

        How about a person that wanted to strengthen social security?
        People here call that person a Socialist.

        Jana simply doesn’t know what she is talking about but that is nothing new.

  • Jeff

    And yet, she approved of Britain’s National Healthcare System sufficiently that she left it in place. I take it you wingnuts disagree. If she were running in a Repug primary, you guys would call her a Communist.

    • Jana

      Even if she didn’t approve of it, she had enough on her plate to tackle the unions. She didn’t need to tackle that too.

      • Jeff

        Perhaps. Or perhaps she wanted to remain in power and taking on an overwhelmingly popular institution based on an unpopular ideology might have jeopardized her position. Query: Why is the institution so popular if all the right wing horror stories have any merit?

        • Jana

          Jeff, I never heard her thoughts on the Health Care System over there, just the Unions, so I will not try and put words in her mouth!

          • Jeff

            I don’t know her thoughts either. I just know her actions, and in 14 years with virtually unlimited power, she chose to leave the system in place. She can’t have despised it too much.

          • Jana

            Like we are seeing and knowing the pathetic and Socialist actions of your hero Obama!

          • Deerinwater

            Excuse me? ~~ Maggie stuck with winnable issues ~ and did well with this approach. Obama took on an issue that few dare and won, ~ so when it comes to brass balls, Maggie ain’t got nothing on Obama.

            Jana ~ you and your friends are buying into ~ what was spent the most money on and not what was best for the nation of 327 million people.

            What was best ~ won! ~ Now everyone is being held responsible for their Health Care ~ The Free Lunch and the Federal subsidy favoring the few ~ is all but been removed. ~

          • Jana

            Time will tell. But I don’t think you are right.

          • Jeff


            For your information and edification, THAT is a non-sequitur!

    • CongressWorksForUs

      Ah, typical of someone that talks about things they know nothing about.

      Thatcher was responsible for the growth of the British private insurance system that enabled people to get the care they needed, rather than waiting months (or years) for it, bypassing the NHS.

  • TheSilverRanger

    I, for one, am very much inspired by Margaret Thatcher’s example. But sadly, people no longer have that drive to be successful. People would rather have the drive to emulate the communist parasites and the Marxist altruists. It’s times like this, I often wish I were a millionaire and build my own city on the ocean floor; make a real life City of Rapture. Where are the Andrew Ryans when you need them? And Andrew Ryan was a fictional character.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jeff.samuels.127 Jeff

      If only you had the drive to actually BE the A*Hole you dream of becoming one day.

      • TheSilverRanger

        Yeah……..you going somewhere with this?


    Hat’s off to this Iron Lady and it’s to bad the left cannot be gracious enough to admit to their own consistent history of failures as the denigrate the achievements of one who had a firm grasp on reality……

    • Deerinwater

      You wouldn’t know “reality” if it came in a labeled bag with handles on it. ~ While I will concede Maggie was a character of “substance” and vindication and in the right place at the right time. .

      • ONTIME

        Do you still wind your own clock?
        Subject: Re: New comment posted on We Need Our Own Iron Lady (Or Man) : Personal Liberty Digest™

      • ONTIME

        Mr. D,
        I am not the one wearing a hat to small and tight for my head…

  • Pissed off and liberal

    I notice Mr Wood fails to mention how Ms Thatcher supported aparthied in South Africa and called the A.N.C terrorists. Or how she treated the troubles in North Irelend. But hey why let facts get in the way of a good fawning? Oh and by the way those riots he mentions were started by afro-carribians who were angry about the descremanation they were facing not that she cared. The truth is that the women was a tyrant,autocrat,and evidence points to her being a bigot.

    • Dave

      It is quite interesting what people leave out. They are trying to “Reagan” Thatcher.


      • Deerinwater

        Dave say “It is quite interesting what people leave out. They are trying to “Reagan” Thatcher.”

        What I find even more amusing, is that the people that feel this way toward the “Reagan/Thatcher the Dynamic Dual”, it’s usually because they prospered under their Administrations with Ronnie & Maggie cracking the “conservative whip” ! The shifting of tax burden on the laboring and off the investment dollar while the Fed doubled down investing in military matters and away from People matters. ~Why? ,

        Because the laboring private sector was of no great concern to the administration’s ambitions , to take down the Great Northern Bear. The direction the nation was being steered never took into account all the small things that average people do, milk cows, bake bread, harvest crop , manage Forrest and Wet land, fish. The focus was on Military matters and everything else could just take care of itself.

        The Laboring Private Sector were seen as just a cash cow which offered a comfortable buffer zone between the wealthy and the poor. ~ We are or at least,~ were ~many in numbers at that time in history. ~ We were ignored and left to fend the best we could while some of our neighbors lived large employed by Federal subsidies and Contractors and bringing home inflated payroll checks three times the size of a private sector employee.

        In truth, ~ Ronnie left town with the first Federal Government debit over one Trillion dollars ~ So it seems pretty clear “how they managed to prospered” ~ It was due largely impart to the excesses of Federal spending. Spending that they have now turned against and labeled at a very bad thing. These huge gains made in the zenith of their working career has been applied to investments and now they no long view the dollar as a laborer but a Tycoon. ~ Let’s call them “Midget Tycoons conservatives” for lack of a better description.

        But it was excessive Federal spending that offered them the ladder that they climbed to gain their lofty positions of today and now they want to kick over that ladder, saying that “We can’t afford it !”

        Well, ~ I got news for them! We could not afford it when Reagan was in office either ~ but they didn’t seem to mind it much as they stiffing their pockets and their investment portfolio grew.

        It’s only now “today” that they frown on Federal Spending, ~ as they fear inflation from Federal spending and the printing of money that will eat into their “GAINS” and threaten their lifestyle they have grown rather fond of in the Fall of their years!

        Today, ~ they are not Ronnie Reagan Conservatives ~ They are “Ebenezer Scrooge” Conservatives.

        This explains ~ the Tea Party that you see today and accounts for their relatively small numbers. ~ Not large enough to sway a National election but large enough to make a lot of noise and affect regional matter. These same regions of our nation that Federal dollars was pumped into in the 80’s and 90’s. ~~ Like they say ~ just follow the money and it will explain everything.

        The opportunities and the way they got to where they are at today ~ has all but dried up. ~ as America runs low on Buyers at premium prices. ~They will tell us that they worked hard for every dime they made~ and no doubt they did! ~ but still they enjoyed an inflated pay scale that the rest of Americans did not get to be a part of.

        It’s now they find themselves in the unique position to capitalize on a “Fire Sales” as people struggle to stay afloat ina bad economy that now allows them to carpet bag ~

        Conservative like things just as they are today ~ Say what they might ~ but they don’t want any change and work to prevent it at every opportunity.

  • John

    While I did admire Lady Margaret Thatcher and morn her loss, her betrayal of British Gun Owners after the Hungerford Massacre still stings :http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-berkshire-19208380

    • Deerinwater

      So you are not “Ditto Head” and keeping with the narrative ~ Shame on YOU!!! ~ You know ? ~ We can only “afford” so many people that are actually awake and can think for themselves? ~ You will get Nasty Grams and bad press if you don’t stick to the programs. Repeat after me ~ Maggie was wonderful and really understood what was happening to her countrymen and the value of HER Pound.

  • Oliver_K_Manuel

    On 24 Oct 1945 frightened world leaders formed the United Nations and collectively tried to eliminate national boarders and to hide the source of energy that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    Although society reaped many benefits from the decision to establish the UN:

    a,) Reduced risk of nuclear annihilation
    b.) Reduced nationalism
    c.) Reduced racism

    World leaders compromised science and lost the ability to promote the general welfare of society: http://tgrule.com/2013/04/08/hunger-campaigns-to-kill-the-poor/#comment-10866

    What a sad state of affairs for society and the scientific community.

    With deep regrets,
    – Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

  • Mario

    [comment has been edited]
    The f53k8ng Tatcher was the right puppet at the right moment ! Any other puppet would succeed on those times in England! Doesn’t matter if he/she couldn’t figure out how much 2+2 makes. In those times England hit big on oil in North Sea, and , for the first time in it’s History, became an energy exporter – that’s it! Now,the North Sea goes dry, and even a genius (and I mean a real one!) cannot do anything about British decline…
    And, about the fact if we really need ANY iron people to tell us how to live,eat,behave, and even make love, my answer is a big,big, NO!!!!!!!!
    Any polytician, by deffinition is a parasyte looking for power, and yes, that includes Ron Paul and his son Rand – you think that mofo from Kentucky, would put all those shows, if he couldn’t smell the benefits?… His own, I want to say – not yours!…
    Just turn your back to anything which smells as polythics and go with your common sense. Buy a gun, even if it’s illegal. Start growing your meat and vegetables. Defend yourself and your familly against everybody, including the goons from the Government. Never give them more than they legally ask from you, and even then, let they sweat for what they take from you – they are not entitled to it, they are stealing it from you!…
    Use your common sense people – THAT made America great …once…and can do it again!…..