Vet Abused, Disarmed By Cops Because ‘Polite’ Constitution Has No Place For Rights


You have the right to bear arms — still relatively un-infringed in some States — unless, of course, agents of the state deem you are doing so in an impolite manner. A decorated veteran who was on a 10-mile hike with his 15-year-old son was illegally disarmed and arrested on a Texas county road for “rudely displaying a firearm.”

FOX News’ Todd Starnes reports that Army Master Sgt. C.J. Grisham was confronted and illegally disarmed of his AR-15 and .45 caliber pistol by the Temple Police Department, despite having the proper permits to publicly carry the weapons. The incident happened as the man and his son were hiking in a rural area known to be home to wild boars and cougars.

Grisham, who describes himself as a serious Constitutionalist and also recently gained notoriety for a blog post criticizing the President, maintains that he has no idea what caused officers to treat him in the manner in which they did.

“I’m still frankly and honestly 100 percent confused about what I’m being charged with,” Grisham said.

When officers stopped Grisham and his son during the March incident on the rural road, they claimed he was rudely displaying his AR-15, which was safely strapped to his back, and proceeded to disarm and detain the decorated vet.

“He slammed me onto the hood of the car,” he said. “I had my hands straight up and that’s when I saw our camera — and turned it on.”

Because Grisham was indignant, and rightfully so, toward the officer trying so hard to prove his authority with no regard to the Constitution that men like the one being apprehended have vowed to protect, law enforcement ended up charging the man with resisting arrest, which was later dropped to interfering with a peace officer while performing a duty.

The officers’ reasoning for what was, no doubt, a classroom example of a Terry stop — minus any sort of reasonable suspicion — was explained, according to Starnes.

“In this day and age people are alarmed when they see someone with what you have,” one of the officers told a handcuffed Grisham. “They don’t care what the law is.”

According to local media, the Temple officers justified their Constitutional abuse with this bit from the Texas code:

A peace officer who is acting in the lawful discharge of the officer’s official duties may disarm a license holder at any time the officer reasonably believes it is necessary for the protection of the license holder, officer, or another individual. The peace officer shall return the handgun to the license holder before discharging the license holder from the scene if the officer determines that the license holder is not a threat to the officer, license holder, or another individual and if the license holder has not violated any provision of this subchapter or committed any other violation that results in the arrest of the license holder.

Due in part to a YouTube sensation wherein American citizens carry rifles in very public places (some undoubtedly in hopes of being confronted by police, so that they can explain why they are within their rights), stories about officers disarming law-abiding open carry advocates are easy to come by.

But Grisham’s case is exceptional, because he was certainly not looking for attention from law enforcement or the public; rather he was carrying in Constitutional and completely justifiable self-defense.  What is particularly remarkable, and extremely worrying, about this story is the officer’s utterance, “rudely displaying.”

Americans have seen their 1st Amendment rights largely swept away in the name of political correctness and softer language, because in progressive America anything that hurts anyone’s feelings is to be deemed criminal. Gun legislation is very public and can be shot down by 2nd Amendment supporters who see it coming; but if Americans allow the same tactics of subversion that eviscerated pure free speech to be used with regard to the right to bear arms, there is no hope.

If Grisham’s ordeal is any indication, 2nd Amendment supporters must mount a new battle, that is: a fight against moves to make the Constitution more “polite” by eliminating the liberties it protects.

Watch video footage of Grisham’s incident below:


In This Day And Age from CJ Grisham on Vimeo.


What Crime Have I Committed? from CJ Grisham on Vimeo.


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Sam Rolley

Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After covering community news and politics, Rolley took a position at Personal Liberty Media Group where could better hone his focus on his true passions: national politics and liberty issues. In his daily columns and reports, Rolley works to help readers understand which lies are perpetuated by the mainstream media and to stay on top of issues ignored by more conventional media outlets.

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  • CJ Grisham

    Here is the link to the full video:

    • ChiefBoring

      Sarge, I hope you follow up on this gross miscarriage of “justice” and end up owning a large chunk of the City of Temple. How ironic this happened in a town apparently named after the son of Sam Houston. That “officer” justifying his harrassment by saying the public “doesn’t care what the law is” is an egregious misuse of authority. The “officer” should have explained the law to the alleged complainant, and POLITELY asked for your license. Your treatment was worthy of the Gestapo. HooAhh! Chief Boring

      • mark

        No, the Police behavior, while wrong, was not worthy of the Gestapo. Had these officers been in the German Gestapo of World War II, they would have taken Grisham back to headquarters and over a series of several days, even weeks, gruesomely and horrifically tortured him to death, then discarded his body without ever notifying his family as to its whereabouts. They would not have released him a couple of hours later as they did in this case. This is what the German Gestapo of World War II did to hundreds of thousands of Europeans on a routine basis in that war. People throw around these vastly exaggerated analogies like Gestapo and Hitler when they apparently have zero knowledge of how either actually operated. The actual Gestapo made our very worst police officers look like Eagle Scouts and Nobel Prize humanitarians.

        • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

          They are and will slowly continue to grow to that level. Every day that goes by more and more cases are popping up with these types of misconducts. The man was peacefully walking along a road on a hike trip with his son minding their own business until apparently some liberal moron drove by, in no way waving his gun around or pointing it at people, simply open carrying a “scarey looking gun” which caused some moron some sort of alarm of the mere sight of such a “scarey looking device”. The idiot cops show up and create and instigate a scene by using the attitude that they are above the law which created a disturbance by their inability to peacefully determine if the man was in fact violating a law. He was immediately determined guilty until proven innocent. If the cop calmly requested the law abiding citizen to show his permit and even to disarm or drop the clip while he is standing there so as to not feel threatened, the cop could further have explained that as he feels threatened he will hold the barrel of the gun so as to ensure that it cannot be pointed in the direction of his body as the clip is dropped and cleared.

        • Bill Henry

          Officers such as these are no more than jack booted thugs desecrating their oath. Period. Non sibi sed partiae-(Not for self, but country.

          • mark

            Talk to some African-Americans. They’ll tell you how cops routinely treat them. White folks get their hair all bent out of shape when they see something like this video. Well, compare it to the Rodney King video. And remember there are thousands of Rodney King-like assaults committed every day of the week in America against our African-American citizens. In fact, they are far worse than anything that was meted out to Mr. Grisham. And most white Americans could care less, and actually silently as well as vocally support such abuses.

          • Trav

            [racist comments have been removed]

          • Kat Hoffman

            [comment has been removed]

        • SamAdams1776

          Thank you! That needed to be said!

          SamAdams1776 III
          Molon Labe
          No Fort Sumters


        DO a late night visit and MAKE HIM SEE THE LIGHT!
        If they want to be a cop, then they should be forced to take a year of CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, and SIGN AN OATH to ONLY support and DEFEND THE ENTIRE CONSTITUTION, and NOT what they approve of!
        This way, if they violate the Constitution, use their SIGNED OATH to PROSECUTE THEM and IMPRISON THEM FOR LIFE, as a PROPER PENALTY for WILLFUL violations!

    • Garry

      For this very reason I am a dues paying member of Texas Law Shield. An organization of 2nd Amendment lawyers that will represent you in any gun related confrontation with the law. Best insurance I’ve ever purchased, and not expensive at all, considering what you will spend otherwise.

      • foofops

        Garry I wish we had that in Illinois!

        • Garry

          It’s a growing group and have expanded out of Texas. They say they will defend me in other states as well, but not sure about Illinois. The ones I have met with are good guys and easy to talk to.

          • foofops

            If you can would you please send me the contact information? Thanks in advance.

          • Garry

            My Rep is Gary Blalock 281-343-5262, email non emergency number 877-448-6839

    • chief1937

      Saw the video did not change any facts as I see it.

      • Michael Shreve

        ASSUMING you mean the FACT that the actions of the police were ENTIRELY outside the realm of PROPER police procedure.

        • chief1937


    • foofops

      Man that’s gonna be a nice lawsuit! Those cops nor the supervisor could not articulate any reason for detaining that man or arresting him. Hopefully the cops involved get reprimanded and a refresher course in how laws work!

    • Frank Kahn

      Wow, he actually got GALT and RBT on cam pulling their pretend god like tyrannical bs.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        OOOH! LOOK! Frank is fishing for attention.

    • R.a. Hensel

      after watching this video I am convinced we aren’t headed toward a fascist government, its already here. What a way to treat someone who fought to keep the rights of these “officers” intact only to have his rights trampled on.

  • bayhorse

    Unbelievable ! I would expect that in NY, but, TX???? God bless us all.

    • Kat Hoffman

      I too was shocked to see this happened in Texas.

    • Gerald Allen

      Texas is the worst state in the union. Half the law enforcement personnal are related to a judge. This story is nothing new, you just get to hear about because of modern tech. This story would be buried if not for the carera used to capture this illegal act.

      • Trav

        Wow, I thought Texas was the place to go if you enjoyed your right to bear arms and didnt have as many corrupt bullies as other states…

    • Trav

      Dont you mean “God HELP us all?”….

  • CatGman

    If this happened in Texas, it can happen anywhere. I am sure that it is happening a whole lot more thatn is being reported. Enjoy the liberties we have left while you can. They are soon to be taken away. There are way too many sheeple who will just stand there and watch as they are taken away.


      If we back down and surrender, WE are just as bad as the offenders.
      A badge does NOT mean they are ‘the’ law, they are ONLY EMPLOYEES, and they have NO rights, there are NO AMENDMENTS in the U.S Constitution that even mentions a ‘thing’ called police, so therefore, they are NOT PROTECTED BY THE CONSTITUTION!
      This means NO rights!
      They have privileges only, and they WORK FOR US, NOT the other way around!
      This crap MUST STOP TODAY!

      • R.a. Hensel

        You know it!

  • SSMcDonald

    When all the shouting is over, Army MSgt. Grissom is going to own the offending deputies / officers, the offending Sheriff or chief, and the county in which this illegal action occurred. Publicized mega lawsuits will have miscreant officials checking twice before trampling on one’s Constitutional Rights.

    • chief1937

      Let’s hope so anyway.Police are there to protect and defend within the law not make their own just as our supreme court does.As for Mark above you really need to get a clue sounds as if your loyalty is to the enemy.Bythe way have you ever served a day in military service?When you have walked in their shoes then you might have a right to criticise.

    • Ol’ Grey Ghost

      I’m sorry, but nothing will happen to the “offending…officers” (Temple Police Department, Temple, Texas) as officers who commit crimes in Bell County while on duty are rarely prosecuted by local officials. Temple’s “Finest” have already circled their wagons and are going with the “Code of Silence” and replying with “no further comment.”

      The primary offense that officers might have had a leg to stand on to investigate was “Disorderly Conduct: Displaying a firearm with intent to cause alarm,” but based on reports from those at the scene, the officer committed “Aggravated Robbery” by trying to steal the firearm from the SGT’s person before ever determining the SGT’s intent.

      In our modern era of heightened fear of anyone except active military/LEO carrying, or even owning, a firearm, the “intent to cause alarm,” at least by many prosecutors and chief LEO’s opinions, no longer has to be in the mental state of the perpetrator, but rather in the response of the frightened whiner who has a cell phone and can dial 911. And when called by such whiners, local police have promised to respond with “extreme prejudice in the name of public safety.”

      Texas has just as many Fascists as any other State of the Union. Ours are just backed up by a penal code that gives them all the power to oppress as they see fit….

      “All we have to fear, is what people do when they are scared stupid.”

      • Patfromamboy

        So every time the cops see someone with a gun you expect them to question the person about their intent? Really? Wow! ” Excuse me you with the ski mask, what do you plan on doing with that assault rifle?”

    • MB

      He isn’t going to “own” anyone! He’s lucky to get an apology from these jackbooted stormtroopers.

  • mark

    This guy is just like James O’Keefe, he deliberately seeks confrontations and controversy. And then when he gets them, he complains. He’s just another video showboater. The vast majority of people I met in the U.S. Army when I served were great people but there were also a significant minority of racists (black and white), fascists, fanatics, and crazies. Another blogosphere grandstander we’re supposed to feel sorry for. Not me. The guy’s fine and his guns have been returned to him. Meanwhile hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis are dead. For which I blame, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Feith, Wolfowitz, etc. – not this GI. But that is the real tragedy. Not someone spending an hour in handcuffs. Grisham’s ordeal? Please. Go talk to the Iraqis, who never invaded the United States, who had nothing to do with 9/11, about the definition of the word, ordeal.

    • $20888627

      [comment has been removed]

    • TheTruthHurtsAsWell

      How is exercising any of your inalienable right ‘showboating’? What an inane comment to make. And it is a tragedy; especially if you see that this is what law enforcement around the globe does to their ‘subjects’.
      While the previous admin may be complicit in perpetuating a false pretense to start an undeclared ‘war on terror’, the Obama admin certainly has no qualms about continuing it… Or expanding for that matter.

      • mark

        Mr. Grisham is showboating because he had friends film this whole confrontation so he could put it up on the internet to get more publicity for himself and his blog. Obama pulled all of our troops out of Iraq. He is also pulling them out of Afghanistan, much too slowly for me, they will be gone by next year. But at least Afghanistan, unlike Iraq, made some sense as a war of defense, since Al Qaeda’s main training camps and top leadership that planned the 9/11 attacks, were located there. It makes less sense today as they have moved to other countries, including nearby Pakistan, and our continuing presence in Aghanistan is further destabilzing the country and increasing resistance. Just as our illegal, immoral, UnConstitutional invasion of Iraq actually increased and incentived more terrorism and created more terrorist recruits.

        It is also curious why Mr. Grisham who claims he is such a strong Constitutionalist, participated enthusiastically in the UnConstitutional war in Iraq. Where was his principled courage then? Why did he not refuse to serve in an UnConstitutional war? Could it be in this real test of his moral – not physical courage (I have no doubt, he has plenty of the latter), he failed to “man up” and do the right thing morally and Constitutionally. But of course, if he did so, he would have lost his military salary, pension, benefits, and spent some time in Leavenworth. Apparently, he ducked that true test of courage and opportunity to stand up for his principles.

        • TheTruthHurtsAsWell

          I don’t disagree on you with the war. But it’s still silly to discuss semantics of who put what troops where… He (Obama) just shuffled them around, nothin to see here folks!
          As far as Iraq is concerned have you heard of the petro-dollar theory?

          If anything the police were showboating; it’s a fundamental right to show civil disobedience in the face of hypocrisy (as in this case). The whole idea of the amendments were to prevent abusive powers from harassing people…

        • MikeW

          You say “Mr. Grisham is showboating because he had friends film this whole confrontation so he could put it up on the internet to get more publicity for himself and his blog.” Where do you get THAT?
          He and his son (and no “friends”) were on a 10 mile hike on a country road, working on the son’s Eagle Scout badge when Grisham was accosted by the uniformed thugs. He had a camera to record the hike, and gave it to his son to record the incident as it occured.
          And why do you assume he’s even got a blog to promote?

        • mkonto

          Perhaps you could point out how, the war in Iraq was unconstitutional? Considering about 5 of the wars the US has fought we’re declared wars by Congress and the other 80 we’re not. Not to mention that there is nothing in The Constitution that designates Congress as the only body capable of declaring war.

          • mark

            Article 1 section 8 of the U.S. Constitution. No other branch of government is granted this power to declare war, only the Congress. I didn’t write it. Madison and a few other guys did. But it’s there. Neither the President nor the Supreme Court are designated that power.

          • mkonto

            In the first instance, perhaps you could point out exactly what constitutes a declaration of war?

            Then perhaps you could explain how, wars were waged in the name of the US Govt against France (Quasi War 1798) and the Muslims of the Barbary Coast (1802) without a formal declaration of war, all within 25 years of the adoption of the Constitution in 1787?

            Surely, those who wrote the Constitution, who knew first hand of it’s intent and purpose would have objected to this flagrant violation a mere 25 years after adoption????

            I must correct an assertion I made earlier though, I stated that there were 80 undeclared wars in US history, I was wrong. There have been closer to 125 undeclared wars to 5 declared wars.

            You should try reading the Federalist Papers if you really want to get an idea of the Context of the Constitution as it applies to the greater construct of the Great Experiment.

            Grasping at random factoids and presenting them as a whole, only makes you look foolish.

          • mark

            As commander-in-chief the President can use military force in emergencies with limited forces for a limited time. The Founders recognized the practical necessity of this on occasion.. Congress was out of session 9 months of the year in the Early Republic so they couldn’t get together for a war declaration over every small-scale military emergency when a quick decision was needed. But this is far different from Truman sending 400,000 troops to Korea to fight for 3 whole years. Or Johnson sending 500,000 to Vietnam for what turned out to be 10 years, or Bush senior sending 500,000 to the Gulf, his son sending 200,000 to Iraq and 100,00 to Afghanistan. These massive, lengthy commitments of troops in the hundreds of thousands should require a declaration of war. They are wars.
            As for the Founders not objecting to flagrant violations of the Constitution so soon after it was written, in 1798 John Adams, one of the Founders rammed through a law and Federalist Congressmen and Senators approved it, called the Alien and Sedition Acts which massively violated the 1st Amendment’s right to free speech by sending people to prison for criticizing the government. So much for the sacred devotion to the Constitution on the part of the Founding Fathers in those early years of our nation.

          • mkonto

            You still haven’t explained what constitutes a ‘Declaration of War’? Bush v2 asked for and received Congressional authorization to move on Iraq. Is that not sufficient? Because as far as I know there is no direction within the constitution or bill of rights that lays out a format ass to how the Congress or any other entity should declare war.

            As far as your other arguments go, one thing we lose with the passage of time is context. However the fact remains, “undeclared wars” out number ‘declared wars’ by a ratio of 15:1

            So again, what is the format on how war should be declared. Also, you would do well to recognize that a cease fire existed between Iraq and the rest of the coalition forces. As such a de facto state of war existed between the US and Iraq, since the cesation of hostilities at the end of Desert Storm.


      As with Iraq, I do not live there, and I am NOT responsible for what my elected leaders chose to undertake by ILLEGALLY entering into a war without just cause. And I am also TRIED of paying to keep our people on foreign soil without a REASON to do so. When cops routinely MURDER innocent people in THIS COUNTRY, I AM rightfully concerned and extremely agitated, and MOST of these cop murders are NEVER justified!
      A war is a different animal altogether.

      • mkonto

        The war is Iraq was illegal? How exactly do you arrive at that flawed logic?

      • Bill Henry

        The war in Iraq was sanctioned by the Congress and by UN resolutions, and Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Coast Guard all take an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and the majority of them uphold their oath, unlike the tyrant who would be, and his cohorts in the UN who have aspirations to rule the world, and if that happens I can guarantee that you will rue the day.

        • mkonto

          Actually Bill, that’s not what makes the war in Iraq, legal.

    • Michael Shreve

      Did you WATCH the video, or are you just an apologist for the liberal, progressive, communists.

      • mark

        No, I watched the video. Maybe you can donate some money to Mr. Grisham’s defense fund. I mailed him a popsicle stick and an old, muddy leaf that I found in my backyard.

  • darylj46

    This is totally unacceptable and unbelievable. This is a poor excuse of the law enforcement and their enforcing the law and from what I see in the videos shows that the officers sure in their actions. This was stupid and unconstitutional and if Grisham is held on these charges then Texas is not a state to look to as a constitutional state. There has been to many liberal agendas being pushed and not curtailed recently. I will stick with Oklahoma. This is getting to be to much to be happening in Texas and the respect I have had for this state is dwindling fast. Where are the conservative supporters in the defense of this vet or are they to scared to show. Sorry all but this angers me to no end. This crap has got to stop.

    • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

      The liberals will continue to infiltrate constitutional states such as Texas until they have spread their cancer as they have in the other States they have taken control of. They are like a plague that spreads, once they have killed off or put to a slow death cities then entire States, they move on to kill off other thriving areas. Look no further than places like Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, Philly, DC and LA and the entire State of Cali for that matter to see the effects of their plague. All have high crime rates and are broke and bankrupt and very limited freedoms. Once they have destroyed that city and State, they move on to other areas where they can first place liberal judges into the court system and liberal teachers into the school systems in those areas then they seek lawsuits and free hands out by frivolous lawsuits which are followed up by ridiculous legislative means that begins the chain reactions of slowly but surely killing off liberties and freedoms

      • R.a. Hensel

        like AIDS a slow moving virus with one cure but death. Too bad American used to be the standard by which the rest judged themselves. RIP liberty!

  • Dave L.

    After carrying a badge and gun for 40 years, I no longer feel bad when I see a policeofficer killed in the line of duty or pretending to be acting in the line of duty. I think that most officers hired today would not have lasted 25 or 30 years ago. The hiring standards seem to be much lower today.

    • chief1937

      Amen to that I don’t think they have any standards any more as per their actions.This puts a bad attitude toward the state of Texas.

    • Capirtalist at Birth

      Unfortunately this is the direction that our educational system has taken us. The dumbing down of America.

      • Kat Hoffman

        It’s not just the educational system it’s also affirmative action and EEOC laws that force employers to hire sub-standard employees just so their workforce will be diverse and the feds won’t come down on them.

        • BlueMax372

          Hell, we even have an affirmative action president!

        • R.a. Hensel

          Nepotism hasn’t help any either. It seems like these
          officers” are interpreting the law when they are “enforcing” it

      • R.a. Hensel


    • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

      Affirmative actions has played a huge part in the dumbing down of America and lower standards. While there were and are blacks that could meet and even surpass the higher standards, there simply wasn’t enough that could therefore, in order for these business’s and institutions and organizations had to lower their standards in order to fill the quota demanded by congress or be fined and sued. Then the women’s rights groups jumped on the band wagon and demanded that standards be lowered so a certain quota of woman can compete for certain jobs. Though there are and were woman who could compete, there simply wasn’t enough to once again fill the quota’s set by Congress. The ones that couldn’t pass the requirements would whine and scream and go as far as to scream discrimination if they could not achieve the higher standards. Instead of working to better their ability so they can meet the standards, they demanded that the standards be lowered to meet their abilities. Physical standards and civil testing has been constantly lowered or curved down so as to be able to have a larger qualifying group of people. Rather than motivating these people to accel in certain areas, they scream discrimination and threaten lawsuits if standards aren’t dropped so they can compete without them having to put forth any effort to better their self.

      • R.a. Hensel

        I’ve seen it in New York, and have been a victim of affirmative action. When someone who scored 26 points lower was given the job because of the need to fill a quota, I knew then this country was on a downward spiral.



    • Michael Shreve

      While I cannot agree with the first part of your statement, I can state that MANY departments seek out candidates who are “aggressive” in the believe that their officers must INTIMIDATE the public.

      • R.a. Hensel

        that type of behavior is what gets these people injured or killed.

    • Gerald Allen

      I bet you didn’t get fat like the officer in the video.
      This is a shame to all officers past, present and future. But I know that Texas is full of crooked cops, I met a few.

    • Right Brain Thinker

      Dave L carried a badge and a gun for 40 years and he “no longer feels
      bad when he sees a police officer killed in the line of duty”? Really?

      48 (FORTY-EIGHT) “up arrows” for this comment? It has moved to the “top”? (as in **** floats to the….). I won’t register to be able to sign in to make it “official”, but I give it a BIG “down arrow” here.

      That’s a total of 49 (FORTY-NINE) pretty sick people visiting this site. (And I would bet that those who worked with Dave L for those forty years were glad to see him go).

      • Right Brain Thinker

        It’s now up to 51 “up arrows” for this comment and Cap’s mindless attack on “education” gets 28. Yep, a lot of sick people visiting this thread today.

  • paulaanngallo


    • $20888627

      Punctuation please. Makes it easier to decipher.


      Try using the ‘SPACE’ bar…GAWD that was difficult to read!

    • rocketride

      Spaces would help, too.
      See? Much easier to read than Spaceswouldhelptoo!

    • Bill Henry

      The long bar at the bottom of your key board is for spacing you words so that they are coherent.

  • SamAdams1776

    These officers involved in MSGT Grisham’s disarmament and arrest took oaths and are demonstrated oath-breakers and must be fired from their position of trust.

    There is no room for such who display contempt for the Constitution. Moreover, they must be fired because if push comes to shove and the people must overthrow tyranny-a path I am sorry to say we are moving down with more alacrity than I care for-such officers will stand on the side of tyranny and will not support the resistance to the apparently rapidly approaching point of no return before resistance will be ineffective.(the successful disarmament of civilians).


    SamAdams1776 III
    Molon Labe


      A LIFE SENTENCE is appropriate for police that willfully VIOLATE THE CONSTITUTION, as well as their oath of office, criminal persecution, malicious prosecution, abuse of authority, violating the 4th amendment, 5th amendment, as well as the 2nd amendment. LIFE WITH NO PAROLE!
      HARD LABOR as well, they willfully violated their PUBLIC TRUST, Add AGGRAVATED ARMED ASSAULT X2 for there being TWO NAZIS present, as well as a CLEAR and PRESENT DANGER to the safety and welfare of a citizen. COPS ARE NOT ‘DUE PROCESS’ and arrested him in a wholly threatening manner, which is a CLEAR DANGER to HIS safety.

      • Steven Hixson

        You quite obviously don’t actually take this seriously and are just trying to make us look like insane idiots.

        • R.a. Hensel

          even if you forget the Sargent, what about his son? This really gives one more kid reason not to trust the police. If this man and his son were attacked by a boar or cougar would the police have been there to save them from harm? don’t bet on it!

      • Rousseau Welch

        I understand your frustration, brother. But your “remedy” seems a bit extra-Constitutional itself.

  • SamAdams1776

    If it indeed becomes necessary to reboot this country (I call it A.R v2.0); there WILL be trials of all oath-breakers, including all surviving military, LEOs, and politicians (all levels) who are adjudicated guilty of violating their oaths (essentially treason).

    SamAdams1776 III
    Molon Labe


      Their day IS COMING, and SOONER than they realize!
      The gallows will be filled with TREASONOUS TERRORISTS, and they will swing long after they are dead….GOOD RIDDANCE TO TRAITORS!

  • Peter Barney

    Now most law enforcement think their above the law!


      When they start getting shot for direct violations, they WILL think BEFORE they act as a TERRORIST!
      We DO NOT have to BE slaves, WE ARE THE MASTERS and these MONKEYS work for US, first and foremost!
      They have drawn the line, WE WILL CROSS IT AND TAKE OVER!

      • SamAdams1776

        Sorry! We draw the line and THEY must cross it. NO FORT SUMTERS. They MUST be the ones to fire first. There may come a time for a Second American Revolution–but no one here is good enough to claim to be a Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, or any of the others. Even a John Dickinson who resisted separation is more welcome here than those quick to threaten death and torture.

        NO! NO!NO! I am interested in a restoration of the Constitutional Republic. If it can be done without violence, that is preferred. But if there is to be violence-they must start it and believe me, some on their side are trying to get us to start it! And they know why! The first person to use violence loses! NO FORT SUMTERS!!!!!

        And acts of terror like what occurred in Boston will not be tolerated. I hope they capture who did it and if properly adjudicated guilty I hope they are sentenced to death.

        We must avail ourselves in great numbers of the ballot box before we turn to the cartridge box! The goal is a properly functioning Constitutional Republic for ALL our citizens. Anyone out there reading this: if you are an anti-Semite, racist, white-supremacist–this cause does not need or want you! And while I do not agree with a homosexual lifestyle nor the elements within that group purposefully subverting marriage and the family; neither do I condone acts of violence against nor the persecution of homosexuals. Some of that group–namely the Pink Pistols, are on our side in defense of the Second Amendment and I welcome their support–and while a Gentile myself, I support the people at JPFO–they are GREAT!.

        Just so there is NO mistaking where I stand!

        NO FORT SUMTERS! Freedom for ALL Americans in a Free-market capitalist Constitutional Republic.

        SamAdams1776 III

        Molon Labe

        No Fort Sumters

        • R.a. Hensel

          there would only be a death sentence if it was a native born American, God forbid if some towel head, or other illegal did it and was put to death.

  • worldwatchman

    These cops don’t have what it takes to wear the uniform. They give good law enforcement a real bad name. I hope this is thrown out of court and they lose their jobs. What’s wrong with some of these idiots in positions of authority today. Come and arrest me. I’m sticking my middle finger up at ya’ areholes.


      You come onto MY property, YOU ARE under MY control!
      MY property is NOT PUBLIC and is PRIVATELY OWNED, and NOT under any jurisdiction, you are here because I ALLOW YOU TO BE HERE, and you WILL DISARM if I order you to!
      Or I WILL TAKE your weapon BY FORCE!
      NAZIS do NOT get protection of the law I am supposed to obey, when those I PAY FOR think they are NOT subject to the SAME LAWS I AM…WRONG!

      • Trav

        I feel the same way but they will have no problem going into a killing frenzy like they did at Ruby Ridge, Waco, ect…and killing you. I think these terrorists actually get a high off of doing things like that. kind of like catnip.

  • Skippy

    I live in TX myself and this is exactly the kind of thing I’ve feared. #1 Peace Officers no longer know the law, nor do they care about civil liberties. #2 the Libs know that Texas is one of the last conservative strongholds. So over the last few years they’ve been moving in to get their agenda passed because they have the numbers. Brothers and Sisters make no mistake. There is a war happening right under our noses and it doesn’t end well for anyone if we don’t vote at every single election, and teach our kids the right way despite what Melissa Harris-Perry and her ilk say. It’s time to draw our line in the sand!

    • Michael Shreve

      Incremental aggression (subversion) is a common tactic of the liberal, progressive, communists.

      • R.a. Hensel

        and conservative socialists.

    • Gerald Allen

      Texas is a crooked sewer.

    • SamAdams1776


    • R.a. Hensel

      in concrete, then it won’t be wiped away and redrawn after further loss of freedom.

  • Elton Robb

    Those two officers are public servants. Their job is to serve the Beneficiary of the Testator — in this case, the man who they stole the AR-15 from. The Testament is the Constitution. Those two officers should be reprimanded at best or thrown in jail at worst and given a Criminal Trial.


      Too lenient, they WILL go back and trample others, HANG THEM!

      • Elton Robb

        If only. . . . If only. . .

  • Chumley

    Interesting, took them that much time to make up a “charge”. Shame on those officers. Unfortunately, these officers were captured on film. They were evasive in their reply and too eager to make an arrest without an honest reason to do so. It will likely cost the local taxpayers a bundle as a result of the pending lawsuit. Good luck to Mr. Grisham.

  • Seeker1212

    Whenever I read an article when a law abiding citizen’s right are abused, like many of you, I become incensed, but then I realize that these abusive officers of the law are this way because of the incompetent superiors and the Mad-Hatter judges that encourage this unlawful behavior.

    The real culprits are the overreaching prosecutors and the judges that enforce trumped up charges just to support any unlawful behavior of law enforcement officers.

    At the same time, let’s be honest, that jerk was carrying his weapon in the front in an attack position, and anyone of you that saw this would also wonder if this guy was some kind of whacko that forgot that he was not on a mission in Iraq.

    The real victim in this situation, was the 15 year old.

    • Bill Henry

      Please don’t be presumptuous about what I would think or believe. If the guy looked like he was going to harm anyone would have been of concern, otherwise he was in the right. He was perfectly legal in the Republic of Texas.

    • Trav

      And I wonder how he now views a LEO…friend or foe? And so the hatred towards these terrorists is passed down to the next generation….Parents used to teach their kids that cops were their friend….do it now and you have made a big mistake..

  • retlaw

    Just to give you an example of how cops of today really are. Observed an individual who appeared to be intoxicated driving on both sides of the road. Called 911, and was asked if I could get close enough to gat a tag # of which I did. The drunk ran two people off the road. Was finally able to get him to pull over, but he drove to someone’s house. People in the house told him he could not stay there. He tried to leave, where at this point I removed his keys from the ignition. After 45 plus Min, police arrived, and talked with the drunk. The police then wanted to arrest me for taking his keys. I was informed by the police, that there was nothing they could do as they did not see him do anything wrong. There were three people who told the police all that had taken place with this individual. That is why people are not willing to get involved. I know I never will again.

    • Betta

      Yep this is exactly why folks don’t like to get involved and try to help. You only get kicked in the teeth for it.

      I think I would have given the keys to the people whose house he went to then removed myself from the scene. I would have said “You know him? Here are his keys. I’m outta here.”

      Whatever happened to citizens arrest? I know a guy who is serving 5 years for DUI. Citizens stopped him, took his keys and held him for police. Had to be pretty drunk for citizens to stop him before he killed somebody.

  • BarrackHussein

    Seig Heil…
    How do you like those commie gubmint unions now?

  • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

    These cops come along and screw up peoples days who are peacefully walking around and in this case spending some father son time on a hike for some project and the cops come along and interfere with peoples right to peaceful living. This guy was arrested for charges by which were instigated by the unprofessional conduct of the sorry excuse for a police officer. Inconveniencing and interrupting his time with his son and further causing undue lost time with his son and expenses for lawyers because of unprofessional conduct of police officers further inconveniences to his son and his wife as they have to change their life plans to address the result of unprofessional cops by which he was innocent and in no way breaking any laws until the police showed up and they determined that since he was not allowing the cops to freely break laws and violate his rights deemed him to be a criminal which was provoked by their doing.

    That confrontation should have been a 5 minute deal. The cop asks for his permits, he shows his permits and continues on his hike with his son. Because of the poor conduct of the police, they created an huge inconvenience for these law abiding citizens.

    This kind of $hit has got to stop – these cops look at all civilians as they are first and foremost criminals until proven innocent rather than innocent until proven guilty. Sooner or later this will all come to a head and a line in the sand will be drawn and its going to become us against them. Its a matter of time until the people rise up as a unit and retake control of our police departments and legislative bodies. Watch how many legislatures flee the country and how many cops resign from the force when they start getting treated like criminals as they have been treating law abiding citizens.

    • Trav

      Even if they resign, they should be hunted down like wild animals and shot for treason. For some reason the image of Sadaam Hussein in that culvert comes to mind….. along with a smile..

  • Rick Stanley

    Been there, done that in Colorado, many, many times. Google Rick Stanley Activist. Americans DO NOT have Constitutional rights anymore, whenever they wish to deny them, so folks, that means you don’t have them. The real question is, what now?

  • Kid Richie

    Another example of dopey, poorly informed or inability to reason accurately, bully cops. I was startled that they were in TEXAS! Will the ACLU run to this man’s defense, as his Constitutional Rights were clearly abused? Are the Police becoming as bad as politicians with their disdain for people? their contempt for personal integrity and individual Rights?
    God, Please help us!

    • Bill Henry

      God helps those who help themselves. Organize and fight back, peacefully if possible, if not then let your conscience be your guide.

  • steve

    isn’t it interesting,bob , that you would have two articles on texas today. one takes your guns and the other.governor, want guns to come to texas. looks a little hypocritical .

  • MB

    The Republic is lost. I’m glad I wasted 7 years of my life in the Marine Corps for this former Republic we live in.

    • Bill Henry

      I assume then that you don’t think it worth fighting for? To sit idly by and watch it happen with no response makes you implicit in the crime. Semper Fi Marine.

      Non sibi sed patraie-(Not for self, but country).

  • Michael Morris

    The cops were out of line!! A major problem is, the cops and the Judiciary system stick together and make it almost impossible to sue for harassment and violation of our rights. I’m afraid we are going to see a lot more of these types of incidents in the near future.

  • Richard Clark

    Both Officers should be fired, A public apology given and reimbursement, along with compensation given to the Law Abiding citizen. Our government would like to turn the entire country into a gulag where every body is under lock and key awaiting execution for being American.

  • James Riley

    Using names like Hitler and Gestapo is in reference to the beginning of their take over of a country, compared to our country today.Anyone with a hunger for knowledge can look it up and make a comparison.Wrong is wrong and is not justifiable.We did it because we could, is not excusable.One persons right start where another is lost?Hay buddy the Guy has a legal right to carry a gun.When we confront him we will treat him according to his rights.This was not done and this is why we are upset.

  • Antonio

    This is a good thing. Now maybe he knows that he did not protect freedom nor did any of his imperialist buddies ever die for our freedoms…

    How much more proof do all you fools need before you realize that the US military is NOT defending this country nor is it fighting for our freedoms???

    Militarism is the road to serfdom…

  • Public_Citizen

    If the base commander had a set of stones made out of anything more durable than a ping-pong ball the local police would find their garage exits all blocked by the squad carrying assault vehicles that Homeland Security is lusting after and the chief of police would find himself being “politely” escorted to a meeting with above mentioned base commander by a squad of burly Military Police with full kit.
    The base commander would then inform the local policeman that any more misunderstandings of this sort could result in “accidents” involving heavy military equipment occupying the same space and time as local police vehicles and uniformed police officers being “unfortunately” mistaken for terrorists attempting to infiltrate military facilities by the subterfuge of using locally recognized civilian clothing to “blend in”.
    Any further misunderstandings could result in all military personell being armed at all times whether on or off base.
    We know this won’t happen in today’s politically correct environment where military promotion has as much to do with political correctness as military proficiency. In a world where this could happen it wouldn’t happen because the local police wouldn’t even think about taking the actions reported above. The only person receiving police attention would be the frightened rabbit in human form afraid of the sight of a father and son engaged in healthful manly pursuits.

    • mkonto

      While I appreciate your sense of humour, one thing we do need to be careful of is investing the military with too much responsibility. Rome learned that lesson the hard way. Better to deal with this in the courts. From what I can see Grisham has a solid point of departure.

      And don’t read this as an indictment of the mettle of our servicemen and women. I have nothing but the utmost respect for them.

      • Public_Citizen

        Do a little research into WWII and the US Navy in Southern California focussing on the “Zoot Suiters” .
        These were the then current generation of what have become gang bangers. The Navy finally got tired of these useless civilians preying on servicemen and the Area Commander declared a “Dungaree Liberty”.
        There were very few problems after that with civilians preying on US Naval personell.
        We have a similar situation today with civilian police acting “under shield of authority” engaging in harassment of US Army personell engaged in their lawful pursuits. What makes it worse is that it is being encouraged and countenanced under color of authority by what should be one of the highest civilian officers of the court for the local jurisdiction. This individual is engaging in promoting a partisan political agenda instead of doing his sworn duty to uphold the LAW by harassing active duty military personell.

  • Incredulous_one

    And I was thinking about moving to Texas. Guess I need further research.

  • Right Brain Thinker

    I read this article and viewed the video clips. My old school administrator’s “crap detectors” started vibrating strongly—I said to myself “Sam is playing games and trying to inflame the troops”. I read the comments and saw all the mindless frothing at the mouth and said “typical”, and “Sam is succeeding”. I then came upon CJ Grisham’s posting of the entire video, viewed it, and things became clear. My “crap detectors” never failed me back in the day and they still work.

    Let me say first off that CJ Grisham made a BIG mistake releasing the whole video. If it is used in any kind of civil case against the officers or in an attempt to counter the “interfering” charge, it will blow his case right out of the water. He should have erased it.

    First, the article by Sam. “hiking in a rural area known to be home to wild boars and cougars” is the justification for carrying an AR-25 AND a .45 handgun? Lord love a duck, Sam—-there have only been a few cougar attacks in the last 30 years in TX, and they were way out in the wilds of far west TX. And TX may be overrun with wild pigs, but pig attacks are very rare too—-usually on hunters who have cornered them. Grisham was looking for trouble by carrying those guns, not “protection”.

    Then, “his AR-15 was safely strapped to his back”, says Sam. Really? Did you even look at the video clip used for the article? It was clipped to his backpack strap on the FRONT of his body, within easy reach of his hands. It couldn’t have been any more “ready for use” without him holding it in his hands.

    Then the quote of FOX News quoting the officer.
    “The officers’ reasoning was explained, according to Starnes” (the Faux News giuy). “In this day and age people are alarmed when they see someone with
    what you have,” one of the officers told a handcuffed Grisham. “They
    don’t care what the law is.” That’s taken WAY out of context and conveniently omits the most important part of what the officer said—-that they were responding to a call from a citizen—-watch the full video. While watching it, look for Grisham’s “right to defend myself” comment near the end. Grisham seemed to be saying that he would have been justified in shooting the officer early on in the encounter—-I’m sure a judge and jury will find that to be “interesting”. In general, the article shows selective quoting, selective video editing, and selective abuse of truth—-shame on Sam.

    To the full length video. As a school administrator, I had to behave like a “cop” on many occasions—-hall, parking lot, and cafeteria patrol, supervising night events, football games etc. Like a policeman , one develops an “eye” for potential trouble after doing this for a while. If I had seen Grisham walking by my house, I would have called the police, just as a citizen did. If I was the first officer to arrive, I would have taken one look at Grisham and reacted the same way they did. In fact, I would have held a gun on him until backup arrived. A dumbass boonie hat with a red kerchief, overbig sunglasses, a backpack (that could have been full of explosives), and an AR-15 clipped to his chest within easy reach (not his back)? On top of his big mouth and belligerent attitude? Yep, I would have worried about his mental stability and what he might do, and would have taken his guns and slapped the cuffs on him without a second thought, just as the law provides (and Sam quoted). I think Grisham was surprised when they arrested him. He probably thought that he was going to be able to get away with his big mouth “show”, get it on tape, and use it somehow to rant and rave. It looked like he was quite shocked—he certainly slowed WAY down with the ranting after his arrest. LOL

    After viewing the full video, I said to myself “This guys a grandstander and there must be more to his story”. So I googled CJ Grisham and sure enough, it appears that he’s a bigmouth blogger and tweeter and face-booker who got in trouble with his command for what he said on a “military” blog. He also got in trouble for going into a PTA meeting (of all things) and running his mouth.

    My compliments to the Temple Texas officers who had to deal with CJ Grisham. It’s a sad commentary that so much of our LEO’s time has to be spent dealing with attention-seekers like him. They did a fine job upholding the law and protecting the citizens of Temple, Texas, and they treated Grisham with more respect than he deserved. As an educator, I feel sorry for his son being sucked into his father’s “game” as he was.

    • mkonto

      Any legitimacy you might have had, flew out the window with your Faux News comment. That comment alone pegs you as an idealogue. Stated another way, you’re biased and have no interest in finding the truth or upholding the law.

      Then it appears as if you’re prepping for an interview with MSNBC by injecting your personal interpretation of events by prefacing a fact with “Grisham seemed to be stating that…..”

      An unbiased pundit would attempt to twist theory to suit the facts, and not twist the facts to suit a theory, as you’re doing during your entire ‘analysis’.

      If the cops were in fact responding to a concerned citizen, they would be well withing their purvue to place Grisham under arrest, until such time as they validate that he has the appropriate licenses and documents to carry those weapons as per state law. Once that was determined to be the case, he should have been released and sent on his way, seeing as how he has violated no law.

      In the US, one is assumed to be innocent until proven guilty. And no ‘concerned citizen’ or over zealous LEO has the right to stop or search or confiscate ANYTHING of a US citizen without probable cause, at least according to the US Constitution….

      Now, I realise that liberal animal molestors like you, don’t put stock into facts that you can’t manipulate, but until such time as the Constitution is amended, or you commie socialist pinkos pull off a coup de’tat, I don’t give a flying cr@p what your limpwristed narcissistic warped opinion on this subject is….and I doubt no one else does either.

      • mark

        You were making a decent argument and then you just blew it completely by going off an insult-ridden and biased ad hominem attack at the end, doing exactly what you just accused Right Brain Thinker of. Calling someone a commie socialist pinko is not how to win an argument. It’s the response of an angry child who thinks that by yelling and swearing at people he has shown that he is better or tougher than them. How about being an adult and keeping your cool?

        • mkonto

          The man exhibits narcissistic condescension. If he wishes to dish out abuse, he better be able to take it.

          It is interesting however, that you choose to take exception to my “puerillity”, all the while ignoring the instigator…..

          • Right Brain Thinker

            “narcissistic condescension”, mkonto says? I spent 30 years in education working among highly educated folks and I never heard one of them use “narcissistic”. It was never heard in general usage until around the time of O’Bama’s first election, when the sore losers started applying it to him, along with fascist, nazi, communist, socialist, marxist, tyrant, usurper, Kenyan, dictator, and all the other childish names that sore loser children come up with. mkonto has shown us that he is a frequenter of the Kool Aid sites when he uses such terms.

            And I had better to be able to take WHAT? The ignorant non-arguments that you have presented are entertaining. I have been around for 73 years and have been called names by people with WAY more brains and imagination than you. You flatter yourself if you think that you have “abused” me in any way. LOL

            And mkonto again attempts to impress us with the use of a rarely used word—-“puerillity” (sic—he can’t even spell it).

            What is “interesting” to you about the fact that you have been chastised by mark but I have been “ignored”? You can’t figure it out? Mark has said (by omission) that he hasn’t got any real arguments with my TRUTHS, but that he DOES find your comments to be “the response of an angry child who thinks that by yelling and swearing at people he has shown that he is better or tougher than them”.

            If you wish to “dish out” childishness, you “better be able to take it” when you are called on it..

          • Mlsflt

            You fail to deny the charges he has made. You sir are indeed a progressive. The only evidence needed is that you are proudly in the education system, which by chance is the largest propaganda outlet around. You are part of the indoctrination of children across the nation into the progressive agenda.

            By these facts alone I am 100% inclined to believe you are 1000% against the second amendment and fully incapable of even a minute amount of open debate on the subject. You have chosen a side and are unwilling to budge.

            Maybe in your little four walled world that is the school you are in charge of, you can demand a certain amount of respect from the youth in attendance, but, in no law in this Country does it say that any person is required to speak to any person in a hushed tone. In this Country you can speak as loudly, rudely, boisterously and hurriedly as you please. Grisham was well within his right to speak as agitatedly as he pleased with the officers.

            Grisham also has the right to carry a damn cannon to defend himself from any perceived threat as long as it is within the confines of the law. It is not your job, Sir, to dictate to any person in this Country, as to what gun or weapon he may carry for defense against cougars or wild boar. This is another clue into your stance on guns and gun control. He has absolutely every right to carry a gun for defense, this includes as many pistols as he choses and any long rifle or shotgun. If there were laws against carrying a rifle in rural areas, hunters would be arrested all the time when they have their firearms shouldered while walking down the road while on hunts.

            The whole arguement by the LEO’s that a citizen called to report Grisham is a farce. A made up fallacy and it will come out in court as this case progresses. The police did not expect Grishams reaction and were clearly taken aback at his questioning of their rights to search him. They even took time to step away and have a little pow wow to get their storys straight and decide how to charge him with a bogus crime. I will guess that they arrested him to give themselves some leverage in case he decided to file a formal complaint. They could drop their charges if he dropped his complaint. Not once in the whole video did he ever resist and that is backed up by the lowering of charges against him.

            Grisham has a civil rights case and will win. The law as it is stated says the officers upon receiving a complaint of an armed person are required to investigate and determine if there is any threat. If no perceived threat is detected, they are to confront the person and talk with them about the complaints. They are at no time within their right to disarm the citizen unless they feel threatened. If 3 police officers feel threatened by one individual and his son, walking peaceably down the side of a rural road with a long rifle. The need better policemen in that town.

            You mention his clothing, well, Sir, I imagine you probably think treyvon martin had his rights violated when he was shot in self defense dont you?? You probably say he was discriminated against when he was judged a threat for wearing a hooded sweatshirt. Well, now you are discriminating against Grisham for wearing a and I quote “A dumbass boonie hat with a red kerchief, overbig sunglasses, a backpack (that could have been full of explosives), and an AR-15 clipped to his chest within easy reach (not his back)?” He can wear anything he pleases. This is a free Country. Police cannot use clothing as a determination of threat. In said quote you say he carried an AR-15 clipped to his chest. Well sir, this is the perfered carry style of the United States Military Personel while on patrol, which in effect he was doing. Again, it is a free Country, we can carry a weapon in any safe manner we chose. The Military has determined, the front carry is the safest position for combat alertness. If he is worried about wild animals, this is his best bet for readiness to stave off an attack. And maybe it has been awhile since there was a cougar or Wild Boar attack, but there have been attacks, so he is well within his right to defend himself against one.

            You have an agenda. You do not like guns. You try to use brash confrontation and your so called intelligence to intimidate gun owners. You do this because you perceive us all to be a bunch of backwards imbeciles who will back down if you ramble on and use a few big words. This is what many gun-grabbers do and you have underestimated us, just as many in the Senate did. That is why gun control legislation went nowhere. That is why Grisham will win his case.

        • Right Brain Thinker

          Thank you , Mark. You obviously have a good head on your shoulders, as is evidenced by this comment and the other good ones you have made earlier in the thread. I would however, disagree that mkonto was “making a decent argument” at ANY point.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        I made a lengthy reply to this comment and it has apparently now disappeared. My reply was well within the comments policy (more so than the comment to which it was addressed, actually), and it should be put back or the reasons should be given for its removal. Arbitrary and capricious are not just letters on a page—they have meaning.

    • Patfromamboy

      Good job! Too bad these fine officers weren’t at Sandy Hook to question the shooter about why he had an assault rifle at the school. You can’t blame them for asking this guy what he was doing wandering around with his AR-15. Grisham should be doing something useful like getting healthcare for his family instead of playing soldier with his son and a real weapon. Someone could be shot.

  • Steve Foster

    Dave L. Standards across the nation have been lowered because people suck these days. Gone are the days of good people and deliberate men of action.

  • Jrock

    Dude move to Georgia and bring your guns. I’m a Cop in the Metro Atlanta area and that would not happen here. I love Georgia and we love the 2nd Amendment.

  • Currahee101st

    In California in the 90’s 417.3 of the Penal Code was “Displaying a firearm in a rude,angry or threatening manner”. I couldn’t find the wording to the Texas law but it should be similar. If so, the elements necessary to complete the crime are not present here. Handled Poorly IMO,should not of resulted in arrest. What we used to call “contempt of Cop” arrest.

  • Freedom!!

    These two keystone cops need to get new jobs. I hope this guy sues every last dime of stolen pension money paid by the citizen victims.

  • rocket

    the cops don’t even know the laws, but they think there badge gives them the right to abuse there power.

  • Guest

    not right at all.

  • John R

    I hope a law suit is filed against these 2 pieces of crap. What are their names. Let’s get them fired. Tyranny is alive and well in what was once a great country

  • Matheus Grunt

    Send a couple of armored units and a stryker unit from Hood over to the Temple police department, disarm the cops and charge them all with crimes and supporting crimes by keeping the MSG’s weapons in there and anyone else in that town who has had their rights violated and I think the cops will be a totally different mindset after that. Go arrest the P.A. while they’re at it too. I know this won’t happen, but it needs to.

  • Patfromamboy

    But if it had been Sandy Hook and they had allowed him to go in and kill all of the people you would be whining about the cops not stopping the crazy guy with the assault rifle walking down the road
    when they had the chance!

  • DoorSwingsBothWays

    A: I am one of those “progressive liberals” you all keep bashing. I am also a proud gun owner.
    B: For those you conflating these officers’ actions with the President’s policies- I would honestly bet you $10,000 that both of those officers are republican as hell(not that that’s provable, but if it were, I’d have $10,000).
    C: I happen to be a gay person. If you don’t want “big government” telling you what to do, don’t endorse its telling me who I can or cannot marry. That is the biggest government intrusion imaginable. Don’t Tread on Me EITHER!

  • Libertarian Tom

    Another reason people accept these violations is because they watch “cops” on TV. In almost every episode I’ve seen, they show cops stopping people because the officer is “suspicious” or because it’s a “high crime area”. They ask people for their “identification” for walking down the street. They always show the ones where they find drugs, so can you imagine how many of these stops we’re not seeing? These shows make people think that what the police are doing is legal. If you show enough Constitutional violations on TV, and the masses will think it legal.

  • Ranger Dave

    Where is the ACLU on this one? This is what they should be fighting for. Hopefully the NRA will help fight this battle in court against the officer, the department, and they city of Temple. Look’s to me as they violated his civil rights.

  • JimW

    This is outrageous!!! Those policemen need to be fired or at least harshly reprimanded and forced to give a public apologize to the vet and his son. How can a person “rudely” display a firearm when they are out in the middle of the country? I would also sue them and the department that employes them for violations of my civil rights and the adverse emotional impact it had on my child. The law suit would be to ensure that the department would take notice and try to prevent this type of thing from happening again.