U.S. Armed Service Members Speak Out Against War With Syria


A number of U.S. services members are speaking out against possible U.S. involvement in Syria on Twitter and other social media websites.

Representative Justin Amash (R-Mich.), countering the idea that support for Syrian intervention is strong throughout the Nation, tweeted Saturday, “I’ve been hearing a lot from members of our Armed Forces. The message I consistently hear: Please vote no on military action against #Syria.”

Indeed, Amash’s Twitter feed is full of messages from vets opposed to war:



A number of veterans and service members have also taken to Facebook in protest of possible involvement in the Syrian civil war.

Via the Armed Forces Tea Party Facebook page:


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  • Barbara Johnson

    I’m glad that they say to stay out of it. I don’t think it’s our business. I bet that they will get dishonorable discharges though, because they are against what our war monger lawmakers want.

  • Barbara Johnson

    I’m glad that they say to stay out of it. I don’t think it’s our business. I bet that they will get dishonorable discharges though, because they are against what our war monger lawmakers want.

  • Jassyline


    • Deerinwater

      The President is not a Muslim. ~ The focus is Syria ~ keep your eye on the ball.

      • Donald L Canter

        That’s your feeble opinion.

        • Deerinwater

          Islam is not genetically transferred and it can’t be acquired by osmosis or brief exposure in the forming years of 1 thu 10.

          Muslims practice a “faith”. ~ 44 is a practicing Christian.

          That is not an opinion. ~feeble or otherwise, ~

          Keep your eye on the ball.

          It’s bad business to know human beings have been deliberately expose to and killed by Saran Gas in any number, for any reason. That’s a hard way to die.

          Some response is warranted by the Global community to put a lid on such events. ~ for if not , it will surly happen again.

          But who did it? ~ “motive.means and opportunity.”

          Many people beside Assad are suspect.

          It is not an Americas problem, ~ it’s a Global problem. Prudence would have the global community to address it in a meaningful and cautious way with much deliberation ,shifting through the ALL the evidence and the merits of this evidence. ~ Assume nothing.

          • jimzimmerman

            The resident in the white house was born to a practicing communist and raised and educated in a Muslim Madrass in Indonesia. You DON’T go to a Islamic school with out being a Muslim. Christians are not allowed in these schools. He was given a student loan to study at Columbia as a citizen of Indonesia. Whether he admits to being a christian is irregardless. Lying to infidels is a tenet of Islam. It is expected. The content of his character has been demonstrated over and over. He has supported Islamic ideals during his entire administration.He has placed Muslims in important positions in his administration. Keep you eye on the ball? Which ball they are coming from all directions. This is a giant game of dodgeball. We are losing. I do agree that the Arab league needs to resolve this issue.

          • Deerinwater

            Children go, do, eat , sleep, what their parents dictate. ~

            Obama was a child of 10 when he last seen his father as he dropped in a visited for a few days.

            This guilt by association is being strained a touch, don’t you think?

            Just how much responsibility can you place on a 10 year old child?

          • Merle Dickey

            Why else has he pledged 245 million dollars to the muslim brotherhood?That could have created a lot of jobs here

  • Deerinwater

    My feelings as well. ~ It’s a quagmire of muddy shifting sand full of hunger gators that have no respect for human life ~ much less the “Graces of Life”

    • Richard

      Both sides are fanatical and will wind up hating us no matter what we do or who we help. It’s not our problem. let them fight it out. It’s a religious war anyway – which son or nephew of the Prophet do you follow. The West got its sectarian religious wars out of the way in the Middle Ages. The Muslims are a few centuries behind.

      With Russia and Iran involved the situation could explode in unpredictable ways that could be disastrous. Leave the pit bulls of humanity alone.

  • tnetcenter

    I’m in total agreement with the sentiments posted above in the article.

    We have NO business being in Syria!

    We NEED to take care of the issues at home not the Mid-East!

    This is ALL a distraction from what’s truly important – what’s going on HERE!!

    • Amfer Ferg

      Absolutely right on! Why do I have that gut feeling that we are being set-up….

      • Connie Slocum

        Right on Amfer Ferg. Feels like a trap to me as well!

  • Mary


  • Elton Robb

    I’ve had a bad feeling about Syria since they were talking about it. As a peaceful nation, fighting on the side of the enemy is not something we should do. We have no business in Syria and we should stay home and focus on solving our own problems first.

  • TheSilverRanger

    As a former US Sailor, I shall stand by their voices. Good for you, boys. You know this stinks of the idiocy of the armchair commanders. You know these orders aren’t lawful.

  • true american

    DAMN STRAIGHT ! , all active military personnel best speak up against The Chief In TRAITORSHIP Against The American People – Barack ” THE COWARD ” Obama . Barack IS about to sacrifice The Entire American Military , and just for his own Asinine and selfish gain – as a wanna be Dictator – . Keep in mind , that Obama IS TOO STUPID to make a smart decision , and this one may very well end him . * O -o-o-o Rah !!! *

  • Amfer Ferg

    I am a huge fan of Justin Amash (R) Michigan – he is not afraid to speak up and fight for his constituents. He will listen to the comments of the Armed Services members who contacted him and represent their views openly – he needs to plead the case for all of us and he will! Syria, big mistake. Continue to contact Justin – he’s our best ally.

  • momo

    We have no national interest in Syria. Are we really going to back Al Queda? If Obama hadn’t redlined his butt into a corner, none of this would be happening.

  • richcarro

    If we go into Syria, it’s only to save face for Obama. He a bad president and he knows nothing about what’s happening over there. The man is a fool if he thinks the rebels over there will follow up and take it over, then I have a bridge I could sell him. The whole world now knows what we knew all along, that he is a moron.

    • Warrior

      A community organizer who wandered into the wrong neighborhood.

      • jaybird

        I don’t think he wandered anywhere, his was groomed to be the president by the rich liberal globalist of which the Bushes and Clintons are.

        • Merle Dickey

          I agree he was groomed but I’m not sure it is by anyone in the USA

  • Ron r

    Syria, is a no win regardless of who used chemical wepons. I would like to see Arab nations take the lead on this , but I know they will not. I say let them fight it out , the Syrians , Egyptians, Iranians , Israelis , and the whole lot. Winner take all.

    • Merle Dickey

      I agree

  • warrior

    How about the “Outraged” Arab League Members gather their American Military Gear, load up their Datsun pick-ups and head on over to Syria. Time to cut the apron strings and show us what you’re really about. Now, according to mr. kerry, we have serious bidness like “climate change” to address. BTW, “climate change” has now been identified as a major cause of peoples “irritable” disposition. Imagine that. Caliphate caused by “climate change”. What will the “progressives” think of next?

    • Barakolips

      Next thing they will be in Syria pushing gay rights!

  • the nam vet

    if they vote for war send them first then we will see who has the ball,s

  • Sue Breslin

    The only reason why ovama is leaving it to Congress is so that if it proves to be a mistake (like it is) he can blame the repubs for its failure

  • Ken

    The military contractors need to start making peace time products and then we can get some good done here.
    They won’t need war then.

  • pinky

    if ob starts another war send him over to fight it! screw it ,enough kids killed in too many years , in way too many wars!!

  • Marie Asher

    TPOTUS and certain of his people is LYING agsin to America on what this is really about. It is about a Natural Gas Line that goes threw that area. It is not to protect some children it is abortt $$$$, Stay out of Syria.

  • Jeff Noncent

    I agree we should not go to war with Syria

  • justus brother

    Ovarmint trots out “the kids are being killed in Syria” as an excuse to go to war; perhaps he might consider our own (yes, I said our own) abortion mills. Depending on whose numbers are used up to one million kids are killed every year in our great country. The Drudge Reports poll yesterday reported a 92.2 % vote against going to war with Syria.

    • Merle Dickey

      But that is a personal choice that folks have to live with . Going to a war with most citizens against it is something that is forced on us.

  • William James Ward

    Assad is accused and he has killed many thousands of people,
    it seems right that he is killed for his crimes but why blow up
    hundreds or thousands and bypass him. Is it not insane to do
    that to give Assad a message, that makes Obama as crazy as
    him. The world will not be better off but with Assad dead we
    may feel some justice has been dealt and then let the Syrians
    elect another President and if that person is a killer kill them and
    move on but stop the mass retaliations against those who are
    not absolutely indicted with the killer, go for the head………..William

  • IsThisAmerica

    What is this snake obama up to behind the Syria scene that we can’t see? What is his next move? See? No one listens to us in the (upper class) that’s suppose to not exist. What will be the next scandel as that is all obama is about. Will someone remove the snake in the oval office please?

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Oboma is only doing what his masters want him to do , his owners want more land ,

  • swampfox

    as a prior marine,i.say stay out,
    jesus predicted all this,we are in the end times,things are lining up very fast.
    scoff and huff all you want,the lord is about to snatch his bride outtah
    here and very soon.whats coming will make whats going on in syria right
    now seem like a picnic.the gog magog wars are coming.
    daniel,ezekial,revalations are here…now.
    things are going to get MUCH worse,jesus said so.amen..