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The War With Islam

September 26, 2012 by  

The War With Islam
Egyptians protested outside the U.S. embassy in Cairo against a film mocking Islam.

Around and around we go. Violence and death of innocents on Islamic soil seems to be a perpetual phenomenon. The most recent round of senseless violence was said to have been sparked by the surfacing of a sophomoric YouTube video that pokes fun at Muhammad.

A handful of Muslims in the eastern Libya city of Benghazi became so enraged by the incident that they attacked the U.S. consulate, killing U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens along with three other Americans.

It didn’t bother the executioners that Stevens had fought beside Libyans to free Libya from dictator Moammar Gadhafi, who had ruled the country for 34 years.

Also, protesters in Egypt scaled the walls of the U.S. embassy in Cairo and replaced an American flag with an Islamic banner. Again, Islamic extremists have problems with their short-term memory. It was the United States that supported the revolution in Egypt that removed that nation’s dictator, Hosni Mubarak.

Those acts were the first such assaults on U.S. diplomatic facilities in either country. There was a flurry of excuses for the murder of Americans whose only sin was trying to build Islamic civilizations in a region that refuses to become civilized.

Let me get back to that YouTube film whose very existence justifies a death sentence even to those who had nothing to do with its production.

You see, the video goes so far as to mock Islam’s holy prophet.

I don’t know if some of you watch the TV show “Family Guy” which FOX, of all networks, produces. It sometimes makes fun of Jesus Christ. In one episode Christ is shown as a hippie working at a used record store. That hasn’t resulted in attacks on the show’s creator, Seth MacFarlane, by Christians. Call it free speech and the Western world’s ability to laugh at itself even when it comes to our religious beliefs. We certainly don’t go on murderous rampages every time our sensibilities are hurt. That is not the way for much of Islam.

Further evidence of violent Islamic tendencies was provided last week when al-Qaida’s affiliate in North Africa urged Muslims in the region to kill U.S. government representatives.

“We encourage all Muslims to continue to demonstrate and escalate their protests and to kill their (American) ambassadors and representatives or to expel them to cleanse our land from their wickedness,” read the statement from al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb.

The group also called the killing of Stevens “the best gift you (can) give to his arrogant and unjust administration.”

There’s more. Also last week, a Taliban-allied insurgent group claimed responsibility for a suicide attack that killed at least 12 people, including eight South Africans, in Afghanistan. The group said it was in response to the YouTube video.

A spokesman for Islamic militant group Hizb-i-Islami said a 22-year-old woman named Fatima carried out the attack. She drove a car packed with 660 pounds of explosives into a van on a road leading to the Kabul International Airport.

Suicide attacks by women are rare in Afghanistan — maybe because it’s a sin for a woman to drive a automobiles.

“The anti-Islam film hurt our religious sentiments and we cannot tolerate it,” spokesman Haroon Zarghhon told The Associated Press.  “There had been several young men who wanted to take revenge, but Fatima also volunteered and we wanted to give a chance to a girl … to tell the world we cannot ignore any anti-Islam attack.”

That’s lucky for Fatima — although, I am not too sure what she is going to do with the 72 virgins that are waiting for her.

Radical jihadists can’t even come up with original reasons to be anti-American; they have to spend their days scanning YouTube to find some insult. Don’t these Islamic believers have better things to do, like build schools and roads? Yet it was determined that murder had to be meted out because some idiot made fun of Muhammad.

Isn’t it time for the West to wash our hands of Islam? A growing part of Islam, regardless of whether President Barack Obama will admit it, is at war with the United States and Western society. During the Cold War, the United States faced rational and educated leaders of the Kremlin. The opposition leaders in this war are crazed religious fanatics who have already demonstrated they are crazy enough to blow up themselves — and often many innocent Muslims who happen to be in the way — because they have nothing better to do than to kill Westerners.

You can blame it on the brain trust of Islamic militants. One man that helped shape al-Qaida’s philosophy was Sayyid Imam al-Sharif, also known as Dr. Fadl.

In an article for The New Yorker, Lawrence Wright relayed Dr. Fadl’s doctrine:

Fadl contends that the rulers of Egypt and other Arab countries are apostates of Islam. “The infidel’s rule, his prayers, and the prayers of those who pray behind him are invalid,” Fadl decrees. “His blood is legal.” He declares that Muslims have a duty to wage jihad against such leaders; those who submit to an infidel ruler are themselves infidels, and doomed to damnation. The same punishment awaits those who participate in democratic elections. “I say to Muslims in all candor that secular, nationalist democracy opposes your religion and your doctrine, and in submitting to it you leave God’s book behind,” he writes. Those who labor in government, the police, and the courts are infidels, as is anyone who works for peaceful change; religious war, not political reform, is the sole mandate. Even devout believers walk a tightrope over the abyss. “A man may enter the faith in many ways, yet be expelled from it by just one deed,” Fadl cautions. Anyone who believes otherwise is a heretic and deserves to be slaughtered.

So here we stand in 2012; the Middle Ages intersect the Internet.

Obama continues to waste billions of dollars in aid to Islamic nations — even countries like strife-riddled Egypt which collects $1.5 billion a year from Washington. The Obama Administration played a crucial role in the overthrow of Mubarak only to witness the ascension to power of the latest Egyptian despots who are even worse than Mubarak. A recent headline from the Daily Beast said it all: “Obama’s Foolish Embrace of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.”

Mr. President: If by chance you get re-elected, please change your policies regarding Islam. Try not to take a society out of the Stone Age. Too many believers in Muhammad (like your father was) are committed to killing those who have done nothing other than invest themselves in trying to bring a better future to a rundown region which is becoming the globe’s gutter.

Hopefully, Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney will prevail in November. If so, he must understand he has an undeclared war on his hands with much of Islam. The Muslim Brotherhood is gaining murderous momentum throughout the Mideast — especially in Egypt. It controls the Suez Canal, a choke point for petroleum and other essential trade.

To date, the Muslim Brotherhood has not renounced the doctrine of its late founder, Hassan al-Banna: “It is the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated, to impose its law on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet.”

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers
Editor, Myers’ Energy & Gold Report

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • phideaux

    “That’s lucky for Fatima — although, I am not too sure what she is going to do with the 72 virgins that are waiting for her.”

    Maybe she was homosexual.

    “The opposition leaders in this war are crazed religious fanatics who have already demonstrated they are crazy enough to blow up themselves —”

    No, the leaders were smart enough to talk others into blowing themselves up.

    • KG

      Islam is not the problem. It’s the greedy, Religious, Military, and Political leaders. When ever you have an oppressed people, you are going to have violence. It happened in America, It can happen anywhere. What leaders need to know is that man want’s to be free.

      Oh, BTW, if we looked at the Christian world of about 1100 c.e. people in the rest of the world would have thought of Christians as some people think of Islam today. But, it was OK then, cause it was in the name of JESUS. Let’s see what the bible has to say about that:


      go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy everything that belongs
      to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and
      infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.


      For the LORD your God will bless you [Israel] as he has promised … You will rule over many nations, but none will rule over you.Deuteronomy 15:6When
      the LORD your God brings you into the land he swore to your fathers to
      give you — a land with large, flourishing cities that you did not
      build, houses filled with all kinds of good things that you did not
      provide, wells that you did not dig, and vineyards and olive groves
      that you did not plant — then when you eat and are satisfied, be
      careful that you do not forget the LORD…
      Deuteronomy 6:10-12


      Do not worship any other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.Exodus 34:14


      So both of Lot’s daughters became pregnant by their father [after they got him drunk and seduced him].Genesis 19:36And if [God] rescued Lot, a righteous(!)
      man, who was distressed by the filthy lives of lawless men, for that
      righteous man, living among them day after day, was tormented in his
      righteous soul by the lawless deeds he saw and heard.
      2 Peter 2:7-8


      The LORD said to Moses and Aaron, “These are the regulations for the Passover: No foreigner is to eat of it.”Exodus 12:43At
      the end of every seven years you must cancel debts. Every creditor
      shall cancel the loan he has made to his fellow Israelite. He shall not
      require payment from his fellow Israelite or brother, because the
      LORD’s time for canceling debts has been proclaimed. You may require
      payment from a foreigner, but you must cancel any debt your [Israelite] brother owes you.
      Deuteronomy 15:1-3

      It would seem as though the so-called ‘Christian’ bible has as much violence and greed as any other religious book.

      • Linda

        The Christian Bible is the New Testement. Dork.

      • KG

        Sorry Linda – you cant get away from that.

        1) “For truly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, not an iota, not a dot, will pass the law until all is accomplished. Whoever then relaxes one of the least of these commandments and teaches men so, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but he who does them and teaches them shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 5:18-19 RSV) Clearly the Old Testament is to be abided by until the end of human existence itself. None other then Jesus said so.

        2) All of the vicious Old Testament laws will be binding forever. “It is easier for Heaven and Earth to pass away than for the smallest part of the letter of the law to become invalid.” (Luke 16:17 NAB)

        3) Jesus strongly approves of the law and the prophets. He hasn’t the slightest objection to the cruelties of the Old Testament. “Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets. I have come not to abolish but to fulfill. Amen, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest part or the smallest part of a letter will pass from the law, until all things have taken place.” (Matthew 5:17 NAB)

        3b) “All scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for refutation, for correction, and for training in righteousness…” (2 Timothy 3:16 NAB)

        3c) “Know this first of all, that there is no prophecy of scripture that is a matter of personal interpretation, for no prophecy ever came through human will; but rather human beings moved by the holy Spirit spoke under the influence of God.” (2 Peter 20-21 NAB)

        4) Jesus criticizes the Jews for not killing their disobedient children according to Old Testament law. Mark.7:9-13 “Whoever curses father or mother shall die” (Mark 7:10 NAB)

        5) Jesus is criticized by the Pharisees for not washing his hands before eating. He defends himself by attacking them for not killing disobedient children according to the commandment: “He that curseth father or mother, let him die the death.” (Matthew 15:4-7)

        6) Jesus has a punishment even worse than his father concerning adultery: God said the act of adultery was punishable by death. Jesus says looking with lust is the same thing and you should gouge your eye out, better a part, than the whole. The punishment under Jesus is an eternity in Hell. (Matthew 5:27)

        7) Peter says that all slaves should “be subject to [their] masters with all fear,” to the bad and cruel as well as the “good and gentle.” This is merely an echo of the same slavery commands in the Old Testament. 1 Peter 2:18

        8) “Did not Moses give you the law, and yet none of you keepeth the law” (John7:19) and “For the law was given by Moses,…” (John 1:17).

        9) “…the scripture cannot be broken.” –Jesus Christ, John 10:35

        Have you killed you unruly children yet?

      • Ted G

        This line alone sets up your whole premise.

        “Islam is not the problem. It’s the greedy, Religious, Military, and Political leaders”

        Everything after that is predicated on this line. So if this line is complete and utter BS (my opinion) then what comes after is spouting nonsense.

      • Floridastorm

        You’re talking about 1,100 AD. This is 2012 almost 1,000 years later. Everyone was a barbarian in 1,100 AD. The Muslims are still barbarians in 2012. That’s the difference between Islam and Christianity.

      • KG

        So Mubarak WASNT greedy? So Qadafy wasn’t a Military leader? So Hassan is not a Sado Masachist? What are you trying to say?

      • Jeanette

        So, KG, are you a Muslim, or just a Muslim sympathizer? The rest of us will do whatever we can to prevent the Muslims from getting their Islamic World Caliphate. Eleven years lived in Saudi Arabia was enough to show me what life would be like under the IWC: a permanent Dark Age, regardless of what Obama says in an effort to keep our attention diverted, and regardless of any Bible verses from a couple of thousand years ago – also to keep our attention diverted.

      • TexasRide

        KG, you must be living in another world if you think islam is NOT A PROBLEM! This cult is a barbarian, savage form of government. No matter how hard you try to defend it, your efforts are only WASTED!

        There is NO EXCUSE you can give for the behavior we see in these middle east countries! And, the muslim brotherhood wants to bring THAT to our cities! They want to bring the world under their power because their cult demands it! The muslim brotherhood has a plan it is called “The Project!” Watch what it is about, on Dishnetwork tonight, channel 212.

        Meyers is right, we must stop coddling terrorist, making excuses for their cult, and get all of them out of our country. We have no idea how many “sleeper cells” have embedded themselves in our towns or who belongs to them (maybe even your neighbors.) They have made their intentions extremely CLEAR! They are the enemy we must fight, so we Americans can keep our country!
        The progressive radicals and these radical terrorists have combined their efforts. They have the same agenda! The progressive enlist the “cult” to commit the violence that they are unwilling to do themselves.

      • ggswede

        KG,are you an atheist ? Or are you one of those people that likes to debate or split hairs on every issue ? Why don’t you do a complete comparison of activities by both;Islam vs Christianity ,during the 20 th century ? Side by side,I dare you .

      • KG

        umm the Republicans have made their intentions clear. By trying to destroy the Labor Unions they are destroying the last voice of resistance working people in America have. I’m not afraid of an Islamic Caliphate as much as a Christian Caliphate the Religious Right Nazis want for America. Along with their libertarian butt buddies, what the Republicans want for America is as bad if not worse than what any poor person in a third world country experiences.

      • KG

        This is what we have to look forward to:

      • Elda

        No, it is Islam!

      • Robert Smith

        Floridastorm posted: “That’s the difference between Islam and Christianity.”

        Really? And what about all those doctors who have been killed, clinics bombed, and the nonsense posted on these very forums against those who don’t toe the right wing christian line?


      • Tim

        Cagey, your hatred and ignorance of Christianity is frankly pretty amazing. I suggest you read Dispensational Truth or do a similar study of dispensations through the Bible, you will learn how God has changed how he deals with man (and for very good reasons) through the ages. Further, trying to fault Christianity with what the Popes did in the distant past for power and world domination isn’t going to fly either, calling yourself or your religious belief system Christian certainly doesn’t mean you are doing God’s will according to the bible. After all that’s why Martin Luther broke from the Catholic Church in the first place (no offense to Catholics it’s mostly the leadership I have a problem with).
        Your deep hatred for Christianity makes me guess you are either homosexual or an extreme liberal, coupled with your union rants it’s pretty shameless. I guess you are firmly attached to the union teat and will sell your soul to further their usually leftist causes as well. You should be greatly ashamed of yourself but I know that’s simply not possible for you.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        I notice something rather ridiculous about you KG and all of you God and Bible haters when you comment on this site. You never read and study the Bible yourselves but are computer spouting words that are written for you to copy. So by your own admission you believe That One Idiot that says derogatory things about the Bible and all you idiots are capable of doing is to parrot him..

      • http://yahoo Ravenmaven


        You have masterfully hit the nail on the head! At first I thought Mr Meyers was just a dupe, but then came to realize his interests are in confiscating oil and stealing other peoples land and killing them if necessary in order to get it.And the Bible has plenty to say about greed…like
        it is the root of all evil….
        KG please keep commenting, we need more intellects such as your on the blogs.

      • Vigilant

        When Ravenmaven says, “KG please keep commenting,” I have to agree. Nothing is as damaging to a cause as a misinformed, undereducated “True Believer.”

        Remember, KG was the one who claimed that communism was already in our Constitution because it contains the terms “We the People” and “general welfare.”

        By all means, KG’s palaver is always welcomed. No more eloquent testimony to the bankruptcy of his cause can be found in another’s words.

      • momo

        Ravenmaven says: “KG please keep commenting, we need more intellects such as your on the blogs.”

        The part after the comma is hilarious.

      • Mel

        “Islam is a religion of peace”. TAQIYYA: Muslims are allowed to deceive non-Muslims if it helps Islam by lying.

      • TexasRide

        So, KG, your REAL PROBLEM is with people that want to abolish your beloved UNIONS.
        That figures! Unions are nothing but a terrorist group that uses extortions!!

        No better than the Barbary Pirates! We finally told them to pound dirt, and we will tell the unions to do the same..

      • coal miner 1


        Were Jews ever really slaves in Egypt, or is Passover a myth – Haaretz

        Mar 26, 2012 … That is, of course, if they were ever slaves in Egypt at all. … within the bible itself, but that’s not a remotely historically admissible source. … Furthermore, there is no evidence in Israel that shows a sudden influx of people from FROM EGYPT

      • Dead Right

        to KEG:
        God has the right and uses nations to eliminate nations that are no longer salvageable.
        The muslims are putting themselves in those cross hairs today. He called other nations to punish Israel as well. These were very specific times and wars. Good luck condemning God to justify yourself. God said to Job, “look at every proud man and make him low.”
        That is part of God’s will and person. Who he uses, when and why are His business.

      • Benjamin Fox

        KG? Your comment shows you know nothing about the Bible, you distorted for you sick mind, void of what God intended and what will come to pass, your just like obozo, the islamist-in-chief, you quote things that have nothing to say about today and never saw a christian blow himself up for satan. And if God isn’t for Israel, why have they won every war against all odds ever since they became a nation. Wake up, and ask God to forgive your ignorance of Him and His Word, He will answer.

      • Michael Beglin

        Basing your government’s foreign policy based on ANY religion is superstitious foolishness. Islam just happens to be socially stuck in the Bronze Age.

      • http://patriotupdate major

        There is a huge difference in Christianity and Islam, the Papal system diversed greatly from the Gospel of Christ during the dark ages and is a sad thing to remember I’m sure you know that is why we have Protestant churches. Islam is a political,rligious system that has three main goals 1Annex Jreusalem,Kill all Jews 2 Obliterate Christianity by any-means.3 Islamitize the whole world anything less is considered blasphemous to their god allah. So there will never be peace with these people, I have studied this in depth,what I’m writing about is the truth the Quran will verify it.

        • ksyed0

          I don’t know where you are getting this crap. There are no such “goals” of Islam.

          Muslims revere Jerusalem as a religious site, just as the Jews and Christians do. There is no religious plan to take it over. The issue of Israel vs. Palestine is not a religious issue, but a political issue and an issue of justice.

          As for the other two points of killing all the Jews? That’s ridiculous. Jews have lived in Muslim lands safely for many, many years. Its only after the establishment of Israel that Jews have become scapegoats in Muslim lands as a tit-for-tat retaliation of the suppression of Palestinians (who happen by the way to be both Christian and Muslim by and large).

          The third point, the destruction of Christianity? Again, that’s a totally BS assertion. Islam is a proselytizing religion, and we do actively seeks converts, but through discussion and dialogue, not through forcible conversion or by trying to destroy Christianity. We revere both Jesus (peace be upon him) and his mother Mary, and we believe in the virgin birth. We also believe, that Islam is a continuation of the prophetic tradition, just like Christianity was, from Judaism. You would do just as well asserting that Christianity is trying to destroy Judaism!

      • Jay

        Robert says: Really? And what about all those doctors who have been killed, clinics bombed, and the nonsense posted on these very forums against those who don’t toe the right wing christian line?

        Total number of abortion practitioners killed thus far? 7

        Total number of unborn killed by abortion practitioners? 53 million

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        How about the Guy that reports that the Streets of Heven are paved in Gold? An so on…
        How would you like to pay the Taxes there?

      • booglede

        amazingly poor standard of the comments made above,generally, is disturbing.
        No Muslim can cast any aspersion on any prophet without committing a big sin. If some mad guy tries to bully the Christ, normal reaction of a Muslim would be revulsion.

      • Realist

        Nice try KG…You are truly a pharacce. You must be supportive of AIPAC too.

      • http://none Charlie

        Are you a Christian per Acts 2:38 ??? It’s quite obvious you know how to pick and chose Scripture to make your point ,,,BUT,,, your point IS NOT in harmony with the Bible harmonizer ,
        which is Psalm 119:160… Your comments read as you DO NOT have The Gift of The Holy Spirit that Acts 2:38 gives WHEN accomplished with understanding … So, We will have to assume you ARE NOT a “True Christian” , until , you prove otherwise with “Scripture”….
        Also see and you may see that most German people are basically good
        people … Most German people are from the lineage of “The Children of Israel”…
        Read all the words spoken by King Jesus in The Bible and you may see that “Love” covers a multitude of “Sins”,,,but,,, there is a time for “Hate” and I have The King’s Authority to hate what He hates ,,, so any “Order” from King Jesus as written in The Bible , can be carried out with Prayer Power and / or Physical power ,,,but,,,one had best Pray for The King’s Will FIRST…
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

      • Florence

        The middle east is a backward culture: islam. They kill themselves, each other and threaten & kill people in every nation on earth .. I don’t understand reasoning of nations to not band together and put the middle east on notice. Nations should bomb the hell out of the entire middle east each time a terror attack takes place in another part of the world. RE: islam film that middle east alleges that caused the death of our ambassador & others: I am not happy that the maker of that film is arrested. This just once again shows the influence of islam in the free world. Instead, I think that he should have received protective custody. They are never going to “get the point.” islam is definitely not a religion of peace.

        • tony

          If you are an Environmentalist extremists you want the dollar to end so you would conspire with radicals to accomplish this goal of Saving earth from Humanity if you really are Ideologically serious about saving the earth because it represents expansion and development of earth’s resources for the benefit and increased quality of Human Life that these Environmentalist extremists see as Killing Earth , and the Obama Administrations Regulatory policies reflect these views . This ends in unsustainable Capitalist Inflation and collapse the system leaving Government in control as people run out of vital supplies . Big Government Bad scenario

          The Key to Ending the Dollar as worlds Trade currency lies in the Destabilization of the Middle East’s current leaders in the region with the rise of a New Power source , enter the Obama and NATO Enabled Muslim Brotherhood , S&P and Obama conspire to end dollar as worlds trade currency

      • carolyn marlin

        Is USA leaders/court leaders pro muslim and anti-Christian/jews law/rights/ etc ? Why would leaders send USA Christian/Jewish tax dollars to muslim nation for any reason?? Are USA leaders pro Chain’s children and anti-Christian/Jewish law/rights?????

      • Miki

        Perhaps you should do some research and determine what the Crusades, as they were known, were in response to. Honest research will determine that these Crusades were a response to the Islamic invasion of Europe.

        Then as now, Islam was and is a political scheme to control the whole world under a dictatorial “Caliph”, with no freedom for anyone. It is totally an completely incompatible with personal and religious freedom. It is the only organization know of that requires that it be forcibly spread over all other humans in the world.

      • Fr Jim Rosselli

        KG (B?)–

        You are not quoting the Christian Bible. You are quoting the Old Testament, and specificaly the “Histories.” The Histories are records of what God commanded at a certain time, but which never passed into Dogma. It is not Jewish Doctrine to kill the descendants of those folks, and it is certainly not Christian Doctrine.

        One New Testament passage you quote simply quotes the Old Testament Histories. Also, your attempt to identify the Lord’s upholding of the Law with the Histories is specious, since the Old Testament is specifically divided into the Law, the Histories and the Wisdom Literature. Any atrewmpt,on your part to confuse one with the other is no more than that: an attempt to confuse. Prampount among these are the “Naziism” accusation, which is just a phrase you threw in from nowhere that has nothing even to do with the passage you quoted, and the actuaslly laughable “monopolism” accusation, the teleology of which is to actually deny the existence of objective Truth! If I say “This is the only chair in the
        room,” in a discussion about a room that only contains one chair, you might well attach an epithet to, or take an acc usatoryu stance toward, the statement. But then, you have to prove yours. Your simply framing a quote with an opinion proves–and actually says–nothing.

        Islam, specificaly, IS the problem. While killing people is not part of Jewish or Christian Dogma, it is part of Muslim dogma. The command to kill non-Muislims who will neither convert nor consent to dhimmitude (a form of serfdom) is part of the textual body of Muslim doctrine.

        Evil continually co-opts people to contextualize that which is not part of the textual body of various religious doctines, including Christian Doctrine. In the case of Islam, however, genocide is not simply part of the body of “historical writings;” nor is it the contextual supposition of a particular group: it is present, textual doctrine.

        The god of Islam is not the God of Christianity and Judaism. Islam is the “new testament” of Ishmaelism, the worship of the moon god, Alla, a god of retribution and war. They are as irreconcilable with us as Sparta (a mercenary society based on war) was with Athens
        (a civilized society based on the advance of, according to their lights, philosophy and culture).

        The civilized world’s sole interest in the Islamic nations should be to:

        a. Evacuate the Christians.
        b. Put a “ring of steel” around Israel.
        c. Get out. Stop buying their oil (we have more than they do! all we have to do is drill for it!).
        d. Cut off the foreign aid they use to finance their demonized jihad, and leave them isolated, to their own devices.

        Oppressed? are you insane? The Muslims hold the world hostage by controlling the world’s oil supply. Our last few Presidents, Globalist hacks, all of them, saw sectioning off the world into “enterprise zones” as a means of establishing stability. They were stupid. And the one we have now is on their side, seeking to “fundamentally change” (read: “destroy and replace”) our way of life, greasing the skids for our downfall and their victory.

        You have a pretty standard political rap, my friend, but you’re not going to convince sane people that the richest and most powerful nations on earth (the OPEC claque)
        are “oppressed,” with “violence” as their “only option.”

        I doubt you’re even, really, convinced of that, yourself.

        • Gea

          ANY “ISM” that prevents free speech and free thought leads to corruption and dysfunctional society. That is why Islam and Marxism are dangerous to ANY society that respects liberty and human rights. When somebody cuts your head off if you say something they do not like (like that Mohamed was a pedophile, rapist, polygamist and murderer, all from Muslim sources of information regarding Mohamed).

          When “holly men” of Islam, imams and mullahs around the world preach hatred of Jews and Americans, the Western countries better pay attention or else they will be over run by Muslim mobs who had found an immigrant heaven in Europe, Australia and North America and are abusing the social services and our democracy and freedom to express their nasty ideology of hate, which Islam represents.. CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relationship) is working hard on subverting US Constitution (First Amendment) (with the help of our Caliph-in-Chief, Obama) in order to prevent truth about Islam to be known to Americans, because they we would not allow any more Muslims into USA to undermine our society of liberty and human rights.

          The Muslim antisemitism is rampant around the world, where Muslims blame Jews for the vile deeds of their own and vile aspirations. This is a typical psychological mechanism of losers in a game of life: Blaming somebody who is successful for the lack of your own success!

          Muslims also blame Americans, because US stands with Israel., which is the only true democracy in the Middle East protecting human rights of ALL of its citizens, and a very prosperous country based on WORK and not mooching of women by the men who sit in coffee places and mosques, as Muslim countries are. Now there are more Muslims than Jews in America, because initial immigrants had learned to game the US immigration system, and they are bringing their backward relatives for better economic opportunities.

          There are mosques being built everywhere with the oil money, which also finances Muslims terrorism around the world Therefore, America MUST go green and sustainable and make oil irrelevant in our lives. Then this nasty ideology of Islam will go back into the sands of history, rather then taking over the civilized world into which it does not belong. But first we need to get Barak Hussein Obama, a great story teller but and incompetent manager and the true believer in Islam and Marxism out of a position where he can do more damage to America and American values.

      • Gordon

        “Whatever we once were, we’re no longer a Christian nation.” Barrack Hussein Obama, United States Senator

        “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” Barrack Hussein Obama, President of the United States of America

        • MikeR

          Gordon: Yes, he said those things. He is either a muslim or a muslim sympathizer. In November you can vote for someone who has a chance of defeating him, or you can vote for a fantasy candidate who has no chance of defeating him.

        • Gea

          Islam ITSELF is the root cause of Muslim terrorism around the world. The Saudi terrorist in 9/11/2001 did not scream Hail Mary, Our Father, Shema Israel or OM when plunging planes into WTO, but Allahu Akbar. American born and highly educated Muslims, such as Dr. NIdal Hassan, also screamed Allahu Akbar, when murdering 13 of his colleagues. This US-born Muslim terrorist had not yet been brought to trial! Why? How come that at the 10th commemoration of 9/11 no mention was made that it was Muslim terrorist act, but was treated a “tragedy”? Because Barak Hussein Obama is living up to his middle name and is helping Islam in its goal to destroy Western civilization, which is clearly spelled out int the charter of the Muslim Brotherhood: “to infiltrate America and destroy Western civilization from within and outside, and install the only true religion (Islam) over all others”.

          When Barak Hussein Obama bowed to Saudi king, whose subjects committed crimes of 9/11, this was a clear sign where Obama’s loyalties lie, NOT with America! When Barak Hussein gave $1,500 MILLIONS of US taxpayers money to Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt which is starting war on women and Israel again, you KNOW that Obama is a traitor of America values. When Barak Hussein Obama forbid US Marines to carry live munitions in the Arab countries but left the defense of US Embassies to Muslim Brotherhood, you KNOW who is sitting in the White house and undermining US Constitution after US ambassador was raped and murdered by Muslim mobs inspired by terrorists of Muslim Brotherhood. Obama should resign and held responsible for gruesome death of US Ambassador in Libya and NOT run for another term in which he can finish US off. Neither his Marxism or his Islam have ANY place in America, since both of those ideologies are incompatible with Declaration of Independence and US Constitution.

          When like a dhimmi, , Barak Hussein Obama blames the movie, which depicted Mohamed for a pedophile, polygamist, rapist and murderer that he was, for the ,murders and destruction commuted by Muslim mobs around the world, Americans better pay attention! When the Copt Egyptian who made a movie and lived in San Diego was arrested under some trumped up excuses, Americans better pay attestation.

          Who is this man in the White house who is so fast in subverting US Constitution under a disguise of “respect for Islam” . Islam MUST REFORM to stop being nasty to all non-Muslims or has NO place in any civilized society that respects liberty and human rights, which Islam (and sharia) do not recognize.

      • http://hotmail Jack

        Which version of the Bible are you reading? Dork. Jesus does not recommend killing; He was the last blood sacrifice.

    • Vigilant
      • KG

        Ummm he should replace the word ‘muslim’ with ‘irish catholic’. It would be just as appropriate to his Anglican English ‘sensibilities.

      • Vigilant

        KG needs help when going to the market. He can’t tell the difference bewteen apples and oranges.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        KG, you decry religions and you have your grocery list of religious activities you hate but you never consider that they are all part of “By Works Salvation” religions. Making gods in their image and working out the to do lists that their gods supposedly gave them.

    • Robert Smith

      “They are the enemy we must fight, so we Americans can keep our country!”

      I wonder what condition those WWII Jap internment camps are in?

      Sheesh, Irish, blacks, muslums…

      Always someone to hate.


      • Vigilant

        Yes, Rob, just like your despicable and obssessive hatred of Christianity.

      • Flashy

        Vig…step back and read what you wrote. Someone dissed christianity…heck, I do it often myself. it’s not hate, it is ridiculing the cult and noting the weakness of the minds of the adherents.

        And you call it ‘hate’ and are offended by what you called ‘hate”.

        Now how is that feeling, those thoughts, your stated belief…any different than that of Muslims and what they perceive from the West?

        bear in mind the intensity levels as well. you, being raised and living in a permissive society…yet you call any dissing of christianity ‘hate”. Place yourself where from birth, and generations before that, you were exposed and told by the government that the “enemy’ is not the dictatorial State / dictatorship…but a ‘wag the dog’ fakery to legitimize thir rule nd distract from the brutal hand of the dictatorship. That the West is out to get you. destroy your faith, and insist you pray to their gods.

        Don’t forget, with a non existent press, and many being illiterate and uneducated…the news they receive is mainly from their “church” leaders, many of those ” church leaders” placed and approved by the State …

      • Vigilant

        A few things you need to face, Flashy:

        1. I was pointing out Smith’s incessant insertion of his anti-Christian screeds at any opportunity, and most often when it’s not even related to the thread. He’s done it MANY MANY times. He has no pretext, other than the transparent hypocrisy he just demonstrated, for saying, “always someone to hate.”

        2. He also assumes, as apparently you do, that any criticism by the right is automatically a racial or ethnocentric comment. It is not.

        3. Your categorical condemnation of Christianity as a “cult” and painting its devotees as weak-minded is in itself bigoted and priggish. It goes against all the highly-vaunted “tolerance” the left hypocritically calls its own. Let me ask you, is Islam a “cult” of weak-minded individuals in your sweeping condemnation? Or does that just apply to Christians?

        4. I am not a Christian, but you won’t find me alienating a substantial portion of our population by gratuitously insulting them. Even DaveH, an atheist, refrains from dissing Christianity. He and I get it. Do you and RS?

        • Gea

          Islam is a supremacist ideology, similar to supremacist Nazi ideology, including delusional Jew hatred, which in WWII led to Holocaust which would be repeacted if Muslim countries had their way with Israel and Jews.

          Islam also condones pedophilia, polygamy, misogyny, dhimmitude (second class citizenshiop for Chiristians) and murder for Allahu Akbar, including “honor” murder for wives and children of a Muslim man if they “stray” from his commands.

          The estimate is that 20% of all Muslims (1.400 millions around the world) are radical (i.e ready to murder and die for Allahu Akbar). That makes it 280 millions of delusional crazed Muslim (mostly) men ready to die while murdering Jews and Americans and other “infidels”. They are now infiltrating America and trying to subvert US Constitution so that Americans do not understand what sharia Trojan horse plans for US.

          Islam MUST REFORM to make it compatible with the US Constitution and with the Universal Declaration of Human Rihtgs or has NO place in ANY society taht repsects liberty and human rights. There are now 50 millions of Muslims occupying Europe and 7 millions in US. When Muslims are in small numbers they are very polite amd meak, but once they reach 10% in any community you will get riots and demands for sharia, as we see in Detroit.

          Obama is the most skilolful taqiyya applicator (as Mohamed recommends to all good Muslims to do when in countries where Muslims are minority). He should resign for his role in the murder of the US Ambassodor in Libya.

      • Rhonda Reichel

        No joke…we have no business being in their countries, funding revolutions, foreign aid….we should just leave the Muslim people alone. That is the real problem.

        As far as being a Christian Christ would be ashamed of how many people you guys are killing to so called spread democracy.

        Greedy corporations and arms dealers are to blame for this folly

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Rhonda Reichal, I notice when reading and studying the Holy Scriptures, God has an aweful lot to say about Sin and Sinners and he speaks about the whole world of them.
        You are like a typical Leftist decrying Businesses and Corporations and Bankers and yet you are more of common character with people you decry.

      • Flashy

        “3. Your categorical condemnation of Christianity as a “cult” and painting its devotees as weak-minded is in itself bigoted and priggish. It goes against all the highly-vaunted “tolerance” the left hypocritically calls its own. Let me ask you, is Islam a “cult” of weak-minded individuals in your sweeping condemnation? Or does that just apply to Christians?

        4. I am not a Christian, but you won’t find me alienating a substantial portion of our population by gratuitously insulting them. Even DaveH, an atheist, refrains from dissing Christianity. He and I get it. Do you and RS?” <— Vig

        Pardon the delay Vig, i had a few housekeeping items to take care of.

        #3. i've always stated, I have no problem with long as they don't insist on compelling me or the general public that adherence to their mores is mandatory. keep it to yourself, knock yourself out for all i care. Try to lecture or preach that the 'right way' is their way? Uh uh … we have a problem Houston.

        Any organized religion is a cult. By definition. For instance …

        When anyone relies upon and is unwavering in following a pre-set guideline from religious elders or tomes of what to believe and how to believe, and uses such as a pretext and legitimization of their actions without regard to reality or common sense, yes…I would characterize that as a weak minded individual. They are unable or unwilling to accept or be able to formulate complex logic or cause and effect…both long term as well as short term. Instead, they will place blind faith in a spiritual energy intervening or causing an end result or act on "the behalf of" the god or religious faith.

        Given that, I also recognize the societal issues of a culture as well as the history of the State and governance of a region/nation-state. The West has a much different history and society than that of the ME. The ME has, as i have stated earlier today, a history of despotic regimes which used religion as a distraction and a source of legitimization for existence. Add to that the vast majority of uneducated and that often the only source of "news' not cleared by the State is through the religious centers, and you have a much different situation than that found in the West.

        In our society, that which absolutely enrages me, that i dedicate my life to fight against…it's not patriotic to stand and shout down the speaker…it is patriotic to stand and defend their right to say it…and to defend my right to oppose it. And to expect the same from others who would hold themselves as patriots. We have a much more permissive society not only allowing, but almost demanding, that one speak their mind. And to question that of a speaker, to point out the falsehoods and misleading statements, and the failure of logical thought and common sense.

        In the ME, theirs is more structured towards adherence and acceptance, in fact, tolerance is a scarce entity. When one gains power, it is historical to stamp down dissent and to insist on silence from opposition…acceptance of the thought bought either voluntarily or violently. The entire culture is not one which allows for development of the individual, it is for family, tribe, state … all of which encompasses religion as a part of the adhesive holding it all together.

        Should a Muslim have as much intolerance and insistence here, i would be standing on my hind legs, just as i would should it be a christian, krishna, hindu etc. There is no christian 'theological" state in the world today. I would say the days of the Spanish inquisition and England during the 1500-1600 era are the closest we have to point at before the political, industrial, labor rights, educational metamorphosis came about as the hierarchical state was in decline.

        To expect a ME population which has been under the thumb of despotic regimes and propaganda to, in a matter of months, adopt a Western style philosophy and acceptance is beyond the bounds of reasonable expectations. In fact, that they have progressed so far in such little time is nothing short of amazing.

        #4. Oh I get it. Do you?

      • Benjamin Fox

        There are at least 3 camps in every state, google American Concentration Camps, I assure they are for christians and those who oppose the islamic-in-chief.

      • DaveH

        Poor baby. The Liberal Progressive Flashman says — “I have no problem with long as they don’t insist on compelling me or the general public that adherence to their mores is mandatory”.
        Funny, I haven’t yet seen any Christians forcing you or anybody else to adopt their religion, Flashman. But I do see the Liberal Progressives forcing people through Government to do things their way every chance they get. Not to mention helping themselves to other peoples’ hard earned money as if it were their own.

        • Gea

          Unlike other groups that were sometimes in the past discriminated against in USA, Muslims are working hard on undermining US Constitution First Amandment, because they want to cover up how vile teachings of Koran, Hadith and Mohamed’s character were. Barak Hussein Obama is living up to his middel name and endangering US too in this nattampt to white wash Islam and bringing a genocidal supremacist misogynyst Muslim Brotherhood into the White house and giving them $1.5 BILLIONS with which they had started war on women and against Jews again.

          If Americans read Koran, and learn about the history of Islam and its prophet, who was a pedophile, polygamist, rapist and murderer, they would wake up and demand that Muslims either REFORM their nasty ideology similar to Nazi ideology, or go practice their “beliefs” in sharia run countries, 57 Muslim-majority countries.

          Islam and Sharia are INCOMPATIBLE with the US Constitution and with the Universal Declaration of Human Righgts and therefore have no place in any society that respects liberty and human rights.

          While Muslims behave when they are in small numbers, as soon as they reach 10% of population their medieval evil ideology comes out with demands for subverting Western civiloization as we can see in Detroit and all over Europe where they are terrorising people in Great Britain, France, Danmark, Sweden and Jews are forced to flee Europe again, this time from delusional Jew hatred coming from Muslims, based on Koran and Hadith, but disguised as “protecting Palestinian Arabs” who are exally vile Jew haters, long before Israel existed.

          • tony

            What do you think ??? PROOF, Innocence Of Muslims Was A False Flag


          • Gea

            Islam is a supremacist ideology, similar to supremacist Nazi ideology, including its delusional Jew hatred, which in WWII led to Holocaust and which if they could, Muslims would repeat in the Middle East. The only thing that saves Israel is that Muslims also hate each others and that their countries are dysfunctional and if it were not for US AID would be starving. It is not a coincidence that most Muslim leaders were supporters of Hitler, and Mufti of Jerusalem, Amin al Hussein spent WWII egging Hitler on to hurry up with extermination of Jews in Europe and come to do the same in the Arab world. The British and French let this high ranking Nazi war criminal, Mufti of Jerusalem, untried for his crimes and go to Cairo where he started his deadly campaign against the Jews.

            This vile man, Mufti of Jerusalem who had perfected the art of deception (from Goebels), murder of his opponents (from Hitler) and stealing from his people (intrinsic to corrupt Islamic chieftains) became a role model for Arafat, Nasser, Ahmedinijad, Abbas and many others who are able to persuade the West that they are telling the truth about Jews and Zonism, when in fact they are projecting their own vile deeds and aspirations onto Jews. Americans and Europeans are duped, particularly bleeding heart liberals, who believe Muslim stories about “poor Palestinians”, 73% of whom desire annihilation and looting of Israel, rather than having their own state where they can live in peace. Islam itself is the ROOT cause of terrorism around the world with its nasty teachings of supremacy and its urging “true Muslims” to murder for Allahu Akbar. The terrorists of 9/11 did not scream hail Mary, Our Father, Shema Israel or OM, but allahu akibar, which had become a war cry of all Muslims around the world when committing murders, including US born and educated Muslims such as Dr. NIdal Hassan who murdered 13 of his army collegues at Fort Hood while screaming Allahu Akbar.

            This delusional hatred comes from Koran and Hadith and is taught in mosques around the world. Therefore, unless Islam reforms there cannot be peace, since it is like having Nazis infiltrating the entire Western civilization, using those countries liberal immigration and social services to a hilt by those Muslims who come from their dysfunctional Muslim-majority countries which are Juden-frei and are Christians are leaving in droves.

      • Deerinwater

        DaveH say; “Funny, I haven’t yet seen any Christians forcing you or anybody else to adopt their religion, Flashman. But I do see the Liberal Progressives forcing people through Government to do things their way every chance they get. Not to mention helping themselves to other peoples’ hard earned money as if it were their own.”

        LOL! Well Sir, it’s not for their like of trying David. This is the evangelical arm of the Christian faith at work. Not completely unlike Islam is someway, it is interrupted as being Gods will to spread the “Faith” ~ the zealots can have a “field day” with being their “brother keeper ” if they must kill him to save him from the devil!

        And while Robert Smith is perfectly capable of speaking for himself, ~ neither he nor I “hate” Christians, we simply refuse to submit to “zealotry”, Christian, Hindu, Islam or any faith worship and have not intention of giving sick thinking a pass or wiliness to ignore radical ideas that destroys the spirit of man.

        I’m a Christian, my family are practicing Christians. We walk by “faith” and not by sight. We are not easy to “offense” and have no fear of evil as practicing Christian have been instructed and taught to be so. I insist that you have the freedom and liberty to make your own choices and in return you would afford me these same freedoms.

        Just as you believe liberal progressives are attempting to force something on you, so too are conservatives forcing their ideas and attempt to use government as a tool in the effort to subject people it some faith affiliation of preference. This motive is the soft under belly that the Tea Party they attempts to hide and are slow to openly expose unless among themselves.

        Now ~ if you are so simple minded that you can not see what political parties are attempting to do ~ employing twisted notions of Christianity to divide voters for party gains ~ I will pray for you , that your eyes might be opened and you see how Christ is being used in such a evil and selfish manner.

        And David, ~ have you changed your position on matters of the Divine in the last few months? As you seem most willing and open to invoking Christ name in your banter.

        I would hope so, ~ but if not my friend ~ your actions and words only draw down the thunder.

        James 1:6 But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind.

        Read more:

    • eddie47d

      KG did try and make an attempt GGSWEDE now lets see you try. ( your version,side by side)

      • Benjamin Fox

        Eddie has proved from past post that he is anti-christian, anti-God and makes himself a little god boy.

      • eddie47d

        Sly as a FOX Benjamin what in the he*l are you blubbering about? Are you the Creature From the Black Lagoon. If not stop acting like it!

      • JeffH

        Benji, little eddie is not anti-christian nor is he anti-God. What eddie is is anti-intelligent, anti-Constitution and anti-America as what our founders had intended. In other words, he’s anti-life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
        eddie is full of class envy and supports crony-capitalism…even though he hasn’t any clue that he does. Other than that, he just can’t be fixed!

      • DaveH

        To sum it all up, Eddie is the site Troll.

    • eddie47d

      Texas Ride says Islam is trying to take over the world. Hmm! What do you call our CIA agents that are planted throughout that same world or our military (MIC) occupying every Islamic land? Actually our agents have taken it even farther.

      • Tim

        I call it government not following the will of the people….vote them all out and the rest will follow.

      • TexasRide

        Our military is in 78 countries or more, and pouring American Tax Dollars in the economies of those countries! I say bring all our troops home, but you libs start screaming “isolationism” when that is discussed!

        We are giving international welfare in the form of American Tax Dollars, to 178 countries!
        This needs to STOP immediately! Start with taking it away from ALL middle east countries!

      • KG

        What was the purpose of the CIA? To “spy”on other nations? No-its primary mission was to “…spread Capitalism…” around the world. The CIA’s mission is not intelligence as much as economic. The Soviet Union wanted to dominate the world through Communism; and as soon as we “defeated” them, the Republicans wanted to dominate the world through Capitalism. I think “godless”Capitalism is as bad or worse than “godless” Communism.

      • JeffH

        KG, you’re just another ignorant progressive shackled to the paradigm of a two party system.

      • DaveH

        KG says — “I think “godless”Capitalism is as bad or worse than “godless” Communism”.
        You don’t have a clue what you’re talking about, KG. You certainly aren’t talking about Capitalism, because Capitalism is a voluntary thing. It isn’t spread by Force; it is spread by goodness — something you wouldn’t understand, KG. We haven’t had anything close to Capitalism in this country for a very long time.
        For those who want to learn something and at the same time know just how ignorant KG is:

      • gunner689AI

        I call it trying to keep the lid on the pot.

    • Vicki

      KG says:
      “Oh, BTW, if we looked at the Christian world of about 1100 c.e. people in the rest of the world would have thought of Christians as some people think of Islam today.”

      There is at least 2 differences. Christians who actually follow the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth did not and do not commit the acts now being done in the name of Islam. The other difference is in the past ~1000 years (presumes your c.e. meant A.D.) much of the rest of the world grew up and stopped doing those things too.

    • Peter

      KG, there is one absolute point in which you are mistaken, and it removes all of your ‘credibility’.
      There is no such thing as a right wing Nazi.
      If you understood “one jot, one iota’ of what you are spouting, you would know that the Nazi party’s name itself came from the abreviation of the more complete name: ‘Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterparteir’.
      Note the word ‘sozialisttische’, translated ‘SOCIALIST’ you meathead!
      Left-wing, that is, let me reiterate, ‘LEFT WING’ politics, where those in Deutschland were all treated as socialist equals in the Hitlerian socialist dictatorial society.
      You are seriously laboring with your hands below the table-top if you believe otherwise.
      I also know from first-hand experience that this is true.
      My own father-in-law is Austrian and was 12 when Hitler came to power.
      He lived with his widowed mother, and there was almost no food to be had before Hitler, due to rampant inflation throughout the germanic states.
      When Hitler came to power, all of a sudden there was food on the table and someone to blame for the lack of food prior to Hitler.
      This is socialism to the core.
      Learn your history before you open your huge mouth just to change feet.

    • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

      You have it slightly wrong: Its not 72 Virgins it’s ONE 72 Year Old Virgin. Islam is satanism just look at the wild eyed Ignorant Murderers running amok in the streets in the Arab world threatening the downfall of Countries because we don’t believe their crazyness and false God. We also don’t accept it here especially when they call our Colleges and threaten to blow up our Children (Cowards) for every College blown up 100 mosques should be blown up. Death is the only thing these Lunatics Understand. Viet Nam Vet 67-68

  • Jeremy Leochner

    It is so very sad. Some people who proclaim themselves to be Muslim and who believe Islam is a religion which condones violence and murder go out to commit terrorism while using a stupid film as justification. These people are idiots and cowards. Sadly there actions are often taken as a measure of all Muslims. That some how either all Muslims must be like these terrorists or if they are not then they must speak out against it in order to justify trust in them. Our enemy is terrorists who are insane. Islam is not our enemy. As an agnostic I believe all religions are the product of human beings. As such they reflect the duality of humanity. There is good and bad aspects to a religion just as there are good and bad aspects to people. The quran contains with in itself contradictions regarding violence. While it says

    “Goodness and evil are not equal.
    Repel evil with what is better.
    Then that person with whom there was hatred,
    may become your intimate friend!
    And no one will be granted such goodness
    except those who exercise patience and self-restraint,
    none but people of the greatest good fortune.”
    Quran 41:34-35

    The Quran also says ““And slay them wherever ye catch them..” (2:191)

    It is a contradictory text. However I feel at the end of the day what matters is what individuals believe. I have friends who are Muslim who are kind and loving people. They attribute who they are to their religion and their prophet. I take them as the measure of Islam, not terrorists. And I read such Quran passages as

    “Invite all to the way of your Lord
    with wisdom and beautiful preaching.
    And argue with them
    in ways that are best and most gracious…
    And if you punish,
    let your punishment be proportional
    to the wrong that has been done to you.
    But if you show patience, that is indeed the best course.”Quran 16:125-128


    “The recompense for an injury
    is an injury equal thereto (in degree),
    but if a person forgives and makes reconciliation,
    his reward is due from God,
    for God loves not those who do wrong.”-Quran 42:40-43

    Our war should be with terrorists, not Islam. Islam is not the enemy. Extremists are.

    • Robert Smith

      “The Quran also says ““And slay them wherever ye catch them..” (2:191)”

      “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live” (Exodus 22:18),

      “I permit no woman to teach or have authority over men; she is to keep silent.” Timothy 2:11

      “But if this thing be true, and the tokens of virginity be not found for the damsel: Then they shall bring out the damsel to the door of her father’s house, and the men of her city shall stone her with stones that she die: because she hath wrought folly in Israel, to play the whore in her father’s house: so shalt thou put evil away from among you.” (Deuteronomy 22: 20-21)

      “For every one that curseth his father or his mother shall be surely put to death: he hath cursed his father or his mother; his blood shall be upon him.” (Leviticus 20:9)


      • Vicki

        Robert Smith might notice that people claiming to be Christians stopped burning witches over 100 years ago.

    • eddie47d

      Some religious folks sure do love them stones. Nowadays its a Bible in one hand and a gun in the other or a Koran in one hand and a gun in the other. See the extremists do have something in common.

      • JeffH

        Your comment is just another example of repeat what you hear or what you read…in other words, stupid is as stupid does! DUH!

      • eddie47d

        We all know Jeff will have a gun in his hand and is not scared to use it. LOL

    • Ted G

      Jeremy thats just total BS.

      Until every muslim country eliminates the laws based on Sharia such as Death for Blasphemy, or death for insults to the islamic prophet or islam, for or changing his religion, for not wearing the veil, or for minimum prison sentences for murdering your wife, daughter or grandchildren for not being muslim enough, oh the list goes on. And what year is this now 2012.

      Until all these insane laws are off the books then we should absolutely be at war with islam.

      Your attempts to paint islam as just another religion with a few objectionable verses is insulting.

    • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

      Does it also say “You may Lie to Infidel” so how could you believe anything a Satan worshiper says, EVER !! Like Abomination the Illegal Kenyan Born Marxist Sunni Muslim Half Breed Anti American White hater.

  • Kinetic1

    First, let’s put to rest the half truths about the video. The right wing talking heads make a big point of the fact that the video hit YouTube back in July. With that they are suggesting that it could not have been the spark that started the violence. What they fail to note is that the video was not dubbed in Arabic until early September, at which point it was picked up and aired on Islamic television on Sept. 8th.

    Now to the nonsense of comparing the reaction of the Christian world to jokes about Jesus to the reaction of the Islamic world to jokes about their prophet. These are two different religions with two very different sets of rules. Well, maybe not that different.

    “In all the Abrahamic religions idolatry is strongly forbidden, although views as to what constitutes idolatry may differ within and between them. In other religions the use of cult images is accepted, although the term “idolatry” is unlikely to be used within the religion, being inherently disapproving. Which images, ideas, and objects constitute idolatry is often a matter of considerable contention, and within all the Abrahamic religions the term may be used in a very wide sense, with no implication that the behavior objected to actually consists of the religious worship of a physical object.
    Behavior considered idolatrous or potentially idolatrous may include the creation of any type of image of the deity, or of other figures of religious significance such as prophets, saints, and clergy, the creation of images of any person or animal at all, and the use of religious symbols, or secular ones. In addition, theologians have extended the concept to include giving undue importance to aspects of religion other than God, or to non-religious aspects of life in general, with no involvement of images specifically.”

    So as Christians, we too have our rules about representations of God and Jesus, rules about worshiping statues of saints, etc. The difference is that we, due to the various corruptions of the church turned our back on these rules and, in some cases began embracing these false idols as part of our Christian faith! Most sects of Islam, on the other hand are still very strict about their faith and the rules that guide it. The level of offense is far beyond what we understand. As one Iraqi I know said, “Harm a man’s family and he is obligated to avenge them. Offend his religion and it is worse than harming a member of his family.” We’re talking about millions of people who stop everything they are doing to pray in unison every day. When was the last time you found a group of Christians so devoted to their church? Now I’m not suggesting that Muslims are better than Christians, only that they are raised to be far more adherent to the teachings of their religion. Even their governments adhere to the teachings of Islam. Now consider the emotions, the desperation of a nations people where unemployment and poverty are at levels unheard of in the Western world and you have a time-bomb.

    There’s no excuse for the actions taken against Americans in Egypt, Syria, and the rest, but neither is their an excuse for Christians who, knowing the teachings of Islam and the emotions of the Islamic people publicly burn the Koran or produce films, not just questioning the prophet Muhammad, but presenting him as a child molester, a dolt and a fraud. This film was not created to educate, but to offend and encourage unrest in the Middle East. One might even question whether this film was meant to create trouble and damage President Obama’s reputation in foreign policy leading up to the election.

    • GALT

      Actually, there is an “excuse”………although more precisely a clearly visible path
      toward a reasonable explanation……..for which all persistent “mythologies” share

      You have your finger on a piece of it, christianity has undergone quite a few challenges
      that Islam has NOT had to deal with yet……….but the results are only slightly better….
      in that the “christian extremist’s” have backed off a bit from wholesale slaughter….and
      now only kill “abortion providers”……..but the deficient mentality on the part of some,
      is still present………..

      Islam has NOT undergone it’s “protestant revolution” with regard to the internal mechanism of it’s “faith”……….primarily because the majority of it’s adherents are
      illiterate……..which leaves the “interpretation” of Islam to the “mullahs” and this further
      complicated by the line ” But have you read it in the original arabic. ” which is
      an expertise confined to the fewer still……….with plenty of room for mischief.

      Islam, unlike christianity……..still professes to believe in a “powerful god”, which christians
      ended finally with the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648…….and ended the theocratic connection between church and state……castrating Rome or ( The vatican ) from it’s
      political influences…….where god “ceased to be powerful, and by necessity became good.” Nietzche

      Unfortunately, christianity as a whole, has not actually accepted this REALITY…..and
      are not content with a non powerful god……..nor are they mature enough in their
      faith to allow their god to actually be the “judge” of their fellow man and this creates
      problems…………with potential equal to that of Islam should we revert.

      In the U.S. this is compounded by statements like “Islam is a great religion.” because
      this is the wrong thing to say………and diplomatically foolish and downright stupid.

      As a nation we need to stress that……..freedom of worship is extended to everyone,
      and that there is a strict wall between church and state………

      If you choose to believe that god is the judge, then let him/her/it do the job, certainly
      such a powerful god does not require puny human assistance……..clearly eternal reward
      or punishment should be sufficient………no matter what the crime?

      At this point, Islamic governments are made directly responsible for the actions of
      terrorists REGARDLESS of whether motivations are political or actually religious……..
      and then it can be made clear that there are “consequences” for such actions…….
      since the message is consistent…….and “hypocrisy” has been eliminated, as
      least as far as it concerns “government actions”.

      Actual maturity on the part of christians and islamists may take a bit longer……..

      “To conquer, first DIVIDE!” ( and then HANG, separately. )

      • millie

        KG you are a dork

      • KG

        Ill take that as a compliment ;)

      • Kinetic1

        The “direct lineage” of Islam did occur to me as I was writing, and I’m glad you took that path. Clearly, though much of civilization developed in the middle east, poverty and ignorance have done much to prevent our worlds form growing together.

        Once again referencing my acquaintance from Iran, it seems that most people in Iran are as ignorant as we are of them. The average citizen’s view of the U.S. is based on what the Government and media allow them to see. As a result, many of them believe that we all ride horses and have a six shooter strapped to our hips. Women in California are all blond and tan. We all know this is ridiculous, but so is the idea that Iranians all own camels. That was the belief of this man’s American Grandfather-in-law. He tried to explain that growing up in Tehran was much like growing up in any other major city, but to no avail.

        One more thing when considering the Islamic world’s view of America; preemptive strikes. Since 2004 an average of 50 to 100 innocents have been killed in drone strikes in Pakistan, a nation we are not “officially” at war with. Since the Bush administration began their policy of preemptive strikes, drones fly 24 hours a day. Yes, our government swears that they only target imminent threats, but that does little for the average citizen who just happens to be within the blast zone of a hell fire missile. Doctors won’t travel to a strike zone for over 6 hours for fear of a second strike. Families are reluctant to attend funerals, friends fear gathering in groups of more than three. The hum of drones overhead reminds innocent Pakistanis that, should there be anyone near them that is considered an enemy of the U.S., they could become collateral damage. If another nation was treating us this way, how would we feel? If it were an Islamic nation and our church leaders told us that these drones were there because we were Christians and they want to eliminate us, what would you choose to believe? Islamic extremists are a real threat to the U.S. and can’t be ignored, but we do ourselves no favors when we give them “evidence” to justify their actions. We can’t use our safety as an excuse to terrorize a another nation, then turn around and condemn terrorism.

      • GALT

        I am not or was not disputing the political reasoning for terrorism or cultural resentment
        of any kind for those who have experienced the “wonders” of colonization, by self proclaimed superior and or civilized powers……

        It is unfortunate that these grievances which are valid must be expressed in terms of
        “religion”, or metaphysical belief systems, or mystical belief systems…….

        It is extremely difficult to penetrate one level of ignorance, let alone multiple levels which are further manipulated for means of expediency simply because the conditions of “relative and or willfull ignorance” is available to be exploited.

        For Islam itself, this is a bad tactical error……..for their grievances are legitimate, and to
        allow them to become entangled with religious ideology simply distracts from the
        legitimacy of their claims while providing a convenient path to give those who seek to
        escape responsibility……to resolve this matter by other means!

        We are faced with a dichotomy similar to that of the problem being “government or
        “corrupt government” as the cause……..and failure to resolve this simply leads to the
        chaos which favors the “status quo”…….who are at the root of all problems……it simply becomes a matter of who benefits…….the victims do not, nor will they, in this

        IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH……..extermination follows.

      • http://none Charlie

        Very intellectual write ,,,but,,,full of errors ,,,Biblically speaking … What are you going to be when you grow up ? a Preacher?…………
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

    • eddie47d

      Excellent call Kinetic and even Galt. Then Millie chimes in and heads straight for the name calling. She obviously isn’t looking for any intelligence and offered none.

      • JeffH

        …nor do you…

      • eddie47d

        A Millie defender …idiots of a feather stick together right Jeff.

  • Richie Gekko

    Coincidently the day this is posted is the same day ol Mitt is blasting Obama about the Middle East? What Myers is saying here isn’t new by any means but everyday that violence erupts in the Middle East is another empty promise Obama gave three years ago.

    • Jeanette

      Oh, he promised, all right! He promised to stand with the Muslims (presumably against the non-Muslims, since there are only those two kinds of people in the world) in his “Dreams” book. And he’s shown us how he favors Muslims over Christians, from bowing to them to canceling the National Day of Prayer and having a bunch of Muslims praying in the White House instead.

      How proud his anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-white mother must be.

  • cawmun cents

    Yes the Pharisees(Judaism)were so devoted to their religion that Christ called them whitewashed tombs.
    When we set out to kill for an idea….that is wrong.
    There is no excuse that can be made for these people.
    Though I realize that some people feel differently than I do about this action,I know what it is to have a modicum of decency.
    These Muslim folks who are easily gathered and made angry by such a thing as they are angry about are mostly the uneducated….which unfortunately for their entire religion,seems to be in the majority,and not the minority,although I cannot establish that as fact.
    But their devisiveness and tendency to be easily offended are traits which we do not see in most of the major religions of the world.Yet you make excuses for them because of who they are.Often in a vain attempt to make it seem as of there are actually similar comparisons to be drawn.
    You will draw your comparisons with the two sperate views,however,one teaches folks to murder others by strapping bombs to oneself and blowing them up in a crowded venue.
    Not just the occasional thing,but nearly every day,we hear of a person attaching a bomb to themselves and killing other folks.
    Additionally we have separate sects which kill each other regularly in many varying and differing nations.
    Of course many other religions encite the samen types of fanaticism,but nowhere,I repeat,nowhere near to the degree which Islam does.
    So in an effort to seem as if there is actual parity where none exists,you say this and that to draw your conclusions about defining religions by their behavior.
    But if you had a kid in your neighborhood who was a Christian,would you fear that he might strap a bomb to his back and explode it at the store?
    Not likely.
    Similarly if you saw some Muslim folks rocket attacking the next countries cities in a Christian neighborhood,and when the other country attacks back and kills only Christians,would you write about that in your newspaper?
    Maybe.But not if you hated the Christians.Then you would write a story about how the folks in that other country killed Muslims in an attempt to make it sound as if the Muslims had a real beef with the folks in that other country,depote the fact that you knew what happened,and then you would go on international television,and make it look as if the Muslims had siffered greatly and that it was that other countries fault that the Muslims had rocket attacked it.That is the same type of logic which you are using here.

    • TexasRide

      You are correct cawmun about a lot of things. The most important comment was that these cult members are illiterate and uneducated (and many times high on drugs when they riot and kill.)

      Their prophet was also illiterate and uneducated. He was unable to read or write. He had others write down his laws and read them back. I have read that his own mother said that he was the “spawn of the devil” and she would have nothing to do with him. Indeed, what is said about his being a savage murderer and a pedophile (to include both boys and girls.) The most devout cult members are still doing what the prophet told them to do.

      Anyone, has to be out of his mind, to try to compare this savage cult and its leaders to Christianity taught in our local churches.

      • Flashy

        Their prophet was also illiterate and uneducated. He was unable to read or write.

        And JC could read and write?

        • Tim

          It’s a matter of fact that their lovely prophet had sex with a 9 year old girl too….so sad.

      • Flashy

        Joesph Smith took the lam when he was accused of having sex with underage girls. You going to say the same about the founder of the Mormon Church and call it a fake religion and cal for its extermination?

        Also, you might do well to remember in the days of the age when Mohammed and JC walked around…marriage and relations to young children was not a sin or against the societal mores of the time. to relate who told you that Mohammed had sex with a 9 year old girl?

        • Tim

          Marriage and relations to young children not a sin…you’re on drugs

      • TexasRide

        F-Man, Jesus Christ could do anything he wanted!

      • KG

        JC was like ……Chuck Norris! He could slam a revolving door!

      • deerinwater

        It’s long been understood, true prophets don’t write.

    • http://patriotupdate major

      Islam is the antetheis of Christianity, and whomever argues Islam is a religion of peace if left alone are fools and are helping spread this Evil, just read their so-called holy book and there wont be any doubts.

  • Tom Cook

    Muhammed was a pig: pederast, murderous, primitive freak. Islam is a disgusting ignorant savage cult. We need to stop treating these greasy stupid scum with kid gloves. We need to prohibit any more of them from entering our nation and post monitors at their mosks and arrest any of their witch doctors for treason and sediton if they preach jee-haw.

    • Tigerous

      If you have a chance, read “The Truth about Muhammad” by Robert Spencer. It cites the history of Islam every Muslim knows, and the Qur’an, Hadith and Sura, to establish the truth Islam tries to deny. In addition to Tom Cook’s allegations, Muhammad was a fraud who used after-the-fact “revelations” to excuse his really, really bad behaviour. Play the video at
      for an articulate response to Islamic wingeing I wish our western “leaders” had the stones to say.

      • TexasRide

        Tigerous, it is no wonder that as we speak, politicians (like hillary) are trying to pass “a worldwide law” making it a CRIME to speak-out against islam!

        That would include getting rid of our freedom of speech to appease other countries that are 8,000-miles away. It would also be a step toward giving the power to a One World Government to make laws for all nations.

      • Flashy

        “…well-known Muslim American scholar Moustafa Zayed struck back by releasing the anticipated book “The Lies about Muhammad,” in which he refuted, paragraph by paragraph, all false claims and allegations about Muhammad and Islam in the well-publicized Islam-bashing book “The Truth about Muhammad” by Robert Spencer.

        “ example: In his book, Mr. Spencer brought a verse from the Quran, claiming that it proves that Islamic law mandates male witnesses of “sexual immortality” in order to support the male criminal! It appears that Mr. Spencer has intentionally omitted the first sentence of the verse that shows it is only related to recording debts!”

        Sigh….sad when christians have to legitimize their intolerance by lying. hey wait…this is exactly the tactic what the American Taliban uses in attacking President Obama!

        seems the American Taliban is as intolerant of those who believe different as any other extremist religious group

      • Vicki

        Flashy. We may be intolerant but we don’t cut off your head when you offend us.

    • Flashy

      “Muhammed was a pig: pederast, murderous, primitive freak.” ,—Tom Cook

      And your proof of this is ?

      • Vicki


    • Kinetic1

      Your ignorance and lack of respect for the beliefs of others (not to mention the English language) speaks volumes. This is the sort of rhetoric that continues to drive the hate on both sides.

      • Tag

        When the ‘belief’s” of others starts killing our Americans then something should be done to stop that activity. Because these Islamic nations have such barbaric culture and practices we don’t have any business being ‘over there’ – they are NOT going to change, they like the way they are and look at the freedom it gives them – if they don’t like what one of their children is doing they just kill her, OR the wife. We should not be over there and if they infringe on OUR beliefs then we should just follow the theory that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line and nuke the crap out of them. Bottom line!

      • Gea

        Mohamed married Aisha when she was and he was 51, and had sex with her when she was 9 y olf and he was 54. In addition Mohamed was married to additional 11 wives (12 total) one of them being a 17-y young Jewish woman forced to have sex with Mohamed a few hours after he got her husband beheaded together with 900 other Jewish men and boys whom Mohamed hated because they rejected him as THEIR prophet.

        In any decent society, this criminal and vile man would be tried for crimes of multiple murders, rapes, pedophilia and polygamy and not emulate as a role model and the “Final prophet”” of his “most perfect and peaceful” religion. The sharia is a medieval evil rules which promote pedophilia polygamy, misogyny, “honor” murder and murder for Allahu Akbar. Jerry Sundasky should have gone to Saudi Arabia or Iran, where he could have up to 4 wives (of any age) and molest legally unlimited number of boys, as long as they do not have facial hairs. Homosexuality between adult consenting adults is punishable by death by hanging since man is not supposed to allow sexual penetration.

        Islam ITSELF is incompatible with the US Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and has no place in any society that respects liberty and human rights unless it REFORMS. Islam DEMANDS respect that it NEVER gives to ANY non-Muslims or women! Barak Hussein Obama is a traitor of American values and a traitor of American diplomats rights and should resign. However, since Mohamed urges Muslims to lie when they live among non-Muslim majorities, Barak Hussein Obama had perfected his use of taqiyya (lies among non-Muslims) to a maximum and knows how to tell everybody what they want to hear. America better get this man out of any position of power before it is too late Obama is helping CAIR to white wash Islam and subvert US Constitution under the guise of “respect for Islam”, which this supremacist ideology similar to Nazi ideology does not deserve.

      • TexasRide

        Kinectic I hope you don’t respect a savage cult that calls for the murder of Americans!

      • Flashy

        Texas….would that apply to the christian denominations which call for the killing of AMERICAN doctors who are pro Choice practitioners?

      • eddie47d

        I’d like to see a time when we as Americans aren’t killing Muslims. Think that is possible Texas Ride.

      • Vicki

        eddie47d says:
        “I’d like to see a time when we as Americans aren’t killing Muslims. Think that is possible Texas Ride.”

        There are 3 ways to accomplish that for you Eddie. Obama is hard at work on one that seems popular with Muslims and Liberals.

      • Vicki

        Flashy says:
        “Texas….would that apply to the christian denominations which call for the killing of AMERICAN doctors who are pro Choice practitioners?”

        Pro Choice practicioners? You mean those people that murder babies both born and un-born?

      • http://patriotupdate major

        I respect the belief’s of others if they aren’t comprised of a hate and a determination to make me their slave or behead me if I don’t bow to their god.If you disagree with me you should study their Quran and get educated on what they must do to be a true muslim. Europe wiil soon fall to these Muslims because of the birth rate a high of 1.8to a low of 1.2 this low rate cannot sustain a culture.Muslim birthe rate in Europe 8.3 Canada is going to be lost America a little over two and that is with hispanics counted in. this is factual and it is scary. They are truely brainwashed their first Jihad was stopped i think 732AD by Markel the Hammer of France or we would be speaking Arabic,Vienna played a big role in stopping them also. They wont stop until put down again, there can never be peace with them by their own choosing.

    • MikeR

      Tom: I agree with that, but it isn’t going to happen as long as Obama is President.

  • Shirley Ann Smith-Rhodes

    We are at war for the very life of our country! Obama is a muslim! I believe that Obama hates the U. S. Military! I believe that he feels threatened by them because they have each individually sworn an oath to defend and uphold the constitution of the U. S. I don’t care where Obama was born! I don’t care that Obama was an Indonesian Citizen! The one fact that Obama accepts and states repeatedly is that his father was a Kenyan Citizen! What’s wrong? He is not a child of two U. S. Citizens! DISQUALIFIED TO BE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!
    It is obvious that our Congress is complicit in this fraud by the sheer act of their failure to remove Obama from office! We all make our super-intelligent observations that he is trying to make us a Marxist Nation – a Communist Nation – a Socialist Nation, etc. etc. How long will we rant and comment on these theories! We are ALL WRONG! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! Those labels are not his goal! These “systems” are his means…. his method to weaken us, bankrupt us, destroy us, and take over America!
    His only goal is to make us a MUSLIM CALIPHATE with SHARIA LAW! I am convinced that we have never, ever understood the purpose of FAST AND FURIOUS! Under the guise of our thoughts that it was to sell arms to the drug lords in Mexico, Obama, et al, were able to arm the muslim terrorists who cross our borders daily! This removal of our borders to allow free move-ment has brought in countless millions of muslims, terrorists, who have set up camps and train-ing centers within our borders! These muslims have busily built mosques everywhere! They have set up centers within our schools, our colleges and our universities! They are “in place” throughout our government! They pretty much run the day to day operations of much of the Im-migration Service! They run the taxis in most major cities… They run the hotels and motels throughout our country! The baggage handlers and much of the staff of our Airports are muslim workers. Obama’s right hand is an active Iranian muslim, Valerie Jarrett! Clinton’s right hand, Huma Abedin, is an active muslim Brotherhood person! The muslims have taken over large parts of Michigan, as well as many other states! Hey fellow American citizens, WE ARE AT WAR!
    In the words of Abraham Lincoln in his Gettysburg Address, “Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long en-dure” WE ARE AT WAR! We must organize! This election is unimportant! Obama will not leave office without a fight! If he loses, He will declare a National Emergency and institute “Martial Law” but he will retain office! Believe me! NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL GOOD CITIZENS TO COME TO THE AID OF THEIR COUNTRY” Skip the elections and politics as usual! Let’s begin with honest, constant prayer for the Hand of God to guide us! Let’s unite and circulate petitions within Congress that cannot be ignored! If they do not act quickly, let’s find a General or a group of Generals within our military who will muster the troops and step in and remove the whole gang and take over our government until honest elections can be run! These United States Military are “Our guys” They have sworn to uphold the United States Constitution! These are our brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, families! Let’s be a real “Tea Party”! Again, in the words of President Lincoln, “we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom— and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

    • Tim

      Bless you Shirley, you make me proud to be a true American

    • Kinetic1

      “This election is unimportant! Obama will not leave office without a fight! If he loses, He will declare a National Emergency and institute “Martial Law” but he will retain office!”
      Really? This is the same claim the far left made about Bush. It’s empty, inflammatory rhetoric spread by power hungry, manipulative leaders and their fearful, ignorant followers.

      • Flashy

        Kinetic…when Pres. Obama is given his second term..the wail will be “he would have!”. Akin to the theory he has a Master Plan to take away guns…shown by the fact he has hasn’t proposed anti gun legislation or policy as yet. See…because he hasnt is proof he will !

    • eddie47d

      Wow ,Shirley “millions of Muslim terrorist at our border”. Lie much? Here I thought J Edgar Hoover had an evil side in pushing his personal propaganda. You are now the new winner.

    • nc

      Shirley ann smith Rhodes. you can believe and say anything you choose to! It’s in the Constitution but even the Conctitution does not make your beliefs correct or even the majority opinion of your fellow Americans! And as a result , what you believe may not be what is best for our country! A poll out today says that just because Romney says Obama is a failure does not make it so in the eyes of the a majority of Americans! In fact, according to the poll, 64% of Americans think that assessmwnt by Romney is not the truth! While that is not the majority opinion of this site, this site may
      not the pulse of the nation!
      There are over 1.3 billion Muslims in the world who are not obligated to like us and a large part of them don’t “like us” for a variety of reasons. How many American lives are we willing to sacrafice to make the “like us ” ?Which country(countries) should we invade first to make them “like us’? Do you think more or less of them “like us” since bush invaded two Muslim controlled countries? I’m guessing fewer of them like us! There are only 49 more Muslim controlled countries left in the world! Whose children are you ready to sacrifice to make them ‘Like’us” if you feel that Obama has been wrong not to do differently than he has done what countries should he invade with our citizens??? Romney says the answer is to do business with them but then “business’ is all he seems to know. And only then if he kill businesses to make other businesses grow! What do we do with the employees, who are citizens ,fathers and husbands responsible for others, who lose their jobs in the ROMNEY ECONOMIC PLAN HE HAS PRACTICED FOR HIS WHOLE LIFE????REMEBER THE bush republican plan didn’t do what the republicans promised it would do for the country!!

    • Karolyn

      Shirley – You poor thing.

    • MikeR

      Shirley Ann: That was a bit too dramatic, but at least it’s obvious you are a patriot. Many of the comments on this site are from muslims, muslim sympathizers, socialists, and communists. It is important that every true patriot be well armed. This country is more divided than at any time since the Civil War, and sooner or later, those arms will be necessary for survival Four more years of Obama (maybe only one more year) will create ecomonic meltdown in this country, and violent riots and home invasions will be common. Food and gasoline prices will be much higher than they already are, and the strong and evil will prey upon the old and the weak.

  • sean murry

    Screw those people.

  • Sean

    Islam teaching is the problem because it destroys human values. Quran, gives Muslims the right to take properties and women of the nonbelievers. I witnessed that myself first hand when a Master’s degree student from a Muslim country in London was steeling apples from a grocery store and bragging that was allowed according to sharia. The religion instructs Muslims to kill and terrorize the nonbelievers. It allows men to marry four and as many as they can own of women hence destroying the love and respect between a man and a woman tied by marriage bond and the list goes on.

    • Flashy

      “Quran, gives Muslims the right to take properties and women of the nonbelievers. I witnessed that myself first hand when a Master’s degree student from a Muslim country in London was steeling apples from a grocery store and bragging that was allowed according to sharia.” <— Sean

      So if i found someone in prison or being arrested professing to be of the christian faith and they said that the bible said their thefts were OK….

  • Robert

    Ignorance is what I read above. Egypt and Libya were peaceful prosperous countries until the CIA and other European services started foment in both countries at the request of the moneyed interests in Britain and the U.S. This foment was then used as an excuse for the West to send in the military, which totally destroyed previously beautiful areas of the those countries. Don’t blame the people who live there, blame those who created the atrocities. What would you be doing right now if this had happened to your country, your neighborhood?

    • orples

      Ron Paul was the only Candidate that understood this, and would have brought and end to our invasions of other Nations. I agree. America has been the aggressor and now we are seeing the ‘blow back’ that Ron Paul warned us about. For those that think Ron Paul had no clue in regards to Foreign Policy, they are the very ones that should put the shoe on the other foot and, indeed, ask themselves, “What would I do, if another Nation came here and bombed my house and killed my family?” I bet they would be ready to take up arms and seek vengeance themselves. How then, can we fault other Nations for fighting back, when that is exactly what we are doing to them?

    • Warrior
    • Don G

      Robert, what is a “foment.” Yours is a most interesting rant, because in addition to poor English usage, you have invented a story that might make a good fantasy movie, but is devoid of truth. Nobody invaded Egypt, or destroyed any part thereof. There are not too many beautiful places to destroy in the first place, other than a couple of nice hotels in Alex. I would qualify one point, evidently Obama sent some American operatives to Egypt to help the ouster of Mubarek. The same ones who turned on their benefactor Obama and others still in Egypt. The fantasies you harbour in your limited mind are typical of fanatics of all colors.

      • Karolyn

        fo·ment (f-mnt)
        tr.v. fo·ment·ed, fo·ment·ing, fo·ments
        1. To promote the growth of; incite.
        2. To treat (the skin, for example) by fomentation.

    • TexasRide

      Egypt and Libya….peaceful and prosperous???

      I think you have got it wrong. The middle east has never been “peaceful.” If they are not killing Americans these tribes are killing each other! These so called countries are mostly not countries, as we think of countries, they are made-up of tribes that have fought each other for Centuries.

      As for prosperity, there is wide-spread illteracy and poverty throughout most of the middle east. Any prosperity Egypt has had came because it belonged to the British empire, until they could no longer afford to support the millions of slackers! Then, along came the Americans to dump a lot of tax-dollars in their laps… Lets not get carried away about how prosperous and peaceful this cult makes the lives of those it controls.

      • Tim

        France and G.B are paying for their unemployed Muslim youth now too. Their violence there will be our violence here when they have sufficient numbers.

  • Louis Lemieux

    We all have our reasons for thinking what were thinking and for being what we are. Being a liberal, conservative, Muslim, Jew or Christian has nothing to do with being a good or bad person. Why support violence through words or actions? All of us humans on earth form one great family and that in spite of all our religious, political and ideological differences. We do have to protect ourselves from those who’s purpose in life is to harm others, too many people still function with the primitive parts of their brain, so they act like animals because all they know are the basic survival skills and greed. They fail to realize that happiness is peace and peace is kindness and goodwill to all.

    • JA

      Well Said. Hopefully more and more people will understand words like this.

      • Karolyn

        Unfortunately, there will always be those who advocate for “Nuking them all!” People whose hatred outweighs their true nature, which is that of peace.

      • GALT

        It seems we have been “nuking” them……..via “depleted uranium”…….a process
        which is probably too slow for most “patriots”………but the real goal is that the
        expected genetic mutations will result in “two heads”, thereby making identification and
        tracking easier………not to mention greater success and ease regarding airport security!

  • Sgt. York

    Film,Film you have it wrong your blame is false given to you by your enemies,the Muslim fanatics who want you seduced by false blame. Your blame should be aimed at Islam and its fanatic so called religious groups. They were taking,what they call revenge for our killings and a celebration for there Victory of 9/11. You see it was a celebration of a Islamic victory teaching the infidels that the Islamic coming is very near. They are using there standing so called high priest,O’Vomit to help deliver the infidels to the great religion. Wake up America we are at War whether you like it or not. Not paying attention will not make this better,that’s O’Vomits way of lulling you to sleep as the master plan calls for this is a War to maintain Americas Freedoms and our life with a Constitution for freedom WE MUST WIN THIS WAR,those who disagree with us must be repatriated or sent away.
    boys its time to count your guns,keeping your powder dry,lock and load and take sharp aim,its Americas Freedom that is at stake

  • Thinking About

    Radicals such as Rush attacking Sandra Fluke is an example of radical behavior in the USA. No, she is not Jesus but he saw fit to rant and rave and get lots of others going. This does not excuse the attacking of any embassy or killing of anyone and is why everyone should think before jumping up and down and not having enough restraint to control emotions. Many are guilty of radical behavior, resulting in bad events occurring.

    • Vigilant

      Attempting to draw a parallel between Rush and Islamist violence shows, once again, that “Thinking About” thinks about as deeply as an imbecile.

      Free speech and license to kill, my friend, are two different things.

      • TexasRide

        Vigilant, spot on! Thinkingabout makes herself sound like a total imbecile.. She thinks getting Fluck’s bc pills paid for by the taxpayers, is more important than worldwide problems!

      • Thinking About

        The difference in the protest in the Middle East and Rush is simply Rush is too damn lazy to get out of the chair and take a stand in the street. It is hate no matter how you phrase it, I hear it often from radical christians and they spout hate all the time. It is the radical muslims rising up and it is the radical christians whining and yelling. What is the difference, not much, except the location.

      • Vicki

        Thinking About doesn’t and says:
        “Radicals such as Rush attacking Sandra Fluke is an example of radical behavior in the USA.”

        That must be why the Tea Party protests are so much different than the occupy ones. Our radicals are really nice people. And pointing out that Sandra should pay for her own medicine is hardly an “attack”

        TA then provides further proof of his thinking ability by saying:
        “The difference in the protest in the Middle East and Rush is simply Rush is too damn lazy to get out of the chair and take a stand in the street.”

        How much effort is it to be peaceful? No need for lazy. Just smart enough to know that you can talk to a LOT more people on a good radio show then standing on a little soap box on some lonely street corner.

        TA: “It is hate no matter how you phrase it, I hear it often from radical christians and they spout hate all the time.”

        Hate is an emotion that can only be felt by people. It can not be in words or speech. It can only be stopped by the people when they choose to NOT hate.

        TA: “It is the radical muslims rising up and it is the radical christians whining and yelling. What is the difference, not much, except the location.”

        Oh I think that the people who have their property burned to the ground and or their heads cut off might rather have had radical Christians whining and yelling to radical Muslims burning and pillaging. YOU might even prefer that after some radical Muslims come to YOUR location. Course you may not have a head to think with by then. Oh.. Wait.

  • Gea

    Last week I had read Koran, which my 95 y old friend picked up in a downtown black mosque in midwest. 2 years ago I had read another copy of Koran, which was published in Arabic in Pakistan, leather bound, with english translation and commentary (Hadith).

    I first read this Koran after I heard that some pastor wanted to burn it and the whole hell broke lose blaming the Pastor for the future death of Americans if he went ahead with it. I spent 2 evennings last week reading Koranic suras, wich are like szizoid rantings of a mad-man, which they were, since it is believed that the suras were inspired by Mohamed’s prophecies. The Koran I read 2 years previously was even worse, since the hatred for the Jews and Christians is more pronounced. When I told my secular Muslim friend that she should reak Koran (she never did growing up in Bangladesh) she refused claiming that ALL “holly books” of all religions are just MAMBO JUMBO.

    Well, I had read holly books such as Hebrew Bible, Christiaa Bible, Buddhsit books, Book of Mormon, Bhagavat Ghita and a few others, and none is mamobo jumbo vile statements as Koran (and Hadith) are, filled with hatred of non-Muslims and commanding Muslims to engage into jihad, which is not an inner spiritualo struggle but cutting heads and busting people who do not submit to the “true” religion of Islam. Not all Muslims KNOW how vile Koran, Hadith and Mohamed were, or they would leave this supremacist ideology immediately.

    Islam MUST REFORM or has no place in any decent society that respects liberty and human rights. The 50 millions of Muslims in Europe are endangering Western civilization and must either reform or go back to the dysfunctional countries back home, which their nasty ideology of Islam had destroyed and corrupted. Islam IS at war with the Western civlization as the charter of Muslim Brotherhood clearly states: Their long range plan is to infiltrate America and destroy Western civilization from within, and replace is with the only true religion, Islam. They had already succeeded with having a BIG Muslim Brother in the Oval Office who is so skillful story teller that even with all the nasty stuff he had inspired, he got elected in US and gotten a Peace Prize, just as Arafat did before him.

    • TexasRide

      Gea, absolutely correct. People need to watch tonight on Dish Network, channel 212, The Project. muslim brotherhood documents reveal their plans for our country.

      • Gea

        The stated long range plan of the Muslim Brotherhood, whom Barak Hussein Obama gave $1.5 BILLIONS in Egypt and who are welcome guests in the Oval Office is:

        “The process of settlement is “Civilization Jihadist Process” and their work in America is a king of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying Western Civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and the Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

        The Muslim Brotherhood is also a welcome guest in Barak Hussein Obama’s White house and administration and clearly responsible for the violent murders and destruction of Americans and American embassies in the Arab world. Obama had betrayed American values and American diplomats in the Arab world by not allowing US Marines to carry live munition to defend lives of American Ambassador in Libya. He should resign and not seek another 4 years in the position of ANY power. Actually he should be tried for treason.

      • eddie47d

        Some of what you say about Obama is still not true GEA as I told you last week. Apparently you do alot of talking but don’t know how to listen.

      • Kinetic1

        “… the Muslim Brotherhood, whom Barak Hussein Obama gave $1.5 BILLIONS in Egypt…”
        1st, the USAID has been giving Egypt an average of 2 Billion dollars a year since 1974. 2nd, While the Muslim Brotherhood did win a majority in the Parliament, they do not have rule over Egypt. Your assertion is akin to saying a gift given to our government is a gift for Republicans, just because they have more seats in Congress.

        The aid sent to Egypt wasn’t a decision made by the President, nor a gift for the Brotherhood, no matter what the right wing talking heads say.

      • Gordon

        “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” Barrack Hussein Obama, President of the United States of America

        The timeless battle continues. One must ask what has the prophet or Islam brought his followers when compared to what the God of Christianity has brought to His.

        Instead of vigorously defending the God given freedom that made you a great nation, your leader rejected the Christian God before the world and submitted your people to Islam.

  • brett

    again, just another ignorant one sided narrow point of view nor more than propaganda meant to be decisive. giving the amount of uproar over the papyrus that mentioned that jesus may have had a wife, i think that there should be more room for sympathy. what’s that bit about walking in another’s shoes. i find it disturbing how the wars are always about one extreme religious fundamental view versus another.

    • Gea

      While there are fanatics in all religious that rise their ugly head from time to time, none is as nasty and numerous as Islam inspired violent Muslim fanatics. The estimate is that ~20% of ALL Muslims are ready to murder and die for Allahu Akbar. That translates into 280 MILLIONS of crazed Muslim (mostly) men runnning around the world, ready to murder non-Muslims and apostates for Allahu Akbar and believe that it will make them into martyrs with the fast access to Muslim Paradise with 72 virgins and 12 pre-pubescent boys to do “as they please”. The Muslim Paradise is a nasty whotehouse unlike the Christian Paradise is floating angels singing nice music ;-)!

      Since there are now 50 millions of Muslims occupying Europe, there are 10 millions of Muslim nuts ready for murder and death in their jihad against the Western civilization. They had become so strong that France was shut down when cartoons describing truthgfully who Mohamed really was, were published in one of their newpapers. Whilte the Muslims disparage ALL non-Muslims they DEMAND respect for their vile “prophet” of the “most perfect and peaceful” religion ;-)! They dish it out to Jews and Christians comparing them to dogs and monkeys, and want to murder them while when truth is known about Mohamed and Islam they go on murderous rampage!

      Everybody in the World should read Koran and Hadith from cover to cover and learn about the bloody history of Islamic conquest started by Mohamed who was a vile pedophile, polygamist, rapist and murderer who would be tried for his crimes in ANY decent society and not emulated as a role model. Islam IS at war with the Western civilization which promotes liberty and human rights for ALL and therefore is in danger from Muslim immigrants.

      • eddie47d

        GEA is trying to out radicalize the radicals. Some would say you are the dangerous one.

        • Gea

          Neil Kressel book “The Sons of Pigs and Apes”-Muslim Antisemitism and the Conspiracy of Silence describes well what is happening with Islam.

          From the 1950s through the 1990s, antisemitism everywhere seemed to be on the wane. Neil Kressel documents that the Muslim world has resurrected in recent decades almost every diatribe that more than two millennia of European hostility produced against the Jews, and it has introduced many homegrown and novel modes of attacking the Jews all over the world. Though it is impossible to determine precisely how many of the world’s 1.4 billion Muslims hold anti-Jewish beliefs, Kressel finds that much bigotry comes from the highest levels of religious and political leadership in the Muslim world.

          Compounding the problem, many in the West refuse to recognize this issue. The growing epidemic of Muslim hate of the Jews has been largely ignored, misunderstood, or downplayed, because of apathy, ignorance, confusion, bigotry, ideology, purported pragmatism, and misguided multiculturalism. Those who value human rights ignore antisemitism at their own risk, since no antisemitic regime or movement has ever been otherwise reasonable or progressive. Remember Mein Kampf and Hitler’s delusional Jew hatred, which is not very different from the current Muslim delusional Jew hatred.

          Kressel argues convincingly that Muslim antisemitism provides an acid test of the seriousness of Western liberalism. If the West fails to stem this growing tide, as now seems likely, future affairs will not go well for the true proponents of democracy. Kressel moves beyond sounding the alarm to explore the diverse religious, political, social, and psychological forces that have created and nurtured the new hostility to Jews in the Muslim world; he concludes with a bold and clear plan for what must be done to confront this hostility and delusional Jew hatred.

      • Karolyn

        I’d like to know where you got those ridiculous statistics – Rush Limbaugh?

      • Vicki

        eddie47d says:
        “GEA is trying to out radicalize the radicals. Some would say you are the dangerous one.”

        She is not advocating cutting off your head or burning your property so how is she so dangerous?

      • Vicki

        Karolyn says:
        “I’d like to know where you got those ridiculous statistics – Rush Limbaugh?”


        Or maybe here?

  • Susan

    This article is dead on!! Our government when on its own soils continually screams “separation of church and state!”….. yet our president will not seperate himself from his preferred religion of Islam and trying to shove it down the throats of all us infidels. He seems to be so dedicated to the “memory” of his father, a man who obviously did not embrace him as a child..I think this has scarred Obama and he is in serious need of some counseling or psychiatric therapy. Maybe some anti-psychotic medication could help to get him right? Our great country of America is now at war with its own Leader and that is a very sad day for us. We used to only have to worry about foreign attacks, now we have to worry about attacks from our own President and our Government. It’s time for some real men to get into office and turn this country back around. If Obama and the liberal puppets want to ridicule us for taking a step back in time to leave it to Beaver days….OH WELL, GET OVER IT!!!

    • Gea

      Barak Hussein Obama is a traitor of American values and a traitor of American diplomats in Arab countries, whom he made into a sitting ducks by preventing US Marines to carry live ammunition to defend the lives of Americans. Obama had been living up to his middle name ever since he got into the Oval Office and particularly when he let Muslim Brotherhood into the White hosue and had given them $1.5 billions in Egypt.

      The first law that his Muslm Brothers passed in Egyptian parliament was to allow husband to have sex with his dead wife up to 12 hours after her death. There is a war on women in Egypt paid for by money taht Obama gave them, and there is a war that Muslim Brothers of Obama are planning with Israel against using US taxpayres money.

      Obama should resign sine he clearly is an enemy of US, and not fit to manage anything except propaganda services for Islam.

    • Gea

      I don’t think that medication would help Obama problems, since he is a true believer in taqiyya use of Islam. Obama does not belong to America, since he clearly is a true believer in two ideologies which had been proven by history lead to destruction and tyrany in any society that had tried them. Those are Marxism and Islam, both proclaiming their desire for “justice and equality” but always leading to corruption tyranny and injustice.

      Obama is a double whammy of Islam and Marxism, a deadly combination that is leading US into the abyss of annihilation if allowed to proceed. Obama should resign and leave any position of power before he does more damage to US.

      There is a strange phenomenon in Mid West of 1.3 oi voters requesting absentee ballot. IT is possible that Obama re-election machinery had stage this take over, so that they can keep their man in the White house. IT is amazing how stupid some Americans are that even after Obama clearly represent Islam and not US, they still promote this man.

      • eddie47d

        You’ve repeated yourself more than 20 times GEA. You are worse than borderline obsessive and dangerous to yourself. Keep the knives locked up for your own safety.

      • Vicki

        A wonderfully useless ad-hominem attack Eddie47d. Thanks for showing others how you think and why few of us take you seriously.

  • JA

    When the majority of the people realize they need only believe in themselves and stop looking outside for some god, or Allah or Mohammed, or Buddha or whatever imaginary diety they are now looking to, for whatever reason, then, and only then, can the world be at peace. Religions, as someone said above, all have some good and some bad points. They are all flawed because, like the person said, people are still flawed and still have a lot to learn and people created religions. Religion is a tool used to control and manipulate people, who for whatever reason are too weak or ignorant to understand this fact. All governments use religion to some degree as a way to help hold their power over the people. And people allow it. People in general need philosophy because, believe it or not, everyone has a spiritual side. This is not bad as long as people realize that all men are basically the same. And the spirit is their spirit and not some external mystical power. Trouble today is mostly because people do not understand these truths and want to believe what others tell them to believe. All they need to do is believe in themselves and seek the truth from within their own life. Stop looking outside for answers. There is no god or Allah or Buddha outside of our own mind and life. We are all the same and can live together in peace and should never ever hurt others because they are part of what we are and so when they are hurt so are we. It is simple. Trouble is, if people understood such a simple fact, they would no longer be controlled and the evil people who have control now would lose their power. People would be free and the world would be at peace.

    • TexasRide

      JA, I see that you prefer to live in a Western culture, where you are safe and the sawing off of heads and the stoning of women are not done! How easy it is for you to have such a lackadasical attitude about a cult that commits atrosities on their own cult-members and non-believers.
      There is a difference between men and animals….I resent the comparison.

      • Louis Lemieux

        Some 90% of Muslims around the world do not believe in violence except for self defense. There are over 2,000 mosques in the US and the vast majority of those Muslims are law abiding people. Anyone who wants them harm are no better than than the 10% of violent Muslims.

        • Gea

          As long as Muslims are in a minority they will be very peaceful and even meak. Once they reach 10% of the population they will start behaving like Muslims in Detroit do, demanding sharia, and banninjg Christians and others from their neighborhoods, including killing dogs, which Mohamed hated.

          Even if onlly 10% of Muslims are violent, that means that there are 700,000 Muslims in America and 140 millions of Muslims around the world who are nasty violent people, ready to murder and die for Allahu Akbar, as those terrorists of 9/11 did in 2001. Islam promisses them a Paradise with 72 virgins and 12 pre-pubescent boys if they die as “martyurs” i,e, die while murdering Jews and Americans. Those Muslim barbarians who raped and murdered US Ambasador in Libya think that they will get a fast ticket to their Paradiese whorehouse for their assinine deeds.

          Read Koran and Hadith and learn about history of Islam and Mohamed to understand what Islam brings to America. Some studies show that 80%n of mosques in America teach hatred of the West, and they also teach hate of the hose ocuntries in Euroep. Islam MUST REFORM or has no place in any country that respects liberty and human rightgs.

          Having a US President who extolls Islam and Koran while dissing Bible, and who bowed to Saudi king, whose subjectx committed crimes of 9/11 is an abomination. Barak Hussein Obama had been living up to his middle name and should resign.

        • Tim

          The only reason Muslims are not violent here is because they don’t have sufficient numbers yet

      • TexasRide

        Louis lemming how do you know what goes on in these 2,000 mosques and how do you know what 90% of mulsims really think? You got acrystal balls or something!

      • eddie47d

        Is that an admission that GEA and Texas Ride are part of that 10% who want a Jihad against the Muslims?

      • Vicki

        Louis Lemieux says:
        “Some 90% of Muslims around the world do not believe in violence except for self defense. There are over 2,000 mosques in the US and the vast majority of those Muslims are law abiding people. ”

        Even the 10% are law abiding. Sharia law that is.

        Now about the 90%. which are these?

        Note in particular at 13:15 the people including the police were cheering “we won” when the “evil” Christians were removed from the fair. Removed for exercising their freedom of speech on PUBLIC streets.

        I chose this video of the dozens that are up there to see the pov from the other side. This video pov does not show us clearly who started the violence that brought the police.

  • Dhip

    ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION. IT IS A CULT. Muhammad was not a prophet but the voice of the anti-Christ. This voice has led to the murdering and rape of children, co-called honor killings. It has led to the depressing of the rights of women who have been brainwashed into believe that they are inferior to men in all manner, and have been beaten into submission. This is not a religious identity. Muslims have the right to practice their cultish activities as they see fit. They have no right to afflict the rest of the world with their beliefs.

    • Flashy

      i’d say the same could be said as to the christian cult. Read your dictionary…all religions are cults. Beliefs are not, religions are.

  • Flashy

    Easy to be an armchair quarterback isn’t it. A complex issue, with many areas of influence affecting decisions. It’s a chess game being played at the international levels involving many players, far beyond being a simplistic answer. Of course, this means its way over the heads of the TP and American Taliban contingent. They’ll cry and whine and make declarations of belligerence and insult.

    • kkflash

      As usual, nothing of what you say is true. This issue, though not over the heads of Tea Party members, is most certainly over yours.

      • Flashy

        KKF…you ever play chess? Ever watch two highly skilled players go at it ? It’s an art..and watching two skilled players go head to head is a thrill when you know they are already item moves past what you see on the board. Watch a novice take on a skilled player. how the novice is played with…little traps here, distractions there..until the skilled player gets tired of the match and says ‘checkmate in six”…and lo and behold…checkmate in six.

        Bismark was a Grand Master at playing “international chess”. He would distract with a minor dispute…say the Holstein Affair…while setting the stage to gamble on the bigger stakes which few would realize was his ultimate prize until too late. (The Schleswig-Holstein Affair set the stage for wiping up the floor with Austria and leading to unification of the German state).

        For anyone to say that what is going on in the ME is simple, and to suggest simplistic solutions…is showing nothing but ignorance in thought and great folly. I guess that would explain your post…

  • braindeadus

    It is time we send these muslim countries of the middle east to their maker, with bombs,and fire. That whole area needs a cleansing, the world would be better off.

    • old goats

      AMEN to that! GET OUT & STAY OUT! Send dones to any cleric who preaches death to any of our citizens or use a hit squad like the Isralies did after WWII. Same for the nut jobs who organize the suicide missions. It’s a good time to start developing detonaters & timers for them – ones that can sense starting the vehicle or loading it. The Iranian nut job is here – give him a room in the tallest NYC building… give him a rug & see if he can fly!

      • Flashy

        old goats…shall we also do the same to the christian extremists here? y’know the ones…they bomb clinics, advocate violence, and call for a Holy War .. should we cap ‘em the same as folks here call for against muslims?

      • old goats

        Don’t know of any Christian suicide bombers, crucifying non-believers, burning cities, burning flags, killing ambassadors, building nukes to annihilate Jews, Americans, & all non-believers. Matter of facts, don’t know of any Christians who have comitted crimes that weren’t punished to the full extent of law.

        If you cut off the head of a snake, it ain’t gonna bite you! Of course, the defining issue is law, where muslim nut jobs make religious laws that allow killing non-believers, & long dirty lists of etc.’s! Of course, being a liberal commie, you believe in killing babies who can’t defend themselves, fully developed little one’s that can cry… Is it 45 million abortions since rowe-v-wade? Any way you can’t even name one of your sick pathological heroes such as Mau, Stalin, Pol Pothead, Hitler, etc. who can even come close to your little obamalizations!

        Dig up some news of WWII & run some clips of Moose-al-eenie – short choppy rants, head movements & puffiness like peacock sitting on a fence post – a certified pathological dumb-ass. Guess who’s now “great leader” is a carbon copy?

        • Gea

          You are talking about past deeds commuted by fanatics who did not follow Christian teachings. Read a Serom on the Mount to understand how Christianity and Judeaims are opposite from teachings of Koran and Mohamed The current Muslim barbarians, as well as Osama bin-Ladin, were actually fulfilling the commands in Koran and Hadith to wage war on non-Muslims. Mohamed was a pedophile polygamist rapist and murderer who in any sane society would be tried and convicted for rapes, pedophilia, multiple murders and polygamy and not emulated as a role model.

          Thus it IS Islamic teachings themselves that are inspiring destruction and murders around the world, just as Nazi’s teachings were in WWII. Anybody who read Mein Kampf left Germany in time to save themselves from Holocaust, just as anybody who reads Koran and Hadith will understand what Islam has in store for US and the Western civilization. Islam MUST REFORM or has no place in any society that respects liberty and human rights.

    • Karolyn

      braindeadYOU – So easy to sit in front of your computer talking about killing millions of people. Very sad. We are ALL brothers whether you like it or not!

      • Tag

        Wrong again, toots! You are the type that no one wants to claim as a member of their family, much less their country. Go pack your bags and go back to where you came from = apparently you didn’t have any relatives at the WTC?

      • http://none Charlie

        Bible ignorance and stupidity are really on the rage today on this site, must be about 70 to 80%
        heathen or semi heathen comments …
        Your all brothers comment has some truth to it ,,,BUT,,,here’s the big, BIG problem ,,,some brothers and sisters have very serious “””Curses””” on them … Adam and eve and the snake were cursed by their Creator , The Almighty God,,,see Genesis chapter 3 for Mankind’s first set of “Curses”… Then Mankind got so bad , God thinned them down to 8 people at Noah flood ,see
        that at Genesis chapter 6,7…
        Then Noah got off the boat some months later ,,,got drunk on some real wine, Noah’s son ,Ham, sinned against him while he was drunk,,,so,,,when Noah sobered up , Noah called in a curse on Ham’s son Canaan , see that at Genesis 9:20—29… How about that ? another curse on one of these brothers you write of ,,,so,,, Canaan and his lineage were cursed by Noah , God’s Man,
        Noah’s curse was / is just as powerful and valid as if God had made it…
        This brotherhood thing you write of is kinda getting split off,,, well, hang on it gets a whole lot worse… The Tower of Babel was where the next big curse comes into play , from The God Almighty , no less…See that at Genesis chapter 11… God sent the lineage of Ham and Japheth All around the Earth,,, We think that’s where all the other races come from…
        Noah’s son Shem was some what of a home body ,so, he stayed out of trouble ,so, far,,,but,,,
        look out! here comes Genesis 27 Jacob and Esau had a big problem over Birthrights , Jacob was Moma’s boy , so, Jacob’s Mom , Rebekah helped him Jacob make a “deal” , Contract,,,for The Birth Rights….
        Esau brought on his curses from God by his Gross disrespect for God’s Law and blessings ,
        see the serious curses at Malachi chapter 1:1–5… SO???
        The good guys today are the lineage of Jacob Israel,,,.AND,,,the bad guys today are the Lineage
        of Esau Edom … All the other races come from the lineage of Ham and Japheth , which were scattered over the earth…..
        Your brotherhood bag does not hold much water ,,,UNLESS,.,. you are speaking of the lineage
        of Jacob Israel… BUT The Bible ,all of it ,,is still valid and CORRECT in CONTEXTS…. So?
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

  • Tyler

    Okay, we’re not at a war with Islam, we’re at a war with Radical Islam.

    • TexasRide

      Tyler there is NO difference. They all live by the same laws and believe in the same prophet of satan. This cult is what it is without apology to anyone.

      • Tyler

        You’re an idiot, I know people who are Muslim, they aren’t extremest. Most of them are very moderate. You can’t completely generalize an entire religion, also I think you need to find out what Muslims believe, because you don’t seem to know. Stop being so ignorant.

      • eddie47d

        Texas Ride is proving again that he is an extremist and willing to do harm to others. It’s easy to smell a radical right winger.

    • MikeR

      Tyler: Islam, not ‘radical islam’, is at war with us. If you don’t believe that, you’re either not paying attention or you are reading the wrong sources.

  • Mitch

    You are aware of The Gates of Vienna (Sept 11th 1683)? Europe was defending it’self and the Muslim take over. They are continuing the same war … to conquer the whole world. We can’t just ‘wash our hands’ of it. The mud puddle is upon us.

    • Flashy

      You are referring to the Battle of Kahlenberg? You think it was a religious war? Seriously? Wow….perhaps you should read your European history more thoroughly than pull something off a blog. Battle of Vienna? jeesh….

  • Sirian

    TO ALL:
    Please, everyone needs to watch “The Project” on The Blaze tonight – 8 P.M. e.s.t. If you want to learn what’s actually been and is taking place in ref to Islam & the Muslim Brotherhood, YOU MUST WATCH THIS DOCUMENTARY!!!

    • TexasRide

      Yes, Sirian, people can sign-up for 14-free days on The Blaze to see The Project or they can watch it on Dish Network, channel 212.. Learn about the plans the muslim brotherhood has for America.

  • JA

    The world needs more compassion and less violence. The problem with people is not the people, it is the teachings they practice. People have allowed themselves to become corrupted, lets call it sick or mentally and spiritually ill, by practicing these religions, all of them. What we need to do instead of dropping bombs on these ill people or waiting till they do that to us is find ways to teach everyone that all religions are flawed and people should not believe in any one of them absolutely. Sure there may be good points in all of them, and sure people can study the teachings and look for the good points, but whenever people believe there is some intellegent entity more powerful than themselves they look to that diety to do what they should be doing. They also lower the status of man in the process and do not believe that all men are basically the same and the sanctity of human life should be placed above all else. People have to stop killing other people.

    • Louis Lemieux

      I cannot but have admiration for your struggle for peace on earth but to want to do away with religion is the same as wanting to do away with our subconscious which is an essential part of each and everyone of us. Religion is for the most part humanity’s collective subconscious.

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  • Gus S. Calabrese (@99guspuppet) troll

    KG I am with you. There are none so blind as those driven by their amygdala. Best to you 99guspuppet

  • dan

    idiots’…Islam isn’t a religion,it’s a political movement of FORCE ,like Marxism ….that some choose to worship

    • Gea

      Obama is a true believer in both deadly ideologies, Marxism and Islam and therefore has not place in any power role in America. He should be tried for treason of American vallues and death of Americans around the world, resluting from his adoration of Islam and indirectly encouraging Muslim barbarians to murder.

      • Flashy

        Actually, Islamic creed and Marxist thought are inopposite of each other. Early christianity was…however, the first practicings of communism. That is the reason the Catholic Church was formed…to protect the ruling elites from the masses, to usurp the new religion and to control the believers through imagery and fakery.

        • Tim

          Jesus was capable of communism but the Apostles weren’t, and man never will be. Judas kept the bag (money) they used from time to time and look how that ended up. One of our first American colonies tried communism too and that winter many people died because many stopped working (why work when you can get it for free). Communism will never work with fallible man. I wish our liberals would remember this bible quote too: If a man will not work, let him not eat.

      • eddie47d

        That wasn’t communism Tim it was starvation for those early settlers. Too many were sick and dying and couldn’t fend for themselves. Yes a small number had to nurse the many sick or didn’t you know they didn’t have a 7-11 to run to or a Mayo Clinic.

      • Vicki

        Here is how Colonial-Communism really worked in that new world of the early 17th century

        “The first set of rules agreed upon after the Mayflower Covenant was to share equally in work and in produce. Each was assigned a plot to till, and they all brought their produce to be portioned out equally. It was the same with livestock, milk, wild game, fish, fur and whatever the land and the sea would provide. Each worked according to his ability, each was rewarded according to his need;”

    • TexasRide

      Dan, you are so correct.

  • KG

    If we declare this “war”, then this is what we have done.

  • Sammi
    • KG

      Didn’t you know that the “watchtower” oganization is owned by a few families who make Millions off of poor people selling their wares? Besides, Jesus is God. And the “conspiracy” of Jehova in the Bible can be easly explaind due to Jewish Sensibilities to the name of G-d.

      Go knock on some more doors.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Why do you complain when people follow the teachers/shepherds that they choose? Are they sticking their hands into your pocketbook to support those teachers? Apparently they are not endangering your life as you are still here on this site posting your comments.

    • S.C.Murf

      Amen Sammi but first we have to get thru Tribulation and Armageddon. Until You and I meet again in Gods world free from demon’s and mans evil influence keep talking to Jesus. He said that if He would allow for us to see the spiritual warfare that takes place around us constantly that we would go mad. Keep the faith Sammi from one Kings Kid to Another

      up the hill

  • Tony

    Are radical Islamists behind this science experiment ? Notice where the Study is being Conducted , same place Obama went to College , Harvard , connection ???

    If we get another 4 years of President Obama will it be our Last Presidential Election in the USA ????

    A team of Harvard scientists have discovered how to manipulate neurons in the brains of worms , , in order to take control of their behavior.
    This literal mind control is achieved through the use of precisely targeted lasers. S
    o far researchers have been able to take over an animal’s brain, instruct it to turn in any direction they choose, and even to implant false sensory information, fooling the animal into thinking food was nearby.
    When news of this reaches the mainstream media there is no doubt that they will say that there is no intention in using this on more complex life forms, however the researchers themselves are already discussing just that.
    Sharad Ramanathan, an Assistant Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology recently told nature journal that , ,“If we can understand simple nervous systems to the point of completely controlling them, then it may be a possibility that we can gain a comprehensive understanding of more complex systems. This gives us a framework to think about neural circuits, how to manipulate them, which circuit to manipulate and what activity patterns to produce in them.”
    He also said that “Most of these approaches have discovered neurons necessary for specific behavior by destroying them.
    The question we were trying to answer was: Instead of breaking the system to understand it, can we essentially hijack the key neurons that are sufficient to control behavior and use these neurons to force the animal to do what we want?
    We want to understand the brain of this animal, which has only a few hundred neurons, completely and essentially turn it into a video game, where we can control all of its behaviors.”
    It comes as no surprise that this study was funded by the Human Frontier Science Program, the NIH Pioneer Award and the National Science Foundation.
    The Human Frontier Science Program itself a massive bureaucracy which receives financial support from the governments , , or research councils of Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, UK, USA, as well as from the European Union.
    The NIH Pioneer Award is a program set up by the us government , , that gives grants to “scientists of exceptional creativity, who propose pioneering – and possibly transforming approaches – to major challenges in biomedical and behavioral research.”
    These efforts to control the mind of a living animal are openly funded by state agencies, and being announced as if it was just a typical benign scientific discovery.
    While human subjects are not being used in these studies as we saw with project MK-Ultra, it is obvious that this new program has the same intentions, to control the human mind remotely.

    • KG

      Thank G-d, I’m not a worm!

      • tony

        I appreciate your diligence

  • Elda

    The video did not get those 4 men killed. They were trying to track down weapons and were set up….probably with help from the west. The flag burning happened after their killings. Our government lies to us from one moment to the next.

  • ursulariches

    The fanatical Muslims are the friends of our warmongers. They are paid $2k a day to fight against the Syrian population and $50k for assassinations such as of the Iranian press. In Libya we supported the stinking sadistic Al Qaeda against the decent people and democratic government of Libya called Jamahiriyah. Syria also is filled with Al Q from many nations who fraudulently call themselves the FSA or free Syrian Army as the vast majority in this mercenary terrorist group which the UK US UN Nato AGAIN support are foreign to Syria. Christians & Muslims are targeted by this assortment of murderers who are often recruited by their Muslim clerics from the Wahhabi & Salafist sects who call themselves Muslims but amongst whom there are many who only abuse religion as a form of terror and control. Saudi Arabia supports these extreme brands of this un-Muslim faith. Qatar Saudi IZSRAILL are very good allies in their foreign policies with the US and UK too. . We in UK and US actively pay fund recruit arm and especially TRAIN these killers. The black flag is Al Q and Al Q and extreme sects already mentioned are most actively supported by US/UK in their acts of terror which we then falsely blame on the regular Syrian troops and on President Assad-who is one of the most decent of the rulers in the Arab world. Saudi & Qatar are oppressive to the people of their countri8es who unlike FSA are indiginous peaceful protestors -our response on the actions of Qatar & Saudi is to to actively support them and to keep mum about their very REAL abuses of humjan rights. Since the regime change in Libya which was a DIRECT democracy surpassing ours where the people decided the policies aswell as voted on the policies and their representatives-there has been a sweeping away of the rights of women who used to be able to dirve and move about the country safely and freely dressed however they wished.
    Back to topic the blasphemous film has been hyoped up by the media and has been USED as a pretext for killing sprees that follows them which are then used to justify further use of American & nato troops. I have heard that since the PLANNED assassination of the US so-called dip0lomats in Benghazi-the planes have been CONSTANTLY -all day & night over a week, been bringing in more American & foreign troops into Libya

  • sawgnr

    The title of this story “The War With Islam” is incorrect. We as a nation are not at war with the religion of Islam. Islam is in a war against us. They started it with all of their terrorist acts without any outcry from their followers. So in fact Islam declared war on us “infidels” not us on them.

    • Tim

      sawgnr, good comments….who are these insane Islamists not at war with?

  • Gordon Sampson

    Mr. Myers,

    How can a devout muslim, such as obama, lecture the muslim world on their behavior and ask them to change their policies? In my opinion, the muslim brotherhood is doing what he cannot do as president. He embraces the muslim brotherhood, knowing their plan for a caliphate. And I wouldn’t worry about the muslim brotherhood controlling the Middle East; I’d worry about their control here, in our government and in our communities. Their boots are on the ground and they have no plans on leaving. Dearborn, Michigan is a good example of what our cities will be like if this is allowed to continue.

  • DaveH

    More claptrap. US helping the Middle East? Please. Wake up to reality, people. The Bankers and Crony Capitalists are keeping the US military in the Middle East to prevent the Middle East from doing the right thing and in the process showing people around the world the folly that is the Central Banks and their Fiat Money:

    • DaveH

      Finally, some main stream reporters are telling people the truth, instead of blaming inflation on supply and demand or some other fabricated excuse:

    • http://na Mike in NE

      DaveH, and there you go, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. People, click this link as it IS the real reason for all of the shenanigans. So simple that can’t be it you say? Yes, let us instead follow the misdirection of Islam/Christianity/democracy/despots/etc. Well done DaveH.

    • http://na Mike in NE

      DaveH, “claptrap” fits perfectly!

  • 45caliber

    A couple of notes on this:

    First, the video has been out for months. It was known for months by Islam.

    Second, the attacks occurred on 9-11 … the 11th aniversary.

    It seems that al Qida and several other groups have been planning this for some time. The movie is simply an excuse for the rioting as an answer to the way the US has reacted to 9-11 in their rememberances, etc. The Muslims wanted to “remember” 9-11 too.

    And, interestingly enough, Oblama’s reaction is to appologize to the UN for someone making the movie. No protest of the attacks and murders was part of his speech.

    • DaveH

      Good job, 45.

    • alpha-lemming

      The whole premise of the article bothers me…… It’s STILL the movie?????

      To continue this argument gives him (Chairman Oba-Mao) a 2-fer. First, the outside influence (the movie) insulates him from the arguably horrible foreign policy stance, and the fact that an impromtu, “spur of the moment” crowd of POed Musilims have access to automatic weapons, and RPGs just reinforces the need for further, stricter, “world-wide” gun control.

      • 45caliber


        The whole point of the world-wide gun control thing is to disarm the American citizens. It is not really meant to disarm the world. Besides, most groups who want guns in the world buy directly from governments. They are cheaper than buying individual guns from stores.

      • alpha-lemming

        True…. but as POTUS, the American citizenry is what he’ll have the most influence over. Same desired end, just a different avenue/message to get there.

    • eddie47d

      How could Dave H say “good job” to Caliber when he lied about Obama not mentioning the killers in Benghazi. He certainly did and he said he would go to any length to find them.

      • DaveH

        I wouldn’t know about that, Eddie, since I can’t stand listening to Obama speak. But perhaps you can provide a reference to that speech for those readers who care.

  • http://yahoo. hangman

    As long as we support these deadbeats financially, they will have all the time on their hands to riot and murder. IDLE HANDS ARE THE DEVIL’S WORKSHOP.Stop all forms of aid, and when they get hungry enough, they will find a way to use their time constructibly. (They could make toys, straw hats, musical instruments. shoes, etc.) to sell the world, and , while feeding themselves, stay out of trouble. But as long as we treat them like spoiled children, with a credir card., they will never evolve into useful citizens. If we send anything, it should be Bibles, with pictures on it, as I am sure they cannot read.

    • DaveH

      You have been successfully Propagandized. Read the link in my previous comment.
























    • The Christian American

      In the bible fear is identified as spirit, 2 Timothy 1:7. An evil spirit belonging to Satan. As Satan only has the power of persuasion, his evil spirits can persuade us to be consumed with fear. Fear had many definitions, among them fear, respect, God. Fear what a moral should fear. Don’t fear things that are evil.

  • Polski

    just go live in a Muslim country for awhile. They are so different from us in their thinking that there is no getting along with them. Living in a non-Muslim country like we do, you simply cannot see this. You all will have to decide if you want to exist or not.

    • The Christian American

      Since 1989 I’ve been in close contact with the Muslims. From 2000 thru 2006 I spent an average two months every year in the mideast. Frequently my wife accompanied me. I, a devout Christian and they devout Musilms got along fine. They took us to all the biblical spots and we accompanied them to their Mosks. Until you see for yourself, don’t get caught up in the propaganda your being fed. I know the ads plastered on subways refering to Muslim’s as savages, but who’s plastering them? Could it be the Zionist?

      • Gea

        While Muslims did not attack Christians and Jews as much before Ottomans proclaimed liberation from dhimmitude (special tax charged on Jews and Muslims), they had expelled most Jews from Muslim majority countries between 1948-1967 when Israel won the war, which was started by Muslim in order to annihilate and loot Israel.

        While you CLAIM to be a Christian I do not believe you because Christians are now under attack in most Muslim countries and anybody who listens to the news KNOWS about bomging of Christian churches and expelling Christians from Iraq, Egypt and other countries. Zionism is a liberation movement of the Jewish people which made Palestine prosperous again and that is why Muslims around it came to live there AFTER Jews made it livable again. Now their goal is to annihilate Israel and murder Jews, since they are jelous of what Jews had built there, unlike in their dysfunctional sharia run corrupt Muslim majority countries. Islam MUST REFORM or has no place in ANY society that resepcts liberty and human rights.

      • The Christian American

        Christians are for the most part under attack because of the actions of “Christian” America. I shouldn’t have to explain that. Ron Paul had said: Because we are there, they are over here. When the Zionist coming from Europe invaded the mideast in 1948, the trouble started. Until then Christians, Jews and Muslims co-inhabitated Palestine.

  • Esther Mae Egan

    The film is factual although poorly done. Not sure what rating I would have given it. What I do not understand is how a crucifix can be shown in a jar of urine and that is fine. Obama has already stated he is not going to place America at war with the Muslims so they pretty much can do what they want. What I do not understand if why the Jews give support to Obama or the Democrats when they do not support them. I have Muslim friends, so I do not think how these people responded is the norm for all. I also understand that Obama knew of the intended riots days before as they wanted to do something about 9-11. This was not an attack because of the film until Obama and Clinton made it that.

  • The Christian American

    The war with Islam has a history, but it’s not what people are being taught. Obviously when the west went to steal their oil was a problem but that was being taken care diplomatically. The real problem started in 1948, when America and the UN gave away the Arabs land to the Zionist. They still weren’t at war with the US but they were feeling America’s dominant attitude. It really started in earnest in 1967, when America took sides in their war with the Zionist. Our President Washington warned us about political entanglements with other nations. If you do, their enemies will become America’s enemies. That taking sides position has grown to a point where the Zionist literally run America’s foreign policy, and propaganda machines as well. Aren’t the Zionist’s trying to pressure us to fight their war for them? We are making todays news our source of history instead of researching all the facts that lead up to today’s events. I have to go back to God. God IS NOT a respector of persons. He holds each and everyone of us to the same account. The Zionist are telling the world their “the chosen People” which is out of ignrance or a bald face lie. There’s nothing in the scriptures that substantiates the lie. Even the Orthodox Jews say it’s a lie. 20,000 of them marched in front of the UN opposing the founding of Israel. America is caught up in the lie and treating the Zionist like something special, to it’s own detriment.

    • 45caliber


      You should check your history. The land given to the Jews was BRITISH land, not Arab lands. There were Arabs living there but it was officially controlled and run by the British. The British weren’t too happy about it. Further, the Arabs living there had a choice – they could live there in peace (as many have) or they could leave. Many left – part to flee an area they KNEW was going to be a battlefield as the armies of the Muslims attacked and part to join those armies.

      The Arabs who stayed are an accepted part of Israel and get along. The ones who fled abandoned the homes they had used. If you go off and leave your home here in the US, after several years the government will claim that land for back taxes. That’s what happened to that land there. At no time did the Jews run off the Arabs and steal their lands.

    • Karolyn

      Catholocism and Christianity are one and the same. Christianity is a religion; Catholocism is a church/faith.

      • Tag

        Hey, Karolyn, if you are going to speak on a subject then learn how to spell it!!! Duh! What happened there, girlie, you opened your mouth and inserted foot? Ha!

      • http://none Charlie

        Your spelling may not be perfect ,but, We understood what you wrote…
        See Our Brotherhood comment above … Then ,,.
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38 is salvation…

  • Bente

    4 manmade religions: Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Catholisism. And why are those written in such an icomprehensible fashion? It leaves for everybody to be interpreted as it suits. Religions are dangerous to mankind, but Islam is the far most dangerous and violent ! Why dont they wake up? I think its a political cult, used to spread fear among the lower classes so that power is maintained in the higher ranks.
    I dont understand a word in the Koran, such ravings and do we find ANYTHING nice and useful to fill our hearts? Nothing! What is good about Islam? its a sexist religion. Its of great importance to suppress women and so that the women understand their “place”! They honestly believe in these rantings, is to me unbelievable! The muslim society is only about Islam and Mohammed. The muslims are critizising Christianity for Jesus role as “son of God”, but what about their obsession about Mohammed? Shouldnt it be God that was most important? When they call out to prayer, Mohammed´s name is called out 5 times a day, and when they speak his name, u have to say “let peace be apon him” evertime u should speak his name! What is that!?
    How can muslims be so SURE that Allah, (why dont they say GOD?) really spoke to Mohammed and that the Koran is identic? Such nonsense! I can do the same and claim to be Gods late prophet! Everybody can do that! Fairytales we find in every culture! But really?! The virgins in the heavens, are Mohammeds way to keep the believers tru to him! He was a terrible man, how can people accept child molesting and rape? If Jesus would have done that, he wouldnt have been the leader of the faith of billions of people today! Nobody would accept a man marrying an underaged girl of 6 years which Mohammed did! And in the scriptures one can read how Mohammed took great care of her (Aichsa) without penetration of course, because Mohammed was strong in caracter and waited to rape her until she was 9! Wow, really strong caracter indead! Her father tried to oppose him, but Mohammed told him that Allah had given her to him! What a “gift”! Not all muslims are aware of the ugly truth about Mohammed because they are not allowed to find their own truth and to ask questions about anything! Obey or u dont go to heaven!
    On Utube there are a video from Saudi Arabia where an ugly old man is sitting and ranting about how wonderful all these virgins are! These beings were tranparent so u could see the bones inside (?), etheric and they dont menstruate or have filthy things running out of their vaginas! No, they were PURE!!! Not as normal women! I almost vomited when I heard that ugly mans fascination and the passion in his voice! So go to u tube and find it!
    The best thing was that the virgins would NEVER be outside, but always waiting for the man, ready to fulfill his every need! Did Jesus promise anything like this? ha ha!! Or Buddah, or any other MAN???Not to expect otherwise that men all over the Islamic world wants to be a muslim! Mohammed was only interrested in himself and clearly in sex! If we look at hinduism, catholism, there are great parralels with the use of symbols, rituals in Islam. Why? The crescent moon is not islamic itself. just check it out. Once the islamic religion is exposed, it will be crumbling, because thats were its heading! The son of Hamas also has turned away from Islam and he is really putting his life at risk by wanting to tell the world the truth about Islam!
    All of this abovementioned are found on islamic websites and on u tube. Islam is not a religion to respect. Its outdated, overrated, rediculous and its damaging to the believers. They should be more occupied with education and let women do their thing, to enfurther economical growth and to enbetterment of the nations worldwide. No, instead, they spend all their energy and life to live by the rules of Mohammed. I dont think Allah would approve of the “prophet”. Lets hope that the day come soon to wake up from ignration and into freedom!

    • The Christian American

      Christianity is not a religon that condemns and criticizes other religions. It simply shows, or should show, the merits of Christianity by Christians actions. The founding of Christian America demonstrated the power of Christianity.The Muslim religion has a lot in common with Mormonism and Judaism. The Muslims hold Mohammed in high esteem and the Mormons hold Joseph and Brigham Young in high esteem. Judaism has had I believe 25 would be saviors since Christ. Theodor Herz’l and his Zionism is probably the latest. Catholicism is a mixture of the early Roman church and Christianity. The Romans had their vestal virgins, nuns, and Augers, priests long before Christ. With Constantine’s acceptance of Christ they simply added idols in the form of Christ, the Apostles and Mary. The concept of a Pope came later. All these religions had human figures standing between God / Christ and man. At the time of the crucifixion, the veil in the temple seperating God and the high priest from the people was torn in two. You can see the similarities between the high priest, Mohammed, Joseph Smith even Budha. Only Christianity grants the believers direct access to God. Christ was body, soul and spirit, like us. His soul and spirit were there at the beginning and took on human form at His birth. In human form he was subject to same persuasion by Satan as people are. He defeated Satan in His flesh by not succumbing to his temptations and stands as the advocate for man to God.

      • 45caliber

        You got it right.

      • Gea

        Actually ONLY Judaism allows direct access to God, while Christianity demands going through Jesus Christ who was and stayed a Jew. Buddhism does not have a GOd, but requires kindness and abhors anger (in contrast to Muslims), and Hinduism, while having multiple gods also have a central divine principle. Only Allah demands total obedience and murder.

        Islam is unique from all religions in its total intolerance of anybody else. While other religions have some nasty passages, Islam tops it with 60% of Koran and 90% of Hadith dissing others and urging true Muslims to murder infidels and oppress women, and condones pedophilia, polygamy, dhimmitude, misogyny and murder for Allahu Akbar. Islam does not have ANY respect for non-Muslims or women and is clearly incompatible with US Constitution and Universal Declaration of Human Rights. IT MUST REFORM or ship out, just as Nazism was, which was very similar in its claims of supremacy of Aryans and delusional Jew hatred, which led to Holocaust which Muslims would commit again if given a change in Israel…

  • http://yahoo Larry

    What kind of lunatic does it take to equate christianity or any western religion with islam. Those people are living in the 7th century. If just 10% of muslims are terrorists then there are over 100 million terrorists. Trying to drag them into the 21st century is a waste of time. It would be much easier to bring alley oop here. How many times have you heard a peaceful muslim speak out against the terrorists. Like bush said, “you are either with us or against us”, PC is destroying this great country.

    • Jeremy Leochner

      Saying Islam does not equal terrorism is not politically correct, it is just correct. Painting with a broad brush and equating the two is prejudice plain and simple. There are those that say Islam is a religion of good and those that say it is a religion of evil. Personally I listen to the Muslims who follow the former. I believe terrorists are misinterpreting and misrepresenting Islam.

      • 45caliber


        When Mohammed first was writing the Koran/Qoran (Two books) – he was more the peaceful sort. Later, after battles, he wrote the rest of it. Nearly every part of the books has another part (at least one) that disagrees with what he wrote already. As a result the worshippers must pick and choose what they worship. The “peaceful” Muslims worship one part while the others worship the other part. Unfortunately, the fundamentalists (who worship the other part) have had over a thousand years to terrorize the peaceful ones. (A definition of terrorism is “government by fear”) The peaceful ones generally are peaceful when left alone but if in a croud they will chant and scream with the best of them to insure they aren’t targetted by the fundamentalists. After several generations in the US with our tolerance for relilgions and a desire for peace, most Muslims will be good people. But those in the Mid-East, regardless of what they privately believe, will support those who are terrorists, etc. due to fear.

        Please read these books. The Koran is basically a set of letters written by Mohammed to clarify laws. The Qoran is their real religious book.

        Incidently, there is no reference to Paradise or 72 virgins in these books. That was added later by one of Mohammed’s nephew’s to trick poor men into becoming assassins for him.

  • gfsomsel

    John, you have been mislead by the regime’s claim that the video was the reason for the events in Libya. Even the regime has given up on that bogus claim. There is only one solution for the Islamic problem—total domination and elimination if necessary (which it may well be). Islam is not a true religion unless you wish to refer to it as the religion of Satanism. Muhammad was the prophet of Satan. The only solution is to rid the world of this scourge.

  • pete0097

    ALL of the protests were organized by al quaida. That should be pretty obvious, Their leaders want their people to be uneducated and illiterate. That is the only way they can control them. They can tell them what they want the people to know which is not necessarily the truth. Look what happens here. The better educated you are and the more open minded you are, the more you question authorities rules and statements. That is why the hot headed mullahs hate the Sufi muslims so much. The Sufi’s promote education and tolerance. The Sufi’s are the muslims of peace, not the other cult groups

  • Theresa Kelly

    I do not feel sorry that “our” ambassador was killed. We had no business being their country! These are sovereign nations that American politicians/corporations are trying to economically control.
    It’s the same as the UN meddling in our affairs, trying to thwart our constitution.
    What they do over there is their business not ours!

    • The Christian American

      Theresa Kelly Your a voice of sanity. Your thinking hasn’t been consumed by the propaganda against anybody. How would American’s act if foreign troops were occupying our soil? Safe to say, 2,000,000,000 guns would be speaking.

    • Gea

      What kind of monster you are to wish for a death of US Ambassador who had tried to bring US aid to Libya? Are you just as nasty as those Muslim mobs?!

      You certainly sound like an Islamist Marxist, just as Obama is.

  • kill them all

    Muslm slimebuckets only understand death, and we should give them all what they undetstand, and do it with extreme prejudice, NOW!

    • Karolyn

      You first, you bloodthirsty extremist!

      • Tag

        Shut up K A R O L Y N! Who are YOU to call him bloodthirsty? He isn’t the one that took down the World Traide Center – your little buddies did that! So, STFU!

  • Tag

    So, what’s the problem? Why haven’t they just gone in and nuked the area – that would end all of its problems, right? Letting Americans be killed over these turban headed heathens and barbarians is totally unacceptable. Tell me, what good are they and what purpose do they serve? None, themselves is what!

    • KennyZee

      Another AAA of A member. Arrogant [expletive deleted] Association of America. You don’t realize that most of the rest of the world hates America for people like you. You think you are better than anyone else.

      You are actually worse off, you just had a better chance in life. When the AAA of A realizes that they are a world minority we all may be better off. Why do you think so many are leaving the US.

      I do like Americans. It is the [expletive deleted] that stink. And North America and South America are all Americans. So quit being arrogant, stupid and bigoted.

      • Tag

        KennyZee, if you had a brain you would be dangerous – you take a comment someone has made and you make it a personal vendetta and start with the name calling. I have forgottn MORE than you will ever know. You are a perfect example of the ignorant, stupid and particularly ARROGANT Son of a Biscuit eater you took the liberty to call me – just who are you but what you called me, buster. If you don’t like the opinion of another expressed in an article then simple, don’t read it and get yourself all tied up in a knot.

        • KennyZee

          LOL, just what I thought another ranter.

          • Tag

            To call YOU stupid and ignorant would be a compliment for you! Shut up and go play with your dolly! You bore me, but then arrogant egotist always did!

      • Karolyn

        Well, Tag, when somebody makes an arrogant comment about nuking whole populations, it calls for chastisement. It sounds just as bad as the extremists you hate.

        • Tag

          And, you, dearie, are in no position to chastise anyone, including KennyZealot! When that group/cult can come onto American soil even though it was in the air and kill over 4000 innocent people just because they don’t like American way of life then yep, I sure do believe in nuking the entire bunch! They suffered no repercussions for what they did and they should have, just like Japan did in WWII. Of course, its lame brains like you and KennyZealot that weren’t around in those days, but I was and dropping the atom bomb was the absolute correctl thing to do, just as in THIS case. These worthless barbarians serve no pupose and haven’t changed in tons of years and they aren’t about to, now. So what is the point? Just because of oil? Are you kidding me? Again, NUKE THEM and solve their problems and jealousy of another country – AMERICA! This is MY country and I will maintain they should be nuked! Don’t like it? Lump it!

        • Tag

          Besides, Karolyn (how pretentious is your spelling of your name) have you EVER been outside the USA? Have you ever been to Egypt, etc.? Well, I have and spent some time there so I know what I’m talking about and its people that are so judgmental of others that don’t have a clue. Y ou just go with the tide – get on a plane and go over to those countries before opening your mouth and showing the world just how dumb and ill informed you and KennyZealot are! Until then, shut up!

      • Tag

        Hey, you don’t like what Americans stand for and the way we live then get the foo out of this country. You are probably nothing but a freeloader anyway, and if your country is so great then why didn’t you STAY there instead of poluting this country? We don’t need muslims and or their beliefs, ours are just fine! You don’t like it, then pack your bags and get back to your turban headed world with all the beggers, cripples, cast system. And you think OUR way of life is wrong? Ha! I’ve been to Egypt big boy, and it sucks!

  • BetsyB

    I’m ordained,, 3 yr. Christian studies:
    The command to the Hebrews to kill the other peoples in the ‘Promised Land’ lands were for justified (even in today’s gov. policy standards).
    1. The groups had religious rites that included baby sacrifices. (If a modern country did that today, the UN would approve a forceful stop by anyone with a heart and backbone.)
    2. The groups had religious rites that included sexual acts (not unusual in pagan religions) with temple prostitutes. This led to a sexually transmitted plague that was poised to anihalate the Hebrews, as they were mixing with their neighbors. (If a neighboring country was freely spreading a deadly plague, modern policies even allow for forceful erradication or quarantine.)
    3. These other peoples had shown themselves to be lawless and, like Iran today, threatened the existence of the Hebrews. A preemptive strike is not unethical when your neighbor is literally a rabid dog.

    • cawmun cents

      You forgot the most important one of them all….letting them(those who lived in the promised land at the time of the Exodus) thrive in Hebrew society would have been a death sentence to Hebrew laws and morals.To keep them nearby where their corruptive influences would have Hebrews chasing other gods,and their immoral religious beliefs,would have culminated in exactly what it eventually culminated in:the expulsion of Jews from the promised land.
      If we juxtapose this theory on our nation today,we can clearly see the corruptive influences of modern progressive liberalism(the newest and most dangerous cult)on the society of today.
      With no clear moral imperatives,a nation will suffer from all the forms of the most vile and treacherous vices as our society does today.
      So when this culminates in our expulsion from this land,you can easily draw a direct comparison to biblical scripture.Moreover you will note that though we actually know of these things which are clearly written of and established as truths,we ignore them and spout our agitations at God for His apparent shortcomings,though we ignore that clearly we are headed FORWARD to a similiar fate as the Hebrews were in their day and age.
      Those who cannot learn from historical note are doomed to repeat it.

    • http://none Charlie

      Who ordained you ? is that the same ones that also brainwashed you ??? We dare say you believed the Gov’ story on 911,,,also We dare say you have not accomplished Acts 2:38 with understanding … Meanwhile ,,,,
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

  • Ed

    If you believe Bush had ANYTHING to do with our current worldwide financial crisis, you owe it to yourself to go to and download “Siren’s Song – America’s Betrayal”. Spread the truth. Pass this site along to your friends.

  • cerebus23

    The problem with islam is that they force their beliefs on the rest of the world if we are muslims or not. Coupled with a deafening silence by the moderates in that religion who should be screaming bloody murder when any of them decide people need to die because of someone exercising their freedom of speech, his video might have been moronic and full of lies and misconceptions but it is still his right to say it.

    Its about time all nations stand up against having a religion forced down their throats. And really lets imagine this was some far right wing christian sect doing this crap and how fast the world would be calling them out and not apologizing.

    I have NO sympathy for islam i have no sympathy for muslims anymore, until you get your own houses in order over their with wholly corrupt extremist governments and madmen running around that use your prophet and your god to commit murder, lie cheat and steal from your own people, treat women like garbage, it is time you clean your own houses and stop worrying about what we do in our own nations we got enough problems without soem [expletive deleted] rioting because i call muhammid a fraud and drawn him in various sex acts, which i will never apologize for because i do not give a flying hell anymore.

    • Gea

      “Moderate” Muslims in USA are NOT silent but are working very hard in subverting US Constitution. I was at an event a week ago where CAIR with the help of NAACP was claiming “Islamophobia” and “racism”, just a few days after the gruesome murder of US Ambassador in Libya. They worked hard for 2 hours claiming that there should be limits on the First Amendment Freedom of Speech, which Obama also wants and is helping pass a resolution to ban “disrespect of Islam” at the UN. Obama had also given money to Muslim Brotherhood to stage war against women and Israel from Egypt.

      Islam disrespects EVERYBODY, including women but DEMANDS respect for their pedophile, rapist polygamist and murderer, Mohamed who in any decent society would be tried for rapes, pedophilia and multiple murders and polygamy. Jerry Sundasky should have gone to Saudi Arabia where molesting of boys and girls is suctioned under sharia, in addition to have up to 4 wives at the time. Osama bin Ladin father had 27 wives (he changed them as often as his shoes) and 54 children, while Osama only had 7 wives and 23 children.

      Educated Muslims born and raised in US often commit terrorist acts (or try to) as did Dr. NIdal Hassan in Fort Hood, murdering 13 of his colleagues while screaming Allahu Akbar. Islam must reform or has not place in any decent society taht respects liberty and human rights. Once a young boy is indoctrinated with this supremacist Nazi-like ideology of Islam, it is difficult to change, as Barak Hussein clearly demonstrates.

      • Elaine

        December 7, 2012

        “Massive fraud, cover-up by CAIR”

        The Washington Examiner story below (highlights added) reports the latest blow to CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

        Massive fraud, cover-up by CAIR exposed in federal lawsuit

        Nihad Awad, CAIR Executive Director

        November 26, 2012

        Last Friday, the Law Offices of David Yerushalmi, P.C. and the American Freedom Law Center (AFLC) said that they filed a devastating legal brief supported by hundreds of pages of evidence, asking a federal judge to find the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) liable to five of its former clients for fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

        In a release to the media today, AFLC stated:

        “The legal brief demonstrates beyond any reasonable doubt that CAIR is a criminal organization that deceptively holds itself out to the public as the nation’s largest Muslim-American civil rights organization.”

        “The brief and supporting evidence were filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia in two companion cases, Saiyed v. CAIR and Lopez v. CAIR, in which David Yerushalmi is lead counsel. The brief and supporting evidence overwhelmingly demonstrate that CAIR was involved in a massive criminal fraud and cover-up that injured numerous client-victims who had looked to CAIR for legal assistance, yet the CAIR “attorney” allegedly handling their cases was in fact not an attorney.”

        Yerushalmi, who is also Co-Founder and Senior Counsel of AFLC, commented, “The evidence has long suggested that CAIR is an organization set up by the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas to further its aims of stealth Jihad in the United States,” referring to the fact that CAIR was named by the federal government as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing trial.

        “According to the facts that are carefully laid out in our legal brief and fully supported by the record evidence,” Yerushalmi explained, “CAIR has engaged in a massive criminal fraud in which numerous CAIR clients have been victimized, and because of the CAIR cover-up many still don’t realize it. The fact that CAIR has victimized Muslims and non-Muslims alike demonstrate that it is only looking out for itself and its ongoing efforts to bilk donors out of millions of dollars of charitable donations thinking they are supporting a legitimate organization.”

        AFLC went on to say that five former clients of CAIR filed the two lawsuits in federal court alleging common law and statutory fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, and intentional infliction of emotional distress against CAIR. These two lawsuits followed an earlier lawsuit which had also alleged that CAIR’s fraudulent conduct amounted to racketeering, a federal RICO crime. In that case, the court dismissed the RICO counts, concluding that CAIR’s conduct as alleged was fraudulent but not a technical violation of RICO. The two civil lawsuits were filed by Yerushalmi on January 6, 2010, and because they arise out of the same facts, the cases were consolidated.

        AFLC stated, “The supporting evidence, which was compiled after more than a year and a half of contentious discovery that involved numerous document requests, motions to compel the production of documents that CAIR was concealing, and multiple depositions of high-ranking CAIR officials, shows that Morris Days, the “Resident Attorney” and “Civil Rights Manager” at the now defunct CAIR-MD/VA chapter in Herndon, Virginia, was in fact not an attorney and that he failed to provide legal services for clients who came to CAIR for legal representation.

        The evidence also shows that CAIR knew of this fraud and purposefully conspired with Days to keep the CAIR clients from discovering that their legal matters were being mishandled or not handled at all. While Yerushalmi and AFLC represent the five plaintiffs in these two lawsuits, three of whom are Muslim Americans, according to CAIR’s internal documents; there were many more victims of the CAIR fraud scheme.”

        “As set forth in the court filings, CAIR knew or should have known that Days was not a lawyer when it hired him. But, like many organizations accused of wrongdoing, things got worse when CAIR officials were confronted with clear evidence of Days’ fraudulent conduct. Rather than come clean and attempt to rectify past wrongs, CAIR conspired with Days to conceal and further the fraud. To this end, CAIR officials purposefully concealed the truth about Days from the clients, law enforcement, and the media. When CAIR did receive calls from irate clients about Days’ failure to provide competent legal services, CAIR fraudulently deceived them about Days’ relationship with CAIR, suggesting that he was never actually employed by CAIR.”

        Robert Muise, co-counsel in the lawsuit and Co-Founder and Senior Counsel of AFLC, commented, “The overwhelming evidence marshaled in this case will finally put to rest the myth fabricated by CAIR’s PR machine and perpetrated by a complicit media that this is a legitimate Muslim-American civil rights organization.”

        “This lawsuit strips away CAIR’s veil of legitimacy.”

        The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and its sister organization, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), have been controversial over the years and recently were systematically involved in the 2012 presidential elections in getting American Muslims out to vote for President Obama in the swing states of Florida, Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Those states election results became controversial due to voter irregularities and allegations of voter fraud in favor of President Obama.

    • Louis Lemieux

      The Qur’an teaches that religion must not be a matter of the state.
      Shariah is a personal relationship with God. Prophet Muhammad, even as the de
      facto ruler of Arabia, wrote the Charter of Medina in which Muslims were held to
      Shariah Law, and Jews to the Law of the Torah. Not a single non-Muslim was held
      to Shariah because Shariah itself forbids compulsion. The Qur’an clearly says,
      “There is no compulsion in religion” (2:256). Furthermore, Shariah obliges
      Muslims to be loyal to their nation of residence. Therefore, American Muslims
      must adhere to the US Constitution as the supreme law of the land.

      The great majority of Muslims, believe their religion is a religion of peace and they practice it that way. The main reason Islam spread so fast, from Africa to Indonesia, many centuries ago is that many groups of people that were oppressed by neighbors and tyrants found refuge in Islam, a religion bent on justice. It’s false to pretend that Islam was more violent than Christianity. In the Middle Ages no Muslims could live among the Christians in Europe, but many Christians were able to live among the Muslims in Muslim countries.

      • cerebus23

        That is all well and good, but then stop applying your religious beliefs on other nations and peoples that have nothing to do with your religion and beliefs.

        I get really angry anytime anyone tries to tell me how and what to think period.

        Making fun of muhammid might be in bad taste but no more in bad taste than jesus or buddah and lest in this nation anyone should be allowed to make fun of anything they want.

        This whole thing hits closer to home also because one of the people killed was a pretty big name in eve online and we all knew the guy if you played the game to some degree. He was one of the diplomatic aides killed in the first riots.

        Using some video that noone saw at all as justification for this garbage is disgusting period and guarantee this did more to make people watch it than doing the sensible reasonable thing and challenging the guy on his ideas and discuss the thing like rational human beings.

  • ROGER, Irish-Canadian LIBERTARIAN

    “It didn’t bother the executioners that Stevens had fought beside Libyans to free Libya from dictator Moammar Gadhafi, who had ruled the country for 34 years.”- I don’t condone the killing of Stevens BUT if you had done your homework you would realize that THANKS to Zionist American interference in Libya LIFE is unbearable for them now. THIS is ONLY ONE of many sites which grant you information about how good life was for Libyans, compared to how dictators, such as in in Saudi Arabia, (supported by the U.S.) treat its people: . I would like to add that just because of that ill-informed statement I refused to read any further ,your article. to be honest I am fed up with the disinformation in the mainstream and now you are doing it here….AND by the way, as a Libertarian I DON’T support any dictators, UNLIKE the U.S.,Britain,France and Israel who do, when it suits them !!!

    • MikeR

      LIB: You are inconsistent. You are critical of America for helping to overthrow Gadhafi, but critical of America for not helping to overthrow Saudi Arabia.

  • Kelly Kafir

    it is not a phenomena if you understand Islam… if you understand that the word “innocent” means something different to them… as well as the word “terrorist” and “peace”… understand abrogation and you understand Islam. Join ACT for America to learn more…

  • Mel

    “Islam is a religion of peace”. TAQIYYA = Muslims are allowed to deceive non-Muslims if it helps Islam by lying.

  • Corsica

    Fatima the suicide bomber will get 1 old fart as her reward because women in Islamic countries are less deserving and treated like doo-doo.

    • 45caliber

      Perhaps she is the virgin some other male will get …

  • FreedomFighter

    “The most recent round of senseless violence was said to have been sparked by the surfacing of a sophomoric YouTube video that pokes fun at Muhammad.”

    This is a smoke screen for an attack, nothing more. On top of that, it’s just plain moronic and barbaric to kill a Diplomat over a movie they had nothing to do with. I don’t believe a word of it, the government officials in the region claim it was an attack also. Obama is blowing smoke and is a liar.

    To date, the Muslim Brotherhood has not renounced the doctrine of its late founder, Hassan al-Banna: “It is the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated, to impose its law on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet.”

    The War With Islam started a long time ago, time to take them seriously, fanatics with nuclear capability is not a thing we should be looking forward to. Iran and the fanatical Islamist will use the nukes without hesitation, burn the world in Islamic fire, its what these Islamo fanatics want to do, said they will do, and are working toward.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Karolyn

      I heard on the radio yessterday that the ambassador’s diary had been found by a reporter at the consulate in which he voiced his concern about his safety; so apparently, there wee problems prior to the video.

  • ROGER, Irish-Canadian LIBERTARIAN

    “Laus Deo” read the TALMUD and you will see that JEWS believe that way also

    • coal miner 1

      ROGER, Irish-Canadian LIBERTARIAN,
      You are right.

    • http://none Charlie

      Define who what the word Jews means in your comment ? The word Jew has at least 3 different meanings ,PER The Bible…………

  • moonbeam

    Oh please, PLEASE let me be president for 30 days. Just give me 30 days is all I need.

    ALL foreign aid would come to a screeching halt. Billions of our tax dollars are going to folks who hate America? Come on now. This has to end.

    I would have a sign on my desk that says “THE BULLSNOT STOPS HERE.” I would be sitting on a corner of my presidential desk, my left fist in my right hand holding a “nut cracker”, leering into the camera. Then would come the mass deportation of ALL illegals including BO. I don’t give a damn WHAT your special circumstances are. Illegal is illegal. Period, end of story. Why have a law and not enforce it?


    -NO same sex marriage. This is absolutely preposterous and defies logic.
    -NO Mosques to be built on this land.
    -NO to sharia law and judges using it will suffer immediate beheading
    -NO to foreign aid. Absolutely NO aid while we are locked in this bitter economic soup.
    -Cancel ALL of his executive orders.
    -Remove every last one of his appointed minions (good bye sotomeyor, kagan and others) in our judicial system and muslims he put in our homeland security. How can we trust when we know their beliefs and goals to rule the world? Oh yeah, all Muslims must leave the US.
    -IMMEDIATE unsealing of ALL of BO’s documents. Let’s let the cat out of the bag. And unless I miss my guess, to Gitmo for BO and all who knew of his ineligibility.
    -IMMEDIATE confiscation of all their pension funds, bank accounts, stock portfolios, homes, cars, etc. Just like they do to us.
    -ID is required to vote and YOU MUST BE a US citizen. Green cards NOT accepted!
    -NO president can declare war unless their own children are FIRST on the front lines with the rest of our loved ones. Bet THAT will stop the war mongering and sticking our noses in things that are none of our business.
    -NO IRS. You are also illegal and therefore…disbanded. All stolen monies returned to rightful owners and heirs, retroactive with interest from the beginning. How ’bout that?
    -NO EPA
    -FED audit and all liars, whores and thieves sent to prison for natural life.
    -Anyone caught hiring an illegal will suffer immediate confiscation of all worldly goods, even the skin off your teeth and short hairs on your ass.
    -Probationary 90 day period for ALL presidents just like any other job. If you don’t perform or it is found you have lied in any way…YOU’RE FIRED! Your VP will NOT be replacing you. He’s came in with you and will leave with you. You shall not leave the people with your stinking garbage.

    And that’s just the dirt off my shoes, but it’s a helluva start. Once you see that I am not playing around, you’ll want me around for another 30 days cleaning up more poop from the previous administrations, particularly the current one.

    A BIG broom, industrial size mop and PURE bleach is in order. Clean sweep of a do nothing congress and term limits set.

    First and foremost, a return to Our Constitutional Republic and Rule of Law. THE BULLSNOT STOPS HERE.

  • Jefferson Thomas
  • TML

    “The Obama Administration played a crucial role in the overthrow of Mubarak only to witness the ascension to power of the latest Egyptian despots who are even worse than Mubarak.”

    This same scenario has played out over and over again. Even in Libya and all the way back to the Taliban and al-Qaida. I think calling it an embrace of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood is quite a stretch of the imagination – it’s simply failed interventionist policies that America, even across generations, has failed to learn. Perhaps with the abundance of these recent failed actions, being more visible to the public than before, is starting to not only wake people up, but making up even the more hardline pro-war advocates this inescapable truth.

    At the same time, we must remember that at bottom, the generalizations of Muslims collectively as being all radicals is a fallacy, and that the truth is… the radicals do not make up the majority of Muslims… as even this article states, “A handful of Muslims in the eastern Libya city of Benghazi became so enraged…”
    Honestly, the difference between the radical Muslim calling for Jihad, isn’t much different than the radical Christian which condones that same savagery (war) to zealously support Israel purely out of religious belief. Just because Christians don’t burn down embassies for mocking Jesus Christ, doesn’t stop them from being outraged over it, and from the wars with the entire Middle East, one can conclude they [Christians] have simply moved past such tribal actions, and evolved to bombing entire countries… and they dare call that more “civilized”.

    The answers are rather clear to me; stop all foreign aid and stop all intervention in foreign internal affairs. You cannot defeat this enemy by espousing the same preemptive savagery you condemn. Doing so, along with interventionist policy makes the ‘terrorist’ difficult to distinguish from someone simply fighting for their own ‘freedom’ against what could be called American tyranny across the globe.

  • http://AOL Carl Jakobsson

    One thing you guys are forgetting about Christian teachings is the fact that Jesus taught that the greatest of all the Commandments was that we were to love God with all our heart, mind, and strength, and love our neighbor as we love ourselves. That means that hate and violence have no place in the Christian life. The Bible tells us that Jesus repeatedly warns us against violence, and He did not preach that His followers should use violence against those who disagreed with Christian ways. He taught that Christians should reach out and extend the Kingdom by showing the example of loving your neighbor as you love yourself.
    My wife and i just returned from a family visit to the Philippines, a country that has been severely damaged by sectarian conflict between Christians and Muslims. In the Philippines, the Catholic Church and the Muslim religious religious organizations are working together to bring about peace in the country, and they are making progress in reducing the level of conflict.
    You guys who are advocating violence against Muslims or any other religious group ought to be ashamed of yourselves. And if you are advocating this in the name of Christianity, you are taking the Name of the Lord in vain in the most egregious way that the Name of the Lord is ever taken in vain.

    • FreedomFighter

      “The Bible tells us that Jesus repeatedly warns us against violence, and He did not preach that His followers should use violence against those who disagreed with Christian ways.”

      Self defense, Islam is the agressor. To not defend ones self and country against a dedicated and fanatical agressor is suicide and to me, suicide is not an option.

      BTW Jesus noted that on his return, he is coming to kick some satanic demon arses.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • TML

        “Self defense, Islam is the agressor.”

        Considering the interventionist policies, along with many Christian’s zealous support of Israel, which was established through unlawful dispulsion of Palestinians… it would be difficult to truely claim Islam as the agressor, and easier to call thier actions ‘self-defense’, when one objectively looks at the big historical picture.

      • FreedomFighter

        TML no such thing as a Palastinian state, check your history.

        Its an invention of modern times.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • FreedomFighter
      • TML

        FF says, “TML no such thing as a Palastinian state, chek your history. Its an invention of modern times.”

        I’m sorry, but it is Israel which is the modern invention, and supported merely over 2000 year old religious beliefs. I would advise checking your history elsewhere than youtube. No offense.

      • MikeR

        FF: Don’t count on Jesus coming back and kicking anyone’s ass. He didn’t even try to fight back when he was here the last time.

    • http://none Charlie

      Carl Jakobsson,,,
      Have you accomplished Acts 2:38 , with understanding ??? What did Solomon , son of David, say at Ecclesiastes 3:8 ??? What did King Jesus , son of David, say at Matthew 10 :34,,,also at
      Luke 19:27??? ……………

  • Canadian Muslim

    I can’t believe the amount of ignorance, generalization, and hatred being spouted here. There are many “right-wing”, bigoted, ignorant and nutty Muslims around the world, just as there are Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and others. Its a third-world phenomenom. Wherever there is a lack of education, a poor standard of living, and a culture of suppression and violence, you’ll find these kinds of incidents happening.

    For those that keep saying that Islam believes in Taqiyya, no, there are smaller sects in Islam that believe in that, but how is that any different than the Western intelligence agencies and others running covert ops?

    Muslims are human beings and you’ll find muslims of all stripes. There are many Muslims, both in the East and the West, that would like the right to choose how they live, without interference or cultural imperialism from Western powers.

    As a Muslim, I won’t deny that there are many social ills in Muslim countries, and many of them are culturally inculcated and have little to do with Islam as a faith. The example of Saudi’s having 50 wives and hundreds of children is an abuse of the principles of marriage, where divorce is allowed but frowned upon as a last resort – the ones that abuse this as a way of marrying many women are no better (and perhaps no worse) that men in Western countries who marry and then philander around with many mistresses. These people sicken many of us Muslims, as does much of the senseless violence that happens in the Muslim world.

    We have to realize too, that a lot of this violence is whipped up by politicians and insincere religious “leaders”, but even still, these are small minority compared to the 1.5billion Muslims around the world. They’re preying on the feelings of frustration, fear, and yes, rage, built up in these countries over many years of living under the repression of US-supported dictators.

    Lets not make this a conflict between Christianity and Islam, but there is a war of cultural domination. Muslims want to choose their own way of life, and they can’t vote in the US elections, but end up being subject to the whims of the US electorate and their leaders.


    • Louis Lemieux

      Thanks for doing your part in breaking up this solitude that exists between Christians and Muslims.

      • MikeR

        LL: If you believe one word Canadian Muslim wrote you are a fool.

    • Karolyn

      Thank you so much for posting here. You are the first Muslim I have seen posting here. What we need is for more “average” Muslims to get their opinions out there and counter the climate of hatred that extremists promote, which is quite prevalent here on PLD. Please keep up the good work!

    • coal miner 1

      Canadian Muslim,
      You hit the nail on the head,pay no attention to these fools.Just laugh at them,they are jokes.Where is love thy neighbor? I don’t see it on this blog. These so called Christians ought to be ashamed of themselves.

      • gunner689AI

        Death to muslims and piss on the koran.

    • Ted G

      I think you’re right about one thing here its not about Christianity and islam, I think based on empirical evidence that it is more like islam against the rest of the world.

      I say this not as a hater, I say this as recognizing the facts on the ground and for self preservation. I do not condemn Muslims as individuals at all, I do however condemn islam. whay is it so hard for people to understand the difference.

      • ksyed0

        I think you have it completely backwards. Islam is not to blame for the events happening around the world – its individual Muslims (amongst others, just as much of this is to blame on others as well). Its a combination of social and political upheaval, greed, cultural imperialism, and “the chickens coming home to roost”.

        This thread has gone from a discussion of the reaction of the Muslim world to the “Innocence of Muslims” film, to become a general bash-on of Islam and Muslims.

        How are these threads of “nuke them” (and similar thoughts) any different from the reaction of red-neck Muslims that you’re all condemning? In most of those cases, at least you can say that those people are used to living in a culture where the government controls the media, they’re often uneducated and oppressed, and they live in a world of constant danger and violence. Most of them have direct family members (brothers, fathers, sons, generally) who have been killed or tortured, they’ve lived under oppressive regimes, and have been presented with a very narrow world view.

        What excuse do the people on this board have, coming generally from a world of cultural and individual privilege, wealth, and safety? Even the veterans here, you’ve gone off to war (and I’m not minimizing this, I’m sure you’ve seen and done terrible things), but you’ve come back home to the relative safety and comfort of your regular lives.

        For those of you who are spouting the common boogey-man of Muslims looking to overrun the Western world and replace the law of the land with Shariah, or that Muslims are out to destroy the West because “we envy your freedom”, try to read some books from the other side. Talk to some regular Muslims face to face, and try to understand each other.

        Your innate sense of cultural superiority is what makes the rest of the world – not just Muslims – feel annoyed by you and resent your constant interference.

        Many of the Muslims living here in North America would never want to go back to our “home” countries, and especially now, many of us have children born here who are Canadians and Americans and don’t know any other life. We appreciate and understand the freedoms that our society brings, and know that its a double-edged sword. Many of those on this board are conservatives (with a small “c”), with religious, conservative values, and you probably have a lot more in common with most Muslims than you think. We believe in the sanctity of the family, the value and humanity of the unborn child, the importance of charity and helping the poor, and the primacy of God (yes, the same God of Moses, Jesus, Abraham, Adam, and Mohammed, peace be upon them all) and the importance of prayer.

        Most of us have a great sense of humour too – we poke fun at ourselves and can appreciate a good joke. But some things are not meant as jokes, they’re meant as mean, spiteful, and are meant to provoke anger. Many of you don’t understand why Muslims get upset when someone depicts the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) in a negative light, but we would be just as upset if someone did the same to Jesus, Moses, or any other of the Prophets of God. We have a special reverence for the Prophet Mohammed, so any attacks on him, we take more personally. Imagine someone drew a picture of your own mother or father naked, or in a compromising position, how would you feel?

        If you loved your mother or father, I have no doubt that you would be personally outraged, and your first reaction would probably go and put your fist in their face. Maybe if they were in front of you, you’d even go do that, especially if they were grinning and guffawing, and high-fiving each other while seeing your turn red.

        Sure, freedom of speech means being able to say whatever you want, but it doesn’t mean that there’s no consequences for it.

        We all know that freedom of speech is not absolute – we can all agree on that. There’s the famous saying that “freedom of speech doesn’t mean you can yell Fire! in a crowded theatre”, nor would be considered acceptable to publish state secrets to the enemy. The question then comes down to where do we draw the line – and I think we can say that there is a difference, just where that line will be.

      • Ted G

        It sounds like you do support censorship of insults to islam and its prophet. That is Sharia.
        It also sounds like you did not direct this totally at my comments, or you would have (should have) recognized that I do seperate the people from the ideology.

        What you do not seem to acknowledge are the many truths about islam that are barbaric midieval and just plain insane. In fact you apparently tried to gloss over them. I find that disturbing coming from someone attempting to take the moral high ground.
        Until you are willing to to acknowledge that islam is part of the problem, infact a large part of the problem, then you are also part of the problem.

      • Ted G

        To Ksyde0

        Do you support outlawing my objections to this;

        A manual of Islamic law certified as a reliable guide to Sunni orthodoxy by Al-Azhar University, the most respected authority in Sunni Islam, says that “retaliation is obligatory against anyone who kills a human being purely intentionally and without right.” However, “not subject to retaliation” is “a father or mother (or their fathers or mothers) for killing their offspring, or offspring’s offspring.” (‘Umdat al-Salik o1.1-2). In other words, someone who kills his child incurs no legal penalty under Islamic law.

        Objecting to anyone pointing this out is exactly what islamists and the OIC and CAIR and IIIT and all other islamic orgs want to do.

        This is just one example of the insanity that is islam. This is the ideology I oppose, do you?
        And Yes any person that demands that I stay silent about my objections to this ideology, I oppose them as well!

    • MikeR

      Canadian Muslim: I purchased and read the koran on 9-12-01. I wanted to answer the question WHO ARE THESE MURDERING THUGS? I discovered that the koran teaches that muslims have three choices in deaing with infidels (anyone who isn’t a muslim): they can tax us (jizya), they can enslave us, or they can kill us. Before anyone believes one word of what Canadian Muslim wrote, I recommend googling the question ‘are muslims permitted to lie?’ Then go to To learn the truth about islam, I recommend reading: 1. The koran. 2. The hadithe. 3. The Politically Incorrect Guide To Islam. 4. The Truth About Islam. 5. View these sites:,,,

      • tony

        The religion of peace seems to be done with force and the convenience of selfish acts against the Liberties of others , and this is describing it civilly

        • MikeR

          Tony: Why be civil? This is war, and the future of civilization is at risk.

          • tony

            It’s President Obama’s CZARS…… that are causing him to not create the kind of Economic Policies that would sustain the American Peoples Economic Recovery resulting in Jobs and a Sustainable Income Level , while all his Government Working Class is doing just fine with the President’s Debt Ran economy Recovery that is being Leveraged off the backs of the Unborn US Citizens that the Obama CZARS are funding Birth Control to stop these citizens from being born , so how’s that debt going to convert into equity President Obama ?

          • Gea

            President Truman had a sign on his desk in the Oval Office: The buck stops here!

            Obama cannot blame his failures to make meaningful improvements in America on “czars” he had appointed himself. Obama is a child of the political correctness and affirmative action, which let into power structure jobs incompetence, which can always hide under the accusations “racism” and “bigotry”.. Barak Hussein Obama is not only incompetent but downright dangerous for US and Western civilization.

            Instead of “The buck stops here” Barak Hussein Obama had his Muslim Brothers stop in the Oval Office and working out how to promulgate their long-range goal of infiltrating America and destroying Western civilization from within and outside, and install the only true religion (Islam) over all others in US and the world.

            Muslims always blame somebody else for their OWN vile deeds and vile aspirations that they have themselves while politically correct bleeding hearts project their own decency and goodness onto those who would cut their heads off because they are Americans. This is not surprising considering that their role model and prophet was a pedophile, rapist, polygamist and murderer. Read Koran and Hadith to understand why Islam is incompatible with US Constitution and with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights anad MUST REFORM or has not place in any decent society that respects liberty and human rights of individuals.

          • tony

            GEA we need different leadership but we won’t get the center voter to come over unless we give them cover so they can hide their change vote , and to be directly opposing Obama is not going to give these center voters the cover they want to be seen as PC . See and Romney has Tried to take the fight straight at Obama but the Media has created a shield for Obama like Clinton saying no president could have fixed the problems . So Romney needs to make a New Argument out of the reasons why things are a Mess then and that can be made by Pointing out the Power that a CZAR has on all the Agencies activities , this is the truth and one that cannot be disputed because they are not subject to Congressional approval .

          • MikeR

            tony: Correct. But what does that have to do with islam?

          • tony

            Mike what does Obama CZARS have to do with Islam , it would be one thing if Obama would have appointed Moderate Islamic CZARS but he did not do this .

            Obama’s Department of Homeland Security named to its official advisory council the head of an Arab American organization whose officials have labeled deadly anti-US jihadists as “heroes” and opposed referring to Hamas as a terrorist organization. This is a continuing trend, as indicated by the appointment of Arif Alikhan as Assistant Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security – an appointment that is troubling in many ways.

            “Congratulations to Mr. Alikhan on this well-deserved appointment,” said Hussam Ayloush, Executive Director of the Los Angeles office of another unindicted co-conspirator in the same Hamas funding case, the Council on American-Islamic Relations. “Mr. Alikhan’s new position reflects his and the community’s dedication to helping preserve the security of our country. The American Muslim community can be proud of him.”
            Heres the link to the above statement ;
            There is so much that has gone un reported about who Obama has surrounded himself with ,
            Meet White House adviser who supports Islamic law

            What Do Muslims Want?

            A White House adviser defends sharia.

            Watch this Video , it opens the eyes to the truth but this truth cannot be directly used against Obama in debate because the center Voter will Hide from their Opposition to this so they won’t vote and that is how Romney will lose . So He needs to open the discussion about how the CZARS are creating and Implementing Policies that are harming the Economic recovery , and this will give the Impression that Obama is just and Amateur and Incompetent in knowing who to appoint as Polcy heads that can Help the American People Prosper , this will give the PC Voter a way to Vote against Obama without looking like they are Racist .

            The Muslim Brotherhood, the revived Ottoman Empire and the Jih

            This just goes on and on and on like it was planned out for a long long time !!!

          • MikeR

            tony: You do a really good job of finding this information. If Obama gets reelected we’re screwed. I just heard former FL Governor Charlie Crist endorse Obama on Geraldo. He’s a political whore and a traitor. What to you think about Republican congressional leadership? I don’t think Obama would have been able to get away with so much if Boehner, Cantor, and McConnell were stronger and more vocal. They seem to be just laying back and letting it all happen.

          • tony

            Mike this happened under ALL THEIR TERMS IN OFFICE so I this they have all bought into the World Needs a Top Down Rationed Rate of Consumption to regulate the longevity of life because they all think the world population is Peaking in terms of supply meeting demand in the next 20-30 years . Even the SO CALLED BUSH CONSERVATIVE APPOINTED JUDGE JOHN ROBERTS , who said Obamacare WAS CONSTITUTIONAL because its a tax , when Obama mand the Liberals ALL SAID IT WAS NOT A TAX , so this means the Supreme Court is NOW passing Legislation from the Bench , ruling from the Bench on Tax Policy , something that ONLY IS TO BE DONE IN CONGRESS so you see how screwed we are ?????

            But back to this link , , it tells you how we because OUTSOURCED of all our self reliance … if we Do Not Manufacture Our Own Needs then Our Lives become DEPENDENT on Others manufacturing and that is called SERFDOM … do you ALL KNOW What Happened to the SERFS in the late 1920s and early 30s ???????? My God we have all been backed into a corner because these SOBS are going to cause us all to be placed in a position soon with the BRIC and OPEC Nations rejecting the dollar SOON its coming so start storing canned Food because this will be abrupt and violent in the metro ares , get out of the cities and get ready to see the USA get Cut Off from Manufactured Parts supplies that Maintain our Food Processors . Think about how our Food is so dam mechanized and centrally delivered , processed and then redistributed to our retail sector ?? Just interrupt the Oil price with the Petrol Dollar loosing the acceptance in accessing 60 % of our Oil to keep the food chain system from interrupting the 3 day supply that our stores ONLY HAVE ?? And this Oil Loss is Nothing , think what Happens if the BRIC stops taking the dollar for just say 3-4 months as it decides that the USA,s currency is worthless to hold and they cannot find consensus in taking it for manufactured goods and they do this during the build up of Parts that takes place in the early spring in February every year to maintain and assemble Farm machinery , just Like Our cars these Parts keep our Food processing and planting and harvesting vital , vitally active in the making of our food that we SO TAKE FOR GRANTED , The SURFS WERE SLAUGHTERED THIS WAY !!!!!!

          • MikeR

            Tony: I don’t agree with your first sentence, but I agree with everything else. We are in deep sh%t. We depend on China to make almost everything we need, including our power transformers. Our tax policies and unions have driven manufacturers offshore. If you believe in freedom and capitalism, you have to believe that manufacturers should be free to go where they can make the most profit. The solution is to make every state a ‘right to work state’ like Florida, and lower corporate taxes as much as necessary to bring back the manufacturers. All rational people know that won’t happen under Obama. General Motors and Chrysler are doomed to fail because they still have to pay union wages and union pensions. Four more years of Obamanomics would be national suicide. Romney is a problem solver, and I think he can get us out of this mess if he is elected.

          • tony

            Mike I think its the Environmentalists who have allied themselves with the Liberal lawyers that are forcing the manufacturing off shore more than the Unions . The Idea that wages have to be freely floating to go with the freedom and capital profits is not going to be a sustainable wage in the USA or Europe as long as we are not demanding Asian countries like china are not following the free floating currency rules that are part of the WTO charter in that when you increase your manufacturing per capita that means you let your currency rate increase with the Rise in your GDP and the Chinese have been Cheating by Manipulating their Currency rate keeping it lower than any other country in the world thats industrialized and they are Sucking , Remember Ross Perot saying we would hear a giant Sucking Sound if we implemented Clinton’s WTO Trade Policy , but thats why we are in the shape we are in today . But they did this On Purpose behind our backs and they should all be Jailed for treason !!!!!! Read this and think about this Science CZAR being the number 1 Marxist Environmentalist writing policy we are seeing thats ANTI growth and directing the EPA to make sure of this .

          • tony

            Mike These SOBs all are keying off of this stuff here , , its chalked full of the Technocratic Views of the way these elitists think about we the Sheeple that are Over Populating THEIR EARTH , this is the Environmental Marxist Organizations that NOW see Humanity as the Threat to Their EARTH !!!!

            This is a designed Top Down Central Controlled form of Government that is designed to Control the worlds Resources in a Central Government Government that will regulate the use to the point that they will ZERO Growth and that Includes the Length of a Person Life at the front and end of the Life Span cycle .
            Modern Eugenics Reborn …..

          • tony

            Mike , I will BET YOU a 1000 bucks we see this Fired back up soon like in the next 5 years in the world , well I am front loading this bet they are all ready doing this in India , But the Marxists are back People wake the hell up and get to realizing we need to secure the USA the last Hope for FREEDOM to stay NEUTRAL in this quest by the Population Control freaks that want to Save Earth FROM YOU and ME Again , because they think we are Not able to Supply a Growing Population any more just like what they saw and said 100 years ago BEFORE we INNOVATED Expansion of supply with the Industrial , Tech Boom that expanded the production supply of food after WW2 with the dams and Hydro electic power irrigated farmland tech utilization of these industrial parts , like How we build these parts fast with CNC common we need to Wake The hell Up organize get out the Viote and stop the Path to SERFDOM at least in the USA !!!!!

          • tony

            Mike what does Obama CZARS have to do with Islam , it would be one thing if Obama would have appointed Moderate Islamic CZARS but he did not do this .

            Obama’s Department of Homeland Security named to its official advisory council the head of an Arab American organization whose officials have labeled deadly anti-US jihadists as “heroes” and opposed referring to Hamas as a terrorist organization. This is a continuing trend, as indicated by the appointment of Arif Alikhan as Assistant Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security – an appointment that is troubling in many ways.

            “Congratulations to Mr. Alikhan on this well-deserved appointment,” said Hussam Ayloush, Executive Director of the Los Angeles office of another unindicted co-conspirator in the same Hamas funding case, the Council on American-Islamic Relations. “Mr. Alikhan’s new position reflects his and the community’s dedication to helping preserve the security of our country. The American Muslim community can be proud of him.”
            Heres the link to the above statement ;

          • tony

            Mike There is so much that has gone un reported about who Obama has surrounded himself with ,
            Meet White House adviser who supports Islamic law

          • tony

            Mike check this CZAR out , What Do Muslims Want?
            A White House adviser defends sharia.

          • tony

            Mike Watch this Video , it opens the eyes to the truth but this truth cannot be directly used against Obama in debate because the center Voter will Hide from their Opposition to this so they won’t vote and that is how Romney will lose . So He needs to open the discussion about how the CZARS are creating and Implementing Policies that are harming the Economic recovery , and this will give the Impression that Obama is just and Amateur and Incompetent in knowing who to appoint as Polcy heads that can Help the American People Prosper , this will give the PC Voter a way to Vote against Obama without looking like they are Racist .

          • tony

            Mike The Hate for America and their insider revolution is about to complete its transformation if reelection of Obama is accomplished I think , The Muslim Brotherhood, the revived Ottoman Empire and the Jih
            This just goes on and on and on like it was planned out for a long long time !!!

      • ksyed0

        MikeR – That is an amazing summary. Good work in being able to extract all of these choices so clearly summarized (/Sarcasm off).

        I don’t need to consult these websites – I AM a Muslim, and I’ve read the Qur’an and studied Islam all of my life. I did a degree in Islamic history as well (amongst other things). There is no such set of “choices”.

        First to clarify “dhimmi” and “jizya”. If you remember, most countries (including the US and Canada) did not have a standing army, paid for by the state, and they also did not have a tax regime. Taxes (which were initially instituted to help pay for the war efforts) were supposed to be a temporary measure.

        In the Islamic empire, there was also no standing army – all Muslim men were supposed to volunteer and arm themselves (ie pay for their own armor, weapons, etc). As non-Muslims were not expected to serve in the Muslim army, they were “taxed” to pay a share towards the war efforts – this is the “jizya”.

        In a country where this is not the case, where there is a tax system which applies to everyone, this is no longer the case. I don’t know of any Muslim country today which applies the “jizya” and “dhimmi” system – because it is no longer applicable.

        I live in a country with a public school system. My kids go to a private school, which I have to pay for out of my pocket. Yet I am still expected to pay towards the public school system – how is this fair? This is a fair parallel to the “jizya” issue.

        To your second and third points, people selectively quote from the Qur’an when discussing jihad. It is not a concept to go out and kill non-Muslims, but it is a doctrine of defence and expansion of the state. There is no society in the world (especially in the US) where self-defence is frowned upon. If you are being oppressed and attacked, then of course you are supposed to defend yourself – and that extends to defending your neighbors and your society as well.

        Jihad in the context of the Islamic expansion, especially after the death of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) is a complex topic – you have to first remember that the early Muslims were under constant attack by the idolaters of Mecca and the other Arabian tribes, so there was an initial war of defence and territorial expansion. Subsequently, the Muslim state was at war with the Persian and Roman empires as well, which were also expansionist powers (remember the Spartans and “300″?). Islam instituted a series of human rights to deal with the realities of war and slavery, but it has always been a religion with a juristic flexibility to change with the times.

        War and conquest have never been the exclusive jurisdiction of Islam – we’ve seen this with the United States, Britain, and just about any other imperialistic power in history. However, while territorial expansion stopped in southwestern Europe, cultural expansion was happening in the Far East (Malaysia, Indonesia) via Arab traders and merchants – and those countries had become Muslim without the usage of warfare as a mechanism of expansion.

        As for enslaving Christians – the slave trade has always been a historical reality. Islam recognized that and laid the foundations of abolishing it by incentivizing the freeing of slaves, and giving slaves the mechanism to free themselves. It also instituted a series of reforms for how slaves were to be fed, clothed, and treated by their masters, and it put in measures to reduce the chances that the children of slaves would become slaves themselves. For a time more than a 1200+ years before Lincoln, these were significant reforms. Don’t forget that the issue of slavery (amongst others admittedly) tore the United States apart during the US Civil War (not to mention vampires – :) ). <- a joke there for those who've read Abraham Lincoln – Vampire Hunter.

        Many of these "Islam Exposed" sites have intentionally been created as a form of propaganda for anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim voices. Taking these issues out of historical context will completely bias your view of Islam and Muslims – can I call you a nation of slave masters and practitioners of genocide (for the treatment of Native Americans)? Sure, if I want to practice hyperbole (I would be in good company here on this board).

        The reality is that history must always be viewed in the context of its time and place, not as a way to excuse what happened, but as a way to learn and move forward.


        • michiganminuteman

          Trust no muslim! Go away you swine!

          • Gea

            As anybody who had read Koran and Hadith KNOWS, Islam is a supremacist ideology, similar to supremacist Nazi ideology, including delusional Jew hatred. Muslims in US, represented by CAIR are working hard on subverting US Constitution to prevent truth about Islam to be known. Mohamed was a pedophile, polygamist, rapist and murderer, and the movie made by some Coptic guy in San Diego is a very accurate portrait of this criminal who in any decent society would be tried for crimes and not taken as a role model. Islam is incompatible with US Constitution and should REFORM and not subvert US constitution to introduce their medieval evil sharia, which is unsuitable for humans. Islam DEMANDS respect which they do not GIVE TO ANYBODY, since Koran teaches them that they are superior to all others and everybody else has to bow to them!

            Barak Hussein Obama is living up to his middle name and is helping American Muslims subvert US Constitution in order to prevent Americans to find out what true intentions of his Muslim Brotherhood are: “infiltration of US society, destruction of Western civilization from within and from outside to establish the only true religion (Islam) over All others. Obama should resign since he is a traitor of American values and had betrayed American diplomats in Arab countries by preventing US Marines to carry live munition.

            Obama is a true believer of two ideologies which are deadly to liberty, justice and human rights: Marxism and Islam. He must resign! The Muslims in America, as long as they are in a minority will use taqiyya, lies that Muslims are obligated to use, in order to get Islam into a position of power among non-Muslim majority, as so is Barak Hussein who had let them into the White house.

          • ksyed0

            Wasn’t the whole point of this debate about free speech?

            That’s all right. I guess your ex-wife gave you your nickname?

        • MikeR

          ksyed0: For a list of innocent victims recently killed by muslims, go to Muslims believe that every word in the koran is the word of god, as told to muhammed by the angel Gabriel. This is what god told muhammed in the koran 24:1 – “The adulterer and his adulteress shall each be given a hundred lashes. Let no pity for them cause you to disobey god, if you truly believe in god and the last day; and let their punishment be witnessed by a number of believers.” Koran 4:34 – “Men have authority over women because god has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because god has guarded them. As for those from whom you FEAR DISOBEDIENCE, admonish them and forsake them in beds apart, AND BEAT THEM. Then if they obey you, take no further action against them. ” This is what muhammed said about apostasy in sahih al-bukhari, vol.9, book 88, #6922 – “Whoever changed his islamic religion, then kill him. So tell me, ksyed0, why are you a muslim? Is it the misogyny that you enjoy?

    • http://none Charlie

      Canook Muslim,,,
      Be careful in Canada , they are heavy duty Socialist ? Commies ,,,they took Ernst Zundel POW
      and put him in jail 7 years, for writing a book ,,,don’t believe Me? see .
      The Muslim / Christian ,war is all about ,,,stupidity ,,,ignorance,,, brainwashing and Satanic influence ON BOTH sides … Most people that call themselves “Christians” ,are NOT Christians per the Orders given by Peter at Acts 2:38,,,Peter is The Man that King Jesus gave The Keys to.
      See Matthew 16:19… Do Muslims understand who King Jesus is ???

      • ksyed0

        As I said in a previous message, Muslims revere Jesus as a Prophet of God, just like Moses, Abraham, Adam, and Mohammed (peace be upon them all). We believe in the virgin birth, we believe in the crucifixion, and we believe that he will return one day and fight the antiChrist (who we call the Dajjal). Where we differ is that we do not believe he is the son of God, any more than is Adam (who had neither father nor mother), nor do we believe that he died on the cross, but that instead God raised him up to Heaven.

        I’m not going to debate or even dignify many of the hate-spewing people here. Its very easy to spout this kind of stuff from behind the anonymity of the internet, I hope that you’re a lot more rational in your daily lives.

        Its a very easy (and cheap) way to “win” an argument, when you start off with the assumption that the other party is always lying.


        • MikeR

          ksyed0: Today’s headline: Sharia in action in Bangladesh: leading Islamic scholars recommend that Pakistani foreign minister be stoned for adultery See
          Does that make you proud to be a muslim ksyed0?

      • MikeR

        Charlie: That’s right, Geraldine. The devil made them do it.

  • Veteran

    First, we need to embark IMMEDIATELY on a energy self-sufficiency drive that wold make us independent of Mid-East (and all non-Nroth American) oil by 2020; start to cut back on our aid to these Muslim countries which harbor and allow these “protests” and attacks, and if there is a natural disaster (like a tsunami, etc.) which occurs in any of these countries, tell them to go to their rich Muslim brothers – like the Saudis.

    As for inside our own borders, let’s start by tracking down the over-extended visa holders from Islamic countries and have them return to their homelands. If they are here and haven’t yet applied for US citizenship (and I know a few), they should go home and ‘fix’ the problems they came here to escape. Many of them are here to be educated in medicine ‘to return home to help my people” but never had any intention of doing so. They stay here and profit from our generosity and culture, yet have no respect for the same. If we’re going to give these people the education and the grants and they don’t fulfill their stated objective, remove the support and give it to an American.

    Let’s start to look out more for ourselves and be less willing to throw our resources at problems we can’t solve with money – and people who don’t want us to help them solve their problems.

  • Louis McCarten

    Islam teaches both first degree murder and launching invasions of non-Islamic societies (which is known as jihad); that is the origin of the problem people are describing in above posts. Islamically-mandated acts of war are deemed by the Kuran as religious duty and form a discernible pattern of continuous violence for over 1400 years. To date Islam is responsible for the destruction of a least 10 major civilzations including the Egyptian, Syrian, and Hindustani civilizations, and at least 300 million non-Muslim people have been massacred by Islam in these jihad attacks waged by Islam. Today there are at least 50 localized hot wars begun by Islam, many of which like that in Serbia have been ongoing for centuries. It is impossible for any non-Islamic nation or entity to gain control over Islam: such a thing is in violation of Islamic laws and furthermore Islam prohibits any honest discourse between the non-Muslim society and the Islamic society which would clearly inhibit any goals of leverage by foreign powers. Claiming the US military is the driving force behind Islam’s present global jihad is a pipedream; Islam wil never get benign enough for that to happen.

    • TML

      “Claiming the US military is the driving force behind Islam’s present global jihad is a pipedream”

      No, it’s historical truth. Besides… the prsent global “jihad” is being perpetrated by a minority, not the majority of Muslims to call is “Islam’s Jihad”.

      As to the rest of your statement, I’m sure I could fill a book with the same kind of atrocities carried out by Christian’s in their own forms of “Jihad” thoughout the centuries from their birth.

      • grthinker

        Your hindsight is 20/20. We’re talking now, not the 16th century. Also, one of the achievements of our civilization is that we’ve replaced ecclesiastical law with Civil Law.

      • TML

        grtthinker says, “Your hindsight is 20/20. We’re talking now, not the 16th century. Also, one of the achievements of our civilization is that we’ve replaced ecclesiastical law with Civil Law.”

        Indeed, that is a reason for achievment – looking back 20/20 and being able to learn from mistakes. The point of the matter. at least for me, is that bombing entire countries for the actions of a minority is no more civilized than the savagery from a minority of Islam. For me, I think it pertinent to learn from history and not remake the Crusades in a modern venture.

        Civil Law if great, but we can’t tell other countries how to live. If Sharia law, or other theocracy works for them, and that’s what they want for themselves, them leave them to it. It is the pushing of western decadence and values upon these religious people under the auspices of a twisted view of democracy that they rebuke.

        Democracy without the Republic, is little more than mob rule… and that’s what you are seeing over there.

  • LoB

    To Canadian Muslim: I have good friends in this country who are muslims but still respect the fact that they live here. To vote, you dwork, you have to apply for citizenship and live like an American. I am sure you came to Canada to have a better way of life than your government back in the middle east allowed you to have. Self-respect goes hand in hand with respecting life and freedom of speech and freedom of religion. These despots in control of the muslim countries have no such respects for personal freedoms, and never will. We embrace immigrants from such countries; they would never accept us. Nothing in their minds have changed since 632 AD. Face it, we are at war!!!!

    • TML

      “Face it, we are at war!!!!”

      We have been at war (undeclared) with many of the Middle East countries for many decades, and only now, when they begin to rise up against our interventions and meddling for corporate and/or religious reason, you say, “face it, we are at war”? I hope you are not that naive.

      • LoB

        TML and GGrover: You both sound bitter that perhaps the american economy has not fullfilled your dreams, and dispise the American government for going after people like Bin Laden, who killed 2950 innocent people in your backyard! Plus countless other acts of open suicide aggression and thousands more dead over the years. I as a Veteran respect the history of our country. 230 years ago, our country was founded on both political and religious freedoms that did not exist overseas. That inhumane ambience remains today in the YOUR Middle East.

      • TML

        LOB says, “TML and GGrover: You both sound bitter that perhaps the american economy has not fullfilled your dreams,…”

        Well, I’m not happy about the economy if that what you mean. Don’t know many people that are. Personally I think it socialist policies which are responsible. Too many parasites living off the labor of the industrious.

        LOB says, “…and dispise the American government for going after people like Bin Laden, who killed 2950 innocent people in your backyard!”

        The invasion of Iraq and many other countries had nothing to do with Bin Laden, and while I support bringing him to justice, I loathe the method in which it was done; having not even been convicted by any court that he was actually behind the attack. Still, today, he is dead… the supposed justification for our occupation of Afghanistan is dead, and yet we still remain there. We supported rebels of Libya and Egypt, and now call for war against those places. We have bombed Yemen, and Pakistan… supported an unlawful occupation of Palestine by Israel, and seek to overthrow the sovereign in Syria (re-creating the same mistake again as the next who take charge may be even worse) and itching for war with Iran since 1979. What I despise is American governments blatantly failed interventionist policies which created our enemies in the first place, and the unwillingness of Americans to learn this truth… driven by religious and corporate interest.

        LOB says, “I as a Veteran respect the history of our country. 230 years ago, our country was founded on both political and religious freedoms that did not exist overseas. That inhumane ambience remains today in the YOUR Middle East.”

        Indeed it does remain, but to think you can push western ideal upon those countries, and expect them to thank you for it, is incredibly naïve. I also respect our history… including our mistakes. But I do not respect the continuance of re-creating the same mistakes over and over.

        “An error doesn’t become a mistake, until you refuse to correct it”

    • George Grover

      Only Governments WAR. If you are referring to the underhanded, moneymaking grab for power,scheme of going after COMMON CRIMINALS LIKE OSAMA BIN LADEN, you are actually referring to people that have the intellegence to convince, normally peaceful peoples to attack other peoples for their religous beliefs, and mix that in with GREEDY, CRIMINALS LIKE AMERICAS CRIME FAMILY GONE INTERNATIONAL AKA THE BUSH ADMIISTRATION, and now the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION, that have used that excuse to go after and hunt down and kill those common criminals, but also kill thousands of innocent peoples along the way. THAT IS NOT WAR. that is occupation.

    • ksyed0

      Well, as I said, I am Canadian.

      I’m very active in our Muslim community here, and the vast majority of us are legal landed immigrants, and then eventually citizens. We pay taxes, we go to school, we have jobs, and we vote in elections. Yes, there are those that don’t, but again, you have those in every society. You have many Christian (and non-denominational) groups that build remote communities in the backwoods country and arm themselves to the teeth too, but you can’t judge a society on the basis of a few nutjobs.

      One thing you have to realize, is that the Western countries have propped up these despots over the years, because its been easier to make deals with them. That’s why in many cases, they’ve granted asylum to these dictators when they’ve been kicked out by the people.

      Even now, in countries like Pakistan, the vast majority of the people are intentionally kept uneducated by feudal landlords (I’m not kidding with the terminology, they are literally feudal lords who own the land and the people working the land on them), and they happen to also be the MPs for their areas (since of course, everyone has to vote for them) in perpetuity. They keep schools out of their areas and exploit the workers, the religion, and the mood of the populace, to keep them oppressed and their own positions secure, while they have literally millions stashed away in overseas bank accounts.

      By the way, another strange ignorance on behalf of many Americans is that they somehow think that Muslims = Arabs. That’s not anywhere close to the reality. There are many, many more nonArab Muslims than Arabs, and there are many Arabs that are not Muslims.

      • MikeR

        ksyed0: Many Americans are not ignorant. Only about 49% are ignorant (Obama voters). I read the koran on 9-12-01, and I read the hadithe later. Islam is not a religion, it is a 1500 year old hate group. Muhammed was a pedophile, rapist, murderer, and thief. It can all be found in the koran and hadithe. Anyone who doesn’t want to take the time to read those disgusting books can go to these sites:,,, and

  • grthinker

    The ‘sophomoric’ video told the truth. Spokesmen like the author should be more interested in the truth, no matter who it ‘insults’ than they are! That does not include only Islam, but anybody or organization trying to use power or force to suppress uncomfortable facts.

  • George Grover

    After reading most of the posts condemming KG simply because he/she has disspelled your MYTH, known as RELIGION, you WORMS (weak overzealous religous morons) get upset. Personnally I find it quite humorous but sad that someone can be placed in a psychiatric setting for talking to an imaginary being, except if that being happens to be GOD. Those sad humans aren’t given any help, aren’t reeducated to normalcy, but left to harrass, confront, accost, berate, belittle, and even attack those that don’t have that problem. Religion is also I believe the single most hazardous problem facing this country today. Until WE THE PEOPLE, not WE THE RELIGOUS PEOPLE, get back to following what our forefathers set up and worked for over 230 years, known as the CONSTITUTION, will this country get back to prosperity and peace. Jew, Muslim, and christian WORMS are what keeps this world a very unhappy place to be.


    • coal miner 1

      George Grover,
      Way to go,Grover.All religions are jokes.

      • Jay

        The founding fathers would not have agreed with your caustic and inane statement, coal.

    • Karolyn

      A little extreme, aren’t we? I’m not a Christian but I do have my beliefs, and I do not ridicule others for theirs.

    • michiganminuteman

      No one dispelled any myths or anything else. Just because some hoser says something isn’t so doesn’t make it not so.

    • Jay

      Mr. Grover, you sound like a religious zealot you claim to despise, and are guilty of the same said charge you enumerated. Btw, do you make it a habit of sticking your foot in your mouth?

  • azjohnny

    i have no problem abandoning the middle east to the religious whackos that inhabit it; however, having said that we are still a county who derives its energy from oil . . . to have saudi arabia and the emirates become radicalized and turn off their oil or make it available only at an exorbitant price i don’t think even our environmental whackos can promise wind and solar could take up the slack . . . and god forbid using coal and building dams. they have the religious whackos we have the environmental variety . . . we’re doomed.

  • Karolyn

    People here posting to kill them all/”nuke ‘em” are just as bad as they are. People like that are the reason there have been so many wars and death.

    • michaeljbeglinjr

      What do you propose? That we roll over and let them implement shari’a and islam in America? Doing nothing guarantees our death. These people want to kill us. It matters not what YOU think, they definitely will kill you if you let them. It really will come down to us or them. I’d rather it was them.

      • Karolyn

        “they, they, they.” Most of “them” want just what we want – peace and happiness. They are, after all, human beings just like us. “Get them before they get us.” are terrible words to live by. Anybody I’ve known with that type of mentality is a very sad person.

        • Tag

          You are such a bloody, stupid and illiterate twit it is unbelievable. You don’t know diddley squat about any muslim nor have you ever been in their country to be able to speak FOR them. They are uneducated, barbaric and cruel people with no sense of what YOU claim they want! They are wild killing machines and would slit your throat in a New York second. What a stupid twit you are! Unbelievable!

    • Tag

      Karolyn, you are so pathetically mentally challenged and it is showing every time you leave a comment. Do yourself a favor and go and stick your head in the microwave – that should give you a wake-up call of some kind since its obvious that nothing else worked! You don’t know your butt from third base.

    • gunner689AI

      you fight fire with fire. Strength and power are all these 10 century monkeys understand. A weakling like BO or Jimmy Carter only invites more attacks. Bullies, criminals, and fanatics can smell weakness a mile away.

      • Tag

        Unfortunately, Gunner, this gal has no clue about what goes on except her ‘pie in the sky’ way of looking at things. She is a Polly Anna and thinks that all she has to do is slap some one on the wrist and they’ll behave – WRONG. Sometimes Power and Strength is the only thing they comprehend because of their barbaric way of life. I tried to tell her that I’ve been to Egype and its no pic-nic and if SHE would go it mighty give her a better idea of what actually goes on in this world! Does she think that WWII would have ended when it did if Truman hadn’t dropped the a-bomb? Of course not – if’s like training a dog, everyonce in awhile you have to yanked their chain to show who is the alpha dog, right?

    • MikeR

      Karolyn: Our President says that we are not at war with islam. However, islam is clearly at war with us. As in all wars, there will be a winner and a loser. You are a leftist loon who thinks that the problem will go away if we are more tolerant and nicer too them.

  • Chuck

    Thank you “Dr.” Fadl. Once again, clear and incontrovertible evidence that Islam is a political philosophy, camouflaged in religion, in order to justify any atrocity commited in the name of this POLITICAL activity,

  • http://Yahoo Maynard

    Veteran, I agree that we need to become energy independent. Sun, wind , geothermal, tidal and hydrogen sources are abundant and widely dispersed. What’s stopping us? Well, our business interests are mainly in war and oil. Now they are going into natural gas and coal. They do not want to give up filthy fossil fuels because they can be monopolized.
    They cannot limit the others. Hydrogen is in every drop of water and even some bacteria can split hydrogen and oxygen apart. But, because money is more to them, we are restricted by our power structure which would rather fight over oil as they make money off of the war, the rebuilding, the imprisonment , torture, unlimited detention and the oil too.. We need try to make groups like the Sierra Club and the Nature Conservancy as powerful 11100as the NRA and the arms and prison industries.
    As for the Muslims being so bad, remember the Crusades, remember Iraq, and Afghanistan. We attacked them despite the fact that they were not involved in 9/11. Susan Lindauer was a CIA asset who negotiated with Iraq before the war. When she told her cousin Andrew Card that Iraq would do anything to keep us from attacking, such as allowing our auto manufacturers a guaranteed million car sales a year for ten years, FBI headquarters in Iraq, and the right to install telecommunications and wireless phones, Card had her thrown in jail under the Patriot Act. She has finally gotten out and she will tell everyone about it and has written a book. Shows the real goal was WAR and control of OIL in Iraq.

    • johnc

      It has always been about the money This world is sick, greedy, non-caring and its getting worse …all of these malignancies are caused by the great deceiver…and when love, truth and honor are gone from the world…what then…I ask God to come and destroy the evil that man has created…we do not deserve any better

  • Paul Anthony

    I am not a Christian or a Muslim.
    I DO believe in God. I just don’t believe in Religions, and I don’t think God does, either.

    • Gordon

      The Quote

      “Whatever we once were, we’re no longer a Christian nation.” Barrack Hussein Obama, United States Senator

      “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” Barrack Hussein Obama, President of the United States of America

  • michaeljbeglinjr

    Are we really supposed to expect any better of people that still have clan feuds with each other? Islam has stagnated the entire Middle East socially. These muslims think they are the civilized people in this war, because of their fanaticism. Islam is a cancer, and must be treated as such.

    To hell with foreign aid to any muslim country. To hell with Egypt and Corsi, and to hell with mohammed. Islam has declared war on us over a decade ago, and we have yet to do anything to stop it other than to have our government now consider all Americans as suspects and terrorists.

    Muslims have made it abundantly clear, time and again, that they do not feel gratitude when we help them. We can give them millions in “aid”, and be shot by them the very next day. When dealing with a so-called infidel, muslims act like animals. They have no respect for any non-muslim. None. Expecting them to act like they do is just stupid. They have been commanded by their prophet to take over the world, and they are trying to do so. Why are we letting them? Why are we paying them?

    I would go all-in. Let’s have koran-burning parties. Let’s have pictures of mohammed naked on billboards. If the muslims want to hang us for stealing a sheep, let’s steal the whole flock. I am fed up with putting up with muslim sensibilities. The appeasers to islam can go jump. That goes all the way to D.C. Enough trying to make the muslims feel good towards us. Their “religion” will never allow it. Let’s just stamp out islam and be done with it. Peace.

    • michiganminuteman

      You are spot on! Force is the only thing those defilers of goats understand! They will never like us or respect us so why try. I say lets make a big glass parking lot out of Iran!

    • Karolyn

      You sign off with “Peace?” A little hypocritical, don;t you think? Your thinking is just like their thinking then.

    • gunner689AI

      well said and spot on. Michael for Sec. of State.

  • johnc

    The mainstream media keeps beating this dead horse…of a youtube video…IT IS NOT ABOUT THE VIDEO …Obama can’t get it thru his thick skull this was about 9-11 and was a terrorist attack yet he double downs in front of the UN that it was about the STUPID VIDEO…every one in the whole world knows that it wasn’t except for our Village Idiot in Chief and Dumber than a box of rocks President

  • FreedomFighter

    Want to stop your tax dollars from going to Islamic countries, to Islamic murders and thieves?

    “How to Hurt a Liberal”

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Jay

      Islamic countries don’t need, nor want our worthless fiat-money. What they need is for us to get the hell out of their countries and mind our own business! I’m rather surprised, FF, that you have been beguiled by the anti-Arab propaganda vomited by the main-stream-media.

      • gunner689AI

        In that case they need to get their rag-head asses out of Europe and North America. Cut off all foreign aid and let them eat sand and oil.

        • michiganminuteman

          This is for Jay, “anti-arab vomit”, are you delusional? The MSM is so afraid of insulting the muslims they act like they love muslims and treat them with kid gloves. Pay attention, you might learn something!

  • Anthony

    Islam was founded some 600 years after Christianity.
    What was the unholy Roman Empire (the basis for most Xtian sects) up to? Why, crushing all heretical thought by doing the most perverted and horrific things to people or exterminating them (e.g. Cathars) on their crusades etc.
    I find the religiosity, churchianity and the trying to prove biblical bona fides in many of the comments expressed here repellent.
    I am reminded of what Gandhi said “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ”.
    Finally, Matthew 7:1-5 and Luke 18:9-14 springs to mind!

    • gunner689AI

      Anthony; you overlook the little issue with the muslim hordes over-running eastern and central Europe and Spain. They were finally stopped at the gates of Paris by Charlemagne. They were stopped by the sword not the appeaser.

  • Jay

    Was Moammar Gadhafi a dictator, Mr. Myers? I guess that would depend on who you ask. Moammar Gadhafi had many political problems. But still, he did a lot of good for his country. So, I have decided to share some of his good things, since no one else is willing to do so.

    Most people will argue about these facts but these facts are arguably true.

    Muammar Gaddafi’s contribution to the people of Libya:

    1. All the newly weds used to get about 50,000 dollars from Government to lead a very happy life.

    2. Home was the basic right of every citizen of Libya.

    3. There was no electricity bill in Libiya. Electricity was free in Libya.

    4. No interest on loans for the people of Libya according to Law. Gaddafi was against interest since interest is forbidden in Islam.

    5. Gaddafi increased the literacy rate from 25% to 83%. Education expenses in Government universities were free in Libya.

    6. Medical expenses in Government hospitals were free in Libya.

    7. The price of the patrol was 0.14 cents in Libya. Yes we all know Libya has got good petroleum resources. But the price seems to be too low. Don’t you think?

    8. When Libyan citizens wanted to buy a car, Government used to subsidized 50% of the price of the car. 50%? sounds great!

    9. A huge bread used to cost only 15 cents in Libya.

    10. The GDP per capita of Libya was very high. Over 15,000 us dollars. Purchasing power was very high compare to the GDP.

    11. The economy of Libya was improving rapidly. In 2010 it had 10% growth. It had no external debts. It also had the reserves amount of 150+ billion dollars.

    12. Unemployment fees were given from the government until the person found a Job.

    13. A Libyan mother used to get 5000 us dollars for giving birth to a child.

    So what was the real reason Moammar Gadhafi was assassinated, Mr. Myers?

    Oil, of course. Libya is Africa‘s largest oil producer. But one possible reason in particular for Gadhafi’s fall from grace had gained significant traction among analysts and segments of the non-Western media: central banking and the global monetary system.

    According to more than a few observers, Gadhafi’s plan to quit selling Libyan oil in U.S. dollars — demanding payment instead in gold-backed “dinars” (a single African currency made from gold) — was the real cause. The regime, sitting on massive amounts of gold, estimated at close to 150 tons, was also pushing other African and Middle Eastern governments to follow suit.

    And it literally had the potential to bring down the dollar and the world monetary system by extension, according to analysts. French President Nicolas Sarkozy reportedly went so far as to call Libya a “threat” to the financial security of the world. The “Insiders” were apparently panicking over Gadhafi’s plan.

    “Any move such as that would certainly not be welcomed by the power elite today, who are responsible for controlling the world’s central banks,” noted financial analyst Anthony Wile, editor of the free market-oriented Daily Bell, in an interview with RT. “So yes, that would certainly be something that would cause his immediate dismissal and the need for other reasons to be brought forward [for] removing him from power.”

    According to Wile, Gadhafi’s plan would have strengthened the whole continent of Africa in the eyes of economists backing sound money — not to mention investors. But it would have been especially devastating for the U.S. economy, the American dollar, and particularly the elite in charge of the system.

    “The central banking Ponzi scheme requires an ever-increasing base of demand and the immediate silencing of those who would threaten its existence,” Wile noted in a piece entitled “Gaddafi Planned Gold Dinar, Now Under Attack”. “Perhaps that is what the hurry [was] in removing Gaddafi in particular and those who might have been sympathetic to his monetary idea.”

    Investor newsletters and commentaries have been buzzing for months with speculation about the link between Gadhafi’s gold dinar and the NATO-backed overthrow of the Libyan regime. Conservative analysts pounced on the potential relationship, too.

    “In 2009 — in his capacity as head of the African Union — Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi had proposed that the economically crippled continent adopt the ‘Gold Dinar,’” noted Ilana Mercer in an August opinion piece for WorldNetDaily. “I do not know if Col. Gadhafi continued to agitate for ditching the dollar and adopting the Gold Dinar — or if the Agitator from Chicago got wind of Gadhafi’s (uncharacteristic) sanity about things monetary.”

    But if Arab and African nations had begun adopting a gold-backed currency, it would have had major repercussions for debt-laden Western governments that would be far more significant than the purported “democratic” uprisings sweeping the region this year. And it would have spelled big trouble for the elite who benefit from “freshly counterfeited funny-money,” Mercer pointed out.

    “Had Gaddafi sparked a gold-driven monetary revolution, he would have done well for his own people, and for the world at large,” she concluded. “A Gadhafi-driven gold revolution would have, however, imperiled the positions of central bankers and their political and media power-brokers.”

    Yet, with the removal of Gaddafi, and all his supporters, there is still unrest and revolution in the country. Why? Might the Libyan people be yet, and still resentful that the Western imperialist-elitest-psychopaths, snatched and destroyed the future of the Libyan people, a future that would have been bright to say the least, had Gaddafi been successful in carrying out his plan? Is there a collective in Libya who saw their dreams dashed by the assassination of their leader, and perhaps wish to realize that dream of Gaddafi? Is this why the agitators were sent back to this beleaguered nation once more, to ensure the people remain divided, confused, enraged, off-balance, because the western-psycotic-elite-bankers fear that the Libyan nation desires still, economic freedom? I think so!

    • coal miner 1

      Jay,I agree with you on that one.That is without a doubt the best post you ever posted very imformative.Moammar Gadhafi was a good leader.

      • gunner689AI

        coal holer: tell that to the victims and families of Pan Am flt. 103.

      • MikeR

        coal miner: You have coal dust in your brain.

        • michiganminuteman

          Oh no…..I just reallized that I spelled Moemmar’s name wrong earler! It is really is a shame that obama decided to destablize Libia. Moemmar had been minding his “Ps and Qs” since the 80s when Ronald R. put a bomb in Moemmar’s back yard.

    • MikeR

      Jay: Who has control of the $150 billion in reserves now? Who has control of the 150 tons of gold? Who was filmed sodomizing and murdering Gadhafi? It was the Muslim Brotherhood, not the U.S.

    • michiganminuteman

      Jay, the reason obama arranged for Mommar Kadafi to be disposed of was because the stability in his country did not fit in with obama’s plans. Our dear muslim and cheif needed Mommar gone so his buddys, the muslim brotherhood, could move into power in Libia!

      • tony

        I think the reason why Obama and the CZARS that he is letting run wild with foreign policy are uprooting the old regimes in the Middle east that are the most vulnerable to regime change without USA and NATO support is designed to create a Power Vacuum that then the radical Muslim Brotherhood will fill and establish and force Saudi Arabia to succumb to the NEW Regime that will then Reject the Dollar as OPEC Trade Currency called the Petrol Dollar then the Destabilizing and nationalization of the USA Free Market economy will be accomplished . Its all about ending the dollar as Worlds trade Currency to bring the USA to her knees and fulfill the Communists and Islamic dream . We screwed up over the past 30 years of out sourcing our tool and die parts manufacturing to Communists states in hopes of appeasing and creating a loyal alliance with these now Self reliant a$$ wipes because we need their Parts Supplies now and they are about to use that Dependency against us !!!!

        • michiganminuteman

          Tony, thank you, you said it better than I did.

      • http://none Charlie

        Saudi Arabia will Never be wiped out of it’s country , for 2 BIG reasons 1. Genesis 16:10–12, ,,
        2. Oil , a never ending supply with tanker ports…

        • Gea

          Saudi Arabis is medieval evil kingdom with rampant pedophilia, misogyny, polygamy and plenty of oit to feed excesses of the medieval rules who all have villas in Geneve and bank acounts in Switzerland and France which they use to buy politicians around the world to let the ignorant Muslim masses revolt against Western civlzitaion rather then the real causes of their misery: Sharia and rich rulers who use religion to keep the masses ignorant and opressed. There are now 50 MILLIONS of Muslims who had fled their corrupt countries of the Arab world, Pakistan, Indonesia and others which have become basket case economines when first Marxists and then Islamists took over.

          Obama is a true believer in both of those damaging supremacist ideologies which alwyas end up in poverty, mistory and tyranny whereever they are applied. Obama is an incompetent manager, but a great salesman of lemons and a user of laims of “racism” and “isamilsm” to his advantage. to gain more and more power, as both Communist and Islamist rulers were doing (Communism dies out) and still are in the Muslim world. Read Animal Farm by Geroge Orwell to understand how power corrupts. There are very few people who are immune to this corruption by power.

  • MikeR

    John Myers: Have you not been paying attention to the news for the past few days? The president of Libya and also spokesmen for the Obama administration have stated that the video had nothing to do with the attack on our Libyan embassy. They agree that the attack was well planned, not spontaneous. The Obama administration originally tried to blame the stupid video for the attacks. The unanswered question is why was the embassy so unprotected? Why wasn’t an attack anticipated on 9-11?

  • Jay

    Wake the herd, the International banking cartel is the New World Order!

    This cartel, through their financing of two World Wars; the revolutions of Lenin/Stalin and Hitler, among others; the creation of the IMF, World Bank and other private “central banks” like the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England; as well as their backing of international organizations like the United Nations, World Health Organization, World Trade Organization has sought to control not only the purse strings of the governments of the world, but also the policies, laws and programs that those governments and agencies implement.

    Through their financing of both sides of wars (WWI and II, Cold War, War on Drugs, War on Terror, etc); their manufacture of financial crisis (Great Depression, the coming Greater Depression) and financing of ideological movements (eugenics/population control, feminism, communism, fascism, global warming, etc) the banking cartel has sought to undercut the political, economic and social sovereignty of nations around the world. As a result, their IMF, World Bank and other central bank proxies have managed to put nation after nation in massive debt to them. And as a result, they can further manipulate and control the governments (and citizens) of those nations to further enact their goal of a global government and banking system run – by them and for them – at the expense of all of humanity.

    The banking cartel hates the Constitution. They hate the fact that it says – in Article 1, Section 7, that only Congress has the power:

    “To coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and fix the standard of weights and measures”

    The banking cartel hates the 1st Amendment:

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

    They hate the 2nd Amendment:

    “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

    They hate the 4th Amendment:

    “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

    They hate the 9th Amendment:

    “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

    They hate the 10th Amendment:

    “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”

    And they WOULD REALLY HATE if we removed the 16th Amendment, which by the way is quite likely the only amendment they love:

    “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census or enumeration.”

    The banking cartel hates the Constitution and those who believe in it, because we stand together in direct opposition to everything they seek in the United States and worldwide. And they hated that for the last 200-plus years, every human being seeking freedom and a better way of life for themselves, their family and their respective countries have looked to the American Republic and our founding doctrine and dream that one day they too can bring “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” to their part of the world.

    As many of you know, former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan recently said on national T.V. that the Federal Reserve is above the law and answerable to no one including Congress.

    He said it, on national TV, just like Second National Bank of the United States chairman, Nicholas Biddle, wrote it back in the 1830’s.

  • http://Personallibertydigest Bruce

    I miss George Bush! He was good at making these fools go SPLAT!

  • http://Personallibertydigest Bruce

    Why wasn’t that embasy equiped with flame throwers and camers? Watching those savages burn would have been great TV.

  • Carol b

    DO NOT EXPECT OBAMA TO ‘CHANGE HIS POLICIES’ .. He IS a muslim NOT just an appeaser!! This is 3rd jihad in history.. And last BTB

  • Jay

    The International community is remains blissfully unaware of the fact that after the invasion of Iraq, the CIA created secret prisons around the World. In addition, CIA created an army of several thousand Arabic speaking youths kidnapped from Iraq and trained in U.S for insurgency and for the sole purpose to overturn governments in Libya, Syria and Iran. Main agitators in Libya are part of that secret army paid and supported with weapons from U.S and delivered by CIA in clandestine operations to Libya, Syria and Iran.

    • MikeR

      Jay: Why is it that you are the only person who knows this ‘fact’? Where is your evidence?

      • tony

        Mike heres some stuff on what Jay was talking about . CIA created secret prisons around the World ,

        CIA created an army trained in U.S for insurgency and for the sole purpose to overturn governments in Libya ,

        The history here is phenomenal in describing what we see going on in the Middle East as potentially leading to the same results as what happened back during the rise and fall of dictators before and during WW 1and 2 , WW 3 is fast approaching , like biblical . GOG and MAGOG style

      • tony

        Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan need to expose this failure of Foreign Policies by Both past Administrations and Tell the American People that You Know what we need to do to Regain the Peace and Prosperity in the world affairs of supply-side driven diplomacy and stop this Destabilizing failure of a foreign Policy that has been going on now for 10 years !!! It looks Like a bunch of Psychos with way to big a Egos have been trying to be foreign policy Experts and all that’s resulted is Destabilizing of the world !!!!!

        CIA created secret prisons around the World ,

        CIA created an army trained in U.S for insurgency and for the sole purpose to overturn governments in Libya ,

        The history here is phenomenal in describing what we see going on in the Middle East as potentially leading to the same results as what happened back during the rise and fall of dictators before and during WW 1and 2 , WW 3 is fast approaching , like biblical . GOG and MAGOG style

        Mike Obama and NATO enabled the Muslim Brotherhood , , and they now they have turned on Obama he has lost the alliance to Russia because the destruction of Obamas debt menacing actions like here in the USA has taken its toll on the people . This has been the back and forth between the USA and Russia in the Middle east for ever as they fight for dominance and alliance with the factions in the region for control of oil and the currency that represents it , and we could be about to see the Federal Reserve lose the Petrol dollar advantage over OPEC Oil . This assumption of Obamas thinking that he would be able to keep an alliance with a radical regime like the brotherhood is a Foreign Policy failure in epic destabilizing proportions and may be the unraveling that brings a War like no other with destabilizing effects interruptions in food and resources that leads to the greatest humanitarian disaster ever to be seen on the face of the earth because supplies are that tight in a perfect world today .

        This I think is Paramount to triggering War in the region and that could bring GOG and MAGOG out as the USA will be hamstrung crippled due to its lack of Manufacturing its own vital parts supplies to arm repair and mobilize the military might as we have Out sourced every aspect of our parts dependency to the very Factions that would move into the region and fight back the dominance over the regions oil and mineral resources . Russia is GOG China is MAGOG , China supplies the USA and world with every Nut and Bolt and parts we and everyone else in the world now are ONLY ASSEMBLY PLANTS for these parts we have Out sourced our Ability to keep ourselves supplied and in defense . But Russian manufacturing sources needed to Mobilize with are still intact in Russia so as Russia forms alliances with Middle eastern Brotherhood factions China will not stand for this dominance , they will be drawn into the fight , the USA will be stalled out by this as china stops parts flows to the USA in an attempt to supply its own parts needs to fight the Alliance in the Middle east , this is what GOG and MAGOG represent .
        This statement in the scriptures is so revealing as to where we are today ….
        When you carefully read the contents of this article, watch the videos, and go to the links …you might understand why we say …’even a child can figure out you’re being set up’ Read more at
        3 For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. 4 They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths. 5 But you, keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist; 2 Timothy 4, 3-5

        • MikeR

          Tony: Your message is unintelligible. It is a mumbo-jumbo of unrelated phrases stuck together. You randomly capitalize words with no apparent purpose. I don’t know what the hell you are trying to say.

          • tony

            mike These are questions to the link and what they are saying , so you have to go read the links to answer my questions . The capitalized words is to put emphasizes on the questions regarding what is in the link .

      • Jay

        Thanks Tony, much obliged!

      • http://none Charlie

        There are a number of informed people that know what Jay knows ,,,but,,,why tell dummies that don’t Believe King Jesus is The King of America… Wake up ,,,one has to pass the 3 grade before
        they can understand 12th grade material … During the meantime ,,,,
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

  • MikeR

    While I still have my First Amendment right, I would like to take this opportunity to slander the self-described ‘prophet’ Muhammed. He was an ignorant, illiterate thug. He was a murderer, rapist, thief, pedophile, and a total fraud. Islam is not a religion, it is a 1,500 year old criminal enterprise. If you are a naive idiot who still believes that islam is ‘the religion of peace’, then you should read the koran and the hadithe. Also, visit, and

    • http://none Charlie

      Thanks for the entertainment ,,,the first Amendment without The First Commandment is useless.
      Read your local Paper to find out that the first Amendment has been gone for a long time…

      • MikeR

        Charlie: The first commandment are the words of a very insecure, egocentric god.

        • tony

          Mike that sounds like Obama

      • http://none Charlie

        Keep watching the world situation ,and, you will see, maybe if you read Obadiah in The Bible and
        can understand the one page book of Obadiah , it’s located between Amos and Jonah in the OT.
        Obadiah is the next Major event from the minor Prophets of The Almighty God / King Jesus, that
        you think is a small g ,god… Don’t say later ,you were not worn by one of the biblethumpers of
        King Jesus… Meanwhile ,,,,
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

  • Gea

    There is an interesting although seemingly far fetched idea, that Barak Hussein Obama is a Saudi “plant” into the Whtie house

    This would explain why Barak Husssein Obama bowed to Saudi king a couple of years ago and all the cavorting Obama does with the Islamists of Muslim Brotherhood, while claiming that he has “Israel’s back”. This is taqiyya (Islam recommended lie when among non-Muslims) at its most dangerous, because Jews are again being fooled by the nice words of this man in the White house who is living up to his middle name.

    Jewish intellectuals in America are the easiest people to fool because of their belief in tikkun olam and their tendency to wishful thinking, when it comes to others liking the Jews. The Jews have a hard time believing that somebody hates them just because of their delusional Jew hatred, as Muslims surrounding Israel and all over the world are (read Neil Kressel book: The Sons of Apes and Pigs).

    The Jews (and particularly American Jews) project their own goodness onto those who project their own evil deeds and aspirations onto Jews, as most Muslims around the world now do. The book by Kressel, Sons of Apes and Pigs describes this phenomenon of liberals ignoring clear signs of delusional Jew hatred among 1.4 billions of Muslims, which has nothing to do with Israel but everything to do with islamic teachings of Koran and Hadith.

    Not only Jews, but liberally inclined people totally ignore the facts regarding Islam and its manifestations in Muslim-majority countries and its ever increasing delusional Jew hatred, promoted under the excuse of hating Zionism. Therefore, still 59% of American Jews support Barak Husein Obama, who let genocidal supremacist misogynist organization of the Muslim Brotherhood into the white house and had given them money ($1.5 BILLIONS), which they had used for war on women and restarting war on Jews and Israel.

    If even Jews can not see the clear danger that Barak Hussein Obama represents to their existence, how can other Americans see the danger to US and Western civilization that Barak Hussein Obama represents with his deeds.

  • Gea

    There were many more Jews who were forced to flee Arab countries than Muslim who fled Israel in 1948 when Israel was formed after a century of hard work by the Jews, who revived a neglected Palestine, which you can learn about from Mark Twain travelougue Innocence Abroad (Chapers 59-63) in 1869. Most current day Arabs in West Bank and Gaza came from the neighboring areas, AFTER Jews made Palestine livable again.

    However, when Ottomans abolished dhimmitude (treating Jew and Christians as second class citizens as Koran demands) the trouble with Muslims started because they coveted what Jews had built and because they lost their delusions of superiority to dhimmis, who had to bow to Muslims and pay jizzya, a special tax for “protection”.

    During the 19th century the sultan twice, in 1839 and 1856, proclaimed the civic equality of Jews and Christians, which represented a great change in the attitude of the Islamic countries toward “infidels.” The revolution incited by the Young Turks in 1908 resulted in the ratification of this equality. The number of Jews who participated in the organizations of the Young Turks, and in the political life of Turkey, was not inconsiderable. After World I, Turkey signed a minorities treaty (1923), but, in the letter of the Jewish notables to *Kemal Pasha of Feb. 6, 1926, the Jews officially waived these rights for fear that they be accused of separatism. *Yemen, which won its independence between the two World Wars, never granted legal emancipation to Jews. Other Arab states (*Egypt, *Iraq, *Syria, *Libya, *Morocco, *Algeria, *Tunisia) granted Jewish emancipation officially, but took it away in reality after the Israel War of Independence through restrictions, persecutions, and humiliations as Jew-hatred became part of the fight against Zionism and Israel.

    Islam MUST REFORM or has no place in any country that respects liberty and human rights. Obama must resign since he had betrayed American values and caters to this supremacist ideology of Islam which is endangering the entire Western civilization.

    • Joe Hammond

      Gea, Gea, Gea……

      Just because Obama is going to crap all over the Morman and his Howdy Doody puppet doesn’t mean you have to demand his resignation because you “feel” he is a Muslim. If you are such an avid follower of history then why do you not condemn the US for the Native American Holocaust and the christian denominations that attempted to erradicate the cultures of the Native Americans by taking there children away from them and using harsh and cruel methods to make “Amerikans” out of them in the Indian Boarding Schools? It seems that the good christains did not respect liberty and human rights when it came to Native American children. So why not condemn them? Could it be that too many of the christians had pale skin? How about those lovely christians that made Northern Ireland such a hellhole. Or those fine southern christian Klansmen who hung so many African-Americans. Or the super religious christians that made all that money on the slave trade along with their Islamic partners. Or those beautiful christian conquistadors who brough so much joy to the Inca and Aztec empires. Should one go on?

      If everyone just kept their mythology to themselves even though they need an invisible friend, the world would be a much better place to live.

      • coal miner 1

        Joe Hammond,
        I agree.

      • Gea

        People in Germany after 1933 when Hitler with his Nazis took power who feared and left Germany survived and did not turn into smoke and lamp shades like 6 million Jews who did not fear that their assimilated status and full bloodied Germans would protect them, or 3 millions of Polish and Ukrainian Jews that were not able to get US and/or British visa to escape trom Europe.

        It does not matter whether Barak Hussein Obama was born in Kenya or in US, or whether he is a Muslim, Christian or Mormon. What DOES matter that Obama gave money ($1.5 billions) and lets into the White house a terrorist organization that had a part in organizing violence among Muslims all over the world and rape and death of the US Ambassador in Libya. Also it matters that Obama is working hard with CAIR and OIC to subvert the US Constitution, especially the First Amendment. What matters is that he bowed to Saudi king whose subjects committed crimes of 9/11 for Allahu Akbar.

        He should be impeached for violating American values and for endangering of lives of American citizens around the world and for his role in the gruesome rape and murder of the US Ambassador in Libya, who could not be defended because Obama administration forbid US Marines in the Arab countries to carry live munitions.

        Any American who still supports for this dangerous man, Barak Hussein Obama, needs to have his/her head examined. Barak Hussein Obama is the WORST man in the White house that America EVER had and he is a danger not only to America but to entire Western civilization which is under attack by his Muslim Brothers. The written long term goal of Muslim Brotherhood is “to infiltrate America and destroy Western civilization from within, and establish the dominance of the only true religion (Islam) or all others”. They had succeeded to be in the Oval Office already and subvert US Constitution. In four more years we may have sharia in America and destruction of US Constitution.

      • MikeR

        Joe Hammond: Hey, dumbass, we can’t do anything about the past. Of course, most people know that there have been horrific atrocities committed by the United States and probably every other country in the world. We have to deal with the present. It is muslims who are committing most (notice that I didn’t say all) of the atrocities today. We can’t excuse or ignore their atrocities just because christians, jews, American military, or any other group has committed atrocities in the past. Islam is a cancer that is spreading across the globe. You clearly have not read the koran or hadithe. For a short course on islam, view:;;;

      • http://none Charlie

        Joe Hammond ,,,
        Your view on the “Confederates” is off course by about a country mile and a half …
        Who were the best friends the Western Indians had? well how about ? it was the part Indian Confederates gun runners…. I agree , some of The Ghost Riders were a little harsh at times in
        advising the “Darkies” of their “Rank” in the new Yankee governmental carpet bag system …
        In general it was the Yankees who mistreated the Indians , remember “Custer”? ,a Yankee …
        One MUST have knowledge of the overall American “situation” to blame Americans in general for
        some of the ugly events in American History caused by a few heathen honkies …
        America became great because of true knowledge of “The American Militia Manual”, and seeking The Leadership of The King of that Manual … The founding fathers told the world about
        King Jesus at the “Bridge” as they killed and run the bloody brits out of America …
        Hosea 4:6 says “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” . Meanwhile,,,
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

  • nickkin

    You ignorant islam-marxist-socialist lovers……live and work with these maniacs and after your mingle with them, your senses (sight,smell, taste) may change your attitude about this breed.


    A person can either choose love or they can choose fear. Fear is removed when there is love. After reading so many posts there seems to be so much fear out there. This is exactly where they want you arguing and divided. They meaning those with evil intentions. They control each and every fearful person, including Christians and Muslims. So many are so deceived creating so much hatred and ignorance at the same time. We should all take a look at ourselves first and foremost and stop judging and attacking another for their beliefs. We can change whats around us for the better once we change ourselves. If anyone wants to tell me wrong that is okay because I will respect your belief. Everyone has the right to believe whatever they choose. However, they should be very careful not to spread disinformation because when they do they now too become a deceiver. Don’t be so naive to think because you have heard something or read something somewhere in your lifetime that it is the truth. There have been powers from the beginning that do not want us to know the truth. Once you open your mind that everything you think you know could be a lie you will truly become free and you will begin to awaken. Love to you all!

    • tony

      I think Fear is as important as love because we need to know what is a threat to our sustainable life we love

      • coal miner

        Fear is nature’s warning.We all experience it.

      • MikeR

        Tony: Fear can be a very good friend, if you know how to control it.

      • http://none Charlie

        Fear and Honor The King of America and respect mere men UNDER The Authority and Law of
        King Jesus Christ… See Luke chapter 12…………..
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

        • tony

          Thanks Charlie . I see these guys as giving up on what is Possible in terms of faith in Gods Wisdom giving us the Ideas that can advance our Expansion in Food like we have done all the time after major human conflicts in history . They want to wrap us all up in a mothball to save Earth from what they see as a Peaking out of earths ability to supply a unfettered growing population so they are going to try and reverse engineer our way of Life that we have innovated over the past 100 plus years and reverse the Quality of life with Redistribution of Economic prosperity and with it the Length of Human Life . This is the Environmentalists Dream to save their earth from humanity that they see as the Cancer on Earth .

    • MikeR

      AWAKENED; Do you really think that you are awakened? You are naive, you pacifist pinhead. You clearly have never read the koran or the hadithe. Islam isn’t a religion, it’s a 1500 year old terrorist orgnization. Read: The Truth About Islam, or The Politically Incorrect Guide To Islam. View:,,, It is naive pacifist pukes such as yourself who are a threat to civilization. You will still be praying for peace while a jihadist is sawing your head off.

      • http://none Charlie

        Ha ha ha ha ha aha ha aha ,,,YOU ,,, the troll comedian ,,,calling some one a pinhead?,,, what’s
        your hat size ?… Be careful , you may be in violation of Commandment number 5 …

        • MikeR

          Charlie: What the hell does my comment have to do with the fifth commandment? Have you ever read any books other than the bible? If there is a god, she will probably punish you for not using your god-given brain.

      • http://none Charlie

        See Commandment number 5 at Exodus 20:12,,, it applies to your Mother and Father and in principle it could apply to your Uncle or Aunt OR anyone much older than you…
        I dare say you are a kid compared to Me or some of the other comment writers ….
        But you say you are a heathen on the way to hell in a China made hand basket ,,, so,,, enjoy………. the trip and wind up a fry for the devil………….

        • MikeR

          Charlie: I will kick the devil’s ass and steal his job.

      • http://none Charlie

        The Devil is about 10X smarter than you,so, how do you plan on kicking his A$$ without the Help of King Jesus???

        • MikeR

          Charlie: Many years of training.

    • http://none Charlie

      King Jesus said , at John 14:15 “If, you love Me, you will keep My commandments.”… What are the first two “Orders” of King Jesus Christ ? What do they mean ? What ranking Man under King Jesus has The Keys to The Kingdom ?…. Meanwhile ,,,
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

    • Gea

      Being fearful when somebody wants to cut your head off is very useful to prevent separation of your head from your body! Being fearful when Muslims all over the world go on murderous rampages, and then have “good” Muslims in US and Canada instead of apologizing claiming “islamophobia” is a proper response, which should also be accompanies with demand for Obama to resign. Islam is a supremacist ideology similar to supremacist Nazi ideology, together with its delusional Jew hatred and has no place in ANY decent society UNLESS IT REFORMS!

      Obama is a traitor of American society and promotes two ideologies that history had proven to be unfit for human consumption: Marxism and Islam. Any country run by sharia or by Marxism had failed and led to mystery, poverty and tyranny. Since Obama came to office the number of people on food stamps had doubles and the money given out had tripled. Thus, Obama stinks as a manager and is truly dangerous when it comes to allowing Muslims terrorists of Muslim Brotherhood into the white house. He should RESIGN and not sneak 4 more years. HE can go to his Muslim Brothers in Egypt or his king in Saudi Arabia where he can practice sharia, without subverting US Constitution with his Muslim Brothers in the White House.

  • tony

    I do not want a Government that has full control over my access to life giving resources because they will use it as a weapon and cause humanity great pain and suffering

  • Ed Weber

    Well,,,I’m not very P.C.. I’m tired of all of this B.S.. My theory is to desensitize there senses by telling them over and over again until they just get over themselves. Eff Islam,,,Eff Muslems,,,Eff Muhammad!!! There,,,get the point?

  • Ed Weber

    Well,,,I’m not very P.C.. I’m tired of all of this B.S.. My theory is to desensitize there senses by telling them over and over again until they just get over themselves. Eff Islam,,,Eff Muslems,,,Eff Muhammad!!! There,,,get the point?

  • mike

    The Muslim religion is violent? hey genius, the US invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, bombed Libya, imposed sanctions on Iran, materially supports terrorist insurgents in Syrian, wrecked countries, murdered civilians, killed leaders, imposed puppet regimes and private central banks, destabilized economies and societies, but this was all a fuss over a movie? Really. No fooling! What kind of an an idiot would believe that a you tube video sparked this stuff? or for that matter, believes anything someone in the state or defense department told them? Maybe you do, and perhaps you enjoy paying income taxes for this kind of thing. Good, pay mine too. I thought people in this country were getting smarter.

    • tony

      Mike I still think this whole mess you just described is tied to the NSSM200 memorandum which is a Blue Print for World consolidation of Resources and the Individual Wealth that is talked about as a way to deal with a projected out of control world population growth estimate that was the basis for delinking the Dollar from the Commodities Standard in 1972, and you know the guy that wrote this has attending the last 3 years of Obama State Dinners so tell me he is not there advising Obama and making sure the goals that were set into motion back in 1972 are not being met ?

  • Dee

    We don’t watch that disugsting show family guy and I think it should be taken off the air.

    • MikeR

      Dee: Does that mean you don’t respect the Constitution? Would you also like to restrict freedom of speech in other ways?

  • Davey

    The sooner the Islamic Brotherhood is reminded they’re basically Ignoramt, superstiicous
    Gooks, the better.

    • http://none Charlie

      Davey,,, Give us some peaceful ways to communicate with “THe brainwashed” ???

  • Public Citizen

    I personally feel that classifying that part of the world as the gutter has it somewhat farther up the effluent disposal system than it really is.
    That part of the world has been swimming in mental effluent for so many generations they don’t even recognize how close to bottom they are.

  • Ranchman

    There is so very much that the citizens of this country do not know about Obama. His years at Harvard, for instance were funded by a billionaire oil sheik. It shows why Obama is so indebted to the Arabs. Another good video was put out by some Israelis. It’s on YouTube at Check these out and then help them go viral. Forward them to everyone in your email list who might even possibly watch them. We need to spread as much truth as possible about this scum-in-chief before November and he takes our country to hell in a hand basket. And believe me, if he wins a second term, that’s exactly what this country will feel like…hell.

    • tony

      Ranchman you are right on the Money , they are going to KILL off the Dollar once this formation of Power in the Middle east is done and it comes with the 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse !!! The 4 Horseman are the 4 nations in the Middle East , Yemen , Egypt , Libya , and Syria these idiots are trying to create the power vacuum in by knocking out the current power players , this will allow the region to be controlled by a New Order the Brotherhood will take over The House of Saud this is when the dollar will be rejected and the BRIC will have NO choice but to follow suit !!!! But this power vacuum will also cause WW 3 or what the Bible calls the War of GOG and MAGOG !!!!!

      • http://none Charlie

        That war you write of , is called out at the minor Prophet book of Obadiah and it may be the lineage of The Lone Ranger that rides that white horse , because Obadiah is a masked book for it is only one page …
        And Revelation 21:1 may happen at about the same time as 2 Peter 3:10 happens ,,,AND,,, Peter tells you how to be Armed for the above events at Acts 2:38 ….

  • http://n/a Arlen

    KG, you mis-quote the Bible. Jesus said in Lk. 16:16 ASV that “the law was until John (the Baptist) but that since then the Gospel of the kingdom of God is preached – -” Yes, as you said, Jesus fulfilled the law and therefore it doesn’t apply to us Christians today. If it did, we would be required to offer burnt sacrifices regularly, observe the rule not to walk more than a Sabbath day’s journey (about 1/3 of a mile) and not to do any work on Saturday (the Sabbath), etc., etc. Instead, the Christian church was established on the first day of Pentecost after the resurrection of Jesus (with Peter’s sermon on a Sunday in which he convinced about 3,000 people to be baptized into Christ, see Acts 2). From then on, the Sabbath wasn’t holy anymore and all the other OT laws (except those that were repeated in the NT) became obsolete.

    If you think the OT law is still in effect, check Col. 2:10 ASV which clearly states that “the law was nailed to the cross”. Also, the main theme of the book of Hebrews is that the Christian law is superior to and it has replaced the law (of Moses). The NT states that the law is our tutor, not our guide anymore. In other words, by studying it, we can see how God dealt with his people in the OT and learn from their mistakes how to live better lives today. Several other NT references could be given to prove that the OT does not apply to us today except as our tutor.

    Yes, in OT times, God commanded the Israelites to sometimes kill everyone in the Israeli towns and cities as the 2 million Israelites came back to reclaim their heritage after over 400 years of bondage in Egypt. God is a jealous God and he wanted everyone killed that might tempt the Israelites with their foreign gods as they took their country back from the heathens that moved into it after Jacob and his 12 sons and their families moved down to Egypt because of a severe famine in Israel. So killing was OK in the OT when commanded by God but Jesus later changed that when he said “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” and ” You have heard that it WAS SAID, love your neighbor and hate your enemy but I say unto you, love your enemies and pray for those that persecute you . .” (Mt. 5:44).

    Thoughtfully, Arlen

    • http://none Charlie

      My dear, you have been duped , deceived and deluded by the Satanic (snakes) powers that be in
      the Judeo christian churches in America … Can what you say do away with what King Jesus said at Matthew 5:17 ??? King Jesus said ” Do not think that I came to abolish the Law or the Prophets ; I did not come to abolish but to fulfill. “… King Jesus said , Do not think it, what are you
      doing , thinking what King Jesus said NOT TO THINK ???
      The simple definition of “sin” tells you the Law is still here and you are subject to it… Acts 2:38 is a order (law) to conquer “sin” AND to receive The Gift of The Holy Spirit…
      1 John chapter 2 and 3 define sin see 1 John 3:4 in particular … Meanwhile,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing…

      • http://n/a Arlen

        Charlie, You aren’t making any sense.

        If you haven’t read the Bible, please read it. If you have, please read it again, but this time with an open mind.

        Remember, “The human mind is like a parachute. It works only when open”. You can’t conscientiously refute anything I’ve posted about the Bible. It is in black and white and you can’t say that I’ve taken anything out of context either. Just study the context.

        Respectfully, Arlen

    • Rebecca

      What was done away with was the Ritual Law not the Moral Law. We do not have to sacrifice animals or not eat pork, but the 10 Commandments which are the Old Testament are still meant to be obeyed. You wouldn’t say, for example, it’s o.k. to murder just because the 10 Commandments are found in the Old Testament, right?

  • Pete Daily

    No one posting seems to be aware that most of the conflict in the Middle East is about money and control. Libya was invaded and Gaddafi was killed because he was setting up an alternate currency, the Gold African dinar which would allow Libya to avoid the US dollar when selling oil. Saddam Hussein was also trying to bypass the dollar when Iraq was invaded and he was overthrown. The Muslim Brotherhood is funded by the USA and its NATO and Arab allies, like Saudi Arabia. Stevens was killed by a group called the Green Revolution who were Gaddafi supporters and want the US out of Libya. The video is a red herring. If you want to know what’s really happening in the Middle East, check out

  • http://n/a Arlen

    Right on, Gea!

    I admire your courage and conviction in standing up against a real threat to American freedoms and values.

    I agree with some who have stated that there are religious fanatics in many other religions besides Islam. And I have often been heard to say that “There is no worse a fanatic than a religious fanatic”. It is unfortunate that some mis-guided souls commit atrocious acts in the name of religion. Such acts tend to give all religions a bad name.

    Having studied Islam somewhat, I agree with you that we must do what we can immediately to stem the growth of Islamic hate for America and its allies,

    To illustrate my point, I quote a John Myers’ Sept. 26th artlcle.,

    “Let me get back to that YouTube film whose very existence justifies a death sentence even to those who had nothing to do with its production.

    You see, the video goes so far as to mock Islam’s holy prophet.

    I don’t know if some of you watch the TV show “Family Guy” which FOX, of all networks, produces. It sometimes makes fun of Jesus Christ. In one episode Christ is shown as a hippie working at a used record store. That hasn’t resulted in attacks on the show’s creator, Seth MacFarlane, by Christians. Call it free speech and the Western world’s ability to laugh at itself even when it comes to our religious beliefs. We certainly don’t go on murderous rampages every time our sensibilities are hurt. That is not the way for much of Islam.

    Further evidence of violent Islamic tendencies was provided last week when al-Qaida’s affiliate in North Africa urged Muslims in the region to kill U.S. government representatives.


    The group also called the killing of Stevens “the best gift you (can) give to his arrogant and unjust administration.”

    There’s more. Also last week, a Taliban-allied insurgent group claimed responsibility for a suicide attack that killed at least 12 people, including eight South Africans, in Afghanistan. The group said it was in response to the YouTube video.

    A spokesman for Islamic militant group Hizb-i-Islami said a 22-year-old woman named Fatima carried out the attack. She drove a car packed with 660 pounds of explosives into a van on a road leading to the Kabul International Airport”.

    Granted that most Muslims, when left to themselves, are peaceful. But a growing number of them have been stirred up in recent years to act on their historical views of the western world. It says a lot when a female Muslim feels this strongly about a humorous film concerning their esteemed prophet. Although he could neither read nor write, he somehow captured the allegiance of many millions of well meaning people.

    As I understand it, the animosity of many Muslim people is largely centered on two different events. First, the so called “Christian Crusades” from the 12th century and extending into the 13th century, which were ordered by the Pope and European rulers like Richard the Loinhearted, were conducted against Muslims of Jerusalem and Palestine. Even though the capture of Jerusalem was temporary, since the Kurdish Muslim general Saladin quickly retook it in 1187, this event has been long remembered by the Muslim community. The Muslims remained in control of Palestine
    until 1948, when, secondly, the forcible taking of a large portion of land created modern Israel. This event also has caused long standing and deep-seated strife between the Jews and their surrounding Muslim neighbors. Also, any ally of Israel, such as the US or a European nation, is also looked upon with disdain by many Muslims.

    As a Christian who has studied the Bible for decades, I pray that Muslims as well as non Muslims will forget their past differences and realize that God stands for peace and that he encourages us all to love our fellow man (including our enemies).

    Even though the OT of the Bible condoned killing at one time, it was only temporarily commanded by God in order to protect the 2 million Israelites as they came back to Palestine to reclaim their inheritance after 400 plus years of Egyptian servitude. When they conquered some cities, God required them to kill everyone including women and children and all their animals. This was intended to keep the Israelites safe from exposure to the foreign gods that these heathen people had been worshipping.

    Later, after Jesus came to establish the new Christian religion, he said “You have heard that it was said, ‘Thou shalt love thy neighbor and hate thine enemy’ but I say unto you ‘Love your enemies, and pray for them that persecute you…” (Matt. 5:43-44).

    It is important to note that the OT law was superseded by the Law of Christ after he died on the cross. According to the Apostle Paul, ” ..the law (of Moses) is become our tutor (or schoolmaster) to bring us unto Christ, that we might be justified by faith. But now that faith is come, we are no longer under a tutor”. (Gal. 3:24-25). Therefore the OT law is still useful for Christians but NONE OF THE OT LAWS STILL RULE US except for those commands that were repeated in the NT (e.g. Love your neighbor as yourself and Honor your father and your mother). Only 9 of the original 10 Commandments apply to us today (but not ‘Keep the Sabbath holy’ because the Sabbath was on Saturday but Jesus was resurrected on Sunday and the Church of Christ (Rom. 16:16) began with the preaching of the first gospel sermon on the first day of Pentecost after the resurrection, that is on Sunday (Acts 2),

    May the God of Heaven watch over us all. Prayerfully, Arlen

    • MikeR

      Arien: You quoted Jesus as saying “love your enemies, and pray for them that persecute you.” That attitude didn’t work out very well for Jesus. He was tortured and then murdered. Is that the message you have taught your children, or have you taught them to fight back and kick ass? The “love your enemies” attitude would result in national suicide.

      • http://n/a Arlen


        I have taught my kids what Jesus said, including “turn the other cheek” (Mt. 6:39). I agree that Jesus was tortured mercilessly and killed by bigoted men, but the cross was part of God’s plan to provide a way for the average Christian to get to heaven. It was God’s will that Jesus suffer and die for all of mankind. My Bible also seconds that statement when the apostle Paul said “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. …, says the Lord, ‘If your enemy is hungry, feed him, … In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head’” (Rom 12:18-20 NIV).

        Now, in the case of Obama and his admitted Muslim heritage, the Bible also says that “every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard is coming …” (I Jn 4:3). Just as Jesus did, we are taught to “resist the devil and he will flee from you” (Jas. 4:7). Since Obama has stated that he is a Muslim and that this country is no longer a Christian nation, he is therefore admitting that he doesn’t follow Christ*. This makes him an antichrist and we are supposed to resist him.

        In other words, we can “heap coals of fire on our enemy’s head” by doing good to him, but if we “test the SPIRITS to see whether they are from God (I Jn 4:1) and then encounter a SPIRIT that is not from God, we should fight back (resist) that evil spirit.

        Jesus always fought evil spirits from a position of strength (God was always on his side). For example, when the devil tried to tempt Jesus after a 40 day fast, Jesus withstood him stalwartly by quoting from the Bible (Mt. 4:1-11). Likewise, this Christian nation needs to fight SPIRITS that would like to defeat it (that is, beligerant Muslims) from a position of strength.

        That is how my Bible reads, how about yours? Respectively, Arlen

        *Footnote. Muslims believe that Muhammad was their Messiah and that Jesus was simply one of the prophets (such as Isaiah and Jeremiah). A true Muslim, therefore, doesn’t really believe in Christ as our saviour.

        • MikeR

          Arlen: I assume from your first sentence that your kids get their asses kicked quite often. We live in a violent world. Rarely does a day go by without a news story about someone who was the victim of terrible violence. I think your “turn the other cheek” lesson is a form of child abuse.

      • http://n/a Arlen

        Mike, I don’t know how you apply your Bible, but as for mine, I’ve learned not to take what is says selectively. In other words, I believe ALL of the Bible that applies to me today (that is I believe the entire NT).

        Let me tell you a story. Shortly after I gave my life to the Lord, I changed high schools due to my Dad being relocated. The first day at the new high school, my younger brother and I sat down to eat our sack lunches in the cafeteria. Two big bullies came by and stole our lunches. We didn’t have enough money between us to buy more lunches so we had to go hungry that day. However, after discussing the situation, we decided to use what little money we did have to buy 2 ice cream cups which we delivered to these 2 fellows. They were speechless and accepted their deserts without comment. Needless to say, they never bothered us again.

        Over the years, I have always been a peacemaker. I avoid confrontations of all kinds. Now that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t defend my family if necessary against a dangerous hoodlum. I always stay prepared to confront violence in any form. As an example, when my daughters first started driving, I equipped them with the best mace available on their key chains. And I am always prepared likewise to combat violent animals, either human or otherwise (we live in the mountains amongst bears and lions and I believe in staying prepared at all times). For instance, I not only keep my spare tires aired up but I carry a can of “Fix a flat” in each vehicle and on my APV in case of a double emergency on the road or trail.

        You might try heaping burning coals on your next enemy’s head by doing him/her a good deed. You could be surprised how well it works.

        Regards, Arlen

        • MikeR

          Arlen: Thank you for the interesting story. However, I have another approach that has served me well since I was fourteen.

  • Gea

    Jews believe in exegesis, and not a literal explanation in the Biblical stories. Jesus was a Jew and stayed a Jew! He was not preaching anything that was already not in the Hebrew Bible (which Christians call Old testament inaccurately).

    It is Paul who changed Judaism strict laws about 10 commandments and other laws to make it easier for non-Jews to jump on the band wagon. When Christianity got to be a state religion in 313 AD it started nasty deeds against non-Christians and particularly Jews, but it did not become vile until Islam came into play. Crusades and antisemitism of Christians and violent pogroms may have been a result of a threat that Islam presented until Ottomans were defeated at the gates of Vienna in 1683 and retreated from Europe.

    Koran is a mambo-jumbo rantings of a maniac urging Muslims to kill and loot non-believers. Its supremacist ideology of Islam is similar to supremacist Nazi ideology, with its delusional Jew hatred, which is now flaming among Muslims while “educated” bleeding heart Westerners keep mum but accuse Jews and Israel, which defend itself from another Holocaust urged by Ahmedinijad and other Muslim leaders who call Jews “the sons of pigs and apes”. There will be no end to terrorism until Islam REFORMS to make it compatible with US Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. There cannot be peace in the Middle East until Islam REFORMS and starts respecting human rights of non-Muslims and women.

    Islam also promotes pedophilia, polygamy, misogyny, dhimmitude and murder for Allahu Akbar, which 9/11 terrorists shouted when plunging planes into WTO, and which is used by ALL Muslim terrorists when committing crimes against humanity, including American born and highly educated Muslims, such as Dr. Nidal Hasan who murdered 13 of his colleagues at Fort Hood for Allahu Akbar. Muslims in America should spend their energies REFORMING Islam rather they subverting US Constitution in order to white wash it, and Barak Hussein Obama should resign since he is clear danger to liberty and human rights and a traitor of American values.

  • carolyn marlin

    Is Obama a true Cain’s child???? Are all USA leaders/courts in USA Cain’s children, if not why is 900 billion USA tax dollars going to muslim nation??????

  • Rebecca

    Really ksyed0? Then how come the name Jerusalem is not mentioned at all in the Koran?

    • Gea

      There is nothing funny about Islam and/or Mohamed who was a pedophile polygamist, rapist and murderer and inventor of supremacist ideology, very similar to supremacist Nazi ideology. including its delusional Jew hatred, which in WWII led to murder of 6 million sof Jews.

      Europe now has 50 millions of Muslims who came because those European countries have liberal immigration polilcies and give them jobs and social services. Now this immigant Muslims and their children are terrorising other people in European cities, which are filled with burkhas and angry Muslim men who believe themselvse superior to Westerners and want to subjugate the people who were kind to them. Jews are again molested by Muslims and are leaving Europe for Israel where their human righs are defended. Islam must REFORM or has no place in any society that respects liberty and human rights, since islamic teachings are incompatible with the Universal Declaration of Human Righgs and US Constitution..

      Barak Hussein Obama, who extolls Islam and koran while dissing Bible ,is a Trojan horse for islam to subvert US Constitution and our freedom. He should be impeached for treason of American values. Islam is not suitable for human consumption because aside from its supremacist ideology of hate of non-Muslims it also promotes pedophilia, polyugamy, misogyny and murder for Allahu Akbar. Barak Husein Obama also let terrorists of Muslim Brotherhood into the White house, even though the stated goal of Muslim Brotherhood is “to infiltrate American and destroy Western civlization from within and from outside, and establish the only true religion, Islam, over all others”.

      American should be marching on White house and demand resignation of US Caliph-in-Chief who is such a great story teller that he cen persuade you that whtie is black and that Islam is “peaceful”. We see the true face of Islam every day…violence and murder. The terrorists of 9/11 did not scream Hail Mary, our father, Shema israel or OM when plunging pleanes into WTO, but Allahu akbar, which had become a war cry of all Muslim terrorists (95% if ALL terrorism) including American born and higlhy educated Muslms, such as Dr. NIdal Hassan at Fort Hood. Is is ISLAM ITSELF that is the ROOT cause of terrorism around the world and it MUST REFORM. Read Koran and Hadith and lern about the bloody history of Islam and Mohamed to understand that islam IS at war with US and Western civilization adn Obama is helping them.

  • http://n/a Arlen

    Thanks, Rebecca, for your response and for the opportunity to compare the Old Testament of the Bible with the New Testament.

    No, I don’t believe we can lawfully commit murder because that is one of the 10 commandments that God carried over into the NT.

    You stated that only part of the OT was done away with, the Ritual law, but not all of it. I
    would like to ask you how you explain what James, the brother of Jesus, meant when he said in Jas. 2:10-11 NIV, “For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of all of it. For he who said, ‘Do not commit adultery,’ also said, ‘Do not murder.’ If you do not commit adultery but do commit murder, you have become a lawbreaker.”

    As I said in an earlier post, I don’t think that we can be selective about what parts of the Bible we believe in. We cannot do like Thomas Jefferson did. As brilliant as he was, he goofed when he cut out the portions of his Bible that he did not agree with.

    To illustrate, please allow me to tell you a story. There was an old farmer who decided to retire from his labors. He had 4 sons and they asked him to tell them what kind of place he would like to retire in. He drew them a map, showing where he would like his house, a garden, a chicken coop and a small barn placed. He also wanted a well dug near the back door of the house.

    The boys went to work and built everything exactly as their Dad had wanted. When it came to the well, however, they moved it from the back door to out by the chicken coop. When their Dad came out to inspect the place, he was glad to see the house, the garden, the chicken coop and the barn were in the proper place. When he asked about the well, though, the boys explained that they thought a better place for it would be near the chicken coop.

    The old farmer looked at the boys and said, “You fellows haven’t done anything that I asked you to do”. They objected, saying that they did everything he asked for except for the well. The Dad then said, you boys put the house, garden, chicken coop and barn where I asked because you agreed with me. However, you moved the well because you didn’t agree with me about that. If you had disagreed about any of the other things I requested, you would have changed them as well.

    In the same way, we cannot pick and choose which parts of the Bible to follow, regardless of whether we agree with them or not.

    Thoughtfully, Arlen

  • http://n/a Arlen

    Gea, I generally agree with your thoughts about the Muslim nations.

    However, in your Oct. 3rd post, you mentioned that Jesus didn’t teach anything that wasn’t already in the Hebrew Bible. Yes, he was a Jew and he grew up observing the Jewish law of Moses but he later stated in the Sermon on the Mount (Mt. 5-7) that he came to FULFILL the law, not abolish it. To me this means that, once the law was fulfilled, it was no longer in effect. That is why he said, over and over in the Sermon on the Mount, “You have heard that it WAS said, XXXXXXXXX, BUT I say unto you that ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.” He was therefore changing what was in the old law to what is in the new law (of Christ). The Apostle Paul later followed up by saying in Col. 2:13-14 that the old law that was against us was nailed to the cross.

    Regards, Arlen

  • bob

    Consider, Today you are a stranded in a valley between two mountains and two opposing armies. One is the American army and the other is an army from the Middle East. One defeats the other and the victor is coming to the valley. Which army do you hope to see, and why?

    • http://n/a Arlen

      Thanks, Bob, for the chance to discuss the religion of the Arab nations vs that of America, the land that was founded on Christianity. Except for the Civil War and a few minor internal skirmishes, this country has been a peaceable nation unless we have been invaded by a foreign country. We try to stay out of war but are quite often dragged into other nations’ wars in order to help re-establish world peace. Also, because of our love of freedom and peace, we are usually the first country to offer help around the world when natural disasters occur. Even when we were dragged into the middle east wars of the last 2 decades, our main thrust has been to help establish freedom from tyrants and the human suffering that they have inflicted. After we occupied Iraq, for instance, we built schools, hospitals, housing, clean water supplies, etc. to help the citizens regain a semblance of humanity.

      That being said, I would much rather see the American army come than the one which degrades human dignity by systematically taking over one country after another. With Islam’s plural marriage plan, in which a man is entitled to 4 fertile wives, they soon outnumber the peace loving people of the host country that they have moved into and plan to subdue. After they reach a significant percentage of the population, the more militant Muslims tend to begin “organizing” the rest of them and start pushing for control by insisting on their own Sharia law in place of the current law. Sharia law, of course, is based on forceful domination, first of their own females and then all Koran non believers. THIS IS NOT A PEACEFUL RELIGION and the US must carefully control the 7 million Muslims that live here to keep them from taking us over.

      • Gea

        Islam is the root cause of the current days terrorism and Barak hussein Obama is its latest prophet, after Mohamed who was a pedophile, polygamist, rapist and murderer who in any decent society would be tried for his crimes and not emulated as a role model.

        Obama should resign for his role in a gruesome murder and rape of the US ambassador in Libya.

  • http://n/a Arlen

    Gea, i agree with you.

    Actually, Obama’s “actions” regarding Ambassador Stevens’ guards were actually inaction. He not only failed to use our Marines to help protect him and his staff but the guards that were there had been forbidden to use any ammunition in their weapons. If the 2 nearby Navy Seals hadn’t have rushed in and saved 20 more of the staff with their loaded weapons, the slaughter would probably have been much worse.

    A similar thing happened with the killing of Bin Ladin. Hillary Clinton and Petrais were actually credited with pulling the trigger on Bin Ladin because Obama couldn’t make up his mind. After the action was all over, they advised Obama what had happened. Of course, Obama later said he himself called the shots to capture Bin Ladin.

    I am praying that the voters who are leaning toward their sad hero Obama will open up their minds and admit that Romney should win with a landslide.


  • Ed K.

    Old testament, new testament and Jesus. As christians, most of us do worship Jesus. Unlike Mohammed, he was not a rapist, murderer, slave keeper and did not marry a child.
    He did not encourage his followers to kill all who did not believe what he had to say or to enslave them. Mohammed? Who could conceive to worship this leader of a gang of killers?


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