The Top 10 Ways The U.S. Government Shutdown Will Affect You Today


The stroke of midnight passed, and the U.S. government turned into a pumpkin. Well, we wish. In fact, the U.S. government, like some eternal zombie, continues to walk the Earth even without the souls of taxpayers upon which to feast. And even that isn’t totally true. Like any zombie, it still collects the blood of its victims (taxes) even while most of its zombie army (Federal government employees) sit at home on a paid vacation; and most of its oppressive “services” continue on, like the CIA; the National Security Agency; the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; the Drug Enforcement Agency; the executive branch, the police and more.

But just for our pleasure, let’s imagine that all government in the United States really shut down (which it will in the coming years as the U.S. dollar collapses).

Here, then, is our top 10 list of ways a theoretical shutdown of the U.S. government would affect you in that event. And we include a few ways the current pseudo-shutdown will also affect you. (Hint: It’s better.)

1. No more taxes! One of the things that have most shocked me in my life is hearing someone like Ron Paul, who ran in the last Presidential election, saying, “Shut down the IRS” and knowing most American sheeple actually think he is crazy. Through decades of public school indoctrination and mainstream media, propaganda slaves in the United States actually think taxation is just a part of life. Of course, one of the “Founding Fathers” of the United States (which was actually just a political coup) is famous for saying: “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain except for death and taxes.” In reality, taxes aren’t a fact of life and are solely extortion. Imagine how much your life would change if your government did shut down and you were free to spend your own money as you choose.

2. No more democracy!  If the U.S. government were to truly shut down, it would mean an end to the vile scourge of democracy which is purely mob rule and, at its core, anti-freedom. To see the absurdity of democracy, imagine if a restaurant were democratic. Someone already has.

3. No more regulation! Imagine if a child could open a lemonade stand again in the United States without being arrested.

4. No more drug war! All of a sudden, all items could be freely tradable. (Well, they already are –especially on Silk Road.) But without government prohibition, all gangs in the United States and the rest of the world would evaporate and just become real businesses with real recourse in disputes besides shootouts. Crime would be reduced around the world by more than 70 percent and millions of nonviolent people convicted of victimless crimes would be freed from dungeons (jail). The biggest victims would be shows like “Breaking Bad” and “The Wire,” which wouldn’t be necessary anymore.

5. No more borders! Labor could finally go to where it is wanted and needed without being held hostage. The economy could once again function normally without coercion and violence. And things like minimum wage would also fall by the wayside, thus reducing the unemployment rate to at or near 0 percent into eternity.

6. No more Federal Reserve! Without a violence-backed system, the Federal Reserve would have to compete with other currency providers. Quickly, the market would decide on much better currencies than Federal Reserve notes (like gold, silver, bitcoin and others). There would be no more recessions or depressions, and the living standards of all people would rise dramatically.

7. No more violence-backed U.S. Postal Service!  People throughout the geographic region known as the United States would not have to pay at gunpoint to receive junk mail in an age where sending parcels with private companies and sending information electronically has made it obsolete to rely on government union employees, who often go insane and shoot their co-workers.

8. No visitation to places of state worship! The first seven items in this list were obviously just hopes and not reality. None of that will happen. The final three items on this list are actually happening, though, including this one. As of Tuesday, state-loving people will not be able to visit their places of worship, including the Washington Phallic Monument and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial (where now-caged Adam Kokesh tried dancing last year to celebrate Jefferson’s message of freedom and was arrested). As for national parks, they are “closed,” but that is just a sign you see on your way into the park. The park isn’t closed; this shutdown just means you are given a reprieve from being harassed by national parks goons who will accost you for drinking a beer in nature.

9. No more gun permission! This, unfortunately, is also true as of Tuesday. The U.S. government will not be selectively giving out permission (permits) to own a gun. And when we say “unfortunately,” we mean that it is unfortunate that you are required to get permission from the U.S. government to own a gun.

10. No more permission to travel! This, also, is true. You will not be able to get permission to travel from your overlords (called a passport — or, as we call it, a slave card) while the government is shut down. Again, like in No. 9, we see this as being sad because individuals have devolved to the point that they need permission to even move. Notice that two of the three real things that affect you today in this list are an inability to purchase self-protection devices and to travel. (And they are the reasons why we admonish those who can to get a foreign passport before they close the gates on the U.S. tax farm for good.)

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–Jeff Berwick

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Jeff Berwick

Anarcho-Capitalist. Libertarian. Freedom fighter against mankind’s two biggest enemies, the State and the Central Banks. Jeff Berwick is the founder of The Dollar Vigilante, CEO of TDV Media & Services and host of the popular video podcast, Anarchast. Jeff is a prominent speaker at many of the world’s freedom, investment and gold conferences as well as regularly in the media including CNBC, CNN and Fox Business.

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  • dan

    It would be wrong to revel in their misfortune and the inconvenience
    it causes them…just wrong…so very,very wrong….
    screw it : KEEP IT SHUTDOWN !!!!!

    • Joz

      yes: ‘screw it’

    • Paul

      Woo Hoo! If this continues, we may actually restore the power back to the states and the Feds would be reduced by at least 50% like it was intended to be. If only!

  • Jim B

    Well, my gas is cheaper, my stocks went up, my tires stayed inflated, traffic in general seems to flow much better, and food taste better. All in all, a couple of really good days, keep up the good work government!

  • crossrammed302

    Why did we avoid shutting down sooner? I can live without the eye of a snoopy government who thinks they have the right to monitor, influence, and try to control me. Yeah freedom! As far as national parks being ‘closed’, move the signs out of the road, clean up after yourself as you go and don’t expect a bathroom to be open. It’s almost winter anyway, I know Crater Lake closes when the snow comes….the parks belong to the citizens anyway.

    • disqus_QbFtj0t67r

      except that NSA is open and snooping still

  • Ried

    I understand FLOTUS Michele has stopped tweeting due to the shutdown. Look at the bright side!

    • RobinPC

      Na, she is still tweeting, the only thing shut down are her imaginary friends? If she is not typing it is not because of the shut down, it is because she is busy packing and inviting real people (?) for her next vacation.

  • RobinPC

    Do you think a witch in Haiti with a “cupie doll” and a double hand full of pins could make a difference with the sadist in the WH? While the government is shut down, maybe the TSA is on vacation, and it is time for me to travel “abroad”?

    • Joz

      Wonder why they did not shut down TSA ! terrorists now use plastic which is not ‘metal’ detected! duh!

  • Hank

    If our Country had a real leader this would not be happening!!!!

  • kkflash

    Many of the government workers who are being furloughed will get all the pay they missed while doing no work, after the government resumes its usual services such as telling us what we can’t eat, drink, or smoke without their permission. Sounds like paid vacation to me.

  • Goodyeargirl

    except the measure to continue to pay the military passed

  • disqus_QbFtj0t67r

    thanks for the update….I like the fact that 400,000 military contractors are let go; the other 400,000 is politics and I hope it is resolved soon. In fact, I would like the military contractors to be permanently retired.

  • Bill

    Right on Jeff,
    If they are going to shut it down, let’s see it really shut down. The current shut down is just a dog and pony show

  • Cheri Ecker

    Shutdown is a farce… All it did was affect real people and cause them problems… I vote we get rid of the real problem (Obama) and we the real people take our country back…. Put a ten year old in office, he or she would probably do a better job!!

  • Paul

    Crap, and I was hoping more of the government would be shut down. I am sad that only 400K to 800K of government employees would be out of work. What would it take to make the debt clock move backwards?!