The Revolution Goes On…


The body of a nation dies when it gets so congested that it can’t live. It seems that a full measure of corruption must implode a nation before it can begin anew.

Revolution takes time. It’s a gradualism that the population is oblivious to. Most people cannot imagine that the United States is in a state of economic and social collapse, even though the signs and indicators are everywhere.

Where and what is the rot in America? It’s the consistent ongoing devaluation of the U.S. dollar by the U.S. government. This is economic warfare against the American middle class and all producers of wealth and savings. If this were the work of a foreign enemy, all-out military mobilization would be a full national effort.

Devaluation of the currency is a concept of subtle theft. It is stealth transfer of wealth without violent conflict.

The elite moneychangers can take money (purchasing power) right out of your pocket simply by printing new money. New money dilutes old money toward worthlessness. New money in circulation, either digital or printed, is evidence of government theft.

Can anyone imagine how much theft and impoverishment is going on with the trillions of dollars’ worth of new money created under the aegis of quantitative easing? The bank robbers of old were at high risk. Now, it’s the banks and the government that are robbing the people with no risk at all. All the robbing is done with the printing press.

Thanks to Ben Bernanke’s shenanigans, stocks are up and housing prices are up, but so is the price of food and energy. But rising stock and housing prices are good, right? Not in the current climate, because it’s a false hope built on piles newly printed “dollars.” It’s cheap money, but it is an expensive proposition. It’s a bubble of titanic proportions, and its collapse will make the bubbles of the past pale in comparison.

There is a flood of money that is being pushed downstream. As Zerohedge writes, we are in uncharted territory that cannot go on forever.

The creation of money by the Fed, the ECB (European Central Bank) and Japan’s central bank keeps raising the tide but like all tides when it reverses course if will flow back out from the high water mark which has been created and with an equal force.

The reversal will come from an event or from the moment that the central banks reverse position or from the fall in the demand for goods and services as consumers/investors have less money to buy things.

The elite behind the scenes count on the ignorance of the American people, who have been dumbed down with drugs, tobacco, alcohol, debauchery, national sports craze, instant gratification, debt and no rule of law. There is no hope for them unless something wakes them up!

And now, my friends, the government and the bankers have destroyed the ability of seniors in America to live off their life savings. The U.S. government and the banker elite have killed any hope of our seniors getting a decent rate of interest for the next three years on savings accounts.

Now if the suppression of the price of silver is broken and silver breaks out into a strong uptrend, which it is going to do, watch the buying power of the middle class drop into the toilet as the cost of the essentials of life skyrocket.

So the government elite and their symbiotic partners in crime, the bankers, are not satisfied with impoverishing America by debauching the currency, they deny seniors their old age income by suppression of interest rates in favor of the bond holders who hold government “debt.”

What Do I Expect?

Members of the American middle class have lost their interest income. They are starved for income, so here is what I foresee: I believe that money will continue to flow into the stock market for several reasons:

  • The American public is abandoning bank accounts and money market funds in search of higher stock dividends.
  • Corporate buybacks and mergers.
  • Foreign investors buying U.S. stocks.
  • Money from bondholders where yield interest income is very low.
  • When and if the stock market skyrockets, the public will not be able to resist and will “jump in.”
  • The public will see the glitter of capital gains, that is, stocks increasing in nominal value. Remember that Americans are focused on nominal (day-to-day) dollar value. They don’t understand real value like U.S. constant dollars from the 1960s and silver and gold.
  • The stock market has the potential to explode from “short covering.” As the market is now overvalued, many investors will short the market expecting a crash. But investors don’t see the new paradigm outlined above; and when and if the stock prices go up (instead of a big correction, as appears imminent), most investors will stay on the sidelines.
  • The Cyprus event. This foretells a worldwide bank run! The new paradigm is that bank depositors are considered lenders (not depositors), whereby a percentage of their deposits will be taken in exchange for worthless bank shares. This is the same scheme planned for retirement funds being exchanged for worthless U.S. bonds. Up to now, bank and financial deposits have been guaranteed by Federal bailouts. This will scare cash out of banks into residential real estate and the stock market.

Conclusion: The stock market is now toppy in thin air. A crash is expected! But remember that the stock market is independent of hard times or world calamity, wars, etc. It can still go up or “climb a wall of worry.”

All of the above suggests to me that there will be an ocean of liquidity (cash) with nowhere to go except real estate and the stock market.

Also remember that the nice government psychopaths love the stock market in which they can feign prosperity and even heaven on Earth. But quietly and constantly, paper money is, and will be, losing purchasing value. Rising stocks makes the public look the other way.

What about gold stocks? They will rise, too.

My bet is that the Federal Reserve is hell-bent on destroying the U.S. dollar, so watch out. All of the millions in cash will be worthless!

We have to escape with farms and resources of real and lasting value before the end of the endgame.

Personal Liberty

Bob Livingston

founder of Personal Liberty Digest™, is an ultra-conservative American author and editor of The Bob Livingston Letter™, in circulation since 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Motov

    The current “Godzilla Government” cannot last, It has grown too large for the population to support. One only has to look at our debt.

    We have a spending problem that cannot be resolved with a liberal mindset of spending even more. Their definition of reduction applies to the amount of increases they want. Sooner or later those bills will come in for payment, and we are totally broke, Who will bail us out?

    We must change our Government, by imposing a certain document that is already a proven winner. It’s the same document that each politician swears to defend and abide to it with their hand on a bible.

    It is a timeless document, even in this modern day, but some politicians think it is antiquated. There is nothing antiquated by working hard to achieve success.

    For some reason politicians haven’t learned that lesson. They “feel” that the “less fortunate” have a right to someone’s hard earned wealth. So instead of encouraging the “less fortunate” to stop whining and DO something about it,
    They rob the those who sweat, bled, and worked for their “fortunes” and call them “entitlements” then give it to those who are couch potatoes. Then they wonder why it isn’t resolving the problem, so their solution are more “entitlements” and the crap just gets worse, But they have secured the votes!
    This is why liberalism fails

    • Capitalist at Birth

      The current false definition of liberalism, which was adopted by the Progressive Totalitarians after their grand failures (Teddy, Woodrow, Hoover, F.D.R.) began in the late 40’s. Totalitarian Socialists are succeeding in creating the two class system they so desire. The wealthy ruling elite and the rest of us.

    • FreedomFighter

      A Shocking Wake Up Call: This Is How Far The Police State Has Come

      Watch the video, nothing tells it like watching it happen, we are near at the point – they only need a reason to pull the trigger

      Laus DeoSemper FI

  • BarrackHussein

    Conclusion: Don’t count on the government… they are not your friends, starting with the commie unions.

    • KG

      Oh yea…those ickky Unions. The ones who fight for worker safety, better wages, better benefits, and retirement with dignity. Oh, yea…those Unions who allowed WW2 veterans returning home from war and prospering due to good paying manufacturing jobs.

      OK, start depending totally on yourself. Screw your grandkids. And any group you consider “minority”.

      • FreedomFighter

        Unions have been infiltrated by the communists and are no longer for the Workers, they are a political arm of the communists/Democrats, a money machine for progressives – nothing more.

        Yes at one time union fought for the rights and conditions of the working man – no longer, they only fight for the spread of socialist communist progressive agenda.

        Laus Deo
        Semper FI

        • Capitalist at Birth

          The unions were infiltrated by the Communists from the very beginning. People only liked them because they are attracted to mob rule (democracy.)

        • Nadzieja Batki

          FF, the unions were never for the workers. It is a power grab by predators.

          • Dick Gazinia

            Nonsense. In the industry I work unions protect workers from exploitation by employers, insure worker safety, fair wages for work done, and hope of a decent retirement. Before unions there were frequent injuries, use of unsafe materials and practices, long hours without overtime, and no pensions and health care.

            Sure, some unions have overstepped their bounds and have been infiltrated by undesirables.

            Remember the coal miners who were treated like indentured servants, the “company store owned their souls”. and black lung disease was rampant while the owners lived in luxury off the blood of the almost starving.

            Vilifying ALL unions is insanity. Without unions the middle class would be small indeed.

            Anti union forces, the forces of greed, have successfully duped large segments of our population into working against their own best interest.

            Are you all so naive as to believe that corporate “suits” really care about the workers?

          • Don 2

            Unions in private industry are one thing, unless the president bails them out with taxpayer money and becomes their CEO, as in G.M.

            Public employee unions are another thing, and should be outlawed. When public employee unions go to the negotiating table, they are negotiating with the people they just elected, and who hope to get re-elected with the future help of the same union. For their support, the public employee union is expecting additional benefits. No one is representing the taxpayers who pay for these benefits.

      • me

        the unions created the 40 hr week, time and a half after 40, insurance benefits, vacations and other benefits of jobs. all of this has slowly been going into regression since reagan. you can bet owebunhole with all his lies would sell unions down the river in a heartbeat.. the future don’t look good. I fear for my kids and grandkids.

        • TheOriginalDaveH

          Hogwash. All those things were occurring naturally as a result of Capital Investment and the resulting higher productivity and prosperity.

          Unions (as most Government) are designed to feather the Leaders’ nests at the expense of their uninformed rank and file and the rest of us, and to take away the workers’ choices.

          For those who would like some reality to go with Me’s propaganda:

        • Nadzieja Batki

          Where does the law of the universe dictate for 40 hour weeks?

      • Liberty Lover

        KG, you and your ilk are the ones screwing our grandkids. But they won’t graciously accept the burdens you and your fellow socialists want to impose on them. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

        • KG

          I want a future for my grandkids. And that includes good paying Jobs so they can help pay for my Social Security. If they are making minimum wage, then how can they pay the taxes necessary to continue our government?

          • Liberty Lover

            Unions can’t overrule the laws of markets. Neither can minimum-wage laws. The only way your grandkids can be assured of good paying jobs is to acquire good marketable skills and to hope they have the freedom to market those skills within a merit-based economic system. Figures that you would worry about having high enough tax revenues to support a bloated government that gets in the way of good-paying jobs in the private sector…..the wealth-producing sector.

          • KG

            What is the LAST thing a business does when it expands? …….Hires workers. So, you so-called “job creators” are a bunch of liars.

            Don’t you want to know that your Social security is safe because your grandkids could find good jobs? must be one of those who thinks they will not get their social security – you believed Reagan and didn’t pay into it, and now you WANT to retire but cant. Too bad.

          • Bill Henry

            Tell me what businesses are expanding in this economic climate? You can have all the unions you want as far as I am concerned, as long as they are voluntary. If there are no jobs there can be no work. The more people on social programs the more taxes you have to pay to support them, so pay increases only increase your debt to the government in taxes. If you don’t like the job you have then sell your skills to the highest bidder. I believe when you go to a job interview they ask what it will cost them to have your working there. Unions represent your rights so that they can recruit new members to raise the dues that they get paid with, not only that but they want to force everyone into the union to increase the due they collect. Look at the folks who run your unions. Do they work for the same amount you do? I think not. They are the big wigs just like the corporate big wigs. When they get you a raise how much of it goes into the union coffers? What is it used for? Do you ever ask about that or investigate how it is being spent and show much of it goes to the union bosses? Were I a union man I would certainly like to know these answers?

          • KG

            Business isn’t expanding because they have all gone “Galt”. Or, in other words, become selfish basturds. Due to greed, they are afraid to declare profits that are sitting in overseas banks just so they don’t have to pay the tax on it. They have the money, they are holding our country ‘hostage’.

            I agree, if there are no jobs, there can be no work – However, there is still work to be done. The next time you drive over a bridge that was built in the 60’s just think of all those old rivets loosening a bit every time you drive over it. We have a government “..of the People, by the People, and for the People.” And it’s the ” general Welfare” of those people that this Republic was established for.

            Am I aware of where my Union dues go to? Yes. Because my union has to report it to the membership. Does Business have to do the same? Of course not. When has a business ever opened their books to show what they are financially unless they are under a court order? Are they reinvesting profits or just keeping it to themselves? In a Union, you cant buy a box of staples without the whole membership being aware of it.

            Unions have been a positive good for the working people in America. Nobody ever gives you respect, you gotta earn it. And that’s what pisses people like you off. ‘These low-class dirty employes demand to be treated like Human beings? How dare they! Don’t they know there place?’ There is power in numbers. There will always be more working people than petit bougeois business people. And, as such, we demand our place in human society. “Solidarity Forever!”

          • CarlyBGood

            KG, Don’t sell your grandkids so short! You sound like they are doomed to a life of permanent minimum wage! This is America! For over 30 yrs. ANY kid that wanted to get a better education or rise could do so, if they wanted to. Nobody has been held back from anything since 1965. So, they may start out with a minimum wage, but they sure don’t have to stay there! I believe in our kids’ abilities and I do have hope for their future.

            I was looking back over some old video in early 2006 on cspan and saw that the GOP had held a hearing on the worry they had about the subprime loan crisis. The Dems (Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, Chuck Shulmer, Diane Feinstein) berated them and essentially called them racists and bigots for questioning the home loan programs. On the campaign trail in 2008 a reporter asked Candidate Obama about the crisis and he said, “Well, we had good intentions.” Obamacare, redistribution of wealth, social justice programs are all good intentions, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

            Today we have people everywhere crying out to fix our debt problem and out of control spending. They are being labeled crazy racists who hate the President. The IRS was directed to actually punish and go after people who spoke about this. The head of the IRS met with the President 116 times in the last year. Our President says that we don’t have a debt or spending problem and he doesn’t people questioning him.

            What kind of tomorrow (forget about the future) are we going to have when the wheels fall off our country and poor people go to buy food and the welfare card doesn’t work, and their children are hungry? Most people on welfare are just buying food, they are not going on fancy vacations like our President. Most people aren’t showing almost $6Million dollars a year in income on their tax return like our President shows.

            If you really care about the poor you will stop this country from collapsing by reducing government, sharply cutting wasteful spending, and get the budget balanced. Protect us from attack, feed people who need help and stop the President from throwing money away on his lavish vacations. Impeaching him is the right to do. He does not have his priorities right.

            President Obama did not fail us…he betrayed us.He betrayed us at a time when we really need a good man to lead us out of trouble. He took a bad situation and made it much, much worse. He should be held accountable for his actions.

            KG, your voice matters….

          • KG

            Our president, Mr Obama, didn’t betray us, it was that kooky congress we got in 2010. Boner, Cantor, et al were the main perpetrators in trying to make sure that this president was a ‘ term’ president. Instead of prosecuting the criminal business that raped everyone in 2008, they worked really hard in frustrating everything the president wanted to do. The betrayal of this country comes from the flag waving “patriots” that cut VA benefits while still conducting their oil war.

            Mr Obama, our President, has been frustrated by a deluded, frightened, lazy Republican congress. Deluded into thinking the only solution is “…more tax cuts.” Frightened by the tea baggers. And lazy on doing anything positive other than insure homicidal maniacs have the right to keep and bear arms in day care centers.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        KG, yes those “icky” Unions which have destroyed businesses and sent the industry and jobs overseas. There was always a simple remedy, if an employee did not like his job he could quit and take the consequences of his decision.

        • Jana

          They could also go to work for the competition WITHOUT FEAR OF RETALIATION, but because of the STUPID unions they cannot.

        • Dick Gazinia

          You live in a world of the imagination.

      • CarlyBGood


        The Unions you are referring to have not been around for a very long time. Unions back then did good things but that was a very long time ago. Those good Unions have been replaced by corrupt Mafia like gangsters who are only concerned about staying in power and buffeting little working people into a paying unions dues so that they have hire prostitutes, gamble in Vegas and live lavish lifestyles. KG, Unions use to be a good thing, but not anymore. Today’s Unions are not good, they are evil.

        • KG

          Whe was the last time you went to a union meeting? A lot has changed since the movie “On the Waterfront.” What about the ” corrupt Mafia like gangsters” that run the Banks and Insurance? It was THEIR GREED that almost caused our country to declare bankruptcy in 2008. I’m sure many of those “good christian bidness entremanuers” had good intentions when they raped America of its wealth. And don’t forget that Vegas is a Union town. Somehow, they have managed to prosper in spite of paying decent wages.

      • Michael Shreve

        Haven’t done ANYTHING except ROB workers for over fifty years.

        • KG

          And provide decent working conditions, good wages, and retirement with dignity. I think YOU got robbed. You boss probably pays almost no taxes while you are paying half. How’s them apples?

    • me

      unions used to keep wages and benefits competive. now unions are fading away and these are in decline. unions don’t count quite like they used to. look at the auto industry. it has moved overseas so the companies don’t have to pay much. what is going to happen when the poorly paid workers rebel against them and form unions just like they did in this country. the unions don’t have hardly much influence any more. they backed obunhole for president but are now having regrets. companies pretty much do as they please . they bay less and make big profits.

      • speedle

        Isn’t is strange how things have worked out. Non union companies like Toyota and Honda prosper in the U.S., while the largest automaker in world history goes bankrupt and requires a massive taxpayer bailout gifting the new company to the unions and screwing the old stockholders. And take a look a Detroit. This is the result of unbridled union power. Take a good look and a long sniff.

        • Jana

          All we did was bail out the STUPID unions.

      • ridge runner

        Unions started as good things, just like the democrat party, both now are leeches on anything being done in every sector of the USA. Both are overloaded with thugs, non stop liars, and dishonest pukes. See another democrat puke bit the dust, a long time crook, money scamming criminal from the fascist/communist democrat party.

        • Capitalist at Birth

          So, you think Communist inspired ideas are good things?

      • Capitalist at Birth

        You obviously have a lack of education. If you pay attention, I will attempt to enlighten you. Even with heavy import duties, consumers found that the Japanese made very sensible economical autos. Thus the beginning of the end for the rigid unionized American auto manufacturers. The original Japanese autos did not ride well and were not as safe as their American counterparts. Because of competition, they became better and better, thus further diminishing the demand for American made products. There durability and reliability far surpassed, and continue to surpass their American competition. By the way, Japanese auto workers in Japan are paid more per hour than their American counterparts since the mid 80’s. That is one reason they opened manufacturing facilities in the U.S. Ever wonder why Toyota and Honda use a greater percentage of parts manufactured in the U.S. than G.M, Chrysler and Ford. You need to spend more time reading than talking. You will find the learning process invigorating.

        • Motov

          Yes Japan took up an American idea of SPC (Statistical Process Control) A man named Deming came up with the idea. Japan mastered the concept behind it.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Unions did not keep wages and benefits competitive. Your mind is a typical collectivist mind which is not unlike a locust wherever they go they destroy and then move on and destroy, etc.. If people took jobs under false pretenses they had no valid reason to complain against their employers. If the employers lied about the job situations the employees could have simply quit.

        • Bob666

          One very happy camper.

  • KG

    Abandon ye all hope! Yea…that’s “American”. It’s all gone. Typical conservative doom and gloom. It it really too late? What do you tell your Grandchildren?

    “I could afford to rent this gun and buy three bullets. Sorry Manny, Mo, and Jack.”

    What you , Mr Livingston, espouse is nothing more than a complete retreat from what really makes America great. It’s the People. And I mean everyone.

    There is a spectre haunting America. And everyone knows it.

    • Capitalist at Birth

      As usual, you have completely ignored the main point of the article. Why on earth don’t you try to learn some reading comprehension?

      • KG

        As usual, you have commented on something that you personally find annoying, and yet, still find the time and energy to comment.

        What’s that definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?
        Capitalisim is passee’. We live in a Socialist Democractic Republic.

        • Frank Kahn

          For once, I agree with you KG, it is insane to keep trying to educate ignorant liberals like you. It is time to change the method so that real results can be attained.

          Yes, the worthless morons, who identify themselves as progressive liberals, have destroyed our wonderful capitalistic dream. We are indeed living in a socialistic society now, thank you for admitting the downfall of our nation.

          There are several steps, outlined in our constitution, which can be taken to stop the destruction you have just admitted to being a party to. These steps are given in the first 10 amendments to the constitution. And, yes, you are going to get a dose of the 2nd, right after the rest have been tried and ignored.

          Our nation was built under a concept of separation of powers. It was based on a trinary also called ternary system, this means 3 branches. The three branches are:

          1. Executive – president / vice president

          2. Legislative – congress (senate and house of representatives)

          3. Judiciary – Legal system (actually supposed to be justice system but has been corrupted) This has several levels:

          A. Supreme court – determines the validity and implementation of laws

          B. Federal courts – Used for adjudication of cases involving offenses against federal laws as well as appeals to lower court rulings.

          C. District courts – Local courts that handle the crimes involving violations of the law as well as equity.

          D. Jury – Juries are given the task of weighing both the evidence and the value, or intent of the law, to determine the guilt or innocence of the defendant.

          A law, which must adhere to the guidelines in the constitution, go through a series of actions.
          1. The law is proposed in congress
          2. After congressional approval it is sent to the President for his approval or veto.
          3. If signed into law, it is then enforced by the police, sheriffs and / or federal marshals.
          4. Someone is arrested and then arraigned

          5. If deemed appropriate they are tried in a court of law in front of a Jury
          6. The jury decides, first, what the law is, and if it is a valid law for the case being presented.
          7. The jury decides if the evidence is sufficient to prove, conclusively, that the person is guilty
          8. If convicted, the defendant can appeal to federal court for a reversal, and / or, decision that there was some form of a violation of their legal rights.
          9. Appeals can continue to higher courts until it finally reaches the Supreme court

          At any level of the proceedings, the law can be declared unconstitutional. At that time the appeals process can be used, by the prosecution, to appeal the constitutionality issue.

          If the rulers of this nation (THE PEOPLE) decide that the law is wrong, and that the court system has failed to right this wrong, they have the power, and authority to redress their grievance with the government. This is freedom of speech and assembly. They, also, have the right to eliminate their representatives (including the president) for failing to follow the will of the people.

          In the case of a failure of the checks of balance, in which the people are unable to eliminate this perceived threat to their rights they have one final solution which is guaranteed by the second amendment to the constitution. This final solution is described in a part of a very important document that starts with the words “When in the course of human events”.

          Taking back our country, and restoring the system of capitalism that helped to build it, is necessary. If you (progressive liberals) refuse to play by the rules set forth in the constitution, then we have no alternative than to use our rights, protected by the constitution, to use force to restore it.

          So KG, do you want us to stop being insane (doing the same thing expecting different results), by trying to convince you to back off? Do you see an armed revolt as a more favorable course of action?

          As a liberal, are you so blind and deluded to the fact that, the changes you desire, are not what is needed, or even wanted in this country? Do you not know, that the ideals set forth in the progressive agenda are actually aimed at achieving communism through socialism? Are you totally incapable of seeing that Marxism (unions) is also aimed at moving from capitalism to communism? When you talk about insanity, do you not realize that progressive / liberalism is doing the same thing over and over hoping for a different result?

          • Vigilant

            Regarding your last paragraph, yes, KG knows all of those things. If he were an innocent dupe, I would say “forgive him for he knows not what he does.”

            I believe he knows exactly what he is doing, and for whatever paycheck he receives. He is not forgiveable. The world has seem his type before, and has dealt with it accordingly.

          • KG

            Thank you for the constitution lesson. However, the world will tremble at a communist revolution. America has delayed this by adapting many Marxist ideas in the attempt to save capitalism from itself. The New Deal, while cursed by business toadies like yourself, save capitalism by preserving the market – ie, the Consumers, or proletariats ability to spend money. Unions allow working people to negotiate higher wages, thus ensuring more money at the bottom to “trickle up” to the rich.
            If i give $100 to Bill Gates, whats he gonna do with it? If I give $100 to a homeless person, whats he gona do with it? The ironic thing about that is Bill gates will STILL get a dollar from the homeless guy. Thats how the economy works.

          • Frank Kahn

            The word, toady, would best describe your liberal fanaticism.

            Your statements are either really stupid, or you are attempting to twist the truth to suit your communist agenda.

            The armed revolt will be of the people against communism, not the other way around. Your communistic Marxism will be dealt with by final and mortal response.

            Unions, have no place in modern economics, they are criminal extortionists that deserve jail or death. Unions don’t bargain (they demand under threat of violence) for better pay, they extort unrealistic and destructive payment for minimal performance. The destroy the economy and bankrupt everything they touch. The union leaders are vastly guilty of corruption and theft.

            If, there is any justice in the wold you will all die.

            Have a nice day, hope you don’t suffer too much in your insane pursuit of tyranny.

          • KG

            Are you one of those “christian Patriots”? Your language would be suitable for a tyrant. As well as a Anthrophobe. The sign of a true “patriot” – utter contempt for his fellow man.

          • Frank Kahn

            Now, you are simply babbling.

            As a patriot, who just happens to be a Christian, I guess you could reasonably say I am a Christian patriot.

            This, however, is not what you mean by your whimsical label. Your phrase, like the stupid phrase “gun violence”, implies that there is a special group of people who think religion is the answer to government.

            As a liberal, you want to claim that we Christians want to have religious rule in this country. The fact that this idea is ignorant, and bordering on stupid, seems to escape the liberals limited ability to reason. The desire to function according to Christian values, the laws of nature, is not a desire to enforce religious rules.

            Let me see if I have this right, It is tyrannical to fight the tyrannical ideals and policies of liberals?

            You say “homosexuality is normal”,

            I say “homosexuality is against the law of nature”.

            I say “killing unborn babies is wrong”, you say “killing your children is your RIGHT”.

            You say “unions give people a reasonable living wage, which helps the economy”, I say “unions force employers to pay extremely inflated compensation that destroys the economy”.

            You say “the right is wrong”, I say “the left isn’t right”.

            You use words, which you either don’t know, or don’t care about, the meanings of.

            You agree with the stated results of studies, just because they fit your agenda.

            I challenge studies when the results don’t agree with acceptable science.

            Along the lines of using words, that you don’t know the meanings of, anthrophobe? Anthrophobia, is the fear of people, literally a fear. It is characterized by the inability to encounter other people in a social setting. It might be a fear of groups or even the inability to confront a single person face to face. This condition has no relationship with tyrannical behavior. So, your statement equating the two is either ignorant or stupid.

            Contempt for your fellow man? Another liberal attempt at twisting the meanings of things. A total contempt for the ideas, and actions of a person or group does not rise to the level of “contempt for his fellow man”.

            If that was true, then liberals would easily be classified as having contempt for their fellow men.

            Actually, they would be more deserving of it, considering the contempt they have for so many different and somewhat diverse groups in the world. Christians, patriots, conservatives, straight people, honest law abiding citizens and even on many occasions, the entire white segment of the world.

            Lets see here, I seem to recall many liberals having contempt for anyone that uses, and approves the use of, fossil fuels.

            Oh, and lets not leave out their condemnation of gun owners.

          • KG

            I personally do not have contempt for the use of fossil fuels. However, I do have contempt for the people who claim that there is no limit on our use of those polluting fuels. That ‘Man’ is incapable of destroying the environment.

            Deuteronomy 13 (King James Version)

            13 Certain men, the children of Belial, are gone out from among you, and have withdrawn the inhabitants of their city, saying, Let us go and serve other gods, which ye have not known;

            14 Then shalt thou enquire, and make search, and ask diligently; and, behold, if it be truth, and the thing certain, that such abomination is wrought among you;

            15 Thou shalt surely smite the inhabitants of that city with the edge of the sword, destroying it utterly, and all that is therein, and the cattle thereof, with the edge of the sword.

            Is this the kind of “law” that you wish to visit upon the liberals? Can you see why some people would be nervous about “christian Patriots?”

          • Frank Kahn

            I will admit that man is capable of destroying the environment, that is currently prevalent in the world. We could use nuclear weapons to destroy every living thing on the planet. Whether all species, including subterranean and oceanic life forms, would all be killed or simply altered to fit the new environment, I dont know. The use of fossil fuels, however, does not have the capability of making such a drastic event occur. Total species elimination on the surface of the planet from carbon saturation of the atmosphere would be impossible to achieve, from a burning of fossil fuels standpoint. Altering the environment through their use is possible, and many species may either perish, or be forced to adapt to the new climate. The speed of the change would determine the survivability rates.

            If reasonable measures are taken to reduce the carbon emissions from their use, then the only real necessary limit to their use would be availability. That brings us back, in a circle, to what is reasonable. If the EPA uses reasonable science, and listens to the experts, then we can reduce all the emissions from usage of fossil fuels to a level that does not significantly affect the environment and global climate. The only problem, that I see, with liberals, is their extreme refusal to allow reasonable discussion and investigation of the environmental issues.

            You seem to be suffering from the same extreme inability to think rationally and have a reasonable discussion about some issues. Your continuing to harp on Christian patriots is a clear example of this.

            I attempted to educate you on the subject of Christian patriots, earlier, but you either fail to comprehend, or you are incapable of intelligent discourse.

            While I might agree that liberals have many problems, and should, indeed, be worried about retribution for their words and actions, this is not a matter of patriotic sentiment. This is a matter of religious concerns.

            The passages that you selected to represent your concern is very appropriate. I see that you are acknowledging that liberals have turned away from the true God and are worshiping other gods, that we do not know.

            If you are a true believer, then you know that they will surely die the true and final death. This however is a judgement to be made by God himself, not by me, or any other Christian. It certainly is not something that will be carried out by patriots. The only time that would be true, is if God were to send his messenger, or come himself to tell us to avenge his law. I have not received this message, and am not aware of anyone else being contacted by God, with orders to cleanse the world of liberals.

            It is, however, within the teachings of the Bible to disdain the beliefs and actions of liberals who go against Gods law.

            It is also quite reasonable to believe that the world would be a better place if people, who go against nature, and Gods law, were convinced to change their ways or be eliminated. Now, while I am referring to homosexuals and abortionist supporters, that is not the only ones. You also believe in this idea. You feel the same about polluters. Harming the environment, by polluting it, goes against nature and Gods law, so these people also face judgement by him.

            So, once again, there is no such thing as a Christian patriot, in the sense that you are using. What you are really referring to is a religious zealot, someone that believes that the solutions presented are meant to be taken literally and executed in modern society. But, even then, you need not fear their wrath if you are not pushing an agenda that is shown to be evil, by the teachings of the Bible.

            You also need to understand how threatening it is to a Christian, to be told that they must accept these abominations as normal and right. To accept, and espouse the goodness or righteousness of homosexuality is to be condemned and left out of the kingdom of God. It is, in fact, killing their souls, a form of murder.

            If you accept the concept of the extreme danger, and threat to Christians, you will understand how they can be pushed to carry the sword of God to destroy that which threatens to destroy them.

            Like the battle over the second amendment, leave us alone or you will have declared war, and we will fight back with deadly force.

            Do you understand, who is starting this conflict?

            It is not the Christians, any more than it is the lawful gun owner, it is the ignorant tyrannical liberals who insist on trying to force us to live in an evil world.

          • KG

            I’m sorry, but I am not a “true” believer. I am as concerned about our country as you seem to be. However, do not place the blame on the “liberals” as the source of contention since it was liberal thought that produced this great country of ours. People like the Koch brothers and anxious reporters like Glenn Beck and utter fools like Rush continue to attack the Proletariat as well as the working class by placing the blame on their struggle to obtain a better life for their grandchildren.

            Years ago, people who claimed to speak for G-d were placed in mental institutions. Now they run for congress and lead huge congregations.

            quote: While I might agree that liberals have many problems, and should, indeed, be worried about retribution for their words and actions, this is not a matter of patriotic sentiment. This is a matter of religious concerns.

            I think Mohamed would agree with that statement. If you read the message to the last church in Revelations, you will see what G-d was really concerned about. As well as the real story of Sodom and Gomorrah.

            Ezekiel 16:49
            Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride, fulness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy.

            That is why I support the proletariats struggle against the petit bougeouise Tea Partiers (to couch it in Marxian terms).

          • Frank Kahn

            So misguided, and ignorant of reality, you are. A vague reference to who, and what, made this nation great is unsupportable. You fail to define which liberal concept made us great. You even failed to explain what form of greatness you are talking about. In reality, you might even be using the incorrect definition of liberal.

            The current liberal agenda is based on progressive ideas. These ideas have nothing in common with the original definition of liberal, which existed when our country was formed. The progressive agenda is aimed at creating a communist nation, not a democratic republic. It is aimed at destroying capitalism totally. It has, at its roots, the desire to create a totalitarian form of rule, in which the population is fully controlled in every aspect of its existence by the government. It is against freedom, and does not accept the idea of natural rights, whether they are given by God (the creator) or nature (the creator). There is nothing in the progressive ideas that is consistent with the ideals put forth by the founders of this nation. In this respect, we can eliminate the liberals from creating the nation. We can, actually, assert that they are attempting to destroy the nation, as it was originally envisioned.

            Since unions are totally Marxist, they are also following the progressive agenda. They are trying to totally destroy capitalism, through the control of labor and compensation. The unions believe that they are the masters, that they know what is best for everyone and should be in control of every aspect of the economy. They use force and intimidation to extort (extortionism) abnormal and unacceptable compensations from business. They not only believe that the economy should operate under their rules, they believe that we owe them vast amounts of wealth for the privilege of being ruled by them. You are required to join the union, and pay the gods of the union a portion of your compensation, or you cannot work in their shops. This is a total affront to freedom and liberty. Since they are a form of liberal policies, once again we can say that they are not creating anything that is consistent with the founding principles of this nation, and again it can be said to be destroying many of the concepts that made it what it is.

            Since all of these things are in direct opposition to the principles of our nation, they cannot be used to claim that they made this nation great. Nor, can they be claimed to be supportive of Christian beliefs.

            This brings us to the Biblical quote you gave:

            “Ezekiel 16:49
            Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom,
            pride, fulness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her
            daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy.”

            You cherry picked the portion of the scripture, to forward your liberal talking point. Since you are not a true believer, you can be forgiven for not understanding the meaning of that portion. However, you need to view the sins in their entirety.

            Pride is very prevalent in the liberal ideas, they consider their way to be the supreme righteous way.

            Fulness of bread, does not mean how much you eat, it is what you have. It is referencing the accumulation of wealth. This is a goal of the liberal unions.

            An abundance of idleness, is a reference to those who do not produce in order to have. This is a direct reference to our liberal policy of entitlements.

            The final item, which you failed miserably in comprehending, is about the poor and needy. It says there was a failure to STRENGTHEN THE HAND of the poor and needy. You are attempting to claim that it means giving worldly goods or services, like welfare or health care. I used capital letters to emphasize the important part of the idea. It means to strengthen their personal ability to sustain themselves. Yes, you should give alms to the poor, but you are not expected to support them for eternity. Bring them into your house so they can be fed, and if needed clothed and sheltered. But help them to find a means of providing for themselves, don’t let them live, permanently, in your home. It is also said, in the Bible, if they do not produce, they shall not eat. So, once again, we find that the liberal policies are going against the Bible, and are not in line with anything put forth by the founding principles of this nation.

            Your final statement is fraught with ignorance and deception. Your words, as well as, your grouping of people is an attempt to inflame and enrage. You choose the Marxist word proletariat instead of workers? Why? You attempt to portray “Tea Partiers” as members of the bourgeois? Why? Do you actually believe that all of them are rich business owners? Is this another anti-American attempt at fostering class warfare?

            The truth about what made this country great is Capitalism, freedom and education. Capitalism and freedom work hand in hand to make us wealthy in both spirit and possessions. Education (true knowledge) makes us wealthy in self reliance and abilities. Without these three things, we are just a poor nation, struggling to survive. If liberalism is so good for the greatness of this country, why are they against capitalism, freedom and true knowledge?

            Yes, there are problems with capitalism. The biggest problem is greed. This can be personal or corporate greed. It can manifest in the form of high prices, or failure to use, more expensive, but safer procedures. A desire to destroy capitalism, because of the greed of some, is stupid. You need to work to eliminate the effects of greed, not destroy the system. If you believe in the destruction of capitalism, because of the effects of greed, you must also believe in destroying unions, because of the effects of greed within them.

            Along the same lines, you can’t attack freedom (rights) of citizens just because of the actions of a few. It is, again, the fact that some people have a bad mental view of the world and decide to do evil. You don’t take away the rights of everyone just because some nut job goes postal.

            And, you don’t change the curriculum of schools, for the purpose of indoctrinating children to agree with liberal ideas. That is not education, it does not impart true knowledge.

            Now, to your reference to Mohamed, in saying he would agree. It was a religious slur intended to place me on the same level as murdering hateful devil worshipers. Mohamed is not a part of the Bible. He is never mentioned and is not a true prophet. I would agree, that his followers might be inclined to exterminate the evil perpetrated by liberals. They would probably line all of you up and rape you then cut your heads off. That is the way of Islam, it is not the way of God. Of course, your daughters would be safe, maybe, they have a value for continued rape throughout their lives.

          • KG

            quote: Now, to your reference to Mohamed, in saying he would agree. It was a religious slur intended to place me on the same level as murdering hateful devil worshipers.

            you catch on quick! ;)

  • Doc Sarvis

    The American middle class is starved for income since the Conservatives have allowed the top 1-2% to concentrate America’s wealth at the very top. While this may be a good re-election strategy for the Right it is a killer for the middle class.

    And for the author of this and other posts on this site who spell out the doom of our country you either forget 2008 or never understood how bad things were spinning out of control late that year. Of course things are not “fixed” yet, as if they are ever fully “fixed”, but we are on a far better footing now then at that dark time. That we are still having troubles is a reflection of how bad things got back then AND the treason of the Republicans in Congress who pledged NOT to move our country forward but to block ANYTHING that President Obama or the Congressional Democrats tried to do to improve our lot.
    True Americans don’t sit and cry that all is not going their way as many here seem to do. True Americans dig in and work together to make our country the very best.

    • Vigilant

      Arguing with liberals is like playing chess with a pidgeon. No matter how good I am at chess, the pidgeon is just going to knock over the pieces, crap on the board, and strut around like it’s victorious.

      Sarvis, you and your ilk are pidgeons.

      • Warrior

        Vig, you are being too kind. ILL, run by “progressive democrats for 6 decades is oblama’s model. It represents everything wrong with “progressives” n gubmint. It is broke, broke, broke but the so called “leadership” has sold its soul to their “union” handlers. This is the “only” model of governing that “progressives” know. “Progressives” will lie, cheat, steal to maintain their seat of power. This is exactly what we are witnessing from this “regime”. How many so called “middle class” people are buying tickets to oblama’s $10k fundraisers, doc? Answer – NONE. Go pedal your bs pidgeon crap to your progressive buds.

        • Vigilant

          Agreed, and I would nominate Detroit as the model for where we are heading. Illinois may be
          “Detroit light.” But it’ll get there eventually.

      • Capitalist at Birth

        Couldn’t have come up with a better analogy. Thank you Vigilant.

      • Bill

        Good Analogy

        • Vigilant

          Wish I could claim it as my own, but I got it in an e-mail this morning. Attribution: Anonymous.

          • Liberty Lover

            Betting you used it more productively than your source!

      • momo

        Vig, you’re giving pigeons a bad name!

        • Vigilant


    • KG

      I’m with you, bro! We are NOT giving up on America. What we need to do is to work together and find Brotherhood.

      Matthew 5:1-12

      King James Version (KJV)
      9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

      10 Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

      11 Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.

      12 Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.

      Umm for you conservatives, this quote is from that book underneath the telephone book, next to the unread constitution.

      • got my licence

        Apparently KG’s brotherhood either marches the goose step or yells alla akbar (excuse the spelling). I find it interesting that libs only quote the Bible when they can take it out of content and try to apply it to further thier agenda. Dont libs want a govenment that mandates freedom from religon instead of freedom of religon.
        It is interesting that KG uesd the passages he did. A Peacemaker will fight when they have to not for fightings sake. The other pasages were intended for Christains who are asked to give up their belief for convience, comfort, profit or to avoid persecution.

      • Frank Kahn

        And for low comprehension readers like you, it is not talking about evil secularists like progressive liberals when it talks about peacemakers.

        You seem to be ignoring the word righteousness, when you try to steal the quote for yourself.

        For the righteous are those who live by and spread the teaching of God.

        It is impossible to be righteous if you advocate homosexuality, abortion or even the redistribution of wealth from those who produce to those who want, or need.

        Charity starts from home, it comes from the heart and is not a thing that a righteous man brags about. It is not charity, when the government forcefully takes money from some to give to others, this is against the teaching of God.

        You also seem to be twisting the next one, which is actually a major sin. If you are reviled because of the fact that you are following Gods laws, you are blessed. You don’t follow God’s laws, so you don’t fit this category either.

        Don’t cherry pick scripture for your use. It, also, warns about listening to false prophets, and that you should scorn them and not listen to their proselytizing. We cannot judge, that is for God, but I believe that the teaching of the Bible gives an indication of how God will reward those who promote homosexuality and abortion.

        • KG

          Tell me, which sin did Christ NOT die for?

          • Frank Kahn

            That is a stupid question on two levels. Christ died for all our sins, because we do not have the ability to pay the debt. However, there are sins that are not forgivable, there are ways of sinning that can not be atoned.

            And, furthermore, sins is not the point of the discussion. God will judge you for what is in your heart, he cares not what you say, he knows the evil of your being. You are not saved, if you claim to be Christian, and accept Jesus as your savior. This is only part of the equation. To seek forgiveness for a sin, in words only, but to continue to sin is unforgivable.

            Your words are evidence of the sin in your heart. As long as you adhere to those sins you are not saved. Prepare for the judgement that will be visited on you by God.

          • KG

            Matthew 3 (King James Version)

            13 Then cometh Jesus from Galilee to Jordan unto John, to be baptized of him.

            14 But John forbad him, saying, I have need to be baptized of thee, and comest thou to me?

            15 And Jesus answering said unto him, Suffer it to be so now: for thus it becometh us to fulfil all righteousness. Then he suffered him.

            The question is, whose righteousness was he fulfilling? Christ was righteous, so he must have been fulfilling OUR righteousness. There isn’t a sin so big to keep me away from G-d. However, if I choose to avoid G-d, then that’s on me. That’s the “good news”.

    • betspotter

      I believe your outmoded idea of ‘working together’ means I work, and the government gives it away. That is the left’s idea of fair. Wrong. Here’s an idea. When your half goes to work, pays taxes and carries part of the load of this Marxist government, then I’ll listen to your idea of what true Americans do.

    • Ringgo1

      You keep referring back to 2008, but YOU IGNORE that the Democrats were in charge of both houses of Congress in both 2007 and 2008. What else would we expect from a libtard like you?

    • DavidL

      Good for you, Doc. I share your perspective.The time is long overdo for the American people to get rid of our real problems, the American Republican/Conservative Taliban Party and their ignorance, obstructionism and hate for this country. Bob Dole is correct when he states that the current Republican party should have a sign on its door reading “closed for repairs”. Unfortunately, the current bat-crap-crazy conservatives on the right are too stupid to recognize how wrong and destructive they are. Well, election after election after election will teach them this lesson the hard way. So be it. Rest in peace, Whigs.

    • TheOriginalDaveH

      Doc spouts the typical spoon-fed Progressive Liberal crap designed for ignorant people who don’t want to take the time to do any actual thinking.
      Both the Progressive Liberals and the Progressive Neoconservatives are responsible for creating a privileged upper class who are protected from the voluntary choices of the rest of the people by Big Government.
      You can let people like Doc divide you into two opposing teams while chanting mindlessly against your opponents, or you can wake up to the realization that the leaders of both teams are making fools out of Doc and the other sheeple like him on both sides of the aisle.

      There is only one way to get our prosperity back, and that is to get our Freedom back.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Then, TheOriginalDaveH, you will never be free and will never have Freedom because that goal post is always being moved by the adversaries of Freedom.

    • Frank Kahn

      WOW, I am so happy today, just got through telling KG how to solve the problem, and now I get you.

      There are always disagreements on what is best, or even good for the economy. There will always be people, like you, that want to blindly blame one specific political entity for all that is bad. We all have our own opinions, and that is good. It is, however, not good to use lies, or simple ignorance, to further an agenda based on your opinion.

      Your first statement is a lie. I don’t know what facts, or information sites, you are using to make that bald assertion, but, the fact that the middle class is currently hurting, and losing much of their net worth, is not something that can be attributed to the conservatives love of the 1% elite. Most policies of tax loopholes and free trade agreements can be traced, equally, to both liberals and conservatives. Both of these types of policies helps to make the rich richer, and contributes to the decline of the wealth of the middle class. Also, the QE of the FED is a major player in the reduction of net worth of all citizens. The use of quantitative easing has actually increased during the Obama administrations term.

      The second part of your post is using a smoke and mirrors strategy in an attempt to obfuscate the issue. We understand how bad things were when Obama took office. We just have different ideas about the actual causes of the problem. The situation was the result of many years of policies and either actions or lack thereof by the government. The responsibility lies with both the legislative and executive branches. It is shared by both sides of the two party system. The fact that you want to, either inadvertently or intentionally, cherry pick at who caused it is a problem for your credibility. And, to be quite honest, it has nothing to do with the reason we have a problem with Obama.

      It is your contention (because you are an ignorant liberal), that the conservatives desire to prevent further damage, is a bad thing. You think that, the conservatives blocking all the terrible new policies the liberals are attempting is wrong. This is a very narrow minded and selfish attitude. If the liberals stop trying to enforce tyrannical policies, I am sure the conservatives will be willing to support them. The fact that you fail to see the true nature of the new policies / laws, does not make them good.

      Now to the final, and quite disturbingly delusional statements. You, apparently have no idea how to determine the health of the economy. Your statement that we are improving, and are on a much stronger footing is sad. I am worried that you see the strong stock market as an indication of economic health. Or, that you believe that raising property values is a good thing. Maybe you think that 50% of the nation being on government assistance is good. I have no doubt that you believe that Obama saved GM and helped preserve jobs, improving the economy. Do you believe that Obama killed Osama Bin Laden?

      Well, here is a few facts. A strong stock market is an indication of investment capital, the buying and selling of stocks. This can be an indication of many things, but is is not an indication of a healthy economy. It indicates that there is more capital available for investments. This might have many different sources, but it is currently the result of QE by the FED. Stock investing can be fueled by many things too. A couple of the fueling items now are the low interest rates paid on savings, and the perceived high return on investments seen in the current (artificially motivated) stock market. Both of these items are directly related to policies of the FED. The market prices of real estate is determined by the supply and demand principle. If the demand for housing increases, the prices will go up. Since we, currently, have policies that are providing more ability to purchase housing, the prices are raising. What is fueling this ability? Well, like the stock market, it is available (low interest) capital. Where is this increase in low interest capital coming from? Well, again, we find it is due to policies of the FED. So, we have two of your economic indicators being artificially inflated by policies of the FED. Does this make the economy strong? NOPE. Next we look at another economic indicator, which is two parts. Unemployment and government entitlements. The unemployment rate of the country is still above 8%, this is not a good indication for economic health. The percentage of citizens relying on government assistance (draining federal / taxpayer money) is almost 50%. Not a good indication of economic health. Next, the federal deficit or budget to GDP ratio. While these are two different items, the actual deficit is related to and caused by a high budget to GDP ratio. A marginally acceptable ratio would be down around 50%, an ideal would be closer to 30%. We are currently at almost 90%. Not a good indicator of a healthy economy. And, before you start in with the “IT IS BUSH’S FAULT”, the ratio has been the worst ever since it started, and the high point was in 2011, when it exceeded 100%. So, tell us again that it is improving, and we are on a stronger footing!

      And, finally, to your last comment. Yes, you are correct, REAL AMERICANS (CONSERVATIVES) are digging in and working together to reverse the problems, that are being caused by the progressive liberal philosophy, to make this a better country.

  • Vigilant

    “The elite behind the scenes count on the ignorance of the American people, who have been dumbed down with drugs, tobacco, alcohol, debauchery, national sports craze, instant gratification, debt and no rule of law. There is no hope for them unless something wakes them up!”

    And I thought this site had been recognized as a top Libertarian site! Those aren’t very Libertarian sentiments, Mr Livingston…unless you’re prepared to champion the right of the people to be “dumbed down.”

    P.S. Tobacco doesn’t dumb anyone down. God knows where that statement came from.

    • dan

      I’m sure he was referring to those nasty and addictive highly-taxed tailor-made cigarettes (with the added sulphur in the papers) that I can’t afford,as opposed to the more intelligent and thrifty pipe or occasional cigar that I enjoy :) I’d substitute diet-soda or bon-bons if it applies.

      • Vigilant

        I roll my own. Costs less than $3.00 a pack.

    • KG

      Don’t you see? That shows the “fascist” proclivities of so-called “libertarians”. They are all “little Mussolinis”.

      • TheOriginalDaveH

        Please explain how advocating people’s freedom to control their own bodies and property, absent the coercive force of the self-serving gang of Government, amounts to being “little Mussolinis”.

      • speedle

        KG, you don’t even make sense. You relate the term “fascist” to “libertarian”. You are just wasting air with stupid irrelevant comments. That is not even up to the level of elementary school yard taunts.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Vigilant,

      You write: ” Tobacco doesn’t dumb anyone down. God knows where that statement came from.” From a study published in the Oxford Journal, “An important outcome of the present study was the consistent association observed between smoking and low global cognitive and specific memory and executive scores at 4-year and 8-year follow-ups.”

      And, “Smoking and long-term BP appear to increase the risk of cognitive decline in elderly.”

      From a study published in the American Journal of Public Health, “The present results show that heavy smoking is associated with cognitive impairment and decline in midlife. Smokers who survive into later life may be at risk of clinically significant cognitive declines.”

      Best wishes,

      • speedle

        Bob, I think the point is that if someone wants to smoke it is his prerogative, regardless of reports of it being unhealthy. In any case I’m not sure of exactly what “heavy smoking” means, and what it has to do with the “elite” and everyone else. IMHO the “elite” are trying to eliminate smoking and the tobacco industry along with it.

        That is not to condemn your article in any way. It certainly is right on in many respects.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear speedle,

          You write: “I think the point is that if someone wants to smoke it is his prerogative, regardless of reports of it being unhealthy.” Certainly. I have not stated to the contrary.

          You write: “In any case I’m not sure of exactly what ‘heavy smoking’ means, and what it has to do with the ‘elite’ and everyone else.” I have not used that adjective, and the elite are taking advantage of a dumbed down society that is distracted by a pursuit of “pleasure” at the expensive of vigilance and awareness.

          You write: “IMHO the ‘elite’ are trying to eliminate smoking and the tobacco industry along with it.” I have not seen evidence of this and don’t believe they could stand the loss of “tax revenue” from the sale of tobacco products.

          You write: “That is not to condemn your article in any way. It certainly is right on in many respects.” Thank you.

          Best wishes,

      • Vigilant

        …and many other hits if you Google “advantages of smoking.” One could quote as many studies as one wishes to prove a point, one way or another.

        Notwithstanding the conflicting points of view (including the advantages of warding off Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease), I’ve smoked heavily for over 50 years and one would be hard put to show any cognitive deterioration based on my postings.

        Is smoking bad for you? Of course it is, as is eating, drinking, flying in aircraft, and even breathing (creates free radicals).
        But you failed to address my main point, i.e., those appear to be rather anti-Libertarian judgments on your part, n’est ce pas?

        I’m afraid you’ve painted yourself into a corner with an apparent logical inconsistency. Correct me if I’m wrong, but why would you ever champion Libertarian causes (such as repealing marijuana laws) if you then judge those same drug users by saying “There is no hope for them unless something wakes them up?”

        While you’re at it, you might explain to us the cryptic assertion that “debt” dumbs us down.

        • Motov

          I have Parkinson’s Disease.
          I think I aquired it from work, at a thermo-set plastic facility. I cannot prove it but the nasty chemicals in thermo-set cause me to believe this.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Vigilant,

          Please relax. I have no desire to see laws passed that would deny you your right to impair (or improve, if your referenced “studies” are correct) your cognitive, respiratory or cardiovascular functions as you see fit.

          You write: “I’m afraid you’ve painted yourself into a corner with an apparent logical inconsistency. Correct me if I’m wrong, but why would you ever champion Libertarian causes (such as repealing marijuana laws)
          if you then judge those same drug users by saying “There is no hope for them unless something wakes them up?” There is no inconsistency. The paragraph you reference is simply a statement of fact condemning a large portion of the populace that has either chosen — to their detriment — to abuse things that in moderation are not harmful and in some cases are pleasurable or healthful, or have allowed themselves to be duped and/or used by the elites to advance the breakdown of society. I have sounded a warning to attempt to wake them up.

          Regarding debt, it cannot be separated from the degradation of society and is a tool being used to enslave the populace to the elites.

          Best wishes,

          P.S. I have not claimed to be a Libertarian.

          • Vigilant

            Thank you for clarifying.

    • Liberty Lover

      Bob is not a libertarian, Vigilant. Bob is a conservative with all of the limitations that impllies. A great article on government theft loses some of its power when linked to sex, drugs and rock and roll.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    Unfortunately, most Americans choose to ignore what is happening. They continue to run on the hamster wheel happily to their unhappy end.

  • hungry4food

    WOW this is a Great Video , it will
    stop all Usurpation of the USA Liberty ,

    • Doc Sarvis

      Total B.S.

      She makes claims of an “Isliamic Conquest” but does not support them, nor does she say what her “sources” are. If she had not told us she was a lawyer we could have guessed from her smoke screen.

      • hungry4food

        Trying to change the SPOTLIGHT …. Obama looks for ways to
        Continue to stage Censorship tactics to Free Speech !!!

        While changing the subject of Scandals this clever
        infringement on Freedom of Speech to craft fear of speaking on issues that
        would give the Mental Police the right to criminalize Human Thought , we see
        this President descend down a Slippery Slope that has NO BRAKES on Usurpation
        of Liberty !!!

        using to many Exclamations Marks at the end of a
        Sentence and posting in high lights like RED lettering Could be grounds
        for an examination by Authorities , like this

        you resist compliance you are a Possible Threat and need to be Listed
        as such in a FEDERAL Data Bank Under your Obamacare Account and
        Regulated by a IRS that Segregates Based on Political Views !!!!!!!!!

        This will Lowwer the Operating COSTS of the Response Agencies like the
        DHS / Military because you will already be enrolled in a Re-Education
        program at your Nearest Re-Education Camp Facility , like this ,

        Army manual for re-education camps applies to US citizens

        they have them in China , so it could become a Trade Policy Agreement
        between nations to share Tactics to Control International Terror ,

        Spotlight grows on China’s harsh labor camps

        might be why Obama doesn’t want to disclose whats In this Trade
        Agreement until after he signs it into to Law !!!!!!!! Opps there I go
        with to many Exclamation marks again !!! dang It ….. I gotta get my
        mind controlled finger re-educated .

        Covert Trade Deal

  • hungry4food
  • Alondra

    ¨Fury as elementary school lowers American flag… and replaces it with Saudi Arabian one in CO¨

  • Alondra

    ¨Mike Zullo, lead investigator, for the Sheriff Arpaio Cold Case Posse Obama Fraud case has revealed to PPSIMMONS News that he will be a featured speaker at the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association Convention St. Charles, Missouri – this coming weekend, May 31-June 1. Hundreds of Constitutional law enforcement officers from around the country will be in attendance as well as U.S. Congressmen.¨

    P.S. Please check, if Mike Zulo spoke at the said Convention.

  • Oliver_K_Manuel

    Guilt and shame for using the energy (E*) stored as mass (m) in cores of uranium (U) and plutonium (Pu) atoms to destroy hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6 and 9 Aug 1945, respectively, blocked the scientific community from seeing that the same energy (E*) stored as mass (m) in the core of the Sun is the Creator, Destroyer and Preserver of all atoms, lives and worlds in the Solar System.

    That energy (E*) powers the fountain of cause-and-effect that sustains life and provides humans with insight, creativity and inalienable rights.

    Frightened world leaders formed the UN on 24 Oct 1945 to save themselves and the world from nuclear annihilation and started behaving as rulers rather than public servants and promoting misinformation as science in 1946.

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

    E* is neutron repulsion

  • Average_Joe56

    Thank you Indiana and thank you Governor Mitch Daniels. Hopefully you have started a new trend!
    (don’t let the title scare you)
    Indiana legalizes shooting cops

  • jim b

    Blending the US economy and the stock market doesn’t seem to make sence in the 21st century, does it? Our government may turn us into socialist Europe, but there are 17 other countries who now exceed the US in economic freedom and liberty. Our socialist education system has crushed our individual independence economically, nearly 50 percent of the US citizenship is dependent, most fully dependent, on the government to live. They have become government serfs and they like it this way, not true Americans. So we’ve lost it, but nearly 17 other nations have picked up where we left off and are thriving. That’s where the global economy is strong, that’s where we invest. And this doesn’t mean I’m giving up on America, just its government

  • Karolyn

    Sorry to interrupt. Just thought this was important news. Russia is pissed off about the US’s standing behind Monsanto, and Putin believes it can lead to world war! Part of it is about the killing of the bee population.

    • Vigilant

      Excellent article, Karolyn. It also reveals the guilt of the Obama administration in protecting big agribusiness profits at the expense of endangering the food chain.

      So much for the leftists’ claim of the GOP being the party of big business.

      • Karolyn

        Both Rs and Ds are. That’s what lobbying is for. Getting a high-paying job after they leave office!

        • Bob666

          Take the money out of politics and we the people will finally win.

          • Nadzieja Batki

            What does that stupid cliché even mean?

          • Bob666

            Come back when you have a grasp of the English language and I will also explain to you why you’re such a miserable person.

      • Jeff

        Saying that Obama is 75% in the pocket of big business is not inconsistent with saying the Republicans are 100% in that same pocket. It should, however, put to rest the nonsense about his being a socialist.

        • JeffH

          Jeff, what you just said is nothing but babble…and puts nothing to rest about O’Man’s affinity for socialism , progressivism, Marxism or communism and even facism.

          He’s a hybrid idealog, a puppet for the worlds ruling elite…the central bankers own him just as they own most of the ruling elite in DC.

        • Vigilant

          “…Obama is 75% in the pocket of big business…”

          We’re going to remember that statement.

        • Don 2

          Too bad you don’t know a Marxist turd when you see one!

        • Deerinwater

          A Two dollar whore or a 5 dollar whore ~ it would seems?

          So what is your pleasure, ~ five two’s or two fives? ~ The cost is much the same while the end results somewhat certain, entertainment and human drama assured.

          It took the civil war and the Yellow fever epidemic of 1793 before artificially manufactured ice was considered suitable for human consumption.

          Prior to that, ~ ice blocks were harvested at the poles and shipped in.

          Prudence is a good thing but it can be seen as excessive at times.

          Apprehension, ~ I have , certainty, ~ I don’t.

  • Ibn Insha

    Apparently you seem to be under the thought that rich are all the time scheming to enrich themselves at the expense of the middle class instead of using the same time to get themselves rich by running their business. Yes there are some who would do it, but why? May be they got sick and tired of giving disproportionately in taxes and started followed the adage “If you can’t beat them join them.”

    For a very long time we have been abandoning the Constitution bit by bit and like slow poison we do not even feel it. Rich just want to get rich. They are not looking to do it at other people’s expense. It is all about government. When the rich find that they cannot beat the system they joined the system where government is elected by the majority and majority is not rich. This majority has its sacred cows. Politicians promise this majority to give them something for nothing and they elect those politicians. Now, our government, at all levels, is full of corrupt politicians. Can you name one politician who is not corrupt? May be except Rand Paul. And we have been having corrupt politicians for a very very long time. Corrupt politicians did not just appear with the election of Obama. They were always there because corrupt Americans elected them. We believe that we have right on other people’s money and property. It is a very dangerous moral corruption of the people. And there are other national indulgences that you have mentioned that have rendered this nation numb in the head.

    Take the government out and you will have no problems but unfortunately that would not happen unless the people choose to do so and a nation that is addicted to government freebees cannot do so.

    The government tell us and we believe it that it is not right for the guy who is selling potatoes to seek higher price for his potatoes but it is all right for the homeowners to seek higher price for his house. The higher the better. Government actually promote home ownership and high prices. And people don’t realize that higher property prices also mean higher prices for everything that you need to build and maintain that property. But government tells you that high price for lumber, rock sheet, plumbing and electric hardware is not good and people are being gouged.

    Go out on street and every American would tell you that government is spending too much but when you ask them where to cut government expenditures they would either not be able to tell you one expense to eliminate or cut or they would tell you to cut all expenses except the ones they like. As long as everybody has sacred cows we cannot fix our government and government cannot be fixed until we fix ourselves.

  • JeffH

    Obama’s War on the Middle Class
    How many times have you heard President Obama express concern for the middle class? More than you can count. Even his website begins “Learn more about Barack Obama and why he’s fighting for the middle class.”

    But if we look at Obama’s actual record rather than his rhetoric, it is plain that the middle class has been one of the leading victims of his presidency.

  • Karolyn

    Would you believe Cadillac sales are up 38%? GM Sales in general are up 3% and Ford reports an increase also.

  • Karolyn

    RV sales are up too! What gives? I’m seeing this on ABC.

  • Old Wolf

    Same madness really that led to the Great Depression. Buy stocks! Can’t buy stocks? Call a bank to borrow money to buy stocks! Can’t afford the call? Borrow a nickel from a friend! Stocks are going up, up up!’
    They’re an illusion. They’re not investment, they’re a gambling casino, and like all casinos, are fixed for the house. When a single computer mistrading can drop the stock market, there is no security or reality there.
    One of the greatest flim-flams of the modern age.

  • me

    why let the rich and powerful take over. they have played on voter ignorance long enough. they sensationalize elections something like beauty padgents. the overglorified one is the most beautiful. there is one thing that will change this. voters need to become more aware. there are too many who could vote in this country and do not care. probly will after the rich and powerful take it all. i we had thesse votes and these people voted the right way what could the powerrul do. i want my country back.

  • Michael Shreve

    Most people cannot imagine that the United States is in a state of economic and social collapse, even though the signs and indicators are everywhere.
    Those of us who ARE aware are in a quandary as to HOW to stop it short of a reboot.