The Real IRS Scandal: The Tea Party Is Small Potatoes


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The IRS/Tea Party Scandal doesn’t hold a candle to the size and scope of IRS abuses… So, it sheds no light on anything.

Let’s boil this scandal down to simple words; words like “Tea Party” and “Patriot” and “Constitutional”; words that when used in paperwork to become tax exempt organizations, keep the people filing from being treated fairly. And, before I get to the point… understand… everyone should be treated fairly… and with a 1st Amendment Right to speak and write and congregate… what we say or write should have no bearing on whether or not we are treated equally. Who disagrees with that?

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Something is wrong if some words (speech) are tax deductible and some words aren’t. Something is wrong if the government gets to decide which ones are deductible and which ones are not. It’s a heinous encroachment on the 1st Amendment.

But really, why is it such a big deal if a powerful political group is not cheated fairly (I said “cheated” but I meant “treated”), especially when thousands without power and political clout are not treated fairly? It seems that’s no big deal at all, at least to the mainstream media and public — but not to those whose lives are ruined.

The real problem is having such a powerful and largely unaccountable agency whose job is to tax work — something that shouldn’t be taxed anyway — while also wielding carte blanche powers to ruin lives.

Shining A Light On The Real Scandals: The Ruining Of Lives

I handled the remnants and ashes of a case in Walnut Ridge, Ark., where Gordon Kahl, a tax protestor, was assassinated by Sheriff Gene Matthews in 1983. Then Matthews was killed by “friendly fire” as he left the scene of his violence and was mistaken for the tax protestor. Then gasoline was poured onto the building to destroy the evidence… and the place lit on fire. The IRS, U.S. Marshals, FBI, and local Arkansas sheriffs arrested Norma Ginter, a housewife, brutalized her and charged her with harboring Gordon Kahl and murdering Sheriff Gene Matthews. Norma was eventually found not guilty on the trumped-up murder case — I was her attorney. If you read the old papers back in 1983, Norma looked like Ma Barker … except Ma Barker was guilty and Norma was a sweet heart housewife guilty of nothing.

And, I was there after the trauma in West Virginia when IRS motivated SWAT teams threatened to kill a family dog, and a little 7-year-old girl hurled her body in front of the red dot from the sniper gun to protect her dog. Terrorized, handcuffed and restrained parents wondered if their daughter would be killed. Home not burned — just wrecked.

A teenager forced from a shower at gun point, so the IRS could “check out” her parents’ home.

A short, round-faced tax preparer attacked by an IRS SWAT team. The kind little man standing back while his secretary messed on herself out of fear, staring into the barrel of IRS guns.

Photographs of a grandmother in her nightie taken by IRS undercover spies, trying to prove God only knows what.

A business man arrested at his golf course… and shackled and chained… by a half dozen armed IRS special agents with guns drawn.

A family’s house foreclosed on because all of their money was seized, by mistake, a mistake not corrected for another five years… and all their checks bounced.

A public company with a factory and workers, chained closed by the IRS because of a mistake on payroll deductions.

Taking a little girl’s tap dance shoes because the IRS claims her parents owe taxes, macing the parents and falsely charging one of them with assault.

Threatening to seize the wheelchair of a quadriplegic.

Committing a fraud against 1,300 war veterans and pilots tying them up for 30 years in Tax Court… then after getting caught, and admitting wrong-doing, fighting them four more years.

Convicting two outstanding senior citizens from Colorado on 64 Federal felony criminal charges, then confiscating their home and their vehicle – Jim and Pamela Moran’s false and malicious convictions were overturned and they were acquitted of all charges. Read the story, “64 Felony Charges Beaten.” We subsequently got their home and their jeep returned to them.

I’ve seen some really bad stuff.

So now, the “acting” commissioner of Internal Revenue Service (the real commissioner already left in November) resigns in disgrace because some bullies way under him are being very unfair to the Tea Party.

And, he is replaced by another “acting” commissioner. Maybe we should get someone who isn’t acting? Or maybe we should just quit trying to make an evil organization legitimate… admit we can’t, close it and move on.

Do I defend the improper government administrative actions against groups who don’t like the IRS as part of their political agenda? No. I don’t need to help the Tea Party out either. There are apparently thousands of people on both the left and the right, the media, the Congress and the administration clearly willing and able to do that.

I just have to wonder out loud when they are doing so much that is so much worse against so many who have no power… Is this the nastiest thing the politicians can find? Is this the most important human rights violations by the IRS that our media can point to?

Not even close.

That’s the real scandal.

— Michael Minns, lawyer

Personal Liberty

Michael Minns

as proclaimed by both Geraldo and G. Gordon Liddy, is the best tax defense lawyer in America. An officer of the Enrolled Agents Society, an organization of accounting and tax professionals, stated that if you can't hire Minns on your criminal tax case... then pack your toothbrush, you are heading for jail.He is a featured writer for the US~Observer –, as well as being the chief consulting lawyer for the news organization.As a former Texas Boxing Champion, Minns learned to never pull a punch and his victories include the largest tax refund case in U.S. history; the first and second disbarment of IRS lawyers for misconduct in U.S. history; the largest number of off shore acquittals in a single case in U.S. history; and, the largest legal malpractice judgment against a divorce lawyer in U.S. history -- quite a “partial resume.” Minns' specific individual victories are too numerous to mention but many are discussed in his two bestselling books; “The Underground Lawyer” and “How to Survive the IRS.”The perspective he has gained by not only defending people from the IRS, but also going after the lawyers from the IRS, as well as the con-artists who made citizens vulnerable to IRS in the first place, has given him a unique point of view regarding government payoffs and financial wrangling. Michael Minns can be contacted via his web site –

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  • JeffH

    The time is now – ABOLISH THE IRS and simplfy the tax code for everyone!
    No free rides!

  • Doug

    Abuse of power under color is the very worst crime done to humans by humans and in the day you could be shot in the head for it, as a solder at 17 i knew this and now 35 + years later it seems that’s all i see now a days,the time for change for good not greed or belief’s is long over due and what i see is a gov out of control stepping on our rights and down right treasonous acts against the people who i might add pay them.

  • Paul

    Excellent piece, Michael. Just imagine how many other cases are not mentioned above. We all know the only way to resolve the issue is to abolish the IRS. A simple flat tax structure would make it fair to all. Can you imagine the money saved? It would help considerably in reducing government deficit. Obviously we all know it will never happen. Too many special interest group has their claws in our government and our government has their claws in them. It is not a matter of IF but WHEN it will all collapse.

    • Bud Wood

      When? My guess is before the 2016 “election”.

  • Warrior

    Mr. Hammer………………Meet Mr. & Mrs. Nail.

  • TIME

    My Dear People,

    The irs is really nothing more than a method of instilling FEAR in Honest people.

    In a way its a {False God like unit} ~ created by the New face of the Roman Empire /aka the New World Order ~ to keep them in power all the while keeping Americans afraid to venture to the question, { Why is it that within the irs code – they can’t tax your wage, or earning for your labor by hour or per day etc..}

    Yet all Americans think they must pay this beast 6/6/6 the number of MAN x 3, yet if you read the “alledged law” what you will find it that the only ones who are to pay are those that earn by way of: “Dividen Yield.” & “Capital Gains.”
    So is your pay based on either of these?

    Thats it folks. Please ~ Learn the “LAW” thats being use to enslave YOU!

    Peace and Love Shalom

    • Daniel F. Melton

      There is historic precedence in other nations. East Germany’s Staatssicherheit, the Soviet Union’s Komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti and the Third Reich’s Gestapo.
      They all employed the same tactics as the irs.

      • TIME

        Dear Daniel,

        Thats quite true, oddly the reason is also very simple, yet has been so schrouded by way of obfucated rhetoric that its hard for most humans to see its ~ TRUE ~ face value.

        The fact is saddly that we are following the same circle logic set forth over 5,000 years ago.

        “Keep the mass’s running in circles to ensure that thier chains are never seen.”

        { When they see these chains } ~ Then ~ Confound them with Majic tricks so as to take their eyes off the chains.

        Note the word “Babylon” ~ to Confound.

        Make them Golden idols, such as a Golden Bull, or RED BULL, note the Bull, its the key in the game. Follow the worship of the Bull.

        Afterall a good slave never questions his masters words, as there is nothing else.

        Peace and love Shalom.

        • Daniel F. Melton

          Obfuscation is a Capitol crime. Execute ’em.

          • John

            hahahahaha, oh Danny. You would have made such a great Nazi.

  • DavidL

    The real scandal with the IRS is that the Tea party and other partisan political groups received the 501(c) tax free status in the first place. What classic hypocrisy. The Tea Party hates and attacks government and its spending while asking that same government to spend to subsidize their partisan hatred. AND IT DID! If you are not “exclusively” working on social welfare, whether left, middle, or right, you should not be permitted taxpayer funds to help pay for it.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear DavidL,

      You write: “The Tea Party hates and attacks government and its spending while asking that same government to spend to subsidize their partisan hatred.” What would the government be “spend[ing] to subsidize” non-profits?

      Best wishes,

    • Daniel F. Melton

      So what’s your take on “o”boy’s relative getting a two year retroactive tax exemption on his fraudulent 501 “social welfare” organization?

    • TIME

      Dear David,

      Thank you for displaying your utter ignorance of the 501 A, B, C, as well others.
      There really is nothing quite as humorous as an illiterate slave who follows what they are told by their masters with out question.

      Peace and Love Shalom.

    • Wiley2

      The idea that “working on social welfare” is a legitimate reason to extort the product of their labor from taxpayers is a perfect example of the “hypocrisy” and warped thinking that has brought this country to the brink of destruction. Evil acts do not ultimately have good results, the end does not justify the means, and so the existence and tolerance of the institution of the IRS whose sole function is theft is the “real scandal”.

  • mari

    “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”!

    • Daniel F. Melton

      Open season, no bag limit.

  • CatGman

    The government is corrupt. The IRS is corrupt. The IRS is an agency of the United States Government. ere lies the problem. Who will look out for the people and protect us from this tyranny? Does anyone really believe that those in government are interested in limiting their own power over us? The Constitution is the only thing that stands in their way. That is why they are attacking it.

    • vicki

      The Constitution is just a piece of parchment. What stands in their way is millions of people who are not willing to give up our guns and are willing to use them to enforce the contract (Constitution) between We, The People and the government. That is why the focus on schools. If they can indoctrinate the young successfully they will be able to take over when we move on.

  • Wiley2

    This video of Becky Gerritson’s testimony about the actions of the IRS and broader government sums up perfectly the abuse that’s destroying this country.

  • Bud Wood

    We probably don’t need to worry. With the various scandals popping up in the federal government, in all probably it will implode before too long. Place your support at your local levels.

  • hungry4food

    How we might circumcise Obamacare by drafting a similar order state by state ???

  • Ibn Insha

    Want to fix problems? Take all powers, or at least most of them, from the government. But what makes you think that is going to happen? As long as, we the people, are dishonest we will continue to give powers to government for free stuff in return. Government is our proxy. If we don’t fix ourselves we cannot fix government. Simple.

  • Firestone

    Ban The IRS..Simple