The Possible Outcomes Of The Shutdown Theater

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Only a week ago, the consensus among most mainstream economic analysts and even some alternative analysts was that a government shutdown was not going to happen. The Republicans would fold in the shadow of President Barack Obama’s overwhelming drive for socialization, spending would continue to grow unabated, and the debt ceiling would be vaulted yet again to feed the bureaucratic machine with more fiat. Today, there is no consensus, very few people continue to be so blithely self-assured and even the mainstream is beginning to wonder if a much bigger game is afoot here.

One rule I try to follow whenever possible is to always be open to possibilities beyond the expected and never assume that today’s dynamic will be the same as tomorrow’s dynamic. In a world of staggering political and economic manipulation, one has to grasp hold of certain fundamental truths in order to survive. In my time working within the liberty movement and outside of the mainstream, these are a few of the cold, hard truths that have served me well.

It’s Always About Globalization

Every action the elites within our government take pushes the U.S. closer to globalism and away from sovereignty. We may not always see the bigger picture in the heat of the moment, but a look back tells us much. Seemingly simple changes in financial legislation render devastating fiscal shifts a decade later (as with the progressive erasure of Glass-Steagall). Shocking disaster events that appear random suddenly open doors for totalitarian legislation that had been prepared years in advance. Wars end with further calls for world “unification.” Nothing, and I mean nothing, happens within government that does not revolve around the desire of establishment oligarchy to achieve total global economic, political and social control.

The Bankers Did It

Central banks and international banks are the bedrock of globalization, and all greater political decisions eventually stand on this bedrock. One need only examine the cabinets of the past four U.S. Presidents; there you will find a regular carnival freak show of banking elites who would go on to revolve in and out of government and back into the international financial sector. Private central banks like the Federal Reserve dominate the very currency (and thus the economy) of most nations on the planet. Most wars and man-made disasters of the past several centuries have served only to further enrich and empower the merchant class, and the same holds true today. If you want to understand why a certain calamity has occurred, first look to who benefited most. Invariably, you will find the banker class smiling when all is said and done.

America’s Two-Party System Is Actually A One-Party System

If you do not yet understand that the elite of the Republican Party and the Democratic Party share the same foundational philosophy of globalism, then you will never understand why our government does what it does. Public battles of words and legislation are nothing but rhetorical cinema. Ultimately, the goals of neocons and neolibs revolve around the centralization of power. All legislation is used either to further centralization or as a smokescreen to confuse the public while centralization is taking place. When has the leadership of either party, for instance, ever demanded a full audit of the Federal Reserve? When has the leadership of either party ever attempted to dismantle the Patriot Act or the despotic provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act or the President’s openly admitted assassination list? They may seem to disagree violently at times, but do not be fooled. The disagreement is likely just another means to gain more dominance.

The Goal Is To Destroy The American Economy

What you believe to be political blunders are often actually calculated and engineered events. What you believe to be chaotic disasters of coincidence are often actually deliberate acts of attrition warfare against the common people disguised as random catastrophe. Those you believe to be heroes are actually villains in friendly masks. Those you are told to be villains are actually good men and women who refused to be enslaved by the system. That which you see and hear is never exactly as it appears.

Nearly every concrete action our government and central bank have taken in the past several decades has led to the further erosion of the American economy. If this is all just the consequence of “stupidity” or “childish greed,” you would think our so-called leadership would have at least made a few good decisions by mistake; but they are incredibly adept at choosing all the wrong paths.

The reality is that collapses on the scale we are now witnessing in America rarely happen by accident.

The destruction of Glass-Steagall was a carefully crafted coup. The Federal Reserve deliberately and artificially lowered interest rates in order to allow banks to generate massive toxic debt through the derivatives markets. The Securities and Exchange Commission did little to nothing to stop the spread of cancerous mortgage instruments and ignored numerous calls for investigation. Ratings agencies like Moody’s and Fitch examined all of these toxic assets, knowing exactly what they were, and rated them AAA anyway. And banks like Goldman Sachs, knowing that the market was a sham, sold these bad assets around the world and then secretly bet against them later. Either this is economic warfare implemented with precision, or it’s all a string of coincidental blunders. I don’t believe in such coincidences.

America is being destroyed by design to make way for a new global system administered by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, as well as a new global currency tied to the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights.

If you are able to accept this, the confusion surrounding events like the government shutdown and debt ceiling debate withers, and everything becomes clear. With that clarity in mind, we can now examine the possible outcomes of the shutdown theater.

Republicans Surrender At The Last Minute

Of course, since both parties are essentially one party, the idea of “brinksmanship” on the part of either is absurd. The GOP will surrender, or “stand fast,” because its serves the interests of the globalist establishment. There is no political battle here, only the empty chest-beating of a staged wrestling match.

Bets on a last-minute Republican reversal were in the majority for the past week of the shutdown, but that is slowly changing — and for good reason. Obama has stated that the Affordable Care Act is off the table in negotiations, while Republicans like Ted Cruz and John Boehner are now stating with surprising candor that debt default is on the table if Obama refuses to compromise.

Gee, it would seem we are at an impasse. In the meantime, the GOP is also moving to wrap the debt ceiling debate into the shutdown fight, making a “diplomatic compromise” even less likely to make sense to the public. (Those who argued that the shutdown and the debt ceiling were two entirely separate issued should accept this reality and move on.)

If I were writing this bit of fiction, I would say I was writing myself into a corner and that a last-minute Republican white flag would be illogical to my audience. That said, not all stories are well-written stories, so a Republican rollover remains an option for the time being. The primary reason I can see for the establishment to instruct the GOP to retreat would be to set the stage for a new stimulus event, like a war, which still leaves the U.S. dollar on track to lose its world reserve status — just not as fast a track.

Default Occurs By Winter

This plot twist makes far more sense to me given the way our story has progressed so far. Why? Because it provides perfect cover for an economic collapse that was going to occur anyway, except in this version the banking elite avoid all blame.

Just look at all the angry rhetoric being thrown around in the mainstream media; red team versus blue team has returned as the pervasive American sitcom.

Conservatives blame liberals and Obama. Liberals blame conservatives and the Tea Party. We’re all too happy to blame each other. Certainly, both elements of our government share responsibility for any debt default or subsequent collapse. But who started this avalanche to begin with? What about the Federal Reserve? What about Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Citigroup, etc.? What about the globalists?

Debt default is no small matter. Such a disaster would indeed fuel a flight from U.S. Treasuries by foreign investors and eventually lead to the complete abandonment of the greenback as the world reserve standard. Austerity measures would be implemented at break-neck speed. Cuts to entitlement programs, pensions, State funding, etc. will hit the American people like a freight train.

The way in which the MSM is already painting “Tea Party” conservative as saboteurs should a default occur is actually a very practical strategy. Not only do the elites get their economic collapse, but they manipulate the general public to believe that Constitutional conservatives, their mortal enemies, were the cause of the pain, rather than the banks.

Order From Chaos

Should the establishment decide this is the moment to pull the plug on our financial structure, expect some rather insane-sounding solutions to be presented as rational alternatives. When Obama was asked by reporters if he considered the 14th Amendment as an option to end the debt ceiling debate, Obama did not rule out the idea.

This should raise some eyebrows. By the 14th Amendment I can only surmise that they mean Section 4, which states:

The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned. But neither the United States nor any State shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void.

Some people, including CNBC’s Jim Cramer, think that this gives the President the power to raise the debt ceiling regardless of what Congress decides. 

And Obama doesn’t appear to be dismissing the notion either. However, Section 5 of the 14th Amendment says:

The Congress shall have power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.

Nowhere in Section 5 does it say that the President has the power to enforce the provisions of the 14th Amendment, but this may not stop the White House from twisting the law to insinuate more expansive controls.

Beyond the 14th Amendment, there are numerous executive orders and continuity of government programs that the White House could cite as authority to implement national emergency standards. This would probably start as a kind of “soft” martial law, and then grow from there. Each action will be rationalized as necessary for the greater good of the country, but will serve only the interests of the establishment oligarchy.

On the Republican side, there is another disturbing development that may be presented as a solution in the face of crisis — namely, the idea of instituting a Constitutional convention.

A Constitutional convention is essentially a complete rewriting of the document in the name of rebooting a government that has strayed too far from the wishes of the people. The concept is being promoted avidly by certain neocon talking heads and scholars, even on the FOX News circuit.

It sounds very noble on the surface, and neocons use very pretty language to candy coat the idea for Constitutionalists; but it is truly the most foolish action our country could take, opening the door to a complete erasure of Bill of Rights protections while offering no assurances that any meaningful provisions will be respected by the Federal government. If the liberty movement is suckered into a Constitutional convention, we will have been lured into writing our own destruction.

The most dangerous solution that will inevitably be paraded for the public will be a petition for aid from the IMF. The IMF has a long history of loansharking to indebted nations and then subsuming them and their natural resources in the process. The ignorant illusion that the United States is the sole power behind the IMF will be exposed all too late when a defaulting American Treasury is told to collateralize infrastructure to pay off creditors, while the dollar is bled completely dry and absorbed by the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights basket currency.

Whether default occurs or is avoided, watch vigilantly over the next few weeks. Do not blink. Do not be conned, and do not let fear or bias blind you to the bigger picture. The shutdown could amount to nothing immediate, or it could amount to everything we have warned about for the past five years. I personally believe the month of October may be a major turning point in America’s history. Whether it be for good or ill depends on how mentally and physically prepared we are.

–Brandon Smith

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Brandon Smith

is the founder of the Alternative Market Project, an organization designed to help you find like-minded activists and preppers in your local area so that you can network and construct communities for barter and mutual aid. Join today and learn what it means to step away from the unstable mainstream system and build something better. You can contact Brandon Smith at:

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  • Harold Olsen

    This isn’t over yet. As Yogi Bera once said, “It isn’t over ’til it’s over.” I am surprised the Republicans haven’t caved yet. This shutdown is the fault of Obama and his Nazi Democrats. They blame Boehner and the Republicans. However, if the Republicans are true to form, they’ll back off and cave and give the Nazis whatever they want. They have no courage and are a bunch of traitors. I have no confidence in either party or our government any longer. Their attitude is “F*** the American people!”

    • Deerinwater

      it’s only due process at work Mr. Olsen, ~ Making sausage has never been glamorous to behold. Tell us how we can make the process of bargaining any more delightful without rolling over to get our tummy scratched?

      if default serves us best ~ than default it shall be.

      • Sunshine49

        Default would only serve the global elites and international bankers — NOT the American public. The “people” have put themselves in this position by trusting crooks to do the “right” thing. Now we are told we are domestic terrorists if we dare to disagree with the government. This is NOT going to end well!

        • TheOriginalDaveH

          There is life after default:

          Note particularly the section about asset sales.
          There is nothing keeping us from Shrinking Government dramatically and selling off their assets, except of course those Leaders who don’t want to give up their booty and Power.
          The Federal Reserve is in a perpetual state of default every time they issue new unbacked fiat money thus defaulting on their obligations to dollar holders by rendering them worth less.
          Another consideration from the article:
          “Unfortunately, most of the academic discussion has focused entirely on the possible short-term costs of default, with almost no attention paid to the almost certain long-term costs of continued borrowing”.

          • Sunshine49

            Thanks for the link. I backed Ron Paul so you know where my sympathies belong — with sound money and not this fiat garbage the Fed puts out.

            One of the things that is misunderstood is that the government does NOT own anything because it used the money it took from the “people” to buy everything. It all belongs to the PEOPLE and Obama has no right to close it down.

            The only default will be a contrived one to cause more of a split, another economic collapse and maybe a civil war. The sole purpose is to take down the US as a super power and holder of the world’s reserve currency. We are standing in the way of the antichrists from taking over the world completely and Satan’s dominion over the kingdoms of the world through fiat money.

            It’s a shame that so few will see the truth until it’s too late. Man thinks he is smarter than God!

          • Vis Fac

            Not all men! Liberals have renounced God True men embrace God. I would be and have nothing without God, and I’m not ashamed to admit to it.

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          • Karolyn

            How can you make a statement like that? Very presumptuous of you to claim that “Liberals have renounced God.”

          • Vis Fac

            Not presumptuous in the least Karolyn:

            Did you happen to watch the DUMBOCRITIC national convention when someone wanted to lead the session with a prayer and received a clamorous chorus of BOOs Did you miss that? Consequently there was no prayer.

            Now lets address the idea of removing God from our currency (liberally sponsored) or the removal of personal prayer in school (another liberal edict) not to mention removal of crosses on public land and removal of all mention of God All liberally sponsored edicts.

            Now you tell me if I’m being presumptuous KAROLYN !!!
            If it looks quacks and waddles like a duck, guess what it’s a duck!!!

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          • Karolyn

            Generalizations are just plain small-minded. You can’t arbitrarily label millions of people with a blanket statement like that. The majority does believe in God, whether they proclaim it to the world, wear it on their sleeve, or not. There are also those who believe in a different concept of God. It is very self-serving to stand in judgment of so many whether they believe as you do or not. And, actually, it doesn’t matter if they believe in God, as long as they are good, moral people. (Look at Dave H. as one example.) I really marvel at the blanket judgments made here. Like liberals are subhuman or something. We are all human beings with the same wants and desires and common dreams. I may not agree with what extremists have to say, whether right or left; but I respect their right to say it and do not feel the need to denigrate them.

          • Vis Fac

            When I see a a group that supports a dogma and vehemently supports said dogma then it is not a matter of Generalization it is a matter of fact. Those who don’t ascribe to this dogma leave I have yet to see a mass exodus from the DEMONCRITE party so I can safely say that I am not generalizing one iota.

            If you take offense then I suggest you reexamine where your loyalties should ride. I was once a republican and since I cannot agree with their dogma I have since removed myself from their roster. I am now independent.

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          • Karolyn

            My loyalties reside with good people and good ideas no matter what their ideology. I do not put myself in a box. The roster my name is on means nothing.

          • Vis Fac

            So be it you are as those who you associate.

            Birds of a feather flock together!

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          • podunk1

            Unfortunately, we’re arguing about words without truth, accountability, logic, reason, or morality. Substance is overwhelmed by noise.

            A budget with internal control and spending checks and balances is an elementary requirement for any spending of public money or exchange of public assets! Every Obama executive office budget over the past 5 years has been overwhelmingly rejected by the senate and house! Let’s just say its been 4.8 years @ 365days and call it 3942 days of not having enough time to properly account for the wealth of our nation!

            Obama’s “trust me” spending has driven national debt up $7 trillion to $17 trillion, and he’s just days away from running out again! He hasn’t asked for a budget with accountability! He’s demanding another “CR” (continuing resolution) that merely continues the 2009 bail-out spending plus another (6++%?) per year to cover the currency devaluation caused by massive currency & bond counterfeiting! He’s also demanding another trillion dollar debt limit increase to continue looting the treasury!

            Open proclamations to the world that he will default on debt payment, with full knowledge that there is more than enough revenue to pay debts and maintain necessary government functions is an act of treason, intended to create financial Armageddon! Why isn’t Obama, his soldiers, and any news media passing those false threats arrested, charged, and facing mind numbing consequences.

            While O’Nero is shutting down public facilities, homes, cancer treatment for children, the ocean, home loan access, and everything else people paid for and own under the umbrella of government of the people… no one with a brain seems to be motivated to check out where the blood bath of public money disappears. It’s time to remove the corruption from executive and legislative offices!


          • Sunshine49

            Thanks for saying it in dollar and cents terms that people will MAYBE understand. Of course the left will deny the truth that is there for all to see.

            I just look at it in simpler terms of the battle between good and evil. Evil is winning FOR NOW!

          • podunk1

            Just one incidence demonstrates the cost issue.

            11 million Illegal aliens are subsidized by at least $402 billion per year ($36,545 each!) – based on gang of 8 crap back in the spring where they falsely claimed wage savings of $437 billion & net economic gain of $35 billion!

            For sure, they’re putting 11 million citizens out of work & common sense says at least another $402 billion is spent subsidizing jobless citizens in countless various benefits.

            That simple act and reaction @ 11 million costs citizens $804 billion. If there are 22 million of them, the cost is $1.6 trillion per year. – Estimates range from 11 to 30 million – can’t trust anything government says! Those numbers are about $1.1 trillion @ 11 million aliens with citizen income losses, etc.

            Note Aug BLS jobless -= 11.316,000 (7.3%) unemployed & notes 7,152,000 (4.6%) jobless & looking for work = 18,468,000 (11.9%) total jobless

            Adjusting BLS 245,959,000 eligible population to the 12yr 1997/2008 avg. 66.54% workforce to population ratio the real workforce is 163,651.000. Then adjusting their 144,170,000 employed @ 34.4 hr/week to a 40 hours equivalent, only 123,986,000 are really employed and real joblessness is 39,665,000 (24.2%) on a pre-Obama historical basis. (ref BLS DATA Aug, 2013)

            Pass it on to everybody you know – drown progressives in their own BS! We don’t need more spending,,, we need to prosecute looting and treason!

          • Vis Fac

            The elite OWN the media and have say so on what is reported so you’ll never know the truth unless you do your OWN research. The American people have been dumbed down and programmed to rely on the media for control purposes

            Latest news I just learned that ODUMBO has also shut down aid to families of service personnel killed in action.

            Obviously ODUMBO is NOT as “compassionate” as he and the media wants us to believe!

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          • Vis Fac

            There is NEVER consideration of any long term effects. The belief that no one will need to pay the orchestra is what fuels their desire to be irresponsible.

            I often ponder what the elite will do when the economy tanks and they hold worthless script then I realized they will have traded their script for tangible assets.

            I have advocated doing that for some time as I started more that two decades ago. When the economy tanks (and it will) banksters will have already acquired enough to live the lifestyle they are used to, while others clamor for what is left. Something to ponder!!

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            No Doubt. The bankers know what they are doing. Unfortunately, the common citizens typically don’t.

          • Vis Fac

            The average American has a comprehension level of a fifth grade education. Television advertisers know this and so does the government. They know if they tell the same lie over and over people will believe it. Hence ODUMBO’s And Liberals accounting of the improving economy and job market They continually report on the stock market (which has no connection to the GNP) as being the barometer of the nation’s economy.

            If one really wants to understand how dismal our economy truly is they should look at all the empty commercial space and empty shops the elimination of stock on the shelves or in the isles of local department and discount stores. Ask a business owner how business is because the owner is most likely to be there because he/she cannot afford to pay employees salaries.

            The government is consistently lying to the American people and we have been dumbed down and conditioned to accept these lies (most of us anyway)

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

        • Charlie

          Sunshine49 ,,, fear not , Obama and the CEG will be taken out by Obadiah,,, Obadiah is a minor Prophet book between Amos and Jonah … Read it ,,,it’s about to happen,,, that means in months or a year… Have you accomplished Acts 2:38 ? do it , and your position will be protected IF? you Praise King Jesus for Salvation everyday and Pray Matthew 6:9—13 everyday ……………

          • Sunshine49

            I’ll have to discuss Obadiah with my Bible study group to see what they think. I see it makes reference to an eagle but that doesn’t mean it’s talking about the US. It’s also part of the OT so I would think it’s already been fulfilled.

            I believe we are in the last days and no kingdoms of this world are going to be “saved”. It’s gone past that point and heading into Revelation. It’s up to the individual now if they are going to accept the promise and follow Christ to eternal life in the “coming” kingdom.

            I’ve been baptized twice in my life already, but I didn’t really understand way back when I was young, what it really meant. I do now because I’m on a new path of understanding. Being baptized is more than just a ritual by some religious group. You have to mean it in your heart to receive the Holy Spirit. The path is narrow and not many will find it.

            I do want His Kingdom to come so I do pray for it every day. There’s nothing holding me to “this’ world and I focus on the “coming” Kingdom that Jesus will bring so I’m not afraid of whatever happens.

            Thanks for the good thoughts

    • Vis Fac

      Actually their attitude is summed up by Hooray for ME and F-You

      Libertas inaestimabilis res est

    • TheOriginalDaveH

      Are you sure it’s a matter of courage, Harold, and not pre-planned intention? How else can they keep their fans chanting for their team?

  • Deerinwater

    Impressive, insightful write up Mr. Smith. Balanced and level, one of your better pieces of work.

    At the end of the day, ~ we will be as they (the elites and bankers) wish for it to be, the natural progression of a engineered global society in which futuristic and science fiction writers have predicted for 50 years.

    But it won’t be this day, but something less.

    • Sunshine49

      This article is right on target as far as the US being sold off to it’s creditors. From what I understand, the government has put every American in debt for $62,000 each. If they collapse the dollar very few would be able to come up with that money so the next step would be to confiscate everything they have and sell it off to the highest bidder.

      You need to Google “executive orders from hell” and see what the government has in store for the American people under Martial Law.

      There’s a book that tells you why this is all happening and it’s called the Bible. What is happening is making room for Satan’s complete control over the governments of the world. What we see now is NOTHING compared to the hell that’s coming.

      • FreedomFighter

        FEMA camps and slavery to a totalitarian state, only we can stop or slow it.
        Laus Deo
        Semper FI

        • nc

          Fighter of Freedom, where would you go to wipe out an illegal FEMA camp? How many Americans are being held there? Do you know any of those prisoners personally? Do you know any adults who know them personally??
          Totalitarian State?
          The very fact that you can come here and screech your fatalism is proof enough that we are not anywhere near a totalitarian state….ALLAH BE PRAISED!
          Semper FI

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            “How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think.” – Adolf Hitler

          • Vis Fac

            This is the reason the NEA was formed. Liberals and Unions are mostly made of the indolent and lethargic. They (the collective) want all the benefits of those who perform but abhor doing so themselves. Couple that with liberal one dimensional idiot-ology toy have a recipe for clandestine planned control of the populace.

            The plan is to gradually decrease acceptable curriculum and inject propaganda while the learned slowly die off. You do this is stages subtle enough to go undetected and in the end you have a population of programmable automatons eager to believe and do what you tell them.

            Why are the vast majority of Americans functionally illiterate and apathetic? Ask yourself who controls the school system and you’ll have your answer!

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          • FreedomFighter

            Works somewhat like this NC:Creation, organization, planning, execution of plan, repeat till all goals reached.
            Fatalism….no, giving up is not an option. It may be a ling hard struggle, in the end your kind lose. Its the way the book is writtin, it has not missed yet.
            Laus DeoSemper FI

          • Vis Fac

            FF Nut Case has lost already he just won’t acknowledge it!

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          • NC

            Force, I ask you where you can find a FEMA with political prisoners. You did not answer my question and exclaimed to the world that I lost the debate! YEAH, RIGHT!

          • Vis Fac

            Do you think it’s possibly because I never said FEMA held political prisoners, and don’t need to defend something I didn’t say? Or are you just trying to start more $hit?

            I STILL OWN YOU you MORON

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          • Bill

            You are just showing us how much of a psychopath you are

          • Vis Fac

            Bill: It’s NUT CASE — This clown is STARVING for attention. He doesn’t care that he has yet to make any sense he just likes to see his posts on the internet the only validation of a pathetic existence he can garner. Too much liberal KOOL-AID and one dimensional indoctrination.

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

        • Sunshine49

          I think we’ve gone past the point of stopping it. That ended with the 2012 fraud that was called an election. The puppet sitting in the WH is working for the global elites who want the US taken down as the holder of the world’s reserve currency.

          It’s just a matter of time until we’re all under Satan’s dominion. The good news is that he only has a SHORT time left before Jesus returns.

          Put on God’s armor and hang in there!

          • janna

            hate to p!ss on your parade
            but the bible is bull and Jesus ain’t coming
            but according to “the good book” YOUR Jesus did say
            sell all your worldly goods,give the money to the poor and follow me
            give unto Caesar what is Caesars
            it is easier for a camel to go thru the eye of a needle
            then for a rich man to enter heaven
            does not sound like a republican to me
            but by all means lets cut foodstamps,social security,medicare,medicade,
            and last but not least TAXES

          • FreedomFighter

            Yout ignorance is stunning in its scope.
            Laus DeoSemper FI

          • Jana

            According to our good book? Well, then why don’t you tell us where in that “good book” called the Bible, it tells us that, and what it is referring to when it says it, then we will take you seriously. Until then, I will tell you you do not know what you are talking about.

            I will tell you Jesus was talking to a rich man who had gained his wealth by cheating and stealing, this is why Jesus told him to sell his worldly goods and give them to the poor.

            Meanwhile, only comment on what you know, not on what you just think you know.

          • Charlie

            Well,,, janna ,,, a Bible expert ,,, just what I’ve been looking for ,,, what does John 3:5 mean ? how about John 3:22?,,, well then what does Acts 2:38 mean ? Does Peter
            mean what he says at 1 Peter 3:21?…………………………..

          • Deerinwater

            Capitalism and Christianity are very much at odds with each other.

            That the far right seems hell bent to “Out Jesus ” their opposition while clinging to notion of Venture capitalism, aka Crony capitalism as they scoff at socialism ~ comes across as laughable at times.

            Considering ~ they were raised and educated in a Socialist Society since birth if the were born in the USA.

            As far as Jesus coming ~ I don’t see him coming either ~ but I think that maybe we should carry he with us always ~ so in a sense ~ he’s never left.

  • gswifty

    So a new Constitutional Convention idea is being bandied about, much to our chagrin? Thanks for the heads-up, Brandon. Your incite and analysis is much appreciated.

  • RonWillison

    Brandon. As I read this. I said to myself. This looks like one of my rants. Good job. You are a much better writer than myself. Or in short. I couldn’t have said it better. Have any of you seen the RT NEWS video from last week about Switzerland entertaining the idea of, “a minimum income for every citizen. Working or not”? They dumped 13 or so tons of gold coins in a city plaza to show how wealthy they are and that they could actually do such a thing.

    • Bill

      Good comment, Ron

      You know we are in a world of trouble when Switzerland succumbs to the elitists. They were our bastion of free enterprise and financial privacy.

      It looks like they will be replaced by Singapore and Hong Kong.

    • TheOriginalDaveH–2-800-monthly-%E2%80%98basic-income%E2%80%99-minimum-for-adults-181937885.html
      Switzerland has had a fair amount of Socialism for a long time, although for sure much less than most other countries including the US. So this kind of thing really isn’t all that new.
      The sad reality is that Leaders gain more Power under Socialism, so they are inclined to promote it rather than to eliminate it.

  • 4lifeandfreedom

    Had just read last night that Warren Buffett raked in $10 billion off this latest shutdown and that Obama might go around the debt ceiling debate if 2/3 of Congresss is not there to vote against it, so Brandon seems right on target!

  • Oliver_K_Manuel

    Yes, it has been about globalization since 1945, when the United Nations was formed.

    FEAR of nuclear annihilation frightened world leaders and guilt-ridden scientists into undertaking a project that was doomed to failure from the start:

    Hide from the public information that is recorded in the rest masses of every known atom but three (H-1, H-2 & He-3): Energy (E) from repulsion between neutrons caused the atomic bombs to explode and that energy is clearly visible for all to see, stored as mass (m) in all of the other 3,000 known atoms.

    Spying on and/or locking up citizens will not keep the truth from leaking out: Neutron repulsion in the core of the Sun is the creator and sustainer of every world, life and atom in the solar system.

    Efforts to hide that information have enslaved mankind and now threaten the survival of the human species.

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

    • KG

      Mr Manure, please spare us the technical details of nuclear fission.

      It wasn’t the ‘discovery’ that was hidden. Almost any elementary text book on physics describes the process clearly enough that Iran IS going to detonate one. The Soviet Union, despite being behind the world technically almost a century, were able to detonate a fission bomb in 1949 – 4 years after America basically spent almost a decade and 5 billion dollars to have the Trinity test. And that was just a simple fission implosion device.

      Many at the Manhattan project realized what horrible consequences were to be anticipated once this ‘genie’ was let out of the bottle. It was proposed that it would just be demonstrated instead of being used militarily. However, on the morning of 6 August. 1945, the ‘bomb’ was dropped on a civilian target unleashing the power of neutron repulsion unto human flesh.

      It wasn’t the technology to be feared as much as the reaction Human beings have to possible annihilation. Suddenly things like world peace and peaceful co-existence become important. Unless you secretly desire the destruction of the planet – the driving force behind most Ultra Conservative Christians.

      • TheOriginalDaveH

        World Peace is the natural desire of normal human beings. It is from the 6% of the population, who are psychopaths, where most Leaders originate. And the Leaders, especially the Powerful Bankers and other Powerful Crony Capitalists, are the ones who push us into military conflicts around the world for their own gains. This is independent of Religion. Religion is just one of many tools that the psychopaths use to manipulate the rest of the people.
        Beware the Psychopaths in Leadership positions:

        I strongly suspect that KGB is one of the 6%.

        • hungry4food

          The Crony Fascists are making sure Government keeps these journalists from reporting on their neat relationships and goals too !!!!!!

          How Much Government waste is Involved in the Spying of American Citizens that
          this Reporter was Hot on the trail of and about to expose the
          relationship between Private Corps and Government ?????????

          FASCISM GONE WILD IN THE U.S.A. ??????

        • hungry4food

          The Crony Fascists are making sure Government keeps these journalists from reporting on their neat relationships and goals too !!!!!!

          How Much Government waste is Involved in the Spying of American Citizens that
          this Reporter was Hot on the trail of and about to expose the
          relationship between Private Corps and Government ?????????

          FASCISM GONE WILD IN THE U.S.A. ??????

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            The evidence is out there for anybody who is interested in learning about the cozy relationships between Crony Capitalists and Crony Politicians. All they have to do is read.
            Here’s a good start:
            Those who don’t understand money should probably read this first:

          • Vis Fac

            This is the problem with our liberal friends they are not interested in finding facts they don’t want to expend the energy and interrupt their TV text or video game time.

            Aside form that due to our public schools most of them cannot read so they rely on lame stream media resulting in their being ignorant.

            I have always advocated question everything. I do and doing so has served me well. I have been able to avoid situations others bring upon themselves and make decisions that were not only sound but profitable.

            The words of Benjamin Franklin constantly run through my head “believe none of what you read and half of what you see” sensible words from a pragmatic person!

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

        • Eric Bischoff

          I agree great article.

          I don’t know why we argue so much Dave when there are so many things we could agree on.

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            We are polar opposites. You advocate for the Collective and Big Government. I advocate for Individual Freedom and Small Government.
            I don’t know if you are an elitist who hopes to be at the top of the pecking order, or a Shill who is paid to mislead, or if you are just ignorant of reality. I have given you every chance to learn, and you stubbornly refuse to learn, so that leads me to believe you must be in the first or second category.

          • Eric Bischoff

            See Dave I hand out an olive branch and my hand and you come back to bite me again and again.

            I know we agree on some things but somehow you can never admit it.

            You ASSume that you know who I am and what I stand for but this is based on your filters which somehow keep you from having an open mind. I find you intelligent but very close minded and very rude.

            You seem to always want pick a fight and bring out the worse in people. You are definitely condescending. You seem to believe that only you have all the answers and everyone else is too dumb to see it. Don’t you know I have all the answers too! I see some of that in myself and I have you to thank you for reminding me of my flaws when I see them in you.

            But let’s clear up a few things since you are incapable (or is it unwilling) of discerning what I believe from my writings.

            I am NOT for big govt as you are ASSuming. I am for effective govt and there is a big difference. I believe there is a place for organizations like the EPA and FDA, etc.. As long as they have not been taken over by the very corporations they are supposed to police. And yes greedy bastards, polluters and thieves need to be policed.

            This is probably where we most disagree. You’d like us to believe that business, corporations will do the right thing and that a free market will make sure of that. You seem to want to ignore human nature. People can be wicked and greedy and choose to do the wrong thing and our society has proven that over and over. Like it or not people are not going to be angels any time soon and that is the main reason why we need government

            I am FOR individual freedoms and these include my choices in healthcare and what I do with my own body. I believe in personal choice as long as it doesn’t hurt someone else.

            I also believe that it is high time we assign rights to the commons. We probably disagree here too. The free market does not have the right to cut down the lungs of the planet, which is what the rain forest is, just so that it can make profits growing soy and corn to feed cattle.

            Business does not have the right to dump poisons in our oceans and atmosphere. Clean air and water is a commons that must be protected at all costs. Who is going to do that Dave the Free Market!

            Therefore Fracking, strip mining, Tar sands, nuclear energy, coal power plants MUST pay the cost of their pollution and sooner than later be replaced with clean renewable energy. It’s doable, cost effective and the technology is ready now. What’s missing is the political will power to take on big business.

            And yes unlike you I know that Global Warming in it’s current form is man made and directly related to our overuse of carbon energy. I am hoping that the greedy deniers will wise up before it’s too late, if it’s not already too late.

            I believe in the simple basic laws. Do what you have agreed to do and do not encroach on anyone else or their property.

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            The usual argumentum ad hominem that I’ve come to expect from Eric the Red.
            So, Eric, are you saying you’ve changed since this comment?

        • Bill

          Good analogy, Dave
          You are right about Kg, he is exhibiting the traits of a psychopath

          • Vis Fac

            DUH I wouldn’t be surprised if he holds a cabinet position in ODUMBO’s administration, or Holder’s right hand whipping boy. He seems to enjoy being beat down.

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

        • KG

          Did you ever listen to that poet and sage of the ages, Bob Dylan? He told the truth.

      • Oliver_K_Manuel

        What was hidden?

        Neutron repulsion causes:

        1. Atomic bombs to explode and
        2. Stars to make and discard hydrogen

        Neutron repulsion in the cores of

        1. Heavy atoms
        2. Some planets
        3. Ordinary stars and
        4. Galaxies like the Milky Way

        Power the whole cosmos and sustain our lives.

        No textbook of nuclear physics mentions this fact.

        • KG

          Are you referring to the ‘strong nuclear force’ ? I don’t understand what you are trying to prove? I have read some of your posts online , but they are all infected with a certain political bias rather than any real scientific theses. If what you are saying is so important, why has it been barely discussed outside of the Right-Wing Blogosphere?

          Is this a ‘conspiracy’ to destroy America and bring about the new world order? I hate to tell you, but if you live in America, YOU ARE IN The New World Order. Where Men rejected the notion that Kings and Queens were rulers simply because someone said G-d made that so. Where religion could be a part of live – not the complete arbiter of daily existence through a theocracy.

          Please be clear on your intent instead of hiding behind an Alex Jones mask.

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            More nonsense from the KGB infiltrator.
            It doesn’t matter whether you call a tyrant King or President. They are just names. And the reality of KGB’s advocated political system (Communism) is just tyranny, so his words are, as usual, Empty.

          • KG

            “History has shown the merit that Fascism has earned.”
            Ludwig Von Misies
            Spiritual Economic Adviser to Pinochett’s Chilie.

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            You’re a liar, KGB. What else can we expect from such an Evil man?
            You can’t even spell his name and you expect people to believe your quote is accurate?

          • KG

            How many times does a man have to lie to be called a liar? How many times must a man admit his fascist proclivities and be called a Fascist?

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            Good Question, Cagey. When are you going to admit to being a lying Fascist?

          • Car

            The passage from Mises as selectively quoted:

            “It cannot be denied that Fascism and similar movements aimed at the establishment of dictatorships are full of the best intentions and that their intervention has for the moment saved European civilization. The merit that Fascism has thereby won for itself will live on eternally in history.”

            And that’s where Lind ends it, failing to add Mises’s actual conclusion:

            “But though its policy has brought salvation for the moment, it is not of the kind which could promise continued success. Fascism was an emergency makeshift. To view it as something more would be a fatal error.”
            see link below


          • TheOriginalDaveH

            Thanks Car.

          • KG

            Mises thought that as a reaction to communism, fascism was understandable and even admirable. As he wrote:

            It cannot be denied that Fascism and similar movements aiming at the establishment of dictatorships are full of the best intentions and that their intervention has, for the moment, saved European civilization. The merit that Fascism has thereby won for itself will live on eternally in history. But though its policy has brought salvation for the moment, it is not of the kind which could promise continued success. Fascism was an emergency makeshift. To view it as something more would be a fatal error.

            During the early 1930s in Austria, Mises served as an economic advisor to the authoritarian regime of Engelbert Dollfuss, one of the many tin-pot dictators that sprang up in central Europe in Mussolini’s wake. It was more than simply anti-communism that made Mises a supporter of Dollfuss: a hatred of social democracy was also a factor. To his credit, Mises was at least more critical of National Socialism than he was of fascism. (With his Jewish ancestry, Mises would have been a victim of Nazi race laws if he hadn’t escaped to America).

          • Sunshine49

            There is only one king ordained by God since 33 AD and that is Jesus Christ. He has not yet come back to take over his kingdom, but when he does you will have no doubt as to who God is and who will be the FINAL ruler over this world.

            In the mean time we are living under Satan’s rule and deception that “man” can rule himself without God to guide us. You can see where that has got the world and the worst is yet to come!

          • KG

            Im sorry Sunshine, but you are just wrong. Christ told Christians who was in charge. The problem you have, though, is that you are like the Pharisee and the Sadducee.

            Matthew 22:16-21
            King James Version (KJV)
            16 And they sent out unto him their disciples with the Herodians, saying, Master, we know that thou art true, and teachest the way of God in truth, neither carest thou for any man: for thou regardest not the person of men.
            17 Tell us therefore, What thinkest thou? Is it lawful to give tribute unto Caesar, or not?
            18 But Jesus perceived their wickedness, and said, Why tempt ye me, ye hypocrites?
            19 Shew me the tribute money. And they brought unto him a penny.
            20 And he saith unto them, Whose is this image and superscription?
            21 They say unto him, Caesar’s. Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.

            Paul makes this abundantly clear in Romans:

            Romans 13:1-5
            King James Version (KJV)
            13 Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.
            2 Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.
            3 For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same:
            4 For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.
            5 Wherefore ye must needs be subject, not only for wrath, but also for conscience sake.

          • Charlie

            KG ,,, nit wit heathen ,,, agent provocateur ,,, you ought to know that Sunshine is a good thing ,,, OK just told us ,,,But,,, can you even explain the Scriptures that you copied out of The Bible ??? The first is where King Jesus Christ says render tax to what ever “”Jurisdiction”” you fear or think has “”Control”” over you…………………………..
            The second is where Paul tells us to obey the government that is also obedient to God ,,,NOT,,, just any crossbreed tyrant ……………. Meanwhile … Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing … Acts 2:38 is salvation …
            BTW,, at the day of The Lord the earth will be blown up as 2 Peter 3:10 says … Probably as OK explains the A bomb explosion ,,,BUT,,, at God’s Will , not Man’s ………………….
            KG, go have another bowl of GMO’s , you need some brainless food,,, how’s the smog in Los Angeleeees today??

          • Vis Fac

            Finally a person who can understand scripture.
            You pay taxes to a government who is obedient to God this is where people get it wrong!
            What ever we once were we are no longer a Christian nation Barack Hussein Obama
            This is not what I would consider a government that is obedient to God!!!

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          • Charlie

            FR ,,, Thanks ,,, I learned it the hard way ….

          • KG

            You are really deluded. To whom did Paul appeal to when he was accused? To G-d? NO. To the pagan Roman government he was a citizen of.

            Your nit picking “jurisdiction” is a load of crap. The sad part is YOU KNOW THAT. I guess you see yourself as a Pharisee –

            Luke 10:25-37
            King James Version (KJV)
            25 And, behold, a certain lawyer stood up, and tempted him, saying, Master, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?
            26 He said unto him, What is written in the law? how readest thou?
            27 And he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself.
            28 And he said unto him, Thou hast answered right: this do, and thou shalt live.
            29 But he, willing to justify himself, said unto Jesus, And who is my neighbour?
            30 And Jesus answering said, A certain man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and fell among thieves, which stripped him of his raiment, and wounded him, and departed, leaving him half dead.
            31 And by chance there came down a certain priest that way: and when he saw him, he passed by on the other side.
            32 And likewise a Levite, when he was at the place, came and looked on him, and passed by on the other side.
            33 But a certain Samaritan, as he journeyed, came where he was: and when he saw him, he had compassion on him,
            34 And went to him, and bound up his wounds, pouring in oil and wine, and set him on his own beast, and brought him to an inn, and took care of him.
            35 And on the morrow when he departed, he took out two pence, and gave them to the host, and said unto him, Take care of him; and whatsoever thou spendest more, when I come again, I will repay thee.
            36 Which now of these three, thinkest thou, was neighbour unto him that fell among the thieves?
            37 And he said, He that shewed mercy on him. Then said Jesus unto him, Go, and do thou likewise.

          • Charlie

            KG ,,, kinda goofy ,,, Rome was ruling the area where Paul was charged … Nit wit,, don’t forget Paul was assigned the mission field of Rome … Why don’t you explain what the 2 meanings of “Jurisdiction” are … I know but do you ??? Is The Holy Bible a “Jurisdiction”???
            What’s your point on this Good Samaritan Scripture?? are you one ?

          • KG

            Paul was a citizen of Rome, just as you are a citizen of the United States. He was not a ‘subject’ or a foreigner. And as a citizen of Rome, he appealed to the authority of the land, pagan Rome.

            I have no Idea what in Hades you are referring too as far a ‘jurisdiction’, the Bibles ‘jurisdiction’ is over the heats of the believers. G-d’s jurisdiction is over all of Creation.

            The story of the Good Samaritan is actually Christ’s way of telling profound truths in parables. And these parables hide truth from those who are not guided by the Holy Spirit. Jesus said:

            Mark 4:12
            King James Version (KJV)
            12 That seeing they may see, and not perceive; and hearing they may hear, and not understand; lest at any time they should be converted, and their sins should be forgiven them.

            So, to prevent mental midgets like yourself from sending people to he77. He has hidden parts to make sure the truly faithful understand but the lost are confused. If you really understand the parable of the Good Samaritan you would not have to ask me.

            The spirit of G-d has revealed to me your Apostasy.

          • Charlie

            KG ,,, kinda goofy ,,, have you accomplished Acts 2:38 ?
            For your info , Paul , in The Bible , was a bloodline Benjamite , a Geographical Jew , a Roman , because his daddy was a Roman Soldier … Now!! The Almighty God is NOT spelled G-d!!! that is a Violation of The third Commandment among other things…. As I told all before ,
            a Agent Provocateur Does Not know The Bible very well…
            So , do some in depth Bible Study IF? you are going to keep trying to fool us…………………

          • KG

            Sorry Charlie, but the tuna boat has left your brain.

            I hope you Pastor appreciates all the money you give him. Does his wife have a mink coat? Does he drive a Mercedes? All thanks to dumb Believers such as your self.

          • Sunshine49

            Do you really think that Hitler, Lenin or Stalin were ordained by God? More likely Satan. Jesus told us to NOT focus on the things of this world, but on the “coming” kingdom that he would bring when he returns. God is love. Do you really think he wants people to suffer under tyrants? If you are following Satan then you will follow “man’s” rule. If you follow Jesus, then you will follow God’s rule!

          • KG

            Do you believe that the Bible is the inspired word of G-d? Then why try to make it say something that it does not? You need to read it for what it says, rather than for what you WANT it to say.

            As for your second point, ask the Jews that same question.

            Hebrews 12:6
            King James Version (KJV)
            6 For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth.

            Revelation 3:19
            King James Version (KJV)
            19 As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.

            Proverbs 3:12
            King James Version (KJV)
            12 For whom the Lord loveth he correcteth; even as a father the son in whom he delighteth.

          • Oliver_K_Manuel


            If you read the posted information, you will know that:

            Neutron repulsion in the core of the Sun is the creator and sustainer of every world, life and atom in the solar system.



            Two empirical were hidden from the public after 1946:

            1. Neutrons repulsion in the cores of U and Pu caused the bombs to explode.

          • Oliver_K_Manuel

            2. Neutron repulsion in the core of the Sun causes it to emit neutrons and produce hydrogen.

            Neutron repulsion is a strong nuclear force.

            Oliver K. Manuel
            PhD Nuclear Chemistry
            Postdoc Space Physics
            Former student of Dr. Paul Kazuo Kuroda, the first scientist to visit Hiroshima after it’s destruction on 6 August 1945.

          • Vis Fac

            I minored in Physics You are correct. You must understand that KGB here Majored in STUPIDITY and Embellished ego. He was abandoned at birth and is compensation for his lack of knowledge!

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            Most importantly — KGB is a Shill.

          • Vis Fac

            No he’s a Marxist Socialist MORON!!!

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          • Deerinwater

            Okay ~ as I understand your posting, ~ you are telling us ~ the trigger to atomic reaction ~ was hidden?

            Well, they found it ~ I think that the German’s was not to far behind in this same research.

            Have you read the Bio, “We of Nagasaki”?


          • Oliver_K_Manuel

            Here is the discussion on the influence of the Sun’s pulsar core on Earth’s climate:


          • KG

            However, it wasn’t until the Ivy Mike Shot that the effect of the free neutrons of Lithium 6 would produce excess yield. Since not enough Lithium 7 was available for the shot, It was thought
            that the yield would be less than half what it actually was. With it’s Berylium reflector, the cascade effect of the Lithum 6 neutrons were boosted beyond what was thought possible. Every modern Nuclear device uses this ‘Neutron Mutiplying’ effect to increase yield versus weight of the package.

            You have to remember as well that every single shot that the US nuclear program did was experimental – all except for the Hiroshima bomb (completely untested and worked exactly as planned). Your so-called “neutron-repulsion’ effect has already been well documented. However, like I said, the only real use for such an effect is to stockpile these devices so prevent the enemy from launching one of his own.

          • Vis Fac

            Your posts are merely an amalgam of infectious waste and the amount of puss and stench you produce is overwhelming. You never relate anything positive in nature only the infectious diatribe of a socialist Marxist Communist.

            You believe you know what you are speaking of yet demonstrate to those who apply their knowledge recognize you are merely a shell devoid of substance and relevance.

            You would like us to believe you are knowledgeable but have yet to demonstrate such.

            I suspect you were ignored as a child and are now trying to compensate for your short comings.

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          • KG

            Fac ut vivas, Caput stercoris!

          • Vis Fac

            Certissimum enim mysurvival sum ego vos non habes Si Ii sunt futurum esse ut fatigo irrumabo kead

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          • Oliver_K_Manuel

            “Is this a ‘conspiracy’ to destroy America and bring about the new world order?

            No, world leaders are honorable folks who do not want to die. So instead, they established a New World Order to prevent avoid nuclear annihilation.

            Unfortunately they also hid scientific knowledge that might have explained mankind’s historically sense of a connection to his creator – perhaps via powerful, invisible force fields emanating from the Sun’s pulsar core.

          • KG

            Oh so something quasi-scientific that’s supposed to prove the existence of a Creator, is that what you are saying?

          • Oliver_K_Manuel

            No. Measurements neither prove nor disprove anything about religions.

            They do suggest that mysteries like changes in Earth’s climate may be understandable.

            Powerful force fields from the solar pulsar core pervade the entire Solar System, a volume of space now greater than ten billion, billion Earths.

            Recent measurements at Purdue (referenced above) show that half-lives of radioactive atoms depend on distance from the Sun’s core.

            We know the volume from the two Voyager spacecrafts that are now near the outer edge of the Solar System.

            Oliver. K. Manuel

          • KG

            In your personal opinion, how old is the earth?

            There may be relativistic effects on the decay of radioactive atoms as well.

            The Sun does exhibit large effects as shown readily to anyone approaching the Arctic Circle and looking northward on a dark night.

            I apologize about the confusion over the Ivy-Mike shot. I was referring to the Castle-Bravo shot. Ivy-Mike used a cryogenic liquid deuterium fuel. It was the Castle-Bravo shot that revealed the multiplying neutron-repulsion effect of Lithium 6. While it was intended to use the more pure form of Lithium 7, the relative abundance of low-cost Lithium 6 was used instead. Along with an experimental Beryllium reflector, the cascading effect of the excess neutron-repulsion effect from the Lithium 6 caused it’s predicted yield to be tripled (6 Mt to 15 Mt). That’s why I said Neutron-Repulsion is only good for preventing someone else from launching their own Neutron-Repulsion device.

          • Oliver_K_Manuel

            “In your personal opinion, how old is the earth?

            Personal opinions are not important. Combined age-dating based on uranium and plutonium suggests that our elements were ejected from the Sun in an explosive event five billion years (5 Ga) ago:


            That event is consistent with observations of decay products from even shorter-lived aluminum-26 in refractory meteorite grains of graphite and silicon carbide:


            However, recent studies at Purdue suggest that decay rates of radioactive atoms may depend on distance from the Sun’s pulsar core.

  • TheOriginalDaveH

    Brandon says — “There is no political battle here, only the empty chest-beating of a staged wrestling match”.
    Great metaphor, Brandon, and as always — an excellent article.

    • Deerinwater

      That it’s not true doesn’t seem important I suppose, for there is a battle taking place and the final outcome unclear at this point.

      It’s shaping up, like it will go to the mattress. ~ As the administration is not going to blink ~

      I just had a customer ask me to stand down on a approved proposal for $8,500.00 until the 1st of next month. ~ So this battle is hitting home all across this nation of ours and my house is no exception.

      If you believe that Ted Cruz and the Tea Party will be views as some sort of righteous victors that has saved America from itself and socialism ~ I have a patent pending on a “Recovery Machine” I would enjoy discussing with you if you would like an opportunity to make so Real Money.

      • TheOriginalDaveH

        Both Parties have been running a Tag-Team match against the voters for well over a hundred years. They have many of the same Crony Capitalists supporting their agendas.
        Do some reading instead of pestering us with your obtuse nonsense.
        Read this:
        And this:

        • Deerinwater

          So David , ~ you actually believe these Tea Party rascals will be any different ? Do you actually believe they are beyond reproach and can’t be bought? That once they gain powerful position that all Americans will enjoy a fair deck of cards with which we all must play.
          I think that you are dreaming if you believe that is remotely possible. For that is not the way mankind is hard wired on the Bell Curve. certainly there are those few individuals that can’t be bought and do practices high minded principals. But the top of the Bell Curve represents too few people to raise the bar high enough to make me think of jumping ship and signing up with your team.

          Just look at this Ted Cruz , real close for one minute will you ! is he really your sort of guy? or just saying what you want to hear?

          Do you see it? ~ That ” I’m for sale ” sign wrote on his forehead. He’s just another Bockman ~lining his pockets, playing the McCarty Clown. ~ I have more respect for Tailgunner Joe McCarty~ at least he was genuine and really believed in what he was saying.

          These protagonist David, ~ are being contracting out to preform an “act” and sell a “package” ~ They are acting out a character role ~they don’t really believe in the package ~ they simply are “working of a dollar” attempting to sell a keg of rusty nails that no one wants to buy ~

          You don’t even want to buy it ~ what you really want, ~ is for other people to buy these rusty nails and then disappear with hopes that they might be so busy trying to use these rusty nails ~ they will forget all about you and leave you alone .

          It’s Legislation that is responsible for making wealthy people wealthy and the working poor, poor and that is what politicians do. Craft selective opportunities for selective people. They open doors and they close doors.

          It’s playing position, it’s greasing the skids, sucking up, enticements, ~ that is politics ~ that will always be in politics. They do what they can do to market their “Position” ~ Ideology is only the excuses they employ to mask their true motives.

          So you are right! democrat , republican, radical right ~ the ideology will change some among each one to mask and disguise their true motives. The motive being to run an effective PR, stay employed and prosper for as long as they possible can.

          They will employ every tactic known to man to achieve these goals, using Brands and packaging is the most common of all to sell products. While a rusty 4″ #16 Bright is a hard nail to drive ~ I don’t care what the brand name is or what sort of box you find it in.

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            Deer says — “So David , ~ you actually believe these Tea Party rascals will be any different? Do you actually believe they are beyond reproach and can’t be bought? That once they gain powerful position that all Americans will enjoy a fair deck of cards with which we all must play”.
            Of course I don’t believe that, Deer. Half of them already showed their lack of integrity by caving at the last Debt Ceiling increase (2011).
            I vote for Republicans only rarely. I always vote Libertarian unless I have no choice, and then I only vote for candidates who promise to shrink Government, or I don’t vote at all.
            All we can do is take them for their word until they prove to be untrustworthy.

      • JeffH

        What is it that makes you and the elite establishment so afraid of the Tea Party? I thought they were shriveling up and dying out…just a mere afterthought if you believe the MSM.

        You liberal/progressives and the GOP establishment can whine as much as you want about Cruz et. al [scaring away middle class voters and minorities] by digging in against pandering legislation.

        Cruz, along with Mike Lee and few friends are suggesting that a government shutdown is preferable – although not necessary – to the American people getting the hook of Obamacare subsidies set in their wallets, because everyone knows that once an entitlement is in place it’s next to impossible to repeal.

        Cruz and co. have also come out strongly against Marco Rubio’s wretched immigration bill. The reality is that this bill will not only not accomplish what the establishment Pooh-Bahs claim, but it may well bring about the very outcome they claim fear, eviscerating support for the GOP, only in this case from conservatives fed up with a party that plays pander politics just like the Democrats. Indeed, conservatives constantly harangue liberals for their ignoring the facts in favor of fanciful claims that never come true. In this case the GOP barons need only look back to Ronald Reagan’s faulty 1986 immigration reform to recognize what failure looks like and understand that the Gang of Eight’s abomination is simply a replay that will have even worse results.

        Unlike the GOP establishment, Ted Cruz is a strong horse and he should continue to buck the GOP establishment and in the process demonstrate exactly what it means to stand for something.

        The bottom line is that Cruz should not only carry on, but he should draw bright lines in the sand or on the Capitol Hill steps or anywhere else he can get an audience. The Obama agenda in general and these two pieces of legislation in particular are going to be keys to the destruction of the GOP and the nation. At some point creating a national majority of dependant voters will have permanent negative consequences for a party that claims to champion freedom and opportunity.

        The question is, are there enough Tea Party “Wacko Birds” in and out of Congress willing to pick up their shields and emulate him in order to make 2014 look more like 2010 than 2006? For the country’s sake, let’s hope so.

        • Deerinwater

          Jeff H , ~I really don’t think “being afraid” actually describe my feeling toward the Tea Party or Ted Cruz.

          I’m short on time here, ~ but to be quick to the point. ~ Cruz is about instant gratification, an opportunist and has taken money to carry this torch he wave so highly today. ~ He will be gone, and off the radar soon enough and is of no great overriding concern.

          For now, ~ he’s a more of a country fly that is attempting to fly up your nose and who’s time will be short lived by his own design. It would be unwise to attack Ted on a personal level and on his track record without being seen as attempt to divert attention from the issues. ~ So in that way Ted Cruz is only in “check” and there can be no Checkmate move made upon him to shut him down. ~~ This will change in good time as he loads the weapon that will be used to take him down. ~ So it’s best to encourage Ted Cruz as much as possible for now. The more he says, all the better!

          As for the Tea Party, ~ I wouldn’t call it “fear ” but apprehension. The Tea Party not able to command the power to actually be a party have hyjacked the GOP. They are more like interlopers and train robbers attempting to blackmail, extort and leverage power that they do not have or command. Basically Dixiecrats and comprised of WASP and like groups, while small in numbers, very noise with contempt for all opposition in good Caroline fashion, ~ crass, undisciplined and disrespectful to opposing views, and horrible, horrible losers in any defeat. ~ Holding true to American and Christian ideas only if they can win.

          Would you call that “fear” or just put -out and annoyed ? As I do believe they are revolutionist with a counter revolution inside a revolution sure to follow if the Tea Party ever does gain a foothold and become an excepted dominate force in the GOP.

          There will be no pleasing them ~ much like the Islam faith ~ “all” must be converted and be subjugated or there will be no place to hide and personal freedom in America will come under serious threat.

          • JeffH

            Sure DeerBob, whatever you say…and pigs can fly too!

  • medicaero

    Great article!

  • red neck

    Scenario # 4…. The total and complete theft by the government of all US citizens retirement funds as what will take place first before anything else. Once the government has stolen all wealth from private citizens then you will be more apt to search the government for a “FIX”…. My point here being regardless of what occurs about the “government” shut-down of the debt ceiling it will be the American citizens that pay the price. This is already apparent through the unlawful obama administration ( or should I say above the law ) with king obama’s goal of suffering the citizens for his total lack of leadership and responsibility.

  • Nadzieja Batki

    God, Please have mercy on this nation because O and his handlers certainly won’t.

  • Chuck Monroe

    I agree, good article. The problem is it was already written over three thousand years ago and is called Bible prophecy. I noticed there was no solution included in this article however. Why? Because there is no solution. No Bible prophecy has been written that has not come to fruition or will soon. Probably half has already been fulfilled to the letter. Most deals with us today. Some of the most spectacular prophecy, the “lost 400 years” between the Old Testament and the New Testament, for example, was written with such accuracy most secular scholars believe it was written after the events but faced with undeniable truth it wasn’t just shake their heads. The regathering of “God’s timetable” Israel can not be denied either and is a major source for current Biblical prophecy being fulfilled. Most Biblically uneducated just shake their heads. This is a good article unfortunately it is also plagiarism and most Bible scholars just shake their heads. No other book in man’s history has been so accurate. Very few books have even attempted but the ones that have have failed miserable. The good news is The Messiah was prophesied and fulfilled. His return is also prophesied and will soon be fulfilled. Sadly too many will again be taken by surprised and left just shaking their heads. Good article but no news here.

    • Alondra

      “The good news is The Messiah was prophesied and fulfilled. His return is also prophesied and will soon be fulfilled.”

      “20 He who testifies to these things says, “Surely I am coming quickly.”
      Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus!
      21 The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.[m] Amen.” (Revelation 22:20-21 – the very culminate strokes of the God’s Revelation – His promise)

      “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS, then I will hear from heaven, and will FORGIVE their sin and HEAL their land. 15 Now My eyes will be open and My ears attentive to prayer made IN THIS PLACE.” (2Chronicles 7:14-15)

      “Seek the LORD while He may be found, Call upon Him while He is near.” (Isaiah 55:6-7)

      Maranatha! Come, Lord Jesus!

      And every faithful man says: A M E N !!!

    • B

      Well said! What you say is the beautiful truth, Jesus gave humanity the most precious gift ever and we all should be drawing closer to him in this time! God believes in and knows his faithful, we will keep that faith in in our heats to thank him for his gift!!! We cannot influence Gods will but we can influence the decisions of man! If Christ knows you, you only need fear the Father’s judgement and therefore have fear of NO man! We make mistakes, repent and try to be obedient to God!!!

    • Vis Fac

      C M you are SPOT ON!!!

      Because of this prophecy I have been advocating self reliance and the preparing for what is to be for some time now. Our liberal friends who have shunned God have snickered and abased me for the truth I speak They are the ones who will feel the consequences as God will have abandoned them.

      Those who worship and believe in God will have it easier and survive the three years of upheaval prophesied in the Bible. As God has been my way of life it has been easy for me to not only survive but thrive. I have ore than enough which allows me to help others who are in need. On several occasions I have posted who I feel are most in need.

      Libertas inaestimabilis res est

  • Jim B.

    Be careful! BHO wants to be President FOR EVER! He will do whatever it takes to tank the great society, constitution be damned, in order to achieve full unelected governance of this country FOR EVER!

    • KG

      And what did the Republicans think they would have after their “Mission Accomplished” debacle?

      • Vis Fac

        And what do you think this (inane posting) has to do with anything other than your incessant venting and posturing? You are lame and impotent and insignificant so why would anyone consider what you say to have an iota of validity?

        Libertas inaestimabilis res est

        • KG

          Globos meos lambe

          • Alondra

            Now You feel better?
            “[T]he TONGUE is a fire, a world of iniquity. The TONGUE is so set among our members that it defiles the whole body, and sets on fire the course of nature” (James 3:6)

            “[F]or every idle word men may speak, they will give account of it in the day of judgment. 37 For BY YOUR WORDS YOU WILL BE JUSTIFIED, AND BY YOUR WORDS YOU WILL BE CONDEMNED.” – Jesus Christ (Matthew 12:36)

          • KG

            Romans 5:19-21
            King James Version (KJV)
            19 For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.
            20 Moreover the law entered, that the offence might abound. But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound:
            21 That as sin hath reigned unto death, even so might grace reign through righteousness unto eternal life by Jesus Christ our Lord.

          • Alondra

            Did not you send me “Прощание друга”?
            I asked you do not misuse, distort and twist Bible – God’s Word, His Gift to the humanity, including YOU.
            But now you are abusing His Grace. He died for you too.

            Porfavor, aga una pausa y mira a dentro de tu Alma y escucha tu Alma. Basta torturar tu Alma. Que Dios te ayudará.

          • KG

            Please, do not take it personally. I am not fighting you, just as that comment was not directed at you. However, just as Jesus told us:

            Matthew 24:24
            King James Version (KJV)
            24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

            I’m not deceived. I can see all of the false Christs that present themselves here. I apologize Alondra, but please understand this fight is for much more than just personal feelings but for the heart and soul of our Nation.

            I respect you and wish nothing but the best for you. Our online interaction has been quite warming. I hope the best for you and yours.

          • Alondra

            Hi KG, just yesterday at night I did open your reply and I wasn’t sure if I should to reply, because it’s one week old. But after reading your today’s comments I decided to

            First of all thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate it.

            You are citing Mt.24:24 and writing “I can see all of the false ‘Christs’ that present themselves here.”

            You are mistaking. No one, as I know, claimed to be a ‘Christ’ here. People just claim to be Christians. I do not understand WHY it irritates you? Even if they are ‘false’
            or self-deceived Christians. It’s not up to us to decide if they are ‘false’.

            “God WHO TESTS OUR HEARTS” (1Thessalonians 2:4)

            “God is a just judge, and God is ANGRY with the wicked EVERY DAY.” (Psalm 7:11)

            “I, the Lord, search the HEART, I test the MIND, even to give every man ACCORDING TO HIS WAYS…” (Jeremiah 17:10)

            “…I am He, WHO SEARCHES the MINDS and HEARTS.
            And I will give to each one of you ACCORDING TO YOUR WORKS.” (Revelation 2:23)

            “’For My THOUGHTS ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS, NEITHER ARE YOUR WAYS MY WAYS,’ declares the Lord.” (Isaiah 55:8)

            “34 Who has known the MIND of the Lord? Or who has been His counselor?” (Rom.11:34)

            “The wrongdoer will be paid back for the wrong he has done, and THERE IS NO PARTIALITY.” (Colossians 3:25)

            Everyone will be paid back for the wrong he has done. But it’s God, who will repay:

            “For according to the work of a man He will repay him, and according to his ways He will make it befall him. Of a truth, GOD will not do wickedly, and Almighty will not pervert justice.” (Job 34:11-12; Rom.2:6)

            God knows what is in our HEART and our MIND, no matter what the actions may be. Those who do wrong things UNKNOWINGLY, UNINTENTIONALLY, UNWILLINGLY or PROVOKINGLY are not condemned by God. But EACH wrong choice has consequences.

            “God allows us to experience the LOW POINTS OF
            LIFE in order to teach us LESSONS that we could LEARN in no other way.” C.S. Lewis

            You wrote: “…this fight is for much more than just personal feelings but for the heart and soul of our Nation.”

            And this is what I really do not understand. Sometimes I think that your comments aren’t genius, that that isn’t what you really feel, but you do this kind of comments just to annoy some posters, whom you do not like. I just
            do not believe that your statements are reflecting your true views. I can debunk EACH your pro-Democrats and anti-conservatives statement.

            KG, I think that your fight is likewise the Don Quixote’s fight with the windmills, believing them to be ‘hulking giants’.

            I wish nothing but the peace with God and with yourself.
            Do not spend your life energy in vain.
            The Days go by, the Months run by and the Years fly by.

            “Until DEATH it is all LIFE” (I do not remember who said― Don Quixote or his armour bearer Sancho Panza)

          • KG

            Dear Alondra,

            Your words pierce my heart as flaming arrows.

            I am, indeed, a kind of Don Quixote.

            I wish to conquer a mighty foe to bring glory to my vanquished soul.

            To bring folly upon others to feed the ever hungry Ego that lurks about my being as a spectre haunts an old abandoned house.

            “…But that the dread of something after death,
            The undiscovered Country, from whose bourn
            No Traveller returns, Puzzles the will,
            And makes us rather bear those ills we have,
            Than fly to others that we know not of.
            Thus Conscience does make Cowards of us all,
            And thus the Native hue of Resolution
            Is sicklied o’er, with the pale cast of Thought,
            And enterprises of great pitch and moment,
            With this regard their Currents turn awry,
            And lose the name of Action. Soft you now,
            The fair Ophelia? Nymph, in thy Orisons
            Be all my sins remembered.”

            Hamlet –
            William Shakespeare

          • Vis Fac

            We all know you are the numb nuts here on these threads there is no need for you to affirm this fact.
            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

      • FreedomTrainUSA


    • TheOriginalDaveH

      Obama is just the figurehead. The real culprits work behind the scenes, and they manipulate both major parties.

      • Vis Fac

        How True the banksters control the nation for if you can control the money you control everything., Maybe we should return to the barter system and PI$$ the banksters off.

        When the SHTF and the big collapse occurs we can institute a new monetary system devoid of outside influence and let the banksters have their worthless paper. It won’t be easy but it can happen if we want it bad enough

        Libertas inaestimabilis res est

  • B
  • Patriot

    Read “The Liberty Amendments” by Mark Levin the answer to restoring the Constitution to the original intent is in the book! We can do this!

    • TheOriginalDaveH

      It looks to me from the reviews that he goes too far off on a tangent.
      First and Foremost, we need to remove the “General Welfare” clause which has been the source of so much equivocation.
      We need to clarify the Commerce Clause to mean what it originally meant. That is to keep State Governments from protecting their in-state companies from out-state competition (Protectionism).
      We need to get rid of the 14th Amendment, and replace it with a simple phrase such as “No Laws shall be created that don’t apply equally to all people”.
      We need to get rid of the 17th Amendment.
      We need to get rid of the 16th Amendment.
      And we need to create an Amendment that prohibits any Legal Tender Laws.

  • Matforce

    Citizens United, FTAs (GATT, NAFTA, WTO, and the secretive FTA on the horizon, the TPP, some all calling “NAFTA on steroids”) Gramm, Leach, Bliley, the USA tax code have all been quietly at work gutting the USA economy for decades. Surprisingly, it has only taken 30 years to bring the USA to insolvency. But to me, the most DAMNING exploit was the attack on the vitality of middle class when US legislation actually subsidized the offshoring of our magnificent manufacturing sector that provided decent pay for our unskilled labor forces at the request of the money makers.

    Here’s a glimpse at the NEW WORLD ORDER, revealing its steady movement toward economic monopoly:

    I’m suspending my disbelief, much like those who whistle past the graveyard, in an attempt to believe there is still hope for solvency and a return to America the Beautiful I sentimentally look back upon, and that is to adopt policies that are alluded to in the clip from Nick Hanauer, a billionaire capitalist investor.

  • Vis Fac

    Brandon Smith wrote “never assume that today’s dynamic will be the same as tomorrow’s dynamic” possibly the most important statement in the article!

    I have lived by this credo most all my life. Being in combat you learn that dynamics change by the minute so you should prepare for any
    situation. Something our liberal friends are ill-equipped to accomplish.

    I live by this credo which has served me well as I am rarely if ever caught unprepared (a lot of you laugh and snidely abase me but it is I who will have the last laugh). I have advocated that you should keep as little in the bank as possible and turn what you can into tangible assets because when (not if) TSHTF banks will close and whatever is inside now belongs to them, INCLUDING what is in THEIR safety deposit boxes!

    I think we can all agree there is only one major political party Liberal Republicans and Liberal Democrats Republicans have abandoned
    their charter in order to become more electable I used to be a registered
    Republican until they abandoned their conservative posture if anyone cares I am registered as Independent and I vote what I believe is best for the USA. It’s too bad all politicians aren’t as noble as those who framed this once great nation of ours!

    I still hold hope that we will find a few who have the character to adhere to constitution and hold the interest of our nation above personal agendas. A few of these people exist but because many politicians (and their loyal minions) feel threatened these people are maligned and labeled as terrorists’ traitors and other ad hominem pejorative descriptive.

    I can only hope that people wake up and realize what is happening before it’s too late 2012 is rapidly approaching and instead of listening to the bought and paid for media conduct your OWN research.

    As most of you know I am not shy in voicing my opinion so if you continue to listen to others you are not part of the solution but part of the problem.

    Libertas inaestimabilis res est

  • TML

    “A Constitutional convention is essentially a complete rewriting of the document in the name of rebooting a government…”

    That is absolutely incorrect. A convention is only a means of proposing an amendment(s) by the States rather than Congress, which must then be ratified by three fourths of State legislatures in the customary manner. Proposed amendments would be based on the subject outlined in the submitted application that is required by two thirds of the States (which must all concern the same subject). There is no “complete rewriting” of the Constitution or “complete erasure of Bill of Rights” in the way that you imply.

    US Constitution Article 5
    “The Congress, whenever two thirds of both houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose amendments to this Constitution, or, on the application of the legislatures of two thirds of the several states, shall call a convention for proposing amendments, which, in either case, shall be valid to all intents and purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by the legislatures of three fourths of the several states, or by conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other mode of ratification may be proposed by the Congress; provided that no amendment which may be made prior to the year one thousand eight hundred and eight shall in any manner affect the first and fourth clauses in the ninth section of the first article; and that no state, without its consent, shall be deprived of its equal suffrage in the Senate. “

    • TheOriginalDaveH

      If the states decide so, they can eliminate the Constitution anytime they want. How do think the document was created in the first place?

      • TML

        The Constitution was created in a convention that was specifically called for the task. A future convention would have to be called expressly for the ‘elimination’ of the Constitution, or otherwise stated purpose.

        It only takes 13 states to vote ‘no’ in order to defeat any proposed amendment, and I think it is effectively impossible that 38 states would ratify rogue amendments.

        Other than that, you’re talking about dissolving the Union – secession – which is the right of any individual State. The idea of a ‘runaway’ convention that would ‘eliminate’ the Constitution has no historical precedence. The idea alone seems based more out of fear and misinformation than any real possibility. Even after amendments are successfully proposed (or even the proposal to eliminate the Constitution) must then be ratified by the required number of State Legislatures.

        • TheOriginalDaveH

          Don’t bother me with your Naive pronouncements. There were many people in 1787 who also didn’t think the Articles of Confederation would be so radically altered, to give the Federal Government so much power.
          And there were many, after the Constitution was created, who thought that it would reign in Power-Hungry Leaders. Obviously they, like you, were wrong.
          There are several movements calling for a Constitutional Convention and they have disparate ideas. With the present state of Propagandized ignorance outstanding in our society, the outcome of a Convention would likely not be a good one except for the Leaders.

          • TML

            You commented and asked a question, so I responded, idiot.

            “There were many people in 1787 who also didn’t think the Articles of Confederation would be so radically altered…”

            ‘Many’ people, huh?

            The Articles of Confederation were a failure and needed revised at great length, thus James Madison authored the drastic revisions (The US Constitution) which you claim many people didn’t expect, and were ratified by the states.

            Never known a so-called Libertarian to have so much disdain for the Constitution as you, Anarchist Dave.

          • Vis Fac

            How many people were here in the US in 1787? As many as there are today? What about the level of education or common sense?

            Per Capital education and common sense were more abundant and prolific than they are today! At least they were honest I can’t say the same for today’s politicians!

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          • TML

            “Per Capital education and common sense were more abundant and prolific than they are today!”

            That sounds like a highly questionable claim. Do you have a source for that information? I would come closer to thinking the general education per capita is greater today than at the time of the adoption of the Constitution.

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            There may be a higher percentage of “educated” people today, but among those who are educated very few actually have the proper mental tools to make intelligent life choices.
            I’m with Force — the educated people 300 years ago were smarter than the educated people today. And you are a case in point, TML.
            Take Homogenic Global Warming, for example. They have the flimsiest of scientific data to back up their claims, yet about 50% of the population buys into the hoax.
            Anybody who thinks the people of the 18th century were a bunch of redneck bumpkins should read these volumes:

          • TML

            “the educated people 300 years ago were smarter than the educated people today.”

            You would be exhibit A, DaveH, lol

            The entire idea is pointless conjecture.
            Btw, I don’t accept the theory of man-made global warming, and no one said the people in the 18th century were a bunch of red necks, and to claim that very few people actually have the mental tools to make intelligent life choices today is equally dubious.

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            If you read the books, TML, you might think differently.
            What TML read a book posted on the Mises Website? Where’s the Garlic string? Heaven forbid you should read something that wasn’t written by a Court Historian. It might upset your fragile mental framework.
            What an ignoramus.

          • Vis Fac

            The source is in those who authored OUR Constitution and the fact that government at that time wasn’t brainwashing people to agree to a one dimensional agenda as what is occurring today.

            We supposedly have people who have graduated High School who are ready to face the world and function in society. The sad truth is more than half cannot spell speak proper English or communicate without some sort of electronic device.

            I know most people could not read or write because schools were few and far between however most wanted to attend school and all had common sense and responsibility.

            Flash forward today these traits are severely lacking so you be the judge. I stand by my previous statement!!

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          • TML

            Indeed, there were some exceptional minds that authored the Constitution, but It seems to me a weak argument to oppose a Constitutional Convention on a questionable notion that people nowadays are lacking the necessary moral traits or ‘dumber’.

            A Convention is a method for States to propose Amendments rather than waiting for Congress to relinquish their own power by making the needed Amendments. Such as the issues surrounding the Commerce and General Welfare clauses, the 17th Amendment, Federal Reserve, Executive Orders, etc.

            Delegates would be chosen by the State, by the people, and any proposals would need to then be ratified by the State legislatures the same as any other Amendment proposed by Congress. Saying that it is “opening the door to a complete erasure of Bill of Rights protections” when it was designed as a check on centralized power is senseless.

          • KG

            Nothing is more uncommon than common sense.

            Most people in America live on a see-saw. Either they are OK, or doom is expected at any moment.

            The problem that conservatives, like yourself, have with politicians is the fact that you really ‘Believe” there is such a thing as a ‘Good Man’. But read Niccolo Machiaveli’s The Prince and you will discover the realities behind ALL so-called politicians.

            You want to elect your ‘crooks’ to office, and I want to elect MY ‘crooks to office as well. Thats what Politics is.

          • Vis Fac

            This is the first truism you have said. Yes indeed common sense id a rare commodity and yes people live on a see saw by choice.

            You do have one thing wrong I am not a conservative as I have said many times I am independent with conservative leanings.

            If there weren’t such a thing as a “good” man you would eliminate nearly 85% of the population for a good man would not want to be corrupted by the system. I do not need to read any book to learn about politicians for they wear their intent on their sleeves.

            Some try and hide it others lie about it and the older ones flaunt it (Harry Reid and Diane Feinstein come to mind)
            The best we can do is elect the least corrupt no matter which party they represent then elect others to replace those who start being corrupt. If we keep electing new people in office (as our forefathers intended) we have a better chance of elimination the career politician You can equate that to having a new melting snow pack replenishing a stream each season.

            KG Very thoughtful post welcome to the world of ethical debate

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          • KG

            Stercus accidit

          • Vis Fac

            Omnes ime super omnes planetae

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          • KG

          • Sunshine49

            I agree with what you said, but the intention of the Constitution was that the “central” government would never have the power that it has now. The power was meant to stay with the people and the states.
            From what I can see there were three things that changed that. The first was the Civil War and the second was when the government created the Federal Reserve, the “direct” income tax on the people and the IRS (Gestapo) to collect those taxes. Since 1913 the people learned to be afraid of their government and what it could do to you through all it’s government agencies. The third was when the Senators started to get elected by the people (17th Amendment) instead of being appointed by the states. Now the states have very little power over their Senators.
            Everything the government has done for the past hundred years has been done to consolidate power in the “central” government. I know that the people have been brainwashed that it was done for the “social” good of the people, but it hasn’t turned out that way. It’s NOT going to “change” back anytime soon because too many people are dependent on the government for their survival and they fight any changes that would be good for the Republic and would take their “entitlements” away. We do NOT have a majority of people anymore who will sacrifice for the good of the country. As the Bible says — It’s a sign of the times. In this case — the last days!

          • KG

            Heres some ‘common sense’

          • Alondra

            Wrong KG, this is a ‘common sense’

          • Vis Fac

            Alondra: This indeed IS COMMON Sense.
            I couldn’t help but notice ODUMBO’s Indifference during to the good Dr’s. speech. Speaks VOLUMES doesn’t it

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          • Alondra

            Bce тeмы, koторыe Dr. Kapcoн зaтpoнyл в cвoeй peчe are COMMON Sense.

            Dr. Kapcoн – 2016!

          • Vis Fac

            Да Доктор Kapcoн бы большой кандидата в президенты в 2016 году гораздо лучше, чем мы имеем сейчас.

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          • Vis Fac

            If you believe this HORSE $HIT I have a few bridges you might be interested in buying. The fact is Taxes do not finance the government they might have at one time but the way ODUMBO and the FRB is printing mounds of cash makes paying taxes MOOT

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est

          • Alondra

            FR, that isn’t “HORSE $HIT”.
            That is donkey/Ass poop

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            Yes “many”, Ignoramus. Do you have evidence to refute that?
            The Articles of Confederation were a “failure” for those like Franklin and especially Alexander Hamilton who wanted more Power. The War was over. There was no need to rush into a Central Government, but the Power-Hungry Leaders, as always, made it a rush.
            “In the second place, the old Articles of Confederation, to which the states had subscribed in good faith as a working agreement, made all due provision for their own amendment; and now these men had ignored these provisions, simply putting the Articles of Confederation in the wastebasket and bringing forth an entirely new document of their own devising”.

          • TML

            “Yes “many”, Ignoramus. Do you have evidence to refute that?”

            “Many”, is too vague to even refute, much less a valid argument.

            “The Articles of Confederation were a “failure” for those like Franklin and especially Alexander Hamilton who wanted more Power.”

            Again with your mises, and conspiracy minded drivel. Perhaps you should read real history on why the Articles of Confederation failed. Essentially the national government was powerless to enforce any acts it passed; economic problems persisted, and some states even came close to warring with each other, and many, many, other reasons… least of which were because Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, etc. “wanted more power” because they were “Power-Hungry Leaders”.

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            TML says — “Again with your mises”.
            You’ve been slam-dunked you naive fool. And the best you can do is an ad hominem attack on Mises? The book was written by Albert Jay Nock.
            But you’re obviously the kind of guy, like a punch-drunk boxer, who will keep coming back until somebody puts you down hard.
            I’m not here to convince a useless ignoramus like you, TML, who will never admit defeat. I make my posts for the quiet majority of readers who have no axe to grind, no pride to salvage, and thus will actually read and think with open-minds.

          • TML

            You’re having delusions of grandeur, Anarchist Dave.

            The article claiming the ‘Anti-Federalists were right’, has debunked nothing I’ve said, nor does it even support your claim that ‘many’ people in 1787 didn’t think the Articles of Confederation would be so radically altered. The Anti-Federalist papers were the opposition, and while they were right on some issues, the debate was largely lost, and the Constitution ratified because it was better than the failed Articles of Confederation. It certainly wasn’t adopted because James Madison and others simply “wanted more power”.

            The entire argument centers around the false notion of a “runaway” Convention, which you have failed to “slam dunk”, moron.

            My correction to this claim was simple fact – a Convention is nothing more than a way of proposing Amendments by the States rather than by the Congress. Other than that, the Amendment process is the same.

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            There were two articles that I linked to, Ignorant tool.

          • TML

            Yeah, I noticed you went back to edit your post to add it, and I responded to it above, Ignorant fool.

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            I added that link before you responded to it, Ignoramus.
            And in the context of the original comments, you were slam-dunked, but it doesn’t surprise me a bit that you’re too ignorant to acknowledge it.

          • TML

            So now you’re a liar too.
            You’re having delusions of grandeur to think you slam dunked anything. My entire argument was that a Constitutional Convention is a valid and safe way of making Amendments. Why is it safe? Because any amendments or changes must be ratified by the state legislatures the same as any proposed Amendment that might come from Congress.

            You’re entire position here rests on the perception that “the present state of Propagandized ignorance outstanding in our society” would yield negative results, and draw on false fears of a ‘runaway’ Convention which has no historical precedence – the Constitution was not adopted through a runaway Convention that usurped existing law, as I had shown. To think so would mean our entire Constitution is illegal and invalid. And yet, not far down in the comments you actually call for wanting to Amend all kinds of things in the Constitution, and a Convention might be a good way of doing that, rather than expecting Congress to one day propose such necessary Amendments.

            You are a walking dichotomy, sonny.

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            You’re the liar, TML.

          • TML

            It was this past Saturday – in this article – that Bill Henry stated “ Look, Read, Join if you want our country back.” and you replied, “I like it, Bill. Keep up the good work.”. You are the liar Dave.

            And you’re a child. You know damn well you edited it after I had already responded to it. You have a habit of doing that and I’ve called you on it several times. I have no more time for your immaturity.

            Good day.

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            Creepy loser.
            After careful consideration, I thought maybe we posted our edit/comment close to the same time, so each of us didn’t see the other until after posting.
            But then I realized — So What? I still slam-dunked you, TML. When I posted the second link is of no consequence.

          • Sunshine49

            The 16th Amendment was never legally ratified by the states, but Congress anounced it was anyway. Crooks will push through their agenda no matter what the people or the states want. The “central” government has been stealing the money from the states and the people with progressive taxes ever since.

            Just look at what they’ve done with Obamacare and we KNOW it is a train wreck so far. The “useful idiots” only listen to the propaganda and have no idea what the truth really is. As Franklin said: “It’s a REPUBLIC IF you can keep it.” Do you notice that all the politicians call us a “democracy”? That’s because they don’t go by the Constitution and don’t think of the “sovereign” states as a Republic! That ended with the Civil War.

            The fact is that ANYTHING this government does is going to end up bad for the American people. Just watch and see. They’ve “changed” enough already. I wouldn’t want them trying to “change” the Constitution in any way for now.

          • TML

            I disagree that the 16th Amendment was not legally ratified. The claim first comes from James Walter Scott in 1975 United States v. Scott (he was convicted for tax evasion) and again in 1985 by a book written by William J. Benson which was ruled fraudulent stating; “Benson has failed to point to evidence that would create a genuinely disputed fact regarding whether the Sixteenth Amendment was properly ratified or whether United States Citizens are legally obligated to pay federal taxes. Also, as is indicated above, Benson is precluded in this action from taking the position that the Sixteenth Amendment was not properly ratified.” And further stated, “Benson falsely tells customers that if they purchase and use his products they will be shielded from criminal prosecution for violating the internal revenue laws. Purchasers of the ‘Reliance Defense Package’ receive a letter signed by Benson that falsely represents that the purchaser can rely on Benson’s research to conclude that the Sixteenth Amendment was not ratified, and that the purchaser is thereby not required to file federal income tax returns or pay federal income or social security taxes to the United States.”. As much as I hate the 16th Amendment, and believe it should be repealed, it nonetheless was ratified by the required states properly as history easily shows.

            Other than that I pretty much agree with the rest of your statements, except, to once again point out that the provision in Article 5, which allows a Convention by the States for the purpose of proposing Amendments, is, by design, a check against central power of government. The central government would not be the one “changing” the Constitution.

            The Obamacare fiasco is a perfect example of things that should be clarified in an Amendment to the Constitution.

          • TML

            “”In the second place, the old Articles of Confederation, to which the states had subscribed in good faith as a working agreement, made all due provision for their own amendment; and now these men had ignored these provisions, simply putting the Articles of Confederation in the wastebasket and bringing forth an entirely new document of their own devising”.””

            The claim that the Founders circumvented existing law to adopt the Constitution in a ‘runaway’ Convention is false.

            September 11, 1786, the delegates of the original convention adopted the following Resolution:

            “Under this impression, Your Commissioners, with the most respectful deference, beg leave to suggest their unanimous conviction, that it may essentially tend to advance the interests of the [U]nion, if the States, by whom they have been respectively delegated, would themselves concur, and use their endeavours to procure the concurrence of the other States, in the appointment of Commissioners, to meet at Philadelphia on the second Monday in May next, to take into consideration the situation of the United States, to devise such further provisions as shall appear to them necessary to render the constitution of the Federal Government adequate to the exigencies of the Union; and to report such an Act for that purpose to the United States in Congress assembled, as when agreed to, by them, and afterwards confirmed by the Legislatures of every State, will effectually provide for the same”

            On February 21, 1787, Congress voted to authorize a new convention in Philadelphia:

            “Resolved that in the opinion of Congress it is expedient that on the second Monday in May next a Convention of delegates who shall have been appointed by the several states be held at Philadelphia for the sole and express purpose of revising the Articles of Confederation and reporting to Congress and the several legislatures such alterations and provisions therein as shall when agreed to in Congress and confirmed by the states render the FEDERAL CONSTITUTION adequate to the exigencies of Government & the preservation of the Union.” (emphasis mine)

          • Robert Messmer

            To quote, “next a Convention of delegates who shall have been appointed by the several states be held at Philadelphia for the SOLE AND EXPRESS PURPOSE OF REVISING THE ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION” (emphasis mine)

            Revising, not do away with and come up with something entirely new.

          • TML

            It was revised. Making extensive revisions, and changing the name (as many laws do after revision) does not make it an ‘entirely new’ document – and as I emphasized; it was referred to as the “Federal Constitution”. You are also dismissing the resolution of the original convention in September 11, 1786, which was authorized to propose revisions specifically relative to the regulation of commerce in the Articles of Confederation. The convention then asked for authorization – as I had quoted above – to “devise such further provisions as shall appear to them necessary to render the Constitution of the Federal Government adequate to the exigencies of the Union” while asking more states to attend. It was then authorized by what you quoted, with NO limits placed on the number of revisions or amendments it could PROPOSE.

            A series of Amendments were submitted as a ‘package’ deal that was to be voted on together, rather than individual amendments that might not even be efficient by themselves. And the Constitution retained many of the core principles of the Articles of Confederation – the document continued to call the nation, “United States of America”, the ideas that States retain all power not specifically delegated to the federal government, the duty of defense to the nation, Article 4, section 2 remained almost unchanged, etc.

            There is a lot of precedence that limits conventions to a particular subject, which is why there has never been another one since that time – because in the midst of the 400+ applications for a Convention of States from State Legislatures from then until now, there has never been an application from two-thirds of the states for a single subject.

            And after all this, as it was with the Constitution, any proposals must then be ratified by the many states. Surely, if the Founders had overstepped their authority in a ‘runaway’ convention, then it would not have been accepted by the Congress or the many states that ratified it.

            The claim that the Founders circumvented existing law to adopt the Constitution in a ‘runaway’ Convention is false, and fears of a Convention completely rewriting the Constitution are also false. To claim otherwise is to not only argue that our Constitution was illegally proposed, adopted, and then ratified, but effectively removes the possibility of using one of the designed checks in the Constitution against central power, based on nothing but misguided and misinformed fear.


          • TML

            “There are several movements calling for a Constitutional Convention and they have disparate ideas.”

            Which is why a Convention has not been called since, and probably won’t be, because the reasons are so different. As I said, a Convention is nothing more than a way of proposing Amendments by the States rather than by the Congress. Other than that, the Amendment process is no different, and nothing to be inherently feared.

    • Sunshine49

      From what I’ve read a Constitutional convention would be different than calling a convention to AMEND the Constitution. There has been only ONE Constitutional convention and that is when it was originally written. Another one could only be for rewriting the original.

      I think it’s Mark Levin who has written a book on new amendments that would take us back to a more constitutional government. Under this government we have to be VERY careful what we ask for because we don’t know what we’re going to get. Kinda like the ACA bill that they had to pass to find out what’s in it! We STILL don’t know the truth!

      • TML

        Sunshine says, “From what I’ve read a Constitutional convention would be different than calling a convention to AMEND the Constitution. There has been only ONE Constitutional convention and that is when it was originally written. Another one could only be for rewriting the original.”

        Obviously Article 5 permits conventions only to propose amendments to the Constitution, not to completely rewrite it.

        Article 5 – “…or, on the application of the legislatures of two thirds of the several states, shall call a convention for proposing amendments…”

        Sunshine says, “I think it’s Mark Levin who has written a book on new amendments that would take us back to a more constitutional government. Under this government we have to be VERY careful what we ask for because we don’t know what we’re going to get. Kinda like the ACA bill that they had to pass to find out what’s in it! We STILL don’t know the truth!”

        Granted, however, the Congress (this government) has power to propose amendments at any time. Because a convention called by the States would be more to do with the people, than by the central government, the fear of a convention seems misplaced. When central government repeatedly misinterprets certain parts of the Constitution in order to pass monstrosities such as the ACA; to then use that as any reasonable fear of convention by the States (a designed check on the over reach of central power) to remedy these misinterpretations, seems like a contradiction in terms.

        Just this past Saturday, even DaveH made favorable comments to the idea of convention by the states. It was not until Brandon Smith comes along and basically says, “if the neocons want a convention, then it must be bad”. He obviously doesn’t understand Article 5 (as most people obviously don’t).

        A convention by the States is essentially the PEOPLE calling for the same amendments – across the required two-thirds of individual States – which must then be ratified by the State Legislatures.

  • Freespirit

    As usual BRANDON SMITH shows great insight. He is among, if not, the BEST writer on Personal Liberty Digest

    • Deerinwater

      well, I wouldn’t go that far ~ while he is improving at a faster pace.

      His talents to write commentary have being steady improving since he was brought aboard. He is young and certain to do well before his race is won.

      • Deerinwater

        Well, ~ okay! it was good! ~ he leaned in on this one, and knocked it out of the park .

        I’m encouraged with his work to offer a concise and comprehensive over view of current affairs.

        You happy?

    • Jana

      He sure has the political powers that be, down to what they are. This is why politics is so disgusting and nothing ever really gets done

      As he said, ” They may seem to disagree violently at times, but do not be fooled. The disagreement is likely just another means to gain more dominance.”
      Obama keeps saying I will negotiate when we reopen the government. No he won’t. One thing we can depend on Obama for is more lies. The Democrats are just taking us down the road to socialism faster than the Repubs. are, thats all, unless we can get more people like Ted Cruz in there.

  • Alondra

    The Korrupt America Hater Kenyan is holding his press conference right now.
    And as always he started with the moralizing lecture WHAT negotiations really mean (of cause according to the part-time constitutional lecturer’s definition).

    It just nauseatingly disgusting.

    P.S. Do not doubt, by his jabbering, he gives talking points to the MSM’ prostitutes.

    • Deerinwater

      Oh give it a break ~ Alondra

      Spare us your dysfunction to interpret events , ~ 44 is address 85 % of Americans while you are working with 15% maybe.

      • TheOriginalDaveH

        Mr. Obtuse calling the kettle black.
        Alondra has an excuse — English being her third language. What’s your excuse, Deer?

        • Nadzieja Batki

          English may be Alondra’s third language but I assure you she has a extremely good grasp of English. She has to to be able to translate between languages.

          • Deerinwater

            Maybe that explains some of what I see in her posts, ~ more plagiarizing and less original thought.

          • Alondra

            Why would not you point WHOSE passages or ideas/ views/expressions I “plagiarized” and please provide some examples of my “plagiarisms”?

            I think that your ego-centric PRIDE of the arrogant rancorous machista is talking in you after our last confrontation which ended by your defeat because you couldn’t dominate over me.

            You and some manurial insects are cowardly going to the comment boards of the 3-4 days back to attack me. Why it would be?

            NOTHING new: Coward arrogant rancorous ego-centric psychopaths always existed and always will exist.

            You do not like my comments just skip them like I am skipping yours.

            “9 That which has been is what will be, That which is done is what will be done, And THERE IS NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN.” (Ecclesiastes 1)

            P.S. Take something sweet to neutralize your bitterly-sour savor.

            Sad, it’s really sad to see so pitiful self-absorbed men.

          • Deerinwater

            Hahaha! ~ so self-absorbed women are better?

            I use to enjoy your commentary .

            Coward ~? no ~ documented

            Arrogant~? Yes! can be

            Pride ~? no ~ humble really

            rancorous~? but not at your level

            ego-centric ~? pinpoint focused really and subject to zoning ~ person trait and not really ego, more German minded and the search for excellence knowing full well, ~ there is a better way which accompanies a lot of trial and error.

            I will continue reading your commentary, looking for that nugget worth moving a ton of dirt for.

          • Bob666

            Yo Deer,

            Anyone who disagrees with the Porker is a “Coward arrogant rancorous ego-centric psychopath”.

            Some how, she is the only sane poster on this site?

            Fact is always stranger than fiction.

          • Alondra

            Oh, What a psychopathic hysteria and a LIE.

            I don’t think you’re enjoying my “commentary”, because they are irritating you.

            Coward ~ Documented and proved by you!

            Arrogant ~ Definitely!

            Pride ~ Yes! And your humbleness is equivalent to the
            satanic pride (sorry for using this strong comparison, but this is how I feel)

            Rancorous ~ as any coward arrogant self-absorbed machista

            Ego-centric ~ pinpoint focused on psychopathic mania

            Yes, Darwan D Winkler, you can read my comments, but look for your nuggets.

            As you can see below my post a MANURIAL warm is Crawling. He smells veeeery badly. And each time when you will talk to me the MANURIAL warm with the Psychopathic Mania will creeping here.

            So next time Darwan D Winkler think well if it worth to reply me.

            Best wishes, Darwan.

          • Bob666

            Yo Porkenstein,
            That was a sad and pathetic cry for help!

        • Deerinwater

          You like that word don’t you David? ~ I do too!

          It’s an oblique line that I travel it is true ~ be careful or you will find me one step behind you before you know that I am even there.

          Right angles are for “Squares”

          I use to enjoy some of Alondra posts, ~ but they are much too mean spirited and cynical anymore as the poison has settled in, short circuiting synopsis and a neurosis has slowly manifested itself too large to overlook. ~ That ,. ~and the depth and field in her view point is no long present in her posting.

          She has been assimilated by the “Dark Side” and now broadcast like an automaton wind up doll.

          The eloquence that was once present is now gone as she panders to her audience for mass appeal.

          Sad , really. She had it and lost it.

      • Alondra

        Take it – Deer in Murky Muddy water.

      • Bob666

        I believe that you have been far too charitable at 15% deer. it is probably 10% if many are properly medicated.

        • Nadzieja Batki

          So why are you AFRAID of the 10%?

          • Bob666

            Who said I am afraid Nads? That is not in any way, shape or form what I said, Could it be past your medication time?

      • Sunshine49

        The facts are that the majority of Americans are focused on their own lives and don’t even pay attention to what’s going on with politics between elections. Only a little more than a third of Americans voted in the last election, even though two-thirds are registered voters according to the 2010 census. Out of that third, Obama got a little over half (with counting all the dead and illegals that voted). Out of that 66 million only about 20% are far left liberals that believe in the Communist doctrines that Obama is trying to FORCE on America. The rest that voted for Obama were either bought off with promises of MORE “entitlements” or are just “useful idiots” that had no idea what they were voting for besides a “black” President. So your figure of 85% of Americans is WAY OFF base.

        Now, IF you are referring to the number of Americans that read a Bible and know what she’s talking about — you’re probably right. It’s doubtful that even 5% of Americans really know their Bible or realize what is really going on. They think that “man” can “change” things when that will never happen! Man rules over man to his own detriment. Satan’s time left ruling over this earth is SHORT — Thank God!

        • Deerinwater

          So, ~ you are not willing to consider a “no” vote as a vote?

          I would think anyone that would entertain the notion that the unborn have personal liberties that supersede the born would consider the possibilities of a “no vote” to be a vote by virtue relevance.

          To suggest that only 33% voted is to suggest 66% did as well by not voting. I would be willing to go out on a limb here and offer Mitt Romney was more responsible for this 66% “non-vote” then 44 was. While you seem willing to offer him no credit for the final election results at all.

          But back to Mr. Smith take on Globalization and the bigger picture that confront and vex us all. I guess that it’s going to take a UFO to land on the White House lawn, with a mother ship the size of a 5 city blocks hovering over every major world capital building to Formally introduce themselves with Full world press coverage and photo opt. ~ Allow some of the good ole boys for the Carolines to walk around it and kick the land struts and maybe a cooks tour through the vessel before some people realize that we are not alone. Not only the fact that we are not alone but that the Universe is a big piece of real estate and there are grand opportunities being places before us as a world of people.

          There are good motives for this slow push toward Globalization while few of them are very popular and for good reason. Far too many people are not ready and prepared for this “truth” as it offers great conflict among all faith based affiliations, ~ People that can’t accept the true realities of the Divine, ~ that their God is NON human, that to hold power over all things to is to “NOT” without overwhelming provocation.

          When a world host a people that cannot muster the ability to not fear the unknown and the unlike even among their own kind how might they view on visitors from distant stars be received?

          So ~ leadership is left to work on “The need to Know” basis whether it’s Global, National, State or local, this rule still applied. The chaos created by such delicate and sensitive issue as faith would be far too disruptive to all Seats of Power outweighing any “Need to Know”

          There is not one person in this whole world that holds a lofty and elevated position that does not want to keep it as long as possible, ~ now we can speculate on their motives for holding these views for days, months and years as there are many, while at the end of this mental masturbation period won’t change the fact.

          It’s true! ~ the world is and the Universe is getting smaller each day. ~ and human thinking among the masses is always slow and behind the times and has to be throttled along to catch up with the times.

          Just a hundred and fifty years ago, ~ the size of the world a man had quaint personal knowledge of was determines by the distance a well mounted horseman could travel in a single day. The size of our county government was then and still is predicated on the speed of a good horse. To conduct business, seat of power had to be accessible. That’s roughly a 60 mile radius with Terrain a shifting factor, a standard size of most county sets of government in our more developed areas of our nation.

          My point? ~ For Government to govern it must be accessible and change with the demands that are being placed on it. While these demand can never be fully understood and know to all as they will be soundly rejected. That government requires the consent of the “Governed” predicates this “need to know”.

          As we fly our skies with speeds approaching Mach 4 and shooting for 6. ~ We see it! We are almost there. While we have “visitors” that command our atmosphere at speed of Zero to MACH 24 in the blink of an eye. If you blink you missed them. ` If you did catch even a partial glimpse, your mind will rule it out. ~ No! I didn’t see that. ~ They use drones too you know? ~ have for decades. ~ some no larger that a baseball. Why are they here? What are they doing?
          Commerce, like all living things, filling needs and demands. ~ Hot chicks and good times. ~ or what they find important and valued to them.

          Such information ~ is most unsettling and few wish to hear it. It’s much easier to view people that believe such things as a nut in a tin foil hat. There is comfort it that and most of human endeavors are based on comfort and security.

          A World Government is coming, ~ it has too, but for today and for our times we and our world are not ready while a course is being set to go there , exactly as Mr. Smith so rightly suggest.

          Give it another 4 generations of man and then, ~ maybe.

          If the good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise it will be so ~ in good time.

          • Robert Messmer

            Nice read, but no, I would not give a non-vote more weight than that there is no option on the ballot for “None of the Above”.

            At Mach 24 how long is the trip to the nearest habitable planet? Commerce from drones the size of baseballs–really, really small hot chicks then.

    • KG

      It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both.
      Niccolo Machiavelli

      • Alondra

        “28 And DO NOT FEAR those who kill the body but CANNOT KILL the soul. But rather FEAR Him who is able to destroy BOTH soul and body in hell.” – Jesus Christ (Matthew 10:28)

        CONTEMPT / DISRESPECT ≠ fear
        You are confused, my Friend. Please distinguish feeling’s meanings.

        “Above all, DON’T LIE to YOURSELF. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth WITHIN him, or around him, and so LOSES ALL RESPECT for himself and for others.” ― Fyodor Dostoyevsky

        “But now thus says the LORD, He, Who created you, He Who formed you: ‘FEAR NOT, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, YOU ARE MINE.’” (Isaiah 43:1)

        • Sunshine49

          Matthew 10:16 Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

      • Vis Fac

        Therein lies your problem you are neither feared or loved abhorred would be more like it.

        Libertas inaestimabilis res est

  • Oliver_K_Manuel

    The first step toward globalization of all nations under the United Nations was this comment from Robert Oppenheimer in 1945:

    “I Am Become Death, Destroyer of Worlds.”

    Here’s a one-page summary of the impact on society, sixty-eight years later:

    Here is a summary of the experimental observations ignored:

    • KG

      So, you are saying that the development of nuclear weapons was a conspiracy to bring about the new world order?

      How much doobie did you smoke in the 70’s?

      • Oliver_K_Manuel

        No, the development of atomic bombs in the United States and Japan were deadly serious.

        But FEAR of death from nuclear annihilation drove world leaders and scientists to save themselves and the world by:

        1. Forming the UN on 24 Oct 1945, and

        2. Hiding evidence Neutron Repulsion:

        _ a.) Causes A-bombs to explode

        _ b.) Causes stars to generate and discard hydrogen

        A 1998 CSPAN video shows NASA belatedly releasing 1995 Jupiter data that confirmed

        The source of energy that caused cores of uranium atoms to fission is the source of energy in the core of the Sun that

        1. Created our elements,

        2. Birthed the solar system five billion years (5 Ga) ago,

        3. Sustained the origin and evolution of life on Earth over the past three-and-a-half billion years (3.5 Ga).

  • rbrooks

    If you do not yet understand that the elite of the Republican Party and
    the Democratic Party

    { and every politician from any party} you left out all of the other politicians. that explains why you, and the faithful few, do not understand.

    share the same foundational philosophy of
    globalism, then you will never understand why our government does what it does.

    • Brandon Smith

      That’s a logical fallacy. Not every person in politics is automatically an elite, or corrupt. There are many good men and women in DC, just not at the top. They think they are merely doing their jobs by following the party line.

      Painting with such a broad brush is a sign of ignorance. Don’t fall into that mental trap.

      • Karolyn

        It does seem as though many go to Washington being altruistic and wanting to do what is right; however, many (9f not most) eventually succumb to the bureaucracy and greed that runs rampant.

      • rbrooks

        all politicians are crooks. even the one(s) you worship. they count on you to keep them in office.

  • TheOriginalDaveH

    Judge Jim Gray will be on Google Hangout tonight:

  • Nadzieja Batki

    Now the insidious evil created by the Dems/Progs/Leftists in shutting down the government to manipulate the nation is reaching to the crabbing industry because they will not be able to get permits and their season is short.

    • Karolyn

      Oh, right! The Republicans have nothing to do with it! They are ALL nuts!

      • samurai

        In this case, the GOP is fighting the good fight and standing up for what the average American wants. Here is an article from the MSM about Obama bin Laden Care. Yes, the Samurai is using a left wing wacko source.
        Here is another one.
        FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! 하나님하고 나라를 위해서!
        You need both love of country and faith in GOD to be a patriot.
        “Whatever makes men good Christians makes them good citizens.”
        Daniel Webster
        U.S. Senator
        Secretary of State
        “Defender of the Constitution”
        Devout Christian

  • pnwdave

    Excellent Article, Mr. Smith!

  • KennyLLC

    A highly collegial view of the broader spectrum, Brandon.
    I grew up in a religion that taught The League of Nations to be the beast of Revelation, and the seemingly toothless U.N. as it’s predecessor, or it’s “image” that will soon take and demand full control of all governments, currrencies, personal liberties, and even the displacement of religion.
    Your thesis fits well into my beliefs.

  • KennyLLC

    A highly collegial view of the broader spectrum, Brandon.
    I grew up in a religion that taught The League of Nations to be the beast of Revelation, and the seemingly toothless U.N. as it’s predecessor, or it’s “image” that will soon take and demand full control of all governments, currrencies, personal liberties, and even the displacement of religion.
    Your thesis fits well into my beliefs.

    • laura merrone

      I think according to the Bible that the Antichrist is the beast and there will also be a false prophet. What these exactly will be is anybody’s guess, but I believe America will play a significant role and that he might even be a US President. The way things are going, it won’t be long either.

      • KennyLLC

        “THE Antichrist” came along just after the death of the apostles, over 1500 years ago.
        The false prophet is here today and has played a significant role in misleading and contributing to the death of many in the western wars of mankind, backed by the Harlot that rides the image of the wild beast.

  • Bob666

    Oh Yes, this is Porktober Fest!

    The month where old insignificant commie wind bags come to spread their unique brand of propaganda and hate as they are lick their wounds from losing the cold war.

    Sad, so very-very Sad.

  • Bob666

    Well it is Porktober Fest!

    The month when Envious, Coward, Delusional,PITIFUL
    FILTHY SICK EGO-CENTRIC MANIAC old commie wind-bags without a country get to spread their propaganda and vote themselves up multiple times in the process.

    • Guest

      Keep yapping Envious, Coward, Delusional, STUPID, PITIFUL FILTHY SICK EGO-CENTRIC PSYCHOPATH
      “of the 13 generation out of 14”

      • Bob666

        And in the month of Porktoberfest,

        The wild commie beast will post using multiple accounts to spread her triad of propaganda as only a Envious, Coward, Delusional, STUPID, PITIFUL FILTHY SICK EGO-CENTRIC PSYCHOPATH old commie blowhard can do.

        Sad, so very Sad

        • Bob666


          it’s almost mid Porktoberfest and the wild Envious, Coward, Delusional, STUPID, PITIFUL FILTHY SICK EGO-CENTRIC PSYCHOPATH Commie beast is now almost two weeks with out her meds and going into melt-down mode.

          Sad-So Very Sad.

          • Bob666

            And in Porktoberfest,

            The STUPID FILTHY MANURIAL old commie FLY will swarm spreading her discontent and unhappiness along with her porky propaganda.

            Poor old porky MANURIAL old commie FLY!

          • Bob666

            Yes In Porktoberfest,

            After screwing up and posting on one of her many Disqus accounts, the very STUPID FILTHY MANURIAL FLY / AKA the old commie blow-hard deletes the post on the account of her alleged off spring and now she will use the multiple accounts to vote herself up and those she hates (many of them) down.

            And se calls other people “STUPID, PITIFUL FILTHY SICK EGO-CENTRIC PSYCHOPATHS”

            Sad-So very, very Sad!

          • Bob666

            Yes In Porktoberfest,

            After screwing up and posting on one of her many Disqus accounts, the very STUPID FILTHY MANURIAL FLY / AKA the old commie blow-hard deletes the post on the account of her alleged off spring and now she will use the multiple accounts to vote herself up and those she hates (many of them) down.

            And se calls other people “STUPID, PITIFUL FILTHY SICK EGO-CENTRIC PSYCHOPATHS”

            Sad-So very, very Sad!

  • Mike Lashewitz

    How about we drop the [expletive deleted] and recognize that the entire government is a sham a scam and they all work for the Zionist Elite? Since 1963 politicians promised everything and delivered nothing. The two party system is both sides of the same coin. They both are heading for the same outcome. a two state system of slave and elite. Where their money is their money and our money is also their money. Get the Ferengis out of the White House.