The Joke’s On Us


I’m often asked by conservative friends how I continue to laugh at the increasingly Orwellian sideshow presented by President Barack Obama and his accomplices. Most of them expect the old “laugh or you’ll cry” saw, which isn’t entirely inappropriate. But seriously, folks, they sold guns to Mexican narcoterrorists and then blamed Mexican “gun” violence on American firearms. They pushed through a healthcare takeover they called “Affordable” and waited until later before acknowledging it would hike costs into the stratosphere. They abandoned four Americans to die in the Libyan desert and told so many lies in the wake of the massacre that they’ve actually begun to contradict themselves. They promised to be the “most transparent” Administration in history, and yet they make J. Edgar Hoover look like one of the Kardashians. And just when it couldn’t get any weirder, they got caught wiretapping their own flacks.

Of course, Obama says he didn’t know anything about any gunrunning, cost increases, terrorist attacks or wiretaps. I’m willing to grant the possibility that Obama actually had no idea of the freak show his Administration staged. As I’ve pointed out before: Obama reminds me of a real-life version of Chauncey Gardiner from the film “Being There,” so it’s possible he really is unaware of the depravities that have turned his Administration into what he calls a “sideshow.” Should that be the case, the reasons for his immediate dismissal are self-evident. If the President of the United States has divorced himself from responsibility to the extent that Operation Fast and Furious, Benghazi, surreptitious wiretapping and even politically motivated Internal Revenue Service harassment all happened without his knowledge, then he is clearly incompetent.

Meanwhile, as their delicate web of lies unravels under its own weight, the Democrats have dipped into the archives for their latest talking point. According to wild-eyed lunatic Chris Matthews of MSNBC (aka The Democrat Channel), Obama’s effronteries are merely “catnip for the hard right.” Of course, that’s a cover of that liberal chart-topper from the 1990s: “The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” by Bubba Clinton and his band, the No Controlling Legal Authorities. The fact that Clinton wouldn’t recognize the truth if it strutted by him in a blue dress and stripper heels didn’t create scandals; it was just that the VRWC wouldn’t let them go.

But blaming conservatives for raising the alarm over Obama’s iniquities is the moral equivalent of blaming the murder witness for dialing 9-1-1. The only way the Democrats could more deeply offend me would require blaming the victims of their transgressions, not that even the most fringe of liberal fringe wackos would… er, too late.

In reference to the wiretapping of The Associated Press, CNN’s liberal mouthpiece Hilary Rosen tweeted on Tuesday:

Rosen, who once told Matthews “it‘s the reporters paying the price, not someone in the White House.  And that‘s not fair,” has split herself like a wishbone in an attempt to defend Obama from responsibility. As a Democrat first and a media flack second, Rosen’s allegiances shift automatically from the press to the depressing.

She’s hardly alone. The blogosphere is alive with messages of support for Obama and his accomplices.

Actress Bette Midler tweeted:

I wonder if she’d feel the same way if they leaked her financials to some hate group.

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Chairman Emeritus Julian Bond told MSNBC talking hairdo Thomas Roberts: “I think it’s entirely legitimate to look at the Tea Party. Here are a group of people who are admittedly racist, who are overtly political.” Bond’s rather obvious projection aside, if the IRS decided to examine the nonprofit status of groups who advocate for cop killers, methinks he might protest a bit less.

Obama and his minions have cast aside any pretense of propriety, any display of decency and even the smallest semblance of seemliness. They believe their electoral mandate — such as it is — eclipses the very Constitution. They’re staging George Orwell’s Animal Farm. It’s sad, it’s outrageous and it’s criminal. But it is most certainly not funny.

–Ben Crystal

Personal Liberty

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • independent thinker

    “The fact that Clinton wouldn’t recognize the truth if it strutted by him in a blue dress and stripper heels …”
    I do believe that is the understatement of the year.

    • elmcqueen3

      Okay…But lets not begrudge a man for his liking of soggy cigars!

      • rendarsmith

        Oral sex is not adultery! His bible says so!

  • peter

    Right on Ben! Nothing to laugh about here. Obama and his cohorts are definitely clowns but not funny. Do you think they are really crooked or just plain stupid?

  • Bryan

    The similarity to Orwell’s “Animal Farm” popped into my head a long time ago. It’s just like the part, one of the pigs was adding “with sheets” to the list of no no’s the animals were not allowed to do after they over threw the farmer. One of the rules was that “Animals will not sleep in beds” then the pigs added “with sheets” so they could get away with it! Such as with Obama!

    • Jeff

      And that reminds you of Obama how, exactly? I know the answer will involve some reference to communism and/or Nazis, but let’s have it.

  • Oliver_K_Manuel

    George Orwell was dying of tuberculosis in 1946, when he moved to the God-forsaken Scottish Isle of Jura to start writing his warning to the public, “1984” [1].

    His warning was largely ignored.

    Fear and loathing that humans might destroy the world with the forbidden knowledge of the energy that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6 and 9 Aug 1945 led to the establishment of the United Nations on 24 Oct 1945 and to the insidious destruction of the very fabric and integrity of:
    _ a.) Public education,
    _ b.) Government science, and
    _ c.) Civilian control of government

    See questions and answers to Peter Lang near the top of Professor Curry’s blog, Climate Etc.

    With deep regrets,
    – Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

    [1] George Owrell (Eric Arthur Blair), Ninteen Eighty-Four (1984) (Secker and Warburg, London, 8 June 1949).

  • Randall Parker Mba

    It always amuses me when the NAACP calls any other organization “racist.”

    The NAACP has done more to keep its delegation subservient to its rule than any other so-called liberating organization on the planet!

    Technically, “black” is not a color, but rather the absence of all colors, while “white” is the presence of all colors.

    Talk about a woefully misnamed organization!

    • Jeff

      You are correct on the physics of black and white but dead wrong on the history and sociology of those terms. In the U.S., “white” means the absence of ethnicity. Even the Irish weren’t considered white until they’d been here a couple of generations. When one refers to himself as “white” (as opposed to self-identifying as Italian or Russian or Catholic or Jewish), it means he isn’t of any identifiable ethnicity and is setting up a large group from which he can exclude whomever he chooses: Blacks, Mexicans, Jews, etc. The NAACP, by pointing out where racism exists, did not invent racism.

      • speedle

        Well Jeff, you are correct. The NAACP did not invent racism, but they are making damn sure that it is ongoing. After all, who would need an NAACP if there were no racism? They would be like a cop with no lawbreakers or a life guard with no swimmers.

    • Stuart Shepherd

      And what’s up with the “colored people” in the title anyway? What the hell does that mean? (they keep it as an emblem of “victimization” and deserved special rights as everyone who wasn’t white used to be lumped under that one title when america had segregation, etc and a largely white population- 90%)

  • Nadzieja Batki

    The Dems/Progs/Leftists have a new slogan, “The GOP made us do it” whenever they are caught doing something wrong.

  • Average_Joe56

    Wow, I thought I was the only person to ever see Being there, thanks for the reference.
    Best exchange:

    “Ron Steigler: Mr. Gardner, uh, my editors and I have been wondering if you would consider writing a book for us, something about your um, political philosophy, what do you say?

    Chance the Gardener: I can’t write.

    Ron Steigler: Heh, heh, of course not, who can nowadays? Listen, I have trouble writing a postcard to my children. Look uhh, we can give you a six figure advance, I’ll provide you with the very best ghost-writer, proof-readers…

    Chance the Gardener: I can’t read.

    Ron Steigler: Of course you can’t! No one has the time! We, we glance at things, we watch television…

    Chance the Gardener: I like to watch TV.

    Ron Steigler: Oh, oh, oh sure you do. No one reads! ”

    “I like to watch.” (yup, that’s Obama)

  • Paul

    Isn’t ironic that everytime some bad news surfaces, all the heads of departments have no knowledge of the issue? You know.. the old “I know nothing” syndrome. If that is the case, why do we even have them there? The only things I agree with and am thankful for is that Obummer spends alot of time golfing, socializing and fund raising. Can you imagine the shape we’d be in if he actually did some work? God forbid. Please keep him buzy on the golf course.

  • Oliver_K_Manuel

    The joke is on world leaders and their science advisors, who decided on 24 Oct 1945 to:

    a.) Form the United Nations
    b.) Eliminate national boundaries
    c.) By-pass constitutional limits on governments, and
    d.) Forever hide from the public the source of nuclear energy that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6 and 9 Aug 1945

    To that end, the very fabric and integrity have been compromised in

    e.) Public education
    f .) Government science, and
    g.) Constitutional limits on government.

    The joke is on world leaders and their science advisors because the source of energy that vaporized Hiroshima and Nagasaki is also the energy source of the Creator, Destroyer and Sustainer of all atoms, lives and worlds in the Solar System [1] and in the Crab Nebula [2].

    The scientific community is finally awakening to reality and abandoning unscientific propaganda of CO2-induced global warming and theoretical model of neutron stars as “dead embers” of stars formerly heated by fusion.

    Last week astronomers and nuclear physicists from around the world gathered in Amsterdam for a five day symposium on neutron stars:

    The announcement included this “artist impression” of the source of energy that recent measurements have revealed at the core of the Sun [1] and the core of the Crab Nebula [2].

    This shows why climate scientists couldn’t find a link between CO2 and global climate warming.

    With kind regards,
    – Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

    [1] I. G. Usoskin, et al., “The AD775 cosmic event revisited: The Sun is to blame,”A&A Letters 552, L3 (2013):;

    [2] A.A. Abdo, et al., “Gamma-ray flares from the Crab Nebula,” Science 331, 739-742 (2011):

    [3] “Attraction and repulsion of nucleons: Sources of stellar energy”
    Journal of Fusion Energy 19, 93-98 (2001).

    • Stuart Shepherd

      It was martians, actually, thank you.

  • Deerinwater

    Well Ben,~ Whatever your are doing ~ keep doing it! ~ It’s working so well ~ sometimes I believe that maybe you are working for the DNC.

    • WTS/JAY

      Interesting that you should accuse Ben of working for the DNC! Normally, Ben would be accused of working for the GOP. But seriously, is there really any difference between the two?

  • Stuart Shepherd

    It’s not a joke and it’s not a “sideshow”- it’s becoming the main act. It will be “allowed” because it is was done by the increasingly powerful and viciously brutal socialists. Welcome to your future- it’s here already, just as Orwell predicted.

  • Guest

    I do not know who is more stupid and idiotic, Obama, Holder, and his minions, or the American voter who thought it was a great idea to re-elect this freedom hating individual for another four years, along with so many others in the past who whittled away the Constitution a bite at a time. And NOW Americans have the balls to wake up, and decide they do not want to lay in the bed they have made for themselves? Suck it up, honey, you thought the responsibility and diligence that came with freedom was so terrible, just wait until the real pain starts. For when you realize that lack of freedom and privacy is a far higher price to pay, it may be too little too late to get back what you were so willing to give up.

    • mtman2

      The atheist/socialist/progressives have had at it here in the USA for a good 100-yrs now as WE lost track of or forgot the value + cost of the FOUNDERS gift to us -called the American Dream of = Life, Liberty + The Pursuit of Happiness!!! “It’s free right?” “So why do WE gotta do anything for it?” = “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE.” This attitude is both sickening + treasonous = for all!