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Hello, I’m Wayne Allyn Root (WAR) for Personal Liberty. I am a small-businessman at ground zero. I don’t need Barack Obama, the Fed, economists or the media to tell me how the economy is doing. I live it. And I’m telling you, we’re all being lied to. The economy is not getting better; it’s getting worse.

Back in late 2007 and early 2008, I publicly predicted (numerous times) that we were entering the deepest recession since the 1929 Great Depression. At the exact moment I wrote about this, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke was testifying in front of Congress that the economy was fine, we were not in recession, and there was little threat of a serious economic decline. It turned out he was dead wrong about everything. A small-businessman always knows.

In my national bestselling book, The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide, I predicted all of this: the decline of the economy, the death of jobs, the disaster of Obamacare and the murder of the middle class. It’s all happening in front of our very eyes.

Here’s what I know. We have a jobs disaster. The numbers are sobering. Yet the mainstream media is reporting the November jobs report as if “happy days are here again.” Every media headline reports a “fantastic jobs report.” And, establishment D.C. Republicans are so dumb, they accept government manipulated numbers as “fact.”

The truth is it’s all a lie. Obama propaganda. A massive cover-up. A Ponzi scheme aided and abetted by the Obama-adoring, Kool-Aid-drinking mainstream media.

First, are the numbers real? We recently found out in that in the run-up to the 2012 Presidential election, Census Bureau employees purposely reported hundreds of thousands of new jobs that did not exist. They created a false narrative that the economy was improving to fraudulently re-elect Obama. What makes you think that’s not still happening?

Why would you believe the jobs report from the same government that told you: “If you like your health insurance, you can keep it,” “Obamacare will make your insurance rates go down” and, more recently, “The Obamacare website is fixed.” All lies.

Why would you believe anything coming from an Obama Administration so corrupt that it sent the Internal Revenue Service to intimidate a Stage 4 cancer victim within days of his appearance on FOX News criticizing Obamacare.

But let’s assume the 7 percent November unemployment number the national media has made its headline is accurate. Why isn’t the media also reporting the government’s own U6 figure of 13.2 percent? U6 measures unemployment combined with underemployment, a statistic that every expert agrees is the more accurate picture of true unemployment. If a Republican were President, the 13.2 percent figure would be trumpeted in every headline.

But this is only the start of the Ponzi scheme. Assuming that more than 200,000 new jobs were created in November, why don’t the media report on what kinds of jobs are being created? Are these jobs that pay enough to live a middle-class lifestyle and feed your family, or crummy part-time jobs that don’t even allow employees to eat without receiving food stamps? The answer, of course, is the latter.

Once analyzed in detail, November’s jobs numbers will undoubtedly be exactly the same as the rest of 2013. Respected economist and author John Lott reported recently that 96 percent of the jobs created in this Obama economy since January are crummy part-time jobs.

Respected billionaire businessman and publisher Mort Zuckerman disagrees. He says 88 percent of the jobs created this year under Obama are crummy part-time jobs.

No matter which figure you believe, the Obama “recovery” is a mirage. This economy is doing well only if you want a job at McDonalds.

Even worse for taxpayers, of the jobs government claims to have created, almost half are government jobs.

Folks, Obama is using your taxpayer money to create government jobs that actually hurt the economy and raise your taxes. Your typical government employee collects more money in retirement than they made while working. Every government job is a gigantic net loss for taxpayers. This is a disaster. This is one of the major factors for how America wound up $17 trillion in debt — with a massive unfunded liability for government employee pensions. We desperately need private-sector jobs, not government jobs.

But this is no mistake. Obama is brilliant. He wants more and more government jobs, because government employees will always protect their jobs by doing Obama’s bidding (including reporting fraudulent jobs numbers at the Census Bureau, or persecuting Obama’s critics at the IRS). And, of course, they will always vote loyally Democrat and pay union dues (which turn into bribes that fund Democratic candidates).

How bad is the private-sector economy? A new study shows 41 of 50 States have lost private-sector jobs under Obama.

But even that doesn’t tell the full story. I’ll make an educated guess that 80 percent of the few private-sector jobs actually created under Obama belong to big business. Obama’s policies have purposely rewarded his backers in big business, while gutting small business — the economic sector where Americans can achieve upward mobility. If you want people to be self-sufficient, reward and encourage small business. If you want people to become dependent on government, create a “crony capitalist” system that puts government in bed with big business.

Small business drives the American dream. Like my father, who went from butcher to butcher-store owner, and then put his two children through Ivy League university. Jobs at McDonald’s, Home Depot and Wal-Mart are a place to get a start. But only a socialist like Obama (whose goal is to make everyone dependent on big government by wiping out the middle class) would consider creating low-paying jobs for big business a success. Next, of course, Obama dreams of giving amnesty to 10 million to 15 million illegal immigrants, guaranteeing (due to competition) nothing but low-wage jobs for decades to come.

Lastly, the biggest media scam of all is allowing Obama to report unemployment as “improving,” when the major reason for an improved unemployment number is due to people dropping out of the labor force to go on welfare, food stamps and disability. In October, a record 932,000 people simply stopped looking for work.

That’s what causes each month’s “drop” in unemployment. It isn’t jobs; it’s lost souls giving up because it’s impossible to find a job in Obama’s America, or because it pays more to sit at home collecting welfare.

Facts don’t lie:

The truth is America is experiencing an “Obama Great Depression.” Obama is the greatest jobs killer in U.S. history. And things will only get worse from here. Or did you think a bad economy with no jobs would get better now that Obamacare has been unleashed on the Nation? Obama has attacked business with $1.8 trillion in new regulations for 2014, massive new Obamacare taxes and dramatic increases in the cost of health insurance. And, to top it off, millions of individuals and small businesses are losing their insurance altogether. And in the midst of this, you thought the economy would improve? You believed the lies, fabrications and manipulations coming from this Administration? I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

Things are getting worse, not better. But Obama, the Fed, government economists and the Obama-adoring mainstream media can’t tell you the truth. Otherwise, we’d have rioting, unrest and perhaps even revolution in the streets. So they just keep lying and denying, while sending out government checks like candy to soothe the masses.

So the greatest Ponzi scheme in world history continues unabated.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root (WAR) for Personal Liberty. Enjoy your family and friends for the next three weeks. Rest up. We’ll fight to save America in the New Year 2014. Until then, merry Christmas, happy holidays and God bless.

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Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root is one of America's leading Libertarian-conservative authors. Wayne's new book is The Murder of the Middle ClassWayne is a Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee and Fox News regular. Follow Wayne on Twitter and visit Wayne's web site:

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