The Destruction of Justice: Plea Bargains


A plea bargain is defined simply as a “deal” between a criminal defendant and his/her prosecutor. The accused gets a reduced charge or charges and subsequent sentence in exchange for pleading guilty to a lesser crime. Most qualified information shows that plea bargains take place in 90-plus-percent of all criminal cases filed in the U.S. each year and innocent victims of false prosecution feel the brunt of it.

Usually, an innocent defendant is charged with numerous (stacked) criminal charges and they are informed by their own attorney that they are facing many years in prison. The defendant’s attorney usually explains the downside to not accepting the plea bargain (lesser sentence) in a subtle, yet alarming manner. Faced with a life-ending sentence if convicted on the stacked charges, most defendants break and take the deceptive plea bargain.

Innocent defendants are rarely if ever informed of the future effects of accepting a plea bargain —the stigma, the permanency of now being a criminal and the fact that they will be closely scrutinized when future crimes occur near their location. They have no idea that they will be a criminal for life — especially concerning false sex abuse cases, which are running rampant today. Defendants are uninformed about the fact that they are more likely to be falsely prosecuted a second time, once they have mistakenly accepted an extorted plea bargain.

According to US~Observer statistics, approximately 12 percent (many sources report much higher rates of false convictions through plea bargains) of those who accept plea bargains are completely innocent, but they can’t afford the proper defense or they simply accept the plea bargain out of fear. Between 50 percent and 60 percent of those who enter into plea bargains are actually not guilty of some of the stacked charges leveled at them.

Not all plea bargains are bargains, by any stretch of the imagination. Every plea bargain cheats someone. Either a guilty defendant is given too little punishment or an innocent person pays for a crime they did not commit. Either society or the defendant is cheated.

Many innocent defendants have their lives literally destroyed by law enforcement officers who lie on their reports and/or abusive prosecutors who indict without any investigation or legitimate grounds. I speak with first-hand knowledge, having witnessed more than 4,000 such cases in the past 22 years.

The US~Observer’s scope of work deals strictly with innocent victims of false prosecution/abuse. Much unlike a majority of current day attorneys, we conduct intense investigations. We take legal cases out of corrupt legal systems and we try them publicly. We have learned from experience that the only thing unethical prosecutors, dishonest law enforcement, or biased judges’ fear is exposure. The bad ones are only concerned with their phony reputations and/or political careers.

Innocent people can defeat false prosecutions — it is possible to stop abuse.  Personally, if I were on a jury I would find it very hard to convict anyone in court today based on the atrocities I have encountered within the criminal justice system – not to mention the growing number of people who have been released from “death row” or prison after DNA has proven them innocent.

-Edward Snook, publisher

Personal Liberty

Edward Snook

has been the publisher of the US~Observer newspaper for over 20 years, however his efforts to vindicate innocent people began over 25 years ago. He has also been a successful investigator, dog trainer and entrepreneur.

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  • Darral

    We don’t call it THE Criminal, Justice system for nothing, Most of the justice system all across America is controlled by the Democratic party, Abolish this Destructive Treasonous Democratic party, Other wise get used to it, It is getting worse and will get even worse yet, under the Dictatorship tyrannical control of the Democratic party.

  • Old Wolf

    If every criminal case went to trial, the states would go bankrupt. I highly recommend ensuring that they must go to criminal trial, as currently only about 4% of cases ever receive a jury trial. Part of the reason for proliferation of laws at this point, and the use of new laws as ‘profit drivers’ for the private prisons, is the nature and ease of plea bargains.
    The only legitimate way that the state may punish is through the jury. They cannot do so merely by contract, that being a civil issue, nor may the individual lawfully waive their immunity to punishment without trial. Threats, extortion, and coercion always end any civil contract, and force, or the threatened use of force, is the essence of coercion.

  • DavidL

    Most individuals charged with a crime are guilty, and the plea bargain is a valuable law enforcement tool. There is no way we could afford ($$$) to prosecute every case or give up its valuable information it produces about other criminals and crimes. If we tried, our taxes would go through the roof and the criminal justice system would come to a grinding halt.

    • Jeff

      Prosecutors often over-charge, even assuming the defendant is actually guilty of something. Often, the plea bargain is not letting the person off so much as bringing the charges into balance with what actually happened. Plea bargaining is absolutely essential, particularly with mandatory sentencing laws that effectively take discretion away from judges and give it to prosecutors. Give judges back their rightful discretion and plea bargaining might be a bit less needed. But if you look at any criminal docket, you’ll see 20 or 30 cases set for trial. At most, one will actually go to trial. If they all went to trial, maybe prosecutors would have to dismiss some of the more nonsensical cases, like marijuana possession.

      • Mike W

        Jeff is entirely correct. If a county did away with plea bargaining, as has been tried occasionally, the courts could not keep up with the docket. Eventually prisoners would have to be released because they cannot be given their constitutional right to speedy trial.l

  • dan

    Perhaps the ever growing volumes of laws and technicalities that are criminalized
    (and which EVERYONE is guilty of violating in letter if not spirit)
    this will never change until prosecutors are civilly liable for slander and false accusations….and those who cannot afford to seek justice will pay with their souls.

  • Chester

    In any sex case, IF it goes to jury trial, it is an almost guaranteed win for the prosecutor, whether the target is actually guilty or not. It seems that most people automatically assume that no one is charged with a sex crime unless they ARE guilty, thus the trial is just a waste of their time. Also, public defenders don’t have the resources to prove innocence, or lack of guilt. They get enough money to try ten cases a month, then are assigned a hundred or more to defend.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    DA’s are lower class than a child molester , they can not be trusted , I have jury duty in two weeks , if i see stacked charges or any charges that come out of sherching a car with out a warnt , i well not convict ! and no way would i convict any one that is a american for carrying a gun , felon or not ,

    • Jeff

      You also won’t get picked for the jury. The D.A. will get rid of you with his first peremptory challenge. Juries are usually teachers and retired people. If you give the Court or the D.A. any indication you don’t trust police or prosecutors, sayonara!