The Choice Is Ours


As of this writing, the much-anticipated House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearings on the Benghazi massacre and subsequent cover-up are less than a day away. Despite conservative anticipation and liberal dread over Wednesday’s festivities, I expect little in the way of new information will come to light. Instead, I suspect a great many disgraces to which we’re already privy will be depressingly confirmed.

Either President Barack Obama knew the situation in Libya had degraded to the point that American personnel were facing imminent and mortal peril, or he didn’t. If the former is true, then Obama turned his back on Ambassador Chris Stevens, Glenn Doherty, Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods to go party with his big-money cronies in Las Vegas. If the latter is true, then Obama is seriously insulated from some woefully poor decisions made in his name by woefully poor subordinates.

Either Obama knew the Benghazi attacks were a coordinated maneuver by islamofascist terrorists, or he didn’t. If the former is true, then Obama sacrificed American lives out of pure selfishness. If the latter is true, then our collective national security apparatus has been shredded by liberal politics and Las Vegas fundraisers.

Either Obama knew a badly produced, badly directed, badly scripted and badly acted 5-month-old YouTube video was not the impetus behind the attacks, or he didn’t. If the former is true, then Obama lied to the American people with the cool detachment of a serial killer. If the latter is true, then Obama is little more than a marionette operated by political operatives who possess the cool detachment of serial killers.

Either Obama knew Ambassador Susan Rice lied repeatedly to the Nation about the Benghazi attacks, or he didn’t. If the former is true, then Obama owes an apology to everyone accused of racism or misogyny for criticizing her shameless mendacity. If the latter is true, then Obama owes the same apology to the same people.

Either Obama knew former Secretary of State and presumptive 2016 Democratic Presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton lied during her now-infamous “What difference, at this point, does it make?” testimony, or he didn’t. If the former is true, then Clinton lied with his blessing. If the latter is true, then Clinton lied with his retroactive blessing.

The real tragedy of Benghazi — beyond the senseless loss of human life and the grief the massacre left in its wake — is the pointlessness of it all. On Sept. 11, Obama was contending with the weak-armed challenge of Mitt Romney. Protected by the corporate media, funded by millionaire and billionaire cronies from Hollywood to George Soros’ secret underground lair and worshipped by the low-information types in much the same way the rats of Hamelin worshipped the Pied Piper, Obama was as safe an electoral bet as any President since George H.W. Bush pushed Romney’s fellow ex-Massachusetts Governor, Michael Dukakis, off the electoral roof. Had Obama simply said, “My bad,” his supporters would have shrugged Benghazi off just as easily as they have Operation Fast and Furious, the war on the Bill of Rights and the budget-busting cost increases Obama swore weren’t hiding in Obamacare like the monster in one of those teenage slasher films.

Either Americans can live with that, or we can’t. If the former is true, then we deserve no better than Obama. If the latter is true, the 2014 Congressional elections and 2016 Presidential election will likely be our last chance to do something about it. The choice is ours.

–Ben Crystal

Personal Liberty

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • peter

    The choice is indeed that of the American voters Ben. They deserve no better than Obama? Correct and when Hilary becomes President that is exactly what they are going to get! Will they ever get it right? Does not seem so. They like being conned, just so long as they can go right ahead in their coma’s worshipping these fakes who are literally destroying the Country. Al Capone would be a better President! Maybe the great nation is no more? Sad it is to be destroyed by such spineless excuses for humanity!

    • Don 2

      The Democrat party’s very existence depends on keeping their voter base dumbed-down, ignorant, and on government handouts. The addition of 30 million more poor, government dependent illegals into the Democrat voter ranks would give the party exactly what they want. The Democrat party knows that self-sufficient working people with jobs do not need the Democrat party, government handouts, or Obama-phones. Hence, Obama, the Democrats, and unelected czars continue to put out thousands of regulations, smothering small businesses, killing jobs, turning the middles class into government dependents, and trying to tax self-sufficient people into requiring government assistance of some sort. Then, they send their ‘useful idiots’ who are dumb enough to believe in a utopian society, to Conservative websites, to try and convince you that what you know to be true, is somehow, not true.

  • Bob666

    Well, Ben is consistent in his approach.

    • vicki

      As is your ad hominem.

      • Bob666

        OK Vicki,
        How is that an ad hominem? It’s really an observation like many that you make every day.

        • vicki
          • Bob666

            Or, is it just an observation that someone who wants to take a shot another person, but has nothing constructive to work with just claims;ad hominem?

          • Dave

            Its ok when people she supports engages in the practice Bob… but don’t you do it… Its Vicki’s way of trying to control the debate. She has good teachers on the practice.

          • Bob666

            Yo Dave,
            good observation, but I believe that you give her “teachers” far to much credit.

  • Liberty Lover

    “We have met the enemy and he is us.” Pogo

  • jim b

    I think the experiment is concluded, when we let Stupid run the country we get Twice as much Debt, Twice as much Unemployment, Three times as much poverty, Four time more entitlements. Yep, I think we can stop now, please!

    • NC

      jimb, do you think the bush wars added anything to what Obama has had to spend plus the interest? Do you think that the reasons that caused bush to set records for job losses per month BEFORE Obama was sworn in stopped completely on the day bush left office??? Really???????????
      Remember before you answer that adult independents are reading this!! or did they continue for some time AFTER bush LEFT to cause a rise in unemployment??? LOGICAL????

      • red neck

        LIAR! …. Stop worshipping your king daddy obama moron.

      • vicki

        Still blaming President Bush. That man must be God to be able to force obama to spend all that money.

      • Frank Kahn

        screaming your liberal stupidity does not make it any more true.

        We, normal people, are well aware that you liberals have no real concept of cost and benefit ratios. Social security, which is a benefit, not an entitlement is paid for by the recipients. That is, of course, assuming that the recipients participated in the program while gainfully employed in this country. And with that I am strictly talking about normal social security retirement or disability payments, not supplemental security income. Supplemental security income payments are an entitlement and are an extreme drain on the SS trust fund. These payments are made to people who have never worked a day in their lives, sometimes even kids who are not old enough to work yet.

        A true entitlement is real welfare. This payment has only two requirements, female and children. If a single woman is stupid enough to get pregnant, with no possible way of supporting herself and the child, we tax payers are required to pay for them. While you liberals say this is a good thing, caring for the poor, and helps the economy (they buy things sustaining jobs), we normal people see the fact that it is a circular NET LOSS situation. Lets say that the food she buys is charged a 10% sales tax (large sales tax amount). Lets also say she spends half her welfare money on this. If she received $1,000 in welfare money, she paid $50 in taxes. Her total purchases is less than one months salary for a person working in sales. They pay 25% taxes on their total pay. Her contribution to their tax bill is $125, So, we paid her $1,000 a month and she contributes $175 in tax revenue. According to my calculation she is a 82.5% drain on the federal tax revenue. Or in other words, she reduces the available tax revenue of the government by $9,900 a year. If we have 1,000 women on this program it is 9.9 million dollars year. If that increases to 10,000 it is 99 million loss. Now, since I am not a liberal, I don’t understand how that stimulates anything. Having people on welfare is a tragedy not a blessing. Having more people on it is bad, not good.

        We dont want them to go without, we dont want them to suffer, we want them to make good choices so they can provide for themselves and survive.

        There is no such thing as an accidental pregnancy. If she was raped then that is tragic and not her fault, but if she chose to have sex she is responsible for the outcome. The man who was involved is also responsible, the two of them should be required to provide all the financial support needed to raise the child. I did not have the pleasure of getting her pregnant so I should not have to pay to raise the child.

        So, all you liberals need to get some moral instruction in the area of personal responsibility. If you do it, you pay for it. It is your responsibility not the communities.

  • rb

    Fabulous Ben. So well put. It’s too bad this will play out far before the midterm elections in 2014. Although will it matter? If the midterm elections are as “honest” as the last presidential election are we sure going to the polls will really matter? We can hope and we’d better get out and change it. Well put….if we can’t throw the bums out now we won’t get another chance.

  • Dave

    Hmmm we had to live with Bush jr for 8 years and the man:
    allowed 3000 Americans to die on 9-11
    used 9-11 to justify Iraq (150000 Iraqis dead and over 4000 Americans) for oil and the military industrial complex
    No regulatory enforncement
    Religious litmus test at the DOJ
    Outing a CIA operative
    Horrible fed response to Katrina.
    Obama is a rank amateur when it comes to criminal negligence.
    Where was the conservatives from 2001-2006? Going lock step with the worst president in the last 150 years so spare me more of your BS rants Ben. I know you and the rest of the conservative cabel are mighty angry at not occupying the WH, the seat you feel “entitled” to have but get over it.

    • speedle

      Good job Dave. Drag out the relativism argument. The things you say about Bush are either lies, exaggerations or irrelevant (outing CIA operative – good grief!). Be that as it may, let’s say all those things are true. Does that mean that Manchurian Candidate gets a pass for his gross incompetence or extreme narcissism?

      • Dave

        Gross incompetance? Please give me the list
        What I said is true, you just don’t like to accept that Bush was the worst and he is a conservative.

        • Greg Murphy

          Bush is very liberal “Country Club” Republican as is/was his father. In the early 1900’s Prescott Bush palled around with the likes of Wilson and Roosevelt.

          • Greg Murphy

            Your mind must have lost a lot more brain cells from over dosing on Kool Aid, Dave.

          • Dave

            LOL… amazing what happens when a conservative messes up royally and engages in criminal activity… The other conservatives disown him and try and convince everybody else he is a liberal. Greg, you sure are “special”

          • nc

            Greg you failed to mention the Nazi arms makers that Prescott “palled” around and did business with! I doubt that he ever voted for a Democrat! What has made this country the greatest in the history of the world is that we have NEVER had to deal with a “true conservative” President dragging us back 200 hundred years with a knuckle draggers platform!! The standard republican platform is bad enough!!!

          • Frank Kahn

            NO, we have never been blessed with a true conservative, we have been plagued by knuckle dragging neocons and democrats. You liberals are all wanting to go back to the good old days when there was no freedom and no culture, where we had to grow our own food because nobody could ship it to us. Where we had to stock pile a store of food for the winter because we could not get produce from the warmer climates. Where we have to hunt for our meat (with bows and arrows or spears since we dont deserve guns).

            Green energy, let me think on this one, is it futuristic? Windmills for power? Didnt we have those in the old west 200 years ago. I seem to recall seeing windmills in Holland in ancient paintings. Lets see, water is a green energy source, is that new technology? Nope, they used water wheels in the old west for grinding wheat to flower and even powered saws at lumber mills with it. Hell, liberal environmentalists even want to prevent the use of hydroelectric dams because they interfere with the fish.

            I get sick and tired of reading you pathetic liberals claiming conservatives want to drag us back 200 years. What moronic logic is being employed to pretend to make this assertion? Is it your pathetic hatred of the constitution? Is it because the true values this country was built on are in conflict with your heathenish lives? Is it because you want to have the ability to kill the most innocent of humans? Is it because you think it is okay to play cozy cozy with your fellow homo’s? Do you really think these things are new and great progress? At one point in history so many Italian men were homosexuals that the country had to import men to impregnate their women. Male homosexuality is very much accepted and even admired in the Philippines, has been for decades. You want to call this progress? Stop using fossil fuels? Is that progress or regress? We did not use them way back 5000 years ago. Lets say, all liberals must forgo, forsake and refuse anything that has a fossil fuel connection. Lets see how many days you last before you say uncle. Of course, you will have to crawl out from under the tree, in the wilderness, you are using as a home and walk to town to tell us about it. We wont laugh at the fact that you are naked either.

          • speedle

            So what? Obama is a community organizer democrat and palled around with the likes of Bill Ayers and the Reverend Wright. I’ll take the country club.

        • speedle

          Gross incompetence??? Let’s see

          Attempt at gun control
          Race baiting at numerous times
          Never held a job other than community organizer
          Makes an ass of himself (and US) with world leaders
          Wastes taxpayer money on fly by night green projects

          I could go on, but this is off the top of my head.

          • Dave

            Lets take a look one at a time.
            Benghazi, That is a screw up but its doubtful the GOP will focus on the security measures in such countries as their main focus is to keep up the political theater in hopes of winning the WH in 2016.
            Obamacare… Hmmm as opposed to the GOP plan which was NOTHING… Guess what? Its a good thing that people can’t be denied any longer for pre-existing conditions, Its good that people who can afford insurance GET PRIVATE INSURANCE instead of having to go to the ER for treatment, its more cost effective. Its a good thing that profit limits are set for insurance firms because it slows the grow of HC costs which is what has happened since that part of the law was enacted. Please try and know what you are talking about.
            Gun Control. Have you read Obama’s proposals? Its obvious that you have not. Most of the proposals were around better mental health services, better tools for law enforncement to do their jobs and having a better system to try and stop guns from getting into the wrong hands… That and renewing the assault weapons ban that Reagan supported and limiting the size of magazines. The GOP has: “ARM EVERYBODY”… Yeah.
            Race baiting: Oh please…there is tremendous amounts of racial nonsense being thrown at Obama from his detractors and you are a fool if you think otherwise.
            Obama, graduated from Harvard and could have made a fortune at the law firm of his choice. But he choose to help poor people and the middle class of Chicago. What a jerk. Why couldn’t daddy and the Saudis give him all his money and power like Bush right? Lame Speedle… Lame.
            Wasting money on trying to lead in green technology jobs or wasting money on wars and tax cuts for the rich… I will take Obama’s way.

      • NC

        Speedle, do you think that bush’s drop from 90% approval in 2001 to 25% approval in 2008 was for no reason at all? Could it have been Americans paying attention to what bush did and did not do in those years?? Were they ALL fooled by “lies, exaggerations” OR WERE YOU HAVING AN ATTACK OF DENIAL OF HIS MISTAKES TO WHAT THEY WERE SEEING??? PART OF THAT 90% APPROVAL GROUP HAD TO BE IN THE 75% OF THE LATER DISAPPROVAL GROUP UNLESS WE GREW A NEW CROP OF AMEREICANS IN JUST 7 YEARS! DENIAL IS A TREATABLE DISEASE BUT YOU NEED TO HURRY BEFORE YOU PASS IT ON TO YOUR CHILDREN!

        • speedle

          What mistakes [comment has been edited]? You can argue about Iraq but that in conjecture. Media driven polls taken with a dumbed down uniformed public really don’t impress me. A simple answer is people don’t like wars, even if they were largely the result of incompetence of the previous administration.

    • Greg Murphy

      Post ignored due to lack of factual or intellectual content.

  • Concerned

    Is it really our choice anymore with rigged elections and no respect for the constitution!?!

    • Irish1025

      We Americans are given the illusion of choice. Which in reality fuels more anger at the dem’s and repub’s we would be much better off to scrap our two party system and start all over with a new party that is based on our Constitution as well as a LONG overdue a complete overhaul of Washington. Unless this happens it will only get worse.

  • mark

    Problem is that despite Obama’s faults all the Republican alternatives are even worse, much worse, especially for the working man and the middle class. Conservatives demand an unholy alliance with American and global capital to further impoverish the American middle and working class. This has always been their program – and a majority of the American people, though certainly not the contributors here, recognize this. Thus, the Republican dilemma. While Obama is not that popular, the Republicans are much more unpopular than him.

    • vicki

      Much proof by bald assertion

    • Native Blood

      Mark, Well said. The NEOCON republican leadership continues to bring up more NEOCONs and that explains the reason for the Obama victory.
      You can’t make a punchbowl any more attractive by switching out more attractive turds. So far Republicans are not very well motivated to vote for the lesser of two evils and evil wins every time. Just wait for your turd HillBillery. Now that will be a challenge for your party to overcome. Nothing will change though, Christie and other NEOCON cronies are being offered up for another greasing I am sure. Let us see how the Israelli lobby fairs this time.

  • nc

    Ben, you say the tragedy of Benghazi was it was pointless! THEN Please tell us the POINT of the 12 embassy attacks during the Reagan-bushes years where 17 Americans died in just one of those attacks alone! With attacks on the Embassy in Lebanon in early 1983 UNDER REAGAN WAS THAT NOT A REASON for MORE security at the Marine barracks later in the year than just two sentries with orders to stand guard with unloaded weapons that lead to 241 deaths????????????????? Even Reagan said that sending those troops to Lebanon under those conditions was the worst mistake of his presidency! You people are trying so hard to make an issue out of an incident just to “hang” something on Obama! The Americans who cast over 60 million votes for Obama TWICE see THIS WITCH HUNT AGAINST THEIR MAN so don’t look for them to change their vote to the people who are leading the charge against him!! YOU ARE GOING TO NEED MORE THAN THE SAME THING THAT HAPPENED UNDER REAGAN AND THE BUSHES to change our opinions of our man in his battle with the party of no!!

    • Greg Murphy

      Post ignored due to lack of intellectual content.

    • vicki

      Just as a matter of comparison how many of those attacks lasted for 7+ hours? How many of those attacks had the President order our ready and available forces to stand down?

  • red neck

    The “elections” of 14 & 16 are going to be nothing but a FRAUD!
    Like always the democrats will dig up the dead and millions of illegal immigrants to vote for their party… The country has gone to hell!


    Our whole political-system is built on lies. Our whole society is built on lies. I hate to tell you this, but if everyone started telling the truth, from government on down, the whole thing could come down. Telling the truth could grind this nation to a halt. Our society, frankly, is so dependant on lying, that if it suddenly turned to telling the truth, our whole way of life would collapse. If all the politicians immediately spoke the truth, if all the advertisers immediately spoke the truth, if all teachers everywhere spoke only the truth, if all people in business told their customers and all salesmen told their buyers the truth about everything, you know what would happen? The whole system would come apart. So many lies are piled on top of lies on top of lies, so many organizations, businesses, economies, social orders, governments, treaties are built on lies that if everybody started telling the truth the whole system would disintegrate and everybody would be so mad at the truth that they heard they’d kill each other. We’d fall into an unbelievable anarchy of resentment and animosity that would know no bounds, there would be a worldwide massacre and the chaos would be unimaginable…still want the truth?

    • ChuckS123

      Is this the reason liberals lie so much? Is this the way Obama thinks? I want the truth. I think we can deal with it. I think lies, mostly liberal, are the cause of a lot of our problems.

      Incidentally, since you like lies, are you being deceived?