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Texas Town Reconsiders Flag Ban

July 4, 2012 by  

Texas Town Reconsiders Flag Ban
A city council in Texas decided that flags should not be placed on the graves of veterans.

The Mineral Wells City Council was flagged by the families of veterans after the Texas city decided to ban people from placing flags on graves.

In late June, the council decided that flags could not be in the cemetery other than during the two weeks before and after Memorial Day and Veterans Day. It also determined that teddy bears have to be removed 21 days after a funeral, and flowers cannot be on a grave unless they are in a vase.

The town says no disrespect is meant.

“This community has had a very long history — tradition — with the military, with Camp Wolters and then Fort Wolters for many, many years,” said City Manager Lance Howerton. “As a result of that, we have a heritage of military involvement in our community. I think they were trying not to be insensitive at all.”

The families of veterans have put up a fight, arguing that the deceased would want their graves donned with the flag they served.

“When a veteran tells you they love the flag more than life itself, they mean it,” said Robert Veach, an Army veteran whose father is buried at Woodland Park Cemetery in Mineral Wells. “It’s a symbol of the country; we can’t let it go without a fight. We can’t.”

The town will meet on July 10 to discuss the issue again.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Vigilant

    Mr. Nash treats us again to a factually distorted view of the situation:

    (1) The headline (“Texas Town Reconsiders Flag Ban”) is incorrect. There is no ban targeted at flag display only, as the headline intimates.

    From :

    “City Clerk Juanita Formby said that the ordinance permits flags in an “appropriate receptacle.”

    “A person could probably place a flag 365 days a year if it was in an approved container, such as a vase,” Formby said in a telephone interview. “Most of the markers have a vase that is part of the marker, but not all of them, and that may be something we may have to address. It is completely incorrect that flags are banned from the cemetery.”

    (2) The reasons for the original ordinance were not provided by Mr. Nash, i.e, (same source), “Officials changed the city ordinance because people were putting so many mementos on graves, including toys, ornaments, wind chimes and birdhouses, Formby said. It got to the point where it was unsightly and a hazard to maintain. Items would get caught up in the mower,” she said.”

    (3) “… the ordinance is not being enforced until the Mineral Wells City Council holds a special joint meeting with the cemetery board on July 10.” (Ibid.)

    Mr. Nash, does your Master’s of Divinity course require you to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, or does it allow you the wiggle room to distort and leave out pertinent facts that don’t suit your agenda?

    • Scott in SC

      Amen brother, amen.
      I’ve already been chastised by Mr. Livingston for calling out Mr. Nash and his style of slanting all stories by removing many pertinent facts.

      • Deerinwater

        Raises more question then answers.

        1st ~ what is the city’s connection. ( I’ll accept there is one)

        2nd ~ who’s dime is taking care of the grave site ?

        3nd ~ how large is it?

        Most interment sites of any size has rules to follow.

        Taking off in a different direction perhaps but Anglo’s as a rule do not pay visits to the dead like our Latin cousins .

        You should see was a Mexican grave yard looks like after Mother’s Day. It looks like Christmas has came and left. but within a week there are few traces. All the ribbons , bows , banners and balloons mysteriously shows up and then disappears.

    • Ken

      @Vigilant and Scott;

      It makes one wonder what this site is really attempting to accomplish…..something smells.

      • Deerinwater

        I don’t think so ~ I don’t believe that. ~ not at all.

        You are looking too hard for something that is not there.

        Crafting commentary is a developed skill and a time consuming art form.

        It takes a lot of effort, interest, love, determination and “Time” to hone the skills to craft powerful commentary.

        Mr. Nash will offer a more developed piece with time.

        To reach the caliber of Livingston & Myer’s work takes time and someone offering you the opportunity.

        Since Mineral Wells is 55 minutes away from where I’m sitting and I been here since 1955, I have a rich history with the area, I was interested in his piece.

        At one time, ~ Mineral Wells Texas was a thriving place of National Interest and home to the highly noteworthy Baker Hotel which went to ruin and decay. For a small Hay Shaker town, Baker Hotel was one hell of a Hotel in her day.

        Investors are currently bring her back to life, she will be a place for the elite once again. A place when the 2% of Americans can go and get out of the big city. They are talking about linking her with rail from Dallas to Mineral Wells.,_Texas)#History

      • DavidL

        I have no problem with this site having an ax to grind. Its bias is obvious. But everyone has an ax to grind. There is nothing wrong with that. For me, the most important question to ask is what is the practical affect of the position(s) being advocated here. Are they constructive or destructive to the individual and to the well-being of our society at-large. Of course the reader must decide for him or herself based on his or her level of education and sophistication, but I have found most articles and positions advocated to be ultra conservative and therefore highly destructive. But hey, that’s just my ax.

      • Scott in SC

        Deerinwater your point is well taken.

        My criticism was not at the site but at one writer and is to provide constructive feedback. I think it’s important to provide facts from both sides and then refute opposing views with a response that points out why your view has a stronger argument.
        Too many times i see opposing views refuted as being looney left libtards which doesn’t add much to the conversation.

      • Deerinwater

        “For me, the most important question to ask is what is the practical affect of the position(s) being advocated here. ”

        Oh! ~ No question about it David~ it’s trolling for a knee jerk reacting from the “easy to offend” by hammering on Nationalism in a attempt to convince the “easily offended”, to beware there are evil forces at work to deny Patriot Americans the simple acts of honor and recognition of patriotic pride.

        This is indicative of about 95 % of all Bob Livingston “threads topics”, to identify and frame who is the victim, that it is “you” and attempt to force Americans to chose a side thereby divide Americans so the fat-cats that actually run this country go completely ignored, allowing them to do as they please uninterrupted and out of view. This is what all political pundits do.

        John Myer did offered us some balance, a refreshing 5% this morning with a warm touch of personal family history while summarizing by asking each of us for introspection, ~ where we came from and where we are going without a lot of spin, allowing his family history to serve,

        Being July 4th, it was most appropriate and well received. John Myer is a seasoned writer and can deliver a well developed read and a strong message if he wants too.

        The first order of business in writing is to determine who your audience is and write to them. (or at least that what I was taught when I was working for a “grade”)

        Needless to say David, you and I are not the “easy to offend” , we do not represent the bulk of Mr. Nash’s audience. We don’t share the same predisposition.

        Omission is a cleaver tool and anyone can use it to offer spin. Mineral Wells Texas is a hot bed of Conservatives, from a$$hole to appetite. A pink Buck loaded with dark faces and Obama bumper sticker “Change we can believe in” wouldn’t make it through the county without being pulled over.,_Texas

        Have a safe 4Th ~ I need to get moving.

      • Jay

        Well deer, i’m somewhat at a loss, and cannot muster one criticism with respect to your posts. (-:

      • Deerinwater

        Well Good Jay, that’s always nice to hear.

    • Big Woody

      VIGILANT Says among other things,
      (2) The reasons for the original ordinance were not provided by Mr. Nash, i.e, (same source), “Officials changed the city ordinance because people were putting so many mementos on graves, including toys, ornaments, wind chimes and birdhouses, Formby said. It got to the point where it was unsightly and a hazard to maintain. Items would get caught up in the mower,” she said.”
      I SAY, If the council can not tell the differance between a wind chime and an American flag, the council should be removed and somebody with some intelegence and American Patriotism should be put in their place as a council person. Anybody that wishes to place an American flag or any national flag on a grave in respect for their fallen reletives and friends should not be interfered with no matter how they wish to display that flag. To tell us we must put an American flag in a vase is in itself an insult. If those mowing the grass have a problem respecting grave sites, the council should contract the VFW or the American Legion to mow.

  • Wyatt

    Someone on that city counsel is surely misguided . It is an outrage and affront to the brave men who died in the service of their country and Flag to place restrictions on the placing of Flags upon their graves . And perhaps the city would care to provide vase and flower holders for the graves . As most cemetery’s are private property , I submit that counsel is overstepping their bounds .

  • old hillbilly

    good info & excellent feedback makes one think . markers & stones probably need an insert of some kind that won’t freeze & break the stone, but hold the flag in place. Stuffing flags in the ground etc. not only allows flags to lay on the ground get trampled, etc – can’t mow the grass, etc. denying the flag to someone who fought for this country would be unconsionable – a little flag is just as powerful a statemnet as a big one. Thanks for making me think what this day reaally means! GOD BLESS AMERICA and to hell with those who hate it!

  • FireMall

    This is an article everyone needs to take with a grain of salt & or Tequila.
    Mineral Wells ain’t populated with Liberal PC jerks they are being portrayed as.

    The majority of Patriots in Mineral Wells and many farming, ranching , towns in Texas are , for the most part , the kinda folks that would calmly debate an issue with just about anyone. Then Kick some butt when the debate becomes a shouting match of Patriots Vs. Narrow minded Socialist..
    Much like what should have happened many years ago when the First Liberal Socialist escaped from the Closet.

    As far as the Flag issue. It’s Proper Protocol to either take down the American Flag every night unless it is Illuminated.
    As the Liberal Commies would say , Nothing to see here, Move on.

  • dee degon

    i left one on the site. this saddens me so much. 5 generations of my family members have fought and served in the arned forces. the flag is a symbol of what we fight and die for in foreign lands. it inspires us all. my family taught me values. i respect the flag and the men who serve.

  • DavidL

    To Deerinwater.

    Yes. I share your point of view.


  • Benjamin Fox

    As a vet of the Marine Corps during Lebanon, Cuba and Viet Nam, I would have called for a recall of everyone of the idiots that voted for the flag ban and would love 5 minutes in a dark alley with anyone of these commie idiots, I’d be the only one able to walk out, I assure you.

  • slapjack

    Semper Fi Ben Fox I’ll gladly cover your back of lend a fist in the festivities. This council makes me sick to think that they would even consider such Moronic thought let alone vote for it..


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