Taking A Bite Out Of The Apple

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It’s always amusing to watch as the elected class feigns outrage over the results of its own actions. Such was the case Tuesday during a Senate hearing over whether Apple, Inc. gamed the system to avoid paying protection money to the Federal extortion center on its hundreds of billions of dollars in profits.

Senators admitted that Apple did nothing illegal. In other words, Apple did what every corporation and almost every American “taxpayer” does every year: It used the tax code written by Congress as Congress intended and took advantage of the “loopholes” Congress created. It did so with the intent of keeping as much of its profits as possible.

Senator Rand Paul said the Senate subcommittee should “apologize” for “bullying” one of the greatest U.S. business success stories. “This problem is solely created by the awful tax code,” said Paul, who added that “Congress should be on trial.”

Indeed it should.

Corporate tax laws are written to give large corporations tax advantages for taking their business offshore because large corporations bought Congress and demanded it be so. One of President Barack Obama’s favorite businesses, GE, whose CEO Jeffrey Immelt Obama appointed as head of his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, is one of dozens of multinational corporations that use the tax laws as written to keep what its earned — and also grease the skids for even more favorable legislation.

For its part, Apple’s products have changed the way the world communicates and does business. By using the code as written to reduce the taxes it has to pay, Apple has managed to keep the cost of high-priced products lower than it would have otherwise.

Apple is under the gun not because it used the system as designed. Apple is under the scrutiny of the Federal extortion racket because it doesn’t pay to play like other multinationals do.

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  • DoingMoreWithLes

    This is all part of the political shake down. Since Apple doesn’t contribute to politicians, it must be taught a lesson and also be a high level example for the rest of the companies. Pay us or face the the consequences.

    Each member of Congress should be forced to wear a jacket that has logos printed on it for every company and organization that has bought them.

    • Dick Gazinia

      They would look like NASCAR drivers.

    • Shall not be infringed

      Wouldn’t that be awesome, we se how proud they are of their sponsors.

  • Fred

    Another example of why we need to implement the Fair Tax. Get rid of the IRS and all the loopholes! The fair tax is a sales tax, no more income taxes. Check it out: http://www.fairtax.org

    • DoingMoreWithLes

      There is no such thing as a Fair Tax. Taxes didn’t exit until the Federal Reserve and the IRS were created. Why are we renting money from the Federal Reserve which is neither Federal or a Reserve?

      • TIME

        Dear DMW,

        Really, no tax’s prior to the Fed?

        Well your not quite right my friend ~ Prior to 1861 “everyone” paid a 20% tax no matter who they were, the rich, the poor it made no differance.

        As a matter of fact it was the Madaox Tax act that is the true reason we had what is now noted as the Civil War / yet the proper name is ~ “the War of Nothern Aggression.”

        MTA ~ Is where all states above the ~ “Mason Dixion” Line paid a 20% tax, ~ yet all states below that line paid 48% TAX,

        Anyone else now get why there was such a war between the states?
        Let alone that Northern States also failed to follow the REAL 13th Amendment,~ the one that was radified in 1812, ~ that would be the Amendment that most of you don’t even know exist.

        But hey, you really do have to dig to find the “TRUTH” as the TRUTH has been rather distorted by {“Centralization”} of Power, ~ or perhaps better stated the take over of this nation by “BANKERS”.
        The most note worthy being the Rothschild’s. ~ ” Who controls the MONEY, is who really controls the nation.”
        { Armschel Rothschild.}

        Thus where are Banks found? At the edge of a body of water, ~ thus Banks control the Currency / TAX’S as well everything else.

        Also you may wish to look into FDR’s New deal where he sold all American’s as “Chattel” to the IMF in 1938, due to not being able to repay that loan from the Bank Of London / the Rothschilds.
        That would be the same loan from 1868. that also brought about the Federal Reserve in 1913. But I digress.

        Until Americans understand where, when and why we as a nation started down the road to “Prediction” we are lost as a nation, and we will fall into the very PIT of Hell ~ as we have allowed it all to unfold, ~ thus we are Babylon.

        Peace and Love, Shalom,

        Dear People ~ If you have not gotten righ with The Christ, what are you waiting for?

        • Dick Gazinia

          Slavery was not a factor?

          • DoingMoreWithLes

            Go do some serious reading on Lincoln and you will answer your own question. Lincoln was a nationalist from the former Tory party and he would stop at nothing, including trying to create a slave revolt in the south to preserve his precious union. In his own words “In order to save the union, I destroyed the republic.” The rest you can research for yourself.

            Still trying to figure out how is you joined this country club called the USofA, you weren’t allowed to leave it.

        • DoingMoreWithLes

          To the best of my knowledge, there was no personal income tax during that period of time and that is what I was referring to. But I’ll have to do a more in-depth research, if you have any links that explain the tax that would be nice. As far as slavery, were all slaves which is why we are all assigned a Slave Serial Number (SS#) at birth now. Waiting for the hand of God to fix this will not produce any results. The last broadcast in Berlin Germany at the end of the war was “God helps those that help themselves”. I don’t need any backlash on those statements since they came from my mother who was the sole surviver of her whole family in East Berlin.

  • Dave

    The whole system should be on trial. Who pays Congress to create the tax code? US Corporations and the wealthy… It surely is not the poor that creates these complex tax codes. Do you think the oil firms will stand for tax code simplification? Wall Street? The Banks?
    Everything starts with big money in the political process. Knock the wealthy down to the same level as the rest of us when it comes to political donations and lobbying then you can have real simplification and tax reform.
    The wealthy have it too good right now. They have all the access, the money to twist the debate in the media and the ability to make policy that benefits their narrow interests.
    The wealthy and US Corporations created the tax code by paying the politicians to create it. It is them that should bare the brunt of the blame for the tax code being what it is.

    • Dick Gazinia

      Food for thought…

  • Bill

    We need to take a lesson from Hong kong and initiate a flat tax. That will create more business which will create more revenue

    So, highly successful Apple is being extorted by politicians who have been on the public dole, don’t know what real work is and can’t balance their own budget.
    Apple already paid g billion dollars in taxes that was pissed away on nothing productive and now they are using their Chicago thugery to try and extort more money.
    If they keep pushing, Apple will relocate to another country that APPRECIATES them.

  • vicki

    Something to keep in mind. Apple didn’t pay the taxes. People who buy Apple products did. ALL corp tax money comes from you and me. We just don’t see it because it is hidden in the price we pay for products.