Syrian Plot Thickens, Obama Administration Running In Circles


Ahead of President Barack Obama’s planned Oval Office speech on Syria Tuesday, the situation remains fluid— calls for an attack on the nation continue, the White House holds steadfast in its willingness to strike without Congressional approval and Russia has made moves to defuse the situation.

Asked if President Obama believes he has the authority to strike Syria during a press conference Monday, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said that Congressional approval would simply “enhance” the argument for an attack.

“The President believes that congressional authorization enhances the argument. That it’s important in this case because of the facts given in the assessment by the chairman of the Joint Chiefs that we can attack militarily in a day or a week or a month as the president said and have the desired impact that we seek,” Carney said. “And therefore given that, he thought it was very important to get congressional approval, but he’s also made clear he believes he has the authority as commander-in-chief and president to take action, but we are better and stronger if in these circumstances we receive authorization from Congress.”

Meanwhile, Obama allies continue to use every possible opportunity to drum up support for war with Syria. Speaking at a Wildlife Trafficking Forum on Monday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made her first public call for an attack on the Syrian government.

“The international community cannot ignore the ongoing threat from the Assad regime’s stockpile of chemical weapons,” Clinton said. “This is about protecting the Syrian people and our friends in the region.”

Clinton and current Secretary of State John Kerry, however, have both alluded to a possible avoidance of military conflict if the Syrian leadership hands over any chemical weapons stockpiled in the country.

“Sure, he could turn over every bit of his weapons to the international community within the next week, without delay,” Kerry said of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad. “But he isn’t about to.”

Shortly after Kerry made those statements the Russian leadership called on Syria to relinquish any chemical weapon stockpiles.

“We are calling on the Syrian authorities not only agree on putting chemical weapons storages under international control, but also for its further destruction and then joining the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons,” Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem claimed that the Syrian government is willing to comply with the Russian demands.

“Syrian Arab Republic welcomes Russia’s initiative, based on the Syrian government’s care about the lives of our people and security of our country,” he said.

Still, Clinton and others appear unconvinced that the Syria-Russia dialogue is anything more than a ploy to delay U.S. military action.

“This discussion that is taking place today … only could take place in the context of a credible military threat by the U.S. to keep pressure on the Syrian government as well as those supporting Syria like Russia,” she said.

National Security Adviser Susan E. Rice, who got a raise following her involvement in the Benghazi controversy, has also discounted the idea Russia can help in making her case for war with Syria. Rice said that if the U.S. doesn’t respond with military action, it “could indicate the United States is not prepared to use the full range of tools necessary to keep our country safe.”

Rice also brought Israel into the equation, saying, “The use of chemical weapons also directly threatens our closest ally in the region, Israel.”

Her statement has led some to hypothesize that a false flag attack against Israel may be launched by Syrian rebels embedded in government-controlled territories in order to attempt to pin a “major provocation” on Syria to speed U.S. intervention.


President Obama, appearing in a special interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace late Monday, said he realized public and Congressional opinion was not on his side – indicating that his Administration will likely double down on efforts to present its case for war.

“I do believe it’s going to take some time. Chris, you guys have polls, you do head counts. Right now, the American people are not persuaded. Right now, Members of Congress who are just getting back still have questions,” Obama said. “So we’re going to have time to have a good deliberation in Congress. We will pursue this diplomatic track. I fervently hope this can be resolved in a nonmilitary way. But I think it is important for us not to let the pedal off the metal when it comes to making sure they understand we mean what we say about international ban on chemical weapons.”

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Sam Rolley

Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After covering community news and politics, Rolley took a position at Personal Liberty Media Group where could better hone his focus on his true passions: national politics and liberty issues. In his daily columns and reports, Rolley works to help readers understand which lies are perpetuated by the mainstream media and to stay on top of issues ignored by more conventional media outlets.

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  • dashandra monika

    wtf did this guy just say? blah blah blah b.s., b.s

  • Bo Vine

    We have to bomb them to protect them!

    • shafawn

      If we bomb them and kill their children will Assad really learn his lesson not to harm their children? It’s absurd and ridiculous.
      None so blind and them who will not see.
      Besides the fact that we are aligning ourselves with Al Qaeda to support and arm them who literally eats the hearts of their enemies. So we’re joining up with cannibals and the same animals who attacked us on 9/11 while Obama’s administration seeks to disarm law abiding U.S. citizens. I’m so sick of this administration it’s hard for me to even watch the news. I venture to read an article and get so upset I can’t read anymore.

      • drdebdrdeb

        Yeah when you consider the fact that Barry AKA Barrack ate dogs, it is not too much of a stretch to think he would support Al Qaeda.

    • liz

      No, we have to bomb them so O’Bama’s friends, the Muslim Brotherhood, can take over!

      • Gib74

        Time to kill more Christians!!

        They’ve killed THOUSANDS of us in each place 0bama sets them up, but there is no international outrage for the slaughter that takes place when the muslim brotherhood is given control.

        Looks like it’s about time for another Crusade to remind the muslime who they’re messing with! = ]

  • Roark / M.O. Architect

    Barack Obama is a marvelous Buddy Rich impersonator.
    B.O. the savant chooses “War Drums” as opposed to Buddy’s
    choice of percussive instrumentation.

  • Don Vaughn Sr.

    All of this is foretold in our Bible. Stories of wolves in sheeps clothing. Those who would set themselves in high places only to prove themselves as fools. None so blind as those who will not see. We who study the Bible possess something that these people cannot. To know the truth without proof…this is God given. They make laws to remove God from our world while He is deep within our concience. Proof they are fools. They too can possess all that christians have, but the hatred for good is too strong inside them. All we can do is pray for them…and we are instructed to do just that.

    • Vazir Mukhtar

      I keep expecting the thin cows to eat the fat cows.

      • alanjo55

        That was only a dream. Your expectation is a dead end.

        • Vazir Mukhtar

          I don’t mind having wound up at a dead end; I hope I can turn around or back out.

          Since the Putin-Lavrov manoeuver — turning over the chemicals — I wonder whether the president will be disappointed and get to play with his toys or will President Assad take the Russian’s suggestion/advice.

          We’ll find out tonight (Tuesday), I suppose what line our president is taking.

  • grumpyolman

    “This is about … our friends in the region.” Jay Carney makes an audacious assumption – we have friends over there?

    • Vazir Mukhtar

      In the sense that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

      Einstein had a name for our attempts for years to buy friends in the Middle East: Idiocy — doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    • Sarah Burnett

      Yes, Obama has very close friends over there.The muslim brotherhood, that he wants to help, just like he did in Benghazi and Egypt and anywhere else he can !

  • Phibbs

    Haven’t we had enough wars for Israel already?

  • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

    What I’m seeing looks to appear like a arm of the NWO trying to extend itself. Got US threatening Syria with bombing, Russia trying to force Syria to turn over chemical weapons which he may or may not even have. More likely the Rebels have them, and Russia trying to force them to join a international treaty.

    If you can’t get a Country to voluntarily join your organization, then threaten them into submission to comply with your demands. A technique commonly used in America by the liberals, either see things my way or I’ll threaten you and your family until you comply with my demands.

    Fact is, Syria has posed no threat or threatened America in anyway, at least not until we started threatening them. Now they have reason to threaten the US in self defense. If Syria did in fact use chemical weapons, they were used within their borders not ours, they do not belong to any treaty dealing with chemical weapons and there by have not violated any international laws.

  • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

    I’m no fan of Syria, but if you remember back around 2001 – 02 The US was trying desperately to conjure up reasons to invade Syria. Syria has been in the US Governments and the elitist cross hairs for well over a decade at least. They have been sitting back just waiting for a good reason to go in and they are trying to use this BS of chemical weapons used in its own Country to go in. Assad has according to what we are told in our MSM that he has purportedly killed over 100,000 of his own citizens. 1400 people in his Country are killed and this is the reason that prompts the US to attack. Where has the US been while the other 100,000 were being killed?

    Syria “HAS NOT” attacked American’s, or our Country, or even our Embassies nor have they attacked our allies. Yet Obama wants to go in and avenge the death of 1400 people in a foreign Country. The attack in Benghazi on our embassy was an “act of war” specifically targeting American representatives and buildings. Where was Obama when this act of war was targeted directly at the US. He felt no reason to avenge the attack on the US, but feels compelled to avenge an attack on people in which hate us on both sides, The Syrian Government is not our friends or our allies and neither are the heart and liver eating rebels fighting in the region.

    (edit) those who are getting your information solely from the US news reports, know that you are getting only about 20% of the story and there by expected to base your opinion only on 20% knowledge of a situation.

    • wandamurline

      Ambassador Stevens was on a gun running mission from Turkey, through Libya into Syria. This government had given the rebels weapons during the Libyan revolt and Stevens was trying to get some of them back so they could be sent to the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda in Syria. He was left to die when the mission deteriorated and the attack began…you see, it is easier to keep lying than to have a LIVE Ambassador sitting in front of a Congressional Committee asking him what the hell he was doing in Benghazi on 911 when the Brits and Red Cross had already left. And, why can’t we talk to the survivors of this autrocity? Why are they being held captive by our government? It is time for this crap to stop and America deserves the truth.

  • duif100

    If we had not stopped Israel in the Six Day War, we might have had a very different Middle East and terrorism might be extinct.
    The never ending accomodation of radical Muslims has not worked too well.

    • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

      It is becoming abundantly clear that the elitist don’t want terrorism to become extinct. Making terrorism extinct takes away a boat load of excuses to declare wars. This may sound cold hearted, but the simple fact is Wars are good population controllers and excellent money makers and it is the NWO (UN agenda 21) agenda to decrease the worlds population. Better to wage wars and indoctrinate young dumbed down minds to think they are patriotic for dying for a Governments agenda rather than to have the Government go neighborhood to neighborhood and depopulate. That would cause resistance. Instead of searching town by town for the guinea pigs and lab rats, let them come to you by way of military recruiting centers and selective service registry. As far as the retired vets, well they already have a lock on them and know where to retrieve them when the time comes.

    • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

      Ever noticed how a large portion of Government employees, particularly the Executive branch and the legislative branch have large portions of stock in companies that in some manner produce weapons of war such as companies that build war planes, tanks and ammo to name a few.

      Is it in their interest to push for war to send their shares skyrocketing due to government contracts, of course it is.

      • wandamurline

        My daddy who served four years in the tropics in WWII, always told me (1) Never volunteer for anything….I volunteered and ended up in New Guinea and (2) Most Important… is always a RICH MAN’S WAR and a POOR MAN’S FIGHT.

  • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

    Wasn’t it Obama who said upon purportedly killing Osama Bin Laden that terrorism is dead. Hear we have Obama threatening Syria and in retaliation we have Syria threatening terrorist attacks on Americans all over the world and here in America. Don’t think for a minute that there are not Syrian sleeper cells right here in America waiting for an order to bomb a target here state side. Don’t rely on radar or sonar to pick up on Syrian forces attempting to infiltrate this Countries borders. They already have infiltrated thanks to your Government welcoming them into the Country under the guise of no profiling.

    To you liberals and demo-communist – the next terrorist bombing that happens, will it still be Bush’s fault or will you finally hold your messiah accountable?

    With the Threats of terrorist attacks around the world by Syria provoked by Obama, the very person who claimed he practically single handedly ended terrorism is now provoking more of it.

    “As an added note” I suspect that any further terrorist attacks provoked by Obama’s actions will be catagorized as “work place violence” since Obama has ended terrorism. If you live and work in American and are harmed by a attack, he’ll constitute it as “work place violence” for residing and working in the Country.

  • Warrior

    Let’s have another speech or a news conference. Did assad act “stupidly”? At this point, what does it matter? There’s no there, there! Well you can lead a community agitator to water………………. fricken clowns and no more.

  • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

    What is it that Obama and his administration classifies Benghazi, IRS, DHS and so on, oh thats right “phony” scandals because there is no “real proof”. I wonder if they will classify Assad’s purported chemical weapons use as a “phony scandal” since they don’t have factual proof that it was Assad who ordered the use, unless he has come out in the past few hours and testified he ordered it?

    According to other Countries news which naturally differ from American rags as they have no political bias one way or the other in America claims it is not determined who or where the chemical weapons used had come from as of yet.

    Maybe if Assad claims this to be a “phony scandal” and pleas the 5th he too can receive immunity and avoid further investigation and action. Seems to work rather efficiently and conveniently in the Country of District of Columbia where they seem to be immune to and exempt from any laws both in the US and international laws.

  • Al Chemist

    There are several million Christians living in Syria. There is no doubt that Assad is a dictator, but the Christians have been relatively safe living under that government. That will not be the case if the terrorist/rebels/Muslims win that little conflict….they will be slaughtered. There have already been reports that Christian villages have been attacked by the rebels and Christians killed.

    • coal miner

      I agree. Didn’t we learn a lesson from George Bush?

    • Sarah Burnett

      But as Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood (check out his ring) That would be one of his goals, to destroy the Christians and get rid of Assad at the same time.

  • wavesofgrain

    A few paragraphs from article. Please google headline below if link does not show up to read the rest of article….

    Did the White House Help Plan the Syrian Chemical Attack?

    “”””There is a growing volume of new evidence from numerous sources in the Middle East — mostly affiliated with the Syrian opposition and its sponsors and supporters — which makes a very strong case, based on solid circumstantial evidence, that the August 21, 2013, chemical strike in the Damascus suburbs was indeed a pre-meditated provocation by the Syrian opposition.

    The extent of US foreknowledge of this provocation needs further investigation because available data puts the “horror” of the Barack Obama White House in a different and disturbing light.

    The mere fact that weapon storage sites under the tight supervision of US Intelligence were opened up and about a thousand tons of high-quality weapons were distributed to the opposition indicates that US Intelligence anticipated such a provocation and the opportunity for the Syrian opposition to exploit the impact of the ensuing US and allied bombing. Hence, even if the Obama White House did not know in advance of the chemical provocation, they should have concluded, or at the very least suspected, that the chemical attack was most likely the “war-changing development” anticipated by the opposition leaders as provocation of US-led bombing. Under such circumstances, the Obama White House should have refrained from rushing head-on to accuse Assad’s Damascus and threaten retaliation, thus making the Obama White House at the very least complicit after the act.””””””

    • wandamurline

      I have been reading some from the BBC and they feel that the rebels did the damage….they are saying that the chemical weapons came from Saudi Arabia (who tends to use everyone to their own profit) and that the rebels mishandled the weapons setting them off and releasing the gas. If the gas did not come from Saudi Arabia then it probably came from the CIA….do not trust this government…..there is a hidden agenda for Obama to bomb Syria and the killing of thousands of people is certainly not it. Rowanda had genocide in their country and the US did nothing.

    • Gimmesumadat Whatyougot


      At least two weeks ago I commented on the likelihood of U.S. involvement. I went so far as to imply that the bombing may have well been a U.S. drone attack.

      Israel attacked Syria in 2007, blowing up a supposed “enrichment’ facility. Yet little evidence supported any nuclear contamination.

      And by extension, the U.S. is determined to wage Israel’s war. The U.S. leadership has confused Zionists with Jews of Hebrew origin.

      All said, it is time to leave the past in the past. Chemical weapons are so ‘last century’. Don’t ya think? We have new energy weapons that can fry our brains, that are mounted on trucks, helicopters, and most certainly military satellites. It’s time we put away the past, and roll out the new.

      Here’s to the U.S., for being an aggressive beast, that will never let peace have a chance! 9/11 will certainly be remembered, as the Birth of the New World Order.

      PS. If you are reading this, I’ll see you in CAMP FEMA.

  • wandamurline

    What happened is this….Kerry, who is insistent on bombing Syria, was asked by a reporter what could Syria do to stop this attack, and Kerry opened his big mouth and sarcastically said “they could hand over all their chemical weapons, but that is not going to happen”….next thing you know, Assad says he will hand over the weapons. Soooooo, you know Barack Whoisinsane Obama probably hit the ceiling…..not only does he now look more of the fool that he is, but even his front guy has screwed up his chances of war. This is what happens when you have an ineligible community organizer who has no clue put an un-American idiot in charge of his foreign policy…same with Clinton and Benghazi…that ended real well. When is America going to get enough of these jerks?

  • RJ

    maybe if obama kills enough americans he will get his 72 virgins!

    • Debbie Hogan Tate

      They will all be males! LOL That would be justice for sure!

  • Robert Messmer

    I waited but you failed to mention it……..”wonderful and great (wait for it) “First Black President AND Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize”.

  • Linda

    I am wondering that if Obama does his limited targeted attack of Syria,if he hits the targets containing the hidden canisters of chemicals of Assad could he release the chemicals into the atmosphere and perhaps kill thousands upon thousands of innocent women and children that he supposedly is trying to stop Assad from doing and keeping his “red line” in place. If this were to happen, who would be the villain and damage the U.S. from irreparable damage we could never come back from.