Survey: Strong Bipartisan Demand From American Voters For Independent IRS Prosecutor


A survey published Thursday by Quinnipiac University in Connecticut shows that 75 percent of Americans want a special prosecutor to investigate the targeting of Tea Party conservative groups by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) during the re-election campaign of President Barack Obama.

The nationwide survey, which polled 1,419 registered voters, also revealed outrage over the IRS scandal is largely bipartisan, with 63 percent of registered Democrats calling for a special prosecutor. Among Republicans, it’s 88 percent.

“There is overwhelming bipartisan support for a special prosecutor to investigate the IRS,” said Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute. “Voters apparently don’t like the idea of Attorney General Eric Holder investigating the matter himself, perhaps because they don’t exactly think highly of him. Holder gets a negative 23 – 39 percent job approval rating.”

The IRS scandal also seems to draw the most attention from voters angry over the Administration’s apparent role in multiple scandals. The IRS’s systematic political discrimination was named by 44 percent of respondents as the Administration’s top-priority scandal, followed by Benghazi (24 percent) and the secret subpoena of Associate Press reporters’ phone records (15 percent).

The abuse of public trust emanating from the Obama Administration hasn’t just soured bipartisan perception of today’s White House; it’s also affected voters’ overall belief in the integrity of government as a whole:

Only 3 percent of voters trust the federal government to do the right thing almost all the time, while 12 percent say they trust it most of the time; 47 percent say some of the time and 36 percent hardly ever. That compares to results of a Quinnipiac University poll in July 2010, four months before the Republican sweep that year on the back of anti-government sentiment, when 2 percent said almost always, 16 percent said most of the time; 50 percent said some of the time and 31 percent said hardly ever.

“All of these investigations may be having a negative effect on voters’ willingness to trust the federal do the right thing,” said Brown.

As for Obama himself, things aren’t good. The President was judged “honest and trustworthy” by 49 percent of voters, with 47 percent deeming him the opposite. That’s a big slide from the last time voters were polled on the same question. Back in September of 2011, 58 percent believed the President was honest and trustworthy, with only 37 percent disagreeing at the time.

See the complete survey here.

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Ben Bullard

Reconciling the concept of individual sovereignty with conscientious participation in the modern American political process is a continuing preoccupation for staff writer Ben Bullard. A former community newspaper writer, Bullard has closely observed the manner in which well-meaning small-town politicians and policy makers often accept, unthinkingly, their increasingly marginal role in shaping the quality of their own lives, as well as those of the people whom they serve. He argues that American public policy is plagued by inscrutable and corrupt motives on a national scale, a fundamental problem which individuals, families and communities must strive to solve. This, he argues, can be achieved only as Americans rediscover the principal role each citizen plays in enriching the welfare of our Republic.

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  • Ped Xing

    Why is it so surprising that the agency responsible for the collection of taxes may have targeted groups who so often spew anti-tax rhetoric coupled with a willingness to take up arms in violent revolt if they do not get their way in the court of law?

    It only makes sense to scrutinize the papers filed by the very people who view the word ‘tea’ as being an acronym for ‘taxed enough already’.

    It is easy—laughably easy—to see the true nature of the current feeding frenzy in the GOP shark tank—Reich Wing Great Whites and Teabag Hammerheads chomping at everything that moves and all they get is a gaping, toothless maw of sardines or just plain frothy sea foam! No scandal; just enough bloody chum in the Fright Wing Aquarium to put on a good show for the slack-jawed yokels…

    Yes—the true nature of this non-spectacle is the vain attempt to somehow derail the Hillary Express.

    This is, of course, the product of fear.

    In spite of all the dirt hurled at President Barack Hussein Obama for transgressions real or imagined, he still obtained another four year residency in the White Guy’s House. The Democrats in the Senate actually INCREASED their advantage in the face of a teabag punditry that forecast a possible GOP majority. And in the aggregate vote for the US House, the GOP roster of wackos were outvoted by FIVE MILLION! Perhaps “fear” falls a bit short of the mark—more like “sheer terror” or “absolute horror”, because thinks are just not going to get any better for the Grand OLD Party—women and young people, in particular, are leaving the GOP en masse in search of a party less out of touch with their concerns. The GOP has never gotten the Latino Thing right.

    The meat-and-potatoes of the meatheads-and-potatoes Republican Party—- old and stubborn White men—-are withering away.

    Enlightened voters see right through the weak Fright Wing attempts to castigate a president they hated before he ever even took the keys to the wreckage the Cheneybush Regime drove into the ditch and walked away from—failed economic policies, two wars put on OUR credit card, letting our enemies know that it was okay to torture our citizens since we were doing same to theirs. These same voters will remember that it was the GOP that spent the past six years hoping the nation would tank on Obama’s watch.

    No dice, losers! It is you with egg all over your faces.

    • Vigilant

      It’s truly amusing to see the melodramatic, hyperbolic meltdown of the desperate leftist when things aren’t going his way. Your diatribe falls on deaf ears, commie.

    • FreedomFighter

      Please see for explainaiton: Mob Rule the Chicago Way:
      Laus DeoSemper FI

    • WTS/JAY

      Guess what, psycho-boy…? After years of being pummelled by the leftist’s viscous, and untruthful attacks on our character, we have grown a rather tough-skin. So needless to say, your idiotic and un-founded accusations, your racist-rethoric and your personal-attacks no longer hold the sting they previously did. If anything, we eagerly look forward to your posts, and are mightily amused, as we watch you struggle to craft even more viscous and acidic-attacks in the hopes that they would have some effect on us as they previously did. Yet, you fail miserably each and every time. Oh, ONE-TRICK-PONY….So this, is your life? Some life. Get a life!

  • hungry4food

    There is NO WAY the IRS can be trusted to Implement Obamacare with all this PHONY MARKET VALUATION BEING STAGED BY THE FEDERAL RESERVE !!!!

    Here is why the
    Federal Reserve is PUMPING UP THE MARKET WITH PHONY MONEY …… they need the
    market action and Valuations increases to cover this new TAX on Cap Gains and
    Home Sales to pay for Obamacare and cover the Extraction of Government pension
    funds to cover those IOUs being taken today to pay pensions , so how does
    this equate into true economic growth ?

    your home now, or get whacked with an 8.8% tax increase in 2013

    Here is more proof that the Federal Reserve Pumping up the
    Stock market with Stimulus and QE Spending is all about creating the revenue
    stream in portfolios to cover these Tax Increases BECAUSE TRUE GDP GROWTH IS

    High Income Earners Need To Pay Extra Attention To 2013 Estimated Tax Payments

    Heres the Bottom
    LINE …..How does this all spell Economic Recovery from true GDP growth and
    profit ?????????

    Treasury Taps
    Federal Retirement Coffers Again