Stupid Or Crazy


Normally, someone who oversees the engineering of a program that leads directly to the murders of hundreds of people and then acts as if questions about the program are somehow unfair or even racist is either an absolute idiot or an outright sociopath. But, as Americans have learned over the past four years, “normally” and “President Barack Obama” seldom collide in the same sentence.

Thus, not only can Obama preside over a government that created Operation Fast and Furious (OFF) and its body count, but he can blatantly stonewall investigators about the multimillion-dollar disaster that intentionally armed Mexican narcoterrorists. Moreover, not only can he blatantly stonewall investigators looking into OFF, but he can direct Attorney General Eric Holder to lie so unconvincingly that even a rat’s nest like the Congress will rule him in criminal and civil contempt. Moreover, not only can he direct his minions to perjure themselves in front of Congress, but he can travel to the country in which OFF left a trail of corpses and tell the grief-stricken survivors that the whole nightmare is someone else’s fault.

I have my doubts about Obama’s intellect. Considering his oddly ill-documented academic career and his serious lack of Constitutional comprehension (especially for a supposed con-law professor), it’s hardly unfair to wonder if his purported intellectual acumen is as manufactured as his other “Presidential” qualifications. However, I’ll be fair and acknowledge that Obama might not be stupid. He might be insane. What else would explain the speech he delivered to the National Anthropology Museum in Mexico City on Thursday?

According to the man who Presided over OFF, Benghazi, Obamacare and an attempted assassination of the 2nd Amendment, so-called “gun violence” in Mexico doesn’t stem from the finest firepower the U.S. Department of Justice can funnel south. Instead, the tumult that confronts our southern neighbors stems from… Actually, he’s saying precisely that, although I don’t think he realizes it.

We also recognize that most of the guns used to commit violence here in Mexico come from the United States… I will continue to do everything in my power to… keep guns out of the hands of criminals and dangerous people… So we’ll keep increasing the pressure on gun traffickers who bring illegal guns into Mexico. We’ll keep putting these criminals where they belong — behind bars.

His own Administration illegally exports guns to murderous narcoterrorists (over the objections of everyone involved with an IQ higher than earthworms), and he then blames a cabal of shadowy “gun traffickers” who sound an awful lot like the senior suits at the Justice Department.  Holder is the Attorney General, not an inmate at Leavenworth.

In a perverse sense, one almost has to admire Obama’s unmitigated gall. In blaming OFF’s Mexican casualties on American guns and gunrunners while refusing to acknowledge that his own minions are the gunrunners, he’s displaying magnificent arrogance, supreme cruelty, shocking stupidity or, more likely, some combination of the three. I wouldn’t be any less stunned if Al Gore delivered a speech on so-called “global warming” from a private jet paid for with Qatari oil money — not that anything that silly could ever transpire.

Nevertheless, I could be wrong. Obama may actually believe his own bull. Just as he may believe Obamacare wouldn’t hike premiums, amnesty for illegal aliens is a “civil right,” Benghazi was caused by a YouTube video and guns cause crime. We’ve finally found the answer to the question: “What’s worse: stupid or crazy?” And that answer is: “Both.”

–Ben Crystal

Personal Liberty

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • independent thinker

    Spot on Ben.

  • Ethan Clarke

    Ben, you said it all in just three words: “an outright sociopath”.

    • Liberty Lover

      He knows the media will have his back on every lie he tells, so why worry about the truth. When Obama uses a word, it means exactly what he wants it to mean, no more and no less.

      • Elda

        The media has been taken over by narcissists and they tell “their view” of the news and that is why we can’t trust any of it. That is why even they can’t all get the story the same because they each twist it to their view.

  • Scifidave

    This is just a good old fashioned partisan lynching. I’m surprised Ben Crystal isn’t still laboring over Sylindra, or should I say, foaming at the mouth.

    • Kenyan Krusher

      This “90%” thing is an outright lie as usual by Obummer!!!

      • independent thinker

        I have seen two different polls by Newsmax that showed 70%-80% of the people opposed expanded background checks, opposed additional restrictions or bans on AR-15s and other military looking semi auto firearms, and opposed restrictions on magazines that held over 10 rounds.

        • vicki

          If possible you should give us links to those polls

          • mnkysnkle

            The Independent Living News has a more pro 2nd. poll, simple (1) question, and the Newmax has the one with all the doublespeak and doesn’t give a clear question. They are both propaganda and biased, but the Independent is more straight forward with their question. I didn’t partake in NewsMax’s, if you look at it you will know why.

          • independent thinker

            I do ,not know what Newsmax poll you are refering to but the one I saw had questions that were very clear and to the point.

        • James

          The problem with these “Polls” is that they mean absolutely NOTHING,because the results are easily manipulated to get whatever result is desired. When was the last time you saw a Poll sponsored by a particular group that showed results that worked AGAINST that group?

          • independent thinker

            The accuracy of the polls, while certainly important, is not as important as the fact that they exist and counter the polls put out by the anti gun bunch.

      • Jeff


        Whenever there’s kkkrazy in the air, I can always trust you’ll be around. You and Ben can hang out in your Mom’s basement all day complaining about Obama and it won’t amount to a hill of beans. He’s still President, and you’re still a nutty right wing blogger. Do you think it’s a coincidence that less educated people tend to be gun owners? My suspicion is the gun ownership rate among Ph.D.s is significantly lower than it is among high school dropouts. Tell you anything? Probably some of those middle school science teachers on your list of “scientists” who deny climate change are gun owners. They deny the statistics, too.

        • James

          What makes you think he’s the president? He can’t even prove he’s an American. Until he conclusively DOES,no legislation he’s had his hands on will stand up in Court.

        • rb

          Alinsky deciple no doubt? Instead of arguing or discussing in a civil matter or presenting any real stats you just call names and diminish the standing of the opponent. Well done. Argued like a true liberal…attack the opponent for daring to disagree with what they are told.

    • rendarsmith

      So…..are you saying that what he claims isn’t true? Can you prove it?

    • CatGman

      If there is anything an Obama supporter should understand, it is a partisan lynching.

      • James

        And if ever a “president” deserved a partisan lynching…….

    • Greg Murphy

      What is your point? Can you dispute any of the facts?

      • Elda

        Of course he can’t! He just like the rest of the libs function on feelings not facts. That is why they do so much name calling, they can’t accept the truth because it does not support their feelings. “IT IS NOT FAIR” That is all you hear from them. We need to stop wasting our time trying to change their minds and “spank the libs” and simply do what is best for the country. Once the country is back on track they will settle down. It is what we need to do for kids today. If we could just start spanking again our kids would settle down and be good.

  • peter

    Spot on again Ben and a very enjoyable read. The Obama idolators of course disagree, ho, hum! The problem as I see it is that Bush was devious but became President anyway, Obama is more devious and also became President. Now next time around the beautiful US of A is going to have Hilary as President and she makes the previous two look like real amateurs when being devious is the required course of action. She couldn’t lie straight in bed, but mark my words she is the next President, that has already been decided, so my question is…..What do Americans expect to happen then? Is a coma catchy or what?

    • Elda

      You are right, Hillary is going to be the next president that is unless we can get her held accountable for her failure in Benghazi for which she truly is guilty. That is so bad she really should go to prison but we all know she has a better chance of becoming president than being held accountable for the death of those men and many more we have not heard about….yet.

      • James

        Keep on saying Billary will be the next president-you’ll bring it to happen. I’m making it my life’s work to see that she,Obama,Reid,Holder,Pelosi,Feinstein,Boxer,Bloomberg,Soros and a list of others are charged and convicted for Treason and Crimes against Humanity before the end of the next Elections.

        • Wellarmed

          Unfortunately the precedent has been established with past 4 presidents that the American people have no problem what so ever with corruption at all levels of our Government so long as no one rocks the boat.

          I find no disagreement with your list of those needing to face charges of treason, but to not include those from past administrations is dereliction of duty. Justice if it is to ever occur must be swift and not selective if we truly believe in the rule of law.

          The documents that the American people NEED access too have been classified or wrongfully protected by Executive Privilege.

          Hitlary is just one more useful idiot in a long line of them, and to focus on her forces you to avert your attention from the puppet master.

          • Farleyagain

            The deep corruption was interupted by JFK. Since then, it’s been corruption pretty consistently, except for the part of Reagan’s term after he was shot.

      • Wellarmed

        You know as well as I that she (Clinton) will be no more held to account for her actions than Janet Reno did for Waco. It is clear that Benghazi is more than a cover up, as is operation Fast and Furious.

        Thank you Mr. Crystal for not letting it go. The families of OUR Border patrol officers deserve answers (Justice), as well as the people of Mexico who had family members slaughtered with US Government supplied hardware.

        It is clear to me that the powers that be have already selected Hitlary as the next Criminal and Chief, and it serves no purpose to kill the messenger (mainstream media). They are mere tools to be trampled at the feet of this puppet they refer to as our president.

  • Holland Simms

    It is hard to listen to BHO at all,He is either psyco or sociopathic or the perfect tool of the psycho-sociopathic cabal that is steering the country and the world to destruction

    • John

      What part of this man is a Muslim with the plan to DESTROY the US do you not understand. To make up excuses like is stupid or a sociopath, is weak. this gay, muslim, illegal alien is meeting his goals for the US. Wayne Alan Root went to school with this thing and heard first hand the lefties plan to spend us into oblivion. They are succeeding. When the fall comes, make sure you have weapons and plenty of ammo. Muslims you will in the end come to the conclusion you have to shoot on site.

    • Shane Mayfield

      I do NOT listen to him! When he comes on T.V. I change the channel, if he is on ALL the channels, I turn the T.V. off! He is NOT my president and I will NOT listen to him!

      • Elda

        You need to listen to him because he is telling you what you need to do to protect your family from him. Obama is so sick he actually tells us what he is going to do next by getting up and saying he would never do something. Every time he has done this. He is like a child in a sand box saying “look at me, I promise I will not throw sand at you” and when the other child turns he throws the sand. Obama is focused on how un fair everything is and he is going to make it fair in his view. Everyone will be poor….except him and his friends.

        • James

          I don’t listen to him either-I have a system. I just take it for granted he’ll do the absolute worst possible thing in dealing with any situation that comes along,and I haven’t been wrong yet.

  • steve

    hope and change. and there’s not a damn thing any one can do about it.

  • Al Chemist

    The MSM would have us believe that Obama’s speeches are designed to “make the second-rate countries love us more” if only he makes enough apology speeches. It has exactly the opposite effect.

  • JMichaelOHara

    Ben, I might say the same thing about you, but I’ll use the term “irrational hypocrite” instead. The US didn’t sell any guns to anyone in the OFF project. It was an attempt to track and trap the straw purchasers which didn’t work as planned and that was started in the previous administration. Those who attempt to blame him for the problems caused by drug dealers with guns are the same ones who oppose improvements in law enforcement capabilities to control this traffic.

    • bj

      That’s just the cover story bozo… in case they get/got caught.
      Do yourself a favor and go back to sleep.

    • Wizzardly

      Then why, when the firearms shops reported suspected straw purchasers, did the DOJ tell them to sell anyway? They had the names and addresses of the straw purchasers and were obligated to arrest and prosecute them, but chose to not obey the law themselves. Their goal was a false flag operation to discredit lawful firearms owners. When federal law enforcement is lawless (as in Holder’s orders to not prosecute black on white crime), you know this administration is corrupt.

    • independent thinker

      There have been reports that the US sold directly to one cartel that it favored over the others. However I have not seen anything further to support that claim.

    • Greg Murphy

      Are you speaking of “Wide Receiver”, which according to all involved was never executed. Totally different than “Fast an Furious. You are a dupe and should leave this site and never return. In the future, I would recommend that all follow my lead and ignore your nonsensical and factually incorrect facts.

    • Wellarmed

      It seems that based on your comments that you have at least done some research into US Government Gun smuggling. I find it difficult then for you to not look at the facts and come to some type of logical conclusion that Holder and the White House is not stonewalling this investigation.

      The minute that Obama claimed executive privilege, I knew the order came straight from the top as this president has a great history of throwing everyone surrounding him under the bus when it is convenient and expedient to do so.

      If this president wished to restore any shred of confidence at all that he is not simply a bold face liar about his pretense/reason for authorizing OFF, all he would need to do is recall his use of executive privilege and allow Holder to surrender ALL documents (un-redactted) pertaining to this investigation and allow the American People to decide if this operation was issued as a pretext to further hinder Americans right to bare arms.

      If not I will surrender my position and chock it up as a failed mission, but if the opposite is true then impeachment and trial will be the only option. It is HIS choice, and he can come clean any time he so chooses.

      • JMichaelOHara

        Where did you see any proof of this “pretext”? If you had any, I’m sure you would have spread it around before now.

  • mike austin

    I think he is a stupid, affirmative action fraud. Cor(P)seman? 57 states? Don’t even know his own anniversay..uh.uh..uh..That is why he does not contact his cabinet and meet regularly. They will know he is a puppet that is barely litterate. He probably believes he should not have to do the work since he is “oppressed”. Or some such ignorant victimology term.
    He may believe he knows alot, but every person I know who talks they way he does, and spouts incorrect facts are… basically un-educated.

  • Warrior

    You pegged this fraud perfectly. That “blue can of tuna” looked soooo good until it was opened and voila, all we continue to get is this nasty smell! And now the “progressives” would like to serve up a “blue can of sardines” in 2016. Ben, this should have been the commencement speech at “The” Ohio State University.

  • rendarsmith

    And what is Congress going to do to reign him in? Nothing. They’re just as worthless.

    • Elda

      They are all on the same train.

    • Wellarmed

      Agreed. NDAA, PATRIOT Act, etc… were passed by both parties in the house and senate. These laws (sic) were not put in place to protect us from Muslim extremist but to solidify control over the population.

      Congress will not do their job (balancing of powers), as they are simply giving the public the perception that they are not the same steaming pile of $h*t that is occupying our executive branch.

      The failure of the Sargent at arms to place Holder under arrest for his part in Fast and Furious said all I need to know.

      • Farleyagain

        We could conceivably get states to recall their drone Senators and actually legally and peacefully remove the blocks to a return to the Constitution. Of course, first we’d have to return to paper ballots to avoid miscounts and enable recounts.

  • bj

    This Moron is the laughing stock of the planet… there are no words to describe the lunacy of his playbook.

    I actually have to stop and wonder if this king of fools even has a pulse.

    • Slobyskya Rotchikokov

      @ BJ – the prissy little peacock-who-would-be-king rolls and wallows in his hubris and his stupidity like a dog rolling in fresh manure.

  • red neck

    The other thing that everybody is looking over is the “new” conflict between Israel and Syria…. As obama stated the line in the sand has been crossed however obama does nothing!… Or does he?….. Being that obama is a muslim sympathizer he has once again back-tracked on his word ( go figure )… However I have to wonder if Israel was told by this administration to attack Syria?..

    • independent thinker

      I saw one article a day or two ago that said something to the effect “Oops, we were wrong the line wasn’t crossed after all”.

  • ronniericky12

    Ben, I wish the mainstream media would please answer this question. Why are they accepting him as legal when they know that he is not? Which inspires a list of other questions I will narrow down. IS our government being held hostage to allow someone they know, who is not a legal, remain president? Is our government being held hostage? This is the only logical answer that I can come up with as to why they continue to allow Obama to be president. Is our government being held hostage seems to be a very important question that I ask myself everyday. It is the only way I can rationalize that our government has allowed such treason and embarrassment to come upon the U.S.

    • Elda

      the vast majority of those that should/could do something about this are white. They don’t want to go down in the history books as the ones that caused the great race war in this country. If Obama was white. and he is 3/4 white, he would never get away with what he has done from the start. But he is the closest thing to black and Democrat they have gotten and so he has free reign to do all the damage he wants.

    • Farleyagain

      I’m with RonnieandRicky. Our government is held hostage as are most of the other significant governments in the world. The puppetmasters are now engaged in their final phase of the New World Order takeover. Start looking for the men behind the curtain: they are the real enemy.

  • Slobyskya rotchikokov

    “In a perverse sense, one almost has to admire Obama’s unmitigated gall.”

    Actually, I think that he, being a version 2.0 of Baghdad Bob, is simply so utterly delusional and so filled with admiration for his own hubris, that he feels he can say anything, and the mortals will simply bow down and accept it.

  • jim b

    You can’t fix Stupid, and you can’t stop Crazy, and we are being overrun by both! Freedom and Liberty are in the balance.

  • Amber

    Ben Your column would be so funny if it wasn’t so true.

  • Henry Stumpf

    This is a black man unworthy of his position, he cannot be trusted, a serial liar.
    He is a complete FRAUD, ineligible to be president, incapable of leading anything !!!!!!!!!

  • ChuckS123

    It seems like the worse things the dems do,, the harder it is to get people to believe it. Or to get repubs and the media to talk about it.

    I go back to what Rush said – dem s lie about repubs and repubs won’t even tell the truth about the dems.

  • DonnaAngelStar

    Hubristic sociopaths.

  • Elda

    Obama is at the top of the list of pathological narcissists. He lies to get what he wants, and he believes his lies because they get him what he wants. He functions on feelings not always based on reality. He changes “his” reality to fit those feelings and that is why it is so difficult for the rest of us to understand why he is so far off in left field. Narcissism is caused by a failure very young to trust and they grow up to be toddlers in adult bodies. It is the nature of narcissism to create more by causing it in their children. So it is getting worse by the year. Hillary and Bill have the same thing as so most Democrats and those in Hollywood.

  • Guest

    You would think a constitutional lawyer would honor the constitution and not work around it at turn. Sociopath is being kind tyrrannical killer of innocent people with drones is more to point. He should be tried for treason and war crimes and give back the Nobel Peace Prize. MSM is a joke not worth watching or acknowledging.

  • Johnmcf2

    God does not make mistakes, Obama is there for a reason. Have any read their bible lately? What does God usually do to His Enemies of the past? Doesn’t that ring a bell. The spiritual temperature of this nation is ICE COLD. When I was growing up, you would never have gotten away with most of the stuff that goes on today on TV, and I went to school after they threw God out. I get a fealing this is on a logarithmic scale and time is shortened.

  • Michael Shreve

    IF you can’t TELL the difference, there probably is none. Personally, I believe Obama is a megalomaniac (crazy) but doubt his stupidity. On the other hand, I do NOT doubt his INABILITY or UNWILLINGNESS to learn for experience.

    • Wellarmed

      I feel it would be incredibly dangerous for the American people to underestimate this president and his plans for fundamentally changing our country.

      His psychological profile from what I can see is very troubling, and I do not for one minute think that he will be through (lame duck) no matter what obstacles are thrown in his way.

      Until his SS detail comes to their senses and walk off the job, he will continue to be not just a threat to this nation, but to the cause of liberty around the world.

  • ChuckS123

    A lot of people think F&F is the same as Bush’s operation wide receiver, but there were major differences.

    Under Bush the Mexican government was involved and the intention was for the weapons to be traced. Neither happened with Obama.
    [video of Holder admitting these differences between wide receiver and fast & furious]

    The Bush program used 300 weapons, which were followed, They cooperated with the Mexican government to arrest 1,400 people. The Bush program ended when they lost track of 30-40 weapons.

    The Obama program used 2,000 weapons, which were not tracked, but resulted in the deaths of 300 Mexicans and 2 US agents (so far).

    [Complete list of differences between wide receiver and fast & furious]

    • Wellarmed

      I agree with you that operation wide receiver had greater controls, but the fact is that our Government was STILL sending FUNCTIONAL weapons to cartels that most likely were used to kill Mexican Subjects.

      It only took the rocket scientists at the BATFE to lose track of 40 weapons for them to come to their senses?

      If they had adapted a program similar to what the CIA did in Vietnam against the VC then maybe, a BIG MAYBE I would have supported it’s implementation, but what I am certain we would find if one looked deep enough is an arrangement between the US/Mexican/Cartel Governments (sic) that reinforce and guarantee that all parties involved meet their obligations as defined by their contract with one another.

      There is money to be gained (CIA covert ops off the books), people to be subjugated (Mexicans & Americans), and an industry to not just be maintained but to grow and prosper (Illegal immigrants detained in private prisons / never ending war on drugs industry) etc……….

      This was and is a win win not just for our government but for ALL parties involved.

  • BTeboe

    Obama is not legitimate to be President. With all the mess about Benghazi hitting the fan don’t be surprised if something comes out of left field. Get ready. I do not put anything, and I mean absolutely anything past our government these days.

  • LadyFloridaCracker

    Hey everybody………….go to

  • sancheleezy

    He is so far”out there”that there is no hope of reaching him as he has a strong agenda and really believes (with all of his hubris) that he can do no wrong. He is so deluded that when confronted with the truth, he somehow can [expletive deleted] his way out of any predicament that he finds himself in, and therefore nearly every politician and journalist will not confront him. They are more concerned with a story, even if it is fabricated, plus are concerned that others may label them racist. He deserves to be impeached but there is no one that will start the process, therefore we live with this treacherous imposter of a leader.

  • rbrooks

    you could insert bonzo or little bush in the place of obama in this story.

  • jzandensky

    I knew when this guy spoke at the Dem convention he was trouble.. Wrong voice, boys and girls.

  • Tim

    Hating the Constitution doesn’t make you stupid, it makes you evil and someone who’s after power at all costs. Obama’s stupid on other things, like oh admitting his administration ran guns into Mexico and acting like he’s not at fault in the same sentence.

    Like Feinstein and Biden, Obama doesn’t think less guns make us safer, he wants a disarmed population to lead knowing that leaves us defenseless against criminals and the government itself.
    He wrote death panels into Obamacare and passed it with backroom deals. He gave guns to Mexican cartels to use against our own people and let our people die in Benghazi and Hillary said “what difference does it make how they died?”
    He is some a well-meaning idiot. This guy’s a tyrannical sociopath.