Stop Washington’s Latest Tax Grabs


Some 21 years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court did us all a huge favor. It ruled that states don’t have the legal authority to tax purchases you made from an out-of-State retailer, unless the retailer had a “physical presence” in your State.

Back in 1992, most of us didn’t purchase all that much from out-of-State companies, so the loss in tax revenue wasn’t significant. But, boy, how times have changed. Today, we buy more than $250 billion worth of stuff from online retailers each year, and that number is expected to rise to $370 billion by 2017. On most of it, we pay no sales tax.

With local and State sales taxes averaging about 10 percent, that’s $25 billion that stays in consumers’ pockets now. Needless to say, there are an awful lot of politicians who want to get their greedy little hands on those funds. You won’t be surprised to learn that the Administration of President Barack Obama wants to make it happen.

In fact, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is so eager to get an Internet sales tax bill passed that he has skipped the normal committee process and is bringing the bill directly to the Senate floor. Word is that he’s lined up several moderate Republicans who will vote in favor of the measure so the big spenders can claim that it has bipartisan support.

And, of course, many State governors love the idea of collecting hundreds of millions of dollars in new taxes. Many State budgets are already perilously close to bankruptcy, thanks in large part to the incredibly generous pensions and other benefits that State and local government employees have extracted over the years.

In an editorial supporting passage of the Internet tax bill, USA Today complained that its lack “forces cash-strapped states to raise other taxes, or go into debt, to compensate for the $23 billion in annual uncollected e-commerce sales taxes.” Got that? Forget any nonsense about reducing spending. The only choices those poor States have if this measure isn’t passed is to “raise other taxes, or go into debt.”

But an Internet sales tax is just one of the schemes Washington has come up with to extract more money from you. Several others can be found in the new Federal budget proposal that the White House finally released this month.

The English newspaper the Daily Mail had the best description of Obama’s budget I’ve seen. It called it a mixture of “bad math, phantom revenues, imagined spending cuts and a middle-class tax hike.”

It’s all of that… and more. Among the budget’s optimistic forecasts is that Federal revenues will more than double over the next decade, rising 113 percent by 2023. During the same period, spending will go up “only” 60 percent. But even if both were to happen, deficits would not be eliminated. That’s why the budget calls for the debt ceiling to be raised by another $8 trillion, to $25 trillion.

While we were promised that the long-overdue White House proposals would be replete with “big ideas,” the sad truth is that they are the same old solutions we’ve heard for many years: bigger and bigger government, only partially paid for by higher and higher taxes. Rather than see any reduction in Federal debt, Obama wants to increase it by another $8 trillion.

When he released his budget, the President claimed, “I am willing to make tough choices that may not be popular within my own party, because there can be no sacred cows for either party.” What a bunch of baloney!

The White House claims that the budget contains $2 of spending cuts for every $1 in new taxes. But it’s all a bunch of smoke and mirrors. The so-called spending cuts are a cruel illusion. They are achieved by allowing minor reductions to previously proposed increases. Spending doesn’t go down one thin dime in Obama’s new budget. Instead, it will increase by at least $680 billion over the next five years.

Maybe figures don’t lie. But liars sure can figure.

Yes, there’s a lot not to like in Obama’s budget for fiscal 2014. One of the sneakiest proposals it contains is for the Federal government to change the way cost-of-living increases are calculated, by switching to something called a “chained CPI” (Consumer Price Index). Here’s how the Daily Mail describes the effect of this sleight of hand:

The chained CPI signals a shift in how the federal government will calculate everything from Social Security payouts and congressional pensions to college students’ Pell Grants and veterans’ benefits. Anything tied to cost-of-living increases would be subject to a new formula.

The White House’s budget blueprint suggests that these programs would see $230 billion in costs savings over 10 years. The Congressional Budget Office puts the number at $216 billion.

Does anyone believe that today’s calculations for the consumer price index are anywhere close to being correct? Most of us who live in the real world know that the prices we pay for most things are going up by a heck of a lot more than 2 percent a year.

Now Uncle Sam wants to change the formula to reduce the payouts even further. That doesn’t sound very fair to me. But wait, it gets worse. Switching to a chained CPI will also hit the middle class with a huge new tax increase.

How is that possible? Here’s how the Daily Mail explains it:

The money will come pouring in because the consumer price index also controls income tax brackets, tax filers’ standard deductions, nontaxable contribution limits for 401(k) retirement plans, and more.

So millions of individual Americans will see themselves moved involuntarily to higher tax brackets, and middle-class taxpayers in particular will lose some of the tax credits and deductions that they count on.

Forget all of Obama’s blarney about only the rich being hit by these higher taxes. The brunt of these increases will fall squarely on the middle class. And, of course, the same thing will be true of the costs of Obamacare, which will be fully implemented next year.

Do you remember when Nancy Pelosi said “we have to pass” the badly misnamed Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to see what’s in it? Pretty soon, we’ll all get to see the higher costs and increased regulations this monstrosity will produce. It won’t be pretty.

So now Congress has three different budgets for 2014 to consider: one passed by Democrats in the Senate, one approved by Republicans in the House and one presented by the White House. All of them call for increased government spending next year. None of them will reduce the deficit by one penny over the next decade.

Margaret Thatcher famously observed that “the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” The big spenders in Washington seem determined to speed the day when that happens in this country.

It seems to me this could be a mighty good time to trade some of your rapidly depreciating dollars for assets of enduring value. I hope you noticed that gold and silver have been on sale recently.

Until next time, keep some powder dry.

–Chip Wood

Personal Liberty

Chip Wood

is the geopolitical editor of He is the founder of Soundview Publications, in Atlanta, where he was also the host of an award-winning radio talk show for many years. He was the publisher of several bestselling books, including Crisis Investing by Doug Casey, None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham and The War on Gold by Anthony Sutton. Chip is well known on the investment conference circuit where he has served as Master of Ceremonies for FreedomFest, The New Orleans Investment Conference, Sovereign Society, and The Atlanta Investment Conference.

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  • Mike in MI

    Stop, not only the Tax Grabs, but STOP OBAMA (Soebahrkah) and get him out of the WH and behind bars. Find the online petition on PLD, and sign it, that prevails upon your elected representatives in both houses of the U. S. Congress to exclude the Pretender from his pretension that he has qualifications adequate to hold the office of President of the United States of America. He is not a U. S. citizen and has committed felonious acts as well as never having registered for Selective Service – though well past age to fulfill that duty, as if he were an American. The online petition walks you through the process.
    You come HERE? Do your duty – even if you’re a “prog” you should be demanding to know. If he has lied and is lying to you now, will he ever stop lying?
    What will it have cost you when you learn the facts that will be revealed at trial?
    I’m not a racist. I believe that all human flesh is out of Adam and Eve through Noah to today. If my sister can successfully procreate with any other human male on earth he is of the same species and race I am … God created.

    Sign the petition. End the rancor and vitriol.

    • Betta

      “will he ever stop lying?”

      Sorry, but no. That’s because MY daddy didn’t raise him. I’ve said before bammy wouldn’t have an ass left. My dad’s belt would have taken all the skin off of it for telling LIES. We knew better than to lie to him or you got your ass whupped when your lie was uncovered. And rightly so. It’s a nasty habit that needs nipped in the bud.

      See, my dad hated LIARS. “If you lie you cheat, if you cheat you steal” He used to say.

      • KG

        Just like a Republican.

        • FreedomFighter

          The Boston Bombers were democraps/liberals, in fact almost all the evil mass murder shootings were done by liberals.

          “Liberals With Guns!”

          Want to keep guns out of the hands of psychos, just ban liberals from owning them.
          Laus Deo
          Semper FI

          • KG

            I’m a liberal. I own guns, And I had a bunch of targets printed up with Karl Rove and Dick Chenny on them. I also have a target with a Nazi on it. But, unfortunately, I have none with starving Americans. But the trigger happy preppers cant wait to shoot one with their AR-15 that has a can opener on the picatiny rails!

          • FreedomFighter

            Yes it is sad that the stupid and unprepared will die of starvation due to the Obama policy’s now destroying America, to bad they don’t listen to you and buy a gun and some food. Then when the SHTF and things get bad they wont be trying to kill and steal somebody else’s stash of food, meds and survival supplies.

            I use Zombie targets btw, I find shooting targets of known politicians kinda psychotic.
            Head shots…

            Laus Deo
            Semper FI

          • rivahmitch

            I use pictures of the notable Washington scum KG is so enamored of. I’ve put holes in all of them. Semper Fi!

          • KG

            Aren’t Marines trained to be psychotic, green, amphibious, killing monsters? They are the US “shocktroops”. And who said that these people are going to try and “kill and steal” someones food? How many people killed other people for food during Katrina? I think it was none. However, a lot of people WILL kill you just for the color of your skin. And many of those own AR-15’s.

          • FreedomFighter

            As a native American Indian I know well how others will kill for the skin color, but they didn’t have AR-15s, people have been killing people since people existed, stop with the bigoted BS KG.

            Marines are trained to execute cold and calculated war, to eliminate the enemy so that ninnyhammers like you can post on boards like this.

            The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.–George S. Patton

            Laus Deo
            Semper FI

          • Vigilant

            Dave, we may have had our communication problems, but you remarks are spot on. Kudos to you!

          • chocopot

            Well said. You the man…

          • Michael Shreve

            Yep, no rapes, murders OR assaults during Katrina. LOL

          • KG

            It has been proven (for those who can think without the aid of FOX or Rush) that there were NO RAPES IN THE SUPERDOME. Were there rapes elsewhere? I imagine that someone was raped in Texas during that time. I know some were raped when W was having his photo op in front of a rescue helicopter that was used latter that same day to perform rescue work. But, hey, why pass up the photo op? They are just saving worthless New Orleanians who couldn’t afford to leave.

          • JeffH

            KG the hack says “NO RAPES IN THE SUPERDOME”!

            In the SUPEROME? WOW! Are you 100% sure?

            Uh oh!

            The California Disaster Medical Assistance Team spent 24 hellish hours inside the Superdome. Team members said they delivered babies, treated gunshot and stab victims, and ultimately fled for their own safety. Commander Dave Lipin says they saw two women “who said they’d been raped” — different women than those the police attended to. He says his team only saw a fraction of the desperate people who sought assistance.

            Lt. Dave Benelli, commander of the sex crimes unit with the New Orleans Police Department, says his team investigated two attempted rapes inside the Superdome, and two additional reports of rapes that happened in the city, one of which was the 25-year-old hairdresser.

            When presented with the additional cases collected by victims’ advocates groups, Benelli acknowledges that the police simply doesn’t know the extent of sex crimes after the storm.

            “I admit that rapes are underreported,” Benelli says. “I know more sexual assaults took place. I’ve expressed many times that we’re willing to investigate any sexual assaults that happened in this city at any time. We can only deal with what we know.”

            Source: NPR

          • Betta


            Apparently more than that went on…


            Research is a wonderful thing.

          • Nadzieja Batki

            KG, the great manipulator.
            Envious of the Marines.
            Blaming us for the color of his skin.

          • hippybiker

            You sound like a very petty and ignorant little boy. Go play with your toys, and leave adult topics to real adults.

          • Bill

            Your comments show how stupid you are and support the idea that liberals should not own guns

          • chocopot

            Well, Liberals don’t want anyone to own guns, so why should they be able to?

          • Nadzieja Batki

            KG, track your comments and all the lies you have told. So even if you tell the truth you are not believed.

          • KG

            Tell me ONE LIE that I have told. If you cannot, then you have borne false witness.And that is a SIN.

          • JeffH

            KG, ignorance of fact and the truth is not an excuse for lying,

          • Bob666

            Oh, we have the passive-aggressive show up and throw up again.

          • speedle24

            Karl, do you know any starving Americans? Let me know because I would like to meet one and give them plenty to eat.

          • SavaDude

            Tolerant, accepting, diverse, progressive liberal that shoots at targets with Rove and Cheney on them. All is normal here.

          • JOHN WAYNE



          • FreedomFighter

            Board Monitor please remove the above poster

          • Capitalist at Birth

            Ditto that. I don’t even read the posts when people are shouting.

          • Betta

            Ditto here and when they are too long I don’t read them.

          • Kinetic1

            So, JW, what exactly is the “TONE OF GUNS” and why do you believe such a sound freed us? And why did we want to be freed “FROM ENGLAND’S RELIGIOUS, TAX, FREEDOM..” If England offered us religious tax freedom I think things would have gone differently.

            Now, I don’t know about your religious beliefs (though I have some ideas) but I’m a little confused about your views on life after death. You suggest that you would “HANG YOU ALL (WILD WILD WEST STYLE), AND CLEAN YOU TRAITORS ALL OUT OF MY FREE COUNTRY.” Got it, kill all the Liberals! (Real healthy attitude. Have you considered anger management?) Then you suggest that “ALL WILL BE BEGGING TO GET BACK IN…” Do you expect the dead to rise and line up at the border?

            All joking aside, get some help. Commas denote those places where one might pause or take a breath. Despite your liberal use of them, I get the idea that you never pause. You must just go on and on, screaming at the dark. It’s just not healthy.

          • Kinetic1


            For heaven’s sake, are you really going to drag this trash back out of the bin? Just because a right wing talking head said it’s so, and his followers spread the word as if it were fact, none of this makes it so.

            Show us the proof that the Tsarnaev brothers were Democrats. Just like all the rest of the killers noted on your referenced video, the “proof” is nothing but bluster from the likes of Rush Limbaugh. The Fort Hood shooter came from Virginia and Texas, neither of which has partisan registration. Seung-Hui Cho was a resident alien, restricted from voting and, there for not registered as Republican, Democrat or anything else. Adam Lanza’s affiliation is unknown, so the right has labeled him based on the fact that he is from Connecticut. And what about Tamerlan Tsarnev? Well he was on welfare, so he MUST be a Democrat, right? Well, the fact that his petition for citizenship was put on hold in 2012 might give you some clue as to how he voted ….. he didn’t.

            I won’t bore you with a list of Republican/Conservative killers as it will provide nothing but a club to beat the drum louder. The truth is, killers come from all walks and ideologies, no mater what Rush has to say about it.

          • speedle24

            Please, bore us with a list of Republican/Conservative killers. I keep hearing about these folks but I have never been able to find any. BTW, McVeigh was not a conservative, so start your list with someone else.

            Insofar as the Tsarnaev brothers are concerned, they were certainly disgruntled misfits, and that is the first qualification for being a democrat. So we have to make the assumption that they were not Reaganites eh?

          • vicki

            I’d like to see Kinetic1’s list too. Oh and I wonder if we should check the list of abortion doctors to see how many of them are Republican/Conservative and how many are RINO.

          • Kinetic1

            A list of Republican/Conservative killers …… how boring is this search.
            Former U.S. Army private, Jim David Atkinsson. Openly said he hated Democrats, liberals, African Americans and homosexuals. He killed 2 and injured 7 at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church in Knoxville, TN.

            James Oliver Huberty, said he hated “children, Mexicans and the United States”. He then went to a McDonald’s where he shot and killed 21 and injured 19 before he was shot dead by police.

            White supremacist Buford O. Furrow, Jr. (when was the last time you heard the words White Supremacist and Liberal used together?) shot up the Jewish Community Center in Granada Hills, CA. He wounded three children, a teenage counselor and an office worker. Later he shot US Postal Worker Joseph Santos.

            Donnie Baker, a former Republican campaign volunteer shot seven Chilean immigrants. He was afraid that immigrants were taking over.

            And the list goes on. Looking for killers with a conservative/ right wing bent is about as difficult as finding sand on the beach.

          • speedle24

            The list goes on? I don’t think you have a list. None of these clowns were conservative Republicans. Racists and white supremacists are not Conservative. Huberty said he hated the United States. That doesn’t sound too much like a Tea Party member. Mentally disturbed psychos don’t qualify. Calculating political terrorists like Bill Ayers fill the bill.

          • Kinetic1

            Republican/Conservative is not the same as conservative Republican. I never said they were all conservative Republicans, I said they were Republicans, conservatives and those to the far right.

            Now, you want a Republican, Donnie Baker. Republican campaign volunteer. Unless you think a liberal would volunteer for a Republican candidate?

            Jim David Atkinsson. Hated Dems. Not too likely a liberal, maybe a Libertarian, most assuredly right leaning.

            Now, as to your assertion that “Racists and white supremacists are not Conservative.” Well, they may not be in your eyes, but take a look at this piece from CPAC (you know, the “Conservative” Political Action Committee?)

            Racist comments like this are nothing new in Republican politics, and the Republican leadership has done little about it. To be fair, both parties have their issues. When you hear people talking about how awful America is and how much bad we have done in the world, you assume it’s someone from the left. Complaints about how African Americans are lazy and living off the system while Mexicans are sneaking in and having anchor babies, must be a Republican. Of course neither generalization is true ( Though you’ll have to convince freedom fighter “Also the one was on welfare, a sure indicator of being a progressive liberal “) as most Americans do not live on the far fringes of their party.

          • vicki

            Hey at least Kinetic1 did give us a list. Of course what this proves is that people kill people. Then again the only reason we pointed out that the terrorists were all democrat/progressives (and the like) is cause the MSM keeps trying to blame Republicans/Conservatives from the moment they hear about a possible mass killing or terrorist attack.

          • FreedomFighter

            Anyone that celebrated the Obummer victory for the White House — is a progressive/liberal/communist/Islamic Terrorist, nomatter the label they are against American values and the constitution.

            Laus Deo
            Semper FI

          • Bob666

            Yo F/F,

            Don’t look now, but there is a progressive/liberal/communist/Islamic Terrorist hiding under your bed.

          • ChiefBoring

            The little brother, Terrorist number 2, voted for Obama, hving been naturalized late in 2011. And why don’t you just produce your list of Republican killers? Hmmm…

          • Bob666

            Yo F/F

            “The Boston Bombers were democraps/liberals”
            Really? LMAO

          • FreedomFighter

            Witnesses stated on record that them Islamo terrorists celebrated when Obummer was shoved back into office — sure puts them in the honey bucket, Also the one was on welfare, a sure indicator of being a progressive liberal or in this case islamo-liberal

            Laus Deo
            Semper FI

          • Bob666

            And were the sources wearing Tin Foil Hats?

          • FreedomFighter

            Video interview available if you go look. I don’t have the time at the moment to get you the link — planting a victory garden.
            Laus Deo
            Semper FI

          • Bob666

            Get you eyes checked while your are at it.

        • Betta

          Nope. I’m independent and free thinking. Don’t like the policies of repubs or democrats. Both are LIARS, whores and thieves. And your problem is what?

      • Bill Johnson

        an honest man and he taught another generation to be the same not Obomas moma or his family who ever they realy are who is this maggot?

      • Mike in MI

        Your right about that, Betta. The whuppin’s were one of the main things Dad did FOR me that helped me to understand and appreciate the differences between facts and Truths, common sense, reasonable propositions versus stupidity, lies and deep/subtle deception, democrats and other incorrigible corruption. Too bad discipline and childhood correction has been associated with abuse instead of an orderly society.

  • KG

    How can you lower the Deficit or the debt with no money? Republicans told us that “tax cuts would produce so much income, that we would never have to pay anymore than what we are paying now.” However, they said that, but started the biggest spending spree in history. Then, as a result of “unleashing capitalism through de-regulation”, the richest people, namely the bankers and wall street types, managed to steal a large chunk of everyday Americans worth. Then the “elites” decided to “go Galt” and keep their tremendous hordes of cash for themselves. That’s why our economy has not had the double digit increases it needs to recover from the Republican assault on the real creators of wealth – the working class.

    • vicki

      KG writes:

      How can you lower the Deficit or the debt with no money?

      YOU can’t. The US Government can. It just prints more money. Of course it has lots of tax revenue anyway so your question has no meaning

      • KG

        What is considered “lots”?

        • Vigilant

          Check out
          The largest gap EVER between revenues and spending has occurred during Obama’s term. Thanks, that is, to fiscal policies YOU advocate, KG.

          • KG

            well DUH! We are in a recession caused by “conservative” policies. Thank God somebody is spending money. Does “tax and save” sound any better?

            Man, as long as we were killing “suspected Taliban fighters” we have endless funds. But, when it comes to keeping Americans from starving to death, we have to have “austerity”.
            Conservative politics as well as conservative “values” have put us where we are today. It started with Nixon, was propelled by Reagan, and ultimately realized by W. It’s the idiots who gave up on America who wrap themselves in the American flag, and then point their finger at gays, unions, and liberals saying “LOOK OVER THERE!” It’s “their”fault.

          • vicki

            KG Writes:

            well DUH! We are in a recession
            caused by “conservative” policies.

            I’m sure that these nice folk would be surprised to here you say they are conservative. Or maybe not since you didn’t bother to give even a hint of evidence for your bald assertion.

            Thank God somebody is spending money.
            Does “tax and save” sound any better?

            Yes. Tax and NOT borrow sounds better still. The problem is still the spending.

            Conservative politics as well as conservative “values” have put us where we are today.

            See links above. Note who tried to regulate the market and who blocked that increased regulation.

            It started with Nixon, was propelled by Reagan, and ultimately realized by W.

            See links above.

          • JeffH

            KG, progressivism, not conservatism is the culprit…progressivism created big government, big spending and big debt all in the name of “social justice”.

            Once government gets involved in providing extensive services for the public, politicians see that growth in government programs enables them to win elections. The more government does, the easier it is for Congressmen to do favors(cronyism) for voters and donors.

            Progressives were the first generation of Americans to denounce openly our founding documents.

            The Founders believed that all men are created equal and that they have certain inalienable rights. All are also obliged to obey the natural law, under which we have not only rights but duties. We are obliged “to respect those rights in others which we value in ourselves” (Jefferson). The main rights were thought to be life and liberty, including the liberty to organize one’s own church, to associate at work or at home with whomever one pleases, and to use one’s talents to acquire and keep property. For the Founders, then, there is a natural moral order — rules discovered by human reason that promote human well-being, rules that can and should guide human life and politics.

            The Progressives rejected these claims as naive and unhistorical. In their view, human beings are not born free.

            Since the Progressives held that nature gives man little or nothing and that everything of value to human life is made by man, they concluded that there are no permanent standards of right.

            There are important connections between America’s original Progressive Era and the crisis we are facing today, and it is useful to consider these connections on two levels.

            The first connection is at a general level, and concerns our abandonment of the Constitution. The present crisis did not appear out of nowhere, and didn’t simply begin with the election of Barack Obama. Politicians of both parties spent the better part of the 20th century disregarding the Constitution, as they looked to have government step up to solve every conceivable human problem. Thus it ought to be no surprise that the Constitution’s limits on government aren’t even part of the conversation today as our politicians debate the new interventions in our economy and society that seem to come daily.

            The second connection between the original Progressive Era and our situation today has to do with policy. The progressives knew that our original system of government was not capable of handling all of the new tasks that they had in mind for it. So they envisioned creating a vast set of bureaucratic agencies. They argued that Congress should enact very broad and vague laws for supervising more and more facets of the American economy and society, and then delegate to the bureaucratic agencies the power and discretion to enact specific policies. Both Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt conceived of government in this way.

            The New Deal certainly went a long way toward implementing this progressive vision, and what we have seen in our own situation with TARP and the various other interventions is simply greater steps toward the progressive plan. Our Congress has simply said to the Treasury agencies: here’s a trillion dollars, here’s all the legal authority you need, now go out, determine what is in the public interest, and spend and regulate accordingly. That is the progressive vision of government, in a nutshell.
            contibutors: The Heritage Foundation and Glenn Beck

          • vicki

            And this behavior has been known about for centuries.

            “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.”
            ― Alexis de Tocqueville

            There are a bunch of good quotes there showing that Alexis had a good understanding of progressives and their failings.

            “Americans are so enamored of equality, they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom.”

          • Vigilant

            Excellent words.

          • KG

            I could say ask the farmers that were saved from utter destruction thanks to government intervention during the Depression. There was a reason why he was elected 4 times. However, they are all dead. And, so, we in the present forget our real history.

          • JeffH

            KG, you could say that but it ain’t true.
            I will say that you don’t even have a clue what you’re talking about.

            New Deal interventions were not only bad for the economy, but favored fat cats over average families.

            Most farm subsidies went to major land owners, not small-time
            farmers. Required reductions in farm acreage devastated poor sharecroppers. Efforts to keep farm prices high led to the destruction of food while millions of families went hungry. Compulsory unionism led to discrimination against blacks because it gave monopoly power to union bosses who often didn’t want them hired. NIRA cartels prevented entrepreneurs from cutting prices for consumers.

            Roosevelt’s strategies of handouts, federal jobs, subsidized loans, demonizing businesses, and public works projects in swing states worked well politically. But economically, Roosevelt and his “brains trust” had no idea what they were doing. They attempted one failed intervention after another. The Great Depression was a disaster, and sadly an avoidable one.
            – Cato Institute

            Today? Deja vu all over again!

          • KG

            Wow, thanks for the “cut and paste” job from the Gobbles , um, I mean, Cato institute. There weren’t enough “fat cats” around to re-elect Roosevelt 4 times.

            Don’t YOU get it? That’s why Obama won this last time. We live in a Democratic republic. Despite what the GOP thinks. So, if a majority of voters want something, they will, or try, to get it.

          • JeffH

            KG, all you’re doing is babbling and making non-sense.

          • JeffH

            Hey dullard KGB, this isn’t about the re-election of Roosevelt or Obama winning anything or the “GOP”losing anything…it’s about American’s losing everything.
            I understand that you can’t grasp that and your “cut and paste” comment reflects that as a fact. Bottom line is you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • Daniel W. Cote

      You can’t do it as long as there’s so much uncertainty. You need to get rid of obamacare first and get rid of all the new regulations that Obama’s minions have created. Increasing taxes only reduces jobs. Obamacare cut hours because if the workers worked less than 30 hours than they weren’t fulltime and they didn’t count for obamacare. You will get much more income from more people working than you will get from raising taxes. Raising taxes will cost more in the long run because it will eliminate jobs to pay for the raise in taxes and puts more people on unemployment, welfare and food stamps. The problem is until you can get employers to start hiring more people giving them more hours you will never pay down the deficit. Also the more you raise taxes the less money you will bring in because employers will eliminate positions to save money. Tax cuts would work but you need to get rid of obamacare and all the new regulations that have been brought in. These regulations have made it impossible for small businesses to expand and without that there will not be no new jobs. You are best off lowering taxes and putting more people to work. The problem with Democrats they don’t know how not to spend money.

      • KG

        What uncertainty? People are going to get sick no matter what’s happening. And people need jobs to make money. And businesses need customers with money. What’s so uncertain about that? That’s just an excuse for being lazy.

        • Vigilant

          “What uncertainty?” He just told you. Are you daft?

          • JeffH

            Why certainly…yuk, yuk, yuk!

    • Daniel W. Cote

      How come since Obama took over and stopped the elites the average yearly salary dropped. So Rich people make more money. Under capitalism anyone that is willing to put the hours in can become wealthy. That can’t be done under socialism or communism. Socialism and Communism make people lazy and dependent. There is no reason for someone under Socialism or Communism to work hard because they get nothing for it. The problem with most people who don’t like rich people is they are jealous. Rich people don’t work 40 hour weeks. Anyone who runs a business puts 80 to 100 hours a week in and risks their own money and future to make that business work. If the business losses money it’s not costing the workers anything but the owners of the business are paying the bills. Stop crying about rich people until you taken the risks yourself and put in the time to grow a business. Growing a business is a 24 hour a day job. If you run a business you can’t not work or the business would die. After the day is done you have to worry about getting ready for the next day. Paying bills, making payroll, paying taxes, making sure you are paying all the taxes required, and making sure you are adhering to all safety regulations and tax laws for your business.
      As far as hoarding their money. They are doing that because they can’t figure out what it’s going to cost with Obamacare. It’s already increased health insurance cost dramatically instead of reducing it like Obama claimed it would. Businesses can’t run on a year to year basis. They have to plan 5 years in advance and with all the changes going on with this Administration writing thousands of new regulations every month businesses can’t keep up. They have no idea what it will cost next year never mind 5 years from now. We weren’t supposed to have new taxes on the middle class that wasn’t true. No one knows what other surprises Obama and his administration has in store for us. I don’t blame businesses for not wanting to spend their cash. Our country would’ve never gotten to the moon in 9 years if we weren’t under a capitalist system. Because that’s the only system where people will risk all. Because if they win they win big. Under Socialism and Communism everything goes back to the state. No incentive to bust your ass.

      • KG

        Oh, yea. We went to the moon using private contractors who were paid with FEDERAL MONEY.

        I guess you were the one with the “Government hands off my Medicare”

        Or was it the one spelled “MORUN”

        There are only two kinds of contracts business love. Government Contracts and BIG Government contracts.

        Well, if the rich keep getting tax cuts, where is the incentive for them to risk their money to expand their business?

        • JeffH

          KG, what is it that you don’t get about big government and corporate welfare?
          Increased taxes at any level just empower the government to spend more…which has nothing to do with cutting debt and everything to do with increasing the debt.
          The progressives in government use cheap talk(propaganda) about saving the middle class but what they are doing is broadening the wealth gap for the wealthy while taxing and shrinking the worth of the middle class.
          Wait…I know! Is it that you don’t see government as the problem but you do see government as the solution?
          Without the blessing’s of corrupt government cronies the crony corporations could not exist.
          Cut off the head(government) and the hands(corporations) can’t reach out for government favors.

          • KG

            Cutting Taxes make rich people lazy.

          • JeffH

            KG, is that the best you have to offer in response?

          • KG

            Yes. Because it’s true.

          • JeffH

            “Stupid is as stupid does”

            – Forrest Gump

          • KG

            try and tell that to conservatives. How many tax breaks did the rich get? And how well did that work?

          • JeffH

            KG, you are a dullard!

          • KG

            You are right – those tax cuts didn’t do anything.

            Here’s “the Gipper” confessing the truth.

          • JeffH

            Why thank you KG, it’s nice to see you be honest for once and agree with me that you are, in fact, a “dullard”.

          • KG

            I may be dumb, but I ain’t stupid!

            Unlike some conservatives I know.

          • JeffH

            KG, the mentally challenged, opens mouth and inserts foot…again and again!

      • nc

        Daniel, did you ever stop to think that the reason the average yearly salary dropped after Obama took office was because there were 2.6+ million less Americans earning a “yearly salary” in 2009 than in 2008 and the reasons the 2.6 lost their jobs under BUSH still existed after BUSH LEFT THEM TO OBAMA??

        You do know that the more labor that is available the cheaper labor becomes for the employers the lower the ‘AVERAGE” YEARLY SALARY! It’s Hoover Years Economics! The more “bean pickers’ out of work and looking for a job the less the farmer had to pay to get his beans picked! The less money the “bean pickers” made the less money they had to spend at the stores.

        Welcome to the Grapes of Wrath! (a/k/a “greed”)

  • Daniel W. Cote

    If you reduce what businesses are paying they can then invest in expansion. Obamacare has stop all expansion of businesses and actually made many businesses cut hours and number of employees because of Obamacare. Our economy will never get better until obamacare is repealed. Once repealed we lower business taxes and do away with most of Obama’s new regulations. This will cut cost for businesses and show them some stability so they can then expand. By putting more people to work more taxes will be collected plus less money is going out to unemployment, food stamps, and welfare. The key to fixing the economy is putting people to work not taking more in taxes. It’s not working in Europe and it won’t work here. Increasing taxes and regulations puts more of a burden on businesses especially small businesses that can’t afford to hire a accounting firm which is what you need because of all of the new laws and taxes that are coming in with obamacare. With all the regulations that Obama has his minions writing most having to do with Global Warming which isn’t happening that’s costing us in higher prices everywhere and costing jobs all over the country. Until Obama and his minions are stopped our economy will never recover. More taxes make for less coming in because it’s costing jobs so less people are paying taxes. You get rid of obamacare and all these new regulations over the past 5 years and small businesses will be abel to create more jobs. People whose hours have be cut because of Obamacare will have their hours increased again and without the threat of going into a new group because you have more than so many workers businesses will be able to hire again. The key to bringing in more tax money is to put more people to work and get people off the unemployment roles and the welfare rolls. Until Obamacare is repealed that isn’t going to happen.

    • NC

      Daniel, You say” If you reduce what businesses are paying they can invest in expansion.” More jobs from expansion??
      That is exactly what bush and the Heritage Foundation promised Congress and America back in 2000 when daddy’s boy was elected! Where are we today? Lack of jobs are a problem and businesses have the LARGEST CASH RESERVES IN HISTORY! WHY?? THEY CHOSE NOT TO USE THE bush GIFTS FOR EXPANSION! THEY STUCK THEM IN THEIR POCKETS!!!

      • Bill

        So, you are choosing socialist policies over free enterprise

        • Vigilant

          NC always has.

        • Daniel W. Cote

          Bill this isn’t aimed at you it’s at NC. Liberals are idiots anyway. They don’t study history because they would find in every instance of Socialism and Communism the experiment failed. Socialism and Communism makes people lazy. My son works in russia for a Exxon-Mobil. He tells me that there is no such thing as expediting anything. Things get done when they get done. Workers know nothing they have to be told what to do by their supervisors. They get far more vacation time then we get. Don’t expect a selection in there stores. There is no competition. You go to the store and you have 1 brand of anything and you pay what you have to pay. There is no such thing as prepared foods. Everything has to be prepared from scratch at home. My son says he doesn’t go to the doctor or the hospital there except in an emergency. He and his family spend the first week on each vacation in the states making doctors appointments and dental appointments. So much for their socialized medicine. There is no incentive to work hard under socialism and communism you get what everyone else gets so why work harder than anyone else. Most people who like Socialism or Communism are lazy. They don’t want to work more than 40 hours a week but want to be paid for 60. Most people who become rich don’t do it by working 40 hour weeks. A small business owner generally puts in 80 to 100 hours a week so if they make money they deserve it. Just because the workers don’t get extra from the company. They have no skin in the game. The small business owner has their money and property backing their company. If they make a mistake it isn’t the workers that are going to pay the bill it’s the business owner. When you start working 80 to 100 hours a week and that usually includes holidays like christmas than you can criticize those that are rich. They are the ones taking the risk with their own money not you.

          • Karolyn

            It’s the same here in SC. People don’t want to work. I saw a sign in front of a Tire/Auto shop the other day that says ‘Help Wanted Must Work.” I had to laugh.

        • NC

          Bill, just saying “free enterprise” does not make it work! It is worse than socialism when it solicits people’s money and then goes belly up!!! How much of bush’s fiscal policy was based on the ASSURANCE that free UNBRIDLED enterprise would work real well?? HOW DID THAT WORK OUT??

      • Vigilant

        Your shouting of lies does not give them a greater shade of legitimacy, KG. You’re damn right there are record amounts of cash on the sidelines. If you had even a rudimentary inkling of why this is so, you would begin to mature beyond your years of government-programmed “education.”
        The reasons are simple: businesses will not invest in new labor until something is done to curb the prohibitive costs of regulation, Obamacare and corporate taxes in general. Small business, the greatest job generator in America, has been thrown under the bus by the tax and spend leftists in this country. NO smart business owner will throw their money down the toilet to hire more people if the cost of that hiring will put them in the red. Simple as that, it’s not rocket science.

        • GALT

          Are you suggesting another “identity” conflict……along
          the lines of “everyone is Flashy” conspiracy?

          From the available clues……this means NC = KG?

          • Vigilant

            No, it was a mistake. However, when it comes to peas in a rotten pod, NC=KG on a philosophical level.

          • GALT

            Boy are they in trouble now……..

        • GALT

          I actually voted one of your posts UP yesterday and THIS
          is the thanks I get……..shame on you.

          BTW you have an “edit” button now, so you can change minor
          mistakes like spelling and dates and “misdirected” or mistaken
          identification? Maybe 1984 has really arrived here?

      • Daniel W. Cote

        I also said we need to remove many of the regulations we’ve put in place that cost the economy so much money. A company doesn’t put out a 1 year plan. They put out a 5 to 10 year plan. If they can’t see what’s going to happen in the next 6 months they are not going to invest. We already know what it’s going to cost for having so many workers. Over so many it will cost more. Under so many they don’t have to go with obamacare and that saves money. If the workers work less than 35 hours a week they don’t have to deal with obamacare and that is what many companies are doing. It doesn’t matter that Obamacare isn’t in full effect businesses don’t work on a year schedule they plan 3 to 5 years in advance and if they can’t see that far ahead they won’t invest. We need to step back to the 80’s where businesses weren’t so encumbered by regulation. More taxes will get less money. By the way It took 8 years of 2 wars to spend what Obama did in his first 3 years in office so don’t start blaming Bush again. As far as what happened the years 2006-2008 were the bad years in the Bush Administration and guess what the Democrats had control of both the House and the Senate and did nothing to try and help. All they were looking at was getting the Presidency. Obama is the worst President in History. He isn’t qualified to hold the Position he never held a real job in his entire life. He should have never been put on the ballot. He can’t prove he was born in the US and his father wasn’t a US citizen. There are 4 Supreme Court Decisions that say that the definition of Natural Born Citizen is found in the Law of Nations which says a Natural Born Citizen is one born of Citizen Parents. Notice Parents is plural meaning more than one. It’s only because of this excitement to elect a black man as president that idiots like Pelosi overlooked that requirement. Obama should have never been put on the ballot.

    • GALT

      “The key to fixing the economy is putting people to work not taking more in taxes. It’s not working in Europe and it won’t work here.”

      What’s not working in Europe?

      What new taxes? What new regulations?

      You do understand that the “affordable health care act” has NOT taken
      effect yet?

      BTW just to help you with the first question……..what is being “tried” in
      Europe is “AUSTERITY”……..and you are RIGHT…….it is NOT WORKING.

      So for all of you of the …….”If we only just did THIS”…… of
      simple and single minded solutions………..there are NO SIMPLE
      SOLUTIONS!!!!!! Nor will one find any issuing forth from the “mushroom
      feeders” who write for this publication……because while this site
      is entitled Personal Liberty Digest, the only liberty that is at stake
      here…….is THEIR OWN. ( and while it is true that many of YOU share
      this narrow minded goal…………THEY are not living on the “edge” as
      many of you are……and for them, this is a STORE…..and you are
      here to BUY……..after all, you have and are buying the b.s. daily, and
      if you manage not to “stroke out” due to highly elevated “blood pressure”
      you might actually BELIEVE…….and BITE…….after all, you get “bonus’

      stuff worth $$$$$$ of “estimated value” for just……$.

      How could you possibly resist? Will it be a solution to your problems?
      It will be a start…….but never fear, as you now have a “little information”
      you will need MORE…….and guess who has it?


      Our “constitution” begins with “We the people……to promote the
      general welfare…… order to form a “more perfect union”.

      It was the “second attempt” and it wasn’t even close to perfect
      but it was a start……..and we have spent the last 220+ years discovering just how “imperfect” it was………and how imperfect we are……so
      it might be time to “revisit” these issues again, in the present context
      beginning with the exercise of actually determining who “we the people”
      really are?

      “He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past,
      controls the future.”

      • Warrior

        The “busy people” will remove that nasty wart you have for $50.00, I’ll do it for $25.00. Which “road” will you take? In the year 2213, “We the People” may possibly still be the same “People”. And the “wheels on the bus go round and round”.

        • GALT

          I would take the “internet search road”…..previously available
          in “public library” form….and pay “nothing”……( assuming
          that grandma had not already passed down this wisdom….
          or someone else’s grandma. )

          You seem to “like” the idea of “selling stuff” to stupid and
          ignorant people……….after all “caveat emptor” would fit the
          rest of your childish “jungle rule” fantasy?

          Of course the other side to that coin is “venditor emptor”!

          as for what ever else you are trying to “express”….you have once again achieved the w.i.f.i. compelled to respond while
          saying nothing award……..but keep trying.

      • SickOfHypocrisy

        Galt, the issue is one of employment, not of taxation. we currently have approx 25 mil unemployed. Let’s put 73% of those, or 18.25 million. If each is ONLY making 7.25/hr, working 40 hrs/wk they will pay approx $2262 in payroll tax. Their employer matches it. For each one employed that’s $4524 x 18.25 million or approx $82.563 BILLION/yr in increased revenue via payroll tax alone. Now, the gov’t saves let’s just say an average of $150/wk per person in non paid unemployment insurance. That comes to $142.35 BILLION/yr the gov’t DOES NOT SPEND. Add the 2 together, and the gov’t comes out $224.91 BILLION ahead! Not only that, but NOW those employed may have some disposable income and will buy things other than simply those things needed to stay alive. That allows the economy to grow, not stagnate as it is now. Unemployment ins DOES NOT, as Pelosi and Reid would have you imagine, “stimulate” the economy. And how is it that for each $1 in food stamps used, “$1.58 in economic activity occurs”? Guess that is a magic $1? Cause if that’s the case, when I buy a new car for 10k, 11.58k is generated?….wow, that’s some math! And you’re right, there are not simple solutions, however “tax and spend” will NEVER solve the problems we face either as a nation, or individually.

        • GALT

          Well since you responded to the first part of my post and
          end your post with the “tax and spend” mantra, which seems to be saying, we have a spending problem…….I direct you to
          the “link” which will explain why this is not true and you may then
          address those aspects which are still giving you problems.

          As far as the magic dollar is concerned, that is simple. Even with foods stamps. How do the people using food stamps get to the store? ( more economic activity ) Where does the food at the store come from? ( more economic activity ) How does the food get on the shelves? ( more economic activity )

          BTW unemployment insurance gets paid regardless of whether
          there are unemployed people…….and payroll taxes are spent,
          even though they are supposedly set aside……a surplus for
          SS, and a deficit for medicare and medicaid. ( which is a whole nother kettle of fish )

          Ultimately the question comes down to the “understanding” that
          “governments” are not business’ or households…….and the proper response in terms of economic slowdown is to
          do precisely the opposite of what would be “responsible
          behavior” for a business or household…….and there is ample
          precedent historically for doing just that.

          Now since you agree that these are not simple problems and
          hopefully understand the “magic dollar” a little better…..let me
          introduce another economic expense factor……currently the
          cost of incarceration of one person ( even with private prisons ) is $40, 000 a year………..and some of these are essentially
          slave labor facilities, which waste government money and
          produce “unfair competition” driving “private concerns” out
          of business…….and who knows, they might even be turning out
          $5. screws and $600. hammers.

          Even if the cost of “welfare” drives you insane, how much do
          you want to spend per person? Or do you just want to
          kill them on the spot? Because all the “useless parasites”
          have got to be dealt with……what do you think? You don’t have to answer….but it is an interesting question…..and where it
          leads might surprise you.

          • SickOfHypocrisy

            The flaw in your magic dollar scenario is that you seem to think that those NOT on unemployment ins don’t eat. By that thought process our ecomony should be thru the roof growth. Problem is, those people eat regardless, use gas regardless, etc. The thought that unemployment ins is somehow the way to grow the economy is nonsense at best. When your income drops to 50, at most, of what it was, the only thing you can afford are those necessities you must use regardless. Since there is zero “disposable” income, there is NO money to spend on vacations, new cars, refer, etc. When that happens 25 million times, the economy cannot recover as we’ve lost access to 25 million peoples disposable incomes. Sure,gov’t can spend billions to produce “part time” jobs, or full time semi permanent jobs but the money comes from you and I. Those jobs disappear when the money runs out. Remember the heat/ac money “stimulus”? Soon as the money was gone, so were the jobs. We’ve lost billions on bad investments, and give billions more to countries that then allow terrorists to train and attack us. Financing our own terrorism, there’s a dang good plan! Let’s look at ceo salaries that have gone from 44 times to 254 times lowest paid workers pay. Outrageous. Big business is a big problem since they have the money to corrupt and get all kinds of special favors you and i could never. Yes, cost of incarceration is very high. We could go on for months, and hundreds of pages to no avail. We need to START correcting somewhere. Duplicative and ridiculous spending is the best place to begin. Let’s correct and rid ourselves of the endless waste, then we can move on to the fraud and corruption. We’ll find we have many, many billions more to put where it needs to go without endlessly raising taxes and spending without reason. What drives me insane is the waste, the waste, the endless waste, and the insane desire by Reid, Pelosi and others to simply “raise taxes” and spend more instead of FIXING THE DADBLAME PROBLEM! Another issues, that ENCOURAGES waste, is the agencies that MUST spend their entire budget or face cuts next year. Instead of rewarding frugalality, it encourages and rewards wasting what you haven’t yet spent. That is ludicrous. The list is endless. Let’s BEGIN to fix the waste issue and see how many billions we can save. Fix the waste, and fraud (i see it everyday) and then we can talk about if we need to jack with tax rates. Until then, they should be WAY off the table

          • GALT

            Actually every dollar is a magic dollar…..there is no
            flaw, because there is no magic…….this is micro

            1.) Read the link
            2.) Please provide a relevant response.

          • GALT

            P.S. While I appreciate your rather emotional response
            and the various citations of this problem and that, all
            of which are valid in so far as you have presented them,
            they do not provide a coherent path to a solution.

            1.) Your understanding of modern economic theory is flawed
            with respect to “governments” role.
            2.) You fail to make a distinction between ‘government” being
            the problem and “corrupted government” being the problem,
            although you seem to be leaning toward the latter.
            3.) No taxes have actually been “raised”…..with the exception
            of increases in the higher brackets……payroll taxes have
            simply returned to previous levels, since these are essentially
            dedicated funds, with a serious shortfall in the
            medicare/medicaid aspect this is the proper outcome.

            While waste, fraud and abuse is a potential area of focus,
            this is not new…….but the reality is, most functions of government are underfunded at present, so that while
            much is heard about “regulations”, there is no bite…..since
            the funds for proper enforcement are not available.

            Yes, more employment would help……but again this is
            simply rhetoric……which invokes flawed economic theory
            regarding growth.

            Yes, government on the micro level operates foolishly,
            but the problem is one that is far more fundamental
            and pertains to the act of legislation, itself. At the moment
            and for some time now, there has been no continuity with
            regard to the legislative process…..and for all practical purposes……this has been true from the very start, beginning
            in 1791. For most, the history here is completely out
            of step with any sense of reality…….so that what appears from
            a distance to be “orderly and logical” , has been nothing
            more than total chaos, lurching from one crisis to
            the next……one of action and reaction, with the latter
            being completely misdirected, masking symptoms until
            apparent balance was achieved.

            1877 the largest department of the federal government
            was the United States Post Office, followed by the Customs,
            which collected tariffs, duties, etc…..the largest source
            of revenue for the federal government. ( and then things really
            started to get interesting )

            Finally, one of the primary problems which is essentially
            the root of everything that is presently taking place is the following FACT: 1/2 of world trade and 1/3 of private
            wealth presently resides in off shore banks, completely
            beyond the jurisdiction of any nation or their central banks.

            Since the United States represents both the largest economy
            as well as the largest consumer nation, this condition is
            affecting us more than any other nation, and for those
            that believe that government is the problem ( or
            their central banks )……they are unwittingly in their
            ignorance bringing about the very result, they wrongly
            believe “government” is responsible for………and
            yet it is a problem that only government can solve.

            “He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future. “

    • Bill Johnson

      this person understands where the bucks stop and it is with big government. Smaller government bigger pay checks for more working people not illegal aliens. we don’t have a work force shortage only a job shortage caused by a larger government.

  • Pecospete

    I am sorry but I had to stop reading when you started to blame the budget crisis on the pensions. You know for an educated person you really don’t know. Employees pay into pensions for the most part and public employees do not receive full social security benefits, they recieve about 40% of what they have put into social security thanks to Rostenkowski. Also, when are you and the other reporters going to start talking about the politicians pensions and health care and raises that they will recieve when they retire?

  • Betta

    Well, our only recourse is to STOP funding the government. What are they gonna do? Put half the population that is still working into prison? Bankrupt the government then clean house. Make them all take jobs at McDonald’s cleaning toilets. Then do an across the board straight 10% (or whatever) tax for business and individuals alike. Make $50 put $5 in the pot. That’s it.

    • rivahmitch

      Why prison? We’re effectively on a work-release program now. All we earn and own is (in their opinion) theirs and they’re just bringing that reality home to us (training us , like Pavlov’s dogs) slowly.It’s what the British Fabians called “the doctrine of the inevitability of gradualness”. Bullets and blood may stop it but nothing else will. Semper Fi!

    • Mike in MI

      Great Idea!! But Ayn Rand preempted you by about 60 years in her great freedom tome, “Atlas Shrugged”

  • Warrior

    Eureka! Scientists discover that “progressive gubmint” is actually the “center” of the Universe. Ya know, I was told that you just “never” reduce your spending during a “recession”. Well welcome to the recession(s) of 2013; 2014; 2015; 2016……………………………… Isn’t this “gubmint” controlled economy just the “cats meow”?

  • FreedomFighter

    Looks like the plan to destroy America with the Cowards and Pivens communist plan is proceeding as expected.
    I still think Pivens is a demonic shetoad.
    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Mike in MI

      FF – why give female toads such a horrid rep?

      • Mike in MI

        Talking about female toads! I sometimes wonder what ole’ Mrs. Robinson thinks about her poor daughter toad, aka., Michelle, out there thundering against our eardrums re food controls. then, the beknighted lady got caught about a year ago on the “Kiss Cam” at a basketball game being required to scoo-ootch all the way across her seat and give the guy beside her a big, long sma-a-cker full on the lisp. Damn, I thought the poor girl looked like she was going to vomit – right there on camera.

        I wonder … was she thinking, “Good grief, where have those lips been last?”

  • vietnamvet1971

    See how fast the Crooks, Liars, Thieves, can MOVE when they smell more TAX money, these crooks are nothing but Money Grubbing, Leeches that are sucking every dime we have so they can SPEND, WASTE and then look for more TAX money. This Monster the “Career Politicians” along with O’ Taxer in Chief called The Big, Bad, Behemoth, Bloated, Bankrupt Gimme-mint will never be satisfied.

  • Karolyn

    I have contacted my congressmen and signed petitions. Have you? If put into place, thousands of small online businesses will go out of business, and what of people who just sell their unwanted stuff on ebay or elsewhere? It’s a travesty!

    • GALT

      Certainly not all that dire……for many reasons, the first of which is
      that it comes down to just another ‘calculation’…….which you have to
      do now anyway……sales tax vs shipping costs.

      Clearly the real “ancient wisdom” of the real “founders” can be useful
      here……..”no taxation”!!!!!! and we can do what they did…..simply
      ignore them…….

      For all the “hype” about “job killing regulations”, the reality is……
      there is “no enforcement”……because there is “no funding” for
      enforcement……….and we are, if nothing else, very inventive regarding
      these things………it IS our history. ( although unacknowledged )

      BTW this type of “enforcement”……is the most expensive and the most
      difficult………think of it as a “lottery” in reverse…….where you would
      have to be “really unlucky”…..and even then……from a “constitutional”
      perspective……..( when you all actually wake up ) this brings the
      UCC 1-207/308 back into play with a vengeance……with even less risk
      than using it to “escape”…….traffic fines. ( more on that when and
      if necessary )

      The idea that “congress” could actually agree on this is a bit humorous,
      but we shall see……..

      • Karolyn

        What I am thinking about is that every seller will have to register with every state they do business in? I sell on ebay on occasion. Will every person who sells an old shirt on ebay have to register as a business? Actually, sales tax was already paid on a lot of things. Maybe next they’ll have people charging sales tax at yard sales. The high cost of shipping has made online business hard enough already.

        • GALT

          Which is part of the problem…and probably why it won’t
          happen…….and will not be “enforced” for the type of
          thing you are describing……..btw some places require a permit
          for yard sales now……do you think there is a ‘yard sale permit
          enforcement squad’?????? ( just kidding )

          In any case…..all that stuff would have to be addressed
          and put in place…..and there are cross jurisdiction issues
          regarding state of origin v. state of delivery….which tax applies?

          State of origin seems the simpler choice…..but how do you actually enforce that, as a state…….? Where do you get
          the “information”? ( hopefully you are not overly paranoid
          or plagued by “extreme guilt”……..and would be compelled
          to “confess”??????? ; – )

          • TIME

            Dear Galt,

            Odd that you noted the yard sales police. On Long Island in Mutton Town they do just that. You must pay for the police to direct traffic, as well pay the town for a sign and permits.

            As to this Internet TAX, saddly ~ its a done deal in so far as I have been told, Harry reid has rushed this through not unlike O’Bama care, and yes – it will break the back of this small business type. Why?

            The facts are as you know money is not what it used to be and can’t buy what it did even just two years ago.
            Thus folks who are trying to save a few bucks by not paying State Tax’s so as to strech their money as far as they can, will not be able to anylonger,

            Now if a person wants to save paying the tax, thats not an option anylonger. Thus they will not spend the money, thus jobs lost money lost.

            This a double edged sword – as it cuts both ways, yes a few dollars may be taken in by this tax, but the loss of income and then TAX will outweigh the alledged benifits.

            Thus its a 100% losing proposition all the way.

            Peace and Love Shalom.

          • GALT

            Time….this is a repost of a previous post here, so it is not intended, except in the most general way as being a direct response to you.

            Promissary Note

            I, ( state your name ), promise to pay to__________________________________

            ________________________________dollars, in the “lawful money of account” of the United States in accordance with 31 USC 371, and Article One, section 10 of the Constitution of the United States which states in pertinent part that; “no state may coin money, nor make any THING a payment of debt, except gold and silver coin.”

            As a natural born citizen of the united States, from the town of ……….., in the State of ………… and currently residing in the State of ………., I hereby declare that I shall not voluntarilly violate the “Supreme Law of the land” and will consider any attempt to compell me to do so, a “Deprivation of Rights under Color of Law” 18 USC 242, and should this action involve more than one individual, an act of “Conspiracy”, under 18 USC 241.

            Should either of these events occur, I shall seek both criminal and civil relief within all relevant jurisdictions.

            Submitted with all DUE respect:

            ( John Doe ), “without prejudice”, UCC 1 -207, 308 UCC 1-203 104 NRS 1207/308

            Greeting fellow citizens of the “united States of America”. While I certainly agree that the Article Two of the Bill of Rights is an important one, it is one that should be considered by responsible citizens as a last resort. Also, rhetoric is easy, as is sophistry……but for those who truly wish to restore the Constitution of the United States, and “legitimate government”, which “derives it’s just powers from the CONSENT of the governed”, then two things are of primary importance in deciding who are the legitimate voices and potential leaders in this fight and do they have “skin in the game”.

            The means of “resistance” are many, and the primary one that is available is to “deny” as much revenue as possible to “government” at every level……….the closer to home, the better, and Article One, section ten can be an appropriate means to do so.

            On the signature line, you will note the citation UCC 1 -207 which is a “reservation of rights” under the Uniform Commercial Code, whose effect “declares” that unless this reservation of rights is in place, before you need them, you have no access to them, after the fact. ( Whatever “rights” you do have, are those which government ( and the courts, ultimately ) allow to remain.

            ( just enough to create the “illusion” of justice.)

            104 NRS 1-207 is the State of Nevada equivalent of the Federal version, and the UCC has been adopted by every State and Commonwealth in its entirety, ( except Louisianna which only adopted some of it, due to it’s napoleanic origins ) and each one has this section, which has the same legal effect. ( which is to eliminate all common law and equity courts and replace them with admiralty and maritime courts, which are essentially federal in nature, thereby removing the protection of the Constitution and Bill of Rights from “ordinary citizens”, so that making the attempt to access obvious parts of it, such as Article One, Section Ten as difficult as possible.

            This was done by the Social Security Act, the adoption of Postal Codes, and finally the UCC and Codification of US Law, in 1938. You will note that all legal id, licences and court documents are in uppercase letters, John Doe from the State of Nev ( legal abbreviation) became, JOHN DOE from NV. ( federal citizen/slave/property of/asset ) of the UNITED STATES.

            Now it is interesting to here the term “statesman” used, but a statesman would be showing ordinary people the means to resist government tyranny by methods that are directly beneficial to the individual and easily understood and implimented.

            To divest yourself of slave status, you need to inscribe every legal form of ID you have with the Federal and State, reservation of rights under UCC 1 207 with the words “without prejudice” or “all rights reserved”. I prefer the first one, because its meaning is subtle and most government flunkies have no clue as to its meaning, including cops, lawyers, and sadly many judges. 1938 was a long time ago. You should also include this on everything you sign and if you are questioned regarding it, simply say that it represents your commitment to “equal rights and protections under the law”. To further establish your “reservation”, filing notorized affividavits with local city and county office of record would also be a prudent step. ( but not with judges, see link )

            What effect does this have? It essentially allows you to claim your “common law and equity law rights”, in the US and State constitutions, to challenge the jurisdiction of any “court” and force them to try you under “common or equity law”, ( no such courts exist ) to demand a jury trial ( in all cases over $20 ), to obtain free assistance of counsel, ( you have no income, since for you there is no “lawful money”, although always insist that any “lawyer” you get, is merely a co-counsel as they are largely useless for these types of strategies ) and also, you can challenge the law directly, as well as the facts.

            ( Georgia v. Brailsford )

            As I probably have put you all to sleep, I will end this by saying that the “promissary note” above, is a devious instrument…….it is not a refusal to pay, it is an inquiry for the authority in question ( and eventually a judge ) to resolve the problem of payment, without violating the “supreme law of the land”……and to force payment, the judge would have to rule that ‘federal reserve notes’ were “constitutional”, ( lawful money ) Any such decision, would be subject to “appeal”, which would become precedent…..and this has not and will not ever happen.

            The easiest way to test this, is to sign the next traffic citation you receive, with the above reservation of rights ( also add this to the front of your SS card, and put a sticker on the back of your drivers licence and/or state id.) If you have not caused injury or damage, you should avoid penalty……challenge the jurisdiction of the court in a pretrial motion, and go from there.

            Warning: This can be scarey, you will be threatened and bluffed, but let me ask you ALL a serious question……..if you can’t be bothered to take this rather minimal risk and learn from it…….please do not expect anyone to believe, that if a “violent revolution” is the only remedy, you will be leading from the front…….or be anywhere near it.


            WARNING and Disclaimer: this information is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as “legal advice” by an attorney at law, duly licensed by the “bar association” of any particular state and/or federal district.

          • GALT

            BTW I have a question……regarding the “law” in each of your
            respective states. ( you = anyone, in any state or commonwealth )

            as noted NRS = Nevada Revised Statutes…….

            Does anyone live in a state which does not employ the word

          • Mike in MI

            So, Galled,

            If the government has a law or tax provision, enforceable by a fine, incarceration or loss of property, over every iota of one’s existence … how, by any definition can one have a condition definable as, “freedom to move and act as one in a state of anything except servitude”?

            Despicable one as you are, your concept of “freedom” seems to be bound by the dictum that everything is allowable as long as some state agent or agency has no objection or will not prosecute because of the state’s prejudiced, gracious determination.

            Wasn’t that the procedural dictum in the days of the glorious French Revolution and the Bastille?

            I know you will concoct an utterly incomprehensible and illogical, to a sane person, answer – like the Chief Priests, Pharisees, scribes and Saduccees did to Jesus Christ … and for the same reason (John 8:44). So, have at it fathered one. I anticipate your response. So should every one else to see how a reprobate mind works.

          • GALT

            Actually no response is possible or necessary since whatever the intent of your reply it has no relevance to the information you have just been given……if you were not a “willfully ignorant,
            functional illiterate”, you would have comprehended that if one exercises the reservation of rights required by law under the UCC, one has restored the common law rights provided by the constitution, which you do not have available to you at present.

            With constitution restored, both laws and taxes are restricted
            to those permitted…….and further subjected to the further check against abuse by juries, who have under it the ability and the obligation to judge both fact and law.

            You have, of course, never had the experience of having
            the constitutional rights available to you under common law so you mistake the present actions of government to be
            “unconstitutional”……..even though you have continued to
            consent to the current jurisdiction to which you are subject,
            by failing to reserve your rights as required by it.

            That you remain willfully ignorant of this is not surprising
            since you constantly refer to and claim to worship a non existent deity who by all description was a complete incompetent from day one and holds you to a degree of
            servitude unmatched by any tyrant in human history, so
            it is clear that you are well suited to these conditions and
            which under the circumstances are rather mild by comparison.

            In any case, you have been given the means to free yourself
            with essentially no risk…..but under the simple restriction
            that YOU and YOU ALONE must reserve your “rights” as
            required by law………..and it would seem that those that
            devised this rather subtle condition understood “human
            nature” very well……….and that by requiring you to act alone,
            you would invent all manner of excuses and reasons NOT
            TO DO SO……..and for the past 75 years, they have been correct. If you are a SLAVE it is by your own choice.

            “He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.”

          • Karolyn

            I have seen small business owners interviewed in Charlotte whose business has been ruined by the internet; however, it was primarily due to large companies like Amazon being able to sell just above wholesale. They support the online tax.

          • GALT

            Actually, Amazon appears to be a sort of central clearing
            house for all manner of “small business’, although
            I have no idea what is involved in becoming part of
            that process……..but I have noted that, those “vendors”
            who offer products, do not charge sales tax, and Amazon
            seems to advertise that aspect of using them?

          • Karolyn

            I’ve never seen Amazon advertise that aspect, and I believe I heard that they do charge sales tax, although I can’t remember if I paid it with my last purchase. Amazon is backing this bill. Payments go to them and they just pay the vendors at the end of the month. I have sold school books on Amazon. I have always advertised that I have to charge sales tax on sales within my state; however, I never get buyers within my state. To collect that sales tax, I would need a tax number, which costs money to get in SC. In NJ and PA, at least as of 9 years ago, I didn’t have to pay for a tax #/certificate.

          • GALT

            Which is what I meant…..about the advertising, most business
            do not collect sales taxes unless they have a physical
            location in the state where the buyer resides.

            I have only had one exception in my experience as a buyer.
            Nintendo…..was collecting sales tax from everyone, but since
            what I needed was not available from anyone else, I had no choice and arguing was a waste if time…….but I have been curious as to whether or not they actually passed on the
            tax to the state…….

            For myself, and my many forays into the entreprenuerial world,
            I simply ignored all that stuff…..but the one time I actually made
            the attempt to comply……as a local wholesaler, selling
            items for re-sale to local business’……when applying for a business license……it was impossible to convey to these
            idiots……..that estimated sales tax info, did NOT APPLY…
            I wouldn’t be collecting any, because I wasn’t selling to
            end users………but re-sellers. So I understand the
            frustration…….but I simply can’t be bothered.

          • Karolyn

            Me? Confess? I think not!

          • GALT

            Ah HA!!! ( smile , wink )

            BTW should you ever have the occasion to be read or informed
            of your “rights” ( or privileges, immunities, etc ) an interesting response would be…..”I believe you.”….followed by….silence.

    • Michael Shreve

      Yes, but they continue to defend STUPIDITY.

  • Lofty142

    I am conflicted. I believe a consumption tax is the best of the worst and buying over internet with no tax puts local merchants at a disadvantage. Would like to see a good economic analyses before making up my mind.

    • Paul

      The best way to make this decision is to realize this government is not interested in your or my best interest. All this does is give them more money to spend and waste. Look at the so called sequester crap; they are deliberately hurting the people they are supposed to protect/represent to make a point. They are not making any effort to reduce their spending and expect us to believe it cannot be done. Meanwhile, we constantly read about how they spent million on studies of the mating habbits of ants (or other ridiculous crap).

    • Mike in MI

      Once upon a time we spread news by word of mouth, then by presses and then by teletype, then by radio. Instead of car, truck and air(plane)jet/helo we used horses and buggies, rode bikes or walked. Then, tolls were charged at every parceled lands owner’s boundary (or could have been). Now, we have (without trains so much), private Interstate Highway travel.

      We snuggled together (once) for heat, then wood was used in a fireplace, then coal in a stove, then gas in a furnace and now electricity heats and lights us and coal is sacrilegious. We were hunter/gatherers until food was not. Then, someone staked ground and agriculture became the norm. Then tribes, then states and nations and (God forbid) A WORLD ENTERPRISE for TOTAL FINANCIAL SAFETY AND peace, FOREVERMORE.
      Rivers were fenced and impassable (except to fishes). Game animals and birds were “protected” by law from commoners (who were known as POACHERS). State and National Recreation Areas were unknown (and could be again if Obama’s friends have their way).

      Game will run free, fish swim without fear (like in Medieval Britain, where the Church, The Crown or Lords (Elites) owned and “protected” everything in, on and that swam through their properties. Unavailable to any except for the SPORT of the “NOBILITY”.
      Why worry about the Internet traffic of goods? Entrepreneurs will always prevail and find a way around the “NOBILITY”.Men always strive to be free, unless they kill off everybody except the liberals – like Russia and China did. Laugh if you like. It couldn’t happen here.(???) Wanna’ bet? Why do you
      think they want your weapons, cut across your lines and disturb your
      reverie, or push their Land Conservatories?

      Where do YOU stand, fall, give-in, give out, die to live another day or live today to die forever?

      Choices, choices always those damned choices. Decisions come and decisions go. Make it stand … or, go with the flow. Is E.D. a bodily dysfunction or mental aberration?

      • Mike in MI

        Lofty142 –

        On the other hand, Politicians never tax anything unless it is almost obsolete. Then, they “crony capitalize” it to protect and institutionalize it in stone.
        Why not seek the next way around the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness obstructionists (legislators) and profit from it? You might become a free man by catching the next train out of Dodge. Then, you can use your “vested interest” to stave off/preclude innovation.

  • Peter Barney

    Impeach Obama. Raising more taxes!

    • KG

      What, specifically, did our president, Mr. Obama, lie about. Please, just list one thing. I know you have a whole lot of “cut and paste” answers ready.But, please, give me one specific thing that the President lied about?

      I really want to know.

    • KG

      My post has been up for a long time, and no response. So, that means that the President, Mr. Obama, DIDN’T lie about anything. Huh?

      • JeffH

        KG says DUH! First off, where did Peter say Obama lied…although Obama is a liar.

        KG, all you need to hear is right in this video – Obama Pledged to Not Raise Middle Class Taxes .

        Obama, who promised time and time again that he would NOT raise taxes on the middle class, has effectively raised taxes on the middle class because the “Obamacare” individual mandate was ruled a tax by the Supreme Court.

        • KG

          What is the “middle class”?

          What is “working class”?

          What is “poor”?

          I want to know.

          • JeffH

            The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about.
            – Wayne Dyer

          • JeffH

            Gee dullard KG, you said “My post has been up for a long time, and no response. So, that means that the President, Mr. Obama, DIDN’T lie about anything. Huh?

            Now I showed you just a couple of lies out of O’man’s own mouth and you are so flabergasted by it that you’ve you forgot what you asked for?

            What is a “KG”?
            – a usefull idiot

            What makes a “KG” tick?
            – mental indoctrination through progressive mind controling propaganda

            Poor “KG” has lost any individual function of thought

            “KG” wanted to know…Now you know!

          • KG

            When any, and I mean ANY politician “promises” to do something, I have to take that with a grain of salt, because as we all know no matter how much your guy may be a crusader, certain things are not going to happen.So, instead of looking at the promises, I look at the candidates view and motives, and vote for that. I knew any Republican I would vote for would try and destroy the Union. So, I know I WOULD NEVER VOTE FOR A GUY LIKE THAT.

            No Republican is good enough to vote for, and no Democrat is too bad NOT to vote for. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

          • JeffH

            KG is babbling over and over!
            Obvious diagnosis – mentally incompetent!

      • JeffH

        The LIAR Obama – 16 broken promises

        There’s a better than 50% chance that when Obama speakes he telling a lie.

  • Liberty Lover

    “Obama Lies” has not been news for a very long time. It might be genetic given his background.

  • The Christian American

    Any money that leaves our pockets and finds it’s way to “the” governments pockets, IS A TAX. It’s bondage to us because that means we have to use more of our labors and earn more money to just catch up to where we were. Every time the government prints more bogus paper, that’s a tax to us. inflation/counterfeiting is a tax to us. Our money is worth”less” so we have to get more to get where we were. This government has an insatiable appetite for the fruits of our labors. This is just another way to feed the government. Didn’t you know? We’re like farm animals to the government. As long as we’re an asset, we’re taken care of so we can produce more. Become a liability? Look at Obamacare. Sure suckers think when it gives them of the loot they’ve taken from them they’re being nice so vote for me, but they’re blind to the obvious. People living completely on the dole are like pigs. The only thing they can give government is a piece of their bodies. Their vote is a piece of their bodies. Their vote for godless socialist is a piece of their bodies. There’s a blanket of evil encapsulating the world and particularly America. That evil is making us blind to simple truths, the truths that were strength of America. Truths that can be found in the original Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence and the Ten Commandments. We get focused on the latest assault they through at us instead of saying the whole thing stinks and is criminal and taking a offensive posture against the whole thing.

  • Dave

    We have to stop corp America and the wealthy from bleeding this country dry

    • JeffH

      Dave, although you are close…please understand that it is the crony corporations that are in cahoots with the crony politicians in DC.

      You have to start at the very top…the corrupt cronies in government are the major issue…elimite them, get them out of office and we can stop or at least reign in the crony corporations.

      Treasonous government elected elitists cover their arses with legislation that protects themselves from their corrupt dealings…and there just aren’t very many of them that are not corrupt or even close to honoring their oath of office.

      FYI – Progressive, liberal, conservative or left or right wing need to understand that it’s both political parties that are a part of the problem and until we all get on the same page nothing will change.

    • vicki

      Dave writes

      We have to stop corp America and the wealthy from bleeding this country dry

      And just how are they doing that? Last I checked taxes are what this country takes at gunpoint from corporations (who then pass the tax on to their customers).

  • Vigilant

    Mr. Wood says, “…states don’t have the legal authority to tax purchases you made from an out-of-State retailer, unless the retailer had a “physical presence” in your State.”

    Not entirely true. The People’s Republic of New York taxes at 8% everything I buy from vendors in another state to support my business inventory. When I sell to a New Yorker, another 8% is tacked on the purchase. The buyer thus pays 16% in total since the original 8% for my out-of-state purchase is included in the price.
    There’s absolutely no doubt about it: such a tax as the criminlas in DC are contemplating will severely impair internet business and cause the price of everything sold there to increase. But, then again, Obama and the State of NY will succeed as they are doing everything in their powers to kill free enterprise.

    • Karolyn

      You have to pay tax on merchandise for your business? I never had that when I had my store. The only state I had to pay tax on merchandise I purchased was Maryland. I had an antiques shop. Of course, this was 9 years ago. If I still had a tax certificate, I could still purchase antiques wholesale and also buy merchandise of any kind wholesale. How can NY charge sales tax on stuff you buy from another state? That’s crazy!

      • Vigilant

        That’s New York, the state of Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg.

  • hungry4food

    Higher Taxes will only Enrich the NON Producers of Human
    Vital Needs and cause Inflation to SOAR and as these NON producers do nothing but consume a shrinking supply causing inflation to soar the result ends in Concentration camps and Genocide due to a Lack of supply and the inability to increase that supply shortage fast enough to supply human needs .

    A GDP of less than 2 % in economic growth is not going to alleviate this problem thats fast approaching us and the issue of food and water supply is at the forefront of this lack of Policy we see not driving economic growth because they do not see it being able to sustain unfettered population growth . Read the technocrats writings Google it all up under Population growth and Human carrying capacity to find out more .

  • FreedomFighter

    “It seems to me this could be a mighty good time to trade some of your rapidly depreciating dollars for assets of enduring value. I hope you noticed that gold and silver have been on sale recently.”

    Don’t forget to get long term storage food. and ammo, due to ammo shortage, lead has gone up 150%, food about 25% or more in the last year, so much so fishing lead sinkers are getting expensive and buying food now will provide a substantial savings.
    Then get as much silver and gold as you can.

    Laus Deo
    Semper FI

    • hungry4food

      FreedomFighter you can starve to death on a pile of Gold and Silver !!!!

      Lack of Adequate supply expansion to represent the currency issuance is the cause for that depreciation by its inflation .

      They are taking us to this doom as we run supply shorter and shorter and Gold and Silver at their time did NOTHING for them ……

      • FreedomFighter

        Yes, after obtaining long term food supplies, seed, ammo, then gold and silver, cant agree more.

        Laus Deo
        Semper FI

    • hungry4food

      FreedomFighter this is what is driving the Policy makers lack of Will to push Free market growth , as we watch them divide the electorate and prepare for a Zero Growth Agenda .

      pay attention to what they say in the youtube video at frame
      1:45 ,

      • FreedomFighter

        I disaster and food will be worth more than gold and silver…frightening.

        Laus Deo
        Semper FI

  • Capitalist at Birth

    May I suggest that if this site will not block the likes of KG, Flashy, NC, etc. that we all ignore them. It accomplishes nothing to respond to their idiotic meandering posts. It is like banging your head against a brick wall. They have nothing to offer, in the intelligent discussion of today’s issues and history. Their minds are forever closed and warped. It is a total waste of time to have any discourse with them at all.

    • JeffH

      CaB…chill! While I could easily do without them, ignoring them works.
      If Bob were to just eliiminate them then PLD would be no better than the rest of the political blogs.

    • Karolyn

      So don’t! You should start your own blog and be able to block anybody who doesn’t agree with you. How about starting your own country for everybody that agrees with you. Wouldn’t it be a boring world if we all agreed on everything. Kinda like that movie with Sly Stallone where he gets a ticket every time he curses.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Leave it to Karolyn, the great lover of Freedom of Speech as long as it it Dem/Prog/Leftist.

      • Bob666

        Leave it to Nads to spew her misery and discontent with very little depth or purpose.

        • Mike in MI

          I truly hope that at Judgement God holds you accountable for, and makes you read aloud to all humanity gathered there, all these petty, infantile, unworthy and (I would think) embarrassingly miserable things you blurt through your fingers. Don’t you ever reread the things you post before you punch the arrow?

          • Bob666

            Mi Mike,
            Yes I do and one could say the very same thing about you as well.
            We will all stand for judgment at the end of our life. I am ready-are you?

            BTW-Boob666, petty, infantile, unworthy?

            Thanks and have a wonderful evening.

  • Michael Shreve

    Funneling OUR money to governments ALWAYS encourages them create INNOVATIVE ways PISS it away.

  • Nadzieja Batki

    Will it make people think twice about ordering on the internet if the costs add up? But of course it will. Meddlers never consider how much damage they do by meddling.Ordering on internet is seen as being able to get the product you want and can’t find in local stores, saving gas, and time, and wear and tear on your vehicle, and creating jobs for all service personnel who entrepreneur in this direction.

  • SickOfHypocrites

    Has anyone bothered to notice that all the talk obama spouts about “paying your fair share” is just smoke and mirrors? He made 608k last year and paid an effective tax rate of just 18.4% yet is in the 43% tax bracket! Give him cudos however for giving 150k to charity! That’s awesome indeed, though not sure what charities he gave to. However, it’s NOT going to his favorite charity the fed gov’t. Then we have skimpy Biden that paid 16.4% tax, and gave 1.7% to charity. Do as I say, not as I do… skate. Just like “shoot a couple times thru the door with your 12 gauge”…..SAY WHAT? That’s um, murder Mr. B or were you unaware of that?

    • Karolyn

      Obama gave $103,000 to a veterans’ charity alone.

  • red neck

    It is just a matter of time before the crooks tax the air that you breath.

    • vicki

      Already done. ObamaTax.

  • ridge runner

    Stop all muslim marxists and comminist democraps. Democrat party has alway been a party of taxes and government regulation. Only difference now is these puke communist fks embrace everything abhorant to the life and the Constitution. Any pinheaded democrat pervert that trys to make the muslim marxist shine, has be a product of drugs and caverius mind containment. Every see or hear a fascist/communist tell the truth using facts, the defective gene of non stop lying is what makes these puke rats the way they behave.

    • Karolyn

      Once again….And all Republicans are pure as the driven snow – NOT! Why differentiate, ridge?

  • Benjamin Fox

    Karl Marx said there are ten steps to communism and this bunch of idiots in the White House and both houses of Congress are using these steps to enslave the people to their plantation of all races and colors, learn to say, “Master May I”.

  • Jim B

    Hope they except BitCoins…. ar ar..! Worthless currency for a worthless government. How is it that we let 535 idiots control our lives in such a way is beyond me, even if half the population has been turned into serfs by BHO, still anyone have any backbone left. Our forefathers are rolling over in their graves for God’s sake!

  • Karolyn

    Off Topic: For Glenn Beck fans re Boston Bombings Bombshell

  • matforce

    With our wealthiest citizens and corporations, who enjoy the benefits that come with being a member of the world’s greatest nation, hiding $32 TRILLION in offshore accounts to stiff their nation of origin, is it any wonder why we have record national debt? 30 years of policies that benefit these same elite, have consolidated wealth at the top like we haven’t seen in 100 years, and still they want more, more, more!!!.

    Example: I just got done paying my streetlight bill, a utility I enjoy along with my neighbors on our utopian, American Dream, middle class street. I am thankful that I live in a neighborhood that offers this type of amenity, so I pay my $81.98/yr. as part of the price of keeping it nice here.

    Our utopian nation has become an expensive nation to maintain. With regulations being pumped out daily (from labels for new herbicides, to shipping lanes in Guam, to FDA approval for new drugs, a real alphabet soup of agencies) to maintain the safety and security of our utopian society, as well as establishing protocol to avoid the smallest grey area; a football field for the placement of liability for smart lawyers litigating in the court of law… All the right can think to do is point at the trash who willfully abuse the
    system (a small fraction of the problem when you consider the $32 TRILLION our
    jet-setters have parked offshore to stiff their “beloved” nation), but then give the real perpetrators of this economic treason, as they systemically march us toward plutocracy, a free pass.
    I’ve even read, with disgust, many accounts that would lump in the “displaced,” hard working USA worker, (who wanted nothing more than to have their decent paying job, but was kicked to the curb in favor of a bigger profit share from offshore sweatshops), in with the freeloaders…

    I read the other day from a group of civil engineers, that our aging infastructrue that reaches from our cities to the smallest rural hamlet, (storm water run-off systems, culverts, treatment plants, water lines, gas lines, roads, bridges, etc.) will be unaffordable, once they begin to crumble because money’s tight.

    After 30 years of favor for the top and trade policies for our “multinationals” (who are sitting on $5 Trillion in cash), which invites the question: So where
    are the promised jobs from the “job creators?” Haven’t they been given
    everything they’ve asked for? Then when you asked them to help out with their fair share, they remind us through a type of blackmail, extortion posture that there’s a better deal for them elsewhere if we don’t grant them more, more, more until we’ve been sucked dry.

    • matforce

  • Patriot66

    The ability of the central government to
    directly tax US citizen, be it Income, capital gains, sales, etc…, needs to
    be eliminated. The 16th amendment needs to be modified to reflect
    that taxes can only be derived directly from the States, on a voluntary basis.
    Think of all the problems this would solve. No more pork barrel spending or blackmailing
    of our State officials to do the bidding of the central government. The States
    would tax accordingly to the State budget. Anything left over would go to the
    central government, if they behaved… It would be much more involved, but use
    your imaginations on how many problems this would solve. Of course, we would
    also have to remove the back door of allowing them to get loans via the Federal
    Reserve. The only funds they could use would be what the States grant them.
    Seem like a good idea?

  • EthanShays

    Communism by any other name is still communism.