Safe At The Gun Show

Gun Show sign in Chantilly, Virginia

One of the larger of the touring gun shows came through town recently; and being the sort of fellow I am, I gladly paid the entry fee and spent a few hours browsing the wares. I’ve written about my affinity for gun shows before, and I’m often asked by my non-“gun guy” friends to explain my regular attendance. I find my “it’s a traveling carnival of awesome” description elicits more confusion than understanding. The best way I can explain it would be through the magic of simile.

Ben is to gun show as:

  • Gearhead is to auto show.
  • Woman is to one of those gigantic shoe stores in the outlet mall.
  • Union member is to ugly mob.

But those of you who find firearms and firearm ownership either uninteresting or appalling would be both mortified and surprised by the goings-on at a gun show. The rows upon rows of firearms and firearm-related accoutrement would mortify you, while the complete lack of hatred and shouted invective would surprise you. After all, the image that the liberals and their corporate media flacks have conjured suggests a deafening collection of goose-stepping whackjobs, backwoods hillbillies and lunatic doomsday prophets. Of course, like every caricature created by the Democrats in their endless war on the Bill of Rights, the aforementioned stereotypes are no more valid than the liberal assumption that black people are incapable of fending for themselves without government assistance.

To be sure, there are some oddities floating through the gun show atmosphere. There’s the guy wearing army-issue body armor that doesn’t even come close to covering his non-army-issue beer gut. There’s the dude hawking EOTech™ clones that are only slightly more believable than Attorney General Eric Holder’s Congressional testimony on Operation Fast and Furious. And more often than not there’s a guy selling fake World War II memorabilia who hopes you won’t notice the “made in China” sticker until after you get home.

But there isn’t a lot of yelling. There isn’t a great deal of voiced outrage. There are no mobs of indignant women’s studies majors waving placards and marching about in no particular direction. In an atmosphere in which the headlines are dominated by ludicrous attempts by liberals to demonize firearms as possessing an innately sinister nature unto themselves, no one was so much as mildly surprised by a gun. With everything from those trendy pink-handled .22s to a fully functional, semi-automatic replica of a Goryunov machine gun, the gun show represents a chamber of horrors to those shrieking Brady Campaigners; yet shoppers and vendors alike were as comfortable as Michael Moore at all-you-can-eat night at the local Krispy Kreme.

There were no shouts of blind hatred for those who don’t share the assemblage’s political ideologies, no demands for free stuff at the expense of someone else’s hard work, no cheers for the misfortune of others, no screams for the maiming, murdering or general demise of anyone. There were no beatings, no stabbings and — contrary to deliberate misconception — no shooting rampages.

There are thousands of firearms and tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition in room filled to the rafters with firearm enthusiasts. If the gun grabbers’ slander is to be believed, such a tableau should have naturally progressed to a rolling horde of wild-eyed barbarians and the kind of body count usually reserved for a Third World civil war. Yet even Piers Morgan would have been safer than the crown jewels. At least until he got a load of that Goryunov; that would have sent him running for the nearest “gun-free zone.”

–Ben Crystal

Personal Liberty

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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    In a word, Ben…….”UTOPIA!!

  • Dave

    Gun shows are fine… Guns are not the problem, its the people with the guns that are the issue
    Here is the NRA in action.

    So the NRA study that they paid for says more guns in the schools is the solution

    Background checks? NO
    Stiffer penalties for straw purchases? NO
    National database to track weapons? NO
    Military weaponry with large capcity magazines YES

    I can’t imagine why people who say the NRA are a bunch of extremists…

    • TJC62

      Background checks? Already happen, even at gun shows.
      Stiffer penalties? Enforce those already on the books. (Fast and furious)

      National Database? No F’n way.
      Military weaponry? That is what the founders intended.


      Government has NO right to interfere with a Constitutional right that ONLY the people retain, but they are trying to install their version and make the population come over to their side and accept being controlled instead of being the controllers, as they have the RIGHT to be, by Constitutional law, as well as the DECLARATION of INDEPENDENCE!
      These specifically lay out WHO is in charge, and it was NEVER government!

    • TexasJester

      And we currently CANNOT purchase military weaponry. An AR-15 (and equivalents) are NOT military hardware – they are sporting rifles that have cosmetic appliances attached to make them LOOK like military rifles – but they are NOT, because they lack one important feature: An AR-15 (and equivalents) CANNOT be made to shoot on full-automatic!

      Here’s a simple way to prevent mass shootings: if a person is taking (or has recently taken) psychotropic drugs, they can’t have a gun. In the last 20 years, only TWO shootings were not connected to drugs – Fort Hood MUSLIM TERRORIST shooting, and the DC snipers (who, if my memory is right – please correct me if I’m wrong – were also Muslim).

    • $12942228

      Here- I fixed it for you-since you can not seem to grasp the problems,lies, half-truths and obfuscation with what you posted-

      Background checks? YES- We currently have background checks-NICS system-get rid of the privacy laws that keep mental health records out of the system-and get states to enter ALL the info they arwe supposed to into the system-problem solved.

      Stiffer penalties for straw purchases? YES- we alrady have laws against straw purchases-enforce them.

      National database to track weapons? NO- your got this one right-under current laws-federal/states agencies are PROHIBITED from establishing or maintaining any datbase of guns/gun owners.

      Military weaponry with large capcity magazines NO- already illegal for most citizens to own-requires a much more extensive background check-AND a $200.00 “taX” FOR EACH FIREARM OWNED.

  • KG

    Why were all of the earlier comments deleted? I thought this was a free exchange of Ideas? Censorship?

  • Karolyn

    Apparently PLD has changed formats in midstream. Why do they keep changing things? Tthe last time they did, they had to change back. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

  • Chief Boring

    H Stan Boring · Top Commenter · 75 years old
    I have attended many gunshows. Ben’s description is spot on the money. Remember, an armed society is a polite society! Besides, all the triggers are locked with nylon cuffs. A safety measure for the untrained who handle the weapons.

  • speedle24

    Not many in the KKK KG. Most of them are in the streets with signs, in jail, waiting for their welfare check, producing media for national networks, working for the government or writing idiotic posts.

  • speedle24

    Dave, have you seen any public announcements by KKK officials stating that they support the GOP? Or maybe you can tell us of some personal KKK friends of yours who have indicated who they support. Maybe you even have some documentation from the RNC indicating financial support from the KKK. If none of these are the case you are simply speculating.

    • independent thinker

      ” If none of these are the case you are simply speculating.”
      Speculating or flat out lying?

  • Bob666

    Yo Red,
    If a gun owner hurts another person with his gun, should the gun owner be responsible?

    • John Mitchell

      What about somebody who stabs someone with a ball point pen while they are changing magazines? Should they also be held responsible? If you shoot someone you will be held responsible. Even criminals that intentionally murder someone with a gun spend a little while in prison. How does liability insurance change anything?

      • Bob666

        Yo John,
        Children and guns have one thing in common-there are people who have both who lack the emotional maturity to have either.
        Let’s say your kid is at my house playing with my kid and I have a loaded AR-15 in my bedroom. What if both kids go into my bedroom and ignore the rules not to touch the gun and your gets get a round in his leg. Even if he survives, who should pick up the medical bills?
        Before you say that bad guys don’t carry insurance-I agree with you. But the number of irresponsible idiots with guns is on the rise.


          Responsible people do NOT leave ANY gun within easy reach of ANY child! I have several guns, and not a single one is accessible to my son, and he KNOWS very well to NEVER TOUCH THEM or even TRY, and he has handled a few, but has RESPECT for ewhat they are and what they can do if handled improperly. I keep ALL guns and ammo well out of view and reach. Those I seldom use are disabled and can NOT be fired, no bolts, no trigger access, can’t close the shotgun, Etc….
          Safety AND TRAINING make a HUGE difference in PREVENTING accidents!
          It is YOUR responsibility to make SURE that NOBODY gains access without full knowledge and training on how to handle and treat ANY weapon!
          They are ALL LOADED…HANDS OFF!
          No access means NO ACCIDENTS!!

          • Bob666

            Yo Ernest,

            Did you read my post? The question is; What if? I’m not worried about you or my self, it’s the half wit with the IQ of a cumquat that needs a big gun to go with his big truck to compensate for his lack of man hood. They generally tend to have more than one kid, controlled substances and a loaded firearm (or more).
            Should that guy be required to have insurance when he provides that opportunity for an accident to occur?

  • JRJ21

    No criminal will go through a background check,No criminal will go through a background check,No criminal will ???????Get it yet?We know it is for a registration list,Get it yet?Guns are made to stop criminals.Do you get it?Americans use guns over two million times a year to stop major felonies.

  • JRJ21

    Regulated meant well equiped and drilled in the founders day.Don’t think their was a damn BATF to “regulate” much of anything when they wrote it.Get a clue.

  • Konrad Omeltschenko Dds

    It appears we have hit Godwin’s law. Seems a little early though.

  • Average Joe


    “I’ll prove it by saying that there are always some people there who try to sell surplus ammo for twice the price you can get anywhere else – and people actually but it. Or the old guys who sell junk – I mean “antiques” for inflated prices.”
    Wow, people can actually make a decision to buy a product or not to buy a product?…Oh, the unmitigated horror! There ought to be a law against that! (sarcasm)
    Did anyone force you to buy any of these products? No? Then I fail to understand what your beef is? If you bought some of these items, then that is your fault for not shopping around for a better deal…buyer beware. If someone else bought these products, what concern is it of yours? None at all…. Grow up.
    If we need to hire a nanny, we’ll call you…You just sit there by the phone waiting…..
    That’s the beauty of living in a (supposedly) free country…you can decide for yourself what you wish to purchase or not….unless the product is healthcare, 20oz. drinks…or anything else that frightens liberals to any degree at all…..”Resistance is futile, you must be assimilated”.
    Apparently, common sense…isn’t so common anymore. You, KG… are the proof.

    • Native Blood

      KG seems to have a serious problem with veterans and a serious issue with free enterprise. I bought a radiac meter from a gun show for 40 bucks…the battery cost 25 bucks on line but a worthwhile purchase. KG, some people buy memorabilia for a number of reasons. Some are for practical reasons and others are buying another’s memories from a earlier era. The caricatures and bumper stickers reflect a sentiment of protest shared by many and this goes out to the first amendment. KG, you do remember how you progressives used to ride the first amendment like a bronco when W was president? It’s our turn to be sarcastic now…there’s a good reason for the disrespect now.
      The white house remains leaderless.

  • John Mitchell

    The Homeland Security provides 30,000 rounds of hollow point ammunition to every employee for “target practice”. I obviously don’t have enough amo yet.


      Start RELOADING and forget going to the gun stores, and save yourself the problems if the NAZI REGIME tries to make us go though background checks for ammunition as well, you can BYPASS this crap and keep your ammo build up a secret from the NAZI SPIES!


        I tried going that way but, I can’t find the equipment needed to do so.

        • independent thinker

          Check online. Midway, Brownells, and Natchez Shooters supply are good places to start. I think Cheaper than Dirt also has reloading supplies. There are other sources as well but those I mentioned have a good reputation and I have ordered from some of them and been quite satisfied.

        • tinkerunique

          “HORNADY” “SPEER” and others online.

      • tinkerunique

        If you target shoot, reloading is a LOT less expensive.

    • tinkerunique

      Obviously – they are not hunters…I was taught that if you have to shoot a 2d time, the 1st was wasted.

  • John Mitchell

    Something to “help” america would be to stop cultivating a society of illegitimate un-disciplined children raised by single mothers. More than 80% of our federal prisons are occupied by these children.

    Unfortunately, the liberal democratic party wants to cultivate women dependent on welfare to guarantee their election to office. This gives them access to taxpayer money and the ability to distribute it to the politically connected.

    To “help” america we need to shrink our government and do all we can to ensure tax paying citizens can protect themselves from a tyrannical government.

    Can ordinary citizens defeat a platoon of a heavily armed platoon of homeland security gestapo? The Russian citizens did in 1992 after the KGB staged a coup. Ordinary citizens with extremely light arms stood up to a column of tanks and stopped them in their tracks. Then the military joined them and defeated the government.

  • Bob666

    Yo Cho
    “That is correct. At the time the Constitution was written, “well regulated” meant “well trained.”
    Just when I thought that I had heard everything!

  • Bob666

    Understood it the first time, Ben just does not have that much substance to share.

  • Dena J

    I read a quote on Facebook the other day …
    “We don’t blame the cars for drunk driving accidents, why should we blame guns for the mass shootings?”
    Wow that really made clear the point we are trying to communicate!!

    • R.F.

      Cute but you seem to forget or ignore the multitude of controls and regulations on cars now don’t you? Society has numerous laws regarding the manufacture, operation, and licensing on motor vehicles. Give your comments a bit of thought next time.

      • No Victim!

        One can own and keep a car, truck, or motorized vehicle without big brother’s permission. Licensing in order to drive on a public road, or highway, is similar to a “license to carry” for a gun owner, which is one of the more than fifty thousand gun control laws in the United States, and is in effect in most states, or metropolitan areas – especially where there is high instances of violent crime and assaults.

        What people are the only people that can be relied upon to be on the scene of a violent crime? Do criminals, or the criminally insane normally have a lot of concern for the law? If one has determined to violate the law against murder do you believe that they will not dare violate just one more law against them having firearms? How many gun control advocates give thought to such questions?

      • James

        Regardless of how many controls and regulations are placed on cars,it all comes down to the person behind the wheel. None of those controls and regulations prevent lawful drivers from owning and driving their car,which,by the way,is still NOT a Constitutional RIGHT. Those controls and regulations are permitted only because the People have allowed them.

        Owning a gun IS a Constitutional RIGHT,and the Second Amendment needs no alteration,explanation or “re-interpretation”. It means EXACTLY what it says.

        • tinkerunique

          AGREED – IF it’s too hard to understand – spell out EACH word and look up the specific definition of each word. The specific wording is written that way for a specific meaning. Go to the library and look into an old dictionary if needed.

      • Cobranut

        I have several vehicles (Race cars and off-road) that are not required to be registered, nor are controlled in any way by the government. Those requirements only apply if they were to be driven on public streets.

    • rocketride

      A great quote I heard recently went something like this:
      If your loved one dies of a heart attack, it doesn’t make you a cardiologist, if one dies of cancer, it doesn’t make you an oncologist, how does losing a relative to being shot make you an expert on gun violence?

    • Jeff

      The point is not that you, or any other individual gun owner, is going to go nuts and shoot up a school. The point is that the more guns there are in circulation, the greater the likelihood that “undesirable” people will get their hands on them. You may be completely responsible, but what about your neighbor whose kid knows where Dad puts the gun when he gets drunk? And the same goes for 30 and 100 round magazines. While you may enjoy shooting and fantasizing about being a soldier, that same extended-round clip will find its way into the hands of the next Adam Lanza or Dylan Klebold. As long as it’s not your kid who gets shot, I guess it doesn’t really matter, does it?

      • tinkerunique

        That is ASSUMING the gun IS going to get misused. MY kids and grandkids were taught about guns when they were old enough to understand “Hands OFF”, at an early age. LATER they started shooting ( 4-5 years old) with strict supervision and later with minor supervision. IGNORANCE of guns was not found. My daughter could outshoot her (former) husband when he was in the Army. GUNS AND DRUGS can be had “on the street” at any time of night (usually) or day with the right amount of $$. FACT. Lanza and Klebold broke laws to get guns = MORE control means MORE black-market.

  • R.F.

    Recently a lot of law enforcement folks are getting shot to death. Some court officials, a couple of DA’s in Texas, and just yesterday a Sheriff in West Virginia. I’ve often read that the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. I’m beginning to wonder about that. Presumably the Sheriff had a gun. Also about half a year ago two State Troopers in Oregon or Washington state were gunned down by a motorist who was better armed than they were! Maybe there is something to the notion that if we regulate who can have what kinds of heavy weaponry there would be fewer shootings.

    • $12942228

      Not one of the incidents you mentioned involved any “heavy weapopnry”- Not a single one.


    As a patriot, I decided to start carrying my little Colt Mustang, loaded, but nothing in the pipe. I do have 3 extra magazines along ‘in case’ the need comes to me, so I ‘need’ to be ready to defend myself because I KNOW the Nazis are unwilling and unable to be there when needed, they are ALWAYS late to the show!
    That leaves ME to be RESPONSIBLE to ME, and I happen to LIKE myself too much to allow ‘ME’ to be killed because our elected and unelected employees are too busy eating donuts to give a damn!
    I bet they are debating the last episodes of Alaska State Troopers or COPS shows and have their radios turned DOWN so they can say they missed the call to help.
    As for me, I have NO FAITH in ANYBODY but MYSELF when it comes to MY life or that of my family’s!

    • TexasJester

      My sheriff has publicly stated that he LIKES his citizens armed – he’s got a big county and just a few deputies. If we’re lucky, we can get a deputy to my house in less than 30 minutes. If we’re armed, it means that we can take care of ourselves, and can then call the sheriff’s office to come out and remove the garbage…


    I have seen Nazi trinkets for sale at many gun shows also, it’s part of history actually, but those I have seen hawk these items have NEVER worn them as clothing, and they were ALL UNDER GLASS and sold as ARTIFACTS. I have on old Soviet era Russian hat star, made of copper and a screw back to attach to a hat, I traded a soldier in Germany, across the fence to get it.
    And yes, he was a REAL soviet soldier. I was a PX hero and traded rank insignia for uniforms and hats. I had 20 different uniforms, from Belgian army, to British airman, and a full East German police uniform and many more.
    Every person I had contact with from the ‘other side’ were polite, courteous and hated the fact we had to be ‘enemies’ because our nations can never get along, so he tensions were always kept at condition red to make certain of this.
    remember the REFORGER exercises in Graf, they always made sure to warn us about the Fulda Gap as the place the Russians would pour through when the balloon went up!
    Most people hated the real Nazi, and many Germans also hated Hitler, but had to deal with him as they had to stay alive, and Hitler had spies everywhere, even children were used to spy on their own families.
    Care to feel sick, then go to Auschwitz and walk behind the furnaces, into the fields. I could thrust my hand into the soil and come up with human remains of Hitler’s ‘Final Solution’…Scared children are always afraid of what they know nothing about!
    I WAS THERE, I SAW THE END RESULTS OF WHAT HAPPENED! And my name was also written on the Berlin wall BEFORE it was taken down.
    Is this what Obama has in store for US if we do not defy him?
    He and his comrades should know there will be blood spilled if he tries.


    I will NOT be ANYBODY’S SLAVE!


    Don’t forget the antique ammunition that’s for sale!
    I buy specific ammo for my collection, and am always looking for more!
    Ever see a LIVE .577-.450 paper patched round? I have two in perfect condition. As well as several .45-70 rounds in a copper case insead of brass, then we go to the .43 Spanish rounds…. .44 Russian, Etc…


    My liability insurance is in the form of several .45s, and my coveted .50 BMG as a failsafe guarantee!

  • TexasJester

    Actually, the KKK is a liberal democrat creation, started by the democrat racist slave-owners who lost the Civil War. And since the oh-so-tolerant democrats can’t be tolerant of other races, they are still around.

    Btw, the NRA helped to arm black former slaves during the Reconstruction, and to teach them to defend themselves against the oh-so-tolerant democrat liberal racist former slave owners who were trying to kill the black former slaves, because they couldn’t stand the fact that the slaves were free!

    • Jeff

      So the Southern Democrats were liberals? It’s amazing what one can “learn” on these blogs. So the liberal Southern Democrats, aka the Dixiecrats, who all became Republicans as soon as the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts were passed, suddenly became conservatives once they joined the Repugs? In case you were unaware, the word “Democrat” does not mean “liberal” and your usage indicates just enough knowledge to be dangerous but not enough to actually understand U.S. history.

  • TexasJester

    Yet I bet you were fine with the caractatures of GW Bush during his presidency – even a movie depicting a currently sitting president (Bush) being assassinated! (Can you just imagine the uproar from the left-wing oh-so-tolerant liberals who can’t be tolerant of another viewpoint??)

    And naziism is a left-wing phenomenon – not right-wing.

    White hoods – the KKK – is a liberal democrat organization.

    Learn your history before you attempt to denigrate that which you don’t – or can’t – understand.

    • Eric Cuffle

      Liberals are always preaching their tolerance and willingness to listen to others opinions. But are often surprised to find that there are actually other opinions.

    • Jeff

      The Nazis, then and now, hate all forms of liberalism, social democracy, and tolerance. If you want to brand it “left wing” because Mussolini was originally a leftist, be my guest. But the reality is that the Neo-Nazis and skinheads are far more comfortable around the KKK and other such right wing groups than they are among the Communists. But we haven’t really had a Communist or even Socialist Party here since WWII. What passes for the “Left” here is very mild social democracy, the equivalent of the “right” in most of the civilized world.

  • TexasJester

    Most likely those of us who have taken the Oath to protect the Constitution – whether active, reservist, retired, or released – will turn against such illegal orders and join with us. The ones that are left willing to fire on American citizens on American soil will be badly outnumbered.

    Understand this: most of the military – current and former – are conservative, or they wouldn’t feel compelled to protect America. They won’t stand for this kind of complete trashing of basic God-given rights that are protected by the Constitution by these power-hungry socialist progressive liberal democrats.

    Get it now?

  • TexasJester

    I’m a Texan. I’m PROUD of that fact. My ancestors STARTED the Republic of Texas. My 2 granddaughters are 10th generation Texans. One of my back-when grandmothers was the first white (non-Indian or non-Mexican) child born in what is now Travis County. Our ancestral cemetery just east of Austin is on the National Historical Places registry – and there’s more Texas Rangers buried there than anywhere else except the Ranger cemetery in Waco – and my ancestors also helped to start the Rangers.

    We kiss our sisters, our mothers, we hug our fathers and brothers, and we hug our friends. We do not have sex with our family members, if that’s what you’re implying with your oh-so-tolerant liberal intolerance.

    And have you tried fried possum? Little gamey, but not bad – better bar-b-qued..

    Liberals like you are why Texas is going to have problems soon. You leave your state in complete disarray and bankruptcy, come to my state, a conservative state, and try to muck it up just like what you did to your state.

    If you don’t like Texas, GET THE HELL OUT !!!!

    • Jeff

      Texas may soon be a “blue” state. If you live long enough, you may be the one to “get out” to Oklahoma or Mississippi.

  • TexasJester

    We have “nobama” stickers because we do not like obama’s policies – including obamacare and the gun grab attempts.

    And if you’re so insulted by the contents of the gun shows, WHY DO YOU KEEP GOING??

    We have a thriving gun culture in Texas. It goes back to the beginning of our history – google “Gonzalez cannon”.

    If you don’t like the culture in Texas, GET THE HELL OUT! We don’t need your kind here!

  • TexasJester

    Problem is, the gun crimes are committed by CRIMINALS, who can’t give two shakes about the law. They will simply ignore all new gun control laws like they ignore current gun control laws. The only people that will be affected are law-abiding, LEGAL gun owners – people like me. The lefties want to make this country as safe as Chicago, which has the highest gun crime rate and murder rate in the country. Law-abiding citizens can’t protect themselves from the criminals, and it’s a bloodbath.

    Plus ANY gun control laws are patently unconstitutional – we should be able to arm ourselves with the same armament as any common soldier, as per the Second Amendment and the Militia Act of 1795. That includes military hardware, not sporting rifles dressed up to look like a military rifle.

    • R.F.

      So criminals ignore the law? Thanks for the news flash. But that does that mean we should eliminate all laws? There are always going to be speeders on our highways. Should we cancel speed limits??? Please wake up.

      • TexasJester

        I’m not saying we cancel the laws – but we already have well over 20,000 gun-control laws on the books in this country. We need to start enforcing what’s on the books before we start introducing draconian knee-jerk reaction new laws.

        The ONLY thing that will be accomplished if the obamas can take away our LEGAL guns is to make the LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS targets in a shooting range, a la Chicago.

  • TexasJester

    And most people don’t go down with just one round, like in the movies – unless you’re lucky enough to hit a vital organ (heart or brain)..

  • TexasOlTimer

    The problem is those liberals who moved to Texas to get away from the mess they made of their states. Now for some stupid reason (unless it’s just that they are stupid), they want to do the same to Texas. Maybe we should just set up border guards and turn all liberals around and send them back. It’s very obvious that this nut has never been to a gun show.

  • TexasOlTimer

    I gather that you’ve never been to a gun show. However, your lack of knowledge of history is also showing. The KKK (your ‘White hoods’) was started by Democrats. The NRA was started by Republicans who wanted to enable blacks to get guns to protect themselves after the Civil War. Planned Parenthood was started by a Democrat who wanted a solution to the ‘black problem’ as she called it – abortion. Republicans tried for a number of years to pass the Civil Rights Act. It wasn’t until advisers convinced one of our most racist Presidents, LBJ, that if the Dems passed it and he signed it, the blacks would vote for Dems from then on.

    It isn’t Republicans, those who want to protect themselves with guns, individuals who are patriotic, veterans, or those that want the Constitution followed that are the ones that bring up ‘racism’ in every conversation. It is Democrats/liberals/progressives who are intolerant of any viewpoint but their own. They (you?) feel that their view is correct and all others have to do things that way and that way only – “My way or the highway.” Republicans feel that if you want to think that way, fine, just don’t push your viewpoint on me.

  • Native Blood

    Dave, the discussion was a one of historical value. The hatred and slavery came exclusively from the democrats and the blacks of today need to know the “roots” of where their misery came from. Today, there is little difference (politically) between the parties because of the way the lobbyists run things. Fact still stands, slavery, KKK, most other racially devious leanings came from Democrat origins. Another thing, sinful evil, the internment of our Japanese citizens, and the engagement of the world’s only Nuclear warfare was engaged by democrats! Fact! look it up!

  • Native Blood

    Oh! you must be listening to the RBN network Good for you!

  • jimbodc1

    If you were lucky enough to be born and raised in Texas you wouldn’t be embarrased to say so. And we don’t eat fried possum, we bake it with sweet potatoes. Texas is not just a state, it’s a state of mind…

  • $12942228

    “Saying “I’m a Texan” is kinda embarrassing. It’s like saying ” I kiss my sister” or “I like fried possum.”
    If you despise Texas so much-leave-I doubt anyone there will miss your sorry whiny as*.

  • Right Brain Thinker

    Yep, DaveH lives on in Jeffy. Unfortunate but true.

  • Bernie

    I am a knife maker, I attend gun and knife shows and can attest to the validity of this article . Well written, humorous and true. Thank you for writing an article for the other side of the story. We are just people surviving in this anti everything that makes sense world today. Blessings.

  • Joe Public

    Wow I didn’t know the “KKK” were National Socialists.

  • Henry Stumpf

    Guns don’t kill……….gangsters and nut cases do !!!!!

  • RMF

    Eyes with no working brain, is like flies with no garbage. LOST

  • independent thinker

    Background checks as we have them now PROBABLY won’t lead to confiscation but background checks carried to the extent proposed will HAVE to use total firearm registration and that will lead to confiscations as someone arbitarily decides a certain firearm or class of firearms should no longer be allowed in private hands. You can be sure that the owners of the confiscated firearms will only get pennies on the dollar if anything in reimbursement for the firearms.

  • DarlK

    I wouldn’t walk around with a t-shirt advertizing Target Department Stores.

  • DarlK

    You definitely are NOT a Texan. Being a “Texan” is not just about someone who resides in Texas, but a state of mind. A Texan is a conservative, rugged individualist who believes in freedom, liberty, God and the Constitution, something about which you are totally ignorant of.

  • DarlK

    Why are you in Texas? Move to the Northeast, NY, NJ or the Left Coast. You’d fit right in. Oops, I forgot Chicago.

  • DarlK

    Hanoi Jane is a TRAITOR!!!!

  • DarlK

    KG(B?) You wouldn’t know the truth if it bit you on the butt. You are the poster boy for Marxist brainwashing. Why don’t you just get lost. You’re sounding like a screaming idiologue. You’re pathetic.

  • James

    VERY well put!

  • James

    Dust off,ya hit-n-run idiot. And don’t let your Mommy take you to another gun show. You could end up getting fed to a Pit Bull.