Ron Paul: It’s Time For A Homeschooling Revolution


Former Representative Ron Paul has been a staunch opponent of government attempts to indoctrinate the Nation’s children with a pro-statist curriculum in public schools. Since retiring from Congress, Paul has taken on a number of new projects including the development of a pro-liberty home-school program (more information here) in which students will be enlightened by the ideas of great Austrian economists and encouraged to be self-made citizens as well as vocal defenders of liberty. The curriculum will be launched this month. Paul also recently authored a new book, titled “The School Revolution: A New Answer for Our Broken Education System”, laying out a plan to fix problems in the American education system. The September 9 edition of Paul’s “Texas Straight Talk”, in which Paul discusses his new educational offerings, is reprinted below with permission.

[pl_amazon_book_order src=””]Opposing infringement on parental control of education and promoting alternatives to government-run schools is a vital task for the liberty movement. When government usurps a parent’s right to control their child’s education, it is inevitable that the child will be taught the values of government officials, rather than of the parents. The result is an education system with a built-in bias toward statism. Over time, government-controlled education can erode the people’s knowledge of, and appreciation for, the benefits of a free society.

This is why throughout my Congressional career I fought against any legislation that infringed on a parent’s right to control their child’s education, especially any legislation that limited a parent’s right to homeschool. Many so-called education experts claim that parents who are not “government-certified” educators cannot provide their children with a quality education. However, the numerous studies showing that homeschooled children out-perform their publicly-educated peers in every academic category shows that most parents are more than capable of providing their children with an excellent education.

The Internet has made it easier than ever for parents to homeschool. Because of my interest in promoting alternatives to government-controlled education, this month I am launching my own homeschool curriculum. The Ron Paul Curriculum consists of a rigorous program of study in history, economics, mathematics, and the physical and natural sciences.

Older students will also have the opportunity to gain experience creating and running their own on-line business. Frequent written assignments will ensure that students have the maximum opportunity to develop strong communication skills.

Students and parents are invited to participate in on-line interactive forums. The goal of the forums is to maximize participation so the student is not a passive recipient of information conveyed by the teachers. Instead, the students are encouraged to actively engage with their fellow students so the students can learn from each other as well as from the program’s instructors.

Of course, many of the offerings, particularly in history and economics, reflect my belief and interest in the freedom philosophy. However, unlike the pro-statist curriculum used in government-run schools, the curriculum does not place promoting an ideological agenda ahead of ensuring that students receive a quality education. The economic curriculum will cover all significant schools of economic thought, but will emphasize the free-market “Austrian” school.

Parents interested in providing their children with a quality education that incorporates knowledge of the principles of liberty will find this program a good investment. The curriculum also does not shy away from addressing the crucial role religion played in the development of western civilization. However, the materials are drafted in way that any Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or atheist parent who wants their children to receive a top-notch education incorporating the history, philosophy, and economics of liberty, can feel comfortable using the curriculum.

I expected interest in my curriculum to grow over the years, as the young people who have recently become interested in the ideas of liberty marry and start their own families. These men and women will want to make sure their children’s education includes instruction in the ideas of liberty that was lacking in their government-provided-and-controlled education.

I am excited to be able to help provide the increasing number of parents interested in homeschooling with a quality curriculum that emphasizes the history and philosophy of liberty and free-market economics of the Austrian school.

Personal Liberty

Ron Paul

Former Representative Ron Paul has maintained a steadfast consistency in speaking out against executive power, taxation and war. Unlike many of his Republican peers, as a Congressman, he voted against the Patriot Act and against the Iraq war. He has voted against farm subsidies and regulating the Internet, which is in line with his interest in reducing government spending and the role of the Federal government. Paul has also expressed his opposition to the war on drugs, saying that the government's efforts have actually been a war on doctors. These and other controversial opinions have often caused tension with his Republican counterparts. Paul is the author of many books, including End The Fed, Liberty Defined and Revolution: A Manifesto. Along with a lengthy political career as a Congressman and Presidential candidate, Paul has also worked as a respected obstetrician in his home State of Texas. Since his retirement from Congress in 2013, Paul has stayed busy encouraging Americans to fight for liberty by founding the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity and his own news channel.

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49 thoughts on “Ron Paul: It’s Time For A Homeschooling Revolution

  1. Most locales also have myriad privately-operated home-schooling self-help organizations to support parents who want a quality education for their kids. I’m not personally aware of how good Paul’s program is, but I think it is a safe bet that it is top quality and leagues better than the politically-correct indoctrination being handed down in federally-controlled government schools.

    And, with free and instant access to Kahn Academy 24/7 on the internet, parents who want to be sure their kids will be exposed to a broad, well-rounded education, will now have no trouble doing so, and they will be able to avoid the expensive waste of time and effort that is perennially pushed upon them by the “free” government education system.

    Then, after slam-dunking the state proficiency exams (most of the time by the time they are fourteen or fifteen, as opposed to seventeen or eighteen or older) to complete their state-mandated high-school curricula, they can continue on to complete their independent education at Hillsdale College in Michigan, the ONLY institution of higher learning that does not participate (and is therefor not controlled by the federal government) in any government sponsored or administered grant or loan programs.

    If bright American kids can get that kind of quality education, they will be in the vanguard of a powerful freedom movement that will necessarily succeed because of the fact they are so fully qualified to lead the nation in any capacity.


    1. My granddaughters finished High School at age 15, they started college and were immediately inducted into the Honor Society. Their GPA’s continue to be above 4.0. They were both Home Schooled but their parents made sure they were in Social Programs and sports. I have always advocated Home Schooling, there are all sorts of programs as well as virtual school. The public education system is getting worse everyday but what do you compare it to? Parents say their children are getting a great public school education, they graduate but cannot read, it is a shame. I have heard this President wants to prohibit Home Schooling. I guess he can’t indoctrinate everyone if some are Home Schooled. Let’s hope he NEVER succeeds.

      1. From your lips to God’s ear, Liz. I spend a major portion of each day praying the usurper fails at everything he attempts. Lately, it looks as if my prayers are being answered…



      2. He wants to emulate Germany where just recently their government officials removed two children from their parents permanently. Their crime? they were home schooling their children! That is disgusting!

    2. Cashu, I’m not familiar with Dr. Paul’s system either but I’ll bet money it will be teaching the constitution which the robot schools known as public schools are very lacking in!

  2. While I agree with everything being said here about the general superiority of home schooling and private schooling, at this time I must weigh in on the side of justice.
    My wife and I were refused the ability to home school our children because here in New York State, the first thing you need to do homeschooling, as explained to me by the Superintendent of Schools is the consent of the Superintendent of schools; and he would not grant that permission because he was not about to lose the state aid for our children just because we wanted to keep them home. So, no home schooling for our children. In hindsight, we should have moved to a different school district that allowed home schooling, but we didn’t. Both my wife and I were graduated with a BA degree from the State University of New York at Binghamton and were, I believe, fully capable of successful home schooling.
    Our older son was involved in an automobile accident while attending the local public school and in their care and custody. Again, it had been explained to us by the Superintendent of Schools and various School Board members that, by law, “from the time your child boards the school bus in the morning until the time your child departs the bus in the evening, the school acts “in loco parentis” and you have no right to know what is happening to your child, even to knowing where your child is during that time.” So, I still do not know why the school permitted my son to be in that automobile and the state court ruled that the school was not responsible because my son was not on school property at the time of the crash.
    When I tried to obtain the Special Education services required to be provided to my now disabled son by both Federal and State law (IDEA), the Federal Court Judge ruled explicitly that my son was denied a Free and Appropriate Public Education but that the remedy was that I should have provided all the services that are required to be provided by the state (it is explicitly written into the law that the services are “to be provided by the state at no cost to the parent or to the child”), that I should have paid for it out of my own pocket, and then I should have sued for reimbursement. This was Affirmed by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.
    So, although I was forbidden from home schooling by law, I was required by law to provide my disabled child with all the educational services that that same school was required by law to provide, but failed, refused, and neglected to provide!

    So now my position is this. We are all supposedly protected by the US Constitution which provides for Equal Protection under the Law. In the name of justice, I would like to have legislation enacted, and enforced, REQUIRING that ALL children in the United States MUST attend their local public school, WITHOUT EXCEPTION. This would include the children of the President of the United States, all children of all public officials — including Members of Congress, and that home schooling and all forms of private schooling be abolished for children under eighteen years of age. Every child gets treated the same! If you do not like the school system in which your residence is located, then move to a school district that you believe is better!

    As our President would say, it is only fair! It is justice!

    1. So, you want to cram the same pile of manure into all children’s mouths. Make drones out of them all? Where is the Freedom of choice? Let people homeschool their children, they still have to pass proficiency tests in order to graduate. Those who do ususally pay from their own pocket instead of relying on the govornment.

      1. I think he is trying to say that if his child is forced to go to public school then all government official’s children must be forced to do the same. I agree with this thinking but you have to look at who the people are that run New York! In other states you do not need permission to home school your children but they are still under the school board and they must be tested each year. If they fail to succeed for 2 yrs, then they will be denied the right to home school. Most are duel enrolled, home schooled through grade 12 but also taking college classes. They can also participate in the sports programs at the local schools, at least in Florida they can.

      2. I think wenger is simply a product of his state’s far-left decades-long socialist indoctrination. Though he didn’t say so, I got the idea he and his wife are likely life-long residents of NY, and could very well be liberals who are tasting a bit more socialism than they bargained for. If so, they really don’t understand what real freedom could be. Don’t know that for sure, but I strongly suspect it. I was with him until he wanted the rest of us to suffer the same as he is.

        Anyhoo, to boo-hoo to the point where he wants the rest of us to bear the same pain he deplores is beyond brain-dead. I’ll bet he even thinks we all should be paying the same taxes, at the same rate he’s being bled in NY. After all, if he has to pay, the rest of us should be forced to pay, eh… ?



        1. Actually, although I am at least a conservative, I simply want the current laws to be applied equally to all. And what is wrong with that, you commie lib?

      3. I want equality. If my family was deprived, BY LAW, of certain rights and benefits, then so should all others! Otherwise, change the laws. But, while they are in effect, the laws should be applied equally, as required by our Constitution!

        1. So… Because you can’t have it, no one should either… Very, um, Kindergarten? Will you be the one to destroy something of another’s for your own pettiness?

          1. No. we are talking about the law! It is to be enforced equally! The way you enforce it for one person is the way you enforce it for ALL people! This is a basic principle of our Constitution. It is simple justice. You obviously want an exemption because you believe that you have some special quality that makes you superior to everyone else. Well, you don’t. If you don’t want to enforce the laws equally, go to somewhere else where that is the way things are done, but here in the United States, everyone is guaranteed equal treatment under law. Maybe Iran would be where you want to go so that you can make women wear burquas and where women are not allowed to be in public without four male relatives accompanying her — obviously that is your mental state! Then you can be important and tell women what to do!

          2. While the law cannot be ignored, EVERYONE has a right to vote with their feet. That YOU chose not to is on YOUR head.

          3. You forget that the Constitution principle’s are based on freedom and Liberty. I want only what has been granted. Your venemous words spewing forth from your keyboard is nothing more than a childlish temper tantrum This is evidenced by your resorting to name calling and ignorant jurdgemnets. Glory to the Fatherland.. Seig Heil mein Fuhrer Wenger, good luck with the next Hitlter Youth

          4. And exactly where is your “guaranteed” equal treatment?? Looks like you’ve been shortchanged. The rest of us have no gripe about the treatment we’ve received where we are. Seems you’re the only one who is screaming foul. And that inane idea that all the rest of us should suffer because you are in pain means you have no real understanding of liberty or what freedom from governmental oppression really is…



          5. Please see US Constitution — Fourteenth Amendment.

            Also, i am aware of and have been involved with many, many parents of disabled children who have been denied their rights under both Federal and State laws. There is a long history of litigation to attempt to obtain services guaranteed by law and denied by various school systems, see Brown v Board of Education, Timothy W v Rochester, New Hampshire, etc, which are only two of the many that have reached the US Supreme Court.

            I know only too well what freedom is and I have suffered enough governmental oppression.

        2. The laws you speak of are only NY laws. Here in Ohio, you can home school your kids as long as they can pass the standard tests. you can also put them in private schools if you wish to pay the tuition. I have dealt with the system MANY times because of my child. They didn’t want to provide transportation for him. I went into the superintendents office and told him if he didn’t want HIS Name as well as that of the school system of a very large law suit he would follow state law. He did. the state said no seatbelts on his school bus because it was considered a “restraint” Well I told them that my son had a habit of getting up and wandering around the bus while it was in motion and that in a scenario where the bus had to stop quickly, my son would probably go through the windshield. they put him in a harness that went around the seat and kept him in his seat. I didn’t like the laws in my district and I wasn’t about to move, I got them to change their mind!! I am an AMERICAN and protected by the constitution to a point and will not turn belly up and give in!

          1. I am not sufficiently wealthy that I can spend literally millions of dollars to hire lawyers to prosecute my case. I have a BA from the State University of New York, in Liberal Arts, which is my highest Educational attainment.
            I am not a lawyer and I do not play one on TV.
            I did, however, file suit in Federal District Court, pro se, on behalf of my disabled child because of egregious and relentless violations of IDEA with regard to my disabled son, who became disabled while in the care and custody of the local school district. At the District Court level, the Judge declared explicitly that my son was denied a Free and Appropriate Public education, but that the remedy was for the parents to provide those services as required by both Federal and State laws and to sue for reimbursement. First of all the law specifically states that the services are to be “provided by the state at no cost to the child or parents”, and secondly, I simply do not have the ability to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to provide appropriate services to my son and then to hire an attorney (costing hundreds of thousands of dollars) to sue to get my money back. Nor do I know of many parents who are able to do this.
            So, I filed Suit in the second Circuit Court of Appeals to contest that Decision and I was thrown out of Court because I am not an attorney.
            So, I provided an Appeal to the US Supreme Court starting that the rights of a disabled child and their parents weer so closely aligned that pro se litigation by one was pro se litigation by the other, and I found a lawyer to submit it. The SCOTUS did not grant Certiori, but about a year later ruled, in Winkelman v Parma (Parma, Ohio) that IDEA places the parents of a disabled child and the disabled child so closely that pro se litigation by one was pro se litigation by the other and thus is allowed, furthermore, in their Decision, the SCOTUS listed my case, Wenger v Canastota as a case that was to be considered and ruled the same.
            So, you see, I, personally, have spent the time and the resources that I have had available, to defend and protect my son against the bureaucracy, I have done way more than anyone else I know for their disabled child. Google Wenger v Canastota Central School District and see for yourself.
            IDEA is a joke, not only in New York, but mostly everywhere else in the United States, I know this because I have been in contact with many other parents across the US who are experiencing the same types of treatment.
            Now, I simply want justice — equal treatment for all!
            If you find that not to your liking, kindly leave the US and go to where it is better and where there is no Constitution which guarantees this.
            Sorry if this offends you, but I’ve been watching my beloved son deteriorate for over 20 years, while Medicaid pays huge sums to incompetent people because Medicaid apparently has more money than God and simply pays any and all bills sent to it without bothering to check for validity and reasonableness — I know this because Medicaid has told me so.

    2. After reading this tale of woe, I come to the conclusion that you and your family are living a Kafka-esque existence. You have my limited and measured sympathy, but I think you are somewhat responsible since you obviously realized you were living under an extreme socialist construct early on.

      And I agree that you should have done so years ago, when you first encountered the brain-dead left in your state, to immediately remove yourself to a state that will recognize your right to self-determination. As you imply, it seems to be all about your educational district’s coveting that large amount of federal money they stand to lose if you abdicate the system. I can certainly sympathize with your plight, but the proper thing to do at any time is to so deprive them of that they place such a high value on..
      I totally disagree with your idea of forcing everyone else to endure the misery you so aptly consider to be unjust in the extreme. Seems like your attitude smacks of “misery loves company.” To advocate for others losing their essential freedoms because you can find no immediate remedy for your own injustice is, in my opinion, a very short-sighted and selfish attitude that would make you no better than those you rail against. Far better it would be to use your unique circumstance as a fulcrum to facilitate leverage for your fellow sufferers in New York State, and demand a return to common-sense, Constitutional rule of law in your state if you indeed choose to stay there. We should all logically and persistently strive for MORE individual freedoms, not fewer.

      Or… you could simply relocate to a more liberty- and rights-minded state such as Tennessee. I can guarantee you would never have to worry about such evil in this state’s education system. We’re all armed to the teeth, we don’t tolerate much stupidity in our bureaucrats, and they are all aware of that…



      1. My attitude is to try to obtain justice. Simply that and nothing more. If it was good, proper and appropriate that I and my family received the treatment that we received, then so be it, but then in our United States of America, everyone else is to receive the same treatment.

        We are no better than anyone else, but then also we are no worse. Apply the laws equally! If you want to be an elitist, that’s fine, but understand that there will come a time that your elitism will be countered and you will eventually be deprived of those special benefits you receive because of your perceived superiority. Then I will be pleased to see your response when you receive the same treatment that the “common folk” of which you believe you are not a part because of some perceived superiority to being deprived of the basic human rights that you believe you have a right to receive because of your superiority.

          1. Better to vote with your feet, then it won’t be on your head if their ability to deprive you of your rights exceeds your ability to defend those rights.
            Take the Jews in WWII, for example. Their deaths in the concentration camps were on them because they failed to vote with their feet and all come to the US, Canada, etc. if I understand what you are saying. Maybe you are correct. Perhaps I need to move to Belize, wanna come?

        1. Here we have a cracked gourd, folks. How this nutjob EVER came to the conclusion that I am an elitist is beyond comprehension. However, I AM much more intelligent than he seemingly could ever be, as is obvious to any rational observer. I suspect that the pain of his situation is so extreme that, in his mind, everybody should suffer a comparable injustice and feel the same extreme pain so he can feel undiscriminated against.

          Again, I say, this nutjob is somewhat responsible for his own plight, since he obviously recognized the problem before he became enmeshed in it. A prudent person would either fight tooth and nail for justice in his neighborhood (as this wingnut admittedly did not), or he would have early-on relocated to a state that more closely matched his values[?] (which he clearly chose not to do for whatever reasons), and then got involved enough in his local politics to try to prevent the same thing happening wherever he located to.

          This small-minded idjit is simply a case of misery wanting everyone else to experience the same misery, nothing more – certainly nothing of substance that could make a positive difference. Sheesh… !!!



          1. An ad hominem attack does not address the problem and merely exposes your ignorance and immaturity.
            Simply Google Wenger v Canastota Central School District and you will see that I, and I am not an attorney, nor do I play one on tv, pursued this not only to the Federal District Court (which explicitly stated that my son was denied a Free and Appropriate Public Education as required to be provided by both Federal and State law), but also that I went to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals and eventually to the United States Supreme Court which agreed with my argument and ruled in my favor. Your ignorance is amazing!

            I have fought tooth and nail, but I have lost because the system is broken and justice is not provided by our governments, who violate their own laws!

        2. Walt, I propose another law. That is that EVERYONE regardless of income be able to homeschool, enter their kids in a private school, or if they are simple minded enough to like what is happening in their public school send them. THAT is the American way you speak so actively about!

          1. That may or may not be a very good law. Unfortunately that is NOT what is happening today and it is NOT current law!. Those who can afford to do so, send their children to private schools and academies because they know that the public school system in the US is substandard, as a rule. We, in the US, spend more than any other nation, per capita, on education, yet we rank 28th, at last time I saw the rankings, in educational ability.
            See President Obama, who sends his children to private schools! See the Commissioner of Education in New York State, who sends his children to private schools! These are easy examples. How many US Senators and Congressman send their children to public schools? How about US Representatives and Cabinet members? How about State Senators, Representatives and even School Administrators? I admit that I do not have those statistics, but I would be surprised if a very significant number, much less a majority of those with children of school age sent them to public schools. They know better!

    3. At this point, I am tired of listening to your elitist mentality that you, because you are somehow better than everyone else, should be given the opportunity to ignore the laws and do as you please. This is the definition of a criminal.
      You want to be a criminal? Then fine, but admit that you are an elitist scum that wants the best for you and yours while giving everyone else the dregs that remain.
      There will come a day when you will be treated with justice, an equally with others.
      Then you will discover what real pain is!

      1. Walt, I am not an elitist, on the contrary, I am the son of a welder, went into the Army at seventeen finished my GED while in, went to Viet Nam for 18 months, and after the Army, I went to college on the GI bill. now would you kindly tell me how I am an elitist?? I’m not in that group, but I am very proud to be among a group that believes in the constitution, fiscal responsibility, and conservative ideals! I also believe in PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY!

        1. First, let me thank you for your service to our country. Second, let me express my respect for your service in Viet Nam, rest assured that I was not and am not one of those who would spit on you or accuse you of war crimes, unless and until proved to the contrary.
          I, also, believe in the Constitution and the rule of law. I have tried to act in accordance with the relevant laws, and I have suffered violations of the law by the very people who are pledged to obey the law and to enforce it. So what am I to conclude?
          Either the law is for morons because the administrators of the school districts are free to lie and misrepresent the laws and, when they violate those very laws they are defended by the legal system, or that the law was enforced properly with regard to my son. If the latter, then why would you or anyone else deny me the right to have the laws equally applied, as stated clearly in our Constitution?
          If the former, then why have they not been prosecuted?
          First, I was denied my right to home school. Then I was denied my right to know what the schools were teaching my children. Then, when my son suffered a very serious injury because of the negligence of the school district, the school district failed, refused and neglected to obey the law (IDEA) and provide the services required by both Federal and State law — that was explicitly stated in the ruling (Decision) by a US Federal District Court Judge and Affirmed by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals — Google Wenger v Canastota Central School District and read it yourself.
          Our laws, apparently, are a joke perpetrated upon the masses by those in control – ie the civil servants. Is that what is to be deduced from my experiences?
          Of not, then why can I not expect that the others in this country receive the same treatment as my son and I have received?
          I am now only asking for Justice! Why is that wrong?

          1. To ask others to suffer the indignities that you endured is not justice. justice would be to try to see that no other parent suffers what you suffered. feel for your predicament but your sense of justice is a little twisted.

          2. The injustices are still being suffered today, over 20 years plus in time. Other people are receiving the services, often only partially, others are still denied. The various providers and people in charge of providing the services are failing to do so while at the same time they are reaping great rewards financially and otherwise for causing the suffering by denying the services. Justice would be to treat all developmentally disabled the same — see 14th Amendment to US Constitution.
            If you have a better way to fix the problem, then implement it, otherwise please don’t try to tell me to watch my child suffer while some others do receive the needed services but my child dies awaiting those very same services because those overseeing the provision of those services just don’t want to be bothered to provide them to my child. The system is broken and has been broken for a very long time — see Willowbrook and the Olmstead Act, which Act still awaits implementation in full. The system needs to be fixed, and this is my suggestion, after 20+ years of trying your ideas, which do not work.

    4. Even the SCHOOL BOARD is responsible to the people. Parental rights ALWAYS supersede government authority. There must be a COURT order to change that.

    5. The laws differ from state to state, but homeschooling is legal in all 50 states, including New York. If you were denied your right to home educate your child, you should have contacted They would have represented you in your case against the school district. If you know of any other parents in your district facing the same injustice, please forward that information. I’m very sorry for the trials that your family has faced. No family should have to go through what yours did. We all need to stand firm in protecting every parents rights. Our nation’s children are counting on all of us.

      1. Had I been aware of this, I would have contacted them. As it is, I have had a couple of dozen administrative hearings, overseen by a hearing officer who denied me most of my rights while allowing the school district all of theirs and more. For example, requiring that all of my witnesses be sequestered while refusing to sequester the school’s witnesses, who then knew what each other had said and would not contradict each others’ testimony, refusing to allow my son to attend his own hearings, etc.
        The problem is that IDEA is, in all actuality, a joke. I know of many parernts who have attempted to obtain services as required and been denied because “the school does not provide those services”. In particular, I remember being at a meeting and talking with a parent who said that her child needed physical therapy, but the child was in fourth grade and the school does not provide PT until sixth grade; a half hour later, talking with another parent, their child needed physical therapy but their child was in sixth grade and the school system does not provide physical therapy after fifth grade; can you guess? — it was the same school district!

        So, now I simply want the laws applied equally, as the 14th Amendment requires. All disabled children are to be denied all services of FAPE — ie services under IDEA, as my son has been denied.

        My son is still waiting for services required to be provided in 1994. He will die waiting. I am sorry if you are offended by my attitude, but if you are, when will you start to help my son? I promise that if you help my child, I will help yours. Until then, however, equal protection under the law is my focus.

    6. State allows abortion but when child is born it becomes state’s property. Parents have no rights over the child. Weird. Does anybody still believes that government does not need to be kept under check by we the people? It is only natural that the one who pays the bill calls the shots. In this case the government pays for our children’s education thus they are able to teach them what ever they want. The answer is no public education. This in turn would, or should, reduce taxes that go towards education or indoctrination. It is parent’s responsibility to educate their children. If you want to do something right do it yourself.

      1. I’m glad that at least you agree with me. Government has no right to take children away from their parents and teach these children whatever the state believes is in the state’s interests, even contrary to the parent’s ideals.

        The answer is no public education. The alternative is public education for all, without exception. We need to stop the elitism whereby our “public servants” are exempt from the laws that they require that we live under.

    7. Walt, as the father of a fully disabled child from birth, I see and feel your pain on a daily basis. that said, however, I would never FORCE any child to be exposed to the daily fights, beatings, drugs, nor indoctrination in the public school. your thoughts of FORCING parents to send their children to public schools is just plain WRONG!

      1. Maybe then they would fix the problems if their own children were subjected to all the same cruelty and nonsense — until then, the rest of the children will suffer because they have zero incentive to correct the problems. And all children will suffer with a substandard education and a future diminished by a second, third, or fourth rate education system.

  3. Homeschooling children will be more important than ever when the Common Core is in full indoctrination mode. After participating in a conference, I was horrified. American History will be phased out. American Literature content will be cut 50%, replaced by “issues of the day”, perhaps phased out entirely. (Remember California recently implenting the selling of Obamacare to those students? Remember the recent Trayvon course developed their, too?) If you graduated in the 50’s/60’s, the new CC grads will be about 4 years behind you, with nary an 8th/early 9th grade education.
    Common Core will also now hold a centralized data of your entire child’s history/life, even police data… and…drum roll…family political affiliation. Your child will now be required to register to vote before graduating.

    But it was not clear if the government will no longer accept any homeschooling after Common Core is fully operational. It may be the next project.

  4. Naturally, I’M in favor of home schooling. PUBLIC school indoctrination has nearly DESTROY liberty in the U.S. WE THE PEOPLE are PERMITTING our children to be BRAINWASHED.

  5. How about paying the parent that stays home? Here in Wyoming it is said to cost eighteen thousand dollars to educate a student. How about each school district writing that check to the parents instead?

  6. saw add msnbc when parents realize that their children dont belong to them they belong to the community the sooner we can better educate them
    sounds like hitler youth instead of boy/girl scouts maybe?

  7. Unrealistic idea to put it mildly. There are VERY FEW parents who have the ability to teach a child to read or play the piano. And even fewer who could teach algebra, geometry, physics, ancient history, the theory of evolution, auto repair, or be able to discuss a work of literature. That’s why we have schools – places where specialists in a wide range of subject matter bring the knowledge of the world into one large building. Home schooling on a large scale would dumb down the nation big time.

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