RINO McCain: Boston Bombing Is Proof, The Battlefield Is Here, Spying Is Good, Paul Is Wrong


Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) continued what is seemingly an unending mission to discredit any member of the GOP more conservative than himself — a very low threshold by most accounts — on Sunday, saying that his least favorite wackobird, Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.), has lost his credibility in fighting global terrorism.

On CNN’s “State of the Union,” McCain made the case that overreaching government surveillance in the vein of the National Security Agency’s PRISM initiative is not “necessarily wrong” because it operates under court oversight. That’s contrary to Paul’s continuing claims that the government’s spy program is an “extraordinary invasion of privacy.”

“Just prior to the Boston bombing, he said the battlefield was no longer in America,” McCain told CNN host Candy Crowley of Paul’s position.

The elder Senator was referring to remarks Paul made in April.

“It’s different overseas than it will be here,” Paul said two months ago. “Which gets precisely to the argument I have with some other Republicans who say, ‘Well, the battlefield is everywhere, there is no limitation.’ President Obama says this. Some members of my party say the battle has no geographic limitations and the laws of war apply. It’s important to know that the law of war that they’re talking about means no due process.”

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Sam Rolley

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  • catman

    Old John is one sick MF and needs to quit

    • Jessica M

      Wish i could give you more than one up arrow for that comment!

  • http://twitter.com/r1944gmailcom ron

    hes out to lunch as usual

  • Vicki

    I live in Arizona and I’ve sent McCain multiple communications where he is just plain wrong and needs to retire. This joker just wants bigger government, but with funds to his special interests and supporters. It is truly pathetic.

    • james

      McCain is a loose cannon for the Democrats now, he’s abandoned his own party after all this years but, hasn’t the courage to change his affiliation to Democratic…..he’s lost all control and just in it now for the money and hasn’t got anything else to do with his pathetic time…..vote him OUT Arizona, he’s done!!!

    • Hoosier Daddy

      Quick,,,,join http://www.NumbersUSA.com and bombard McCain and Flake with free faxes telling them that if they have any interest in being reelected, they will NOT vote for amnesty.

      The first vote is tomorrow, so there’s no time to waste.

  • manuel

    Senator McCain was NOT a war hero – he endured captivity North Vietnam, but so did hundreds of others. In the here and now, he is a progressive, wearing a Republican hat. Pure and simple and the more he attacks Paul, Cruz and Lee, the less credible he will be. Of course, the US Congress has many such “Republicans”, as we all know, but grandpa mccain continues to get top billing as the goofiest of them all.

    • svet11

      The worst part is that McCain and others like him have a power and say in the party but Paul and Cruz do not. Too many old farts who live in a Cold War and keep GOP been a party of a minority. Really, as old say going, between a fool and a robber choose the letter one, he is more predictable.

  • Hoosier Daddy

    McCain is why we have Obama. Millions of conservatives refused to vote for the RINO and sat out the 2008 election. I tried to convince dozens of people that a vote for McCain was better than letting Obama win, but they said they just couldn’t hold their noses long enough to cast their vote.

    The GOP needs to learn that we’re not losing elections because our candidates are “too far right”, we’re losing elections because our candidates are Democrat-lite.

  • larry

    does this clueless moron, clinging desperately to the status of has been, will stop at nothing to keep the man old liberals from picking on him… from selling out on one issue after another, to giving wimp lesson to any rino that will listen, he has constantly surprised us just when we think he can’t slip any lower… he needs to stop now while he’s still remembered as a pathetic loser, and before he crosses over into the range of treasonous [expletive deleted], like his new bff der fuehrer…

  • bushmaster

    Mcain is a dinosuar and needs to retire

  • BobinCA

    McCain is owned and operated by the cabal just like the rest, his actions make this obvious. If he’s not overseas talking with paid insurgents, he’s on CNN talking down members of his own party. We need to push the House members to start taking action on the hearings they have held and continue the hearings on Benghazi. Those involved need to pay for what they have done. As for Boston, it was a false flag joke and very poorly orchestrated. If not, as stated by McCain and others, than it shows the government is spending too much time chastising American citizens and ignoring our borders and visitors to our country. Anyway you look at it they have no business spying on Americans without reasonable cause. With all That DHS and NSA is suppose to be doing, isn’t it funny they can’t locate a hand full of illegals that have over stayed their Visas or stop two brothers in Boston before the fact? McCain is a Jacka** thinking anyone would believe the garbage he’s shoveling on CNN or about his trip overseas.

  • Motov

    McCain is just another RINO, who will continue shredding the constitution if he ever occupies the White House.

    • perry

      you can take it eazy mccain will never be in the white house.the world knows he is an old crazy man. he gave up his country because he is weak in the mind the only reason he is in washington dc is because he is rich because of his father.he has did nothing on his own.

      • Motov

        That is why I used the word “If”,…I’ll start calling the republicans “Republicrats” because they are “Democrat-lite”

  • CatGman

    McCain is doing everything he can to stay relevant. He should forget RELEVANT and think RETIREMENT. He is hurting the country, not helping it.

  • jim b

    Remembering Ben Franklin:
    When we the citizens can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety we deserve neither safety nor liberty.

    A nation of well-informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which God has given them cannot be enslaved. It is in the religion of ignorance that tyranny begins.
    And it is here citizens, it is here!

  • Alan

    The “battlefield” may very well be everywhere, but that doesn’t make every American an enemy combatant. Those who would spy need to differentiate between the good guys and the bad guys. McCain apparently sees no difference. We are, by his, and this administrations definition, all terrorists alike.