Republicans In Tempe-Mesa Legislative District Rebuke McCain On Obama Nominations


Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) has been formally rebuked by Arizona Republicans in the State’s 26th Legislative District for helping to green-light several of President Barack Obama’s controversial nominations for key leadership roles at Federal agencies.

The District 26 Republicans approved the wholly symbolic resolution on Tuesday by a 24-13 vote, accusing him of capitulating to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) by “giving him everything he asked for.”

Here’s the full resolution:

McCain rebuke

Personal Liberty

Ben Bullard

Reconciling the concept of individual sovereignty with conscientious participation in the modern American political process is a continuing preoccupation for staff writer Ben Bullard. A former community newspaper writer, Bullard has closely observed the manner in which well-meaning small-town politicians and policy makers often accept, unthinkingly, their increasingly marginal role in shaping the quality of their own lives, as well as those of the people whom they serve. He argues that American public policy is plagued by inscrutable and corrupt motives on a national scale, a fundamental problem which individuals, families and communities must strive to solve. This, he argues, can be achieved only as Americans rediscover the principal role each citizen plays in enriching the welfare of our Republic.

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  • Jana

    It’s about time McCain got rebuked. He might as well renounce the Republican party and join the Democrat Party.
    He has rested on his laurels as an American hero long enough, now he has become a Republican traitor as far as I am concerned. The Conservatives and the Republicans have no, none, 0 representation from him!

    • Cashu

      Who the hell thought he was a vietnam hero besides him?? There is enough testimony and evidence from his fellow prisoners in the Hanoi Hilton to establish that he was just as much a traitor to the US in vietnam as he is now in Congress. He’s always been a despicable self-serving bastard, with no one’s interests in front of his own.

      He’s as much a hero in Vietnam as Hanoi Jane was. And it’s not to the credit of those “conservatives” in his district that would re-elect him over and over in the face of all that evidence. They’re just as much to blame as he is…



      • MOS was 71331

        Given all the stresses a PoW experiences in captivity, I’m reluctant to agree with Cashu’s (and, supposedly, some of McCain’s fellow PoWs’) low appraisal of McCain’s actions then. The one former PoW I knew well was in Hanoi with McCain. He despised Jane Fonda and spoke well of McCain.

        As for McCain’s conduct as a US senator from Arizona, I believe he’s been on the wrong side of almost every consequential issue. In particular, the 2002 McCain – Feingold bill to “reform” campaign financing was terrible, and Bush should have vetoed it when it first hit his desk. (For that matter, the Supremes should have killed McC-F as totally inconsistent with the first amendment. The justices I most respect, Scalia and Thomas, did, but much of the bill remained in place after the 5 – 4 decision.)

        In my view, the only good thing McCain accomplished in the 2008 presidential election was to select Sarah Palin as his running mate. Without her on the ticket, 0bama would probably have swept that election with a showing stronger than Reagan had against Carter.

        • Cashu

          I completely agree with your last paragraph, MOS… At the time, though, I wondered just how Palin had been paid off to attach her name to such an obvious loser, or if she had major lapse of reason. It certainly did her credibility no good at all to allow herself to become aligned with McCain. And I believe it went a long way to diminishing her reputation for sagacity among real conservatives.

          As to the republicans’ penchant for running candidates based on seniority, I can only surmise they are deliberately tossing elections for whatever nefarious reason . A dynamic parrty runs the best candidate, regardless who else thinks it’s “their turn” or “I deserve to be the candidate this time because it’s only fair.”

          Give me a break. That institutionalized stupid is exactly why I am no longer a republican. I’m an American interested in freedom and liberty, not the damn party…



          • Connie Slocum

            The RNC and Reince Priebus are mostly to blame for this! They continue to ask for donations, even though I told them I can’t sanction their actions! What nerve they have to claim they are representing my interests!

          • Jana

            Sadly here in Texas we don’t get a choice of who to pick to run for Pres. By the time we get to vote the choice has already been made and the candidates have already been narrowed to THE ONE. The one isn’t usually the one I or my husband or the one most Texans would have chosen either!
            Why can’t we all vote on one and the same day in the primaries? The voting here is not fair nor right. Only a few states pick the candidates.

          • Robert Messmer

            OMG how un-American you are suggesting an honest election. J/K That would make more sense since the candidate has to be elected by the whole country, not just those several states holding primaries first. Apparently each Party gets to decide when they run their primaries as I remember a big stink about not counting the primary here in Florida as a full primary because the state held the primary before it was officially allowed to by the RNC. I agree have 1 primary for the entire country and get the candidate that does the best as they should have the best chance of winning the general election. More importantly since there is always a “field” of candidates to be narrowed down to one, ALL the candidates should refrain from slinging mud on the other candidates as that only gives ammo to the Democrats during the general election. All of the Republican candidates should be running against the Democrats even in the primaries.

      • John H. Holliday D.D.S.

        John Manchurian Candidate McCain was and is a very well trained, indoctrinated and very intensively thoroughly brainwashed Closet Communist/Marxist Sleeper Agent. Who really knows what the North Vietnamese Communist re-education brainwashers did to McCain at the Hanoi Hilton????? McCain is simply damaged, unreliable and untrustworthy goods. Advertise yourself as a Pro-Constitution Traditional Conservative Republican and at the same time use political stealth excuses to surreptitiously and secretly act(VOTE) as a Leftist Progressive Liberal RINO and CINO Anti-Constitution Socialist/Marxist/Communist Democrat loaded with plenty of half a@#%$&!ed excuses to attempt to rationalize and justify the exact opposite voting record behavior that completely contradicts the voting record behavior of a Genuine True Pro-Constitution Traditional Conservative Republican. McCain is a very brainwashed, thoroughly indoctrinated, thought controlled and mind controlled politically correct Professional Anti-Constitution Subconscious Subversive Leftist Liberal Progressive Socialist/Marxist/Communist Propagandist. Brainwashed John “Manchurian Candidate”=”Mc”Cain has fooled himself and McCain has fooled most Pro-Constitution Traditional Conservative Republicans until it is too late. The North Vietnamese Communist re-educator brainwashers in Vietnam today are very proud of their Vietnamese Professionally Brainwashed Communist Sleeper Agent named John McCain, the original and Real McCoy Manchurian Candidate. Regardless of his overzealous behavior, Republican Senator Joseph McCarthy was correct all along when he warned us all about the subconsciously subversive brainwashed, indoctrinated, thought controlled and mind controlled politically correct John Manchurian Candidate Socialist/Marxist/Communist McCains who infiltrate all governments anywhere and everywhere at any time. And the Vietnamese Communists in Hanoi are rejoicing that McCain is their boy who done good and who done them proud. McCain, you get fish heads for dinner tonight for a job well done.

        • Cashu

          Yup… !! (wow, what a list of adjectives… and all of them accurate…)

          And your assessment of Joe McC. is spot on. It’s a damned shame he has been vilified to the point his name is synonymous with “witch hunter.” He was right and that’s why the leftist fellow-travelers neutralized him.

          “None Dare Call It Treason” – John Stormer

          “Witness” – Whittaker Chambers

          – copy it and give out copies to everyone you know.

          -copy it and give out copies to everyone you know.

          – copy it and give out copies to everyone you know.

          The real truth is at your fingertips. All you have to do it look for it. Here are a few sources to make a good start…



      • Jana

        Thank you Cashu!!!!

        My husband and I have felt that way for a long time and we knew nothing about any evidence. My husband has always said he thought McCain was stupid for not leaving when he had a chance so he could go back for his men. He took the cowards way out. I have said this before, but was rebuked by others for what I said. Do you have any site I can go to? I would love to have something to stand on for proof.

  • wdcraftr

    So when can we Vote him out?

    • podunk1

      Now there is an intelligent statement! Ans. RIGHT NOW – start a recall petition, get the signatures, & send him home where he belongs. Colorado did it – you can do it too. I’d be there with you, but don’t live in AZ

      It doesn’t have to be nasty… just send him home & out of governance

  • Cinnebar

    It would be a much stronger message for the District 26 Republicans to begin recall procedures. The RHINO MUST GO!

  • earlwatters

    you people in arizona know what kind of a man mccain was when you voted him in just like we new what kind of a trader obama was if you don’t like what he is doing like the people of colorado did recall the trader he is way pass his time and is nothing but a rhino.i feel he is in obamas pockets you need to check his bank account.

    • SorryJeffersonWeTried

      The two recalled in Colorado were State reps, Juan McShame is US Senator. Very hard to recall, would take lots of money and Federal Court. Can be done, just very hard. Stuck with his a$$ til 2016 looks like.

  • Ron

    McBama is a traitor that quit serving Us long ago. His beltway politics is merely for His own personal political power! Why is there no recall petition I can sign. The Marxist commie administration has done to the former POW what the Hanoi Hilton could not. Or is the Hanoi Hilton brain wash is just now showing. Either way He does not represent Us in Arizona nor the U.S.A.

  • libsarescum

    Recall McLame

  • omega2

    Now is the time to start the RECALL PATITION again and make it stick. He has gone against the will and wishes every since OBUMMMER was elected! ALSO No more kissing up to the MUSLIM BROTHER HOOD NOR AL-QIADA like he did in Syria declaring they are GOOD PEOPLE! Those GOOD PEOPLE are in the process of killing all who do not bow to ISALAM SLIME! Mostly CHRISTIAN AND JEWS! Not only McCAIN but check on FLAKE ALSO as he is easily swayed by McCAIN!

  • Barbara Johnson

    Yes, Rino McCain does need to go, but the stupid Arizona voters will keep re-electing him until the day that he can no longer stand to serve. Jeff Flake need’s to go also.

  • Dick Beaulieu

    John McCain and Jeff Flake are EUNUCH’S and nothing more than CHARMIN for Obama.An EUNUCH Will always wipe up for Obama Both should removed


    I’ve said this for some time now, that the people of Arizona will wake up and remove their traitor! Whoops John, do you realize now just who you work for?

    • Cashu

      McCain cares that certain people must like and respect him. It’s just not the American public that he gives a rip about.

      But then, he’s always been a spoiled little admiral’s son who made a career on being privileged. From the time he graduated military school second from last in ranking to his immediate capitulation to his captors in Vietnam, to his big lie in running for office as a war hero, his has been a life of outright lies and the fog of half truths…



  • TheOriginalDaveH

    My state senator John McCain has been a CINO (Conservative in Name Only) ever since I can remember. Why the ignorant Arizona Republican voters re-elect that loser is beyond me.

  • Robert Wood


  • guy r west

    looks like two face is at it again mabye he being mr mcCane should consider swithcing sides oups he is already working for the other side. dont ya just dispise a two faced trun coat

  • Eagle525

    Why do Arizona republicans think they can rebuke McCain … he is a democrat and doing what “good” democrats do. I hope the good people of retire Mc Cain next election, hopefully by recall …. Is this not the guy that supposedly ran AGAINST Obama?

    • Cashu

      McCain was O’s opposition in name only, OINO. Do you recall how he reassured us that O was an honorable, decent man who would do a wonderful job – even before he lost to him???



      • Honorary

        If McLame was not so stupid, obama would never been elected in 2008. He went to gay bath house with obama and he became McGirl for obama. He just songs and dances with obamacare -rah,rah, rah, obama drones – rah,rah, rah, with obama Syria strike-rah, rah, obama sequester-rah, rah.
        His pea size brain did not function well.

        • Cashu

          Hahahahahaha.. !!!!



  • ItsJo

    McCain has Always been for “McCain, and furthering HIS political career…has done so for Over 38 yrs., but Never secured the Az. border from the “illegal alien invasion, that got Agent Brian Terry killed, an Az.Rancher, etc. He ONLY talked about securing the border when Gov.Brewer had the guts to stand up to face Obama and fight for her constituants…THEN, McAmnesty ‘joined in to talk about securing the border”. This man, is the true definition of a “RINO-Repub.In Name ONLY”….he is really a Liberal Democrat, who hides behind being GOP.” He’s rolled over for Obama Each and Every Time, and folded like a cheap suit. Oddly, the Media picked him to run against Obama as they Knew the old, poltico w’/white hair would Lose to Obama. His campaign was BROKE, until an influx of money came from “Soros, and the rest who wanted O to win” The man has done a Disservice to Az. and the people should have wised up long ago, but didn’t. He’s one of the “Politico’s that Feed OFF the Taxpayer’s Public Trough” and made it a Lifetime Position”

    • military veteran

      I tpta;;u agree/

  • garygerke

    McCain has morphed into a Socialist Rino and needs to be recalled and or voted out of office in his next election. This man is poison for the GOP!

  • Cathy Hovey

    Comments were made about recalling McCain, and I know nothing about him, other than his name seems to be everywhere, so he’s probably up to no good. I know he was one of the Gang of 8, and since their amnesty package was a bust, that was bad for him too. Anyway, there are alot of politicians in DC that need to be recalled. Maybe THAT’s the place to start. Unfortunately, we’ll never get the people in CA to recall Pelosi or Feinstein. But how about the people in NV. Can’t they do something with Reid? Good God he’s also right there with Pelosi trying to take down our country for Obutthead. From the 2nd Amendment to the border, pretty much all of them have forgotten their oath.

    • Cashu

      Well, Cathy, it’s a bit like the old game of “Whack-a-Mole.” They all periodically do something monumentally stupid and raise their profile a bit higher than the others, whereupon we “whack.” We’re not trying to say McStupid is any worse than the other trolls, but his profile is a bit higher right now.

      Give them enough chance, they will all come in for their whack, in turn, as they present the opportunity. Meanwhile, get your lick in while McStupid has his pants down…



    • Merle Dickey

      He has said he isn’t going to run again .. We hope!!

      • Robert Messmer

        But then politicians, some of them anyway, have been known to lie.

        • Merle Dickey

          They certainly do, but his health is very bad and I think that is why he said that but if he gets well ,then who knows!

    • STMA

      Reid is a master of voter fraud- unless the fraud is shut down (starting with the machines), he will survive any recall attempts. Fraud is definitely how he got “re-elected”. Ask any citizen of Nevada.

      • Robert Messmer

        That is pretty much standard procedure when a politico actually gets caught or otherwise is in trouble. Remember after the media went ballistic about the stupid Watergate story? No body in the whole country would admit to voting for Tricky Dick. Of course for that matter, remember the movie about the Nurnberg Trials with Spencer Tracy? There’s a comment in the movie how no German was ever a Nazi, it was the damn Eskimos who had taken over the country. Having lived in Germany in the early 50’s, I can verify that attitude.

  • Ron r

    26 idiots. He should go all maverick on them!! LMAO. What about the Gov.and her ACA deal???


    The Rebuke of the McCain the Puke has is now history….

  • MontieR


  • Deerinwater

    Appears these Arizona Republicans are found “In Contempt” ~ again!

    And who are these Arizona Republicans? ~ (other from being from Arizona of course) ~ No bodies ~ that want to be somebodies without titles or responsibilities. ~ They hold hopes of being awarded state contracts.

    Arizona’s largest employer is “Government” ~ 2nd largest? ~ Care to guess?

    Walmart! ~~ so why is that?

    Well ~ Mexican nationals in that region of sparse Old Mexico have a logistical weak spot in supplying consumer goods. Not to mention that Walmart offers products that “both” can’t be found in Mexico’s markets or Mexico’s national tariff just too high to complete with Walmart pricing, ~ Walmart is enjoying a very brisk and lucrative business in Arizona.

    Walmart’s attracts and pulls in customers from 200 to 250 miles away deep into Mexico~ many whom are Mexican merchants themselves and stocking their stores.

    Other than Mining ~ which tops actual revenues but offers much fewer jobs ~ the states government’s judicial and penal systems is the biggest game in town, with the standard ambulance chasers, bail bondsmen, attorneys, officers of the courts, wrecker towing services and impound that support all the activities of law enforcement.

    Arizona has instituted a heavy handed predatory government ~ that exist to justify itself and to levies taxes, administrator law and penalty.

    To enjoy a stay at one of their fine privacy owned and operated “Lock Ups” has proven to be an easy thing to do for both American citizens and Mexican nationals alike. ~ That Arizona would lead the nation in wanting to abridge every American’s bill of rights comes as no great surprise to this author.

    Arizona is not a states that is indicative of or reflects the values and principals these United States was founded on but more on a upscale version of a Mexican Border town, ~ where anything goes if you know the right people and everyone can be bought for a price. ~ If the criminal element is not bad enough to insure you a bad day ~ the government is always there to make any day complete.

    After managing to produce such a fine “Welfare State” ~ Arizona republicans~ has come to feel “Invincible” ~ they seem to be capable of producing “wealth” from thin air! ~so why should we not use their ideas of the functions of government? ~ We could apply them nationally ! ~ for only then would all the Bad People be in jail, ~ people that works for government will enjoy secured incomes, ~ while private citizens that own property could carry the load of it all and be safe from the criminal.

    This is not a view that all Republicans share~ fortunately but mainly by those few that have high hopes of being awarded government contracts ~while using such terms as “Privatizing” , in hopes of it being seen as appealing to enough people to enjoy popular support. People that understand and have accepted the notion of supply & demand forces is a good and proven way to regulate market forces.

    That a market can be artificially created by government is overlooked. ~ or that the end results of such “Privatization” ~ is only “Profits” while any Losses are “SOCIALIZED” and shared by the tax payers.

    So why is today Arizonian taxpayer angry? ~ his Taxes are too high and there is still too many Mexicans running loose.

    So tell us ~ just how bright is that sort of thinking? It’s like watching a man in a row boat with a bucket, filling his boat with sea water and blame the sea for sinking.


    Rebuke nothing RECALL that spineless piece of foreskin!!!

  • Alan

    Maybe now the people of Arizona will get rid of the useless tool of the progressive left.

  • TPS12

    mccain is past his expiration date. Kick him out.

  • johnpar47

    John McSchumer should do the honorable thing and retire – now!

    • SorryJeffersonWeTried

      There is no honor in this coward

      • johnpar47

        I honor McCain for his service in Viet Nam. He is obviously a very different person now and you are right, there isn’t much to honor.
        Rinocrats need to be replaced asap!