Reports: McCain Hung With Terrorists, Kidnappers In Syria

Senators McCain and Graham speak on the Hagel and Brenner nominations in Washington

There are a number of theories as to why Senator John McCain (R-Wackobirdland) spent Memorial Day with Syrian rebels, many of whom have possible ties to legitimate terror organizations, instead of America’s finest: He’s a little senile; he really, really can’t wait for more American warring; he’s desperately trying to remain relevant in a changing GOP; and so on.

But one thing is for certain, the Senator opened himself up for a little bit of criticism from anyone who is more interested in carrying his big stick than swinging it wildly and hoping it hits something.

Bob Livingston pointed out earlier in the week that McCain, for simply associating with a Free Syrian Army leader with ties to the terrorist Al-Nursa Front, should have earned himself a cell at Guantanamo Bay.

Livingston writes:

In meeting with Gen. Salem Idris, the leader of the Supreme Military Council of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), McCain met with a man who has aligned himself with Arhar al Sham, a partner of Al-Nusra Front, which the U.S. has designated as a terrorist organization. Just last month al-Qaida in Iraq declared al-Nusra was its branch in Syria. Idris claims his group doesn’t work with Al-Nusra, but the two have fought side by side and shared arms in their battle to overthrow Bashar Assad. Together, the groups, along with the Forouq Brigades and the Syrian Islamic Liberation Front (a coalition of the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist groups that have vowed to create an Islamic state in Syria), form the FSA. Even The New York Times has reported that the groups that make up the FSA share Islamist ideals.

It has also been reported by The Daily Star in Lebanon that McCain spent some time with the FSA’s Mohammad Nour and Abu Ibrahim, two men who kidnapped a group of Lebanese visitors to Syria last year.

The 11 Lebanese pilgrims were kidnapped by armed rebels in Azaz, in Syria’s Aleppo province, in May last year as they were making their way back to Lebanon from Iran.

The valiant FSA terrorists freedom fighters, were reportedly spotted in the picture with McCain below — which was widely distributed by the Senator’s handlers — by a victim who has been released and by the families of other kidnap victims.



McCain’s lackeys flatly deny that the Senator met with kidnapping terrorists during his visit.

“In coordination with the Syrian Emergency Task Force, Senator John McCain traveled to and from Syria with General Salim Idris, the chief of staff of the Supreme Military Council of the Syrian opposition, to meet with two senior Free Syrian Army commanders,” said McCain spokesman Brian Rogers on Wednesday in an email to BuzzFeed. “None of the individuals the Senator planned to meet with was named Mohamad Nour or Abu Ibrahim. A number of other Syrian commanders joined the meeting, but none of them identified himself as Mohamad Nour or Abu Ibrahim.

“As the Syrian Emergency Task Force has said: ‘Senator McCain did not go to Syria to meet with anyone named Mohamad Nour or Abu Ibrahim. Two members of our organization were present in the meeting, and no one called himself by either name.’”

But, hey, at least the Senator’s similarly RINO daughter thought his attempt ramp up support for the terroristic rebels in Syria was pretty badass.

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Sam Rolley

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  • Nancy G Ellison


    • Justsomeguy151

      Israel’s only enemy??? This is a plot by the Bnaksters/Globalists to have an excuse to send in American troops and involve us in ANOTHER BS conflict that has ZERO to do w/ US security or interests. let them fight it out. But CIA’s SOLE PURPOSE, is to foment dissent, and revolution across the globe, insuring that there will ALWAYS be war and the war profiteers will ALWAYS make money selling weapons or sending dumb troops to die…for MONEY.

  • Ethan Clarke

    John McCain is an irresponsible wolf in sheep’s clothing. He has to be working independently for the Global Elite who are h-bent on world domination.

  • Joe

    I have always liked this man and much respect, till now. What is he thinking. He is reacting like President Obama…it will only empower the Islamist…As a Independent who votes Republican most often, I wish there was a third party. Another not supporting McSame any more. Now I know why they gave him that nick name.

    • Average_Joe56

      “What is he thinking. He is reacting like President Obama”

      McCain is a Rino…’nuff said…..

    • Justsomeguy151

      There are several parties. Libertarian is an up and comer. They are vastly more conservative than the embarrassment that has become the Republican party.

      • Average_Joe56

        I have been a Conservative/Libertarian for a number of years.

        I voted for Ron Paul in 2008 and the 2012 primaries. But after Ron Paul Bowed out ( Forced out by the GOP), I voted for Gary Johnson in the general election. Right now, I must admit that I am impressed by what I see and hear coming from Ted Cruz. I’ll be watching him closely over the next 3.5 years.

        • Justsomeguy151

          I’m new to politics. I voted for Obumma in ’08 cuz McCain was so clearly out of touch w/ America. What sealed it for me was when he denied that we were in a recession, then dogged Obumma about having no experience governing, then he took on a relatively inexperienced Palin as a running mate. Hes also married to one of the wealthiest women in the nation. Clearly out of touch. I turned on Obumma 6 months into his term when he was asked when he would bring the troops home and he laughed, hemmed, hawed and didn’t really answer the question. Thats when I knew that there is NO DIFFERENCE between either party. I wonder about Cruz, he just voted against labelling GMO food along w/ Rand, Mike Lee and another Tea Party fave whose name escapes me.

          • Average_Joe56

            ” wonder about Cruz, he just voted against labelling GMO food along w/ Rand, Mike Lee and another Tea Party fave whose name escapes me.”

            You have to look at the entire bill that they are voting on to understand why they vote against something that we think they should be for ( and they usually are for). Most times, they vote against the bills for the simple reason that adding hundreds of bad laws onto the books outweighs the benefits of the few good laws that are in the bills. All of those “rider’s” and amendments to most Bills do more harm than good.

            They are voting with their principles and not with the party line. These are statesmen rather than politicians.
            No rights should ever be given up to gain another “benefit”. Benefits can be taken away. Rights come from your creator and can only be taken…if you allow them to be taken, in which case, they have been given up freely… rather than taken.

          • Justsomeguy151

            I agree wholeheartedly. I’d sure like to hear from their mouths specifically why they voted against it tho. Or what was in it that made the bill undesirable. I’m a conservative but not a Republican. I guess I’m a Libertarian but even they have some views I may not agree w/ but IMO, a hands off govt is a good trustworthy govt and thats what I think they are for. As I said, I voted for Obumma the first time but I have no loyalty to any party and I find it mindblowing that there are zombies that will support either party NO MATTER WHAT. Those people are brainwashed, there’s no other way of looking at it.

          • LineInSand

            Paul already stated that he voted against it because it gave the authority to the FDA to determine what constituted GMO. That’s letting the fox guard the hen house.

          • LineInSand

            While the following link is not only interesting, but will be detrimental for all US grain farmers – thanks to Monsanto and duPont. Japan has cancelled ALL US wheat contracts because the wheat from Oregon contained unapproved gmo.

            Sad part is that the farmers have already planted this year’s crop.

          • LineInSand

            You do know that the head of the FDA is an ex-officer of Monsanto. You want to give MORE power to Monsanto?

          • Justsomeguy151

            I knew that scum was a former Monsanto employee. Hadn’t heard that it would give the FDA the power to designate what was a GMO. Even said that in my post. Don’t know where you’d think I was supportive of Monsanto out of that.

          • LineInSand

            I was responding to your comment about why Cruz, Paul and Lee voted against the gmo labeling.

          • Justsomeguy151

            I know. I see now that a couple of my posts are missing. In them I questioned what their reasoning was and if anything may have been snuck in the bill that would have made passing it, disadvantageous.

          • LineInSand

            Almost every single bill brought up to the floor will have something questionable. It’s their game to keep the people in check. 99.9% might be great and it SHOULD be the 0.1% that kills the bill. But, the Congress members would have to READ the bill to know that the 0.1% is even in there.

  • Average_Joe56

    “Reports: McCain *Hung* With Terrorists, Kidnappers In Syria”
    If only…
    A man can dream…right? ;)

    • Vigilant

      Good one!

      • Average_Joe56

        The Title made it easy, but I must admit that once I got past the title, my hopes and dreams were shattered….heh

  • BarrackHussein

    This RINO is becoming unhinged…

  • Don in Ohio

    With it well known that Russia is supplying weapons to Assad, why is the US supporting the other side? This conflict simply can’t end well. Both (all) sides in Syria are criminals, terrorist and nasty SOB’s.
    So, we should stay out of this one.
    I voted for McCain in ’08 but the more he says and does, the less I trust him.
    He needs to retire and take Reid, Poloser, Holder and Oblamer with him.

  • dan

    It’s time for an intervention…and I say THAT with love….
    (should have been done long ago)
    He’s starting to make Biden look …
    well, that’s another intervention that needs to happen

  • CatGman

    John McCain has lost all credibility. He is now no more than a fool. He should retire.

    • momo

      He should have retired 4 years ago. Hey, John, quit already and go spend some of your wife’s money.

  • Vigilant

    Spent Memorial Day with terrorists?
    Instead of honoring the US dead, he honors those who kill them. Despicable!

  • tim

    McCain needs to be tossed out of the senate. I smell another arms sale, I wonder just what McCains percentage of profit is!!!!! This bumbling old fool has turned into a RINO in the last 10 years!!!!! Tell your dimwitted old man to retire. We are tired of him crossing the aisle and siding with the democrats!!!!!!

  • Tom

    The Manchurian candidate is at it again,he’s still a crook from that savings and loan fiasco he was involved in.They forgot to mention the terrorist that ate a heart and kidnap girls and sell into slavery.

  • rocketride

    Think “Manchurian Candidate”.

  • canman

    MC”shame” is insane and so is that idiot Meghan.

  • eric

    Really Mc Lame, hanging out with known terrorists and sworn enemies of the United States ?? On Memorial day no less ? Isn’t this aiding and abetting the enemy? I know Assad is no friend of the US but we don’t need to be hobnobbing with folks that want to kill us ! Our so called political elite on the left and right are insane! The smirks on those terrorists faces say it all. I guess we regular old citizens / peons are just screwed. Everyday it is something new, and all of it bad. Our founding fathers are looking down in disbelief.

  • Dennis

    That RINO is helping Obama setup the republican party to take the fall for Benghazi, you see, with McCain being there, seen with one of the kidnappers/murder’s , it looks like it was the republican’s doing the arm’s dealing with al-Qaida, not Obama, and you can bet your ass Obama new all about what was/is going on there

  • Dues

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    sovereignty of The United States.

  • Nancy G Ellison