Rand Paul’s ‘No Aid To Egypt’ Stance Vindicated As Congress Galvanizes Against Obama’s Coup Denial

Egyptian Security Forces Disperse Supporters of Egypt's Ousted President Morsi

As the growing conflict between Egypt’s army and tenacious supporters of the ousted Muslim Brotherhood continues to plunge Egypt into chaos, the official American response has called international ridicule upon President Barack Obama.

The President’s refusal to acknowledge last month’s military coup has kept open avenues of American arms support to Cairo — even as pundits openly question which side we’re really arming and who will benefit from hand-me-down guns in the region if the present conflict resolves.

But there’s more blame to go around. Congress rejected an amendment two weeks ago that would have suspended aid to Egypt until it can hold free elections.

The Senate vote wasn’t even close: 86-13.

“It would be a terrific mistake for the United States to send a message to Egypt: you’re on your own,” said Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) in opposing the measure — this, after himself calling for the exact same thing in early July. “I urge my colleagues to vote to table the Paul amendment.”

Ah, “The Paul Amendment.” Now it all starts to fall into place.

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) had attached an amendment to the omnibus transportation bill that, had it been approved, would have suspended the $1.5 billion a year in military aid the United States has been giving Egypt until the country holds free and fair elections. In the meantime, the money would instead go to fund bridge rehabilitation projects here in the U.S.

That was more than two weeks ago. By Friday of last week, violence in Cairo had reached such a level that headline writers were trotting out the Red Nile allusions.

More than 600 deaths (by the time you read this, probably many more) had been documented in Giza and Cairo, with resolute supporters of Mohammed Morsi vowing never to back down in their fight to reinstate the country’s deposed leadership.

The military government had reneged on its original pledge to handle the Brotherhood’s violent protests with kid gloves, announcing last Thursday that resistance would be met with live fire. The new corrupt regime began describing the old corrupt regime’s supporters — whose violent post-coup resistance at least reflects the defensible belief that Morsi was a legitimate leader who was overthrown in a coup d’état — as terrorists and criminals.

Amid all this, it goes without saying that it’s a historically bad time to be a Christian in Egypt.

So, with last week’s mounting chaos as a backdrop, Paul unloaded on Senators for supporting Obama’s duplicitous handling of the Egypt crisis by continuing the already-dubious armament gravy train.

“This is something that those who voted in Congress are going to have to live with,” Paul told Foreign Policy magazine last Thursday. “The question is: How does their conscience feel now as they see photographs of tanks rolling over Egyptian civilians?

“For those who think more weapons is ‘engaging’ us with the Egyptian people, ask an Egyptian,” Paul added. “When you’re protesting in the streets and you’re run over by an American tank, you’re not going to be appreciative of American engagement.”

Whether Senators are struggling with heartfelt guilt trips is anyone’s wild guess; but as the flow of violent imagery coming out of Egypt accelerated last week, their political conscience had begun to sting.

POLITICO reported a significant number of Democratic and RINO Senators had begun to use rhetoric mimicking Paul.

While suspending joint military exercises as the president has done is an important step, our law is clear: aid to the Egyptian military should cease unless they restore democracy,” said Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), who is working with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on legislative language that would impose conditions on assistance to Egypt.

…Leahy isn’t alone among Democrats who see the sudden removal of Morsi as a coup — Senate Armed Services Chairman Carl Levin (D-Mich.) has also called for aid suspension until elections are scheduled.

Paul also dialed up the heat on an increasingly feckless Obama.

“While President Obama ‘condemns the violence in Egypt,’ his administration continues to send billions of taxpayer dollars to help pay for it. The law is very clear when a coup d’état takes place, foreign aid must stop, regardless of the circumstances,” Paul said Thursday in a reiteration of his “no-aid” stance. “Mr. President, stop skirting the issue, follow the law, and cancel all foreign aid to Egypt.”

Obama instead rattled his fake plastic saber by canceling Operation Bright Star, a joint military exercise with Egypt. But he stayed quiet as the money spigot kept flowing.

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Ben Bullard

Reconciling the concept of individual sovereignty with conscientious participation in the modern American political process is a continuing preoccupation for staff writer Ben Bullard. A former community newspaper writer, Bullard has closely observed the manner in which well-meaning small-town politicians and policy makers often accept, unthinkingly, their increasingly marginal role in shaping the quality of their own lives, as well as those of the people whom they serve. He argues that American public policy is plagued by inscrutable and corrupt motives on a national scale, a fundamental problem which individuals, families and communities must strive to solve. This, he argues, can be achieved only as Americans rediscover the principal role each citizen plays in enriching the welfare of our Republic.

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  • independent thinker

    From what I have seen on Newsmax and The Blaze the Egyptian people are most up set with us for supporting the muslim brotherhood.

  • JLouisK

    We just need to get our troops back home and stay out of their business. We do not need to be helping them to kill each other.

  • DuWayne Bryant

    these are the same supporters that are killing Christians and beheading priests and burning every church in Egypt right, lets not forget whos who. I say support what the military and interim govt. has to do to defeat the Muslim extremist , they are trying to take the world, we need to rid them from America as well

    • DuWayne Bryant

      our govt. supports the Muslim Brotherhood, but our citizens DONT

      • leewacker

        I hear Obama is going to have a group of them meet him at the white house, and he already has a group of muslim “advisors” in place. Not hard to see where his sympathies lie!

  • aztex2010

    PROPAGANDA and more of the same.. Follow the money..Considering the reliability of the American Press and knowing who owns it and the same ones always reporting the “breaking news” are the same ones making all the money selling arms … Military Industrial Complex, Banksters, Politicians, PAC’s and Corporations who are lining their pockets with all those funds (started to say CASH but we know the rest of that useless story) I think the whole Egypt “breaking news” is nothing short of Pure PROPAGANDA. STOP ALL FOREIGN AID and BRING OUR TROOPS HOME .. stop Foreign Entanglements and get back to the Constitution..KICK ALL THESE CORRUPT POLITICIANS OUT and take care of We the People for a change. Let the Charitable institutions take care of any and all “foreign aid” and let all that aid be HUMANITARIAN.

    It is way past time for these oil and natural resource obscenely profitable Corporations to pay for their own security with their same Privatized Soldiers of Fortune and clean up their own messes with their Privatized Contractors instead of “allowing” US Tax payers to foot the bill. Politicians, PAC’s, Corporations, Banksters, and the Military Industrial Complexters should pay ALL THE TAXES inasmuch as they are the ones making all the obscene profits, while American Infrastructure deteriorates and Americans continue to Do WIthout! KICK EM OUT and STRING EM UP.. NO NWO period .. Boo Hiss

  • Tore Fossum

    Observe the law of cause and effect. Morsi supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood bomb churches, kill Christians, as well as persecute other Egyptians who are not of their movement. They want to force everyone to submit to sharia law and to their law. Now, the rest of Egypt has decided they do not want Sharia and the Brotherhood persecuting the rest of them. the Brotherhood is getting what they would have given everyone else who would not agree with them.

    As people see the misery and death fundamental Islamists bring, this may wind up with a Muslim rennaisance and the end of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Queda.

    • leewacker

      I like your dream, but this same thing has been going for centuries on end! They aren’t going to change their spots this century or any other!

      • BobTrent

        Mohammedan fanatics follow their Holy Book in trying to subject the world to Sharia law and to slaughter the infidels while “Christian” fanatics who behave violently ignore their Holy Teacher and Book.
        Mohammedanism is furthered by violence; Christianity is hindered by violence.

  • jzandensky

    Egyptian leader wrote a nice open letter to the WH. In it, Mr Ahmed Said succinctly outted the Pres. and US media in my opinion.
    Suggest one might read it to get the “on the ground” secular feel for the violence and exactly who is the “perpetrater of violence there.
    The good guys, MB ain’t. But “We” , in the voice of the O-team, are supporting the MB?
    Not me.
    They are evil incarnate.

    • Warrior

      Maybe when the “dust” settles, the MB could partake in the democrapic process and have their own “caucus”. I wonder if the muslim “sisterhood” is interested?

    • independent thinker
      • Vis Fac

        Too bad the lame stream media is too busy pandering to ODUMBO to run with this.

        The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing–Edmund Burke

        A republic is defined as a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president…

        Our republic no longer exists because we have an omnipotent self centered clown in the Oval office who is as unconstitutional as anyone can be. Anyone thinking we still live in a republic had best take notice of what OUR elected officials are doing WITHOUT OUR consent. Our republic no longer exists because the people no longer have power!

        … A democracy can be best described as two wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for lunch, while a Republic allows a well armed sheep to contest the vote!” This too shall be a fond memory for our rubber stamp liberally controlled congress is eagerly waiting to disarm us.

        Libertas inaestimabilis res est


  • TIME

    Dear People,
    It would seem that this would be a tad too late as Barack O’Bama has given the MB, as I recall 8 Billion Dollars in aid over the summer of 2013.
    But then again as we confront “World War Three” dead in the eye’s,
    I guess giving aid to our alleged enemies is rather common place for the criminals in the City State of the District of Columbia.
    Peace and Love,
    If your on the fence, The Christ offers the Peace and Love that come from making the right call.
    Otherwise your doomed to live forever in the land of Lucifer.
    Your call, what will you do?

    • leewacker

      I would defend your right to your religious preference to the death, please don’t keep “testifying” upon your beliefs, as it cheapens what you have learned! Just say you don’t agree entirely with others, and let it go at that—no preaching, and no testimonies—we don’t want to hear them, even if we are Christian, Jewish or Pagan!

  • guest

    Near me there is a wine store whose manager is an Egyptian Coptic Catholic.
    he with his family managed to escape the aftermath of the revolt against Mubarak, who, dIctator as he maybe was, did NOT persecute other religions.
    With Morsi as you know the Christians were killed off, churches fired and any who could escaped. Many could not and were killed.
    This young man was delighted when Morsi was thrown out by the army. He told me that In Egypt’s history, the army was always considered the friend of the people. So most people would welcome their overthrow of the Dictator Morsi as he turned out to be very quickly.
    In the estimation of this young man who is aggrieved by the current bloodshed, he thanks God that they managed to escape before this carnage.
    BUT, they approve of the army.
    Enough said IMHO–I believe him before any government quibbles.

    • Jeff

      Nothing is ever as simple as some would have us believe. Mubarak was a brutal dictator, but he maintained the integrity of the peace treaty with Israel for 30 years. From our point of view and Israel’s, that was the most important thing he could have done. But if he repressed and radicalized his people, that short term gain may have been a long term blunder. Kind of like the Shah leading to the Ayatollahs. Who knows?

      • BobTrent

        Recall that the Shah was placed in power by the CIA and the Anglo-Iranian Oil Co. (now BP – British Petroleum) by overthrowing Iran’s democratically elected prime minister Mohammad Mosaddeq in 1953. In 2009 the former foreign secretary Jack Straw publicly referred to many British “interferences” in 20th-century Iranian affairs.

        Now Iran, which is a majority Shiite nation, has the US-installed Shiite government of Iraq to be religiously united with after the US overthrew the Sunni Saddam Hussein government.

        • Jeff

          I remember in 2002-2003 when Bush talked about “democracy” in Iraq thinking how it was he didn’t know something so obvious – that true democracy in Iraq would amount to a win for Iran. While Bush may have been an ignoramus, the Neocons who led him around by the nose were not.

    • leewacker

      I have heard of the friendship between the Egyptian Army and the people before, and I am glad it apparently continues!
      As for the actions of the muslim brotherhood, I would love to see all of them dragged out and killed, just to get rid of them!

  • Jeff

    It would be emotionally satisfying to cut off all aid to the Egyptian Military while it is killing people in the streets. I don’t think it would be more than symbolic, though. We need to maintain a relationship with Egypt if we want to have any leverage with them. If the Military remains in power instead of restoring democracy, Obama may have no choice but to declare a “coup” and cut off aid. The money would be replaced by the Saudis and others, and that would not bode well for our influence.

    The ultimate goal in establishing Egypt as a functioning democratic nation is to place the military beneath the civilian government as a matter of law. I don’t know how long that might take, but it is axiomatic that a country can’t be truly democratic as long as the military has both the power to rule and is in the habit of doing so.

    • WTS/JAY

      Spoken like a true imperialist-dictator, Jeff! Btw, if your recommendations won’t work, we can always carpet-bomb them. How’s that sound?

      • Jeff

        And what is the recommendation from the Proud To Know Nothing caucus?

    • ibn insha

      Military is killing Islamic Brotherhood supporters who are hell bent on killing anybody who does not support them. Just because Brotherhood was once elected doe not give them the right to murder their opponents. A little research on the subject before you comment will not hurt.

    • Vigilant

      “The ultimate goal in establishing Egypt as a functioning democratic nation is to place the military beneath the civilian government as a matter of law.”

      That’s called “nation building” and we have no business doing such. That’s what got us into the quagmire of Iraq.

      The military is indeed under the civilian government in Egypt, as it is in Turkey. It is a long honored tradition in both countries that the civilian government is allowed to continue as long as it doesn’t encroach too heavily on their constitutions.

      “According to the Egyptian Constitution, political parties are allowed to exist. Religious political parties are not allowed as it would not respect the principle of non-interference of religion in politics and that religion has to remain in the private sphere to respect all beliefs. Also forbidden are political parties supporting militia formations or having an agenda that is contradictory to the constitution and its principles, or threatening the country’s stability such as national unity between Muslim Egyptians and Christian Egyptians.” (Wikipedia)

      Within that context, the military acted correctly.

  • ibn insha

    We supported a despot in Egypt for 30 years. He was taken care of and our government supported Islamic Brotherhood that eventually came to power in democratic elections. Then they became despots. They ignored the law of the country, they terrorized Non-Muslims and Muslims who did not want Brotherhood’s tyranny. People expressed their displeasure with that government and came to streets and protested peacefully. The government cracked down on them. The military took side of the people and overthrow the despotic government. What is wrong with that?

    Every country and society have their own unique way of life based on their believes and experiences. While the country is going through violence brought upon by Brotherhood we are demanding elections in the midst of it. We should not force elections in that country, at least not now. And who is good for Egypt and the world? Ask yourself this question. Extremist Islamic Brotherhood or secular military? Would you rather have an elected tyrant or unelected but peaceful dictator?

    • Vigilant

      You are 100% correct. The Egyptian military, NOT the Obama government, is taking the terrorist threat seriously. It wishes to smash the MB, who have taken it upon themselves to wipe out Coptic Christianity and support the presence of Hamas in the Sinai.

      Under the MB, the Camp David accords would be trash canned and a new war with Israel would be encouraged.

  • Paul

    Obviously the right thing to do is for ALL nations to learn to live in peace and work out their differences without any death or destruction.
    The reality is; Human nature is basically evil and can not live peacefully with the rest of the world. As it has been said in the past, the best way to test a person’s character is to give them power. They all fail when tested with this theory.
    ALL of those Middle Eastern nations have a long history of hatred and destruction. I say arm both sides and watch the crap hit the fan. Hopefully, they’ll eventually be sick and tired of death and destruction and come to their senses. And if not, there will be that many less evil people in our world. Sad but true.

  • Vigilant

    Seems that Rand Paul is not quite the Libertarian his father is. After decades of continued support to the Egyptian military, he now wishes to upset the cart and change the status quo in order to alter the political face of a nation.

    There’s a word for that: interventionism..