Pro-Gun Grab Groups Have Gotten Millions In Donations From Liberal Billionaire Soros


George Soros, the billionaire chairman of the American fund management firm that bears his name, has donated nearly $7 million to nonprofits that push a pro-gun control agenda between 2000 and 2011.

According to Newsbusters, Soros donated a combined $6,727,966 to five organizations during that period. It’s not yet known how much he’s spent on backing gun-grabbing advocates since the beginning of last year’s string of mass shootings, which raised liberals’ public zeal to legislate gun ownership.

Of the five organizations, only one — the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence — claims gun control as its single cause. But the others — the American Bar Association, The Children’s Defense Fund, The League of Women Voters and Physicians for Social Responsibility — all push gun control aggressively as part of their overall missions of societal reform.

Soros has been criticized by 2nd Amendment watchers as a known gun grabber since at least 2004, when he published a book arguing the Administration of President George W. Bush “infringed the rights of states to legislate and enforce provisions on issues such as gun control and medical marijuana.”

More significantly, Soros holds immense influence over at least 30 major liberal news outlets, including CNN, The New York Times and The Associated Press. He’s spent more than $50 million since 2000 to help fund such outlets, as well as to insinuate liberal points of view through the influence donor money buys at journalism schools both in and outside the United States.

A lot of good it’s doing: Gun and ammunition sales have spiked so greatly since December that manufacturers can’t keep up. As a result, firearms dealers are either turning customers away, rationing ammunition or putting customers on waiting lists.

Personal Liberty

Ben Bullard

Reconciling the concept of individual sovereignty with conscientious participation in the modern American political process is a continuing preoccupation for staff writer Ben Bullard. A former community newspaper writer, Bullard has closely observed the manner in which well-meaning small-town politicians and policy makers often accept, unthinkingly, their increasingly marginal role in shaping the quality of their own lives, as well as those of the people whom they serve. He argues that American public policy is plagued by inscrutable and corrupt motives on a national scale, a fundamental problem which individuals, families and communities must strive to solve. This, he argues, can be achieved only as Americans rediscover the principal role each citizen plays in enriching the welfare of our Republic.

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  • Harold Olsen

    I was talking to a couple of gun owners the other day. They told me that some gun grabbers actually went to their homes and demanded they turn over their guns to them. When they refused, the gun grabbers, in an implied threat, informed them that they’ll get their guns one way or another and they should think of their families’ safety before refusing to relinquish their guns.

    • Right Brain Thinker

      LOL Another one of those stories like “I talked to someone who said they knew someone who overheard the cow who jumped over the moon say that the moon WAS made of green cheese”.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Yes, Conservatives here seem to be the master of unlikely anecdotal scenarios.

        • Right Brain Thinker

          “unlikely anecdotal scenarios”?

          Is that like horsepucky?.

  • Right Brain Thinker

    And this is news why? Even if it’s true, the amount of $$$ that Soros contributes to anything pales in comparison to what the Koch brothers contribute to less worthwhile causes. It is also quite an overreach to imply that the $7 million is all spent on anti-gun measures when only one of the five groups has anti-gun as its main focus. How about giving us some actual figures, Ben? How much was given to each group and what percentage of their incomes is spent on anti-gun activities? Or are you no longer a “reporter” that seeks to be fair and balanced? “Insinuating liberal points of view” would lead one to wonder.

  • Brad Stockinger

    Well obviously. How could George Soros push agenda 21 on us if we are armed?? He is in charge of it.

    • shamu9

      You can Bet that Georg Schwartz/Soros HAS a Private Army, as well equipped as the Regular Military!

      • Doc Sarvis

        That’s just nuts!

  • WeroInNM

    Americans – Like Nazi Germans – Don’t Notice that All of Our Rights Are Slipping Away (Part 2)!
    “Food For Thought”
    God Bless The Victims of Boston Bombing-God Bless America.
    Semper Fi!

  • Dave

    From Open Secrets:

    Since Newtown… So please unregulated militia gun nuts… Find another dumb story to bore us with.

    The Money

    If lawmakers seem to tiptoe around gun issues, it’s at least in part because the National Rifle Association and other gun rights groups are loaded for bear. Cash is their ammunition, and they have no shortage of it. Gun rights groups have given more than $30 million in individual, PAC and soft money contributions to federal candidates and party committees since 1989, with nearly $27 million — or 87% — of it going to Republicans. And in the 2010 and 2012 election cycles, they let loose another $41.2 million (at least) in outside spending, almost all of which has put Democrats in their crosshairs. The NRA has provided the lion’s share of the funds, having contributed more than $21 million since ’89 and further opening its coffers to make $25 million in outside expenditures.

    Gun control groups, by comparison, have been barely a blip on the radar screen. They’ve given a total of just under $2 million since 1989, of which 94 percent has gone to Democrats. In the 2012 election cycle, they gave only $5,000.

    Several new groups on the scene could alter the balance a bit. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg started a pro-gun control super PAC, Independence USA PAC, in 2012; it spent more than $8.3 million in several congressional races that year, with mixed results. Former Rep. Giffords started a super PAC in January, 2013, to counter the NRA’s influence; it set a fundraising goal of $16 million to $20 million to spend in the 2014 House and Senate elections. And another anti-NRA PAC launched in February, calling itself Americans for the Protection of Children.

    The dominance of gun rights groups when it comes to lobbying Congress and other federal agencies is even greater than it is in the realm of campaign finance. From 1998 through 2012, the gun rights lobby spent $75 million making its case in Washington; in 2012 alone, it spent $5.6 million. The NRA accounted for more than half of the 2012 number, or $2.9 million, but over the years other groups — such as Gun Owners of America and the National Shooting Sports Foundation — have also made significant lobbying expenditures. And gun control groups? They spent just $240,000 lobbying in 2012.

    • ChuckS123

      The liberal media has probably given the equivalent of hundreds of millions in biased “news.”/propaganda emphasizing some gun crimes but neglecting people protecting themselves using guns..

      • Dave

        Really? Surely you have the statistics to back that up…

        See I used to work for the FBI and I compiled the data from Sherriff’s departments nationwide to state the levels of crime in the United States. While their were many instance of protection, far more were for “law abiding” citizens in “crimes of passion”

        • JeffH

          …and pigs can fly too!….talking about your statistics…

          News We Never Hear: Guns Save Lives

          The zealotry of gun-control advocates isn’t deterred by facts. ByThomas Sowell

          Surveys of American gun owners have found that 4 to 6 percent reported using a gun in self-defense within the previous five years. That is not a very high percentage but, in a country with 300 million people, that works out to hundreds of thousands of defensive uses of guns per year.

          The gun-control crusade today is like the Prohibition crusade 100 years ago. It is a shared zealotry that binds the self-righteous know-it-alls in a warm fellowship of those who see themselves as fighting on the side of the angels against the forces of evil. It is a lofty role that they are not about to give up for anything so mundane as facts — or even the lives of other people.

          Fact Sheet: Guns Save Lives

          A. Guns save more lives than they take; prevent more injuries than they inflict

          * Guns used 2.5 million times a year in self-defense. Law-abiding citizens use guns to defend themselves against criminals as many as 2.5 million times every year — or about 6,850 times a day. 1 This means that each year, firearms are used more than 80 times more often to protect the lives of honest citizens than to take lives. 2

          * Of the 2.5 million times citizens use their guns to defend themselves every year, the overwhelming majority merely brandish their gun or fire a warning shot to scare off their attackers. Less than 8% of the time, a citizen will kill or wound his/her attacker.3

          * As many as 200,000 women use a gun every year to defend themselves against sexual abuse.4

          * Even anti-gun Clinton researchers concede that guns are used 1.5 million times annually for self-defense. According to the Clinton Justice Department, there are as many as 1.5 million cases of self-defense every year. The National Institute of Justice published this figure in 1997 as part of “Guns in America” — a study which was authored by noted anti-gun criminologists Philip Cook and Jens Ludwig.5

          * Armed citizens kill more crooks than do the police. Citizens shoot and kill at least twice as many criminals as police do every year (1,527 to 606).6 And readers of Newsweek learned that “only 2 percent of civilian shootings involved an innocent person mistakenly identified as a criminal. The ‘error rate’ for the police, however, was 11 percent, more than five times as high.”7

          * Handguns are the weapon of choice for self-defense. Citizens use handguns to protect themselves over 1.9 million times a year.8 Many of these self-defense handguns could be labeled as “Saturday Night Specials.”

          • Dave

            The new Jeffrey catch phrase of the week “and pigs can fly” too…

            “Handguns are the weapon of choice for self-defense. Citizens use handguns to protect themselves over 1.9 million times a year.8 Many of these self-defense handguns could be labeled as “Saturday Night Specials.”

            Yet Jeffrey’s panties are in a bunch over limiting assault weapons and magazine size.
            And Jeffrey, I am talking about actual DEATHS… Please do try and keep up.
            Thank you.

          • JeffH

            Sorry to dissappoint “behind the curve” dullard Dave, but that “catch phrase” has been used for several years.

            While you’re “behind the curve”, why don’t you tell all of us just how many “actual deaths” are caused by “assault weapons” and educate yourself as to what an assault weapon actually is….you can even include those with high capacity magazines?
            Hint, hint = 0(zero)

            For that matter why don’t you try to espouse some real facts rather that the “spoon fed” mis-information and flat out lies you’ve been led to believe.
            Remember, your “opinion” does not equate to real facts…so be honest for a change…if you are capable.

          • Dave

            Funny Jeffrey, neither does your NRA spoon fed nonsense that rejects, background checks for all gun sales, better means for law enforcement to share info etc etc etc…

            Run along Jeffery and go play “hero” with your gun.

          • JeffH

            The ignorant progressive and hoplophobic Dave says “Run along Jeffery and go play “hero” with your gun.”
            Clearly a comment of brought forward by fear and ignorance.

            I have to ask, in a measured and empirical way — how much of what you think of as the political gun debate boils down to psychological defense mechanisms such as repression, denial, projection, avoidance and displacement?

            The bigger question here would be: Is America required to accept your psychological acting out as a legitimate form of legislative discourse?

          • Right Brain Thinker

            Wow, such big words and big thoughts from Jeffy! “Measured and empirical”? “Legislative discourse”?

            How about we get back to basics and discuss the fact that ALL Jeffy’s figures come from “surveys” that have been shredded for their lack of validity. The truth is that we are not sure how many cases of “gun protection” occur.

        • ChuckS123

          l believe that the great majority of people defending themselves scare the bad guy off and don’t get reported, since nobody got hurt.

  • prophet4real

    Made up stories? Robles v. State Farm or Robles v. Amarr Garage Door’s et al., (defendant Eric Holder lied his ass off) in the U.S. Supreme Court! Check it out you anti-Christian, anti-American twits! And our story goes on and on….

  • FreedomFighter

    Communist New World Order satanic moguls finance gun confiscation — how surprising that that New World Order membership wants to disarm Americans — makes you feel all fuzzy and safe doesn’t it?

    Monsters like these only want Americans disarmed because it makes it easier for them to feed on you and enslave your children

    Laus Deo
    Semper FI

    • Dave

      yawn… same boring conspiracy, different day. How is the conversion to socialism in the oil market coming along?

      • FreedomFighter

        Dave you really are a little “nozzle”.

        America First, under the constitution

        Laus Deo
        Semper FI

        • Dave

          Just admit to your socialism FF. Where does it call for the US Gov to take over natural resources in the marketplace? Do you have anything?
          You don’t because it doesn’t exist. Hugo Chavez would have given you a medal before he died because you both are so like minded.

          • FreedomFighter

            For National security yes – otherwise no. Dave you really are a little “nozzle”.

            Laus Deo
            Semper FI

          • Dave

            And you are a cute furry little misguided socialist puppy dog… woof woof.
            How does it feel to be a bigger Socialist than Obama? Must feel swell.

      • Vigilant

        Been doing quite well for a number of years, actually, considering the gov’ts profit more on a gallon than the oil companies do.

  • JeffH

    This really isn’t “new” news when Soros is involved.

    The man is and has always been an enemy to our Constitutional Republic…that is why he spends his money supporting and creating anti-American organizations.

    George Soros: A Bridge to Radicalism – Soros Funds Leftwing Networks Addressing Media, Legal and Social Issues.


    • Dave

      Fascinating stuff Jeffrey

      George Soros is one of the most powerful men on earth. A New York hedge fund
      manager, he has amassed a personal fortune estimated at about $13 billion
      (as of 2009). His company, Soros Fund Management, controls at least another $25
      billion in investor assets. Since 1979, Soros’s foundation network — whose
      flagship is the Open
      Society Institute (OSI) — has dispensed more than $5 billion to a multitude
      of organizations whose objectives are consistent with those of Soros. With
      assets of $1.93 billion as of 2008, OSI alone donates scores of millions of
      dollars annually to these various groups. Following is a sampling of the major
      agendas advanced by groups that Soros and OSI support financially. Listed under
      each category heading are a few OSI donees fitting that description—koch-brothers.html

      Have a look see… Big money in the political arena is bad no matter who it comes from.

      Political organizations for the Koch’s from Wiki…

      Citizens for a Sound Economy was co-founded by David Koch in the 1980s.[22] According to the Center for Public Integrity, the Koch Brothers donated a total amount of $7.9 million between 1986 and 1993.[1] In 1990, the brothers created the spinoff group Citizens for the Environment.[1]

      In 2004, Citizens for a Sound Economy was renamed FreedomWorks, while its affiliated Citizens for a Sound Economy Foundation became Americans for Prosperity (AFP). Since then the Koch brothers have given more than one million dollars to AFP.[1][22][23] At an AFP rally in 2009, David Koch said “Five years ago, my brother Charles and I provided the funds to start the Americans for Prosperity, and it’s beyond my wildest dreams how AFP has grown into this enormous organization.”[23] AFP is the political arm of the Americans for Prosperity Foundation, for which David Koch serves as chairman of the Board of Trustees.[22][24] Americans for Prosperity created Patients United Now, which advocated against a single-payer health care system during the 2009-2010 healthcare reform debate. Both FreedomWorks and Americans for Prosperity have provided support for the Tea Party movement.[25][26]

      Charles and David Koch also have been involved in, and have provided funding to, a number of other think tanks and advocacy organizations: They provided the initial funding for the Cato Institute,[22] they are key donors to the Federalist Society,[22] and they also support, or are members of, the Mercatus Center, the Institute for Humane Studies, the Institute for Justice, the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution, the Institute for Energy Research, the Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment, Heritage Foundation, the Manhattan Institute, the George C. Marshall Institute, the Reason Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute,[27][28] American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC),[29] and the Fraser Institute.[30][31]

      As of 2011, David Koch sits on the board of directors of the Cato institute,[32] the Reason Foundation and the Aspen Institute.[24]


      In the 2012 election

      Romney and the Republican Party have no qualms with allowing big money to take the helm of his ship to the White House. Just this week Romney was thrown a lavish fundraiser in the Hamptons by the billionaire Koch brothers with an asking price of $50,000 per person. The campaign contributions of the Kochs have totaled some $400 million. Even Romney’s foreign policy trips double as lucrative fundraising events. The most telling fact of all is the measly 39% of Romney campaign funding that comes from donations of $1,500 or less from ordinary Americans. By comparison, 79% of Obama’s funding comes from such donations…
      So we have Soros and the multitudes of Billionaires like the Koch’s, Adelson etc throwing huge amounts of money into the polical arena. You wonder where this country has gone wrong? Follow the money.

      • JeffH

        Open Secrets is another Soros backed progressive anti-American organization ? What a joke!

        Left-wing donor George Soros spent more than $400 million world-wide to indoctrinate students and teach them to promote liberal, and in some cases extremist, causes. He has even funded his own university that promotes his own unique philosophy of open society. His reach and influence far surpasses that of the Koch brothers, who have been vilified by the left and the media for their grants to universities.

        While the left shrivels at the thought of the Koch brother’s donations to universities, their beloved Soros gave more than 50 times as much. Central European University and Bard College received the most from Soros. One professor at CEU praised the Occupy movement combining environmentalism, feminism, the labor movement, and social justice. Grants to Bard College for “community service and social action” included a Palestinian youth group and an initiative to educate prisoners across the country. To top it off, all of the Ivy League universities, along with a variety of state schools, private institutions, and even religiously-affiliated institutions, were also funded by Soros.

        Soros Gave More than 50 Times as much as Koch Brothers to Universities, Liberals Still Scream Foul. ThinkProgress detailed the Koch contributions to higher education on May 11 2011, with Koch brothers’ contributions totaling nearly $7 million. That’s not even as much as the Center for American Progress, which operates ThinkProgress, has received from Soros.

        David and Charles Koch are the libertarian businessmen in charge of Koch Industries. They have donated to libertarian and conservative groups along with medical research, the arts, and various other causes. Even with billions of dollars in funding from Soros, the left feels the need to criticize many of the Kochs much smaller endeavors.

        What if all businessmen were as dedicated to free markets as the Kochs? The Koch’s have spent millions supporting scholars and advocates of economic freedom.

        Why you may ask? Because decades of the study of theory and history have shown that economic freedom and market-based policies create the most opportunity and prosperity.

        When it comes to evil, the Koch Brother’s couldn’t wear Soros’ jock strap.

        I prefer to support economic freedom and free market capitalism over the any form of socialism or communism that George Soros continues to put his money behind.

        • Dave

          I guess you missed my point Jeffrey, it doesn’t matter who gives the money, its all bad news… Koch Brothers VS Soros comes down to what you consider “evil”.
          Soros gives his money to help minorities, the poor and middle class… The Koch brothers give their money to undermine Unions, and lessen EPA regs and tax rates to put more money in their pocket… so your definition of “evil” depends on youur point of view.

          • JeffH

            The usefull idiot syas “Soros gives his money to help minorities, the poor and middle class… The Koch brothers give their money to undermine Unions, and lessen EPA regs and tax rates to put more money in their pocket… so your definition of “evil” depends on youur point of view.”

            The sad part is that you actually believe what you just said…Soros is a scumbag of the highest degree whose money is used for anything but “helping minorities, the poor and middle class”

            Support For The Koch Brothers From An Unlikely Source: The United Steelworkers…With 50,000 employees in the U.S., many of them unionized, the Koch brothers are hardly “anti-union.”
            Koch companies also have tried to work closely with EPA through many complicated regulatory issues and take a more active role in sharing our technical expertise and points of view on standards and regulations.

            In 2000, EPA recognized Koch Petroleum Group for being “the first petroleum company to step forward” to reach a comprehensive Clean Air Act agreement involving EPA and state regulatory agencies in Minnesota and Texas. Despite fundamental policy disagreements, then-EPA Administrator Carol Browner acknowledged Koch’s cooperation. She characterized the agreement as “innovative and comprehensive” and praised the “unprecedented cooperation” of Koch in stepping forward ahead of its industry peers.

            In 2004, Koch’s Flint Hills Resources received EPA’s Clean Air Excellence Award for its contributions to “help make progress in achieving cleaner air.”

            In 2009, Koch owned Georgia-Pacific received EPA’s SmartWay Excellence Award for achievements that include reducing fuel consumption and total miles traveled.

            Since 1997, the Koch companies have reduced its average per-barrel criteria air emissions by 76 percent.

            Koch’s collaborative relationship with EPA stands in sharp contrast to accusations that Koch is “constantly in trouble with EPA.”

            Dave, the bottom line is that you only voice your opinion, unsupported by facts, and all of your accusations pointed towards the Koch’s are from the left-wing attack dogs who care more about spreading the rumors and lies than backing them up with the truth of facts.

            In the end, Soros is funding the destruction of the American dream whereas the Koch boys believe in the American Dream and are trying to preserve it.

            Of course I wouldn’t expect you to realize that considering your lack of effort to seek out the facts or the truth.

      • JeffH

        Setting The Record Straight

        • Dave

          LOL!!! Sure thing Jeffery

  • c lee

    Just ask yourself why a man like George Soros would give a rats ass about whether we are armed or not. Iam not saying hes not giving the money Iam saying he has sinister motives. If that makes me a conspiracy theorist then so be it, however I call it lucid thinking. Don’t be sheeple make up your own minds after doing lots of research as I have.

    • Dave

      Clearly Soros wants to force minorities and the poor on us. He wants to take over this country and make straight women marry other straight women. Whats more he wants all men to have abortions… Disgusting is what that is.


    Why is this always a one-party conspiracy thing? You can bet your back-side that the GOP is in collusion with their so-called counterpart, and that, up to their elbows! The “Illusion” that one party is liberal and the other conservative is just that, an “Illusion”; designed to keep the country divided and fighting each other, while the Oligarchical-thugs create America in their image. Well guess what, i ain’t playing that bull-crap game no more!

  • Vigilant

    “[Soros] published a book arguing the Administration of President George W. Bush “infringed the rights of states to legislate and enforce provisions on issues such as gun control and medical marijuana.”
    Now there’s a man who hasn’t a clue about the Constitution. The 10th Amendment does not conflict with the 2nd Amendment when it comes to the right to bear arms.