Predator Cop Gets State Sanction For Beating A Woman


Pin a badge on a liar and a thug and what do you get? A liar and a thug with the ability to pummel a woman senseless with impunity. In other words, a Davenport, Iowa, LEO (legally entitled to oppress).

A surveillance video from a Davenport department store has surfaced that shows officers holding down and beating a woman suspected of shoplifting. Brandie Rendell was attacked by the officer while sitting in a chair in a store office. She said the attack came while she spoke on the telephone with her child’s father. When the officer realized who she was speaking to, he said: “Oh, you’re associated with him. This is about to get really ugly really quick.”

Of course, the officer blamed Rendell for the altercation, claiming he pummeled her because she bit his finger. She admits she bit him, but said she did so after the assault began and her screams for help went unanswered.

And as is typical in cases of police brutality, Rendell was charged with assault causing injury to a peace officer and shoplifting.

Though the assault against a peace officer charge was later dropped, it’s always amazing how sensitive so-called “peace officers” can be. Sideways glances often cause the “brave” oppressors all manner of discomfort and injury. In his official report, LEO Scott Crow, who delivered the beating, claimed Rendell had “clenched fists” and appeared “willing to fight.” After she hit the ground, Rendell began biting his finger and “would not let up,” Crow claimed. How he landed blows with both fists while she was biting his finger wasn’t explained.

Iowa Police Chief Frank Donchez, who came to Iowa from Bethlehem, Pa., after that department was hit with a large Federal lawsuit for allegations of excessive force by his police officers, claims Crow was disciplined; but he declined to tell a reporter the nature of the discipline. Crow’s accomplice was not disciplined. Scott County Prosecutor Michael Walton gave State sanction to Crow’s brutality by refusing to prosecute the officer. “I don’t think the video disputes Crow’s claim that he hit Redell because she bit him,” he said.

Of course not. Meanwhile, Crow is back from his “discipline” and free to pummel other helpless women at his pleasure while drawing a $65,000-plus annual salary.

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  • independent thinker

    One more in a long line of rogue police officers allowed to get away with assault.

  • Harold Olsen

    Another scumbag thug with a badge. One of these days, citizens are going to have enough and it’ll be open season on cops. Then those cops are going to wonder why such a thing could happen. I hope that day never comes, but if it does, the cops will have brought it upon themselves. They think that badge they wear gives them the right to treat people anyway they choose and do anything they choose. For them, the law isn’t necessarily what’s written on the books but what they say the law is. The left claims we don’t need to own guns to protect ourselves because we have the police to protect us. What they don’t tell us is who will protect us from the cops.

  • dcartmill

    Pretty obvious who initiated the altercation Nothing in the video indicates the necessity for the use of force. This is/was / should be felonious assault, as perpetrated by the officer.

  • Ness

    Sad to see but there is alot of people who should not wear a badge. I call them Wyatt Earpps.

  • Joe Casci

    Both of those officers should be behind bars and criminally charged with assault pretty obvious they attacked her but they’ll get away with assault and continue to beat others when ever they want you can bet that wasn’t the first nor will it be the last. Unfortunately there are a great many cops just like them all over the country. In my 60+ years I’ve personally seen that kind of brutality myself thugs with badges.

  • garygerke

    The people will eventually take care of these cases themselves, the police dept. across the nation have become militarized goons that feel they are above the law. When the rubber meets the road they will all cry, why are you shooting us!

  • disqus_7u1iRNS5VM

    da needs to be fired for not doing his job, the chief needs to be fired and neer allowed to work as an officer in any form ever, the cop, well both of them need serious prison time and banned for life from any position of authority even diaper changer, in this case though no normally, take all weapons from them and never allow them to hold a gun again. This is outright abuse for no cause except he wanted to be the big man and intimidate the locals. guess what they pay his wages and if there is any decency there they will all get time in stir,

  • wavesofgrain

    The greatest travesty of this nation was allowing unionization of public employees. They all feel they are above the law, and have formed Union Mafia Democratic Arm answerable to only the Union, NOT the citizens who pay their wages.

    • Chester

      Funny comment about a NON-union “officer”. This “man” answers only to a chief who came from a department already rather thoroughly spanked for such behavior. There is no union representation to save his skin, only a chief who thinks all citizens are fair game for whatever his officers want to do.

  • wandamurline

    Hit them back where it hurts the most….in the pocketbook. Get yourself a good old fashioned ambulance chasing attorney who does not know the word honor and turn him loose on both the police officers, the Chief all individually and the city itself. Nothing gets people’s attention better than having to fork over millions of dollars from their coffers.

  • Debbie Hogan Tate

    Video in hand and straight to an attorney!! Press charges and sue the pants off of this police department!

    • dan

      no, you sue the policeman AND HIS WIFE, the CHIEF and his wife, the MAYOR and his wife….they’re corporations under the eyes of the law and not covered by the law that prevents JUST officials from being sued.

  • Jake Thomas

    If the actuall officer was the one that had to pay up instead of the taxpayer, maybe some of this would stop. As it is now, whenever a cop, teacher, state or federal worker does something wrong and is sued, it is us that pays.

    • Vis Fac

      She should sue the officer personally (not the department) for medical bills along with pain and suffering. Holding the individual officer accountable is the only legal way to stop the abuse under color of authority.

      • CitizenVet

        She can’t due to qualified immunity. If the DA had filed criminal charges, then that immunity from personal suit could have been stripped away. She can try to bring a federal civil rights suit under 24 USC 1983, but that takes money and you have to prove malice to get punitive damages (the only real economic bite).

        • Vis Fac

          You Can Sue anyone for any thing in America that’s the beauty of our court system. I am not talking about a criminal suit but a CIVIL suit against the assailant (cop) she has plenty of evidence to back her claim.
          There are hordes of hungry lawyers who would most likely take a case like this. Another positive, since the cop was being sued personally the state/city/government cannot pay for an attorney and the cop would have to foot the bill. I know of two cases involving personal law suits both were successful If enough people sure the individual then those who have a penchant for abuse might think twice before assaulting someone under the color of authority. A double edged sword if you will.

          • CitizenVet

            If she can, I hope she does and I certainly agree with you. In California, where I am, they have qualified immunity and it’s an almost impossible bar to get over if no criminal charges are filed.

          • Vis Fac

            I know the PRC (People’s Republic of Commiefornia) Well Used to run a business and got tired of all the liberal BS regulations. As I said you can sue anyone personally just because the defendant is a “public servant” does not grant them immunity in a civil matter. This lady can sue as can you for for any pain and suffering caused by an assault.

  • manuel

    The police, all across this once great nation have begun to more closely resemble the jack booted thugs that terrorized nazi Germany in the early and mid 1930’s. You will note, in this video, 2 “brave” cops doing what they are noted for doing – beating a much smaller woman. Some day, perhaps, America will tire of this crap and put them and their handlers in a trick.

  • Jim S

    I noticed he also had gloves on with knuckle protection. These are the types of gloves dirt bikers wear to protect their knuckles in the event they go down. No reason for a city police officer to be wearing these gloves except to make the beating hurt more.

    • dan

      that would go to premeditation…assault with a deadly weapon

  • billybob

    You all fall for the oldest scam in the world. The left wing nut media has hooked you line and sinker. You now have sided with those who are the criminals. In each and every case you side with the criminal. Think about that! It is the big bad mean police that is beating up or shooting WHO???? Thats right a criminal! A person who has committed a crime. Shop lifting is a crime. Lying to the government or the government lying to us is a crime. Don’t feel sorry for these people. The guy who had his dog shot. He was a criminal. The guy who had his butt kicked for trying to get away from the police after he shot another person, he was a criminal. Everybody now feel sorry for the criminals. Where are your brains???? All this does is give encouragement to the criminals. Why let the left wing nuts rule your thoughts! The left wing nut media make certain that what you see is the parts they want you to see. it is their duty to get their point of view into your minds. Wake up America!!!

    • CitizenVet

      As far as “you have now sided with those who are the criminals”; not true. I do NOT side with the officer in this case. This is not a left-right issue, dude. You need to open your eyes.

    • Alan

      So what you’re saying then is that the “allegation” of her having shoplifted warranted a beating from this would be judge, jury and executioner? As far as I know “alleged” shoplifting is a misdemeanor. The real criminal here was the badge-heavy thug who rendered hearty blows to the face of a largely defenseless woman because of her association with someone he didn’t like. The day we start accepting such behavior from those assigned with the public trust is the day we become nothing more than sheep to the slaughter.

  • vicki

    Pretty obvious what happened. They need to empanel a Grand Jury to file charges against those officers. If ANY of us had done what the video shows we would be in jail facing multiple felony counts. That the DA didn’t press charges against the officer reflects VERY badly on police everywhere.

    If you are a police officer, STOP being silent about these events. If you remain silent, even if you are a good cop (and most probably are) you will loose the respect you deserve for the good that you do.

  • Darron Jacobs

    no justice no peace