Palin: Leaving GOP An Option For Conservatives Who’ve Had Enough


Conservatives’ frustration over mainstream Republican response to expanded government surveillance, immigration reform, and financial and administrative bloat leaves them with few options for effecting fundamental changes via the traditional political process — at least as long as that process is dominated by two political parties that are, especially on the national level, often indistinguishable.

Sarah Palin intimated Saturday on FOX News that the time may be near when conservatives disenfranchised by elected leaders who represent their interests less poorly than a more liberal opponent, but still not well, may wake up and realize that the modern American political landscape is a product of citizens’ own making and that it should be changed.


Palin reminded viewers that Republican and Democrat are appellations affixed to private political parties, that they don’t entwine with any founding document or Constitutional charter, and that nothing prevents Americans from organizing new parties and movements if they’re fed up with how far the collective ideology of the ruling class has strayed from its primary role of enacting the will of the people.

“Remember, these are private parties, and no one’s forcing us to be enlisted in either party,” she said. “If the GOP continues to back away from the planks in our platform, then, yeah, more and more of us are gonna start saying, ‘You know, what’s wrong with being an independent?’ — kind of that libertarian streak that much of us have.

“In other words, we want government to back off and not infringe upon our rights. I think there will be a lot of us who start saying, ‘GOP, if you abandon us, we have nowhere else to go except to become more independent and not enlisted in one or the other of the private majority parties that rule in our Nation — either Democrat or Republican.’”

Palin pointed to the Senate’s hasty passage of a bipartisan immigration bill, which lawmakers passed without having read through it, as a prime example of both parties’ summary disregard for the electors who placed them in Washington, D.C.

“I think that Republicans who caved, along with Democrats who caved in to [President Barack] Obama’s wishes to legalize illegal aliens, is a matter of a lack of principle and respect for the rule of law. This was an absolute betrayal of working-class Americans who do respect the rule of law and [of] legal immigrant who have come here, stood in line and paid their dues — that’s some of the hypocrisy of our permanent political class in Washington, D.C., which is such an indication of such a problem about abandonment of what we, the people, expect from our representatives and those whom we elect to fulfill the will of the people.”

The stranglehold the two-party system has had on the quadrennial popularity contest known as the Presidential election showed brief signs of weakening in 2008 and in subsequent midterm elections. But even though the Tea Party movement drove a wedge between some RINO politicians and their conservative constituents, it often meant different things (Is the Tea Party about small government only, or does it embrace social conservatism across the board?) to people in different States.

Going forward, can conservatives’ frustrations galvanize future leaders — and their electors — in a more organized fashion? And, if so, will the idealism of a conservative party’s constituents get in the way of the necessary bureaucratic operational mechanics required for a modern political party to function on a national scale? Or will conservatives, as Palin suggests, be content with a grass-roots approach, backing independent candidates and winning small political victories here and there, biding their time until there’s finally sufficient will among our elected leaders to reform the underpinnings of America’s morally bankrupt two-party system?

Personal Liberty

Ben Bullard

Reconciling the concept of individual sovereignty with conscientious participation in the modern American political process is a continuing preoccupation for staff writer Ben Bullard. A former community newspaper writer, Bullard has closely observed the manner in which well-meaning small-town politicians and policy makers often accept, unthinkingly, their increasingly marginal role in shaping the quality of their own lives, as well as those of the people whom they serve. He argues that American public policy is plagued by inscrutable and corrupt motives on a national scale, a fundamental problem which individuals, families and communities must strive to solve. This, he argues, can be achieved only as Americans rediscover the principal role each citizen plays in enriching the welfare of our Republic.

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  • Harold Olsen

    True conservatives should leave the GOP. The GOP has long ago turned into, at best, left leaning moderates and are moving further and further left all the time. At the rate they are going, they’ll soon be to the left of liberals. Any conservatives who remain in the Republican party can not call themselves true conservatives if they continue to support the party. They have to decide which they are, Republicans or conservatives. They can’t be both since the Republican party has become decidedly anti-conservative.

    • Agvocate

      With such a clear division within the Republican Party between the Conservatives and the rest of the party – whatever you wish to call
      them – is a huge shove away from any attempt of a cohesive recovery. Having been a Board Member and sub-chair directly involved in a very significant county Republican Party I have seen this cancer grow first-hand. Ever had to make a choice in elections between bad and worse?
      Why don’t the best candidates emerge?
      Because it has become more of an interrogation that leads to the vilification of the candidate, their families and even their close friends. Politics – NOT as usual! Unless you are in the “current” majority of
      the Liberal Movement sworn to destroy our country. Maybe it IS time for a sabbatical and change political registration to Independent. I have seen the Independent voters stay the course of conservatism at all levels of government… and they still do. Sarah Palin poses some interesting questions that I know very many registered Republicans are already
      asking! Can you guess my next step?

    • GerryC

      Stop calling the Far Left Wing Extremists, “moderates”.
      Moderate is the opposite of Liberal, Conservative the opposite of Radical.

  • Warrior

    Uh, oh. I think the “apple cart” is tipping. About time wouldn’t you say?

  • dan

    Conservative Patriots ….better than the Good Old Progressives

  • BHR

    Do not divide the Republican Party, remember what Ross P. did. If you want to change things work with the Tea Party to get back to the Constitution.

    • GerryC

      Too late, Ross did nothing except give an alternative. Bush lost because he was a RINO the same way Dole, McCain and Romney did. I didn’t vote for them and wouldn’t regardless of a real third paty choice. I wrote in Ron Paul on my ballot and would never contaminate myself with a Romney vote.
      The Republican Paty needs to change its primary, instead of a vote for you you want, vote for who you want kicked out. For all of us who wanted Romney and McCain not to be the choices we could hav eliminated them in the early rounds.

  • jimof ct

    The options available to conservatives who see the a rule of law under the constitution eroding ever more rapidly are eroding just as rapidly. Ms. Palin is absolutely correct in noting the history of the political party system has seen change when the party leaves the people in it.
    There is the famous explanation : “I didn’t leave the party the party left me .”

    Rino Republicans do not represent a Constitutional rule of law.
    The Democrats left the Constitutional rule of law behind at the beginning of the last century and have been reforming America ever since. They are no longer reforming they now proclaim that “TRANSFORMATION” is the goal and the “CONSTITUTIONAL RULE OF LAW” must not be allowed to interfere.

    “One nation under God with Liberty and justice for all” is rapidly disappearing as we see government “transformed” so as to decide who is to benefit and who is to be denied “equal opportunity” and “freedom of religious beliefs” and the individual’s right to “Life ,Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” as dictated by mandates in legislation, court decisions and administrative regulations that ignore the constitutional constraints on the branches of the federal government.

    When a State constitutional Amendment can be passed by the voters ( I.E. the People of a State) and have a federal supreme Court declare it null and void, how can we still call this the ” Government of the People, by the People and for the People”.

    When government can ban references to God by forbidding prayer so as to satisfy the atheist whose religious belief is that there is no God Under which this Nation was founded and make their belief superior to the majority, who still recite the Pledge of Allegiance to acknowledge the underlying moral basis for our government the “complete “Transformation” may yet be avoided.

    God help us establish the “Next Political Party” to Revive the “CONSTITUTIONAL RULE OF LAW!’

    • GerryC

      Liberty and Justice for all “Except George Zimmerman”. The prosecution didn’t have even one witness or shred of evidence that would indicate anything other than self-defense. There was absolutely nothing which any reasonable prosecutor would ask for an indictement let alone go to trial.
      Here’s the case man sneeking arround in the dark is spotted by the neighborhood watch. The watch calls the police. The man spots him, hides in the dark and jumps him tries to kill him, but is shot in self defense.
      The police and prosecuters investigate and that is corroberated by the only witness.
      Martin was the one who attacked period. There is no question of that. Zimmerman had the injuries of a man who was attacked. The media wanted it to be a race issue and hyped it up.

      • Jeff

        What to make of the fact Zimmerman lied about (1) the number of times his head hit the concrete, (2) his available bail funds, and (3) his knowledge of the “stand your ground” law? You are basing your rendition of the “facts” on what Zimmerman has put out. Case man? What? Pure racist propaganda!

        Zimmerman targeted Trayvon because he has a problem with Black men in his neighborhood. He called 911 to report a Black Man Walking incident as he had many times before, referring to Trayvon as a punk and a suspect. Suspected of what? Walking and talking on the phone? Then, he says “these a*holes always get away.” So, Barney Fife, contrary to instructions and the whole reason for Neighborhood Watch (to be the cops’ eyes and ears), not only follows and stalks Trayvon but does so with a fully loaded gun (also in violation of Neighborhood Watch rules). Conveniently, Zimmerman’s story has him cutting off his stalking just prior to the confrontation. And naturally you buy his story completely. After all, the other guy was Black and obviously a criminal, right?

        Was it self defense? I don’t know, but for you to say there’s no question is absurd. If Trayvon was on top and Zimmerman shot him, shouldn’t there have been lots of blood on Zimmerman? And how did Trayvon end up face down on the grass? And why did he shoot him in the heart? A less vital spot wouldn’t have served as self defense? And there were several witnesses, some of whom had Zimmerman on top or at least an actual struggle. Zimmerman’s injuries were minimal.

        The case is interesting. Your post shows nothing but your own biases.

  • Doc Sarvis

    Will of the people. – The will of the Alaska people was for her to serve a term as their Governor and she quit on them.

    Amnesty, just as Reagan had implemented. Is she saying that Reagan betrayed
    working-class Americans?

    Palin makes it sound like Conservatives want to repeat the
    marginalization of the Republican Party.
    Becoming a narrow and extreme party that was their Achilles Heel in the
    2012 Presidential race. Oh yes, plus the Democratic candidate
    actually had a plan for the American middle class to move forward.

    • Ted Crawford

      I can’t say for sure why Reagan believed that if he upheld his portion of Pub.L. 99-603, that Tip O’Neil and the Progressives would honor their portion Border Security! Perhaps he was simply naive, in any case he was soundly duped!
      We have no need of this bill, given that all the provisions, or at least those germane to the Title Issue are already in the Public Law, have been since November 6, 1986!
      This bill is a joke in any case if the control of our borders and immigration system are the intent!
      Section 5 – Mandates only that DHS submit “A Strategy” to determin how much, if any new fencing is required, NO mandate to actually build any at all!
      Section 2101, Pg. 105 – Requires ONLY that immigrants enroll in a class on English and Civics. No requirement for satisfactory completion or even attendance for that matter! Section 2537 – Mandates that the taxpayer create a fund to provide Illegals with a Lawyer to argue for them if the board finds them ineligible for amnesty! Finance a lawsuit against ourselves?!?!
      Section 3101, Pg. 415 allows DHS to waive any accountability of E-Verify, at their unilateral descretion!
      Pg. 437 Delays the implementation of E-Verify for a decade, at least!
      Pg. 511 Completely voids all State and Local E-Verify!
      There is absolutely NO Congressional oversight whatsoever in the bill! Oversight goes to Secretary DHS, Immigration Courts or the President!
      Virtually every one of the “Triggers” Rubio boasts of can be waived, voided or simply ignored, by any one of the aforementioned agencies!
      NO Thank You! We’ve been here before, we’ve done this before, we still have the useless Law on the books!

      • Doc Sarvis

        Conservatives, and others keep talking about “securing the border” but nobody is defining WHAT that is or how much that would cost over time.
        If Americans would not hire illegals then we would have VERY few of them.

        • Ted Crawford

          Perhaps you mised the part that Section 3101 allows for the waiving Of E-Verify at the unalateriel discretion of the Secretary of DHS !, Or that the best case delays it’s implementation for a decade! How will passing one more garbage Law solve either your problem or mine?

        • Alan

          And liberals are never concerned about costs where their pet projects are concerned. It’s always “we need it, no matter how much it costs!”. Don’t try damning one side of the political spectrum Doc. And don’t fool yourself into thinking that illegals wouldn’t keep coming here if nobody hired them. Many of them are nothing more than predators who will use any means necessary to profit in our society. We make it so easy for them.

      • Jeff

        Why is such a language requirement necessary? My grandfather came here as a young man over 100 years ago. He never became what you might call proficient in English. His kids were bilingual and their kids speak very little of the original language. Entirely typical immigrant pattern. Guess what? It’s no different for Mexicans than it was for generations of Italians, Jews, Poles, Hungarians, etc. (the “good” immigrants).
        If you want to find bad guys, look at the employers who bring illegal workers here so they can exploit them because once the workers from Mexico are granted legal status and it’s harder to exploit their labor, those unscrupulous employers will look for other workers who are still illegal. The value of the illegal worker to his employer is that he’s illegal. Plug that hole and you’ll go a long way toward solving the problem.

        • Ted Crawford

          The environment was far different at that time and the Immigrants were of a far different mindset. The Italians (My Grandfather); Jews; Poles; and Hungarians, actually believed this Country was something worth becomeing involved with! They didn’t have Politicians: Luis Gutierrez, Bob Mendez, Antonio Vallaraigosa, Cruz Bustamante, working through organizations such as La Raza (Por La Raza todo! Fuera de La Raza nada!), and it’s egregious offspring MECHA (ATZLAN) intent on carving out hugh sections of the Nation for their own devices!
          Again, as I attempted to show, Section 3101 insures that the “HOLE” we would like to be plugged, will instead open even wider, with the voiding of all State and local E-Verify!

          • Jeff

            But we had right wingers even then who were convinced that all those immigrants, our grandfathers, were nothing but scum and criminals. After all, they were from Southern Europe and Eastern Europe. They were Jews and Papists; some were swarthy and obviously criminals. How is that thinking any different from yours?

          • GerryC

            Jeff you have no idea what “Right and Left” come from when talking about politics. It comes from the Estates General in post-Revolutionary France. The “Right” was the Catholic Parties, Conservatives, Monarchist and Loyalists. “The Center” was the “Liberasl” (like Montesque, Jefferson, and George Mason (non-objectivist versions of Libertarians)” and the Whigs (the modern equivalent of the original GOP not our far left of center Boner / McConnel party of insider hacks). And the Left was just about everything else -Radicals (ones who wanted to tear up the roots of society), Anarchists, Socialists, Communist (yes Marx did not invent Communism only the Marxists version), anti-Catholics, anti-Semites, etc.
            It was not the “right that opposed the Papists” but the Left. The KKK was the biggest opponent – as one historian correctly noted the KKK was the terrorist wing of the Democratic party.
            But there were also those on Both side GOP and the Demorats that wanted limitless immigration for their own political purposes. Both put party before country.
            But this was pragmatism not ideological.
            Left, Center and Right refer to ideologies not politics.

          • Jeff

            We’re not talking about 18th Century France, are we? In France, the Catholic Church represented The Established Order as virtually all Frenchmen were, at least nominally, Catholics. In the U.S. since about 1880, “Catholic” has meant “immigrant.” The overwhelming majority of U.S. Catholics are descended from immigrants who emigrated between 1880 and 1924. They tended to vote Democratic and were hated by the KKK and the Dixiecrats almost as much as the Blacks and Jews.

            As for the rest of your post, I think you’re intelligent enough to acknowledge the basic facts of American politics since about 1960. For 100 years following the Civil War, the name “Republican” was death in the Old Confederacy, so all the Southern Racists were nominally Democrats. They were an embarrassment to the Northern party and represented the real Conservative opposition as many Northern Republicans were far more reasonable than the Southern Democrats.

            As soon as the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts passed in the mid-60s due to cooperation by Northern Democrats and Republicans but led by LBJ, all those Dixiecrats started leaving the Democrats for the Republicans. Within just a few years, the Old Confederacy was not only entirely Republican; the Southern Racists were running the place.

            At this point, the Republican Party is the home of all the crazies who were once loosely identified as Democrat. The Northern Republicans of the 60s have been banished from the Party, leaving only the looniest Birthers, Birchers, and Creationists in the Republican Party.

    • Alan

      Sarah quit for personal reasons. She did have the right to do so now, didn’t she? Or is that also politically incorrect in this day and age?

      • Jeff

        She had the right to do it and others have the right to comment on it. See how free speech works?

    • GerryC

      She was forced out because she wasn’t a millionaire and couldn’t afford to spend all her time fighting frivolous ethics charges.
      Palin is hopelessly damaged because she endorsed McCain over a Tea Party challanger.

  • chrisnj

    I have long been among those who have argued that third parties only work to the benefit of the Democrat-Socialists, however lately with the almost utter gutlessness of Republicans who seem only to want to play the part of “me too” Deomocrats Light, I’m not at all sure there is anything to lose by supporting those outside the Republican hierarchy, who loudly, firmly, and unapologetically both talk the talk and walk the walk of real conservative (AKA American) values.
    Sarah Palin is right. It may be time to replace a wimpified Republican Party with something better and more effective. Free-market competition works in politics too.

    • Bill

      Good Comment, Chrisnj.
      The republican party of today is just made up of “The Good Old Boys”, that represent their special interests only and let the voters be damned
      We need some new blood that is willing to fight the socialists

    • JRR

      The Republican Party is dead already, for all intents and purposes, because they signed an agreement not to pursue Democrat election fraud. For that reason alone, we need to replace them with another party. And it had best be populated with all new people, so that the Ds can’t say it is just the Republican Party with a new name.

      By the way, how do we feel about the Republicans hiding this legal settlement from their own members for thirty years, while their ability to do what we expected them to do dwindled, and we wondered what their problem was?

  • PoliTecs

    Hey Palin! I already left, in 2010! WHERE ARE YOU and WHY IS IT TAKING YOU SO LONG!

  • squeeze127

    Time for the Conservatives to voice their opinions. McCain and Romney were nothing more than RINOs, Democrat Lights, DIRTs (Democrat In Republican Togs), or whatever else they can be labeled. Why would the they elect an imitation, when they can elect the real Democrat? Old school Republican bigwigs are the problem and need replaced, Rove comes to mind here. Too many incumbents are indebted to Lobbyists who have no intentions of dealing with the population. They don’t represent you or me. Any coincidence that elected officials become Lobbyists after they get defeated? Time to turn the tables on this system, and term limits would be a good starting point! A new Conservative Party would wake some of these sleepers up, others just become flotsam/jetsam in the sea of politics.

    • GerryC

      The problem is the 2 parties control the state government and they make the ballot access laws. Look at Texas in ’88 their own Senator couldn’t get on the ballot for President in their state because the Bush’s controlled the process in that state. In Mass we had to change our laws by ballot initiative to allw 3rd parties to even exist.

  • tncdel

    The Prog globalists have not only hijacked the Democrat party from true Liberals loyal to America, but also the globalist RINOs and neocons have wrested control of the GOP. That’s why we have TRAITORS in both parties bent on dissolving our border and eroding U.S. sovereignty.

    Anyone with an IQ above that of a turnip should be able to realize that amnesty would only serve to attract millions more job-stealing illegals here.

    The ONLY way to stop the illegal alien invasion: MAKE THINGS AS TOUGH AS POSSIBLE on the illegals, so they will self-deport back to Mexico, etc. at their own expense because they get to hate it here so much. We certainly can’t afford to deport over 20 million illegals. Plus most would only come right back if we tried.

    • GerryC

      Not if you deport them to Somalia, the south pole, North Korea, or Afganistan. And put automatic guns on the border.

  • tncdel

    They should switch to Independent. Right now Independents outnumber either Democrats or Republicans. And I would like to see someone run for president as an Independent, not a third party candidate. For the globalists have even infiltrated the Libertarians.

    Gary Johnson is as phony as a 3 dollar bill. Claims to be a “strict constitutionalist.” But almost completely disregards one of the Constitution’s core tenets; namely: domestic national defense against the illegal alien invasion.

    Johnson is so bad that non-partisan NumbersUSA rated him almost as bad as Obama [who they rated an F minus]. Johnson rated an F! See:

    Further, Johnson is a LEFTWING “politically correct” activist who spits on the Constitution. He hoodwinked Libertarians much like the commie-socialists were able to hijack the Democrat party from the true Liberals.

    The New World Order is infiltrating the Libertarian party using Johnson, and many sleep on him.

    For example, a homosexual man has THE EXACT SAME RIGHT under the Constitution as does a heterosexual man to marry a woman. But the fact that he does not wish to do so, though his prerogative, does NOT create for him another right; namely: to change the heterosexual definition of marriage handed down to us by our ancestors.

    But the leftwing “politically correct” globalist activists like Gary Johnson want to invent new rights. In fact, Johnson even opposes letting each state decide that. He wants a federal law imposed that enshrines the unconstitutional tampering. See:

    • GerryC

      That’s why his 2 million votes were not votes for him personally but protests against Romney who was identical to him in every way. He got just about all of the Ron Paul vote who refused to hold their nose and vote for Commie I mean Romney. Romney believes Fascism at the State level is good but bad at the Federal Level.

  • Robbie

    Yes, Palin should start her own far right party. She could run as the dumbell (who thinks Africa is a country) for President. But who would she get to run as VP.? Well there’s Donald for one. He’s the dope who whines about jobs going to China and then has his so-called designer line of shirts and ties MADE IN CHINA. Or Palin could get the doppy Congressman who recently stated that he was against all abortion because boy fetus’ masterbate in the womb thus proving they have feelings. Or how about the nut job former Congressman from Kansas who said that womens’ bodies can “shut down” a pregnancy after being raped? [He used to be on the science committee!!!!]. Or how about Governor Rick Perry who had a full sports stadium in Texas on their feet to pray for rain? Too bad it didn’t rain but then the Rain God works in mysterious ways as we know. Of course there’s always Michelle Bachman whos husband runs a company that “prays away the gay”[that doesn’t work either] but dear old Michelle who so hates government handouts managed to apply for a government grant none the less. The possibilities go on and on and it gets complicated. Why not just find some guy who opened a pizza pie company and keep everything simple?

    • Alan

      How about a president who thinks there are 57 states. What party should he have run on? Oh….that’s right….he ran with the appropriate one….lol!

      • Robbie

        I suggest you differentiate between a simple slip of the tongue and firmly held philosophical beliefs.

        • Alan

          And you might do the same Robbie. You proclaim it to be a simple slip of the tongue. When was the last time you declared there was 57 states. I know I never have. Connect that with his many other so called “slips of the tongue” and you might see his true philosophical beliefs as well.

          • Robbie

            Recently when giving someone my cell phone number while driving I accidently reversed the last two numbers. Did that mistake reveal much about my political beliefs or my moral values? I rather doubt it. On the other hand when a certain Congresswoman claims to be against government handouts and then gets when for her husband’s company I’d say that DOES indicate something.

          • Ted Crawford

            As was the case when Nancy Pelosi, forcibly advocated for raising the minimum Wage, EXCEPT in the Territory where her Husband had a major interest in a Company that depended, almost excusively on Minimum wage earners? That resulted in the Bankruptcy of his major competitors in American Samoa! Acts such as that?

          • Don 2

            Hey Robbie, you still seeing that AC/DC chick with the bone in her nose, or ring, or whatever; the one that dances on water? How’s her moral values?

          • Robbie

            Ah, wouldn’t you like to know. Or maybe some piece of the action? Moral values? Oh pretty good. You know, kind to others, has love for one and all, well, except for religious and other far right wing freaks of nature.

          • Don 2

            “Piece of the action?” Nah, I’m not into carnival freaks and STD lovefests.

          • Robbie

            Then I suggest you stop asking about her. She’s not into your type anyway. But if she ever wants to sit around and get BORED TO FREAKIN’ DEATH I’ll let you know.

    • Syd Hatfield

      What’s a “doppy” congressman? Is that a missive like mispeaking that Africa is a country?

      • Robbie

        It’s a spelling mistake which may mean the GOP wants me to run for President.

        • Syd Hatfield

          LOL! You da man!!

        • Syd Hatfield

          …or a TSA screener.

      • GerryC

        That is the problem with many of you.
        Marcus Aurelius – the graet philosopher and Roman Emperor – said one of the greatest virtues to to listen to what people mean not what they say.
        When John McCain gave a speach about the Sunnis and Shi’ites, once he accidentally said the one when he meant the other. So it was clear from the context which he meant. The media attacked him for it. (no virtue in the media just partisanship)
        Similarly when Obama was talking about growing up and going to Muslim schools and that his father was a Muslim, he correctly stated taht he was “proud of his Muslim heritage” which is clearly what he meant in the context of the statement. But but butt-boy Stephenopolice wanted to cover that up so he interjected “you mean your christian heritage”. This was done by the MSM which wanted to hide his Muslim past.

    • GerryC

      Note that Palin never said that Africa was a country. That was a lie made up by a Democrat political hack who wrote a blog pretending to be an operative in the McCain campaign. It was known to be a lie at the time and pushed by the MSM to discredit her.

  • ChuckS123

    What about the Tea party? I think the Tea party is not a 3rd, but a 2-/12 party. It pushes for conservative candidates within the repubs. It could also run candidates in the general election against the repubs. I think the conservative party of NY is something like that. It could become a 3rd party. I think the Tea party and any other conservatives should have a convention or something mid 2015, before the primaries start, and pick the candidate we want for pres, so we’re supporting one conservative instead of the several we had in 2008 and 2012. Maybe also late 2013 for midterms.

    A few years ago Dick Armey said he wanted the Tea party to do a hostile takeover of the repubs. I like that!

    • GerryC

      Problem is Dick Armey now works for the ACLU which has always supported the Communist agenda.

  • zonkedout1

    Libertarians are always looking for regulation free constituents.

  • Sic Semper Tyrannis

    Ross Perot warned the American People when he was running for the Presidency in 1992 about what the GOP Wall Street whores and the DemoCommie Wall Street whores were going to do with his famous prescient saying about “that giant sucking sound” of American jobs going overseas. 21 years later we find that 23,000,000 American manufacturing jobs along with God only knows how many ancillary dependent jobs that depended on the manufacturing base have all vanished thanks to the collusion of BOTH parties. Ross Perot, before he prematurely left the race, was actually ahead of both Clinton and George H.W. Bush. It is no small wonder that they then threatened to kill him and his daughter. Today, the “D” might as well represent the word “DANGEROUS”, and the “R” might as well refer to the word “ROTTEN” as far as I’m concerned. The District of Criminals is a mafia crime syndicate, awash in murders, false flags, coverups, bribery, corruption, and blackmail, that quite a long time ago abandoned the US Constitution and the will of the American People. Our form of government is a totalitarian State masquerading as a democratic republic. The Founding Fathers could never have envisioned in their time the concept of a mega globalist corporation, let alone its tremendous capacity to incorporate bribery as official modus operandi in the form of lobbying in the District of Criminals. For any new 3rd Party to remain viable in the long run, it must not be susceptible to corporate funding. The Constitution Party is already a Third Party that has just such a policy.

  • Sic Semper Tyrannis

    Many of us who voted for Ron Paul know that the powers that be that run the false Left-Right Paradigm would have assassinated Ron Paul if he had threatened their hegemony, just as they successfully assassinated JFK and RFK and attempted to assassinate Reagan and Ross Perot. A 3rd Party must be willing to investigate 9/11 and prosecute the CIA and government personnel responsible; to investigate numerous political murders of whistleblowers; and to prosecute numerous politicians, judges, AG’s, and Secretaries of State for treason for refusing to corroborate Obama’s Constitutional credentials to be President. They must be willing to expose the Zionist control of our government, banks, and media, and the Zionist involvement in 9/11. Anyone choosing to run as a 3rd Party candidate must be willing to embrace the truth. The American People are tired of the incessant corruption, evil, coverups, and lies. They hunger for the truth. If a 3rd Party embraces the 9/11 lie of the Neocons/Zionists/CFR-CIA Propaganda MSM, then Amerika will remain a Stasi Police State bereft of a Constitution and bereft of a Bill of Rights.

    • GerryC

      Typical plant form the establishment. Always has to bring “Zionism” in to try to make the rest of us look like “Anti-Semites”. Go back to your DNC office you hack.

      • Sic Semper Tyrannis

        Zionism is not “true” Judaism. There are many TRUE JEWS who oppose Zionism themselves to this day. You just never hear about them in the Zionist-owned Amerikan propaganda media. The Talmud was added to Judaism after the Babylonian captivity. This same Talmud was what Jesus was adamantly opposing because it was being taught by the high priests and scribes. Look up “Halacka” in the Jewish Talmud, and you’ll see how they justified 9/11 and the IDF’s target practice on Palestinian children. These abhorrent Talmud teachings which aren’t biblical whatsoever are routinely taught to Jewish IDF forces to justify their incessant murder of Palestinians. It also justifies usury against Gentiles but NOT AGAINST JEWS. When Ted Turner sold CNN, the Zionists were in complete control of the American media and the stage was now set for 9/11. They had already completely infiltrated the government in the District of Criminals. Look up the Neocon nutjob organization, PNAC, and you might just learn something about 9/11. I am the last person on Earth who could be characterized as a “plant from the establishment”.

  • GerryC

    I left the GOP in 1992. We were told that if we supported Bush in ’88 and he didn’t keep his no new taxes pledge, they would support his removal in ’92. He did and they didn’t. I was personally called disloyal by Republican hacks. They send me dozens of fundraising letters every month. I always write on them” not one cent as long as one person illegally entered the country and has not been deported.”

  • GerryC

    Let’s try not to forget about Newt Gingrich. This guy disgusts me. The USA was founded as the Founding Fathers stated as a Nation without a National Government. Gingrich has been pushing “Nationalism” to destroy “Federalism” for his entire career. Every idea he has is both bad and contrary to the constitution. There is a reason why you can’t buy health insurance across state lines and you shouldn’t be able to. Because each state determine that states health insurance laws (ie the 10th amendment). Why should people who live in Nebraska have to have their insurance comply with and pay for the high regulations of New York and subsidize the high salaries of the New York medical establishment.

    • CommonSense4America

      I say keep both the Federal and State governments out of my healthcare. Insurance companies can figure out what the customers want. If you don’t like what the insurance companies are offering and at what price,,,don’t but it. The marketplace along with competition will sort it all out and will become cheaper. In my personal opinion, which nobody cares about but here it is anyway. IF you truly want lower health cost, everyone drop your health insurance tomorrow. Cost will drop like a rock. The healthcare industry will be competing for you business.