Officer Grabs Child For The State; Smacks Him For Resisting, Acting Like A Child


As we’ve often written, U.S. police officers — whom I’ve come to call LEOs (legally entitled to oppress) — are becoming increasingly violent and oppressive in their interactions with the citizenry. Case in point is this recent incident of abuse (my word) in Eugene, Ore.

A police officer, reportedly acting on behalf of a judge’s order to remove a child from his mother and place him in the custody of his mother’s boyfriend (and not a biological relative), hit the child in the face after the child allegedly bit him. The officer later lied about the nature of the blow.

I don’t know the circumstances of the family or what led to the order from the judge. I know only what the video shows.

Apparently, officers tried to grab the 8-year-old boy in a park near his home. The child tried to run home and was grabbed by an officer before he made it. The officer is seen pulling the boy by his arms. The boy clearly doesn’t want to go and expresses it verbally and with his actions. The child then moves his face close to the officer’s hand and the officer slaps the child’s forehead (at about 1:07).

At 10:20, the officer clearly lied, saying he pushed the boy away, demonstrating with a push on his own forehead.

Watch the video for yourself (foul language warning).

LEOs are becoming increasing militarized and increasingly militant. They will be on the front line of the growing tyranny. They obey orders to the letter. They lie and they obfuscate. And the rights of the citizens mean nothing to them.

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Bob Livingston

founder of Personal Liberty Digest™, is an ultra-conservative American author and editor of The Bob Livingston Letter™, in circulation since 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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63 thoughts on “Officer Grabs Child For The State; Smacks Him For Resisting, Acting Like A Child

  1. Why the hell is the car so far away in the first place…..he should not be handling the child like he was walking to meet up with the other ppl.

    1. I suspect because he had to run-down the little rabbit….which worked up some testosterone and adrenalin…I think the cop was handling things well considering the circumstances. Notice he didn’t taze or pepper-spray or hand-cuff the resisting kid….a cuff for being bit is pretty mild in my book .

      1. I understand that, and I can agree to a point. What I was trying to point out is why was he alone? where was his partner? When he took off running why didn’t another cop run after him too? He did handle everything except the slap VERY well, yet he should not have slapped him. Considering the filth that was coming out of every-ones mouth (even that one kid that looked like he was around 13/14) he and the others did a good job. And all the so called grown ups that were yelling and egging crap on was disgusting. I was trying to say that even though he was great at holding his temper, he still should not have slapped the kid, and his partner or another cop should have been there to help escort the kid back to their units.

  2. First off, it’s Eugene. Strange people down there. It’s a
    hotbed of liberalism and the entitlement crowd. Second, I looked at the video
    over and over fast and slow and honestly can’t say if the cop hit him or pushed
    him. Thirdly I think the cops showed a huge deal of professionalism and
    restraint with that vulgar mouthed crowd around them yelling, threatening,
    interfering and just generally being idiots. I can’t tolerate the foul language
    coming from the other kid and the person taking the video as well as the crowd.
    There is no call for that kind of language in public. I know that LEOs are
    getting way too military and that there are a huge number of abuses of power
    but these officers seemed to handle themselves very well considering the
    behavior mental pygmies surrounding them.

    1. I agree with you that the people were downright pissed & nasty. But on
      the other side, if I understand this story right…lol…this child is being
      taken from his mom & going to a non-relative which this child clearly
      doesn’t want to go with. The way this boy is taken without going before
      a family court & is not being put with another Family Member is what makes me apprehensive, to be grabbed up at the park & sent to a boy
      friend of the mom’s(I guess that’s who’s getting him?) and the boy saying
      he doesn’t want that, should concern all of us…? I didn’t like the way the
      crowd yelled & the words they chose but under the circumstances, it may
      have got much worse! I’m glad it did not & the police did show thick skin
      in this, as they should because if this were my child I’d be irate too! I’d
      like to see how the rest of this comes out but you know this powder keg
      will be kept as quite as possible. There’s more to this than what we’ve seen here as well….There are valid questions on both sides of the story!

        1. Wrong! It clearly states: ” place him in the custody of his mother’s boyfriend (and not a biological relative),”

    2. Thank you…the video does NOT give clear evidence that the child was hit!
      I do not condone hitting a child, but there was no evidence on this video that the child was hit!! The agitators and their foul language in front to this child was far more offensive to me!!

  3. Hi Bob, PLD is a daily read of mine. Thanks for all you do!

    We’ve been discussing this case on the liveleak forums. You might have an interest in perusing the commentary.
    [Broken link removed]

    I have been solely carrying the minority position. The main site where this vid was originally posted is even worse. So many people support the ‘right’ of this cop to smack this kid, minimizing and excusing his behavior. I can only think that as a society, and on some level, we get the ‘government’ we deserve.

      1. Thanks for the reply and effort on the link. I know it won’t access the thread as I have tried to edit it. Please remove it for me.

        Regarding the video found on the main site with almost 1800 comments…

        I’m rather perturbed by the punitive and vindictive commentary toward this boy and the people of this community, as well as the support regarding this cops reaction and subsequent denial of the recorded events. We live in strange times, sir. Best regards!

  4. I think the police handled themselves very well. This is a tough situation when a child is being taken away from his mother. My question here is why are they giving a non relative custody? I don’t know the whole story here but I pray this person has the child’s best interests at heart. We will never hear what happened as this is Seattle and all kinds of behavior are permitted really way too liberal and a haven for perverts.

    1. So a cop smacking an 8 y.o. kid is okay? The kid wasn’t a criminal. He didn’t steal a candy from a dime-store. This was a civil matter, not a criminal one. Maybe you got your knuckles rapped by some nuns with a ruler back when kids knew discipline, and it built character? Cops can’t hit kids. Welcome to the 21st century.

    2. You ask why a child was being given to a non relative; Well, in the state of Maine, unless you have gone through the process of being a foster parent, even as a relative, you do not get custody of a child. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, even cousins HAVE to submit to the government BS in order to save a child from foster care. Folks, foster care is nothing but big business to the states. the more kids in foster care, the more money the state gets from the feds. Judges only hear one side of the story when they sign orders to remove children from parents. Keep that in mind! The state has access to judges 24/7 and we, the people, do not have the same access. If the CPS worker doesn’t audio tape the interview prior to the court order, the worker gets to go into court using bits and pieces of the interview (the bits that bolster their case) written in such a way as to take comments out of context. Fair? Absolutely NOT! Also in the state of Maine, when a child is taken, the parents are “substantiated” for abuse and neglect and they have NO DUE PROCESS. they cannot appeal the decision or take it to court (unless they have a load of money for the lawyers). The substantiation stays with the parents for life. They can never hold jobs dealing with children or the elderly. Welcome to the COMMUNIST state of Maine and USA.

  5. Cops were enforcing a court order up till the time he hit the 8 yr. old, Then they become child beaters. They acted out of the law in order to enforce a screwed up judges order. How convoluted can you get. They need to fire this bastard>

  6. this isn’t child beating…I know just where the dividing line is…
    having been on the receiving end

    the kid was acting like a wild animal (and I don’t blame him)in his bid
    to remain free and with his mama…
    and the cop was just trying to handle him without hurting him.
    ever see a dog snap and growl at a pup? or a mama bear cuff a cub?

    1. The Cop wasn’t a dog, did not snap and growl. Nor was he the Mama bear cuffing her cub. He was a Law Enforcement Officer. He supposedly has been trained and professional.

      1. I agree, one person posted that 99% of us would react out of sudden shock (per-say) of the unknowingly bite happening. Yet are they not trained to control the sudden outbursts and actions? They are supposed to be trained for anything. Hate to face him in an alley where he is looking for someone, and I drop a can or something, he’ll turn and shoot. Just saying….maybe not a good analogy but you get my drift. LOL

        1. I believe the accepted way of teaching off-spring not to bite is to mildly bite them back and explain that it hurts and is unacceptable behavior….

      2. are you suggesting he taze or mace the little guy ? An officer only has the options on his belt or common sense … and what he learned from HIS mama.

        1. I suggested nothing of the sort, and btw, the cop was getting ready to pepper spray. There are more options available than on his belt. Common sense suggests that the “trained officer” had other options. And what he learned from his mama, was to pick on those who are unable to defend themselves. Again I say, The cop was not the kids mama and he had no right to physically abuse a child regardless.

          1. I knew you hadn’t suggested that…it was a rhetorical device. I appreciate your concern for the boy.

  7. I think these officers held some measure of composure. However hitting a child like provoking an incident to arrest someone for assaulting a police officer (as is often the case) is not acceptable. We are headed for a police state The link below is promotional however the content should be heeded

  8. I find it difficult to disagree with the general proposition that cops can, and do, act improperly. Where I have a dispute with you is your tendency to blame the police only in cases where a child is taken or someone’s gun rights are being denied. I do not expect you will demonstrate the same cynicism toward police motives when they beat up Black “suspects,” labor picketers, of Leftist protesters.

    1. Police brutality by police state is unacceptable. What the police can do to on they can do to all. By the way … has anyone noticed how the police now emulate the military?

  9. I did not see the policeman hit the child!
    I watched it because it was said that he did, expecting to be outraged!
    I watched it numerous times!
    What are you all watching???

      1. Sorry, I saw what seems to be restraining, but nothing that looked like a “slap”. Anyone being chewed on the arm certainly would take restraining action. It’s not a clear video, so all you vigilantes need to take a closer look before you form a posse and throw a noose over the limb.

        1. All States have Rules on the Handling of CHILDREN of all Ages, by their Law Enforcement. these Officers where Clearly NOT following Those Rules.

          To further Aggravate the Child & On lookers, instead of having a patrol Car Close By, These cops, DRAGGED this Traumatized Boy of 8 years, Threw the Streets & Threw a Park and more, For what reason? Just the Hell of it?
          How would you’ve Truly have Acted, JUDICIOUS, If You Where that boy, Being Grabbed by an Stranger in these days of CHILD RAPE by Uniformed husky men??
          Don’t we teach our children to TRUST NO ONE when their being Grabbed!!

          1. Calm down, take your meds, clean your glasses and look at that tape very carefully:
            1. The boy was walking all of the time, never dragged.
            2. The officer and the boy were holding hands most of the time. The boy looked calm. There was no evidence of trauma.
            3. The officer THREW the boy? Where was that on the video clip? The boy was never thrown, so far as I can see.
            4. The suggestion of child rape based in this clip is unsubstantiated, irresponsible and libelous. Consider those insidious false accusations by Al Sharpton (Tawana Brawley, Duke La Cross team) and don’t make unfounded accusations that can ruin lives!

            If these officers were breaking the law, complain to the Eugene, OR officials, not to me. I can undertake no legal action, as I am not the legal expert you are.

            P.S. Get yourself a good grammar book, invest in a spell checker, and think before you post…

        2. Thank you for being another voice of reason in a sea of insanity.
          The foul mouth woman yelled that he was hit and everyone took up the chant and decided to believe her….nowhere on that tape is a slap visible…They are like all eye witnesses…..they see what they want to see…..not what was there!!

          1. The term “vigilante” is directed at those making overblown accusations based on very shaky evidence, not directly at you. I understand the difference between “Vigilant” and “vigilante”. My apologies for the misunderstanding.


      2. You have a super imagination if you “saw” that child ‘hit” anywhere on that video….power of suggestion is pretty heady stuff!

          1. No offense, but I had a dozen people view that video and not one of them would VERIFY that the child was slapped! I don’t have vision problems, nor do they…nor probably you as well!

            The comments were that they would not ever call that it a slap or accuse anyone of same, because the angle was not visible to confirm it!

            We will have to agree to disagree, except that the child could have benefited from a slap earlier in his life!

  10. Bob, not sure this is evidence of the police state that we live in. Seems like an unruly kid and equally if not more unruly mom (guessing the woman with the vulgar mouth is mom). Maybe if mom took care of her kid we wouldn’t see this garbage. I guess if we don’t live in total anarchy we are in a police state?

    1. Another idiot. What do you expect from an 8 years old when he is being taken away from his mother by force? Should he bow in front of the police and declare his allegiance to their godliness? Boy’s upbringing is irrelevant. What is relevant is police’s conduct with the boy. The police officer was not boys father and had no right to slap an 8 years old.

      1. the father had been granted custody and mom had refused to obey the court order. So next time a father ”abducts” their child you gonna stand behind the father?

      1. Then Why the TRIP threw the PARK? Where was their CAR’S at the local Donut Shop!!!
        this Boy, After being Man-Handled by this Brute of a Cop, will end up HATING all COPS in the end!

  11. If People led better lives,this kind of crap would not be going on!!!Parents should be held more responiable for the actions of their kids!!The Child’s language alone,tells you he hasn’t had the “best”of Training From either Parent!!!The kid can now (later on in life)become someone eles problem!!!The People in this video,screaming at the policemen,is the real problem,not the policemen themselves!!

    1. Cut the BS. The point of the article was should a police office treat an 8 years old the way he did? I am sure if the police officer was also 8 years old the boy would have whipped his ass.

      1. and youre how old? thats the most childish comment Ive read in days. Kid bites me, I’ll smack em, just like I did my own child

        1. If you were 8 yrs old and a cop grabbed you in a park and you had not done anything, you would go willing?? They needed to talk to him before trying to drag him off.

          The other day cops in Chicago shot a 95 yr Vet in a wheel chair with a bean bag and tased him causing him to die of internal injuries because he did not want to go to the hospital for surgery that the doc told him he might not live or leave the hospital. We have no choice in our lives anymore. Sue the cops!

          1. The Policeman that did the shooting should have used better judgement than he did!!He should be relieved of his job!!!Shooting someone that old with anything,Shows Bad Judgement,and character on the part of the policeman!!!my question is,”why were both policemen Rookies?”I always understood that a “rookie was always placed with another Officer that had a lot more experience.That is one thing they should look into!!!

          2. If he did not want the surgery, why didn’t they call his family? Why were the cops called in the 1st place?
            His family wants answers and I would also if it was my family. That Senior Living or Assisted Living place needs to be sued.

    2. Chris, please re-watch the film…the kid and so called adults yelling and using filthy words is NOT the mom or kid being taken away!!!! It is the people around watching it happen and making this video.

      1. THAT is True, However, Using Force on an * year old Child, Unless they are using a Weapon, should NEVER treated in such a Manner!!
        If You or I Did that to a child, Even if it was your own, You’d get 1 to 5 years at lease!!

        1. Question55, I agree, I was just telling Chris that the mom and child involved was not using the language or acting out as he was saying. It was the other people around. I agree that the cop was wrong.

    3. I Agree !!!How about the so-called”Bus Beating?”(Three Kids,gaining up on one kid,and beating the hell out of him!!!)The big question I would like to ask is,Where are the Parents?The kids got arrested,but how about their parents?The parents of these kind of kids ,should have to answer in a court of law ,how they raised them and be held to some degree of responsibility.

  12. Better get use to this sort of thing, it’s only is going to get worse!
    OBAMA Promised a CHANGE, How do YOU like it Thus FAR???
    This Year So far, American Police Officers, Have BEATEN, Assaulted none Combatants, Shot & Wounded, SHOT & MURDERED, More American Citizens Than In All of the Last 20 Years!
    And thanks to OBAMA’S I Don’t Care to get Involved, Attitude, Many More of us will become Victims, To this kind of Dictatorship Tactics.

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