Obama’s Approval Rating At All-Time Low


If there’s a poll out there with the words “President Barack Obama” in it, there’s a good chance it’s attended by words like “only,” “plummets,” “dips,” “sinks,” “dives” and “free fall.”

A poll released late Monday by FOX News shows Americans’ regard for Obama has reached an all-time low, with only (see? there’s that word) 40 percent of those surveyed expressing approval for the President in his still-young second term. Meanwhile, 54 percent of 900 registered American voters who responded to the phone poll, conducted from Sept. 6-8, said they disapprove of Obama.

The polling period occurred at a time of fresh, new embarrassments for the President, whose determination to find a pretense for a military strike against Syria has heightened Americans’ incredulity toward the commander in chief and diminished their esteem of America’s international reputation.

If publications outside the United States offer any reliable insight, that reputation has indeed taken a massive hit under Obama.

Newspapers in the free-press part of the world had already been hammering the Obama Administration for hypocritically propagating the very same Big Brother machine that Obama, as a Senator and Presidential candidate, once castigated. But British papers like The Guardian and The Telegraph have seized on Obama’s myopic, unpopular and mercenary positioning of America as the world’s moral arbiter, condemning the Obama White House — once hailed by liberals and optimists as a do-over for reviled American interventionist policy — for admirably living up to the misdeeds of its former occupants.

“Obama’s failure to be honest about his nation’s record of destroying international norms and undermining international law, his myth-making about the role of the US in world affairs, and his one-sided interventions in the Middle East, all render the crisis in Syria even harder to resolve,” The Guardian’s George Monbiot wrote Monday.

“Until there is some candour about past crimes and current injustices, until there is an effort to address the inequalities over which the US presides, everything it attempts — even if it doesn’t involve guns and bombs — will stoke the cynicism and anger the president says he wants to quench… During his first inauguration speech Barack Obama promised to ‘set aside childish things’. We all knew what he meant. He hasn’t done it.”

Washington-based foreign affairs analyst Nile Gardiner was more colorful, if less elegant, in reacting to the FOX News poll on a blog post for The Telegraph:

Having casually drawn a red line in the sand on the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime, Obama’s own credibility — not that of the United States — is on the line.

… Against a backdrop of plummeting public approval, and surging Congressional opposition, it is hard to see how the president is going to turn his Syria debacle around. The American people increasingly see him as a weak leader, one that has actually lowered America’s standing in the world instead of raising it. Frankly, President Bush’s record is looking better by the day, as a flailing Obama struggles to stand tall on the world stage while tripping over his own shoelaces at home. At least, with Obama’s predecessor in the White House, the United States was backed by its allies and feared by its enemies. The same cannot be said today.

See the full FOX News poll here.

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Ben Bullard

Reconciling the concept of individual sovereignty with conscientious participation in the modern American political process is a continuing preoccupation for staff writer Ben Bullard. A former community newspaper writer, Bullard has closely observed the manner in which well-meaning small-town politicians and policy makers often accept, unthinkingly, their increasingly marginal role in shaping the quality of their own lives, as well as those of the people whom they serve. He argues that American public policy is plagued by inscrutable and corrupt motives on a national scale, a fundamental problem which individuals, families and communities must strive to solve. This, he argues, can be achieved only as Americans rediscover the principal role each citizen plays in enriching the welfare of our Republic.

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  • IsThisAmerica

    Everyone is against this invasion of Syria, except him. He does not listen to the people because he wants to do whatever he wants to do and the people be damned. I laughed at him when he came on TV to explain why he wanted to invade Syria. That is their cival war not ours to interfere with. All his bluster about dictators was laughable because words from him (the dictator) was all true as he knows it. We still don’t want any part of Syria or obamacare. That’s right, keep hitting us with everything, we don’t forget. You have woke the sleeping giant and now you will be sorry. Everyone knows you don’t want to wake the sleeping giant. Except maybe you.

    • Chuck Rogers II

      Don’t forget the occupier of the Whitehouse simply picks and chooses the laws he wants to follow and is not like anyone that sat in the ‘drivers’ seat before

      • IsThisAmerica

        Hope we never have anyone like him again. Our country is fast falling apart because of him. Debt, high unemployment, obamacare, racism has reared it’s ugly head because of him and holder. I can not believe any president who would self inflict wounds on his own country. But we all know he is not a part of this country and hates it. That is why I refuse to acknowledge him as president.

        • Gary

          Unfortunately, we will likely have Hillary as his successor in 2016.

          • peter

            That has already been decided Gary. You can bet on it. The rest of the world had better toe the line when her and Billy Boy are in the Whitehouse again. May God have mercy on the USA. “Forgive them father, they know not what they do!” – ring a bell?

          • JimH

            Didn’t Billary already serve 2 terms?
            That’s all they get.
            Bill said at the beginning of his 1rst term that when you get him you got both. That mutant form of them had there turn.

          • IsThisAmerica

            I won’t vote for her. She is just as worthless as obama and should be sitting her a$$ in prison right now. Her and a few others. How is it they are above all laws? Now they don’t have to take obamacare but the plain citizen has to? Not even businesses have to take it. I also heard that stupid congress is going to pass that amnesty bill. Well guess what people? Now none of us may have a job because all those law breaking illegals will get your job because employers won’t have to cover them under obamacare because they will be exempt from the law also! So only the taxpaying citizens will be FORCED to take obamacare and NOBODY else! What the hell kind of law does that? Only includes SOME of the population? We need to get rid of the entire government! I only wish I knew how besides physical force. Colorado had recalls and that worked well.

        • Bill

          It is actually kind of pathetic. His economic policies are such a failure that people are trying to make a career out of working fast food jobs.
          He even makes Jimmy Carter look like an economic genius

    • Doc Sarvis

      IF President Obama were a dictator he would have bombed Syria already and would never had asked for Congressional approval.

      • Bill

        Doc, It was only a political move that he asked congress, that way if it turned to crap, he had someone else to share the blame

        • Doc Sarvis

          A dictator would not have done this.
          President Obama did the right thing.

          • Bill

            Doc, So that means you support going to war over Syria

          • Doc Sarvis

            Not at all. I don’t know how you would jump to that conclusion.

          • Bill

            Because you kiss his backside and support everything that he does

          • Doc Sarvis

            Not at all. I just pointed out that he is NOT a dictator as IsThisAmerica claimed. What fantastic jumps of logic you take. Come back to reality.

          • Vigilant

            …for the wrong reason.

        • vicki

          Dictators rarely do things without someone else to blame. That is just one of the reasons most every monarch in history has their “earls” and “czars” etc. Always gotta have “useful idiots” to throw under the bus.

      • momo

        Obama took it to Congress for political cover, probably hoping that it would get voted down. Then, to Obama’s utter amazement, Putin throwns him a life line and he grabs it.

    • Bill

      Good comment, Is,
      Let’s all not forget that Obama, Kerry, Clinton, Reid, Pelosi, McCain, Graham and Boehner were all ready to run off half cocked and start another war. No matter what the voters felt

      • IsThisAmerica

        McCain is a dirty word in Arizona. I can’t imagine why he is pushing this amnesty. Guess because he don’t live here anymore. He sure don’t represent what the people of Arizona want. He is a has been. Wish their was a recall for him, I would sign it.

    • vicki

      If everyone wanted the government to “stop and frisk” and obama did not listen to the people and refused to authorize “stop and frisk” I would applaud his decision to uphold the Constitution over the “tyranny of the majority”. But alas we have the TSA so we know well obama’s position on the 4th Amendment.

  • pete

    The 40% who approve are either in Hollywood or aliens. Either way, no-one can really take them seriously. They, like McCain and Biden should be carefully put somewhere under strict and professional observation.

  • Warrior

    And let me be “CLEAR”. The great imposter is nothing more than a creation of axelweed and jarrett. Never accomplished a damn thing in ill-annoy or representing ill-annoy. Anyone who supports this fraud is a “dope”. IS that “Clear” enough for you? If you wish to “rebut” go ahead and list his accomplishments. What? He cosponsored a bill in favor of “late term” abortions? Oh, and his wife and valerie came up with legislation to make “patient” dumping perfectly acceptable. Like I said, “dopes”.

  • dan

    My opinion of zeroe is low enough to compensate for the zombies
    who approve of the beady eyed jug eared tyrant….him AND his puppet master Soros or his handler Iranian Val Jarret or co-conspiritors and minions.

  • Adrian Fitzpatrick

    Low, how low is low? Not low enough, it should sink down to 0, that is where it belongs.

  • Carlos

    Barry’s approval rating will probably never go much lower than 40%, that is the solid voting block of Minorities, Bolsheviks and dead head voters. They do not care what this man does, He’s black, he’s a democrat (bolshevik) , If the wimpy republicans lose next year, you can bet there will be a cry from the ghettos for a third term and it could happen.

    • Libertarian Soldier

      It’s not just minorities. It’s primarily the anti-white, caucasians immersed in the propaganda of the left that advance the agenda

  • Sam

    Can we get a petition and recall obama?

    • Carlos

      The Senate would have to impeach Barry, could you see Harry Reid doing that.

      • Libertarian Soldier

        The black conservative movement has drawn 10 articles of impeachment against obama. Reid will likely sit on it. This is our government corruption in action!


      • Vigilant

        The Senate does not impeach; it’s done by the House.

        • Carlos


          The 435 members of the lower house of Congress,
          the House of Representatives, can decide whether he/she can be charged with
          impeachable offences, and the 100 members of the upper house, the Senate, must
          decide whether he/she is guilty. His/her sentence would be removal from office.

          • Vigilant

            As I said, the Senate does not impeach; it’s done by the House.

            The House impeaches, the Senate convicts. Harry Reid has absolutely no control over impeachment, and it is NOT up to him to decide whether articles of impeachment are voted upon. Moreover, he has NO authority to decide whether or not to try an impeached president.

          • Carlos

            vigilant, The house votes on impeachment, the Senate votes on conviction, Harry Reid and the Democrats are the majority in the Senate, so do you think they would vote for removal of Barry? “only possible if he shot Nancy Pelosi”

          • Carlos

            Vigilant, I was wrong in the way the comment was written, the term impeachment was used loosely , however, i hope you understand, Reid would never allow the Senate majority to convict Barry. so long as the Democrats control the Senate.

  • Michael Shreve

    40% STILL think Obama is doing a “good” job. What rock do these people hide under?

  • Libertarian Soldier

    And thei media still props him up, supports him, makes excuses for him, mitigates facts for him! The pelosi’s, bat crap crazies still support him, outright. The leftists beg to be lied to. They spin and spin and after a while, they believe obama’s not only not that bad but ‘it’s the republicans’ fault!’ Then, like Syria, Benghazi, Egypt, the stagnant economy, unemployment, global warming, the IRS political punishment, NSA 1st and 4th Amendment abuses, running guns to drug lords to kill Americans and ICE agents are really the republicans’ and the 1%’s fault.

    And the beat goes on!