Obama’s $7 Billion “Power Africa” Energy Scheme


President Barack Obama revealed a plan to bring electricity to sub-Saharan Africa on a massive scale Sunday, pledging $7 billion in Federal funds to a new program he said will bring “light where there is currently darkness.”

Under the President’s “Power Africa” program, the U.S. will commit to funding the expansion of the region’s infrastructure by undertaking projects that ambitiously seek to double the reach of the electrical grid. The President’s own assessment of the project pinpoints the overall capital investment needed to accomplish that goal at $300 billion.

Obama announced the initiative Sunday at a stop on his African itinerary in Cape Town, South Africa.

“Access to electricity is fundamental to opportunity in this age,” said the President. “It’s the light that children study by, the energy that allows an idea to be transformed into a real business. It’s the lifeline for families to meet their most basic needs, and it’s the connection that’s needed to plug Africa into the grid of the global economy.”

More than 85 percent of rural sub-Saharan Africa has no electrical infrastructure, affecting approximately two-thirds of the population.

Critics fret that such massive American investment in an area with a history of political instability (to say the least) could result in giving power players in regional conflicts a new, high-stakes trophy to justify more civil strife.

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Ben Bullard

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  • Alan

    Perhaps he should be more concerned with bringing some of that “light where there is currently darkness” inside his head.

    • AttMore

      The man is just evil,he lives in darkness with “SATAN”….no doubt

      • Truth Teller

        You have to be the one who lives in darkness and IGNORANCE..I cannot believe the IGNORANCE I am reading here

        • hippybiker

          I think your mom is calling you to Breakfast. Better run up from the basement, little boy.

          • AttMore

            I prefer he runs down to the basement,and “STAY” there…lol

        • AttMore

          You can “READ”?….shocked….HAHAHA…

      • Alan

        It’s becoming more apparent with time that the man has sinister intentions.

        • AttMore

          You got that right!!!

    • Motov

      Dude,…. even if you used a Star Wars light saber, wouldn’t work,
      Black holes are like that. They suck everything up, leaving nothing.
      He is the perfect vacuum.

      • Alan

        Lol….so true Motov…so true!

  • dirtydog1776

    Why is this America’s responsbility? ……..(waiting)……….no answer.

    • Truth Teller

      It is not a hand out …it is an investment opportunity for American Capitalization…take your head out of your ass..dirty dog dog idiot

      • hippybiker

        Un-truth teller. What kind of an idiot are you? That money will go into the pockets of third world despots, not to the people. Anyway, we have a lot of folks here who could use some jobs. Invest in America first!

      • Walt

        I frankly am tired of government “investment schemes”. It’s not their job to become investment bankers with taxpayer’s money.
        Especially, since we are borrowing the money and paying interest to the private bankers of the Federal Reserve…..hmmm.
        Wait a minute! Maybe there’s some method to this percieived madness!

  • Jimmie R

    How can he commit 7 bil $ I thought the Congress controls the purse strings

    • Speak2Truth

      The question is whether the Republicans in the House have the balls to say “NO! OUR NATION IS BANKRUPT!”

      Sadly, those wusses seem to think that will hurt their re-election chances. And they’re correct. The lamestream media would portray them as heartless, greedy bastards for trying to stop such a kind, loving gesture as driving our nation even further into debt to build infrastructure for some other nation across the ocean.

      Oh, CRAP, our nation is screwed by that commie!

      • Dr Moon

        It doesn’t matter what Congress says. He goes around them and makes up some executive order. They must impeach the bastard or we must impeach all of them. Democrat/Communists v wimpy GOP. Everyone of them should be in jail.

        • Motov

          Preferably in the same cell with “Bubbah” so “Bubbah” can show these politicians what they done to us for years!

    • Miley

      Haven’t you heard? Congress is terrified of him.

  • chuckster

    He should ask China first if they gonna loan us the money to give to Africa. How do we stop this idiot. I thought Congress had to approve something like that. I thought they had to approve the billion that they gave to Egypt to but I guess I was wrong about that one to. I guess we have to leave it up to China to see if they will loan us the money to give them

    • JRR

      He’ll probably put a tax on OUR energy, and send that money to them.

      And it doesn’t matter if Congress is supposed to tax – if they don’t stop him, he can do anything he wants to do.

    • Truth Teller

      FYI..China is investing twice what America invests …Africa has the 10 fastest growing economies in the worlds ..give yourself a break

      • chuckster

        Well if they doing so dam good why do they need our money Mr. truth Teller

  • Margaret Manzi

    Africa is so rich in natural resources they should not need financial aid from us for this undertaking. What they need is managerial know how.

  • JRR

    He sure seems unconcerned about the kind of “darkness” that is committing the genocide of the white farmers in South Africa. Even the children are being tortured to death, and babies are often thrown into boiling water.

    No word from Obama on that? I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO surprised!

    • AttMore

      I’m “SHOCKED”….NOT..lol

      • Motov

        With our crumbling electrical grid I’m not surprised.

    • Truth Teller

      These are blatant lies and you are an idiot for spreading them

      • hippybiker

        Look it up, O-bot troll.

      • Walt

        Oh “Truth teller”…..what part of his comment is a “blatant lie”. The part of his comment about “genocide of white farmers” or “babies are often thrown into boiling water”?
        The genocide of white farmers is well documented. There are numerous articles on the web, with photos, etc. of the horrific torture of white land owners in South Africa. Not hard to support his claim on this issue. However, I am not aware of the “babies in boiling water”; but, after witnessing the horrors of Rwanda, I wouldn’t dismiss anything like this being done in South Africa.
        If JRR has references to the “boiling babies” stories, I would appreciate hearing his sources.

  • hippybiker

    The infra-structure in this country is crumbling and an estimated 100 million people are unemployed, or under employed, and this communist N*gger wants to give Africa OUR tax dollars? Not only that,but the dirt bag is spending 100 million dollars to take himself and a bunch of his parasite friends on this little junket. Did anyone else notice that the dirt bag will be gone on Independence Day? This is our most important patriotic holiday, and this mutt will be partying in Africa. Impeach, Now!!

    • Truth Teller

      I cannot believe you posted this crap you are a racist idiot and many other things I cannot lower myself to call you

      • hippybiker

        Does Obama’s fecal matter have a pleasant taste, O-bot troll?

      • Alan

        Imagine that, another liberal accusing a conservative of being a racist. Who could have ever imagined?

      • Walt

        I agree Truth Teller. He shouldn’t have used the word “dirt bag”.

  • Johnd

    What happened to committing to improving and upgrading the US electrical grid?

    • independent thinker

      That dissappeared about 30 seconds after he was declared winner of the election.

      • Motov

        along with any other promise made,…

  • Dave

    A billion here, a billion there, pretty soon your talking about real money! This has to be one of the most assinine ideas to ever spring from the depths of our “progressive leaders” fertile imagination! The question is, “Who benefits?”Or maybe this is another prime example of crony capitalism. News Flash…No matter how much of the American taxpayers dollars you spend on vacay’s or give away to foreign countries, you can’t buy their affections for America!

  • darrelljr

    uhhhhhhhhhh, excuse me sir, do you have that much in your personal account- you slimeball sob.

  • Gordo

    Its time patriots.
    Keep your powder dry.

    Give your money to Africa, if your not a welfare state.
    Its Its sick, sick, sick.

  • justpondering

    Well now, let’s just look at it this way. He has already saved Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan, and now he has just saved Southern Africa as well! The man is quite remarkable, an absolute saviour of this God forsaken world! It is fitting now that the entire planet realizes him as the true messiah and acknowledges him as king of all he surveys, after all the king needs only to proclaim and needs no further action, as the messiah has succinctly illustrated in the past, in order to validate his proclamations. His subjects are merely there to unquestionably obey. Thanks to this fella, we have no cause to worry at all about the future – he is busy securing it for us all and we need to show some gratitude to his magnificence OR ELSE!

    • Motov

      I wonder what his “Kryptonite” is? Truth?, Honesty?, or maybe the Constitution?

  • Steve

    Obama thinks he is the President of the whole world, or at least Africa since that is where he is actually from.

  • Warrior

    Seriously, let’s see the “details” of this plan. I’m fearful, the “solyndra bug” is traveling “cross continent” and “congress” is afraid to use the “vaccine”. Also, has this been “blessed” by the u.n.?

  • http://batman-news.com Jim B

    That’s a lot of Capstone Turbines (CPST), secrets out!

  • DavidL

    Put the tea down and start smelling the coffee. Africa, not Asia any longer, is the next emerging giant economic market. The US better get a piece of it or fall behind the Chinese again like it is doing with new energy sources. They are eating our lunch because conservatives in our country are ignorant and obstructionists. The paradigm has changed! Get out of the way, Conservatives, you’re too stupid to know how to bring about prosperity through progress.

    • http://batman-news.com Jim B

      Calling an opposition or anyone having an opposite view ‘stupid’ is childish and a pathway to tyranny.

      As Ben Franklin often reminded us:
      A nation of well-informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which God has given them cannot be enslaved. It is in the religion of ignorance that tyranny begins.

    • Walt

      So David, let me see if I understand your concerns here. You state:
      “The US better get a piece of it or fall behind the Chinese…..”
      Your comment suggests that we should fall in line with the Chinese who are solely in Africa to plunder its raw materials. I suggest you read up on how the Chinese government and companies are behaving in Africa, before you spout off about how we should emulate China’s economic policies in Africa.
      A century ago, this type of behavior was call economic imperialism. We were critized for doing this in Latin America, with the United Fruit Company (now Standard Brands). The US built railroads, electricity plants, hospitals, highways, improved sanitation and in the end, we were branded “imperialists” and “colonialists” who were just there to suck the lifeblood of “these poor third world countries”.
      We have poured millions into Haiti, other countries in Latin America and billions around the globe. Guess what? They still hate us. Now we should pour billions into Africa, so so unemployed Nigerian can have access to electricity to power his computer, and be able to send out scamming emails to foolish and naive Americans? Get real!

    • Motov

      So you advocate spending money that doesn’t even exist, to put on “our tab”? We are flat , utterly, and completely broke! Printing up more money is not the solution! Stopping useless spending is! Reduction of the Federal Government is what is needed to save this nation!
      Forget Africa, Asia, etc, We need to worry about USA. And you know any money sent to other countries never end up where it was intended to go, It always manages to line the pockets of the already fat cats there and we foot the bill!!!

  • Al Chemist

    A billion here, a billion there…and pretty soon you’re talking about some real money. And, eventually it’s going to come from the pockets of the people in the USA (those who pay taxes, that is). If a few people in congress had balls bigger than a BB, maybe it could be stopped.

  • Alan

    Give them nothing. This country is broke and this S.O.B. goes around handing out billions of our hard earned tax dollars like peanuts. To begin with, the money will never make it to its intended purpose, but will be swallowed up by the corrupt leaders of Africa. This goes on over and over and our so called leaders never learn ( or are compicit in the theft ). More likely the latter.

  • http://batman-news.com Jim B

    American’s growing ignorance has aloud this condition to exist by electing stupid and empowering ignorance in these United States. We must wipe out ignorance if we are to survive, we must get government out of our schools our childrens life depends on it.

  • ChuckS123

    Obama should stop his war on coal in this country before he even considers helping some other county’s power plants.

  • IsThisAmerica

    Why the hell is he giving OUR money to Africa? I’m sick of OUR money leaving the UNITED STATES. Take care of this country FIRST! Coal is not polluting the air, polititions are polluting it. He knows nothing of this country. He cares not one wit for this country and he is doing everything in his power to bankrupt this country. He needs to be hauled out of the presidency. Preferably in cuffs. He’s making laws that he’s not suppose to do. No more foreign aid. We need things rebuilt in this country and it’s all being ignored. I’m all for rebuilding America first and those other countries can do it on their own. WE ARE BROKE! Stop all this wastefull spending.

  • To Tell The Truth

    OBOZO’s primary value is to use as a benchmark for what not to do. He’s managed to achieve a record of being 100% wrong 100% of the time.