Obama Should Blame Bush, Thank Whistle-Blowers And Keep Up The Bad Work

President Obama speaks on Sequestration in Washington

During his Senatorial career and the earlier parts of his Presidential tenure, Barack Obama was an outspoken advocate of government transparency and whistle-blower protections. Sometimes, the President still makes feeble attempts to claim he holds the same views today. But most Americans agree that one thing is certain: If Obama’s White House is the “most transparent in history,” as he claimed it would be, America has been in serious trouble for a long time… and there’s no end in sight.

It would require an outrageous amount of willful partisan ignorance to claim that the current President is solely responsible for the surveillance state that gives off increasingly sinister vibes or for the Federal bureaucracy’s unforgiving and increasingly common attacks against any insiders who dare attempt to reveal secrets in the interest of the public. In fact, Federal veins of secrecy run deeply through the Nation’s relatively short history.

Unfortunately for Obama (whether he simply told a lie he had no chance of covering or — betrayed by lofty idealism — has fallen victim to changes he failed to understand as a tech-savvy, information-hungry public and a post-9/11 paranoid state began to engage in proxy war in the Internet age), he is at the helm of what is likely the least transparent Administration in history.

The President makes a convenient target for scrutiny, as he stands at the forefront of Federal action. And, for his part, Obama has not been the sort of President capable of delivering any of the lofty promises he made during either of his campaigns — especially the first — with regard to restoration of Constitutional safeguards or the dissolution of the government’s most ambitious surveillance efforts.

Following the terror attacks on 9/11, a shell-shocked American public, distracted by patriotic fervor, ensured its own culpability in green-lighting the unConstitutional tactics currently employed by Federal agencies. A perverse notion that conservatism was synonymous with support of the military pursuit of “evildoers” at any cost to civil liberties at home and human rights abroad became evident in some circles. President George W. Bush and a number of Republican henchmen in Congress were able to capitalize on the terror attacks to lull many of the same conservatives who are barking mad today into believing that the Patriot Act initiatives were necessary, safe and temporary.

At the same time, Americans leaning to the left of the political divide were spending most of their time calling Bush a civil-liberties-abrogating war criminal. Just as conservatives were quiet then, many on the left have remained quiet today. But the gap between conservative and liberal may become less defined in coming months than it has been in decades, due to the widening divide between public and government interest.

Polemicist Noam Chomsky described the current state of the executive branch in April as follows: “What it is is the same kind of commitment to expanding executive power that Cheney and Rumsfeld had. [Obama] kind of puts it in mellifluous terms and there’s a little difference in his tone. It’s not as crude and brutal as they were, but it’s pretty hard to see much of a difference.”

Try as he might, harkening back to social issue pandering hasn’t even given Obama the tools to reverse the tide of public discontent over government actions. And barring extraordinary circumstances, the President can hope to serve the remainder of his term on the defense.

Perhaps Obama, for the first time, has a legitimate opportunity to pull the “blame Bush” card. He should fault Bush for putting into place unConstitutional measures, justified only by fear, which the current President simply couldn’t resist getting his own turn to abuse. It’s sort of like the idea of a drug addict blaming the pusher on the corner for all of his life problems and failures.

And when he finishes blaming Bush for the gift of surveillance state tools, former Representative Ron Paul has a suggestion: The President ought to sit down and write thank you cards to all of the whistle-blowers he wants to skewer.

Paul said during a recent interview:

The American people are starved for the truth. And when you have a dictatorship or an authoritarian government, truth becomes treasonous. And this is what they do. If you are a whistleblower or if you’re trying to tell the American people that our country is destroying our rule of law and destroying our Constitution, they say they turn it on and say, “Oh, you’re committing treason”….

…And I think the large majority of the American people are sick and tired of hearing how many people are having surveillance on them, whether it’s their phones, their internet, and e-mail and everything else. Matter of fact, I think the president ought to send him a thank you letter, because the president ran on transparency, and we’re getting a lot of transparency now. So, finally we’re getting the president to fulfill his promise about transparency. So that’s pretty exciting for me, because I believe in transparency.

Obama’s promises of Constitutional respect, if public interest remains heightened, can be fulfilled. It will take more whistle-blowers and more scandals, but Obama really does have the opportunity to bring about change — albeit probably not in the manner he intended. He simply just has to keep doing what he’s doing and, by 2016, a large number of Americans on both sides of the aisle will likely be tired of big-government politicians who believe government is always right. This could pave the way for a transformational Presidential candidate with broad political appeal. Feels a lot like gearing up for 2008, huh?

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Sam Rolley

Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After covering community news and politics, Rolley took a position at Personal Liberty Media Group where could better hone his focus on his true passions: national politics and liberty issues. In his daily columns and reports, Rolley works to help readers understand which lies are perpetuated by the mainstream media and to stay on top of issues ignored by more conventional media outlets.

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  • Don 2

    Rand Paul said it best: Obama is like Old McDonald’s Farm…..Here a Scandal, There a Scandal…..Everywhere a Scandal….

  • Warrior

    It is painfully obvious that a majority of “Americans” cannot even comprehend what a “representative government” is.

    • me

      There is no more represntitive government except with a few.. McCain called them wacko birds. the crusty ol used up McCain is more like royalty right along with others like Ried, Pelosi, Fienstien. and a whole host of others in congress who don’t seem to have any thig goin except ruling the people deciding what they can have and can do. This country is going down the drain over them. the wacko birds hve come up with quite a few things in the best interest of the citizen. All we thee people hve is the vote which beats the royalty big money backers. I hoe in the next four years we get bunches more of these wacko birds. from congress clear thru congress.

  • cruzin77

    I suspect Senator Obama is mad as h*ll at President Obama over this.

    • Elton Robb

      That would be interesting to see.

  • Doc Sarvis

    President Obama is far to mature to blame Bush for his circumstances.

    • Bill

      That is a dumb remark. Obama has been blaming Bush ever since he took office and he continues to do so. Obama is a liar and he has done a good job at snowballing ignorant people like you

      • Dave

        Bush is to blame for:
        Ignoring the warnings of 9/11
        Bungling the Afghan war
        The tax cuts that went on while 2 wars were raging
        The Fed Response to Katrina.
        Continuing the tax cut and spend policies of Reagan and deregulation that led to the 2008.
        Do you think any of those things that Bush is DIRECTLY responsible for may be affecting us today?

        • k92509

          Bush was in office less than a year. Unfortunately for you liberals you have no memory capacity for what your idol (Bubba Bill) had (or hadn’t done) previously. If you recall (I know that is asking a lot) Bubba had four opportunities to get Bin Ladin and passed on all four opportunities and we all know the ensuing result of those decisions Yes Bubb Bill has blood on his hands (more than 3000) and all you can do is blame Bush. How noble of you!

          • Dave

            Boo Hoo… you conservatives never take responsibility for anything. Condi Rice was presented a memo specifically outlining the danger and Bush tossed it aside…But you conservatives have selective amnesia. Clinton bombed Al Qeada targets under his watch and what did conservatives say? “wagging the dog”. So please spare me your stories…
            Then your hero Bush uses 9/11 to get us into a 3T debacle known as Iraq. I am sure the soldiers that faught and died/got injured are happy to know that they got more oil for China and gave Iran a free hand in the region because that is why we fight right?

          • Todd Hill

            Give it a break. You’re both so smart that you can’t figure out that your guy is just as much a POS as the guy you are carrying on about. They both had a hand in destroying your liberties and while you argue about which ball of slime was worse, TPB will continue to do the same as they have for the last 100 years.

          • Dave

            Todd, you give it a break… You know how many liberties I have “lost” since 1980? ZERO….
            What has happened is that the wealthy have horded the wealth and real income for the middle class and poor has gone down replaced by “credit”. It is the lost economic power that people mistake as a loss of “liberty” that is the reality.

          • Todd Hill

            I guess you haven’t heard of the NDAA, or consider the Patriot act a curtailing of your liberties. I’d name more, but obviously you either live in a cave or you are just too dumb to realize what you lost.

          • Dave

            And I guess you are too dumb to realize that People who do not engage in terrorist activities are impacted minimally in life. I still go where I want, when I want. I buy what I want. So quit your whining.

      • cruzin77

        I believe or hope that comment was dripping with sarcasm.

  • Dave

    Compared to the likes of Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton and Bush 2, Obama is transparent by comparison.

    But lets look at reality, the current state of the NSA was enabled by the Patriot Act, passed by Congress (GOP/Conservative led Congress) after 9-11.

    the IRS, the head of the IRS was a Bush appointee and the head of the Cincinati branch in charge of the “extra” scrutiny of conservative groups was a 21 year conservative Republican but Darryl Issa doesn’t want you to know that.

    Benghazi, the lost “scandal”. There is simply nothing to it. GOP scandal for scandal sake.

    The only one with any merit is the AP one. You compare that against lying to get us into a 3T war or to negotiate with terrorists to sell them weapons to pay for an illegal war in Cen America, Obama is quite tame.

    The GOP and Conservative’s mission as stated in 2009 is simple….They do not want Obama to have anything that could be construde as a “victory” because the GOP want their WH back and Congress so they can finish the job they started in 1980 with the election of the corporatist Ronald Reagan which is to allow Corporations to run this country and screw the working people and poor of this country.

    The GOP have their record of putting party and power first over country on display for all to see.

    • independent thinker

      “But lets look at reality, the current state of the NSA was enabled by the Patriot Act, passed by Congress (GOP/Conservative led Congress) after 9-11.”
      The democrats could have stopped the (un)patriot act at any time had they seriously opposed it because the Republicans did NOT have a filibuster proof majority in the Senate or a super majority in the house.
      The first two years of his reign obama had both and did nothing to repeal the (un)patriot act and in fact oversaw its renewal and expansion.

      • Dave


        During the last two years of the Bush admin and the first two years of the Obama admin, the GOP had enough to filibuster any bill in the Senate. Nothing could get passed unless both parties worked together. That said, Obama did nothing to repeal the “Un”Patriot Act so he now bears responsibility for his part in keeping it.

        The bottom line is that the Conservatives came up with the idea of the Patriot Act and would have filibustered any attempt to get rid of it.

        110th 2007–2009 Dem 49 GOP 49 Ind 2

        111th 2009–2011 Dem 57 GOP 41 Ind 2

        112th 2011–2013 Dem 51 GOP 47 Ind 2

        113th 2013–2015 Dem 54 GOP 45 Ind 1

        Above is the makeup of Congress, so at no time could the GOP not have filibustered anything the Dems wanted to do and their record filibusters are out there for all to see. Having a record stinks for the GOP… Makes their attempt at historical re-write more difficult.

        • Todd Hill

          There is no comparison, they both suck eggs. You both have laid it out beautifully. Now what?

          • Dave

            Kick them all out

          • mari

            It seems like the only one who is trying to represent the people is Rand Paul. I may not agree with him on everything, but I don’t have to because he believes in the constitution. That means that he would not be trying to ram his agenda down the peoples throat, but rather follow constitutional procedures and laws.

          • Dave


            Not so much….Here is rand’s top 10 benefactors… he is part of the problem as well

            1 Club for Growth—————————- $106,515

            2Alliance Resource Partners————– $40,650

            3Senate Conservatives Fund————- $36,685

            4Corriente Advisors————————–$24,200

            5Koch Industries——————————$17,000

            6Mason Capital Management————-$16,800

            7THuffines Communities——————–$14,650

            8Blue Cross/Blue Shield——————–$13,000

            9University of Kentucky———————$12,950

            10Griffin Industries—————————$12,000

            Club For Growth, Koch Industries, Senate Co0nservative Fund are corporatist fronts. When I hear rand Paul fight for getting all big money out of the political process, then maybe he works for the people, right now the only thing Rand Paul is fighting for is his next re-election.

      • Michael Shreve

        The act expired and was re-enacted with MORE abusive provisions.

  • Michael Shreve

    It matters NOT if OTHER Presidents, administrations, agencies or bureaucracies perpetrated offenses SIMILAR to those currently rocking the federal government’s boat. It IS a fact the these things are WRONG, and that a PRESIDENT of the PEOPLE would work DILIGENTLY to put a halt to them, rather than EXPAND on them.


    Well for the first time the BO and his bad breath made a statement of fact, If you cannot trust the Exec, the congress and the judiciary in this country, the “We” have a problem. How true, a first for this moron, the problem lies in the facts, he is not the legal POTUS, he is a consistent failure in policy, action and pursuing the truth, he is a diplomatic embarrassment, a insult to God and country, as a matter of fact he is useless and a parasite on the backside of the nation…….Were he even a man his resignation would be welcome…

  • WiSe GuY

    0bama is a disease and prison is the cure.

  • Dadwasright

    Are TRAITORS still given the firing squad ?