Nationwide Push Urging Retailers To Stop Selling Toxic Products Starts Today


A major push begins today urging high-profile U.S. retailers to crack down on selling a host of products that contain chemicals with unsafe — or unproven — track records.

The campaign seeks a commitment from Wal-Mart, Target and other major retailers to devise a plan to stop selling products that contain any of more than 100 chemicals opponents identified as unsafe in various studies and regulated by one or more Federal measures, such as the Toxic Control Substances Act, issued over the past several decades.

The campaign represents a collaboration between nearly 50 health and environmental advocacy organizations that are arguing that most retailers don’t know what ingredients are in the products they sell. Advocates say those products traverse the spectrum of everyday use: clothing, vinyl flooring, shower curtains, packaging, shampoos and bottles, among hundreds of others.

Some retailers and industry advocates claim they have already moved to self-regulate, according to a report Wednesday. Some stores stopped selling products that contain BPAs before the Feds could get around to banning them, for example. And Target, Wal-Mart, Lowe’s and others have imposed their own restrictions on toxins such as polyvinyl chloride, coal tar, formaldehyde, phthalates and parabens.

But one organizer said retailers aren’t doing enough. “[T]he bites so far are too small for the scale of the problem,” said Andy Igrejas of Safer Chemicals, Healthy Homes. His organization, along with groups like the Breast Cancer Awareness Fund, are sending a letter — which they haven’t yet made public — urging retailers to identify and halt the sale of products that contain chemicals which have been linked to cancer, infertility, learning disabilities and behavioral problems.

That letter will go out to Wal-Mart, Target, Costco, Kroger, Walgreens, Home Depot, Lowe’s, CVS, Best Buy and Safeway. So far, organizers aren’t talking about coming up with repercussions against retailers that don’t heed the call to eliminate toxins from the products they sell. They simply want to make sure the public knows the stores they frequent are being called upon, at the least, to require their suppliers to disclose what’s in their products.

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Ben Bullard

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  • Mike in MI


    What about all those poisons one can only get with a signed slip from the local poison pushers’ brigades? You know the people who have flooded most people’s bodies and brains with untested, unproven and, yet, readily available, FDA released, pharmaceutical company products?

    Oh, and remember, also, the ones the teachers’ unions dispense from the classrooms to help produce more new Democrat dependent Obama worshipers. The kinds of people who, when you take them off, or threaten to take them off, their brain benders they go out and find some sort of weapon to commit mayhem with. Or, alternatively come to PLD full of psychotropics, tranquilizers and street substances to render fawning approbation upon the object of their affliction…the idealogue-in-(mis)chief.

    How is it Andy Igrejas by-passed those? Terrible oversight. Really igrejas thing to avoid … somehow. Could be just wilting at mind-tills … maybe?

    • GALT

      No it isn’t really “Igrejas”……but

      “His group and nearly four dozen others, including the Breast Cancer Fund and the Union of Concerned Scientists,”

      And of course YOU prefer the “do badders’s”??????

      Excellent example of “willfully ignorant, functional illiteracy”, before and after reading the “source” article…….and still having nothing to say.

      Seems you are very confused…….if you can prevent “toxification”,
      you don’t have to “detoxify”……..and there are groups and sources of
      information involved in all the areas mentioned……..

      This ( the real article ) is information regarding an attempt to do something about this particular aspect and approach to the problem…….

      But being a w.i.f.i……..your biggest problem is……you can’t seem to get out of your own way……even after being “warned” that, that was
      precisely what the “mushrooms” would do…..

      A more detailed analysis of another mushroom is offered elsewhere, and since you made even less sense than him, there is no point
      in duplication of effort…….

  • GALT

    Greeting’s “mushrooms”,

    Today’s lesson: Recognizing misdirection and deception for w.i.f.i.’s.

    “Some retailers and industry advocates claim they have already moved to self-regulate, according to a report Wednesday.”

    What are the implications of the preceding sentence? The word “report” is a “link”……..what does it link to? What is the subject of the report? Can this be determined by the meaning you think is implied by the above sentence? What is the intent of this “article” as written?

    Please Note: This is an exercise that asks questions and in the land of P.L.D. “mushrooms”………questions ( which are not rhetorical ) tend to drive them into a “frenzy”……..evidence for this condition consists of the following……….they will be compelled to respond BUT, they will not answer the questions………or even consider completeing the exercise, or if actually attempting the exercise, fail to comprehend both “the evidence” or the “questions” regarding the evidence……..

    Warning: Test in Progress………Analysis of the results will be posted when a significant sample of responses ( if any ) have been offered.

  • mbfromwv

    I like to buy at locally owned hardware stores. The big box stores sell insecticides that don’t work, weed killers that don’t work, drain cleaners that leave drains clogged, paint that peels, etc. Topping that off, the big box stores sell tools made in China that break on the first use, the return policies stink, and the list goes on and on. And no import duties on the foreign crap to give US manufacturers a chance to market their products competitively.

    The EPA is a job killing agency from the get go. The EPA ruined the steel industry in Pittsburgh, the chemical industries along the Kanawha near Charleston (WV), and domestic steel and metals production. Now the EPA has targeted coal mining and electric power generation. Time to remove jurisdiction of the EPA from all manufacturing, mining, power generation,and chemical processes and limit their jurisdiction strictly to illegal dumping.

    • Karolyn

      Oh, Puhleez!! The EPA lets Big Coal get away with MURDER because they are in their pockets! If it were not for the EPA, this country would be like China, and i’m sure you would love that! Watch “The Last Mountain” to find out what Big Coal is doing to West Virginia! You want even less control! They’re killing their own industry besides killing the population.

      • Mike in MI

        Nope, syruppy Karo-Karo –
        Senator Jay Wreckerfeller (D-WV) allows, supports and encourages it…maybe even controls it. He as one of the most influential Democrats in the country or on the world stage could start, stop or change pretty much anything he wants to. So, he keeps out of the limelight, very much behind the scenes. That’s why you’d never think of him. He’s able to stay in the background and keep a low profile (and does so) because and so low-lifes would never connect him to the great injustices that he participates in.

  • The GLB

    Ben, good job plagiarizing Wendy’s article.

    To me, this move to get retailers to stop selling certain products, none of which are specifically named (only the targeted chemicals), is like Ralph Nader writing books like, “Unsafe at Any Speed” so that he can making a killing buying the competitor’s stock.

    No mention of things that are actually killing people by the hundreds of thousands when used as prescribed. Is the pharmaceutical industry off limits?

    No mention of Aspartame that is proven to cause cancer, diabetes, weight gain, as well as other deleterious health issues. Are J.W. Childs and Merisant off limits?

    No mention of High Fructose Corn Syrup, which can be linked directly to the explosion of type II diabetes in the U.S. Are big Agra, including Archer Daniel Midland who are the beneficiaries of government subsidies to keep corn prices artificially low, and government quotas to keep cane sugar prices artificially high. Can anyone say, “This example of Fascism would make Mussolini proud.”? Is Big Agra off limits?

    I am running out of time, so I will leave it up to other commenters to expand on this list of Do Not Touch corporations.

    • GALT

      More like paraphrased plagiarism, ( with a lot omitted ) but you didn’t actually comprehend the actual article….even after having read it.

      So here are the first four paragraphs……

      “Health and environmental groups [are launching] a national campaign Thursday to prod 10 major retailers — including Walmart, Target and Costco — to clear shelves of products containing hazardous chemicals.

      Advocates say these companies have done some “retail regulation” but argue more needs to be done and the U.S. government isn’t stepping up. They list 100-plus chemicals used in hundreds, possibly thousands, of products including wrinkle-free clothes, vinyl flooring, shampoos, sofa cushions and food packaging.

      “We’ve seen the power of retailers to change the marketplace,” says Andy Igrejas of Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families, a coalition advocating against toxic chemical use. He notes that many stores pre-empted a 2012 federal biphenol-A (BPA) ban by no longer selling baby products containing the hormone-disrupting chemical. “But the bites so far are too small for the scale of the problem.”

      His group and nearly four dozen others, including the Breast Cancer Fund and the Union of Concerned Scientists, are sending a letter today to 10 retailers asking them to develop a plan within a year to phase out use of the 100-plus chemicals.”

      As you should have been able to see, almost 4 dozen groups ( 48 )

      are involved, and only three are mentioned in the REAL article. ( report )

      Ole Ben mentioned two and “other groups like”.

      A literate person should be able to grasp the focus of these groups,

      TOXIC CHEMICALS and who they are targeting…..10 major


      “Igrejas is calling on retailers to identify and stop selling products that contain chemicals whose exposure has been linked to health problems, including cancer, infertility, learning disabilities and behavioral problems. The chemicals include formaldehyde, parabens, phthalates, BPA and flame retardants.”

      A literate person would have been able to grasp the meaning of

      To identify and stop selling as an indication that the PRODUCTS

      are not KNOWN……..which is the REASON for the CAMPAIGN

      Of course if you had comprehended this:

      “Retailers don’t necessarily know every chemical in their products, says Anne Steinemann, an environmental engineering professor at the University of Washington in Seattle. She has tested dozens of scented products and found that fewer than 1% disclose all ingredients. Even if an item lists “fragrance,” Steinemann says, it doesn’t have to list each of the fragrance’s myriad chemicals.”

      It might have been a clue…….but even more interesting is the claim by
      the manufacturers spokeperson ( not RETAILERS )

      “”Our companies go to great lengths to help Americans make informed decisions about which products are best for their families,” says Anne Kolton of the American Chemistry Council, which represents manufacturers. The council does “extensive” chemical testing and provides information to retailers and suppliers, she says. Six federal agencies oversee chemical safety via more than a dozen federal laws, she adds.”

      So you can see, everything is just fine… fact, while not actually saying
      it…….you can see the “way too much regulation” which is no doubt “job killing” lurking………of course if this stuff is hazardous to consumers……what effect does it have on the “employees” who make it…….is this what having a “killer job” means?

      So next time, instead of running out of time… your time…..and spare
      us whatever it is you are trying to share???????

    • identitee

      The GLB:
      PLD has repeatedly run articles on all those issues you mention. Why don’t you read for a while longer and then you will understand that NOBODY is “off-limits” at PLD.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear The GLB,

      I will give your ignorant comment a pass and assume that you jerk knees rather than spend a few minutes enlightening yourself before you comment.

      You write: “Is the pharmaceutical industry off limits?” Hardly. Use the search function and type in Big Pharma. See what you find.

      You write: “No mention of High Fructose Corn Syrup…” Use the search function and type in HFCS and see what you find.

      You write: ” Is Big Agra off limits?” Use the search function and type in ADM, Monsanto and Big Agra and see what you find.

      You write: “I am running out of time, so I will leave it up to other commenters to expand on this list of Do Not Touch corporations.” There are no “Do Not Touch corporations” on PLD.

      Best wishes,

  • Steve E

    It must be that those toxic chemicals make idiots out of people. Thirty to forty years there were a lot less idiots in the world than there is now. Perhaps it is those chemicals that make it so. If you don’t understand what I mean, it’s probably those toxic chemical working on you now.

    • Chester

      Well, Steve, thirty to forty years ago, there were a LOT fewer PEOPLE in this world. Maybe the absolute number of people has somewhat to do with the number of “idiots” one sees in it.

      • Steve E

        Perhaps the absolute number has something to do with it, however, I still believe the percentage has gone up also, although I don’t have any statistics to prove that except by my own experience.

    • The GLB

      Steve, you are absolutely right, toxic chemicals are making people more stupid. Chester may have a wee bit of accuracy about the number of people, but his thought process way over simplifies what you are observing.

      Use your search engine to look up: HFCS makes you stupid; Fluoride and lower IQ; Technology makes us stupid (OK, that one doesn’t have anything to do with chemicals in our food, but … ); Statins makes you stupid. My point is that there ARE all kinds of toxins, toxins that have the official FDA stamp of approval on them, that are not only making people more and more stupid, but killing them at the same time.

      At least the consumers of these toxins will die happy … Right?

  • ChuckS123

    I use products with parabens, knowing it’s not so good. However the non-parabens products I see are much more expensive, so I’m using the parabens stuff. I think it’s good to be informed, but I want to make the decision myself.

    The process of informing can get expensive and hurt businesses in some cases. The libs probably want to do it in the most expensive and destructive way they can. In a little different area, calorie count in foods can get expensive – a business would have to use an expensive lab to measure it, which is especially hard on small businesses.

    • GALT

      The almost 48 groups mentioned in this article ( the real one ) are NOT
      costing YOU a penny……..

      And had you read ( the REAL article ) you would have seen THIS:

      “Some have already acted. In 2007, Target and the parent company of Sears and Kmart announced plans to join Walmart in phasing out polyvinyl chloride (PVC) from products. In 2011, Walmart said it would stop using a controversial flame retardant. Kroger, which phased BPA out of cash register receipts in 2011, said in 2012 that its Simple Truth products would be free of 101 chemicals and ingredients. Lowe’s and Home Depot have stopped selling driveway sealants that contain coal tar, which has suspected carcinogenic chemicals.”

      What did those things cost you?

      In the REAL WORLD, you need not concern yourself with costs
      ( immediate )……if you prefer poison because it is cheap, companies
      will be happy to oblige you…….

      They will not change unless “refusing to change” costs THEM money, so you can relax……it will cost you nothing…..except maybe your life….and
      after you’re dead, you won’t care anyway.