Monsanto Killing U.S. Agriculture


There was a time when America was the world’s breadbasket. As the global agricultural power, American crops like corn, wheat and soy fed the world.

No more.

While some of the reduction in U.S. food exports can be attributed to improvements in agricultural practices around the world, much of it can be laid at the feet of Monsanto and proliferation of genetically engineered crops, also known as genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Monsanto protest
Protesters at the Monsanto Chemical Company headquarters to bring attention to the spraying of Round-Up Ultra herbicides. Credit: UPI FILE

The world is rejecting GMO foods. Europe has rejected it to the point that Monsanto has given up on a multi-million dollar expenditure to force its GM crops on to dinner tables in Britain and Europe.

“We are no longer working on lobbying for more cultivation in Europe,” Monsanto spokesman Brandon Mitchner told UK Daily Mail. “Currently we do not plan to apply for the approval of new genetically modified crops. The reason is, among other things, low demand of the farmers.”

Last week, South Korea joined Japan in announcing a halt on imports of U.S. wheat after the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced that commercial wheat grown in the U.S. is contaminated with genetically engineered wheat. Europe is also testing its wheat supplies from the U.S. and will reject any found to be contaminated.

The frightening thing is that U.S. farmers had rejected GMO wheat, so it had only been grown in Monsanto’s test fields in Hawaii and North Dakota. Fields used to test GMO crops varieties are burned and then checked for surviving plants, but unapproved strains of Monsanto’s GMO wheat still turned up in a field in eastern Oregon, an indicator that there is no telling how much of America’s wheat crop is contaminated.

Monsanto is killing America’s agricultural industry, and GMO contamination may be out of control. And while the world is rejecting GMOs, in the U.S., even getting special labeling on GMO foods is being resisted because Monsanto owns Congress.

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  • shatto

    The world has been eating genetically modified food for centuries. The
    difference between Monsanto working with DNA in a laboratory and Luther
    Burbank rubbing flowers of different plants together, is the time for
    the result.
    Most everything people all over the world eat has been improved from the “natural” plant or animal.
    May we have the list of names and the autopsy reports of people killed by genetically modified food, please?

    • Karolyn

      Then YOU eat it! We deserve to know what we are eating.

      • CatGman

        The USDA can not be trusted to watch out for the people. There is too much money involved.

    • Karolyn

      I think this post explains why Monsanto’s interference is unwanted.
      “Hybrids are nature’s way of stopping a food from becoming dangerous. What Monsanto and other GMO companies do is take genes from a whole other species and insert them into another, bypassing natural law. For example a beefstake tomato has genes from a sturgeon fish. Monsanto goes to even new lengths to make a plant resistant to herbicide.”

    • Nadzieja Batki

      shatto, there is a difference of plants being pollinated by bugs and animals out in the gardens, farms and fields and those created by gene splicing in the laboratory.

    • Bob Livingston
    • Doris C

      How many centuries old are you that you can state as fact that genetically modified food is better than it was before modifying.?I think anything natural that is edible would be far better than dna mixes.We grow our own meat and vegies. make our own bread and could get our own milk if we weren’t afraid the govt. would confiscate our cow.

    • Jeff

      That’s like saying old-fashion dog breeding is no different from designing a dog in the lab. It may be true in theory, but the devil is always found in the details.

    • Libertarian58

      All of you “pro monsanto” types are ignoring the most important problems. Monsanto is patenting it’s GMOs and suing people who grow them without “purchasing” them, even if the fields are accidentally infected. These genes are “blowin’ in the wind” and infecting the entire planet. The GMO crops cannot grow or reproduce without special fertilizer and insecticides. They will eventually REPLACE natures seeds and monsanto will eventually wind up with monopoly OWNERSHIP of the world’s food supply.Talk about the ultimate corporate monopoly!! FDA and USDA are already conspiring with monsanto to control natural seeds and “backyard” gardens and greenhouses by calling them “unsafe”. Time to wake up!

    • 5live5

      shatto the difference is Luther was doing it NATURALLY!

  • Karolyn

    There will be an even bigger worldwide protest of Monsanto in October. The one last month was very successful. More people in the US need to join in to stop GMOs. I do my best to spread the word. Monsanto is bankrupting farmers by suing them for growing their patented products when the products were never planted by the farmers but were blown into fields where they were not even wanted. Farmers in India have killed themselves because they could not afford to pay Monsanto. DOWN WITH MONSANTO!!!

    Here is a movie about Schmeiser v. Monsanto. A Canadian farmer who fought Monsanto tooth and nail and was squashed by the Canadian Supreme Court of Canada. Even Canada’s government is in Monsanto’s pocket! See how Monsanto uses dirty tactics, spying, intimidation, etc. to get their way.

    Excellent movie!

  • Bootleg

    The world may be rejecting GMOs, but the US is embracing ethanol derived from corn. Until such stupidity ends, it is best to squeeze as many bushels per acre of corn as possible. Green is the new Red.

  • Joseph Hammond

    Watch this movie and then decide if GMO’s are safe:

  • Dave

    You can thank the GOP House for sneaking that little provision that exempted Monsanto from any liability into the bill in the US.

    The GOP, working for Corp America since 1980…
    We subsidize the crap food so poor people eat more of it and get more diabetes, cancers, heart ailments…. All farm subsidies should end.

    • 5live5

      Dave, check a little closer, there were quit a few DEMO names on that list as well!

      • Dave

        Name them please… Nobody took “credit” for that little move and since nothing gets passed the House without the GOP’s stamp of approval, its clear who did this.

  • Marie Stoves

    there also are reports that the GMO stuff is messing with honeybees and that is NEVER a good thing! Bees are one of our most important pollinators and anything that hurts them will in time hurt us as well. I have another question for you folks. if someone is a total vegan, how can they be sure they still are if companies like Monsanto are combining animal DNA with plant DNA? Sure make you wonder doesn’t it?

    • Karolyn

      Actually, I recently read that Putin believes the US, in backing Monsanto, is contributing to the death of honeybees; and he has actually said that this could lead to WW III. Sorry I don’t have the link right now.

      • Marie Stoves

        it is a shame if other world leaders blame our entire nation for the actions of one idiot who never should have been elected in the first place. His actions DO NOT represent what the majority of Americans want.

        • Karolyn

          It is certainly NOT all Obama’s fault. This has been building for a long time. He just came in at the point where things are coming to a head. He should not be blamed for EVERYTHING. And I am not an Obama “worshipper.”

    • 5live5

      Marie, this is true of honey bees, but how many bumble bees have you swatted in the last year? If the honey bees DO die off, they will be almost the ONLY pollinator left. with their big hairy bodies, they carry a great amount of pollen from flower to flower.

      • Marie Stoves

        I have the philosophy that if I am not going to eat it I do not kill it. Mosquitos and ticks are the exception however.

        • 5live5

          This is good but how many are like you and I?

  • Jeff

    The problem isn’t Monsanto; it’s the power of money in politics. Until we solve that problem, no other problem can really be tackled.

  • hungry4food

    Monsanto sued over discovery of GM wheat sprouts

    They cannot TOUCH Monsanto , they are ABOVE the LAW , Obama signed it into LAW , HR-933

    to this , start the video at 1:00 and Listen carefully how Monsanto can
    petition the court for a permit or deregulation to allow the use of the
    GM . The Real Story Behind the ‘Monsanto Protection Act’

    This lawsuit will go nowhere !!!!

    This will Limit the use of conservation methods of NO – Till in growing
    other crops , that in itself is cause for panic because if we produce a
    bunch of crops that can only be killed with conventional tillage methods
    then the impact on erosion and qualifying for farm programs will be
    impacted .

    • 5live5

      Everyone, Look up the petition to overturn the Monsanto protection act and sign it! If we get enough reps convinced it can be overturned!

    • Karolyn

      I’ve heard that there is a movement in Congress to get rid of that law.

  • 5live5

    Be careful. There are many conditions (illnesses and genetic abnormalities on the rise in the US and no explanation forthcoming from the health care experts as to why. Check out how far cancer, autism, cerebral palsy and others have increased in the last 50 years. I’m just sayin…….!