Manipulators Collapse Gold, Silver Prices, Create Opportunity


If you own gold and silver as I do and as I’ve long advised, don’t panic over the recent price pullback. It is an opportunity.

Despite what the mainstream media propagandists are saying, the pullback is not due to a massive dump of actual gold and silver and the end of the bull market. It’s due to a dump of paper gold and silver on NYMEX/COMEX because of margin call selling. It is simply price manipulation by JP Morgan and the criminal banksters.

The “experts” now telling you to dump your gold and silver are the same “experts” who said things were rosy just before the fall 2008 crash. If you’re smart, you’ll do just the opposite of what those “experts” tell you to do.

This is a buy opportunity. The last time gold and silver pulled back like this (fall 2008) it took off to $1,800 and $49 per ounce. Once the manipulators are done, look for it to skyrocket again.

MSM propagandists are desperately trying to spin the lie that the economy is on the rebound; but real unemployment is above 25 percent, inflation (the hidden tax) is stealing your wealth, more Americans than ever are on the government dole and liberties are under assault.

The elites are buying gold while telling you to sell yours, and the insiders are dumping their stocks while telling you buy them.

Gold and silver are hedges against worthless paper. You must hold the gold and silver in your possession, rather than worthless paper (currency or paper gold and silver). I recommend pre-1965 U.S. silver coins.

Also store food and guns and ammo (if you can find it). It is getting late in the game.

Personal Liberty

Bob Livingston

founder of Personal Liberty Digest™, is an ultra-conservative American author and editor of The Bob Livingston Letter™, in circulation since 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Right Brain Thinker

    Oh, yeah—-a real opportunity! To perhaps suffer another 15% loss in just two days? Or a 33% loss in eighteen months?

    Oh, wait, it was caused by “speculators” and “manipulators”—-those who have any money left are now going to jump back into the market in the “hope” that it will rebound strongly and they can fill their basements with precious metal and swim in it like Scrooge McDuck. Of course the smart ones sold gold short and made money off the backs of those who were so foolish as to buy gold on margin.

    Bob, could you explain again to me why we should buy gold? It used to be because it would be a good thing to have when the things that are happening today happened. Well, the things that were going to happen HAVE happened and the price of gold has plummeted. (????????)

    • Can’t stand the nonsense

      My opinion is gold and silver have always had value, and will continue to do so if and when paper money is worthless.

      • Bud Wood

        Over thousands of years, precious metals have always had value. There seems to be virtually no (unbacked) paper currency whose value has survived even a few dozen years. But right now, gold and other PMs have rocketed upward and dropped; such is probably in response to emotion plus manipulation (and maybe even opportunism).

        Sooner or later, this may calm down, but my feeling is that ultimately the US$ will get hard hit and just may not survive.

        The timing on these moves is difficult to even guess. However, the eventuality is obvious to those who have been aware during the past several decades.

        Incidentally, just to define what is which, money is most anything which is accepted as a medium of exchange whereas currency is more a form of government sanctioned money. Both function but currency typically has less instinctive value.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Right Brain Thinker,

      You write: “Bob, could you explain again to me why we should buy gold?” Rather than try and explain to you something you will never understand, I will provide two links for you to read something you will never understand.

      Best wishes,

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Well thanks for the gratuitous insult, Bob. Since I will “never” understand it, I guess I will “never” bother to look at the links. Why waste the time?

        Since you are the expert and felt the need to write this article in the first place, I thought you would gladly clarify something that seemed to be a glaring omission.

        You wouldn’t be evading the issue, would you?

        Best wishes,

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Right Brain Thinker,

          You write: “Well thanks for the gratuitous insult, Bob.” You are most welcome. It is an appropriate response to your argument to ridicule.

          You write: “You wouldn’t be evading the issue, would you?” Had I chosen to evade “the issue” I would not have responded and provided you with links for your education, now would I?

          Best wishes,

          • Right Brain Thinker

            Dear Bob,

            Sometimes “arguments to ridicule” are the only “appropriate response” to things that are ridiculous. I enjoy “sparring” with you, Bob, but you have already told me that I will “never understand” the links, and I have responded that I will therefore “never read them”. Dead issue, that one.

            Are you going to stop evading and explain why the price of gold is plummeting when it should be rising? I don’t have your expertise, but I DO know enough to be perplexed by that seeming paradox—-that part of my comment was dead serious, and I WOULD like to understand—-the small bit of research I have done has not given me the answer..

            Best wishes,


          • dene97

            Lol, he did explain it. Re-read some of his earlier posts about the big boys dumping “paper”’s one thing to debate with someone, but you’re only seeing what you want. Seriously, when someone takes the time to try to explain something to you, have the freaking courtesy to listen. Also, the “distant past”you spoke of regarding the gold standard was less than 50 years ago. Everybody in america used to walk around with silver coins and notes in their pocket. We were all basically robbed of any kind secure currency years ago. The way the government has our money printed, it is literally worth less than the fiber it is printed on. Wake up from the american dream before you are shaken awake by reality. :)

  • Steve E

    I’m glad gold plummeted. It gives me a chance to buy some more cheap. I guess that makes me complicit with the manipulators.

  • sirian

    Very good point Bob. Even so, there unfortunately remain so many that will easily fall prey to the propagandists. HA, Soros and Buffett won’t mind at all.

  • Unhappy CT Taxpayer

    Right Brain Thinker, what fundamentals have changed? All I see is nations around the world printing money in an attempt to gain an advantage with exports and prop up their economies.

    Look at the US Fiscal picture. What has gotten better since the last crash? Do you trust any of the TBTF banks? Meanwhile the government has a Debt/GDP ratio of over 103% and rising. We have been running trillion dollar deficits, and there’s no end in sight.

    Your right though, I need to turn on CNN or NBC and buy stocks now….


    • Right Brain Thinker

      I didn’t say to buy stocks—-they’re not safe either since they have become the playground of the speculators and manipulators also. And yes, the fiscal picture is quite grim. To simplify, since you seem to have missed it, my point was that the things that made gold a “smart buy” two years ago are now coming true in spades and the price of gold is plummeting rather than rising. That is something I don’t understand and was hoping Bob could explain it to me. Can you?

      • hungry4food

        The Gold sell off is due to the Cyprus gold confiscation and the
        anticipation it spreading throughout the EUROZONE and USA !!

        While the Federal Reserve is Stating that Inflation is in Check in the
        USA , the Inflation has taken place in the developing markets not in the
        developed markets .

        This is why the BRIC Nations have been trading with each other WITHOUT
        the dollar as their settlement currency now for the last 2 years steady and NOT
        Buying US Treasuries .

        The Hyper Inflation we will start to see soon will come when the Imports to
        the developed nations fall off and existing shrinking supply is met by

        The Chickens are getting ready to come home to roost !!!

        There will be NO Safe Inflation Bet because this Free Market Crash will Usher in Market Nationalization as the Only Option left !!!!

        Read this ,

        • Right Brain Thinker

          I can see all of that “bad stuff” gong on—-hope it doesn’t lead to disaster for the U.S., but my basic question remains unanswered. Why is the price of gold plummeting when it should be rising?

          • hungry4food

            Because investors FEAR Confiscation !!!!

          • Right Brain Thinker

            Somebody’s going to take their gold? I thought it was guns thsat were going to be confiscated?

          • hungry4food

            China has been and is getting ready to Swallow the Gold sell off because they have been positioning a Bond market that will replace the Dollar as worlds Trade currency . This is why the US Government will need to confiscate all Gold in the US private sector to be able to negotiate some form of trade for Parts supplies that we are desperately Dependent on NOW since the Out sourcing of all Tool and Die manufacturing over the last 20 years thats LEFT the USA about as Vulnerable as its ever been . Not Even at the Start of WW2 was the USA so Vulnerable to this Parts Dependency as it Still had a Robust Tool and Die manufacturing base , but today we are Nothing BUT A ASSEMBLY PLANT FOR IMPORTED PARTS !!!!

          • Right Brain Thinker

            And how much gold exactly is held in the private sector in the U.S.? My basic question remains unanswered.

          • hungry4food

            RBT its more about the Threat to the dollar as China has been saying they were going to be a Trade currency alternative to the dollar and be backed by Gold and create a Vacuum on the dollar .

            The Feds are doing everything they can to keep gold from consolidating cash and isolating the dollar , as it will give the international markets and nations who want a different reserve currency a reason to seek that like Russia and China have been saying to other nations they trad with and even are trading between themselves without the dollar , this is critical if the USA and Euro Zone are to remain allied or torn apart and if the division happens watch out , and its happening as we speak . !!!!


            There is Not enough money in the 401K plan to fund the demand that a senior needs in the later years of their life , even Obamacare !!!!! Read the first part of Forbes here ,


            It says here Obama is coming for your 401K… it here ,

            This will Bring on a National Takeover of your 401K soon …..

            Usage Of 401(k)s As An ATM Soars By 28% In Q4


          • Right Brain Thinker

            Yes, I understand all that (at least to some degree), but that’s all “paper” money and “made up” money. What about gold—the actual metal—-why is its price going down when it should be going up?

            And what’s with the talk of using gold to “back” anything? There isn’t enough of it to do that.

          • hungry4food

            RBT here is the goods on China and how they are staging the rise of their currency to replace the dollar as worlds reserve currency .

            First you have this latest division in the Eurozone that will further erode the dollars ability to remain the settlement currency . Like Domino’s the Eurozone dollar alliance is being divided and conquered .This is a sad but real event taking place and will lead to all kinds of supply shortages in the USA very soon as supply from the world market is stymied with the rejection of the dollar in the international market place . Hyper Inflation on existing USA supply will collapse the US markets ushering in Nationalization .


            Heres the goods on how the dollar is getting the legs taken out from under it , and its because we have NO Manufacturing base left to stand independent with adequate domestic supply and this Dependency is about to end the dollars rein as worlds trade currency .


            Plus China is in Iraq getting all their Oil , and this will open the door to them becoming the Petrol Currency in OPEC .

          • Denise

            I can see you are getting frustrated asking the same question over and over again. I will try to explain. Right Brain Thinker, it’s manipulation using PAPER gold and silver that hasn’t even been mined yet. There is not enough gold or silver to cover what JPM continues to conjure out of thin air. The end game will be when all the investors want their gold and silver at the same time. It will be a run on gold and silver just like a run on the banks. Because the money elite are so very corrupt, they have created fractional gold and silver just like they did with fractional banking. This means they only keep a SMALL fraction of the gold and silver on hand because they assume not all the people that have investments will want their physical gold and silver at the same time. That is why it’s important to buy physical pm and store them yourself. Then you aren’t exposed to ANY counter party risk. Be your own central bank.

          • Denise

            The reason the fiat currencies don’t appear to be losing value is that the banksters are inflating at the same rate so the little people won’t notice inflation until it’s too late to save their wealth. They WANT people to think gold and silver isn’t money. Ben Bernanke said so in front of Congress when Ron Paul asked him if gold was money. He said that it wasn’t. That is the last thing the banksters want is for people to buy physical gold and silver with their worthless currency.

          • Right Brain Thinker

            Thank you, Denise—-that helps a bit. And what about the fact that there just isn’t enough physical gold and silver for even a small fraction of “the people” to buy? How could we ever go back on the gold standard as some advocate? IMO, Gold and silver do have value, but they won’t ever again be “money” on the international scale as they were in the distant past.

            When the PM bubble really bursts, will it hurt anyone but the rich who can afford to pile it up in their basements? How many of “the people” own significant amounts anyway?

          • MCK

            RBT, gold and silver are and will be international money again, in the form of the Chinese currency. China announced last year that their currency will be fully backed by Gold by 2015. At that time they will strongly court the IMF to replace the USD standard for trading with their currency, which the IMF has already shown signs of willingness to do this.
            But how does China get its currency distributed across the planet in the same abundance as the USD? That’s where the huge bond sale comes in. “hungry4food” has been giving you all the links and info. The bond sale is open to all international investors and the bonds are all in Yuan currency, thus affectively distributing the Yuan all across the globe in one fell swoop. With the Yuan equally distributed to the USD, and fully backed by Gold, it’s just a matter of the IMF flipping the switch and we’ll be paying $30 for a gallon of milk in this country. Get it? Our trade leverage will evaporate over night and hyper inflation will set in.
            So why is Gold going down? The answer has been given in the article above and several hyperlinks by other posters. Here’s my brief answer: If you trade stocks/commodities, you’ll almost always notice a pullback on price just before it runs up in price hard. Why? Because the Market Makers, Investment and Commercial Banks, Fund Managers, Fed Reserve, etc…have the game rigged. What they do is sell short (or naked short) the price of the stock/commodity to trigger stop losses (automatic sell points that people setup to protect their investment). These artificial sales (naked shorts) bring the price down and trigger real sales from nervous investors. This allows the manipulators to then pick up real inventory (shares or commodities, in this case gold and silver) and go “LONG” by covering their short position on the cheap (this is very profitable), then when they have sucked enough inventory from the scared investors they run the stock/commodity price up for a big bull run and make even more money selling at the top while telling retail investors (us) to buy, leaving us “holding the bag”. Then the cycle repeats itself. As the article stated, this happened in 2008 and it’s setting up to happen again in 2013. You’re either gonna sell into this scare tactic and help the manipulators cover their shorts and go long, or you’re going to play along with the manipulators and buy on the cheap and ride the price upwards when they run it. The choice is yours. “Always run the opposite direction of the herd.” – Warren Buffett

          • hungry4food
  • Dax57

    Thanks Bob, for bringing this issue to the forefront. Once again, we see evidence of how the BIG money boys manipulate the system to their advantage.
    My question regarding your article is: was it JP Morgan that caused the problem?

    I read the article by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts about the Fed’s manipulation.

    Here’s an excerpt from Dr. Roberts’ article:

    “The Fed used naked shorts in the paper gold market to offset the price effect of a rising demand for bullion possession. Short sales that drive down the price trigger stop-loss orders that automatically lead to individual sales of bullion holdings once their loss limits are reached.”

    “According to Andrew Maguire, on Friday, April 12, the Fed’s agents hit the market with 500 tons of naked shorts. Normally, a short is when an investor thinks the price of a stock or commodity is going to fall. He wants to sell the item in advance of the fall, pocket the money, and then buy the item back after it falls in price, thus making money on the short sale. If he doesn’t have the item, he borrows it from someone who does, putting up cash collateral equal to the current market price. Then he sells the item, waits for it to fall in price, buys it back at the lower price and returns it to the owner who returns his collateral. If enough shorts are sold, the result can be to drive down the market price.”

    “A naked short is when the short seller does not have or borrow the item that he shorts, but sells shorts regardless. In the paper gold market, the participants are betting on gold prices and are content with the monetary payment. Therefore, generally, as participants are not interested in taking delivery of the gold, naked shorts do not need to be covered with the physical metal.”

    “In other words, with naked shorts, no physical metal is actually sold.”

    “People ask me how I know that the Fed is rigging the bullion price and seem surprised that anyone would think the Fed and its bullion bank agents would do such a thing, despite the public knowledge that the Fed is rigging the bond market and the banks with the Fed’s knowledge rigged the Libor rate. The answer is that the circumstantial evidence is powerful.”

    Please note that Dr. Roberts is not just another opinionated blogger; but, was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate.

  • Greg Murphy

    At some point I will buy some physical gold. This has not had an affect on the gold mining stocks yet.

  • DonnaAngelStar

    I’ve pondered this, bought some stocks per hubby. I don’t think the stock market is the way to go for most of us, neither are savings accounts. Maybe credit unions or private banks not affiliated with the FDIC. The Federal private Reserve manipulates the value of our FIAT currency. Gold is good but not within reach for most of us. I finally came to the conclusion that silver could be the poor man’s savior. Now, if I could only convince Hubby silver and a coffee can, x marks the spot.
    Oh yeah, I’m still pondering, weak minds have to work overtime.


    One good thing about gold and silver they will always have value, any where in the world, when the paper money good for only 2 things fire, you figure out the other.

  • Adrian Vance

    No, this is far more profound event that many appreciate. It says the bankers are alarmed that the elected ruling class did not reject the Cypriot move.

    See The Two Minute Conservative at: and when you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  • Bud Wood

    Now! Salvage your precious metal investments before the next downward drop! Hurry as prices will continue to drop. (And then you can buy more at even lower prices)

  • $36364326

    Nice to see the price drop, BUT! the reason is to take away any kind of retirement funds americans might be trying to cash in on today. I have noticed an all out war on ALL entrepreneurial activities since 2009. Our liar and thief hates americans! and islam hates the protestant principles USA was founded on. They hate freedom!


    $560 billion wiped off Central Banks’ reserves on gold slump

    Gold slump has wiped $560 billion from the value of central bank reserves after its price dropped 13% in the last two days. Global investors are switching to equities in a bid to generate income.

    Central banks own 19% of all gold mined (some 31,694.8 metric tons) and are among the major losers from the asset price slump, according the World Gold Council in London. Global investors have sold gold to reinvest in riskier assets such as equities, as gold is no longer seen as a sustainable hedge.

    Many experts say the Western central banks have no one but themselves to blame. Many of them, led by the US Federal Reserve and the ECB contributed to falling gold prices in a bid to support their domestic currencies.

    Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal, dubbed the Fed’s recent action an “assault on gold”. “The Fed is rigging the bullion market in order to protect the US dollar’s exchange value, which is threatened by the Fed’s quantitative easing,”he wrote.

    On April 12, the Fed dumped 500 tons of naked shorts on the market, pulling dollars out of thin air and sending gold prices deep into the red, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts writes citing Andrew Maguire, an independent bullion trader and a whistleblower.

    Other experts noted that ECB chief’s statement that debt-burdened Eurozone economies, such as Cyprus would have to sell their gold reserves to keep their bailout programs afloat also triggered the bullion price decline.

    After a steady rally for 12 years gold reached a record mark of $1,923.70 an ounce in September 2011. Growth in world’s leading economies along with falling global inflation boosted equities market by $2.28 trillion in 2013 due to the traditional store of value, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

    Investors have turned towards profit making assets, while gold was only useful as an instrument to fight inflation and brought no revenue.

    “There’s a perception that risk has been lessened, and with that, investors are looking for assets that either generate income or have growth potential, neither of which gold has,” a market strategist with LPL Financial Corp Anthony Valeri is quoted as saying by Bloomberg. “We’ve seen a grab for yield, and without a yield, gold has been left out.”

    Over the past decade Russia’s Central Bank acquired 570 metric tonnes of gold emerging as theworld’s biggest gold buyer. Since 2000 when Russian gold reserve totaled 384 metric tons the state more than doubled it in 12 years. According to official data from World Gold Council, in October 2012 gold made up 9.6% of Russia’s national forex reserve and stood at 936.7 metric tons.

    • Right Brain Thinker

      Thank you, JAY—-that offers some answers to my question. Interesting that it came from RT—-RT often offers a “fresh” perspective on things.

      • WTS/JAY

        You’re welcome, RBT…so true. Sometimes you just have to go off the beaten-path to gain a fresh/different perspective. Good thing there still remains alternatives.

        • Deerinwater

          Good posting Jay ~ Informative ~ I was wondering what Mr. Livingston’s take on this turn of events would be. ~ I wasn’t surprised.

  • Mike Austin

    I don’t mind if it falls further. I still own what I own. I also am waiting for it to bottom out so I can pull all from my 401k at the lowest value and pay the lowest penalty and tax I can.