Libertarians Don’t Identify With Tea Party Thanks To Social Issues

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There’s a little bit of tea party overlap – but not a lot of lockstep agreement – among people who think of themselves as libertarians. Social issues like recreational drug use, gay marriage, abortion and the role of religion in government are the chief reasons why the majority of self-described libertarians say they don’t see eye to eye with the Tea Party movement.

Across the Internet, including on websites like this one, libertarianism and Tea Party conservatism are often conflated by casual outside observers. But a new survey, done by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI), finds that 61 percent of libertarians say they don’t identify with the Tea Party.

From the survey synopsis:

The annual look at religion, values and public policy in America from the nonpartisan Public Religion Research Institute finds libertarians make up a smaller portion of the Republican Party than other conservative constituency groups. Twelve percent of self-identified Republicans are libertarian, compared to 20 percent of Republicans who identify with the Tea Party and 33 percent who say they belong to the religious right or conservative Christian movement.

Libertarians are also half as likely as those who identify with the Tea Party movement to say they consider themselves part of the Christian right. Only 1-in-5 (22 percent) libertarians say they belong to the religious right or conservative Christian movement. However, about half (52 percent) of Americans who identify with the Tea Party movement say they are a part of the Christian right, a connection that has held steady since PRRI began tracking this relationship in 2010.

There’s a lot of agreement between Tea Party conservatives and libertarians on fiscal policy. But the divide widens greatly on “hands-off” personal issues that elicit strong support among conservatives – particularly religious conservatives – for government regulation.

“While libertarians are aligned with other key conservative constituencies on economic issues, they are at odds with other conservative groups on a range of social issues,” said PRRI research director Daniel Cox. “A majority of libertarians oppose making it more difficult for women to obtain an abortion, and strongly support legalizing both marijuana and physician-assisted suicide.”

The survey, which randomly sampled 2,317 adults living in the U.S., interviewed respondents both online and by telephone between Sept. 21 and Oct. 3 of this year.

Read the full report of the 2013 American Values Survey here.

Personal Liberty

Ben Bullard

Reconciling the concept of individual sovereignty with conscientious participation in the modern American political process is a continuing preoccupation for staff writer Ben Bullard. A former community newspaper writer, Bullard has closely observed the manner in which well-meaning small-town politicians and policy makers often accept, unthinkingly, their increasingly marginal role in shaping the quality of their own lives, as well as those of the people whom they serve. He argues that American public policy is plagued by inscrutable and corrupt motives on a national scale, a fundamental problem which individuals, families and communities must strive to solve. This, he argues, can be achieved only as Americans rediscover the principal role each citizen plays in enriching the welfare of our Republic.

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  • Simon LipSchitz

    A true American Libertarian would be against legalized govt. funded abortions as that denies “Life, Liberty & the pursuit of Happiness” to the American citizen in the womb!

    • Blank Reg

      Not exactly. As an “American libertarian” I am against government-funded abortions as that is not the federal government’s Constitutional business. Abortion is a matter of individual moral choice, not state-sanctioned violence; you want an abortion, you pay for it. Better yet, don’t get preggers to begin with.

      But I can see why the federal gov’t would fund such things…it means one less “customer” for the bankrupt welfare state.

      • Simon LipSchitz

        It also means one less future taxpayer & productive citizen too….I will take your argument one step further, the state should not legalize abortion either…I believe that countries, nations, states, organizations, etc..have souls like individuals & make karma good & bad too, so for the state to allow abortion is very bad karma indeed, I do not think it is coincidence that the approximately same number of souls were murdered on 9/11 as there are legalized abortions per day in America….there have to be limits on personal choices on some things & murder of innocents HUMANS in the womb is one for sure…..was the woman born with a baby bump? NO, why it is her choice to kill her baby? Pro-choice: the freedom to murder your baby!!

        • Robert Messmer

          So are you saying that the International Banksters that actually run the whole world purposely saw to it that those 2 numbers would be in close approximation as sort of a “moral warning” to the USA? You look long enough and at enough random bits you can see patterns in everything.

          As long as the government funds any healthcare for any citizen, under 14th Amendment “equal protection of the law” means have to fund abortions also.

          There have to be limits….sure and for Bloomberg that limit was 16 ounces of soda in one glass. Government needs to restrict its activities to what they are supposed to be doing and quit trying to micromanage the day to day living of citizens.

    • Evan Eberhardt

      Abortions should absolutely have no tax money, However, abortion should not be legal or illegal but left outside of government involvement. To make it illegal creates a sovereignty paradox because babies grow inside another person. If you FORCE women to have babies, you violate their personal sovereignty. Abortion is a personal moral issue and it should be left at that.

      • Simon LipSchitz

        Your argument is asinine…no one is forcing women to have babies, tying them down & impregnating them….Are you for snuffing out the baby’s life with a pillow right after it exits the woman’s body?
        Once you get pregnant, there is a separate human being created & it should have ALL the rights to live as we do!! PERIOD!! “my body , my choice” is insane!!!

        • Evan Eberhardt

          Good luck winning back women with that mindset.

        • Robert Messmer

          You are saying that the second a woman becomes pregnant, she has NO rights. How about the same treatment for the father? He should lose all of his rights also since he is now responsible for another human being.

  • Doc

    Libertarians, republicans and Tea Party members need to get together to defeat the greater evil.

    • PoliTecs

      It will never happen. Just ask your local Liber… They have too many characteristics of what is destroying the two party system – hate, greed, sell-interest not national interest.. et al.

      • John Rodgers

        It’s not so much hate, greed as much as it’s just plain fear.
        Disappointing some of those, feeling so entitled to the dregs of our country’s revenue, is the only answer to solve our countries woes, unfortunately the conservatives have forgotten this, allowing both the Republic and the party (R) to fail.
        The DEMOCRATS as usual, will continue spending our country to oblivion with handouts and entitlements to an ever increasingly larger pool of people losing their jobs, their healthcare, their morals, and lack of respect for themselves as long as they can get a vote.
        Keeping the people in despair and the Republicans as divided as possible have become the Democrat’s greatest assets, unfortunately none of this will ultimately help us to a better tomorrow.

      • FreedomFighter

        Hang together or hang separate, your choice.
        Laus Deo
        Semper FI

  • PoliTecs

    And this is the reason why I call Liberaltarians FRAUDS! Another “political party” insider group no better than the “R’s” or the “D’s” while being as dangerous or more dangerous. Primarily, they reject the belief in God thus their attempted co-op of the country’s founding is also a fraud! They’re radicals, extremist’s and have zero alliance to nationality – the fundamentals of what makes a stable nation. They live in a cave in their own heads!

    • Lumpy Rutherford

      Ron & Rand Paul believe in God, but that is beside the point, they believe in small fed govt. & Constitution & that is what matters most!

      • PoliTecs

        And they can continue to call themselves Libers, their really politicians first thus their exploiting the “new wave” and secondly, their Conservatives more than Libers.
        I have heard them, they are Conservatives Libers. I just heard Ron on Becks show, he’s more a Conservative now than I have ever heard him.
        So they don’t fall under the “rank and file” Liber do they.

        • Evan Eberhardt

          How about you read Ron Paul’s books. It will be clear as day that he is indeed a Libertarian. Belief in religion is a PERSONAL matter. What is your issue with religion? Here is Jefferson on the matter –
          “It does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are 20 gods, or no god. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.”

          • PoliTecs

            Who said religion, you said it and here is the problem. People read what they want to hear and hear what they wan to hear.

            I said God, two completely separate things.

            We live in a society, what your reference is yet another misinterpreted statement by a founder. Again, making my point, that Libers do exactly what the Marxist left does, changes the meanings of statements and words to fit their agenda.

            This is why Conservatism is not a political platform with political agendas and platitudes for power. Its a way of life as defined by Locke, Montesquieu et al.

            Even a Liber controlled government has its pitfalls similar to the left – not enough government leads to Anarchy!

    • CJ

      Poli… are you a troll who’s sent here to spew more disruption?? Libertarians are the antithesis of liberals, despite the progressive’s stealing the term ‘liberal’. Someone has to be involved with the political process to change it. You would quickly (mis)label them just to keep chaos and prevent change for the better. At least the Pauls are working in the right direction. It’s more than can be said for faux-republicans (RINOs et al).

    • CJ

      Poli… are you a troll who’s sent here to spew more disruption?? Libertarians are the antithesis of liberals, despite the progressive’s stealing the term ‘liberal’. Someone has to be involved with the political process to change it. You would quickly (mis)label them just to keep chaos and prevent change for the better. At least the Pauls are working in the right direction. It’s more than can be said for faux-republicans (RINOs et al).

      • Evan Eberhardt

        I wish he were a troll but I doubt it. There are many like him who cannot let go of religion and sexual preference when they cast their ballot. I was stunned to watch Rick Santorum get the most votes at the last local precinct vote I attended here in Colorado Springs (28 votes, Paul got 12, Romney 7, Gingrich 6). Until these people can keep their religion a personal matter we can forget about unity.

  • SSMcDonald

    This is not the first time I have sent you this same message; I suspect maybe you people are deliberately being part of the problem: People play into the hands of the evil one by using his politically correct euphemisms.

    In this instance, the use of the euphemism “gay” helps to spread his
    unacceptable evil by glossing over what it really is; (homosexuality) making the
    term “gay” acceptable in the thinking of the uneducated masses.

    ALWAYS use the correct terminology: pervert, homosexual, deviant, queer, or sodomite. CEASE using the evil one’s terminology, “gay;” you only promote the spread of his agenda.

    • Mad Man Muffin Mashinsky

      I agree…same paradigm as calling it a FETUS or EMBRYO…it is no such thing, it is a HUMAN BEING at a stage of life we all have been at….CASE CLOSED!!!

      • dan

        excellent…and I’d like to chime in ,as CJ did below,
        and decry calling Demoncrats ‘liberal’ when they are
        actually Proggressive Socialists and Eutopian Communists.
        To be fair ,Republicans ,as founded , are corporatists
        (as in ,Military Industrial Complex)

        • Mad Man Muffin Mashinsky

          Right on!!!

    • Dan Sherman

      Is being homosexual a sin? I’d say so, even though I’m not a religious man. It’s a sin of nature. But to outlaw it is to say that you are taking over as God and passing judgement. According to the Christians God gave man the freedom of choice. Therefore, man is to keep out of others business as God will judge them by his standards.

      If you don’t think that homosexuality is a sin against nature then ask yourself, “Does nature allow homosexuals to naturally reproduce?”

      Other than that I disagree with your statement about promoting “his” agenda. The only devil out there is the devil/sin we all harbor within ourselves and what we do with it.

  • dan

    i’m a Christian Tea-party Libertarian that doesn’t believe in over-reaching religeous pharisees…and i trust Ron’s consistency more than my own or Rand’s or any of the drumbeating blood-lusting neo-conservative lemings who fancey themselves as patrots ….or the baby killing-perverted demoncrats

  • dan

    i’m a Christian Tea-party Libertarian that doesn’t believe in over-reaching religeous pharisees…and i trust Ron’s consistency more than my own or Rand’s or any of the drumbeating blood-lusting neo-conservative lemings who fancey themselves as patrots ….or the baby killing-perverted demoncrats

    • StinkBomb Jones

      I agree with you & am all the things you mention…However, I do like Rand more & believe he would make a great prez…..Ron Paul always thought he could get more done from within the Belly of The Beast, the GOP & did not want to start his own party…I would love to see a “Constitutional Libertarian Party” , as a viable 3rd party…in order to start it, it would split the Repubs & make DEMs stronger…that is a real possibility

      • Dan Sherman

        I disagree about making the Dems stronger. How can they be made stronger when the first Republicans to go will be the ones that vote the same way as the Dems. I see it that the worst thing that will happen is a break even. That’s a very acceptable result, especially since there is a good chance that even more Old Guard Republitards will be tossed out on their ass. I think the Tea Party republicans and Constitutional Libertarians would gain momentum in spite of their differences.

    • Robert Messmer

      If you can prove that any Democrats are killing a baby, then have charges filed. If you are simply ranting because of Roe vs Wade, consider that as a Libertarian you should be against any and pretty much all government interference in the lives of the citizens. Therefore why would you want the government to tell you that you can not have a medical procedure that you want simply because the government knows what is better for you than you do? Should the government be allowed to tell you that you can not marry whom you want to? What if the government said that you could only marry someone of your own race–oh wait, it did and that was declared unconstitutional. Government needs to stick to what government is for–defense of the country. Not running our day to day lives.

  • satelliter

    After reading these posts, I come to the conclusion that everyone who is not a Libertarian seems to think they know more about Libertarians than real Libertarians know. Just like the Dems keep telling everyone all about how conservatives, and what and how they think. So you Liberals know more about me than I know about myself? Liberals have been running the country for 5 years and look where we are. You can’t tell me there is anyone who could do a worse job than the party now in office.When something definitely isn’t working, do something DIFFERENT even if you don’t like it. No point in criticizing everyone else’s plan, if your plan is a complete failure.

    • CatFish CrawDaddy-O

      Both parties stink for sure…but the LOONY TUNES DEMS stink to High Heaven & are far worse!!!

  • PoliTecs

    I love how, just like the left, when someone “thinks differently” or “outside the box” their a “TROLL”.
    You are a FOOL!

  • ted

    LABELS – They can be interpreted as you want to.

    • dan

      I think it was kirkegaard that said: ‘When you label me …you diminish me’.

    • Wayne Schntesky

      Yes, political parties were never meant to be part of America!!! People need to think for themselves!!

  • Sic Semper Tyrannis

    501(c)3 legislation was first introduced by the despicably evil murderer, LBJ, when he was still a US Senator from Texas. He just couldn’t stand what the pastors were saying about him even back then from their pulpits. Hindsight being 20/20, they should have shrieked all the more louder!!! The sad fact of it all is that 99.99% of American Christianity today consists of 501(c)3 churches run by cotton candy-ass pastors who preach nothing but cotton candy “life is but a dream” sermons while their flocks are living in a world going to Hell in a hand basket of their own doing because they would rather please Man than Almighty God. Right now, at this very moment if none of them had been 501(c)3, they could even have their own Christian political party independent of the two Establishment criminal mafia parties in the District of Criminals. Instead, they are facing imminent Judgment from Almighty God to be followed by Judgment over this nation.

  • Josh McNattin

    Jesus said, “Go and make disciples…”, not “go and create involuntary social constraints on behavior by force in order to cause people to behave in ways that do not reflect their conscience.” It’s the lazy way out, don’t try to share your beliefs in open sharing, make their beliefs illegal!

    • Sic Semper Tyrannis

      The government we have now is trying to make sharing your beliefs in “open sharing” against the law. They have already done so in the US military. It is only a matter of time before they adopt the Canadian law outlawing preaching against homosexuality in the pulpit. Soon, it won’t even matter if a church is 501(c)3 or not; they will have effectively ended the 1st Amendment altogether. The US military just the other day had listed evangelical Christians as would-be terrorists, and was teaching this to our troops. Eventually, they will start to persecute Christians. This is what happens when preachers run and hide instead of confront evil in their midst.

      I agree with you. The government should not be in the business of legislating morality, but likewise it should not be in the business of legislating immorality. That is precisely what they are doing when they force me to recognize gay marriage, when they force my tax dollars to pay for gay partners’ medical and retirement benefits and when they force me to pay taxes that pay for abortions in this country and around the world. They are also legislating immorality when they force me to pay taxes to support immoral genocidal wars based on the 9/11 lie that they also perpetrated with my tax dollars. The same can be said for using my tax dollars to support the evil Obamacare and Obama’s genocidal drone attacks based on the 9/11 lie as well.

      • Robert Messmer

        But then you are saying that the government is legislating morality by paying welfare to those having children without benefit of marriage or even benefit of the father staying to raise the child? Maybe you need to find out which is cheaper–18 years of welfare benefits, then another unwanted, and unparented child for another 18 years and then another and another or a simple abortion.