Lawmaker: Why Do IRS Agents Train With AR-15s?


Representative Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.) may have discovered where at least a few of those rounds of ammunition the government is buying massive quantities of is going when he visited the Maryland Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in May: the Internal Revenue Service.

Duncan, chairman of the House Homeland Security oversight subcommittee, said during recent interviews that he wants an explanation from IRS officials about employees of the agency he observed training with AR-15s during his visit.

“While we were sitting there,” Duncan told WYFF4, “the gentleman told them to sling their weapons and load a 30-round magazine into the AR-15s they were training with.”

Upon learning that the marksmen were IRS agents, the lawmaker said he was a little confused as to why the Nation’s tax collectors needed so much firepower.

“Why do IRS law enforcement agents need standoff capability that you would have with a long rifle or with a weapon similar to an AR-15? They’re generally investigating tax evasion, fraud and money laundering. We think of the IRS as an audit agency more than doing the type of law enforcement where they have to use an AR-15.”

The lawmaker, acknowledging that the IRS has an enforcement division, also questions why the agency wouldn’t collaborate with other Federal agencies that are geared more specifically to law enforcement in the event that heavy firepower was needed.

The IRS has issued a statement in response to Duncan’s concerns: “As law enforcement officials, IRS Criminal Investigation Special Agents are equipped similarly to other federal, state and local law enforcement organizations. Special Agents receive training on the appropriate and safe use of assigned weapons. IRS Criminal Investigation has internal controls and oversight in place to ensure all law enforcement tools, including weapons are used appropriately.”

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  • Robbie

    IRS agents actually have police powers and some of them train to use weapons. That’s the answer to your question.

    • John Cherish

      The IRS should never have been given police powers there is no reason for them to have that because they are dealing with the financial aspects of collecting taxes. As a matter of fact the IRS is an unconstitutional organization as only the treasury has the right to levy and collect taxes and that right is limited to taxes and tariffs for interstate trade. The IRS is conducting nothing more than theft and seizure of personal property and requiring you to self incriminate yourself by an affidavit (Signed tax return) Abolish the IRS today. John Kennedy was assassinated because he was proposing to do away with both the IRS and the federal reserve bank. And restore the Treasury as the legal entity that could print and coin money

      • Robbie

        I think you’re going to have problems turning back the hands of time. Be that as it may the IRS does have a law enforcement division dealing with fraud and some rather unsavory characters I’m sure so they have a few agents who have weapons just in case. They have the right to bear arms.

        • Glock _ 10

          And so do I……..

        • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

          Fraudsters dealing with fraud. Sounds legit.

        • carolchristine

          They are becoming much more that that.

  • just wondering

    Why shouldn’t all the Federal agency’s enforcement be consolidated into one group, eg, Federal Marshals, that they call on when they need more than a letter.

  • ontarget

    Remember that Bush created the DHS as an agency to collect information from the FBI and the CIA after 9/11 because these agencies wouldn’t pass intel to each other. Now we have another armed government agency. .

    • timduck

      Another agency that won’t share information, either. WTF?

  • americalandofthefree

    but that still didnt answer the question. Anyway we all now they are part of Obamas secret army. Boy are the politicians going to be surprised when those guys show up and because they dont agree with the agenda are gathered up and jailed or shot. Lets see the excuses would be they
    looked like he was going for a gun and I was fearful for my own life so I just took him out before he could pull his oh damn he didnt have a gun.

  • thedude

    DHS needs to be abolished!with national guard,police,army,navy,swat,marines,the DHS is here to harass the citizens of this nation our forefathers warned us of a standing army within this nation!and this is exactly what DHS is!! when the dollar collapses and it will !! why do you think this government is gearing up for!! you sheeple better wake and smell the COFFEE!!!

    • carolchristine

      You are right. That is what the DHS and now the IRS is going to be. A standing army. I don’t believe Obama plans on leaving in 2016 otherwise why would he go to all this effort to change this country into a communist nation. or some say socialist nation. It does not sound so bad.

  • Dave

    I believe that the IRS buys it’s own ammunition, separately from the DHS.

    • village idiot

      And they use your money to buy the ammo, but you are not supposed to have any? Thugs they are and nobody can dispute that!

  • Mark Mullen

    Hummm….. As we all know, back in 1933, in an attempt to stop the depression and lower the U.S. deficit, the President and Congress ordered the widespread confiscation of ALL gold coins and bullion in the U.S.

  • ChuckS123

    We found the death panels. IRS agents in Obamacare with AR-15s.

  • Lucy and Ricky

    So the corrupt IRS is allowed to bear arms but regular people are denied that right. So they can kill us with an audit or with guns or with Obamacare. UGH!!!! This country is going to hell.

    • Lie breaker

      The country started going to hell when Ronnie the Ray Gun held office and continued up to Present.. IF there is a hell might want to go there and see how its government faces its dogs of war and men of hate who don’t discriminate,negotiate,and capitulate.

      • carolchristine

        Lie breaker> Lie maker you mean. Go trolling somewhere else. We do not want Communism in this country. You must take your blinders off

  • Lie breaker

    Holy henpecked husbands Batsnbelfyman, another GOP doofis sticking his nose in another’s man’s rhubarb.. Thats right Boyblunderfuss looks like some of them have absolutely NOTHING to do again, lets reflect can the GOP; reference to House of USERY or Stagflation still have yet to solve who actually spends the money, along with their glee club of followers who still hold on their beliefs still think the Sheriff aka the President collects all the money and gives the ULTRA RIGHT WINGED Gargoyles aka cabinet members a hell of a big slice of this pie . Yes Boyblunder and starting in Septsomber a new REALITY show complete with every insane commercial ad’s conceived and will be broadcasted on every channel plus cable,, ooooooooooooh and the name of this show is AS the US FLOPS. OH golly cheeseWiz batsnthebelfryman, that means i have to secure a 5 carton box and live down by the RIVERSIDE?? No Boyblunderfuss an option exists and all practiced in the art of living off the fat of mudball Earth can head up north and live life as member Of Bill Williams Mountain men, build a good Still and create Hooch and sell it to those cursed revenuer’s. This post is as absurd as this Article.

  • Ibn Insha

    No law enforcement agency should have more firepower than an ordinary citizen. That was the purpose of our constitution, to limit the power of government. Tax avoidance is not a violent act then why IRS has power to use violence?

  • Geri Treme

    According to the head of the IRS he admitted a couple of weeks ago that paying taxes is voluntary so why would the IRS need firepower of any kind. This is just another example of the government trying to run over everyone and build their secret army. The IRS should be abolished as well as a lot of the other alphabet soup agencies that the government has on it’s payroll. The DHS is useless, the CIA and FBI all seem to be corrupt and we all know the IRS is corrupt. What good do these agencies do if none of them understand the constitution.

  • Wiley2

    It’s not so surprising that an organization whose sole purpose is theft and extortion would have weapons to force their victims’ compliance with their demands. It’s simply more evidence that our government has become the largest criminal organization in the country and, probably, on the planet.


    Here’s a couple points, the progressive tax is no longer needed we can replace it and eliminate the IRS with a national sales tax on the ballot every ten years. This and the use of term limits for elected and appointed officials would revolutionize the Republic and put WTP in a stong position to manage and account for this oversized government and the cost it entails.
    2nd amendment, no more tax paid security for elected and appointed officials, the whacky idea that they are more than public servants has now gone to far. The idea that these punks can strip you of your right to self defense but retain it for themselves is called tyranny. Were they made to obey the same laws and WTP were to stop all this two tier law these elite clowns have insulated themselves with they would be called “civil” servants serving the public with all laws applying the same to all. Kind of levels the playing field does it not?
    If I had a AR15, I too would want all the bells and whistles it has to be able to defend myself against the tyranny this elitist bunch is trying to impose by fiat.