‘Kitty Heaven’: Ohio ‘Humane’ Officer Shoots Five Kittens As Kids Watch, Mom Pleads


A retired police sergeant now working part time as a humane officer for the City of North Ridgeville, Ohio, Police Department was dispatched last Monday to the home of a local couple who’d called to report a litter of feral kittens that had taken up residence in a woodpile in their back yard.

The woman who placed the call said the animals were a nuisance, bringing fleas and dead animals onto her property. Her husband also said the mother cat had been a nuisance for several years, but had grown especially fierce and protective of her litter and resisted his efforts to remove the kittens.

Like most people who call the humane society to remove feral dogs and cats, the couple assumed animal control would simply come and take them, leaving their fate to the vicissitudes of luck at the local shelter. They knew that some form of euthanasia would probably end their lives.

They weren’t expecting Humane Officer Barry Accorti’s brand of euthanasia, though.

Accorti responded at the residence, one of dozens of homes in a densely built subdivision just southwest of Cleveland. The mother and her four children were at home. The kids were upstairs as mom talked with Accorti outside. She told local TV station WKYC:

My heart breaks for my kids, and other kids who have to see this story. He told me the shelters were pretty much full and that they would be going to kitty heaven. My immediate thought was my kids who were upstairs seeing it. My 6-year-old came downstairs, and was crying, “Mommy, Mommy, he shot the kitty.”

The shooting took place right there on the property, just 15 feet away from a house where unprepared kids watched from the windows. The mom originally though the firearm Accorti had gone to his truck to retrieve was a tranquilizer gun. But when Accorti returned with a .22 pistol (not his Glock .45 service pistol) and allegedly told her he “wasn’t supposed to be doing this, but it was justifiable” before heading toward the woodpile, she understood what was going on.

The five 8- to 10-week-old kittens all died, but the mother cat fled.

After massive backlash, North Ridgeville Police Chief Michael Freeman issued a statement on the department’s Facebook page (which, though jammed with complaints and unavailable late in the week, was captured earlier by several online news outlets and humane groups). The statement explains the rationale for Accorti’s actions and finds no fault with them:

…The complainant explained she felt overwhelmed due to the fact that her children were inside the residence and heard the gunshots.

The complainant urged better communication in the future. NRPD recognizes the concerns of those who believe feral cats should not be killed for simply trying to survive but also acknowledges other research that recognizes the risks associated with these animals and the need to manage feral cats. Research and other animal organizations accept shooting as an acceptable means of euthanasia.

After visiting the scene, talking with the responding officer and re-interviewing the complainant, I have decided his actions were appropriate and have decided not to impose any disciplinary measures for the incident. We will talk with the humane officers about improving their communications with the public. We are here to help those who seek our assistance. Our agency prides itself on not telling people, “It’s not our problem or there is nothing we can do for you.” This would be the easy way out. To walk away and leave a safety issue unresolved is irresponsible. At no time does this agency condone or allow the indiscriminate killing of animals, but we will continue to assist residents when there is a safety or nuisance condition.

Shooting feral animals as a means of euthanasia is hardly a philosophical issue or policy quibble for many rural and suburban animal control departments. But doing so in a controlled environment — one in which the property owner and everyone occupying the property are informed and afforded an opportunity to keep a safe distance — is. These weren’t coyotes on someone’s back 40; they were kittens in a woodpile on a small lot in the middle of a dense neighborhood.

Accorti’s failure to offer any explanation for how he would proceed, coupled with the flippancy of his alleged “kitty heaven” remark (and his confession that he was about to step out of line) don’t factor into the department’s justification for his actions.

Accorti took Tuesday off following the shooting, but was back on the job Wednesday.

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  • IsThisAmerica

    OMG, yes I understand they were feral but if you look closely, to me, it seems she was feeding them. I have 2 cats myself that are fixed and NEVER go outside. If something were to happen to them I would go ballistic. I have had them since they were born, now their 10 years old and I love them very much. But please don’t feed outdoor cats then call and complain about them. Really stupid of you the human.

    • Chester

      From personal experience, you don’t have to feed feral cats to have them take up residence on your property. All they need is a place safe from the weather and they do quite a decent job of surviving on their own. The hard part is convincing them that you DON’T want them staying with you.

      • dcartmill

        “it seems she was feeding them “… “The hard part is convincing them that you DON’T want them staying with you”. This becomes increasingly harder when you start out feeding them. The pic clearly shows a feeding bowl set out.

        • Karolyn

          Do you really think this cop took a picture before shooting the cats? Don’t you realize that stock photos are very often used for these articles?

  • Barbara Johnson

    I guess that is what happens when people drop their unwanted cats and kitten’s off somewhere. They breed. When the shelters get too full to house them all, and no one takes them, they get put down. The same with dog’s. So, people who want pet’s should be responsible enough to take care of them in the first place!

    • Karolyn

      It’s like talking to a wall, and bandaids keep getting put on the problem. The amount of unwanted dogs and cats in the world is horrific. there simply are not enough homes, so thousands get put down every day. There should be programs that go out into the schools to teach the kids about responsible pet ownership. The problem will never end because ignorant parents raise ignorant kids.

  • margaretmari

    At BEST this is disturbing….and unconscionable ! and KITTENS, nonetheless !!! I’m sorry…don’t give me any nonsense about how feral they were, or their being a nuisance….that’s crap ! and to kill the poor things in front of CHILDREN ?!!! At least the mother cat had the ability to escape, the kittens did not…the weakest, and the most vulnerable and unsuspecting !! they could EASILY have been transported to any farm out in the country…many welcome feral cats, as barn mice are a bigger problem out there in our MILK barns !!! but no, this slob obviously took great delight in performing his “duty”, as identified by his lack of regard for the children watching. Wonder how he treats his animals at home ?!!! And to see that there were no repercussions for his vile actions against harmless KITTENS ?!!! I’m sorry, they’re ALL complicit….God help them !!! Remember sir, that ALL our actions are observed by God….and those kittens were His !

    • Don 2

      I don’t agree with his particular method here, but feral cats should be killed. I’ve seen them in action, killing protected song birds galore and wild game, particularly baby pheasants, rabbits, waterfowl, and whatever else they can catch. They do an extreme amount of damage to wild game populations. I remember when hunters could shoot ‘cats killing birds’ and then the PETA whack-jobs got into the action, and the law was changed, allowing the cats to freely decimate wild game and birds, while at the same time multiplying in phenomenal numbers. I have no problem with killing them.

      • Frank Kahn

        Actually, these kittens were not, technically, feral. Yes, the mother might be, however, had the family left a bowl of cat food out for her to eat, she would not be considered feral if she used it for food.

        Recent studies have shown that all cats, not kept strictly indoors, are responsible for killing massive amounts of birds as well as other small animals. Being feral does not change their nature in that respect.

        As an avid cat lover, and owner for over 50 years, I know that cats are only feral by choice. If they decide to adopt a human, they are no longer feral. And, by definition, if you live on a farm, or ranch, and you have cats, one of which is female, you will have feral cats on your property. Any kitten that does not come to you for food, is getting its food from the animals on the farm and therefor living in the wild. Quite often they will be helping keep mice out of granaries or other such pests.

        Instead of just killing wild cats, you should try a little love and compassion. Set out a bowl of food, keep a close presence so they get used to you, and you might find a new friend.

        • Don 2

          You’re assuming that I want a new cat friend, and your assumption is incorrect. There is no end to these critters being dropped off in the country because some lame brain city dweller assumes the farmer wants them, and will take care of them, pay to have them fixed so they won’t continue to breed several litters a year, times whatever new females are born, pay for their vet bills, and buy their cat food…..NOT! Drop them off and I’ll take care of them alright, then I’ll bury them with my backhoe.

          • Frank Kahn

            Don, there was nothing in my post that suggested that the cats should be “dropped off” on your property, or anyone elses. Nor, did I at anytime suggest that country people are willing to feed and care for such animals. I did not ASSUME anything. You are puffing your chest out for no reason. Your apparent hatred for these animals is your problem, not mine. Although I think you are narrow minded and hateful, you have the right to rid yourself of animals that you deem a nuisance to your property. Personally, I tend to attempt to find loving homes for animals that don’t have one.

          • Don 2

            Frank, you suggested that I should feed them, did you not? That I might find a new friend by doing so. Are you not assuming that I might want a new friend? That is what you said, is it not?

            On the other hand, I did not say that “you” specifically suggested that country people are willing to feed and care for such animals. I made reference to “lame brain city dwellers.” If you choose to include yourself in that description, so be it.

            Puffing my chest out? Narrow minded and hateful? You are confused here Frank, It’s called being truthful and factual. Someone wants to go dropping their cats off for some busy farmer or country person to take care of, the cat has a good chance of being taken care of permanently, so as not to be a nuisance and rabid killer of wildlife and song birds.
            The last stray that showed up here preferred crapping in our barn, as opposed to crapping outside. To me, that is a nuisance and a health hazard Frank. After we witnessed it take out a nest of baby robins. it was time for the cat to go, and as far as the cat was concerned, you were not going to get anywhere close to it, plus, the last time I checked, and that was a few years ago, the S.P.C.A. wanted $6.00 per kitten dropped off to them, even if they don’t belong to you, not to mention a long drive.

            You have made another assumption Frank…..that I hate cats. I don’t hate cats, and I have owned a few over the years, but I prefer a dog.

            If you want to attempt to find loving homes for animals that don’t have one, that’s fine Frank. Put a sign in your front yard. Post your address, and in the future I’ll send them to you…..postage due.

          • Frank Kahn

            First, I will deal with your interpretation of the word “YOU”, and the fact that you are using a double standard with it. My post said the, you might find a new friend, as a generality towards people who encounter feral cats. You responded to that statement as if I was directing it at YOU. Then, you turn around and try to say that your statement “YOU assume that I want” is not directed at ME. Since my post was a reply to you, my use of the word YOU can be seen as talking about Don2, but, since your post, with the same word, was a reply to me, it can be seen as directed at ME, personally.

            You also make a mistake in implying that cats, dropped off by someone, is feral. Usually these are pets, that are no longer wanted. They will be confused and frightened, not wild. And, furthermore, my posts clearly indicate that I am not a member of the group of people, that you, HATEFULLY, call LAME BRAINED CITY DWELLERS.

            Lets move on to your next incorrect statements.

            you suggested that I should feed them, did you not? That I might find a new friend by doing so. Are you not assuming that I might want a new friend? That is what you said, is it not?

            On the other hand, I did not say that “you” specifically suggested that country people are willing to feed and care for such animals. I made reference to “lame brain city dwellers.” If you choose to include yourself in that description, so be it.

            Puffing my chest out? Narrow minded and hateful? You are confused here Frank,
            It’s called being truthful and factual. Someone wants to go dropping their cats off for some busy farmer or country person to take care of, the cat has a good chance of being taken care of permanently, so as not
            to be a nuisance and rabid killer of wildlife and song birds.
            The last stray that showed up here preferred crapping in our barn, as opposed to crapping outside. To me, that is a nuisance and a health
            hazard Frank.”


            Truthful, and factual? Someone (you don’t know where they live) who makes a bad judgement call, out of desperation, is lame brained? An animal, that has been forced to hunt for food to survive, is suddenly rabid (afflicted with rabies)? The fact that, cats have a natural food source in birds, makes them evil for killing birds that you like, or want to protect? The fact that the cat decided to poop in your barn (cats usually bury their waste), instead of in the field, suddenly makes it a health hazard?

            You have a barn? Most often, a barn holds animals. These animals are usually of the domesticated food variety. None of them buries their poop. So, how much of a health hazard is a cats buried poop, compared to the wet, smelly, and much larger cow poop? I have had to put on rubber boots, in order to tend cows, that were in a holding pen, at a dairy farm. Lots of smelly, and very slick, poop and urine in those pens. Have to be very careful when walking around. Is this less of a health hazard than that cats tiny little buried poop? Of course not, the cats poop is both less intrusive, and more sanitary because it is buried. You prefer dogs? Well, I know the difference in cats and dogs. I know that cats dig a hole and bury their poop. I also know that dogs just squat and poop on whatever is there. Good possibility you, or your children, will step in that dog poop. Highly unlikely that you will step in the cats. Is, tracking dog poop into the house, because you stepped in it, less of a health hazard than that buried kitty poop?

            No, I am not wrong, when I say your post indicates you are hateful of cats. You are biased against them for some reason, or you would not single their natural habits out as more detestable than dogs or cattle.

            Your portrayal of them is no better than when ignorant city people claim that pigs are dirty. Pigs are a very clean and civilized animal that is, possibly, even more so than many humans.

            I don’t advocate dumping cats, or dogs, out in the country, hoping they will find a good new home. I consider it to be cruel, not to the rural residents, but to the animals themselves. People need to learn that pets are a lifelong responsibility. If you are willing to get a pet (dog, cat, bird, snake) then you need to understand what it takes to care for it. You need to take care of its health and reproductive habits. This responsibility ends when the pet dies or you die, there is no usage of a limited time frame for that commitment.

          • Don 2

            Frank, have it your way. I don’t care.

    • flyovercindy

      If they had “easily” been transported to “any” farm in our neighborhood, they quite probably would have met a fate similar to this. I know of no farmer here who “welcomes” feral cats – if we want cats for rodent control, we will choose to get them, thank you, and quite likely from shelters. Believe it or not, we don’t appreciate getting unwanted animals dumped along the roads with your assumption that farms welcome the free livestock…
      That being said, the judgement shown by this officer and his supervisors is appalling. Children get suspensions and all manner of punishment and brow-beating just for TALKING about guns, and this cretin comes along and shoots kitties in front of them.

      The stupidity is mind-boggling…

  • Phillipe Violette

    Just like abortion it is the murder of the innocents.

  • rivahmitch

    Perhaps the same treatment should be applied to “feral” cops.

    • Woodsman001

      Now there’s the true display of being a complete sociopath and psychopath of every last cat-licker online that I’ve come to know oh so well.

      Thanks for proving it yet again!

      Out of ALL groups of people on the face of this earth, you will find NONE that compare to the amounts of death-threats, threats of torture against humans, and posts about their hoping for the demise of all humans on earth than those that come from these sociopathic and psychopathic cat-lickers.

      I’ve collected more death threats from these cat-licking sociopaths and psychopaths than the hundreds of cats I’ve shot and buried.

  • CatGman

    He should have told the woman what he was going to do, recommend that she see about her children, and then take care of business. I find it hard to believe that five 8-10 week old feral kittens would stand around and wait to be killed. The first shot would have sent them running.
    I wonder how this makes the news when we have far bigger problems than feral cats.

  • Joseph Hammond

    All I can hope is that this “man” does not have children, will never have children, and all women will avoid contact with this “human”. It is said in many psychological circles that the way you treat animals is an indication of how you would treat people. Many serial killers start by torturing and killing helpless animals and enjoy it. God help those who are related to this future FEMA employee…..
    This is a town where I will tell people to stay away from since the authorities do not seem to mind. Great place for a FEMA camp ……

  • 2553077


    • rain dancer

      The south Asians consider a rack of cat, high class, give the Humane Society a little slack time.

      • Jonathan A Parker

        kitten would be kinda like lamb then wouldn’t it?

        • Woodsman001

          Read another post of mine. Using any cats as a food source could be deadly to whatever ingests their flesh.

    • Don 2


    • Woodsman001

      Au-contraire, mon idiot. (idiot is the same in French or English, I suppose to make it easy for idiots)

      PETA traps and kills as many stray cats as possible. Do your homework. Even as insanely extreme as their views are, they too do not agree with allowing ANY free roaming cat surviving out in a non-native habitat.

  • rain dancer

    Did he take the carcusses to the food pantry? Waste not!

    • Woodsman001

      Due to all the heinous and deadly diseases that cats carry and spread today, it would be wrong to advise they be used for food or anything in this day and age (even in jest). The risk to anyone dressing them for even the use of their furs today (as they were commonly used in the past) could be deadly to the people involved.

      These are just the diseases cats have been spreading to humans, not counting the ones they spread to all wildlife. THERE ARE NO VACCINES against many of these, and are in-fact listed as bio-terrorism agents. They include: Afipia felis, Anthrax, Bartonella (Rochalimaea) henselae, Bergeyella (Weeksella) zoohelcum, Campylobacter Infection, Cat Scratch Disease, Chlamydia psittaci (feline strain), Cowpox, Coxiella burnetti Infection (Q fever), Cryptosporidium Infection, Cutaneous larva migrans, Dermatophytosis, Dipylidium Infection (tapeworm), Hookworm Infection, Leptospira Infection, Giardia, Neisseria canis, Pasteurella multocida, Plague, Poxvirus, Rabies, Rickettsia felis, Ringworm, Salmonella Infection, Scabies, Sporothrix schenckii, Toxocara Infection, Toxoplasmosis, Trichinosis, Visceral larva migrans, Yersinia pseudotuberculosis. [Centers for Disease Control, July 2010] Sarcosporidiosis, Flea-borne Typhus, Tularemia, and Rat-Bite Fever can now also be added to that list. (Aside: Yes, the plague is alive and well in the USA and being spread by cats today. People have already died from cat-transmitted plague. Disproving the oft-spewed cat-lickers’ lie that more cats in Europe could have prevented the spread of the plague. No rats nor fleas required if you have plague-infested cats around.)

      I tried feeding one of the shot-dead cats on my land to the last few starving opossum (almost all the rest of my native wildlife starved to death from cats destroying all their food sources). Thinking that for once these invasive-species cats could give back for what they had destroyed and wasted during their existence — giving the remainder of the starved-out opossum a much needed protein boost. Those opossum promptly died from some disease in that cat-meat. Alarming — in that opossum, due to their cooler body temperatures, cannot contract nor transmit many common diseases, not even rabies. They are one of the most disease-free animals in N. America. (Quite an admirable species when you learn about them. They’ve even recently isolated something in opossum’s blood that makes any animal injected with it immune to the most deadly bio-toxins on earth.) Yet … something in that cat-meat was able to kill all the opossum that were under my care (2 adults, 3 offspring they had while under my care). Cats truly are complete and total wastes of flesh. They can’t even be used to safely feed wild animals. Leaving any of these invasive-species cats out in nature, alive OR dead, is no better than intentionally poisoning your native wildlife to death.

      PLEASE dispose of them safely, responsibly, and hygienically as possible (i.e. no disease-filled shotgun splatter, the tool of choice in the past, cleanly with a rifle is best). Wear gloves while doing so to protect yourself as well. After the last cat is gone incinerate or bury those gloves too.

      • Jonathan A Parker

        interesting but you do know that cats are eaten around the world in many nations, don’t you think that if they were poisonous this would have been discovered by them and it could have just been the cats in your area that was sick? (just curious not trying to argue just a discussion about this.)

  • rbrooks

    we have growing number of feral humans living in our society. perhaps this would work on them just as well?

  • Lucy and Ricky

    Fire his ass and make him pay for therapy for the kids who witnessed this inhumane act.

    • Jim

      Yeah, “FIRE HIS ASS”
      WHO called ANIMAL CONTROL? Oh? the FAMILY did. THE FERAL cats CANNOT be domesticated after being so wild. HOW was the officer going to catch them? TRAPS? That takes HOW LONG? HOURS? DAYS? Wasting HOW much MAN HOURS?
      For what? The cats to be taken to animal control, and then be euthanize by lethal injection? OH, much better, NO ONE HAS TO WATCH and PRETEND IT ALL DIDN’T HAPPEN. Mommy can tell her kids (lie) that the kittens found a nice home with warm milk and have pretty red bows tied around their necks.
      THEN she can take her kids to McDonalds for MASS PRODUCED MEAT SANDWICHES of beef killed by processing plant staffed by illegal aliens so suburban caucasion mom can feel good

      • Woodsman001

        They might also enjoy knowing …

        If they advocate for cats as rodent-control on farms and ranches they’ve already doomed them to being destroyed by drowning or shooting when it becomes a financial liability more than any asset. Ranchers and farmers worldwide are fully aware that cats’ Toxoplasma gondii parasite can cause the very same birth defects (hydrocephaly and microcephaly), still-births, and miscarriages in their livestock and important wildlife as it can in pregnant women. Consequently, this is also how this cats’ brain-parasite gets into your meats and onto your dinner-tables, from herbivores ingesting this cat-parasites’ oocysts in the soils, transferred to the plants and grains that they eat. Not even washing your hands in bleach will destroy this parasites’ oocysts if you have contracted it from your garden or yard that a cat has defecated in. (In fact, they found that if a dog eats infected cats’-feces, the T. gondii oocysts can even survive the duration they stay in contact with stomach acids and digestive enzymes. Remaining intact after expelled by the dog. http://ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9477489?dopt=Abstract&holding=f1000,f1000m,isrctn You could wash your hands and garden vegetables in hydrochloric acids and digestive juices for a full 24-hours, until your hands were nothing but a digestible pulp, and even this wouldn’t kill the T. gondii oocysts.)

        This is why any cats are ROUTINELY destroyed around gestating livestock and wildlife management areas in the most efficient, humane, and least expensive method available. Common rural practice everywhere. The risk of financial loss from dead livestock and important native wildlife from an invasive species cat is far too great to do otherwise. This cats’ parasite is now even killing off rare marine mammals along all coastal regions from run-off from the lands containing this cat-parasites’ oocysts.

        The next time they bite into that whole-grain veggie-muffin or McBurger, they need to just envision biting down on a shot-dead or drowned kitten or cat. For that’s precisely how that food supply got to their mouths — whether they want to face up to it or not. It’s not going to change reality no matter how much they twist their minds away from the truth of their world.

        If they want to blame someone for the drowning and shooting of cats, they need to prosecute themselves — every time they eat.

      • Smoovious

        Feral KITTENS, however, can be domesticated with a reasonably high rate of success.

        Note in the story, that while he was busily killing kittens, that the mother cat got away.

        Sounds like he cared more about target practice than dealing with the main problem to begin with.

        You catch the mother cat first. Then the kittens. Since he let the mother cat escape, there will be more kittens coming soon.

        It was the fertile mother cat that was the main problem. Not kittens who can’t yet reproduce, so, first things first.

    • Woodsman001

      Because every child that ever grew up on a farm and learned to chop the heads off of chickens for dinner or were shown how to shoot their pet 4H pig in the head for the weekend barbeque turned out to be a traumatized basket-case for the rest of their lives. Right? LOL
      [comment has been edited]

      • Lucy and Ricky

        Not EVERYONE grew up on a farm. Go back to the woods.

  • Linda Turner

    This story has also been all over the liberal blogosphere as well. At last–an issue that progressives and conservatives can both agree on. That shooting kittens in front of little children is wrong. Might there be other points of agreement?

    • Jim

      Shooting kittens in front of kids is bad. SHREDDING the CONSTITUTION in front of America, however, is OK.
      Killing babies by sniping their necks, also is apparently OK by liberal standards.
      Probably because “GUNS ARE BAD”. If he had just put the cats in a bag, hooked it up to the tailpipe of the car, the libs probably wouldn’t mind.

    • Woodsman001

      Those kids will grow up learning what it means to be a criminally irresponsible and criminally negligent cat-licker who lets their invasive-species cats outdoors to roam free — their cats get shot to death. A very valuable lesson.

      But I bet that you disagree because every child that ever grew up on a farm and learned to chop the heads off of chickens for dinner or were shown how to shoot their pet 4H pig in the head for the weekend barbeque turned out to be a traumatized basket-case for the rest of their lives. Right? LOL

      [comment removed]


      • Smoovious

        They will grow up, learning, that when they need help, someone to do the right thing, not to call someone in any kind of enforcement position. It may sound silly, but those things that shocked us as children, have such a huge impact in who we are later in life, and this is one of those life changing moments for them. They will never be the same as they were, before witnessing that.


    I am surprised this “humane”(?) officer’s body was not found hung by the neck swinging from a light pole with a animal society note pinned to it…
    In the past when hunting for birds shooting a feral cat was just commonsense if you wanted to have your bird supper in the coming years but this guy in a non threatening situation next to a house full of folks pulls out his 22 cal pistola and caps the kittens is not good PR, in fact it isn’t even sane and the mother cat escapes to bred again. Where the hell did they get this guy?

  • Nadzieja Batki

    Why do I see stairs inside a home and a bowl of food with cats around taking their turns at the food? The homeowner was adopting the cats?

    • Karolyn

      I would imagine this to be a stock photo.

  • Wiley2

    It’s disturbing that so many in our society believe it’s fine to have someone else do their dirty work for them out of sight and out of earshot, but get indignant when faced with the reality of what they’ve asked another to do. Carrying kittens off to a shelter where they’ll be killed is okay, but killing them on site is not? Shielding kids from the realities of the world they live in only creates dysfunctional, delusional and irrational adults.

    People should witness firsthand the processes that bring animal foods to the table, as people did for millennia before our modern, sanitized society, and as kids who grow up on farms still do without being “traumatized”. They learn at an early age that sometimes non-food animals also must be killed to protect and maintain a productive and healthful environment, and that sometimes a bullet is the most humane way to do it. I don’t like killing cute little chipmunks, for example, but they’ll destroy my garden if I don’t. Sorry folks, but I can’t agree with most of the comments about this story.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      I agree with you,Wiley2

  • Karolyn

    This guy should not be in the position of “humane” officer. And since when do Animal Control officers carry guns? I’ve never heard of such stupidity. A better avenue is one that is used by some animal organiations – that is to catch the cats, spay and neuter, an release them back into the wild. I just cannot fathom why he would be working as animal control! That’s like the ACOs here in our county who were caught shooting dogs and dumping their bodies in the dump. At least our Sheriff was wise enough to be concerned about the public outcry and fire them. of course State Law Enforcement did not pursue charges.

    • Wiley2

      A gun is often the quickest, most humane, most economical, and least dangerous way to kill a wild animal that is a threat to people or property. As for spaying or neutering, you’re welcome to pay for that if you like, but there are far more productive uses for limited taxpayer funds.

      • Karolyn

        There are humane societies that raise money via donations to do just that and are very successful.

      • Karolyn

        I have often said that people that drop off their dogs and puppies in the woods or on the side of a road would be kinder if they did shoot them. If I hadn’t found my pup, he would have starved to death in the woods.

      • Smoovious

        They are rarely, if ever, paid for using tax funds.

        Every spay and neutering program I’m familiar with are all privately funded by donations.

        If you find some paid for using taxes? Out them. Tax money shouldn’t be going to that.

    • Don 2

      “A better way is to catch the cats, spay and neuter, an release them back into the wild.” Why, so they can go on killing and decimating wildlife?

      I use to shoot ‘dogs chasing deer’ all the time as a law enforcement officer. We carried a 12-gauge pump with OO buckshot just for that purpose. Did you ever see what a pack of domestic dogs, let out to run afield by their stupid owners, do to a doe, frequently pregnant with twins, during a hard winter? They run her down to exhaustion because the dogs can run on top of the deep snow with their wide feet, while the pregnant doe sinks deep into the snow with every step she takes. When the dogs finally pull the doe down from behind, they tear out her stomach while she is still alive. Then the dogs go home with the taste of blood, only to be let out to run again the next day by their stupid owners, to re-group into another pack, and start running deer all over again. We had a pit of over 30 dead deer one winter, thanks to stupid dog owners.

      • Karolyn

        You are right about stupid dog owners. My friend had 35 goats killed by 3 dogs that got into his pasture by going under the fence. It’s not the dogs’ fault; it’s the owners, and bad owners are the norm around here. I cringe when I see a stray along the road. When possible, I will pick them up or call animal control. Both of my dogs were drop-offs as little pups on my friend’s country road.

      • Woodsman001

        Here all stray dogs get a red paint-ball gun. Stings enough to teach a teachable dog, and leaves a nice signal on their coat to teach the owner what could have really, and legally, happened to their dog. Though if it happens too often …. nobody is learning anything, so it has to end. Sadly. This is why you rarely hear of feral dog packs in rural areas. Everyone knows to do their civic and moral duty. Cats aren’t so easily forgiven. From past experience of 15 years of trying to reason with cat-lickers it has been proved to me, beyond any doubt in the universe, that it does absolutely no good whatsoever to try to reason with a cat-licker (read all the cat-lickers’ comments here for similar proof), so out comes the rifle on the first sighting of ANY cat. People who actually care about their animals in rural areas keep them supervised and confined. You can tell who actually loves their pets in rural areas — their pets are still alive.

    • Jim

      SPAY and Neuter WILD CATS, to be RE-RELEASED? THEY are INTRODUCED species. Killing NATIVE BIRDS, displacing animals like RACCOON.
      EVEN by WILD LIFE standards, these animals are a menace.

      • NObama_Holder_Reid_Pelosi_2012

        “EVEN by WILD LIFE standards, these animals are a menace.”

        Sounds like a perfect description of liberals.

  • RPW

    People need to take care of themselves and their own problems. The parents wanted to hide reality from their kids and oops! They could have trapped the kittens themselves, paid to have them spayed and given them out for adoption, that might have shown their kids what personal responsibility can accomplish and that it takes work to be responsible sometimes. Maybe if they face this again they will go that route.

    • Woodsman001

      Be cautious about using any cats taken from outdoors for adoption or you could be held criminally responsible. There’s no way to know a wild-harvested cats’ vaccination history, if any, nor their exposure to all the deadly diseases cats carry. If a cat has contracted rabies then a vaccination later will do no good. It’s already too late. There’s no reliable known test for rabies while keeping the animal alive. They need to be destroyed after they are trapped. It’s the only sane and sensible solution. This is why all wild-harvested animals of any type intended for the pet-industry must, BY LAW, undergo an extended quarantine of a MINIMUM of 6 months before transfer or sale of those animals to prevent just these things. Cats are no different than any other animal when wild-harvested. You’re risking this following story happening in every shelter across the land.

      Google for: rabid cat adopted wake county
      Another example (of thousands), Google for: rabid kitten jamestown exposure

      Adopting or approaching any unknown cat that’s been outdoors is just playing Russian Roulette.

      The net is flooded with similar examples every week. THOUSANDS of people must endure, pay for (out of their own pocket) the painful and expensive (more than $3000) rabies shots if they get scratched or bitten by any stray or feral cat, especially if that cat cannot be trapped again to destroy it and test it for rabies. Stray-cat feeders are guaranteeing this, by training and teaching these cats to approach humans for food. These wild animals then lashing out by biting or scratching at any hands that try to touch or pet the now seemingly-friendly “cute kitty”. Two recent cases even report where rabid cats entered a home-owner’s unlocked pet door, and another where the cat even came right through their ceiling in search of human-supplied foods. One attack so bad that the family required hospitalization.

      Even vaccinating your cat against rabies won’t prevent it from finding the nearest rabid bat dying on the ground to rip it to shreds for its daily cat’s play-toy. Then bringing back a mouthful or claws full of fresh rabies virus to you, your family, neighbors, other pets, or other animals. ANY cat, due to their need to sink their teeth into anything that moves, if allowed outdoors can transmit rabies to others, vaccinated or not.

      These are just the diseases cats have been spreading to humans, not counting the ones they spread to all wildlife. THERE ARE NO VACCINES against many of these, and are in-fact listed as bio-terrorism agents. They include: Afipia felis, Anthrax, Bartonella (Rochalimaea) henselae, Bergeyella (Weeksella) zoohelcum, Campylobacter Infection, Cat Scratch Disease, Chlamydia psittaci (feline strain), Cowpox, Coxiella burnetti Infection (Q fever), Cryptosporidium Infection, Cutaneous larva migrans, Dermatophytosis, Dipylidium Infection (tapeworm), Hookworm Infection, Leptospira Infection, Giardia, Neisseria canis, Pasteurella multocida, Plague, Poxvirus, Rabies, Rickettsia felis, Ringworm, Salmonella Infection, Scabies, Sporothrix schenckii, Toxocara Infection, Toxoplasmosis, Trichinosis, Visceral larva migrans, Yersinia pseudotuberculosis. [Centers for Disease Control, July 2010] Sarcosporidiosis, Flea-borne Typhus, Tularemia, and Rat-Bite Fever can now also be added to that list.

      A FEW examples (of thousands):

      Cat-Transmitted PLAGUE:

      Totally disproving that oft-spewed myth that cats in Europe could have prevented the plague. No rats nor fleas even required. Cats themselves carry and transmit the plague all on their own.


      Flea-borne Typhus:

      Hookworm — ruined Miami Businesses:

      Cats’ most insidious disease of all, their Toxoplasma gondii parasite they spread through their excrement into all other animals. This is how humans get it in their dinner-meats, cats roaming around stockyards and farms. This is why cats are routinely destroyed around gestating livestock or important wildlife by shooting or drowning them. So those animals won’t suffer from the same things that can happen to the unborn fetus of any pregnant woman. (Miscarriages, still-births, hydrocephaly, and microcephaly.) It can make you blind or even kill you at any time during your life once you’ve been infected. It becomes a permanent lifetime parasite in your mind, killing you when your immune system becomes compromised by disease or chemo and immunosuppressive therapies. It can last over a year in any soils or waters and not even washing your hands or garden vegetables in bleach will destroy the oocysts. Contrary to cat-lickers’ self-deceptive myths, a cat can become reinfected many times during its life and spread millions of oocysts each time. It’s now linked to the cause of autism, schizophrenia, and brain cancers. This parasite is also killing off rare and endangered marine-mammals along all coastlines from cats’ T. gondii oocysts in run-off from the land, the oocysts surviving even in saltwater.

      Its strange life cycle is meant to infect rodents. Any rodents infected with it lose their fear of cats and are attracted to cat urine.


      Cats attract rodents to your home with their whole slew of diseases. If you want rodents in your home keep cats outside of it to attract diseased rodents to your area. I experienced this phenomenon (as have many others), and all rodent problems disappeared after I shot and buried every last one of hundreds of cats on my lands.

      The time has come to destroy them all whenever spotted away from supervised confinement. There’s no other solution. We have nobody but cat-lickers to thank for this health and ecological disaster. Stray-cats, the very source of all feral-cats, need to be euthanized too or you’ll never be rid of the feral-cat problem.

      • RPW

        Feral cats do not spread rabies.

        The last confirmed cat to human transmission of rabies occurred more
        than 35 years ago. While it’s possible for feral cats to become infected
        with rabies, feral cat colonies themselves do not generally serve as a
        source of the disease. “We see rabies more often in raccoons and bats
        than in the cat population,” says Roberta Lillich, DVM, president of the
        American Association of Feline Practitioners.

        Rabies is caused by a virus that exists in several different
        variants, some of which are specially adapted to specific animal
        species. For instance, dogs can develop canine rabies, and this canine
        rabies variant can thrive in unvaccinated dog populations, which in turn
        may serve as an ongoing source of rabies in a community. But rabies has
        never developed a specific feline variant, and thus cats are merely
        incidental victims, says Julie Levy, DVM, PhD, at the University of
        Florida in Gainesville.

        Cat behavior may explain why rabies is relatively uncommon in
        felines, says Lillich. “Skunks and raccoons are major sources of rabies,
        and most cats who are faced with a challenge by a skunk or raccoon will
        run away, whereas a dog is more likely to attack,” she says. When faced
        with non-prey animals, “cats are generally defensive animals rather
        than offensive animals,” Lillich says, and the small rodents such as
        squirrels, chipmunks, rats, mice, and rabbits that feral cats may hunt
        are rarely infected with rabies. Feral cat colonies managed with
        Trap-Neuter-Return programs do not harbor rabies, because the
        vaccinations they receive as part of the program are proven to protect
        them from the disease for multiple years.



        • Woodsman001

          Wow, how’s that bliss of self-inflicted ignorance working out for you?

          Here’s how TNR lunatics have caused rabies outbreaks in many communities where this astoundingly foolish and criminally irresponsible practice has been allowed.

          Cats destroy all the native predators’ food sources. Skunks, raccoons, and other assorted native wildlife are then driven to find new sources. They congregate
          around feral cat-colonies that are being fed, trying to use the food of the very animals that have starved them out.

          Rabies Outbreak Caused by TNR, 50+ Pets Euthanized, ALL Stray Cats Destroyed, livestock destroyed, More than a dozen homeowners pay for their own $3000+ rabies shots.

          Google for: Rabies prompts Carlsbad cat program suspension

          Google for: Rabies Outbreak in Westchester County

          Google for: Rabid Cat Adopted Wake County

          Google for: Rabid Kitten Jamestown Exposure

          There’s hundreds more like those on the net showing everyone how their phenomenally ignorant and foolish cat-lickers “help” their community by allowing TNR cat-hoarders to continue their criminally negligent

          • RPW

            Look, I am not a cat person, don’t even like cats but I also don’t like misinformation and scare tactic’s. How about you present to me and this discussion group 1 single documented case of rabies being transmitted to humans in the last 35 years. The picture you paint of the rabies shots are also misleading. No longer do they inflict expensive painful multiple shots to the stomach. If someone thinks they may have been exposed to rabies they can now in most cases get a single shot to the arm and it does not cost $3,000.00
            The fact is that your more likely to get struck by lightning than to get rabies from a feral cat.

          • Woodsman001

            Here you go, read a first-hand account of the suffering and misery that you put any humans through with your POS feral cats (you lying, manipulative, ignorant, and deceptive c_nt):


          • RPW

            Thanks for finally posting some facts. I still do not see any documented cases of humans contracting rabies from feral cats. You still have not backed up your claim that human rabies exposure treatments will cost $3000.00+ I can certainly understand that would be possible if a person were to go to a hospital emergency room for treatment (it could cost that to go to an emergency room with a cold) but that would be far in excess of the cost from a general health care provider. Understand that I am not advocating the handling any wild animal. I recommend people vaccinate their own animals and control them and avoid wild animals. Parents should teach their children to stay away from animals that are not their own or domestic pets of their friends and neighbors. Maybe there should be a program of individual placing edible rabies bait on their properties when they live in areas where wild animals frequent.

          • Woodsman001

            Yeah, tighten those blinders a little more. They haven’t left a deep enough scar in that pointy little head of yours yet.

          • RPW

            Pointy little head? I learned along time ago to walk away when someone starts launching personal attacks. Go spread your alarm-ism at will if you like, I’m done.

        • Woodsman001

          Stray-Cat Feeders TRAIN Feral Cats To Attack Humans

          Google for: feral cat attack rabies

          Don’t be surprised at the number of search-hits. Anyone who feeds these cats is training them to approach humans for food (contrary to them always claiming feral cats run from humans). What happens to the child or foolish adult that reaches down to pet or try to pick up that now seemingly friendly “cute kitty”? The wild animal lashes out and bites or scratches the hand that has no food for them. The number of suspected rabies cases and the then mandatory rabies shots costing well over $3000 each out of their own pockets, has been growing as exponentially fast as cats breed. Do cat-feeders carry liability insurance? Two reports even document rabid cats entering a home through their pet-door and one even came through their ceiling searching for human-supplied foods — one attack so bad it required hospitalization for the family.

          You pathetically ignorant morons aren’t even aware of how CDC is held to strict standards on recording rabies cases. If a human receives any rabies shots BEFORE their blood can develop the antibodies, then they cannot legally claim that the rabies antibodies were cause in the human by the cat or the vaccine. THOUSANDS of people must get rabies shots yearly due to your [comment has been edited]

        • Woodsman001

          The 10-14 day holding period for bite & scratch cases is ONLY meant to see if they were infectious at the time of the incident, but DOES NOT IN ANY WAY prove that that cat does not have rabies. The incubation period for rabies can be (on average) from 21 to 240 days. And in some cases as much as 11 months. One rare case being 6 years. This is why when you take your pet to another country they MUST quarantine your pet for a MINIMUM of 6 months to be relatively sure (not 100% certain) that you are not bringing rabies into their country. Giving a rabies shot to an animal that already has rabies and has not been quarantined for AT LEAST 6 MONTHS FIRST does NOTHING to ensure that that animal does not have rabies!

          But TNR advocates, shelters, low-life community-college educated veterinarians with internet-diplomas, and local governments that support them? EACH AND EVERY ONE IS IN *DIRECT* *VIOLATION* OF WELL-ESTABLISHED *NATIONAL* & *INTERNATIONAL* *LAW*. They ALL need to be sued so fast, hard, and deep that they never recover from it for the rest of their criminally negligent and terminally ignorant lives.

        • Woodsman001

          The only groups that need to be investigated for “junk science” are Alley Cat ALL LIES and any others associated with them. Every last one of their claims have been disproved countless times. They need to ALL be fined and convicted of perpetrating a dangerous con-game and hoax upon all of nature and all of humanity.

          They claim TNR reduces cat populations: 100% FALSE
          They claim cats don’t spread any deadly diseases: 100% FALSE
          They claim TNR is humane: 100% FALSE
          They claim TNR is the ONLY effective method: 100% FALSE
          They claim TNR saves communities money: 100% FALSE
          They claim TNR is legal everywhere: 100% FALSE
          They claim only TNR’ed cats get ear-tipped: 100% FALSE
          They claim a mythical “vacuum effect” if you remove cats: 100% FALSE
          They claim cats are a natural part of any environment: 100% FALSE
          They make many claims, all of which are 100% FALSE.

          Alley Cat ALL-LIES sums it up perfectly.

          They need to be spending the rest of their sorry and manipulative lives behind jail bars somewhere.

      • fueler335

        Man,you have problems.

    • Smoovious

      They did take the responsible route. They called the humane society/animal control, to come out and remove them from their property, fully and reasonably expecting that removal to be a live removal, where the humane society would check them over, evaluate their adoptability, and giving them a chance to be adopted out. They knew there was a good chance they’d be euthanized instead tho, especially when informed the place was already full (which they should have mentioned during the phone call). Even if the place was full with live animals, euthanizing them as they came in, is still the preferred option. Not in front of the children to sounded like they loved having the kittens there. Note in the picture, that they were being fed, too.

      They did not expect, nor did they have any reason to expect, that they would be sent out an executioner instead, in full view of her children, in the middle of a tightly urban area, with a firearm being used.

      There was an irresponsible party here to be sure, but it doesn’t sound like it was the mother.

      • RPW

        The lesson to be learned is to NOT depend on your government to do the right thing. There was a time when individuals, families, friends took care of their own problems and did not call for government to do everything for them. If we can’t even take care of a little problem like some stray kittens without calling in our government what have we become?

    • $14834813

      Not all kittens can be tamed and even if they can spaying is expensive. The animal shelter spays the cat after it has been requested for adoption. The cost is passed over to the adoptee. It is the best solution to the problem.

  • leslie green

    I’m glad that I don’t live in that community… that officer acted like a sociopath and has no idea whatsoever about compassion… Those poor children and those poor, innocent kittens. He should be fired.

  • Mk Jessup

    Somewhere, dogs are snickering.

  • Jim

    GOSNELL snips babies necks. Babies jerk and gurgle. NO RESPONSE from liberal/dems about cruelty.
    OFFICER shoots FERAL CATS(cant be domesticated, hence FERAL term). LIBERALS CRY.
    Its a messed up world.

  • Chris

    Poor little things had the life snuffed out of them like nothing………just makes you want to cry. That black-hearted humane officer needs to be fired from his job and never be allowed to work around animals again. I mean in this day and age, there are more people trying to help animals like this by fostering, etc., that this was totally uncalled for. It’s so easy to snuff out the life of the innocent but the criminals we take care of……….what a sick society we live in. I could never have allowed this officer to kill those kittens. I have befriended wild kittens who were about 4 months of age………there is a technique I use that allowed them to at least trust “me”……..but I won’t state what that is because of evil scum who may be reading this. They’re some years older now and I feed them twice a day and have a winter hookup for them in my yard and I and my TNR neighbor had them fixed and vaccinated………at LEAST they are getting a chance at life and have been doing well for years. I already have 2 cats and my worst half won’t let me bring them in :( And I don’t want to be told about human abortions because that is NOT the subject here………..however, since many are mentioning it, I will add that human babies become a “LIFE” from the FIRST DAY THE SPERM FERTILIZES THE EGG………..IF “NOT”, IT WOULD “NOT” BE GROWING! I cannot believe all of the debate about this common-sense “no-brainer”…………duh!

  • Dennis
  • Woodsman001

    I see the psychotic cat-lickers are at it again. LOL

    The only thing these cat-lickers are accomplishing is that millions more cats are being destroyed as fast as possible; feral, stray, pet, it matters not today! Not quite what they had hoped to accomplish, but at least they’re helping to finally put an end to the problem they caused and perpetuate worldwide.


    Another replay of what these cat-licking sociopaths do, Google for: CATS VENICE COMPLEX REPRIEVE

    A $150 million renovation project for low-income housing, put on hold, jobs lost, money lost, homeless still homeless, court costs and lawyers, just to save a few of their feral vermin cRats. And the saddest part of all, the vast majority of these TNR’ed cats had already died heinous inhumane deaths from TNR-practitioners’ “death by attrition”. (Road-kill, diseases, parasites, injuries, environmental poisons, cat & animal attacks, exposure, etc.)

    Similar scenarios can be found by Googling for feral cats and churches, universities, hospitals, shopping centers, malls, apartment complexes, etc. Cat-lickers delusionally believe that any land on which a cat has stepped-foot is their own property and they can manipulate and control the owners and all laws on it.

    This is precisely why everyone is learning to destroy all cats on their properties as quickly and quietly as possible. Telling nobody beforehand about any cats even being there. Long before these psychotic cat-licker sociopaths and psychopaths get wind of the cats. Shoot cats first — tell no-one later. The only thing worse than feral cats are feral cat-lickers. You can legally shoot the former, not the latter. You need to pay lawyers and courts to get rid of the latter. THEN you can get rid of their cats. And the sad part is, that’s EXACTLY what happens, each and every time.

    People are wising-up. If ANY cats are around they destroy every last one of them first, before they make any other move.

  • Woodsman001

    My lands were invaded by 100’s of these invasive species cats that, after a 15-year nightmare, had all but annihilated every last native animal on my lands. From smallest of prey that was gutted and skinned alive by cats for their senselessly tortured play-toys up to the top predators that were starved to death from cats destroying their ONLY food sources.

    The moment I STOPPED trying to reason-with or engage the help of cat-lickers who were creating and perpetuating the problem was the very moment the problem solved itself.

    I’ve not seen even one cat in nearly 4 years now. (Also disproving their oft-spewed deceptive and mythical “vacuum-effect” lie.) Just Google for this complete search-string, as-is, including all quotes:

    “Licensing and laws do nothing to curb the problem” AND “I don’t see anyone dumping cats where I live anymore” AND “irreversible consequences to”

    There you’ll find an answer that works 100%, is permanent, affordable by any individual or size of community, and all done in less than 2 seasons.

    I’ve had to shoot and bury literally HUNDREDS of these invasive species piece-of-sh** vermin. Everyone should do their part to stop this insanity being perpetuated by these delusional and uneducated criminally irresponsible cat-lickers.

    To show support for this officer everyone should shoot AT LEAST 1 cat per day. That should start to put a dent in the problem that these criminally irresponsible and criminally negligent invasive species cat-lickers have now caused and are hellbent on perpetuating worldwide.

    • MargaretJacobson

      If you Ike cats ….no problem, spay or neuter!! Keep them at your home !! Free roaming animals can become very vicious and become a problem for others!! I neutered my own cat AND KEPT IT UNDER CONTROL ON MY PROPERTY!! I understand woodsman 001 ‘s complaint !! Responsibility for your animal

  • Mike Austin

    As long as he made head shots to make sure no undue suffering occured, the problem is solved. If the whining woman does not want to take care of business on her own property, she has no business complaining when someone else does.
    If your cats are not spayed or nuetered and you are complaining on this article, you need to be fired!

    • $14834813

      Oh come on, how many people expect that to happen in this day and age. I don’t think that shooting is inhumane but that should not be done on the property. Besides, was she supposed to buy a gun so she could do it herself?

      • MargaretJacobson

        You know that obama doesn’t like guns!!

        • $14834813

          I have no idea what you are talking about. I said nothing about gun policy and I didn’t suggest anyone buy guns, so the proverbial adage “What does that have to do with the price of Tea in China?” applies.

  • Larry Taylor

    Sure this is cruel, but it is not as bad as abortion. And we seem to keep doing that without any remorse. explain that if you can.

  • Quester55

    These days, when you call Animal control or The Police, You should expect something or someone to met their death!, after all They Make their own laws whenever it suits them.
    As for these cats, I just bet there are no MICE or Rats around these homes, Yet we humans will spend thousands to kill off the rodents While these wild cats will do the same job for free?.
    Mores the pity.

    • $14834813

      The problem is overpopulation and she said that there were fleas.