Is Monsanto Trying To Kill Us With GMO Frankenfoods?


Monsanto is the same company that manufactured DDT, Agent Orange, PCB, dioxin and aspartame. Cancer is being linked to PCB exposure. Thousands of U.S. soldiers as well as Vietnamese civilians have cancer because of being exposed to Agent Orange during the Vietnamese war. These people are suffering the horrible consequences of this chemical being sprayed in the jungles, leaching toxic and deadly chemicals into the water, soil and the air. Children are being born with birth defects, and thousands are dying of cancer caused by the exposure. There are many cover-ups and lies about these toxic effects. And no one wants to take responsibility for this travesty.

My best friend’s husband was exposed to Agent Orange during the Vietnamese war, and he is now 100 percent disabled with skin cancer on his arms. He routinely goes to the VA hospital to have the cancer removed. He has hundreds of scars and cannot work as a result of all the treatments. The government is responsible for taking care of the medical and disability needs of these veterans for the rest of their lives.

What Is GMO?

Genetically modified organisms (GMO) are plants that have been created in laboratories of companies such as Monsanto, Dow, DuPont and others. The process takes genes from one species and inserts them into another to get a different characteristic like resistance to chemicals such as Roundup®. The scientists must find ways to force the DNA from one species to another to genetically alter the DNA. They are putting fish genes into tomatoes and human genes into corn. In the lab a gene is introduced into the seed, which alters the genetic makeup of the seed. The farmers use this year’s seed to grow next year’s crops. The cycle has started, and everything is contaminated with this GMO because the pollen spreads for miles around an area. For example, if I plant a crop that is pure and my neighbor has a contaminated crop, my crop may also be contaminated. Nothing is pure anymore, and these GMOs may be killing us.

Roundup®-Ready Crops

When Roundup is sprayed on crops, they resist the herbicide; the weeds die, but the crops don’t. Farmers love it because they may get a higher yield from their farms. On the other hand, the most frightening part of this process is that it is messing with Mother Nature and creating a freak-food that the body does not recognize as a food. Thus, many people are coming down with bowel disease such as diverticulitis, colitis and irritable bowel disorder. If you purchase junk food, snacks, bread, pasta, cake mixes, corn tortillas, corn chips, corn oil and syrup or any anything else made from corn, soy or cotton, you are usually consuming GMOs. It is estimated that consumers in the United States eat about 200 pounds of GMO foods per year.

I am very health conscious, so my husband and I grow most of our own food on our ¼-acre organic farm. But we still get GMO foods when we eat out, go to parties, family gatherings and purchase other food from the grocery store. We must be label readers and watch everything that goes into our bodies.

What Foods Are GMO?

  • Many foods made with corn, soy, cotton, canola, sugar beets, Hawaiian papaya, zucchini and yellow squash, all produced in the United States.
  • Many products produced from soy protein, soy lecithin, cornstarch, corn tortillas and high fructose corn syrup.
  • Animal products from animals that have eaten GMO feed. That means most meat, eggs and dairy products. Any animal and especially cows injected with rbGH (a GMO hormone to make them produce more milk).
  • Dog food and cat food are loaded with GMO foods such as corn. Chicken feed such as lay-mash is a GMO corn product. Other animal feed that contains grain such as corn, soy or oats is contaminated. Our dogs and cats are getting cancer more than ever before along with other diseases that are unexplainable.
  • Many food additives, such as flavorings, processing agents, sweeteners such as aspartame (NutraSweet®), gelatin and rennet used to make hard cheeses are GMO. Gelatin is made from the bone marrow of the cow.
  • Honey and bee pollen are now becoming GMO. The bees collect the nectar and pollen from GMO crops and take it back to the hive and feed it to their colony. We eat the honey and we get the GMO as well.
  • Many non-food items containing GMO ingredients include cosmetics, detergents, shampoos, soaps and children’s bubble bath. These items are absorbed through the largest organ in the human body, the skin.
  • Pharmaceutical companies are adding aspartame to some supplements and children’s vitamins. Aspartame is also in gum, sweets, diabetic-friendly foods, drinks, other sugar-free foods and anything labeled light.

It’s all about money and lots of it. Monsanto and other companies hire hundreds of lobbyists who wine and dine government officials, and these companies donate millions of dollars to Presidential and other governmental officials’ campaigns. The corporate lawyers for Monsanto move into government offices and basically give Monsanto a free license to do whatever they want. The most appalling thing of all is that GMOs don’t even have to be labeled in the United States. We are one of the few countries that do not have mandatory labeling.

The ‘Monsanto Protection Act’

The “Monsanto Protection Act” states that it requires the U.S. to approve the harvest and sale of crops from GMO seed even if a court has ruled against the crop as being dangerous to public safety or the environment.

This is unbelievable, outrageous, immoral, unethical and downright disgusting. The people of the United States are the ones going to suffer and die of horrible diseases from these “frankenfoods.”

We Must Boycott GMOs

As I researched information for this article, I came across The American Academy of Environmental Medicine. It recently released its position paper on GMO foods, stating  that “GM foods pose a serious health risk” and calling for a boycott on GMO foods. If we have enough people who are informed and up in arms about this whole GMO issue we can make a difference and our voices can be heard.

Emergency Food Storage

As a business owner in the emergency preparedness industry, I have been working with a food storage company I believe in. The food is highly nutritious, with no GMOs, added MSG or trans fats. It’s compact and lightweight, too, making it easy to store. And it will retain its flavor and nutrition for up to 25 years.

The company is offering a special price of $500 for a five-month supply of delicious meals, ready to just add water and cook. That’s four servings per package and $100 per month for a one-person supply, or a 2.5-month supply for two people or a five-week supply for four people. The company has a “try it before you buy it sample pack,” which includes three meals that serve four people per package. The meals are free if you pay only the shipping of $9.95. To order online, go here and click on “Sign Up” or “FREE sample pack.” Please call me at 435-851-0777 if you have any questions or need assistance with this amazing offer.

–Peggy Layton

Personal Liberty

Peggy Layton

a home economist and licensed nutritionist, holds a B.S. in Home Economics Education with a minor in Food Science and Nutrition from Brigham Young University. Peggy lives in Manti, Utah with her husband Scott. Together they have raised seven children. Peggy owns and operates two businesses: One called "The Therapy Center", where she is a licensed massage therapist and hypnotherapist, and the other an online cookbook and preparedness products business. She is nationally known for publishing a series of seven books on the subject of food storage and also lectures and teaches seminars about preparedness and using food storage products. Peggy practices what she preaches, has no debt, grows a huge garden, lives off the land, raises chickens, bottles and dehydrates food and has time left over to operate her businesses. To check out Peggy's cookbooks and self sufficiency products go to her website To get a free sample of three different storable meals that have a 15-year shelf life go here.

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  • Marc de Piolenc

    How can rennet be GMO? It’s a collection of enzymes! You’re destroying your credibility with ridiculous claims like this

    • GlenAgain

      @Marc de Piolenc: Maybe you could do some research on how rennet* is made.

      *(or the more commonly available rennet substitutes)

      True, it is an enzyme, but the natural, classical form of rennet is far too hard to come by and it recently has become the case that the demand for cheese cannot be met with traditional rennet. Therefore, diverse rennet substitutes are in use. Such substitutes may also be plant-based (Galium verum). Microbial rennet substitutes also are widespread which are derived from (non-GM) microorganisms. In comparison with classical rennet, such substitutes have disadvantages. During their use, enzymatic side reactions may occur that lead to undesirable changes in taste. And, who knows what other kind of allergic side effects are introduced by the use of these methods of production.

      Chymosin (also known as rennin) is the primary active ingredient in rennet. Rennet or chymosin is essential to the manufacture of firm cheeses. Chymosin splits the casein protein of milk at specific point and thereby effects clotting: casein clumps together to form curd and separates from the watery whey. Subsequently, the ripening process of cheese may begin.

      The production of chymosin with the aid of genetically modified organisms is widespread. A large part of global cheese production is conducted using Genetically Modified chymosin.

      Procedure: The chymosin gene isolated from calf stomachs is transferred to appropriate producer organisms such as bacteria, moulds or yeasts. These are allowed to multiply and are cultivated in a closed system (fermenter), in which they release chymosin into the culture liquid. This chymosin is separated and is cleaned of possible impurities and of leftovers of the GM microorganisms.

      I am sorry to say this, but I think it is your credibility @Marc is suspect in this case.


  • ObsidianShadowDragon

    This author is just wrong. Last year this nation faced one of the worst droughts since 1988 and NOONE saw a food shortage. Thank the GMOs and the drought resistance Bred into plants (not programmed, selectively chosen over generations of parent plants). These scientific, and safe, processes allow this nation’s industrial agriculture sector to Feed the World. Literally. This article, and the author, has presented her unproven health Opinions on the effects GMOs have on humans as though they are fact. Unnacceptable. Classic case of emotive thinking. People are unhealthy because they eat unhealthy, overprecessed, chemical laden Junk. Add this to a stress laden culture filled with lazy, or overworked, men and women that don’t get enough exercise and the result is: sick people. To selectively target the GMOs as the sole culprit while ignoring all the rest is outright malicious. A word of warning to any that read the comments: The above article is only part of the conversation. If this issue is important to you I recommend extensive reading and research, followed with open, honest conversation with family, friends and community. The above reading is too small a sample to base a reasonable decision upon.

    Beware the SoundByte Society.

    • chocopot

      Another brainwashed fool who cannot see the forest for the trees. GMO’s are toxic and it has been proven. Do some research.

    • tobeornot

      your a boob!

    • AttilaTheHun

      OSDragon you are on the mark! Thank you for your insight. There is way too much junk science out there (think global warming). Not every GMO is going to be good for us. OTOH, just because something is “natural” doesn’t mean it’s necessarily good for us.

      The medical establishment doesn’t really have a lot of credibility when it comes to telling us what’s good or bad for us. There are two huge flaws in their research that pretty much invalidate all of it. First is the assumption of linearity; second is reporting the mean and not presenting any measure of variance. (In fairness, I assume that the actual research includes standard deviations, but that never makes it out to the population as a whole. We’ve got seven billion people on the planet. It’s ridiculous to think that we all react the same way to anything, but that doesn’t stop any research finding from being presented as a “fact” that everyone reacts to xxx the same way.)

      The linearity assumption that if you double the dosage, then you’ll get twice the response. Nothing in the physical universe is truly linear and this assumption is just wrong. In order to see the effects of taking a drug for fifty years we’ll test with fifty times the dosage for one year. That’s just wrong and we see the results over and over again when the official story on some food or drug changes. It’s all arbitrary.

      This article is just scare mongering. There is no hard proof that any GMOs are bad and there is plenty of evidence that there are beneficial effects.

      • Wellarmed

        Beneficial effects such as colony collapse disorder?

        Our food supply does not need to be “engineered” as mother nature has been doing quite an exceptional job long before our species walked this earth, and will continue to do so long after we depart.

        For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. What is occurring in the US right now is nothing more than a grand experiment. Scientists who feel the need to play God do not care about the law of unintended consequences.

        Do you think it is coincidence that the presidents family consume vegetables of the heirloom variety from the White House grounds? I personally do not believe in coincidence.

        • JRR

          You probably need to explain “colony collapse disorder” to anyone foolish enough to think that food modified with virus and dog DNA is just fine!

          • Wellarmed

            Sad, but true JRR.

            For those who do not know what colony collapse disorder is. It is the inability of worker bees to retrace the path back to their hives (in incredibly simplistic terms).

            Bee pollination is vital to our (and all) species existence.

            It was (colony collapse disorder) originally suggested as being brought about by the advent of cell phone towers, and many other far fetched ideas, but as I looked closer to the timeline of GMO introduction into the US food chain it appeared fairly evident to me that these engineered food products (not produce) matched fairly close to the diagnosis of colony collapse disorder as determined by the psychological community.

            It does warrant further investigation. I am now blessed with a chemical biology PHD graduate that has recently joined our VFD. It is clear that based on our initial conversations that she is firmly in the camp of “science can do no wrong”, and that all GMO science is based on sound footing.

            The application of science with horse blinders firmly attached will create the desired result. What occurs in the periphery is of little consequence?

          • jongoble

            Viruses are used as a delivery mechanism for anti-cancer treatments that are much safer and more accurate than radiation or other therapies. Maybe your “nutritionist friend” should explain to you that even virus DNA has beneficial genes rather than scaring you with buzz words and watching you spew ignorance all over the Internet.

        • jongoble

          Almost every food you eat has been engineered by man in some way for thousands of years. Maize was once the size of rye grass before humans cross bred it to have larger, edible kernals.

          Why don’t you go research something. “Mother Nature” is not responsible for the tens of thousands of cultivars of crops, seeds, berries, legumes, and other vegetation that humans have been consuming in their existence.

  • village idiot

    Wonderful marketing article for delicious safe foods. The problem as I see it is that people in the main have little respect for what they do to their bodies by way of making a distinction between what is good and what is bad for them to gormandize on. Is it clever to eat healthy foods, never exercise and sit and watch idiots on the tv all day and/or night or just eat what you need and get some exercise? My grandfather smoked from the age of twelve, ate bacon and eggs for breakfast EVERY DAY and drank a fair amount of brandy – he died at 93 and was never sick one day. He died because his wife died the year earlier and he didn’t want to live without her anymore. Strange! Never saw him cross or miserable my entire life! He didn’t drive, always used public transport, never had a lot of money and was into good books and great company. Maybe that had something to do with his charmed life.

  • blackberry

    If GMO’s are so safe then welome labeling all them. Support local organic.

  • JRR

    A friend who is a PhD nutritionist told me that GMO foods are modified with several kinds of DNA, among them: Virus DNA and dog DNA.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it, you “GMOs are perfectly safe” people.

    • FreedomFighter

      What better way to make you dependent on the national healthcare system “Obama Care” than to make you sick from the food an water, then provide treatment — you are then locked into the system like a drug addict.

      They know the timing of how the damage is done…you get to live to about 50 or so then you die…just as you become useless to the collective as a highly productive unit.

      Laus Deo
      Semper FI

  • FreedomFighter

    The ‘Monsanto Protection Act’

    The “Monsanto Protection Act” states that it requires the U.S. to approve the harvest and sale of crops from GMO seed even if a court has ruled against the crop as being dangerous to public safety or the environment.

    This is unbelievable, outrageous, immoral, unethical and downright disgusting. The people of the United States are the ones going to suffer and die of horrible diseases from these “frankenfoods.”

    Yes! Monsanto and those other companies connected to the NWO are trying to reduce the population, what better way than to poison the weeds. To bad that we are the weeds they refer to. You see if they just started killing us outright we would all rebel and kill them and stop the program, so stealth methods are required — GMO food is one of them. 70-90% reduction in population thru Sterilization and death is the goal and we are the target.
    GMO companies could be making super foods with high value anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals with great taste and stunning health benefits that could prolong life and increase the quality of life,,, nope they are making killer foods for profit that sterilize you and kill off your family by the 3rd generation with defects. You need only ask why?
    Laus DeoSemper FI

  • Average_Joe56

    The only way to stop the proliferation of these GMO’s and the assault on our food is with our wallets.

    Here is a modest list of companies that use only certified Non-GMO ingredients.

    Support their products and refuse to buy or eat any non-certified products. Let your local super markets know how you feel about the food you eat. As the stores lose business, they will in turn change vendors and products… to accommodate their customer base (even big box stores like Wal-Mart will change if enough of us stop buying the garbage). Read the labels…know what you are eating….most of it is garbage…and that garbage is killing us.

    If possible buy your produce from local producers. Do the same for your poultry, beef and pork…know where your food comes from and what it was fed. Food is medicine!

  • jongoble

    Gee wilikers OP, I sure do wish we all had the free time, money, and space to have a quarter acre farm to grow our own crops. Boy howdy, after that, can we watch livestock screw like the rest of the ignorant boonies?

  • nowfoo

    Angela Wynne We are not talking about obesity or food portions just possible poisonous food(GMO). All food is processed in some way or other. Whole apples, pears, cantaloupes are also processed food they have waxes, herbicides and insecticides on them. I bet if it was labeled in big red letters GMO.A lot less people would buy it. Thus affecting their bottom line hence laws like. The “Monsanto Protection Act” states that it requires the U.S. to approve the harvest and sale of crops from GMO seed even if a court has ruled against the crop as being dangerous to public safety or the environment. GMO’s need heavy chemical applications of fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides in order to even to grow. GMO’S have not been proven safe for consumption for animal or human. Yet here they are. You could write a book about the downside of GMO crops especially crop failures.

  • TheOriginalDaveH

    Help the Natural Solutions Foundation stop Monsanto and other Crony Capitalists from taking over our Food Supply:

  • TheOriginalDaveH

    Angela Wynne on Facebook says — “This opinion piece would have been more convincing if it had included peer reviewed scientific papers to back up every claim made”.
    As if Monsanto, the other Crony Capitalists, and the rest of the Progressive Leadership provide “peer-reviewed scientific papers” for any of the wild claims they make as they grow Government ever larger.
    Then she goes on, in typical Progressive fashion, to blame everything on the consumers.
    The fact is that Monsanto is a Crony Capitalist of the highest order, and all we want is the choice of knowing what they are selling us before we “vote with our wallets”.
    It’s called FRAUD, Angela, when companies market things to the consumers who don’t know what they’re buying.