How To Stop Obama’s Military Aggression Against Syria


Many people are asking what can be done to stop the pending U.S. attack on Syria.

Two things can be done.

One is the U.S. Congress can realize that it does not save America’s face for Congress to endorse a policy that has been rejected by the rest of the world, including Washington’s closest ally, Great Britain. For Congress to endorse what the U.N. secretary general and the president of Russia have made unequivocally clear would be a war crime under international law harms, rather than rescues, America’s reputation. Doing the wrong thing to save face does not succeed.

In the event that Congress fails to understand the real stakes and votes to support a criminal action, the second thing that can be done to stop the attack is for most other countries in the world — China, India, Japan, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Iran, South Africa and European and South American countries — to add their clear unequivocal statements to those of the U.N. general secretary and President Vladimir Putin that an American attack on Syria that is not authorized by the U.N. Security Council is a war crime.

Expression by the governments of the world of this truthful statement would make it clear to Washington that it is isolated from the world community. For Barack Obama to proceed in an act of aggression in the face of united opposition would destroy all influence of the U.S. government and make it impossible for any officials of the Obama regime to travel abroad or to conduct business with other governments. What government would conduct business with a war-criminal government? It is up to the governments of the world to make it clear to Washington that the U.S. government is not above the law and will be held accountable.

— Paul Craig Roberts

Personal Liberty

Paul Craig Roberts

was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of The Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His Internet columns have attracted a worldwide following, and can be accessed here.

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  • KingKen

    Insanity will prevail….doubt it not-!

    • Warrior

      I believe it already has. Remember 2008?

    • Alondra

      In spite of the big number of the insane people, “insanity” did not prevail. The
      FRAUD, CHEATING and DECEIT prevailed.

  • Dirty Daug

    If the USA does nothing it could undermine the credibility of the United States of America and of the President of the United States and that is what these politicians are thinking. It looks like they are wanting to save face for what our stupid President had to come out of his mouth. America needs to save face by not starting another war and go ahead and impeach Obama instead. Don’t these politicians know that the world would think more of America is Obama was impeached. I think the people of America are fed up with Obama and his lies along with the rest of the world. Obama is hated by almost every country which makes the good people of America look bad for letting Obama still be President.

    • Guest2

      Excellent comment. Yes, we the people, have looked bad for voting this person into office, not once but TWICE. Removal from office ASAP would restore our credibility more than any amount of missile strikes and ‘boots on the ground’.

    • Beverly Bohr

      The credibility of the United States is ALREADY undermined !

    • Bill

      Good analogy, Dirty

    • native blood

      I hope it isn’t too late for that! I just saw some stealth bombers flying overhead a few hours ago. Hopefully, they are just on a training mission.

  • TIME

    My Dear People,
    As I post TIME after TIME, we are being pushed by outright Criminals into what will become – World war III, There are many reasons why this is all unfolding.
    Here are a few You Tube videos that may aid those of you who may still harbor a shadow of a question as to how morally bankrupt these people are and how long this has all been going on.
    #1, -****** The Time line of America’s collapse.
    Very many well presented facts of truth are presented in a clear platform.
    #2, – ******What to expect during the next stage of Collapse.
    Again all strong valid points.
    #3. +++++ ****** You will want to explore The Hagman & Hagman – Stave Quayle and V the Guerrilla Economist all of V’s reports are dead on.
    So to are all of Steve’s reports ~ rather you like him or not.
    #4, – Look up { Brother Nathaniel } What he tells you is not pleasant, – nor is it a pretty picture, but sadly my good people –
    “the Truth only hurts those that have something to hide.”
    Again I am not here to argue with those of you whom are dead between the ears, ” You who are can stay within your closed Tight little box.” I am happy for you and you should be happy for yourself.
    **** > BUT – to you that may be on the fence or are just in need of a better understanding of the very deep level of trouble we face, please give these a chance.
    I know that it’s all hard to take in, again “The Truth only hurts those that have something to hide.”
    Peace and Love be with you.

  • steve

    good ideas but it won’t work. this government for years has bought and paid for other nations to do it’s will. now they are in to deep to stop anything. france,england and germany were saved and rebuilt with our dollars. this world has become so ruthless that nothing except god can save it. satan rulesand it’s about time the world realizes who’s in control.

  • dan

    Russia claims to have iron-clad evidence with the Turks that Al Quaida is
    using the gas…FINE …. let them do something about it , Call them out in the security council. if Syria is their sphere of influance…make them prove it.
    Let them form a coallition and let the UN take responsibility.
    I really HATE to show pResident Lucifer a way out of his conundrum,…..

  • peter

    Well said but when one considers that Obama has illustrated his abject disdain for American law and The Constitution, one has to ask whether he also has no respect or regard for International Law, other than to consider that only his own determination of a criminal act is valid. Anything is true if one believes it, but believing it oneself does not make it absolutely true other than in one’s own mind! Obama has what may be considered a “convenient attitude” and that unfortunately marks him as devious, untrustworthy and dangerous and it would be wise for him to take care about the folks whom he surrounds himself with.

  • CatGman

    How can these elected officials be so obtuse. It must be a requirement to hold the office. Naturally there are acceptions, but it seems that too many are just plain dumb.

  • DavidL

    The rebels in Syria gassed themselves to put the blame on Assad. Right!

    Let’s not complicate this issue with the usual hyper-partisan sour grapes about Obama, as well as ignorance of international law and our obligations under it.

    1. Assad gassed his own people.

    2. It is a violation of international law.

    3. President Obama and Republican and Democratic leaders are right to be outraged and angered by this crime against humanity. I am outraged and angered by this crime. They are right to call upon the international community to punish and to detour this behavior in the future. They are wrong to argue that unilateral action by the US, even with Congressional approval, is legally justified. It is not!

    4. This is an international problem and not just a US Congressional problem. The US Senate ratified, and therefore made part of our Constitution, the treaty banning the use of chemical weapons. The international community must address this breach. Unilateral action by any nation without UN Security Council authority is a violation in itself of international law.

    5. War, or the threat of war, is illegal under international law. No nation, unless acting legitimately under the self defense language contained in Article 51 of the UN Charter, may engage in or threaten military action. I repeat, no nation!

    6. The US Senate and Congress should pass a resolution condemning this violation of law and crime against humanity, and it should be unanimous. It should require the President to then take the matter before the UN Security Council. He should be explicitly prevented from making a unilateral military strike unless and until it is sanctioned by the Security Council, and joined in by the international community.

    7. The “advisers” and foreign policy “experts” from the Bush Administration now making public statements, to rationalize and to excuse their role in the Iraq war, have no credibility in foreign policy. Their actions were illegal, immoral, and resulted in tragic consequences to our men and women in uniform, our world reputation, and our economy. President Obama and the Congress have the responsibility and obligation to set the example that the US respects and honors its commitments to international and domestic law.

    8. If the international community means what is says when it condemns the use of chemical weapons, then let it say so. The US Congress should condemn this illegal use of chemical weapons and then give specific instructions on how the Administration should proceed.

    9. If the international community fails to act, so be it ! We will then have our answer as to whether the international community has credibility as a governing body. If, God forbid, chemical weapons are used again, the President and the Congress will have been vindicated, and the international community will once again be faced the choice between responsibility or cowardice.

    • Bill

      You have fallen for it hook, line and sinker. You are a deranged person

      • Brian

        So true but Santa is on his way also and if y

    • TML

      “1. Assad gassed his own people.”

      I can agree with most of what you wrote if you had not left out the UN inspection report (which has not been submitted) and which is not an investigation to determine who actually is responsible for the attack. It would be to the UN to then further determine if the weapon was actually used by Assad, or the rebels, etc. Your entire premise here is mere assumption. You dismiss the possibility of such an attack being carried out by the supposed rebels without any reason to back up the assumption, especially after some of them have already been shown to be ‘eating body parts’ of Syrian soldiers. What then makes one assume that they would not attack civilians with the deliberate purpose of gaining exterior support against the Syrian government they seek to destroy? Additionally, Assad has been compliant with UN inspection and process in this matter. What reason would Assad have to use chemical weapons knowing the world is watching, and while UN officials were in Syria not far from the location when it happened?

      You are leaving out quite a bit of variables in reaching your conclusion of cowardice or responsibility.

      • Brian

        Man are you stupid or just naïve wake up oh we are just going to send a few missles to scare them then what when this mad man gets just what he wants that being the US troops on the ground so he can bring them into his trap and then we will send just a few more and then he will be scared BS

        • TML

          Your comment is unintelligible; can you elaborate? I’m guessing you misunderstood my position.

      • Don 2

        Breaking News: Syrian Rebel Admits Using Chemical Weapons

    • Robert Messmer

      Except for your basic premise that Assad gassed his own people, for which at this time there is NO evidence very good points. Number 7 glosses over the fact that is was proven that Saddam gassed Kurds and others, that both Bush Administrations got Congressional authority and both had international coalitions – at least going in. I do agree however that President Obama and Congress have the obligation to raise the bar; not just say well he did so I can too. As a side note, Syria is not a signer of the anti-gas treaty.

  • Buzz

    Who knows; rebels claim they did, mismanaged what they were doing in moving it; Assad is not behind this I do not believe; then we have your statement which would be hard to digest and then we have Prison Planet that shows and tells supposedly all….this as a false flag to get the war started; this was another video that Janet promised would come along after Sandy Hook, Aurora and NY flooding; Katrina is being investigated and showing signs it was government weather modification also, aka ChemTrails/Clouds and HAARP; Japan says their quake was not natural or one report did. Your best guess, who knows for sure except we do know that in N Carolina thousands, with government help, of women were sterilized without knowing it..same in parts of Africa..remember this clod wants another four years to finish off America; what is a better way to get it that Martial Law? He will keep trying and many false flags will come and go I suspect; we must be vigilant and we must get the GOP back in line..they are out of control..wanting a war that well will and could start WWIII!

  • Bill

    Let Obama loose face among the world community. Maybe he will learn to keep his big mouth shut

  • Elvis Presley

    Doesn’t anyone read the constitution: Article 2 Section 2
    The President isn’t commander in Chief until “called into actual service
    of the United States.” Article 1 Section 8 only congress can call the
    President into service & make him commander in Chief. The White House man
    has never been commander in Chief, because Congress has not declared war, &
    if they do it is only for 2 years (& then they have to declare war again).
    The USA was not designed to be a war mongering country.

    • Robert Messmer

      Elvis go back to your sandwiches and drugs. In Article 2 Section 2 the clause you quote is referring to the State Militia. That is when the State Militia is not in actual service of the United States then the President is not its commander in Chief. In the War of 1812, for example, the state militia of New York refused orders to attack the British because the enemy was still in Canada. That’s why back in the early 60’s the state National Guard in several southern states were Nationalized. They then had to follow the President’s orders and not the orders of the Governors. The President is the Commander in Chief of the actual military from the moment he takes the Oath of Office until the next President takes the Oath. And no, it is only the FUNDING of the war that the Constitution limits to a term of 2 years at a time……the Declaration of War lasts until either the enemy is wiped or a Treaty of Peace is signed.

  • paul cruz

    Why should we attack syria when it is alqaeda members and the muslim brotherhood they are killing . Our sworn enemies who want nothing more than to destroy us and israel . I think we need to focus more on our own country than getting involved in other countries problems. I say NO to any military attacks . Haven`t we learned anything from Iraq , It is a losing cause and we will be condemned be the rest of the world . We need to focus more on our economy than a civil war half way around the world. This is an international problem and not just a US problem. Military action by any nation without UN Security Council authority is a violation in itself of international law. I think the people of America are fed up with Obama and his lies. Obama is hated by almost every country which makes the good people of America look bad for letting Obama remain President . America needs to save face by not starting another loosing cause war that will cost us billions more that we can`t afford. Enough WAR ALREADY

    • Brian

      Man you hit it exactly The People don’t want it but those idiots in congress are not people they are drones or some other form of low life scum who seem to think they can speak for the people. I don’t know anyone who voted for this incompetent muslim and never see anyone on the net admitting to it but yet he got reelected go figure can we please stand up and still be counted as a democracy

  • TML

    The only two things that you can do as an American citizen, is to protest, and to contact your Senators and urge them not to support any unilateral military action in Syria – and don’t vote them back in office next election if they vote yes (That means you South Carolina and Arizona; I can’t understand why you nuts keep re-electing McCain and Graham).

    • Carlos

      TML, I have written my Congressman requesting a no vote on Syria. His reply, He related: President Barrack Obama has proof Assad’s government forces used gas on his people, so he must consider this when and “if” he votes.

      I wonder if he considers Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS scandal, Obamacare etc. (too many to be mentioned) Barrack Hussein Obama is a liar, “the man is not capable of telling the truth” this whole administration is one big lie.

      My Congressman is a republican and was voted in this last election. He is a wimp and has lots of company in the congress,

      Any Congressman who would give Barry any benefit of the doubt in this matter doesn’t belong there.
      If The republican Congress votes yes on the bombing, then they will lose the house in 2014. The ones that do should definitely be voted out of office.

      • TML

        In regards to your Senators response… I think he misses the issue; that issue being, as far as Congress, and the Constitution is concerned, Obama’s claimed proof that Assad ordered such an attack on his own people is irrelevant. Syria hasn’t attacked us or threatened us in any way, and such use (because it falls within the jurisdiction of international law) should be the responsibility and authority of the UN Security Council. The claimed proof should be submitted to the international community. There is absolutely no reason, or justification, for acting unilaterally from the international community on this matter. Congress should be compelled by the law of this land to vote no, unless, and until, a Security Council Resolution has been passed based on proof, and then Congress should convene concerning whether appropriations should be allowed to the UN along with other members of the international community.

  • Dave

    I have already written Jeff Flake and John McCain and voiced my opposition… Show up at any townhall event and disrupt their BS political advertizement session and force them to deal with the fact that the majority of people in this country… liberal and conservative alike do not want this.
    We have who voted yes for the approval… In Nov, vote all the “YES” people out.

  • chrisnj

    It is entirely possible and perhaps even likely, that this bumbling around by Obama fits neatly into his plan to degrade and diminish the strength and influence of the United States.

    Look for him to launch, with or without the blessings of Congress – and if the world were to look upon the US as a illegitimate perpetrator of war crimes instead of a beacon of freedom and prosperity, so much the better for Obama’s aims.
    Time to tell Obumble not just “no”, but “hell no” – and to not let the door hit him in the @ss on his way out.

  • Quester55

    If America really want to stop the King & His Court Jester from going to war, here is a simple solution to the problem!

    Handcuff Those to Self-serving Baboons together & Place them on the front lines, With Targets of the Pope painted on their backs.
    Then elect someone with the Nerve to turn this country around!

  • Alan

    I have contacted my “representatives” on where I stand on this issue, as well as with many others at times, only to receive in turn the standard form letter engendering their reasons for remaining adamantly opposed to my opposition. It just goes to show me that they could care less how I feel about anything. They have their agenda and they are going to stick to it come hell-or-high-water, peons be damned!

  • ireAmerica


    Your argument that American action in the face of UN disapproval constitutes war crime is specious, and worse. Subordinating America to ANY other authority (or association of nations or interests) is treason. This is a bellweather statement Craig. You are no Patriot and no friend of America until and unless you rethink and retract this entire notion.

    At the same time it also true that our President has an unbroken record of promoting Islam, radical Islam and the Moslem Brotherhood. His first-mentioned “allies” in the Syria matter were Arabic and Islamic associations.

    Americans do not want to participate in any more of Barack’s middle-east wars of “incompetence” and “unintended consequences”. Particularly in view of much evidence showing “rebels” with Prince Bandar’s help perpetrating the chemical attacks (FALSE-FLAGS) and NOT the Assad forces.

    Barack Obama treats Our military like his own toy soldiers, including throwing them into the fire petulantly when his ops go south. Barack’s days of using and abusing “his military” are about over.

  • Phoneman

    Mr McCain, my brother was a fireman on the Forrestal when it blew up under you in the Gulf of Tonkin. Apparently you didn’t learn anything about participating in unpopular wars did you? This is rapidly turning into a debacle of enormous proportions and you would be wise to back away quickly. As a surviving member of the Tonkin Yacht Club there are a lot of other vets that are disappointed with you not standing your ground and trying to please everyone.

  • native blood

    These congressmen and women do not give one wit how you feel about any impending war. They are in too deep with the lobbyists and they all owe debts way too much to listen to entertain what you may think. Money talks and all else walks. I piddy the foos who vote for support of bombing Syria and try to get re-elected in the fall.

  • A.Rizvi

    President Obama wants to gain Diploma of Bravery by attacking Syria. Otherwise people will think he was a week president. Real strength lies in solving issues without war.