Hasan Is, Beyond Doubt, Guilty

FT. Hood Suspect may be paralyzed

Warning: If you are looking for politically correct stuff for the right or left wing, stop reading. This will be offensive to you. Frankly, it’s offensive to me; and I have made a career out of defending the indefensible in pursuit of breathing life into the Bill of Rights, protecting things like free speech.

On Nov. 5, 2009, decorated Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan killed 13 of his fellow U.S. servicemen and tried to kill at least 32 more. He did this to help Allah defend the world against the infidel government of the United States — the great Satan. This Satan is the same government that had put him through college and medical school after he, among other things, pledged his allegiance to it (the United States of America) and joined our army to help fight its enemies.

In August 2013 he admitted in open court what everyone who reads the news or watched the interviews of the victims already figured out: that he deliberately killed 13 human beings. With his admission, the fact that he will be convicted is a 100 percent certainty.

In my field of tax law, the government wins 95 percent of the time (unless I am defending the case). But in the field of mass murder, there has never been a defense verdict (unless life in prison, beating the death penalty, could be considered a “verdict” for the defense) in the history of the United States. In this case, even if he had not bragged about the killings, the numbers of strong witnesses against him would have sealed his statistically impossible burden to prove his own innocence. But even that is no problem. He has confessed, so he will be convicted. There is no chance of any other verdict coming out of that military court, nor would there be in any other court with jurors on it.

The only uncertainty about this case is what statements Hasan will continue to make during his “defense” and whether the soldiers sitting on his jury — who after the trial will go back to work with the survivors of this mass murder and their friends, defending this country — will even consider giving him anything other than the death penalty. My call is that he will get the death penalty.

In most cases I am opposed to the death penalty; but if I were on this jury, I would pull the plug on this dangerous, oath-breaking wackjob. I would bet that none of the jurors are going to be swayed to say “no” to the death penalty by any type of defense Hasan can put on. The jurors are going to view this shrink — who is violently crazy, who sucked off taxpayers for his whole adult life and who no doubt screwed up a lot of vets with PTSD as they were sent to him for medical and psychological help — just as I do: guilty. But it remains a remote possibility, nonetheless, that one juror will let Hasan live out the rest of his days at the expense of those he attacked, their families and country. Not likely. Just possible.

More than 40 years ago, when I was in college, I took my first and only college psychology class. I still remember the statistics about being mentally ill or having a problem and getting treatment that were used in the introduction of the book: More people got well without getting the treatment than got well with treatment. The professor also said that many people went to school taking his class to figure out their own personal problems. I figured that those who couldn’t ever figure out their personal problems kept taking the classes until they got a degree in psychiatry. It’s then that I decided to never take another psychology class. So let’s just say I am a skeptic on the whole field of mental health, even though I believe there are lunatics out there, like Hasan. I know that’s not politically correct. I apologize. If that offends you, I’m sorry. The purpose of this article isn’t to offend, but sometimes facts do; so maybe you should stop reading.

The Facts

Retired Col. Terry Lee reported long ago that Hasan had been making remarks like “Muslims should stand up and fight the aggressors against Muslim,” meaning – unfairly, perhaps — us. Now, whichever side you take on this position, even if you think that the 2nd Amendment allows American citizens to store nuclear weapons in their homes for personal protection, in what world would sane people even consider letting someone like that possess a weapon, let alone be trained in its use, and be a member of the U.S. Armed Services?

The murderer who shot Congresswoman Gabby Gifford had a lot of strange behavior that went unassessed. The mass murderer who killed men, women and children in a movie theater was clearly dangerous and nuts. But he wasn’t in the military. He didn’t work every day with other so-called “mental experts.” He didn’t have a negative report from his six years at Walter Reed Hospital that supervisors were “deeply concerned about his inappropriate anti-American views.”

By the way, I support the right to have anti-American views and even burn the flag; that’s what it is to have the right of protected free speech. Sometimes, we don’t like the speech. What I don’t support is giving weapons to super crazy people. What really concerns me is our methodology for making sure we don’t have people like Hasan in the army or in hospitals or, frankly, even out in the streets running around. Yet being deeply involved with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, how can I justify that?

I can’t.

I just know that the debate doesn’t seem to care much about the ongoing problem.

Some Cults Are Dangerous

In my book of strange religions, the Muslim faith to the extent it is based on the Koran — which is pretty radical — is just one step above the religion of Scientology, which is to say it’s very strange. I have some clients and friends who subscribe to both faiths, and we have had some exciting debates that typically conclude with each of us deciding we are right and the other is wrong and then going on to business. There is a park in London dedicated to people on both sides screaming these types of views at each other. I’ve watched this. It’s great entertainment. But the bottom line on the Koran, which I have read: If you are a woman or a Jew and you support this religion, as it is written up in that Bible, you’ve got some screws loose. I know there are Muslims who are peaceful, wonderful citizens because they don’t follow these scriptures verbatim. That is the sort of universal religious hypocrisy we all accept so that we can all get along together, and that’s OK. But if you hate Jews and Americans and you would like to kill a few in your spare time, if you think violating oaths is OK, if you think women should not have the right to inherit anything from their families, then you really shouldn’t be a shrink and you really shouldn’t be in the U.S. Army. We have a no-fly list with some very gentle people, without a dangerous bone in their body, on it. We keep them off the planes. But we let the known terrorists on the 9-11 planes. We have a major who majored in healing the mind in our army who hates our soldiers and who thinks Allah wants him to kill them. How do we know this? Well, gosh darn, we didn’t have to wait until he actually killed 13 soldiers. He announced it in front of witnesses, on multiple occasions.

The person I would like to see facing a court martial is the man or woman who recommended that Capt. Hasan be promoted to Maj. Hasan. Then I would like to see someone repay the money spent on Hasan’s apparently useless mental health education. Perhaps the university that gave him a degree could give us a refund.

And who was it that failed to listen to Col. Terry Lee, Hasan’s co-worker who called attention to his behavior? Court martial him or her, too. We need to change our priorities a little.

I love the 1st Amendment. I love the fact that we can have a religion in America as crazy as Scientology. But if the Scientologists start preaching that the alien they descended from billions of years ago wants to eradicate us, then when they apply for weapons or to be soldiers, they ought to have to answer some extra questions.

Final word for the talking heads: The press is complaining that Hasan has admitted to shooting the 13 murdered soldiers. I have nothing good to say about Hasan. But the fact that he has admitted to killing the 13 is not bad legal work. Telling the truth, which the jurors will most certainly figure out, is the only bet he has if he wants to get life and not death. It’s not a good bet. It’s like a 100,000-to-1 lottery, but it’s his only bet. He probably lost the death penalty issue when he killed the 13 in such a cruel and vicious way, and it is not likely any lawyer or group of lawyers could talk a military tribunal into mercy. But since the government conducted voir dire and he didn’t, it’s probably the end of that issue — except for the next few months of trial. That said, if a guilty murderer wants to plead guilty and he isn’t being coerced, can’t we just let him do it? The Constitution certainly doesn’t say he can’t.

Michael Minns
(US~Observer exclusive — used by permission)

Personal Liberty

Michael Minns

as proclaimed by both Geraldo and G. Gordon Liddy, is the best tax defense lawyer in America. An officer of the Enrolled Agents Society, an organization of accounting and tax professionals, stated that if you can't hire Minns on your criminal tax case... then pack your toothbrush, you are heading for jail.He is a featured writer for the US~Observer – http://www.usobserver.com, as well as being the chief consulting lawyer for the news organization.As a former Texas Boxing Champion, Minns learned to never pull a punch and his victories include the largest tax refund case in U.S. history; the first and second disbarment of IRS lawyers for misconduct in U.S. history; the largest number of off shore acquittals in a single case in U.S. history; and, the largest legal malpractice judgment against a divorce lawyer in U.S. history -- quite a “partial resume.” Minns' specific individual victories are too numerous to mention but many are discussed in his two bestselling books; “The Underground Lawyer” and “How to Survive the IRS.”The perspective he has gained by not only defending people from the IRS, but also going after the lawyers from the IRS, as well as the con-artists who made citizens vulnerable to IRS in the first place, has given him a unique point of view regarding government payoffs and financial wrangling. Michael Minns can be contacted via his web site – http://www.minnslaw.com.

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  • Quester55

    An old India Saying: Just because the House Cobra allows you to enter the House, Doesn’t mean it won’t Bit your Butt on your way out!
    Those, peaceful Muslims living in this Country, whom HAVEN’T Rejected their Blood-Thirsty Cult’s, Need to be Rounded up & Watched, For their own Good, We wouldn’t Want anything Satanic, Rubbing off on these Poor Innocent, People?
    As for Hasan, NO Needles,Gas or Rope Please, Find a Big Hog Pen & a Firing Squad with Pig Greased Bullets.

    A Fitting End to a SWINE that Murdered so many for his Filthy CULT!

  • To Tell The Truth

    What a terrible waste of the military’s financial resources used to defend this piece of detritus. Islam is just an evil cult with a billion and a half members. It has no redeeming feature and its practitioners are evil, despicable and totally expendable. Clusters of well-placed megatons of nukes throughout the middle east and North Africa and Indonesia would put a fitting end to the travesty called Islam. As for the diaper-heads missed by the nukes, a perpetual open season and small bounty should complete the eradication of these filthy vermin.

    • Alex

      Slither back under your boulder of hate, Pig.

      What Hassan did was horrible, but it is nothing those same US baby-killers he eliminated would not have done when ordered to do so.

      • Double “D” Edd USN Ret.

        Sir, and I use the term loosely, you would classify me as a US baby-killer since it is impossible to defend yourself from your enemies when the hide amongst the non-combatant civilians while trying to kill you. I’d venture a guess that you have never served this country one day of your life while you have milked it for all you could. Maybe you would be happier if you moved to another country where more people think like you do. You call another man a pig and tell him to hide under a rock and carrying it one step further, maybe you should slither under a rock yourself.

      • native blood

        Alex, again you should be ashamed but you are too ignorant to be so. I was there at Fort Hood, Got locked on base for a day while the law enforcement looked for possible accomplices. A lot of fear for several thousand employees and soldiers while locked away in their prospective work places. This so-called work place violence was truly terrorism. You are also ignorant to the fact that this terrorist caused several other soldier-patients to commit suicide. This terrorist is only one of several Muslim activists spawning up in our country daily. Our country is in peril and your reference to soldiers as baby killers likens to you admitting that you are a product of a failed planned parenthood. Hurts, doesn’t it?

      • Chester

        Alex, if I had my way, you would still be in Canada, or better still, Cambodia, or some other place far, far away from the United States of America. You sound like the hippies and flower power bunch who were waiting at the airports and sea ports when a lot of us came back from another unwelcome bit of combat called Viet Nam. You and your kind didn’t like the military then, and still don’t like it, even though if not for the military, there is a really good chance you would not even exist. You claim to be an American citizen, yet have done nothing to protect her other than rant and rave about how badly she has treated you and yours. Try get a life.

    • mark

      Boy, there sure are some deeply perverted minds on this site – open supporters of genocide, racism, and mass murder. You must be proud of yourself, To Tell the Truth, for your immoral call to slaughter over a billion and a half people like “vermin,” because they are of a different religion than you – an a small minority of them kill in the name of that religion. But Thank God, like so many other posters here, and indeed many of the article writers, you are totally irrelevant to our political process and always will be. At least there are some things to be grateful for. But I am sure there are numerous posters here WTS/JAY, JeffH, Alondra, and Nadzieja Batki who will set me straight that there is, in fact, nothing whatsoever genocidal or bigoted about your statement, To Tell the Truth. And that it is I who am the real supporter of genocide since I have forthrightly condemned your reprehensible and immoral call for genocide in my post.

      • Gib74

        Genocide? Racism? Mass murder?

        Sounds a LOT like islam who call people decended from apes and pigs while the rest of their cult does not speak about about or against the ‘small minority’ and they call for the rest of the world to be murdered until the entire planet is for allah or are their slaves.

      • Frank Kahn

        Thanks for not including my name in that short list.

        Actually, if we look at the radical clerics views of Islam, and all non-Muslims, then allowing them unfettered reign in the world is a form of support for genocide. It is always bad, to condemn an entire demographic, for the misdeeds of a few. But, it is also wise to be vigilant when dealing with others of that same demographic. Sometimes, even the non-violent members of such a group will have the attitude that they are somehow superior, that non-Muslims deserve to be treated with contempt. This mindset can lead to unintended violence, by pushing buttons on non-Muslims, until they push back. So, unreasonable tolerance is just as dangerous as unreasonable intolerance. It is a very fine line, that must be waked, when the group being contested is of a religious philosophy. The rule of law must be followed, within a nation. If Muslims wish to live here, they must abide by all our rules of law, much the same as how it would work if we were living in an Islamic nation. It is no more valid for Muslims to impose their sharia laws here, than it is for us to forbid sharia law in their countries. This is where reasonable tolerance exists. We allow them to live according to their beliefs and customs in their countries, and they allow the rest of the world to live with theirs.

        Now, with all that being said, yes he was advocating genocide. The worst part of it was that his methodology is grossly ineffective. CLUSTERS OF MEGATON DEVICES? A megaton nuclear device is 1 million tons of explosives. This will destroy everything in a hundred mile radius, why would you need a cluster of these? He mentioned North Africa, the Middle East and Indonesia, I think he might need a lesson in demographics. Not all people in these areas are Muslims, and not all Muslims live in these three areas. He left out Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas. And, I know that Nigeria is an Emirate, and it is located in South Africa. If he is just after Muslims, he needs to explain how to use a MEGATON device in New York city, to surgically kill Muslims. Then, he might need to consider the international backlash from using nuclear weapons, on most of the world, to eliminate Muslims. How many more RADICAL Muslims would this action create?

        Yes, if you could kill every Muslim in the world, you might eliminate the threat of radical Islamic terrorism, but at what cost. His solution is no better than saying that we need to stop black violence in this country, so we need to kill every black person living in the world. It is racist and stupid.

        • JobRon

          Frank: I agree with most of your post; however, I hate to burst you bubble, but I am. Islam is NOT a religion. It is a government masquerading as a religion, wanting to control your every waking and sleeping moment. NO you don’t have to read between the lines, just read what is there. The pervert who wrote the (q) Koran was just that, a pervert! Remember, people have a feeling of what is right and what is wrong. It boils down to truth and falsehood. We have to make that decision based on what and how and in what environment we were raised. As a Christian, I base my feelings on the teachings of Christ. As a Muslim, they base their lives and feelings on the teachings of a pervert., Look at the lives of Christ and Mohammad, — two completely different ways of living espoused by those two men. One of tolerance, the other, well if you’re not a Muslim and I am, I can kill you dead because the (q)Koran says I can. Christ said to smother that person with LOVE. Do you get the difference? Love versus hate has been a continual battle throughout our existence. How to combat hate with love is the real question. How do you convince someone that their way of life or thinking is wrong? I know I won’t change my thinking or life of being a Christian, so how do I propose to get someone as steeped in their belief to change. That, Frank, is the 64 dollar question.

          • Frank Kahn

            Lets try to take this one thing at a time.

            “Frank: I agree with most of your post; however, I hate to burst you bubble, but I am. Islam is NOT a religion. It is a government masquerading as a religion, wanting to control your every waking and sleeping moment. ”

            These Islamic countries are ruled by a theocracy, this means that the government is controlled by the church. In this situation, it is difficult to separate the two, so calling it a government or a religion is both confusing. You are wrong and right with whichever you choose. The type of control is totalitarian, but that does not eliminate Islam (Muslims) from being in a religion.

            “NO you don’t have to read between the lines, just read what is there. The pervert who wrote the (q) Koran was just that, a pervert! ”

            Here, pervert is based on an opinion, yes he is a pervert according to your personal upbringing and beliefs. But, many of his ideas are not always so different from mainstream thoughts throughout history. Even pedophilia was acceptable in the Roman empire. Slavery, and even rape of conquered peoples has been accepted by most cultures at some point.

            “Remember, people have a feeling of what is right and what is wrong. It boils down to truth and falsehood. We have to make that decision based on what and how and in what environment we were raised. ”

            So, here you accept what I said about it being a personal opinion based on your personal life experiences. To a Muslim, what they believe and do is right and truthful, this is based on their personal life experiences.

            “As a Christian, I base my feelings on the teachings of Christ. As a Muslim, they base their lives and feelings on the teachings of a pervert., Look at the lives of Christ and Mohammad, — two completely different ways of living espoused by those two men. One of tolerance, the other, well if you’re not a Muslim and I am, I can kill you dead because the (q)Koran says I can. Christ said to smother that person with LOVE. Do you get the difference? Love versus hate has been a continual battle throughout our existence. ”

            Here, we might get into a battle over semantics. What might be the big difference here is that we are taught not to judge, and that God will deliver his justice. In Islam, they are both the judge and the executioners. We wait for God to destroy (kill) all the non-believers, and they skip the middle man and do the killing themselves.

            “How to combat hate with love is the real question. How do you convince someone that their way of life or
            thinking is wrong? I know I won’t change my thinking or life of being a Christian, so how do I propose to get someone as steeped in their belief to change. That, Frank, is the 64 dollar question.”

            You ask a very good question, and the answer is YOU DON’T. You can show the children that our way of life is good, teach them to be tolerant. They will grow up with different life experiences than their parents. This will, over the long run, possibly change the problem. But, like you, a true Muslim will not change, they would rather die than commit the sin of going against their god. Much the same as you. The only real difference is that they are more than happy to help you achieve the release of your beliefs (death) than you are of them and theirs.

            It is sad, to us, that they consider it a blessing to kill us rather than let us suffer the agony of not knowing the true god. And, it is a little unfair that we must just try to show them the light of truth to turn from their wicked ways.

          • Disgusted

            It is not a $64 question. Reading the Bible changes lives. Most Muslims know how bad their system is. And when they hear the truth of the Good News of Christianity they unfortunately also have to weigh the opposition and persecution they are pretty sure to get with the benefits of authentic Christianity. Most of us are lucky that such persecution does not happen to us here, YET. Maybe after enough “Hope and Change”…

      • S.C.Murf

        Can’t set you straight markie until you make that popping sound cause you’ll never hear us.

        up the hill

  • Double “D” Edd USN Ret.

    There is one major thing I have not read from anyone in any of these posts. The Major is an avowed radical Muslim who killed unarmed American service personnel in the name of Allah with the wish of going to heaven for his 72 virgins. He can only get that if he is KILLED during or for serving Allah’s goals. His being given life will not accomplish his ultimate goal. I realize that this next part will draw some flaq, but here goes. The American tax payer should not have to support this radical killer of American fighting personnel and to put him in front of a firing squad will send him to his desired reward which is like rewarding him for the killings. Here’s where it gets good! Have every bullet being used by the firing squad dipped in Pig’s Blood prior to being loaded in the gun thus preventing the murdering Major from entering his heaven for his desired reward and also takes the burden of his support off the American Tax payer.

    • Debbie Hogan Tate

      I like your ideas! Poetic justice!

    • Speak2Truth

      An excellent idea. The death penalty is supposed to be a deterrent to others. It had better be executed in a manner that IS a deterrent to Islamists.

      Rather like that story of General Pershing in the Philippines who executed then buried a bunch of Islamists with dead pigs, then let the last one go free to tell everyone else. Not sure whether it’s true but it sure seems like the right way to handle the problem of guys eager to die fighting infidels. Take away their incentive!

  • laura merrone

    Muslims should have a chance to hear the gospel and except Christ. If we hate them the same way they hate us, how is that going to happen? Jesus died for everybody even Muslims. Like the old saying goes: two wrongs don’t make a right. Even mass murderers that deserve to die still should be forgiven. I know that sounds radical, but that’s the true Christian message. Didn’t Jesus say from the cross, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do?” Let’s forgive even if we can’t forget…

    • Gib74

      I’m not, and never claim to be Jesus.

      Fry the bastach….

      • laura merrone


    • JobRon

      Laura: that is correct, we have to forgive; however, GOD, not allah, (lower case on purpose) is the final judge. nuf said

      • laura merrone

        He must suffer the consequences of his sin, of course. But the soul can still be saved if he turned to Jesus…but I doubt he will so the death penalty is appropriate in that case.

        • ‘Barbara Messmer

          And if he does turn to Jesus then we can even celebrate his execution because he will have life everlasting and not death. Just so his rotten body is dead, God and allah can fight over his soul.

          • laura merrone

            For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that WHOSOEVER believeth on him should not perish but have everlasting life. (John 3:16). That means anyone can go to heaven if they repent and accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior and there are no strings attached… The Bible also says: “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and your house and you shall be saved.” Acts 16:31.

  • Warrior

    Uh, Uh, Uh, al quada is on the run and gm has closed shop in egypt. Let’s see, “class” is now in “recess” and “chief” is on vaca. Is this what a gubmint “shutdown” looks like? Who’s running this multi trillion dollar org right now, jay carney?

  • Chester

    Let Mr. Hassan live out his life, preferably working on a hog farm, or something else just as degrading to his muslim jihadist mentality. To execute him will simply make a martyr of him for more jihadists to follow. If nothing else, let him live his life out in as near a solitary confinement setting as can be found, as his life will be worthless in an ordinary prison or brig.

    • Debbie Hogan Tate

      A bacon factory where he has to lay it out for packaging! And NO prayers!

  • carl_AF

    One of my concerns regarding this Courts-Martial for what this man did is taking a very long time and all for the being ‘politically correct’. I always thought that if an enemy combatant is cought wearing a military uniform of the United States he or she were to be tried as a spy immediately and in most probability be put to death. Has there ever been a Courts-Martial that lasted this long. As a chid I can remember some tales from our veterans that came back from WWII and these trials of the enemy did not last very long. I am sure that we can find seven sharpshoters that would be willing …..

    • http://www.OlGreyGhost.Blogspot.com/ Ol’ Grey Ghost

      As one who gets daily reports about the case from our local news, let me try to explain some of the delays. Hasan grew a beard. The trial judge objected to the beard and ordered Hasan to shave it off. This was hypocritical since the Army makes exceptions to its facial hair policy all the time for medical AND religious reasons and Hasan claimed to grow it for religious reasons since he knew he was going to be executed. Instead of letting it slide, the judge showed his clear bias against Hasan and ordered Hasan to be forcibly shaved.

      Hasan’s defense team appealed the forced shaving order. This, of course, took some time to go through all the necessary appellate courts, but in the end, Hasan got a new trial judge, who now allows him to keep the beard.

      Hasan wanted to be plead guilty and accept his punishment of death since that will make him a martyr in his eyes. This could have saved a lot of time, but since this is a capital case, something resembling a fair trial had to presented to the world and the trial ensued.

      Hasan dismissed his defense team so as to insure that he would be found guilty, but their was legal wrangling over this. In the end he was allowed to represent himself.

      Hasan wanted to present a “defense of others” justification for his actions, which in a moral sense is the only one that makes sense, but the judge would not allow him to do so. If she had, then Hasan would have in effect been pleading guilty to treason as his actions would be considered to be “providing aid and comfort” to persons the U.S. government considers to be the “enemy.” Also, that would label his actions as an act of war and not workplace violence, subsequently removing the numbers of this case from the statistical renderings used to justify more gun control laws. Hmmm?

      Now the trial will proceed to its foregone conclusion and the next ten years of Hasan’s life will be filled with appeals to commute his sentence to life, even though the one thing this man wants is to die as a martyr for Islam…

      • Debbie Hogan Tate

        Feed him pork everyday in what ever form, chops, bacon, sausage, roast ribs, everyday!

        • http://www.OlGreyGhost.Blogspot.com/ Ol’ Grey Ghost

          I say give him what he wants. If there is any justice in the afterlife, then those virgins will all look and act like Pee Wee Herman…

  • dan

    I’m really surprised he hasn’t LEAPT from his helicopter in a bid for escape/

  • Alan

    This guy undoutably deserves the firing squad, or better yet a public hanging. The idea of work place violence is an absolute joke. This is terrorism pure and simple.

  • Chris

    The law SERIOUSLY needs to be changed in each state………this piece of scum should have been AUTOMATICALLY executed………..there is NO QUESTION as to HIM being the MURDERER……….waste taxpayer’s money on a trial for “WHAT”? People SAW it was HIM who shot up those people. Not only does EVIL “NOT” deserve a trail, but there should DEFINITELY BE NO APPEALS……..give him the damn trial, if you MUST, and then execute………and same goes for everyone else who goes on a shooting rampage. We worrry more about the criminals in this country than the innocent victims………..and ALL taxpayers are ALSO “victims”……….why should “taxpayers”, who fly right and need their hard-earned money to take care of their own families have to support SCUM? The victims get NOTHING. It’s time people start writing letters to get laws changed.

    • Double “D” Edd USN Ret.

      Chris, a few things you need to think about. Killing him will give him his 72 virgins for killing enemies of Allah, unless he is considered impure. Kill him with a hollow point bullet filled with pig’s blood and wrap him in a pig’s skin shroud. Next, he has continued to draw his full military pay while awaiting trial. He is a burden on tax paying AMERICANS and will continue to be one since the military has not executed anyone since about the 60’s. The military police person who wounded him should be reprimanded for failure to do his or her duty fully.
      This is suppose to be CHRISTIAN AMERICA and things I’ve said above do not fit into PC Christian American beliefs. So be it!!

      • Gib74

        Dump is crippled @$$ in a pig-farm and let the hogs go to work while he flops around in their filth.

        Problem solved.

      • ‘Barbara Messmer

        Hmm I thought from news program that the 72 virgins only kicked in if you were killed while killing infidels. Since he is (hopefully) not going to die in a non-infidel/believer battle, but in peace then he wouldn’t get his virgins? I have for a long time, ever since I heard the 72 virgin non-sense, thought it was strange for religion which would stone a woman for appearing in public with her face showing reward one with virgins. After all they would have to have their faces covered and he wouldn’t be allowed to see or touch them since not related nor married to them. If he has to marry them first, sort of takes the thrill out of it since now instead of 72 virgins he has only 72 wives.

        • dan

          72 wives !!!!!! There IS something more frightening than the prospect of meeting 72 pissed off Virginians

    • ‘Barbara Messmer

      Chris I don’t believe he is being tried under State law but under the UCMJ, that is military law.

      • Chris

        WHATEVER law he’s tried under……….give him his 72 virgins “TODAY”!

  • Brian MacIlroy

    Not wanting him dead, that would give him what he says he want’s. A lifetime of hard labor, under military rule.As much as I’d like it on a hog farm some stupid assed judge would fine this cruel and unusual punishment and grounds for dismisal.

  • Chris

    Christian America is ONE thing………bleeding hearts for EVIL is NOT christian……it is ANTI-christian.

  • W J L

    I didn’t see but one ribbon on his uniform. That merits calling him a decorated solider? Could someone tell me what the ribbon is for.

    • Ringgo1

      It’s the National Defense Service medal which the ribbon represents. It is given to all military personnel just for being in the military. That ribbon does NOT merit calling him decorated.

      • Vigilant

        That’s not the NDSM.

        “Hasan received the Army Service Ribbon as a private in 1988 after completing Advanced Individual Training (AIT), the National Defense Service Medal twice for service during the time periods of the Gulf War and the War on Terrorism, and the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal for support service during the War on Terrorism.”

        How tragically ironic that is. The Global War on Terrorism Service Medal? And it looks like that’s the one he’s wearing in the picture.

        • Gib74

          Nope, sadly it’s the same one that I have on my Class A’s… You get it when you finish boot / AIT.

          The Army Service Ribbon.

          • ‘Barbara Messmer

            Since he has 3 medals, one with a cluster, would that not mean that he is out of uniform in the picture since he is only wearing the one? Since nothing other than being in the service during the correct time period is required for any of the 3 medals he has, I agree with Ringgo1 that calling him “decorated” is not warranted.

  • Wambli525

    The only person in the USA with doubts of his guilt would be Barak H. Obama. As to punishment … no less than that of the firing squad after being stripped of rank and decorations.

  • ibn insha

    Mr. Minns,

    Hassan should be hanged. There is no doubt about it. But you took good advantage of this article to insult Islam and Muslims. Good for you. You might have read Koran but you did not understand it in its correct context. If you have to understand any religious book you have to read it in its true context be it Koran, Torah or Bible or you will not be able to understand it.

    You compared Islam to Scientology. That indicates either you did not read Koran or you hate Islam so much that you just could not resist the temptation to fabricate something against it Did you imply that Islam does not allow women to inherit anything form their family? Read Koran again, and again in true context.

    There are bad people in every faith and in our current environment there are a bunch of Muslim who are really committed to kill Non-Muslims but it does not mean the religion is bad or every follower of that religion is committed to killing Jews and Christians. You just could not resist your bias being shown. But that is just me.


    I hate to inform those who think this country is “CHRISTIAN AMERICA” that they are WRONG . America is all about FREEDOM OF RELIGION. Whatever your religion may be. Radical Christians are just as bad ,( or worse than ) Radical Muslims. I ‘ve got one thing to say to you bible thumpers out there. Jesus disliked Hippocrates . People all ( Christian, Muslim, or Jew ) believe differently right down to every single person alive. the only way to stop the blood flow from religious wars is to deliberately stop fighting them. And recognize one thing. Religious leaders all too often are MAKING A LIVING off of your blood, sweat, tears, and your WALLET. They are selling you a INTANGEABLE PRODUCT, that you don’t even REALLY know if it exist or not UNTILL AFTER YOU DIE. The more following they get , the more power and money they get. Let your neighbors be what they are, you be what you are . In the end, HATE WILL NOT DOMINATE.

    • ‘Barbara Messmer

      “Radical Christians are just as bad, (or worse then)” sorry but I must have missed that news broadcast where radical christians set bombs to kill and maim indiscriminately, where a radical christian strapped on a bomb and blew up a Mosque. Please furnish us with those links.

      • just-saying

        You must have forgotten the history of the Crusades, or the Spanish conquest, all done in honor of the Christian God. Millions were slaughtered.

    • jag

      They will use religion to take over the new amerikans,u know the 1s who voted the commie into power….if u haven’t noticed a LOT of jewish , yes no stutter, I said.jewish folks voted the joker in trying to kill bushs, and they forgot about those lousy weeds!

  • JLouisK

    He just wants to die a martyr for Allah. Plain and simple for nutcakes like him.

  • ‘Barbara Messmer

    I believe there were 4 deaths, not quite “mass murder” but yes the accused were acquitted. All of the “good guys” were involved – the Communist Party of the USA, the KKK, the Neo-Nazis, even a representative of the ATF and a paid informant of the FBI. There were claims and counter claims as to who fired first and even tho 4 news crews were on the scene filming apparently no one had been able to catch the first shot fired on camera.

  • jag

    Good let’s kill him like the traitor he is, should of been SHOT ON SITE!!!!! THIS BASTARD. KILLED OUR PROTECTERS DISGUISED AS 1 …..just like they do it in Iraq! Anybody see what I c?

  • Sabido Robles

    In a just world, the evil, Satanic Jews and the brainwashed, insane Moslems would destroy each other!