Harry Reid: Tea Party Is Made Up Of Anarchists


Last week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid blamed Tea Party candidates for Congressional dysfunction and claimed that supporters of the small-government movement are advocates for anarchy.

“We have a situation where this country has been driven by the Tea Party for the last number of years. When I was in school, I studied government, and I learned about the anarchists,” Reid said. “Now, they were different than the Tea Party because they were violent. But they were anarchists because they did not believe in government in any level and they acknowledged it. The Tea Party kind of hides that.”



This week, speaking on “The Rusty Humphries Show,” Reid doubled down on his remarks.

“I believe that, my experience with the Tea Party is that they are against government in any form. They throw monkey wrenches into the government,” he said. “It’s evident. We can’t get things done. They don’t want anything to happen in government. We pass laws. They fight funding the laws we pass. They don’t want government to work. I want it to work.”

Meanwhile, Tea Party adherents and libertarian-leaning Republicans like Senators Rand Paul of Kentucky and Ted Cruz of Texas continue to gain supporters throughout the Nation who recognize them as something different from the two-Party status quo.

Reid’s condemnation of the Tea Party, combined with recent criticisms of small-government junior legislators by the likes of Republican bureaucratic dinosaurs such as Senators John McCain (Ariz.) and Lindsey Graham (S.C.), should do nothing but make Tea Party lawmakers more appealing to an American public that has been repeatedly screwed by the old guard of both major political parties.

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Sam Rolley

Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After covering community news and politics, Rolley took a position at Personal Liberty Media Group where could better hone his focus on his true passions: national politics and liberty issues. In his daily columns and reports, Rolley works to help readers understand which lies are perpetuated by the mainstream media and to stay on top of issues ignored by more conventional media outlets.

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  • Tiger

    The tea party may think that they are for small government. In reality they are to shutting down government and making sure that it doesn’t work. Then they point to it not working to re-affirm the belief that government is bad. I wish they would see that the tea party is doing nothing but hurting people. Not the government. But people.

    • CatGman

      When the government is forcing its will on the people, attacking or ignoring the constitution, and destroying our liberty, that government needs to be shut down. Somebody has to stand up and do something.

    • CJ

      It is the responsibility of the people to inflict disruption into a corrupt government. You desire a government that is NOT supportive of a ‘Republic’ construct. There is more than one basis for a government, and most work to enslave their people. Ours is designed to give liberty and freedom. Take your enslaving ideals and go elsewhere.

    • rswallick

      government = govern iplies control and ment iplies mind, so government is mind control. i think i do not need some psychotic power freak control me with 10,000 new laws created every year. humanity has outgrown this form of slavery from a few power control freaks. i will take my chances with the thug down the street vs the govt police putting a gun to my head and taking half of my labor.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Where did you hear that?
      How is the Tea Party hurting people when it is made up of people?

      • Bob666

        Yo Nads,
        that is like saying, “how are liberals hurting people when they are made up of people”.

        • rocketride

          You could say the same thing about Soylent Green.

          • Bob666

            Yo Rock,
            Never thought about it, but you have a point there.

          • rocketride

            About 20 years ago a large company, I can’t quite recall which one, came out with a new slogan/motto– “—— is People!”. They had to rethink the whole thing when people kept graffiti-ing “So is Soylent Green” on their billboards, etc.

          • Bob666

            I’m thinking that movie was mid 1970’s?

  • Capt. Jack Sparrow the 3rd

    So Harry Reid, why have you NOT Done Your Job, It seems that all we get is Lip Service – Instred of following your oath of office?

  • dan

    when Harry was a schoolboy they carried water in a bucket and heated the schoolroom with a woodstove….it’s not like KNOWN terrorist / anarchist /progressive/
    sponser and friend of Barry , Bill Ayers is a member of the teaparty

    • Wiley2

      Reid parrots the misconception that anarchy is inherently violent. Anarchism is the idea that no person or group has a right to rule others or to force their views on others, and that we all have the right to defend ourselves against those who attempt to do so. Violence is justified only as defense against those who initiate violence in their attempt to be masters. Bill Ayers isn’t an anarchist, being one of those whose purpose is to force others to his will.

  • buck

    Wasn’t it good ol Harrycan’tread, pisslosi and many others of the dem guardians of socialism just a few months ago declaring that the Tea Party was dead?!

  • CatGman

    Harry says he studied government. There are many forms of government. It is too bad he never studied the constitution.

    • podunk1

      T Party needs to file a civil rights suit on Hairy Reed – He’s the second in command of government, sworn to preserve & protect Constitution and law. He’s violating Amendments 4, 5, 6, & 14 – officially condemning the T Party and any citizen associated with it! FILE CRIMINAL & CIVIL SUITS & HAMMER IT HOME against REED & US GOV.

  • Warrior

    In little harry’s case, he didn’t bring a wrench, he brought his “monkey hammer”. What a spiteful little man. “progressives” are just useless people.

    • Randy G

      ‘Progressives’ by definition are for progress these jokers are ‘congressives’ against progress.

      • satelliter

        Although Progressive share much in common with CPUSA (Communist Party USA) and DSA, (Democratic Socialists of America ) they are shrewd enough to understand the terms “communist” or “socialist” are unpalatable for most Americans. Hence, the word “Progressive” was injected into American political verbiage. While the words are not interchangeable, one thing is for sure: The CPC (Congressional Progressive Caucus) is doing its part to further the goals of modern Communists and Socialists who have found a voice in the Democratic Party.

  • Randy G

    Another politican looking in a mirror& seeing himself & morphing his actions on someone else.

  • Wiley2

    Government exists and maintains itself through theft, coercion, and the very violence of which Reid accuses anarchists, yet he says “government is inherently good.”

  • me

    glen beck hits the the nail right on the head in his new book about the robbery of rights and control by democrats. tyranny is their thing. the colonists rebelled against tyranny with guns. the only way to beat it today is the vote. reid was lucky to be backlast time. his opponent nearly beat him. i son’t think he’ll be back next time. pelisi, fienstien, mccains and bunches more of all the royalty in congress need to go.

  • antiliberal00

    What a moron. The TEA Party wants a government that is small, focused and above everything else, stays within the confines of the constitution.
    Liberals and progressives are nothing but a bunch of power hungry, control freaks that want to dictate to everyone, how they are to live their lives.

    • Waco Britt

      Too True

  • JimH

    “Limited Government” isn’t anarchy. In your “studying” government did you learn to differentiate between the two?
    I was going to be an anarchist, to many rules.
    Anarchists unite?

    • rocketride

      He said that he’d studied it, he never said he got a passing grade on the test. (I doubt he’d have been able to say that with a straight face.)

  • Michael Shreve

    For GENERATIONS, conservatives have given ground to liberal, progressive, communist in the name of compromise and “getting something done”. ENOUGH of ALLOWING our CONSTITUTION rights to be eroded. It is TIME we became intransigent in standing up for our PRINCIPLES.

    • AD

      I like the words that you are saying, good sir.

  • AD

    If our founding fathers were so wrong in their beliefs, that government should be as small as possible, that we should retain the right to rise against any government should it become to burdensome to the liberty of the people, then why do we continue to print their faces on our money?

    • AD

      The same as printing IN GOD WE TRUST on all our currency – if we are not going to do that, if we do not believe this way any more, I demand we change our currency. If this nation is that far gone then it should no longer be called the land of the free and home of the brave.

  • JeffH

    …and the hate goes on, and the hate goes on as the big government progressive Reid stomps his feet in disgust.

    It is because the values represented by the Tea Party Movement are rejected by the big government liberals and progressives. Much as these same values are rejected by the big government RINO Repugnantcans as well as the Democrat party and President Obama, both of whom constantly vilify and demonize the participants of the Tea Party Movement. The constant campaign against this citizen inspired political movement indicates that the leftist political establishment wants very much to discredit the Tea Party Movement as a fringe element of the society and thereby to discourage thinking citizens from adopting this twenty-first century
    They said the Tea Party movement was dead and gone…still smell the tea brewing!
    Anyone remember the progressives “Coffee Party” or the “Occupy Wall Street” movement…created by the SEIU and progressive organizations backed or created with Soros’ money…all blown away in the wind because they weren’t real American value grassroots movements.

    Progressives hate freedom.

    Progressives are the enemy of the Constitution. To quote Harry Reid (D, NV), he said this regarding the healthcare repeal: “…that in America we give our citizens rights. We don’t take them away.” Yeah, right Harry, and like Pelosi you also believe that “pigs can fly”.

    No Harry, Americans are born with Natural rights and they come from our Creator…especially not from you.

    Progressives do hate the Constitution.

    In other words Harry, get the HELL out of OUR lives with your anti-American views and anti-Constitutional attacks. Follow the rule of law. Stop abusing the Constitution to try to control our lives. We shall resist tyranny whenever we see it and nothing you or the Obama Administration can say or do can change that.

  • Waco Britt

    “We have a situation where this country has been driven by the Tea Party for the last number of years”. WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP- “They throw monkey wrenches into the government,” he said. “It’s evident. We can’t get things done…They don’t want government to work. I want it to work.”

    This is the same statements used before the Tea Party ever Showed up, I have been hearing it all my life by both sides. The funny thing is that the Dems and the establishment Reps both point the finger at the Tea Party. You figure that would be enough to make you realize that the Liberty movement isn’t about Dems or Rep but about ending the bs 2-party sytem, but instead Reid blames the one group who has had the least power over the last 20 years of currption and blame for the woes of government. Four+ years ago when the Tea Party started to actually gain momentum, both parties began their assult on the group that more than anyother wants a Government that is held accountable. Just my opinion

    • Deerinwater

      The statement “This is the same statements used before the Tea Party ever Showed up”

      Hmm, ~ so can you provide an example if this? I would enjoy seeing it. .

      As far as any”arrival” of the Tea Party ~ It arrived in 1958 under a different label ~ while it tends to change it’s “title” often to avoid embarrassment and political “fall-out” from it’s many blundering failure(s) ~ as it was referred to it’s self as the moral majority , AKA “Right Wing Christian Collation in the 1990’s and prior to that ~~~~

      The John Birch Society is an American political advocacy group that supports anti-communism, limited government, a constitutional republic[1][2] and personal freedom.[3][4][5] It has been described as radical right-wing.[6][7]

      Founder Robert W. Welch Jr. (1899–1985) developed an elaborate organizational infrastructure in 1958 that enabled him to keep a very tight rein on the chapters.[8] Its main activity in the 1960s, says Rick Perlstein, comprised monthly meetings to watch a film by Welch, followed by writing postcards or letters to government officials linking specific policies to the Communist menace.[9] After an early rise in membership and influence, efforts by people like conservative William F. Buckley, Jr. and the National Review led the JBS to be identified as a fringe element of the conservative movement.[10][11]

      Originally based in Belmont, Massachusetts, it is now headquartered in Grand Chute, Wisconsin,[12] with local chapters in all 50 states. The organization owns American Opinion Publishing, which publishes the journal The New American.[13]

      So I really don’t know when you walked into this bad movie. In any case ~ This anti- government faction has been around a while ~ and I really don’t doubt such things having been said in the past.

      But ~ just changing one’s name ~ does not baptism ones sins and failures away in the game of politics for people that have a memory longer them their pecker.

      A longer view is required to govern an ambitious nation of people 327 million strong ~ while these’s “short view” ideas ~may surly sound inviting and offer promise” ~ The devil would offer us much the same thing. ~ saying to you! “You don’t have to do that ~ just believe me and do as I say, I will offer you the world if you do”

      And if you accept ~ there will be no going back.

  • Guest

    What idiot voter keep re-electing this clown back into Congress for so many years? Congress and the president, sadly, are reflections of what people have turned into in America.

  • Deerinwater

    well, if the shoe fits.

  • rocketride

    Even if the Tea Party were made up of anarchists, that’s still a damn sight better than what Reid’s party is made up of– liars, terrorists, brigands, freaks, grifters, busybodies, thieves, bed-wetters, perverts, parasites, swindlers, and wannabe (and not-so-wannabe, of late) dictators.