Government Reopens, Spends $328 Billion In A Single Day


After lawmakers came to an agreement to disregard the Nation’s debt ceiling on Wednesday evening, the Federal government reopened and commenced business as usual: In a single day, the Nation’s burgeoning government machine racked up $328 billion in new debt.

According to new figures posted to the Treasury Department website on Friday, the Nation’s debt now equals $17.075 trillion.

Because of Treasury’s “extraordinary measures,” the Nation’s debt had stagnated at around $16.7 trillion for a period of nearly five months. But Wednesday’s debt ceiling disregard deal gave Treasury the power to instantly rebalance its books and rack up additional debts.

Currently, there is no limit to how much debt the government can accumulate between now and Feb. 7 because Congress opted for a debt ceiling deadline, rather than requiring lawmakers to suffer the political consequences of having to vote for or against a solid figure for the amount of debt the government will take on in coming months. Based on the figures released Friday, that means the government could rack up more than $700 billion in new debt before the issue is revisited.

The national debt was reported at $10.6 trillion on the day President Barack Obama took office.

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Sam Rolley

Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After covering community news and politics, Rolley took a position at Personal Liberty Media Group where could better hone his focus on his true passions: national politics and liberty issues. In his daily columns and reports, Rolley works to help readers understand which lies are perpetuated by the mainstream media and to stay on top of issues ignored by more conventional media outlets.

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83 thoughts on “Government Reopens, Spends $328 Billion In A Single Day

  1. The big spenders in our government and at Treasury have been compiling a ‘Christmas list’ of spending items ever since May 17 when the Treasury started the ‘extraordinary measures’ necessary to stay under the debt limit. They will easily spend a cool trillion by February 7 on pork and refilling the slush funds that have been depleted.

    1. I read that debt was at 9.3 trillion dollars before the bailouts. If obama takes credit for righting an economy that was already healing from the actions taken by Bush, He should also have credit for another trillion.

      He should also take responsibility for the regulations and increased business taxes that have stagnated recovery and accountability for the quantitative easing (money printing) and what will likely occur when it stops: first, hyperinflation, then stagflation. Since the markets are reactionary, I think that’s the trend, rather than the other way around.

      Don’t be surprised if we pick up at or about a trillion, maybe more, since republicans didn’t put a cap on the raising of the debt ceiling.

      democrats, especially this executive already spends like drunken sailor with someone else’s credit card but just imagine he’s trying to get laid (buy votes) and is buying drinks for women (in his case, maybe men) in two or three bars (US, Mexico, islamic countries).

      Shame on the republicans for waiting until it’s almost too late to save the country!

      1. The executive-legislative-judicial branches of government are completely lawless! Want to look into the near future – see where we’re going????

        Vacation in Detroit – spend a week!


          1. HAHAHA!! I love your posts, they keep me in stitches everyday!!! Keep ’em coming, LOONY TUNES LIB!!

            Instead of deerinwater, methinks you gots water on the brain!!

          2. Book yourself & family a week vacation there. Ride around town with your windows down & see it all, Stop & talk to the residents – nice people out in their yards, on street corners, etc., just waiting to welcome strangers, especially if you’re in a nice new car. They like cars -still call it “Motor City”! Best time to see it is after dark & into the night. Send us some tweets & pics, The mayor just went to jail, stop bye & say hey. He gets lonesome in the pen.

            …still can’t understand why God made everything else, but didn’t invent liberals.. (???)

  2. Don’t even know how to shut down or overspend correctly! First, they spend money attacking citizens to barricade private and public areas, including open air, sidewalk access areas and make their point by insulting and punishing veterans, fighting men and fighting men’s families when they’re supposed to have shut down, not ramped up spending! Then, while they bring in between $225 billion and $250 Billion a month, they’re just over half way through this month, when they’re supposed to be shut down and they’re $200 Billion over budget in a day! At the rate of $200,000,000 a month, that translates to about .73 trillion to the deficit by the time we have to raise it again!

    Shame on the republicans for letting them take it this far! Find a way to get rid of Peter King (R)etard, (I mean down syndrome), NY and Toilet Mc Cain (R)epublic-Rat, AZ. These vermin must be exterminated.

    Somebody needs to fill their seats. I don’t mean replacing the democrats that are doing them. I mean Conservatives, someone that represents their constituents to sanitize their Senate seats and occupy them.

    Shame on the government that has forgotten its place and thinks the citizens live and work to serve them when this government, the creature of the Constitution was created to serve the people at the consent of the people, not the other way around!

    1. Don’t insult the people with Downs Syndrome, I have heard they are easy going, kind people. These are the rats of the worst kind. We need more Constitutionalist to run and don’t wait to the deadline to vote on bills. I hope there is time to turn it around. I saw a video of truckers talking that they saw 3, 18 wheelers in Illinois with new signs “Area closed Martial Law” on them. I have seen videos of 18 wheelers delivering goods to their underground city from CO to Wash. DC. that has underground gardens and can be sealed. The only thing I can think of is that the NWO thinks there are too many people here and they are going to do something.

      1. That was unfair of me to compare Peter King to down syndrome kids. Sorry about that. He really does have all the facial characteristics and he’s certainly not competent to make adult decisions or to be able to edit his behavior or speech in a way that comports the persona of a representative of the conservatives but that’s no reason to disparage the downs.

        I’m just so tired of left wing lite, I just can’t abide it, anymore.

        1. Don’t permit yourself to be pulled of base. ~ for when you do ~ it’s all your fault.

          It is you ~ that is expected be “in charge” of you. Anger and frustration are things that we all feel, you nor I are unique or immune to such “feeling”

          That was a nice apologize LS , I hope that it might be received in the spirit that you sent it, as do feel it most genuine.

          “I’m just so tired of left wing lite, I just can’t abide it, anymore.”

          Then prepare yourself, for it is not going away. ~ back off from the engagement and seek a longer view.

          Descent ~ is a “right” we all have to exercise

          1. I think you just slapped some one in the face that was agreeing with you or at least trying to and the troll smilee put his two cents worth in below your response .

        2. Apology accepted. If it is the one I am thinking about, he reminds me of a alcoholic .We all get tired of it! In approx. 2 wks I have to choose between McAuliffe (D) and Cuccinelli (R) for gov. of Virginia both have scandals. Sarvis the Libertarian is not able to get his message to all the people, don’t know what his agenda is. He will get some votes that will impact the election causing the Dem. McAuliffe to win. Dem too liberal some say a nut-job and Rep. too conservative. I an ready to write an op-ed to local paper on why I am for the Rep., have to have it in by 21st.

  3. The party is on and Obama or Soetoro or whatever his name is wants immediate immigration reform under this no spending limit period . You know what that means , trillions for illegals to secure new voters .

  4. The DahlaiBama had a lot of payoffs to make and he terrorist fighters are running out of ammo. It would be interesting to find out how much of it went into the foreign bank accounts of he and Moochelle.

        1. Will she be able to sign any ex. orders with her hands full of Benghazi blood?….well maybe, after all, “what difference does it make?”

          1. What difference does a little more blood make. In the Clinton yrs – gov to pres., there were approx 47 material witnesses killed that were ready to testify against them. Most were gun shots to the head classified as suicide. Bodyguards, politicians, lawyers and a woman that was going to testify against Billy boy.

          2. Yeah, the SOBs are never caught, teflon devils!!! Obummer had Larry Sinclair, the homo choir director killed because he was gonna spill beans that he & OBOZO had homo sex together & smoked crack….Sinclair’s mom is 100% sure!

      1. No insult intended but the comparison is the DahlaiBama is lord and master of the democrats, especially the master of them. He mumbles, they do.

  5. In the meantime we printed 85 Billion too, daily we are becoming an easy target for China…..
    Bye bye reserve currency? Oh and good luck to you!

    1. Larry, we are an easy target for China because (where do I begin?)

      1. Probably should start with Reagan’s marginal tax reduction from 70% to 28%. No need to invest in USA to get a tax break, and that silly philanthropy thing…? Why waste money when we can look to #2 for the ultimate in gravy trains?

      2. FTAs perfected during the offshoring of our garment, textile, shoe, toy industries during the 60s, then TVs, audio, steel during the 70s came to fruition under Bush’s, Salinas, and Mulroney’s NAFTA that Clinton pushed for, but when we joined the WTO and granted China MFN status in 2001, even our jobs in Mexico left for China. We had steady trade surpluses up until 1975, but shortly after China was admitted into the WTO, our trade deficits quickly exceeded $600 BILLION/yr. (a few years they exceeded $800 BILLION/yr.) what nation can sustain that?

      3. Corporations evolved into “multinationals,” offshored jobs to exploit sweatshops offshore, kicked the high wage USA worker to the curb, but fully expected our trade policies (Free Trade), meaning “tariff free” importation of this cheap crap, onto our shores to fleece the middle class consumer they displaced, and simultaneously exert downward pressure on USA wages as an extra measure of advantage in the wage wars with USA workers (thus the “right to work” (for less) laws now being pursued by Corporate lackeys on the right who don’t seem to understand what Germany does about the maintenance of jobs and decent pay for their workforce (Germany imposes a 19% tariff on imports and adds a VAT on nations with labor/wage practices that differ vastly from theirs…). I could go on, but to what gain?

      1. I remember my high school Econ teacher, back in the ’80’s, was saying that the global economy is well on its way, and it’s good for everyone. I told him it seems like it would be bad for the American workers, because the jobs would go away. He told me I did not understand Economics enough.

        1. That leftist professor of yours didn’t understand the concept if national sovereignty or, more likely, welcomed globalization because it would lead to US surrender of its sovereignty to world bankers and the UN.

      2. We sponsored China for MFN status. We got them in with the UN.

        We’ve also been feeding Russia since the fall of the USSR and what do they do with that money?

        Here’s a big hint: In 2008, while Bush was warning a Democrat dominated Congress of the consequences of the Clinton administration’s and the Democrat dominated Congress’ Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act of 1992, that could create instability and potential market collapse, Two major countries were launching economic terror on our system.

        With Greedy Congressional democrats, lining their pockets, speculating in publicly traded real estate, ignoring the Bush White House from 2001 through 2008, including 17 times in 2008, alone , the perfect storm for a complete, national, economic system collapse was helped along by two nations, one we’d sponsored since Clinton and who now holds 1.5 Trillion of our debt and the other, we’ve given foreign aid since Reagan, these ingrates launched economic attacks on our markets, with oil manipulations to complete what was almost a total collapse of the financial system.

        obama buried that bit of intelligence from Pentagon and independent forensic, economic reports because that would mean that it wasn’t Bush’s fault.

        We’re still borrowing from China while they troll off our shores, while they’ve contracted for natual resources from Mexico that we won’t buy and they’re building military concerns rigth below our border and bidding to purchase the leases obama won’t exercise from Canada. Just because obama wants to keep us oil dependent on his pals in Saudi Arabia, while China pumps 51% of every barrel of oil out of Iraq that we left alone doesn’t mean somebody else won’t corner the market. China’s well on their way! Putin is helping obama outsmart himself while he supports, funds and arms those we oppose.

        1. I agree about the housing fiasco to a point, but for context, you’d have to weigh the well-intended (naïve?) policies that sprung from attempted social engineering into the mix. The theorem was that the impact of “home ownership” would engage those disenfranchised/alienated dwellers stuck on the lower rungs of the economic ladder back into the pursuit of the “American Dream,” and turn their purported “sloth” into industriousness.
          What could possibly go wrong? Home values hadn’t taken a dive in nearly a century. The Gramm, Leach, Bliley Act and the repeal of The Glass-Steagall Act ushered in the deregulation fever that had Wall Street giddy with the entry of all those FDIC backed holdings into the market casino, and the bold moves by the “smartest men in the room” that began with risky market bets and culminated with the Savings and Loan crisis, then Long Term Capital Management, L.P., a hedge fund management firm folded, then Enron, and the writing should have been emblazoned all over the wall, but deregulation fever was in full season and those left with the job of upholding the financial rules that remained were pressured to look the other way during the lead up to the Sub-prime Mortgage Crisis where mortgages that were doomed mortgages were bundled up into AA rated bonds and sold off with a sterling seal of approval knowing they would fail!

          Good intentions (naiveté) had absolutely NOTHING to do with that bit of treachery.

          A $4.7 TRILLION taxpayer funded bailout of the financial sector and its financial insurers later (some estimators are posting numbers that approach $20 TRILLION- close to a third of the mighty USA’s capital resources, went down that tube when you factor in a 30% home value reduction in the housing industry in many areas of the nation, lost jobs, lost retail sales, lost investment portfolios, unemployment compensation, IRA loses, 401k pension losses, the bail-out of two of the nation’s auto industries to save them from bankruptcy, construction jobs losses, building materials, etc., etc., etc.), coupled with the mass exodus of our manufacturing sector to the four winds to garner a larger profit margin for America, Inc., and here we are pointing our collective fingers of blame at tweedle de and tweedle dumb (the “takers” and welfare queens), when this economic treason goes on and on right under our noses. Funny if it weren’t so damned infuriating!

      3. Actually you should have started with LBJ and his removal of silver from coinage. Notice how we have no Silver Certificates in circulation? Cause LBJ sold our silver stockpiles. Then along came NIxon and removed gold totally from backing our currency. I say totally because it had already been reduced to only 25%. This meant we had no limits to the amount of money we could print because we had nothing to back it up with other than the Government saying “its all good”. The WTO granted China MFN in 2001 but President Jimmy Carter had granted the status for the US back in 1980. (This was the result of Ping-Pong Diplomacy, remember?) Corporations evolved into multinationals because it is the next logical step. Once you have reached your full market share in the US, it is only logical to expand your market by going overseas. Outsourcing jobs and being a multinational are two different items actually. Actually the US tax system had/has a lot to do with companies going overseas. Seems like we have the highest corporate tax rate in the world. The multinationals are actually selling their products overseas, in fact for many their overseas markets are expanding and producing income much greater than here.

        1. It is always pointed out by those who wish to excuse their economic treason on the grounds of pure, existential capitalism, devoid of any of those silly notions like patriotism, loyalty, or gratitude for the benefits derived from having your headquarters in the USA and benefitting from all she has to offer… that at 35%, the USA has one of the highest corporate tax rates.

          They fail to mention the $$$ HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS in tax exemptions that the USA has written into her tax laws (credits, write-offs, itemized deductions, carried interest, and other corporate welfare and subsidy measures) that reduce your typical “multinational” corporation tax rate to anywhere from 0% to 13% (half of what you or I pay) and these are some of the most profitable corporations the world has ever seen. In solemn gratitude for her generosity, and tariff free access to her consumer market, still one of the most potent consumer markets in the world, but declining, what do these bottom line bastards do with their fabulous profits? Park them in tax havens around the world to escape contributing ANYTHING to their nation of origin. BRILLIANT!!!

          According to a very extensive report by the Federal Institute of Technology, of the 43,000 companies traded on the international capital markets a very few interlocking financial conglomerates own 40% of the assets of these companies and control 60% of the earnings on the world markets each year. They own the “multinational” media outlets that feed us news and pit us one faction against another to keep us busy fighting each other. Look into it.

    2. History truly does repeat itself…like the Continental currency around the Revolutionary War…became totally worthless at the end of the War. Print more currency…it becomes like Monopoly money…not worth the paper it’s printed on.

  6. This, according to right wing propaganda outlet Washington Times, a Sun Myung Moon publication:

    “U.S. debt jumped a record $328 billion on Thursday, the first day the federal government was able to borrow money under the deal President Obama and Congress sealed this week. The debt now equals $17.075 trillion, according to figures the Treasury Department posted online on Friday.
    The $328 billion increase shattered the previous high of $238 billion set two years ago. The giant jump comes because the government was replenishing its stock of “extraordinary measures” — the federal funds it borrowed from over the last five months as it tried to avoid bumping into the debt ceiling. Under the law, that replenishing happens as soon as there is new debt space.
    In this case, the Treasury Department borrowed $400 billion from other funds beginning in May, awaiting a final deal from Congress and Mr. Obama. Usually Congress sets a borrowing limit, or debt ceiling, that caps the total amount the government can be in the red. But under the terms of this week’s deal, Congress set a deadline instead of a dollar cap. That means debt will rise by as much as the government spends between now and the Feb. 7 deadline.”

    Wasn’t it reported by reputable sources that the USA economy lost (in the vicinity of) $24 Billion due to the Government’s manufactured shutdown?

    How the $300 Billion discrepancy?

    1. What do you think? O’Bama and Reid would have allowed our Country to default if they hadn’t gotten their way. When will people get it through their heads that these Progressive Liberals don’t give a d#*&*$n about them, only themselves!!


    1. I think the word for CAKE he would have said begins with the letter S!!!! O’Bama and his minions got what they wanted, that is all that matters as far as he is concerned.

  8. In Feb when the debt limit is up for a vote , don’t raise the limit again , if they can;t pay the bills then let it default and kill our credit rateing . If they can’t borrow then they will have to learn to live with what they have which is more than they need to run this country . I know that is what obama and the demacrats wants so he can declare martial law and it’s going to hit the fan sooner or later so it might as well be sooner and get it over with . I don’t like being pushed.

    1. You must be a masochist as they are the only ones who wish for pain. problem is everyone will feel the pain not just those of you that wish for it. Default would be very painful. Those in the GOP who still have common sense, as in the end they did this time, will not make the same mistake twice so it will be raised Feb without shutdown or default. It’s an election year so even they are not that dumb, so they will not fall on their swords twice within a year’s time.

      1. Sonny , I don’t know what bubble you are living in ,or what dream world but the bubble is going to bust and you are going to have to wake up and face the real world , when you are sick , you try to get well not sicker. These idiots that claim to be running our country have no earthly idea how to do anything , they only know how to destroy this country , so enjoy your freebies while you can , bills have to be paid and with a bill like this ,you think you have heard of slavery , well you are going to be one and experance it first hand and it won’t be smilee , it will be a number . THERE IS ALWAYS A DUE DATE AND SOMEONE HAS TO PAY.

        1. Your opinion, your entitled to it, but unfortunately none of it is factual and it only contains BS. You have no idea what you are talking about!

          1. Sonny , it is not my opinion , get your ditionary out, because I know you have never heard of this , but it’s common sense , dwell on that a while , you may be able to grasp some of it , at least write it down and when you are older you may be able to understand it.

          2. What is it you suggest should be looked up?.Heard of what? You do not say. Having been retired 10 years I think I understand it, seems it is you who needs to grow up!

    2. Bobby, has it ever occurred to anybody on the right that a return to the policies that helped build the middle class into the world’s largest, most robust consumer market, where the stated goal was:

      1. Maximum employment.

      2. Maximum production (and there-by maximized earnings or income for the worker and business).

      3. Control inflation.

      would go a long way toward rebuilding our stagnated/declining economy into the worlds most dynamic once again?

      Bills that fortify a middle class consumer market like the Employment Act of 1946 were designed by BIG BAD GOVERNMENT to strike a balance between corporate bottom-line interests and that of the workers who go to the store and buy stuff every day as well as pay INTO their local, State, and Federal treasuries right off their paychecks in the form of the payroll tax.

      30 years of favor for the top, and the deification of corporations (job creators; how disingenuous!!!), downward pressure on workers’ wages, has only added to the unemployment, underemployment and continued drain on the economy instead of the building of it.

      1. I read your statement and watched your video , and I am sorry but I can’t answer for the right or the left, far right or loonie land I can only speak for myself . I was raised in those conditions , son of a share cropper and if it had been during the slavery period, I would have been what the slaves called poor white trash but we did not beg for anything , my father worked from before daylight till it was to dark to see and we always had food on the table , after we moved to town my father worked a full time job and part time jobs where ever he could find them , he gave a good days work all week to keep clothes on our back and food on the table.He drank and got in fights but one thing the people that knew him all said both rich and poor , he worked hard and if he told you he would do something you could bank on it , not like people now days- they had rather lie than eat and when our kids see our president and other so called leaders lyeing with every breath . No sorry I still believe people should work for what they get , help people that are trying but the ones that won’t try NO HELP and this country is eat up with them . I don’t feel sorry for anyone that won’t try. Rick Hendrick Raceing has a man born with no arms working for him and he does his job very well his job is not charity he earned it , drives his own car , feeds him self ,from what I have seen fully independant.

        1. My family also worked all their lives at entry level jobs to make ends meet (mother in the garment factory and father in the construction trades). I too, have worked all of my life. I delivered papers as a boy, and when I turned 16, I worked summers for a masonry business where I was a mason tender, then worked with a concrete company where I learned the concrete trade. I worked my way through college and paid my college bills as I went. Took me 6 years to get through because I took off two years to get my debt paid down, before going back. Finished with a 4 year degree.

          Said all that to say this; jobs in the USA were THERE for my generation, and you could always find work. NO MORE! I still work construction side jobs to augment my earnings and I run into men in the construction trades all the time who built their lives around their trade and set their lifestyle around their modest earnings as a tradesman; bought homes, and furnished those homes modestly, cars, started their 401k pension funds, etc…. You know… The American Dream. Many of these proud workers are now unemployed, scrounging around for work wherever they can find it, working two three jobs, homes in or near foreclosure, families coming apart, liquidating their meager assets, on the brink of ruin!

          When this economic treason, perpetrated by the top, but especially aided by the elected officials they bought and paid for through our corrupt campaign funding methods, through bills that systemically handed favor and advantage over to the top, began to gut our middle class, that is when the USA began to incur this insurmountable debt we have accumulated today.

          If you look at the build-up of the national debt, there were years during the 50s and 60s when we actually had budget surpluses, even as we were investing in our expanding infrastructure, developing roadways, sewage treatment plants, engineered water run-off systems that opened up urban sprawl, and the establishment of our suburbs, education and other costly public sector investments and works.

          What I see happening now is not an investment in America the Beautiful, but a corporate take-over that would turn her into an ugly Plutocracy; of the top, by the top and for the top.

      2. LOL I had to google the Employment Act of 1946 and all the BIG BAD GOVERNMENT did in that act was to say full employment is a good thing and we recommend it. But when we speak of BIG government we are not speaking only of some of the laws, but the actual expanse of it. The Federal Government has so far outstripped what they are constitutionally supposed to be doing and is so redundant in doing what it should that it is literally killing us.

        1. They not only recommended it, but enforced the spirit of what they tried to do in that law.
          For instance, with the lessons of the Great Depression fresh on everyone’s mind, post WWII, our military industrial complex converted nicely into the world’s largest producer of products (we were one of the few industrial powers that didn’t need to rebuild after WWII), and found itself, again, gearing up for the Korean war. Military contract were rolling in and CEOs, their executive teams, board of directors, and stock holders were poised to make out like bandits on the taxpayer’s dime.
          But BIG BAD GOVERNMENT stepped in and decreed that the up-tick in their profit margins had less to do with any managerial sagacity than it did with a military build-up for another War. They required the influx of extra capital be shared with the workforce; to the chagrin of the executive teams. Striking a balance between the top and the commoners is a lost art. We’ve forgotten the lessons of the past.

          1. You said the government decreed ‘you didn’t do that and therefore extra profit isn’t going to be allowed.’ So just what year’s profit did the government choose as being appropriate for industry to keep and how was the money shared with the workforce?

            Yes I noticed that you chose not to address the other equally important item of not just laws but the actual expanse of government.

  9. How many of you liberals out there got your share of that $328 Billion? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Libertas inaestimabilis res est

    1. ??? ~ boy ! you live in a divided world don’t you FR?

      “Anti-socialist Bachmann got $250K in federal farm subsidies”

      Here is a great read, ~about a congressman attempting to “return money” ~ offering us the fact~ that every congressman is not so self serving as Ms Bachmann

      November 1982


      If all Americans are “entitled” to help, who will pay for it?

      by James Fallows

      and here more of where the money goes.

      “Is Your Congressman One Of The 13 Who Get Federal Farm Subsidies But Voted To Cut Food Stamps?”

      by DAVID BADASH on SEPTEMBER 21, 2013

      “Back in July, when Congress stripped the food stamps bill from the farm subsidies bill, fourteen Congressmen who voted for that attack on the poor are themselves farmers. Yes, they are recipients of farm subsidies.

      And yesterday, thirteen of those fourteen voted to gut the food stamps bill.

      And yes, they are all Republicans.

      Perhaps our “favorite” hypocrite is Rep. Stephen Fincher (R-TN), who in May misused the Bible to come up with this gem:

      “He “cited Jesus Christ’s call to care for ‘the least of these’ when describing the government’s need to assist the hungry,” as Think Progress noted. “Instead, Fincher explained his support for the proposed cuts by quoting a very different Bible verse – 2 Thessalonians 3:10: ‘For even when we were with you, we gave you this command: Anyone unwilling to work should not eat.’”

      Congressman Fincher, as you’ll see below, has received $3,483,824 in farm subsidies alone — not including any other possible government insurance assistance.”

      Enjoy !

      1. I don’t believe in subsidies to anyone especially to politicians and their “pet” projects. Possibly Bachmann Bowed out of politics.

        Apparently the government didn’t want Hastings to show the public the waste of tax payers money so they shut him down Got to give the man Kudos .

        I believe in helping out when one is down but draw the line at chronic indolence. You don’t make a profession out of drawing welfare or food stamps.

        Libertas inaestimabilis res est

      2. Christ’s call to care for the least of these had nothing to do with the government, but with charities and free people who have enough to share.

  10. he knows what hes doing. he has been killing our nation since he got in there. any other pres. would have been impeached or shot.

      1. That is not the problem. Remember the Zimmerman case? Black thug killed while attacking Mr. Zimmerman and Obama. Sharpton, and Jackson tried to incite riots. Suceded to a very minor extent. Now imagine what would happen if Obama gets shot. You can bet your farm that the baiters and haters would be yelling RACE loud and long. Remember riots in Watts? Multiply by 1000.

      2. That is not the problem. Remember the Zimmerman case? Black thug killed while attacking Mr. Zimmerman and Obama. Sharpton, and Jackson tried to incite riots. Suceded to a very minor extent. Now imagine what would happen if Obama gets shot. You can bet your farm that the baiters and haters would be yelling RACE loud and long. Remember riots in Watts? Multiply by 1000.

    1. That is why he is there, not someone else! If anything happens to this one there would be the biggest Civil War the World has ever seen. His backers knew exactly what they were doing when they chose him to front their agenda. The bickering and infighting within the Democrat and Republican Parties indicated the time was right, so here he is. Look how quickly the Atheists and ACLU went to work pushing abortion, demonizing Christians, pushing Muslim and Atheist agendas after he was elected. Rams through O’Bamacare, knowing it is only to allow the government to control people and not insure true healthcare for all. Sounds paranoid but when you take a step back and watch what is going on little by little, now pushing “Immigration reform” (amnesty) for illegals harder than ever since there is no debt ceiling to worry about..
      Makes you wonder….

      1. i think what Christians are experiencing is Return Fire.

        Judge ye not, lest ye be judged , or in other words, “Judge as you might wish to be judged.”

      2. You got it Liz. You have to take a step back to see the whole picture. This is not a partisan issue. They want you to think it is, but it is not. It is not a black or white, red or blue, left or right. It is us or them and they are winning as long as we are divided. They want us to bicker among ourselves. The want us to be uneducated and uninformed. They don’t want us to have meaningful conversations that lead to deep and abiding understanding. The media keeps spinning and world goes around. Round and round and round she goes…. I am dizzy and want to get off.

  11. To comprehend how gargantuan & mind boggling these numbers are, listen to this fact: If you wanted to count to one billion, where each second was a number, & you did not stop, how long do you think it would take?…..IT WOULD TAKE 31 YEARS!!!! ! 17 Trillion is 17,000 times larger than a billion …..Thank you both sides, especially the Libs & RINOS….and everyone please pray that a Cruz or Paul can become prez & start to turn us in the right direction & stop this trainwreck’s momentum & start cutting this federal beast down!!!

  12. I want to know where the money went. What did the Fed spend over 300 billion dollars on??? This isn’t news. There is nothing here but a circus and some clowns. Where did the money go???

      1. Sure, I understand the difference. The crooks in Washington are spending more than we have. Borrowing means you intend to pay back and the economy didn’t lose 300 billion. Where did you go to school, Smilee??? This government doesn’t produce anything other than taxes. Those taxes are monies belonging to us. They are spending our money. They are borrowing money in our name. They are destroying our credit and good faith. We are on a sinking ship and you are describing the water. This government needs to be shut down until all parties agree to live within our means. This is not their money.

        1. Pobably lost more than that! Gov decisions effect businesses,one example all that lost business to vendors around the National Parks whose business took a nose dive and many others, that loss slows down the economy so there are losses both to growth and to the business it is you who is ignorant here. Your right about most of the rest but the tea party dd not give a rats azz about that or you when they forced this on us.

          1. I think you need to stop with the partisan jabs and start to think like an American if you plan on being one some day. The country needs a conversation. In order for the conversation to take place we need a certain level of intelligence and decorum. If you are not a tax payer you have not place in this conversation because this conversation is about taxes. I am a tax payer and I do not approve of any deficit spending. When you borrow money to pay your bills you have to have a plan to pay it back. Absent any plan there is only reckless spending and that spells doom for our economic future and this society. Some people speculate this accelerated deficit spending is being done by design to topple our current government and push us into a socialist or communist take over. That is not as far fetched as some might think. Considering there is no conversation currently, just a lot of propaganda, rhetoric and political bombast. The Tea Party is a group of Constitutional Patriots that understand, respect and defend the constitution. Before you start repeating some rhetoric you don’t understand try learning something new today and grow up.

          2. The Demorats would not negotiate. The Repubs offered to fund a partial shutdown which would not have the effect that it did. Harry Reid is a cruel, old man, “why would I fund NIH to help the children”. I hope what goes around comes around.

          3. That is bogus as they come up with a negotiated bipartisan settlement You seem to think the GOP can demand and not compromise. That shuts down negotiation every time and that is what happened forced by the GOP. Piecemeal is game playing and stupid as it would drag things out much longer and Reid putting the brakes on their shenanigans was a smart move to resolve the whole thing quicker and better. Because of the GOP stubbornness they got nothing and looked like the fools they are.

  13. like I’ve been saying for 30 yrs. your vote doesn’t count . you think it does but you are so wrong. maybe now you will see the light with Obama in charge. the biggest problem this country has are the 535 men and woman that rule the country. there is only one solution. get rid of the political system.

    1. The system is fine, it’s the people who are abusing it that are messed up. We need to steer this country back to the control the Constitution placed on the Federal government and stop it from removing our inalienable rights. We have no need for monarchy here!!!

    1. Is that how you run your household? You must be maxed out on all your accounts. It is worthless because of what the gov. has done. That was saying something just to be saying something.

  14. that is exactly what the president want and the republican and the democrats love it and freedom, liberty, is going down to drain can anyone see that? and its going to get ugly wait for the 2014 election its going to get worst we’re going to have a war in 2014 people wake up that’s where this nation is headed I believe its to late now unless something happen

  15. We already know that liberal/progressive/commie/democrats are bad for the government and for freedom and liberty. What we have got to realize is that the wussie, capitulating, sneaky, no-good, RINO Republicans are just as bad. 2014.

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