Get Ready For The Next Great Stock Market Exodus


In the years 2006 and 2007, the underlying stability of the global economy and the U.S. credit base in particular was experiencing intense scrutiny by alternative economic analysts. The mortgage-driven Xanadu that was the late 1990s and early 2000s seemed just too good to be true. Many of us pointed out that such a system, based on dubious debt instruments animated by the central banking voodoo of arbitrary fractional reserve lending and fiat cash creation, could not possibly survive for very long. A crash was coming, it was coming soon, and most of our society was either too stupid to recognize the problem or too frightened to accept the reality they knew was just over the horizon.

The Federal Reserve had cheated America out of an economic reset that was desperately needed. The 1980s had brought us utter destruction disguised as “globalization.” Our industrial center, the very heart of the American middle class that generated enormous wealth and decades of opportunity, had been dismantled and shipped overseas to the lowest bidder. It was then that the U.S. economy actually died; we just couldn’t see it. From that point forward, Americans were fully dependent on the charity of central bank money creation and international bank lending standards. The collapse that should have occurred in the 80s was delayed and thus made more volatile as the Fed artificially lowered interest rates and allowed trillions upon trillions of dollars in dubious loans to be generated. Free money abounded, and average citizens were suckered royally. Their greed was used against them, as they collateralized homes they could not afford to buy more crap they didn’t need. Of course, you know the rest of the story.

Today, credit markets remain frozen. Lending is nowhere near the levels reached in 2006. The housing market is showing signs of life; but that’s only because most home purchases are being made by banks, not regular people, for pennies on the dollar, as bankrupt properties are then reissued on the market for rent rather than for sale. If you are lucky, maybe one day you’ll get to borrow the keys to the house you used to own. And millions of higher-paying full-time jobs have been lost and then replaced with lower-paying part-time-wage slavery. The image of American prosperity carries on, but it is nothing but  a farce; and anyone with any sense should question how long and false image can be given life before the truth dawns.

The novice will question why it is necessary to re-examine all of this information. Is it not widely known? Am I not simply preaching to the choir a message heard over and over again since the crash of 2008? Maybe, or maybe it is time for us to finally apply some foresight given our knowledge of the recent past.

Why did 2008 creep up on so many people? Weren’t there plenty of economists out there “preaching to the choir” back then? Weren’t there plenty of signals? Weren’t there plenty of practical conclusions being made about the future?

The truth is human beings have a nasty habit of ignoring the cold, hard facts of the present in the hopes of using apathy as a magical elixir for future prosperity. They want to believe that disaster is a mindset, that it is a boogeyman under their bed that can be defeated through blind optimism. They refuse to believe that disaster is a tangible inevitability of life that pays no heed to our naïve, happy-go-lucky attitude. The American people allowed themselves to be caught off guard in 2008, just as they are setting themselves up to be caught off guard again today.

Again, the reality is clear; the Federal Reserve has propped up equities and bonds using money created out of thin air — so much so that both markets have become totally reliant and disturbingly addicted to fiat injections. The distribution of this fiat threatens the continued dominance of the dollar as the world reserve currency and will invaribly lead to currency collapse and hyperstagflation. This process is much more likely to climax in the near term given the accelerated rate of quantitiative easing within our system to date and the accelerated rate at which our primary lenders (namely China) are dumping the dollar in bilateral trade with each other. The endgame is obvious, yet I still fear millions of people within this country and around the world will be shell-shocked once again by a renewed crash.

The argument is always the same: “Yeah, things might get dicey, but it won’t be as bad as all the doom-mongers claim, and probably not for many years.”

Similar statements were made by naysayers before the Great Depression and before the 2008 crash. So why are the skeptics wrong again this time around?

The Stimulus Fantasy

Let’s put this in the simplest terms possible: Stimulus is now the lifeblood of our economy. There is nothing else sustaining our Nation. Period. Stimulus in the form of bailouts and QE are keeping the stock market and bonds afloat. And now, in recent weeks, the Fed is announcing its intentions to shut down the life-support machine and let the patient drown in his own fluids.

Day traders and common investors are not very bright, but they do understand well that no stimulus means no stock market and no bond market. In response, indexes have become erratic, shifting on the slightest rumor that the central bank might continue QE for a little longer. Pathetically, the Dow Jones now rallies upward whenever bad financial news hits the wire, as insane investment groups pour in money in the hopes that dismal economic developments might cause the Fed to extend the bailout bonanza.

This is, of course, horribly backward; and clearly, it cannot last. Stocks are supposed to perform based on the true profitability of individual businesses as well as the political and social health of the overall culture. The wild printing of paper money by private banking magnates is not a catalyst for a successful economy. Whether the Fed actually ends QE is ultimately irrelevant. No fiscal structure can survive when it abandons fundamentals for fantasy. Either QE continues, becoming less and less effective in staving off negative results in equities, leading to a crash, or QE ends, exposing the inevitability of negative results in equities, leading to a crash.

But every crisis has a defining moment, a moment in which the tide turned overwhelmingly sour for a majority of the public. The question now becomes what, exactly, will trigger the avalanche?

Crushing Energy Prices Coming Soon?

While China continues a careful strategy of decoupling from the dollar and the U.S. consumer through bilateral agreements and trading blocks, another issue is arising: the issue of energy. I would like to note that despite globally diminishing oil demand caused by the 2008 credit collapse, gas prices have experienced little to no deflation.

This has not been caused by a lack of supply, as many American-based companies ramp up production. (I am aware of all the arguments behind peak oil. As soon as a peak oil proponent can show me an example of oil demand not being met because of a legitimate lack of supply, then I’ll be happy to consider that peak oil is the main cause of price increases.)

The fact is current regressive global demand and ample supply should have led to lower gas prices, not higher. If speculation was the cause, then price shifts within the oil market should have been far more volatile, with increases lasting weeks or perhaps months, but certainly not years.

I believe the next market exodus may be triggered by the weakening effects of stimulus (or the removal of stimulus altogether) along with extreme energy prices cause by steady inflation and a global political crisis in the near future.

China, being strangely and consistently prophetic when it comes to economic calamity, has recently established an astonishing oil trade deal with Russia, which plans to supply China with an alternative petroleum source for the next 25 years. (This news went almost completely unnoticed by the mainstream media.)

Now, keep in mind that in 2010, China and Russia signed a bilateral trade agreement completely removing the U.S. dollar in bilateral trade. The dollar has been the world reserve and the only currency used to purchase petroleum for decades. The Russia/China oil deal changes everything. It sets a trend toward the end of the petrodollar. This news flies in the face of dollar proponents who consistently claim that the currency’s ties to oil make it invincible. Apparently, there are some weaknesses in the armor.

Ongoing social unrest in Egypt has also made oil markets jumpy, being that the Suez Canal oversees the transfer of a significant portion of the world’s oil shipping.

Meanwhile, the engineered civil war in Syria continues to go exactly as I predicted in my article The Terrible Future Of The Syrian War.

Syria remains an explosive trigger point for regional war which will, in the end, draw in Iran and result in the closure of the Strait of Hormuz, which annually handles the shipping of about 20 percent of the world’s oil. All trends point toward higher gas prices over the horizon, and the U.S. economy is barely able to survive on the cost of energy we have today.

So Close They Can’t See It

Reduced stimulus combined with adversely high oils prices may very well be the tumbling boulders that bring down the mountain. We are very close now. Beyond the undeniable economic factors, the very fabric of American government is crumbling. Corruption is openly rampant. Scandals are exposed daily. The establishment leadership is unapologetic and grows even more despotic with each truth that escapes into the open air. They are becoming more bold, not less bold, and those of us who seek transparency in all things, from politics to economics to surveillance, are being attacked as the source of the problem, rather than the cure. Collapse, from a historical perspective, seems to occur when the searchlights of the individual mind are dimmest, when the threat is the greatest and when we are most comfortable in our ignorance. In 2008, the populace was mostly oblivious to the danger, and they we painfully stung. Today, I hope that the liberty movement, the alternative media and alternative economic analysts have created a window of opportunity by which millions of people can this time see the writing on the wall and prepare accordingly. At this point, there is no question that Americans have been warned. Whether they pay heed, is out of our hands.

Brandon Smith

Personal Liberty

Brandon Smith

is the founder of the Alternative Market Project, an organization designed to help you find like-minded activists and preppers in your local area so that you can network and construct communities for barter and mutual aid. Join today and learn what it means to step away from the unstable mainstream system and build something better. You can contact Brandon Smith at:

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  • old village idiot

    Those who cannot see and those who will not see are but the same and arguing with a fool is very foolish in itself. Reality awaits and so do those famous exclamations………”OH My God!” Anyone laughing yet?

  • Warrior

    In “ill-annoy”, just when you think you’re recovering and making “progress”, Boom, here’s some more taxes you owe.

  • Mith Radates

    This article has me wondering what the heck any of us can do to avoid the financial and societal calamity our government is leading us to. I am very fearful that the only solution is to go through the chaos and
    try to come out the other side wiser, tougher, and more righteous, shedding the miscreants who brought us here.

    • Stuart Shepherd

      Mith Radates- (I’m not sure if that’s your real name or a pseudonym)- I agree. I have studied all that Mr. Smith writes as well as many other very insightful thinkers (Livingston is extremely incisive) and I’ve come to the conclusion that, if you’re like the average NOW LOWER middle-class person working 2 part-time jobs, like me, and with no considerable wealth accumulated (to say the least) you don’t have much choice but to weather the storm. Mr Smith has an EXCELLENT article about thinking about developing a post-collapse (of the globabl fiat monetary system!!) trade that will allow you to earn a living when there is no or very little structure left to our society.
      The “storm,” however, is going to be EXTREMELY nasty in my gut feeling and many of us will literally not survive it in my gut feeling, as well. If Obama and his gang of Janet Napolitano-type complete psycho-sociopaths are still in power (and they likely will be) america will likely resemble their ideological and evil-heart based counterparts- Marxs’ and Stalins’ Russia, with predictably similar results. It all depends on how far they can get the military and local law enforcement to go along with their sociopathy.

  • KG

    It amazes me to find Brandon still alive. If I were as paranoid about our future as he seems to be, I would have offed myself a long time ago. I guess he makes good money by scaring people. Yea… the ‘frauds’ in his pocket. Every time I’m talking to a rabid Rander or repulsive Republican I ask them to just “…give me that ‘worthless’ money in your pocket.” I have yet to receive a single dollar of ‘worthless’ money.
    We know what works for this country. Wall street was supposed to finance Main street. However, thanks to republican policies since Reagan, most companies finance their overseas operations rather than any American operation. Many here want to blame the American worker for demanding better wages. The truth is business did not move overseas because of the cost of labor, it was to ‘maximize profits’.

    America is great when her workers are great.

    • Steveo

      Can you blame them for moving overseas? I blame big government regulations, greedy labor unions and minimum wage laws for this exodus…

      • KG

        Yes I can. Because where did they get their start from? From China? No. From America. So, in essence, they are traitors. Why don’t you mention the greed of the bidness etremanuers? Because it’s easier to blame line workers for the evils of the Management. “THEY ‘made’ us do it!” Oh, yea…like the Nazis after WWII. That’s a bad excuse for raping American workers.

        • CongressWorksForUs

          Raping American workers? Seriously? Do you have any clue just how overpaid those workers are?

          Go compare salaries with the rest of the western world and come back and complain about workers being underpaid.

          Good grief….

          • Dave

            Soo…. you believe our workers should be paid less so they can’t take care of their families? Save for college? Retirement?
            Is the Chinese model or the India model something to strive for in your mind?

      • Robbie

        Great concept – remove minimum wage laws. Then big business can drop salaries to the same rates paid to workers in China! Ya, that’s the ticket.

        • Steveo

          Were in a global economy…just the facts sir. let business and the markets determine salaries.

          • Robbie

            Bad idea. Have you not heard that there is a lot of unemployment. Business owner have moved jobs to China and elsewhere in the east because they can pay low wages. So the unemployed here are desperate and if there was no minimum wage for the few jobs here salaries would very quickly drop – there would be enough desperate folks who would work for less and less and less just to get some kind of income.

            But this would be bad for business as well because it would mean that people in America had less and less buying power which would then reduce demand (and profits) for products. Yes, very bad idea.

          • vicki

            if there was no minimum wage all those unemployed could get jobs cause businesses could afford to hire them. Supply / Demand affects EVERYTHING including wages.

          • Robbie

            There would be virtually no one buying anything so what jobs would all those unemployed be doing exactly. I am a business man and if there are few folks buying my product I’m not going to hire anyone to make more inventory that’s just going to sit on the shelf and gather dust.

        • vicki

          China wages are higher than no wages

          • Robbie

            Well I guess that’s kind of true. A few crumbs per day is better than starving to death. But China wages would ruin the Western economy. If Americans started getting just a few dollars a day they would have NO disposable income to buy stuff. Can you mull over the consequences of that and then get back to us?

    • jdn

      Well we have seen the answers afforded us by the big O and his democrat controlled Congress , more Free Trade agreements and bring on the immigrants . Now there’s a solution you can bank on .

      • Robbie

        Democrat controlled Congress?!?!? What planet have you been living on?

        • Dave

          He has red colored glasses on and does not realize that the GOP have had filibuster control of the Sentate for Obama’s whole presidency and the GOP have a lock on the House with the worst speaker of the House (John Boehner) in my lifetime.
          Obama is a dictator in their minds even though he lacks the power to be such a thing.

          • jdn

            Oh that’s Right Nancy Pelosi is such ancient history those days slipped your mind .

    • 1baronrichsnot1

      dumas, That wasn’t republicans (till W). Republicans want folks to make more money, then, maybe then they can finally pay some taxes, all democrats are exempted now except the folks making $200K or above and don’t have a houseful of kids, Republicans aren’t says IRS, Most taxpayers and the majorities collected are paid by conservatives, (IRS), If you were able to understand economics, then you would be paranoid too. Ever since we were whigs, we have been industrialist, anti slavery, anti constitutional war, stopped slavery from spreading west, The democratic south was plantation farmers, with slave wages. We produced Lincoln, emancipation, an industrial base, machines, and moved america forward through progress. That was after we kicked the s–t out of the aristocratic south, All democrats who by the way lost their confederate dollar, so you should be asking for us to give you confederate money. I don’t have any!

      • NC

        Baron Snot, I am not surprised that you stopped REPUBLICAN ACCOMPLISHMENTS with the Civil War! If my knowledge of history serves me well we were at our weakest at the end of that war were in and out of recessions until FDR inherited another Republican recession! Then our progression to number one in the world began! Since he lead us to the top we have such Republicans as Nixon, Ford and the two bushes! Hardly hero central!!! Not a no tax increase, reduce the debt, no unnecessary wars, true conservative in the bunch! Just rich folks butt kissers and big business puppets! Reagan included here!
        We southern Democrats took a beating for sure but one good thing resulted, Our racist element like Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond became the states rights Dixiecrats who left out Democrat Party and eventually became the conservative element of the Republican Party! YOU ARE MORE THAN WELCOME TO THAT ELEMENT OF BIGOTS!

    • Frank Kahn

      The quickest, and easiest, way to maximize profits is to reduce the cost of production. The most efficient way of accomplishing that is to reduce the cost of labor. You cannot divorce the extremely high wage requirements, brought on by unions, from the cost of production. Yes, the corporations left because of profit margin concerns, yes, a major contributor to this decision was wages and benefits here in this country. That makes you incorrect in your final analysis of the reason.

      Next, you fail to acknowledge the role of the liberals (democrats) in the policies which have sent corporations overseas. Free trade agreements are the major problem here, and it was not just a republican agenda. Clinton was a major player in these policy shifts. The congress was complicit in these new policies, and it did not matter whether it was democrat or republican controlled. Very rarely do we have a government, that is totally controlled by either the left or the right. If there is no super majority in congress, which is the same party as the president, then there is bipartisan support for whatever is passed. This fact makes your analysis of, who to blame, incorrect also.

      American workers are always great, it does not take a union, and over inflated wages, to make them great. It is their work ethic, their desire to produce quality products and services. Get, the government, and the unions, out of the market and things will get better.

      • KG

        quote:The quickest, and easiest, way to maximize profits is to reduce the cost of production.

        No, the best way to maximize profits is to produce something that’s needed. If the Management at GM et al were really business savvy, they would have starting to produce fuel efficient smaller cars in the 50’s. (Whats that?…..They did?…..) OK, so the American ‘consumer’ was to blame….wait, I thought the ‘free market’ guided everything into balance…..what’s that?…..the UAW is on strike again?……oh, because of inflation they can’t buy what they could in 1979…..

        No. Let the government do it’s job, then business can do it’s job. And let’s respect the real creators of wealth – the workers.

        • Frank Kahn

          Hard to tell if you are just being sarcastic, or if you are really that out of touch with reality.

          “No, the best way to maximize profits is to produce something that’s needed. ”

          Not even in the ballpark of reality.

          Example: Everyone needs toilet paper
          The cost to produce 1 roll of toilet paper is 20 cents
          breakdown – materials – 5 cents, energy – 5 cents, labor 10 cents
          Enter Unions – we want more money, double our salary or we strike. Wages go up so cost of production is now 30 cents per roll. Everybody still poops and needs toilet paper but the cost is higher.

          “If the Management at GM et al were really business savvy, they would have starting to produce fuel efficient smaller cars in the 50’s. ”

          You are confusing needs here, nobody had any reason to think they needed smaller more fuel efficient cars in the 50’s. In this case, it was a perceived need by the manufacturing company not the consumer, so it does not qualify as a needed product.

          “(Whats that?…..They did?…..) OK, so the American ‘consumer’ was to blame….”

          No, the failure was on the part of the corporation. It decided that the consumers needed something that they did not. The product failed due to lack of need on the part of the consumer.

          “wait, I thought the ‘free market’ guided everything into balance…..”

          It does, and did, it guided the market for those cars out of production. The consumer did not see the need and so they failed to support the effort in purchasing.

          “what’s that?…..the UAW is on strike again?……oh,
          because of inflation they can’t buy what they could in 1979…..”

          A double edged sword here, you are failing to blame the cause. Inflation is a circular beast that feeds on itself. If one sector of commerce is forced to raise prices on its products, it forces others to demand higher wages to afford that product. This in turn raises the price of producing other products, which in turn force even more to demand wage increases. Since, the Unions were the cause of the initial increase, they cannot blame others for the fact that their members can no longer afford what they used to, for the same price. By striking, in a demand for higher wages, they are just making the inflation worse, not better.

          “No. Let the government do it’s job, then business can do it’s job. And let’s respect the real creators of wealth – the workers”

          Allowing the market to drive cost and benefits is not a show of disrespect for the workers. It is the interference of things like the government and unions, that make the economic problems. Actually union mentality is disrespectful of workers. They say, we don’t care if you can’t afford what we are making, we deserve more money. With that type of union greed, the market cannot balance itself, any more than it can with government crony capitalism.

          • KG

            Mr. Kahn, may I go to the restroom now? All this talk about toilet paper has me feeling incontinent.

            The problem with your assessment of union mentality is the fact that in negotiations, neither side want’s to show what they really have. Management never actually shows their books to labor, and labor never tells management how satisfied labor may be. In any union/management bargaining session, both sides come with certain per-concieved ideas about the other side. However, neither side dares show its ‘hand’. So, if the business is profitable (or appears to be so), it is assumed that better wages could be negotiated. If we look to a successful labor/management system, in Germany, the union has a chair on the board of directors. That’s why there are rarely strikes in Germany. But in America, that would be considered ‘evil’ due to the fetish of private ownership. Everything works better when it ‘We’ instead of ‘Me’.

          • Frank Kahn

            Did you notice that you are losing?

            “The problem with your assessment of union mentality is the fact that in negotiations, neither side want’s to show what they really have.”

            First point, this has nothing to do with my assessment of union mentality. Secondly, why would the corporation be willing to show you everything when you are attacking them? It is adversarial, you have made it a war, so they will fight. No military ever goes to the enemy and says, here is what we have to defeat you. Calling it negotiations is misleading also. The police no longer interrogate suspects, they interview them. They call it an interview because it sounds less threatening. It is the same process, so the name is meaningless. The same with union negotiations, unions are known for their criminal actions, using threats, and physical violence, to get their way. This does not allow negotiating in good faith.

            “Management never actually shows their books to labor, and labor never tells management how satisfied labor may be. ”

            If the workers are satisfied, they should be honest and not try to force better pay.

            “In any union/management bargaining session, both sides come with certain per-concieved ideas about the other side. ”

            Here, it is both sides fault, they should both be honest to dis spell the incorrect ideas.

            “However, neither side dares show its ‘hand’. So,
            if the business is profitable (or appears to be so), it is assumed that better wages could be negotiated. ”

            Once again, you cannot use the word negotiated. You are demanding, not requesting. You are wrong in your hypothesis that a companies profitability is an indication that higher wages can be paid. If you want to assume that they will consider your greed to be more ethical than their own, you are out of touch with normal human nature. They will not sacrifice their profits just to make you richer.

            “If we look to a successful labor/management system, in Germany, the union has a chair on the board of directors. That’s why there are rarely strikes in Germany. ”

            In Germany, the unions are not adversaries of the business, they work with them to maximize production and profitability.

            “But in America, that would be considered ‘evil’ due to the fetish of private ownership. ”

            You need to look up the word fetish. Private ownership is a part of our rights. It is natural and normal, and contributes to the success of may businesses. Your Marxist and / or socialistic ideals are not acceptable here.

            “Everything works better when it ‘We’ instead of ‘Me'”

            So f-in stupid, I had to take a serious disbelief break to calm down. Everything is a superlative, it cannot be used in this sense. And, only a deluded liberal would even try. We cannot run a business as a collective. We must relinquish control of aspects of decision making and rule making to a particular person or group. A company cannot be efficient if it requires a consensus of all the workers to make a change. In the military, what would happen if every time an officer gave an order, the men said, wait, we need to vote on that before we attack? If you are married, are you going to wait for the community to authorize you to have children? And, who are WE? Do you see yourself as one of the select WE? Do you consider unions to be WE? What if the WE is everyone? How will you get a plurality of agreement on any item?

            YOU, the unions, got your way, was it good for you? Is WE, only the members of your union? You got your exorbitant pay raises, was it good for you? Lets move to the bigger WE, the full population of our nation. YOU got your money, WE lost our jobs. Was it good for us? Is this countries economy booming because you got your union perks? NOPE, the corporations finally got fed up with your demands and moved to other countries. There they only have to pay $1 a day instead of $50 an hour for labor.

          • KG

            quote:There they only have to pay $1 a day instead of $50 an hour for labor.

            Thanks for making my point.

        • vicki

          How about instead you get government out of the business of meddling in business and let the people alone to benifit from their labor

  • Warrior

    Brandon, you my man, just hit the sweet spot! The “progs” are out of “tricks”. Next up? Much misery and then reset!

  • laura merrone

    We’ve been saying this is going to happen since 2008. None of our friends or family seem to believe us but, folks, its coming. I’m learning German and we are living in Germany presently. I hope we can weather the storm here smoothly with our faith in God seeing us through it. But those back in the States may suffer more…we just don’t know what will happen.

    • Vigilant

      Bet your bottom fiat dollar that a global financial debacle will hit EVERYONE in the industrialized world. Europe may very well be hit much harder than the USA, given the dependence upon socialist economies.

      • laura merrone

        You’re right; at least my son and four grandchildren are here and I will enjoy them until then…and we don’t have a lot of money so there is almost nothing to lose there. Do you think I should pull out of stocks the little retirement we have?

        • Vigilant

          I am no financial guru, but you may want to read Brandon Smith’s take on the stock market at

          • laura merrone

            I just read that…I guess it means cash it all in…

        • NC

          Laura, you might want to stay in stocks with a Democrat in the White House and pull your money out with a Republican is in the White House if history is any lesson! Please go to “Bulls, bears, donkeys and elephants” and study the chart! Republicans and other conservatives curse this study BUT THEY CAN’T REFUTE THE NUMBERS! THEY ARE WRITTEN IN THE STONE OF HISTORY! THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN $12,000 AND $ 300,000 IS A DIFFERENCE TO BE CONSIDERED! YOU WANT FURTHER PROOF NOT IN THAT STUDY THATT DEMOCRATS ARE BETTER FOR THE MARKET KEEP IN MIND THAT THE DOW WAS DOWN TO 6547 AS A RESULT OF THE republican bush RECESSION! IT IS NOW UP TO 15,000 PLUS UNDER THE DEMOCRAT OBAMA! IT’S YOUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN’S FUTURE SO DON’T LET BLIND RUIN THEIR FUTURE POLITICS!

          • laura merrone

            Please, try not to write in capital letters. Its like yelling at someone. I’m not switching parties or ideologies because of good stock market numbers. The only reason its doing well now is because of Federal Stimulus numbers. It would be plunging downhill if the Fed stopped their buy back program and their low interest rates and their printing money. Once that stops, the market i’m sure will drop like a rock and a lot of people will get burned. Yes, you can prove anything with statistics. I don’t trust a democrat or a republican to tell you the truth… I used to trust republicans but not any more. No one is really representing the normal American person or their interests. I can’t accept abortion and I can’t accept gay marriage so I could never be a democrat…

          • vicki

            The only reason numbers are good right now is QEInfinity. The massive printing of (unbacked) paper money.

          • vicki

            QEInfinity. There is your source of high apparent stock market prices.

  • 1baronrichsnot1

    Good article, the whys and the causes, the people who don’t have a clue, the politicians and the money printers, the propped up stock market, the next bubble in everything caused by a world loss of confidence in our dollar, our weakened military, our social programs, our college students who stand wide eyed answering every question on the kardash’s(spelling), yet don’t know who the VP is or who the IRS, DHS,DOJ,BATF,FEMA,EPA, on and on, are! they are a pathetic bunch, and I for one am tired of having to enlighten these individuals, and furnish student loans for these misfits. Let them get their marxist training from the administration, CBS, CNBC,MSNBC,CNN, it’s free, and I don’t have to pay for it. I bailed out their parents as they bought and bought bubble after bubble then walked when payments were due! The gov’ts will continue to implement their 5 year plans, and prop the stock markets and the clueless low information folks will soon clearly understand that they will soon be out of money, food, jobs, healthcare, clothes, gasoline, credit, homes, and anything else needed for survival. It really hit home..

  • hungry4food

    More people on food assistance in the USA than are working full time jobs !!!!!!!!!!!!

    101 Million people are on some form of food assistance in the USA what Kind of Opportunity is this ?????

    We do not need excuses we need POLICY ANSWERS !!!!!!!!

    • Stuart Shepherd

      We need a collapse of the whole damn, totally and unfixably messed up socio-politico-economic system and a break up into regional nations, because the ‘United States” didn’t work- they corrupted it too massively!

      • hungry4food

        The Feds are setting up a Worldwide population control Theocracy because they fear Isolation will not work in that while some nations are surviving while others oppress that conflict could develop out of control results , and with todays weaponry this is the Motivating factor for a One World Governance . The Law of Physics dictates in the end when demand out paces supply .

    • Nadzieja Batki

      There are Policy Answers but they are not the kind we may like. The idea proposed by thomas aquinas and the second vatican council is that if there are people who have “needs” they can take from those who make and have. The “haves” have no choice but to support those in “need” across the world. The rule is that the “haves” better not squawk because the “needy” have the upper hand.

  • nc

    Brandon, the way to the future for this country is to hoard beans?? Surely you are not serious?? Saving is one thing but crawling in a hole with it is something totally different!
    You have said that you thought we should have failed 30 years ago but it didn’t happen! What if in another thirty years we have not failed? Where are the people who follow your advice? Still cringing in the corner with their beans waiting for Godot!, That which never comes!
    You talk destruction just because it fits your game plan! The other 98% of us see it differently and are headed to the beach! Even the Rinos Volleyball anyone??

  • Dave

    The sky is falling!!! The sky is falling!!!!

    Jesus is coming… next week… no wait… next month…. no wait… I misread the scriptures again… Its next year, I am sure of it.

    People do ignore cold hard facts… and those facts are.

    1) Our trade policies are made by corp interests paying politicians to do what is bst for Wall Street, not Main Street.

    2) Our tax policy is also a corp America creation. Their lackies on the conservatives side squawk about how high corp tax rates are but what they actually pay is somewhat different.

    Big money in politics, something conservatives support under the false flag of free speech has subverted this country. Limiting political contributions to $50 to any politician/party in a fiscal year by any individual/group is not limiting free speech. It is putting the corp leeches on the same level of access as you or I. With big money out of the election process, politicians can actually start doing their jobs which is to help for a more perfect union for the people because the Gov will be back to being by the people.

    • Dave

      BTW, Boom and Bust markets is what the corporatists want. Do a little research and you will find that country’s like Canada have not have “Bust” markets because they have these things called regulations that prevent predators from manipulating the market to make money only for themselves while others lose their life savings, their homes etc. Market volitility only serves the manipulators.
      It is shameful the lack of any moral compass on the part of the corporatists. Large multi-national firms have ZERO loyalty to the United States. They have ZERO morality because the whole reason why corporations were created in the first place was to escape individual responsibility when their firm did something wrong.
      Conservatives should rethink their alliances. Corp America does not care about you, or this country.

      • hungry4food

        I heard this report on Fox Business from
        Varney this Morning that 101 million people are on food assistance in the USA and then I searched for the stat and found This report is a Year OLD about the state of
        the Consumers economic CONDITION and it states that there are MORE People on
        Some Form of FOOD assistance in the USA than are Working FULL TIME JOBS and the
        Government wants to GIVE AMNESTY and LET INTO THE USA more than 60 Million More
        people ?????

        The thing
        is if we Isolate from the rest of the world we would have ample food supply its
        when we try and feed the rest of the world that our stocks are sucked dry , I
        know this sounds cold hearted but when do you consider its time to not go down
        with the rest ????

        More Than 100 Million Americans Are On Welfare

        I moved back to OR from AZ and started another
        herd of cattle because of this Food shortage Prediction . We use to raise
        dryland grain and cattle here and once I started to see why we were seeing the volatility
        in the commodities again in the lead up to the crash in 2008 , man Price spikes
        that we have never seen before in the commodities it started to ring a Bell
        like the lead up to the 21 % interest rates we saw in 1980 , and what went on
        was the Technology boom like Circle Pivot irrigation was installed around the
        world and that allowed a food expansion and overall equity growth up to the
        year 2000 and then we saw the true equity crash from a Book Cooked tech market
        so this is coming to a head now , only this time we see these guys Zeroing Interest
        , that tells me they have NO faith in trying to continue to allow the free
        market to grow and expand and try and supply a Unfettered World population
        growth so they are letting debt collapse the current market system .

        Anyway we are putting a herd together and

        Plans are for 120 fed out to butcher and sold locally .

        Going to Cross breed the Angus with a Piedmontese to get a

        Leaner meat . Pieds are as Lean as Chicken and Fish . and if you maintain a 50

        % cross of the pied you get that lean gene .

        Going to feed them out with a Grain sprout ground up in a

        hay mix using these growing pods . We slid them into this corner of the barn

        and enclosed the area to maintain temp in winter months and make a Climate

        controlled area inside for loading and unloading the units to not lose the temp

        inside the grow area so the 6-7 day grow time is maintained . These 2 units

        will produce 1500 pounds a day .

        Seed to feed in 6 days .

        We need solution from this GOVERNMENT not a Divide and conquer plan that divides us up and gets us ready for the Elimination of some people around the world !!!!!!

        • FreedomFighter

          Smart plan

          Laus Deo
          Semper FI

      • hungry4food

        Here is a Report that concurs that we are facing food shortages and this is whats driving the dysfunction in world Governments !!!!!

      • hungry4food

        Listen its Not a matter of your simple minded analogy that its just the Corporatist controlling everything and if the Government had more control everything would balance out . We are facing supply shortages the volatility in the Commodities and a ZERO Interest Governor that regulates demand and supply tells you this fundamental fact !!!!!!! Wake Up man and Get Real !!!!

        • Dave

          Once again, another corporatist/conservative twisting my words into what he wants them to mean. I mean get the corporations out of our Gov so the Gov we do have is more responsive to the people. It is you that needs to GET REAL MAN.


          So if we are facing supply shortages and the world is ending due to it, then you are all for abortions, birth control/sex-ed in HS to control the spread of the human population to manage these “supply shortages” correct?
          Or should be just control our population by traditional methods? War, famine? Disease?

          • hungry4food

            The Government will not be More responsive to you and I , the people , they are Ideologues and are working with the corporatist its called fascism why do you think they were all bailed out ?? So what this means is if you are on the Governments hand out program you are a NON producer and those were in past historical times of oppression the first to go . When Chaos becomes the bigger threat to the rule of law the rules are suspended and Martial Law is the replacement . This Chaos will stem from supply shortages that are being forced upon a Dependent world society today not being allowed to Try and Produce a Sustainable supply because the Government Ideologues are convinced there is no USE allowing a Unfettered Population growth be attempted to be supplied anymore !!!! Again this is why we see the policies that join Corporatist and Governments together as the economy enters its final Bond market collapse free falling all other markets with it .

            Yes its true that we lost the educational value that God talks about in the scripture regarding how life is sustained , free will has been hijacked by all religious leaders over the years to serve their personal agenda of creating a fellowship and we have seen the lack of true free will teachings to bring the conscious minds into a state of realization of what REAL sustainability is . .

          • Dave

            Yes, but we have Gov to act on our behalf. We as individuals need a Gov to get things done on a societal level. But the question is who influences the Gov to act? Corporations or the People? I want the people in charge of decisions the Gov makes.

          • hungry4food

            The Decisions the GOV has Made over the past 4 Presidents is not what the PEOPLE wanted !!!!

            Plus in the Last 100 years the GOVERNMENTS you are Praising have Caused the Greatest number of human deaths in various names of trying to create a Perfect society once they let it socially erode due to a denunciation of the Lord Jesus Christ and bible scriptures …. Really sustainability is built into a faith based abstinence society but it takes Government power away because without the crisis from creating a society that founders on the 7 deadly sins the Need for Government diminishes thus the meaning of self reliance , but that is non existent without a Free Will faith that promotes that Individuality and thats Jesus Christ and the Unalienable rights that faith in him bestow a Free and sustainable society .

          • Dave

            Who said they were?

            I am praising which Gov? I did not such thing. I am telling you how Gov should be… responsive to people, not corporations.

            This country was moral in the 1800’s when salvery was the rule of law? Or when we wiped out the native people and their culture in JC’s name? Really? Sorry, we are not any more or less moral than we were hundreds of years ago. we have actually made strides in many areas.

            Your sad devotion to the past is touching and false.

          • hungry4food

            Now listen here Dave you are twisting in the wind man . How did you put together the idea that I said Our Government and Jesus were Partners in all those things you wrote ?
            All I said was Faith in Jesus was needed and faith in a Free Will under Biblical scripture was needed for true sustainability so where did your analogy come from to put Jesus and Government together with what I said ?

          • Dave

            The people and our gov cited Jesus on why we needed to expand the country. That is history my friend. The native populations were killed for many reasons, one of those reason were religions based reasons… they were not Christian.
            We do not need faith in Jesus, Allah, Jovah, the tooth fairy, Santa Claus… We need to work actively to make the world a better place for all of us.
            Praying doesn’t do squat. It takes actual work.

          • hungry4food

            Praying gives you the clear mind to allow Gods wisdom to solve problems and make good decisions .

            Governments Hide behind the various religions to generate support for their Ideological Theologies That History has proven to be the Most catastrophic to Mankind in terms of interruptions in supply and then the genocide comes this is History my friend please wake up to the realization of How Gods will creates sustainability before its to late !! Lets join forces and bring reality to life !!!!!

          • Dave

            “Praying gives you the clear mind to allow Gods wisdom to solve problems and make good decisions”

            So does actually thinking about the problem/issue.
            I just prefer to keep the pressure of eternal damnation out of the equation because i don’t subscribe to the “right” god.

          • hungry4food

            But just thinking about a problem without a guided understanding of living life FREE of the 7 deadly Sins that ends life will most certainly do so . Everyone that denies those sins God laid out as guidelines and allows them into their life is dead and has taken lots with them !!!! Those understandings from Jesus keep right from being wronged with ideological purpose .

          • Karolyn

            Everyone has that guidance built in. It is the truth of who we really are. One does not need belief in God or religion to have it.

          • hungry4food

            Karolyn my dear how do you know that it was not God that put that guidance in your mind ?????

          • Karolyn

            Since I believe that “God” is Universal Intelligence that is in us all, I DO believe that “God” “put” that guidance in us.

          • hungry4food

            I agree with you Dear Karolyn . This is the will of God and I bet if we just don’t deny that and give this grace to the holy spirit a Path of clarity will divinely show us the way to solve peacefully the issues of our day . .

          • Karolyn

            If only people would listen to the truth that lies inside, they would be happy; and, yes, there would be peace. Anybody who lives in an evil manner cannot tell me that they are happy. I feel sorry for them.

          • hungry4food

            I agree Karolyn , and what is really sinister is this order that invades that manner you speak of . Its the following of personal Lifestyles and this information will be stored in digital form and so future use in many different ways by that evil you talked about is where this Policy is sure to fail and cause great disruption in that peace process .

          • Dave

            Karolyn and Hungry,
            You do not need religion to be moral or to be happy. You cannot prove god exists any more that I can prove god doesn’t exist.
            Man’s use of “god” to manipulate others is one of the biggest sources of evil in this world.

          • hungry4food

            Dave I agree Ideologues use of religion and NON Religion has been the biggest source of Evil and has caused great atrocities against humanity as the alliances that were formed in this process of divide and conquer strategies was used to control and eliminate opposition .

            But just because those who use religion to manipulate does not mean faith is rendered a useless tool unless YOU are Looking for a Personal Material Benefit that a Isolated faith based majority has been turned into a Minority which does not control the means to be able to provide that quality of life you and all Gods Children of earth seek right ?

          • Nadzieja Batki

            Isn’t that how the your Leftist ideological crowd did it for thousands of years, war, famine, disease? Your ideology is nothing new, the faces change, the names of the countries change but your ideology goes on.

          • Dave

            Leftist? You really are not too smart are you if you think that left leaning governments are the ones that have the market cornered on war, famine and disease.
            Do you have anything to offer but standard conservative talking points that have no basis in fact?

      • Stuart Shepherd

        Again, Dave, even though you’re obnoxious, there’s a whole lot of truth to what you are saying. My point, as a true conservative who essentially agrees with you on your main points relative to corporations and especially multi-national ones, is that THE GOVERNMENT IS IN BED WITH THESE CORPORATIONS AND THE BANKS! This is a fascist state. The solution is definitely not more government.

        • Dave

          Who is talking MORE GOV? I want to reform Gov to get big money OUT of Gov. That is not MORE Gov.

    • Stuart Shepherd

      Dave- Jesus IS coming and you need to GTH with your slanders and false accusations about conservatives. You are right, in my opinion, about #1 and less right about #2 (the corporations just manipulated the tax policies for their own advantage, but the income tax and overall structure are, obviously, a “progressive” initiative. So if, in the end, you are saying that we live in a fascist nation, I think most true conservatives might agree with you- so whay are you sling mud at them. Not nice. you come across as one of those incredibly vicious and vile lgpt/progressive/liberal elite bulldog/thug/totalitarian types by starting off your argument mocking people of faith. GTH, seriously.

      • Dave

        Jesus is NOT coming, he is dead and you need to get over it. I have contempt for all organized religion. Its a social club started by men to control others. I prefer free will and self-confidence over going with the herd and fear of dying and there being nothing after you die.

        Conservatives are not nice, their heroes Reagan, Bush 1 and 2 and the tax cut and spend philosophy that the latest rounds of conservatives ushered in along with the new corporatism are greatly responsible for the mess we are in today.

        Do conservatives ever take responsibility for their actions? Nope… they call people “neo-con” to cover for the morally bankrupt policies that US Conservatism has put upon this country. Social conservatives are worthless. They are the people that faught to keep slavery, women out of the voting booth and now fight against marriage equality in the eyes of the law.

        The supposed fiscal conservatives talk a good game until they get into power and then spend just as much or more than any liberal.

        Then they blame others for the stuff they have a big hand in creating. Sorry if as a progressive/liberal, I engage in the same style of communication that conservatives have engaged in since we were inflicted with Reagan. Conservatives have contributed greatly to this country’s demise.
        I want the best for this country. Unfortunately the Conservatives today, only wish to destroy unless they get their way. If you believe the authors here, Obama is the devil, and liberals/progressives are responsible for all the evils of the world. It is just conservative propaganda.

        • John Woodbury

          Dave, get a grip. You may not have lived through Carter and Reagan, but I did. Without Reagan we would never have made it this long. You need to wake up and smell the coffee, both Republican and Democrat are the different sides of the same coin. Reagan and JFK are the only two Presidents that were voted in, that were not suppose to be Presidents. The rest were in on the fix. Good luck when the stuff hits the fan mate.

      • Jeff

        Jesus was a Conservative Republican? Did you get that from the Sermon in the Boardroom? The overwhelming message in the Bible is not an endorsement of free market capitalism but of being good to the least among you, something pure capitalism has never been particularly good at.
        Capitalism is an economic engine. As such, it needs to be utilized by the driver. A car needs more than an engine, and a society needs more than just businesses that know how to make money. Just as a car needs brakes, steering, and an intelligent driver, a society needs a regulatory mechanism to be sure people, in the name of pure profit, do not pollute the environment, use their money to “buy” political favors, or leave the poor so far behind they cannot survive.

        • John Woodbury

          To use your reason for big government, I would say fail.

    • WTS/JAY

      Dave: Limiting political contributions to $50 to any politician/party in a fiscal year by any individual/group is not limiting free speech. It is putting the corp leeches on the same level of access as you or I. With big money out of the election process, politicians can actually start doing their jobs which is to help for a more perfect union for the people because the Gov will be back to being by the people.

      Dreamer, you know you are a dreamer
      Well, can you put your hands in your head? Oh no

      I said, “Dreamer, you’re nothing but a dreamer”
      Well, can you put your hands in your head? Oh no

      I said, “Far out, what a day, a year, a life it is”You know, well you know you had it comin’ to youNow there’s not a lot I can do

      Dreamer, you stupid little dreamer
      So now you put your head in your hands, oh no

      I said, “Far out, what a day, a year, a life this is”You know, well you know you had it comin’ to you

      Now there’s not a lot I can do

      • Dave

        I prefer John Lennon. Of course in your eyes… he was a do-goooder communist.

        • WTS/JAY

          I was more of a Beatles fan…!

          • Dave

            The Who was the greatest R&R band ever.
            “meet the new boss, same as the old boss”
            Perfect lyrics today as it was in 1970.

          • WTS/JAY

            Absolutely spot on!!!

    • WTS/JAY

      Btw, Dave…i share your sentiments. I just don’t think that it’s ever going to happen. Just too many dumb-bells on the planet. Still, one can dream, i suppose…

      • Dave

        Enough of us want it to happen and work to make it so… It can… thats the great thing!

        • WTS/JAY

          Of course!


    ANALYSIS: When a Congressman Becomes a Lobbyist, He Gets a 1,452% Raise (on Average)

    Selling out pays. If you’re a corporation or lobbyist, what’s the best way to “buy” a member of Congress? Secretly promise them a million dollars or more in pay if they come to work for you after they leave office. Once a public official makes a deal to go to work for a lobbying firm or corporation after leaving office, he or she becomes loyal to the future employer. And since those deals are done in secret, legislators are largely free to pass laws, special tax cuts, or earmarks that benefit their future employer with little or no accountability to the public. While campaign contributions and super PACS are a big problem, the every day bribery of the revolving door may be the most pernicious form of corruption today. (See our post on Monday about current members of Congress already negotiating for jobs on K Street)

    Unlike some other forms of money in politics, politicians never have to disclose job negotiations while in office, and never have to disclose how much they’re paid after leaving office. In many cases, these types of revolving door arrangements drastically shape the laws we all live under. For example, former Senator Judd Gregg (R-NH) spent his last year in office fighting reforms to bring greater transparency to the derivatives marketplace. Almost as soon as he left office, he joined the board of a derivatives trading company and became an “advisor” to Goldman Sachs. Risky derivative trading exacerbated the financial crisis of 2008, yet we’re stuck under the laws written in part by Gregg. How much has he made from the deal? Were his actions in office influenced by relationships with his future employers?

    Our research effort uncovered the partial salaries of twelve lawmakers-turned-lobbyists. Republic Report’s investigation found that lawmakers increased their salary by 1452% on average from the last year they were in office to the latest publicly available disclosure:

    Former Congressman Billy Tauzin (R-LA) made $19,359,927 as a lobbyist for pharmaceutical companies between 2006 and 2010.

    Former Congressman Cal Dooley (D-CA) has made at least $4,719,093 as a lobbyist for food manufacturers and the chemical industry from 2005 to 2009.

    Former Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) makes approximately $1.5 million a year as the chief lobbyist for the movie industry.

    Former Congressman Steve Largent (R-OK) has made at least $8,815,741 over the years as a lobbyist for a coalition of cell phone companies and related wireless industry interests.

    Former Senator Tom Daschle (D-SD) makes well over $2.1 million as an unregistered lobbyist in addition to earning several hundred thousand a year in speaking fees and consulting gigs.

    Former Congressman Richard Baker (R-LA) made $3,219,255 between 2008 and 2009 as head of a hedge fund lobbying association.

    Former Congressman Jim Slattery (D-OK) makes around $585,000 a year as a lobbyist for Wiley Rein. Slattery left Congress in 1994 to run for higher office.

    Former Congressman James Greenwood (R-PA) made $6,679,935 between 2005 and 2010 as the head of the Biotechnology Industry Organization.

    Former Congressman Glenn English (D-OK) made $9,294,207 between 2004 and 2010 as the head of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association.

    Former Congressman Steve Bartlett (R-TX) has made at least $9,192,761 as the chief lobbyist for an association of investment banks, including Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and JP Morgan Chase.

    Former Congressman Matt Salmon (R-AZ) makes around $247,523 a year as a registered lobbyist. Salmon, who retired from Congress in 2001, has represented corporate clients like General Motors and Grand Canyon University (a for-profit college) through a lobbying firm he founded, Upstream Consulting Inc.

    Former Senator Gordon Smith (R-OR) has made at least $1,650,005 as a media broadcasting industry lobbyist since 2009. Smith is president of the National Association of Broadcasters, a trade group for companies like News Corp and Time Warner. Republic Report has not reviewed NAB disclosures from 2011. Smith’s last reported broadcasting lobby salary is 742% higher than his Senate salary in 2008.

  • FreedomFighter

    Maybe soon you will be able to wipe your behind with those stocks certificates, its about there worth. Physical gold and silver…you don’t have it in your hand, you don’t have it.

    Laus Deo
    Semper FI

    • Vis Fac

      Many banks are repositories for precious metals. Having attempted to purchase gold utilizing Standard Swiss Procedures i.e bank to bank with a “bullion officer” overseeing the transaction, I was dismayed to find that in almost every instance bullion was not allowed to be removed from the bank only a “certificate of ownership” is issued. You can only own gold that is in your physical possession
      I have since given up on any bank for they can be shut down and all assets frozen. If that occurs you have no money the government owned (all banks are controlled by the government) banks do along with what is contained in safety deposit boxes in the bank. Ill wager that no one considered safety deposit boxes are bank property and when the collapse occurs whatever is inside them belongs to the bank.
      I have bank accounts and keep minimal funds just to pay bills the rest I use to buy commodities metals food stores (yes I am considered a terrorist) firearms and ammunition supplies (I load my own components)
      I do not have any credit cards as credit is what started our financial woes in the first place. Mortgage is paid off and I trade and barter with others to gain needed experience.
      The fed is printing toilet paper faster than ever and liberal one dimensional idiot-ology has the general population fooled into believing our economy is healthy and part time employment is just as good as full time employment.
      We are told to “trust the government” I equate this to the check is in the mail excuse to cover a lie. I trust our government as far as I could throw the White House.

  • Jim Camargo

    Do you know that the Bible never states that man will live forever, generation after generation in the flesh. Rather, this Age of grace has an appointed time to end . It’s at the door now.

    Gold and silver will become worthless (Ezekiel 7:18-19 ).

    Homes will be foreclosed , to the rich and poor ( Isaiah 5:9 ).

    World leaders will have the minds of children ( Isaiah 3:4 ).

    Middle East conflicts ( Isaiah 19, Zechariah ( 12, 13, & 14), and many, many more.

    A worldly optimist, is to GOD, a Heavenly pessimist.
    The new rich are those that are preparing for their Eternal Home, reading the letter from GOD, in a book form, heeding the warnings, and receiving the blessings.
    Don’t believe it .Take heed, the rug is about to be pulled from under this world

    • FreedomFighter

      “Gold and silver will become worthless (Ezekiel 7:18-19 ).”

      Yes very true, but until the Day of the Lord, gold and silver will maintain value. On that day you have better been invested in GOD.

      Laus DeoSemper FI

  • Wiley2

    Fiat monetary systems have a 100% historical failure rate and the current one, having passed the average life span of such systems, is ripe for a fall. It can be assumed that this failure will be far worse than any in history because it will be global rather than limited to a single country. The big question is not whether it will happen but when.

    There seem to be 2 main lines of thought about when it will happen. One is based on the view that monetary policymakers are basically short-term thinkers who will muddle along using temporary solutions to keep the system going as long as possible. The assumption is that Bernanke and other central bankers will keep injecting increasing amounts of fiat into the system until hyperinflation finally brings the collapse. With band-aid solutions they may be able to keep the system on life support for a number of years yet.

    The second idea is that the system has been consciously designed for failure by an elite cabal whose objective is to use an economic collapse as a means of securing all wealth and power in their hands and establishing a global feudal society under their control. A managed collapse would result in levels of chaos and despair that would have people begging to be saved by a new system put in place by this cabal. In this scenario, Bernanke’s talk of tapering was a planned test to confirm that the system is ripe to be taken down. The test was successful and now they know that all they have to do is to actually withdraw the stimulus, which will cause interest rates to rise rapidly and the derivatives market to crash, taking down the entire system. The thinking is that the cabal is putting the finishing touches on their plan to pull the plug and we may only have a year or less before they do it.

    Either way, it seems wise to be exchanging fiat money for tangible assets that can’t be eliminated with a computer keystroke and that have no third party claimants. It’s better to be years too early than a day too late.


    A lot of this problem could be addressed by removing this anti american regime in the WH, re-pare and reorganize the size, scope and efforts of the governments, remove this huge bureauacracy so we are not as vunerable to collapse, enforce our cyber warfare and rebuild the military so we can develop the energy needs in this country and stave off intrusion by our foes…
    We need desperately to transition to a new tax system and we need to term limit our government officials and appointees, it is a must that WTP regain our representation and rebuild trust and workability of this Republic….end the corruption.

    • John Woodbury

      Great ideas, will not happen. Too many people have a stake in keeping the current system the same. Eastman Kodak in 2000 had almost all the digital photography pattens they let them go because so many upper level managers had a great stake in keeping Kodak the sane until they got their nest feathered, now Kodak is no more. America…….

  • ChuckS123

    Brandon is wrong about shortages – the high price of oil does indicate a shortage. Without price controls, prices rise to equalize supply and demand. So anybody can still buy the product, but at a higher price.

    I think peak oil to some extent is the greenies stopping so much drilling that possible legal production drops. Fortunately, we now have a lot of drilling on private lands – Bakken, etc, – that the feds have a hard time stopping. I just saw that the US like right now, just became a net oil exporter. For a few years, because of fracking, oil in the US has been several dollars a barrel cheaper than the London Brent price, which is the price for much of the rest of the world.

  • VideosByLindaC

    This is one of the best explainations I’ve seen on what’s going to happen and why by Ann Barnhardt.

  • Dave

    Here it is… The leader of morality Wal-Mart

    God forbid the jerks pay a decent wage or treat their employees. Its companies like this who do not care one iota about the United States, our way of life or communities.
    This is why I will NEVER spend my money at this morally bankrupt institution.

    • WTS/JAY

      Where do you spend your money, Dave?

      • Dave

        Costco if I have to go to a large store. But I try and give local businesses my dollars when I can.

        • WTS/JAY

          Good for you!

          • Dave

            And so should every American who claims to love this country.

    • Karolyn

      Sam Walton is turning in his grave! He was a good and humble man who treated his workers well. His family all turned into greedy sobs.


    Obama celebrates Ramadan again -July 08, 2013

    Statement by the President on the Occasion of Ramadan

    With the start of the sacred month of Ramadan, Michelle and I extend our best wishes to Muslim communities here in the United States and around the world.

    Ramadan is referred to by Muslims as The Month of Jihad (video)…

    and The Month of Victory, Over Infidels (video)…

    • Dave
      • WTS/JAY

        Although i agree with you, just the same, i would refrain from calling the President of the United States a “Dirt-Bag”, Dave. Try and control yourself!

        • Dave

          Absolutely not. I have to be like a conservative and blame Obama for everything. How can you trust anyone who celebrates all these different religions? He should just adhere to one religion and kill the rest of the people who don’t believe as he does like a good conservative.

          • WTS/JAY

            Dave: Absolutely not. I have to be like a conservative and blame Obama for everything.

            I don’t think that there is one Conservative on this board that has ever made that claim; except you, of course.

            Dave: How can you trust anyone who celebrates all these different religions?

            How can you trust any, politician; whether he/she be a Demon or Repugnant?

            Dave: He should just adhere to one religion and kill the rest of the people who don’t believe as he does like a good conservative.

            He should just adhere to the “truth”, rather than religion! How can you trust anyone who is a politician and claims to be religious?

          • Dave

            Have you read any of the articles on this site?
            Obama is at fault for the economy, he has caused the 17T in debt just from his vacations alone! He is to blame for the Arab Spring, your complete loss of freedom. He wants sharia law according to you.
            Obama’s economic policies have ruined this country!!! Even though the GOP dominiated Congress has record filibusters and nothing gets through the GOP House that even smells like a Obama win… even policies they supported previously.
            We live in a dictatorship built on paper money. Just ask any of the looney authors here and their followers. We shiould just go back to 1791 when the industrial revolution has not happened yet and somehow get the populaton back down to 3M people on farms so we could have this “limited” Gov I hear all the conservatives go on about.
            Truth? Not much of it happens on this site or in DC I am afraid.

          • WTS/JAY

            I always read the articles as; “Obama having added to the mess that he inherited”; not, that he is responsible for all of it. I think sometimes you let your hot-head get the best of you.

          • rbrooks


            most of the story writers on this site, and their supporters, blama obama, liberals, democrats, but never true patriotic conservative christians.

          • Deerinwater

            He does! ~ It’s just not your “truth” Jay. ~ Obama is attempting to be every American’s president and respectful of all. While he is on record for his personal faith and it’s know to all.

          • WTS/JAY

            Deer: He does! ~

            He does what?

            Deer: It’s just not your “truth” Jay. ~

            What’s my truth, Deer?

            Deer: Obama is attempting to be every American’s president and respectful of all.

            Bullchit! He’s a politician…from the same “stable” as the one’s before him!

            Deer: While he is on record for his personal faith and it’s know to all.


          • Deerinwater

            “Bullchit! He’s a politician…from the same “stable” as the one’s before him!”

            Exactly Jay ! It was the job that he applied for. He’s is doing and behaving as past presidents have. He would be dislike for being any different, he will be disliked for being the same.

            To suggest, as many have, that Obama is different is a false claim.

          • John Woodbury

            Deerinwater, thank you for you always funny messages, Rome is burning and fools like you are telling jokes, lets hope the joke is not on you mate. ROTFFLMFAO

  • James Hale

    This is why I only invest in my 401(G)–I’ve never lost money. When you buy the right type of firearms at the right price you can’t lose money. What’s great is that in addition to the everyday increases in the value of your collection every time there’s a 2nd Amendment scare your gun collection goes up 20-30% in value. Regardless of how you decide to invest though try to remember some wise advice: “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful” – Warren Buffett (Basically just remember that the best time to invest is immediately AFTER a market collapse)


    40 Statistics About The Fall Of The U.S. Economy That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe

    If you know someone that actually believes that the U.S. economy is in good shape, just show them the statistics in this article. When you step back and look at the long-term trends, it is undeniable what is happening to us. We are in the midst of a horrifying economic decline that is the result of decades of very bad decisions.

    30 years ago, the U.S. national debt was about one trillion dollars. Today, it is almost 17 trillion dollars.

    40 years ago, the total amount of debt in the United States was about 2 trillion dollars. Today, it is more than 56 trillion dollars.

    At the same time that we have been running up all of this debt, our economic infrastructure and our ability to produce wealth has been absolutely gutted.

    Since 2001, the United States has lost more than 56,000 manufacturing facilities and millions of good jobs have been shipped overseas.

    Our share of global GDP declined from 31.8 percent in 2001 to 21.6 percent in 2011.

    The percentage of Americans that are self-employed is at a record low, and the percentage of Americans that are dependent on the government is at a record high.

    The U.S. economy is a complete and total mess, and it is time that we faced the truth.

    The following are 40 statistics about the fall of the U.S. economy that are almost too crazy to believe…

    #1 Back in 1980, the U.S. national debt was less than one trillion dollars. Today, it is rapidly approaching 17 trillion dollars…

  • bimbam

    Your politicans SOLD YOU OUT to other countries in every way.

    That is why there is no jobs in America, and soon no money, and soon no America.

    That is the way the politicians planned it for the last 100 years. You have been setup and SOLD to the highest bidder!

    You wanted traitors in office, you got ’em. The biggest traitor I ever saw is Barry Saetoro, the negro imposter put in by his racist handlers the Demoncraps.

    I will never EVER forgive that party for what they have done and more importantly what they will do in the very NEAR future to America.

    Why do you think they want weapons out of your hands??? Do you arm slaves???

  • Nancy

    I am a 90 year old college graduate who served in the Navy WAVES during WWII. I was in high school during the great depression of the 1930s. My Dad was an electrical engineer who made 200 dollars a month and had 5 children to support. My brothers had paper routes. I baby sat. We cut our spending to the core. But we survived and had a good time growing up. I’m afraid that the present generation doesn’t know how to live on nothing. Ican’t imagine that girls today will be able to have a wardrobe of three skirts, 3 blouses and 3 sweaters and mix and match them to wear every day!!! My brothers worked their way through college until they were drafted into the Army during WWII. Then they returned to college under the GI bill. Since we are headed for a big depression, I would advise everyone to downsize, stock up on necessary items, pay off your debts, and get ready to toughen it out!!!