Get Ready For Obamacare Cameos In Television Shows


You may soon notice that Obamacare is creeping into the plots of some of your favorite television shows, thanks to a $500,000 grant awarded last week to USC Annenberg Norman Lear Center’s Hollywood Health & Society program.

The grant money, which the organization reportedly received from the private California Endowment, is expected to be used to give Hollywood producers, writers and executives details about the newly launched health insurance initiative.

“Our experience has shown that the public gets just as much, if not more, information about current events and important issues from their favorite television shows and characters as they do from the news media and online resources,” said Hollywood Health & Society’s Martin Kaplan in a statement. “This grant will allow us to ensure that industry practitioners have up-to-date, relevant facts on health care reform to integrate into their storylines and projects.”

Health & Society board members include “Hostages’ co-executive producer Jennifer Cecil, “Under The Dome” executive producer Neal Baer, “Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan and Disney Junior’s “Doc McStuffins executive producer Chris Nee among others.

Hollywood Health & Society says that it will use the cash infusion to educate industry pros and track how often Obamacare shows up in TV dramas. It also will be used to produce pro-Obamacare public service announcements in conjunction with storylines. Half of the money is expected to be spent on Spanish-language markets.

It really is a shame that AMC’s hit series “Breaking Bad” has come to an end. Imagine the television gold that would have ensued if President Barack Obama’s glitch-ridden Obamacare websites had made a cameo. And, contrary to what some people have said, it wouldn’t have changed the storyline all that much; judging by the amount of trouble most people are having getting signed up, it would likely have still been easier for Walter White to sell methamphetamine to cover his treatment than relying on Obamacare.

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  • JimH

    We could have the nerds on Big Bang Theory, not getting onto the Obamacare website.

    • ted

      or maybe Tim Allen’s daughter and son-in-law (in the show) getting on to it and finding out how expensive their insurance will be.

      • JimH

        What ever show it is, it would be a comedy, if it weren’t so sad.

        • ted

          Might as well laugh at it. I am sure Tim would have something good to say about it.

          • JimH

            As much time as his character “The Tool Man” spent in ER, his older show would have been a good platform.

  • 1baronrichsnot1

    I have noticed, the so called hollywood elites (really a product of marxist producers and playwrights) have to be used to portray ACA as a good thing! They will not work again if they don’t. So we must consider them useful idiots! Pawns in the overthrow of the free market system and representative republic (not democracy), and happy to do it for cash! Fantasy land TV and movies have really lost their punch, as americans know more about their gay lifestyles and agendas. They smile while deceiving the american public with illusions of truth! watching These people is like gambling, should be intertainment, not a way of life. Unless you are really, really, gullible! Pathetic little people in a nether world. Can you say Miley! Her portrayal of Sarah Palin is sickening, A slut trying to imitate a saint of freedom. It doesn’t work!

    • ted

      What else is new? They already portray gun control, gay lifestyle and other liberal crap as good.


    i was wondering when they were going to pull this stunt,it comes down to money!
    it’s greed,greed,greed…and that buisness is only interested in that,money and how much they can get before the dollar tanks!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Except it is not greed, greed, greed. These Dems/Progs/Leftists (elitists) believe that money and time is the necessary sacrifice to bring about the Utopia.These Dems/Progs/Leftists believe themselves to have special visions of the anointed for society and they believe themselves changers for the better. The trouble is they never ask the people that make up society what they need but force their beliefs on the people they supposedly do good to. So the people who are being forced to accept the supposed good have very little choice.
      If all you see is that these Dem/Prog/Leftist visionaries are doing it for money, you are limiting yourself in seeing what their intentions are.

  • wavesofgrain

    OMG, this is nationwide indoctrination of the Masses, and Hollywood is complicit in this King’s Fundamental Transformation. And I see the mention of another “Annenberg” branch…Obama and Ayers were partners in a failed social education curriculum attempt called the Annenberg Challenge.

    It is such a shame that the Annenberg name, who the founders were Republicans, has been taken over by the wealthy children and grandchildren. As in Hollywood, if you become grossly wealthy, especially very young, you begin to get involved in World Reform. They do not have a clue how hard this country fought to become the greatest in the world. They money pours in, and they become champions of socialism…as long as no one tries to take their money away!

    • Rosey21

      I guess they think it automatically makes them a member of the CLUB. Little do they know, they are just an end to their means, and will not be given any special favors.

  • Irritated American

    Just another reason not to watch tv, as shows have become unwatchable anyhow.

    • Rosey21

      I realized how little I was enjoying TV due to all the propagandized news and shows and got rid of my DisH TV. Instead, I view what I want on my computer. If they start infiltrating my shows there with Obame propaganda, I’ll stop those too, other than an occasional glimpse to keep up with what they’re spending my tax money to try and brainwash me with.

  • nonstopca

    Any show I might be watching, that starts incorporating a commercial for Obamacare…will be terminated on my tv forever.

  • Danny Davis

    Any show I might be watching, that starts incorporating a commercial for Obamacare…will be terminated on my tv forever. And I will made my displeasure known to the network.

    • tetons9


  • lottopol

    75 years from today it is unlikely that anyone will think
    Obama saved market-priced medical care. Rather, he only prolonged it, and that
    will not be thought of as a good thing. In the developed world, market-priced
    medical care still exists only in the USA. It is only a matter of time
    until market-priced medical care joins communism, slavery, racial segregation
    and fascism as systems that no longer exist in developed nations.

    The USA
    is the last holdout with market-priced medical care not because of any inherent
    conservative or free market ideology. Rather, as the wealthiest nation that
    ever existed we are the last ones who can afford it. Switzerland was one of the last
    advanced economies to abandon market-priced medical care. It is arguably a greater
    bastion of conservatism than the USA. Switzerland’s women were not granted the right to vote until 1971.

    During the debate as to whether Switzerland would abandon
    market-priced medical care there was considerable concern about how it would
    affect the major Swiss pharmaceutical giants such as Hoffmann-La Roche (RHHBY)
    and Novartis (NVS) which was Sandoz prior
    to the merger with Ciba in 1996. However, it was then realized that the Swiss pharmaceutical
    giants made much of their profits in the American market.

    The reason that no nation, including the wealthiest can
    allow markets to set the prices of medical care indefinitely is that demand for
    medical care is inelastic. Demand for a good or service is inelastic if a
    percentage increase in price results in a smaller percentage decrease in the
    quantity demanded. Basic economics tells us that sellers facing inelastic
    demand will continuously raise prices until prices reach the elastic portion of
    the demand curve. Consequently in every developed country in the world, all goods
    or services with inelastic demand have their prices regulated by government.
    Medical care in the USA
    being the only exception.

    Health care is one of the very few things for which the
    sellers face inelastic demand. The prices of all other goods and services
    facing inelastic demand in the USA
    are regulated by government. Retail electricity service providers face
    inelastic demand. Consequently, their prices are strictly controlled by all governments
    worldwide, including the USA.

    The inelasticity of retail electricity is obvious. If Consolidated
    Edison (ED) or any other electric utility were to triple retail service prices,
    people might be a little more careful about turning off the lights. Turning off
    their refrigerators? Watching less television? Not likely. Thus, tripling the price would result in only
    a small reduction in kilowatt-hours sold. Almost all other goods and services
    are price elastic. That includes non-medically necessary elective cosmetic and
    lasik surgery whose prices have actually relatively decreased over time.
    Medical care in the USA
    is the only instance in any developed country where any product facing
    inelastic demand is not substantially price regulated.

    Medical prices are controlled in various ways in the rest of
    the developed world. In Japan,
    the land of $100 melons and tiny $10,000 per month apartments, all medical care
    prices are listed in a book, thicker than the Manhattan telephone directory. The prices set
    in the book are usually less than a third of those in the USA. An MRI
    that costs $1,200 in the USA
    costs $88 in Japan.
    Japanese insurance companies are private as are most doctors. Japan spends less than a third per capita on
    medical care than America.
    However, the Japanese are greater consumers of medical care than Americans. They
    visit doctors and hospitals more often, have much more diagnostic tests such as
    MRIs. They also have better health outcomes as measured by all metrics such as
    life expectancy. They also wait less for treatment than Americans do as
    Japanese doctors work much longer hours for their much lower incomes.

    explicit price controls are roughly emulated in other countries via the use monopsonistic
    systems. Monopsony, meaning “single buyer” is the flip side of monopoly. A
    monopolist sets prices above free market equilibrium. A monopsonist sets prices
    below free market equilibrium. It does not matter if there is an actual single
    payer or many buyers (or payers) whose prices are set by the government or by
    insurance companies in collusion with each other. More competition among
    sellers generally leads to lower prices. However, more competition among buyers
    leads to higher prices. In the health insurance industry the beneficial effects
    of more insurance companies competing for patients are far outweighed by the
    adverse effects of insurance companies competing for doctors and hospitals in
    their HMO plans. This was completely misunderstood during the recent debate on
    health care reform. With health care, more competition among insurance
    companies on balance results in higher prices.

    Focusing attention on the insurance companies, which are
    simply intermediaries between the doctors and the patients, was a tragic error.
    It would like trying to solve a problem of high energy prices by focusing on
    gasoline stations. Only if the government sets prices can health care prices be controlled. Controlling prices does
    not automatically result in longer waiting times. Japan
    and Switzerland generally have
    shorter waiting times to see doctors than does the USA. Additionally, if prices were
    controlled there would be no such thing as “in-network” or “out-of-network”
    since all doctors would accept all insurance plans….”

  • fancythecat

    I am already very upset with the news on TV for not covering the truckers strike, the military in Washington, DC over the weekend and the bikers in Wash, DC.
    I am very close to closing down the DISH service over this. Obama should not
    be able to dictate what these news people can put on or not. Now he wants his
    agenda on, no way, I will definitely get rid of dish and internet if necessary.