George Zimmerman Will Be Found Not Guilty


Sanford, Fla. A Factual Accounting — George Zimmerman, a 29-year-old Hispanic man, is charged with shooting and killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin while conducting “neighborhood watch” on Feb. 26, 2012.

Government sources have informed US~Observer that the Sanford Police Department had no intention of charging Zimmerman with a crime and that it wasn’t until African-Americans from across the United States started protesting that the State of Florida stepped into the picture and filed a groundless, even ridiculous charge of second-degree murder against Zimmerman. State Attorney Angela Corey was assigned by the State to bring the false charge.

Harvard Law Professor and renowned attorney Alan Dershowitz said it best when he indicated there were no legitimate grounds for filing a criminal charge of second-degree murder against Zimmerman and then claimed that the charge by Corey was politically motivated. Dershowitz continued, “She insisted that she is entitled to submit what, in effect, were half truths in an affidavit of probable cause…”

This writer can factually state that the charge was racially motivated as well and that Corey didn’t act alone in her decision to quell the uprising.

The Trial

As we prepared to publish this article, the prosecution was beginning its second week of presenting evidence that proves Zimmerman’s innocence.

During Week One, the State’s star witness, Rachel Jeantel, told how Martin stated that he was being followed by a “creepy-ass cracker” (Zimmerman) and that this terminology was not a racial comment. She also admitted to lying at different times during this case. During her first day of testimony, Jeantel was blatantly rude and disrespectful to defense attorney Don West, yet she totally changed her demeanor for Day Two. Jeantel testified that she hadn’t talked with anyone about how she was testifying when questioned by West, which was presumably just another lie. Jeantel stated that Zimmerman hit Martin and then recanted when West cornered her. Jeantel then shocked everyone with common sense when she testified, she believes she “heard a wet grass sound” while on the phone with Martin. Enough said! Prosecution witness Jeantel made a perfect defense witness and provided more than reasonable doubt for Zimmerman’s jury.

The prosecution called John Good, an eyewitness to the altercation between Martin and Zimmerman. Good testified that Martin was on top of Zimmerman and he appeared to be punching him “MMA-style” (mixed martial arts). Prosecution witness Good also made the perfect defense witness and provided conclusive proof of Zimmerman’s innocence.

State witness Stacy Livingston, an emergency medical technician, subsequently treated Zimmerman’s injuries for about five minutes.

State witness Tim Smith, a Sanford police officer, testified that the back of Zimmerman’s jacket and pants were wet and that the back of the jacket had grass all over it. Smith was an excellent defense witness, providing much reasonable doubt.

State witness Jonathan Manalo, a member of the community, testified that he came on the scene and took cellphone pictures of Zimmerman’s injuries. Manalo stated that Zimmerman “got his butt beat,” but was “speaking clearly.” Manalo continued: “He had blood running down his nose from both nostrils and over his lips.” Again, this State witness made the perfect defense witness. Manalo provided much more than reasonable doubt for any jury. I could go on and on; however, proof is what it is and reasonable doubt is clearly reasonable doubt, unless you are “racially motivated” or prosecuting someone for “political gain.” Innocence is not white, black or Hispanic; innocence is conclusion based upon facts and state of mind.

Why did the State call all of these perfect defense witnesses to date, with more to come? Remember the 2012 election, when Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi was publicly supporting Republican Mitt Romney for President, campaigning her heart out and obviously expecting a high level position in his Administration in return? Martin was shot in February 2012, and the election was held in November 2012: millions of African-American votes were at stake. Florida and Bondi stopped all the protests and the loss of many votes by charging Zimmerman, and now they are at least assisting with his defense. The jury verdict in this case is an absolute “fait accompli.”

It takes no genius to conclude why Florida is prosecuting an innocent George Zimmerman; it just takes an investigative journalist from the US~Observer.

–Edward Snook
Originally published by the US~Observer on July 1.


Personal Liberty

Edward Snook

has been the publisher of the US~Observer newspaper for over 20 years, however his efforts to vindicate innocent people began over 25 years ago. He has also been a successful investigator, dog trainer and entrepreneur.

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  • JeffH

    Oh how the gun haters and racists will come out en masse over this story and again after Zimmerman is rightfully acquitted.

    They were here at PLD after Trayvon’s death…judge, jury and executioner…repeating exactly what the MSM was reporting including the belief that Zimmerman was a racist because NBC deceitfully edited the 911 call to make Zimmerman appear that way. Then they swore up and down that Zimmerman suffered no injuries and that he murdered that poor innocent little boy. The picture posted was of a 12 y/o Trayvon, meant to garner sympathy and feed the hate. Martin’s past was not allowed to be discussed and the You Tube video’s of Trayvon participating at a “fight club”, as a fighter and another as a referee were removed from You Tube.

    Don’t forget that Obama stuck his foot in his mouth…once again…with “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,” Obama said. “When I think about this boy, I think about my own kids.” I can only wonder if Obama is raising his daughters to become wannabe “punks & thugs” just like Trayvon may well have been.

    Of course it is a terrible thing for anybody to be shot, let alone killed and I can only imagine the remorse and pain and nighmares that both Zimmerman and Trayvon’s parents are going through…no thanks to the media and the haters.

    If anybody had taken the time to read the police report, which was available on line as well as the links to that police report that were posted on PLD several times by commentors, it would have seemed obvious that it was very possible that Zimmerman just might have been justified in protecting himself…standing his ground…and of course the haters immediatley felt that the “stand your ground” laws must be removed from Florida law and wherever else it was law.

    Time for the haters to fess up…but I think we already know how they’ll respond…just like before.

    • Agvocate

      THE MEDIA LIES! This video devastates the credibility of the Pretend Media. All for the mighty RATING. They have given us enough rope to hang themselves on Zimmerman. The video proves that every single thing they say over for 2 minutes on 3 different news shows has been proven a lie with photos and police reports. Derail the lynch mob, and drop all charges!

      • Robert Courtney

        yet they refused to report on the Gosnell murder case.
        Uh huh.

        • Ron

          Zimmerman was a wannabe cop…that’s a good thing! Trayvon was a wannabe thug…that’s a bad thing! So all you idiots /racists out there that don’t want to pay attention to the facts and twist and turn the truth around are the real problem in this country! Why don’t you move to Africa, i’m sure you will like it there, and take Obummer the racist muslem with you and live in peace!!

          • JRR

            As I posted earlier, there are too many insistently ignorant Americans who would proclaim that Trayvon was innocent based on his race, even if videos showed him shooting small schoolchildren.

            It’s a waste to devote any time or energy to these deliberately brain-dead specimens.

          • Rob

            This whole thing saddens my heart. I see a country torn apart by a young men’s tragic death and by another man’s situation of a huge unfortunate confrontation that led to him being forced to fire off his weapon and killing that young man.

            I see racism on a rise as we point the finger and blame each other for our lot in life. “It’s because of that N-g–r.

            or that White A-s Cra-k-r” that I have it so bad. Not to mention that George Zimmerman is Hispanic.

            My friends, a life has been lost. And another man was forced to take it. That is the FACT!! My advice to you is, keep both families is your prayers. the Martin family for their tragic loss. And the Zimmerman family for their ongoing situation. But mostly keep in your prayers that we as a nation get past this ridiculous hardened heart of racism that is poisoning our country and literally tearing it apart.

            Rev. Robert

          • John Woodbury

            This does not sound like the progressive Rob ( what a great name for a liberal) of past posts. If it is the same, more power to you, if not maybe you might want your name changed a bit. Your is a great post in a sea of political bickering, thanks for a good honest look at this problem.

        • Average_Joe56

          During the first week of the Gosnel trial, the MSM ran a total of 5 stories. During the first week of the GZ trial….203…hmmm…I guess we know what sell s advertising space…..Race baiting………and inciting mob violence
          For the MSM and liberals….Killing babies…no big deal….killing a wannabe thug who attacks you…Racist….
          ….. Up is down, left is right…Orwell would be astonished and saddened by his prediction…..becoming reality……

      • JRR

        A litany of unreported (or under-reported) black violence.

        As one Danish man said about the Muslims raping little Danish schoolgirls: It they can’t behave in a civilized manner, they should not be allowed to remain in a civilized country.

      • vanguard7

        The “Pretend Media”, as you call them, are not doing this for the ratings. I honestly believe they couldn’t care less about their ratings. They are portraying this obvious and blatant case of self-defense as a hate crime and racial based because they have a political agenda to promulgate. They are only following their marching orders by their leader(s)…..Obama, Holder, and the Sharptons and Jacksons of the world. Not mention the Black Panthers.

    • cletc47

      I am still in disbelief this trial is even taking place. We need MORE George Zimmerman’s! People willing to be the eyes and ears of our communities.
      Too often someone is being victimized with bystanders doing absolutely nothing, we often see videos of this on the news.
      Now a man is on trial for being attacked and defending his life while serving his neighbors. My hope is this ridiculous trial is quickly decided and Mr. Zimmerman can live his life. He would certainly be welcomed in my neighborhood!
      Despite this public racially motivated side-show, we need more people like Mr. Zimmerman!

      • Merle Dickey

        Unfortunately, if Mr Zimmerman wins ,he will probably have to leave the country, at least the state, for safety reasons.

  • observer

    “If I had a son he would look like Trayvon”……………..and probably behave like him as well! Some people forget to put their brain into gear before they open their mouth. Mark Twain has Obama pegged……………Take the facts and then twist them any way you like. Better that people think you are a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt – makes sense doesn’t it?

  • doktor don

    So, it would be Ok, with you if your Son was kicked out of School twice?

  • me

    Probly have a bunch of riots over this one by blacks just like on the west coast years ago after the police beat the hell out of the blackman. He won a lawsiut against them. Seems to me he got in trouble again after winning the suit. He died of something a few years ago. I don’t recall how. This time this one is open and shut. too bad they draw things out so long. President Owebunhole kinda proved what a loser he is when he said the thing about the son deal.

    • George Gilbert

      Lettem Riot. I/WE are Very Well Armed, for just such an event

    • JRR

      They’ve been rioting and mobbing for a long time. That’s probably not going to change no matter what the verdict is in this case.

      Check out this stunning, massive list of black crime, most of which the media conceals by refusing to report it:

    • Over21

      I had read that what was going during the beatings of Rodney King by the police was stuff we, as spectators from the TV, was Rodney talking a bunch of s*** to the cops. Granted, that was no reason to beat him, but that just proves we never get all the whole story or the truth.

  • ldazzle

    I feel bad for Zimmerman,, as he has obummer/holder, and the rest of the ‘left-wing loonies’ against him.

  • SSMcDonald

    Not Guilty….and rightly so. Let us hope Zimmerman’s civil damage lawsuits for wrongful prosecution takes a few of the looney left out of circulation.








    • chocopot

      Try reviewing the facts before you write drivel like this and make yourself sound like the utter fool you apparently are.

      • SAMMY




        • chocopot

          Crawl back under your rock, troll.

        • JeffH

          SAMMY, try to put a coherent sentence together and then check back in.

        • Average_Joe56


          In your own words, ” YOU RATHER SOUND LIKE UTTER FOOL”
          If you must yell to get your point across…you obviously have no debating skills…nor intelligence. Shouting down your opponent is not debate…’s acting childish….and quite frankly, I dismiss children as being “mostly uninformed”. Children throw tantrums when they don’t get their way or when someone disagrees with them…You are quite the Child…..

        • Rodhea

          Sammy…if you have been watching the trial…you have also been listening to the talking heads of the liberal media. No person with a lick of common sense could reasonably conclude that Zimmerman wasn’t defending himself from Martin’s attack…and this is all evidence that the prosecution presented. It’s people like you that have to be weeded out during the jury selection process.

      • JeffH

        Well lookey here…a hater shows up and displays the traits that were described in my first comment…and screaming to boot! Imagine that!

        SAMMY, you obviously wouldn’t know the truth if it hit you between the eyes. Not only are you a racist, but you’re blindly dishonest.


        • chocopot

          And just whom did I say I hate, troll? Again, go crawl back under your rock with your left-wing fantasies.

          • JRR

            Don’t bother; these people always spout the same nonsense because they have no ground to stand on.

            For all we know, he would insist that Trayvon was innocent even if he’d shot up a bunch of kids at a school.

          • JeffH

            chocopot, I had originally posted my response to SAMMY…how it ended up under your comment is a surprise to me…for that I apologise.

            That said, if you could comprehend just a bit better you would have seen that my comment was directed at “SAMMY” and that I clearly don’t have “left wing fantasies”.

            FYI, you do have the name calling down pat and your response was obviously an emotional one…just like the progressives.

          • chocopot

            Understood. Sorry…

          • John Woodbury

            JeffH just for the record I know you are not a NBT but it does say you posted in response to Chocopot.

    • Alfred Ferguson

      “Perple” [sic]. This “perple” stopped reading at “perple”.

      • Sammy

        Is one typing mistake a crime Mr. Goat man ?
        You want to bring yourself , come on in. You never made a
        typing mistake before ?

    • JRR

      De itty-bitty wittle Trayvon was a huge kid with a bad record.

      Is there something magic about 17 and under that makes all such people innocent angels? For instance, do 17-year-old Muslims never commit atrocities, because of their age?

      I suspect it that it isn’t the age; it’s his race that has so many people oblivious to his dismal record, and so blindly on his side. And, too lazy and dishonest to find out the fact.

      • ChiefBoring

        And the press runs a picture of Martin at about age thirteen, so he looks like a little boy. If he had been white, the case would not have made the news, and no charges would have been filed. All these people calling for Zimmerman;s head are not thinking, they are emoting.

    • Devorah Soheartless Sims

      hell naw cause if trayvonn was white gz would be on death row

      • CrazyAssCracker

        Three words to sum up YOU HOODRATS………….”CRAZY ASS CRACKER”!

    • TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

      If the the “white boy” had smashed the black man’s nose and banged his head against the sidewalk, it would be reasonable for the black man to shoot the white boy. Do you see how easy that was when you use the facts to make a decision rather than the race?

      Second, the prosecutor is required to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.

      It’s not good enough to prove Z might have been guilty – it must be proven. Anything less than beyond a reasonable doubt must be acquitted.

      It is reasonable to think that Z might have been in fear for his safety or even his life since Martin was trying to hit Z’s head against the sidewalk – as the forensic evidence indicates.

    • Natasha

      All facts being the same, I ABSOLUTELY would want Zimmerman to be set free if Treyvon Martin was a white boy. ABSOLUTELY! No doubt whatsoever!

    • Jack

      Sammy, I had enough. After reading your post, please get some remedial English courses so at least your stupidity is correct English.

      Yes, this a shame. However, excusing Martin as a little boy just does not hold water. He did drugs, probably sold them, stole items, on at least one occasion. Blame his lack of a father figure, his black culture, any one except him; that is the liberal way. He was casing the community for a job. Early in her many versions, Rachel Jeantel, may have actually told the truth. She said Martin told he was being followed by a crazy ass cracker and he was going to ditch him. Ditching means not to lose someone; it means, in ghetto slang, to kill someone and leave them in a ditch. The shame of Martin’s death is the shame of the Afro-American culture in this country. They have been lied to and pampered beyond belief and now the chickens are coming home to roost.

  • Chester

    There is at least one lie in the very first sentence of this story, unless the man who first investigated this case wasn’t a part of the local police department. Seems it is a matter of record that he wanted to charge Zimmerman with manslaughter, but those over him, including the DA, said no dice. Could it be that because Zimmerman was nearer a white man than Martin, there was less chance of him being a liar? Or was it simply the fact that Zimmerman was alive, albeit with a scratch or two on the back of his head, and Martin wasn’t? Awfully hard for a dead boy to argue with a live man.

    • Bronco Bomma

      “Seems it is a matter of record that he wanted to charge Zimmerman with manslaughter, but those over him, including the DA, said no dice.”

      That’s only partially true. The lead detective Chris Serino wanted to charge him with manslaughter **initially**. He tested Zimmerman by lying to him and telling him there was potentially video evidence of the attack. Zimmerman’s response? “Thank God.” It was at that moment when Serino believed Zimmerman’s story which is why he wasn’t charged.

      Zimmerman’s attorney asked Serino on the stand just a few days ago. “Do YOU think George Zimmerman was telling you the truth?”

      Serino answered “Yes.”

      You see, what I presented here were facts from the trial and not made up nonsense.

  • CWA

    Yes, all the evidence is in Zimmerman’s favor. That’s why he will be convicted. Screw “justice.”

  • William James Ward

    Just how bad a beating did Martin get from Zimmerman before being
    shot dead……..none, Zimmerman had the ugly and traumatic head
    hits that would cause any normal person’s thinking to be rattled.
    It was Martin’s hands that showed damage from striking Zimmerman.
    There is not really much to this story outside of media and race baiters
    hype. Unfortunate for Martin to have done what he did but justice is
    not served in charging Zimmerman with anything greater than bad
    judgment. Fear of riots, fear of racial backlash, well that type of
    idiotic consequence if stupidity feeding on itself. People today do not
    take the crap of the past decades and more people carry weapons,
    it would be criminal stupidity to riot and join Trayvon Martin in the
    afterlife and that is what will happen unless the white victims are
    innocents in the wrong place and defenseless. I hope that rioting
    and attacking innocent people does not happen……………William

  • Over21

    Why didn’t Martin just keep on walking? Why did there even have to be a confrontation? What happened in order for all this to go down the way it did? Only 2 people knows for sure.. Martin and Zimmerman.

    • Robbie

      We know that Zimmerman thought Martin was a bad actor and he began following him in dead of night even though he was warned not to and wait for the police. We also know that Zimmerman caught up to Martin and was carrying heat. Had Zimmerman remained in his car nothing would have happened.

  • Robbie

    The evidence so far clearly shows that Zimmerman targeted , followed and shot Martin.

    • JeffH

      Robbie is one of those “haters” that was mentioned in earlier comments.
      What evidence might that be? Oh,that’s right, the evidence you’ve been led to believe which obviously doesn’t match the evidence that the Sanford PD has.

      • Robbie

        Do you mean to say that you believe the Police?!? And here I thought most folks on this site feel that the police are part of the evil government that wants to take your guns away.

        • Average_Joe56

          “Do you mean to say that you believe the Police?!? ”

          No, it means we believe the EVIDENCE…nimrod….

          ” And here I thought most folks on this site feel that the police are part of the evil government that wants to take your guns away.”

          Actually, you didn’t think…you “felt” that we would jump on the “Stupid Train” with you non-thinking ignoramuses…. Liberals don’t think…they try to pull at heartstrings…and if that doesn’t work they play the victim, feign perceived injustice…and threaten violence if they don’t get their way… AKA…a bunch of thugs……..

          The people of the US are tired of being bullied by a bunch of racist thug wannabe’s. They (liberals and blacks) should be careful what they start…it could also be their end as well…..
          If they bring violence, they will be met with equal violence…count on it. We are done being bullied…period.

          • Robbie

            I’ll let the jury decide if you don’t mind.

            How’s that gun march on Washington that you folks were planning to show how you’re not going to be bullied anymore? [Oh I forgot. The macho gun lovers who were going to march on the capital with their guns in tow decided to cancel and stay home to watch the ball game while throwing back a couple of beer]! A brave bunch indeed. (Actually mostly just hot air).

          • Average_Joe56

            “I’ll let the jury decide if you don’t mind.”

            Your original post:

            “The evidence so far clearly shows that Zimmerman targeted , followed and shot Martin.”

            Does the left side of your brain know what the right side is thinking? First, you convict him…and when called out…now you’ll “wait for the Jury to decide”?…LMAO…back peddle much?

            “How’s that gun march on Washington that you folks were planning to show how you’re not going to be bullied anymore?”

            Who exactly are “you folks”?…I don’t recall saying anything about any march that I was attending. Typical liberal…lump everyone that you disagree with into some group that you’ve “labeled” with your own little tag. How quaint….

            “A brave bunch indeed. (Actually mostly just hot air).”
            If you wish to take my guns…feel free to bring your happy @ss on over to get them…just me and you…You can show me how brave you are (don’t assume that I need my guns to teach you the error of your ways)…..or are you as I suspect…just blowing hot air? Don’t let your alligator mouth write a check that your canary @ss can’t cash….
            Not all liberals are complete morons…but, you sir as an individual…clearly are. Wear it with pride…..

          • JeffH

            AJ, LMAO! Robbie is another good example of why “stupid is forever”.

          • Average_Joe56

            The boy is as bright as a burnt out light bulb… and as sharp as a bowling ball….

        • JeffH

          Robbie, that’s probably your biggest mistake…you tried to think…and half wit progressive “haters” like you struggle with that phenomenon all the time.

          • Robbie

            I realize that you think you are quite clever but intelligent people realize that when someone must resort to insults such as you have done they have little – or nothing – else to say.

          • JeffH

            Robbie, who cares what you think and who’s gonna believe you except another brain dead hater & progressive.

            You said “the evidence so far clearly shows that Zimmerman targeted , followed and shot Martin.”

            I hadn’t any idea that conjecture was considered strong evidence so you better call the Assistant State Attorney of the Fourth Judicial Circuit of Florida and let them know right away ’cause he missed that part.

            You think everyone else is so stupid that they can’t recognize the poorly thought out rationalization of someone like you that shows the inability to rationalize?

          • Robbie

            Well the fact is that Zimmerman called 911. That’s a fact. They have played that tape a hundred or times already. And on that tape we hear Zimmerman clearly make a racial comment about the kid. That’s on the tape. And also Zimmerman says clearly that he suspects the kid of being up to no good. His words on the police tape are clear. Then Zimmerman clearly says that he’s going to go after the kid – follow him. The dispatcher then clearly says not to do that that. The dispatcher wanted Zimmerman to simply stay in his vehicle. Zimmerman disobey that request and went after the kid with an itchy trigger finger and a gun. He obviously caught up with the kid because before too long they are in an argument. The kid asks why Zimmerman is following him. Why indeed? Then obviously a fight starts up which would not have happened if Zimmerman had stayed in the car and waited for police as requested. During the fight Zimmerman shoots the kid through the heart.

            But to you its O.K. to go after anyone, start a confrontation, and then if the person you are stalking puts up an objection you can just blow them away and claim self defense. Land of the free!

          • JeffH

            OK stupid! That means you Robbie! Whoopie…he called 911 like he should have.

            You don’t have a clue how things went down so I’ll help you out with the full transcript of Zimmerman’s 911 call

            Zimmerman did not go after Trayvon once the 911 dispatcher suggested he should not. After that call it was Trayvon who approached Zimmerman.

            Are you so stupid as to believe your erroneous and ignorant statement, “They have played that tape a hundred or times already. And on that tape we hear Zimmerman clearly make a racial comment about the kid. That’s on the tape.”

            No dummy, that was on NBC’s edited version…ya know, the one they edited to make it appear Zimmerman was a racist. I’ll help you out just because you’re way behind the information curve.

            The 911 recording aired on NBC’s “Today” show on March 27, when the audio viewers heard suggested that Zimmerman volunteered to police, without provocation, that Martin was black: “This guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black.”

            But the tape had been edited, and the portion where the 911 dispatcher specifically asks Zimmerman if the person in question was “black, white or Hispanic,” was deleted.

            The conversation that actually occurred between the dispatcher and Zimmerman is as follows:
            – “This guy looks like he’s up to no good. Or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about.” Then the dispatcher asked, “O.K., and this guy — is he white, black or Hispanic?” To which Zimmerman replied, “He looks black.”

            A producer for NBC News has been fired for editing a recording of George Zimmerman’s call to police the night he fatally shot Trayvon Martin.

          • Sammy

            @ JeffH and his bunch of stupid idiot foolish friends who think Zimmerman the notorious murderer , hater, trigger happy was right for following an innocent boy returning from store , came out of his vehicle when Police had warned him not to follow the young boy, confronted him and shot him to death.
            Those idiots have turned blank eyes and ignored the truth because TRUTH is their worse enemy.
            George Zimmerman is a criminal ,a dangerous killer, a typical BIGGEST BULLY LIER who changed his story 6 times to POLICE and admitted shooting the 17 years old boy MARTIN to death.
            This cold blooded murderer never made a mistake of following a young 17 years old White boy and shooting him to death as he did to Martin .
            George Zimmerman has a big CURSE from Hell on his head . Same Curse goes to all those of his supporters and his admirers who condone his evil act against Mr. Martin. God is watching you all.
            I rest my case.

          • JeffH

            Excuse me a moment while I bust out laughing at one of the most ignorant, hate filled rants by a racist ignorant progressive.

            Sammy, you can go to hell for lying too…seek forgiveness or burn in hell! Your choice!

          • Sammy

            You have to seek more forgiveness than I do and this is not a laughing matter because your admirer killer Zimmerman shot and killed some one’s 17 years son and is buried under the ground while you evils rejoice over the killing.
            Hell gate is wide open waiting for you and your Barbarian counterparts . You will all burn in hell as well .
            I may be ignorant to you but I have a clear functioning brain and am not a racist as you think my friend

          • JeffH

            For the second time Sammy…just try comprehend this one time.

            “Sammy, you can go to hell for lying too…seek forgiveness or burn in hell! Your choice!”
            Feelin’ the heat Sammy?

    • pissed off conservative

      what trial have you been watching?? the evidence clearly shows martin was the aggressor, martin got what he deserved ..and when they find zimmerman innocent ,the blacks will use it as an excuse to riot ,, had this have been a black man shooting a white man it would not even have made the news..

      • Robbie

        Maybe you’re right. I’m beginning to remember that it was Martin who went over to Zimmerman’s car and started some jive talkin’ to the man. Then when Zimmerman called 911 the dispatcher told him that the police could not be there for a long while. Then the dispatcher ordered Zimmerman to follow the little black kid and to make sure to bring a concealed weapon. So Zimmerman did follow the kid and when he caught up to the kid the youngster immediately attacked him so Zimmerman had no choice but to blow him away.

      • Sammy

        what evidence and TV channel have you been watching ? You sound very bloody fool by saying Martin deserved what he got.
        I see you as a dirty racist of all time without a functioning brain.
        The soul of Martin will haunt you and your senseless racist full of hate for the rest of your miserable lives
        Watch CNN and HLN , NANCY GRACE report for the true facts on the case dummy.

  • elda

    The ENTIRE reason Zimmerman was charged is because FL was trying to stop race wars. Well, what they did was put off a few small ones in exchange for a lot of big ones because they gave the Black community hope that they would get social justice. But if EQUAL justice prevails Zimmerman will walk free and it will not matter that the truth stood, because this is about feelings, not truth. I am very sorry if any innocent people are harmed if the truth stands.

    • Frank Burns

      I’m pretty confident that the humans in Florida (and elsewhere) have anticipated potential massive chimpouts, and are more than prepared to stand their ground in such an event.

  • whiterulezzz

    Well i guess its safe for me to follow a bunch of black kids around to block and start a fight. i’ll make sure its night

    I’ll kill them and say it was self defense… guess what negros… im walking free.


    • Frank Burns

      Oh, heavens, no! You can NEVER EVER EVER consider a black person suspicious. If there’s a hooded figure on a dark, rainy night in a neighborhood that has been burgled numerous times (by young, black men, incidentally), you can watch them and call the police…unless you eventually find out that they’re black. Not only are they then above any suspicion, but they may actually be carrying candy, which of course proves that they’re innocent little babies.

  • An Observation

    Just like with Casey Anthony, even if he is found not guilty, he will not be able to live a normal life anymore. The entire nation has had their eyes on this case.

    • Frank Burns

      Except everybody hates Anthony, and with good reason. Only idiots hate GZ.