During Ways And Means Hearing, House Dems Can’t Find Liberal IRS Victim


Some Democrats rushing to the Internal Revenue Service’s defense after reports of the agency’s unfair targeting of conservative groups alleged that IRS officials were simply doing their jobs by vetting organizations applying for nonprofit status and that the IRS had also targeted liberal groups.

But the scene that unraveled during a House Ways and Means Committee hearing about the scandal Tuesday told a different story. Of six witnesses called to testify about their groups’ experiences dealing with the IRS, no liberals were present.

“I do want to note that the minority was given the opportunity to call up a witness but did not present a witness that had been affected by taxpayer activity, by IRS activity, so that’s why there is no minority witness at the table today,” Ways and Means Representative Chairman David Camp (R-Mich.) said at the hearing.

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Sam Rolley

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  • Jana

    During Ways And Means Hearing, House Dems Can’t Find Liberal IRS Victim

    This IRS that can wipe out a person or a family at their whim, is as untrustable as Obama. His transparency is sickening!

    • Dave

      Hey Jana,

      Can you tell me if any of these groups were denied tax exempt status because they were conservative?
      Can you also tell me which Democrat was “rushing” to the IRS’s defense please?

      • Jana

        Almost all of the ones held up for so very long were conservatives. The President’s brother had one go through in 3 weeks.

        I just watched it on TV. The Dems on the committee were actually quite rude, almost like they were blaming American citizens for being harassed by the IRS, and the DEA, and the CIA some for up to 29 months of their lives.

        The IRS even leaked one person’s tax returns and addresses of donors to political opponents and it was posted on their website.

        Dave if it would have happened to you it would be just as obnoxious as it is not anyone’s business what your tax returns have on them. The problem is they were never just denied, they were held up without approving or denying them. Then they were harassed. This is America. We don’t do that here. It isn’t right.

        Watch Greta Van Susteren tonight. She shows a brief showing of it. I was flipping channels and saw it. She will be on again later.

        • Dave

          can you give a case where one was “held” up so they could not participate in the 2012 election cycle being subsidized by my tax dollars? How long are we talking about here for the worst cases?
          #1, I would not be trying to dup the people of the United States by claiming tax exempt status while doing overtly political work. I have morals that way…If you are claiming tax exempt status, it darn well in the IRS’s business.
          We don’t harass? I guess I missed that lesson when anyone who was against the Iraq war was flogged in public by the mainstream media and the Bush administration and conservatives and threats were sent. I must have missed that also when the NAACP’s taxes were audited and a So CAL church was audited due to making any war statements.
          Are people on the conservative side ever rude? Or are they just doing their “civic” duty?
          Singling out conservatives or liberal groups is wrong. But the bigger wrong is these groups using your tax payer subsidized money to further ruin the political process in this country. Conservatives are worked up into such a Obama-hate lather that they do not have the ability to see the bigger more serious issue. I have not heard one story about any conservative group that did not get their tax exempt status and without that evidence, this is much-ado-about another GOP led scandal-gate since they have nothing on Benghazi and they are trying to bow out of that without looking too much like the uber-partisan hacks they are.

          • Jana

            A. They are not using any tax money. They receive no money from any of yours or my taxes. They receive donations.
            B. Watch the news for your information just like I do.
            I agree if they are doing wrong then deny them, don’t harass them.
            One is Dr. James Dobson was also harassed. He is a Christian Dr. who founded Focus on the Family Org. and was trying to do another Org. but was also harassed and kept hanging for over 2 years. I realize that to you a Christian is a bad word.
            Have you not bothered to listen to the News or keep up?
            Evidently not. Too bad for you.
            You say Conservatives are worked up into such an Obama hate, well Obama sure isn’t helping himself on this one as all he is doing is going off and doing more fund raising.
            You call it Obama hate I call it Obama policy hate. His policies or lack of good policies are destroying this great country, and he could have gone a long way to redeeming himself but all he does is foster further mistrust in himself to most of the people who have any decent morals and common sense out here, and can see what is going on. Sounds like the ones full of hate are people like you for anyone who does not think, feel or act like you do.

          • Dave

            A, their tax exemption means they do not contribute taxes for the good and services they buy… That leaves you and I to cover the difference so we do pay albeit indirectly.

            B. James Dobson is a political operative who uses Christianity for political gain and people like homosexuals and women are kept down as a result. he should be investigated if he is trying for tax exempt status.

            I have no problem with Christianity as long as they keep their nonsense out of the Gov

            All of these people should not have tax exempt status. Liberal or Conservative.

            Its funny, you say Obama’s policies are ruining this country. Well the reality is that Obama has had precious little of his policies pass the GOP led House and Filibuster happy Senate. The GOP said specifically in the middle of the worst recession since the depression that they will not do anything to give Obama anything that could be percieved as a victory. Your boys Boehner and McConnell have conspired to put politics first before country. The only real policy victory has been Obamacare and it hasn’t even gone into full effect yet.

            I do keep up with the news and not one group was denied even though they should have been. The IRS got slammed with conservative petitions for tax exemption requests by bogus groups like Freedomworks, FOTF and many others who only goal is to use undocumented big money to ruin the political process further. That is the biggest issue.

          • Jana

            Wow Dave, something I hadn’t realized before. It sounds like you have been trained by the Taliban on how to destroy the American ways.

            You are a perfect example of the Muslim voice in this United States, the voice that has been trying to destroy this country. You have bought right into it.

            You have been so well trained in the art of propaganda that you use our rights against to destroy our rights just like your master Obama.

            Your own party has stated that Obama care is Fiasco.

            Sure you watch the news. ABC, CBS media linked to the Obama administration, NBC link uncovered
            today, the news channels that can be depended on to manipulate the truth and the uninformed people. Wow, there are those out here who do see through you! I
            am sure you watch those news channels with bated breath and buy into it all the way. The proof is in your writing. Your ideas are so misguided the only
            ideology that fits with you is the Taliban and you have fallen right in step with them.

          • Dave

            Funny you mention the Taliban. They have more in common with the religious conservatives than any liberal. They misuse religion and manipulate people using it, zero ability to compromise, eager for war… that is the GOP’s record.
            But lets see if you can tell me the specific policies that have runed America that Obama is responsible for? You can tell me I am a muslim propagandist well enough with no proof of your wild assertion.
            While you are at it, tell me the specific spending Obama kicked off to become this massive spender. I a couple items I can directly attribute to Obama but I want to see what you can come up with.
            Obamacare isn’t a cure-all but it is better than what we had before and the GOP solution was… oh wait, they had none.
            I watch all the news, CBS, NBC, FOX, BBC, MSNBC, Rush, NY Post, NY Times, Wash Post, Al Jazerra, ABC, Reuters, AP I come here all to give me a well rounded perspective on a story… How about you?
            I am a liberal and you calling me a Taliban is just another example of how clueless about ideology conservatives like you are.

          • Jana

            Wow Dave Wow.
            What a confession.
            Before by what you wrote I was assuming I was correct, but when you confessed all of that you made it truth for me and all who will read this post.
            I never called you a Taliban, you called yourself that. I said it sounded like you had been trained by them.

            Your whole rant shows you know nothing about Christianity, nor do you know what you are talking about on the Health Care Bill. Sorry but you are going to find out the hard way.
            No wonder our country is on a downhill slide with the likes of you and yours voting. You are the one who is clueless about what you are losing.

          • Dave

            Just trained by them… but thats not a “Taliban”? I see…

            I know plenty about all religions, I did my spiritual journey when I attended university and all religions are great… as long as you believe exactly the same way they do. When you disagree about the right way to “heaven, nirvana, paradise” that is when people get killed. I don’t care to get into “my god is better than your god” nonsense thank you very much.

            What do you believe is the worst case scenario for this HC law? Hmmm… Less people going to the ER for care? Limiting the amount of profit an insurance form can make off a patient will reduce care?

            The private sector knows how to make money, care for people is far down the list of things that are important to corporations.

          • Jana

            Ok, brag brag brag, I think you are getting a little silly now.

          • Dave

            I asked you a question about the HC law. Can you answer it?

          • Jana

            There are so many pages in the Health Care Law that they have had to get lawyers and specialists to interpret it, so how can little ole taliban you interpret it? All of these people that think they are going to get so much free health care, and they are going to find out free isn’t free. Ask your Dr. I have. They are worried sick. This is destroying the health industry. Obama has given a free ride to his friends, they are exempt from Obama care, ie: the unions, his Muslim masters, and his big donars. So much for it being so great if so many wanted to opt out.

            Teenagers health care is going to go up a tremendous amount. People have to have help to fill out the form for free health care which is several pages long.

            It would be nice if only the ones who voted for Obama got punished not the rest of us!

            Traitors of the American system like you who think they know it all will think you have won but you have managed to expose yourself for what you really are. ANTI AMERICAN.

            YOU WILL NOT WIN.

            They are increasing the IRS gestapos so they can handle the extra taxes for it that you don’t think you are gonna pay! They are trying to making the IRS the 4th power in this country right now as we speak, thank you very much Obama! They are about as crooked as they can be and if you don’t think so just look how they partied to the tune of 50 million of our tax dollars the last few years. Tough on you if you don’t think there is a scandal in the IRS but that just shows your lack of knowledge and judgement!

            Dave for you to say there are no scandals going on is the same thing as you having your eyes closed and saying Jodi Arias is not a murderer or the Fort Hood Terrorist is not a terrorist, it was a ‘workplace incident’ like your Lord and Master Obama claims.

          • Dave

            So you have nothing… as I thought beside ad hominem attacks… Maybe if you opened your eyes… doctors and their greed are part of the issue along with big pharma, hospitals, insurance firms, lawyers… al wanting a piece of the pie in an industry you don’t have much choice but to use. If you have a heart attack, are you shopping for HC services in your moment of dire need? You clearly have no clue what the HC law does and doesn’t do just like you have no clue about what it means to be an American. Unless I fall lock step with your religiously fueled dogma, I am not a patriot in your eyes. This is exactly why conservatism as practiced in this country is a mental disease.

          • Jana

            Who doesn’t have a clue???? WHO DOESN’T HAVE A CLUE?

            YOU don’t have a clue!. It’s obvious to an American that YOU don’t have a clue.

            You want the Federal Government to be in charge of your Health Care. Wow You have definitely been bought and paid for by Obama and his Muslim brothers. You deserve what you are gonna get. You will have a group of politicians telling you yes or no you can have a procedure done. We see how well that is going over right now with the little 10 year old girl that needs adult lungs. Finally enough people got involved and a judge okayed it this morning but it took the pressure of the people to separate reality from Government. But when the death squad starts making its decisions it will be final. I hope its the ones who voted for Obama and his Middle Eastern Ways like yours who suffer, not the good people of this country who didn’t want it.

            You are the one who wants to use religion as a good American, America was founded on FREEDOM OF RELIGION. The muslims want to control who we worship and want us to conform to their way of worship and we want that to stop. We don’t mind if they are here and don’t bring their merciless background killing ways and try to force us to believe like they do. Just like now they are trying to get Sharia law here, they are trying to take away our guns,(that you support) so they can suppress and control us. They have killed millions in Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, and all over the world in the name of their religion and the next step is here in this country. The only ones who have opposed your people are the Christian Nations with a background of freedom, so now your people are trying to control and destroy every bit of freedom we have fought so hard to maintain.

            The Obama administration has found a key weakness in our society right now which are the lazy people with their hands out that have never paid any income tax, that have been on welfare all of their lives, that have been milking the system all of their lives so that they can continue to do nothing for the rest of their lives, in that the only thing it will cost them is to give the WORTHLESS LIBERAL Democrats their vote. The worthless liberal Democrats that are in power right now have totally committed to destroying our way of life and our great America by promoting Muslims and trying to put down loyal patriotic Americans.

            Anyone can CLAIM to be a patriot but when I read your own words and your people’s words, who are totally void of the truth and what it even means to be an American, no, in the words of a true American Patriot, you are not. You and your kind are in reality are a traitor to everything America has ever stood for.

      • Jana

        By the way Dave, This should not be a Democrat thing or a Republican thing, this should be an American concern. If this type of thing gets started on whichever party is in power it is wrong. This cannot stand.

        • Dave

          I agree, it should not stand but neither should these groups be fleecing the American public either… that is also an American concern. At least this American.