Do It For Trayvon


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 300 million men, women, children and leftist college professors currently call the United States home; and that’s before we even consider the tens of millions currently waiting for President Barack Obama to write “Bienvenido a Los Estados Unidos!” on White House stationery. In the wake of the acquittal of George Zimmerman, the overwhelming majority of your brothers and sisters in red, white and blue did the exact same thing you probably did: nothing. You all continued right on living pretty much the same lives you lived beforehand.

Don’t mistake my intent; I am not criticizing you. Despite the opportunity to throw a shrieking tantrum, most of you chose to finish dinner, do the dishes and go to bed.

Think of the fun you turned down. You could have beaten the hell of a white guy in Baltimore; Milwaukee; Oakland, Calif.; or Mississippi. Granted, picking fights with random white guys is a risky endeavor; he could turn out to be a cage-fighting ex-Marine with a higher pain threshold than a rhinoceros. Worse, he could be a white version of Zimmerman. And I’m a little hazy on how beating a white guy in Mississippi into coma will alter the outcome of the trial of a Hispanic man acquitted of murdering a black kid in Florida. Sorry, champ; beating up a random passerby won’t help Trayvon Martin.

Instead, you could have looted the Wal-Mart on Crenshaw Boulevard in South Central Los Angeles.  Americans love expressing their social outrage through the power of theft.  And there’s no way anything less than battalion-strength numbers would manage to arrest every looter in the store. Plus: free flat-screen! However, looting the Wal-Mart won’t bring back Martin from the hoodie-huddle in the sky. Moreover, looting the Wal-Mart causes Wal-Mart financial pain, which it then inflicts upon its customers through price increases. And that means when you go back to pick up the HDMI cable for the flat-screen you looted, it will cost more — as will everything from beer to TV dinners. Furthermore, since riding the bus while carrying a looted flat-screen is an awkward proposition at best, you probably will loot the Wal-Mart in your own neighborhood. That makes looting local. Congratulations, you just wrecked your own house. I’m sure that would make Martin feel better about being dead.

Perhaps a trip might have been in order. You could have accompanied the “Reverend” Al Sharpton while he takes his race-pimping circus on a 100-city tour. But given Sharpton’s affinity for feces-flinging, you’d never rise above No. 2. You could have joined entertainer Stevie Wonder and other celebrities in boycotting Florida; though Wonder and his colleagues have yet to explain how avoiding the Sunshine State will undo the 5th Amendment and eliminate jury trials. Hanging out with screaming race-pimps and idiot celebrities is unlikely to deliver much of anything — much less justice — to Martin.

You could have gone on a bender of epic proportions. I’m talking “New Orleans post-Katrina, ‘Occupy’ riot on amphetamines or Detroit on Tuesday” wild. And you could have joined the aforementioned folk in claiming it was all “for Trayvon.”

You didn’t. If you’re anything like almost all of the rest of us, you chose to steal nothing, vandalize nothing and harm no one. Hell, you didn’t even try to use Martin’s demise as a sock puppet for some misguided assault on the Bill of Rights. Good for you. I’m sure Martin would be proud.

–Ben Crystal

Personal Liberty

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • jesusknight

    We didn’t do anything either, but my nephew was beaten by 3 black guys on his way to my house from the store tonight. His phone, I.D, and wallet was stolen from him, he was hit on the head with the butt of a snub gun and threatened with it. He did not fight back because he didn’t want to get shot. And the cops treated him like dirt. The cops? Treated him like he was the perp and not the victim. This has got to stop…

    • victor

      yes it does,whites should stop dealing whith blacks.think about it and do it,recover soonand best wishes…….victor

    • Rb

      You need to file hate crime charges and sue the police department for violating your nephew’s civil rights. Let’s see the day when that will happen. I hope your nephew has a speedy recovery and remembers that all Black people are not like that any more than all white people are like the skinheads.


        Very well said Rb !!

      • Bill

        We need to learn how to play the game. If we are going to sue, we need to make up some fictitious indian relatives and sue as discrimination against Indians. The press will eat it up and we might be able to get a good settlement

    • Jimmy the Greek

      And what did you do about it ? I would have got a car load of frends and went to the hood for some paybacks !

      • jesusknight

        They were long gone by then, sadly. They were looked for, but no one ‘saw’ anything…

        • Jimmy the Greek

          Grab any one you see from the same clan !

    • Arkham

      My adult son while visiting another city was mugged and beaten by black thugs at a bus stop for a smart phone. The other 20 + good citizens at the bus stop didn’t notice a thing while the scumbags stood around kicking him so hard that they damaged his eyesight. The police showed up, insisted on taking him to the hospital. The insult to injury was that the Fire Department billed him almost $2,000 for the 5 minute ambulance ride and the hospital billed him thousands for treatment. (Had he been an illegal alien the bill would have been zero.)

      After numerous letters the FD finally waved the charges for the ambulance ride but the hospital won’t give up and negotiations continue.

      I feel like going to that bus stop, flaunting an iPhone and pulling a Charles Bronson, but then I would likely be convicted of a hate crime and getting fried.

  • justaskin

    The planet was a beautiful place until our species arrived, for sure! Somebody out there needs to help us now, but actually we do not deserve to be helped, do we?

    • Bill

      What a dumb comment

  • 1baronrichsnot1

    They like 7 to 1 odds, or lowest 3 to 1, for their beat downs and robberies, I met some once, my first encounter with 4 to 1, I flashed something black, and they left. This is what Eric wants to change.

    • Jimmy the Greek

      I would have shot them all and got the hell out of there !

  • Al Chemist

    Ben, Excellent article and a great summary of the past week.

  • dan

    speaking of choices…why does the IRS and DOJ choose to oppress
    Americans . Travon was a made to order cause celebre(ty) toincite mass distractions by the Community Organizer in Chief’s million man army

  • Al Chemist

    Dear rioters, looters, criminal Black people,
    Chances are that the White person you single out for a beating doesn’t own any slaves, has not committed any civil rights violations, will continue to pay taxes so you can have your food stamps and Obama Phones, and didn’t have any thing to do with the Zimmerman verdict. STOP BLAMING WHITE PEOPLE.

  • Warrior

    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that all the “talking heads” and their “guests” want to talk about is, it’s time for some serious “discussions” or “dialogue” about “race relations” in this country. But along with that “coined topic”, the conversation always moves back to “getting justice for Trayvon” or as us simple people interpret, “Zimmerman”, it ain’t over for you until we see you hang. Ya know, come to think of it, I kinda still feel that way about the four dead Americans that were “left”, er “found” in Benghazi. Hillary? Is your memory improving yet? We do realize that ‘bumps” on the noggin sometimes take time to heal.

    • Adolf Schmidt

      There was outrage when Zimmerman was not arrested without enough evidence. The President,DOJ, and FBI have been pushing or looking for evidence for 17 months! They are still looking for evidence to bring him to Fed. court for civil matters. Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, Holder, and Crump, should have made their expectations clearer! We( the aforementioned) demand Zimmerman, be arrested, brought to trail( with or without evidence) and found guilty. I have never seen our Country try so hard to appease a group of people. We tried to find him guilty, we tried so hard!!! Now that our legal system has failed this group, we will continue to persecute a man, found not guilty in a court of law, until we have the outcome that will calm the rioting masses! Hooray for our Country!!!!! Where a man is found guilty before, during, and after a trial, even when acquitted.

    • David Wallace

      Yesterday they marched downtown Orlando and they’re calling for the end of “Stand Your Ground” even though it had no bearing on the case. And they expect us to be so stupid as to not notice. Well, at least none of the critical thinkers in the population.

      • Willie Johnson Jr.

        the stand your ground law are for private home owners property owners also you just can’t stand your grounds if you are down the streets and not on your own property stand your ground did not apply to Zimmerman and being in law enforcement we will tell you not to follow the subject describe them then we will take over when we get there there are always cars close by to help you.

    • Roy Dahlin

      Unrelated question: You wouldn’t happen to be ‘The’ Warrior, would you?

  • CWA

    To hell with what would make Martin proud. He was a sleaze. Besides, he is NOT in heaven.

    • mark

      Right, CWA, you know who is in heaven and who isn’t. Must be nice to be God.

      • CJM2

        No, CWA is expressing wishful thinking…none of us know if Martin is “in heaven,” including the idiot who painted the halo around his head (and the pic is clearly one where he was 12 years old and not the 17 year old gangbanger that he really was).

    • Jimmy the Greek

      Sure he is , sitting on ted bundey’s lap !

  • Rb

    I am still wondering where the screams are for justice in Chicago are? For 10 days around the fourth of of July holiday there was a murder epidemic…..not self defense mind you….out and out murder where more than 100 people lost their lives….10 people a day! I don’t see Al Sharpton talking about that. Is Stevie going to boycott Chicago until the government cures that? And another very curious thing is the label they made up for George Zimmerman…”White” Hispanic. Really? Does that mean Barack Obama (87% White by heritage) can now be labeled the first “White” African-American president?

    • Roy Dahlin

      Hispanic isn’t a race, Rb. White Hispanic means White with Spanish-speaking ancestry. That’s it. It does not mean “half-white, half-Hispanic” like some people keep repeating. If Zimmerman is anything other than white, it’s because he’s 1/8 black. Being part Hispanic has nothing to do with it.

      • CJM2

        Zimmerman is part Peruvian Indian according to some reports, not black. But the rest of your post is quite correct…I agree his ethnicity has nothing to do with the case.

  • CJM2

    Ben Crystal: You said “Americans love expressing their social outrage through the power of theft,” and nothing could be further from the truth. I think you speak of the Negro population because MOST AMERICANS DO NOT RIOT. Furthermore, they did riot in the name of Trayvon Martin–in LA, as usual. Normally, I don’t disagree with you, but on this issue, I do.

    • Average_Joe56

      ” I think you speak of the Negro population because MOST AMERICANS DO NOT RIOT. ”

      I believe that was the whole point of Ben’s article. That most of us did nothing and that “certain groups” of people, who had no connection to the case…..rioted.

      Satire can be confusing at times.

      Committing crimes… in the name of justice?

      …How much of a brainfart is that?

      “Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.”
      Robert A. Heinlein

    • jim b

      There is White Negro’s too! Just like the new White Hispanic! CNN/MSNBC made that one up for this trial specifically, so I thought it would be okay for me to do it too!

  • Bill

    Good analogy, Ben
    Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson make a living stirring up racial discontent. With a black president in the white house that was supposed to encourage racial harmony, it was getting harder to find criteria for them to make a living. The Trayvon Martin story was perfect for them.
    Even though the “white” person was not all that “White”, a little bit was good material for them to embellish.
    You would think with them both being multi millionaires they might put some of that money to good use stopping black on black crime that kills 90% of the black youths. But Noooo!!!. They have both gotten fat and lazy and only no how to stir up discontent and not encourage racial harmony

  • jim b

    Sharpton’s a racist shark, he cannibalizes his own, they just don’t know it until it’s too late. I think the true colors of racism has been called out since BHO became POTUS. He, and minions like Sharpton have played their race cards one to many times, wrongly I might add, for it not to be obvious for all the world to see.

  • Alan

    The mentallity of these people is similar to Obama, never let a good crisis go to waste. Trayvon is merely a good excuse to raise hell, riot, loot,assault the innocent,and cause general mayhem. What they are really accomplishing is to force many of us to arm ourselves more heavily. They have become, like Obama, great gun salesmen.

    • John Stratemeyer

      Mentality? Now that’s funny!

  • John Stratemeyer

    Sorry Ben. Your sarcasm is lost on the left. The liberal/socialist/Democrat Mainstream Media (LSDMSM) is far too enamored of the “cultural” message that they are currently gleaning from the much-much-smaller-than-a-pea-brain of that noted intellectual, Rachel Jeantel. It might take awhile. There is so much “culture” in there, especially when one considers the size of her brain in comparison to that of the point of a pin. We “old school” guys just don’t understand.

  • gapch12

    Just read an article elsewhere about a young man(35 is still young to me) died after being punched and kicked at gas station, then chased down and dragged out of his vechile and then beaten again and left in the roadway where he was hit later by a car and died from all the injuries. This happened in Marietta, Ga around the first of July. The attackers were 4 black teenagers thugs who had some disagreement with this man at a gas station. Sorry to say this did not make national news with all of Trayvon stuff.

    • Arkham

      It is outrageous that this did not take precedence over the Martin/Zimmerman case. I hope the 4 young thugs get the justice they deserve.

  • John Cherish

    It is an absolute wonder why they looted a Wal-mart store except or the opportunity that was presented by this outcome of the trial. As was the same with the many riots before over race, this was their opportunity to steal. Maybe Wal-mart will decide since they looted the store they will close it and the community will have to travel further to shop at a Wal-mart, perhaps they will raise the prices in that store to cover their losses. Maybe even Layoff employees because of the perceived dangers of shopping there. Some of which might have been the same families that did the looting. And absolutely none of this changes any of the outcome.

    George Zimmerman is still a prisoner in his life he must now constantly defend himself from possible attacks on his person. His life is forever changed because of this.

    Trayvon Martin a young hoodlum wanna be will never achieve anything else in his life. The only one benefiting from this are the race baiters who live off the backs of the people, those that are too stupid to realize what is being perpetrated on them. This will not improve race relations and in fact has set it back a 100 years. Perfect for the likes of Al Shrapton, Jessie Jackson Jr., Eric Holder and Barrak Obama becuase now they can use the division to further their agenda and destroy America and to line their pockets.

    The aforementioned people thank you rioters for helping them steal from you. They are happy you are to stupid to realize the consequences of your actions. In the end you will pay for it when you useful idiots are no longer needed to further their agenda

    • Arkham

      Although it is questionable whether or not Martin was a “hoodlum wannabe” and Zimmerman was justified in his actions, the jury made their decision based on hat they heard in court and it is final. Many of us thought that the jury acquitting OJ was wrong, but there were no riots and vandalism. (Although the follow up civil trial reached a different conclusion and that may be the case here.)

      The anti-social behavior on the part of some young African Americans cheapens any argument they may have and loses any sympathy I might have had.

      • Jeff

        “The anti-social behavior on the part of some young African Americans cheapens any argument they may have and loses any sympathy I might have had.”
        How many does it take and how much sympathy are we talking about? The question is not necessarily who commits what crimes; it’s that if a Black kid is the victim, there’s a presumption in many quarters that it was his own fault. If a Black kid kills a White man in the course of a burglary, nobody questions it being a crime. The kid will either be arrested or shot by police and probably pretty quickly. The difference when a White man shoots a Black kid is there’s a presumption the kid was up to no good. Only in an extraordinary case is it even considered a crime.

        • speedle24

          That’s because 98% of the time historically he was up to “no good” genius. In addition your analogy makes about as much sense as a Flordia prosecutor. Let’s see….”if a black kid kills a white man in the course of a burglary….” Okay, got that, black kid enters private property to steal and murder and gets shot (that all sounds as it should be). But then the white man shoots a black kid (where are the rest of the facts). Man, you guys stretch all credibility to protect your ideology.

          • Jeff

            I take it you have statistics to back up your 98% claim?

          • speedle24

            No Jeff, you don’t need statistics for the obvious. You are kidding of course, Unless you are living in a quonset hut in Antarctica or something, you know who is doing the vast vast majority of crime in this country (especially in urban areas. Here’s a clue. It isn’t old white men that the left love to demonize. Take it from there genius.

          • Jeff

            If you are white and the victim of a crime, the likelihood is around 80% the perpetrator will be white. But that’s not really the issue. If a Black man kills a white man, even in self defense, his likelihood of being acquitted is far less than vice versa. If you don’t know that much, you must not live in the same country I do.

          • speedle24

            Obviously we are not living in the same country if you think that 80% of white victim crime is perpetrated by whites. We are talking about violent crime here Jeff, not tax fraud or failure to pay child support. Do you want to retract that 80% claim. I don’t blame you for not making that pipe dream “the issue”.

            Insofar as your black man killing a white man in self defense (and not getting a fair trial), where are you getting this information? Once again you are making presumptions off the liberal talking point handbook. How about naming an example of what you are talking about. Try to remember this is 2013, not 1863.

          • Jeff

            I am not denying that there is more Black-on-White crime than vice versa; I’m simply pointing out that approximately 80% of all crime is intra-racial. It just puts the numbers in perspective. For example, there are certainly too many deaths at the hands of terrorists, but you’re far more likely to die in a car crash than at the hands of a terrorist – even in Israel.

          • Dr Moon

            Where did you find this bogus stat? 90% of violent crimes against Whites are committed by Black Men. Moron. 91% of all violent crimes against Blacks are committed by Black Men. Do the Math moron.

          • Jeff

            Hey Doc, pull up your pants and let us see your source for those stats. Most crime is intra-racial. That doesn’t mean Blacks don’t commit a majority of the violent crimes, but most of the victims are also Black. Most crimes involving White victims are committed by Whites. My IQ really doesn’t come into play, “Doc.”

        • Dr Moon

          Here Jeff are the true stats. Black Men commit 91% of all violent crimes, including rape and murder. Whites commit the other 9% and Latinos are counted as Whites. Now what was your point idiot?

  • John Cherish

    There is one thing for certain Trayvon Martin did not receive Jesus as his savior. If he had he would not have attacked a man with a gun. Maybe God decided right then and there to recall Trayvon to stand in Judgement. That he had decided his own fate because of the path he had chosen and that he is now receiving his just reward from a higher authority than man’s courts and laws.

    The question is; If your life would end today are you ready to stand in front of Jesus and see if your name is written in the book of life?

    Have you proclaimed your self a sinner and asked Jesus to be forgiven?
    Have you accepted Jesus as your personal savior?

    This is very important do not delay one minute you are a heartbeat away from judgement. Hurry before you run out of time.

    Do not run out of time like Trayvon did, you can only accept Jesus while you are alive and this is the most important decision you will ever make

  • securityman

    they keep showing his pic at 12 yrs old. the parents must have been really ashamed of TM to have not taken any pics for the last 5 yrs. or is it that they didn’t want to show off the tats and stuff that go with gangbanging. they just want a really good payoff and then they will forget all about it…….

    • ridge runner

      The only pictures after 112 were booking and JV arrests!

    • Justsomeguy151

      They should have printed the ones of him doing yr skanky mom, loser.

  • ridge runner

    Do it for treyvon, I sure am, I buy more ammo and keep adding more fire power. Hod from Texas send up target practice sheets of hoodie profiles of thugs breaking windows, breaking down doors several other profiles of thugs assume in real life. Several females of all ages are enjoying the practice sessions. Police never show up in time but are to take pictures, better defend your self.

  • Jeff

    Do you think you will ever be more than an annoying pimple on the right butt-cheek of this country? The stupidity of your right wing diatribes is exceeded only by their lack of humor.

  • ridge runner

    Oh Jeffy, rotate your thumbs, the one you are sucking on is wrinkled, and since liberals only 2 operational orfices, and both are interchandeable, take a deep breathe durning rotation time and you will feel better.

  • Roy Dahlin

    “…he could be a white version of Zimmerman….I’m a little hazy on how beating a white guy in Mississippi into coma will alter the outcome of the trial of a Hispanic man…”

    This is where your article falls apart, Ben. Hispanic is not a race. I repeat:


    If there is any reason why George Zimmerman is not white, it’s only because he’s 1/8 black. Being part Hispanic has nothing to do with it.

    Other than that, good job.

    • CJM2

      Zimmerman is NOT BLACK—his mother is a descendant of Peruvian Indians; therefore, if he is 1/8th of anything, he is part Amerind.

      • vieteravet

        His grandfather was a black Peruvian!

        • CJM2

          If you want to believe democrat underground he might be. I doubt that he is “part black,” but that’s my opinion on the matter.

          • vieteravet

            The dumbassacrats won’t admit that his grandfather was a black Hispanic. They call Zimmerman a “white-Hispanic.”

          • CJM2

            Your comments appear to be prejudicial against Negroes and Hispanics.

          • vieteravet

            Wait, this wasn’t an argument. You said he wasn’t part black; I was just correcting you. If there was shown any bias, it was you referring to blacks as negroes. Back-off, I was not starting an argument!

          • CJM2

            vietravet: The appropriate reference to those called “black” is Negro; for “white people” it is Caucasian; there is no such thing as a “black” or “white” race, so I call us by proper names even if it isn’t politically correct to do so (I do not adhere to politically correct garbage). Furthermore, my comment to you was no argument–just my observation of what you had previously stated. It never occurred to me that you would construe my statements as being an “argument” as opposed to a differing opinion from yours. I do not subscribe to the yellow journalists reference to Zimmerman as being a “white” or “black” Hispanic; the only sources I found making reference to Zimmerman’s being a “black Hispanic” are democrats—-and I certainly do not trust their words in any way, shape, or form….they are part of the lying administrative pawns.

          • vieteravet

            I agree, ‘nough said!

          • Roy Dahlin

            I do not subscribe to the “one-drop rule” anymore than I do the “Hispanic is a race” propaganda. I was stating that ‘if’ there is any reason to call George Zimmerman nonwhite, as Ben Crystal does here, it’s because he is 1/8 nonwhite. Crystal, however, ignorantly assumes Zimmerman is not white just because he has Spanish-speaking ancestry. I personally don’t believe either of those reasons. I think of Zimmerman as a white man because that’s what most of his racial background is, Hispanic ancestry or not.

          • vieteravet

            South American native tribes are not considered white! His dad is white, so he is mixed race.

          • Roy Dahlin

            They call him that to make it seem like he’s “half white, half Hispanic,” which is BS for two reasons:

            >The liberal media still implies that Hispanic is a race separate from white, black, etc. for political reasons (immigration, affirmative action, etc.)
            >They want to play up his whiteness just enough to call his self-defense a “white-on-black hate crime”

            If there’s any reason to call him a White Hispanic, it’s because he’s a white man with Hispanic ancestry. You could just as well call him a White German.

      • Roy Dahlin

        1/8 black does not make someone ‘completely’ black. Whatever that 1/8 is, he is still 7/8 white, which by American standards, barring any “Hispanic” nonsense, makes him white.
        Really none of this should matter though. We wouldn’t be talking about any of this if it wasn’t for the liberal media constantly making every issue about race.

  • DalasKnight

    What bothers me about this case is that there are hundreds if not more blacks killed by blacks every year and not a peep from the MSM or the race baiters like Jackson and Sharpton and yet one instance of another race killing a black and they all come out in droves to hustle the race card! It’s as though black on black violence is acceptable, but they’ll be damned if they are going to let any other race get away with killing a black even if it was in self defense


    Zimmerman and Martin are Americans!!shat like this goes on every day with no where near the coverage that’s happening here!but the prez wanted this to be a big thing!he put himself in the middle of it and had the press run with it!has someone checked any financial records of the people involved with all this??i would bet money is being exchanged somewhere on this,to drag it out!Obama needs a race war,and this is the one he picked!!the one he needs!!
    Obama is a fraud,a con artist to the max…and a lot of people are falling for it!wake up,open your eyes America!!

  • vieteravet

    Another libtard that can’t read, Trayvon could have just gone home or called 911 instead of attacking Zimmerman!

  • BOB


  • vieteravet

    First of all, I’m not a libtard, so I can’t read with my ASS! Your verbage shows you are one of very low intelligence, so arguing with you with you would be fuedal. Six feet one inch, 200lbs is not a child, intellectually (like you) he may have been. Ask someone to read the transcript of the trial to you (obviously you can’t) and you may learn that Zimmerman was aquitted! I’d have shot Martin in the same position, then again, you probably can’t pass the background check to own a gun!